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nini⁷🧚🏻‍♀️FACE IS COMING

nini⁷🧚🏻‍♀️FACE IS COMING

Feb 23, 2023
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🔞💭 after jm’s sink started leaking he called a plumber to help him fix it. he didn’t expect the plumber to be a tall, muscular, young man tho…

jk pressed jm’s delicate body on top of the counter, their breaths heavy from their previous make out session.
the moment jk stepped into jm’s apartment he knew that they’d end up like this… i mean, could you blame him?
jm was acting all flirty with him and offering him food and drinks while he himself was drinking wine. he was wearing sweatpants that were only tight in the back and a shirt that exposed almost all of his chest.
god jk was fighting demons to concentrate on fixing the sink. when he was finally done he turned around to find jm looking at him hungrily.
jk was thanking whatever god existed that his work attire was thick enough to conceal his semi hard erection. how could he not get hard at the sight? jm’s ass was shaped by Aphrodite herself…
“i think i’m all done now.” jk said as he was cleaning up after himself. jm walked closer as he hummed. “are you?” jk nodded but jm continued walking closer until their faces were only inches apart.
“is there anything else i can do for you, jm-ssi?” “is there?” jk gulped but he knew what jm was doing. god he wanted to do unspeakable things to him.
“you ask and i give you what you want.” jk’s voice was just above a whisper, his deep voice sending a shiver down jm’s back. “you could bend me over…” “yeah? where?” jm pointed at the counter next to him, his gaze shifting between jk’s lip piercing to his eyes.
“here.” “and what after that?” jk leaned closer, their breaths mixing in the air between them. jm’s pillowy lips were practically begging to have a dick between them. “you could take off my clothes,” “and do what?” jk slowly started walking forward now
he caged jm against the counter top, leaning his hands on it until their faces were only inches apart, teasing each other slowly. “whatever you want,” “whatever i want?” “yeah”
and jk was sure his dick was gonna rip through his pants when he finally pressed his lips against jm’s. they didn’t waste a second, their tongues dancing with each other while jm was whimpering slightly as he tried to hold himself up.
jm’s nails bore into jk’s biceps as they were still kissing, jk’s tongue exploring all of jm’s mouth. “f-fuck me please..” jm whimpered in between the kiss. jk hummed before he pulled back and turned jm around, pressing his chest against the cold kitchen counter.
“so fucking slutty. you probably let all homeworkers wreck you like this huh?” jk landed a slap against jm’s ass before he pulled the sweatpants down exposing jm’s round, perky ass. “n-no…only you. only want your dick,”
jm moaned high in his throat when jk pressed his crotch against his ass, leaning over him to plant kisses down his spine. “p-please…jk…” “you sound so pretty. god i wish i could wreck you everyday, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”
jm nodded vigorously, pressing his ass further back. jk groaned at the friction before he stood up again to pull down his pants. his cock sprung free, the restraint of his pants and underwear too painful to bear anymore.
jm whined at the lack of contact. he stood on his tippy toes, trying to find jk behind him to press his ass against him again. of what a pretty show jm was giving him.
his pretty face pressed against the counter, face flushed pink with his pretty ass searching for jk’s dick. “god you look like a bitch in heat. want me to make it better?”
“yes! yes, please!” jm whined, arching his back further. jk groaned at the sight before he finally pulled down jm’s panties, exposing his waxed hole. jm moaned at the sudden air around his manhood. “t-there’s a pack of lube and a condom in my sweatpants.”
jk chuckled breathily but complied as he leaned down to take them out of the pocket. “you knew exactly what you were doing, huh?” jm didn’t reply, only but his lip with a smile as he pulled apart his asscheeks to present himself.
“shit.” it didn’t take long for jk to get ready. he fingered jm for a bit but quickly realized that the older was already loose from playing with himself before. god jk wanted to ruin him.
he quickly placed the tip of his dick against jm’s entrance as he leaned forward, watching his mouth fall open and his eyes roll back. “yes yes yes! deeper please, please!” “so fucking impatient,”
in a quick motion jk slammed his hips forward, his whole length buried deep inside of jm. “fuck,” he groaned, his hands gripping jm’s hips tighter. jm moaned loudly, drool starting to roll down onto the surface underneath him.
“isn’t that want you wanted? can’t even say thank you?” jk continued to thrust into him aggressively, his body rocking forwards vigorously. the only thing that was coming out of jm’s mouth were tones of ‘ah’s’ and ‘oh’s’ but jk wasn’t satisfied
he gripped jm’s hair, pulling his head back for him to arch his back more causing him to whine and moan louder. “say how much you like it.”
jm sobbed, his ass painted red from the continued friction against jk’s hips. when jm didn’t reply, jk pulled at his hair harder and slammed forward so hard jm felt like his guys were being rearranged from the inside. “ah!! yes! i love it so much! keep going!”
jk chuckled breathily as he continued his movements though he leaned back for a second to look at his length disappearing inside of jm. the other clenched around him suddenly and jk’s breath hitched at the tightness.
“i’m gonna—jk-ssi!” “come for me” jk whispered into his ear before he licked over his neck. jm came with a loud whine, his cum squirting all over the kitchen counter before he fell forward, standing on his tippy toes while jk continued to slam into him
jm cried in over sensitivity, his body being used to get jk off and jm enjoyed it so much. “shit, you gonna let me use you like this?” jk asked with a chuckle and he rammed into jm harder.
“yes please, want your cum on me” jm moaned. jk groaned. he suddenly wanted to see jm with a cock in his mouth. he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he wouldn’t see it today.
he pulled out quickly manhandling jm on his knees before gripping his hair again to guide his length into his mouth. jm, compliant as he is, opened his mouth without a question. jk slapped jm’s lip with his tip before he finally moved forward, watching himself disappear
between jm’s pillowy lips. shit. he’s not gonna last long. jm sank down on his own, deep throating jk in one go and holy shit, jk would dream about this man til the day he died.
it seemed like an invitation so jk strengthened his grip on jm’s hair before he thrusted forward, watching the smaller gag and drool around him. he scull fucked him until jk felt the familiar thing king feeling in the pit of his stomach.
“gonna let me come on your pretty face, doll?” jk asked breathily, slightly pulling out to give jm the opportunity to answer him. he quickly nodded before he picked out his tongue, ready to receive like a good cock slut.
jk pumped his length only a few more times before he came on jm’s tongue and his cheek, the smaller quickly gulping everything down.
jm stood back up, his body falling back against the counter in exhaustion as he smiled at jk. he tried to catch his breath before he quickly pulled his pants back up and walked forward again, pressing their lips together once more.
he could taste himself on jm’s tongue while he groped his ass, caressing the skin he’d just abused. jm pulled away, a smile still lingering on his lips. “thank you for fixing my sink jk-ssi,” “anytime.”
—one week later— “jjk speaking, what can i help you with.” “hello, this is pjm. i think my sink broke again. would you mind coming over to fix it?”
— the end ♡ i guess you can imagine the rest👀 ( i know…worst thing and author could say lmao ) i hope you enjoyed this small idea :) lmk what you think or suggest what i should write next! ily stay warm and safe always🫧
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