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Feb 22
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Para kay @MINTY • WIN'S DAY 🥳🐰😍 -FIC- A BW-P'E-moot/fan #TWEETFIC "My boys, what's an AU?"   P'E suddenly asked. She was lounging with BW, who were sitting close to each other, just across her.   "What do you mean?" W asked. P'E hands her phone to him.

"Oh Alternate Universe," W said after seeing what their Mae was talking about.   P'E raises a brow.   "Fan fiction? Make believe? Our fans are killer writers of those," W continued to explain.   "To the point of making fake accounts?" She asked.
"Uhuh." BW both said. "And you don't mind?" "It's just fiction Mae. Besides, it makes them happy," B said. "And when they're happy, then we're happy." P'E pouts, then her fingers moved to reply to the post.
"This is your fault, Prada boy." W's eyes widened. "Ha?! What did I do?!" "I don't mind the fiction but to use this photo for the fake account? Totally your fault, Metawin." BW took P'E's phone again, and guffawed with laughter.
"Always so happy to entertain you Bananas," P'E said, her eyes rolling and was about to leave the two. "MAE!" BW both wailed, grabbing their second mother's arm gently and pulling her into a hug.
She couldn't help but smile as she returned the embrace. She can never resist her boys. "How do you even understand the post, Mae? It's in Filipino and in a form of a fake chat?" W asked. P'E rolled her eyes again. "Don't you know me at all?" -end- #ALTERNATEUNIVERSE… P.S. Ba't kabado bente ang lola nyo habang pino-post 'to 😳 Hehehehuhuhuhu.
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