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Feb 22
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China believes in promoting peace through talks, emphasizes addressing both the symptoms and root causes, calls on the involved parties to meet each other halfway, and pursues fairness and justice. →

◆On the Iranian nuclear issue, China has actively promoted the resumption of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), to uphold the legitimate rights and interests of relevant countries and the international nuclear non-proliferation regime.
◆On the Korean Peninsula issue,China stands for pursuing in parallel the establishment of a peace mechanism & the denuclearization of the Peninsula,and addressing the legitimate concerns of all parties in a balanced manner,to safeguard peace & stability on the Korean Peninsula.
◆On the Middle East, China welcomes and supports security dialogues among regional countries including Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as regional efforts to build a ME security architecture that suits the realities of the region and accommodates the interests of all parties.
◆On the Ukraine issue, China has taken an objective and impartial stance based on the merits of the issue, and has played a responsible and constructive role in easing the situation and deescalating the crisis. +
+China will continue to promote peace talks, contribute its ideas for a political settlement of the crisis, and join the international community to promote dialogue and consultation, address the concerns of all parties and seek common security. +
+In the meantime, we urge certain countries to immediately stop fueling the fire, stop shifting blame to China, and stop touting “Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow”.
Security is a right for all countries. It is not a prerogative of some,still less should it be decided by any individual country. The GSI intends to serve the interests of all and protect tranquility for all. Its advances need the unity and cooperation of the int'l community.


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