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Silver Arrow #GetTheFOut

Feb 22
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rarchy is a historical system of class based exploitation and domination. That would pretty much be the key belief of materialist leftist politics, and the analysis of

The issue is what they consider the cause of inequality to be. If you think the cause of inequality is structural material oppression, you're not, de facto, a conservative.
e like that by God and/or nature. Thinking that the nuclear patriarchal family is either naturally or God given, rather than thinking it is a historical structure which
hink the patriarchal family exists to exert control over women's reproductive labour - ie, are a feminist - it follows that reproductive rights are absolutely central to
ration, and feminists are not going to think you are 'in women's corner.' This is not an individualist judgement about someone's moral character. It is a judgement about
f women's liberation. Describing people's political position, and noting that it is antifeminist, is not name calling, and it's not piety. It's having coherent politics.
d indeed to think roughly what a radical feminist thinks about what the problem is. you'd likely just be more cautious about any proposed solutions.
rights are in women's corner is not, from a feminist perspective, coherent.
Silver Arrow #GetTheFOut

Silver Arrow #GetTheFOut

Pro-woman. Pro-LGB. Pro-GNC. Anti-capitalist. Anti-racist. Anti-fascist. Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right Here I am stuck in the middle with you.
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