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Feb 23, 2023
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🔞 maybe like a taekook au where taehyung is just so fucking Crazy (Capital C) for jungkook’s pecs like whenever taehyung is feeling horny but lazy, he’d just play with his lover’s pecs—sucking, biting and groping them and he could climax just from that!!!!!!!

maybe taehyung should feel pathetic for that but GOD!!!! can you even blame him? have you seen his baby? jungkook’s just as effected as him whenever taehyung has his lips wrapped around his nipple but he can’t cum without his cock getting touched
and because taehyung is too focused on his pecs, he can’t touch his cock and he, himself, isn’t allowed to touch without his hyung’s permission and will jungkook break that rule? no. why? cause he’s hyung’s good boy. duh, that should be obvious by now.
LET ME JUST!!!! jungkook could be in the middle of watching his favorite drama when taehyung would flop down on their couch and gently lift his shirt up to reveal his big—so big—pecs and taehyung would just…play with them (even when he isn’t feeling that horny to cum) you know?
something like: “a—ah, hyung, i’m trying to watch my drama…!” jungkook whines beautifully. and his boyfriend doesn’t move away. he still has his lips around his nipple, hands groping his pecs, moaning around his nipple. “slow—gentle, hyungie.” jungkook moans.
“gentle?” taehyung parrots, licking over jungkook’s nipple. “does it hurt, baby?” the younger man shyly nods. “you played with them a lot last night and its like…kinda sore? b—but i love it! just need you to be a little gentle, babe.”
“alright, baby.” taehyung hums. and then it continues. taehyung still plays with jungkook’s pecs while he’s watching his drama—it continues just like that and none of them are complaining at all. “f—fuck,” jungkook groans. “the other one. this one too, hyungie,”
and !!!! Knowing his baby is getting worked up too makes taehyung go feral because he strives to please his baby. sometimes when they feel too lazy to actually fuck, taehyung would just jerk jungkook off while whispering filth in his ears and that makes his baby cum.
then he’d get jungkook to remove his shirt and position himself—sitting on top of jungkook—his cock placed in between his pecs and taehyung would start fucking his cock between his darling’s pecs 😵‍💫
this is messy but i just had to let this thought out of my goddamn head 😴


extreme nsfw | no minors | mainly 🐯🐰
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