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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Feb 23, 2023
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It is in America’s interest to support Ukraine. If Russia can invade, subjugate, and pillage Ukraine with impunity, it will do the same again to others, and a world at war diminishes the security of Americans.

An emboldened and expansionist Russia may eventually invade one of our NATO allies, drawing America into war.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has devastated Russia’s military, weakening an adversary. That’s a good thing! And its underwhelming military performance has diminished its global standing.
In 1994, as an inducement for Ukraine to relinquish its nuclear weapons, America made security assurances regarding Ukraine’s sovereignty—and we will honor those assurances. A nation perceived as abandoning its commitments will have few allies when they are needed.
We stand with our allies: the EU reports that its members have contributed $74 billion to Ukraine. Its people are suffering from soaring energy prices because Russia has shut gas lines. Yet our friends have taken in millions of Ukrainian refugees.
How we respond to Russia’s invasion is watched closely by China as it eyes invading Taiwan. It's in our interests to safeguard freedom and stop China from having free rein over its neighbor. Taiwan also produces almost 3/4 of the semiconductors we need for our economy & military.
We must make clear with our actions in Ukraine that we’ll help people defend themselves. 40% of U.S. aid for Ukraine is used to buy American-made weapons & improve U.S. readiness. The cost of our support is significant but fortunately, there’s no blood being shed by our soldiers.
The courage and determination of Ukraine’s soldiers, leaders, and citizens has far exceeded expectations. The war is theirs to fight; we aid them with weapons and funds.
The global competition between dictatorship and democracy is center stage in Ukraine. The world is watching to see whether we have the courage of our convictions. America will not shrink from supporting freedom.
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

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