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Feb 22
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Zhirinovsky was not the only one who had his own forecasts and political wills. "We want the Donbass, Kharkov, Odessa, and Nikolaev regions... And it's not just about Ukraine: the Russian world must be brought together in a Russian state. But we don't need Kiev.

Ukraine has the right for nine Ukrainian regions around Kiev. It inherited all of the other territories from the Soviet Union, and built itself a medium-sized empire. It was made up of Russian, and Polish, and Romanian, and Hungarian lands. She even has a piece of Slovakia as
a prisoner of war. As soon as she gives up all these territories, she will be happy and at peace. "America after World War II took the position of the world's oppressor. In 1991, the Soviet Union self-destructed, which further strengthened the status of the United States.
But a new period is coming soon. The inevitable phase is the beginning of liberation from oppression. It is a moment historically inevitable. America must be and will be destroyed. "Take into Russia all the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine, starting with Kharkov. Immediately
after Nazarbayev's death - share Kazakhstan with China. Just don't give China access to the Caspian Sea. Something like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to divide Kazakhstan. Give the Chinese the east. "Europe has already lost itself. The cities have become museums, and the people
have come to dementia. There is no other way to call it, they remove crosses from churches to please migrants, and lobsters cannot be boiled alive anymore. We can take away our gas, and we don't care about the loss of income, let them winter without freezing. Then it will be
clear whose place is where. And those who think that they are better off there (in Europe) should be kicked out of the country. Let's kick those who love Europe so much out of Ukraine and Russia. Let them wash floors and dig ditches there. "American business should be kicked
out of Russia with a fucking broom. Yes, people will lose a lot of jobs, but the honor of the state is more important. "Learn to be heroes! We're too used to living easy. And now there will be more and more conflicts, and we have to do things we are not used to doing.
Russia will not collapse! There are too many of us, we will revise the borders and gather all the Russians from the "republics" that broke away from us into one state. "We need not fear that America, the West will "bang" on us. The U.S. has been putting up with North Korea
for sixty years, coddling Iran, because they are afraid of their few nuclear weapons. We have thousands of warheads. If anything, that's it. Today the old rebel, fighter and writer Eduard Limonov would have turned 80 years old, batty.


from russia with love 🚀🚀🚀 Z & V 🇷🇺the truth is being told here🇷🇺Zа своих не стыдно!
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