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#taekookau #Royaltyau โ™ง YOUR MAJESTY โ™ง loud screams echoed the castle earlier in the morning "the little prince got lost ,the little prince got lost". an au where we'll witness the bloom of different love stories #vkook #taegguk side story #yoonmin #namjin

โ™ง warnings: - english is not my first language. - this is my second time writing a ff so bear with me im doing my best - written a year ago and now i mastered the corrage to share it. - simple plot. - light angst. - FLUFF. - mpreg. - mention of rape. - happy ending.
โ™ง characteres : โ—‡ Silver dawn kingdom: โ—ย  jungkook. โ—24 years old . โ—Alpha . โ— a blacksmith
โ— kim vantae โ— 26 years old โ— omega โ— a prince
kim taehyung โ—26 years old โ—omega โ— a prince
park jimin โ—26 years old โ—beta โ— a doctor
โ— min yoongi โ— 29 years old โ— alpha โ— a blacksmith
โ—jung hosoek โ— 28 years old โ— alpha โ— military general
โ—‡ Crimson blood kingdom: โ— Jeon jeongguk โ—24 years old โ—alpha โ— a prince
โ—kim soekjin โ—29 years old โ—beta โ— a cook
โ—kim namjoon โ—27 years old โ—alpha โ— military general
โ™ค Prologue โ™ค
Once upon a time in one of the most powerful and greatest kingdoms 'the crimson kingdom' were live a king alpha Jeon and his beloved alpha queen. childhood friends whom loved each others when the time pass. the couple were so happy and they became happier when they found out that
they are mates. their love story crowned with a successful marriage a year ago and they were waiting for their first new born to come and complete their beloved story . when the king knew that the queen is pregnant he was over the moon .
he threw feasts in all over the kingdom . he even gave gold and gifts to his peasants . when the queen gave birth they found out that there is not just one baby but a twins alpha baby boys Jeon jungkook and Jeon jeongguk they couldnt be happier
they cried and hugged their babies in their warm chests , alpha jeon prepared a big ceremony where all the kings and queens of the other kingdoms come to share the happiness with their allies and friends. but unfortunately their happiness didn't last because after one week
earlier in the morning when the king and the queen and all the residents were asleep screams were echoing the castle "the little prince got lost ,the little prince got lost" the maids shouted . the gards ran quickly to inform the king and the queen.
"w-what d-do you mean ?" the queen whispered shocked. the king was angry so he punched the gard in the face and said" WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY HE GOT LOST ? WHERE CAN HE GO ? WHERE IS THE GARDS WHO STAND IN THE DOOR? GO AND FIND THEM" he pushed him and they ran to the babies room.
the queen was trembling,she walked slowly to the bed and took a look to find just one baby ,her voice was shacky she put her hands on her mouth to not make any voice. she can't believe what she is seeing her little baby is not here. after a short time she fainted. "YOUR MAJESTY"
"YOUR MAJESTY" the maids screamed, the gards carried her to her room and called the doctor. in the other side the king was running in all the kingdom searching for the baby with all the gards and the maids. "who is the maid who was garding them?" the king asked
"we don't know but we sent the maids to look for her" the king:"when you find her just kill her , i don't want to see her face again" the gards looked at each other and nodded. the news has arrived to the villagers , they were so sad ,they looked for the prince every where but
it was no avail. they couldn't find him neither the maid who was taking care of them. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU COULDN'T FIND HIM ? WHERE IS MY BABY? BRING HIM TO ME , I WANT TO SEE HIM OR I WILL KILL YOU ALL" the queen woke up from her sleep screaming asking -
about her son , she was heatbroken no one can feel her . "my son ,bring me my son please i want to see him, he can't stay without me" she pleaded the king , he hugged her and calmed her down " i promise honey that i will do all my best to find him just take care of yourself and-
gguk he needs you the most". the queen didn't say anything she just cried on his chest. days after it months after it years but nothing was clear , they couldn't find the boy nor the maid. they searched about him in all thw kingdoms near them but they didn't find anything.
the king and queen couldn't forget about him every moment ,every occasion ,every birthday anniversary they cry their hearts out about him when jeongguk said his first word and when he walked his first step too. they were always asking themselves if jungkook looks like his brother
or no? is he alive or dead ? will they ever see him before they die? the first month they couldn't take care of gguk that much because they were busy searching for the lost prince and the queen was kinda depressed . she can't look at jeongguk in the face-
because she'll remember his brother . after that they regret it ,how can they be so selfish with their baby , it's not his fault ,he deserves all the best .one lost doesn't mean they lose the other with their selfishness . so they spoiled him so much ,what he wants he get ,
you would never see him walking in the ground the queen always carry him , when someone ask her why " i don't want my baby to get tired " she says. but all of that didn't effect his personality at all. jeongguk was a shy and a calm boy and he grew up to become a great man ,
he is so pure, innocent and sensitive . he describes himself as a cry baby , he hates the fact that he cries a lot for everything and he doesn't see himself as great as his father to role the kingdom. this kingdom needs a powerful ,smart and logical king ,jeongguk thinks with his
heart more then his brain so he hates the idea that one day he must take the thrown and take care of everything. gguk likes painting and dancing so he spends almost his time practising and drawing,he is an artist. all the villagers love him so much and every time he visits
them they praise him and prepare for him gifts and delicious dishes. "oh thank you mrs " jeongguk said smiling to the old lady who gifted him a home made coat. "you're welcome your majesty" the old lady said. "don't call me your majesty just call me jeongguk or gguk you are older
than me" the old woman laughed " no you are our prince so we should address you properly" "it's time to go back to the castle your majesty no one must see you , you know the king will cut my head " his servant whispered in his ear ,the prince chuckled shooking his head
" i know i know let's go ". jeongguk is 24 now, the king did all his best to prepare him for the thrown because day after day the king is getting older and he must retire . "what do you say about doing a tour around the kingdoms after our son's marriage?" the king asked.
" it sounds a good idea" the queen smiled " and who's this lucky princess ?" the king:" actually it's a prince , king kim from the silver dawn kingdom is askinig for alliance by marrying our children. not without consulting you and ggukie ofcourse and see what to do"
_____________โ™ง chapter 1 โ™ง______________
kim vantae and kim taehyung are the inseparable twins . they are the princes of silver dawn kingdom and we should mention that they are the only male omega there. vantae is elder than tae with 5 minutes. he hates being an omega because he knows that omegas are weak ,submissive
they use them just for breeding and they insault them whenever they have the chance. and as an omega you can't stand for yourself he really hates the idea ,some times he wishes that he born as an alpha instead. he did all his best to become one of the stongest man in the kingdom.
he was training so much with his best friend hosoek ,he studied well about how to rule a kingdom and he attended with his father so many meetings ,so now he is ready to be a king anytime , also he hates the fact that he can't rule their kingdom alone he needs a king an alpha one
to rule beside him. even after all his hardworking he will be the luna and the queen of the pack not a king . he can be really scary when he gets angry , with one glare he can kill. taehyung says that he looks like a tiger. not to mention his little brother is his weakness don't
touch him , because it will cost you your life. if we talk about taehyung we can say that he is the opposite. he is the feminine one, he likes taking care of himself and being an omega is something special for him ,it means he can give birth and has his own pups ,he loves kids
so much,so he visits the kindergarten every day to play with them , sometimes he takes them out for picnic . they enjoy the day and they come back in the evening . taehyung is so fragile he hates fighting ,blood and swords. even his body is so weak to do things like this .
his brother call him a glass dollย  you must be careful dealing with him because one wrong touch he can be broken. being a luna or queen is not his dream, even if he became a one he is sure that his alpha will be the one who rule the kingdom because he is soo far from this things
just give him luxuries, kids and let him be. the twins were in the forest running in their wolf form,if you see them you can't tell who's who because they really look alike ,white fur and blue eyes ,even in their human form if vantae doesn't dye his hair you won't recognize them
"๐‘Š๐‘Ž๐‘–๐‘ก ๐‘“๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘ฃ" taetae said. V ran fastly "๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘โ„Ž ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘–๐‘“ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘› " taetae got upset and stopped running " ๐‘š๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘–๐‘’ " he linked his brother . V stopped immediatly and backed to him, he crouched down to see his brother and " ๐‘– ๐‘”๐‘œ๐‘ก ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข "taetae
shouted happily , V looked at him offened it always happen how can't he learn from his mistakes. he sighed "๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘ค๐‘’ ๐‘ค๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘–๐‘ก " taetae looked at him with his puppy eyes. how can he resists them "๐‘“๐‘–๐‘›๐‘’" V linked. he didn't feel when he found
himself on the ground taetae on top of him hugging the shit out of him. they roled on the grass and laughed loudly . V:"๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘˜ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘ ๐‘ก๐‘˜๐‘’ ๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ ๐‘‘๐‘Ž๐‘‘ ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘ ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘™๐‘‘ ๐‘ข๐‘ ". taetae whined but neverless he got up and went behind the tree to shift
to his human form , he wore his clothes and so vantae. " ready to go ?" vantae asked and tae nodded vantae:" ok let's go" with that they backed to the castle , tae headed to his room to take a shower and a long nap and vantae to the meeting room because they have an important
meeting . it was evening now . vantae went to his room to take a shower ,change his clothes and prepare himself for dinner. when the queen dead the twins were 14 y.o , from that time vantae swore that he will take care of his little brother no matter what ,he won't let him need
anything or let him feel the loss of their mother. he won't let anyone harm him even if a fly tried to be near him he kills it immediatly. people always say that tae is kind , tenderhearted and he will be a great parent but they didn't know that vantae is the kindest between
the two of them . his tendrness fits the world but he doesn't show it to anyone but tae, to not look weak . he wished if someone cared for him and looked after him like he did with tae , he said maybe one day when he'll find his mate or get married his husband can fulffill this
dream and full the emptiness inside him. again if we look inside we'll find that vantae is more sensitive than tae but he doesn't show it too , he must put on the mask of a strong omega , a cold hearted who doesn't submit.
now he entered the dining room. "vaaanniiieee" he heard tae calling him , he smiled and bowed to the king " your majesty " the king smiled " set down vannie " vantae sat on the right side of his father while tae on the left .they ate dinner and chatted about so many things ,
tae was telling them things happened with him when he was in the kindegarten , his father and brother laughed their heart out ,no one can makes them laugh as tae does. "shit omg i almost had an heart attack " vannie said wiping the tears in his eyes. taehyung laughed .
when he calmed down he asked him " so what will you do tomorrow ?" . vantae thought a little bit and answered" i have a training with hosoek hyung after that i must get out to the village for some work and then i have meeting here, you ?" tae:" great i was going to ask if you can
go with me to the village i need to buy things " vantae:" why don't you send someone" tae glared at him " is this even a question hyungย  i'm bored for being inside i need fresh air and see new faces " vantae:" ok do whatever you want , we'll go alone ?" tae shooked his head
" no jimin hyung will come with us" vantae:" ok then prepare yourself " tae:" thanks vannie hyungieee " vantae rolled his eyes ,his brother is so childish but he can't complain because he is so cute. "ok let's good to sleep " tae said and vantae nodded " good night dad "
" good night my sons have a sweet dreams " with that they left the room. it was the next morning . vantae was training with hosoek . "1 2 3 4 one more " hosoek was cheering him up vantae:" i can't do it anymore hyuung" hosoek:" 6 7 8 9 annd 10 good job " he clapped his hands .
vantae fall on the ground. he was so tired of the workout of today "i __ahh __i think i need some rest" he was panting " you'll have it when we come back from the village" hosoek said vantae:" i don't think so ,i have an important meeting after that, it's gonna be a hectic day"
hosoek:" but you can do it fighting " vantae nodded and got up " i need to go now or tae will kill me , see you in the gate " hosoek:" ok go we don't want to see an angry tae bear " vantae laughed " ok bye ".
"vanniee where have you been i waited for you almost five minutes " tae said angrily, does he look scary as vantae ? of course not, he looks like a sulking puppy but this puppy doesn't fail to scare vannie. vantae:"sorry tae bear you said it five minute vannie won't do it again"
he pleaded him. tae:" ok i forgive you " vantae bowed to him " oh thank you your majesty " . tae laughed " stop it i can't imagine that you'll be the next luna " vantae:" who said that maybe you'll be the one " tae:" no it suit you more , you are more serious ,smart , strong
and you know so many things". vantae:" you know that we'll be luna both any ways right ? your father won't die till he marries us both to kings" tae clapped his hands excitedly "wooohooo we'll be quee__" "kings" vantae cut him before he finishes the word. he hates to be called
queen .he is a man so they must address him as a king. tae rolled his eyes " fine i'll be a queen you can be a king " vantae:" let's go hosoek hyung is waiting for us" tae:" ok". the three princes were in the village now. jimin and tae were roaming around looking for stuffs
they need. " take care don't let anyone approaches them till i come back " vantae ordered the gards. " don't worry your highness" they bowed to him. he looked at hosoek :" let's go hyung " hosoek:" ok" vantae:" so are you sure i will find the sword i want ?"
hosoek:" of course vannie i told you he is my friend and all our swords are his hand made " vantae:" ok we'll see , i have a design in my head i hope he can make it" hosoek smiled:" he will .don't be afraid, you won't kill him right ?" vantae frowned" who ?" hosoek:" my friend !"
vantae:" why would i do that ?" hosoek:" if he didn't make it right " vantae chuckled " no hyung i won't do it " "ok then let's get in" hosoek said. they entered the place and hosoek greeted his best friend " hello yoongi hyung " " welcome hobi long time no see " yoongi said.
hosoek :" sorry hyung i had a lot of work this week that's why i didn't come" yoongi:" so what's bring you now ?" hosoek :"this is prince vantae " yoongi was shocked ,he bowed immediatly" welcome to my shop your majesty " vantae just nodded. yoongi:" how may i serve you ?"
hosoek:" actually he needs a sword, he came with a design so you can fabricate it" yoongi nodded " ok so did you draw it or something" vantae looked at hosoek and shooked his head. yoongi:" well then we'll wait my worker to come you can describe it and he'll draw it for you "
vantae nodded hosoek:" do you want to drink something till he comes " vantae:" no i'm good " when the door got open vantae stiffened in his place yoongi and hosoek looked at him and at the man behind him. he sniffed a strong scent dark chocolate and fresh blood ,the scent took
him far away , he knew what that means when he turned around he looked at the man infront of him in the eyes , both their eyes shined crimson red and blue "๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’ "
Chapter two now
____________โ™งChapter 02 โ™ง_____________
jungkook got back to his workshop after finishing his shipping. when he entered he was met with a beautiful scent when he sniffened it it's vanilla and lemons, a moment of realization hit him. he stiffened on his place not able to move till the man infront of him turned
around . their eyes met and shined crimson red and blue ocean . "๐‘ด๐’‚๐’•๐’† " the silence echoed the palace for seconds ,it was awkward and unbareable for both of them till hosoek whispered to yoongi but jungkook interrepted him "no need" he didn't even give his mate a glance.
the two alphas looked at each other they didn't understand anything. " i think we should hurry up hyung we don't have time to waste" vantae said coldly. hosoek nodded and said" ok " in a low voice. " so this is jungkook the worker who i talked about minutes ago .
he will draw it and fabricate it to you" yoongi said. vantae:"i'll wait and see" vantae explained to jungkook all what he wants in his sword without looking at him for a once and as yoongi said he drawed it perfectly . hosoek:"i think we must go now" vantae nodded and got out .
hosoek:" good bye hyung see you later , take care jungkookie " jungkook:"i will thanks hyung" . "what was that ?" yoongi asked after checking that they left . jungkook:" what?" yoongi:" you know what i'm talking about" jungkook:" nothing " yoongi:" how come it's nothing ?
weren't you the one who waited for his mate for a long time ,you rejected so many girls that were dying to have you saying that you'll wait for him or her " jungkook:" it was in the past hyung , now i'm mature enough for this stuffs"
yoongi:" so mating became a nothing for you , you know that you can't live along when you reject your mate". jungkook:" just stop it already hyung , i need to start my work". yoongi sighed" do you know who's that man at least ?" " i don't know and i don't want to know , now let's
work,the sword must be done in a week" yoongi:" ok ". "let's back to the castle hyung " vantae said when they got out from the workshop. hosoek:" won't we wait for the others ?" vantae:" no the gards are with them , they will be safe " hosoek:" okay ". the go back to
the castle was calm, no one said a word. hosoek was really surprised and wondering about what happened in the workshop , why didn't they talk ? aren't they mates ? they must be happy finding each other after all this years. he must go back to the workshop and ask yoongi maybe
he knows something. " we arrived vannie" hosoek said, vantae didn't answered he zoned out so many times in the way back. " your majesty " hosoek said loudly vantae flinched "w-what ?" he asked. hosoek:" i said we arrived " vantae:" oh okay thank you for the helpย  hyung "
hosoek smiled "welcome , go take some rest you look tired " the prince nodded and got down from his horse.
tae and jimin entered every shop and they tried every thing there but bought nothing. " issh why can't i find what i want " tae said frustrated. " i think we must visit other kingdoms shops " jimin said. tae nodded " yes i must tell dad to go some where"
" what's this smell " jimin sniffed , tae copied him but didn't catch any scent . tae:" why can't i smell anything" jimin:" maybe you are ill let me check you when we go back to the castle" "is there any shop near here sell whiskey? " jimin asked.
tae laughed " what ?do you want to drink at this time ?" jimin:" no it's just the smell is filling the place " tae:" hyung there is no such a smell" and then his eyes got wided " hyung " he put hisย hands on his mouth " what? " jimin asked confused tae:" what if it's your mate
scent ?" jimin looked at him " let's just go back to the castle " tae:" what about your mate ?" jimin:" what's about him?" tae:" won't you look for him?" jimin:" what for ? if it's true he is my mate then he also felt my scent let him look for me" tae looked at him in disbelieve
"are you serious hyung it's your mate " jimin:" he won't run away right ? , see the full cup i know that he is here , one day we will meet " tae didn't say anything , he just walked silently because if it was him he will search all the kingdom for him.
at evening the king and his sons had their dinner and headed to their respective rooms. "vannie " tae knocked the door. he heard a fainted 'come in'. he opened the door and got in. " what's up tae bear?" vantae asked. tae:" nothing i just wanted to talk to you , can i ?"
vantae headed to him and hugged him. " why are you asking ? you know that you can even wake me late at night whenever you want to speak " tae hugged him tighter " thank you hyung , thank you so much" vantae laughed "what for ?" tae:" for being my side and being with me whenever
i need you ". vantae:"what's with the late confession?" tae hit him in the chest and said pouting " you know that i always say that hyung ". vantae chuckled " i'm sorry i'm sorry " tae:" so how was your day ? " vantae:" it was hectic specially the last meeting i wanted to punch
some bastards if father didn't stop me" tae laughed " don't tire yourself so much hyung you need to preserve your beauty" vantae laughed" where is the beauty i can't see it " tae glared at him " hyung you know that you are so beautiful even more than me"
vantae:" ok stop with your nonesense " tae laughed " my beloved brother-in- law will be lucky " vantae's face expression changed immediatly after the mention of his mate and it didn't went unnotice by tae so he cleared his throat and cupped his hyung's face
" hyung you know you can tell me anything i won't judge you , i noticed that you weren't good from dinner". vantae lowered his head " hyung just tell me you know that you needย  to open up with someone , you can share it with me at least, i'm your twin , you never hid something
from me or did you ?" vantae shooked his head immediatly " no noย  never i tell you everything" tae:" so tell me now what's wrong with you ?" vantae was having a big debate inside his head . should he tell him ? or not ? tae will be mad at him if he hid something important from
him. he closed his eyes and gethered the courrage to spill the tea . his throat was so dry suddenly and his mouth is not cooporating " i found my mate" he said with a heavy tongue and a heavy heart. tae covered his mouth wirh his hand , the same reaction with jimin
" WHAT DID YOU SAY ?" he shouted vantae didn't say anything he just sighed. tae jumped on the bed and hugged his brother tightly "oh hyung i'm so happy for you finaly " vantae:" we didn't talk " tae let go of him" w-what ?" vantae:"we didn't talk "
tae looked at him confused " why ?" vantae:"ย he didn't give my presence any attention ,i don't think that he is intrested on this things" tae:" are you crazy hyung ?" vantae glared at him" i'm not " he said gritting his teeth. " but whyyy" tae whined. vantae:" ask him not me"
tae:" why you didn't try at least " vantae laughed sarcastically " why would i ? ". after few seconds tae asked " so is that means that he ? you know " the older shooked his head " no he didn't reject me but i'm gonna do it next time i see him" tae:" w-what but why ?
you are mates you know that right ? it's serious you gonna be hurt or even die hyung " vantae:" i don't care " tae huffed " why every one is finding his mate and doesn't care . why can't find my own " vantae looked at him confused " who found his mate ?"
tae:" jimin hyung" vantae eyes got wide "WHAT !!". tae:" today when we were shopping he sniffed a scent no one could sniff it so i said maybe it's his mate scent" vantae:" a. scent !. i thought he found him and talked to him " he pushed tae so he fall on the bed. tae:" HYUUUNG "
vantae laughed. tae:" he didn't look for him ,if it was me i would search all the places to find him " tae's eyes were shining talking about his mate. " don't worry you'll meet him one day and don't forget to throw yourself on him " vantae said jokingly ,
he knows that his brother is dying to find his mate but destiny didn't see that it's the right time. tae:" all i get is meeting jackson" vantae frowned " did you see him today ?" tae nodded " isshhh i hate him ,i'm tired of telling him that i'm not intresting in being with him
but he always insist " " did he touch you or harm you in anyway ?" vantae asked checking his brother. " no hyung i didn't let him, okay i know that i'm weak but don't forget that i have a long tongue" tae smirked. vantae nodded " good now let's sleep i'm so tired "
"ok " tae said and they laid down , they hugged each other and closed their eyes tae:" sweet dreams vannie " vantae:" sweet dreams tae bear".
_____________โ™งchapter 03_______________
one week later: it's been a week since vantae visited the workshop to order his own sword and now it's the time to bring it , he is so excited to learn a new skill . " hyung do you think my sword is ready ?" vantae asked. hosoek:" yes yoongi said he will send it today "
vantae: "oh finaly i'm so excited to learn how to use it " hosoek smiled " i hired a personal trainer for you" vantae looked at him surprided " what? won't you traine me ?" hosoek" no i want you to learn from the best" vantae:" aren't you the best fighter in the kingdom?"
hosoek laughed " yes but i know someone stronger and better than me " " someone ! and stronger !and better than youย  i can't believe what i'm hearing" vantae said stunned. " wait and see "hosoek smirked.
jungkook worked so hard to fabticate the sword , he put all his power to make it perfect as his owner. he couldn't forget about the ethereal man he met a week ago, his mate . but no he can't let his emotions beat him ,he must keep this cold facade and not be weak near him.
he wished that he won't meet this man again in his life. "are you ready?" yoongi asked. jungkook:" yes hyung let's go" with that they ride their horses and headed to the kingdom. yoongi:" so did you think about the offer?" jungkook nodded " yes hyung" "and?" yoongi asked.
jungkook:" i will train him hyung , i can't say not after all i'll gain a lot of money " yoongi:" good ,now you are thinking correctly , let's take the sword to his owner " in took them an hour to reach the place . yoongi called the gards
" excuse me i'm here to meet the general jung " the gard:" what's your name ?" yoongi:" min yoongi" the gard nodded and let him in . "wait here i'll call him to check" yoongi rolled his eyes. " it's not as you don't know me" he said the gard:" sorry sir it's for the safety "
yoongi nodded. " hyuuung " hosoek called him and then hugged him and jungkook. "welcome ,let's get in " hosoek said . jungkook looked at yoongi when the later nodded they walked . " so are you ready to be the personal trainer of the prince ?" hoseok asked . jungkook nodded
" it's not that hard , is it ?" hosoek laughed "no ,let me tell you that the prince is really a hardworker , a fast learner , maybe be he looks a little bit weaker than us but don't understimate him , he has his own ways " " he is an omega right ?" yoongi asked , hosoek nodded.
jungkook doe eyes got wider " what ? an omega ?" he asked surprised. hosoek:" yes he is an omega " jungkook:" but how ?" hosoek:" same as you are an alpha " " as you are not leaving in the same world with us " yoongi rolled his eyes. hoseok:" how would he know if all his life
is between home and worshop " jumgkook:" or i'm not curious and i don't care about every soul's life in this kingdom as you" hoseok looked at him offended " but you said that he hates being an omega ?" yoongi asked to stop their almost starting argumant . hoseok sighed "so much"
jungkook turned to look at the general giving him all his attention " and why is that ?" hoseok raised an eyebrow " why don't you ask him yourself ?" jungkook glared at him but shut nonethless. vantae headed to the training room , he was waiting for hosoek and his personal
trainer. when the door got open he glimpsed three figure , he knew that the workers brought his sword "oh hyung did you bring it" he asked and went to him when he saw the man infront of him he stopped in his place . when their eyes met he figured out that the man is confused .
" wait aren't we in the castle? " jungkook asked yoongi and hosoek nodded proudly. jungkook:" so where is the prince ? and didn't you say that we'll take the sword to the owner after that?" yoongi:" yes i forgot to mention that the prince is the sword's owner "
jungkook's eyes got wide " what? why didn't you tell me" he whispered yoongi:" you said that you don't care to know who is he" when vantae heard what he said he got angry knowing that his mate doesn't want him that much. "hyung i don't want to waste my time where is the trainer
vantae said coldly. jungkook looked at his hyung " you didn't tell him too?" vantae raised an eyebrow "tell me what?" hosoek rubbed his nape nervously " aah your majesty you see i forgot to tell you that jungkook is the new trainer "
" what?" vantae glared at hosoek. hosoek:" you wouldn't agree if i said that jungkook is your trainer directly" vantae:" so when you know that i won't agree why you brought him?" hosoek:" because he is the best " vantae:" i won't accept it" he crossed his hands
jungkook:" me too i can't be a trainer to someone conceited" hosoek's and yoongi's eyes got wide " aren't you afraid that he will order his gard to cut your neck?" yoongi whispered . jungkook:" i'm not afraid of anyone " vantae:" i see that you are over youself so much ,
hyung i changed my mind he'll work here" jungkook:" i won't " vantae:" you will and that's and order" jungkook :"why whould i obey you?" vantae smirked " because i'm the prince" " just accept it you pabo don't be stubborn" yoongi whispered again,
if the prince wasn't here he would punched him in the face. seconds later he agreed because second he needs the money and first if he accepted the job to be near his cocky mate no one should know okay ? see the alpha has his reasons so don't judge him judg the stupid bound
jungkook:"okay fine " hosoek and yoongi sighed finaly hosoek:"okay guys see you next time . and jungkookie behave you are infront of the prince" jungkook rolled his eyes "good bye" yoongi said and bowed to vantae and then he left "shall we start ?" vantae asked jungkook nodded.
" so first you need to change your clothes this won't help when you are training , it's not a normal work out" " say that you can't endure seeing me like this " vantae said smirking. things to know don't toy with vantae and what he wants he gets back to the story jungkook
didn't say anything because if he opens his mouth he will say shit ,and after all the one infront of him is a prince he can't dishonor him. jungkook:" let's just start " vantae:" ok what should i do first?" jungkook:" just a warm up , today you'll learn how to catch the sword
and how to used to it , we'll do it for two hours" vantae nodded " ok " with that they started warming up .
10 minutes later vantae:" ok done what now ?" jungkook:"take your sword out like this " and he showed him how to do it. vantae observed him with an eagle eyes to copie the step , he carried his sword and took it out from the sheath it fall down on the ground taking jungkook out
of gard " are you okay your majesty?" jungkook asked worried because he knows if anything happened to the prince they will cut his neck. vantae :"i'm okay , it's a little bit heavy " jungkook picked up the sword and gave it to him. " thank you " vantae said.
jungkook:" you aren't that rude after all " vantae rolled his eyes and took the sword and obreved it " oh my god this is so beautiful it's like how i imagined it no no it's even better . thank you so much " jungkook tried all his best to keep his face cold " you're welcome
your majesty he bowed . " can you just don't bow , i hate when people bow to me" jungkook shooked his head" no ,you are the prince so i have to" vantae:"are you disobying your prince orders ?" when he didn't hear a reply he cleared his throat" whatever let's finish i have a
lot of things to do ". jungkook:" now as i said you need to be used to the sword's the weight with . don't worry with time it will get easier" vantae took the sword and started doing a random movement with it. jungkook:" how do you feel now ?" vantae:" it's better than before"
jungkook:" i think you should work out more to build muscales, so it won't be diffecult for you". vantae looked at him:" you know that weakness is my nature i can't do more than this " jungkook was confused vantae sighed " i'm an omega " jungkook scolded himself for forgetting
this information. and that's when understood what the prince meant by 'weakness is my nature' jungkook:" and what ? i know that you can do better , i mean i heard about your achievements and let me tell you , you are better than some alphas "
vantae's eyes shined , he felt so happy that finaly someone praised him and said that he is better than some alphas and most importantly he didn't pity him for being an weak omega ,maybe after all his mate is not that bad.
vantae:" so you don't see me lower than you because i'm an omega ? or you don't see me as a way to just breed ?" these two question surprised the alpha . so this is the answer to his previeous questions . even this strong prince has his own insecurities and who ? his mate .
" no why would i see you like that ? you are a prince you know ? and didn't you change yourself to become srtonger and more powerful ? so why are you thinking like that ?" " being a male omega isn't that easy you know, people look at you differently ,some of them insault you
and the others pity you for being a man and submissive , we are the lowest rank among you all, i just hate it" vantae said with a teary eyes but a cold face , his duality is impossible. jungkook was a little bit sad hearing his mate saying that after all he can feel him even if
he didn't mark him yet . it's not the time for being rude so he must console him as his trainer nothing more nothing less. jungkook:" you know what ? i think what you did is not enough " vantae looked at him confused. jungkook:" you have to change your mind before you change
your body .when you look in the mirrow and you see a strong vantae your eyes believe it but not your mind , you need to change your mindset and you must find someone who can help you" vantae was so sensitive right now , he had never been like that maybe because it's his mate
who's saying that ? no one said that for him in his life , maybe because they can feel each other a little bit now ? " can't you help me ?" vantae asked him and looked in his eyes . " i think your mate must do that " jungkook said foolishly , he lowered his head wanting to punch
his face. it's not that he forgot that he is his mate . no he is just sure that maybe prince vantae can find better man than him . he deserve the best not a blacksmith. jungkook is a confident man but now he doesn't know what happened with him.
vantae felt a pang in his heart " ok then i think we are done for today ,i'm tired , you can go see you tomorrow " with that he turned around and headed to his room without looking at the alpha jungkook sighed and brushed his hair with his fingers , he was so frustrated ,
he doesn't know what to do , he decided to reject his mate the second time he sees him but here he is now ,after seeing the hurt in his eyes he can't let him, but he can't be with him too , what should he do ? he is doing it for his mate best.
he gethered his stuffs and headed out to hosoek to tell him that he finished and he must go. he saw him from far with one of the trainers jungkook:" hyung " hosoek turned around , when he saw jungkook he gave him a smile" did you finish ?" he asked
jungkook:" yes hyung, i came to say good bye" hosoek:" okay how the prince was ?" jungkook:" good i mean not that bad as a beginner" hosoek:" yes i told you he learns so fast" jungkook nodded. " jungkook" hosoek called jingkook:" yes hyung?"
hosoek:" please take care of him , even if he looks strong and cold from the outside he is just a pure hearted " jungkook:" i won't harm him hyung i'm his trainer remember i'm not an enemy " hosoek sighed" youย  know what i'm refering to don't be stupid " jungkook:" i'm here to do
my work as a trainer hyung nothing more and nothing less " "believe me that i will kill you if anything happened to him" hoseok glared at him. jungkook:" ok hyung can i go now ?" hosoek:" ok take care bye" jungkook:"bye"
___________โ™ง chapter 04 โ™ง _____________
vantae returned to his room , he took a shower and laid down in his bad , it was really a tiring day but he must get up and prepare himself for dinner or he'll be late. his father said that he needs to tell him something very important. he sighed and started wearing his clothes
after 10 minutes he headed to the dining room. " good evening dad " he bowed the king:"good evening son" tae:" good evening vannie " vantae:" evening tae bear" the family started eating and talking about random things . " so what did you want to say dad?" tae asked.
the king:" so i wanted to tell you my boys that i'm getting older day by day ,and i don't know if i will live any longer " vantae stopped eating and put the fork on the plate " why are you saying that dad ? are you ill or something ? just tell me maybe i can do something"
the king chuckled "don't worry my son i'm not but i'm old enough to retire and take a rest " " but actually you can do something" the twins looked at him confused " if you really want to make me happy, i want to make an alliance with the crimson blood kingdom ,
they are the most powerful " vantae:" do whatever you want dad after all it's your kingdom just be careful and do your research before doing anything" "or do you want me to go and talk with them ?" the king:" no need son , but the alliance will be via marrying you to the prince
of their kingdom" vantae and tae looked at each other shocked , it's not like they didn't know that this day won't come . no they know that their father has a plan to marrying them to the bestest and strongest princes, but things changed because vantae found his mate last week.
"w-what if i said no ?" vantae asked after along moment of silence the king:" i'll be so sad that my first born didn't obey me and then tae will get married " vantae fisted his hand under the table , he hates that his father use his weaknesses against him.
he knows that his brother doesn't want to get married he wants to find his mate. but he also found his mate . no no jungkook was clear today he said your mate must help you he doesn't consider himself as a one, so he'll do anything for his brother's happiness even if it means
he's gonna be sad. tae was looking at him and pleading to say no " โ„Ž๐‘ฆ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘๐‘’ ๐‘ ๐‘ก๐‘ข๐‘๐‘–๐‘‘ ๐‘ ๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ ๐‘›๐‘œ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘‘๐‘ฆ ๐‘“๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’ " tae mind linked him. vantae:" ๐‘ โ„Ž๐‘ข๐‘ก ๐‘ข๐‘ โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ก ๐‘š๐‘ฆ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’ "
vantae cleared his throat " okay then i'll do what ever you want your majesty" the king smiled" this is my son i know that you won't let me down" vantae faked a smile and finished his food fastly . he excused himself to go to his room "what's wrong vannie " his father said.
vantae:" nothing i think i'm a little bit tired if i sleep i'll be okay " the king nodded " go son tomorrow we have a long day " vantae:" ok good night" "good night " tae and his father said. "so who's this prince you want to give him my beloved brother ?" tae asked done with
his father . the king:" he is the one and only prince of crimson blood kingdom if your brother got married to him and gave birth to his child your brother will be a luna to that kingdom and think how much we'll be wealthy " tae looked at him in disbelieve " are you serious dad ?
you are saying that you are selling my brother for luxury. you know how much vantae hates the idea of being an omega for breeding" the king:" tae bear you are so young to understand this things , you'll thank me later " " so when are you deciding to pay them a visit ?" tae asked
the king:" i sent him a messenger when he reply i'll go to see him and then the prince will come to see his bride to say if he agrees or not but i doubt he can say no after all vannie is the omega all the kings want" tae:" just tell me when you decide to go i'll go with you "
the king looke at him confused" and why is that ? when did you become intresting in things like this " tae rolled his eyes " dad you know that i don't care about your business i just want to go for shopping " the king laughed loudly and shooked his head
" oh my god my little baby won't change " tae pouted "but you love me " the king:" of course i do . after your mother's death you and your brother are the only thing i care about and i'll do all my best to make you happy " "dad don't make me cry " tae said in a fake way.
"now go and convince vannie that it's the right thing to do i know he can't say no to you " the king said. tae nodded and said good night "are you asleep?" taehyung hugged his brother from behind , vantae shooked his head ,he was so tired to say a word.
tae:" what's wrong vannie are you ill ? do you want me to call jimin to check you ?" vantae:" no i'm fine i told you that i'm just tired" tae:" is it about the wedding? you know i can do it instead of you " " I SAID NO" vantae shouted. tae flinched vantae did never shout at .
him like this before. his eyes got teary , lips wobbling .he lowered his head he doesn't want to sound childish but this is him , he can't change that he is so sensitive . vantae looked at him with regret ,he is really tired to console his brother , he himself needs consolation
"i-i'm sorry tae bear i-ii didn't mean it, you know " vantae stuttered tae didn't answer him , he got up from the bed and returned to his room. vantae followed him quickly before he locks the door , he knows that when his brother is sad he can isolate himself for days.
vantae"tae bear please hear me out i'm sorry " tae:" go to sleep hyung don't tire yourself with me " vantae:" but i can't be tired of you, you know tae bear " tae:" really then why did you shout at me ? i know that you are bearing my behaviours all this years thank you but
you know that i hate when someone do that " vantae:" don't say that i said i'm sorry i didn't mean it " tae didn't say anything . vantae:" tae bear answer me please , say i forgave you hyung and hug me as we always do " tae:" i'm sorry but i won't forget you till you learn from
your mistake vantae hyung " vantae:" why you called me that ? you never called me that " tae:" then you have to be used to it" " but i just raised my voice a little bit without even noticing that " vantae said. tae laughed sarcastically " a little bit !okay fine now go i need
my sleep beauty " vantae pleaded him one last time but he guessed that tae is seeking for attentionย  maybe tomorrow he'll talk to him . he lowered his head and went to his room. he put his head on the pillow and faced the celling , he was deep in his thought thinking about
the things happening with him . why nothing is working with him ? first being an omega, second his mother death made him carry so many responsabilities . third he found his mate who he thought that he will carry this heavy load from him but he doesn't want him
and lastly his father wants him to get married with a prince just to have his wealth , he heard everything his father said to his brother ,he can't believe that his own father also see them with that way ,and now tae is angry and sad because of him.
after a long time eyeing the roof and thinking about his life sleep took over him. it was the next morning vantae prepared himself to go and see his brother and then head to the training area to help hosoek till his training time comes. he knocked the door but no one answered .
"your majesty " a maid call him . he turned around "yes ?" " the young prince left the castle half an hour ago" vantae frowned it's not usual he leave early in the morning " didn't he say where he went or with who ?" he asked "no your majesty he didn't say anything"
vantae sighed and headed to the training area . he helped hosoek for about two hours till jungkook came. jungkook:" good morining your majesty " vantae nodded . jungkook was confused why didn't he say it back ? is it because of what happened yestreday ?
he felt like the prince was upset before finishing the session . no no he is prince after all why would he even care about him. so he cleared his throat and said " shall we start ?" vantae nodded and they started warming up. after that jungkook explained what they will do
" so today we will master how to attack with sword but not before showing me what we did yesterday" vantae gathered all his power and tried to remember the steps he must follow and than he took the sword off. jungkook clapped his hands " ok excellent now see what i'm gonna do
and follow me . catch the sword with both hands and put it near your face perpendicularly and than take one step with one foot and one another with the other one and thaan haa" he hit the sword in the air. jungkook:"is it clear ?" vantae nodded jungkook:"ok then let me repeat it
catch the sword with both hands, one , two andd hit the target , come on your turn " vantae took his sword and tried to copie jungkook's movement . he catched the sword with both hands " just make sure that your hands are near each other " jungkook said.
" like that ?" vantae asked. jungkook checked the position and got near him he put his hand on the prince one's and put it in the right position .โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  โ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘๐‘  ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ ๐‘œ ๐‘ ๐‘š๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘กโ„Ž he thought. vantae flinched from the sudden action , he didn't think that jungkook
would do that. jungkook noticed that " i'm sorry your majesty if i made you uncomfortable " vantae shooked his head " no it's okay i need to learn the right movement so yeah no problem" jungkook nodded" okay now the next step one two and hit " vantae repeated after him.
jungkook:" look i'm gonna draw two marks in the ground you follow them till you master it okay ?" vantae nodded . jungkook:" start again" vantae:" one two and hit the target " jungkook:" okay good let me help you with the last movement , it's the most important "
jungkook was behind vantae , he catched the sword and hit it in the right way " okay understood ?" he said near the prince ear , the prince shivered , it's the first time someone can be this close to him and have this impact on him.
usually he doesn't let any alpha or beta be near him but this alpha is so differant he can make him weak easly. vantae:" yes it's clear " and then the training session continued like that vantae practise and jungkook correct his mistakes.
____________โ™ง chapter 05 โ™ง_____________
five days past with tae ignoring vannie , he always get out early in the morning and back early in the evening, he eats his dinner and sleep . vantae was going to his room at night . he was setting on the bed caressing tae'sย  hear , saying sorries and hugging him,
tae really wanted to turn around and hug him back but no he won't ,his hyung must learn how to open up with him. vantae thought that tae is angry because he shouted at him but no it's not that . it's true the first time he was sad about it but immediatly when vannie said sorry
he forgave him in his heart . vantae's situation is getting worst , he is not eating well or sleeping well . he always zone out in the meetings and doesn't focus in his training . the last five days he didn't talk with jungkook, he just nods or shakes his head .
he became pale, dark circles around his eyes and also he become weak. jungkook:" can we now repeat all what did we practise all the past days ?" vantae nodded . jungkook:"okay start at three 1 2 3" vantae took the sword off the sheath and then he catched it with both hands ,
step one , step two and hit . after that he repeated the same movement but with hitting a specific particle. "okay nice today we won't use this particle you'll attack me okay?" vantae nodded jungkook:" come on try it" vantae hit his sword against jungkook's one
and jungkook tackled it. jungkook:" you need to hit stronger" vantae hit with all his power till his sword flight from his hand and fall on the ground. jungkook sighed " not that strong your majesty" vantae glared at him he was done with all what's happening with him
his brother vantae glared at him and slapped him in the face " how dare you ?" he whispered in disbelieve , jungkook didn't say anything his eyes were red like blood he was controlling himself to not harm the prince because again the king will kill him and it was his fault ,
jungkook doesn't know taehyung but when he saw him the first time he knew that he is vantae twin ,he sees him when he goes out with the kids or in the castle talking with the maids with kindness , his smile doesn't leave his face .
he didn't mean to compare vantae with his little brother , no he just meant that even vantae can live happily without tiring himself that much. "get out of the castle i don't want to see your face anymore " vantae said pointing his hand to the door.
jungkook:" vantae i can explain " vantae:" it's your majesty to you " jungkook heart ached because the omega just pushed his insecurities button . jungkook:" believe me i didn't mean what you understood " " THAN WHAT DID YOU MEAN ? HAH ? " vantae was breathing heardly
jungkook: " i-ii just m-meant ___" vantae cut him in the middle " just go i'm tired , i don't want to see your face again" with that he ran to his room. he closed the door and started breaking everthing he finds in his way and then he brokedown.
he sat in the corner of the room , he hugged himself tighty and put his face on his knees. the maids heard everything so they decided to send the gards to bring taehyung maybe he could calm down his twin. "your majesty " the gard bowed. " what are you doing here ?
is everything okay ?" tae asked calmly. the gard:" prince vantae is not okay " taehyung's face got paled"w-what h-happened to him ?" the gard:"we don't know,he entered his room . we heard him screaming and breaking things" tae didn't need to hear more he ran to see his brother.
he knocked the door so many times put it was no avail , vannie didn't want to talk with him. he sighed" what should i do ?" he thought and then he found it . he called hosoek to open the door because he is an expert .
"what's wrong tae bear? it's not the usual you come hear" tae told him what happened and dragged him to vantae's room. hosoek brought a tool with him and opened the lock easily tae:" thank you hyung" hosoek smiled " welcome" when they opened the door and saw
vantae situation their hearts ached . "i think i must let you alone good luck" with that hosoek left . tae headed to his brother and sat on the ground. " vannie what's wrong baby tell me" he said . the prince didn't answer , tae shaked him so many times but he didn't react.
tae:"please vannie talk to me , talk to your tae bear he missed you" vantae cried , tae's heart was in so much pain he can feel is brother . he hugged him tightly " shoo everything will be okay brother , don't tire yourself and overthink , your health is more important than work"
vantae was shaking badly "tae:"let me take you to the bed" taehyung put him on the bed and covered him , he hugged him from behind and caressed his hear exactly how vannie do with him " h-he asked me why not to be like y-you" vantae said weakly.
taehyung frowned " who's that baby ?" vantae:" j-nung k-kkook" tae:" your trainer ? why would he say that? did he explain to you ?" vantae shooked his head " no i didn't let him d-do you know him?" tae:" no we have never met i was just seeing you practising from far ,
i don't even know his face " vantae:" am i bad ?" now taehyung got worry , his brother doesn't care about others opinion why his trainer opinion is so important , he gathered all his power and asked him" do you maybe , i said maybe you l-like him ?" vantae didn't answer.
taehyung sight and then he heard knocking on the door. "come in" he said. "good afternoon " jimin said . tae:" good afternoon hyung finaly " jimin:" what's wrong with him" tae:" i don't know " jimin:" ok let me check him and tell you"
after the check up jimin described medicine to him. "give it to the gard to buy it" jimin ordered the maid. "so what's wrong with him?"tae asked. jimin:" he is weak because he is not eating properly and haven't enough sleep, is there something wrong?" tae lowered his head
" i didn't talk to him for five days i think because of that he didn't eat or sleep i know him very well" jimin sighed " now he needs to rest at least two days no work no movement just rest and eat " tae:" okay hyung i won't let him do anything". jimin:" i have to go"
tae:" see you " jimin:"bye" tae laid near his brother and hugged him tightly and slept till it was dinner time. he ordered the cook to prepare him a soup and some vegies with meat and some fruits. he needs to eat to get back his strength.
"just this one hyung say aaah " taehyung said. " no i can't " vantae said with a weak voice. "don't you love me " tae showed him his puppy eyes . vantae sighed" i don't know what the relation between loving you and food" tae:" just eat this " vantae opened his mouth and ate it.
vantae:"enough " tae:"okay" tae looked at his brother in the eyes,he looks so tired " so can you tell me why this trainer effect you that much ?" vantae fisted his hand " don't talk about him" tae caressed his hand " just tell me vannie who is this trainer , why his word effect
you this much? not as you care about others openion" "my mate " he said coldly. tae's eyes got wider "w-wwhat ?" he whispered " your mate!" " i-ii mean why is he training you then ? does he like you ? do you like him ?" tae asked so many questions.
vantae:" no we don't like each other he is just my trainer because โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘ก in hoseokie hyung openion . and now i fired him " tae:" What ? why?" vantae:"i'm tired can i sleep ?" tae nodded " okay take a rest i'll be here if you need anything"
vantae:" thank you " tae smiled" most welcome my prince"
jungkook was roaming around on his worshop .it's been two days since his stupid brain and mouth betrayed him and said things mustn't be said. it's been two days since he saw vantae's face or heared about him. he is worried as hell but don't blame him blame this mate bond thing
again. his emotions are controlling him. he must send yoongi to ask about the prince . he was deep in his thought till the door was open andย  some one entered. "did you finish your work?" yoongi said. jungkook looked at the peice of iron near him . he didn't even touch it.
yoongi sighed " what do you want now? " jungkook lowered his head " i want to see him for the last time to explain what i meant" yoongi:" hosoek said there will be a party inย a week prepare yourself and go " jungkook shooked his head " no week is so much and you know that i hate
parties i don't want to go, beside i don't have what to wear" yoongi:" you won't go to the party for fun you'll just go 10 minutes to talk to him . don't worry about clothes " jungkook nodded. yoongi:" now back to work"
___________โ™ง chapter 06 โ™ง______________
after this two days vantae became better, he really needed some rest. now he prepared himself to go to breakfast. " your majesty the breakfast is ready you can go " the maid said, vantae nodded and headed to the dining room.
his father opened his arms and hugged him and rubbed his back " i knew that my son is strong he won't let anything effect him" " sure" vantae said and they sat on their places. the king cleared his throat " so my son i want you to know that tomorrow i'm going to the crimson blood
kingdom you know to meet the king and talk about the marriage " vantae nodded" do what ever you want dad it's okay" tae looked at him shocked tae:" i want to go with you dad i need some stuffs " the king:" as you wish my prince, the trip will take us 3 days to arrive we'll stay
for the night and then we'll go back, vannie i need you to take care of the kingdom in my absence " vantae:" don't worry dad" the king:" now eat my sons i know you have a lot of things to do ". the king finished his meal and excused himself.
" what do you mean by you agreed to the marriage hyung " tae shouted whispering. vantae glared at him " and why not ?" tae:" you have your mate hyung " vantae hit the table with his fist " i said before that we are not mates, now i have a meeting i need to attend excuse me"
tae:" why you are being rude hyung is it because of him ? i really can't understand you, if you like him then why you said yes to father" vantae:" i don't like him " tae:" then what ? explain to me because you are driving me crazy this days" vantae:" nothing to explain"
with that he left the room. taehyung was in the kindergarten teaching the kids but his head was busy with what his brother said , he needs to do something to help him so he must talk with jimin ,he'll tell him what to do. the prince gathered his stuffs and headed to the clinic.
" good afternoon jiminie hyung" tae said. jimin:" oh tae good afternoon , is everything okay ?vannie is good right" tae:" he is good hyung don't worry i just need to talk to you about something" jimin:" what is it tae bear ?" tae sat near him and told him about every thing .
jimin:" now what do you want?" tae:" i want to stop this wedding what ever it takes " " but you said that your brother and his mate don't want each other and he agreed to the marriage" jimin said. tae:" no hyung i know my brother he is doing this to forget about him , i'm sure
he likes him he is his mate . you didn't see him crying that night hyung, my brother doesn't cry for nonesense " jimin nodded" ok then you need to talk with the prince " tae was confused "huh?" jimin:" you said you are going with your father to do something" "yes" tae answered.
jimin:" go and speak with the prince and tell him about the story if he didn't agree with you then you have to accept it tae bear your brother and the prince want this so you have nothing to do". tae:" ok i'll try thanks hyung" jimin:" welcome"
it was the next day ,tae prepared himself to go with his father to convice the prince to let go of this stupid idea. " good bye tae bear take care, don't skip your meals and sleep well" vantae said hugging him " don't worry mom" tae laughed , vantae smiled and caressed his chick
vantae:" i will miss you , this will be the longest period we won't see each other " tae pouted " i'll missh you too hyungie but i need to go " vantae:" my little baby grow up and he is going in a trip alone" tae:" don't over it vannie you know that it's not a real trip"
vantae laughed " i know i know " tae:" take care vannie and don't do anything stupid i'll buy you some time to figure out what you want " with that tae ran to the chariot. vantae was confused what did his brother mean ? he shrugged it and headed to the training area .
three days passed and the king and tae arrived to the crimson blood kingdom "waah it's so beautiful " tae's eyes shines. " welcome your majesties " the gard bowed " the king is waiting for you " he said. he guided them to the throne. " welcome to my kingdom king kim "
king jeon said smiling and headed to king kim to shake hands. king kim:" thank you it's an honor to be here" " actually the honor is mine ,this is my queen" king jeon said introducing his wife king kim:" nice to meet you your highness " he kissed her hand and she smiled with him
the queen:" and who's this pretty boy ? he must be the prince am i right?" tae lowered his head his cheekes were red " yes this is prince kim taehyung , tae say hi my son " king kim said. " hi your majesties nice to meet you" he bowed . the queen walked to him " can i hug you?"
tae nodded shyly " you are so cute " she said . tae chuckled and said " thank you " in a low voice . king kim:" don't worry he'll open up quickly " the queen:" i hope so this will be your castle one day too so don't be shy " tae was red from the embarrassement and shooked his
head" it's not what do you think" he said the queen was confused. "honey let our guests rest you'll speak with him later" the queen nodded. " okay then let me show you your rooms , you can fresh up and we will meet at dinner" she said. " where is the prince?" king kim asked.
king jeon:" he has some work he'll be here by dinner" king kim:" our kids are working so hard" the king and the queen laughed and nodded. tae was in his room took a bath and laid on his bed . he thought that this castle is so beautiful and so big , the king and the queen are
so kind why don't he ask his father to let him marry the prince and not his brother . it's true that he has been waiting for his mate since forever but his brother made so many sacrifices for him , now it's his turn. he shooked this thoughts from his mind and got up to prepare
himself to go to the village . "dad i'm ready can i go ?" tae asked his father. the king:"yes my son be careful , the gards of this castle will go with you to guide you " " dad it doesn't deserve all of this , i feel like i'm in prison" the king smiled " it's for your own safety"
tae was roaming around , he found so many beautiful things , this kingdom isย  impressing him , the shops are not like in his own kingdom . he must tell his father to do some changes otherwise they will lose their merchants. after finishing he put the stuffs in the chariot and
headed back to the castle. when he arrived he sniffed a beautiful scent roses mixed with chocolate ? what will bring chololate here "excuse me can i go to the garden i want to pick some flowers " tae asked the gard. the gard:" of course your majesty follow me"
tae got down from the chariot and headed to the garden , his eyes shined seeing the view ,he wanted to cry this roses are so beautiful . he started picking some and put one rose on his blond hair . when he smelled it he got confused this is not the same scent he sniffed .
but every time he walks in the garden the scent increases . while walking he saw a person setting in the middle of the garden he could see only his back ,painting tools around him , a brush in his hand , he was moving it like a real artist . tae the social butterfly he is tried
to approach him , he likes art so maybe he'll ask him to draw him. " ahhm h-hi" tae said. the man flinched and turned around. "oh h-hello " he rubbed his nape "i'm sorry if i scared you " tae said sheepishly " nevermind" when their eyes met it shined red whine and blue sky.
taetae and Jg their wolves were dancing from happiness finaly after so many years of waiting they found each other. tae and gguk were shocked , they didn't know what to do . tae doesn't know where did his confidence go , he always say to his brother that when he finds his mate
he will talk to him and accept him from the first time. yes and that's what he will do he cleared his throat " i'm taehyung " jeongguk didn't answer he was lost in the beauty infront of him "are you real ?" jeongguk said out of the blow without evene thinking .
he is the opposite of tae he doesn't know where did this confidence comes from. tae was like a tomato and so jeongguk after sometime jeongguk decided to break the silence. "m-my name is Jeongguk" he said sheepishly. tae nodded . gguk:" excuse me but i have never seen you here
before who are you and why you came here ? you don't seem like a maid " tae chuckled " i'm a prince " gguk's eyes got wide " i said so , this beauty cann't be other than a royalty" tae hid his face with his hands " stop it i can't take it anymore " jeongguk chuckled
" you're so funny you know" tae:" it's a fact . so are you a painter ? " gguk shooked is head "it's just my hobby i do it whenever i have time" tae looked at the painting " it's so beautiful can you draw me?" gguk:" maybe , i'll try but it will take me days at least"
tae pouted sadly " what's wrong?" gguk asked consened tae:" i'll stay here just for tonight tomorrow i must go to my kingdom" gguk was sad too " can't you stay more?" tae shooked his had " my father is busy " ggguk said "okay" in a low voice . gguk:" will we meet again?"
tae:" maybe , but you can come to visit me . now i need to go ,see you tomorrow before i go" gguk stood in his place, he closed his eyes and sniffed what left from the vanilla and strawberry scent , he was sad that he found his mate but he is far from him.
he doesn't even dare to ask him to stay a little bit longer or about the situation he is so shy only if that confidence he had few minutes ago last.
____________โ™ง chapter 07 โ™ง _____________
the kings and the queen gathered on the table and they are waiting for the princes to arrive. jeongguk was in his room preparing himself , he hates being a prince and what happened today made him hate it more. he found his mate but he is oblige to marry someone else for the seek
of the kingdom , he sighed and headed to the dining room. "good evening" he said. king jeon:"good evening my son come this is king kim your future father-in-low" jeongguk faked a smile , he wants to cry . why he is so weak and coward to say no to his father and tell him that
he found his mate. "and this is my son jeongguk" he said proudly. king kim:"oh nice to meet you my son how are you ?" "i'm good " gguk said in a low voice. "excuse him he is a little bit shy " the queen said "just a little bit?" king jeon teased his son.
jeongguk face was red, he wanted to run away , he hates being the center of attention. king kim laughed. the queen:" take your seat your majesty we'll serve the dinner" jeongguk searched the table to find another person but he found nothing . " are you looking for something or
someone my son?" the king smirked. gguk shooked his head . king kim understood what he meant " i'm sorry my son the prince didn't come with me" the queen looked at him confused and shocked "oh . wait i thought that__" king kim shooked his head " no the prince came with me for
shopping nothing more " he laughed. "then who's the groom ?" king jeon asked. king kim:"his twin brother " when he said that the king's and the queen's smile fall. after all this years they couldn't forget the pain their lost son caused. "are you okay ?" king kim asked .
the king:" yes yes let's start eating" and then they heard the door opened "sorry for being late " the prince said in a low voice . gguk didn't look at him he was playing with his fingers as if it's the most intresting thing . the queen smiled" it's okay dear set and eat before
before the food get cold " tae nodded and sat on his place . "jeongguk this is prince taehyung " king jeon said. at the mention of the names tae and gguk looked at each other shocked " YOU!" they said at once. "do you know each other ?" the queen asked.
gguk:" we met hours ago in the garden " the queen:" oh nice, take care of him you'll be brothers-in-low so soon" tae's and gguk's faces were pale right now . jeongguk cleared his throat " excuse me i need to go " king jeon:" is there anything wrong ?" gguk:" no your majesty "
with that he left the dining room. " excuse me i need to go too" tae said. king kim frown " what's the matter son?" tae:" nothing dad i just remembered something really important" tae ran after jeongguk "jeongguk wait for me " he called him.
jeongguk kept walking till he reached his room . tae:" can i come in?" jeongguk nodded . tae sat next him " what's wrong ?" jeongguk didn't say anything . tae shaked him " tell me please ". jeongguk sighed " i don't want to marry your brother " his eyes were teary .
taehyung breathed. when the king introduced them as brothers-in-low he was heartbroken that his mate will marry his brother. tae:" that's why i came here" jeongguk looked at him confused "huh?" tae:" my brother found his mate two weeks ago too but my father obliged him
to marry you for the alliance you know, i came to tell you to decline or at least don't answer fastly we need time as much as we can" jeongguk nodded " i'll try all my best, can't we just tell them the truth ?" tae shooked his head " my father want vantae for this marriage
because he thinks he is the suitble one for this kingdom , and he doesn't give a shit about mates " gguk sighed "give me some time i'll talk to my parents i don't think they will oblige me to do something i don't want but are you sure about your brother and his mate ?"
tae :" i don't know my brother is stubborn and so his mate i guess but i'm optimistic everything will be all right at the end. if you decline he is not a problem at all ,infact it's for his best ". jeongguk cleares his throat and asked nervously
n-now do you want to go to the garden ?" tae nodded . gguk:" ok let's go". the mates arrived to the garden and sat in the same place they met this morning tae:" so how's life with you as the future king?" jeongguk sighed " to be honest i hate it " tae looked at him surprised.
"what?" gguk laughed" i know,it's weird but i hate being a prince, not to mention being the future king " tae:" and why is that?" gguk:" i don't think that i fit to this rule " tae:" but you are strong " gguk:"being strong is not enough sometimes.
i'm so shy , sensitive, i can't talk with people easily and i'm not that confident . tell me is this the specifications of a strong king?" tae:" but you can try to change yourselfย  for yourself and for your kingdom" jeongguk shooked his head and sighed
" sometimes i wish that my brother is with me ". tae looked at him surpised " you have a brother ?" gguk nodded . tae:" why didn't he set with us ? " gguk:" because he isn't here" " where is he ?" tae asked " i don't know a maid stole him when we were week ago ,
i don't even know him or even if he is he alive or not " tae:" we ?" gguk looked at him and smiled sadly " i also have my twin brother but i've never seen him" tae was sad hearing that , life is so cruel he and his brother lives a beautiful life together no one can separate then
and here his mate lived alone . " i'm so sorry " tae said. gguk chuckled " don't ,it's not your fault or mine" tae:" so who's the older ?" gguk:" him with 7 minutes " tae smiled " like me and my brother he is older with five minutes". gguk:" i guess you love him so much ? your
eyes shine when you speak about himย  " tae giggled " he is my everything " " do you look alike ?" gguk asked tae:" yes so much the difference is he dyes his hear black ,he is stronger than me ,smarter , a good speaker he will be a good king i'm sure" " i think even better than
me " gguk laugh and tae followed him tae:" honestly after seeing you i don't think you'll be compatible together" " who do you think will suit me ?" gguk teased him. tae flipped his imaginary hair " of course me " gguk chuckled sheepishly.
it was silence now tae closed his eyes and sniffed the beautiful scent of his mate , the air breeze was hiting his smooth face. jeomgguk was looking at him with his doe eyes , this is his mate till now he can't believe.
" y-you are so b-beautiful" gguk said in a low voice, his cheeks were pink from embarrassement . tae opened his eyes and looked at him and then lowered his head " i think we should go back to the castle it's too late " jeongguk nodded" yes and you have a long trip ".
the two princes were walking in the coridor . " i think we arrived " tae said and gguk nodded. they stood at the door for five minutes looking at each other and smiling not saying anything tae cleared his throat " i think you should go and rest "
jeongguk nodded " sweet dreams " he said. tae:" you too " tae closed the door and put his hands on his cheeks , it's too hot right here . " oh my god oh my god " he jumped from happiness . he changed his clothes and laid on the bed , he remembered all what happened today .
he came here to solve his brother's problem but he found his mate too . he is so sweet and adorable tae thought. he smiled and closed his eyes till the sleep took him. it was the next morning. the family woke up, ate breakfast with king kim and tae and now they are saying
the goodbyes . " have a safe trip " king jeon said. " take care of yourself " the queen hugged tae. tae:" i will ". and then he hugged the king too " happy to see you son" tae:" me too". the queen searched for her son but she didn't find him.
" where is ggukie ?" she asked the maid. the maid:" he said that he has a work , he'll wait for you on the gate " the queen:" okay". " can i go to the garden for the last time ? i want to pick some flowers to my brother " tae asked. the kings and the queen smiled
" yes of course " king jeon said. tae:" okay i'll meet you out then". with that he ran to the garden. he found jeongguk waiting for him there . the alpha was super nervous , he wanted to ask his mate if he can hug him or not " what is it ggukie ?" tae asked jeongguk heart flipped
from the neckname tae noticed what he said and bite his lip " can i call you that ?" he asked sheepishly, jeongguk noddes immediatly. gguk:" c-can i h-hug you ?" tae was surprised ,he didn't see that coming , his head was spinning ,what should he answered
gguk:" i'm sorry if i made you uncomfortable " tae shooked his head " no not at all " he walked slowly and hugged him tightly. this hug felt differant from all the hugs they got in their life , it was so special and warm. " i-i'll miss you even i knew you just yesterday "
tae saidย  jeongguk chuckled their cheeks were red. again. " i'll miss you too ,i think it's a mate thing" tae nodded . they broke the hug and started looking at each other again. " so i won't see you for a while now ?" tae asked sadly. gguk:"i'm afraid yes , but i promise you
after that no one will separate us , we'll have the time to know each other " tae's cheekes reddened . tae:" promise me you won't say yes whatever it takes " " i promise , i told you that from the beginning i didn't want this. i said say of the sake of my parents but let me tell
you they liked you so much specially mom " tae smiled his boxy smile . gguk put his hand in his pocket and took out a beautiful necklace. " c-can you take this? " he asked tae looked at him with a teary eyes " what's this ?" gguk:" i prepared this necklace for my mate"
tae put his hand on his mouth "omg thank you so much . help me wear it " jeongguk nodded " turn around" tae:" it's really beautiful" gguk:" i hope you remember me when you touch it" tae:" i won't forget you even without it" " come on let's go or they will worry about us " gguk
said. tae:" wait i told them that i'll pick some flowers " after getting the flowers they walked separatly to the gate. king kim and tae got in the chariot and headed back home to their normal life. king kim was so happy that soon he will see his son the queen and the luna of
the biggest kingdom , he can't be prouder , he knew that vantae will fit the place perfectly .
___________โ™ง chapter 08 โ™ง_____________
when the king and tae left the castle for a week vantae drowned himself in work and training to not think about them. he really missed his little brother so much and he put a mental note that he won't let him go any place without him. all this week he didn't hear about jungkook
or asked about him. he is so angry , how dare his mate compare him with his brother. he also found a time to think about this arranged marriage , maybe it will help him move on even though their wolves are dying he doesn't care . death is better than be with a mate like him.
now vantae was waiting for his beloved family on the gate when he glimpsed a chariot he ranย , taehyung too got down and ran when he saw his brother . they hugged each other tightly. " i missed you so much vannie i won't do it again" vantae laughed " i missed you too and who said
i'll let you go anywhere without me " " hello son" the king said. " hi dad welcome to your kingdom" vantae hugged him. the king:" so how have you been this days without us ?" vantae:" good , work took all my time" tae:" let's go to my room vannie i bought you so many things"
vantae:" okay , excuse us dad see you later" the king nodded. "so how was your trip ?" vantae asked. tae:" it was soo good ,oh my god that kingdom is better than ours , the castle , the village , the shops everything scream luxury i bought so many things"
vantae:" i see , your eyes are telling every thing , is this all what you want to tell me ?" tae looked at him nervously, his brother knows him very well. "nothing vannie " tae said in a low voice. vantae sighed " okay, i'll let you take a rest " vantae stood and headed to
to the door "vannie " tae called him. vantae hummed his back was facing tae "a-are you sure you want to marry the prince?" vantae:" i'm sure tae bear , any other question ?" tae shooked his head" no " with that vantae opened the door and got out.
tae's eyes was teary , he was so affraid from what will happen . he touched the necklace and closed his eyes his mate's face appeared infront of him , he smiled and sighed . he wished that this period pass fastly to meet him again and live together happily.
it was the day which all the villages wait every year ,the anniversary of the founding of their kingdom. every year in a day like this the king throw a big party and a feast to his residents to thank them for their hardworking and their loyalty.
vantae and taehyung were preparing themselvesย  to meet their friends and people. they wanted to keep it simple because it's a normal occasion so tae wore a white pants with a white top decorated with pearls . vantae wore his normal attire .
the party began and all the families and children were their eating,ย  dancing and laughing , enjoying their time. tae was with jimin playing with the kids and vantae was with hosoek and some of the noble men , they were chatting about work stuffs .
"let me tell you your majesty all the people are talking about your hardworking and loyalty , they are saying that they are really lucky to have a prince like you " one of the men said . vantae smiled " this is an honor i hope i'll do better and fulfill all their desires"
vantae kept on talking with his workmates till one gard came " your majesty" he bowed . vantae:" yes ?" the gard:" someone said that he wants to see you " vantae:" what's his name ?" the gard:" he didn't say " vantae:" gentelmen excuse me i'll be right back" with that he left.
" where is he ?" vantae asked . the gard:" over there " he pointed with his finger , vantae saw a man stood near a tree but he couldn't recognize him . vantae:" stay here " the gard nodded. the prince walked to the man . " excuse me sir how can i help you ?" he asked
and then the man turned to him , vantae was shocked and then he observed him from top to bottom , he looked so handsome a black jacket with silver beeds, black pants and his hair with a man bun , the look was just so sexy. " like what you see ?"
vantae gritted his teeth "how dare you, go away "he turned around to leave but jungkook grabbed his hand " wait a minute " he said. vantae:" let go of me or i'll call the gards" jungkook:" do it i'm not afraid i just came to talk to you five minutes and you won't see
my face forever " "no " vantae said and started walking . jungkook walked behind him and took his hand and dragged him to a hidden place " i said you'll listen and that's final " " AND I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR NONSENSE " vantae shouted jungkook pinned him on the tree
roughly and closed his mouth with his hand vantae hissed when his back hit the tree. " i'm not sorry for what i said that day " vantae glared at him " but i'm sorry that you understood it in a wrong way , i don't know your brother and i've never talked to him , he isn't even
he isn't even my type but you are" vantae's eyes shined and he felt butterflies in his tummy , he didn't experience this feeling before but he tried all his best to master the cold face. "what i meant is that i wanted you to be happy just like your brother , the days
i was working at the castle i saw him smiling and laughing with the maids and friends, enjoying his timeย  . i said even you vantae you deserve to smile because i saw your beautiful smile ,why don't you show it ? why don't you live a normal life and enjoy your time ,
why you have to keep that rough facade" with that he removed his hand and adjust himself. vantae stayed calm , he just looked at him , he was so happy and he scolded himself for being stupid. when he opened his mouth to say something but the king asked the guests to gather and
hear his important announcement . " ladies and gentlemen ,my dear residents i want to share with you an important news will happen in our kingdom . vantae my prince can you come here ?" vantae looked at jungkook and then he headed to his father.
" i want to tell you that soon you'll have your new king and luna kim vantae to rule the kingdom " the crowd shouted and clapped their hands , vantae and jungkook were looking at each other all this time, vantae could feel the hurt in the alpha's eyes
๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก โ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ฃ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘’ vantae scolded himself for being stupid and agreeing about this bullshit in a moment of angre. regretting to not listen to the alpha . " your majesty may you tell us who's the lucky man ?" one of the guests asked. the king smiled and said
proudly " prince Jeon from the crimson blood kingdom" the guests was shocked and started shouting and clapping their hands , talking about how they are happy for the prince and that they heard that prince jeon is a good prince .
after hearing that jungkook gatheter himself and left the place , vantae wanted to go after him but he let it go. he will talk to him later . tae and jimin saw vantae looking at someone from far but they couldn't see him . "did you see how he looked at him ?"
tae asked and jimin nodded. tae:" we really need to do something " jimin:"like what ?" tae:" i don't know i just want to help him , i can't see my brother digging is own grave and do nothing" jimin:" let's enjoy the party and then go and talk to him" tae nodded.
when the party finished vantae headed to his room , he took a shower and wore a white shirt with a black pants. he laid on the bed and started thinking about what happened today, jungkook's eyes couldn't leave his memory , and then he heard knocking on the door
"who came this late !"he asked confused. "come in " he said. tae opened the door and headed to the bed. "we need to talk " he said . vantae was confused " about what ?" tae:"maybe the man you was staring at in the party?" vantae looked at him and raised an eyebrow " who ?"
tae rolled his eyes " the one who was wearing a black and gray suit " and that's when it hit vantae who his brother is refering to "what about him ?" vantae asked. tae:" you looked hurt when you looked at him what's the matter and don't lie i won't talk to you for a week
this time " vantae wided his eyes and then sighed " jungkook my mate " tae" i know " vantae:" how ?" tae:" you don't give any one attention just me and him " vantae looked at him surprised " when did you see me looking at him " tae:" when he was training you and today "
vantae:" did you see his face ?" tae shooked his head vantae:" you must see him he is so handsome" . tae looked at him shocked " you kim vantae are complimenting an alpha !!" vantae rolled his eyes " don't be over " tae laid on the bed and put his hands on his chest and
intertwine his fingers " so you forgave him?" he asked. vantae:" he told me what he meant that day , i felt stupid for not talking to him and kicked him out. he told me that i have a beautiful smile " tae looked at his brother in disbelieve , love really can change sometimes .
" and then ?" tae asked. vantae:"i was going to talk to him but dad ruined everything with his announcement " tae laughed . vantae:" nothing is funny you know " tae:" sorry sorry but i have never seen you frustrated for a man like that".
vantae:" when i looked in his eyes i could tell that he was hurt" tae:" logicaly he must be , seeing your mate getting married with someone else is not easy , you are killing both of you" vantae lowered his head " i know but what should i do ?" tae:" you'll tell dad that
you won't accept the marriage " vantae " i can't " tae:" i'm not telling you now when you and you mate become together tell him and before anything become official" vantae looked at his brother deep in the eyes , tae put his hand on his brother's hand and squizzed it
" i don't want you to regret anything hyung , let your stubborness and ego a side just for once and fight for your love " vantae:" the thing is he doesn't want me " tae:" why don't you ask him why he is rejecting you ? maybe he has his own reasons" vantae sigher frustrated he
hugged the shit out his brother "i-ii'm gonna d-die hyung " tae said . vantae let go of him " thank you so much tae baby for being here. i'll do my best" tae:" that's my tiger go and beat anyone get near you or your mate ".
vantae smiled, finaly he can sleep peacefully one night after meeting his mate. tae:" one last advice " vanate:" what is it? " tae:" don't give up easily i can tell that your mate is a stubborn like you" vantae smirked " not with me " tae:" cool so you are saying he can't
resist you already " vantae said "yes " proudly and laid on the bed. tae:" okay now i need to sleep ,sweet dreams vannie sweet dream ggukie " vantae stood from his place, he raised an eyebrow " who's this ggukie ?" " the necklace " tae said innocently.
vantae touched it " who gave you this?" tae:" no one i bought it , you know that i don't accept presents , just from you , dad , jimin and my future mate ". vantae:" stop dreaming and sleep"
___________โ™ง chapter 09 โ™ง______________
the next morning vantae woke up , did his morning routine , ate his breakfast and rushed to the meeting room. he attended two boring meeting about four hours and now he is tired of being here so he zoned out. " vantae " hosoek whispered but vantae didn't answer .
when the meeting finished the prince took his stuffs and got out . "YOUR MAJESTY " hosoek shouted. vantae looked at him confused "what?" hosoek:" i called you thousand times in the meeting you didn't answer " vantae:" what's wrong hyung ?" hosoek:" why were you smiling like an
idiot ,did you remember your future husband suddenly ?" " jungkookie said when i smile i look good so yeah you must be used to it " hosoek's jaw dropped , did he hear him right , he talked about jungkook ? jungkook as in his friend ?
vantae:" if you finished being shocked let's go to the village i have an important business" hosoek walked behind him silently. ย  yoongi and jungkook were in the workshop working for an order. "won't you tell me why are you angry ? you said nothing since the morning "
yoongi said. jungkook:"i'm not angry hyung " yoongi:" yes yes , as i don't know you " jungkook sighed and put the peice of iron on the table " i told him what i wanted to say and asked for his forgiveness but i guess he doesn't care "
yoongi looked at him confused " how is that ?" jungkook:" he'll get married with the prince of crimson blood " yoongi was surprised " and what will you do ?" jungkook:" nothing , i'll let him live happily , i think my decision was clear from the beginning "
yoongi glared at him" are you serious ?" jungkook:" yes hyung" yoongi :" do you know that me and hosoek did all our best to let you work in the castle just to meet him and talk with him maybe you solve your problems and here you are saying that you'll let him to someone else ?
sometimes i doubt that you are an alpha , where is your posse____"yoongi stopped talking when he met with a shocked vantae on the door. "y-your majesty ? " he bowed. jungkook didn't look at him. vantae turned to look at hosoek "hosoek hyung is what i heard true?" vantae asked.
hosoek lowered his head and said in a low voice "yes your majesty but believe me it was for your own good" vantae looked at his hyung ,he felt like he is afraid from the next action he'll do . " i know hyung " hosoek looked at him shocked. "are you okay ? i think you are ill you
need a check up , let's go to jimin " hosoek blubbeled . vantae" i'm fine hyung can i talk to jungkook now ?" yoongi looked at hosoek " let's go to minho he needs us " "oh really ?" hosoek asked confused "yes " yoongi said gritting his teeth. " oooh i remembered minho needs us ,
okay bye vannie call me when you finish " vantae nodded. when the hyungs got out he turned around to find jungkook working . " we need to talk " he said jingkook:" i have an important order your majesty " vantae:" vantae from your mouth is better " jungkook frowned.
vantae:" you called me by my name yesterday " jungkook recalled the moment when he got it he kept on working . vantae:" why are you mad ?" jungkook:" i'm not, i'm busy " vantae:" don't lie i can feel you" jungkook:" you don't have to , you have your prince go and feel him"
vantae smirked " oh so that's why you are mad you are jealous jungkookie" vantad put his hands on the table work and leaned to him. jungkook threw everything from his hand when he heard his name from vantae's deep voice , shit this is the first time he feels like his name is
beautiful vantae:" jungkook?" jungkook backed to the reality " i'm not jealous why would i be you are nothing to me" vantae:" i'm your mate " jungkook:" i'm not " vantae:" anyway i need you " jungkook:"what do you want ?" vantae:" we signed for a month training but we only
worked five days ,so we need to finish " jungkook:" we won't , you fired me " vantae:" i know i was stupid , i'm sorry" jungkook:" it won't change anything ,go find someone else" vantae:" do you want me to traine with another alpha aren't you afraid if he rapes me or something ,
really yoongi hyung is right where is your possession, are you sure you are an alpha " jungkook fisted his hand and growled , vantae stiffened on his place , he never heard someone growling like thatย  . vantae looked at the ground and bite his lower lip ,
he won't lie he was a little bit afraid after all this is his mate and an alpha so it's his nature to submit. jungkook sighed regretting his action" i didn't mean it " vantae didn't answer and turned around to go out . jungkook:" what about the training ?"
"find the right time and place and tell hosoek hyung" with that he left. jungkook hit the wall with his fist so many times till his fist swollen " why am i so stupid ? no i'm not i'm doing the right thing" "are you crazy ?" hosoek asked him. jungkook:" oh hyung you came back "
hosoek:"yes where is vannie ?" jungkook:" he left " hosoek glared at him" tell me you messed up" jungkook:" no i didn't why you always accuse me , just tell the prince we'll meet in the forest tomorrow in the morining " hosoek nodded " that's all ?".
jungkook:" yes thank you hyung " hosoek:" okay i have to go too bye" jungkook:" bye". jungkook worked till night and then he closed the workshop. he was walking but he didn't feel like he wants to go home so he changed his way and headed to the forest.
it was calm like usual , everytime when he is angry or sad or frustrated he finds himself here , this forest witnessed a lot of things with him , his sorrows , angre and happiness. he closed his eyes and sighed ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘ฆ ๐‘š๐‘’ ? this is the only thing he could ask destiny .
why he chose him to be poor ? why he chose his mate to be a prince ? why when he decided to open up with him he'll marry someone else? his mate chose someone else, he doesn't care about him . he laughed mockingly why should he even care about him he is a poor blacksmith nothing
to compare with that wealthy and strong prince. jungkook's eyes was red, he bear enough but he can't do it anymore , he hid behind a tree and took off his close and then he shifted to his wolf form ,his bones were breaking, he hissed from the pain .
his wolf is black , you won't see him at night if it wasn't his crimson eyes , he is so huge , no one saw him before except his friend yoongi and he told him that this is not normal for a normal alpha but jungkook always tell him that maybe because he is well built.
but even his growling can make alpha submit. jungkook ran in the forest for god knows how long but he didn't get tired. " aren't you tired?" jungkook linked his wolf . jk:" ๐ง๐จ ๐ข๐ญ'๐ฌ ๐›๐ž๐ž๐ง ๐š ๐ฅ๐จ๐ง๐  ๐ญ๐ข๐ฆ๐ž ๐ข ๐๐ข๐๐ง'๐ญ ๐Ÿ๐ž๐ž๐ฅ ๐Ÿ๐ซ๐ž๐ž ๐ฅ๐ž๐ญ ๐ฆ๐ž ๐ž๐ง๐ฃ๐จ๐ฒ ๐ ๐จ๐
๐ค๐ง๐จ๐ฐ๐ฌ ๐ฐ๐ก๐ž๐ง ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ'๐ฅ๐ฅ ๐ ๐ž๐ญ ๐Ÿ๐ซ๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ญ๐ซ๐š๐ญ๐ž๐ ๐š๐ ๐š๐ข๐ง ๐š๐ง๐ ๐ฅ๐ž๐ญ ๐ฆ๐ž ๐จ๐ฎ๐ญ " jungkook chuckled " i'm sorry because i let you feel like that but you know i have no time " Jk:" ๐ˆ ๐ฐ๐š๐ง๐ญ ๐ญ๐จ ๐ฌ๐ž๐ž ๐จ๐ฎ๐ซ ๐ฆ๐š๐ญ๐ž " jungkook stopped in his place " forget
about it" Jk:" ๐–๐ก๐ฒ ?" jungkook:" you know why don't act dumb" Jk:" ๐›๐ฎ๐ญ ๐ข'๐ฆ ๐๐ฒ๐ข๐ง๐  ๐ญ๐จ ๐ฌ๐ž๐ž ๐ก๐ข๐ฆ " jungkook:" i'm sorry Jk i can't do anything" Jk:" ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ ๐œ๐š๐ง " jungkook didn't say anything and Jk understood what jungkook is thinking about Jk:" ๐ฐ๐ก๐ฒ
๐๐จ๐ง'๐ญ ๐ฐ๐ž ๐Ÿ๐ข๐ ๐ก๐ญ ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐ก๐ข๐ฆ ? ๐ฐ๐ก๐ฒ ๐š๐ซ๐ž ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ ๐ฌ๐จ ๐œ๐จ๐ฐ๐š๐ซ๐ ? ๐ฐ๐ก๐ฒ ๐š๐ซ๐ž ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ ๐š๐Ÿ๐ซ๐š๐ข๐ ๐ญ๐จ ๐š๐œ๐œ๐ž๐ฉ๐ญ ๐ก๐ข๐ฆ ?" jungkook:" are you stupid or blind ? he is nothing like me , forget about it " Jk:"๐—ฏ๐˜‚๐˜___". jungkook blocked him and shifted back to
his human form , he wore his clothes and headed to his home. he showed and wore a cosy clothes a large black shirt with a large black pants. he put his hair in a pony tail and headed to the kitchen to cook dinner . after eating he washed the dishes and slept. it was a hectic day.
it was the next morning . jungkook woke up early did he routine , ate breakfast and passed by the workshop to arrange some stuff "hyung i finished this order they will come to take it in few hours take care okay ?" he said to yoongi .
yoongi:"okay don't worry " jungkook:" then i must go" he took his sword and walked to the forest , he waited their for almost ten minutes till he glimpsed the prince in his white horse and some gards . vantae got off his horse eligantly
in jungkook's eyes no matter what vantae do to look tough he will still so soft . he was wearing reddish brown cloak
"hi " he said. " welcome your majesty" jungkook bowed vantae:" did you wait for so long ?" jungkook shooked his head " no i came earlier" vantae said "okay " and took of his cloak " take it and leave " he said to one of the gards. the gard:" but we need to make sure that you
are safe your majesty " vantae raised an eyebrows " i can defend myself you know , go this is an order " the gards bowed and left the place. he looked at jungkook" let's get started" jungkook nodded . they started warming up as usual . " now i need you to show me what we
learned in the past sessions" jungkook said. vantae:" okay , but let me tell youย i didn't practise since we stopped " jungkook crossed his hands and raised an eyebrow " and why is that ? you're being a lazy student " vantae:" because i was busy and angry i didn't want anything
to remind me of you" jungkook cleared his throat " just show me what you know and i'll see if you forgot the movement or not " vantae sighed and started his practise, he took off the sword and catched it with both hands in a right way , the sword wasย facing him and then one step
two and he hit the tree bransh , it fall on the ground. jungkook was observing his movement , it was all correct , how can he be so perfect even if he didn't practice . " how was it ?" vantae asked he was dying for a praise from his mate because it hits different.
" not bad " jungkook said . vantae pouted " just not bad ? i thought you'll say it's perfect " jungkook chuckled unconsciously "your smile is beautiful" vantae said. when jungkook figured out what happened he adjust himself " ahm let's start our new lesson "
vantae threw the sword on the earth " why are you ignoring me ?" he said angrily. jungkook:" what ? i'm not " vantae:" no you are , i'm asking you things and saying things but you are not responding " " okay go ahead ask me and i'll answer "
jungkook said in a louder voice and crossed his hands. "WHY YOU ARE IGNORING ME ?" vantae shouted. jungkook:" because i'm your trainer i came here to teach you lessons and not to flirt with you " vantae:" but you are my mate ,aren't mate suppose to flirt ?"
jungkook:" first of all you are a prince so i should treat you as a one .second of all you'll get married soon .and you are here wanting me to flirt with you , why are you so selfish huh? why you just thing about yourself but not other people feelings?
wait why should you " he laughed sarcastically " you are a prince and your happiness and comfort is the matter even if it makes others sad " " it's not true" the prince gritted his teeth and fisted his hand " you can't judge people that you know about them nothing " vantae said.
jungkook:" okay okay fine let's finish this session quickly i have a work to do ,and then we'll see if we can finish a month together because honestly everytime we meet we argue for nothing" vantae:" we won't finish it ,we'll talk for once about all to not argue again ,
tell me what's your problem with me ?" jungkook:" i don't have problem with you " vantae:" why you are rejecting me" jungkook:" i'm not " " is it because i'm an omega or a man ? am i not enough for you ? do you maybe love someone else ?"vantae was blabbering .
jungkook:" no not because you are an omega or a man and no i don't love anyone else ". vantae:" then why ?" jungkook:" because you have your own life and you'll marry your prince charming why would i come in your way and destroy your perfect life ?" " my perfect life ? "
vantae laughed " where is the perfect life jungkook ? being controlled and caged isn't perfect , your father planning your life and choosing your partner isn't perfect, wearing good clothes and eat in a specific way set in a specific way and talk in a specific way isn't perfect
you know when we first met and i figured out that my mate is a normal person not a royal i was happy ,for a second i thought that finaly i can live freely but the thing is my mate doesn't accept me . and if it's about that prince and the wedding i accepted to move on i thought
you don't care or believe of mating that's why i said yes ,but i'll decline the wedding i don't think that i can do it. jungkook didn't believe what he was hearing the prince is not what he looks like he is not the same one he met three weeks ago , he is not selfish as he
thought or arrogant . vantae looked and continued " when you came to the party andย explained your point of view i felt stupid , how could i make a big and a wrong decision in angre and without hearing you. you know ?all the princes and the noble men wanted me for my wealth , body
and beauty they thought that i'm an easy omega but no i didn't let them take what they want. but here you are the only one who didn't want me for those things , you are the only one who praised me and encouraged me even if we didn't met that much or talked that much , those few
words you said made me happy , thank you so much" jungkook didn't find what to say the only thing he knows that he has a lot to learn about the omega . his omega.
____________โ™ง chapter 10 โ™ง______________
"now tell me why did you reject me ?" vantae almost pleaded. jungkook:" i told you because of the wedding" vantae shooked his head " not this reason why you rejected me from the beginning?" jungkook:" you know what ? we talked so much and we didn't practise it's already time
to go i have a work" vantae:" no you'll answer me or i'll go with you to the workshop and i won't let you till you tell me the truth " jungkook:" you hava a work too so go don't waste your time " vantae shooked his head " you are my work now and let me make it clear jungkookie
i won't let you /and you'll be my mate/ and my future king if you like it or not , put it in your mind when i want something i get it" vantae smirked at the end vantad:"i changed my mind go to your work now . bye " with that he took his sword . he wore the cloak . and left.
jungkook stiffened in his place , the hell , he is the alpha here but that omega seemed stronger than him atleast mentaly . atleast he isn't coward like him . he walked back to the workshop and started working " hi kook" yoongi said
jungkook:" oh hi hyung i'm sorry i didn't notice when you came " . yoongi:" i can see that. i've been here for five minutes observing you" jungkook rubbed is nape " sorry hyung " yoongi:" what's the matter ? " jungkook:" nothing just a little bit tired of work "
yoongi:" don't lie tell me and maybe i can give you my advise " jungkook sighed and started telling yoongi about what he and vantae talked about , all the details specially the last phrase . jungkook:" so ? what should i do ? maybe i should vanish from his life , i want him to
live a beautiful life with his prince and forget about me " yoongi:" believe me , me and hosoek gonna die from your stubborness before you two get married . the man was clear jungkook he wants you to be his king and not that prince , and tell me which happiness you are talking
about you are his happiness , can't you just give yourself a chance jungkook? why are you understimating yourself ? you know that you are better than a million true king , get closer to your mate and try to live a beautiful life and forget about your past and poor situation"
jungkook:" i'm afraid hyung " yoongi raised an eyebrow" you The JUNGKOOK are afraid , the king doesn't scare you what change now ?" jungkook:" you know that it's another thing when it's about mate" yoongi petted his back and said "let him do what he wants kook give him a chance"
jungkook:" what if he broke my heart ?" yoongi:" how ?" jungkook:" what if he played around with me and he got married with that prince " yoongi:" i'll let that to you , you have to be smart and let him see no one but you, and test him , see if he can stay with you even your
situation is shit" jungkook noddedย  " okay hyung thank you so much , i don't know what would i do without you " " don't thank me just remember your poor hyung when you become a king" yoongi smirked , jungkook rolled his eyes and backed to work .
they worked hard till night ,the power he had he doesn't know from where it came , maybe because he is excited that finaly he'll give his mate a chance? because he can't forget the conversation he had with yoongi. he has to man up.
tae was playing with the kids in the school yard " don't run haru you'll fell " he said to his baby child , those children are filling his life with joy , he loves them so much and he can't imagine his life without them . he started thinking what will happen when he get married
and leave the kingdom and this leads him to think about his mate , he just saw him yesterday and he already missed him how will he bear a period he doesn't know how much it'll take, he pouted and touched the necklace " why my life is so hard " he said dramaticly .
" are you talking to someone ?" tae turned around " it's out your business and what brought you here? how could you even enter ?" the man smirked " i have my own ways you know , i can do anything to see your pretty face " tae rolled his eyes
" shut up jackson and leave i have a work to do , i'm not ready to waste my time with someone like you" jackson got closer to him and pinned him on the wall " just wait and see little boy after your brother marries that prince i'll come and propose to your father , you know how
much he likes me " tae glared at him" dad loves me more he won't do something against my happiness " jackson:" we'll wait and see little princess " jackson let go of him and left , tae was shivering he hates jackson , his tears fall down , he wiped it and decided to go back
to the castle. he got in the chariot and ordered the gard to move. tae was deep in his thoughts. he kept looking out the window his eyes were blurry from tears , when he looked right he found a man walking he looks so much like his ggukie but ggukie has a blond hair he can't be
him and the prince has responsabilities he can't let it and come ,he shrugged it, maybe he became hallucinating? every man he sees think that it's his mate. but it's not his fault he is so frustrated and he wished if gguk is with him to comfort him and hug him when he needs too.
he cried silently till he reached the kingdom. vantae saw his brother getting down from the chariot he smiled and headed to him , he needs to tell him about what happened today but his eyes darkened when he found him crying , he ran to him
" what's wrong baby ? why are you crying ?" he asked . tae didn't say anything he hugged vantae and started crying loudly vantae's one hand hugged him and the other was fisted "what's wrong tae bear tell your hyungie he will fix it " he said calmly. " h-hyyynng-ggie " tae sob.
vantae:" shushh everything will be all right let's take you to your room" vantae put tae on his bed and started caressing his hair " who made my little brother sad ? huh? tell me i'll beat the shit out of him " vantae said tae sniffed " i don't want to talk about it hyung "
vantae:" why is that? you always tell me everything" tae:" i'm tired hyung i need some rest " vantae:" okay . tell me you want me to go or stay ?" tae pouted " stay ?" he kinda asked vantae:" okay let me just lie down with you" tae:" don't you have work?"
vantae shooked his head " it's not important than my little son " tae smiled weakly " thank you mom " they laughed. " hyung" tae called, vantae hummed tae:" i'll kill you if you argued with your mate" vantae frowned why his brother said that ? vanyae:" we talked today "
tae:" about what ?" vantae:" everything and i told him that i won't let him. i'll stuck with him forever if he liked it or not " tae:" and what did he say ?" vantae:" nothing but from what he said his own problem is the marriage , i told him that i won't accept it "
" you won't accept it hyung ?" tae's eyes got teary at the mention of his brother and his mate wedding. vantae:" no i won't i'll make sure that that prince go and never see his face aga__" "NO "tae shouted vantae got up and adjusted his position " seriously what's wrong with you
tae ? you are acting weird " tae didn't answer and hugged himself . vantae:" aren't you going to say what happened with you ?" tae thought if he should tell his brother about jackson or not " i-ii jackson came to me to the kindergarten and said that he will ask father to marry
me " his voice cracked at the end and he started crying " i don't want to marry him hyung i love my mate " vantae eyes widened " wait you found your mate ?" tae panicked and shooked his head immediatly " no i didn't, i meant i won't cheat on him " vantae laughed about what his
brother said. vantae:"sleep now i'll ask the maid to make you dinner and do some stuff , i'll come at night " he kissed his forehead and left. tae hit his pillow and started crying silently " meanie ggukie meanie ggukie why aren't you here , i need you " then he hugged himself
and slept. ย ย  jeongguk was doing some work papers in his office but he wasn't feeling good, so he put everything and headed out , he needs some fresh air . " ggukie " his mom called. he turned around " yes mom?" the queen:" are you okay baby ? you look tired "
gguk:" i don't know mom i was good and suddenly i felt unease " " maybe my baby's future mate is stressed " she teased him , gguk's eyes widened he remembered his mate , maybe tae is not good " ggukie you are making me worry let's go to your room i'll call the doctor and tell
soekjin to make you food " gguk shooked his head" no mom i'm good i'll go to soekjin hyung and eat something maybe i'll feel good if not call the doctor " the queen:" feel free my son but you won't run anyway next time we'll talk about the wedding" jeongguk lowered his head and
nodded, with that he rushed to the kitchen. "jin hyung" gguk called. " oh hi gguk welcome do you need anything ? " namjoon asked gguk:" yes hyung i need your husband " namjoon:" wait he'll come in a minute " jeongguk nodded
namjoon:" so we heard that our baby prince will get married soon " jeongguk bite his lower lip to stop his tears .eveytime they mention this subject he becomes sensitive ,namjoon got concerned " everything is okay right gguk?" jeongguk shooked his head "no hyung nothing is right"
namjoon:" what is it tell me " gguk:" i will, when jin hyung come" " who asked about me " jin asked from out the door. namjoon:" it's prince gguk honey he wants to tell us something" " oh gguk hello how are you?" jin asked gguk:" i'm good hyung ,actually not good "
jin frowned " are you good or not ?" jeongguk sighed " no " jin:" let's set and tell us what's bothering your little head " jeongguk nodded and they sat "what i will say now no one knows about even the king and the queen, it's a secret".
namjoon:" say it already gguk you are worrying us " gguk stay silent for a minute and then " i found my mate " namjoon and jin stiffened on their places .they didn't know if they should be happy or sad , the little prince waited to find his mate but now he'll marry another one"
"a-aand ?" jin asked . gguk:" he is my future husband's brother " jin gasped and covered his mouth with his hand. namjoon looked at him shocked" are you sure ?" gguk:" i'm sure hyung we talked yesterday about it " jin:" and what you talked about? "
gguk:" he told me that his brother doesn't want the marriage too and he also found his mate , he asked me to tell my perent my finaly answer " jin:" and what's the answer ?" gguk:" of course no hyung , we can't marry each other while our hearts are with someones else "
namjoon:" will you tell the queen and the king ?" gguk:" i don't know i said to wait till we meet again" jin:" just be careful gguk " gguk:" i'll try to give them hints hyung and see if they agree or not " namjoon:" and if they didn't agree you'll marry the other prince ?"
jeongguk shooked his head " no i'll escape with tae, i won't lose anything i even hate the fact that i'll be a king " " don't be stupid they well find you and bring you back and your mate they will cut his head you know that ?" jin glared at him jeongguk was shocked " they won't
hyung " " they won't hyung " jin mocked him " anyway thank you for hearing me and please don't talk about this subject till the right time" jeongguk said. jin and namjoon nodded namjoon stood " i need to go now see you later honey , bye gguk " he said. gguk:" bye hyung "
namjoon:" one more thing tomorrow i need you to come to the training area we have a lot of work " jeongguk nodded " okay" with that he left "so do you want to eat something ?" jin asked. gguk:" what did you prepare hyung ?" jin:" i made strawberry pie i know you don't like it
so much " jeongguk shooked his head " no no hyung i adore it " jin raised an eyebrow " why so suddenly ?" gguk lowered his head his cheecks were pink " tae's scent is vanilla and strawberry , it's so___ i don't know how to describe it " jin was going to ask who's tae but he is
the best at connecting the dotes so instead he smircked " our baby grew up and found a lover " "who's this ?" jin and gguk stiffened on their places " did i interrupt you or something ?" the queen said. they shooked their heads " no your majesty you didn't" jin said.
" what's bring you here mom?" gguk asked. the queen:" i came to check if you are eating or not " . gguk:" i will eat now " the queen:" so what love you were talking about ?" gguk:" not now mom let me eat and i promise we'll talk" the queen nodded and left .
jin and jeongguk looked at each other and sighed.
_____________โ™ง chapter 11 โ™ง_____________
jeongguk finished his piece of cake and got up to leave. " thank you so much hyung i have to go" gguk said. jin:" okay take care and be careful" jeongguk nodded " i will ,bye " " bye" the prince walked to his mother's room he knows that she won't let him be if she doesn't
understand what's happening. he knocked the door and heard a fainted 'come in' " i'm here you highness " gguk said. the queen:" come baby set here " jeongguk sat near his mother the queen:" so we didn't talk yesterday" gguk:" about what ?" the queen glared at him
" don't act dumb you know about what" jeongguk sighed and nodded " so my baby is excited about the wedding ?" the queen asked . gguk:" i didn't even say yes mom you already named it a wedding " the queen:" will you say no and make me and your father sad ?"
gguk:" and do you want to see me sad ?" the queen:" why would you be my son ? you'll marry one of the prettiest omegas in all the kingdoms and i heard that he is strong too " gguk:" you are talking as you saw him" the queen laughed " i'm sure that he is pretty just like
his brother they are twins after all " gguk pouted " i wish my brother was here, he would be the one who will get married and rule the kingdom" the queen's face saddened at the mention of here lost son , the day he vanished is graved in her brain she can't forget about it and
and everytime they mention it her heart aches as it was yesterday . it's been 24 year and she can't move on , she always say that it's a dream and one day she'll wake up and find jungkook near her. is he alive or dead ? is he safe or not? does he know about them or not ? and if
he knows did he look for them? what if they met in the future will he accept them and love them as a real family or not ? these questions she has been asking herself all this years. " if your brother is alive i'm sure he would be a great man " a tear fall from her eye ,
gguk regreted what he said and hugged his mother " i'm sorry mom i didn't mean it " the queen sniffed " if he was here he would be a great head alpha and king " gguk said the queen gethered herself and wiped her tears " enough now what's important is your wedding ,
i want to see you and your groom happy baby" gguk lowered his head " but i don't want to marry him mom " the queen:" why is that gguk " gguk:" i don't know him mom beside he is not my mate " the queen chuckled " you'll have time to meet him and use to him and with time
you'll love each other " gguk:" but i want to marry my mate " the queen:" ggukie where is your mate bring him or her to me and i'll see " gguk:" are you sure ?" the queen nodded gguk:" you mean you won't oblige me to marry the prince if i found my mate?"
the queen shooked her head " of course not ,the most important thing is your happiness baby " gguk:" but dad said yes to king kim about the alliance ,i'm afraid he won't agree" the queen caressed his hand " do you think that he is the one rules here " she smirked .
" he can't say no to me you know and that stupid alliance isn't above your happiness" gguk laughed , he loves his mother confidence " i love you so much mom" he said the queen:" love you more baby , now who is your mate ?" gguk bite his lip ,it's a habit when he is nervous "
who said i found him?" the queen glared at him " as i don't know you" gguk:" can i tell you later mom ? just give me some time, you'll see him" the queen:" him?" gguk nodded " i hope i'll like him " " you already did " gguk said , his mother frowned " huh?"
gguk:"enough i have to go now " the queen:" okay son take care and if you felt that you are not okay tell me i'll bring the doctor " gguk:" okay you highness" he kissed her forehead , bowed and left. when he got out he ran to the garden and started screaming and jumping
" someone is happy" "oh namjoon hyung what are you doing here ?" namjoon chuckled " i heard someone screaming so i came to see what's wrong " jeongguk rubbed his nape " oh sorry hyung i worried you " namjoon:" don't be , so what makes our gguk happy ?"
gguk:" i talked with mom and she told me that she will accept my mate " namjoon smiled " very good news happy for you gguk" gguk:" thanks hyung " namjoon:" now i have to leave see you later "
vantae walked out his brother's room and headed to hosoek. " hyung " he called. hosoek:" yes vannie do you need something ?" vantae:" yes, i want you to bring jackson here " hosoek frowned " jackson wang ?" vantae nodded hosoek:" do you need him?"
vantae:" no i think he must learn a lesson" hosoek:" what did he do ? is it about tae ?" vantae:" yes " hosoek fisted his hand " i'll kill him" " careful hyung " vantae said. hosoek walked away " i won't promise"
vantae sighed and went to this office to finish some work , and then he went back to check on his brother , he found him asleep " i promise no one can hurt you as long as i'm alive " he kissed his forehead and slept next to him.
vantae woke up early as usual to do some work and go to his practise. he headed to the kingdom prison " were is him ?" he asked the gard the gard:" there your majesty " vantae nodded and walked to the dungeon.
the gard opened the door, vantae entered and punched him in the face directly " this is for my brother "ย  jackson fall on the ground , vantae grabbed him from his collar " how dare you get near him " the prince said gritting his teeth, jackson didn't answer .
vantae eyes darkened and he started punching him again and again his face was full of blood " when you get out of here you'll gather your stuffs and get out of my kingdom" with that he left. " don't set him free till you beat the shit of him, make him remember to not to play
with his rulers " vantae headed to his brother room " take care of the little prince give him his breakfast when he wakes up ,if he is not good call jimin to check him " he ordered the maid " don't worry your majesty " she bowed . vantae took his sword and cloak and headed
to the stable , he rode his horse and left. " sorry for being late again " vantae said. jungkook:" it's okay let's get started " today's session was successful the couple worked hard and didn't argue because vantae didn't say anything . jungkook was confused
๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘ โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘โ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘”๐‘’ โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘š๐‘–๐‘›๐‘‘ ?ย  he asked himself because usually the prince attack him when he tease him but to his surprise today he didn't " i didn't like your work today " jungkook said he lied to see what vantae will do .
vantae sighed " okay we'll try tomorrow maybe i'll do better " jungkook raised an eyebrow " that's it ? you won't pout and ask me to tell you it's perfect ? or shout at me ?" vantae:" no why would i ? you are the coach and you know better " jungkook:" are you ill or something ?"
vantae frowned " no i'm not " jungkook:" then why you seem differet today ?" vantae:" different ?" jungkook:" i mean you didn't say anything since we started , usually you ask me alot of questions or argue with me " vantae sighed " isn't it good now you can live peacefully "
jungkook" no i like you as you are " vantae smirkedย  jungkook rolled his eyes " i don't mean what's in your mind i mean i prefer your other personality better than this " vantae pouted and said playfully " why jungkookie don't you like me ?" jungkook:" here we go again , le's go"
vantae nodded " oh i forgot to bring you your money hosoek hyung will do later " jungkook glared at him " what money ?" vantae:" your money !" jungkook:" and what for ?" vantae:" did you forget you are training me and in return you get money "
jungkook:" that was when i was training you in the castle now it's different " vantae:"but__" " I SAID NO " jungkook shouted " DON'T SHOUT AT ME, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU ?" vantae shouted back " i'm just paying you money for your hardworking and because you need it "
jungkook laughed sarcastically "see that's why we can't fit together " vantae looked at him confused "what do you mean? " jungkook didn't respond " can you please tell me to understand better ? i won't understand if you keep running every time we try to talk . and for once don't
be selfish and till me why you are rejecting me . i want to know your reasons . i want to know where we are heading and if i should fight for you or not ". jungkook sat on the grass and thought maybe it's the right time to speak because he is tired and sick of this subject as his
mate . " you and me are from so different worlds . the first time i saw you ,you looked like a noble man to me not as you are not , but i didn't know that you are the prince . i thought that you are like those rich spoiled people who don't care about others and you would reject
me ". vantae sat next him calmly " i'm poor vantae i'm a blacksmith ,my house is so small , i eat one dish every meal , i wear almost the same clothes everyday and i do my housework by myself i don't have maids . and you ? you are a prince. a successful one you have everything
you want, i'm afraid to say that i can't fulfill your wishes, no i'm sure i can't " vantae's eyes got teary " at that moment i said i would reject you before you do and break my heart as if it's not . i'm rejecting this relation not because of you , not because you have flaws ,
you are just perfect as i said .the problem is on me " " so tell me your majesty will your father accept me as your mate ? if you ask him me or that rich prince he'll choose him no doubt ,do you know why ? because he knows that that man can give you
the moon if you order , he is going to be a perfect king to the silver dawn kingdom, i'm not selfish and because i want you to be comfortable and happy i will go and i hope you move on with your future husband , i want the best to you. and the most important thing i don't want
you to think that i want you for your money. ย  in short whatever happened you'll be the prince and i'll be the slav__" " the king , you'll be the king" vantae interrupted him and looked in his eyes. " so this is why you acted rudly with me from the beginning, you thought that
i'll see myself or insault you . you thought that you don't deserve me? do you think that money is all i care about ? let me tell you that you are so wrong, i told you before that i hate this wealthy life and i wished if i born like a normal person no money no rules no
formalities" with that he stood ,jungkook closed his eyes and took a deep breath . "stand up " he said jungkook opened his eyes and looked at him confused vantae:" stand up " "why ?" jungkook asked. vantae:" we are going " jungkook:" where ?" vantae:" your house "
jungkook was shocked "don't be stupid" vantae glared at him " i'm not " jungkook:"you are ,now excuse me i need to go" and he left. vantae hit the tree near him "i don't know who's the stupid here" he murmured to himself. "do you want us to go your majesty?" the gard asked
vantae turned and glared him he grittes his teeth " GO AWAY I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACES " the gards bowed and went back to the castle. vantae wore his cloak, mounted his horse and headed to a certain one.
jungkook headed back to the workshop to check if the clients took the order or not. " hyung " he called yoongi raised his head " what is it kook ?" jungkook:" did mr choi come to take his order ?" yoongi nodded " yes an hour ago " jungkook:" okay do you need something ?"
yoongi said no. jungkook:" okay then i'll go home for lunch and comeback do you want me to bring you something ?" " no thanks kook hosoek will come we will eat together " yoongi said. jungkook nodded " bye then " yoongi:" bye"
jungkook opened the door and entered to his house. he took off his shoes and put it on its place and entered the living room. " welcome " jungkook was shocked " did you see a ghost ?" jungkook rolled his eyes " what brought you here ?" " you didn't let me come with you i came
alone" vantae said. jungkook:" who showed you the location?" vantae:" hosoek hyung " jungkook nodded " so tell me what do you want from me ?" he asked vantae pointed at himself " me ?" jungkook:" is there anyone else here ? so tell me what's your purpose of doing all of this "
vantae: " you are my mate jungkookie what would i want from you ?" jungkook: "don't play with me vantae " vantae sighed and got up from his chair " and who told you that i'm playing you ? did someone said that i'm a play boy ?" jungkook shooked his head
" but why you are intresting on me i have nothing to give you or is it a bet between you and your brother ? vantae fisted his hand " how dare you accuse me and my brother" jungkook:" okay i'm sorry i didn't mean it" vantae walked closed to him till their faces were so close and
look at his eyes "ย i won't justify why i'm doing this i'll prove itย  . i won't beg you to be with me. i'll show you that i don't need money and i can even live with you in this house and not in the castle " jungkook couldn't say anything ,
vantae took his sword and started walking to the door " tomorrow i'll come with you and you won't say no " with that he left. jungkook sighed and stayed looking at the door for a while and then he went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.
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vantae went back to the castle , he rushed to his brother's room to check on him and see if he needs anything but he found him asleep. " did he wake up ?" he asked the maid. the maid:" yes your majesty " vantae:" did he eat something ? " the maid shooked her head vantae sighed
" okay you can go " she bowed and left. the prince covered his brother and kissed his forehead and then went to his room to take a shower before finishing his meetings. ย  jungkook returned to the workshop after having lunch , he found hosoek and yoongi chatting and laughing
" hobi hyung how are you ?" he asked hosoek:" oh kook i'm good did you talk with vantae ?" jungkook nodded " why did you show him my house ?" hosoek shrugged " he asked me , i didn't know that this will make you upset " " i'm not hyung " he replied " what did i miss ?"
yoongi asked hosoek:" nothing vantae want to make things work between him and this stone but this stone is so stubborn " jungkook:" hyung" yoongi glared at him " what happened today ? you didn't tell me " jungkook:" nothing important hyung " yoongi:" just tell me "
jungkook told yoongi and hosoek everything . " jungkook believe me vantae is not a bad person and you deep down know that , he just found someone who can feel him and care about him that's why he doesn't want to let go of you " hosoek said
jungkook:" do you think i don't want him too hyung? " his hyungs looked at him surprised " i want him hyung and from the first time we met but my insecurities overcomed me . he is perfect and i'm afraid that i won't be enough" hosoek patted his shoulder
" kook you are thinking so much i want you to go home and think about this situation. vantae wants you and he isn't asking for anything. give him and yourself a chance and i'm sure you won't regret it . i'm his friend and trainer for almost 12 year and i can tell he is so honest
and kind " jungkook looked at yoongi . yoongi:" do as he said and give it a try . remove this bad ideas from your brain and try to live a beautiful life " jungkook nodded and started his work. it was the next morning the alpha couldn't have so much sleep because of
the overthinking . should he trust vantae or not ? his hyung said the prince won't hurt him so yes he has to give it a try. he woke up and did his usual morning routine excitedly , today he will meet vantae and he will bring him with him home maybe they will make things work.
he took his sword and went to the forest. he waited for the prince as usual , they finished their training session calmly . " let's go " vantae said jungkook nodded the prince raised an eyebrow " you won't say no ?" jungkook looked at him " why would i ?
i'll find you there anyways " vantae smiled and walked to him " good , you learned the lesson"ย  he hold him from his hand and this is not the first time , it happened so many times when they practised and dragged him to their horses.
" i want you to go back to the castle , if anyone asked about me tell him that i'm busy and i'll come back late " vantae ordered the gard the gard:" but your majesty the king will get mad " vantae crossed his hands and glared at him " i don't need to repeat myself "
the gard:" excuse me your majesty " he bowed and left the forest. the prince turned to jungkook " come on " he wore his cloak and mounted his horse , jungkook sighed and did the same. vantae:" i know the path so let's compete" jungkook looked at him smirking and then they started
running and running till they arrived to the village and of course jungkook was the one who won " i won easily " jungkook said vantae rolled his eyes " we'll see next time . now go first and i'll follow you " jungkook looked at him confused vantae: " you know that no one knows
that we are mates , i don't want anyone to feel anything tell we work things on " jungkook:" okay i'll go , meet you in the workshop " vantae nodded. jungkook arrived to the worshop. "good afternoon hyung " he said yoongi:" good afternoon did you finish your work ?"
jungkook nodded " yes but i won't work with you today " yoongi:" and why is that ?" jungkook:" i'm busy " " jungkookie i'm here" vantae said and got in . yoongi looked at jungkook and raised an eyebrow " jungkookie ?" "hi hyung " vantae said. yoongi was shocked did he just call
him hyung ? "your majesty " he bowed. vantae:" please don't bow and don't call me your majesty i hate it " yoongi looked at jungkook he didn't understand anything vantae:" don't be surprised hyung , you are jungkookie's hyung so you are mine too if you want of course"
yoongi nodded " of course " he said in disbelieve. vantae:" can we go now ?" jungkook:" okay " yoongi:" where ?" vantae:" to his house " yoongi:" i think i need some fresh air , bye " vantae:" is he okay ?" jungkook:" don't worry he'll be okay"
vantae nodded " come on go and i'll follow you" they reached the house and jungkook opened the door " please enter " " thank you " vantae bowed . jungkook chuckled and shooked is head in disbelieve his mate really can be a bipolar . "don't laugh you need to get use to it
because people will bow to you in the future " jungkook stood in his place " and what if i didn't agree ?" he asked vantae:" what? to be a king and live with me in the castle? then we'll live here , your house is so beautiful and cosy by the way " vantae started roaming around
jungkook eyes were following every step he took " i hope you don't mind , even though you shouldn't, this is my home too" that's enough , jungkook bear this for so long and he can't do it anymore. he headed to his mate and pinned him in the wall and his hands up vantae hissed
from the pain but he shrugged it he must focus on something more important " will you stop it or not? " jungkook asked in his dominant voice vantae smirked " stop what ?" jungkook:" wrong move baby , are you teasing me " vantae tummy filled with butterfly , his wolf was jumping
from happiness jungkook called him baby for the first time. he doesn't know why he becomes so soft when he is with him. he looked at jungkook in the eye " and what if i say yes " he said confidently jungkook:" then you'll face your punishment ".
their faces were so close to each other they could feel each other's breath . jungkook leaned closer and crushed their lips together , he pulled the omega from his waste vantae's hands found a way to his nape , they kissed roughlty not like any other mates in their first time,
when they ran out of air they broke the kissed and leaned their forehead with each other " i hope we won't regret what we are doing " jungkook said and vantae nodded . he understood what jungkook meant because he thought the same. vantae:" it was my first time "
jungkook looked at him surprised " are you serious?" vantae nodded " i don't walk and throw myself at men you know , i kept it to my mate , to you. i wanted to try my every first thing with you" jungkook's eyes shined this man is unbelievable even if he is a prince and
has everything and all the authorities to roam arround he didn't . jungkook catched his cheeks and smushed their lips again , their lips moved in unison . " you are my first too " he said between the kisses. vantae stiffened in his place "WHAT? " jungkook smiled .
" being an alpha doesn't mean i walk and kiss men and women you know" he replied with the same way his mate did before. vantae didn't find what to say he just smiled .
" let me cook to you ,you must be hungry your majesty " jungkook said vantae glared at him " don't call me that " jungkook:" what do you want me to call you ?" vantae:" what you called me when you kissed me " jungkook smirked " and what is it ?"
vantae hit his chest " you know what i meant don't act dumb " jungkook laughed " i'm sorry baby " vantae:" say it again" jungkook:" baby " vantae smiled his boxy smile. " i said that before and i won't get tired of say it again you have a beauiful smile "
" no one can see it except tae bear ,hosoek hyung and now you " vantae said proudly playing with jungkook's collar " others can just see my glare " he said giggling jungkook heart jumped from its place. it's the first time he hear vantae laugh like this
jungkook:" i like your tiger glare between i find it attractive" vantae glared at him and then laughed . " seriously now let me cook lunch you must be hungry" jungkook said vantae:" okay i'll observe you " jungkook:" you won't help ?" vantae pouted " i don't know how to cook"
jungkook chuckled " it's okay just help me " vantae nodded . jungkook:" i'll go take a shower you can shower after me " vantae:" okay feel free i'll be here " jungkook took a quick shower and wore a white large shirt with a gray large pants , he put his hair in a pony tail as
usual he looked at the mirror . he can't believe what he did or what he is doing . they kissed. aren't they rushing things ? ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘˜ ๐‘ ๐‘œ ๐‘š๐‘ข๐‘โ„Ž ๐‘—๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘”๐‘˜๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘˜ he told himself . the alpha sighed and headed to the living room. " you can go " he said .
when vantae saw him he couldn't take his eyes of him " you are so handsome " the prince said. jungkook:" and you are so bold " vantae:" you said that i'm attractive and beautiful too so i see no difference" jungkook:" are you sure you are an omega ?"
vantae:" i told you before that i'm different honey " vantae pinched jungkook's cheeck softly " now let me take a show" jungkook:"okay i'll cook then". vantae headed to the shower , this bathroom is so small comparison with his but it's so cute , it contain the basics.
he showered quickly and wore the clothes jungkook left to him on the bed. a black large shirt and green pants and rushed to the kitchen. " how can i help ?" he said. jungkook turned to him " you look amazing in my clothes " vantae smiled jungkook:" set and wait till i finish "
jungkook and vantae ate lunch . the prince praised his skills so much . " let me wash the dishes and we'll set " jungkook said. vantae nodded he looked at jungkook with his puppy eyes jungkook:" don't worry i won't let you do anything today but tomorrow you'll help"
vantae looked at him surprised " tomorrow?" jungkook:" i mean if you want of course" vantae nodded immediatly " of course i want " he get closer to jungkook and peck his lips " bold " jungkook said vantae giggled " and you like it"
after finishing the dishes the mates sat down and started speaking about a random things " so you live alone here ?" vantae asked . jungkook nodded " my mother died a year ago" vantae looked at him sadly and caressed his hand. jungkook:" she was ill " vantae:" and your dad?"
jungkook:" i don't have a father " vantae looked at him confused "you mean he died too ?" jungkook shooked his head " he left you ?" he shooked his head again "are y-yyou ? you know " jungkook shooked his head immediay "then what ?" jungkook:" when i was a child i used to
ask mom about dad so much , she always say that he is working in other kingdom to bring us money but when i became mature enough she told me the truth my dad died years ago " "i'm so sorry " vantae whispered. " don't be .
year ago when she was going to die she told me that what she said about dad was a lie and i don't have a father because she wasn't even married " jungkook said his face was without expression , you can't say if he is sad or angry . jungkook:" she was going to till me the truth
but she died before that ". vantae got closer to him and hugged him " i'm so sorry " jungkook:" it was year ago i almost healed from it " vantae:" did you try to look for your real family ?" jungkook shooked his head vantae:" why ?" jungkook:" she didn't say enough
information and alone i can do nothing , why didn't they look for me ?" vantae:" don't say that ,i'm sure they looked for you . tell me any information it can help , i promise we'll find them . but do you want to ?" jungkook:" i don't know if i want or not . what if they won't
know me when they see me? what if they don't welcome me ?" vantae:" then you have me , you lived all your life without them , you won't die the rest of it , i'll send gards to ask in other kingdoms if they lost any child and we'll see ". jungkook nodded " thank you "
vantae caressed his cheek "i'll do anything to make you happy " vantae said and peck his lips. jungkook pulled him to his lap and put his face on his chest " your scent is so beautifulย i don't know what are you doing to me" he said. vantae chuckled " i enchanted you " he said
jokingly. vantae:" my mother died too when we were 14 from that time i became everything to tae bear , i took care of him , protected him to not let him feel the loss of our mom , he even call me mom sometimes and i call him son " jungkook laughed so hard
jungkook:" our pups will be lucky " " pups ?" vantae said and raised his head from his mate's chest he was surprised. jungkook nodded " you want pups ?" vantae asked this time to confirm what he heard jungkook:" yes i want so many pups and they will look like you all ,
every time i see them i remember you " vantae was so happy that even he and jungkook met only three week ago he decided to finish his life with him , but this is a must ,they are mates after all . they have to live with each other. "thank you kook" vantae said .
jungkook pulled away from him and looked at him confused " for what ?" vantae:" giving me a chance , i know that maybe today we did a big step and maybe we are rushing things but i'm sure, i have feeling that things will get well at the end" jungkook:" i hope so "
vantae:" i must go now " jungkook:" why it's early?" vantae:" tae is a little bit / i don't know what should i say ill ? " jungkook:" what happened with him ?" vantae:" a long story " jungkook:" just tell me in short " vantae told jungkook everything happened with tae
from the beginning . jungkook gritted his teeth " i hate that man you know, he always throw himself in troubles , be careful of him" vantae:" don't worry i kicked him out the kingdom. now i really need to go ,see you tomorrow at the forest"
jungkook:" let me go with you it's dangerous outside " vantae:" follow me from behind if you want " jungkook:" okay change your clothes and let's go " jungkook and vantae rode the horses and headed to the castle " bye see you " vantae waved his hand. jungkook waved back "bye".
taehyung stayed at his room all the day , the maids bring him the food till bed but he doesn't eat , he looked for his brother but they said that he isn't in the castle so he slept all the day. now he woke up and heard the door get open " good evening baby bear " vantae said.
tae looked at him " where were you?" vantae:" long story and you won't believe it but your health is more important now ,the maids said you didn't eat anything " tae lowered his head " i'm not hungry" vantae:" but you ate nothing for two days " tae shrugged
vantae:" do you want to eat with me ? i'll tell you what happened with me today " tae thought of it for a second and nodded. vantae:" okay i'll tell the maid and come back " " so let me tell you that jackson won't live in this kingdom anymore i tought him a lesson
and kicked him out " tae looked at him surprised " really?" vantae nodded " now don't be afraid you are safe" tae jumped on him and hugged him tightly. " thank you vannie without you i would die " vantae:" it's my duty my baby " tae:" so what happened with you today ?"
" you are not ready" vantae said adjusting himself on the bed. tae:" just say it i born ready " vantae told him what happened in details from jungkook rejecting him for being poor till he took him home with him " and then he pinned me on the wall and we kissed "
tae put his hand in his mouth and jumped from the bed " OH MY GOD did i hear you well ? you kissed ?" vantae nodded " and not once twiceย  and i pecked his lips twice we hugged and talked about our families and about having pups " tae looked at him with a teary eyes " i'm
so happy for you hyung you deserve the best " vantae:" thank you tae bear , it's all because of your encouragement , without you we would be killing each other now " tae:" don't thank me pabo " vantae looked at him offended and tae laughed " your mejesty dinner is ready "the maid
said. vantae :" okay we'll come "
_____________โ™ง chapter 13 โ™ง_____________
two weeks later: ย  in this two weeks nothing change that much . tae came back to his peaceful life after his brother told him that jackson won't be in the kingdom anymore, the only thing is effecting him is that his mate is far from him and his brother telling him about
what's happening with him and his mate everyday is not helping , he is jealous and sad a little bit, he wished that he is with gguk too and he runs to his brother to tell him what happened with him too. in the other side jeongguk is trying all his best to catch himself and not
take his horse and head to the silver dawn kingdom to meet his mate , he promised that he won't do any thing stupid till they meet again . every time he tries to talk with his mother something comes on the way, and the last thing is that his father sent him on a mission with
namjoon and he doesn't know when he will come back. jungkook and vantae are trying their best to work on getting their relation work , they knew so many things about each other ,one of them is that vantae is the kindest human being ever ,not as he show and also he is so modest .
he can adapt to the situation easily , he can eat like a normal people and set like them . jungkook at first thought that it will be hard to him but vantae proved him wrong , he never judge him for the lack of food or the lack of furniture or about his life generally.
mostly he never ask him to take money from him . what vantae learned about jungkook is that jungkook is so smart , multi-talented , warmhearted and mostly SO possessive. But his bunny smile is not for everyone . he is so strect ,tough and angre can tookover him quickly .
their daily routine was to work their work, traine at the forest and then spend two hours at his house they eat lunch together and set on the couch to talk or make out and then they come back to their work again . the king noticed that his son's actions are a little bit weird,
he is not the type who leave the castle if it's not important but tae and hosoek always find excuses to cover it up. back to the present, vantae arrived to the forest and waited for jungkook to come to start practise, he really improved so much in this short period.
he waited and waited but jungkook didn't come "your majesty isn't it a little bit too late ? i don't think he'll come" the gard said. vantae sighed " just go back to the castle i'll come later " the gards bowed and left . the prince mounted his horse and headed to the worshop.
he knocked the door and entered " hello yoongi hyung " he said yoongi raised his head " oh hi your majesty" vantae:" how many times did i tell you not to call me your majesty hyung?" yoongi:" it will take me some time to use to it" vantae:" that's good now where is
jungkook ? he didn't come to the forest so i said maybe he is here" yoongi:" no he didn't come here too" vantae:" okay then i'll go to his hou__" "NO hm hm i-ii mean no don't go " yoongi said nervously. vantae raised an eybrow " and why is that ? isn't he there ? or he is hiding
something from me ?" yoongi didn't say anything vantae:" is there anyone with him ?" yoongi shooked his head immediatly he knew that vantae got it wrong. vantae:" okay i need to go, bye hyung" yoongi stiffened in his place . jungkook told him to not let vantae go to his home ,
he ran to the outside to stop the prince but it was no avail vantae already vanished . vantae was near the door , he gathered his courage and knocked . he is so afraid from what he will see , the door was opened when jungkook saw him his face paled , he was shocked
" what ? you didn't see that coming ?" vantae said . jungkook:" what brought you here ?" vantae raised an eyebrow " i came to see my mate ,you didn't come to the forest and i went to the workshop but i didn't find you" jungkook:" didn't yoongi hyung tell you not come ?"
vantae:" he did but what to do ? stubborn, so will you let me in or we'll speak here ?" jungkook shooked his head " no go back to the castle we'll meet three days later " vantae:" three days later really ? back off let me in " jungkook hit the door with his fist
" i said go vantae or i'll lose my shit " he said gritting his teeth he tried all his best to not hurt his mate. vantae:" now it's vantae weren't you calling me baby ? what changed now huh? did you find someone else ?" jungkook eyes darkened " HOW DARE YOU ?" he shouted
vantae didn't say anything , he pushed him and got in , he searched in the living room , the bedroom , the kitchen and the bathroom but he found nothing . jungkook was shocked from what he is seeing infront of him do really vantae think that he is cheating on him ? he was hurt .
vantae:" where is her or HIM ?" jungkook:" are crazy ?" vantae glared at him " ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION" jungkook:" there is no one here and if you finished you can go " vantae looked at him shocked " huh?" jungkook:" you heard what i said .
do you think honestly i can cheat on you with someone else ? don't you trust me ? " vantae didn't say anything. jungkook:" i don't know from where you got this idea . didn't i make it clear that you are the only important person in my life ? " vantae didn't answer
jungkook:" i need words " vantae:" yoongi hyung was nerves telling me not to come here . why is that ? i thought you are hiding something " jungkook:" and the thing is cheating on you " jungkook sarcastically " it hurts you know ? why would i accept you when i have want to be
with someone else ?"ย  " what is it then?" vantae asked coldly. " why every time you are hiding things from me ? tell me maybe i can help". jungkook didn't speak. vantae: " jungkook " jungkook cleared his throat " i'm on my rat and i didn't want to scare you " he said without
looking at the later. vantae eyes widened and then he looked at jungkook in the eye ,his face was full of guilt , he couldn't believe that he was so childish and stupid when he thought for a second that his amazing alpha is a cheater , he step forward to jungkook
" just stay there " jungkook said , vantae shooked his head " no listen jungkookie i'm really sorry i didn't mean it " jungkook:" but it hurt you know " vantae bite his lip his tears started felling jungkook:" just go now and after three days we'll meet . give me some time "
" no no i won't go anywhere before you forgive me"ย  he cried . jungkook didn't see this side of his mate before, he hates it when he saw his beautiful eyes red jungkook:" shh just go and i promise we'll talk " vantae walked to the couch
" no i'll stay here you can't kick me out from my house , you go out " jungkook smiled at the mention of 'my house' but he didn't let vantae see him. vantae:"but why would you hide your rat from me ?" jungkook sat on the floor " i didn't want to scare you or make you feel that
you are oblige to help me and i didn't want to rush things to you " vantae stood up from the couch and crouched next to him " and who told you that i'm scared or afraid ? you know that i'm strong and if it's about rushing things i don't mind it believe me i won't regret it even
if you did" he catched jungkook's hand with one hand and the other was on his cheek , to his surprise jungkook didn't push him " we are old enough jungkookie you know that right ?" jungkook nodded jungkook:" but__" "sshh i know that you are afraid from what will happen but let
me tell you after some time i'll reject that prince and i'll introduce you to my father as my mate if he liked you i'll be glad if he didn't we'll run away and start new life in other kingdom " jungkook chuckled shooking his head " it's not easy as you think they will kill us"
vantae:" let's wait and see" he leaned and smushed their lips , the kiss was so hot and rough their lips were moving in unison " let's stop here before i lose it" jungkook said between the kisses vantae:" who asked you to stop , i want you jungkookie , i want to help you in your
first rat in our relation i don't want to miss it " " no" jungkook said. " please " he pleaded him jungkook sighed "are you sure ?" vantae:" yes just do it " jungkook:" i'll be rough can you bear it ? and maybe Jk will take the control " vantae:" i don't care "
" you are really stubborn and bold , i can't even say no to you " jungkook said the prince smirked with that the alpha stood up and carried vantae in bridal style and rushed to the bedroom. moans and skin slaps were echoing the room , vantae screamed jungkook's name till
his voice cracked . he took him in every corner in the room and in every position but he was so careful to not hurt his baby because it's his first time , he wanted to make it a happy memory when vantae remembers it he smiles . the couple were lying down on the bed jungkook was
hugging vantae, his bare chest against the omega's back and he kissed his nape. " did you like it ?" jungkook asked vantae turned to him and looked at his eyes " so much" jungkook smiled " you are full of surprised you know ?" " and how is that ?" vantae asked
drawing circles on jungkook's chest. jungkook:" i mean you are so bold for an omega you don't act like one, but i like it . i'm so proud and happy that you are with me and you are mine . i was so sad at the beginning when i knew that you are my mate , i asked god why he chose me
to be with a perfect mate like you " vantae pecked his lips " you are the perfect , no matter how much i thank you it won't be enough, you are the only one who cared about me and saw the real me , what was hidden behind the mask . all those years i was taking care of my tae bear
i wished i could find someone to take care of me too , understand me without saying anything , years passed but no one did ,i was going to lose hope and then you showed up" nungkook:" i'm happy to hear that " vantae smiled and hid his face on jungkook's chest . " let's run away"
jungkook said out of sudden. vantae raised his head " huh?" jungkook:" let's run away and start new life far from all of this " vantae sighed " let's finish this wedding thing and we'll see . tell me if my dad accepted you will you agree to be the king ?" jungkook:" i don't know
i mean maybe with some hardworking i can succeed but i'm afraid to let you down" vantae:" i like your confident you know, and this is what is required , you have all the specifications to be a king , you are a strong alpha , smart, all the people here fear ,you respect you ,
trust you , your word is heard and this is the most important . and don't be afraid you'll never let me down" jungkook kissed his forehead " thank you so much for trusting me " vantae lowered his head , jungkook frowned " what is it ?" vantae:" i'm sorry " jungkook:" for what ?"
vantae:" for not trusting you . i was stupid and dumb to think low of you. i think it's not you the one i don't trust, i don't trust me . it's the lack of confidence of myself thinking that i'm a male omega and not enough for you " jungkook hugged him tightly " oh baby i
didn't think that it's hurting you so bad i'm sorry too i should think about my actions and taking as consideration that you have your dark thoughts too " he pecked the prince' forehead . " now i already forgot about it baby and i forgave you . don't tire your brain.
and promise me we will try to fix that , come on it's your first mistake. and it's good that you accepted that you are at wrong and you voiced your insecurities. and for your information you are lucky that you are an omega now we can have our own pups without anyone's help.
see it as a blessing not as a thing you are ashamed of, accept yourself baby the others will accept you " vantae:" thank you so much my heart" again jungkook's heart jumped for the nth time . " for being understanding but i won't forgive myself for being childish , i hurt you "
jungkook:" can i tell you something to make you less sad ?" vantae looked at him and nodded jungkook:" you look hot when you are jealous " vantae hit his chest and jungkook chuckled "now i want to see your beautiful smile, smile for me baby " jungkook said vantae smiled
and the alpha pecked his lips. jungkook:" that's my baby" after sometime vantae's eyes widened " jungkookie" jungkook looked at him terrified "what is it ?" vantae:" i want to see your wolf" jungkook bearthed " you scared me i thought it's a serious thing"
vantae pouted" but it is " jungkook laughed " when my rat finish we'll go to the forest and you'll see it " vantae:" okay " jungkook:" did you rest a little bit ?" vantae nodded "ย  another round then " jungkook smirked vantae looked at him surprised
"did you think that it will end fastly ?" vantae shooked his head . with that the alpha and the omega spent three days at home making love till jungkook's rat finished.
____________โ™ง chapter 14 โ™ง______________
vantae backed to the castle after the third day . he rushed to his brother's room "tae bear are you here ?" he asked "YEEES HYUNG I'M IN THE BATHROOM WAIT A MINUTE" tae shouted from the inside. " hyungieee" he ran to vantae and hugged him " i missed you where were you ?
you made me and hobi hyung scared " vantae:" i'm fine ,i was with jungkook, it was his rat " taehyung eyes widened " WHAT ? WITH JUNGKOOK AND HIS RAT, DON'T TELL ME THAT ___"ย  vantae covered his mouth with his hand " shh calm down" he whispered tae:" did you ?"
vantae nodded proudly . tae:" are you crazy ?" vantae:" why is that ?" tae:" do you know that hobi hyung slept at his friend's house for three days to convince dad that you went on an urgent trip and here you are with your prince charming eating each other"
vantae:" i'm sorry and thank you for the help " tae:" nevermind set and tell me everything" vangtae giggled . " so angry but so curious " vantae smirked. tae dragged him to the bed " speak now " the sun shined and rised . jungkook and vantae met in the forest as usual but this
time not for traininig . " are you ready ?" jungkook asked vantae nodded, they hid behind a tree , took of their clothes and shifted to their wolves
" ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ ๐‘œ ๐‘๐‘’๐‘ข๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘“๐‘ข๐‘™ " Jk said. V:" ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ โ„Ž๐‘ข๐‘”๐‘’ " Jk checkled " ๐‘™๐‘’๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘”๐‘œ " V said Jk:" ๐‘ค๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘‘๐‘œ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘”๐‘œ ? " V:"๐‘™๐‘’๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘“๐‘ข๐‘™ " Jk nodded and they started running Jk:" ๐‘–'๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘›๐‘œ
๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘ก " V:"๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ ๐‘‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘š ๐‘– ๐‘ค๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘๐‘’ ๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘ ๐‘ฆ ๐‘œ๐‘› ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘š๐‘’ " Jk:" ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘› ๐‘ค๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘ ๐‘ฆ ? " V:" ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘› ๐‘– ๐‘™๐‘’๐‘“๐‘ก ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ โ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘ ๐‘’ ๐‘Ÿ๐‘–๐‘‘๐‘’" Jk laughed hard " ๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘ ๐‘œ ? ๐‘™๐‘’๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘ ๐‘’๐‘’ "
they ran and ran till they reach the waterful " ๐ผ ๐‘Š๐‘‚๐‘ " V shouted and jumped on Jk , they fall on the ground . Jk cuckled " ๐‘ค๐‘’๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘ฆ ๐‘–'๐‘š ๐‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘‘ ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข " V snuggled to his neck " ๐‘– ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘˜ ๐‘š๐‘’ " he said out of the sudden
Jk stiffened on his place. Jk:"๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ ๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ?" V nodded " ๐‘– ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘“๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘ก ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘ก๐‘›๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘Ž๐‘  ๐‘–๐‘ก ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘ก๐‘›๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘ ๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘ ๐‘œ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ฆ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘”๐‘ ". Jk:" ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘ฆ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘˜ ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘–๐‘ก" V:"๐‘– ๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘‘๐‘ฆ ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘ ๐‘๐‘ข๐‘ก ๐‘–๐‘“ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข
๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘–๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘˜๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ " Jk shooked his head " ๐‘–'๐‘š ๐‘œ๐‘˜๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘กโ„Ž ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘– ๐‘—๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘ก ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘”๐‘–๐‘ฃ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ ๐‘œ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘š๐‘’ " " ๐‘ค๐‘’ ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘™๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’ ๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘‘๐‘ฆ " V said. Jk chuckle " ๐‘ ๐‘œ ๐‘–๐‘š๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘’๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘™๐‘’๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘ โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘“๐‘ก "
the mates return to the tree and shifted back to their human form, they wore their clothes and headed out . jungkook walked to vantae and pulled him from his waste " are you ready baby ?" vantae:" yes go ahead" " but why suddenly ?" jungkook asked
vantae started playing with the alpha's collar " you know what happened three days ago "ย  jungkook nodded vantae:" you knot me in your rat so it will be sure that i'll get pregnant " jungkook was listening to him carefully and nodding , he forgot about the knoting and
the pregnancy matter " i want to be marked before that , we are mates jungkookie and we're made for each other , so why would we be unsure " jungkook leaned and kissed his lips hungrily " you're right baby , i didn't think that you are taking the mating matter so seriously "
he said. vantae:" of course i do " jungkook:" you know that it will hurt you more than when i mark you in your heat " vantae nodded after making sure that his omega's lips are swollen the alpha started kissing his collarbone and his neck . vantae moaned ,
the alpha knew the correct spot so he stick out his fangs, his eyes shined red crimson. he bite him " aah jungkookie " vantae moaned again jungkook licked the wound and kissed it " you are so brave baby , i love you " vantae stiffened on his place after hearing those
three words , he backed off and looked at jungkook in the eyes in disbelieve and then he crushed their lips again. "the first time we met i couldn't take you out of my mind ,your picture couldn't live my memory ,i saw you in my dreams , i thought about you every second ,
i felt something weird in my heart whenever we meet ,whenever we touch slightly , whenever we argue . at the beginning i denied it but after our first kiss and making love i understood that it was love from first sight" vantae couldn't express his feeling ,
he was shocked from the sudden confession , and to be honest he didn't think that his mate loved him from the first sight as he did. "i want you to mark me too " jungkook said vantae looked at him stunned " are you sure ?" jungkook nodded. with that the omega did the same thing .
his eyes was blue ocean he sticked out his fangs and bite him , jungkook squeezed his shoulder and moaned, it was a euphoric feeling for him . " i love you my heart " vantae said kissing his mate's neck . jungkook breathed . he was dying to hear those words from his mate after
he confess to him but he was afraid that he is not ready to say it or he doesn't love him as he does " i was afraid that you won't say it back " jungkook confessed vantae:" and why is that ? i was the first one who approached you " jungkook:" i thought it's too early to you "
vantae pecked his lips " face it jungkookie their is no rule said that we have an exact time to love each other or kiss each other or mark and make love with each other , it comes naturaly without we even expect it . or where is the fun if we planned everything and followed the
rules in everything?" jungkook sighed " you always leave me speachless " "and one more thing " vantae said " you and me would never follow the laws . and i loved you since the second i sniffed your scent " jungkook looked at him with a happy face his heart was going to go out
of his chest from happiness " you didn't leave anything to say " he said. vantae caressed his cheek and they kissed again and again " i think we should go back to work " jungkook said. vantae sighed " okay ". jeongguk was in the garden painting as usual.
" did you finish or not yet?" jin said gguk:" oh hyung you came " jin:" yes i brought you your banana milk " gguk:" thank you hyung" jin:" so did you finish the painting or not ?" gguk:" almost done hyung " jin:" i'm sure he'll like it " gguk:" i hope so"
" are you excited to see him again?" jin asked gguk nodded shyly " i'm scared too " jin rubbed his back " don't worry it will be all right , and remember that me and namjoon are with you no matter what" gguk:" thank you so much hyung i really appreciate your careness "
jin:" don't forget to sleep early tomorrow will be a hectic day " jeongguk nodded . jin:" and one more thing don't forget to bring me present from their , people say that they have beautiful jewelries " jeongguk chuckled and shooked his head " i won't forget hyung" .
after finishing the painting jeongguk gathered his tools , cleaned his hands and rushed to his mother. he got in her room " mom can we talk ?" the queen raised her head " oh of course my baby boo come" jeongguk ran and jumped on the bed , his mother laughed " i can't believe that
my little bunny will marry soon" jeongguk's smile fall . " what is it baby?" the queen asked. jeongguk sighed he wanted to talk with his mother about this matter but he didn't have the time because of the sudden mission. now he has to because tomorrow they will leave
to the silver dawn kingdom. " mom i want to talk to you about this subject " gguk said. the queen:" go ahead baby i'm listening" gguk rubbed his hands " it's about my mate " the queen was confused . gguk:" i don't want to marry that prince mom because i found my mate"
the queen looked at him surprised "what ? so i was right" jeongguk nodded the queen:" when ? where ?who is she or he ?" gguk cleared his throat " a month ago , i-iit's _" he breathed "t-ttaehyung " the queen was confused "huh? who's taehyung ?"
gguk:" the prince kim taehyung" the queen eyes widened and her jow dropped "WHAT ?" jeongguk face paled from her reaction he was afraid that she won't support him. "are serious?" she asked jeongguk bite his lip and nodded. the queen:"do you like him?" he nodded sheepishly .
the queen:" does he know ?" gguk:" y-yyes " the queen:" does he like you too?" " yes mom" jeongguk whined from the so many embarrassing questions. suddenly he found the queen hugging him " i'm so happy for hearing that my little boo , i liked taehyung so much when we first met"
she said excitedly. gguk looked at her shocked " really ? aren't you mad at me ?" the queen shooked her head "why would i , you found your mate and a beautiful one insideout " jeongguk eyes got teary " i hate being sensitive " he said
his mother chuckled " me and your father loved each other, so we can understand you let's go and tell your father he will be happy too " gguk:" what about king kim won't he be upset ? you know he wanted me to take his first born " the queen:" if he really wants his sons
happiness he won't reject you " jeongguk nodded " one more think " the queen:" what is it ?" gguk:" taehyung said that his brother found his mate too " the queen:" oh really!! then where is the problem ? he will marry his mate and rule silver dawn and you marry taehyung and rule
our kingdom , why didn't you say that from the bigenning " "i didn't have time , i was busy and a little bit scared to be honest because it's complicated and i hope things will be easy as we want " jeongguk said. his mother hugged him and rubbed his back "i'm sure it will be ,
let's tell your father " gguk:" okay". the mother and son headed to the king office and spoke with him about that matter and as the queen thought the king was so happy and congratulated his son. the royal family ate dinner and slept because tomorrow they will have a long trip.
the next morning the chariot , the horses and the gards were ready to start out. " take care and eat ggukie " jin said hugging the prince . gguk chuckled " i will ,don't worry hyung " jin:" did you bring the painting ?" gguk nodded " you know that i can't go without it "
jin:" our baby prince grew and he will courte his omega " gguk smiled sheepishly "stop it hyung " jin smirked " i won't" gguk:" oh did you hear that they are calling me bye hyung " and he rushed to the gards , jin laughed and shooked his head " this little kid"
"good bye namjoon hyung see you soon " jeongguk hugged him too. namjoon smiled" see you soon your majesty and take care, be brave no matter what " gguk:" okay thank you hyung ". jeongguk turned around and got in the chariot .
the trip took them three days , it was a little bit tiring but sure it will worth it. and now the royal family entered the silver dawn kingdom and they are ready to meet the king.
after the couple marked each other and backed work , yoongi was shocked when jungkook told him what happened and tae wasn't any different . "hyung are you in your mind ? what will you say to dad ?" tae said. vantae:" tae bear why are you complicating things ,
two mates love each other and marked each other where is the problem ?" tae:" the problem is that you are a prince you have rules to follow " vantae fisted his hand " those rules go to hell , i'm sick of being controlled tae , i'm sick of being told what to do and what not to do
, where is the fun and the sweetness if we arranged everything ? you follow this rules because i won't " tae:" where are you going with all of this ?" vantae looked at him in the eyes ,he was so serious because this subject is irritating him.
vantae:" i talked with jungkook , i'll introduce him to dad if he liked him he'll be the next king if he didn't " he stopped and looked at tae he was afraid from his brother reaction after hearing his plan " if he didn't ?" tae asked. " we'll run away " vantae said lowering his
head. tae was shocked " what ?" he wispered. tae:" w-what about me ? you didn't think about me ? what will happen to me after you go ? vannie you are my twin i can't live without you i'll die " his tears streamed down his face . vantae hugged him tightly " pray to god
he will accept him tae and everything will be all right " tae nodded and kept on crying. it was night an tae was waiting his mate ,it's been a month and he didn't show up ,this month was so long, hectic, it contained so many changes, he is thanking god that he didn't go crazy
he laid on his bed after taking a warm bath and hold his necklace " i missed you ggukie " he pouted and sighed. "are you talking to yourself ?" tae turned around " are you still awake ?" he asked . vantae nodded " i couldn't sleep so i said why not go to tae bear and sleep with
him , we didn't sleep together for almost a week i missed you" tae smiled " you were working hard and coming back tired we barely saw each other " vantae nodded " move let me lie down " tae moved a little bit . " the crimson blood king is coming "vantae said. tae looked at him
shocked " what !" vantae: " he said a lettre " tae nodded " so are you ready ?" he asked , vantae put his hands on his chest , intertwined his fingers and looked at the ceilling " i'm so ready " " i hope everything will be all right " tae said .
he closed his eyes and snuggled to his brother neck and sniffed it , vannie's scent gives him so much comfort. " your scent changed so much vannie" he said . vantae hummed " i felt that specially after marking ,jungkook's scent stucked on me more "
tae:" i'm not talking about your jungkookie scent hyung " vantae was confused " then ?" tae:" there is a milky scent i'm sure" the twins got up quickly and looked at each other with a widened eyes " could it be ?" tae asked " is there any other possibilitty ?" vantae replied ,
tae shooked his head. "OH MY GOOOD " tae shouted and jumped on the bed "i'm gonna be mommy " vantae was silent , tears fall from his face he can't believe that his life changed 180 degrees in almost two months , he met his mate , they loved each other ,they made love ,
they marked each other and now this is the seed of their love. when tae didn't hear his brother reaction he looked at him , he was crying . he set beside him " hyung ?" he held his hand. vantae looked at him in the eye . tae:" aren't you happy ?"
vantae wiped his tears but new ones gethered . he hugged his brother and cried. " hyung what is it ? you are scaring me " tae said . vantae:" i-i'm **i-i'm gonna ** have a pup " that's all the could say. tae sighed he was afraid that his brother will not accept the baby because
of that breeding stupid idea. he rubbed his back " let's have some sleep and tomorrow we'll bring jimin for a check up " vantae:" and we'll tell jungkookie " tae:" and we'll tell jeo_" tae didn't finish his sentence he frowned how come he didn't notice the names similarity
all this time his brain was really busy maybe. he smiled ,he likes when he and his brother take similar things . clothes , food , toys and now mates names. little did he know that it's more than a name ? it's the whole appearence .
____________โ™ง chapter 15 โ™ง_____________
jimin was setting on the chair facing the twins with a dropped jow. he didn't speak for five minutes . tae was confused he cleared his throat " so jiminie is there anything wrong?" jimin glared at him " so jiminie is there anything wrong" he mocked him " YOU DIDN'T SAY DETAILS
TAE, YOU SKIP SO MANY DETAILS ,I THOUGHT WE WERE BEST FRIENDS" tae bite his lip " you see jiminie vannie told me not to say anything about that night or even the marki__" tae's and jimin's eyes widened " WHAT !!!!! MARKING " jimin shifted his head to vantae "AND YOU "
jimin glared at him . vantae rolled his eyes . tae stood up and hugged him " i am sorry" he said. jimin: " don't talk to me back off i need to
go i have work " tae pleaded him with his puppy eyes. jimin stood up and headed to the door "jimin " vantae called jimin hummed. he knows that vantae is so mature to care about his and tae's bickering vantae:" no need to say it.ย  no one must know yet " jimin nodded " of course ,
have a good day " jimin turned to get out " jimin " tae called jimin hummed again tae:" i'm really sowwy " jimin nodded and sighed " it's okay i know it's a secret no one must know , congrats vannie " vannie smiled and mouthed him ' thanks 'ย  after that jimin left.
" is he angry ?" tae asked vantae shooked his head tae:" sad ?" vantae:" maybe" he stood up " i must go to the forest jungkook is waiting for me " tae:" okay take care don't run or jump be careful " vantae smiled " don't start " tae glared at him " dare to hurt my baby"
he pointed at him " i'll kill you " vantae acted as he is scared " i won't your majesty " tae:" good now go " vantae nodded and got out , in his way he met with his father " going out son ?" he asked vantae:" yes dad " the king:" practise ?" vantae:" yes"
the king:" how come you didn't introduce your trainer to me , you always do that. i mean i want to know with whom you are dealing for your safety " vantae:" maybe one day dad you were so busy this month and you know we are not practising here that's why you didn't see him"
the king hummed " don't forget about tonight son , the royal family will be here soon " vantae nodded " of course dad i won't be late " the king smiled " good , see you later " vantae bowed " see you later your majesty " with that he finished his way.
the king looked at his gards " are you sure about what you said ?" the gard nodded " yes your majesty" the king:" then follow him " the gard bowed and left. the king headed to his office and work till afternoon . the door was knocking " come in " he said.
the gard:" they are here your majesty " the king smiled " okay i'm coming "
the jeons entered the kingdom . some people were shocked seeing them " my eyes can't believe i heard people saying that they are very wealthy but not like that " a women said and her friend nodded " when our kingdoms merged things will change"
" they are saying that the prince is so handsome" " they said he is so powerful " " our prince is so lucky" " he deserves the best " and so many things have been said. the royal family were on the gate , the chariot stopped and they got down , first the king , the queen and
lastly the prince. king kim received them with a huge smile he opened his arms to hug the other king " welcome to your kingdom " king jeon smiled too and hugged him back "it's so good to see you and we have a happy news " king jeon said. king kim smiled and then he kissed the
queen's hand " welcome your highness" the queen:" thank you so much , it's an honor to be here " king kim:" the honor is mine " and then he looked at the prince " hello son " jeongguk smiled and bowed , honestly he didn't care about what are they saying his eyes were roaming
around to search about a certain person. " he is not here yet son you'll see him at night " king kim said jeongguk panicked his cheeks turned red . king kim:"don't be shy little man" the prince nodded sheepishly. king kim:" okay let's get in "
the queen:" where is the little prince i didn't see him" king kim:"taehyung ?" she nodded king kim:" he is in his room he'll come soon" the queen nodded again. they entered to the dining room . "let's eat i guess you are hungry and then we'll talk " king kim said.
king jeon:" that would be good " king kim:" son do you want me to send a gard to show you your room ?" jeongguk eyes light up and he nodded " yes your majesty actually i need to change " king kim:" of course " " baby not now" the queen whispered king kim:" let him be free i want
him to behave as it is his castle " the queen sighed and nodded. the gard took gguk to his room and while they were walking he stopped " can i ask you something ?"he asked the gard . the gard:" of course your majesty " gguk:" where is the prince room?"
the gard:" prince vantae " jeongguk shooked his head " no actually prince taehyung " the gard:" let me take you there your majesty " gguk:" okay " taehyung was setting next the window for almost an hour , since vantae left . he waited and waited till he glimpsed the chariot of
the jeon family . his heart started beating , he waited for this moment so long " oh my god oh my god " he jumped from his place and headed to the bathroom to wash his face , it was so hot " why am i sweating ? i must change quickly"
he took a quick shower and changed his clothes , applied some makeup and suddenly he heard the door knocked he rushed to open ,he thought that the maid is calling him to go to the dining room but when he opened the door he was stunned ,
finaly their eyes met again after a long time . a tear fall from the omega's eye he can't believe his eyes that finaly he and his mate are together and today they will tell all the people about it , from today no one can seperate them . " h-hi " jeongguk managed to say .
tae bite his lips and started playing with his fingers " hello " jeongguk cleared his throat ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘ฆ ๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘–๐‘ก ๐‘ ๐‘œ โ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘‘ he thought. " h-how are you ?" he asked tae:" i'm good , you ?" gguk:" i-ii good after seeing you " tae cheekes reddened " thank you " he said in
a very low voice jungkook walked closer to him and raised his trembling finger to wipe his tear " c-can i ?" he asked nervously. tae closed his eyes and nodded gguk put his finger on his soft skin and wiped the tear , it was so warm feeling each other .
after that it was silence , no one could say a word. " so do you maybe want to eat lunch ?" tae asked. gguk:" oh yes they are already at the dining table, i couldn't eat you know before seeing you " gguk said the last phrase in a lower voice.
tae smiled sheepishly " let's go then" the kings and queen were at the dining table talking about random things waiting till the princes come. " welcome your majesties " tae entered and bowed the queen stood up and he walked to her to hug her " oh thank you so much little boy
how have you been ?" tae:" good " the queen looked at him in the eye and smirked " oh really and here i was thinking that you missed someone " king kim and tae was confused the queen laughed " nevermind let's set and eat "
after that jeongguk entered and they started eating . king kim asked him about so many things in business and jeongguk was answering like a good boy , and he was trying to impress him after all he will be his father-in-law when he marry his son taehyung not vantae of course.
after finishing the lunch king kim asked taehyung to go with jeongguk to show him the castle . the mates looked at each other and smiled they really wanted some alone time to talk. the kings and queen headed to the throne and set . " so now we can speak " he said
" honestly i don't want to make it long , so we will speak direcrly " king jeon said. king kim nodded . king jeon:" i know that month ago you visited us and asked for an alliance through marrying our sons and we said we'll be honored but before we travel here our son told us
about him finding his mate " king kim was listening carefully and he felt from king jeon's words that it won't work. " so we came here to say sorry , our son can't marry yours" king kim nodded sadly and angrily but he didn't show it. he really wanted jeongguk and vantae to get
married,ย  to make his kingdom strong and safe . " it's okay your majesty " that all what he could say. " but " the queen said king kim looked at her waiting for what will she says after the queen:"we want to tell you that our son's mate is your son taehyung "
king kim looked at them shocked "so we are here to talk about his and gguk's wedding instead " the king couldn't know if he should be happy or angry why his son didn't tell him ? " i know what are thinking of your majesty " the queen said
" your son didn't tell you because jeongguk asked him to, he wanted us to tell you and honestly after you insisted that your first born is the one who will get married he was affraid that you won't care about the mating thing anymore"
king kim looked at them stunned " how would i not care about the mating matter ? it's our nature i can't ignore something like that " the queen sighed " so you won't say no to our sons marriage ?" king kim:" of course not i'll do anything for my tae's happiness , he is my little
baby and i can't dare seeing him hurt because of me " king jeon:" good then we must talk to them " king kim nodded " now you should take a rest till dinner ,you must be tired from the long travel" king kim said king jeon:" yes we have to"
the two alphas headed to their room and talked with their son about what happened jeongguk eyes widened " swear that you are saying the truth" he parents laughed so hard . jeongguk started jumping and shouted from happiness " shhhh son they will hear you " the queen said
jeongguk shrugged " SO WHAAAT " the king shooked his head in disbelieve " honestly i can't believe that this little bunny will get married and have children, he still a child " jeongguk started sulking and whining after what his father said, he hates when they call him
a baby but the truth to be told he is a baby and his mate isn't less then that . king kim went to taehyung's room to talk to him " can we talk ?" he asked. he was really upset tae bite his lip and nodded " of course " he whispered. the king sat on the bed facing him.
" why didn't you tell me? " he asked. tae didn't respond " we never hid things from each other son ,why you did this " " i-ii was afraid " tae stuttered king kim:" from ?" tae:" from rejection " king kim:" and why is that ?" tae:" because you were serious about marrying vannie
and not me , and what you told him that day made it worst" king kim:" i was afraid that you won't be ready tae bear , i know how much you are sensitive and you can't say no to my orders so i figured out that vannie is better" tae:" don't you know that vannie agreed just to make
you happy ?" the king nodded " and that what's best for him " tae:" vannie didn't want this marriage from the beginning , you obliged him to say yes and he was afraid that if he said no you'll oblige me . dad you was clear that you want to have a merge with the crimson blood to
be more powerful and wealthy " the king:" but you know how much i love you both i just wanted to see you happy , safe and successful before i die " " don't say that " tae said . the king:" does your brother knows ?" tae:" about what ?" the king:" that you and prince jeongguk
are mates ?" tae shooked his head the king:" are you sure it won't effect him?" " why is that he has his own ma__" tae stopped speaking and figured out that he really messed up. the king frowned"what did you say ?" tae:"n-nothing dad " the king glared at him " tae speak or you
know that i won't talk to you anymore " tae was scared " but i told him not to say anything" the king:" tae just tell me my son before i know from the gards and it won't be good" tae looked at him shocked the king :" do you think that he can keep playing around behind my back ?
the gard saw him , so speak" " h-he found h-hhis mate a-almost two months ago" the king was stunned "what??" "and why didn't he tell me ? why are you keeping hiding things from me " tae:" i can explain dad" " what would you explain tae huh?" the king asked .
tae:" he and his mate didn't talk with each other for the first three week that's why he accepted the marriage but after that they liked each other and they became seeing each other regulary " " and why didn't he tell me ?" the king was trying to be calm as much as he can .
tae:" he was afraid that you won't accept his mate b-bbecause h-hhe is p-ppoor" the king:" his mate is poor " he repeated just to confirm. tae nodded . the king:" and who is he ?" tae:" the blacksmith who made his sword and the one who is training him"
here the king couldn't bear anymore . he stood and hit the wardrobe next to him " WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING TAE "ย  tae shivered from his father reaction. the king:" he was fooling me all this time , he said that he is training just to meet him "
tae:" dad we are sorry to hide but tell me honestly if he brought him to you and told you that this is his mate would you accept him and not jeongguk ?" the king didn't say anything. tae:" answer father " the king:" of course not " tae:" yes of course not, but if he was a prince
you'll agree without asking , why is that dad ?" the king:" because i want you to be happy __" " and safe , okay we got it but what if our happiness is not with someone who has money huh? what should we do ? choose the rich one and convince ourselves our life is perfect.
let me tell you this dad , i have never seen vannie happy this much untill he met his mate , he has changed completely, he became himself , didn't you notice that his work is getting better day by day . that's because he is doing it with a clear mind and a happy heart ,
please dad try to give him a chance for you and for him and for your grandson " the king looked at him shocked again his heart will stop any minute from the so many news " what ?" tae's eyes became teary . he didn't want to be the one who tell him this news but he had to
the king looked at him shocked " h-he is __?" before he could finish tae nodded . the king:" HOW COULD HE DO SUCH A STUPID THING " tae didn't think that his father will act like that . he glared at him and when he was going to answer the king rushed out.
____________โ™ง chapter 16 โ™ง_____________
vantae reached the forest to find jungkook waiting for him. his horse stopped and he was going to get down ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘—๐‘ข๐‘š๐‘ tae voice echoed in his brain ,he hissed . he looked at jungkook and gave him a grabby hands , the alpha looked at him confused what's going on with
him ?ย  he never asked him to do that or show that he is weak to do something ,why now he can't manage to get down from the horse. but no matter what he walked to him and extended his hands to help him. " thank you " vantae said. jungkook pecked his lips " welcome baby ,
so should we start ?" vantae shooked his head jungkook looked at him in the eye " what is it ? don't tell me that you are nervous about tonight ? everything will be all right " vantae bite his lip and shooked his head " it's not that " jungkook frowned " then what is it then ?"
vantae:" i have something to tell you " jungkook:" of course go ahead wait ! " jungkook stopped him before even starting " don't tell me that you'll marry that prince right ? you won't break my heart after trusting you " vantae tried not to laugh
" baby answer me you won't right ?" " no i won't, i just wanted to say that " he walked to his mate their bodies were close to each other he grabbed his hand and put it on his flat belly . " what is it ? did someone hurt you there ?" jungkook asked innocently .
vantae laughed and shooked his head , and that's when the alpha could feel another heart beats , he backed off and put his hand on his mouth his doe eyes widened " baby " he whispered " jungkookie " vantae smiled he ran to his mate and carried him and started spinning around
vantae put his arms around the alpha's neck and his legs on his waist and he giggled " put me down tae will kill you if anything happened to the baby " jungkook put him down and repeated " the/ baby . OH MY GOOOD WE GONNA HAVE A PUUUUP " vantae laughed , he was so happy that
jungkook is happy too. jungkook:" when did you know ?". vantae:" yesterday night actually tae noticed" jungkook:" did you see the doctor ?" vantae nodded jungkook glared at him and raised an eyebrow , he rolled his eyes " don't be angry it's jimin my cousin "
jungkook:" next time i'll be with you " vantae smiled " of course my heart" he walked to jungkook and kissed him they hummed in the kiss " thank you so much " jungkook said jungkook:" for making me live" vantae hugged him jungkook:" before you i was empty , boring , lifeless ,
work took all my time but now i'm happy because you are giving me hope to live " vantae eyes got teary " stop it you'll make me cry " jungkook wiped his tears immediatly " no we don't want that , today we'll be just happy " vantae nodded " let's go home" jungkook:" okay "
the couple spent all the afternoon at home eating cleaning and talking about what will happen today "don't stress yourself too much " jungkook said caressing his mate's hair who is setting on his lap and his head on his chest . vantae:" i'll try "
jungkook:" so will you tell him about us ?" vantae nodded. jungkook:" and about the baby?" vantae:" i don't know" jungkook sighed " seriously how will you manage it all alone should i come with you ?" vantae shooked his head " no " jungkook:" believe me if he tried to do
anything bad to you or our baby i'll rip him apart" jungkook's dominant voice sent shivers on vantae :" calm down " jungkook rubbed his back " i'm sorry baby i didn't mean it " he peck his lips. jungkook:" are feeling good ?". vantae:" i'm a little bit dizzy "
jungkook:" you were good at the afternoon what happened to you ?" vantae:" are you dumb ? jungkookie i'm pregnant " jungkook frowned " what's the relation" vantae raised his head and looked at him with a done face. " didn't you hear about pregnancy symptoms?"
jungkook shooked his head . vantae:" seriously !!" jungkook:"well i didn't get pregnant and i didn't meet with abone , i know only yoongi and hobi hyung and i spent all my life in the workshop" vantae laughed " i didn't know that you have an innocent and dumb side,
i thought you are just bold and smart . you are so funny jungkookie " jungkook chuckled and then he looked deep in his eyes " what is it ?" vantae asked. jungkook:" you'll come tomorrow right ?" vantae nodded jungkook:" promise " vantae:" i promise i'll come and
we will set as usual " jungkook:" good i'll wait for you " vantae looked at him sadly " stop saying that as if you are sure we won't meet again" jungkook:" okay i'm sorry i hate ruining our happy moments " vantae sighed " i'm afraid that i'll be the one who'll ruin it "
jungkook looked at him confused " i have to go " he said jungkook grabbed his cheekes with both hands and kissed him hungrily like there is no tomorrow , vantae moaned and jungkook took the chance to enter his tongue , vantae's mouth tasted chocolate because it was
the last thing he ate , jungkook hummed in the kissed " you are so delicious " vantae:" i know something more delicious " jungkook laughed so hard " you always surprising me ". vantae smirked , he stood up to prepare himself to go and suddenly they heard knocking on the door
" are you waiting for someone ?" vantae asked fixing his hair in the mirrow. jungkook shooked his head" no maybe yoongi hyung wants something " vantae:" okay go and see " when jungkook opened the door he stiffened on his place " is it him ?" vantae said coming to the outside
but he stopped on his place when he saw the gards waiting for him. they bowed " your majesty the king ordered us to bring you back to the castle " vantae frowned โ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘ค ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘ฆ ๐‘˜๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ค ๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘ก โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘๐‘™๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘’ ? " okay " he said he tried to sound natural
to not let them feel anything vantae:" let's go " the gard:" not alone your majesty the blacksmith too " jungkook and vantae looked at each other shocked . " didn't he say what does he want from him ?" vantae asked the gard:" no your majesty " " will you come ?" vantae asked.
jungkook:" as if i have a choice ". with that the left with them to meet the king. the king was roaming around in the guests room waiting for his son to arrive to see what to do . the jeon family are setting and talking with taehyung , he told them what happened and
the king and queen said that it's not that big deal , customs and traditions are not apply nowadays . they told king kim that what his son did wasn't wrong but he should at least inform him . and it's not a shame that his son mate isn't from the royal family ,
he should give him a chance to prove himself that he is worthy and not greedy for their wealth . and also he isn't oblige to make him the king if he isn't appropriate, jeongguk will rule both kingdoms and it's over. but what the king was thinking is not the same.
the door was opened , all of them turned to meet the prince and his mate . the gard bowed " they are here your majesty " king kim:" let them in ". jungkook and vantae held each other hands and breathed " don't worry " jungkook said squeezing his hand vantae nodded
" okay . i swear i won't let him do anything to you " the prince said. jungkook nodded. the gard got out " his majesty is waiting of you " they nodded and entered the room, they were looking at the ground because they didn't want to face any one .
tae was looking at his brother sadly" " welcome home son . welcome home what should i call you ? my dear son's mate ?" the king said. when the alpha heard the king mentioned him he raised his head his eyes roamed around the place and freezed when it catche a certain ones .
he squeeze vantae's hand and back off . gasps where heard in the room , vantae looked at his mate and then at where he is looking and stiffened in his place . jeongguk in the other side was speachless his head was numb ,his mind was not fanctioning
is this real or he is hallucinating ? his eyes got teary. tae looked at them both, his face was pale ,his throat was dry, he walked near jeongguk and helped him to stand because he was going to fainte . king kim was lost and confused ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘”๐‘œ๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘œ๐‘› ?
the king and the queen ? the king and the queen'๐‘  situation was different ,tears started streaming down their faces they were trembling , pale their hearts could stop any minute. the queen was a little bit brave and walked closer to jungkook but he backed off ,
vantae saw the lost in his mate's eyes. he was the only one who could speak " are you __are you his family ?" he managed to say she nodded and turned to her husband " it's our son honey *** our son is alive ** i told you my heart can't betray me **** " she was sobbing .
she tried to reach him again but this time vantae was behind him so he pushed him to her , she grabbed his cheeks with her warm hands and he could feel it , the warm he was seeking for years ,even his other mother couldn't make him feel it "you know when we woke up and we
didn't find you what happened to us ? *** we cried so much we looked for you , ****i was depressed i couldn't look at you brother's face for a month afraid that i remember you and cry ***b-but the truth is even when i wasn't looking at him i didn't forget about you"
she cried so hard. " and now i'm looking at him to see you in his face i always ask myself if you look like him or not " she was still caressing his cheeks but jungkook was shocked he can feel her but he can't respond. tae was hugging jeongguk who was crying mess his eyes met
his brother's one to have some courrage because he can't bear what's happening. king jeon was setting putting his hands on his head and crying silently. vantae was feeliny really dizzy and tired but it's not the time . " honey why are you setting their come say hello
to our baby " she said. king jeon raised his head and tried to stand up, he was going to fell if king kim didn't catch him in the right moment . he helped him walk till he arrived to jungkook. " my son life was really tough without you , it was empty as our hearts , our eyes
dried from the cries since that ungrateful woman took you , we gave her everything she wanted and dreamed about. food, clothes, a house but she bite the hand who gave her grace. she made us suffer all this years , there is no occasion we didn't cry or wished you to be with us ,
your birthday which must be a happy day for your brother became punishment and hell without you , i wished hearing you calling me dad and i wished hearing you saying mom, i wished seeing you and your brother playing together, studying together and ruling the kingdom together .
please son we've been punished enough in all this 24 years don't punish us more because our hearts are swollen , we can't bear the pain anymore , please accept us as your family and let us make new memories together , happy ones, i swear we didn't throw you or we didn't care
about you, we did our best to find you but that monster hid you perfectly " vantae couldn't stop himself from crying how could he when this kind and innocent family lived in hell all this years , he pulled jungkook from his sleeve " jungkookie " he whispered .
jungkook turned to him , his face was expressionless , the omega grabed his cheeks and sniffed " listen to me baby " jungkook closed his eyes "do you remember what we talked about ? when i told you that we will look for your family , i asked if you want to know them and meet
them you said yes , i know you want and i know that you love them even if you've never lived with them but those are your family so you'll find youself loving them without any reason, please give them a chance , open up with them , heal them baby because they are really hurt ,
it's not their fault that that petty woman deprived you of them " jungkook eyes was teary his heart was aching . vantae is right he wished he find them ,he looked for them, he wanted to find a man to call him dad because he didn't experience it before , his parents was
tortured enough and cried enough because of him so it's the time to make them happy and smile it's the time to heal them , it's not their fault and it's not his, it was his other mother fault , the day she told him the truth he didn't know if he should hate her for hiding
the truth from him or love her because she raised him. but she hurt his real family how could she ? months later he'll be a father too so he started feeling the instinct of parents even if his unborn baby is just two weeks. a tear fall from his eye he sobbed
vantae hugged him quickly. he had never seen him this weak or this frustrated " it's okay let it out " he rubbed his back and said sweet words. after some time he calmed down " are you okay?" vantae asked him and caressed his cheek. jungkook nodded
" i-ii want to talk with them " vantae:" of course my heart they are your family and they love you they won't judge you because they know who you are even if they didn't live with you , so go ahead " he turned around and looked at the king and queen ,he was trembling
the couple looked at each other and rushed to him to hug him . when they pulled out the queen sensed that jungkook want to speak but he doesn't know how. the queen:" yes my son what do you want ? tell me , if you order my soul i'll give it to you just say it "
jungkook cried again he hugged them tightly afraid that someone will come and take them from him . after some time they broke the hug and started wiping their eye " i don't want this beautiful eyes to cry again, never , do you hear me ?" the queen ordered jungkook didn't respond
" ggukie " the queen called jeongguk raised his head from taehyung's chest his eyes and nose were red and swollen " come her my son meet your twin brother didn't you miss him ? you've been always asking and searching for him " and then she turned to jungkook
" don't mind him your brother is a little bit shy that's why he didn't talk to you but he loves you so much ,even if he didn't know you or see you he could feel you , do you know how much he wished to find you with him in the good and the hard time ?
he wished that you are with us to rule the kingdom in his place because he hates those things , please talk with him and pull him to you make him your friend and brother , make him forget the pain he've been through all those years "
jungkook looked at him . jeongguk stood up slowly and started walking , they were facing each other they were so close " welcome to the family " jeongguk said , jungkook was staring at him as if he is seeing himself in the mirror , they are a copy paste from each other like
vantae and tae the only different is the hair color and also the aura , jungkook's aura is stronger . " thank you " that's what could jungkook say and they hugged each other , this hug melt the ice mountain was inside them and extinguished the fire in their chests .
vantae moved to tae and they also hugged each other from the side " how are you ?" tae asked vantae:" i'm fine , you?" tae:" i'm good as long as this family is happy " vantae nodded " how did my father know ?" tae bite his lip" he came to me and asked me . you know my tongue
slipped and i told him everything but i think one of the gards whom were with you exposed you " vantae fisted his hand " how did he react ?" tae:" he was angry ,the king and the queen talked to him and told him that what you did is normal so he doesn't have to blame you "
vantae nodded and sighed. tae:" set you look pale , do you want to eat ?" vantae shooked his head " no i feel like i'm gonna throw up " tae rubbed his back" it's normal don't worry but you have to eat for my little baby" vantae smiled he likes how his brother addressed his baby
by his baby and he is loving him even before meeting him. vantae:" i will when things get better " tae:" thanks god your rock accepter them or ggukie will be sad " " ggukie ? isn't it you necklace ?" vantae asked confused tae giggled " no it's jeongguk "
" why you call him ggukie, do you know each other already ?" vantae raised an eyebrow. tae bite his lip and his cheeks reddened vantae glare at him " don't tell me you like him. what happened with i love my mate i will wait for him" he mocked him "he is my mate hyung" tae said
vantae eyes widened " WHAT ?" the others turned to them after hearing vantae screaming , jungkook rushed to him " what is it baby ? are you hurt anywhere ?" vantae shooked his head " no i'm fine but i think someone else is not fine " tae rolled his eyes
vantae:" repeat what you told me again" tae sighed " i said jeongguk is my mate what's the strange here " jungkook looked at vantae shocked
____________โ™ง chapter 17 โ™ง______________
tae sighed " i said jeongguk is my mate what's the strange here " jungkook looked at vantae shocked and then he looked at his brother who was red like a tomato " what a coincidence" he mumbled. after that the two families sat silently . the king and the queen hugged each other
jungkook and jeongguk were looking at each other with a disbelieve, king kim was setting alone and he was thinking . tae was setting facing vantae and vantae was killing him with his glare. he linked him vantae: "๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘ฆ ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘š๐‘’ ?"
tae:" ๐‘– ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘๐‘™๐‘–๐‘”๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘–๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘Ž ๐‘™๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘ ๐‘ก๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘ฆ " vantae:"๐‘– ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘˜๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ค ๐‘–๐‘ก ๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ค" tae sighed and told him everything vantae:"๐‘ ๐‘œ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘ ๐‘’ ๐‘‘๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ๐‘  ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ค๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘˜๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘กโ„Ž ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘›๐‘’๐‘๐‘˜๐‘™๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘’๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘’ ๐‘–๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘“๐‘Ÿ๐‘œ๐‘š
๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’ ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘ โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘– ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘”โ„Ž๐‘ก ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘”๐‘œ๐‘ก ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘‘ " tae smiled and nodded. vantae:"๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ฆ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ๐‘  ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘”๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘  ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘™๐‘’๐‘ก ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ค๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘˜๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ ๐‘๐‘’๐‘™๐‘œ๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘ฆ ๐‘๐‘’๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข
โ„Ž๐‘–โ„Ž ๐‘Ž๐‘› ๐‘–๐‘š๐‘๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘“๐‘Ÿ๐‘œ๐‘š ๐‘š๐‘’ " tae hit the table suddey " NO YOU DARE SAY THAT AGAIN AND I'LL KILL YOU " vantae smirked the others looked at tae concerned the queen:" are you okay baby ?" tae nodded sheepishly " yes i'm good "
and then glared at vantae again. " are you done looking at him as you gonna kill him" jungkook said out of the sudden . tae turned and glared at him but his glare is so cute to scare the alpha ,he looks like a puppy " he is my brother and i'm free how to look at him "
jungkook:" he is my mate so take care of your actions " "then tell your mate not to threat me by my baby " jungkook sighed. the queen looked at the confused " what baby ?" tae looked at her and then his dad " dad you didn't tell them?"
king kim didn't answer and left the room angrily he can't bear it anymore , the others looked at him confused. " vannie can i say it ?" tae asked vantae nodded " so your majesty congrats because after few months you'll be grandparents and me and ggukie will be parents"
the jeons looked at tae and gguk shocke " are you pregnant ?" the queen asked tae coudn't stop laughing. " it's my brother not me " he said. they turned their faces to jungkook and vantae . " oh my god i can't believe this , kookie we found you few hours ago and here
you brought happiness to us " the queen said with teary eyes. jungkook shooked his head in disbelieve what's with this silly nickname and drama . the others was laughing from his face reaction. she stood up and hugged him . " can i hug you ?" she asked vantae and
he nodded "of course" and then king jeon hugged him too . jeongguk:" congrats your majesty " vantae smiled " thank you, you can call me hyung " the alpha prince nodded and smiled . after finishing with the congrtas and the huggs jungkook opened his mouth to speak for the first
time " can i say something ? " he said. all the presence gave him their attentions vantae held his hand " what is it baby ?" the king:" we are hearing my son " jungkook:" all this years i lived in a big lie . my mom_ i mean miss lee convinced me that she is my real mother and
that my father died in the battle . but when she was dying she tried to tell me the truth because she felt guilty and she regretted her deeds. unfortunatley she died before saying anything but that i'm not her biological son. it was a year ago. i tried to look for you but
i had no information or evidence can lead me to you . and now here you are fate decided to gather us in this circumstances . to not speak to much i want us to take things slowly ,it's been years living as lee jungkook a poor blacksmith, the son of a maid
so obviously it will take time to adjust to the new situation. i'm not saying that it will take years, no give me few months . i know you are hurting , i can feel it . i'm hurting too and i've been deprived from so many emotions too so i want you to know that i'm not rejecting
you as my family but don't think that i can open up easily. i need to stay by myself and gather my thoughts , and one day i myself will come to you . also don't think that i'll accept you because i'm after your wealth or to rule , i don't care about it at all.
and the last thing my mate and pup are a red line if you want me than you have to accept him and respect him " vantae looked at him with shiny eyes he was so proud of him. tae and gguk were listening carefully the king and the queen smiled " of course my son we understand you
and you have all the right to take time we will wait even if it will take us forever . the most important thing is that you are alive and safe and happy with you mate and to be comfortable with us " the king said. the queen:" vantae will be my son as you and ggukie and tae don't
worry and i don't think that can someone hurt him he isn't easy i think " vantae looked at him and smircked . " of course he is not . he could melt this ice mountain after all " tae said eyeing jungkook. jungkook rolled his eyes and the others laughed.
it was midnight now , the family didn't feel time because they were busy with this huge unexpected incident they even forgot the main purpose why they came here . " okay we should go to sleep honey" the queen said to her husband. tae:" aren't you hungry ?"
they shooked their heads and left not without saying good night. now the four boys are setting together " aren't you hungry ?" tae asked " i am " jeongguk said innocently with a pouty lips and doe eyes tae laughed " don't laugh if jin hyung hear that i didn't eat he'll hit
me with his slipper" vantae:" who's this jin hyung ?" tae:" he is the cook and ggukie's friend" vantae nodded " so what should we do now ? things get messy" jungkook looked at vantae and said. vantae sighed " i don't know anything , my father is mad at me and i need to talk with
him and ask for his forgiveness " jungkook caressed his palm . tae:" don't worry vannie i'm sure he will forgive you sooner or later " vantae nodded. jeongguk pulled tae by his sleeve , tae turned to him " what is it ggukie " he whispered pouting. " i'm hungry " he answered
pouting too. tae pinched his cheek " let's fill this tummy then " jungkook and vantae were looking at their brothers disgusted " children " jungkook whispered in his ear vantae laughed " tae is treating him as one of his kindergarten kids " vantae whispered too.
" we heard that " tae glared at him. jeongguk was so nervous. " wait a minute tell me who's the old twin here ?" vantae asked jungkook:" i didn't even think about it" vantae:" let me guess this child isn't the elder so jungkookie is the elder right ?"ย  jeongguk nodded
" yes hyu___" but before he finish his word he looked at jungkook " can i call you that ? i've been addrrassing you that since my childhood " jungkook looked at his eyes . his brother is so innocent , he nodded his head . tae looked at jungkook done . gguk:" hyung is older than
me with seven minutes and with that he is a true blood alpha, the first born and the rightfuk heir" the three boys were shocked from what they heard. " didn't you feel for once that you are stronger than a normal alpha ?" tae asked curiously and jungkook nodded
vantae:" i asked him that too " gguk:" our parents are both alphas and our grandparents too that's why " the others nodded " see i told you one day you'll be a good king " vantae said staring at jungkook eyes jungkook:" baby being from a royal family doesn't mean
i'm a good leader. i didn't even live with them to learn and study the rules". jeongguk looked at him with his doe eyes " please be hyung i don't want to rule" jungkook looked at his twin and tried all his best to master the cold face and not laugh.
vantae:" your brother is cute " gguk:" i'm not " he pouted vantae:"okay okay let's go to eat and sleep " they nodded. tae ordered the maid to prepare the table. " baby eat this " jungkook said vantae opened his mouth and ate what his mate gave him
" hyung eat this too " tae said vantae:" i'm full stop " tae:" eat well for my baby " vantae glared at him " i am . now excuse me i am full i need to sleep . jungkookie did you finish ?" jungkook nodded vantae:" let's go then , good night " gguk and tae:" good night hyungs "
"do you want more ?" tae asked gguk:" no i'm full thank you " tae:" welcome, let's go we need some sleep too " tae took jeongguk to his room " this is your room sleep well if you need anything you'll find me at my room , you know where to find it ,good night "
gguk:" okay good night " tae got closer to jeongguk and pecked his cheek and ran away covering his face from embarrassement . jeongguk stiffened in his place ,he rubbed his cheek and smiled like an idiot , and then he entered and closed the door . he jumped on his bed and closed
his eyes and started dreaming about his future with his pretty omega . taehyung too entered his room and looked at the mirror his face was red " oh my god " he jumped on the bed and covered his face with a pillow .
vantae and jungkook entered vantae's room they changed their colthes for a comfie ones and laid on bed facing each other " now what will happen?" vantae asked jungkook:" i don't know , you know more about this stuffs so tell me " " will you go with them first of all ?"
vantae asked. jungkook:" what do you see ?" vantae sighed " you need to give them a chance jungkookie especially your brother " jungkook nodded " what will happen if i went with them ?" vantae:" i'm sure that you'll be under training for a year to be ready to rule the kingdom"
jungkook:" when the normal king rule ?" vantae:" usually the king give his place to his son when he gets old or die obviously " jungkook nodded " and what about you ?" vantae:" what about me ?" jungkook:" in my training period will you stay here ? "
vantae shooked his head " i won't let you alone i'll be with you in every step just tell your parents and give me proposal marriage because i'm not gonna wait so long " jungkook laughed and looked at him " are you asking me to propose to you ? you are so strong you know "
vantae:" i know , the most important thing is you, me and our baby will be together all this year or else you won't go anywhere " jungkook pecked is lips " of course , the kingdom need a strong queen and luna like you after all" vantae smiled this is the first time someone
call him a queen and it doesn't hurt is pride , he felt it so right when it came from his alpha's mouth. " i will " with that the two lovers closed their eyes.
jungkook opened his eyes early in the morning, he looked near him but he didn't find his mate , he heard sounds coming from the bathroom so he got up and headed their. " baby" he called , he found vantae bending down the toilet seat throwing up .
he rushed to him and started patting his back " are you okay baby ?" vantae shooked his head jungkook:" it's okay baby you'll be fine let's take you to the bed " jungkook washed vantae's face and mouth and took him to bed .
" do you want anything ?" the aphla asked . vantae:" no i just want to sleep a little bit , i'll be fine , you go and eat breakfast with the others" jungkook shooked his head " no i'll stay here with you " vantae:" no , for me baby go and eat with them" jungkook sighed.
" what is it ?" vantae asked. jungkook:" i don't know , i'm not really comfortable yet to stay with them" vantae:" i understand you my heart with time you'll be used to them don't worry " jungkook:" is it normal if i call them your majesty ?" vantae sighed " if you feel
uncomfortable calling them mom and dad just call them whatever you like . what happened with your confidence ? alpha jungkook doesn't care about others feelings" jungkook looked at him offeneded " what ? am i lying ? " vantae chuckled " let me call the maid to bring
you breakfast " jungkook nodded " but you eat with me" vantae:" i'll try "
jungkook hovered over him and kissed him " i changed my mind let me eat you instead you are more delicious " vantae laughed and kissed him back. ย  tae woke up , took a quick shower , wore a pretty clothes , applied some make up and then rushed out to jeongguk's room.
he knocked on the door and after seconds jeongguk opened . " how did you sleep?" he asked gguk:" so good thanks for asking how about you ?" tae put his finger under his chin pretending to think " hmm the best sleep after a month " jeongguk chuckled " thanks god "
tae:" if you are ready let's go to eat breakfast" jeongguk nodded " can you enter for a minute i have a gift for you " tae eyes shined " oh really " and then he pouted " what is it ?" gguk asked tae:" you already gave me two gifts but i gave you nothing "
jeongguk laughed " oh we have a long life you can give me alot of things " tae nodded and entered the room " what do you say ?" gguk asked. tae's jaw droped after seeing the painting " didn't you like it " jeongguk said nervously tae shooked his head immediatly
" no no it's so beautiful i just didn't find the right word to describe it . i-ii thought you didn't pay attention that day or you forgot " gguk:" how can i forget something you said it's all graved in my brain" tae lowered his head and bite his lips
jeongguk cleared his throat " so shall we go to eat ?" tae:" oh yes yes , can i take it to my room?" gguk:" of course it's yours " tae smiled " okay let's go the maid will take it".
the kings , the queen and the two princes were setting around the table . " so did you sleep well" king kim asked. king jeon smiled " yes it's very comfortabale " king kim:" i'm glad " the queen:" won't the others join us?" tae and gguk looked at each other
" we don't know, we didn't see them" tae said. " sir we sent their breakfast to their room" the maid said the queen:" and why is that ?" the maid:" prince vantae is a little bit tired " " i must go and check on him" tae said king kim:" finish your breakfast and then go"
tae lowered his head and nodded " okay " " so did you take a decision about jungkook and vantae ?" king jeon asked. king kim nodded " i need to talk to them" king jeon:" okay , we also need to talk with jungkook and see what does he decide " " so what will you do today ggukie ?"
the queen asked to change the subject. gguk:" i didn't decide yet maybe i'll go to the village " " oh really i want to go with you i'll show you around i'm a good guide " tae clapped his hands excitedly , jeongguk was staring at him with a found eyes , tae's cheeks reddened ,
the prince smiled and whispered in his ear " you become more beautiful when you are shy" tae hid his embarrassed face with his hands "e-excuse me i-ii need to go " with that tae rushed out the dining room the king and queen started laughing at his cute behaviour.
_____________โ™ง chapter 18 โ™ง_____________
after breakfast tae and gguk prepared themselves to go to the village , they wore their cloaks and got out " so we take our horses ? it would be better " gguk asked tae looked at him with his puppy eyes . gguk:" what is it ?" tae:" i don't know how to ride a horse"
jeongguk looked at him surprised " oh really ?" tae nodded . gguk:" okay then you'll ride with me " tae eyes widened " oh no , no need let's just take the chariot" jeongguk shooked his head " no my horse " tae sighed " as you like ". jeongguk looked at tae nevously ,
he wanted to ask him something but he was a little bit shy . he breathed and gathered all his courrage "c-can i hold your h-hand please ?" gguk stuttered tae nodded sheepishly . he extended his hand slowly to intertwin it with jeongguk's one. they smiled at the sight infornt
of them and they headed to the stablesย  to take jeongguk's horse. " now you need to put your foot in the stirrup and your hand on his back and jump "gguk said , taehyung nodded and did as he has been told but he was going to fell from being nervous , jeongguk hurried to him
and catched his back " careful " he said worriedly tae said a little ' sorry ' and jumped in. gguk:" good job " jeongguk got in too and put his hands around tae's waste and started moving. tae's heart was beating fastly and he was afraid that jeongguk could hear him because
they were so close to each other, heย  could feel his mate breath near his nape . the omega shivered from the new feeling and closed his eyes tightly "are you afraid ?" jeongguk asked him concerned tae shooked his head. gguk:" see it's not hard as you thought "
tae:" yes it isn't but not when i am alone " jeongguk chuckled. " why didn't you learn riding ? " gguk asked. tae:" because i wasn't intrested i prefered the chariot " jeongguk nodded . gguk:" do you want me to teach you one day ?" tae's eyes shined and turned around to be met
with his mate face so close to his . there eyes met each other and then they lowered their heads " really ?" he asked jeongguk nodded tae:" i'll be thankful " gguk:" okay then i promise that when we go to our kingdom we'll start training " tae:" okay"
" so are we still far ?" jeongguk asked. tae:" no we are almost there " the couple reached the village and started roaming around , if jeongguk learned something today is that taehyung is a big shopping addected , he bought everything he needs and doesn't need.
also thanks to him jeongguk could choose a beautiful necklace to soekjin. " so where to go now ?" gguk asked tae thought a little bit " why don't we go to the forest ? it's so beautiful i know you'll go so soon and we won't have the chance to visit it ?"
jeongguk nodded with that they headed there. "let's stop here " tae said. jeongguk was amazed by the view infront of him. "it's beautiful " he said with a sparkling eyes. tae nodded " indeed ,let me show you around but first get me down ,we'll walk " gguk chuckled " okay "
jeongguk got down first and then extended his hands to help tae "thank you " the prince said politly gguk:" welcome " with that they intertwined their fingers again and started walking around.
tae:" let's take off our shoes i want you to feel the nature " tae started taking his shoes one by one and jeongguk followed him , to be honest the alpha is so found of the omega ,every time he is showing him new thing he couldn't experience when he was a child .
they walked on the grass with their bare feet "how do you feel ?" tae asked gguk:" amazing i feel that i'm alive " tae smiled " you know why i love this forest ?" tae asked. jeongguk shooked his head. tae:" this place was the source of my brother's happiness "
gguk:" and why is that ?" " in this place our brothers loved each other and mated each other" tae explained. jeongguk mouth shiped an 'O' " oh really ?" tae nodded " i want us to have a beautiful memories here too but with our on way "
jeongguk smiled " you love your brother so much to consider his happiness as yours " the alpha said tae nodded " so much he is the air that i breathe " gguk:" that was so deep " tae chuckled " you'll understand me once you and your brother get well together "
gguk:" i don't know but i already could feel this special bond between us , i feel like i knew him from years ago , i don't know how to say it but ___" " you feel comfortable and safe around him " tae explained jeongguk nodded " exactly , do you think he will love me and treat
me as a brother ?" jeongguk asked sadly tae smiled " of course he will , he isn't that bad as he looks , vantae told me that he is so tenderhearted , and yesterday is the big prouf . he didn't reject you or his parents , of course he will taks some time to adjust to the reality
but he will open up with you sooner or later " gguk sighed " i hope so " he said and then he frowned when he heard a sound " is there a waterful here ? " tae looked at him surprised " waaah you are not a wolf for nothing , i can't hear it even if i know that it exists "
jeongguk laughed so hard " you really can make people laugh easily " " is it good or bad ?" tae asked. gguk:" it's good ,it's good " tae smiled " okay then thank you " jeongguk smiled and nodded " so let's go i want to play with the water " he said.
jeongguk looked at his mate " what is it ?" tae asked gguk:" let's run and see who can reach first ?" tae nodded and clapped his hands excitedly "OKAAAY " with that they started running "yaaaah wait for me gguk you are so fast " tae was panting and running
" you know i'm not a fit person i don't workout usually as you guys do , STOOOP GGUKIE " but jeongguk kept running and laughing at his childish mate " NEXT TIME YOU NEED TO START WORKING OUT IT'S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH TAE" he shouted from far but when he saw that tae is
a little bit late he lowered his spead to let him catch up . they two boys were panting so hard " oh my god i won't run again " tae said throwing himself on the grass jeongguk chuckled and did the same . they both were looking at the blue sky and hearing the different nature
sounds " honestly this place is a heaven " jeongguk said. tae hummed "whenever i want to clear my mind i come here , this place hit differently , it helps on healing" gguk was listening carefully . " i really needed this " he said tae turned to look at him with a smile on his
face " happy to hearthat " jeongguk smiled too. " so do you think jungkook will accept going with us and becoming the king ?" gguk asked. tae sighed " i don't know, i know that he needs time to adapt with the atmosphere but don't worry even if he didn't come with you one day
he will and he will learn how to rule the kingdom by your side" gguk:" i hope so, do you know when i hugged him yesterday i felt a feeling i didn't feel before " tae:" that's because you are twins , you know that you can feel each other whenever you are happy , sad , in danger
and so many other things" gguk:" so you and hyung can feel each other ?" tae:" of course , it's mostly me because that shit doesn't stay in one place he love adventure so he always goes out in a weird trips , and who's gonna suffer from fear and worry ? it's totally me"
gguk laughed . " but he feels me too . he was always the mature and the calm one and i was the chaotic " tae said smiling " your eyes shined again " gguk said tae laughed gguk:" i told you that your eyes shine when you talk about hyung " tae nodded " i know i know , now let's go
and play with the water a little bit" gguk got up " let's go" laughters and screams were echoing the empty forest tae and jeongguk were in the middle of the river splashing water at each other . this two are so shy but totally so loudย  " ggukie oh look over there a beautiful
bird " tae said . " where is it i can't see it ?" jeongguk looked around tae took the chance and pushed him so he fall in the water " OH SHIT" gguk screamed and tae started laughing gguk crossed his hands and pouted " nothing is funny " he looked at his mate with his doe eyes
tae looked at him back with his puppy eyes gguk took the chance too and pulled him to the water too " YAAAH GGUKIE I SAID SORRY WHY YOU ARE MEANIE " tae shouted and turned his face to not talk with jeongguk " ggukie is sowwy tae " gguk said mocking tae ,
tae looked at him angrily " don't talk to me , i want to go back to the castle" gguk looked at him terrified " tae if you don't forgive me hyung will kill me " tae:" let him do it i'll help " jeongguk acted hurt " oh my god why no one love me " he said jokingly.
tae looked at him with a done face " because you are meanie " and he hit him in his shoulder with his little fist jeongguk didn't even feel a slight pain. " i'm sorry ggukie i didn't mean it " after that jeongguk sneezed " oh shit we must go to the castle and change our
clothes before you catch cold " tae said. gguk nodded " okay let's go " tae and gguk backed where they left their shoes, they wore them and wore their cloaks too and then they mount the horse " yuck we are wet " tae said. gguk chuckled " i'll try to make it fast "
with that they arrived to the castle , headed to their rooms to take a warm shower , wear a warm clothes ,tae ordered the maid to prepare them hot tea to avoid catching cold and after that they got out again to the garden. " we spent so much time together today " jeongguk said
tae:" that's because you are leaving tomorrow " gguk:" don't worry i'll come visit till our parents talk about the marriage " tae looked at him " but you promised me that we won't be apart when we meet again" jeonghuk smiled " if it's up to me i'll take you with me today but
we must see what our parents decided " tae pouted but nodded .
vantae and jungkook were lying on the bed doing nothing just staring at each other from the morning. suddenly they heard a knock on the door " come in " vantae replied. the maid got in and bowed " your majesty the king wants to see you " vantae looked at jungkook and then
nodded " okay , you can go " she bowed and left the room. jungkook rubbed his mate's back " don't stress yourself " vantae:" i won't ,don't worry , let's go " jungkook nodded and they headed to the king's office.
vantae and jungkook were facing the king. " why ?" this is the only thing the king could ask. vantae didn't reply. " is this what i tought you all this years ? what did i do wrong to deserve what you have done " the king said. vantae:" i did nothing wrong to feel ashamed dad "
the king glared at him " nothing wrong " he repeated after him. the king:" i thought you are sane and mature enough but i guess i was wrong" vantae looked at him in disbelieve. "do you know how many rule did you break ?" the king asked but he recieved nothing
"let me tell you and remind you incase you forgot. being in a secret relation is forbidden__" " you wouldn't accept if i told you " vantae intrrupted him the king fisted his hand " you knew that and yet you did it . being in a relation with a peasant is forbidden"
he gritted his teeth. vantae:" it's not his fault if he born poor dad he didn't choose his destiny " the king didn't care to answer and said " doing a sexual interaction before marriage is forbidden. marking before marriage is forbidden. you know all this rules but you didn't
care" the king finished and hit the table. vantae:" i don't know why you are still following this stupid rules which your grandgrand parents put, it doesn't make sense anymoreย  " the king glared at him " watch your words vantae" vantae:" i won't dad because this is the truth"
" ENOUGH.DON'T YOU DARE PASS YOUR LIMITS " the king shouted that moment jungkook was going to stand and beat the shit out of him but vantae stopped him. vantae:" just tell me what do you have against poor people aren't they human too?"
the king:" those poor people will use you to reach the throne and then they will throw you " vantae laughed sarcastically " so are you trying to tell me that jungkook is using me to get to the throne , what a lie . do you know what he asked me incase you don't accept him ?"
the king didn't answer vantae:" to run away . even now after finding his real family he doesn't know if he should go with them or not . he doesn't care about their money . now tell me do you still think he wants your money ? actually if we see now we can't compare his wealth
with yours. stop assuming that all poeple are the same ." the king:" royal people must marry with royal people vantae to keep the offspring pure " vantae rolled his eyes " nonesense " he murmured to himself "thank your god that your unborn child is from a royal blood
otherwise i would oblige you to aburt it and that mate of you would be dead " the king said heartlessly. at the mention of his unborn child jungkook's eyes became crimson red , he stood up this time and walked to the king office ,he hit it by his fists and growled at the king .
he leaned to be close to him and looked at him in the eyes " try, just try and lie a finger on him i won't waste time to kill you " jungkook said and turned around to get out " i'm warning you and you don't know what i'm capable of " he said for the last time with that he left.
the king turned to look at vantae " what's your problem ?" vantae said. the king:" everything is my problem vantae " vantae:" you know deep down if we didn't hide out relation you won't accept it because he is poor " the king:" and even if he was a prince i won't accept marking
process before marriage , the problem is not just being poor got it ?" vantae sighed he knew that his father is talking about being in a sexual interaction and markingย before marriage is forbidden no matter who was the mate .but who cares about this old rules? other kingdoms
don't admit it anymore. " so what's your decision ?" vantae asked. " for your deeds you don't deserve to carry the kim name anymore , you are disinherited from being the rightful heir of silver dawn and you are banned to enter this kingdom as long as i'm still alive "
vantae was listing to every word with a shocked face " so i'm dishonored now . after all what i did to this kingdom . i'm the one who made it bloom after so many years, i sacrificed my happiness , my youth , my health to see it a strong kingdom as the other kingdoms .
silver dawn is nothing without me. i can't imagine that you can't give me forgiveness even when it'sย the first mistake i did, all though i don't see it as a one. love is not a mistake, making love is not a mistake couldn't you put yourself in my place for a once before taking
this stupid decision ? can't you put your rules aside for a once for your son who wasted all his youth for your kingdom ? i thought that me and my brother are more important to you than your wealth but i guess was wrong , i was lying to myself ,
you are ready to sell us for the seek ofย  power . your fake mask fall finaly , now i can see your dirty face" vantae walked to the door "one last thing you'll regret what you are doing and you'll come to me to beg for my forgiveness but i won't show you mercy because you
didn't " he said with that he got out . the king hit his fist on the table and called the gard " your majesty " he bowed " let all the kingdom knows that prince vantae is not the rightful heir anymore it's prince taehyung and he is prohibited from enter the kingdom ever "
the king ordered the gard bowed again and left the office.
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vantae walked out the office to find jungkook waiting for him " so what was his decision? " jungkook asked. " i'm not a kim anymore neither the right heir and i'm banned from being on his land " vantae replied jungkook:" WHAT ? for what ?
without you this kingdom is nothing how could he do such a thing ?" vantae:" today i saw his true face , he can do anything for his stupid rules and money . what's the problem of making love and marking before marriage ? all people are doing this nowadays i can't understand him
,those rules were used ages ago but now it's a high time to let go of it " jungkook:" he doesn't deserve you and i'm happy that you won't tire yourself working with people doesn't worth it let's go home you need to restย  " vantae:" okay " jungkook:" i need to bring my stuffs
from your room" vantae nodded. jungkook took what he wanted and now he is waiting for taehyung " aren't you going to take anything ?" vantae shooked his head "no, everything in this room is not mine anymore i'm poorer than you now jungkookie atleast you have a horse and a house"
vantae said jokingly and then he laughed jungkook walked to him and pecked his nose " don't you ever say that again . my horse is yours and my house is yours too and my heart is yours too " vantae heart skipped after hearing the last sentence " i love you my heart" he said
jungkook smiled and pecked his lips " i love you more. i love when you call me that " vantae pecked him again. jungkook:" now let's go " vantae nodded with that they headed to the stable and to take the horse and go back home.
jeongguk and tae were still chatting on the garden " oh they came " jeongguk said " who ?" tae asked and turned to see. " vannieee " the omega called his brother smiling. vantae smiled " hi tae bear , hi gguk" " hi hyungs " gguk replied tae:" are you going somewhere ? "
vantae nodded " yes we will go to our house " tae:" why don't you stay with us ?" vantae sighed " get in you'll understand " gguk:" is everything okay ?" vantae:" yes now go no more questions" the youngers nodded and headed to the castle. when they got in they heard chaos ,gards
and maids were running and whispering to each other " what's going on ?" gguk asked tae:" i don't know let's go to my father office " gguk:" okay" when they entered they found king and queen jeon there . " what's up ?" tae asked worried. king jeon glared at king kim and then
replied " your beloved father dishonored your brother " tae stiffened in his place . " what ? but we talked yesterday" gguk said shocked " i don't know what happened . we thought that he has been convinced by what we told him but i guess he didn't " the queen said angrily
tae:" w-wwhy dad ?" a tear fall on his cheek. " i know that you hate poor people but jungkook is a prince too and he is the rightful heir of crimson blood so w-why you did this ?" his voice cracked at the end. king kim:" your brother broke four rules tae , if i forgave him about
the first two i wan't forgave him for being pregnant and marked before marriage " king jeon:" i don't know why you still follow this old rules ?" king kim:" put youself on my place " king jeon:" i'm in your place , the man who your son is pregnant from is my son ,
but look i didn't blame him because it doesn't matter , marking without marriage doesn't matter , being in love with poor mate doesn't matter ,what matter is happiness . as long as you are happy with the person you are with it's okay. i won't blame you if you punished him for
hiding it from you even though i know that he had his reasons but blaming him for such a normal things is not allowed" king kim:" i said my finale word , i don't care about him anymore and don't invite me to his wedding , tae you choose to stay here or go with him , and about you
and prince jeongguk i don't have any problem to be together as long as you won't do what your brother and his mate did" tae:" so you are saying if we did the same you will dishonor me too " king kim smiled " i know my little son won't do it " " you are cruel all you care about
is money and power, you don't deserve to be a father and i hate youย  " tae said and rushed out ,jeongguk followed him. " taeee " he called , tae didn't reply and kept walking , jeongguk ran to him and pulled him from his arm " wait for me " he said tae didn't say anything and
started crying " please don't " jeongguk said eyes full of sadness gguk:" he doesn't deserve your tears " "ย  i thought he will forgive him and let him marry jungkook because he is a prince now but he dishonored him " tae whispered gguk:" so what? hyung didn't lose anything
his mate and his baby are with him. and did you forget that he will be the luna of crimson blood ? being here won't matter anymore " " but i had hope " tae said crying. "and you what did you chose ?" gguk asked out of the sudden tae looked at him " i can't live without him.
or y-yyou " the last word said it in a lower voice but the alpha heard it . jeonggukย breathed . he was so afraid that tae will choose to stay here but now he is so happy because the omega said that he can't live without him . he felt like he has an effect on him.
tae:" i have nothing to do here " " i was sure that you will take the right decision " jeongguk said. tae:" can you take me to him?" jeongguk frowned " do you know where does he live?" tae shooked his head " but hobi hyung knows " jeongguk nodded " okay let's ask him"
tae and gguk headed to the training area to speak with hosoek but they couldn't find him . the gards said he went to his friend " do you know where can we find his friend ?" jeongguk asked. the gard:" yes your majesty he has a workshop in the village " gguk:" take us to him "
the gard nodded and they went to the village . to their bad luck the workshop was closed so they decided to ask about jungkook's house directly. risedent showed them the way and now they are knocking on the door.
jungkook was setting on his couch and suddenly he heard knocking on the door " are you waiting for someone ?" yoongi asked jungkook shooked his head and got up " i'll see who came in this time " vantae:"be careful ". the alpha opened the door with a surprised face
" can we come in " tae said jungkook nodded . " who is it kook ?" vantae asked from the inside and suddenly tae jumped on him and hugged the shit out of him " hyuuung " tae cried vantae hugged him back and rubbed his back . " why you came here tae bear ?" hoseok asked
tae:" i can't hear something like that and not to be with hyung " vantae sighed " believe me it didn't effect me a bit " and then jeongguk entered " hi " he said in a low voice. hosoek and yoongi turned to see who is that and then their jaws droped .
they started looking left and right till their necks hurtย , jungkook laughed so hard and that's when vantae paid attention to what's happening " who is that" yoongi pointed to jeongguk " what do you see ?" jungkook asked hosoek:" two jungkook " tae wiped his tears and laughed
" you are so genius hyung" vantae said giggling. jungkook:" this is prince jeon jeongguk my twin brother as you can see " yoongi and hosoek's eyes widened and got up and bowed to him "no need to do that please " jeongguk said shyly. yoongi:" you need to tell us all the story "
" yeah i think we are missing too much . the jungkook that we know doesn't have a family " hosoek asked. jungkook sighed " i told you about what mom told me before she died " they nodded. " now we met unintentionally ,this is the prince vantae was going to marry
yoongi and hosoek gasped " your mate was going to marry your brother ?" hosoek asked. jungkook nodded. yoongi:" this is so messed up . wait a minute ! you mean you are a prince ?" " yes " vantae answered proudly. " can we set down ?" tae asked frustrated from talking standing.
vantae laughed and pushed him " go and set " " i left the castle for a day to come and find you banished and jungkook is a prince " hosoek said. " what will happen now ?" yoongi asked jungkook:" nothing " " dad asked me to choose between him and vannie " tae said
vantae hit the table " WHAT ?"ย  tae nodded vantae:" is he insane ? how could he ?" tae:" don't worry hyungie i chose you , i can't leave you and my baby alone " yoongi and hosoek frowned " i think we missed so much hyung" hosoek said " so much hyung " tae said looking at him
hosoek:" come on tae bear tell us i know you love telling news " tae smiled proudly " so first thing first vannie and jungkook are " and stopped for a little excitement hosoek:" are ?" " are waiting for their first pup " tae said clapping his hands
the poor boys looked at jungkook at vantae shocked " huh?" that's what yoongi could say hosoek elbowed him . " oh my god congratulation boys " hosoek said and hugged him and then vantae , jungkook glared at him " what " hosoek raises an eyebrow
" don't tell me that now you became possessive , vannie is my little brother " jungkook rolled his eyes. " congrats guys " yoongi said jungkook:" thank you hyung " vantae:" thanks hyung " " and the second thing is i found my mate " tae said which made the boys give him
their attention again. hosoek:" oh really ? those people are so lucky yoongi hyung still just you and me " " and jimin " tae said and then his eyes widened vantae frowned " what is it ?" he asked concerned " i didn't tell jimin about my mate " tae told his brother scared.
vantae smirked "i can see a fight is coming" tae:"i must go and tell him gguk will you come with me" gguk:" but i don't know him" tae looked at him with his puppy eyes " pwease " vantae:" tae let the boy he said he doesn't want to go with you " tae pouted and crossed his hands .
" but you didn't tell us who's this lucky man " hosoek asked to lighten the atmosphere vantae:" tell them tae bear " taehyung's eyes shined " jeonggukie " he said shyly and pointed at him " what ? jungkook's brother ?" yoongi askedย  " the prince who was going to marry your
brother !" heseok finished. yoongi:" it's a disaster " the others sighed. "but waah twins took twins this is insane " hosoek said . yoongi:"now seriously what will happen? will you go to crimson blood jungkook ?" jungkook looked at vantae eyes and then at jeongguk pleading ones
"i think yes i have to " he respond yoongi nodded sadly gguk:" it's safer there for both of you, the king won't try to do anything to harm you" hoseok:" that's true " . jungkook looked at yoongi " but you have to go with me hyung i can't let you here "
yoongi looked at him surprised " what?" jungkook:" you said when i become a king not to forget that you're my friend so you'll go with me " yoongi:" i'll think about it " " no need to think you'll go , it means you'll go " jungkook insisted " or i won't go to any place "
" dare to say no hyung " vantae glared at him. " what about me ? i'm not gonna stay a minute with that bastard , no offense boys" hosoek said vantae:" he is not my father anymore so it's okay " tae:" he deserve it " vantae pulled jungkook from his sleeve
"yes baby ?" jungkook said vantae:" can i ask you for a favor ?" jungkook:" yes of course " vantae:" can hobi hyung go with us ? i can't traine without him " jungkook:" but you won't traine you know that " vantae:" i know " jungkook looked at jeongguk and the later nodded
"okay no problem. so hobi hyung you too you will go with us " " YEEEEES"ย  tae shouted vantae smiled and mouthed him ' thank you ' " we are not going from here tell we take all silver dawn people " yoongi said jocking the others laugh so hard jungkook:" i can see that "
" still just one person and we are done " tae said and vantae glared at him tae:" what ? don't look at me like that he will kill usย  " gguk:" who's this ?" tae:" our cousin jiminie hyung " hosoek started rolling on the floor laughing so hard .
hosoek:" i can see jimin-ah killing you with his glare " tae nodded" you didn't see him yesterday how he reacted when he knew that vannie is pregnantย  and that they did all the marking process " hosoek:" add to that you found your mate , i'm sure now he is looking for you
after hearing the news " tae nodded . gguk:" but why would he go with you " tae:" excuse me ? he can't live a minute without his favourite twin and besides don't forget he is vannie's doctor now " vantae nodded gguk:" so he should go too ?" the twins nodded
" when will we go ?" yoongi asked. gguk:" i'm sure tomorrow morning , dad doesn't want to stay here for a minute after what happened" hosoek's eyes widened and got up quickly " tomorrow morning ? i need to gether my things. i'm gonna go bye guys " " bye hyung " they replied.
yoongi:" i should go too see you tomorrow , don't forget to ask the king before that " jungkook nodded " don't worry hyung " yoongi:" okay bye " with that he went after hosoek. " will you back to the castle ?" jungkook asked tae and gguk looked at each other and nodded
"we have to , i have to collect my things too " tae said vantae :" will you tell jimin ?" tae nodded " yes " vantae:" will you tell him to come with us ?" tae:" i don't know maybe he wants to stay in silver dawn " vantae:" as he likes " tae pouted" but he is my friend "
vantae:" tae bear jimin has his own life too we can't tie him up with us and if it's about me their is other doctors" " but he wanted to be with the baby in every step just like me " tae said sadly vantae:" just go and ask him don't be sad if he said no i'm warning you don't
come cry to me " tae nodded " okay , ggukie let's go " jeongguk nodded at they headed to jimin's clinic .
vantad sighed and put his head on jungkook's shoulder " our life changed between day and night " he said. jungkook hummed " jungkookie " vantae called jungkook" yes baby ?" vantae:" i want to go to the forest for the last time "
jungkook:" as you like but put it in your mind it won't be the last time being in silver dawn , i know how much it means to you, so i'll do all my best to make it yours one day " vantae looked at him proudly jungkook looked at his eyes , he could sense the hurt on them .
he caressed his cheek and removed a hair from his eyes " do you know what baby ?" jungkook said , vantae hummed jungkook:" i want you to experience a new thing with me " vantae:" and what is it ? jungkook:" i want you to let it out , stop convincing yourself that you are strong
and you can't cry or you can't show your feelings , with other people i don't care but with me i want you to be yourself , don't be ashamed of being sensitive or weak or tired, give mercy to your soul baby before it's too late . come here " he pulled vantae to his lap
and enveloped him with his arms " i want you to come to me whenever you are hurt or you want to cry , use my shoulder , let us share the pain as we share the joy " vantae inhaled his mate's scent " i will, i promise ,but now i don't feel like i want to cry because i didn't lose
my brother is with me , my friends too , you are with me , i gained happiness when i saw you happy because you found your parents. what's all metter to me is your happiness and safety nothing more nothing less " jungkook smiled " our baby will be lucky
having such a wonderful mother " vantae smiled jungkook:" what did i do in my life to deserve you ?" vantae:" i don't know but i deserve you " he giggled and jungkook laughed so hard . jungkook:" let's go to the forest it's getting dark " vantae nodded and they went.
they passed by the place they were training at , and then to the waterful where vantae asked jungkook to mark him and to the tree where they marked each other , those places are graved in their brains and they will be just sweet memories they will smile when they remember it.
tae and jeongguk mounted the horse and headed to jimin's clinic . gguk:" go talk to him i'll wait for you here " tae nodded " okay but i'm sure i'll take time so find yourself an occupation " jeongguk laughed and shooked his head but he really needs to find something to do .
" jiminie " tae called and knocked on the door . when jimin saw him he ran to him " the hell where were you ? when i heard the news i came to the castle but the maids said that you are not there even hobi hyung wasn't there " tae:" calm down jiminie let me speak "
jimin nodded and sat on the chair " because dad disinherit vannie , he will go to crimson blood kingdom and i'll go with him too because of him and because of my mate " jimin looked at him shocked " please i know that i hid things from you but even vannie didn't know till
yesterday " jimin:" and who is your mate ?" tae:" prince jeon jeongguk " jimin eyes widened " the one who was going to marry your brother ?" tae nodded jimin:" that's why you didn't want vannie to marry him " tae bite his lip " yes when i went to talk with him the first time
we figured out that we are mates and we kept it as a secret just to see how things work" jimin:" okay and why did they choose crimson blood ? is it because your mate lives there ?" tae shooked his head " because jungkook is the rightful heir of the kingdom"
jimin frowned " stop i didn't understand any thing, jeongguk is your mate the prince of crimson blood as i know he is the rightful heir and here you are saying jungkook is the rightful heir , jungkook is a blacksmith how he became a heir ?" jimin asked angrily frustrated.
tae:" jungkook is jeongguk's lost twin brother " jimin covered his mouth with his hand " what ?" he whispered tae:" as you heard hyung , so the four of us will go to crimson blood tomorrow hosoek hyung doesn't want to work in the castle anymore so he will go with us and jungkook
asked yoongi hyung to go too " jimin:" who's yoongi ?" tae:" jungkook's best friend" jimin nodded tae:" so hyung i know that this incident won't cause you any damage because you are out of the castle and you have your own life . but i can't leave without you. you are my brother ,
so do you want to leave everything here and start with us from the beginning in the new kingdom or you want to stay here ?" jimin looked at tae with a happy face " i'm so happy that you count me as a one of you and about losing nothing , if i didn't come with you i'll lose you ,
how can i live in place there is no tae bear , it would be boring . besides i can't let any other doctor to be with vannie in his pregnancy he will need me , so don't worry i'll come with you " tae jumped" YEEES i knew it. you can't live without us " jimin laughed
" the inseparable two " tae:" okay then you have to prepare yourself tomorrow we'll leave " jimin nodded " but i need to take my tools with me " tae:" no need hyung they have everything there " jimin:" okay " tae:" bye hyung see you tomorrow " jimin:" bye "
____________โ™ง chapter 20 โ™ง_____________
it was the next morning. the king and the queen are ready to back to their own kingdom and so the others. jeongguk talked to them about yoongi, hosoek and jimin and asked them if they can go with them , the king said if jungkook trust them then they do too.
jungkook and vantae observed the house which witnessed their happy , sad and special moments for the last time then they headed to the kingdom gate to wait for the others. " i promise we'll back " jungkook said vantae nodded .
tae looked at the castle with a teary eyes, everything happened so fast , he couldn't even say goodbye to his kids but he can't stay here for a minute after what his father did. maybe one day he'll back and appoligy to them . hosoek and yoongi said good bye to all their friends .
the gards prepared three chariots by the order of the king . yoongi , hosoek and jimin will take one, jungkook and vantae one and the king , the queen , gguk and tae will take a one.
jimin was walking to the castle and suddenly he started sniffing the same scent he sniffed two month ago in the village ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘ ๐‘˜๐‘’๐‘ฆ , ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘œ ๐‘‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘–๐‘›๐‘˜ ๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘Ž๐‘ ๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘Ž ๐‘š๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘›๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” he thought but shrugged it and kept on his way. he greeted his cusins
and met with the twins mates if we say he wasn't shocked when he saw jeongguk near jungkook it would be a lie. all of them got in the chariots , jimin did too. he found pale man setting in reading a book. ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘š๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘ก ๐‘๐‘’ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘œ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘โ„Ž๐‘Ž ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘ฆ ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘˜๐‘’๐‘‘
๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘ก . he must be really drowning on it because he didn't notice the beta. jimin got in too said " hi " and sat facing him. that's when yoongi noticed his presence and raised his head to say hi. when their eyes met they shined red and yellow. " ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’ "
both of them were looking at each other shocked . now yoongi understood where the fainted mochi smell that he smelled minutes ago came from and so jimin but for him the scent was so strong . before they call say anything they heard an excited hoseok coming to them " hi guys "
he said . what makes him chirred up in the midst of this circumstances no one knows. he sat next to yoongi facing jimin too. " so jimin-ah this is my best friend yoongi that i was talking about , hyung this is jimin a doctor and tae and vantae' cousin " the general said.
jimin said " hi mister nice to meet you" but not with the same smile as before and yoongi stayed calm just nodded. hoseok:" don't mind him jimin-ah, he just doesn't know how to deal with new people , he is not being roude or something" jimin nodded and bought the excuse.
the trip lasted three days, yoongi and jimin were stealing glanses from time to time but didn't speak .
the king and the queen were having a funny time with their two babies , tae didn't let story he didn't tell and every time the queen laugh her heart out . as we said before it's true that tae is a shy person but he will be a social butterfly if he used to you.
vantae spent all his trip sleeping and speaking with jungkook, he is feeling really tired these days and he thanked god he didn't throw up because he couldn't eat anything. jimin was checking him from time to time to make sure that he is okay.
now finaly after three long days the chariots entered the huge castle. yoongi , hoseok and jimin were stunned by the beauty of the kingdom , silver dawn is nothing compared to this one. " tae was right " jimin said to hoseok. the alpha nodded " it's so beautiful "
namjoon was in the castle roaming around and watching the gards decorating the castle for the king and the queen come back , jin was drown in the kitchen with his helpers to prepare a feast , he made sure that everything is okay and under controle .
he is the one who cooked the dishes the prince jeongguk will eat because he knows that he doesn't like to eat anyones cook. " honey did you finish ? they will be here any minute " namjoon asked entering the kitchen jin:" yes yes everything is ready just i'm gonna check
if the maids arranged the table nicely " namjoon nodded with that they headed to the dining room to see if everything is set up . " nice now we can get out , i missed ggukie so much " jin said namjoon:" i missed him too "
the couple got out to the garden to wait for the arrival of the royal family , after ten minutes the chariot entered the gates of the castle but namjoon frowned " didn't they go with just one ?" he asked the gard the gard nodded jin:" what is it ? did they bring guests
with them ?" namjoon was confused" let's see " the king and the queen were the first ones to get down all the gards and namjin bowed to them . " welcome back your majesties " namjoon and jin greeted them . the royals greeted them too " thank you guys ".
after that gguk and tae. jin smiled when he saw tae " oh you came back your majesty " jin said tae smiled and nodded jin:" welcome to the castle " and then he hugged jeongguk " if prince tae is here that means everything is okay " jin asked gguk:" no everything is more than okay
hyung wait and see " jin frowned , after that hosoek , yoongi and jimin got down " who are they ? " jin asked jeongguk. namjoon too looked confused why strange people came to the castle. " wait and you'll know hyung " jeongguk chuckled.
" are you okay ?" vantae asked jungkook jungkook:" yes ,you ?" vantae:" i'm good ready to go ?" jungkook nodded. vantae laughed " can you smile a little bit because you gonna scared the shit out of them . and stop spreading those scents no one will try to hurt me "
jungkook gritted his mouth " as if they dare ,i'm gonna rip their throats apart before they think of it" the prince sighed and hugged him. " let's just get down " vantae nodded and got up , jungkook got down first and then he extended his hand to help his mate
" thank you baby " vantae said. jungkook:" welcome" and then he pecked his lips do they care about others presence ? no . this two actually are the definition of boldness , as if they are living in their own world . people and their judgements go to hell. cause they don't need
permission to breathe. when the walked to the others they heard gasps jin mouth was opened widely seeing a version of tae and gguk heading to them with dark hairs and stronger aura. " what is this jonnie ? " namjoon:" i don't know jinnie"
" generel kim" the king said " your majesty " namjoon bowed the king:" i want you to announce to our kingdom and all the kingdoms around us and to the world that the lost prince jeong jungkook has finaly came back home "
namjoon and jin were shocked but it's obvious that he is jeongguk's twin they are not dumb but it comes out of the sudden, they didn't think that the lost prince will come back this soon , they didn't think that he'll come back ever.
the king:" come in sons don't stand like that , and you too boys you are welcome " he pointed to hosoek , yoongi and jimin " are we going to set with them ?" hosoek whispered to the two next to him yoongi:" i don't want to set with them "
jimin:" he is the king he ordered didn't ask" yoongi looked at him bored hosoek:" let's go " now all the boys were in the guests room setting with the king and the queen " welcome to our kingdom once again ,i hope you consider it as your home " the king said.
the king:" now every one introduce himself " namjoon stood up and bowed " welcome to crimson blood i'm alpha kim namjoon the general of the army " the others nodded " and i'm kim soekjin a beta and i'm a cook , namjoon is my mate " jin said the boys smiled to him.
" why everyone has his mate but us ?" hosoek whispered to yoongi yoongi elbowed " shut up hosoek they will here you " " now your turn guys " the queen said " i'm alpha jungkook " jungkook said coldly " as if it's not clear , his aura is soffocating me " jin wispered to jeongguk
but jungkook heard him too and glared at him .jin could died that minute . " and i'm a blacksmith " he added. " that was in the past now you are the prince to be king jeon jungkook " his mother said jungkook sighed " this is my mate prince vantae " namjoon and jin bowed to them.
vantae just nodde. ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘œ๐‘› ๐‘–๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘๐‘ฃ๐‘–๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘  ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘–๐‘ก'๐‘  โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’ ๐‘—๐‘–๐‘› โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘˜๐‘–๐‘ ๐‘ ๐‘’๐‘‘ โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘š ๐‘–๐‘›๐‘“๐‘Ÿ๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘˜๐‘–๐‘›๐‘”๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘š jin scolded his brain. " do you want to say something jin ?" the queen asked. jin:" huh ?"
the queen:" you look confused " jin shooked his head the king:" okay let's keep on then " "i'm alphamin yoongi a blacksmith and jungkook best friend" " i'm beta park jimin a doctor and vannie and tae cousin "
" i'm alpha jung hoseok i was the general of silver dawn army one day ago " he said making the others laugh. " so those noble men will stay here forever i want you to treat them well " the king said namjoon and jin looked like lost puppies but nodded.
they didn't understand what's the mater. the royal family went to talk about the wedding what's going on ? " your jobs will remain the same mr park and mr jung , namjoon take care of him and show him everything , you will work together from now on " hoseok stood and bowed
" thank you your majesty it's an honor to work at your army" the king smiled and nodded " jin show jimin the clinic of the castle " jin nodded " mr min__ " " yoongi will stay with me " jungkook said " i want him to be my right hand" the king smiled " as you wish son "
" what about me ?" tae asked pouting " what do you want to do my son?" the queen asked babying him. tae:" i was a kindergarten teacher so i'll keep my job " the queen:" okay whenever you want you can start your work " tae smiled. he was so excited to see new kids maybe
they will make him feel better because he is so sad that he won't see his babies again. " what about you prince vantae ?" the king asked , vantae looked at him " do you have anything specific you want to do i heard about you so much and i can't wait to see what you are
capable of " vantae bowed " it's an honor your majesty but for now i'll help jungkook in his practise " the king smiled and nodded " great , now i want you all to know that prince jungkook and prince vantae wedding will be in a month . you'll practise for ten months and we
will announce you as the kings when our new prince comes " jungkook and vantae hold each other hands and looked at each other . " so prince vantae is pregnant if i didn't get it wrong ?" jin asked the queen nodded " yes jin we are waiting for our first grandson , for that i
want you to be the one who assist him and cook for him don't let anyone harm him and i'll put extra gards for the safety " jin bowed " i'll do my best your majesty " the queen:" i have no doubt . now let's eat gentlemen i think you are starving "
the queen sat on the right side of the king next to her jeongguk and tae and jimin jungkook was on his left side next to him vantae hoseok and yoongi , the boys were eating lunch and the king was asking them questions to make them adapt and don't feel themselves strangers ,
jungkook and vantae were silent all the time , they were just listening to their friends " prince jungkook and prince vantae i need to talk to you after you finish your food " they nodded . tae took yoongi , hoseok and jimin in a tour around the castle because he saw it before.
"guys i don't want you to feel uncomfortable with jeongguk because he is so sweet , so modest , if he didn't talk to you that's because he is a little bit shy , just treat him as you treat jungkook " hoseok:" i didn't hear him even talking " tae laughed " believe me once he opens
up with you you'll love him" jimin:" but honestly this castle is much better " tae nodded " i told you they have so many things we don't have "
jungkook and vantae were setting with the king in his office " so sons first thing first thank you for coming with us . prince vantae all the thank to you ,you could convince him to come " the king said. vantae:" i did nothing your majesty jungkook chose the suitable decision"
the king nodded " and one thing please don't feel stranger here , don't feel like you are a heavy load on us because believe me you and tae are like our sons jungkook and jeongguk , don't feel that you don't belong. no matter what your father said or decided
your position won't change for us at all . you'll always remain a prince and the next king of course " jungkook squeezed his mate's hand to console him . the king:" now do you agree with what i said about the wedding ?" jungkook and vantae looked at each other and nodded
" so we will start your practise tomorrow, vantae you don't need any practise i've heard alot of compliments about you but i want you to prove it as i said by helping jungkook to learn all the business and politics stuffs, jeongguk will help you too. he and tae will teach you
the ettiques . hoseok and namjoon will help in training all though i'm sure you are so good " jungkook nodded " as you like your majesty " the king patted his shoulder . vantae:" i'll do all my best your majesty" the king:" i'm sure you will "
jungkook:" thanks for your kind words that means alot for us . all i ask is the respect and the safety to my mate " the king smiled " he is in our eyes . making him comfortable is my responsability , now go and take a rest " vantae and jungkook bowed and got out.
" did you finish?" the couple turned around to be met with the queen they bowe " yes your majesty " jungkook said the queen nodded " now jungkook the gards will take you to your room vantae will stay with me we need to talk too , a queens stuffs " jungkook chuckled at vantae's
embarrassed face , he knows that his mate want to be called a king not a queen . vantae glared at him "๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘Ž ๐‘“๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘›๐‘ฆ ?" he linked him jungkook:"๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘š๐‘ฆ ๐‘ž๐‘ข๐‘’๐‘’๐‘› " vantae:" ๐‘–'๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘˜๐‘–๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข " jungkook:" ๐‘‘๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘กโ„Ž ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘กโ„Ž ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข โ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘๐‘  ๐‘–๐‘ 
๐‘Ž๐‘› โ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ " vantae:" ๐‘—๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘ก ๐‘”๐‘œ ". jungkook:" ๐‘Ž๐‘  ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘ โ„Ž ๐‘š๐‘ฆ ๐‘ž๐‘ข๐‘’๐‘’๐‘›".
" done glaring and smirking?" the queen asked the mates cleared their throats " sorry your majesty " vantae said the queen:" it' okay let's go " with that vantae and the queen sat with each other to talk. " first of all and before i tell you what to do and what not to do
i want you to know something i think the king said it before. i want you to feel comfortable around us and specially me , treat me as your mom and call me mom when you feel comfortable of course. second i want to thank you because you accepted my son even when he was poor
that means alot to me, you are his happiness and i can see that . after months you'll be in my place the luna of crimson blood and let me tell you i was a little bit worried about who's this prince or princess that will take the lead after me but now after seeing you i think
you'll be better than me , because you grew up doing this things so it won't be hard for you , and between us your strict attitude will help so much " vantae chuckled
" the maids will come to you to take your measurements for new clothes , you'll help jungkook in the office work in the morning and you'll be with me in the afternoon i need to show you things too but don't worry i'll not tire you i know that this is your first pregnancy
so you'll experience so many new thing you need a rest " vantae nodded " thank you so much your majesty i really apreciate your hard working and i hope i won't let you down " the queen smiled " i trust you , now you can go " vantae bowed and got out.
when he was heading to his room he found tae and jimin " hi vannie " tae greeted him. "hi baby hi jimin-ah what are you doing ?" vantae asked jimin:" tae was showing me the castle " vantae nodded " guys i need to tell you something " jimin said. the twins looked at him
jimin:" not here " tae:" okay let's go to my room " the boys sat on the bed " now tell us what is it ?" vantae asked. jimin looked at them nervously tae squeezed his hand " what is it jiminie hyung you didn't like here?" tae asked jimin shooked his head
" no it's so good here it's another thing" vantae:" say it jimin you are worrying us " jimin: " i found my mate " vantae and tae looked at each other surprised and then they congratulated him and tae hugged him " you are killing me tae " jimin said struggling ,
the boys broke the hug and laughed so hard " you were right tae that scent i inhaled that day it was my mate's scent" jimin said tae looked at him proudly " i told you that it's your mate i'm an expert " vantae looked at him with a done face.
vantae:" so who is your mate ?" jimin:" that blacksmith yoongi " the princes eyes widened " we will be stuck together forever " tae said . vantae:" so did you talk ?" jimin shooked his head " i don't know i feel like he isn't that easy to deal with " vantae nodded " that' true "
tae:" but you are park jimin nothing is hard to you " jimin:" yes i know but still i don't know how to deal with the situation " tae:" don't worry everything will be all right " jimin:" your mate is jeongguk a kind prince not that min yoongi or jungkook "
vantae raised an eyebrow. tae:" don't talk shit about his mate jiminie he coud kill you " jimin:" i will try all my best " vantae:" i'll tell jungkook to talk with him " jimin nodded. " i can help you too you know i also have a mate " tae said pouting
vantae:" help yourself ,you still blush whenever you see jeongguk " tae glared at him . " meanie don't talk to me again" vantae sighed " i need to take a rest " jimin:" okay take care " vantae nodded and left the room.
jungkook was in his room reading a book till his mate came . " what are you doing " vantae said setting on his lap jungkook:" passing my time till you come " vantae:" so good " jungkook pulled him closer to him and kissed him, vantae put his hands around jungkook's nape
and pulled him more to deepen the kiss , jungkook's hand traveled down till vantae's ass and he squeezed it . vantae moaned and opened his mouth. jungkook took the chance and inserted his tongue to his mouth he hummed " always so delicious "
vantae giggled " always so hungry " jungkook:" as you are not ". and they kept on making out . vantae caressed jungkook hear . after minutes they broke the kiss and vantae put his forehead on jungkook's " what did the queen said ?" jungkook asked
vantae told him everything in details how she was so sweet with him, how she praised him and encourage him " you are so lucky to have a mom like her " vantae said jungkook nodded " actually the three of them are so good and down to earth ,they deserve all the best "
vantae:" yes so you have to do all your best to make them proud of you " jungkook:" i will " " oh i forgot to tell you something " vantae said jungkook looked at him confused " what is it? " he asked. vantae:" jimin found his mate " jungkook:" congrats "
vantae rolled his eyes " i don't need your congrats i want you to guess who is his mate " jungkook:" do i know him ?" vantae:" very much " jungkook:" so one that comes with us " vantae nodded jungkook:" hoseok hyung ?" vantae:" no " jungkook breathed but when he thought again
his doe eyes widened he was a little bit over shocked "d-don't tell me that it __". vantae looked at him confused " what is it ?" the omega asked. "nothing " jungkook said and put vantae on bed and laid next to him vantae:" what's going on tell me don't hide anything "
jungkook faced him and told him everything . vantae's face paled hearing the new information . " but why didn't he tell me ? " jungkook said after few minutes. vantae:" maybe he doesn't find the right time , they knew when the trip started" jungkook nodded.
after ten minutes of staring at each other " you are beautiful " jungkook said to lighten the atmosphere to his pregnant omega as if it's not his daily confession vantae looked at him with a shiny eyes " what ! are you going to cry ?" jungkook asked
" did i say something wrong ?" vantae moved closer to him and put his face on his chest and inhaled his scent , it's giving him so comfort these days " i think my pregnancy hormones started working . oh my god i hate being weak " jungkook hugged him and started rubbing his back
with one hand and the other hand found a way under vantae's shirt to his flat belly and he started caressing it vantae closed his eyes and smile , he liked what they are experiencing . even if things worked every quickly they don't care , the most important is no matter
what they face in their long day they will pass it with the hugges and the cuddles of the night. " but i love your weak side and i'll embrace you every time you feel like this remember that , grave it in you mind because i love you and i'll love all your versions and i won't be
sick of saying that " vantae:" thank you for being here " jungkook:" thank you for not let go of me ".
_____________โ™ง chapter 21 โ™ง_____________
a month passed by quickly . jungkook and yoongi were studying so hard to understand and learn all the laws of the kingdom and thank to jeongguk and vantae who were with them all the time . they explained everything to them and answered all their questions .
in this month nothing changed that much , tae and jeongguk aren't seeing each other so much because they are busy gguk with work and tae with his brother's wedding arrangement , he asked the queen to be the responsible of everything and she was so happy hearing that.
hoseok and namjoon became good friends and let me tell you they made a difference in the army when they united their strategies. namjoon showed him how they work and hoseok did too so they mixed between their experiences and they are so greatful for the result.
jimin liked his work too his workmates are so nice. about him and yoongi they didn't find the time to talk till now because yoongi is so busy with work and jimin is okay with that he is not worry about it . now his work is important to him more than anyone.
vantae is working so hard to balance between jungkook and the queen , he also learned so many rules . him and jungkook are trying all their best to find time to each other because they know that this will be their life forever so balance is a must .
his first month of pregnancy was so good he felt nothing strange but few mornings sickness and he was so much energized thank to jin and tae who are with him in every step, eat this don't eat this , this is good this is not , at the beginning he was a little bit uncomfortable
with everyone not just jin but now everything is okay. the king and the queen are trying all their best to make him and jungkook feel that they belong and they are doing great . jungkook became a little just a little little bit smiley and responsive with them.
jeongguk was a special case for him . he was the one who approached the younger from time to time to ask about work of course nothing else . it started when he noticed that jeongguk desperately wants to talk with him but he can't because he is shy and nervous also afraid
what if jungkook doesn't want to talk with him and decline him . he felt the longing his brother felt because they are twins and twins can feel each other.
today is a big day to the royal family and the kingdom. the wedding of the rightful heir of crimson blood the true blood alpha , all the people are so happy, they brought with them so many gifts and they are ready to have fun.
jungkook was with jeongguk and yoongi preparing themselves " are you nervous ?" yoongi asked jungkook:" hyung you are talking with the wrong twin i think it became a little bit hard to you to differenciate between us , he is the nervous one ,i'm the one who born ready "
jeongguk laughed . yoongi rolled his eyes " i thought some feelings grew inside you when you became a prince but i was wrong " jungkook:" nope the same blacksmith you knew years ago" hoseok and namjoon knocked the door and got it " the king is waiting for you out side "
namjoon said hoseok:" waah jungkookie you are so handsome girls will die for you" gguk:" hyung this is his wedding and you are saying girls will die for him , vantae hyung will kill him " the others laughed yoongi:" ask me i witnessed a tiger what can do when it comes
to his mate " " let him be i like that side of him " jungkook smirked. gguk:" let's stop here or dad will be the one who kill us " jungkook looked at himself for the last time in the mirrow and he headed out
jin was doing vantae's makeup , and jimin and tae were preparing themselves. "jimin what should i wear this ring or this one ?" tae asked jimin:" both are good tae" tae:" thank you you helped me alot " jin laughed " i think i'm done your majesty see if you like it "
vantae looked at the mirror " it's perfect thank you so much " jin smiled " you're welcome now let's go the king and the queen are waiting for us " vantae nodded tae:" don't be nervous vannie it's not good for the baby " vantae looked at him with a done face .
jimin sighed jin:" let's go " " wait " vantae said " am i good ?" jin:" perfect your majesty" jimin:" the prettiest your majesty" tae:" jungkook will eat you tonight your majesty" .
the three of them laughed vantae:" why am i wasting my time with you anyway " tae:" vannie don't forget to wear what i bought you tonight " vantae glared at him " in your dreams. i won't wear that " tae:" wear it and you'll thank me tomorrow" vantae:" nothing will happen tonight
face it , i'm pregnant and this is not good for the baby ,that's what jimin said don't forget " " was it necessery to get pregnant before the wedding " tae murmered pouting vantae:" excuse me !!" jimin and jin laughed so hard jin:" come on your majesty you'll be late "
vantae got out to find the king waiting for him " are you ready my son?" he asked. " yes your majestyย  " vantae replied. the king took his hand and walked to the celebration room , vantae started feeling a little bit nervous and the king noticed that so he patted his hand
" don't worry everything will be okay " vantae nodded and took a deep breath. when they entered all the guests were stunned , jungkook was staring at every step his mate takes his eyes didn't leave him for second . when vantae arrived to him he took his both hands and smiled
" you are so beautiful "ย  jungkook whispered vantae smiled " you too " " attention please " the authorized said the couple turned to him and the calm echoed the place. " so today we are gethered here to link two souls , two mates together prince jungkook and prince vantae ,
without prolongation say your vows" jungkook took vantae's hands and looked at him in the eyes " they obliged me to prepare this even you know that i always say these words to you" the omega smiled . "vantae my beloved omega , my baby before you came to my world my life was
empty and tough , it still tough but you being by my side make me feel better , you are the only one who could melt the icemountain inside of me , you are the only one who accepted me despite my flaws , you didn't judge me and most importantly you didn't give up on me
when i was ignoring you , you were so brave and you stood against your ex father's wellingness for me " vantae and the guests laughed "thank you so much ,no matter what i do i can't return your favors . i'll vow to be the best husband , i'll protect you from the air breeze,
i won't let you feel weak no matter whatย , i'll be by your side in your good and bad days and as i said i'll be the shoulder which you'll lay on when you get tired . i love you so much baby and i'll always do till my last breath " jungkook finished and the guests started clapping
his eyes didn't leave his mate for a second seeing his reactions every time he says a word. vantae took a deep breath and squeezed jungkook's hand . what's with this stress ? he doesn't know . he was always confident and brave but again his pregnancy hormones are betraying him.
" i hated the fact of being a weak omega who only submit and breed , so i did all my best to change myself . i worked hard to prove myself ,i trained hard to be strong , and after years i became one of the most seccessful princes , people were calling me the perfect prince ,
they envy me for what i have but no one could see the real meย  . but you did. without even knowing me you could see that behind that strong prince a weak one , a sensitive one , a prince who needs care and attention more than anything , you are the only one who loved me because
of my soul not my wealth or beauty or body ,ย  i remember your first advise to me when you told me that it's not enough to change my outside but i have to change my mindset to feel strong . you was so right and i'm trying all my best to do thatย  ,you were with me in my hard times
you told me that it's okay if i don't want to show people that i'm weak but notย  you , you gave me your shoulder to cry on, you gave me home when my dad dishonored me and you are going to give me a name that my father my own blood took from me " vantae couldn't finish his words
and he started crying jungkook pulled him to his chest and rubbed his back , tae was a crying mess too ,jeongguk was patting his back . the king and the queen were looking at their sons with pride vantae broke the hug and wiped his tears
" i'm sorry , let's finish this it's taking so much time " the others laughed " thank you so much for everything you did to me and for every new feeling you made me experience , i'll vow to be the perfect husband , i promise you that i won't leave you no matter what ,
i'll be by your side in good and bad till my last breath . i love you my heart " when vantae finished the guests clapped their hands " now jeon jeongguk __" the authorized said " IT'S JUNGKOOK " tae shouted from far and glared at him and then he catched jeongguk's hand ,
all their friendsย laughed from his reaction the authorized laughed nervously " sorry your majestiesย  jeon jungkook will you take " and then he startes searching for vantae's name " just vantae " vantae said done with him " oh yes , so will you take vantae as your husband in
good and bad in health and sickness ?" jungkook looked at vantae eyes his eyes were red " yes i do " the crowd clapped " and you vantae will you take jeon j-jungkook as your belived husband in good and bad in health and sickness ?" " yes i do "
" now with the mighty of the god i announce you husband and husband you may kiss the groom" jungkook didn't waste any time and pulled vantae from his waist for a stong kiss vantae put his hands on his shoulder , jimin and tae were clapping, shouting and dancing .
after that they wore the rings and the party started. the king and the queen blessed them , wished a happy life to them and hugged them and so their brother and friends. the guests ate and drank and now it's the time for dancing. " may i " jeongguk extended his hand to tae
tae looked at him with a happy smile and nodded they walked to the dancing area jeongguk put one hand on tae's waist and the other one with his hand , tae put his other hand on the alpha's shoulder and they started swaying, their steps were in unison ,
they were looking at each other with so much foundation jeongguk cleared his throat " c-can you close your eyes ?" tae looked at him confused and then nodded jeongguk took a deep breath and leaned to peck his lips ,it was so soft , so fast and so innocent tae stiffened in
his place and closed his eyes tightly. jungkook and vantae were looking at them " are you sure they are our brothers ?" jungkook asked done with their softness vantae:" i think we took all the horniness " jungkook laughed so hard " can we go from here i'm bored " he said.
vantae:" me too , take me some where" jungkook nodded and stood up to leave. tae opened his eyes after what felt like eternity. he found gguk looking at him . he looked at the ground sheepishly and then turned to see his brother standing with his husband
"i-ii think i s-should go and see them " tae said shyly to escape ,his cheeks were red , jeongguk smiled and nodded because his situation wasn't better. "ย  let me go with you " tae nodded and ran to them tae:" aren't you going to dance ?it's your wedding"
jungkook:" no we won't ,we are going outside " " outside ? in your wedding?" jeongguk said shocked vantae:" it's not like we care " tae:" atleast dance for once with us " jungkook:" i don't know how to dance " tae widened his eyes " what ? you don't know how to dance ?"
jungkook:" i was a blacksmith hyung so i wasn't attending a party every night " tae glared at him " put it in your mind after this wedding you'll learn how to dance and i'll be the one who'll teach you so empty your schedule" vantae and jeongguk tried their best not to laugh ,
they didn't think that one day this tiny tae bear can scold and threat the jungkook . jungkook:" i'll find time hyung don't worry, now we need to go " gguk:" tae let's back to dance " tae nodded. jungkook and vantae went to their room to change their clothes and go out
" let's take my horse" jungkook said vantae nodded. vantae mounted the horse first carefully and then jungkook behind him , the alpha pressed his chest with his omega's back and hugged him tightly . he leaned to his neck to inhale his scent
" it changed so much " jungkook said closing his eyes vantae smiled . " can you feel his heart ?"ย  he asked jungkook nodded " yes i can " " we still have so much time to meet him" vantae said with a shiny eyes jungkook chuckled " are you excited ?" vantae:" so much "
jungkook sniffed his scent again " now let's go " vantae:" were are we going ?" jungkook:" wait and see " with that they started walking slowly till they arrived to a beautiful garden jungkook got down and extended his hand to his husband to help him " thank you "vantae said
jungkook:" you are welcome my prince . let's go " with that they intertwined their fingers and walk in and then stopped " what is this jungkookie " vantae smiled jungkook looked deep in his shiny eyes " this is a simple thing i prepared to celebrate or wedding in our own way ,
the poor jungkook couldn't buy you gifts or take you some where on a date not just because pooverty honestly we didn't have time and our relation was secretly so i couldn't do anything, i couldn't court you as any proper mates , also i don't see that you and i are that kind
of people who likes those stuffs but once won't hurt " vantae was listening to him agreeing with every word he said . and then he looked at the table infront of him
" this is so simple yet amazing" vantae said " thank you so much jungkookie" he walked to him and pecked his lips " let's set down i know you are hungry" jungkook said and pulled a chair to let his husband set , vantae bowed and thanked him after that he sat and so jungkook did.
jungkook made sure that everything was ready on the table and nothing miss so the maids won't disrurb their precious time. for dinner they had appetizers, pasta with mushroom and cheese on top and grilled meat with vegies . jungkook drank wine and vantae orange juice.
"baby taste this it's delicious " jungkook extended his hand to vantae to take a bite " it's well cooked " vantae said while humming , jungkook nodded and made sure that his mate is eating well. after finishing dinner they had chocolate cake for dessert and some fruit because
vantae can't eat so much sugar for his and the baby's health . jungkook :" i hope you like it , i chose it because i know how much you love strawberry with chocolate " jungkook grabbed the knife and cut two slices to both of them and they started eating and talking about
random things "thank you for treating my brother nicely " vantae said " he is so childish and a little bit spoiled but in a good way of course and all of this was my fault ,what he wants he gets so bear with him if he said or did anything wrong , he is just so natural "
jungkook nodded " don't apology baby , your brother is my brother too ,besides i can't be tough with him because i know that he is sensitive just like jeongguk i can't treat them rudly because i know you'll kill me " he laughed at the end.
vantae chuckled" good that you know that i can do anything for him" jungkook:" i'm afraid about my poor brother " vantae laughedย  " as long as he is good with him nothing will happen don't worry " he said eating a peice of cake " this cake is so good "
jungkook smiled" glad you liked it but just few bites baby it's not good for you" vantae nodded and took the fruits " after tomorrow we will have new programme " he said. jungkook nodded " i hate what's coming " vantae:" but you have to do it , tae and gguk will be with
you all the time , and it won't last long if you are a fast learner " jungkook:" i'm done with these things" vantae:" we still have nine months " jungkook sighed . after setting in the garden for two hours jungkook and vantae decided to come back to the castle to take
a rest from this long day . they took a shower one by one , changed their clothes and laid on bed . jungkook hovered over his mate and started kissing him roughly " i can't get enough of this lips you know ?" he said between the kissed vantae giggled and pulled him closer .
" just if i wasn't pregnant " vantae said teasingly jungkook:" believe me after you give birth i'll make sure to make up all what i missed " vantae:" you'll find me ready " he winked. jungkook chuckled. after some minutes of making out they laid on bed.
jungkook put vantae's head on his arm and hugged him with the other , vantae buried his face on his chest to smell his scent and they closed their eyes . with that they slept and as the omega said to his brother nothing will happen.
____________โ™ง chapter 22 โ™ง____________
it was the next morning tae was sleeping peacefully till someone decided to cut his dreams train andย knock the door. "hhhff who came to me this early in the morning" he stood up irretated with a closed eyes and walked to the door. YES" he opened the door and said in a loud voice
" g-good morning " jeongguk stuttered. tae's eyes widened " ggukie !! what are you doing here early in the morning ?" gguk:" did i disturd you ?" tae shooked his head immediatly gguk:" it's afternoon tae not morning" tae:" really " he started rubbing his eyes with his fists
jeongguk nodded . gguk:" prepare yourself we are going out " " but i'm sleepy " tae pouted. gguk:" oh okay i'm really sorry for__" tae put his hand on his mouth before he finish. " don't say that ggukie " he said" where are we going ?" gguk:" you'll see when we arrive "
tae sighed "what should i wear ?" gguk:" anything comfie" tae nodded and said sleepily " i'll go take a quick shower set here or where ever you want " jeongguk chuckled at his mate cute behaviours and set on the bed .
tae took a shower and wore his clothes "i'm ready gguk let's go" tae said. gguk :" okay" " i want to teach you something " jeongguk said while walking " what is it ?" tae looked at him confused . they reached the stable and gguk took out his horse tae:" are we going out ? "
jeongguk shooked his head tae:" then ?" gguk"be patient cupcake " tae heart fluttered and his cheeks redened from the new neckname " can i call you that cupcake ?" jeongguk bite his lip and said nervously. tae bite his lip too and said in a low voice " you already did "
jeongguk chuckled . " okay now let's get started " tae frowned " what ?" gguk:" learning how to ride a horse " tae jaw droped " are you insane ? no i'm afraid " jeongguck laughed " don't worry i'll be with you " tae shooked his head agressively and pouted " no i said i won't "
" do you want to make me sad ?" jeongguk said pouting too . tae shooked his head gguk:" you don't trust me ?" tae shooked his head again gguk:" then let's start " tae looked at the horse terrified and the only solution he found was to run .
he ran with all his power and headed to the castle jeongguk left his horse and started running after him and calling his name " TTAEEE JUST WAIT FOR ME " he ran and ran till he entered the castle he stopped a little bit to take breath and started again.
vantae and jungkook were walking in the coridor talking about something and when they saw him they looked at him confused " what's the matter ?" jungkook asked gguk:" did you see tae ?" they shooked their heads vantae:" what happened?"
gguk took a long breath and told him all the story quickly. vantae sighed " you'll find him in his room under the bed " the twins looked at him shocked " is he a child ?" jungkook asked vantae:" what do you see ? " " he is , god blessed you gguk" jungkook said jokingly and
patted his brother's shoulder gguk:" i need to go hyungs " they nodded and the prince started running again when he arrived to tae's room he knocked the door " cupcake open the door please " he said. tae didn't answer gguk:" cupcake it's your ggukie"
gguk:" tae if you won't open i'll stay here" tae:" GO AWAY I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU " gguk:" i won't oblige you just open it " " you are lying you will take me " tae said gguk:" i swear i won't take you till you ask me " tae sniffed and got out from under the bed.
he opened the door " you scared me " jeongguk said and hugged him tae hugged him back, his lips started quivering and his eyes blured with tears . jeongguk felt a pang in his heart because he thought that he hurt his cupcake and because of him the omega is crying ,
a tear fall on his cheek, he wiped it and wiped tae's tears with his thumb too. " i-i think i have to go i have an important meeting see you later " jeongguk said and got out without looking at tae's face. tae didn't understand what happened , he headed to the bathroom and washed
his face and came back to his bed. jeongguk stormed to his room and closed the door , he went to the bathroom to wash is face . when he looked at his face on the mirror he punched it " STUPID " his fist started bleeding. the alpha sat on the floor and started crying
" WHY I'M BEING THIS SENSITIVE " he punched the floor too . when he let it out all he dragged himself to his bed and slept till the evening and woke up for training. the king , the queen , jungkook, vantae and tae were having dinner. " gguk won't come ?" the king asked.
" i don't know " jungkook aswered. vantae:" we didn't see him since the afternoon" tae:" he said he has an important meeting " the king frowned " but we didn't have any meeting today afternoon" tae looked at him confused and then he cleared his throat " excuse me i'm full"
the king nodded " you can go son" the king:" is every thing okay ?" he looked at jungkook and vantae vantae:" yes your majesty don't worry " the king nodded and finshed his meal. tae headed to jeongguk's room to find him going out " ggukie why didn't you come to eat ?
they are waiting for you" tae said " i have a training now that's why i didn't eat " jeongguk said without looked at him. tae noddedย  " are you ill or something ?" the omega asked seeing his red nose. he walked closer to him to touch his forehead but the alpha excused himself.
gguk:" excuse me i have to go" tae was confused but he shrugged it and said bye . and headed to his room to sleep. jeongguk headed to the stable and took his horse , he mounted it and got out from the castle. he didn't know where to go he just walked and walked .
he stopped when he found himself near the river . he got down and sat on a rock. the air breeze was so calming , he closed his eyes and inhaled the fresh air and then he exhaled , he stayed like that for five minute .
after that he took off his shoes and his shirt and jumped in . the water was so cold but he didn't care , fire was ignited inside of him . he swam for ten minutes and then he stopped when someone linked him. " ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ?" jungkook linked .
gguk was confused this is the first time he hear this voice in his brain" ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘œ ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ? " " ๐‘—๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘”๐‘˜๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘˜ " gguk:" ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘‘๐‘œ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘ก โ„Ž๐‘ฆ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘”? ๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘’๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘ฆ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘œ๐‘˜๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ ? " jungkook:"๐‘ฆ๐‘’๐‘  ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ?"
gguk:"๐‘–'๐‘š ๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘Ÿ๐‘–๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ๐‘›๐‘’๐‘ฅ๐‘ก ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘“๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘ก " jungkook:" ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘š๐‘œ๐‘ฃ๐‘’ ๐‘–'๐‘š ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘š๐‘–๐‘” " with that his voice vanished . jeongguk kept on sweaming for almost till his brother came jungkook put a foot on the rock and crossed his hand " what happened ?" he
asked directly. gguk got out the water. " n-no t-hing h-hyung" he was shivering from cold jungkook glared at him " don't lie " gguk looked away and his eyes filled with tears . jungkook:" is it about you and tae ?" jeongguk bite his lip and nodded jungkook sighed " what is it ?"
" i-i hurt him hyung " jeongguk said with a low voice which cracked at the end jungkook gritted his teeth " what have you done ?" jeongguk looked at him. " ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION" jungkook shouted , he thought that his brother really did something wrong.
jeongguk looked at him in disbelieve, this is the first time his old brother shout at him . jungkook figured what he did " i'm sorry i didn't me to rise my voice " he said jeongguk nodded jungkook:" so what happened tell me maybe i can help you " and then he sat on the rock.
jeongguk sat next to him " i didn't mean to force him hyung , i just wanted him to learn how to ride the horse , but i failed miserably i made him cry " jeongguk said wiping his tears . now jungkook knew what his brother is talking about , and he felt really stupid to think that
this pure soul can hurt someone. and also that the little prince is so sensitive that's why he is exaggerating. " but this isn't your fault gguk , you just wanted to make him happy , he didn't cry because of you , he just overreacted because he is a cry baby just like you"
jungkook said to lighten the atmosphere jeongguk looked at him offended " i'm not a cry baby " jungkook rolled his eyes " you are " gguk:" i . am . not " jungkook:" what do you call these tears ?" " nothing " jeongguk pouted. jungkook looked at him with a done face
" i can't believe you are going to be a king. and i can't believe that you are the same person i met month ago" gguk:" what do you mean ?" jungkook:" you are so fragile" gguk:" i'm not ,i'm strong " jungkook:" it's not enough " gguk:" i said that to cupcake before "
jungkook smirked " who's cupcake ?" jeongguk looked at him with his doe eyes " d-did i say cupcake ?" jungkook nodded jeongguk looked down from embarrassement " why do you have to be so shy " jungkook murmured gguk:" you took all the boldness .
you kissed your mate infront all of us " jungkook:" you did too" " yaah hyung it was a peck and no one saw it" jeongguk started sulking . jungkook:" we did " jeongguk huffed but then he calmed down " you know hyung ?" he asked jungkook hummed , both of them were looking at
the river gguk:" you are so perfect " jungkook looked at him surprised the younger rubbed his nape " i wanted to tell you this days ago in the practise but i was so shy " he looked at his big brother in the eye "you are really so smart , fast learner and strong .
you'll be a great king i'm sure and i hope if i'll be like you . i think you took all the good things, and here i am i can be embarrassed from my shadow. i like your confidence the most and i like when people started know you and they are respecting you and fearing you.
i'm sorry if i made you uncomfortable or something but you are the only one who i could open up with quickly" jungkook was stunned after this comfession , he didn't know that his little brother sees him like this even if it's been just a month together.
" happy to know that , me too i don't know why you are the only one who i could talk with without coldness . maybe because we are twins ?" jungkook asked jeongguk smiled.
jungkook:" but let me tell you . as you are seeing me perfect don't forget that this perfect man, you are the one who's teaching him . you'll figute it out that i'm not perfect and i have so many flaws, i'm not talented like you and i'm not expert like you , you lived as a prince
so you know so many things which i don't " " but living as a peasant also tought you so many things hyung . mom here was treating me like a feather " jeongguk said jungkook chuckled "that's right , living the way i live will show you and teach you so many things too,
now enough talking we must go back home " jeongguk nodded "but how did you know that i'm out ?" he asked confused. jungkook:" i didn't find you in the training area and i didn't find your horse " jeongguk nodded "let's go back hyung i'm dying from cold"
jungkook:" that's because you are a fool , is there anyone sane sweam in this cold" gguk:" i was angry from myself i didn't feel when i jumped" jungkook sighed and put his hand on his brother's shoulder " take this advise from me . you have to talk with each other ,no matter what
don't hide anything . if you are upset just tell him what's wrong ,don't let your insecurities takeover you and don't let the misunderstanding ruine your relationship because it almost ruine mine. just be honest and communication is the key " jeongguk nodded
"i'll try hyung , thank you so much for your advise i apreciate it" jungkook:" welcome "
jungkook stood up amd turned to go " hyung " jeongguk called " what is it ?" jungkook asked turning around again. " i-i just want to hug you " gguk said nervously " that cupcake is the compatible mate for you " jungkook said done with his baby brother.
jeongguk looked at him offended " why ?" jungkook:" because you are children" jeongguk didn't mind him and jumped on him " i waited for this moment so long , you prolonged the absence hyung. you had to be here with me , playing with me and talking with me , studying with me "
jungkook heart ached when he heard his brother saying this words . the time his little brother was waiting for him sadly he didn't even know that he exist jungkook hugged him back " i'm sorry " he whisperd not sure about what .
" i won't go any where again baby brother don't worry ". gguk:" i hope so " " you are wet "jungkook said disgust jeongguk chuckled " sorry " the older broke the hug " we need to go" gguk:" okay"
vantae was roaming around waiting for jungkook. this is the first time his husband go without telling him anything and also it's too late. jungkook opened the door and got in. vantae glared at him. " welcome home your majesty where have you been you i was worry "
he said angrily jungkook walked to him and pecked his lip " i'm sorry i got out without telling, and i'm sorry because i worried you , jeongguk was a little bit upset so we talked" " you talked ?" vantae said surprised jungkook nodded .
vantae smiled " you are getting closer day by day" he said warmly jungkook smiled too " we hugged each other too " vantae's eyes shined "you are lying " " i swear " jungkook said happily. vantae didn't know how to express his happiness " i'm so happy for you both"
jungkook:" me too, he really waited for me all these years even though he didn't see me or know me " vantae:" but he knew that you exist and that's enough to wait for you" jungkook:" he was in pain when i was living a normal life" vantae put his hand on jungkook's cheek
and started caressing it " baby you didn't know that he exists and this is the difference " jungkook:" i want to make it up for him" vantae: " i'm really proud of you and as a reward i'll help you" jungkook:" really ?" vantae nodded " you don't have to do much just spend
alot of with each otherย  you'll know each other better and you'll open up " jungkook:" i'll try " vantae:"and try to do a hobby you like it both, it will help too" jungkook:" thank you so much baby without you i would be lost " vantae:" i did nothing" jungkook:" so modest"
vantae rolled his eyes "i'm sleepy let's lay down " jungkook pecked his lip " okay ". with that he changed his clothes and laid down next to his baby. " i think our beloved brothers has a small problem " jungkook said . vantae frowned " what is it ?"
jungkook:" when jeongguk went to tae he found him scared and crying so he thought that it's because of him and he is blaming himself " vantae sighed " tae can be childish sometimes, but he was normal at dinner " jungkook:" yes but i guess jeongguk is overthinking it too "
vantae nodded " let them fix it by themselves if they couldn't we will intervene" " okay now sleep baby " jungkook said and closed his eyes. vantae:" good night " jungkook:" sweet dreams "
____________โ™ง chapter 23 โ™ง_____________
jeongguk entered his room and headed to the bathroom to change his wet clothes and take a warm bath. he really wasn't feeling good , his head is aching badly and his body is sore , he dragged himself to his bed and covered himself to let sleep overtake him.
the next morning he woke up to find himself drown on his sweat , his temperature was so high and he couldn't move a finger " well done jeongguk this is all because of your stupid brain " he scolded himself. suddenly the maid knocked the door " come in " he said with diffeculties
the maid entered and bowed " sir prince tae is outside he wants to see you " gguk:" tell him he is busy" with that he covered himself with duvet. the maid got out and told tae what the prince said. he fisted his hand and stormed in without permission .
jeongguk looked at him shocked " are you ignoring me or something ?" tae asked jeongguk didn't answer . tae:" say something" he didn't answer " THE HELL GGUK I'M BEGGING YOU SAY SOMETHING" tae shouted " d-ddid i do something wrong ?" he whispered.
jeongguk's eyes filled with tears and shooked his head "i'm the one who did " he said tae looked at him confused and sat next to him on bed recalling what made his mate say that. "are you mad because of yesterday ?" jeongguk nodded tae:" i'm really sorry ggukie i didn't mean it"
gguk:" it's not you who i am mad at , it's me " a tear fall from his eye " i'm mad of myself ,i scared you i-i made you cry " jeongguk sobbed ,tae looked at him shocked .did he really blame himself for something he didn't do tae:" no ggukie listen to me it's not your fault
believe me it's me who acted childishly and i overreacted , don't blame yourself ,im not mad at you or scared , i came to tell you that i'm ready to learn but go with me slowly step by step " jeongguk wiped his tears " really?" tae giggled , gguk looks so cute with his puffy eyes
and nose. tae moved closer to him to wipe his tears ,when he put his finger on his skin he felt fire " shit ggukie are you ill ?" he touched his forehead. jeongguk nodded weakly tae:" what happened?" " i jumped in the river " jeongguk pouted. tae:" the hell are you insane "
jeongguk didn't answer and coveres his face with his duvet from embarrassement . tae called the maid and asked her to bring him tissue and cold water without forgetting to call the doctor. tae:" you need to change your close ggukie" gguk nodded and tried to wake up but
he felt dizzy . tae walked to him quickly and helped him to lie down tae:" let me help you , can you stand up ? " jeongguk shooked his head tae:" wait i'll bring you new clothes andย i'll come back" tae headed to the alpha's wardrobe and took a t-shirt ,pants and an underwear.
" take ggukie change i'll be out waiting for the doctor " " okay " jeongguk said in a low voice. the doctor came and checked him , he described some medicines for him and asked him to take a rest . with that tae started wetting the tissue and press it on his forehead
everytime he put the cold tissue gguk shivers from the cold water touching his hot and sore skin. the king and the queen came to check on him and asked tae to take a good care of him. " what happened to my little baby?" the queen asked tae chuckled
" nothing mom don't worry i'll be good " the prince said weakly. after that jungkook and vantae cameย  "how do you feel now?" jungkook asked jeongguk raised his thumb to indicate that he is good but his hand fall because he was so weak. vantae:" you need to take a rest and eat ,
tae will be here with you till you heal" gguk:" okay thank you hyung " with that he closed his eyes. jungkook:" we need to go take care hyung " tae nodded. taehyung stayed all the day near jeongguk , the poor boy didn't wake up or move an eyelid but he has to eat something to
regain energy , so tae ordered the maid to go to seokjin and ask him to cook a soup for the prince . the omega put his hand on his alpha's forehead and his temperature still the same he sighed " he must eat for his medicines " tae told himself,
after that he heard knocking on the door , he got up and opened to not disturb gguk with his voice. " oh jin hyung "he said jin:" how is he ?" tae:" his tomperature still the same " jin:" don't be sad tae bear tomorrow i'm sure he will be okay" tae:" i hope so "
jin:" can i see him?" tae:" of course hyung come in" jin entered " my poor baby , he is always like that when he is ill " he whispered. tae's eyes blured with tears . jin:" i'll put the soup on the nightstand " tae nodded " thank youย  hyung" jin:" welcome i need to go dinner
is ready will you come ?" tae shooked his head jin:" i'll send it to you then and eat it i'm warning you " tae smiled " i will hyung " with that he left the room. tae sat on the bed and started shaking jeongguk " ggukie wakey wakey you need to eat " tae said cutely.
jeongguk roled himself more on his duvet tae:" ggukie you need to eat or you won't heal" jeongguk opened his eyes slowly and looked at tae in the eyes " i don't wonna eat " he said in a hoarse voice. " pwease " tae looked at him with his puppy eyes.
jeongguk sighed and adjusted himself " say aaah " tae said gguk opened his mouth "aaah " tae put spoon in his mouth tae:" good boy now you need to finish it " jeongguk finished his soup with so many praises from taehyung and then he took his medicine .
" now go back to sleep " tae said jeongguk put his head on taehyung's lap and hid his face on his waist and hugged him tightly tae massaged his scalp and caressed his hear till he heard snores , he pecked his head and leaned on the bed board. he closed his eyes and slept.
in the morning jeongguk woke up better , he found tae asleep in uncomfortable position so he decided to wake him up to adjust himself " cupcake " he shacked him tae rubbed his eyes with his fists and opened them " what is it ggukie ? do you need something ?" he asked worryingly.
jeongguk shooked his head " i just want you to sleep well , this postion will cause you a backache. " it already did " tae giggled. jeongguk pouted " i'm sorry it was my fault " tae glared at him " can you stop blaming yourself for everything ? no it was my fault because
i chose to sleep like that , now tell me how do you feel ?" tae said touching his forehead " better all thanks to you" tae:" it's my duty , now go change your clothes and come back to sleep you need rest " gguk:" what about you ?" tae:" i'll go to my room to take a shower too
and i'll comeback quickly " jeongguk nodded and but no one made a move ,they was staring at each other silently. gguk's eyes traveled from tae's eyes to his nose to his lips and then he bite his lip,he really want to feel those sweet lips because he couldn't forget what
they taste .he moved closer " can i ?" he whispered . tae nodded sheepishly his eyes didn't leave jeongguk lips and he knew his mate intentions the alpha leaned closer to his face slowly , he caressed his cheek and captured their lips together .
this time it wasn't a peck it was a sweet kiss . the prince pulled tae to his lap by his wasteย  and tae put his hands behind jeongguk's neck , they closed their eyes and kept on kissing , their tummies were filled with butterflies , such a new and a beautiful feeling.
after minutes they broke the kiss and looked at each other with red cheeks jeongguk rubbed his nape " i hope it's not that bad " he said nervously tae giggled and covered his face with his hands " no it was amazing " he said. jeongguk felt so happy hearing that .
gguk:" i hope you don't get sick " tae smiled " no i won't and if i did vannie will take care of us " " and kill me " gguk said . tae giggled " now i'll go and i'll be right back " jeongguk nodded and got up to change his clothes.
tae rushed out the room and ran to his. when he entered he closed the door and leaned on it , he closed his eyes and touched his lips " someone is happy today " tae was startled , he looked at his bed to find vantae lying their " hyung what are you doing here you scared me"
tae said surprised . vantae:" you didn't come for breakfast so i came to check on you " tae:" carrying hyungie, i was with gguk i didn't sleep here " vantae:" oh really ! is he good now ? i think he is after seeing those red lips" he smirked " it's not what do you think vannie "
tae said innocently. vantae:" then what is it ?" tae:" it was an innocent kiss " vantae was done with their innocence " okay okay i was joking ,now you have to eat , jin hyung told me that you didn't eat dinner " tae nodded " i will hyung ,don't worry "
vantae:" okay then i must go , i have alot of work " tae:" don't tire yourself so much vannie your health is more important " vantae:" i need to work hard because i know i won't do in the last months " tae smiled " i'm so excited to meet him " vantae smiled too " me too "
tae:" did the bump showed up ?" vantae:" it's just almost two months tae bear " tae:" i know, do you feel anything bad? " vantae:" no i'm good, i threw up just onceย  " tae walked to him and hugged him " take care " and then he sniffed his scent , vantae chuckled " what's wrong
with you and jungkook " tae:" we are addicted " vantae:" i can see that now let me go " tae:" okay okay sorry " vantae nodded and left. tae headed to seokjin and asked him to prepare a good breakfast to him and jeongguk and then the maid took it to the prince room.
tae sat on the bed and waited for jeongguk to come jeongguk got out from the bathroom " oh you came " he asked tae nodded and patted the bed " now come let's eat " jeongguk smiled and sat next to him " our first breakfast together alone" he said
tae:" if you like it that much we'll do it from time to time " gguk:" i'll be the happiest man in the world " tae giggled "let's eat " " say aaah " jeongguk said this time tae chuckled and opened his mouth with that they started feeding each other . " what is this ?" tae said
confused when he saw wounds on jeongguk's hand , gguk hid his hand " nothing " tae:" give me your hand " jeongguk bite his lip tae glared at him " i said give it to me " jeongguk gave up and gave him his hand tae:" where did this come from?" gguk:" i hit my hand accidently "
tae:" don't lie ggukie" the omega sighed " is it because of what happened ?" gguk nodded ,he was looking at his lap , his eyes couldn't meet taehyung's ones tae stood up " i really can't believe you , are you insane ?" gguk:" i was mad i couldn't control myself "
tae got out and asked the maid to bring him some ointment and bandage from the clinic and then he got in again. he started applying the ointment softly with his finger " does it hurt ?" he asked gguk shooked his head and then he rolled a bandage on it "finished"
gguk:" thank you " " ggukie don't do this again , i hate seeing you hurt" tae said concerned and hurt. jeongguk nodded tae:" can you look at me when i'm speaking ? i don't bite " jeongguk raised his head slowly and his eyes met with taehyung's
" don't feel ashamed " tae whispered and caressed his cheek gguk:" sometimes i behave like children" tae:" what's wrong with that ?" gguk:" i'm grown man an alpha, now i was suppose to rule the kingdom not some cry baby , why i can't be like my brother ?ย "
" hay hay ggukie look at me please " tae said. jeongguk wiped his tears and looked at him " i want to tell you that we are the same . i'm not that different and you know that , but i'm loving and accepting myself ,god chose to make me like this , even my vannie is so perfect
but i have never wished to be like him i'm proud of him because i know that his life isn't easy like what others think also your brother i'm sure he is no difference , so love yourself as you are . and what about me ? if you wasn't this pure and innocent ggukie i wouldn't like
if you wasn't this pure and innocent ggukie i wouldn't like you , i mean jungkook is perfect but for someone like vannie not me , we are the same ggukie so be proud of yourself , crying isn't a weakness being sensitive and kind isn't a weakness too , do you understand ?"
gguk nodded " thank you so much cupcake without you i don't know what would i do " tae smiled " glad i could help , now because the wedding passed and you are done with the office practise i want you to make it up for me ." gguk:" i'm sorry cupcake i know that this month
i was so busy but don't worry i'm back" tae giggled " good to know now i want to learn how to ride a horse teach me " jeongguk looked at him surprised " now ? are you sure ?" tae nodded " do you feel good now ?" he asked jeongguk nodded " even if i wasn't good i'll heal for you "
tae smiled sheepishly and got up " hurry up before i change my mind " gguk:" oh no no we'll go " the mates prepared themselves and headed to the stable to take the horse. " now i want you to take him out " jeongguk said tae:" what? " gguk:" don't you love kids ?" tae:" i do"
gguk:" animals are pure like kids cupcake it won't hurt you if you knew how to deal with it " tae nodded and took a deep breath, he extended his trembling hand and took the rein and started getting the horse out .jeongguk helped him and praised him so much " like that ,
you are doing so good pup" tae's cheeks reddened from the new petname . he really like when jeongguk calls him these names . " now you need to drag him out carrefully " jeongguk said tae:" i'm afraid " gguk:" i'm here he won't do anything " tae nodded and dragged the horse till
they got out from the stable and headed to the garden . jeongguk stopped him " now we have another thing " tae nodded gguk:" put your hand on his face and try to feel him and make him feel safe " tae nodded and put his hand on him gguk put his his hand on top of tae and started
moving them and caressing the horse face . tae:" it's so good " jeongguk smiled " i told you , and let me tell you that you'll be addicted to it when you use to it " tae:" we'll see " " now you have to know how to get on it " jeongguk said. tae's face paled
gguk:" calm down pup nothing will happen" tae:" l-let me just play with him today and we can do it next time " jeongguk nodded and let him do what ever he wants . tae started patting the horse and talking with him , he dragged him from the rein and roamed around the garden.
he was so happy , jeongguk was setting on the grass looking at them with a smile on his lips his favourite human being with his favourite horse. day after day jeongguk tought him how to mount the horse " put your hands on his back and then put your foot in the strrup "
tae nodded and did as he has been told , he repeated it once twice three time till he mastered it . and then he learned how to ride it " now set on the saddle and catch the rein " jeongguk said tae did it gguk:" good job cupcake"
he catched the rein too and started moving the horse "don't be afraid i'm here " tae nodded and closed his eyes , he felt himself moving slowly , and when he felt that he is not in danger he opened his eyes " amazing " he said with so much foundation.
after that he became walking alone without jeongguk's help , the alpha put his painting tools near him and startes to create new peice of art , everyday they come here tae practise and he paints him . these days they are unseparable if they are not practising together
they would be with jungkook , they are teaching him eating , drinking , setting and walking ettiques " why can't i be at my nature ?" jungkook said done with them tae:" because you are a prince your majesty not a random peasant anymore " jungkook rolled his eyes
vantae and jeongguk laughed so hard at their bickering , they are always like that for the passed three months. now vantae's bump showed up and his pregnancy started tiring him so he is not working so much , he always stay with those three when they practise.
jungkook learned alot of things , the last five coming months he will traine with hoseok and namjoon and start to attend the meetings with the king to get use to it. " am i oblige to do this ?" he asked tae who was showing him dance steps tae nodded and smirked
" i will do all my best to repay you don't worry " jungkook said tae raised an eyebrow " hyung your husband is threatening me " jungkook glared at him "jungkook stop it " vantae said jungkook:" i won't till he stop too " vantae:" baby you know that you are oblige to do that "
gguk:" i didn't hear about a king can't dance " " then you'll hear about one so soon" jungkook said angrily and frustrated. the three boys laughed so much tae:" i didn't know that our head alpha has a funny side" jungkook glared at his brother " catch your mate because
i'm gonna kill him" gguk:" hyung he didn't say anything wrong" jungkook:" did you just stand in his side against your own brother?" gguk chuckled sheepishly " sorry hyung " " enough now finish this practise i need to rest " vantae said.
tae:" vannie i told you that your husband is in a safe hands you don't need to come everyday " vantae shooked his head " no i have nothing to do this days so i'm bored " tae:" as you like . now my dear son-in-low back to work " tae clapped his hands twice .
when they finished practise gguk and tae rushed to the stable to take the horse to learn a new lesson. " today you'll try to fasten your steps a little bit , is it okay ?" jeongguk asked. tae:" okay i'll try " he mounted the horse and startes walking slowly and then
he fastened his steps . " it's so good ggukie " he said smiling gguk raised his head from the painting and smiled with him " i'm so proud of you cupcake " tae smiled. and finaly the day when tae will run with the horse came gguk:" just do as i said " tae took a deep breath
" pup you have been doing this for three months , i'm sure you can do it " gguk said. tae:" it's not the same " gguk:" i know just try to fasten the speed step by step you won't feel it " tae:" okay i can do it " the omega took the rein and started walking slowly and
then he fasten the speed as his mate said but suddenly the horse got startled and started jumping in his place " GGUKIEEE "ย  tae cried jeongguk threw everthing from his hand and ran to him" TAAE " he gradded the horse rein and tried to calm him
" hay hay calm down boy everything is okay " when the horse stopped he ran to tae and got him down . the poor boy was trembling and pale , jeongguk carried him bridal style and kissed him to ease his situation . they've been like this these three months kissing became a random
thing for them but they still getting shy a little bit. tae put his hands around his neck and pulled him closer and closed his eyes " i-i was so scared ggukie " he said with a cracked voice . gguk:" i'm sorry pup it won't happen again i promise. now relax i'm with you"
tae nodded and hid his face in his mate neck to sniff his scent to calm down. jeongguk took the crying tae to his room and put him on the bed , he poured him glass of water and handed it to him " drink it pup " he said tae took the glass with trembling hands andย drank it .
jeongguk laid besides him and covered them . gguk:" now take rest till dinner is ready " tae hugged him tightly as if someone will steal him and closed his eyes to take a rest and forget about what happened.
____________โ™ง chapter 24 โ™ง_____________
jungkook finished his turturing session as he call it and now he took vantae'sย  hand and they are heading to their room. "i need a long bath " he said vantae:"me too but i'm tired " jungkook:" i'll shower you from now till you give birth " " i won't say no " vantae said giggling.
they entered their room ,vantae ordered the maid to prepare a hot bath and prepare their clothes . they took off their clothes and got in the bathtub " be careful baby let me help you " jungkook said and took vantae's hand and catched his back to help him get in .
after that he sat and vantae sat between his legs . " are you comfortabel like that ?" jungkook asked vantae:" yes i'm good " jungkook pulled him closer so their chest and back areย sticked and then they closed their eyes " are you tired ?" vantae asked
jungkook hummed and started caressing his husband medium baby bump vantae:" five more months and you are done " jungkook:" what will come is more diffecult" vantae:" but better than dancing and ettiques , i'm sure you are an expert at what's coming next ,
i wished if i could traine with you " he said pouting jungkook:" it's okay baby our pup is more important than practise ,we'll find time after that to practise together " vantae hummed " i want to eat chocolate " he said out of the sudden.
chocolate ?" jungkook asked confused. vantae nodded jungkook:" aren't you so late for these cravings " vantae:" our pup is so smart he waited for me till i finish my practise with you and the queen to start the naughtiness " jungkook chuckled " i'm proud of him "
vantae:" jimin will come tomorrow for a check up do you want to stay ?" jungkook nodded and kissed his hand " of course i want " after a little bit of chat the husbands started showering each other? jungkook put shampoo on vantae's hair and started rubbing it
after he finished vantae did the same . and then they showered their bodies and got out . jungkook brought towel and covered his lower area and brought another one and covered vantae all "now let's go" he carried him bridal style and put him on the bed .
the alpha dried their bodies and wore clothes " i don't want to wear this give me yours " vantae said " is my baby craving for me ?" jungkook asked vantae rubbed his bump " i think so " jungkook:" when did you start feeling these things" vantae chuckled " today "
jungkook laughed and shooked his head " i think what's coming is worst " vantae:" you did it by yourself " jungkook:" i'm not complaining at all, order whatever you want " " we are so lucky baby your father will spoile us " vantae talked with his pup.
jungkook:" of course i will , wait and see when he comes i won't just spoil him" vantae looked at him with a found eyes " you will be a great father " jungkook looked at him sadly and sighed. " i don't know how to be a father because i didn't have a one but i'll do all
my best to improvise" vantae:" we won't be alone don't worry " vantae caressed his cheek. vantae:" tae and gguk won't let us alone " jungkook chuckled " they are already possessive about him " vantae giggled and nodded " they asked me if it's the time to make a crib"
jungkook laughed so hard and hid his face under the pillow " the carpenter told me that they ordered it already " jungkook said laughing " WHAT"ย  vantae shouted surprised vantae:" they are really crazy" jungkook:" wait till they come to us with baby names "
vantae:" poor babies " jungkook:" do you have a name in your head already ?" vantae nodded " but it's so early ,we still have time " jungkook:" i know baby " " jungkook " vantae called. he hummed " go bring me chocolate " jungkook sighed and got up to go to the kitchen .
when jin catched jungkook entering the kitchen he stiffened in his place . " do you have chocolate here ?" jungkook asked. jin nodded and bowed " yes your majesty " he ran to bring him some " take your majesty " " thanks " jungkook said coldly and left. " thanks " he mocked him
" can't he say it in a normal way and smile atleast " jin said jimin laughed till he fall from the chair jin:" careful jimin" jimin:" he will cut your head if he heard you" jin:" gguk will rescue me " jimin:" we will see " jin:" leave him now tell me how's you love life ?"
jimin rolled his eyes " boring " " no mate , no alpha is courting you or maybe had ?" jin asked curiously . in this few months he and jimin got closer because the doctor doesn't have friends to spend time with and tae is a little bit busy with his mate and jungkook's practise
so they don't see each other every often . jimin:" now i'm focusing on my work " jin glared at him " as if it will benefit you " jimin:" don't worry it will " " and what about that alpha ? " jimin frowned ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘’๐‘  โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘˜๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ค ๐‘ ๐‘œ๐‘š๐‘’๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘ก ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก
๐‘๐‘™๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘˜๐‘ ๐‘š๐‘–๐‘กโ„Ž ? ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘ ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘™๐‘™ โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘š ? " what alpha ? " he maneged to ask jin:" that general namjoon's friend " jimin laughed at him " hobi hyung ? don't be silly hyung " " i mean it looks like he has a crush on you " jimin:" stop the bullshit hyung me and hobi
know each other since forever and i'm his little brother " jin rolled his eyes " little brother my ass " " just stop it i need to go my shift will start now " jimin stood up to leave but stopped " are you busy now jimin-ah ?" hoseok asked entering the kitchen smiling
the beta shooked his head " no hyung my shift will start in less than half an hour do you need something ? " hoseok:" let me walk you to the hospital " jimin eyed jin and then nodded " of course let's go ". jimin said good bye to jin and they headed out.
" so how are you jiminie ?" the alpha asked . " good thanks for asking hyung " he smiled " you ? " hoseok:" well i'm fine , i like it here " jimin:" me too this kingdom is better than ours not that i don't miss silver dawn " hoseok smiled sadly " so hyung tell me do you need
something ? " jimin asked. " you " the alpha said "huh ?" jimin looked at him confused. " are you hurt or something ? do you want me to check you ? " hoseok chuckled " not every one want you for check up jimin " " then what is it hyung ? " hoseok cleared his throat " i know that
maybe it's not the right time nor the right place but blieve me everytime i say that i'm gonna talk to you work bless me " jimin laughed. " so the thing is lately i've been feeling something whenever i look at or hear you speaking or laughing , not the same thing before ,
when i needed someone to guide me i asked namjoon , he told me that maybe i have feeling for you . i laughed really hard at him and i tried convince him that you are my little brother to find myself after days not convinced " " hyung " jimin whispered
hoseok put his finger on his lip " please hear me till the end and then say whatever you want " jimin breathed and nodded . how much he wish that his hyung doesn't say those words to not hurt him and himself . how much he doesn't want to ruine hoseok and yoongi's friendship.
even if he and yoongi didn't talk yet ,the alpha didn't reject him . he knows that yoongi is busy with his practise and maybe he has other reasons . so maybe he should wait for him a little bit more and if the alpha doesn't show up he will give hoseok a chance .
" i think i have feeling for you jiminie no i'm sure , so will you allow me to court you ? " the alpha looker at him desprerately " please jimin can you give me a chance and i swear when you tell me to stop i'll do it " jimin's eyes got teary . how will tell him that his best
friend is his mate , hoseok's heart will broke and he won't forgive himself. but he has to better than give him lies . " h-hyung " he was trembling hoseok looked at him waiting for the answer " i-i found my mate hyung " he sobbed the alpha looked at him shocked "what ?" is the
only thing he maneged to say . " i found my mate few months ago but we didn't talk . i don't know if he doesn't want me or he doesn't have time to talk to me . i don't want to give you hope and then break your heart " hoseok grabbed his hands " i don't care about this mate
all i care about is you . you and what you want , i can wait for you even if it took me forever ". " one chance is all what i'm asking " he pleaded. jimin sniffed and didn't say anything for few seconds " can you give me some time hyung ? i'm lost and shocked at the same time
i need to absorb the idea , i can't say anything now " hoseok squized his hand " take your time " he said. jimin nodded and excused himself " good night hyung " " good night " .
the king and the queen were setting on the table waiting for their sons to join them. jungkook and vantae came first " welcome sons " the king said " hi your majesties " they bowed and sat next to each other " how are you doing vannie , is the little one giving you
hard time ?" the queen asked vantae shooked his head " no at all but i think he will " the king and the queen laughed " take care of him son" the king said to jungkook jungkook nodded " don't worry your majesty " the king:" and what about your practise? your brother and tae
said that you are doing great " jungkook:" oh really they didn't tell me that " the others laugh. " where is your brothers ?" the queen asked vantae:" i think they went to ride the horse as usual " " hi your majesties " jeongguk said and bowed
the king:" welcome son take a seat " the queen:" where is taehyung ?" " he is coming " the prince said. after few minutes taehyung entered the dining room " hi your majesties " he said in a low voice and bowed and then he sat next to jeongguk.
vantae's eyes didn't leave him for a second " ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘–๐‘ก ?" he linked him. tae:"๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” โ„Ž๐‘ฆ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘” " vantae:" ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘™๐‘–๐‘’ " tae rubbed his forehead " ๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ก ๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ค ๐‘–๐‘ก ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘›'๐‘ก ๐‘‘๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘ฃ๐‘’ " " did you enjoy your practise ? " the queen asked
tae and gguk looked at each other " yes your majesty " gguk answered " tae baby you look tired is their anything ?" the queen asked. tae shooked his head and looked down " don't lie " vantae glared at him. jeongguk sighed " tae was going to fell from the horse but i rescued
him before any bad thing happen". after hearing that vantae got up and rushed to his little brother's side. "do you feel any pain? " "did the doctor checked on you ?" "baby are you scared " vantae was blubbering and checking if there is anything wrong with his precious tae bear.
tae grabbed his cheeks " vannie calm down i'm good . ggukie made sure that i'm good , don't worry yourself " and then he hugged him tightly " that stupid horse" vantae whispered. tae:" shuush calm down " vantae:" make sure i don't see that horse near me gguk or i'll kill him "
jeongguk nodded "i'm really sorry hyung" " it wasn't your fault ggukie right hyung ?" tae asked vantae sighed and shooked his head " no " " baby come set " jungkook said vantae nodded and headed back to his chair. " most importantly now that tae is good and next time take
care boys " the king said "there is no next time" vantae said glaring at tae the queen chuckled " calm down son. nothing will happen to him ". tae:" don't worry vannie i don't think i can do it so soon " " great " vantae said.
jin came and put the last dish on the table and was going to return to the kitchen to find jimin passing by the dining room " jimin what are you doing here ? didn't you say that you have a shift now " jin asked confused . jimin nodded " yes hyung but i'm tried so
i need to go to sleep " the queen heard them " come set with us son your are not stranger " jimin rubbed his nape " no need your majesty i already had dinner in the kitchen " the queen:" set down jimin" she insisted jimin couldn't say no after all she is the queen .
even if all he wants to do now is going to his chamber and cry his heart out because of the problem he is facing now . his one of his best friends with his mate whom he doesn't know at all. nonethless he sat next to taehyung and tried to act normally
" how are you jiminie ?" tae asked jimin smiled but it didn't reach his cheeks " i'm good " " did you like here son?" the king asked. he nodded " yes your majesty " the queen:" i heard from the boys that you were the best doctor in silver dawn "
jimin smiled sheepishly " they are exaggerating your majesty because i'm their cousin" the queen:" after prince vantae gives birth you'll have your own clinic as in your kingdom" jimin:" but your majesty __" the queen:" it's my reward to you for taking a good care of our
coming luna andย first grandson " jimin smiled " thank you so much your majesty i don't know what to say " " you don't have to, you are a prince too but you decided to live a free life far from laws . you are free but i'll treat you as a one " the queen said jimin nodded
" congrats jiminie " tae said happily jimin:" thank you tae bear " vantae:" happy for you hyung" jimin:" thank you vannie" " congrats hyung " gguk said jimin:" thank you your majesty " vantae looked at jungkook , jungkook rolled his eyes " congrats " he said.
jimin looked at him bored " welcome" the king:" let's eat before dinner gets cold " they nodded and started eating. minutes passed and vantae still playing with his plate , he didn't even have a bite. " what is it baby ?" jungkook whispered in his ear .
" i don't like this food " vantae jungkook chuckled " is their anything wrong boys ?" the queen asked jungkook shooked his head " no "
jimin was silent all the time and the exhaustion was killing him so he excused himself " thanks for the invitation your majesty " he said. the king smiled " you are welcome anytime son " the beta bowed and left . few minutes later the king and the queen finished their dinner
and headed to their room too. " what's wrong with him ?" gguk asked tae:" whom ?" gguk:" jimin hyung , he sounds sad and depressed " tae sighed and looked at vantae and jungkook. " is because of you know ? " he asked them. jeongguk looked at them confused " what is it guys ? "
tae:" i don't know if we are in the right place to say anything because they didn't say anything and no one knows about it" gguk:" whom they and know what ?" jungkook sighed " it's a long story " vantae:" yoongi hyung is jimin's mate " the prince looked at them shocked
" isn't this suppose to be a good news ?" tae shooked his head " they've never talked , maybe that's why jiminie is sad but he told me that he doesn't care about him " " wait a minute let me understand why they didn't talk ?" jeongguk asked curiously.
jungkook:" yoongi hyung is so busy with practise, i'm his best friend and i can't meet him these days " tae:" but he could find time " jungkook:" he is not ready yet" tae laughed sarcastically " really!! not ready ? what an excuse"
jungkook:" hyung you can't judge people without knowing them " tae crossed his hands " but i think jimin needs an explaination ,at least he take a decision and tell him to not let hyung hope for something won't happen or your friend is just good at giving advises not apply them "
jungkook hit the table " enough taehyung i said it's not the same case " gguk:" calm down kook " jungkook:" tell him to stop talking ___" " JUNGKOOK" vantae shouted . " i think we must go to sleep you are tired " jeongguk said to tae. gguk:" let's go cupcake "
tae nodded and got up without saying anything vantae got up after them " baby " jungkook grabbed his hand " don't baby me " he said and pulled his hand and left too. jungkook sighed and got up. he headed to the training area . " hi kook what brought you here ? are you excited
that much for tomorrow ?" hoseok said jokingly " not funny hyung " he replied hoseok:" what is it ?" jungkook:" i came to workout a little bit" hoseok:" okay feel free " jungkook:" thanks " " if you need anything i'm out " the alpha nodded and entered to the practise room and
started working out to take all of his anger and tireness , he is from the persons who find rest in working out. he didn't feel time till he found it past midnight. he returned to his room to find vantae waiting for him " hi " he said and headed to the bathroom ,
he took a shower and laid on bed . he sighed and looked on the ceilling " what's in your mind ?" vantae asked him jungkook turned to him "so many things" " tell me one of them " vantae said calmly. jungkook:" what if i'm not the right king ?" vantae put his head on top of
his chest " we will make you one . a question how do you see me ?" jungkook:" a strong , successful and confident prince who knows how to choose the right thing in the right time in the right place " vantae:" i didn't get those things between day and night , it took me six
years of practise to be who i am today , so be patient , and i'm sure you'll be better than me " jungkook hugged him tightly and caressed his bump " i thought you are mad " vantae laughed " i'm not a child my heart and i know exactly when you are tired
you can do anything like that " jungkook got up and hovered over him, the omega was surprised. it was so sudden. jungkook held his husband's hands and put them above his head, his knees were between vantae's legs " sometimes you surprise me by your matureness baby "
he whispered with a deep voice in his ear , vantae shivered and moans , jungkook bend to him and smashed their lips together , he kissed him roughly and then bite his lower lip vantae opened his mouth to let him taste him . their tongues were dancing in unison
and then jungkook's hand traveled to vantae's ass , he kneaded it. vantae arched his back . " i love when i see you such a mess just by making out" jungkook said smirking. vantae looked at him and smirked. " lay down " he ordered . jungkook looked at him confused and
did as he has been told. he laid on his back ,vantae stood up and sat on him carefully , he put his ass exactly on his member and started bouncing. jungkook left him do whatever he wants . he pulled him down and attached their lips together again .
after their long making out session they laid down, jungkook hugged vantae from behind as usual and caressed his bump. with that they slept. in this phase of practise jungkook started training with namjoon and hoseok , he has two months to master it.
the alpha always wake up early and head to the training area , the two alphas tought him fighting manners how to attack how to defend himself and so many movements . and then they tought him how to fight with different weapons . he does know a little bit but he has to learn
it with a professional way. vantae was always setting with them just watching and eating. and tae and jeongguk were always with vannie if they don't have work. they were fulfilling all his craving wishes , what vantae asksย  tae and gguk run to bring him ,
this two babies are excited the most , tae was always caressing the bump and talk with the baby in a baby way , vantae was just watching and listening to his brother talks , he is just like his husband obsessed with the bump.
____________โ™ง chapter 25 โ™ง_____________
the training phase ended and now the last step : attending meetings. jungkook and yoongi are always stuck with the king in the meeting room from early morning till afternoon. after that the prince stays with his husband till the next morning.
vantae is having a hard time in his seventh month , he is suffering from morning sickness , dizziness and cravings for weird food and jungkook . he is always attached to him when he comes back and when he is not with him he put all his clothes near him .
don't forget tae bear who didn't leave his side for a minute. like now vantae was lying on his bed and tae was setting with him. " vannie do you want me to call jimin?" tae asked. vantae shooked his head " no " tae:" then what you want ?" " call jungkook " vantae whispered.
tae:" vannie he has an important meeting " he tried to convince him. vantae:" i don't care call him " tae sighed " tell me what's wrong with you" vantae:" bring me water " tae looked at him confused vantae:" i want to sleep" tae didn't understand anything, his brother is asking
for alot of things in one time . he was caressing his hair till he touched his forehead to find it burning like fire . he rushed out to tell the maid to call jimin and he came back to his brother fastly. " take vannie " he gave him the glass of water.
vantae took it and drank it in one shot. few minutes later jimin knocked the door and entered " what is it ?" he asked tae:" i don't know hyung , vannie is so weird today" " how ?" jimin asked tae:" he is asking for so many thing and he has fever i think "
jimin:" what does he want most ?" tae:" he wants jungkook, sleep , drinking water this is the third glass in one hour and " jimin sighed " don't worry he is on his heat " tae looked at him confused " heat ? he never acted like that when he is on his heat "
jimin:" tae he is pregnant so he is on a warm heat he can feel cuddly, thirsty, drowzy and also he can have fever. and look he is nesting how didn't you notice ?" tae looked at jungkook closes around his brother " i thought he is craving for jungkook as usual " tae said.
jimin:" okay i'll send the gard to call jungkook stay here and don't let anyone enter " tae nodded the gard knocked the door and entered to the meeting room , he headed to jungkook and whispered in his ear " excuse me your majesty i have to go" jungkook stood and said
the king looked at him in the eye " is everything okay " jungkook nodded "don't worry " he bowed and rushed to his room . he found jimin standing in the door " what's up ?" jungkook asked jimin:" he is in his heat " jungkook's eyes widened
jimin:" don't worry a warm heat because he is pregnant . he needs lots of cuddles , keep him hydrated and feed him " jungkook:" how long will it last ?" jimin:" from 2 to 4 days " jungkook:" okay thank you hyung" jimin nodded and left
jungkook entered his room to find his husband coveres with all his clothes " vannie i need to go " tae said vantae didn't answer jungkook:" thank you for staying with him hyung " tae:" no need to thank me he is my brother as he is your husband now take care " jungkook nodded
" i will hyung just order jin hyung to prepare food in your way " tae patted his shoulder " okay i will ,bye" jungkook:" bye" the alpha walked to the bed and laid next to his sleepy mate " baby i'm here " he whispered vantae opened his eyes " jungkookie " he whispered
jungkook:" i'll change my clothes and come back to you " vantae nodded jungkook headed to the wardrobe and took comfie clothes white t-shirt and gray pants and went back to the bed and pulled vantae to him . he put one arm under his head and the other was caressing his bump
he intertwined their legs , and hugged him tighty and sniffed his sweet scent " jungkookie " vantae said weakly . jungkook:" yes baby i'm here what do you want ?". vantae:" i want to sleep but i can't " jungkook:" i'm here now you can sleep " vantae nodded and snuggled to his
mate's neck to sniff his scent, it calms him and gives him safety. vantae slept from morning till the evening jungkook was observing him all the time , ๐‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘”๐‘›๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘๐‘ฆ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘‘๐‘’ โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘š ๐‘š๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘ข๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘“๐‘ข๐‘™ he thought, even if he gained weight he still ethereal
with his chubby cheeks and swollen bump ,now it's huge and it doesn't let them hug properly. " jungkookie" vantae called pulling jungkook from his deep thought jungkook:" yes baby ?" vantae:" it hurt " jungkook:" where baby ?" vantae pointed to his belly and breast.
" baby let me take off you t-shirt " jungkook said. vantae nodded at let him do whatever he wants. jungkook found that his breast grown a little bit and it's swollen . he started massaging his bump and caressing it for about ten minutes and then he started touching his nipples
" it hurt " vantae whispered his eyes were closed and he looked so tired. jungkook thought a little bit and then bend to aching nipples and started licking them " you'll feel better baby jungkookie will let the pain go " the omega nodded and moaned .
" ais it good now ?" he asked " it lessen , i think he loves you more than me " vantae said tiredly jungkook chuckles" don't say that baby you are his mom who carried him all this time so he will love you " " then why he is hurting me ?" vantae cried weakly.
jungkook was hurt inside too ,his mate is going through so much and he can't do anything . his first months were so calm but everything changed now . he is throwing up everything he eats , he feels dizzy so much and the baby is so heavy for his body , it's obvious that he is
an alpha and a strong one , he can't walk or stand up or even set for so long so he is always lying on his bed because otherwise his feet and back will kill him. jungkook:" baby two months and we are done , just bear with it " vantae shooked his head " i can't i'm dying "
he cried jungkook took a deep breath and wiped his blury eyes his husband situation is making him so stressed this days but the most important thing is his health. jungkook:" do you want to eat ?" vantae nodded jungkook got up but vantae held his hand quickly "don't go "
he pleaded him. jungkook leaned to him and pecked his teary eyes " i won't i'll just order the maid to prepare you a dinner " vantae let go of him , he rolled himself on his duvet and started crying. the pain is too much and he can't bear it anymore. jungkook came back
to him and started encourage him and praising him. they stayed like that for three days cuddling , eating and drinking alot of water and then throw it up.
seventh month passed painful as the heat days ,but when the baby started kicking vantae became happy and forgot a little bit about the pain . " JUNGKOOKIE" he shouted jungkook rushed to him from the bathroom " what is it baby ? does it hurt anywhere ?" vantae shooked his head
"no he is kicking i can feel it " he said happily jungkook's eyes widened and he jumped on the bed , he pulled the tshirt up and put his hand on the bump and waited but nothing happened " pumpkin do you hear dady ?" he asked innocently "HE KICKED" jungkook shouted vantae l
laughed so hard. " baby can you hear me ? i'm your dad, you don't know how much i'm excited to see you and carry you in my arms , i will experience with you the fatherhood feeling which i didn't feelย when i was young , i promise i won't let you need anything , but promise me
that you won't tire your mom this last months , we love you baby " when he finished he bend down and kissed the bump vantae was crying silently because of his husband words . and suddenly they heard a knocking on the door " come in " jungkook said
" WHAT IS IT ?" tae and gguk rushed in. vantae and jungkook looked at them surprised " how did you know that there is something ?" vantae asked tae:" we are twins did this pregnancy erased your memory ?" vantae glared at him " it's not important now what happened ?" gguk asked
" the baby kicked " jungkook said happily gguk and tae looked at each other shocked and then they rushed to the bed " can i touch it ?" tae asked. vantae nodded " of course " tae put his hand on his brother's baby bump and his tears started streaming down his face ,
he put his hand on his mouth " ggukiee " he sobbed " i can feel him " he whispered the others were looking at him with a smiley face. and then tae did the same like jungkook " hi baby i'm tae bear your second mom , baby you can't imagine how much i'm waiting for you ,
i promise i will spoile you and take care of you as your mom did with me ". the four of them were so emotional this moment they didn't care about anything or anyone who will see them in this situation, tae backed away and it's gguk's turn.
he put his hand on the bump, his eyes were already blurred without even feeling the kick. " hi sugar i'm gguk your second dad, you can't imagine what we have done for you the four of us and you won't understand because you are so baby " the others laughed at the expression
" we loved you so much even before we see you and i know we will love you more when you come to this life , i'll teach you how to draw and i'll play with you all the time , me and mommy tae prepared for you so many things just come and you'll see them "
when he finished he felt a kick he looked at the others with his doe eye " i'm sure he liked what i said " the others laughed at his innocence . " shit we are going to be kings and and we are crying for a baby we didn't even see " jungkook said wiped his tears.
it's been almost eight months since the princes cames to crimson blood . in this period jeongguk and tae learned so many things about each other , things were moving slowly but smoothly between them because that what's both wanted basically . but now jeongguk decided to move to
another step , done courting and it's a high time to make things official . so after he and tae got out from vantae's and jungkook's room he asked tae to prepare himself for a dinner in the garden " what should i wear?" tae asked. gguk:" anything you wear will suit you "
tae smiled " thank you ggukie but tell me what should i wear speceficly " gguk:" something elegante but comfie" tae nodded and headed to his room.
jeongguk took this chance and returned to his brother's room , he knocked on the door and heard a fainted "come in" he opened the door and got in "did you forget something ?" jungkook asked. jeongguk shooked his head , he was so nervous
"what is it gguk why you are so nervous ?" vantae asked jeongguk looked at him " i a-actually i-i want to___to t-talk to you " the couple looked at him confused vantae:" of course come and set " jeongguk walked to the bed and sat near vantae
vantae:" i'm listening " gguk started playing with his fingers " i-ii came to ask for your approval to propose for tae tonight " joengguk said vantae looked at him surprised but he was happy tooย  ,his little brother will get married with the man he loves. his mate.
vantae:" i know that tae loves you and you love him too and i know that you are the only one who can make him happy and safe , you can care for him even more than i did so i can't say no , in this period you proved that you are worthy , so you have my blessing "
jeongguk looked at him with his doe eyes and hugged him " thank you hyung " he said vantae chuckled " welcome ggukie you are my little brother and my mate's , your happiness is important to me too " jeongguk smiled and then did the same with jungkook
" i'm proud of you baby brother , you are really a grown up man and i can rely on you now " jungkook said. gguk:" thanks hyung and i'm so happy that you are with me in an important step on my life "
jeongguk took a shower and wore his suite , fixed his hair and headed to the garden not before ordering the gard to bring taehyung there. taehyung opened the door to find the gard waiting for him .
" your majesty the young prince asked me to take you to him " he said tae nodded and followed him without any question till they reached the garden when their eyes met they shined . tae ran to his mate " you are so handsome " he said sheepishly
jeongguk smiled " you are so ethereal , are you sure you aren't a fairy ?" tae giggled and hit his chest " stop it you are making me shy " jeongguk laughed so hard " let's set " he said and took his mate's hand and walked with him to the table
" do you like it ?" gguk asked tae:" are you joking it's amazing thank you ggukie " jeongguk took his hand and kissed it " i'm glad " " what's the occasion?" tae asked gguk:" do we need occasion to have a date ?" tae giggled and shooked his head
gguk:" now let's eat and then we talk " tae nodded and they started eating and talking about random things , tae was telling jeongguk about his and vantae's funny adventures when they were children and jeongguk was listening and laughing .
after that the alpha extended his hand to his mate " may i have the honor to have this dance with the most beautiful, ethereal , perfect fairy prince ?"ย  he said taehyung was confused but he laughed about what his mate said he nodded and let jeongguk take the lead.
they stood in the middle of the garden , the alpha put their hands on top of each other, his other hand was on tae's waist and tae put his hand on his shoulder and that's when the music began tae looked at jeongguk surprised " i thought we will dance without music "
jeongguk chuckled " i told them to hide , i don't want anyone to be in this area just you and me " tae smiled and leaned to peck his lip . they dance for almost fifteen minute in the calm nature , it was silence you only can hear the romantic music and the air breeze.
" ggukie " he called and put his head on his shoulder. jeongguk hummed tae:" i think it's a high time to confess to you about something " gguk:" what is it ?" tae bite his lip and faced him " i know that what was between us from the beginning but i want to say it and
i want you to hear it " jeongguk's eyes filled with tears, all though this is the reason why he is here today to confess his love to his beloved omega. gguk looked at him with his doe eyes and pouty lips and he started whining " i didn't prepare all of this to let
you say it before me can i start ?" tae laughed so hard and then looked behind " are you sure we are alone " the alpha nodded and grabbed tae's hands and intertwined their fingers " cupcake this place where we met the first time and here we found that we are fate to be mates
so i wanted this garden to witness this important moment. we spent alot of time together and we got to know each other very well , i'm so thankful because god sent me a pure , innocent and beautiful person to finish my life with , i'll make it short today to find what to say on
our wedding day " taehyung giggled , his heart fluttered when his mate talked about their wedding day little did he know that it's closer than what he thought. gguk:" we are here today to tell you what i felt from the first time i saw you , for me it was love from first sight
i love you kim taehyung and it will be my honor if ahm " he put his hand in his pocket and took out a box taehyung eyes got teary and he covered his mouth with his hands " it will be my honor if you accepted to marry me " he finished. tae sobbed and shooked his head .
he didn't believe what he heard, did his mate really proposed for him and they will be husbands . it was to be a little cute date . " y-yes i want to i want to " tae jumped on him and hugged him tightly " i love you too ggukie and i want to spend the rest of my life with you "
gguk eyes blurred too and hugged him back he took the ring and put it on his mate finger. " congratulations " tae turned around to find jungkook and vantae coming over . he ran and hugged his brother tightly but carefully " h-hhyungie "
he cried vantae giggled and rubbed his back " my tae bear became a grown up man and he will get married soon , stop crying now " vantae wiped his brother's tears with his fingers. jeongguk and jungkook hugged tightly too "congrats baby brother i'm happy for you "
gguk:" thank you so much " after that vantae hugged jeongguk too and so jungkook and tae " take care of him or i'll kill you " vantae said jeongguk chuckled and nodded " don't worry hyung i promise that i'll keep him safe no matter what "
vantae patted his back " good" " be a good boy and don't make my baby brother sad he is so fragile " jungkook warned tae the omega rolled his eyes " i won't ,don't worry " they smiled to each other and hugged " congrats hyung " jungkook said
tae:" thank you kookie happy to see you both here " jungkook glared at him " don't call me that again " " okay king koo " tae said jeongguk shooked his head and chuckled. vantae:" okay enough i'm tired and i need to lay down you made me stand there for almost twenty minute "
the others laughed jungkook:" okay let's go baby " gguk:" we are sorry hyung" vantae nodded , jungkook took his hand and put the other hand behind his back , he put his hand under his bump to carry a little bit of the weight and they left.
" now let's go and set " jeongguk said
" did you prepare all of this ?" tae asked gguk nodded tae:" thank you so much ggukie that means alot to me " " welcome baby " jeongguk said and kissed him softly tae closed his eyes and kissed him back after that they laid down , tae put his head on jeongguk chest and jeongguk
hugged him tightly . tae looked at the ring in his finger " we are engaged " gguk smiled and kissed his forehead "wait " tae said and got up " did you tell your parents?" jeongguk nodded and then he pulled him again to his chest .
" do you like pups ?" tae asked out of the sudden jeongguk smiled " of course can't you see how much i'm excited to see our brothers pup ?" tae:" i know , how many do you want ?" jeongguk thought a little bit " hmm four or five "
tae giggled " when i was young i said to mom i'll have 30 pup when i get older " jeongguk laughed so hard " 30 pup will kill you cupcake " tae:" after seeing vannie struggling i changed my mind four or five are good " gguk:" don't worry you won't suffer like him "
tae:" i know but still i'm afraid" gguk:" let's prepare for the wedding and then we think about the pups " tae hummed with that they spent all the night there under the starts and the nature sounds , talking and laughing and making new memories.
_____________โ™ง chapter 26 โ™ง____________
it's been a week since tae and gguk engagement . the couple were unseparable , all the kingdoms heard about the news and they were excited and happy for them. vantae now entered his eight month so still one month to meet his pup .
the four of them prepared his room with so much love , they chose the walls colors , the furniture , the clothes and so many things. jimin is with him always , everyday he comes to check on him , jin always prepare for him his meals and he is dealing with all his cravings
when jungkook , tae and gguk are busy , and we must say that vantae and jin became good friend . " i thought you are unbearable when i saw you the first time and also i thought that you are arrogant , i've never seen you smile and your face was always serious that's why "
jin said innocently vantae laughed so hard " i like to keep respect and limits between me and people till i know them very well " vantae said. jin nodded " but when we met and dealed with each other i found no different between you and tae bear "
vantae:" i'm glad to hear that " jin:" now eat this before the prince will come and scold me " vantae:" why are you so afraid of him he won't do anything , he doesn't bite" jin:" you didn't see his glare , i heard all the villages fear the land he walk on " vantae:" that's good.
he will be the king few months later and he must act like a one , people must know that he is their king and they must respect him ,but don't worry he is justy and he won't injustice anyone and this is the most important " jin nodded " you are right now i'll let you__"
" hi baby " jungkook entered jin stiffened on his place after hearing him as usual. vantae couldn't stop himself from laughing " i-ii was g-going you m-majesty " jin said without looking at jungkook he bowed and rushed out . jungkook turned to his husband
" what's wrong with him ?" he asked vantae couldn't stop laughing " oh my good it hurt so much " but he kept laughing jungkook sat on the bed and leaned to kiss him to stop his laughing attack " you scare him " vantae said
jungkook rolled his eyes and moved to lift vantae's shirt to kiss the bump " hi baby i came back , i missed you and i hope you didn't tire your mom today " vantae always smile when jungkook talk with their baby , he does too but he found it so cute when this man the most feared
alpha in the kingdom can be a child when it comes to his pup. jungkook kept talking with the baby and vantae caressing his hair " how was your day ?" vantae asked jungkook:" good i can say that i used to this meetings , it's not that bad atleast better than dancing
with tae and gguk " vantae laughed " happy to hear that , i knew that you'll like it , you are so smart and good at finding solutions so you won't find problems " jungkook nodded " i hope so , now tell me how are you and my baby ?"
vantae:" we are good but i couldn't sleep and i had a little bit headache" jungkook frowned vantae caressed his cheek " don't worry jimin said this things are normal in the eighth month . he also said that i'll have so many contractions and pain because the baby is almost here"
jungkook nodded and looked at the bump to find a tiny foot showed up not clearly of course . " look baby " jungkook said with a teary eyes he put his finger to feel it " oh my god he is driving me crazy , do you know sometimes i remember him when i'm in meetings or training
and i start smiling like an idiot yoongi hyung and hoseok hyung laugh at me so much" vantae chuckled and he put his finger on his baby's foot " baby mommy is waiting for you , come quickly , no matter what you did to me this last months is not important the most important thing
is that you are comfortable and healthy and happy there " jungkook looked at his husband with a found eyes . " do you want to take a shower baby ?" jungkook asked and got up vantae:" yes please " he extended his hands to jungkook to help him to stand because he is really
struggling with setting and standing " let me carry you " jungkook said vantae:" no jungkookie we are heavy " jungkook:" and those muscales are built what for ?" vantae sighed " okay " they went to the bathroom and took a quick shower with a long make out session and then
they dried themselves and wore a comfie clothes . vantae walked to the bed like a penguine tae always laugh at him. he removed the duvet to get in but he suddenly felt a pain " aaah " he put his hand under his bump to support the weight. when jungkook heard him he ran to him
" what is it baby ? vantae:" nothing ___i just felt pain " jungkook:" do you want me to call jimin ?" vantae shooked his head " no it will vanish when i lay down " jungkook helped him to lay down and laid next to him. after a little bit of talking jungkook closed his eyes .
vantae sighed and started turning left and right but he couldn't sleep he can't breathe properly , the baby is pressing him. he got up from the bed and headed to the balcony , he sat their for almost an hour caressing his bump and talking with his baby but suddenly
he felt a sharp pain again it was more painful now. he held the chair handle and hissed. after that he felt his pants wet , he shouted jungkook name with all his power " JUNGKOOK " he started breathing in and out agressively.
jungkook was sleeping till he heard vantae screaming his name , he opened his eyes to find the bed empty and the balcony door opened. he got up quickly and rushed to him " what is it baby ?" he crouched to his husband and caressing his cheek. vantae was in so much pain
" i think i'm giving birth " jungkook looked at him shocked " baby but your are just eight months " " I DON'T CARE GO CALL JIMIN AND TAE " he shouted " my __water broke " he finished hardly. jungkook's eyes widener and started panicking but he has to stay strong for his omega
and pup " okay okay i'll tell the maid and i'll come back breathe baby " vantae nodded and breathed in and breathed out . jungkoo told the maid to tell his family what's going on and rushed to vantae again jungkook:" let me take you to bed baby " " i can't move it hurt so much "
vantae cried, the pain was unbearable. jungkook:" let's try " he took vantad hand and intertwined it with his and put the other one behind the back and vantae as usual put his hand under the bump , they walked slowly till they arrived to the bed jungkook arranged the pillows
and helped vantae to lay down. jimin and tae arrived " tell me if anything happened " gguk said to tae tae:" okay stay here and when the baby come i'll call you " jeongguk nodded and sat out in the coridor tae and jimin got in " what is it guys ?" jimin asked
jungkook:" he said that his water broke is it possible " jimin nodded " it happen when the baby put so much pressure " tae rushed to his brother and started calming him , his heart is aching so much when he saw his situation. he caressed his cheek " baby be strong " he whispered
vantae nodded weakly and closed his eyes " it hurt so much tae " tae's tears fall down when he saw his brother's weak eyes , he has never seen him weak like this. " do you want to go or stay ?" jimin asked jungkook. vantae hold his hand tightly jungkook:" i'll stay "
jimin:" okay now we need to adjust his position and let me check him " jungkook and tae nodded. they put the pillows in the right position jungkook help vantae to take off his pants and underwear. jimin checked him and said " it's time . vannie listen to me carefully you have to
push with all your power okay " vantae nodded jimin spreaded his leg and stayed in between , jungkook catched his right hand and tae his left " now take a long breath . inhale " jimin said and vantae did as he said. jimin:" now exhale . push vannie "
vantae pushed with all his power . jimin asked jungkook and tae to lift his legs to his chest to make it easier he pushed for a while but it didn't work he was crying and breathing agressively " i can't jimin it hurt so much" he said
jimin:" i know baby but look your baby is excited to meet you this early don't let him down so please bear with me " jimin looked at jungkook " the baby is sunny side up " he said jungkook and tae looked at him confused " what do you mean ?" vantae asked terrified.
jimin:" he is upside down , let's change the position i want you to squate and push " jungkook and tae left him and now he squatted and catched the bed boards he pushed and pushed but nothing happened. and then jimin gave him a towel to press it.
he tried so hard but it was no avail " i'm tired i can't jimin , i'm dying " he said out of breath . tae was crying silently and jungkook was in so much pain , he didn't think that it will be this hard he leaned to him and kissed him so hard
" baby you are so strong you can do it " jungkook said. vantae cried jimin:" lay on your side vannie if you are tired" vantae nodded and switches to push on the side , jungkook catched his hand and crouched next to him and caressed his cheeks, jimin left one leg and asked
him to push. " it won't work " jimin sighed and then he tried on his hands and knees , they put pillows to support his hands . it's been two hours of pushing now and the baby isn't out yet. tae got out to jeongguk to tell him what's happening he was so worry about the baby
and vannie is so dear to him. and then they came back to the first position , lying on the back vantae was a mess , his eyes and nosed red and swollen his throat hurt badly from shouting and crying. " vannie the baby is coming i can see his head push for the last time "
jimin said vantae pushed and shout with all his power " I CAAAN'T AAH " he shooked his head " IT'S BURNING " jimin:" tae lift his leg properly " tae nodded jimin:" vannie his head is out push " vantae pushed and pushed jimin:" good boy one last time "
vantae breathed and pushed one last strong push jimin:" HE IS OUT " he catched the baby from his legs " lift his shirt jungkook and take off yours too the baby needs skin to skin touch" jungkook was trembling and pale but nonethless he nodded and did as he has been told.
" is it a boy or girl ?" tae asked from far. jimin smiled and looked at the new parents " it's a boy congrats " jungkook and tae was so happy seeing the baby for the first time .
jimin put him on vantae's chest vantae looked at him terrified " why he is not crying jimin " he whispered jungkook looked at jimin scared jimin:" don't worry__" he couldn't finish is word and the baby started crying vantae and jungkook cried too
" he is so tiny " jungkook said touching his tiny hand. " welcome home baby , mommy and daddy love you so much " vantae said sobbing and caressing the newborn back. tae was a crying mess seeing the most adorable scene of his brother's little family infront of him.
after giving some privacy to the new parents he walked to them "c-can i see him ?" he asked vantae and jungkook nodded "hi baby welcome to the world " he said and caressed his hand tae:" look at him he is licking his tiny finger , he must be hungry " jimin nodded .
" hyung nothing will happen to him right ?" vantae asked worried sick. jimin smiled " don't worry vannie your baby is so brave he will be good , but he needs an extra care and check up cause he came a month earlier " vantae nodded
they stayed like that for five minutes till jimin cut the umbilical cord and then jungkook took the baby and put him on his chest , he covered him with a small duvet and closed his eyes . jimin finished disinfecting vantae and then he and tae changed the bed sheet
to let him lay down again. jungkook , vantae and the baby were on the bathroom to clean him " baby you are tired you can't even stand let me do it tae will help " jungkook pleaded him " no i'm good i want to do it i want to live every moment with my baby " vantae said weakly.
after finishing cleaning and dressing the new pup nicely they gave him to tae . and jungkook cleaned his husband and dressed him too and took him to lay on bed. tae called jeongguk to come to the room and when he saw the baby he couldn't stop himself from crying ,
tae:" take ggukie " gguk looked at him with his doe eyes he was afraid to carry him he is so tiny " i don't think that i'm ready what if i did something wrong" vantae and jungkook was looking at their brothers with a smile drawn on their faces
" they are so cute " vantae whispered and jungkook nodded. " come here guys i want to see my baby " vantae said tae ,gguk and jimin chuckled and walked to the bed " hyung he looks like us " jeongguk said innocently jungkook nodded " i would be surprised if he didn't , he
almost killed me " vantae said jungkook rubbed his nape " sorry baby" vantae:" it's not you fault baby don't be sorry " jungkook bend and pecked his lips tae and gguk looked at each other nervously ,jimin couldn't stop his laughters .
jungkook rolled his eyes " it's not like you didn't kiss before " tae:" kissing , not seeing bold people kissing near us " vantae and jungkook laughed " so what is his name guys ?" jimin asked. the husbands looked at each other and then at their big babies
" don't cry " vantae warned both of them " jeon taegguk " jungkook said smiling tae and gguk put their hands on their mouths and cried even after the elder warning , their eyes were going to pop out vantae and jungkook were done with their childish behaviour
" congrats guys a nice name " jimin said vantae:" thanks hyung but i think we'll change it " tae glared at him " dare change it i will take him and you won't see him again" the others laugh at his reaction " i think you need to rest hyungs it was
a long night tomorrow we'll back " jeongguk said jimin:" that's right. now i need to go , take a rest vannie and see you tomorrow morning" vantae nodded " thank you so much hyung without you i would be dead now " jimin shooked his head " don't thank me
you are my little brother " jungkook:" thank you hyung it means alot for us " jimin smiled to him and said good bye. " tell the king and the queen that we are good " vantae told tae and gguk. jungkook:" when will they meet him?" vantae:" maybe in a week or more "
jungkook nodded and their brothers understand their decision. it's the parents instinct they can't let anyone see their pup till they feel it's safe . the only two who were allowed to see the baby are tae and gguk with jimin of course. the boys left.
" i think i need to feed him , he is so hungry " vantae said looking at his sleepy baby jungkook:" do you know how ?" vantae shooked his head jungkook:" what now ?" vantae:" tae bear knows how to do it " jungkook:" okay i'll call him he isn't that far"
jungkook got out and rushed to tae ,he found them walking " hyung " he called tae and gguk turned to him tae:" what is it ?" jungkook:" vantae want to feed the baby but he doesn't know how " tae looked at him with a widened eyes " how did i forget about this important thing ?"
he looked at gguk " you go to your room i'll come later " jeongguk nodded and with that tae and jungkook went back to vantae. " i'm sorry baby i forgot about the feeding my happiness blinded me " he said vantae shooked his head " don't be " tae showed his brother the correct
positiona for the baby's head and how he must carry him . when he made sure that the baby is feeding correctly he kissed him and excused himself. jungkook and vantae were looking at the pup with a found eyes " i can't believe that he is already here " vantae whispered
jungkook:" me too , look at those tiny lips " he caressed them " he is a copy of you and your brother but i'm sure he took your behaviours "vantae said jungkook:" baby don't act as you aren't the same " vantae laughed " stubborn and impatient "
jungkook:" don't forget calm and not chaos like the others , i can't bear to have another version of tae or gguk " vantae laughed " they are so energitic " jungkook leaned down and kissed the baby's eyes and nose and then his hands
" now go to sleep baby you are tired" vantae nodded. jungkook put the baby on his crib and went to his mate , they hugged each other and slept a little bit before the baby wake them up again to feed.
_____________โ™ง chapter 27 โ™ง_____________
jungkook and vantae didn't leave taegguk for a second in all this week . their eyes didn't leave him, the slight move he does they be near him immediatly. they were so happy and they didn't believe yet that they are parents. and as they thought their pup is so calm
he wakes up once at night to feed and sleep again till morning. tae and gguk were stuck with them all the time whenever they don't have a work. they change his diapers and clothes and play with him. in general they were so found of him.
the next morning jimin checked him to see if he is in a good health and then tae and gguk came after that . " look at my baby so clean and his tummy is filled " tae talked with him and then he sniffed his smell " ashhh i'm addected " vantae, jungkook and gguk were looking
at him smiling. tae:" i can't believe when i can take you with me out " " calm down tae bear he is just few hours " vantae said
after a week the king and the queen came to see the baby after vantae gave the permission. " look honey he is just like his father when he was newborn" the queen said swaying the baby on her arms , eyes full of tears remembering the painful past.
the king smiled and nodded the queen:" is he tiring you or something ?" jungkook and vantae shooked their heads " he is really a calm baby just like us" vantae said looking at tae and jeongguk " where is the fun in this ? he is sleeping all the time i can't even play with him "
tae said frustrated the others laughed the queen:" he is just a baby tae bear he needs sleep to grow up faster " tae nodded pouting . hoseok , yoongi , namjoon and jin came too but jungkook's eyes didn't leave them for a second , he was so possessive about the baby but his
friends excused him , they knew that possession is an alpha thing. after meeting the baby the king called jungkook to his office. " son we need to talk about the coronation " the king said jungkook nodded the king:"it was suppose to be a month after the baby comes and
because he came a month earlier and you are not having enough time to go to meetings so i decided that the coronation will be in three weeks . you'll finish practise in parallel" jungkook:" as you like your majesty " the king patted his head " now you can come back to
your husband and son " jungkook bowed and left . when he entered his room he found vantae laying on bed with taegguk on his chest. jungkook smiled at the sight infront of him and walked to the bed . he kissed vantae and the baby " hi babies " he said vantae:" welcome my heart"
jungkook:" did he wake up since i left ? " vantae shooked his head " what did your father wants ?" vantae asked jungkook:" he said that the coronation will be in three weeks and i'll finish practise during the work " vantae:" and what did you say ?"
jungkook:" i told him to do what ever he wants " vantae caressed his cheek " are you ready?". jungkook:" i don't know but i'm not afraid, you'll be with me and whenever i need you i'll ask for your help " vantae smiled " good to know that "
jungkook:" now give him to me i missed him " vantae looked at him with a done face " you left for half an hour" jungkook:" i don't care even if it was a second i would miss him " vantae carried the baby carefully and gave him to jungkook who lay down on his back and put
the baby on his chest too. the alpha started caressing his baby's hair and back and then he sniffed his scent. "i hate the fact that i'm gonna start working and let you both alone " jungkook said vantae:" who said you'll let us alone we'll come with you "
jungkook looked at him confused vantae:" taeggukie will be a month after the coronation and i'll be good so i'll start working too " jungkook raised an eyebrow " are you kidding me ? it's not easy as you say . taegguk is a baby and he needs all your attention and care
you can't manage between the two " " but you are here to help me " vantae said jungkook shooked his head " we are not the same, i can bear what you can't " vantae:" fine tae will help me too " jungkook sighed " we'll talk about it later "
vantae didn't say anything , jungkook moved near him carefully and caressed his hair.
three weeks later: it's the day which all the royal family and the risedents are waiting . the coronation of the new kings of crimson blood. jungkook and vantae were preparing themselves ,tae and jeongguk didn't leave them for a minute , they helped them with clothes and
taking care of taegguk " tae don't carry him like that he will throw up " vantae said looking at his brother and son from the mirrow. tae huffed " vannie it's not the first time i carry him stop with your worriness and possession " vantae glared at him .
tae:" just finish already they are waiting for us " vantae:" i'm done just dress taegguk his shoes " tae did as he has been told and then they heard someone knocking the door " come in " tae said jeongguk entered " hyung they are waiting for us " vantae looked at him shocked
" what happened to your hair ?" he asked " he had new look doesn't he look handsome ?" tae said proudly. vantae just nodded " hyung " jeongguk called him vantae hummed gguk:" even jungkook hyung cut his hair " vantae and tae looked at him shocked "WHAT?" both asked .
vantae:" he didn't tell me " gguk:" i asked him to change too , don't worry you'll like it " vantae nodded "where is jungkook ?" gguk took taegguk from tae " he is with yoongi hyung ". vantae checked himself in the mirror for the last time " okay let's go " he said
jungkook and vantae met in the coridor " you look beautiful " jungkook said and pulled his husband from his waist . vantae put his hand on his chest the omega looked at him from head to toe , he couldn't believe what he is seeing " how could you do that ? " the omega asked
jungkook:" don't you like it ?" vantae shooked his head " no you look perfect and young my king but i thought you like your tall hair" jungkook:" it will grew up again" vantae nodded and pecked his lips. " you are lucky you didn't do it while i am pregnant, i would murder you "
jungkook chuckled the couple hold each other hand and headed to the party.
(tae with blond hair )
the ceremony began , the king and the queen were setting on their throne talking with their friends from other kingdoms. jungkook, vantae, jeongguk, tae and yoongi were setting on the same table. tae and jeongguk were playing with taegguk without giving any attention to
what's happening around them. vantae, jungkook and yoongi were talking about random things. " so are you ready for a new chapter of your life guys ?" vantae asked yoongi:" i would be lying if i said i'm not afraid " vantae and jungkook chuckled
" jungkook born ready " tae said busy playing with taegguk and didn't see the glare jungkook sent him. vantae hit his arm " stop glaring at him he is just joking " jungkook rolled his eyes " i'm done with this place and this party" gguk:" hyung we still have a long day "
jungkook huffed. " calm down" vantae said tae:" vannie did you see jimin ? i didn't meet him since the morning " vantae:" because you are busy with taegguk you forgot about everything " gguk:" maybe he is with hobi and jin hyung " vantae:" no he is not if you paid
attention you too you'll know that they are setting near us " jeongguk smiled sheepishly . yoongi's eyes were roaming around looking for a certain person but he couldn't find him. jungkook:" he isn't here don't tire yourself" yoongi looked at him confused " huh?"
jungkook:" the one you are looking for , he isn't here " yoongi:" i'm not looking for anyone i was just looking around " jungkook nodded " yes yes " yoongi glared at him " he is here " vantae said. jungkook and yoongi looked at him " over there " he pointed to the door .
jimin was heading to the table and yoongi's eyes didn't leave him for a second . the beta didn't give him any attention " hi guys " he said. the others answered him. tae:" jiminie set near me " jimin:" no need i'll go to jin hyung i just came to greet you and see taeggukie "
vantae:" hyung just set here " jimin glared at him. vantae sighed " we need to talk " jimin:" excuse me have a nice time " " did he just leave ?" tae asked jungkook:" let him be " after some time a gard approached them. " your majesty the king is calling you and prince vantae "
a gard said jungkook looked at vantae " let's go " vantae nodded " tae take care of taeggukie cover him well , if he cried just call me or take him to our room i'll come running " tae:" hyung stop it " vantae:" he still a baby tae and he hate the noise "
gguk:" don't worry hyung just go " vantae nodded and held jungkook's hand and they went to the king.
jimin headed to jin's table . " hi hyungs " he said jin and namjoon:" hi jimin " hoseok:" what brought you here ?" jimin raised an eyebrow " atleast say hi " hoseok:" hi jimin-ah what brought you here ?" jin and namjoon chuckled. jimin sat near jin " hi came to set with
my friends " " but i thought that vanniee and tae are your friends " jimin:" all of you are my friends " jin:" enough hobi let the boy set with us " hoseok:" okay i'm sorry jiminie i didn't mean it " jimin:" you better be "
after some time yoongi came to them " hyung do you need something ?" hoseok asked yoongi:" can i set with you ?" jin and namjoon nodded " excuse me i have to go " jimin said and left . jin:" this boy is so confusing " namjoon chuckled. hosoek shooked his head
yoongi left the table and started looking for jimin but he couldn't find him . he sighed and headed to the training area he is sure that he will find him there because the beta was coming here the last few months to practise some dance. when he arrived he heard the music sound
so he knew that jimin is here . he entered the room silently to not let him feel his presance. but the beta was so not that dumb to not notice the scent however he kept on dancing and didn't give him any attention .
yoongi was stunned by his mate how he could be this perfect. how comes he didn't notice him since the beginning . how come he didn't aproach him sooner. jimin was dancing smoothly with the rhythm .
after ten minutes jimin felt tired so he stopped and stopped the music. he sighed and turned around to leave . " can we talk ?" yoongi asked jimin:" there is nothing we can talk about " yoongi:" give me just one chance i can explain " jimin laughed sarcastically
" i gave you nine months to explain but you didn't , so now your explination won't change any thing okay " he passed yoongi and got out. yoongi followed him. jimin stopped and turned around " look yoongi i hope you understand me , i waited for you so long but you didn't come
so i moved on , i don't want you to tire yourself and wait for me or follow me . you have to move on too , it's not that easy i know but you'll manage to do it and besides i have an alpha who's courting me" yoongi stiffened in his place and fisted his hand ,
he was hurt hearing that an alpha is courting his mate who supposed to be his. but this is his fault , he had to talk and explain to jimin what's wrong with him from the beginning and give their relation time to work , but he was so coward and afraid what if what happened
in the past will repeat , he didn't want to be with jimin just to prove that he moved on or to full the emptiness inside him . he didn't want to betray jimin and give him hope and make him live in a big lie.
all these months he was running from the reality trying to descover if jimin is just a tool to forget his past or he is something else . at the end he understood that jimin is his mate something different than anything. but he guess that it's too late .
" now excuse me i need to go " jimin said and with that he left.
the beta stormed out to be met with hoseok " where have you been i was looking for you " the alpha asked. jimin was so angry that he wasn't even in his right mind " can you kiss me " he said out of the sudden hoseok looked at him shocked "w-what !" " i said can you kiss me ? "
hoseok swallowed the limp in his throat " never mind , i'm sorry forget about it " jimin said and started to walk but the alpha pulled him from wrist , turned him to face him and smashed their lips together .
they kissed hungrily longing for each other , their hands where roaming around trying to feel each other. " i thought you won't accept me , i was so affraid " hoseok whispered after breaking the kiss. jimin:" i'm sorry ,i made you wait all this months
but i had to be sure that what i feel for you is true, i didn't want to hurt you , you are so dear to me " hoseok smiled and caressed his cheek " so the gifts i've been sending the past months did the job " jimin chuckled " the flowers were the best "
hoseok:" i'll make sure to send you flower every morning then " " you better do or i'll change my mind " jimin said jokingly " i love you " the alpha said jimin freezed in his place not knowing what to say after the sudden confession.
" hey hey it's okay you are not oblige to say it too i understand you , take your time jiminie i just wanted you to know what i feel for you . we'll take it slowly i mean i courted you for five months i can wait a little bit "
jimin hugged him tightly " thank you so much hyung for understanding me , for being patient even if you are not oblige, and you have your own omega out there maybe waiting for you but you chose me a useless beta who can give you nothing even pups , maybe that's why my mate
didn't accept me " " shush what are you saying jimin no omega in the world will take your place in my heart , and that mate of yours may go to hell because he lost a gem . i'm not complaining though i'm lucky that he is stupid enough to let go of you "
jimin stopped at the mention of the stupid alpha. maybe it's a high time to tell hoseok the truth before they start building their relation. he doesn't want to cause any argumant between the two friend and he wants to make things clear from the beginning.
" thank you so much hyung yo___ " jimin stopped talking again when he looked at the shocked face of the alpha. he turned around to be met with yoongi's pale and shocked face , his breath hitched and suddenly no one has the courrage to speak. "hyung " hoseok whispered
yoongi:" when were you going to tell me ? " hoseok:" tell you what ?" yoongi eyes darkened " i saw everything and heard everything so tell me when were you going to tell me?" hoseok looked at him with guilt " i swear i was going to tell you from the beginning but
you were so busy with the practise we hardy met and i was waiting till i myself know the answer " yoongi's heart was paining as if someone is stubbing him . it happened again . " so you moved on " he kinda asked .
hoseok's eyes were filled with tears , he tried all his best to not cry . because no he didn't move on and he won't. his heart will always have a special place to a special person he couldn't have in the past .because he didn't tried all his best.
but he love jimin too and jimin will never be a replacement . he maneged to love them both. he shooked his head with a no yoongi chuckled sarcastically not believing that the alpha his mate was talking about is none other than his best friend.
jimin was looking at both of them trying to understand what are they saying but he couldn't . " what's going on here ?" he asked the three of them were looking at one another waiting for an explaination.
jimin looked at hoseok " what does he mean by you moved on ?" hoseok cleared his throat " i- we " " yes ?" jimin asked impatiently hoseok was so overwhelmed so he looked at yoongi pleading him to say something . after what felt like for ever yoongi spilled the tea.
the three of them were hurting so bad and because he made this chaos he must fix it. things must be cleared to let them move on and heal " me and hoseok loved each other " he said in a low voice . if they weren't wolves they won't catch it but jimin did.
his face paled and he almost fall on the ground if hoseok didn't catched him in the right time. he looked at yoongi "so that's why you rejected me ? " he asked the alpha shooked his head immediately " no i didn't reject you i was trying to figure out my feeling.
i didn't want to be with you just to move on from him. i wanted to make sure that i like you because of who you are. but i guess i'm too late you found someone else someone better ,i won't blame you anyone in your situation would do the same "
" i gave you all the time to make a move but you did nothing i thought you are busy by practise . i gave you other excuses but i guess you had other reasons , so i can't blame you too " hoseok was looking at them as if he is seeing some a ghost . the stupid mate jimin
was talking about all the time is yoongi . how come he didn't figure it out because all yoongi do is running away . and now he feel himself thirdwheeling he has no place to be in anyone of them heart because they are mates and he is nothing to them but a person who loved them
with all his heart and guess what ? he can have none of them cause they are fated mates . why his dumb heart always choose the wrong person ? now he feel like running away and dig a grave to throw his heart because he is so done with his so unfair fate.
the past was painful to him and he did all his best to survive it . it took him years but he maneged to heal his wounded heart a little bit and today that wound is opened again and his heart is bleeding the double , this time his heart won't make it for sure.
jimin walked to him slowly and tried to grab his hand because the alpha was trembling and tears streaming down his face but he felt nothing , he was numb. " hyung " he whispered hoseok didn't respond and backed off . jimin could feel the lost in his eyes
" i was going to tell you hyung to make things clear . i swear i was going to tell you but yoongi came " hoseok was silent. after second of thinking jimin asked in a low voice " do you really love me ? " just to make sure that what the alpha told him was true .
to make sure that what happened between them was real , to make sure that hoseok didn't choose him to move on. and to help himself to decide what to do. hoseok snapped his head when he heard the question and glared at him jimin:" he asked you if you moved on but
you shooked your head does that mean that you don't___" the general shooked his head immediately to not make this misunderstanding go somewhere else " i was honest with you jimin" he closed his eyes and whispered " i loved you not because i want to move on from yoongi
because i didn't move on and i don't think i can and i don't want to. i loved you because hell i don't know why . i love you both but i guess i don't have the right to ruin things between you because you are mates " " hobi " yoongi said after along period of silence.
"i'm really sorry for being coward. i'm sorry that cared about what people will say about the relation between two alphas. i'm sorry that i left them decided insead of me. i was afraid of their judgements. i was afraid that they will hurt your pure heart because they are cruel.
i was afraid if they kill you or take you away from me . i decided to break our hearts once for the best to not let them break us everytime they say something . i can bear seeing you infront of me but not having you than not seeing you forever.
i can't leave without you by my side. i was stupid i guess but i was young too . i wanted you to find your mate and be happy but fate has another plans " when he finished he turned to look at jimin " you are important to me too jimin " the beta's heart ached after hearing his
name from his supposed to be alpha for the first time. " you and hobi are the most important persons to me . i'm happy that i didn't end up with hoseok from the beginning to not hurt you because you deserve all the best .
you are so kind and any alpha in the world wish to be with you and hobi is the best i think. i hope he makes you happy and gives you what i couldn't . i know i hurt you and for you it seemed that i was rejecting you but the truth is i was making things clear to me "
jimin was listening carefully . after hearing both of them he arrived to a conclusion yoongi and hoseok loved each other since forever and none of them moved on. hoseok catched feelings for the beta and confessed .
yoongi was trying to give himself time to figure out his feeling to not feed jimin lies and at the end the alpha wanted to give himself and jimin a chance so maybe he like him too but now he thinks hoseok is best for jimin.
the three of them are on the same boat . the three of them made mistakes and hurt one another in a different way without sensing . they need some time . time will fix things and time will heal them. jimin wants to fix things between the three of them.
yoongi and hoseok are letting go because they think that they are not worthy . " i think we need some time to make things clear and work " jimin finaly and the last decision will be his of course. " and i'm talking about the three of as not just me and yoongi "
he added while looking at hoseok . the alphas looked at him shocked " you love each other so much that you couldn't move on all this years . one of you love me and the second wanted a chance but after knowing the truth you are letting go for the sake to not hurt the other
aren't you tired hurting yourself ? do you think that this is the solution ?" he asked but didn't wait answers from this two stupid alphas in love. " i heard both of you , so maybe it's my time to say what i feel " yoongi and hoseok nodded silently .
jimin took a deep breath. " i do understand your reasons yoongi and i'm glad you thought about not to betray me but let me tell you , you hurt me a little bit on the process . don't worry there is nothing that can not be fixed .
i'll forgive you one day maybe when you try to gain my heart but don't think that it will be easy . i'll make sure to teach you a lesson for making me wait for you for almost a year. hobi hyung my feelings for you were not replacement , i didn't choose you
because i couldn't have my mate. no i chose you because you deserve to be loved you are purehearted you deserve all the best. what i want to say is just give me some time,let me think and figure out what i want ,what my heart wants and you too have some time stay with yoursleves
and think . i want no one of you to let go and i don't want you to compet because maybe at the end you would end up together after all this years . you'll find your solace and i won't be oblige to choose between the two of you because breaking one of your hearts will break
mine too . the three of us are on the same boat " when he finished he turned around and left leaving the two of them frozen on their places.
the beta entered his room and closed the door. he jumped on his bed and closed his eyes , he was so tired and his head was aching like a hammer was hitting it. it wasn't a minute he heard knocking on the door. " jiminie can you open the door ?" tae asked
jimin sighed and opened the door. " what is it tae ?" he asked tae walked in " what are you doing here ? " jimin:" i felt a little bit tired so i came to take a rest " tae:" did you talk with yoongi hyung ?" jimin looked at him frowning " i saw how you got up when he came to
set with you and when he followed you out " " did he say anything?" tae asked in a low voice jimin sighed and told him everything happened with him the last five months . tae looked at him shocked and betrayed " hobi hyung loves you?" he asked to make sure that he is
not hallucinating jimin nodded . " and yoongi wants to fix things because he had his own reasons " jimin nodded again " and yoongi hyung and hoseok hyung loved each other since forever " tae tried to absorb all this new information " okay , nice " he was talking to himself .
jimin shooked his head " i asked them to give me some time to think " tae:" and what do you want ? " jimin:" i don't know i mean i have feelings for hobi hyung and yoongi is my mate i have a bond with him so it's obvious that i have feelings for him too. honestly i don't know
what to do " " take your time and think about it i'm sure the three of you will have a solution and i hope no one of you get hurt " jimin nodded " give me a hug " tae said and hugged his best friend " i missed you so much jiminie " " me too tae bear "
" now we need to go vannie will become a king today so it's so important to be with him " jimin said " jiminie you are tired you can take a rest vannie will excuse you" tae said jimin dragged him to the bathroom " fix my makeup we need to go ".
tae sighed and did what his friend asked him . after that they went back to the party.
___________โ™ง chapter 28 โ™ง_____________
the time has come , after eating , drinking and chatting the king stood from his throne and asked everyone to give him his attention. the room filling with silence. " so dear kings and queens , princes and princesses and ladies and gentlemen welcome to crimson blood.
we are gethered here today to witness the coronation of the new king of our kingdom jeon jungkook the true blood alpha and the right heir of the throne. i know that you've heard about his return to the castle but you didn't see him yet .
acually he asked me to give him some time till he feels comfortable adapt. today is the day that you'll meet him and not alone but with his luna and their beloved son " the king announced the only thing was heard is gasps and surprised faces
the king:" calm down please and let me finish . we hid this things from you because the couple asked us to not say anything till things get done and till they adjust with the new situation . my residents met already and saw prince vantae on his wedding but for those
who doesn't know my son's husband is prince jeon vantae the previous prince of silver dawn " and another gasps was heard . " silence please prince jungkook and prince vantae are mates for your information they didn't get married for the seek of the kingdoms or for the alliance .
so please jungkook and vantae come here and meet your people " the king said. jungkook and vantae held each other hands and headed to the king . the king hugged both of them and said welcome. the king:" now we will start the coronation rituals "
the king said his speech and it's the time to give the two new kings their crowns the king stood infront of jungkook with a golden crown " and now i announce you jeon jungkook the new king and the head alpha of crimson blood " the king said and places the crown on his head.
jungkook adjusted himself and looked at the crowd , he cleared his throat " ladies and gentlemen welcome and thank you for being here with us in this occasion. without talking long , i king jeon jungkook i promise that i'll try all my best to be a good king like my father "
he said and looked at the king . the king smiled , a tear streamed down his face because this is the first time jungkook call him father in all these period so he thought that finaly jungkook opened up to them . the wait is over.
" i know that this kingdom is so precious to all of you and i know that you'll do all your best to protect it with all what you have. from my side i'll try to work hard to listen to you and fulfill all your requests , your safety will be my first priority and with time
we'll know each other . i won't ask the impossible, the only thing i want you to do is be respectful and honest because i won't tolerate if you betray me or the kingdom . thank you " jungkook said the people started shouting and clapping their hands "long live king jungkook "
" i'm really afraid about the kingdom to be honest " jin whispered to namjoon namjoon elbowed him " shush do you want him to hear you ? his majesty is not what you are thinking he is , i dealed with him on the training period and let me tell you that he will be a great king "
jin:" can't you see his eyes he doesn't blink " namjoon:" honey he will be the king to lead us not to be friend with us so what you need with is eyes " jin huffed " i know i know but a smile won't kill " namjoon sighed
" now prince vantae come here please " the king said vantae walked to him " i announce you jeon vantae the new king and the luna of crimson blood " the king said and put a silver crown on his head . vantae smiled and said thank you. now it's his time to say his speech.
" ladies and gentlemen i king vantae promise to do all my best to be at your service and i hope i won't let you down___ " " is it true that your father dishonored you your majesty ?" one of the guests asked vantae fisted his hand and faked a smile " i think king jungkook
said every thing so no need to talk so much thank you " with that he walked near to jungkook " how dare she " jungkook gritted his teeth vantae:" don't mind her she is not worthy to waste your time with her " jungkook:" she interrupted you and asked you that stupid question
and you are calm. i know that you are hurt don't hide it " " enough let's enjoy a little bit and go to our room taeggukie need to sleep " vantae said. jungkook didn't answer him because he really wanted to kill that girl.
" now i want you to meet kim taehyung prince jeongguk's mate and king vantae's twin brother " the king said tae was so nervous, jeongguk intertwined their hands and headed to the king. " don't worry they will like you" jeongguk whispered in his ear .
the crowd clapped their hands and greeted them but also they were stunned from the resembling between the kings and their brothers.
the party finished and all the guests started to leave . jungkook and vantae were with their friends setting after a lot of congrsts from the other kings and queens " it was a long day " hoseok said. the others nodded gguk:" i don't know what would i do if i was the one
who was greeted with all those people " jungkook and vantae laughed and got up " we need to go guys the king is waiting for us " jungkook said " as you like your majesties " hoseok said and bowed the new kings rolled their eyes vantae:" stop it hyung "
vantae and jungkook knocked the door and entered after hearing a fainted 'come in'. they smiled when they saw the king holding their baby and playing with him " welcome sons and congratulations " the queen said and got up to hug them jungkook walked to her and hugged her
tightly trying to smell her scent as much as he can " thank you mom " he whispered. the queen widened her eyes and broke the hug to look at her son in the eyes . jungkook smiled and kissed her forehead and palm. " being a father opened my eyes and made me understand
your feeling better. being rejected by your son is so painful i'm sorry for taking a long time to open up with you and i'm sorry if i hurt you because it was not my intention at all " the queen hugged him and started crying .
vantae took taegguk from the king's hands to let him join them. jungkook hugged him too " i'm sorry dad " he cried " i'm so proud of you son " the king said. the queen hugged vantae " what about you son ? did you think about what i asked you the first day? " she asked.
vantae nodded and smiled " yes mom " the queen jumped on him and hugged the shit out of him without harming the pup on his arms. vantae giggled " mom you are going to kill my baby " jungkook said the queen pinched her son's cheek " my little baby is afraid about his husband "
jungkook looked at her terrified " please mom i'm not jeongguk don't treat me like that " he said the king and vantae laughed the queen:" aren't you my son too ? so i have all the right to baby you , i'll make up to you all those 24 years you spent far from me "
vantae laughed so hard seeing his husband reaction. the queen turned to him " and you " she pointed at the omega "don't think that you'll be any different " and it's jungkook's turn to laugh at vantae's reaction. " look at my cutey son" she pinched vantae's cheeks this time
vantae pouted " mom we have a son now stop treating us as babies " she shooked her head . jungkook and the king laughed at their cuteness. " honey tae and gguk will be jealous if they hear that you have new babies " the king said. the queen:" the five of them are our babies
and we'll treat them equally " vantae and jungkook looked at each other confused but after the queen carried taegguk they understood that she was talking about their son too. they hugged each other " we are so lucky " vantae whispered to him jungkook nodded
" now we'll let you go you must be tired " the king said . jungkook and vantae carried taegguk and excused themselves.
it was the next morning . jungkook and yoongi started their work in the king's office and they were doing some papers. " hyung " jungkook called for the nth time. yoongi hummed . jungkook:"what is it ?" yoongi looked at him confused " what ?"
jungkook:" hyung i didn't talk about it that doesn't mean i didn't notice it . yesterday you weren't good in the ceremony what's the matter ?" yoongi sighed " i tried to talk with jimin " he said jungkook looked at him surprised " really ? and what happened ?"
yoongi:" he said that someone is courting him already" jungkook looked at him sadly yoongi:" hobi " jungkook:" huh ?" yoongi:" hobi is courting him " jungkook stiffened in his place yoongi:" i don't know what to do honestly i'm lost " jungkook looked at him confused
so yoongi told him what happened yestreday exactly. " do you perhaps have feelings for him?" he asked yoongi:" whom ?" jungkook:" jimin hyung " the alpha raised his head and looked at jungkook in the eyes jungkook:" hyung don't lie " " i won't because we both know that i didn't
have any problem with jimin, i didn't hate him ,i just needed some time to figure out my feeling toward him and tried to move on " yoongi said. jungkook:" so you like him " yoongi breathed and put his head on his chair " yes i do " jungkook:" what about hoseokie hyung "
yoongi:" i do too " " okay then good luck " yoongi adjusted himself and glared at him . " what ?" jungkook asked yoongi:" he is asking me to choose between him and hobi " jungkook shooked his head " what i'm trying to say is follow your heart as jimin said "
" just finish your work you are not helping " yoongi said and closed his eyes. he is so tired of overthinking the situation because he can't bear see anyone of them hurt . if jimin choosed him hoseok will die for sure and if hoseok choose him jimin will be alone again.
but if the laters choose each others he will be happy . at least he knows that his beloved ones are happy.
jimin and tae were in vantae's room checking on taegguk and playing with him. but vantae noticed that jimin is not okay , he is zoning out so much , his face looks tired and pale and most importantly he is not the smiley jimin he knows. " jiminie is there something wrong ?"
vantae asked. jimin didn't hear him and kept on playing with the baby " hyung " he repeated in a higher pitch jimin flinched and turned his head to him " huh?" he asked in a low voice. vantae:" i asked you if there is something wrong with you , you look ill "
jimin shooked his head . vantae looked at tae "๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ?" vantae linked tae:" ๐‘–๐‘ก'๐‘  ๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘ก ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘”๐‘– โ„Ž๐‘ฆ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘”" vantae:" ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘ โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘˜ ๐‘ก๐‘œ โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘š ?" tae:"๐‘ฆ๐‘’๐‘ " tae sighed " ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘˜๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ค ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก โ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘๐‘– โ„Ž๐‘ฆ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘”
๐‘™๐‘œ๐‘ฃ๐‘’ ๐‘—๐‘–๐‘š๐‘–๐‘› " vantae looked at him as if he grew two heads " ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘œ ๐‘ก๐‘œ๐‘™๐‘‘ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ?" tae:" ๐‘—๐‘–๐‘š๐‘–๐‘›๐‘–๐‘’ " vantae sighed frustrated . " tae take taeggukie to is room and let him sleep" he said tae:" but hyung he___ " vantae glared at him
tae:" oh i forgot that taegguk didn't have so much sleep yesterday " " you know that you are aweful at acting you know ?" jimin said
tae smile sheepishly. tae:" before i forget i wanted to tell you something " vantae frowned " what is it ?" tae:" don't worry hyung it's a good thing " jimin:" say it already " " me and ggukie decided that our wedding will be in three months "
vantae and jimin looked at him surprised vantae:" WHAT ? how could you say it with that ease as if it is a random thing" " oh my god congrats soulmate i'm so happy for you " jimin said and hugged him. after that vantae walked to him and hugged him tightly too
" you grow up and you'll marry " tae giggled " hyung we are the same age and you are already married and with a baby too " vantae hit his arm lightly " we are not the same " jimin laughed vantae:" you are my baby " tae pouted and looked at him with a teary eyes
" don't let me cancel everything " vantae glared at him" as if you are going anywhere we'll live together till our last breath" tae whined " vannieee stoop don't say that you know i don't like when you say that phrase " jimin and vantae chuckled
" go now or i won't let you marry him " vantae warned tae:"ย  sorry but you already gave us your blessing " vantae carried taegguk he gave him alot of kisses and scente him and then he put him on his brother's arms " just go " with that tae and taeggukie left the room.
vantae turned to jimin . " so do you want me to check on you ?" jimin asked vantae rolled his eyes " as if you don't know what we will talk about " vantae said jimin sighed at sat on the bed , vantae sat near him and put his arm around his shoulder " so hyung tell me what's
wrong with you maybe i can help " jimin shooked his head " you can't help vannie it's so complicated " jimin said but he told vantae everything happened with him yesturday . vantae knew about yoongi and hoseok love story months ago. jimin and yoongi being mates it's old news
but hobi courting the beta without his knowledge is a big surprise. vantae and hoseok has been friends long time ago how come he hide something big like this ? he will visit him and ask him of course " i know that you talked with tae about it, but i want you to know that i'm by
your side ,you are my brother too even if i don't show it to you usually but believe me i care about you, don't feel alone " jimin nodded and hugged him " thank you so much vannie , i really appreciate it . now i have to leave i have alot of work to do " vantae nodded
"good bye " jimin said vantae:" good bye " vantae sighed and decided to pay jungkook a visit. he changed his clothes and headed to the office .
he knocked the door and opened it " may i come in ?" he asked jungkook smiled and nodded vantae:" hi hyung hi jungkookie " yoongi:" hi " jungkook:" welcome , set " vantae sat on his husband office " i came to see what are you doing in your first day " vantae said
jungkook:" we are doing well thanks for asking baby " vantae smiled " what about you hyung ? do you find any difficulties ?" yoongi:" till now everything is good we don't know later . now excuse me i have to go " jungkook frowned but vantae squeezed his hand to not say anything
jungkook:" okay hyung take care " yoongi nodded and left the office. vantae stood from his chair and headed to set on jungkook's lap " so how is it look like being a king ?" he asked jungkook sighed " responsability " vantae caressed his cheek " i know you can do it "
jungkook smiled and leaned closer to him and captured their lips . vantae moved closer and put his arms around his shoulder to deepen the kiss . after few minutes they broke the kiss and hugged each other. " where is taeggukie ? why you didn't bring him ?" jungkook asked
vantae:" he is with tae i didn't want to bring him because i want to talk to you about something very important " jungkook:" what is it ?" vantae:" yoongi and jimin hyung " jungkook sighed
" what's wrong with them ?" vantae:" did he say anything to you ? " jungkook nodded " but we can't doย  anything baby it's up to them " vantae:" i'm afraid that one of them will be left heartbroken . it hurts so much " jungkook looked at him in the eye " i'm sorry baby "
vantae glared at him " don't start again , it's already been a year " jungkook pecke him " i'm sorry baby . and about them let them fix their problem alone if they need anything we will help " vantae sighed and nodded
____________โ™ง chapter 29 โ™ง_____________
three months later: three months passed quickly . the royal family were busy preparing for the princes wedding . the queen did all her best to make everything perfect and she didn't let tae and gguk do anything or see anything , it will be a surprise for them.
jin and jimin did all their best to make tae looks perfect . they took care of his makeup and suit while vantae and taegguk didn't let him any minute. " are you ready baby ? we need to go " vantae said tae:" yes yes i'm ready " " calm down tae you are nervous " jimin said.
tae turned to him " jiminie it's not easy you know ?" vantae and jin laughed vantae gave taegguk to jin and hold taehyung's hand " let's go " tae breathed and intertwin his arm with his brother's one and they walked to the ceremony room.
" i'm afraid vannie " tae whispered vantae:" i was too but don't worry everything will be okay " tae nodded when they arrived to jeongguk vantae gave him tae in his hand " take care of him " vantae said jeongguk nodded " don't worry hyung "
vantae smiled with him and headed to jungkook and taegguk . now jeongguk and taehyung are standing facing each other and saying their vows. jeongguk squeezed tae's hand , he was so nervous " cupcake actually i didn't prepare along speech because you know that i can't talk
infront of people " the guests laughed " our relationship was so smooth and so simple yet so romantic , i remember the first time we met on the garden and we new that we are mates , it was one of the best moments . i consider myself so lucky because god chose me to have such
an ethereal and perfect person. i want to tell you that you are the purest human being i saw ever , you are my angel and you are the source of my happiness. you are the one who made my life colorful and meaningful , you made me love strawberry pie while i hated it "
tae chuckled and wiped his tears "thank you so much for accepting me with all my flaws? for being patient with my childish behaviour and for not jugding my weak personality. i vow to make you happy and protect you with all my power i love you taehyungie and to be honest i don't
know from where i gained these confidence to say all of this words " jeongguk finished his vows and his cheeks were pink from embarrassement . tae hold his cheeks and started pinching them " my ggukie my baby don't be shy " he said
" i know that you'll die from embarrassement too " gguk said pouting. all the guests were cooing and smiling from their cuteness.
tae:" so vannie hyung and jiminie hyung knew how much i cared and waited for my mate to show up all these years. i came with my father to crimson blood to talk with the prince to stop his arranged marriage with my brother. i remember that that day i sniffed roses
smell and i hurried to pick some from the garden but the roses i picked weren't smelling the same scent i sniffed till i eyed the most beautiful rose ever . you. meeting you was a dream came true. when i came to know that you are my brother's groom i was sad but you were
their to assure that you won't accept it and you won't let me down. let me tell you that you are the cutest alpha i saw ever "
chuckles were heard. " and the most talented one , i don't want you to feel ashamed about your personality because i loved you because of it. thank you for caring about me and bearing my childish behabiours too , thank you for everything . you are the cause of my joy,
i vow to respect you and not to judge you , i vow to stand by your side in all your ups and downs and help you whenever you ask i loved you so much ggukie from the first sight , my love for you grew every minute we spent together and i promise that i'll still love
you till my last day " jeongguk and tae were a crying mess by now , the authorized cleared his throat " so now will you jeon jeongguk accept kim taehyung__" " i do " jeongguk said without waiting him to finish the guests clapped their hands. " and you kim taehyung will you ____"
tae:" yes i do " the authorized:" okay so now i can announce you husband and husband you may kiss each other " gguk and tae looked at each other shyly " JUST KISS ALREADY " vantae shouted from far tae glared at him and turned to jeongguk. the alpha moved closer to him and
pecked his lip , tae closed his eyes from embarrassement and then he hugged his husband tightly. jimin and jin were shouting with all their power and jumping from happiness. and all the crowd was happy too. after that the newly wedded couple danced and chatted a little
bit with their friends and it's time to leave. " good luck tae bear " jimin said smirking vantae and jin laughed at tae's red face tae:" meanie i hate all of you " " we love you too baby " vantae said giggling " now don't forget to wear what we bought you don't do
like your brother " jin said vantae rolled his eyes tae whined " stop it hyuuung " jimin:" okay okay let the boy he will explode from shyness" they hugged him and let him go.
tae and gguk entered their shared room. jeongguk headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower , after that he wore only his pants and he left his chest nacked. tae looked at him sheepishly and then lowered his head " do you want me to wear a shirt ?" jeongguk asked
tae shooked his head immediatly " i-ii need to take a shower too excuse me " with that he rushed to the shower. he locked the door and hid his face with his hands " huufff why i'm not bold like vannie " he scolded himself and then he took a deep breath .
after a warm shower he took the dress jimin and jin bought for him and wore it, he checked himself in the mirror and headed out to fine his mate reading a book. jeongguk raised his head when he heard the bathroom door opened and that's when his eyes widened and his cheeks
reddened and the same thing happened with tae. the omega walked slowly to the bed with his wobbly feet , jeongguk noticed that and rushed to him , he held his hand and took him to bed. he sat and let him set on his lap and then heย started brushing his hair .
the alpha leaned to his omega and captured his lips. tae put his arms around gguk's nape , his heart was pulsing rapidly and jeongguk could feel that. " we can wait if you are not ready ?" jeongguk whispered tae closed his eyes and shooked his head " no i'm ready "
gguk:" don't worry i'll be so gentle " tae nodded and hugged him tightly " i'm a little bit nervous " he said with a teary eyes jeongguk broke the hug and faced him " shushh calm down baby " gguk said caressing hia cheeks and slowly he put tae on the bed .
he spreaded his legs and hovered over him and kissed him again and again. when he felt that his husband is a little bit better he moved to his collarbone and started kissing him and giving him love bite, tae moaned from the new feeling. jeongguk put his hand under tae's dress
and started pinching his napple " can i do this cupcake ?" he asked tae closed his eyes and nodded " y-yes please " he felt so good . gguk:" can i remove the dress ?" tae looked at him and when he saw his mate's soft eyes assuring him that he will be okay he nodded and lift
himself to help jeonnguk take the dress off , with that he was wearing just a panty. when the alpha saw the view infront of him he chuckled , tae pouted " didn't you like it?" tae whispered gguk shooked his head " no cupcake i loved it so much but i didn't think that
you could do it " " jiminie and jinnie hyung told me to wear it " tae said innocently gguk:" i'm glad you listened to them " with that jeongguk started kissing and biting every part of the omega's body till he reached the panty, he looked at tae again and asked the permission
to take it off , tae nodded and asked him to take his clothes off too. jeongguk did as tae said and underessed himself , and now they are both naked. tae put his hand to hide his privet area but gguk was so fast to remove his hand " don't hide yourself from me cupcake you are so
beautiful" he whispered on his ear. tae shivered from his voice and nodded slowly. the night passed smoothly between the two lovers,it's true that tae cried a little bit from the pain but after the euphoric feeling he forgot everything with jeongguk's sweet words and praises.
____________โ™ง chapter 30 โ™ง____________
vantae woke up when he heard taegguk crying . he headed to check on him , he fed him and made him sleep again , after that he looked at his bed to find jungkook sweating and his face was pale . vantae put the baby on his crib and rushed to him " jungkookie " he called him in
a low voice but the alpha didn't answer. he shacked him once and twice but he didn't wake up . his heart was throbbing on his chest and his breath fastened. " I SAID WAKE UP " he shouted but he was met with silence . he gathered himself and called the gard near the door.
" yes your majesty " the gard said and bowed " bring the doctor and jeongguk HURRY UP " vantae shouted at the end. the gard bowed and run to the clinic
tae and gguk were hugging each other and smiling remembering what happened last night till they heard knocking on the door. jeongguk frowned " didn't mom tell them to not disturb us ?" tae:" go see ggukie maybe it's emergency " the alpha nodded and got up to open the door
" what is it ?" he asked the gard:" king vantae want you to go to his room" jeongguk looked at him confused " didn't he say why ?" the gard:" he asked us to bring the doctor to king jungkook " after hearing his brother's name jeongguk excused himself and entered his room.
" what is it ggukie ?" tae asked " i don't know vantae called me to go to his room i think jungkook is ill " the alpha said wearing his shirt tae:" okay i'll wear my clothes and come after you " jeongguk nodded and pecked his lips before going out " sorry baby for letting
you alone in our first morning " tae glared at him " your brother's health is more important pabo go now " the omega pushed him to go . jeongguk arrived to his brother room to find jimin and the doctor checking on him .
he found vantae setting quietly in the corner so he walked to him . he crouched and put his hand on the omega knee " what happened hyung ?" vantae:" i woke up to check on taegguk when i returned to lay down i looked at jungkookie i found him pale , he was sweating
and when i shacked him to wake up he didn't open his eyes " jeongguk nodded and rubbed his hand " don't worry hyung he will be okay" the doctor and jimin checked jungkook's body and from the first sight they knew what's the matter . jimin leaned to the king's mouth and
tried to smell it . they looked at each other and nodded " your majesty " the doctor called. vantae and gguk turned to him " what is it ?" jeongguk asked the doctor:" your majesty someone poisoned the king " vantae and jeongguk looked at him shocked
vantae was going to hit him but jeongguk caged his arms from behind and did all his best to not breakdown , he must be strong to console his hyung . " YOU ARE A LIAER I'M GONNA KILL YOU " vantae shouted " shushh hyung please calm down" jeongguk tried to stop him
vantae:" aren't you hearing what he is saying let me jeongguk i'm gonna kill him " gguk:" hyung he is doing his job " and then he turned to jimin " hyung tell him that what the doctor said is true " jeongguk pleaded him jimin looked at vantae with a sad eyes
" vannie this is truth please be strong " vantae glared at him " DON'T ASK ME TO BE STRONG " jimin hugged him tightly " vannie please be strong jungkook need you " the king and the queen entered the room , they found jimin hugging vantae and jeongguk was talking with the
doctor . the king walked to him " what is it gguk ?" jeongguk looked at his father with a teary eyes and hugged him tightly the king didn't understand anything and then he looked at the doctor. the doctor rubbed his forehead and repeated what he said to vantae and gguk
" the king is poisoned " the king's eyes widened and the queen fainted on the floor . jimin and jeongguk ran to her " mom " jeongguk shacked her jimin brought a parfume and crouched to her to let her gain her consciousness, at the same time tae was entering the room ,
when he heard what the doctor said he covered his mouth with his hand and then looked at his twin to find him setting on the chair stiffened his face was expressionless he walked to him and hugged him tightly " vannie " he whispered vantae looked at him
tae on the floor caressed his cheek " he will be okay don't worry " vantae nodded " i know " and then he got up from his chair finaly and headed to his bed , he sat their and started caressing jungkook's hair " i want him awake now " he ordered
jimin:" vannie the doctor took a dose from his blood we already know the poision type but he will examinate it and prepare the cure" " and how much time it will take ?" tae asked the doctor:" we will try to prepare the cure in three days and we will apply it on him
" thanks god we found early because it would be difficult to heal him if we was late " jimin said. gguk:" so you are telling me that his healing porsontage is high ?" jimin nodded " we hope so , jungkook's body is so strong that's why we are sure he will pass it "
" bring me jin hyung, hoseok and namjoon hyung " vantae said the doctor left to do his work and jimin got out to tell the gard to call their friends. when he was going to get in he found yoongi coming , his face was paler than the usual
" is it true ?" he asked jimin nodded sadly. he knows that the king is so dear to him .the hurt was clear on his mate's eyes . yoongi entered the room and walked to his best friend bed , he sat next to him and looked at him with teary
jungkook is his friend from childhood seeing him in this situation , laying down like a dead corpse is bothering him , he wants to hit him and makes him wake up . " who did that?" he asked jeongguk:" we don't know " " and what are you waiting for ?" yoongi said in a cold voice
no one blamed him because they all know that jungkook means alot to him . jin, hoseok and namjoon knocked the door and entered hoseok's feet were wobbly he walked slowly and stood near yoongi , he fisted his hand " how they dare to do that to our king "
he said gritting his teeth. vantae turned to look at jin his hand didn't leave jungkook's for a second " jin hyung can you explain to me what happened ?" he said coldly jin didn't answer and lowered his head vantae:"YOU WERE THE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS FOOD HOW THIS SHIT REACHED
HIS DISH " " i-ii'm really sorry your majesty " jin stuttered vantae glared at him " WILL YOUR SORRY HEAL HIM " " HHYUNG " tae shouted at him vantae turned to glare at his brother tae:" it's not his fault , i'm sure that the one who did this didn't let anyone see him"
jeongguk looked at jin " hyung did you see anyone you don't know in the kitchen ?" jin thought a little bit and than it hit him
___ โ™ง flash back โ™ง___ ๐‘—๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘’๐‘›๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘˜๐‘–๐‘ก๐‘โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘› ๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘›๐‘›๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘๐‘˜ ๐‘œ๐‘› ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘˜๐‘  ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘ ๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘›๐‘ก๐‘  ๐‘–๐‘“ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘ฆ ๐‘“๐‘–๐‘›๐‘–๐‘ โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘’๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘ฆ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘๐‘ข๐‘ก โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘“๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘Ž ๐‘ ๐‘ก๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘”๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘›
๐‘ ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ " ๐‘’๐‘ฅ๐‘๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘’ ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘‘๐‘œ ๐‘– ๐‘˜๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ค ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ? " ๐‘—๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘Ž๐‘ ๐‘˜๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘› ๐‘ โ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘˜๐‘’๐‘‘ โ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘‘ " ๐‘›๐‘œ ๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘Ÿ " ๐‘—๐‘–๐‘›:" ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘–๐‘›๐‘” โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ? ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘Ž ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘˜ ?"
" ๐‘›๐‘œ ๐‘– ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘˜๐‘’ ๐‘Ž ๐‘”๐‘™๐‘Ž๐‘ ๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘š๐‘ฆ ๐‘”๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘๐‘š๐‘Ž " ๐‘—๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘‘๐‘‘๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘ ๐‘š๐‘–๐‘™๐‘’๐‘‘ " ๐‘œ๐‘˜๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ " ๐‘ค๐‘–๐‘กโ„Ž ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘™๐‘’๐‘“๐‘ก ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘ก๐‘ฆ ____ โ™ง end of flash back โ™ง____
jin told them what happened yesterday with him " so maybe he is the one " jimin said tae:" but how will we find him you said he is not from here ?" namjoon:" or maybe he didn't do it " " listen to me all of you i want who did this to him here infront of me in a week .
namjoon hyung you'll investigate everyone in the castle and you'll look for that man jin hyung is talking about " vantae said namjoon bowed " at your orders your majesty now excuse me " namjoon said vantae nodded with that he left with hoseok who will help him and jin .
tae was hugging jeongguk and rubbing his back the poor alpha couldn't stop his tears . tae was consoling him and saying sweet words for him. the king took the queen to her room to take a rest because her situation was so miserable her doctor visited her and gave her a medicine
to make her sleep . yoongi and vantae didn't leave the bed for a second and so jimin . " yoongi hyung i want you take care of the meetings in our absence " vantae said " and you gguk if you can help him i'll be thankful " jeongguk sighed and nodded
" i think you should take a rest all of you it was a long day " jimin said. jeongguk shooked his head " i want to stay here with my brother " he said tae:" ggukie atleast come with me eat something and come back " gguk:" no cupcake i'm not hungry "
" but you have to jeongguk ,you must be strong and healthy for the seek of your borther and his family vannie and taegguk need you now " tae said with blurry eyes jeongguk looked at him and wiped his tears with his finger " cupcake hyung didn't eat anything from the morning too
can you ask the maid to prepare something for him?" gguk asked tae sighed and nodded " okay stay here, few minutes and food will be ready " jimin:" be careful and let someone taste it before " tae nodded " okay hyung " taegguk started crying " tae bear can you give him to me
please ?" vantae asked him tae walked to the crib and carried the baby to give him to his brother. vantae took taegguk and put him on jungkook's chest , when he sniffed his father's scent he calmed down tae and gguk couldn't stop themselves from crying even their baby could feel
his father's absence. tae wiped his tears " WHY YOU ARE DOING THIS " he shouted , the others looked at him confused but then they understood that he is talking with vantae , he walked to him and started shacking him " why are you doing this to yourself hyung ? you don't need
to show us that you are strong . isn't this man who is laying down is your lover ? why you aren't crying ? JUST TELL ME " tae shouted . vantae looked at him " he is fine and he will heal no need to worry about him and lower your voice taeggukie is asleep"
tae looked at him shocked " are you mad hyung ? please don't do this to yourself " " tae bear let him be " jimin said tae looked at jimin " don't you see why he is acting ?" jimin sighed and hugged him " tae baby vannie is shocked that's why he is doing this he can't
controle himself " tae sobbed " shush " jimin tried to calm him down tae:" i'm so afraid jiminie " jimin sighed " baby let me take you to your room you need to take a rest " tae objected firstly but jimin did what he wanted with that they left the room.
" yoongi hyung you too go " vantae said yoongi:" i'll go but put it in your mind i'll come back at night to gard him and you'll take a rest too " vantae shooked his head " i don't think that i can take a rest and he is like that " yoongi:" jungkook will kill us if he comes to
know that we didn't take care of you " vantae chuckled for the first time from the morning and then he leaned and kissed his husband's forehead . vantae:" jeonggukie go check on taehyung " jeongguk nodded and left .
the room was calm right now just jungkook ,vantae and their little taeggukie , vantae laid down and hugged his mate from the side and put his hand on taegguk back to support him with that he closed his eyes.
tae headed to his room and laid on his bed when he turned to his left side he frowned and raised his head , he found a paper on the nightstand , he got up and took it
____________โ™ง chapter 31 โ™ง_____________
the paper fall on the ground and so the omega's heart . he was shocked and panicked what should he do ? this person is threathening him by his husband's life and now he is sure that he is the same one who poisoned jungkook.
tae wore his cloak and headed out to the stable . he took a deep breath " your majesty do you need me to prepare the chariot for you ?" the gard said tae panicked and turned to him , he wanted to take the horse but he has a trauma from him so he nodded " yes please "
he said in a low voice . the gard bowed and left. tae got in the chariot " where do you want me to take you your majesty ?" the gard asked tae:" take me to the forest " the gard:" in this time ?" tae:" yes just do what i'm saying and don't ask so much "
the gard bowed and started the chariot. after an hour they reached their destination " now i want you to go " tae ordered the gard looked at him confused " your majesty it's getting dark it's alomst night it's dangerous here " " JUST GOOO" tae shouted .
the gard bowed and ran to the chariot. tae walked to the forest and when he felt that he is not alone he stopped " who's there ?" he asked " it's just me baby don't be afraid " tae stiffened on his place and his eyes widened. " what happened baby are you afraid ?
please don't be " " w-wwhat brought here ?" tae shtuttered. the man chuckled " i missed you so i said why not to pay you a visit , but you know what ? i'm so sad how could you not invite me to your wedding ?" tae couldn't say anything " but don't worry i was there and i
witnessed everything " he gritted his teeth " why are you doing this ?" tae asked weakly he man faced him " don't you know why ?" he said sadly and caressed tae's hair tae flinched and backed off " because i love you baby , please don't be afraid of me "
tae:" but i don't love you jackson face it i have my mate , i love him and we got married yesterday " jackson fisted his hand " i don't care i promise i'll let you love me with time and we'll get married " tae shooked his head " no, never please go and let us live in peace" .
jackson:" i'm sorry but i'm not going anywhere without you " with that he dragged tae with him to his chariot. tae was silent he couldn't say anything jeongguk's life is on the line he can't be selfish and stay here ,for that he must go.
๐‘–'๐‘š ๐‘ ๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ÿ๐‘ฆ ๐‘”๐‘”๐‘ข๐‘˜๐‘–๐‘’๐‘– ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘๐‘™๐‘–๐‘”๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘‘๐‘œ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘ ๐‘– โ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘๐‘’ ๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘’ ๐‘‘๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ ๐‘ฆ๐‘œ๐‘ข'๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘’๐‘ฅ๐‘๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘’ ๐‘š๐‘’ tae thought.
jeongguk entered his room and looked for tae " cupcaaake " he called but got no reply ggguk:" babyyy" nothing jeongguk frowned and headed to the bathroom to look for him " baby are you taking a shower ?" he said behind the door but tae didn't answer
" baby if you didn't answer i'm gonna get in and i don't care if you are naked " jeongguk huffed from the lack of replies , he opened the door and got in but he found nothing " maybe he is with jimin " he said to himself he headed to the bed to lay down .
but stopped when he found a paper thrown on th floor. he crouched and took it . his blood freezed when he read what was written on it , he got out immediatly . " did you see prince taehyungย  ?" he asked the gards the gard:" your majesty he was here half an our ago "
gguk:" and then ?" the gard:" he got out but he didn't say where he went " jeongguk rushed out to ask the other gards. but no one knew where the prince headed. ๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘–๐‘ก ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘ ๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘๐‘™๐‘’ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘ค๐‘’๐‘›๐‘ก ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘“๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘กย ? he asked himself.
๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘ โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘’๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘› ๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘‘ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘–๐‘  ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ? they looked for him in all the castle but he was nowhere to be found. a chariot entered the castle jeongguk ran to it "taehyung" he looked in but it was empty. " did you see prince taehyung ?" he asked the gard frustrated
the gard nodded nervously gguk:" where is him ?" the gard:" your majesty he asked me to take him to the forest and leave him alone , when i came back to him i didn't find him . i came to take gards to search some of them still on there looking for him "
jeongguk eyes reddened " how dare you do that " he punched him. the gard fall on the ground and said sorry " GO BRING ALL THE GARDS WE WILL LOOK FOR HIM " jeongguk shouted. hoseok and namjoon were with the maids and the gards investigating them as king vantae ordered till
a gard approached them " sir " the gard said namjoon:" what is it ? " the gard:" prince jeongguk ordered all the gards to look for prince taehyung " hoseok frowned " what happened ?" the gard told him everything hoseok was going to hit him too if namjoon didn't stop him.
the two men rushed to jeongguk "what is it gguk ?" namjoon asked gguk:" i looked for tae in our room i didn't find him but i found this " he gave him the paper. namjoom and hoseok read it and they were shocked " so the one who took him is the one who poisoned king jungkook "
namjoon said linking the dots. jeongguk nodded " i guess so. now we don't have time to waste we have to look for him " hoseok was deep in his thought " do you think he still in crimson blood ?" he asked jeongguk looked at him confused " i don't know "
hoseok:" i don't think so " " do you know if he has enemies ?" namjoon asked hoseok thought a little bit again and it hit him " yes i know someone could do it" gguk:" who ?" hoseok:" jackson wang__" " taehyung's lover " jeongguk finished hoseok nodded
" do you know him gguk ?" namjoon asked the prince nodded " taehyung told me about him and his obsession .now we have to hurry up we don't have enough time tae must be scared" "i'm gonna order the gards to look for him . gguk i think you should tell your parents and hobi hyung
tell jimin and yoongi but be careful i don't think king vantae must know he isn't good so give him some time" namjoon said and left. hoseok and jeongguk looked at each other " are you ready to tell them ?" hoseok asked jeongguk shooked his head " but i have to "
hoseok sighed " yes good luck i'm gonna tell jimin " gguk:" hyung will be sad " hoseok nodded " he is his best friend and brother" gguk:" let's hurry we don't have time ". with that each one went on his path. the prince told his parents about what happened and if we say that
the king and the queen situation didn't get worst it would be a lie. the queen hit him on his chest and said that he is lying , jeongguk couldn't bear it anymore ,he was frustrated, tired and afraid about his cupcake what if they did something to him ? he knows how much
his doll is fragile he won't bear the pain . the prince brokedown on his parents chests he cried and cried till his head hurt him . the father did all his best to stay strong for his wife and son , he caressed his hair and tried to calm him down .
after minute jeongguk calmed down and excused himself to go and look for his husband. hoseok headed to yoongi's office " hyung there is somthing i have to tell you and jimin so can you come with me to his clinic ?" he asked yoongi looked at him terrified
hoseok sighed " not what you are thinking " yoongi breathed in the past three months nothing change that much between the three of them. hoseok still give jimin flowers every morning because the beta asked him to not stop. yoongi and jimin steal glances from
each other whenever they are in their friends group. some hi's and how are you's and maybe twice yoongi sent jimin a gift. the doctor accepted them and didn't return back , so it's a good sign for him . him and hoseok still the same convincing themselves to act like the usual
but deep down everyone of them is yearning to the other's touches and kisses . " what is it ?" yoongi asked hoseok:" you'll know when we go " yoongi sighed and left with him. when they arrived to the clinic they found jimin and the doctor working on the cure
" jimin-ah" hosoek called jimin turned around , he frowned when he saw hoseok and yoongi , ๐‘คโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘”โ„Ž๐‘ก ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘กโ„Ž ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘š โ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ? he tought . and then he stopped in his place ๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘‘ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘ฆ ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘™๐‘™ ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘ฆ ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’
๐‘ก๐‘œ๐‘”๐‘’๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ? his situation was like yoongi when the general went to him ๐‘‡๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ÿ๐‘–๐‘“๐‘–๐‘’๐‘‘ what if they choose each other ? jimin's heart will be broken forever . he knows that he won't heal . he is not stupid. " jimin " yoongi called him in higher voice.
jimin snapped from his train of thoughts "yes hyung !what is it ?" jimin asked in a low voice hoseok:" actually i have something to tell you both ofyoubcan we get out and speak ?" jimin nodded " okay excuse me doctor i have to goย  " with that the three of them got out
" so what is it hobi ?" yoongi asked hoseok looked at them nervously " i have bad news " jimin and yoongi looked at him confused hosoek:" the one who poisoned jungkook ____" " did you find him ?" yoongi interrupted him hoseok shooked his head " no he___ he "
jimin:" he what hyung say it " hosoek:" the one who poisoned jungkook kidnapped taehyung " jimin's and yoongi's eyes widened " w-what ?" jimin whispered his throat was dry from the shock. " are you joking ?" yoongi asked hoseok glared at him " do i look like i am ?"
jimin tears started felling " say that you are joking hobi he was with me an hour ago " hosoek looked at him with a sad eyes. he walked to him and hugged him. " i'm so sorry jiminie i know that tae means a lot to you so be strong " jimin shooked his head " how could i and
my brother is in danger " yoongi was looking at them and how much he wish that he would be in anyone of them embrace , but it's not the time to their dead romance " who know about it ? does jeongguk know ?" he asked. hoseok nodded " he was the one who knew first
he found a lettre in the floor . he told his parents and namjoon told jin. all the gards are going to look for him " " what about vannie ?" jimin asked hoseok:" we didn't tell him and please be careful when you are around him , i hope we find tae before he notice "
jimin:" but he has the right to know " hoseok:" jimin he is tired if we tell him what happened he won't bear it " " don't worry hobi we won't say anything " yoongi said jimin:" but he will feel his brother absence , tae is stuck with him and taegguk all the time,
he will definitely ask about him " hoseok sighed " i have to go guys they are waiting for me " yoongi nodded . jimin hugged him "be careful hobi and come back safe and don't forget to bring me my brother safe too " the alpha hugged him back tightly " i promise "
the general broke the hug and turned to yoongi . he hugged him too because he knows that this rock won't do it " take care of him hyung " he whispered. yoongi nodded " be careful hobi " hoseok smiled " don't worry hyung "
when hoseok left yoongi couldn't leave jimin in this conditionย , he walked slowly to him his heart and brain debate if he should hug him or not ,and if the beta pushed him he deserve it but at least he tried and made a move.
his heart won /of course/ and hugged his mate for the first time. to his surprise jimin hugged him back and cried more . now jimin doesn't care about anything happened between them the only thing he cares about is that he is so in pain and he needs someone with him and
there is nothing better than his mate. jeongguk, his hyung and all the gards went to the village and the forest to look for the prince but it was no avail the prince wasn't in the kingdom at all.
It was the next morning and taehyung isn't home yet , jeongguk , namjoon and hoseok didn't stop searching for him but now they entered the castle . jeongguk didn't know if he should go to check on his brother or not ,what if vantae asked about tae what will he answer ?
he walked to his room but he couldn't get inย . how could he and he knows that he won't find his amazing human being there , he sighedย  tear streamed down his face , he wiped them and headed to jungkook's room .
vantae was changing taegguk's diaper on the bed ,he didn't leave jungkook for a second . yoongi came to him at night to gard him while vantae was asleep " thank you so much hyung " vantae said yoongi:" it's my duty vantae don't forget who's jungkook to me "
vantae nodded " but you have to go to sleep now because you have a work to do " yoongi nodded " i will don't worry " when yoongi left the room jeongguk entered " good morning hyung can i come in ?" he asked while opening the door vantae turned to him " of course gguk come "
the prince walked to the bed and kissed taegguk " good morning my baby " he said smiling , vantae smiled . gguk:" how are you hyung ?" vantae sighed " i know that you know how it does feel because he is your brother " jeongguk nodded " i know "
" where is tae he didn't come to see taegguk ?" vantae asked. jeongguk's face paled " h-hhe is busy hyung " he lied . the prince isn't ready to tell his hyung the truth and no one is. vantae frowned " busy ? with what ?" gguk got up from the bed
" when he comes to you ask him hyung i remembered that i have an important task to do , good bye take care of yourself and taeggukie " he said rushing to the door. vantae didn't understand what's happening " why he is acting weirdly ?" he asked himself but he shrugged it and
turned to play with taegguk a little bit. jeongguk headed the generals. " hyungs " he called them namjoon:" what is it gguk ?" gguk:" we need to go and look for him in other kingdoms . hobi hyung do you know where can we find jackson ? " hosoek shooked his head " vannie
kicked him out from the kingdom, from that time we didn't hear about him " namjoon:" okay guys i don't want to destroy your hope but what if jackson didn't do it ?" the prince looked at him " i don't know , tae doesn't have any enemies except jackson " he said.
namjoon:" but what if this person is your and your brother's enemy ? " hoseok:" are you saying that maybe tae is just the bait ?" namjoon nodded " so what do you think ?" hoseok asked namjoon:" i say let's go and look for him but jeongguk you won't come with us "
jeongguk glared at him " hyung he is my husband how can i stay here while he is waiting for me ?" namjoon:" no gguk think about it what if they hurt you tae will die he can't live without you . and with that they will succed with their plan .
jungkook is in danger we don't want to lose you too give us three days and if we didn't find him go with us " the two hyungs tried all their best to convince the prince and when he didn't agree with them they called jin to do the job, and who's jeongguk to say no to his
favourite hyung . three days passed quickly but not for the royal family. vanate and jungkook's parents didn't leave his side and tried all their best to not breakdown infront of him . every time they look at vantae they remember tae and pity the poor king what would
he do if he hears about his twin . the doctor came in the morining and applied the cure he said he will prepare in three days and now they will just wait for him to wake up in few days or maybe he won't wake up at all.
jimin and yoongi stayed with vantae almost all the time and jimin tried to cheer him up a little bit by saying that the alpha is so strong and he will pass this experience , he will heal fastly . yoongi was observing him all the time to not let him say anything about tae .
and now jin came with a tray of food to feed him , he knocked the door and entered " your majesty jimin asked me to bring you food " he said vantae got up and sat properly " hi hyung " he said jin:" hi " vantae looked at jin's face " i'm sorry for what i said that day hyung
i know that you are angry of me but i was really frustrated try to understand me" jin nodded but he wasn't ignoring the king because of this incident ,he was just avoiding him because of taehyung " you are the king and you have all the rights to do whatever you want" jin said.
vantae:" don't say that hyung i'm sorry okay i didn't mean it " jin smiled " okay okay you know that i can't stay angry from you and tae so long " at the mention of his brother's name vantae looked at his hyung and that's when jin regreted saying this name
" hyung did you check on tae this three days ? " vantae asked jin shooked his head " no maybe he is busy " vantae raised an eyebrow " busy while he is in his heat ?" " w-what ?" jin stuttered jin scolded himself mantually did someone tell him that tae is in his heat ?
shit he is doomed " jimin said that he is in his heat that's why he and jeongguk are not visiting us but i think he lied to me . so what is it hyung spill the tea" vantae said gritting his teeth. jin was sweating right now " hyung " vantae repeated.
jin:" i think i should go , ask jeongguk he is the one who must tell you " vantae:" what is it ? is it so bad ?" jin bite his lip and nodded vantae got up from his bed and rushed out . he asked about jeongguk and the gards said that he is on his office.
vantae ran to him , when he entered he was met with all his hyungs and the king and the queen but tae wasn't there , he crossed his hands and raised an eyebrow " what's going on here ? were is tae ? what are you hiding from me ?"
the others looked at him terrified " nothing vannie " the queen said vantae:" mom don't lie to me because jin hyung told me " " what did he say ?" jimin asked vantae glared at him " that you lied to me and tae isn't on his heat " jimin looked down
" jeongguk " the omega king called " where is my brother ?" jeongguk couldn't look at him in the face his father patted his shoulder " we didn't tell you because we knew that you are tired " the king said " i'm not just tell me " vantae replied the king:" the one who poisoned
jungkook kidnapped taehyung in the same day " vantae looked at all of them in disbelieve and then laughed sarcastically " are you kidding me ?" they shooked their headed " and when you were going to tell me ?" he asked " when we find him " jimin said.
" ARE YOU SERIOUS ? HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME "ย  vantae shouted " I TRUSTED ALL OF YOU , i was fooled all these days , my feeling told me that tae isn't okay but i said that he is on his heat and this is so normal " he said
hoseok:" vannie we are sorry we really didn't want to terrify you " vantae looked at him with a hurt eyes " the one you are talking about is my everything and you know that , if anything happened to him i'll die " hoseok:" i know vannie but believe me that we are doing
all our best to find him " vantae:" i want my brother whatever it takes , find him and bring me the one who did this " with that he left without looking at anyone of them.
_____________โ™ง chapter 32 โ™ง____________
tae and jackson arrived to their destination after three days . tae didn't say anything . he just kept crying , he missed his husband , his brother , his baby and all the hyungs . when they entered the castle he frowned all the way to here he was zoning out so
he didn't notice the road " what are we doing here ?" he asked he didn't see this place for a year now. jackson:" didn't you miss your home ?" tae looked at him in disbelieve " let's get in i know you missed your father " with that he held the omega's arm tightly and dragged
to the king. the king smiled when he saw his son and opened his arms " welcome home my tae bear " tae didn't answer him " what ? you won't greet me ? didn't you miss your father ?" the king asked tae:" you are not my father " the king:" oh my dear son don't say that "
tae:" how could you do that ?" the king:" do what ?" tae:" you poisoned jungkook and you threatened me by my husband " " do you thought that i will let you both live happily with your husbands while i'm suffering here ?" the king asked tae:" i can't believe what i'm hearing "
the king laughed " believe me dear taehyungie you didn't hear what's coming next " jackson chuckled , tae looked at themย  confused " my dear son i brought you here because i want you to marry jackson " tae looked at him shocked " WHAT !! are you crazy i'm already married "
the king:" so what ? you'll forget about your prince charming and you'll marry jackson for the alliance with moon stone kingdom , together we will bit crimson blood " tae:" you didn't change for a bit i thought you'll change after we leave but i guess you'll be always greedy.
but you know what ? i'm not afraid i know that jeongguk will look for me and he will find me " the king:" believe me he won't because i'll hide you from the exsistence " tae couldn't say anything he was so scared even if he tried all his best to show that he isn't
the king called a guy who will gard tae all this period the guy bowed " your majesty " the king:" yugyeom take prince tae to his room and take care of him " yugyeom nodded " your majesty please come with me " tae followed him with a teary eyes
he was scolding himself for being weak . " get in your majesty " yugyeom said tae entered without saying a word yugyeom:" do you need anything ?" tae shooked his head . yugyeom looked behind him and closed the door after that he headed to taehyung
"don't worry your majesty i'm here to help you " he whispered tae wiped his tears and looked at him confused "w-what ?" he stuttered. yugyeom:" i'm here to help you " tae:" why would you do that ?" yugyeom:" i heard everything you and the king talked about"
"really ?" tae looked at him with eyes full of hope . yugyeom nodded " jackson hyung brought me here for a mission he said that i will gard his future husband so i said yes why not . when i heard what the king decided to do and that you are gguk's mate i promised that
i'll do all my best to help you " tae:" ggukie !ย  do you know him ?" yugyeom nodded " he is my friend since childhood , my mom was visiting a doctor in crimson blood so she was leaving me with her friend who she was a maid on the castle . me and gguk met and we were playing
together every time i go there " tae nodded " thank you so much i don't know how to repay you " yugyeom chuckled " calm down your majesty i didn't do anything yet " tae smiled sheepishly yugyeom got up " now you need to rest it was a long trip for you i'm sure"
tae nodded but frowned "can i ask you a question ?" yugyeom nodded " sure your majesty " tae:" how will you help me ?" yugyeom:" bambam will go to crimson blood to tell them were are you before the king send you some where else" tae looked at him confused " who's this bambam ?"
yugyeom:" my mate " tae smiled and nodded " okay be careful please i don't want to put you in danger with me " yugyeom:" don't worry your majesty it's not our first time and we know that crimson blood army has a strong men , they could make it " with that yugyeom excuse himself
tae sighed and threw his head on the pillow he was so tired and frustrated , he cried his heart out after that he slept.
yugyeom sneaked out to the trainers area " psss bambam" he whispered bambam was training with the gards when he heard someone calling his name he turned around , when he saw his mate he smiled he walked to him " what is it yugie ? " he asked
yugyeom:" the prince is here " bambam:" okay good " yugyeom sighed " we must help him get out of here " bambam looked at him confused " what ? why would we do that ?" yugyeom told him everything he heard minutes ago and now bambam was shocked " is hyung really crazy ? he
wants to marry a man who is already married and has a mate ?" yugyeom nodded " i think he is , now let's move fastly " " what should i doย  ?" bambam asked yugyeom:" go to crimson blood and tell prince jeongguk . and please take care if they heard about what we are planning
they will kill both of us " " don't worry baby no one will see or hear anything just stay with the prince and don't let any one get close to him " bambam said and hugged his mate yugyeom hugged him back " when will you go ?" bambam:" i'll try to go now just know
what to tell jackson hyung if he asked about me " yugyeom:" don't worry stay safe " the mates kissed each other and went in different paths.
it took bambam three days to reach crimson blood to meet the prince. it means that it's been six days since tae vanished . three days on the trip and three days on the castle the omega's situation was miserable he wasn't eating or drinking properly , he kept crying and
remembering his family. yugyeom was with him almost all the time and assuring him that after few days jeongguk will come and rescue him tae kept saying that he missed him so much and he can't wait to see him .
it was afternoon tae took a shower and prepared himself to get out with yugyeom to the garden because yugyeom said that he must refraish and change some air " i'm ready yugie let's go " tae said yugyeom chuckled and they headed out.
they walked and walked in the garden and talked alot . the prince told yugyeom every thing about his life from his childhood till now and yugyeom too . he told tae about his childhood and how he and bambam met . tae was listening to him carefully with a shiny eyes ,
yugyeom was happy because he thought that finaly the prince could forget a little bit about his family. " so bambam must be in crimson blood by now ?" tae asked yugyeom nodded " yes your majesty three more days and gguk will be here " tae sighed and pouted " three days will
kill me " yugyeom:" i'm here with you so don't worry i'll company you till you leave this place " " what will happen to you and bambam ? " tae asked yugyeom:" i don't know honestly and i don't care " tae giggled for the first time in all this six days " i like your bravory
i'm a prince and i'm afraid but look at you , you are younger than me and you are a beta but you don't fear anything " yugyeom look at him proudly . hours passed and the two boys were still talking they didn't feel the time till the maid called them to eat dinner.
tae headed to the dining room for the first time , he sat with the king and jackson to eat but he didn't say anything .
when vantae heared about his brother he left to his room and isolated himself there for the coming three days . he wasn't eating or drinking , he was just taking care of his son and observing his husband's dead body infront of him ,
no one could enter or talk with him except the doctor who was checking if the cure is giving results or not. all the time he was zoning out , he was tired , angry and in so much pain a tear didn't fell from his eyes since jungkook's incident and this is hurting him so much.
jungkook promised him that he will be there for him and he will be a shoulder which he can cry on when he feel weak but the alpha isn't here in the main time , he didn't keep his promise but vantae will do ,he won't cry till his jungkook comes back to him.
the king and the queen and all the hyungs were so afraid about the king situation and about taegguk what if something happened to him ? vantae isn't in his right mindset so anything could happen to the poor baby, the doctor was giving them his news .
jeongguk was frustrated from waiting his hyungs searched for tae for six days but they couldn't find anything about him. the alpha was on the training area exercising to take off some tireness till a gard call him " your majesty someone want to see you and he is saying that it's
so important ". jeongguk stopped his workout and got out bambam bowed to him " your msjesty " jeongguk nodded and greeted him " hi what do you want ?" bambam:" your majesty i came to tell you that prince taehyung is on silver dawn" jeongguk's eyes widened " what?" he whispered
bambam nodded gguk:" h-how w-why?" bambam:" jackson kidnapped him with the order of king kim and he was the one who poisoned king jungkook " jeongguk looked at him shocked , he couldn't believe what he is hearing . how it comes all this six days he didn't doubt
that maybe king kim would do it . the prince looked at him " you need to come with me and repeat what you said to vantae " bambam nodded and followed him . jeongguk called his parents and all his hyungs also. he headed to vantae's room to talk to him , he knocked the door
but he got no answer " hyung " he called but vantae didn't answer gguk:" hyung we found taehyung's place " few seconds and the door got opened . jeongguk was so sad seeing is hyung's situation after all this days " what did you say ?" vantae asked
gguk:" i said that we found taehyung's place " vantae:" where is him ?" gguk:" come with me and you'll know " jeongguk didn't let vantae protest he held him from his arm and dragged him to the guests room. when they entered all the attenders looked at vantae shocked
he was so pale , dark circles aroundhis eyes and he was a little bit thin. vantae didn't look at them and turned to the new guy " where is my brother ?" he asked coldly . bambam looked at him and cleared his throat " your majesty jackson kidnapped him ___"
vantae hit the door near him and gritted his teeth " how dare he " jimin was shocked , namjoon and hoseok looked at each other because they knew that it was one of the probabilities. the queen and the king didn't know who's this person.
" he was the one who poisoned king jungkook" bambam said in a low voice and now you can here gasps vantae's feet were wobbly if jimin didn't rush to him and support him he would fell on the floor . " he will pay his deeds i will kill him" yoongi said angrily.
vantae:" go and bring him here i'll kill him with my bare hands " " excuse me your majesty but can i ask him a question ?" namjoon asked vantae looked at him and nodded namjoon:" we know that jackson love taehyung that's why he kidnapped him but why he poisoned king jungkook ? "
the others looked at bambam waiting for an answer bambam:" prince taehyung is on silver dawn " " WHAT ?" hoseok shouted the attenders were stunned by the news " what took him there ?" king jeon asked. bambam:" because king kim was behind all of this "
vantae couldn't bear it anymore " THAT BASTARD HOW COULD HE DO THAT TO HIS SON ? BRING HIM HERE I'LL KILL HIM AND I WON'T SHOW HIM MERCY " the omega shouted . jimin tried all his best to calm him but it was no avail.
bamabm:" king kim wanted to destroy you your majesty and he kidnapped the prince to let him marry jackson for an alliance with mood stone kingdom " bambam didn't tell this detail to jeongguk and when the alpha heard him saying that his husband will marry someone else
he couldn't stop himself " HOW DARE HE DO THAT "ย  he shouted " hyungs prepare yourself and the army we'll go to silver dawn to bring tae and BURN IT ALL " jeonnguk said and rushed out . hoseok namjoon and bambam follwed him to leave the kingdom.
vantae stiffened on his place he couldn't do anything or say anything , the man who thought was their happiness in the past is the same one who is trying to destroy them , how could he be so cruel ? how could he sacrefice his sons happiness for a stupid alliance and money .
" vannie let's go to your room you need to sleep you are tired " jimin said but vantae was zoning out so he didn't hear him. the beta looked at yoongi for some help " vantae you must take a rest tae needs you to be strong when he comes back "
yoongi said and they tried to take him to his room slowly . " if anything happened tell us " king jeon said jimin and yoongi nodded and left with vsntae.
when they reached the room they found taegguk sleeping under jungkook's arm , they smiled sadly . jimin helped vantae to lay down and gave him medicine to sleep . after that he and yoongi took chairs and garded the little family " it hurt me seeing them like that " jimin said
yoongi looked at him " but you are a doctor and you know jungkook will be okay right ?" the alpha asked jimin nodded " don't worry he will be good " after that yoongi started staring at jimin jimin noticed that so he lowered his head and cleared his throat .
" can we talk ?" yoongi asked jimin raised his head " we are talking " yoongi:" you know what i'm talking about " jimin nodded "so how are you and hobi ?" the alpha asked jimin:" good. nothing changed much . we still see each other ,talk from time to time . you ? "
yoongi shooked his head " we still best friends " jimin sighed frustrted " don't you love him ? " yoongi nodded jimin:" then why are you doing this to both of you . try to make a move " yoongi:" i don't want to break your heart " jimin looked at him hurt " but you are hurting
yourself yoongi . why don't you try to be selfish for once and think of what you want and care about yourself not the others " yoongi couldn't answer. jimin:" i thought you wanted to fix things between you and i__" " i sent you gifts " yoongi interruppted him " and i liked them "
yoongi looked at him confused "what ? i thought you didn't " jimin looked at him with done face " and how did you arrive to that conclusion " " we met but you said nothing about it " the alpha said " you didn't ask" jimin pouted playfully
after that he got up " where are you going ?" yoongi asked " to check on jungkook " yoongi nodded .
____________โ™ง chapter 33 โ™ง____________
two days later: ย  it's been eight days since jungkook got poisoned and five days since the doctor gave him the cure and he was checking him every day to see if the medicine is working or not . vantae was sleeping peacefully with taegguk on his chest , his condition is a
little bit better this days when he knew were is his brother. but he was afraid what if his father did something to him . the king woke up when he heard taegguk crying and moving on his chest, he opened his eyes " what's wrong with my little baby ?" he asked him with a
baby voice he checked if taegguk is clean and if he is hungry after that he stared swaying him slowly to let him go back to sleep . when he heard a small whines he cooed at his cute little baby and caressed his cheek " you are the only reason making me sane till now ,
without you i would be dead " he said taegguk was smiling and doing cute voices even if he didn't understand what his mommy said " aren't you sweepy sweepy " vantae whispered and put him on the bed vantae:" dady is a little bit ill so we have to be quiet "
taegguk started kicking his feet and fisted hands on the air . " stop being cute i'm gonna nom nom you " vantae said and started pecking all his face. after a little bit jimin came. " how are you today ?" he asked vantae:" good " jimin walked to the bed and carried taegguk
" and how is this cutey ?"ย  he aksed and started swaying him vantae:" he didn't want to sleep so we are playing " jimin:" you look tired go to sleep i'm gonna take care of him " vantae shooked is head " i can't sleep " jimin:" vannie jungkook's situation is getting better
and jeongguk will do all his best to bring tae unharmed" " when will they come ? i've been waiting so much " vantae asked jimin:" tomorrow they will arrive to silver dawn if nothing happened with them and more three days and tae will be here with us "
vantae threw his head on the pillow " it's so much " jimin:" don't worry vannie everything will be all right and we will live peacefully after that " vantae sighed and closed his eyes " but what will you do to the king ?" jimin asked vantae opened his eyes again and adjusted
himself " i will kill him " vantae said gritting his teeth jimin:" and jackson ?" vantae:" jeongguk will take care of him " jimin nodded " now sleep and i'm gonna be here with taeggukie " vantae:" thank you so much for you and yoongi hyung , you tired yourself so much "
jimin glared at him " don't say that this is our duty i'm sure you would do the same if it was us " vantae nodded but raised an eyebrow " how are things between the three of you ? " he asked jimin:" we are working on it slowly , nothing is clear till now " vantae nodded
and turned his face to see jungkook but he frowned when he noticed a foam getting out of his mouth he panicked " jimin what is this ?" he said jimin shifted his eyes from taegguk to look at what vantae is talking about. he walked near jungkook " the cure is working ,
i think he will wake up any minute from now " jimin said vantae looked at him in disbelieve " really ?" he whispered jimin nodded jimin:" jungkook is a true blood alpha so his body is so strong he can heal faster than normal alphas " vantae nodded and brought a tissue to
clean his husband mouth , after that he pecked his lips " jungkookie wake up fastly please " he whispered and caressed his hair .
โš ๏ธ take care mention of a rape attempting if you don't want to read it than feel free taehyung was in his room laying down because he wasn't feeling well , he has been throwing up since the morning , yugyeom asked him if he wants to bring the doctor but he said that he will be
good when he takes a rest. now he is laying on his right side and staring at the window " just this night and ggukie will be here " he said caressing his tummy , taehyung was sure that this symptoms are from pregnancy ,he is expert in this things , it's been eight days since
he and jeongguk had sex and it's normal for an omega to be pregnant in this short period even vantae carried his pup from the first night . now his mission is to hide it because the king will kill his baby if comes to know . few minutes later he heard knocking on
the door and the door was opened after that " hi sweety " taehyung stiffened on his place and he felt like his heart fall from its place . few seconds and he felt that his bed bounced and he could feel breaths near his neck , she shivered and got up quickly jackson got up
and adjusted himself " did i scare you ?" he asked tae didn't answer jackson:" i didn't see you this two days so i said why not to pay you a visit " " you had to ask my permission before you come " tae said jackson:" why would i ask my future husband
permission to be with him ?" tae:" stop saying that i'm not your husband and i won't be i already said that " jackson laughed " and i told you that i'll teach you how to love me " with that he got up from the bed and headed to where taehyung is standing
" don't get any closer " tae said jackson didn't hear him and walked closer " shhushhh don't be afraid " jackson whispered caressing taehyung's hair , tae closed his eyes " don't touch me " he whispered and took off his hand jackson walked closer " come on baby
don't be stubborn i know you love me too " " you are sick and you need to heal " tae said with teary eyes every time jackson walks closer to him he backs off till his back hit the wall . now he can't go any where the wall and jackson are caging him
" please leave me alone please " he pleaded weakly a tear streamed down his face jackson wiped it with his finger " shh don't cry baby i won't harm you " tae closed his eyes tightly and shooked his headย  " go away please " jackson didn't listen him and put his face on
his neck to sniff his scent thanks " hmm it's so sweet " he said tae prayed that he won't notice the milky new scent because he would be doomed. the omega gathered all his power and pushed him after that he tried to escape but jackson was so fast and pulled him by his arm
" not so fast baby " " LEAVE ME ALONE " tae shouted crying but jackson carried him and put him on the bed " LEAVE ME PLEASE "ย  tae pleaded but jackson didn't care he held his hands tightly and put them above his head " i waited for this moment so much baby so be calm and bear
with me " jackson whipered in his ear. he was going to kiss tae's neck but he hit him with knee , jackson hissed from the pain and tightened the grip around his wrists " wrong move tae say calm or i'm gonna make you regret playing with me " the alpha said angrily
tae:" i'm begging you leave me alone " jackson laughed " i want to hear you begging for something else " tae glared at him " in your dreams " jackson adjusted himself between the prince legs and started unbuttoning his blouse , tae started moving with all his power to stop him
" be a good boy for me baby believe me i'll let you feel better than jeongguk did , i'll let you forget about him " jackson said looked at taehyung's neck " wow what a surprise didn't he mark you ?" he asked " he is human and wante to wait for me till ready unlike you"
tae said gritting his teeth. jackson:" i heard that he is a soft alpha but not till this point , doesn't he feel ashemed ? anyone who have a pretty omega like you would mark him the first time he meets him " tae:" because all of you are animals and cruel you don't care about
omegas , i know that you don't love me you just want to have me and then throw me away" jackson:" don't say that baby i really love you " jsckson got closer to taehyung lips and taehyung noticed that when he was going to touch them tae turned his face immediatly
" don't dare to do it " tae warned him jackson chuckeld " i'm impressed you are really strong not as you look " and again he was going to kiss the omega's neck but taehyung hit him again " SHITย  " jackson screamed and held taehyung's legs with his hand to stop him
tae took the chance and freed one hand , heย  tried all his best to reach the glass of water on the nightstand , he broke it and stabbed jackson on his shoulder . before the alpha could suck his neck , jackson shouted from the pain but tae didn't stop it he did it once and twice
when he felt that jackson is a little bit weak he pushed him and got up from his bed and rushed out . โš ๏ธend of warning.
tae was running and crying . jackson was behind him but he did all his best to reach yugyeom's room before he catchs him . when he arrived he knocked the door powerfully till yugyeom opened the door the beta eyes widened " what happened to you ? what's wrong ?" he asked
tae fall on his knees and brokedown yugyeom crouched to him and tried to calm him " h-he *** tried *** to rape me " tae sobbed yugyeom looked at him shocke " who ?" he asked tae:" jack** jackson " yugyeom face paled and hugged him tightly
how dare he do something cruel like this ? few minutes later tae calmed down yugyeom wiped his tears " let me put you on my bed and call the doctor " tae shooked his head " no no don't bring the doctor " yugyeom looked at him confused " he needs to check you "
" he ** will know " tae told him with his teary eyes yugyeom frowned " knows what ?" tae bite his lip and put his hand on his tummy , yugyeom's eyes was going to get out from the many surprises " you are pregnant ?" he whispered tae nodded and cried
yugyeom hugged him " shush stop crying everything will be okay jeongguk will be here in the morning , sleep this few hours and when you get up he will be here " tae nodded and got up with the help of yugyeom to go to bed ,he cleaned his hand from jackson blood and laid him down.
the next morning yugyeom tried to wake taehyung up " your majesty the king want to see you " he whispered tae whined and turned to the other side to sleep " leme sweep i'm sweepy " tae said in a baby voice , yugyeom cooed and chuckled how can tae be this baby and cute
" but the king needs to see you immediatly he will kill me if you didn't go " yugyeom said tae got up quickly " no he won't kill you , you helped me so i'll help you too" yugyeom smiled " thank you your majesty now hurry up " tae rushed to the bathroom to do his routine and
after that he went to the dining room. " welcome my son " the king said tae didn't answer the king:" jackson told me what you have done to him , how dare you tae bear ? you must be respectful " tae glared at him " and did he tell you what he tried to do ? " tae asked
the king nodded " he was trying to get closer to you nothing wrong with this, after all he's gonna be your husband" tae's blood was boiling , this subject is stressing him out, suddenly he felt a slight dizziness " are you good my son?" the king asked tae nodded
and tried to walk to the chair to set but he fall on the ground jackson rushed to him and crouched down " tae wake up " he hit him lighty but tae didn't open his eyes he carried him and headed to his room " call the doctor " he ordered the gard.
โš ๏ธ mention of abortion . the doctor checked the prince and left to tell the king and jackson the news " what's wrong with him ?" jackson asked concerned the doctor:" prince taehyung is pregnant congrats your majesty " jackson and the king looked at each other shocked.
" bring your tools we need to abort it now " the king said and walked out jackson looked at tae for a second and followed the king. the doctor was stunned from what he heard but he can't disobey the king's decision , he left to bring his tools and his helper and
came back to find tae still asleep. he put his tools on the bed , the girl with him covered the prince with a cover and took of his pants and underwear and spreaded his legs tae opened his eyes slowly to be met with two stranger people " who are you ?" he asked confused
the doctor:" i'm a doctor your majesty, you fall on the ground so i came to check on you " tae shooked his head " no i'm fine you can go , tell the king that i'll be okay when i take a rest " the girl looked at him sadly the doctor:" your majesty you are pregnant "
tae's eyes widened " please don't tell him " " did you know ?" the doctor asked tae nodded with a teary eyes " i didn't want to tell him because i know that he will order to abort it " tae said and shifted his eyes to the tools on the bed and that's when the reality hit him
" d-ddid he know ?" he stuttered the doctor nodded " i'm sorry your majesty we have to do it , it's the king orders he will kill us if we disobeyed him ". tae looked at him with pleading eyes " please no , you are afraid about your souls what about my baby?"
" i'm sorry your majesty i can't do anything " the doctor said he asked the girl to hold his hands but tae was shouting and trying to let go " PLEASE LEAVE ME DON'T KILL MY BABY "ย  he sobbed the doctor called another maid to help them because he knew that the prince
will tire him . the maid held his hands and the helper tried to fix his legs to not let him move " STOP PLEASE " tae cried again but it was no avail he cried and cried when the doctor disinficted his tools and he was ready to start the operation the door was opened
" get your hand away from him "
____________โ™ง chapter 34 โ™ง____________
jeongguk and his army entered the kingdom after three days of a long trip and now they are entering the castle. " open the gates " bambam ordered the gard the gard:" sorry the king ordered us to not let any one get in " hoseok glared at him " you asked for your death "
with that crimson blood army attacked the gards , they fought them till they killed them all . they walked in " half of us will stay here and fight the army and the others will come with me in " jeongguk ordered jeongguk , hoseok, namjoon and bambam got down from their horses
and took their weapons with them . the gards did too . gguk:" be careful " the others nodded and with that they started fighting the gards refound in the castle . namjoon put his sword on one of the gards throat " where is the king ?" he asked
the gard:" h-he is in his throne " namjoon stubbed him and followed the others " he is on his throne let's hurry up " namjoon said to jeongguk and hoseok. they nodded and rushed to the room not before killing all the gards infront of them.
" you stay here i don't want the king to see you with us " jeongguk said to bambam " i'm not afraid your majesty" bambam replied gguk:" i know but this is better to you " with that they stormed in to find the king setting with jackson when the laters saw them they were shocked
" what are you doing here ?" the king asked " i came to take what is mine i believe " jeongguk replied the king smirked " you are too late " gguk:" don't talk so much and wait till you get your punishment " the king laughed " come on show me what you are capable of "
gguk:" i'm not gonna do anything to you but vantae will do surely " the king:" don't be so sure my gards will kill you before you get out from here " jeongguk chuckled " your gard are already dead your majesty " namjoon said smirking jeongguk walked to him and put the
sword on his neck and so hoseok did to jackson " cat ate your tongue ? " hoseok said to jackson hoseok: " you were talktive the last time we met " jackson looked at him bored " what do you want me to say that i touched your dear prince husband yesterday ? " jackson smirked
jeongguk's blood was boiling he couldn't hold himself . he growled . his eyes were red . he took off his claw and cut him on the chest , he pushed his claw deep in and took off his heart. jackson body fall lifeless on the ground. after that the prince turned to look at
the shocked king " that's what will happen to you when you play with the wrong person" he said " gguk let's hurry up " namjoon said jeongguk nodded " where is taehyung ?" the king smirked " in his room but let me tell you something while you are wasting your time here in
nonesesnse your little unborn baby must be dead by now " jeongguk looked at him with a wide eyes , hoseok and namjoon were the same " is it a trick ?" hoseok asked the king laughed " go and see " the prince didn't waste any time he rushed to his husband room ,
his feet were wobbling he ran and ran but it looks like the path is getting longer every time. when he was near the room he could hear his cupcake crying and shouting . his heart was hurting badly did he arrived late ? is it done ? did their unborn baby died even before he hear
about him ? no no jeongguk shooked those bad ideas and stormed in with the gards "get your hands away from him " he said and put the sword on the doctor neck " don't waste my time take them from here " jeongguk ordered the gards ,
they bowed and left with the doctor and the two girls. jeongguk turned his head to look at his beloved husband his situation was miserable , he looked really tired . a messy hair swollen eyes and lips , he was shaking badly . the prince walked to the bed and sat near him
taehyung moved farther " please leave me alone don't touch me don't kill my baby " tae said with a pleading eyes . the alpha felt a pinch in his heart. he knew that his husband isn't in his right mind god why it hurts him so much? he moved closer and put his hand on taehyungs
hand , the prince was going to take it off but he stopped and looked at him when he heard the word " cupcake " taehyung backed to the reality , when he saw his jeongguk near him he didn't believe . after that he started shaking badly jeongguk moved slowly and hugged him tightly
" shushh please calm down cupcake everything will be all right " he whispered tae cried the alpha started rubbing his back to calm him but it was no avail his sobbed didn't stop . jeongguk pulled him to his lap and smushed their lips together he knows that this is the only
thing can stop his baby from crying , taehyung kissed him back weakly few seconds they broke the kiss, jeongguk started caressing his cheek " how are you baby ?" he asked tae's eyes got teary again gguk:" shushh calm down " tae sniffed " they *** were so ***so cruel ggukie "
he said sobbing jeongguk was dying from the inside hearing that his mate was being turtored " what happened cupcake ? can you tell ggukie ? " the alpha asked tae shooked his head jeongguk took his hands and raised his heand with his finger " tell ggukie he will help you ,
believe me i won't blame you " tae bite his lip and looked at him in the eye " h-hhe tried **** to rape me " he cried jeongguk's eyes reddened again but he did all his best to stay calm " were did he touch you ?" he asked calmly tae:" i didn't let him touch me *** i did all
my best to not let him kiss me **but he is a monster *** i hate him " taehyung started repeating this words and hiting jeongguk's chest . jeongguk grabbed his hands and tried to calm him again " cupcake don't worry i killed him he isn't here anymore and he won't hurt you "
the prince said tae stopped and looked at him " really ?" he whispered jeongguk nodded " now tell me cupcake did he touch you or not " he repeated his question tae shooked his head immediatly " i stabbed him with a glass on his shoulder before he could put a finger on me "
jeongguk sighed in relief and smiled proudly of his husband . now tae came back to his consciousness and remembered what that doctor was going to go " ggukie " he whispered jeongguk hummed " he tried to kill our baby " he said with a teary eyes
jeongguk looked at him with blurres eye " but he didn't right ? i came on the right time " he said not sure tae nodded and hugged him tightly , they cried on each other hug " i'm sorry cupcake i couldn't protect you " jeongguk said tae hit him on his shoulder .
jeongguk raised his head from taehyung's chest " can i touch it ?" he asked taehyung was confused but when he understood what gguk meant he smiled and nodded jeongguk put his hand under his blouse his eyes became teary he could feel his baby's heart beating for the first time.
" can you feel it ?" tae asked jeongguk nodded and moved his hand but he stopped confused and used his two hands to make sure from what he felt his eyes widened and tears fall from his eyes tae looked at him afraid " what is it ? is my baby all right ?"
" baby i swear i can hear two hearts not one " jeongguk said tae looked at him surprised " WHAT ?" he shouted and jumped on him but suddenly he hid his face on jeongguk's neck jeongguk frowned " what is it pup ?" " ggukie " tae whispered jeongguk hummed
tae looked at him with his puppy shiny eyes " i'm naked " he said innocently jeongguk looked at him and laughed so hard tae pouted and hit his shoulder with his fist " meanie " jeongguk shooked his head and tried to stop " i really missed you "
he said and laid tae on the bed and hovered above him tae flinched and this didn't go unnotice by his mate " shush it's me cupcake " he whispered tae breathed and closed his eyes " i missed you too " he cried gguk:" the castle is so dark without you and so my heart "
tae started playing with jeongguk's collar " ggukie what if someone entered and saw us " jeongguk chuckled " you are my husband pup don't be shy and no one will come the gards are out " " your husband " tae repeated and smiled
gguk:" that bastard didn't leave us live properly after our night marriage " tae nodded sadly " how is the others ? i missed them all and specially taeggukie my poor baby , how is vannie and jungkook ?" tae babbled the alpha sighed " taeggukie is so good vannie hyung
is taking care of him but hyung isn't good i don't want to worry you but jungkook hyung incident and yours weaken him so much but he doesn't want to show us that he is tired , he always act as nothing happened " tae:" this is him he hates showing people that he is weak "
jeongguk nodded " but this will cost him his health " tae sighed " i know " tae:"what about kook ?" gguk:" i don't know honestly the doctor applied the cure and asked us to wait till he wakes up i hope when we arrive he would be good " tae hummed
after that someone knocked the door " who is it ?" jeongguk asked " it's me your majesty " taehyung eyes widened " shit yugy i forgot about him , ggukie let me wear my pants JUST A MINUTE " jeongguk looked at him " baby you are talking to yourself "
tae:" i know now turn around i want to wear my pants " jeongguk:" as if i didn't see you naked " tae glared at him " if i don't know you i would say that you are jungkook " the alpha laughed " turn around " tae ordered jeongguk did as his omega ordered .
tae wore his clothes and asked yugyeom to get in " hi your majesty" bambam and yugyeom bowed " yugyeom !" jeongguk said surprised yugyeom smiled and nodded the prince got up and hugged him tightly. " nice to see you yugy " yugyeom:" nice to see you too " they broke the hug
" what are you doing here ?" the prince asked yugyeom looked at bambam confused " didn't you tell him that i sent you ?" bambam rubbed his nape nervously " i was nervous so i forgot to tell him " yugyeom glared at him " ggukie yugy was the one who garded me and stayed by
my side all this days " tae said gguk:" thank you so much guys i don't know how to repay you " yugyeom:" don't say that gguk it's my duty " " thank you so much bambam for helping us" tae said bambam smiled and looked at taehyung's face for the first time his eyes widened
" what are you doing here ?" he asked shocked " bambam behave this is the prince " yugyeom whispered but tae and gguk heard him bambam:" but i saw you on the castle you were scary " tae and jeongguk laughed so hard " that's scary man his my twin brother king vantae " tae said
and now bambam understood them " sorry " he said sheepishly tae:" nevermind , yugy where were you ?" yugyeom:" jackson hyung locked me in my room " tae looked at him surprised " why ?" yugyeom:" he knew that i knew about your pregnancy and i didn't say "
" you are pregnant oh congrats your majesties " bambam said and bowed " thank you " tae and gguk said " now we need to go hyungs are waiting for us" jeongguk said tae nodded and made a grabby hands to his mate jeongguk smiled and carried him , tae put his face on his neck and
sniffed his scent with that they headed out. jeonguk met namjoon and hoseok " welcome tae bear " hoseok said. tae broke the hug and looked at his hyungs terrified "it's our hyungs pup don't be afraid " " hobi hyung namjoonie hyung " the omega whispered
the alphas looked at jeongguk confused he signaled them that he will explain later. namjoon:"did you arrive in the right time ?" jeongguk nodded " thanks god now let's go" hoseok said " what will you do now ?" yugyeom asked gguk:" we will take kim to our kingdom
he will pay his did to what he did to my brother and my mate " yugyeom frowned " brother ?" gguk sighed " long story tae will narrate it to you in the way back to crimson blood " " will you come with us ?" tae asked yugyeom and bambam looked at each others and nodded
" okay than welcome to your new home " hoseok said the couple smiled and bowed to him.
vantae was feeding taegguk and caressing his hair " why do you look so much like him ?" he asked his baby taegguk looked at him with his doe eyes vantae sighed and turned to look at jungkook , he held his hand but suddenly he felt that jungkook moved
vantae looked at him to make sure from what he felt when jungkook squeezed his hand again he called the gards " GAAARD " the gard entered and bowed vantae:" go call the doctors " the gard bowed and got out " jungkookie do you hear me ?" he whispered and shaked him lightly.
vantae:" baby please wake up we missed you taeggukie missed you " jungkook coughed the omega's eyes widened , he was shaking badly jimin and the doctor came " what is it ?" jimin asked vantae:" he squeezed my hand i'm sure " jimin walked to him " okay calm down
and the doctor will see , set here " he guide him vantae catched taegguk tightly and sat in the other side of the bed the doctor started checking his breath , his pulse and eyes " your majesty i'll try to wake him up " he said vantae looked at jimin to see if it's okay
jimin nodded and so vannie did. the doctor made jungkook drink a hurb to wake him up and he started speaking with him and making him open his eyes . an hour passed " why he isn't waking up ?" vantae asked jimin:" be patient " vantae:" it's been an hour jimin "
jimin:" the hurb started working on him " " can i try ? " the king asked jimin looked at the doctor " as you like your majesty " the doctor said vantae crawled to his husband side and put taegguk on his chest , taegguk started hiting his face lightly as he always do
" jungkookie " vantae called vantae:" baby it's time to wake up , please if you can feel taeggukie move your hand " they waited it he squeezed his hand the king looked at the doctor the doctor:" keep on i'm sure he can hear you "
vantae breathed and nodded vantae:" now can you open your eyes for me ?" another twenty minutes passed vantae was frustrated from the lack of reactions and taegguk started crying " give him to me " jimin said vantae:" i think he is sleepy "
jimin:" okay let me take him to his room " vantae nodded and took taegguk from jungkook's chest but taegguk was holding his father tightly with his small fists " baby come here " vantae said taegguk kept crying when he carried him he noticed that jungkook is trying to
open his eyes " doctor " he called while swaying his baby the doctor rushed to him to see what's going on " your majesty he is waking up " vantae and jimin smiled " jiminie he is waking up " vantae repeated to make sure what he heard was true jimin nodded
five more minutes which was like five decades for vantae jungkook finaly opened his eyes slowly to find vantae , jimin and the doctor looking at him he coughed weakly and closed his eyes again " what happened ?" he asked in a very low , hoarse voice
vantae held his hand " baby do you hear me ?" jungkook nodded slowly vantae breathed " someone poisoned you " the king opened his eyes again " poisoned me ?" vantae nodded jungkook:" how long am i being like this ? " vantae:" nine days " the alpha looked at him surprised
he told the gards to call the king and the queen and headed to yoongi's office to tell him too. jimin knocked the door and got in "hi " he said yoongi raised his head from his papers " hello" he said confused jimin walked to his office " jungkook woke up i said you must know"
yoongi got up from his chair " what ?" he asked surprised jimin:" as you heard so let's go " yoongi nodded and walked out " careful " jimin said when the alpha was going to stumble yoongi nodded and ran to jungkook's room " hey don't run wait for me " jimin said
and followed him yoongi:" oh my god finaly , is he good ? " jimin smiled " yes he is but he still weak , so we must be quiet " yoongi nodded and they entered to be met with the queen and the king setting near jungkook crying silently
" hi " yoongi said the others greeted him he walked near the bed , vantae was on the right side , the queen on the left side and taegguk sleeping on his chest " how are you kook ?"ย ย  he asked jungkook nodded weakly " good " yoongi smiled jungkook raised his hand slowly
and put it on taegguk back and started caressing it vantae looked at him with so much pain on his eyes " you look very tired" jungkook said vantae didn't answer " he didn't leave you for a second all this nine days " the queen said jungkook smiled " thank you baby "
vantae smiled weakly and nodded " don't tire yourself kook " the king said jungkook nodded jimin:"i think we have to let you take a rest a little bit " the queen and the king nodded and got up to leave " take a rest because i won't leave you any minute from now "
the queen said the others laughed the king:" let's go honey " the queen nodded " bye babies " vantae and jungkook rolled their eyes the king laughed and pushed his wife to get out . " heal faster we missed you kook " yoongi said jungkook smiled " i will "
yoongi:" i think i have to go too good,see you later " " bye " vantae said " i'll go with you " jimin said and followed him
____________โ™ง chapter 35 โ™ง_____________
now vantae and jungkook are alone in the room " sleep now you need a rest " vantae said jungkook looked at him in the eye " i slept for nine days " vantae:" still you need to sleep more " jungkook:" your eyes are empty they lost their shine "
vantae looked at him and turned his face jungkook:" you look pale and tired what happened to you ?" vantae laughed tiredly " are you really asking ?" jungkook looked at him confused vantae:" it's all because of you , how dare you leave us alone ? "
jungkook looked at him sadly he mouthed him i'm sorry vantae shooked his head " all this days i didn't sleep nor eat waiting for you to wake up , i didn't even shed a tear because you promised me that you'll be the shoulder that i can cry on when i'm tired but
you weren't there for me " jungkook tried to got up slowly without waking taegguk and pulled vantae to his chest " now you can cry baby " he whispered in his ear vantae:" it hurt so much , i can't bear the pain in my heart anymore " jungkook:" i'm really sorry baby "
vantae shooked his head " it's not your fault don't blame yourself , i think i'm weak and i didn't learn from my mistakes " jungkook shushed him " don't say that, you are so strong you beared all of this alone i'm proud of you , i wasn't awake i know but i felt that
you are near me all the time you and our little prince " vantae:" we missed you so much and we talked to you so much , taeggukie was sleeping on your chest only . it was like he felt what was happening " " now i'm hear and everything will be okay "
vantae closed his eyes and buried his face deep on his husband chest and sniffed his scent " but who did this ? " jungkook asked confused " i don't remember that i have enemies " vantae laughed " don't worry you have " jungkook:" who did it ?" vantae:" ex father "
jungkook's eyes reddened " what ?" he asked in disbelieve vantae sighed and nodded " now sleep no more questions " jungkook:" wait a minute where is gguk and taehyungie hyung ? why they didn't come to me" vantae didn't answer " vantae "
vantae raised his head " why you called me that ?" jungkook:"i asked a question i need an answer" vantae:" sleep now " the alpha glared at him " i said it before you are terrible at hiding things " " where .are .they ?" he asked vantae sighed his eyes became teary
and his throat was hurting finaly after all these days jungkook noticed that " what is it baby ?" vantae bite his lip " jackson kidnapped tae the same day you got poisoned " jungkook was shocked " WHAT ?" vantae nodded and a tear fall from his eye
the alpha pulled him to his chest again and rubbed his back " he threatened him by jeongguk ** he told him if he didn't go to him he will do to jeongguk what he did to you " " but you said kim was the one " vantae:" they were together in this game , the king poisoned
you to let me suffer and took tae to let him marry jackson for the allinace with moon stone kingdom " jungkook gritted his teeth " that bastard how dare he " vantae:" jeongguk , hobi hyung and namjoon hyung went to bring him they will be here in three days or less , it's
been nine days without him " jungkook:" how could you bear all of this and not breakdown ? you are hurting yourself baby " vantae:" i told you i waited for you to wake up " jungkook:" you are unbelievebale " vantae raised his head and moved closer to him to capture his lips
" it's been a long time " jungkook said between the kisses vantae:" i was kissing you everyday " jungkook chuckled " lucky " vantae broke the kiss " now seriously go to sleep " jungkook nodded . he laid down and closed his eyes not before pulling vantae to his chest
" you too sleep baby " vantae hummed and closed his eyes. but the poor kings couldn't sleep because taegguk decided to wake up and greet his father. he started making voices as he is talking with them " i think he missed me too " jungkook said taegguk answered him with his
weird language , they laughed and they kept on talking and taegguk replying to them . they laughed so much " enough baby daddy is tired go to sleep " vantae said taegguk looked at jungkook with his doe eyes " he is seducing me baby i can't say no " jungkook said to vantae
vantae:" no he needs to sleep give him to me " jungkook:" let him sleep on my chest " vantae:" then stop talking" jungkook nodded and started patting his son's back till sleep tookover them .
the next morning jungkook woke up to find his two babies still asleep he sighed and tried to get up with all his power but he couldn't . vantae felt something is moving so he opened his eyes " what is it baby ?" he asked jungkook:" sorry baby i didn't mean to wake you "
vantae shooked his head " no don't worry what do you need ?" jungkook:" i was going to ask the gards to bring you breakfast" vantae:" i'll tell them but first the doctor must check on you " jungkook nodded.
after the doctor came and checked the king he adviced him to stay on bed for more days without moving till he gets back his strenghth jungkook protested but he closed his mouth when vantae glared at him . they ate breakfast and jin came to check on him
" thanks god you are fine your majesty " he said looking at the ground " jin hyung rise your head he won't bite you " vantae said jungkook rolled his eyes " i don't know why you fear me " jin raised his head " excuse me didn't you look at your face in the mirror your
majesty you don't smile " jin closed his mouth with his hand when the reality hit him vantae laughed so hard " i-ii-m sorry i didn't mean it " he stuttered jungkook:" it's okay and thank you for the visit " jin nodded and excused himself .
" he is weird " jungkook said vantae chuckled. two other days passed ,vantae and jungkook didn't move from bed they stayed hugging each other and playing with taegguk. " your majesty " the gard said " what is it ?" vantae asked
the gard:" prince jeongguk and prince____" before he could finish vantae rushed out to the guests room to find all the royal family there , jimin and jin too " he is back vannie " jimin said with a teary eyes vantae nodded " come set here baby till they come " jungkook said
three days took the guys to come back to the castle. in all this days tae didn't leave jeongguk's hand for a second and they confirmed that he has a trauma from what happened to him , every time he sees an alpha he flinches badly and starts shaking .
jeongguk carried taehyung in a bridal style and took him to the guests room. the first thing tae saw was vantae , he hit jeongguk lightly to let go of him and ran to vantae who ran to him too. when they reached to each other they vantae carried him, tae roled his legs
around his waste and is hands on his neck , they hugged each other tightly " i missed you so much vannie " tae whispered with a teary eyes vantae cried " how dare you do something like this to me " tae:" i'm sorry " vantae:" i missed you , i was worried about you "
tae broke the hug and started wiping his brother unstoppable tears " please don't cry it hurt seeing you like this " he pleaded. vantae shooked his head and then he put his brother down " did he do something to you ?" vantae said and started checking his brother
tae bite his lip to stop himself from crying but he brokedown " what is it tae bear? " he asked tae cried "not *** now " vantae glared at him with his puffy eyes " stop it now and let me hug my brother too " jimin interrupted them
tae ran to him and hugged him tightly " i missed you pabo " tae said crying " me too don't you ever try to do it again " jimin warned him crying too. tae nodded after two minutes they broke the hug and tae walked to the king and the queen to greet them too
" welcome home son you don't know how much you worried us about you " the king said the queen:" tae bear are you okay ?" tae nodded and smiled and after that he took taegguk from the queen hand " i missed my baby did you miss me ?"
he talked with him in a baby voice and sniffed his scent " i missed this scent , this hands , this face" he started kissing him in all over his body and hugged him tightly taegguk was looking at him with his doe eyes " oh my god my cutey little baby "
taegguk started talking with him with his ununderstood language " stop i'm gonna eat this mouth " but taegguk didn't stop " he's gonna be the end of me " the others laughed in the other side when jeongguk put tae down he rushed to his brother and hugged him tightly
jungkook was setting on the chair " welcome gguk i'm sorry i can't get up so you have to hug me like this " he said jeongguk smiled sadly and hugged him carefully gguk:" how do you feel now ?" jungkook:" better but i can't feel my body yet "
" when did you wake up?" jeongguk asked him jungkook:" three days ago " jeongguk nodded " i was so afraid about you " jungkook:" i'm fine and i'm sorry about what happened with hyung " jeongguk sighed " so many things happened with him on this days thanks god i arrived
on the right time " jungkook frowned " we will tell you later " gguk said jungkook nodded after that they looked at the two other twins hugging and crying " how is hyung ?" gguk asked jungkook:" he will be good after seeing his brother "
gguk:" he was miserable " jungkook sighed " i hope these three days he took a little bit rest " jeongguk:" good to hear that" when tae finished kissing and hugging his baby he turned to see jungkook he looked at him in the eye jungkook smiled " welcome home hyung
happy to see you again " tae looked at jeongguk and then on jungkook " cupcake this is jungkook don't be afraid " gguk said the others looked at them confused tae took a breath and walked to him slowly " how do you feel kookie ?" he asked jungkook smiled " i'm good hyung but
you don't seem good " tae shooked his head " i'm fine all the time i was praying that you will wake up and come back to us ,specilly to vannie and taeggukie " jungkook:" it's nice from you hyung " tae:" yaah stop being respectful with me i missed the old you "
jungkook chuckled and the others laughed " he came back" jeongguk murmured " enough now you must take a rest tae bear and ggukie , jungkook too " the queen said gguk:" okay but i need to see jin hyung " " me too i missed him so much " tae said
jungkook motioned to vantae to come to him. " what is it baby ?" jungkook asked vantae:" i want to see him " jungkook:" not now don't waste your time with people like him let me recover a little bit and we'll see what to do " vantae sighed and nodded
"we want to tell you something " jeongguk said , the others gave him his attention " what is it baby ?" the queen asked jeongguk whined " why you keep calling me baby when i'm going to be a dad " jeongguk didn't know that he said the news the others looked at them shocked
" tae bear are you pregnant? " the queen asked tae bite his lip and nodded sheepishly vantae didn't believe what he heard he looked at him shocked with a teary eyes " really ?" he whispered tae's eyes became teary too and nodded vantae ran to him and hugged him tightly
"oh my god my tae bear you are grown up and you'll have your own baby " he said crying " babies " tae corrected him vantae:"WHAT !" FINALY " jimin shouted and jumped on tae hugging him like a koala " jiminie you are killing me " tae said struggling and the others laughed.
jungkook got up from his chair and hugged his brother too " congrats gguk so happy for you ,congrats taehyungie hyung " he said smiling tae and gguk smiled too " thank you kook " they said gguk:" now taeggukie will be a big brother " vantae and jungkook nodded
" we are waiting for our two angels to come fast congrats sons " the king said the queen was a crying mess she was hugging jeongguk and tae " what is it ? isn't it a good news why are you crying ?" the king asked done with his drama queen
the queen:" i can't believe my babies will have babies now " tae:" we litterly were the ones who raised taeggukie mom " gguk:" yes mom we are not babies anymore " the queen glared at him " you'll be my little baby forever " her voice cracked at the end
jungkook and vantae were holding each other hands and chuckling about the little bikering jimin was swaying taegguk and the baby was giggling . jungkook squeezed vantae's hand , the omega turned to him " what is it baby ?" he asked jungkook:" i think i need to go to our room "
" what is it ? is there something wrong ?" vantae asked worried jungkook shooked his head " i'm a little bit tired " vantae nodded jungkook:" you can stay with your brother for tonight if you want i know you've missed him " vantae:" what about you ? i can't leave you alone "
" i can stay with him a little bit if you want i really missed him " jeongguk said vantae nodded " okay but i won't spend the night with tae bear i know you missed him too so i won't be selfish we will stay together all after noon and evening you can back to your room " he said
jungkook:" i think it would be good " jeongguk nodded " now come on let me take you to your room you look really tired " jungkook nodded " don't tire yourself kookie go and sleep " the queen said jungkook sighed " mom how many times did i tell you not call me that ?" he
asked done with his mom the queen:" till i die now my baby kookie listen to what your mommy said and be a good boy " vantae , tae , jimin and gguk were trying their best to not laugh at jungkook face expression " honestly i can't believe you " he said
and started walking slowly with his arm around jeongguk's neck " careful gguk " vantae said eyeing every step they take gguk smiled " don't worry hyung " tae:" don't worry vannie he is his brother " vantae looked at tae in the eyes
" i know but i'm a little bit afraid about him " tae took taegguk from jimin's hand " what will you do now ?" he asked jimin. jimin:"i'll go see hobi hyung and then i have a lot of work so i need to go to the clinic i'm happy to see you safe and congrats for the babies "
tae smiled " okay have a nice day jiminie . mom dad i need to go to take a rest now bye " tae said and carried taegguk in one arm and the other held vantae's hand with that they headed to tae's room.
tae put taegguk on the bed and secured him after that he walked to vantae and hugged him " i'm sorry for not being near you when you needed me the most " he said in a low voice vantae shooked his head " don't say that tae bear " they sat on the bed
vantae:" i was so weak back then , it was so painful feeling that i'll lose my both precious persons and my everything " he cried tae cried too. vantae:" i wasn't feeling anything , it was like someone closed my eyes and ears "
tae:" we are here and safe , you have to take a rest " vantae nodded " let's lay down a little bit till launch , come here " tae jumped on his brother and hugged each him tightly . the elder started caressing his tummy " i'm still in denial that you got married
and now you'll have your own pups " tae sighed on the touch and closed his eyes ,tears were streaming down his face . when he sniffed vantae got up and adjusted himself to face his brother " what is it baby " tae:" i'm so happy that i'm here again hyungie ,
those days were so hard on me " he started crying. vantae hugged him " do you want to talk about it now ?" tae nodded and told his brother what happened with him and what those cruel people tried to do to him because he was to hurt and he can't hide anything from his vannie .
when he finished and looked at vantae he found him fuming in anger " ggukie killed him vannie , he didn't let him live for a minute after hearing what he tried to do for me " " i swear that i'm gonna make him live in hell, he will wish to die but he won't
have it for what he caused to you " vantae gritted his teeth tae buried his face on his brother neck and sniffed his scent to calm down. " thanks to yugy , if it wasn't him i would lost my babies and all of you by now " vantae breathed "you won't lose anything baby i promise
jungkook and i wil be always by your side no matter what , you are not alone okay ! and no one can harm our babies " tae:" i love you hyungie so much " " i love you too , and i'll make sure to reward those two mates for what they have done "
tae smile " let's sleep now before taeggukie wake up for his launch " vantae chuckled and laid down again and envlopped his baby brother in his embrace to take a nap .
jeongguk walked jungkook to his room and made him lie on his bed " be careful hyung " gguk said jungkook nodded and put his head on his pillow " do you want me to adjust it to you ?" jungkook sighed " yes please " " i hate being this weak "
gguk:" it's okay hyung everything will pass and you'll back as you were and better " jungkook:" leave you from me how are you ? " jeongguk took a deep breath and swallowed the limp on his throat trying not to cry " i'm fine hyung but tae is not " his voice cracked at the end .
jungkook looked at him confused " come set near me and tell me what happened " the king patted the bed. jeongguk wiped the tears with his sleeves and sat near his brother . he put his head on his shoulder and closed his eyes tried of everything. those days were so much of him
he needs to tell someone what he feel or he'll explode any minute . and there is nothing better than his elder brother to talk to. " jackson tried to rape taehyung and they almost abort the babies . if i didn't arrive at the right time they would be dead " he said after few
minutes of silent . jungkook fisted his hand till it became white " those bastards " he said under his breath. gguk:" i felt like i failed him hyung , i couldn't protect him , i couldn't keep my promise to vannie hyung " jungkook:" it was out of you hands gguk , you didn't know
that that will happen. they were so smart because they knew how to make you busy to succeed on their plan . don't blame yourself and for vannie i don't think that he is blaming you . he is the only one who can feel you the most because both of you almost lost your lover "
" they will pay for what they did to the three of you don't worry " jungkook said " i killed jackson hyungie " gguk whispered. " i didn't feel my actions till i catched his heart in my hand and i don't regret it because taehyungie is traumatized because of him ,
when i first saw him he backed off afraid if i do something to him , and that hurt me as hell " the alpha was crying his heart out by now . and now jungkook understood taehyung's behaviours minutes ago " i'm sorry for what happened to him baby brother and i wish if i could be
near you to give you some strength . i'm the one who feels that he failed you because all you wished in your life is to find me near you in your hard times but i wasn't " " don't say that hyung you were dying " the king sighed " i know but let me tell you that you did
the right think baby brother , if i were you i would do the same so don't feel guilty , he deserved it " gguk:" i habe never killed someone in my life hyung , that's why i feel something strange inside , i wasn't prepared "
" you are pure and innocent , everyday i confirm that you are just a baby " " hyuung " jeongguk whined in the middle of his crying session " i was opening my heart to you seriously " jungkook:" i'm saying the truth baby alpha " jeongguk glared at him with his puffy eyes
" okay okay sorry i just wanted to lighten the atmosphere , i don't like it when i see you crying " gguk stopped in his place after hearing the last sentence his brother said and looked at him with his doe eyes jungkook:" okay i will sleep because i'm tired "
with that jungkook laid down on his back and closed his eyes " hyung " " huh ?" " can i sleep with you ?" jeongguk asked jungkook:" you are sleeping with me " gguk:" i mean near you " jungkook cleared his throat jeongguk didn't wait for an answer and moved near him
he put his head on his brother's chest and hugged him ,amd now jungkook was taken out of guard because it's the first time he and his little brother be this close . he closed his eyes and put his hands around him . " happy that you came back to us hyung " jungkook hummed .
___________โ™ง chapter 36 โ™ง_____________
when the guys came back from their mission namjoon rushed to the kitchen to his husband. hoseok in the other side made his way to the stable to return their horses and go to meet the other guys. "yoongi ? " he frowned "what are you doing here ? i thought you are with the guys "
yoongi walked to him " i wanted to greet you first and then i'll go meet them " hoseok smiled and nodded " can we hug ? " the younger asked yoongi looked at him confused " why are you asking ? we do that often " hoseok sighed and looked at the ground
" not after what we agreed to do that day. i can't hug you as if it is nothing but a brothers hug because you know that it's not . i'm so sorry hyung i tried to forget about it and focus on jimin instead but i couldn't. everytime i send him a flower i wish
if i could do the same to you__" " hobi " yoongi interrupted him with a pleading eyes " please hyung don't make it difficult when it's not " " i can't hurt jimin because___ because you know why " hoseok looked at him hurt and in disbelieve
" but it's okay to hurt me ? huh ?you know what ! it's my fault that i tried to fix things between us again even if it was you who didn't want it from the beginning , thanks for asking for me hyung , i'm good but i'm tried so i need to take a rest " hoseok said and rushed
to go out side but yoongi pulled him from his wrist " please hobi try to understand me " hoseok:" all i did in the past years was understanding you , letting you do whatever you want , deciding the path of our relaionship . all i'm asking you is to stop your selfishness
and let me make the decision for once. and this time believe me you'll lose me forever and i'll make sure to vanish from your life___" the alpha couldn't finish his sentence because he found himself pinned in the wall suddenly " don't you dare finish that sentence "
yoongi looked at him angrily but then he sighed and put his forehead on hoseok's . "i can't live without you "he whispered . hoseok closed his eye " then prove it hyung , prove that you can't leave without me and i matter to you " yoongi:" of course you matter hobi "
" prove it hyung ". yoongi was looking at his lips for a second and for the other one he captured them . andย time stopped ticking neither of them was thinking now. they were kissing hungrily trying to savor as much as they can from each other because maybe it's the last time they
could do it . yoongi pulled hoseok from his waste and the later put his hands around his nape. after what felt like hours they broke the kiss but didn't move from each other . " i love you so much " yoongi said. hoseok breathed heavily and tried to make sure that what's happening
is true and not a dream or something his mind created " i love you too hyung " he whispered " what now ?" yoongi asked. hoseok:" i don't know " yoongi sighed " i need to go and see jimin , he must be waiting for me , so think about it hyung and let's give our decision today
we will meet at night " yoongi nodded " okay "
after leaving the twins jimin rushed to hoseok's chamber to greet him . he was going to knock on the door but the guards told him that he didn't come here yet . so he thanked them and went to the kitchen to see if he is there.
" hi hyungs " he said " hi jiminie " jin said. namjoon: "hi jimin " " how are you hyung ?" he asked namjoon smiled " i'm fine thank you for asking . are you looking for hobi ? " jimin nodded namjoon:" he took our horses to the stable i thought he met you already "
jimin looked at him confused " okay hyung i'll go and check on him . thank you " namjoon smiled " you're welcome " " take care " jin said jimin:" okay hyung bye " namjin:" bye "
jimin walked fastly to the stable to see if hoseok still there or not . when he got closer he could feel the whiskey scent which means yoongi is here somewhere . so he slowed his steps to not let anyone feel his presence and yoongi won't smell his scent because it's so weak .
when he entered he found the two alphas kissing . he felt a pang in his heart . but he was the one who asked the alphas to try to solve their problem again . and seeing them happy must make him happy because this is his purpose . but he doesn't know why he is feeling jealous .
he stayed staring at them for moments and when hoseok said he must leave to meet him . he ran to his room.
hoseok's heart was pounding as if he ran for miles , he was sweaty and his feet wobbly . it took him ages to finaly arrive to jimin's room he knocked on the door and waited . the door was opened " hi hyung " jimin said and didn't make any move to hoseok.
the alpha looked at him confused " aren't you gonna hug me or kiss me or tell me i missed you hyung ? " jimin walked to him and hugged him slowly ,not the same one when he jumps on him because he missed him. hoseok hugged him tightly " i missed you so much ,
i was counting the days to see you again " he said jimin closed his eyes and tightened the hug if it's possible " i-i missed you too hyung . so much " hoseok started swaying them left and right " we came back safely as i promised " jimin's tears started falling that moment .
hoseok back off and grabbed his face with his hands " what is it love ? did something happened ?" jimin at the love word brokedown and started crying hysterically hosoek grabbed his hand and put one hand on his back " let's get in "
he sat on the bed and jimin sat on his lap " now tell me what is it ?" jimin shooked his head and wiped his tears " i just___ i was afraid that maybe that bastard do something to you or tae " he lied.
hoseok pecked his lip quickly and put the beta's head on his chest and laid down stowly . "i said we are safe now so relax " jimin sniffed and nodded " did you meet yoongi hyung ?" he asked hoseok sighed and nodded " yes i did , we met in the stable "
jimin:" nice " hoseok:" are you talking to him ?" " not that much " hoseok nodded " he is a fool don't mind him , and it's a high time someone opens his eyes " " he sent me gifts twice " jimin confessed. hoseok chuckled jimin:" is it okay with you if i tell you that ?
i mean we agreed to make it open and see what's our hearts want " " of course jiminie he has all the right to do whatever he wants and you too . but i told him that tonight i will give you my decision because i'm tired of this situation and yoongi's pinning around is
not helping at all . one of us have to solve things and i'm that one . be prepared at night we will meet " jimin's heart was aching as if someone stabbed it millions of times he was not ready " so you are the one who'll choose ?"ย  jimin asked
the alpha shooked his head " of course not you have the right to choose too , whatever you want "
it was almost evening when the princes woke up and decided to visit their husbands . " be careful tae bear i don't want him to wake up now , let's have launch in peaceย  " tae nodded and carried the pup slowly to not wake him up from his sleep .
vantae:" come on let's go , go first i'll order the maid to prepare the food and bring it to my room " " okay " tae whispered and left. few minutes later vantae entered the room to find taehyung still standing " what is it ? " he asked the younger signaled him to look at the
other twins . jeongguk was sleeping almost on jungkook . his head on his chest and arms around him and one foot too . vantae was stunned and happy at the same time because poor this two need their happy ending too and they are having it finaly .
after finishing their staring session vantae asked tae to wake them up " let them be hyung they are tired " he whispered. vantae shooked his head " no jungkook needs to eat to take his medicines " tae nodded and put taegguk on his crib
after that he walked to the bed and laid down on jeongguk's back and hugged him from behind . vantae went from the other side and laid his head on jungkook chest . " wake up guys " he said in a low voice " ggukie wakey wakey " tae said shaking him lighty .
the prince moved a little bit and then opened his eyes. he was a little bit lost but he gained his consciousness after awhile . he smiled when he saw how all of them are cuddling together " did you sleep well ? " vantae asked the young alpha nodded " we talked a
little bit and we slept directly " vantae:" good , food is ready freshen up and come " jeongguk nodded and started to move but that caused jungkook to wake up " what is it ?" the king said without opening his eyes.
" wake up food is ready " when he heard vantae's voice he opened his eyes " hi baby what are you doing here ?" vantae:" we came to check on you both " jungkook nodded gguk:" i'll go to my room and i'll come back "
vantae:" do you want me to help you freshen up too jungkookie ?" the alpha nodded " yes please " " okay tae stay with taeggukie and if the maids brought the food let them in" tae:" okay hyungie "
minutes later the mates gathered on the bed again to have their late launch " say ahh baby " " ggukie i can eat by myself " " no i'll feed you , you guys lost a lot of weight " he looked at him and vantae who was feeding jungkook in the other side
" do you want me to feed you hyung ?" tae asked him the others chuckled vantae:" i'm fine " jungkook:" but you have to eat too baby to gain that weight back " " i'm fine i myself was struggling with my last pregnancy kilos and it went, so i'm good "
the three of them laughed after hearing him . " you are beautiful in all your cases baby " the alpha said. vantae glared at him " you are not helping , you said the same thing when i was chubby while pregnancy " jungkook:" your health is all what matter to me "
vantae smiled " thank you my heart ,that's so nice of you " " ggukie will you love me when i bacome chubby too ?" tae asked his mate after hearing what the others were saying " of course pup i'll love you in all your cases as hyung said "
" ggukieee stop it , they are here " tae said and hid himself in his mate chest embarrassed . vantae and jungkook laughed at his cute behaviour " but you asked " gguk said poutting " stop it you two " vantae said " children " jungkook mumbled
" we heard that " tae glared at him they laughed and finished their launch . after that they laid down all of them . vantae and tae in the middle and the other twins on their mates side vantae and jungkook laughed at his cute behaviour " but you asked " gguk said poutting
" stop it you two " vantae said " children " jungkook mumbled " we heard that " tae glared at him they laughed and finished their launch . after that they laid down all of them . vantae and tae in the middle and the other twins on their mates side
" so what will you do with kim ?" jeongguk asked . at the mention of that name tae curled himself on the alpha and hugged him tightly "shush pup i'm here he won't harm you " he whispered regretting his question . he had to wait till they are alone .
" i'm gonna take care of him taehyungie don't worry " jungkook said " he will pay for what he did to you " tae sniffed " thank you jungkookie " jungkook:" that's the least i can do , that bastard hurt us all " " i want to take care of it " vantae said
the alpha shooked his head " no i don't want you to deal with him or see his face at all " vantae sighed and nodded because he knows that his alpha is stubborn and he trusts him so knows that he will take the right decision and take care of it.
jungkook:" firs