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Feb 22
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Wait! GM!! You've missed out on a lot of opportunities in crypto, right? So have I. I mean, it's impossible to get them all, but you'll hate yourself if you miss @Sharky Swap (πŸ’™πŸ¦ˆπŸ§‘) too. First, here's a number - 2095. It's big, but what is it? Let's find out. 1/x🧡

2095% APY. Yes, that's the huge yield you get when you start farming $SHARKY now on @Sharky Swap (πŸ’™πŸ¦ˆπŸ§‘)'s SHARKY-WETH pool at Don't worry, I'll show you all you need to know about @Sharky Swap (πŸ’™πŸ¦ˆπŸ§‘) and how to start earning those juicy rewards right now. 2/x
So what exactly is SharkySwap? I did all the digging for you, just read through it and thank me later. Okay, let's dive deeper. SharkySwap is the most recent decentralized exchange that launched on #Arbitrum blockchain. And since launch, they have been on fire. 3/x
The unique thing about SharkySwap is they don't aim to be like every usual DEX on the blockchain. They aim to be the ALL-BUILT-IN DEX with a ton of new great features like: 1. 0% Stable Slippage 2. Cross-chain bridges 3. Lottery 4. Launchpads, etc 4/x
Now, those aren't the only reasons I'm bullish on SharkySwap. Coming to their tokenomics, there are about 270k $SHARKY in circulation including burnt tokens, with a total supply of 2M. At the current price, it won't take little volume to push prices higher. 5/x
Coming down to the juicy details, SharkySwap offers the best yield possible on #Arbitrum. Here is the current APY if you were to start staking right now: - SHARKY-WETH: 2095% - SHARKY-USDC: 2190% - USDT-USDC: 29.51% - WETH-USDC: 53.68% - USDC-DAI: 30.2% - WETH-DAI: 58.17% 6/x
You also don't have to be worried about security because the project has been audited by Official and the team is honestly one of the most active teams I've encountered in #web3.… 7/x
🦈 Sharky Swap has been officially audited by Official πŸ“–βœ”οΈ β†’ Full audit report:…
They've also already bagged multiple listings including: - @CoinMarketCap Token listing - @CoinGecko Token listing - @DEX Screener DEX/Token listing - @DeBank DEX listing - DEX listing and many more listings coming soon. 8/x
Wait, you still aren't hyped about this project? Okay then, let me blow your mind with some incredible milestones they've achieved within the short period they've launched. At this moment, $SHARKY has hit over $11 million TVL. That's insane. 9/x
They also have a Market Cap of over $2 million and over 1000 $SHARKY Holders. And, with the team constantly burning $SHARKY at every little milestone reach, it's only bound to go up from here. Are you as hyped about this as I am? 10/x
If you are ready to get started now, then you should head on to buy some $SHARKY right away to stake, or start farming with other tokens on Don't worry, I'll walk you through that too. 11/x
How to buy $SHARKY? It's simple. Just head to Connect your wallet via metamask and make sure you have some $ETH or $USDC on the #Arbitrum chain. Select $SHARKY and swap. 12/x
To start farming, you can stake you recently purchased $SHARKY at or you can decide to stake any of the available pools with tokens of your choice after creating a liquidity pair. You can create a liquidity tokens here 13/x
So what are you waiting for already? Retweet or bookmark this and go get started. #SharkySwap 14/x
If you enjoyed this thread don't forget to retweet so others won't miss out on this. Also don't forget to follow @Sharky Swap (πŸ’™πŸ¦ˆπŸ§‘), @Defi Queen ( πŸ’™, 🧑 ) and @gamsam | 🦍 for more content and alphas. Don't hesitate to ask a question below if you're confused about any part. #SharkySwap 15/15
gamsam | 🦍

gamsam | 🦍

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