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I turned 36 today. If you're still in your 20s, open this:

1. Develop a routine to sleep at 9 PM and be awake at 4 AM every day. 7 hours of sleep is a recipe for a focused day.
2. Adopt a routine in the morning to read, write and internalize what you understand for 100 minutes.
3. Do not date while you're broke, in terrible shape or your life chaotic. First get your life in order.
4. Resist the urge of chasing cheap dopamine. It's the cheapest ticket to depression and a miserable life.
5. No matter what's going on in your life, work out 7x a week. It's the greatest therapy to your mental health.
6. Normalize a cold shower every morning. It heals your body and prepare you for a new day.
7. Don't miss out to make internet a source of your income. There's endless opportunities for you to make money in your sleep.
8. Make your life 100% your responsibility. Don't blame your parents, circumstances or anyone for your misery.
9. Invest in a good wardrobe, smell nice and learn social skills. You'll boost your success rate by 94%.
10. Befriend nature. Walk atleast 30 minutes a day. A walk in the sun will clear your mind, boost your mood and makes you get creative.
11. Hang out with ambitious, motivated and people who're obsessed with improving their life. Your circle should discuss more about money, business and success.
12. Make 70% of your meals to be protein. It help you repair, build and strengthen your body and mind.
13. Realize a skill is 10x more valuable than your grades. Learn a high income skill to help you solve money problems.
14. Be smart enough to realize porn and masturbation is the easiest way to ruin your life and the greatest killer of success.
15. Keep distance from people who only prioritize their needs over yours, it doesn't matter the role they play in your life. They are your greatest setback to success.
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