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Bad Kitty Unleashed 🦁💪🏻

Bad Kitty Unleashed 🦁💪🏻

Feb 23, 2023
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🚨🚨🧵 Breaking new evidence! The first ever US censorship and propaganda is 100% linked to Britains 77th Brigade psyop unit, Integrity Initiative and Google! First Draft News which recently renamed is what ran this all! Watch my new evidence unfold! First Draft Network👇🏻

-April 2015 Alexandria Chalupa hired as DNC consultant -June 16, 2015 Trump announces -June 18,2015 - First Draft begins -June 22, 2015 integrity initiative website registered -June 2016 Irena Chalupa joins stopfake Here’s some on Ukraine aspect🧵👇🏻…
🚨🚨🚨 Breaking thread, read more inside the article. Working with the Obama admin and the Clinton camp, Ukrainian gov officials intervened in the 2016 race to help Clinton and hurt Trump in a sweeping and systematic foreign influence operation…
After Trump announced running on June 16, 2015, two days later on June 18, 2015, The First Draft Coalition began with 8 founders. Ukraine linked Bellingcat, a founder, belonged to the Integrity Initiative Too little attention was paid to Storyful.….
Storyfuls, Aine Kerr and Mark Little were both founding members of the initial First Draft Coalition. After Storyful’s News Corp integration, Áine managed journalism partnerships at Facebook & Mark (Storyful founder) ran the European media team at Twitter…
Global Managing Dir of Storyful Intel, the News Corp digital intel co., was ALASTAIR AITKEN. After 30 years in the British Army, he left a Brigadier, having founded & built the renowned 77th Brigade He was in the UK cluster of the Integrity Initiative.…
Ukraine Stopfake was also a later member of First Draft News. And it too was a member of the Integrity Initiative. 2016 - Irena Chapula, a longtime editor @ Atlantic Council (also part of First Draft News & Integrity Initiative) went to work at Stopfake.…
First Draft acknowledged a list of helpers in 2020. Such as Eliot Higgins and Aric Toler etc. Craig Silverman of Buzzfeed was one. Buzzfeed was part of the Integrity Initiative and also part of First Draft News.
Malachi Brown of the New York Times was also acknowledged by First Draft News for helping impact and growth for the original coalition. Malachi also won a Pulitzer for Russiagate reporting. 😏
Evelyn Farkus of Obama Defense Dept, & later Atlantic Council, also belonged to Integrity Initiative She’s pictured here @ Atlantic Council partnered Burisma with John Herbst, former US Ambassador to Ukraine & Atlantic Council. The AC is both Integrity Initiative & First Draft
Just a side note, both Burisma (partnered with Atlantic Council) and Bellingcat are both linked to the news org 1+1 media that filmed the first Jan 6 breech. Bellingcat and Atlantic Council are both First Draft News and Integrity Initiative members.
The top traffic in 2020 to the Bellingcat website is Unian. Which is the parent company of Burisma 1 + 1 media who filmed the first Jan 6 Capitol breech. Bellingcat is also a participant in the Integrity Initiative with the Atlantic Council DFRLAB. Amazing I just noticed this!
I’ve written about First Draft in the past profusely. They were in with most fact checkers, news orgs, & even Cuny where journos are schooled This is a good place to start. Because it links to integrity Initiative history also First Draft ran under Arabella Narrative Initiative
The initiatives. The 1st website was started by foreign spies in July 2015 after Trump announced running, and along came the rest. 🤔 Integrity Initiative Narrative Initiative News Integrity Initiative Election Integrity Initiative Google News Integrity Initiative
The head of First Draft News, Claire Wardle, and the head of the Institute For Statecraft that runs the Integrity Initiative, Chris Donnelly, are both World Economic Forum Members. Claire Wardle was also in the Twitter Files as an attendee of the Hunter Biden Laptop exercise.
Nina Jankowicz of the DHS ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ belonged to the Integrity Initiative, it’s newer Zinc Network, and First Draft member, Stopfake. She even worked at the NDI with Hunter Biden. You’ll find it all here. 👇🏻
🚨Thread! Nina Jankowicz of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board works for The Institute For Statecraft Zinc Network An intel cutout that conducts info warfare ops on behalf of numerous UK gov ministries, the US State Dept, and USAID, a US intel front
Well, I can’t very well leave Google out of this. They provided the initial funding for the spy linked First Draft consortium. And were an original member when First draft just started as a tiny consortium. And we wonder why google search and YouTube are a mess? 😏
Thread: Google is GOD in the “disinfo protection racket”. Google assoc and employees visited the Obama Whitehouse 427 times. Considering this wikikeaks, it appears Google has become a branch of the Democrat party. But did not register this 1.5 billion $$ project as a super pac.
You can’t help but wonder if First Draft News was actually an arm of the Integrity Initiative First Draft was narrative tech ran under the Narrative Initiative with Arabella New Venture Fund as the parent. The Narrative Initiative was funded thru the Atlantic Council & Ford Fndn
Bad Kitty Unleashed 🦁💪🏻
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