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#yoonkook au in which vminkookjin are die-hard rapline stans and jungkook feels a little bit too comfortable about camping in agust d's dms cause "he won't see it anyways"... until he does.

jungkook diary
agust d, rm & jhope are actually besties and occasionally collab under the name cyphr
vminkooks stan accounts and seokjin is actually a p famous tft + lol streamer and used to have a rm stan acc that he had to delete after he joined his pseudo management
this will have side taejin, jihope and namgi used 2 be a couple
ok i keep working now and shall continue after a fat nap gn
1. super shocking realization
2. yeah yoongi get out of the dms that he invaded in the first place
3. eh???
4. apparently jungkook's goin to jail for using twitter dms
5. oh no it's silly
6. yoongis pov
7. free promo
8. pee in his dms??
9. clowning yoongi
10. meanwhile the other gc
(i don't have twitter mutuals does any1 wanna be in it as random stan accs i need like 5)
11. let the ghosting begin
12. next victim: jimin?
13. y/n era starts now
14. i think yoongi forgets hes famous
15. so does jungkook probably
16. now hes self conscious
17. jk succeeded
19. jungkook: owned
(I take a nap now, see y'all in a few hrs <3)
20. gold digger jk
21. wtf u mean u dont stalk ur fans
22. yg decides to stalk dm boys insta and uh oh indeed
23. are you roasting my toe sucker?
24. this yoongi 🤡
25. yoongi getting kicked out
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