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yuyu 🪞 5.2k

yuyu 🪞 5.2k

Feb 24, 2023
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small yoonkook thread: yoongi reaching for a cup on the top shelf. he’s a bit annoyed, he’s not even that short yet he can barely reach it. he looks around hoping to maintain his dignity, and starts to put his knee on the counter once he’s sure no one is around.

yoongi is barely about to lift himself up when he feels someone press their body against him. he jumps in surprise when they press closer, his hips pressed tightly against the edge of the counter. “i got it.” jungkook softly says, grabbing the cup easily—
well he also struggled a bit but not nearly as embarrassingly as yoongi. why the fuck are these shelves so high?? yoongi takes the plate, “uh thanks, can— can you move?” jungkook hums right next to his ear, sending shivers down his spine.
“why?” the younger noses along his neck, breath warm and making yoongi burn bright red. “i’m pretty comfortable like this.” the smaller one gulps, “look— i just want juice— ah!” jungkook presses his crotch against his ass, nice and snug.
“you’re so cute, hyung. can’t help myself.” jungkook murmurs, kissing behind his ear. yoongi is frozen, unable to move as the taller man’s hand trails down his stomach. caressing the soft skin, making yoongi tremble— and sweat.
“jungkook—" yoongi coughs, “what are you doing?” “seeing you stretch all cute like that made me excited.” the shorter man frowns, “i was struggling to grab a cup how did that turn you on?”
“don’t judge, hyung.” jungkook huffs. “anything you do turns me on.” “well don’t— not here.” yoongi hisses when jungkook starts to tug down his pants. “i cant?” jungkook asks, and yoongi regrets turning back to look. his eyes are wide— puppy dog eyes.
he clenched his jaw before sighing, “okay, uh— just make it quick.” jungkook pants against his neck, “fuck thanks, just don’t be loud.” he forces yoongi to be fully bent over the counter, and they both know he will be anything but quiet.
yuyu 🪞 5.2k

yuyu 🪞 5.2k

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