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China 's overture in the Ukraine peace deal, is facing headwinds before it even started. The western propaganda agencies are already putting out more and more unverifiable claims of China supplying Russia with weapons. How will this play out?...🧵

I of all people would love to see a non-zero-sum game in geopolitics. Alas, this is not the case, because the US hegemony demands a zero-sum game. Right now a peace deal is an impossibility, because you have vested interests in the US that would benefit from prolonging the war
The Ukraine war, destroyed any semblance of EU independence. Now you have professional LARPer countries in the Baltics and Poland being uplifted as the "leaders" of EU. Instead of the traditional adults in the room, France and Germany.
This is why Chinese overtures has been focused on Germany and France. Now the focus is moving ever closer to Paris. Since Germany, thanks to a divided government, have became another American yesman in the EU. They didn't even question the US on this:
Prolonging the Ukraine war will further tighten the bondage of the EU to the US. Now the EU is entirely reliant on the US from economy, to industry, to energy and security. Due to the lack of spine in EU leaders, they have became a plaything of Washington.
Now the North ATLANTIC Treaty Organization is openly meddling in China's internal affairs in Asia PACIFIC. No point in guess who's behind this east ward expansion.
China's 12 point statement on the Ukraine Crisis was to test the water. The reaction from NATO will determine what President Xi will discuss in Moscow with Putin when he visits. From the current trajectory, the Ukraine war is heading towards a prolonged proxy war.
So, should China realize this self-fulfilling prophecy of providing weapons to Russia? I personally say yes, just scratch out the Chinese writings on the components and weapons before we send it to Russia Afterall, when the other side is all in, you better have a good hand
Zhao DaShuai 无条件爱国🇨🇳
Communism will be realized as humanity reaches Post-Scarcity, it's the logical future of humanity Military/Geopolitics 军事、地缘政治 共产主义,会通过后稀缺时代的到来而实现。
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