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#taekookau "So you were dumped?" A nod. "By a mated omega?" Another nod. "A pregnant one at that?" And that's when Jungkook watches the Alpha's lips wobble before he breaks down, making hasty attempts to wipe his tears away and it's ridiculous how he looks so fine still.

— short. — alpha Taehyung, omega Jungkook. — drunk conversations. — scenting. — like, rts and qrts always motivate me 🥺
Jungkook internally scolds himself for checking out the alpha even when the other is busy crying. But he can't really help it can he? Especially not when an overcoat is draped around his broad shoulder, his eyelashes are as beautiful as ever even when soaked in tears.
"How could you possibly not notice his mark though?" Taehyung inhales, his lips wobbling once again but he manages to stop that and tries to get back his composure before he replies. "He used makeup to hide his mark." His voice is hoarse from the crying session but Jungkook
++ decides to focus on his words for now. Because it's him whom Taehyung called right after his date dumped him. "He said" a hiccup as he continues "that he wanted to make his alpha jealous and hanging out with me worked like magic." The alpha pouts as he mumbles
++ "Why do I always get played like that?" His voice is so small and even though he looks absolutely ethereal and cute with tear streaked eyes Jungkook finds his heart hurting at the alpha's question. "Because you are so naive." At that Taehyung looks up at him, eyes innocent
++ and Jungkook nothing more than to kiss the alpha but friends don't kiss. "and handsome." His hand reaches out to place itself on Taehyung's knuckles and Taehyung feels like Jungkook's voice is all he can hear in the middle of the chaotic restaurant.
He giggles, hiccups but leaves his hand immobile under Jungkook's palm as he uses his other hand to pour the shot of soju on his throat, grimaces when it burns its way down his stomach. "Jungkook-ssi!" The omega hums, amused. "You are drunk!"
Jungkook nods even though he is not. "Right. I am! You mind helping me to get home?" "Always! That's what friends are for." And there it is again. That word. Jungkook feels a sudden wave of irritation as he replies before he can even think.
"I don't wanna be your friend anymore." "Hm? Why?" Taehyung frowns. "Do I disturb you too much?" Jungkook is dragging him out of the restaurant after paying the bill and that damn pout is back again.
They sit in the car and Taehyung speaks up once again when Jungkook starts the engine. "What do you wanna be if not my friend?" And weirdly enough Taehyung has a silly smile, hanging on his lips. Jungkook is over him to tie the seatbelt and he feels a shiver going down his spine
++ when Taehyung says the next words. "My mate?" He stills, gulping hard, trying not to give away his emotions to Taehyung yet but the alpha immediately catches on the sudden change in his scent.
"What? you like that?" He whispers right against the shell of his ear. "Like it when I call you my mate?" And Jungkook doesn't know what's happening. His head is spinning at the sudden spike in the alpha's scent. Taehyung rubs his nose against Jungkook's neck, scenting him
++ which is usual between both of them but this feels extremely intimate right now. "You rub your nose all over my neck whenever I tell you that I am going on a date. You think I don't notice you scenting me so that other omegas don't dare touch what's yours?"
To say Jungkook is at a loss of words would be an understatement. He feels like he doesn't even know how to form sentences anymore. "Why do you go on dates if I am right here?" The omega dares to ask, his cheeks painted red when Taehyung places a kiss on the side of his neck.
"To infuriate you. To see if me being with others holds an effect on you or not." Jungkook is back at the driver's seat before looking away, a pout adorning his lips. "You cried earlier because you got dumped."
"I cried, yes. Not because of that." Taehyung places his hand on the omega's thigh as he continues "I cried because I was afraid that this time too you won't give me much of a reaction and maybe you are not really interested in me and it's just me in this alone."
"You are drunk." He mumbles and Taehyung is quick to protest. "Yah! How dare you say that? Haven't you heard of the saying that drunk words are true words? Also, I sobered up the moment I smelt at least a hundred strawberries at once."
At that he gets a punch on his shoulder from Jungkook. "How else do you expect me to react when you say things like that?"
"You are strong fuck! wanna break my shoulder or what?" Taehyung asks rubbing his shoulders as a mischievous look shines in Jungkook's eyes.
"If you are willing to break my back." A wink is sent towards the alpha's way and he feels his heart beating the loudest when the car runs on the night street with both of their cheeks beet red in anticipation of the forthcoming future.
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