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COERCING THE CURE How a Perfect Storm of Corporate Coincidence Exposes the Potential for Benefit in the Aftermath of the East Palestine Burn. A thread by Shawn Bradley Witzemann (TMI) February 24, 2023

Camper Trailer, Missouri — The entire world has been in a nearly perpetual state of crisis since the beginning of 2020.
A global pandemic, widespread rioting, tumultuous elections, and the now palpable possibility of World War 3 are beginning to coalesce into what can reasonably be described as the sum of all fears.
Deception has become normalized, and misinformation is rampant. Everyone picks and chooses what they believe. Facts are rarely agreed upon.
In the aftermath of the East Palestine train derailment, much of the American public is desperately searching for answers while others are probably much better served through continued ignorance. Frankly, the story you’re about to read makes me sick to my stomach.
I hope all assessments are wrong and I come to be a discredited lunatic — forced to give up my ramblings and return to the quiet, blue-collar life that I often miss so much.
Nevertheless, I feel compelled to tell this story as the facts have led me to write it. As with much of my work over the years, a series of random coincidences lead the way.
This particular story begins with an investigation into a conspiracy theory regarding Medical ID bracelets.
BRACELETS FOR THE FAMILY On January 29, 2023, WFMJ reported that East Palestine, Ohio was preparing to roll out a program to provide MyID bracelets for residents.
According to the company website, “MyID is a comprehensive medical ID solution that provides an easy way to access, store, and manage your health information. Your medical profile can be accessed anytime, anywhere via MyID Products such as bracelets, sticker kits, and mobile apps.”
Along with the bracelet and unique QR code, MyID claims 24/7 access to a live operator as further support for website access to all stored data.
Their website further explains how “First Responders can access your profile in 5 seconds or less, telling them who you are, who to contact, and how to save your life.”
The MyID website also reminds their potential users that “A doctor may be of no help if you can’t communicate clearly. My ID stores all your medical information in one place for quick & easy reference.”
Clearly, this simple technology would make things much easier for first responders and healthcare professionals in the event of an emergency.
A BRIGHT IDEA FOR EMERGENCY DATA ACCESS MyID was initially introduced to investors by Josh Taylor of St. George, Utah.
Taylor is the CEO of Product EVO, a product development firm that promises “end-to-end rapid product development for high volume, high performing products - from idea to production.”
On September 17, 2013, PC Magazine explained how MyID came into existence after Taylor was nearly hit by a vehicle while jogging near his home.
It was this near miss that apparently inspired Taylor and his teammates at Endevr to create an emergency identification bracelet. The bracelets, capable of linking to any amount or type of stored data the buyer desires, were at that time sold on Amazon for $26.21.
A BIG BREAK FOR MY ID MyID got its big break when a partnership with pharmaceutical behemoth, Merck and Co. Inc., was announced on January 20, 2021.
According to St. George News, the goal was to “provide the MyID mobile app and wristband to patients in the United States, including St. George, who are being treated with their number one selling drug, KEYTRUDA.”
MyID Board Chairman Brian Norman remarked on the partnership: “Cancer immunotherapy drug treatment is an excellent fit in our portfolio, with a clearly defined customer base, that will create synergies and scale with our commercial team.”
He went on to explain that “The agreement with Merck allows the company to continue that commitment by driving innovation in the pharmaceutical marketplace.”
Under the terms of the agreement, Merck agreed to purchase bracelets directly from MyID, and provide them to KEYTRUDA patients in the U.S. through December 31, 2023.
A TRAIN DERAILS ON TRADING DAY On January 24, 2023, Norfolk Southern stock was trading at $255.88 when it suddenly took a dip. It hit a low of $238.21 by January 30th before beginning to rebound. The stock recovered to $254.84 on February 2, 2023, but by the time a train went olestine, the price was tanking hard and is now valued $224.77.
Some might say the drop in price was indicative a sell off just ahead of catastrophe, but surely it was just a coincidence.
Merck stock, on the other hand, hit an all-time high of $114.84 on January 6. Over the course of the next four months, price steadily declined until it hit $102.94 USD on February 3 — the same day an SEC filing showed that BlackRock increased their stake in the company by 8.47% — the train derailed in East Palestine, setting in motion a series of events which has the potential to provide the largest windfall profits in the history of pharmaceuticals.
Since the same day the crisis began in East Palestine, Merck stocks have risen steadily, and are currently valued at $109.89.
On October 15, 2022, The Morning Journal reported on the program and explained that “Mayor Trent Conaway said the idea to use the service was presented by fire Chief Keith Drabick,” who was “familiar with the company, having used it at a fire department in Horry County, S.C. when h
According to Conaway, the fire department was soliciting donations at that time — looking for ways to offer the product to residents.
Four days ago, in an effort to debunk “conspiracy theories” surrounding MyID bracelets, WKBN reported: “The bracelets have no GPS feature, but the conspiracy theorists are running wild, believing people have been tracked since before the train derailment.”
“It’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous,” the fire chief explained to WKBN, “This program is nothing more than us being able to help the citizens.”
THE ART OF DISTRACTION As I’ve often pointed out, the most conniving of criminal conspirators love to provide a tapestry of conspiracy theories to the public — meant to be easily debunked — casting an indelible shadow of doubt on any future revelations.
While America was transfixed on the Chinese Spy Balloon, a train derailment in East Palestine quickly turned into an unprecedented environmental crisis. Amid wild reports of UFO’s and Alien Invasion, however, the developing disaster remained almost entirely unreported.
Much like the Spy Balloon, it seems that the My ID conspiracy is providing cover for a much larger story.
Indeed, Americans are rightfully concerned about data collection. Multiple alternative media outlets have reported on this issue, but so-far, all have failed to point out My ID’s incredibly wealthy business partner: Merck and Co. Pharmaceutical.
But before we get back to Merck, there’s a very ugly elephant in the room.
THE ELEPHANT EMERGES In the aftermath of the release and burn conducted by Norfolk Southern and others, many have expressed intense concern over the potential consequences.
Although investigations into how the train derailed continue to provide new details, confidential sources within the top echelons of the scientific and intelligence communities now believe that sabotage is certain.
They further report that the resulting situation is dire — much worse than a nuclear detonation.
“Multiple unmarked and unlabeled tankers were involved in the incident,” sources explained, “Northfolk Southern did not list hazardous materials/component manmade and raw materials of WMD materials per Hazmat CFR Labeling and Transportation Shipment Federal Regulations under Federal, State, and Local Environmental Laws and Regulations for Transportation.”
“1400-1800 liquid tons of a classified, military grade chemical were was released and burned into the atmosphere along with the rest of the publicly known, hazardous materials stated on manifest,” sources explained,
“Without proper knowledge of what they were dealing with, those who made the decision to conduct the release and burn have haphazardly unleashed a Weapon of Mass Destruction on the eastern United States and north all the way into Canada.”
According to sources, the classified material is a variation of a product trademarked as COREXIT, described as a “powdery substance that behaves like baker’s dust mixing in the air as it gets sucked up to high altitudes”.
Sources further explained that “when it mixes with H20 + 02, 03 etc., it cakes together, or it can do other things depending on temperature, elevation, humidity, and air chemistry.”
The Material Safety Data sheet for the unclassified version gives stark instructions and explains proper measures in the event of an accidental release:
“In the event of fire and/or explosion do not breathe fumes.”
“Ensure adequate ventilation. Remove all sources of ignition. Ensure clean-up is conducted by trained personnel only. Do not allow contact with soil, surface or ground water.”
“Eliminate all ignition sources if safe to do so. Stop leak if safe to do so. Contain spillage, and then collect with non-combustible absorbent material, (e.g. sand, earth, diatomaceous earth, vermiculite) and place in container for disposal according to local / national regulations.”
“For large spills, dike spilled material or otherwise contain material to ensure runoff does not reach a waterway. Flush away traces with water.”
Concerns about the water supply have made it to mainstream media while the Environmental Protection Agency continues to lack transparency in the matter.
Due to what sources describe as “extreme danger of societal breakdown due to a high probability of catastrophic levels of sickness and death”, mainstream media has knowingly remained silent. Former President Donald Trump personally visited East Palestine, while the Biden A to face increased scrutiny and multiplying demands for federal action.
Based on available data along with information from confidential sources, America is facing an extremely calamitous future in which aggressive cancers and excess death become commonplace.
PERFECT TIMING TO MONOPOLIZE A CURE On January 26, 2023, little more than a week before the train derailed in East Palestine, Merck and Co. was given what BioPharma Dive reported as a “Surprise Win” at the Food and Drug Administration.
As a result, the immunotherapy was granted “a broad label in adjuvant lung cancer despite mixed results in the main study supporting its application.”, allowing the pharmaceutical giant to extend its exclusive control over the 129 filed patents until the year 2036.
According to the official insert from Merck and Co., “KEYTRUDA is a type of immunotherapy that works by blocking the PD-1 pathway to help prevent cancer cells from hiding. KEYTRUDA helps the immune system do what it was meant to do: detect and fight cancer cells.”
BioPharma Dive further reported: “Among all patients in Merck’s study, Keytruda’s risk reduction was 27%. But in a result that puzzled some experts, it didn’t meet statistical significance among those with high PD-L1 expression.
That, combined with an earlier FDA decision to limit (competitor) Tecentriq’s approval to patients most likely to benefit (risk reduction of 34% in those expressing at least some PD-L1), makes the broad label the FDA granted Keytruda a ‘positive surprise’ for Merck, according to SVB analyst Daina Graybosch.”
The BioPharma Dive article went on to state: “The approval is the latest step in drugmakers’ efforts to make cancer immunotherapies — already go-to treatments for dozens of metastatic tumors — standard in earlier cancer treatment.”
CONGRESS STEPS IN On February 22, 2023, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, along with Representatives Katie Porter and Pramila Jayapal, sent a joint letter to the Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and the Director of the United States Patent and TVidal.
The letter stated: “We are writing regarding recent reports that Merck is seeking to extend its patent monopoly on the $165,000 cancer drug Keytruda. If the company is successful, it will result in billions of dollars in new profits from this lifesaving drug -- at extraordinary expense to patients and taxpayers.”
As reported by Law360 on February 23, an official response from Merck and Co. stated that the pharmaceutical giant is "continuously innovating to enhance the benefits of Keytruda in order to reach greater numbers of patients and to increase efficacy and convenience of the treatment,"
Shawn Bradley Witzemann
Free Range Journalist, American Patriot, Lover.
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