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Feb 24, 2023
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🇺🇸🏴‍☠️💥🛢🇷🇺Journalist Seymour Hersh explained why Biden sabotaged the "Northern Streams" President Biden was guided by the goal of preventing Germany and European countries from opening the Russian pipeline in the event of a cold winter. The fact is that Germany still had the

right to open a new Nord Stream, and the United States did not want to allow this. "During the fighting, this will not be of any use, and his [Biden's] goal was to prevent Germany and Western Europe from opening the pipeline in the event of an imminent onset of cold weather. The
German authorities imposed sanctions, stopped [one] pipeline, but had the right to open a new one, which Biden did not want," Seymour Hersh told RT. The states carefully studied the possibility of sabotaging Russian gas pipelines even before the start of the SMO(Speicial Military
Operation), the journalist claims. The explosives were installed in June, when the United States believed that Kiev's affairs at the front were going well. But by September it became clear that Ukraine was experiencing serious problems.
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