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Feb 23
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{𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱} We are sleepwalking towards tech totalitarianism. This dystopian and illiberal premise is not who we are or ever should become. We must never become a ‘show us your digital papers’ QR code society. We are not China.

The very essence of liberalism is a willingness to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own, show an openness to new ideas and freedom of choice. And right now, we appear to be losing these fair-minded and balanced liberal values.
We have allowed ourselves to be blindsided by government, behavioural scientists and media under the auspices of “safety and convenience”. A psychological manipulation to act as a mask for the government to hide behind whilst making appallingly draconian political decisions.
Authoritarianism creates a half life, state controlled, Orwellian ‘big brother’ society. It strips away our freedoms. It snoops on us. History has taught us that authoritarianism never ends well. We forget the lessons of history at our peril.
The reality of all of this is that we are sleepwalking towards the biggest asset grab in the history of the planet. They are trying to destroy farms, land, businesses, freedoms, housing, individual wealth, travel and own them or sell them off to the highest bidder.
And at the same time, they are trying to ring-fence society into the entrapment of being controlled by digital ID. It’s a giant asset grab of what we own and control. They frame all of this being in our best interests. But it’s the biggest swindle ever.
This gargantuan virtue con-trick also comes with a huge slice of authoritarianism. Anyone who sees through it, questions it, stands up to it or shows opposition to it are immediately ridiculed and ostracised by the group-think virtue mob.
Question the Covid response?  “Covidiot” Question the war? “Putin apologist” Question net zero? “Climate change denier” Question 15 minute cities? “Far-right conspiracy theorist” This is gutter politics designed to shut down and undermine any opposition or questioning.
Asking questions on the war does not make someone a Putin sympathiser. Asking questions on the Covid response does not make someone a Covid denier. Asking questions on Net Zero does not make someone a climate change denier. But not questioning the narrative is a form of denial.
Any government, technocrat or organisation that advocates medical discrimination, suppression of civil liberties and a transfer of wealth and public assets to the rich while the rest of society endures a cost of living crisis (caused by governments) is not your friend.
Don’t be fooled by the faux virtue of the ‘elites’. It’s a giant con. In reality, they are indulging in a massive asset grab. They are treating the world as feudal overlords indulging in their own personal fiefdoms while us plebs are left to feed off the crumbs from their table.
Fake virtue peddled by governments for social control is oldest trick in the authoritarian playbook. Don’t be fooled by it. Because when totalitarianism arrives, it will come cloaked in virtue. They don’t care about you. But they want to fool you into thinking that they do.
🆔 Covid response apps 🆔 Vaccine passports 🆔 Smart cities / 15 minute cities 🆔 Central bank digital currencies 🆔 Carbon trackers 🆔 Voter ID One thing connects these: Digital ID. It will be sold as “safety and convenience” but it’s really for control and surveillance.
A QR code is not freedom. Digital ID is not freedom. We should never ever sleepwalk towards losing our freedoms and rights for the sake of ‘convenience’. It’s a trap.
Instead of governments trying to enforce digital ID to monitor us, it would be a more democratic idea to have digital ID that allows us to monitor government spending, MPs expenses, second jobs, conflicts of interest. They serve us. We don’t serve them.
We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated towards central bank digital currencies & digital ID. It’s a gigantic con-trick to wrestle away even more civil liberties, power, wealth and control under the false auspices of virtue. #CBDCs #DigitalID
James Melville

James Melville

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