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hey guys. anybody want to take a guess at why atomic heart is such a fucking breath of fresh air in the absolute pile of pig diarrhea that is modern AAA single player games? Any guesses? nobody wants to guess?

no this character would not have left the cutting room floor at blue hair fat bitch incorporated
POV you are about to do about 70 million dollars in damage to a software company
POV you are behind on your work and the ex model founder of the company walks in and asks you to work hard and all you can think about is the fact that at any moment she might just snap and drag you into her office and suck your balls out through your dick hole.
Oh wow. Kerbal space program 2 came out. Lets see ... uh oh
how could this have happened.
lots of people angry at this post. I will remind them that games have fallen off big time since people started going to school for "game design" and companies (american) started getting big enough to hire shitty corporate sludge to clog up the creativity process.
The best most interesting games of the past decade are all from indie devs. Dudes who made mods and decided to make a game. Atomic heart is the first title from this studio and it took them 5 years. Extreme risk/reward.
You can see the seriousness of the atomic heart devs in that they are not fat balding manlet goonbeards. Nobody has dyed hair because anybody that does that is mentally ill. (look it up its called Aposematism) And the lack of women inspires a work environment free of stress
If you are a game dev and have been in the industry long enough you know its true. You will never ever dare to say it because not only would you be fired , but also blacklisted.
the good news is that you cant "ban" indy games. And tools are getting easier and easier for people to use. the bad news is if you are hoping that new ubisoft game will be fun it wont be. ever
if you are running any business. Know the signs. This is the easiest one to spot. Its completely legal to discriminate against people who show up to work looking like this…
if a woman takes her hair length above her ear line , or shaves any part of it to her skin. Its a business liability because you are dealing with a woman who is deliberately casting off/mutilating her most obvious feminine features. direct sign of deep distress and mental illness
Same thing with atypical hair dye. This goes for both sexes. There are several things a person can do to change their hair appearance to fit their personality that isnt coloring it bright (warning colors)…
Bright hair dye have never once in the history of humanity improved the look of a person. It only works in anime (not real). Its a direct sign you are looking at a person who is not remotely serious about themselves. And by proxy wont be serious about their work.
game studios are packed with people like this. And the unseriousness rubs off on the product. They cant leave their personal lives at home and instead bring it to work and agitate for whatever things they think is important at home into the game.
but worse its infectious. The game dev community is completely infested with activists , cripples , and homosexuals/transexuals. veteran brodude game developers who used to push out quality products like randy pitchford (road to hill 30) now cannot ship anything good at all
Another example is Cliff bleszinski. Famous for his gears of war game that was basically "bro-dude the game". He then decided he wanted to grow his studio. then suddenly women appeared as roided space marines and wouldnt you know it the games started sucking
You might not like it. You might vehemently disagree. But the reality is the best games of all time are usually developed by teams of white males who are secluded from women and political agitators.
everyone knows. They have not shipped a good product in decades
The best game ever shipped was conkers bad fur day for the n64. The story. music. comedy. Everything was perfect. But the multiplayer is what pushes the title to the top. It eclipsed goldeneye several times over in its depth of gameplay variety and fun.…
f all time", coming from someone like you @martsharter,@wyattess. it's not likely that you have any soundness of judgment in such matters. you're like a child who still thinks Big Macs are the best ever food, because they *only* eat fast-food burgers.
it was , as perfect as a game could be in a single package. Nothing has come close since. Ever.
rare is now dead. Because the corporation that bought it underutilized its talent and people fled the company. Im sure whatever shell of a company rare is now could never produce a sequel that comes close. Especially in the current UK political environment. no jokes allowed
same with lionhead , another titan in game innovation. They made fable and black and white (black and white is another top 10 games ever made)
then you have blizzard. Of which its corpse is being torn apart by various blue haired fat women who want representation in the terran marines and more black women in the liegons of angels doing battle with hell. Diablo 4 will likely suck massive shit
covid is not responsible for the game drought we have. Whats responsible is the HRification of the game industry is complete. You are having 2009 mobile game tier developers running billion dollar juggernaut studios with the best IPs on earth.
because these games are addictive. There will be no crash that kills these studios. Unemployed people are their demographic. Their corporate design policy is addiction over gameplay. they will never run out of money and the market will never correct them
You will have indy studios that make amazing games , then expand , and get aids and start producing trash. This cycle will continue until affirmative action is gone and a studio decides its just gonna be white dudes making games. and the quality differential becomes obvious
its a "people are not animals" episode
actually coffee man, she is the founder of the company and her job was to host the bank account. no development experience from what i understand…
Probably because this chick kept these stupid fucking chuds from ruining it, eh?
desperation for "sources" and "proofs" to provide you with acceptable beliefs. This is very obviously related to your desire for a father type figure who can provide you with right and wrong , why you will never be creative , and why your hair is orange.…
imals, yes, but neither your linked article nor any other information I can find about the subject refer to human beings or habits involving hair dye at any point, much less connecting them to mental illness. And the trait itself is a beneficial adaptation.
unironically yes. The main character is a PERFECT example of the power structure that exists post revolution. He is the guy who puts all the college students who started the revolution against the wall.…
y fridge was really funny, never got old. I'm glad it was added along with the amazing one liners from our charismatic main character.
people on the internet need to stop being comfortable saying god of war is 1. good 2. a videogame. Its a "entertainment" product. These people dont need to make engaging gameplay experiences if they can force you to watch their movie for 60 dollars
the "playstation has no games" thing is because , at the time (and still to this day) , the playstation had nothing but moviegames like this. Its now spread to third parties.
the people who made halo dont make games anymore. The company that makes halo cant make halo anymore. 343 cant make halo anymore either…
if japanese are not white you are going to have to explain away their genetic preference towards breasts over ass…
ona 5, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IX, Metal Gear Solid 3--all famously made by white people.
game sucked ass and you are just demonstrating the cause…
lots of people telling me to go seek therapy. Most of them are like this because they go to therapy no thanks…
ranting? You’ve been at this for hours. Go touch some fucking grass and then book an appointment with a shrink. Fuck.
to any game devs reading this. Make female characters conventionally attractive again. You dont actually have to make characters look like shit on purpose all the time
stop doing it. Stop putting ugly actors in games. Just stop doing it. nobody wants to see debra wilsons space vacuum accident face. nobody.
cute. funny. young. want to protect. vs Old. Ugly. Bad clothes. Uncanny valley.
Cute. Youthful. virgin. Cool clothes. Accessories with a story. vs Ugly. Masculine. molested. Dumb clothes. Accessories that dont do anything.
Dangerous. Pretty. Travels light. Assassin vs Out of place. Silly. Overdressed. Black in wrong time period. not assassin
wow this character is so cool. So boring and forcefully unattractive i would not even attempt to sexualize her as a woman. If her skirt lifted up i would avert my eyes because she could kill me vs
more design work went into a literal child pedobait mobile game character than all games produced by ubisoft in the last 3 years. Think about that.
"Mr. president.. People who think puberty blockers are reversible have found the thread"
must be nice being a latina and having your major representation by a ugly cyberdyke with side shave and cut eyebrows…
Doctor Contra

Doctor Contra

that's just a latina bro
erm... uh.... you will play what white straight men make for you…
Saoirse Blue

Saoirse Blue

xist, we’re not going anywhere. go crawl back in your hole and let the rest of us actually enjoy the full spectrum of human experience
what happens when the company decides they wont cover transition surgery out of pocked after the major insurance companies drop it completely?…


industry will only get more and more progressive and there's literally nothing you can do except schizo rant on Twitter, right? I bet it must feel terrible to be this powerless in life :/
this sounds good. Stop entering explicitly male places sweeties…


Nah this has gotta be a bait thread, ain't no way he's trying to cover up the harassment, theft, and suicide that happened to the female employees
i will end this thread with a final strike. We need to talk about the ugly pigs who do this
who does this benefit? Men do not find it attractive. Lesbians dont find it attractive. It serves no purpose. Its a device designed to stop pigs from digging for roots. Women who wear this are retarded
every single one without exception. If you have a septum peircing. you are retarded and not to be respected. real las vegas mole person aesthetic
any time you see a woman with a septum piercing. Get up in their face. Start making loud pig noises. "suuuuweeeee pig pig pig" scratching the ground with your foot. Do this until it stops. Everyone join in. Will only take about a month with a few million people doing this
oh and one more thing watch symphogear
im famous on reddit wow
check this out reddit its important
wow part 2?!
reminder dont allow people to gaslight you into accepting the emotional blackmail that banning transgenderism for kids and its associated treatments/surgeries will cause death. It didnt 10 years ago when nobody knew about this shit. it wont now either.
getting lots of dm's like this
man i just got here look at this thread blow up
mystical feeling of getting hundreds of thousands of people to read my threads on why women with green hair are bad
all the death threats im getting from female software developers and girls who like nose piercings
if you have scrolled this far. A a audio/visual gift
POV you are a green haired woman and your boss at gaming company reads my thread
how come my notifications are completely flooded with (obviously molested as a child) women talking about my virginity and sex stuff…


be the most long winded way to let the world know you’re a virgin
Cooking food is something women have done for the past forever. You should not , as a man , take pride in having a career in being a professional wife…


solute shit take. I got fucking pink hair, and have been cooking for 15 years, see me in a kitchen and tell me I don't take my work seriously. Hair color deciding work ethic is stupid and fucking toxic
oh lawd people thought i was joking. no. Today you will fuckin learn…
if japanese are not white you are going to have to explain away their genetic preference towards breasts over ass…
why do people think african americans were walking around in the 1700s in tricones and tophats interacting with local townspeople like it was a videogame made by ubisoft.…
And this is why weebs shouldn't be allowed to have opinions. Black people were all over New Orleans in the 1700s and she is dressed appropriately for the era.
"maybe people who constantly talk about their therapy and varying mental illnesses and have 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 flags in their bios should not be in high end software development?"
ez clap
this is for sure happening.…
e making "game" devs on their burner accounts cry so they had to call Hasan. LOL
hasan will make you vote pete buttigeg in 2024…
Gulag this mfer at the sight. This nazis are getting out of hand. They should be chained and crying like their daddy at their last breath.
how it works. He learned this from his uncle chunk. He gets you with the friend simulator experience and as the primary season heats up he gaslights you with "bernie can win this time" and when he doesnt you are too invested not to vote in the general…
Hitler will be proud of you, if you just die like him too.
For the hasan fans joining us 1. Socialism has failed globally. Right wing coalitions worldwide are solidifying. Europe is about to flip red for 40 years. sweden embraces fascism 2. Trans therapy banned federally. People who resist will be blacklisted from education/medicine
3. immigration will come to a screeching halt globally and in 20 years the word "asylum" will be stricken from international politics as 3rd world infrastructure simply cannot maintain at the same speed as 1st world. Life quality gap will explode between global south and north
I dont think they care their game is doing great and they are ethnic russians working in cyprus. Not sitting in a trench in donbabwe is preferable to people like you sending them emails asking to disavow anime twitter threads…
a lot of negative attention to this group, I'm sure they appreciate it
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