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Debunking her claims. Devadasi in Hinduism. Devdasi history

Thanks for this qs @Sanjukta Basu . Here’s debunking some myths: (Thread) 1. Devdasi - as the word suggests were dasas of Ishwar not humans.During hindu rule they only danced in temples & had nothing to do with Sεχ slavery. It was during british & Islαmic rule their status changed.
She cited a text of Ankur singhal who gave no proofs. Nothing much is known about the status of Devadasi, but according to the Testimony of Al biruni from aroun 1000 AD mentions that Devadasi were made as a bait by Kings for the entertaiment and pleasure of people
Origin of Devadasi can be traced back to Hindu scriptures. Padma Purana Srishti Khanda Chapter 51 mentions "A wide man without troubling himself should offer a purchased daughter to god" The chapter also mentions about donating 8-year-old girls and beautiful woman to Brahmins.
Matsya Purana chapter 70 mentions a story abput origin of Prositution. Asura women were rpd and advised by Indra to work as Prostitutes
The same chapter of Matsya Purana advises those women that any Brahmin coming to them for the sake of $exual enjoyment should be satisfied.
According to the contemporary account of Francois Bernier, in Jagganath temple Brahmin priests used to r@pe Devadasi after marrying them to God.
According to another traveller, Jean baptise travernier little girls aged 11 or 12 used to be offered as Devadasi to the Idol temple of Hindus
And in Hinduism , s3x with a Slave woman (Dasi) is allowed. According to Narada smriti 12.78, a Hindu man can have intercourse with a woman lower in varna than himself, with a slave, with a prostitute but not with a woman higher in varna than him.
Abbe dubois too gave an account of Devadasis in his book Hindu manners and customs, according to him Devadasis were commonly referred as Prostitutes by Hindu Public and traditionally they were made for enjoyment of Brahmins only but now anyone can approach them.
Examples of Girls being donated as chattels can be found in many Hindu scriptures, for example in Valmiki Ramayana Yudh kanda chapter 125 Bharata donated 16 beautiful maiden girls as Wives to Hanuman along with 100 villages and other items.
The reason Devadasi system wa started by Hindus in their temples is because Hindus wanted to make a copy of Paradise (svarga) on Earth. Apsaras are dancing girls in Hindu heaven where they also provide pleasures to Hindu men.
Her claim about Manusmriti punishment on rap3 is also wrong. Brahmins don't get such punishment for rap3 (Manusmriti 8.379-380; Gautama dharmasutra 8.13) Even in case involving Brahmin women (Manusmriti 8.378) Manusmriti 7.96 allow Kings to retain women prisners as war b00ty
There are so many examples of Women being donated as slav3s in Hindu scriptures, Here are some references
Agni Purana 211.39-40 mentions those Hindus who gives maid servants to Brahmins would read the world of Nymphs (Apsaras)
Now coming back to Devadasis, since Devdasis are associated with Apsaras in Hindu heaven, its no surprise that Apsaras are also equated with Pr0stitutes in heaven. Devi Bhagvatam 9.1 mentions Women with bad character will become Apsaras in heavens
John Shortt in his account 'The Bayadère; or, dancing girls of Southern India' mentioned about Devadasi custom. He mentioned As soon as a girl attains maturity, her virginity, if not debauched by the brahmins, is sold to another. Kidnapping too was common in this system.
An example of what Hindus do with Devadasis and then they blame Britishers and Mughals for this. Is it supposed to be Bad Parenting…
She made another absurd claim that Slave is different from S3x slav3. I have already showed verse of Narada smriti in one of my previous tweets that Hindu men are allowed to have intercourse with Slav3 women…
Nowhere prostitution or forced skavery is mentioned in your screenshot. Do u even understand the difference between maid servant & sx slaves? I too have maid servant in my home. We aren’t sleeping with her.
This Hindu woman @Vishnupriya Narayan (stri) who is supposed to embrassed/ashamed according to etymology of word and doesn't even allowed any freedom according to Hinduism didn't even read her own screenshot The text clearly mentioned exactly same which I wrote…
This chapter talks about 1. women being rαρεδ by asuras. 2. Women who themselves gave into lustful feelings. This has no connection to devdasis, nor something practiced in a civilised hindu society. Again stop trying to twist things to suit ur agenda, coz u cant.
Observing her act @Vishnupriya Narayan I can only quote manusmriti 9.18 for her
Why these H1ndus don't even read their own screenshots? The text clearly mentions that intercourse with a Slav3 woman is allowed in Hinduism…
Another fraud If you go to the next shloka it clearly mentioned that if someone keep any kind of physical relationship with the four type of mentioned woman he will be punished So it is clear that in our dharma we can't have physical relationship with dasi Or Das
Read More about this Hindu custom of Devadasi here…


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