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Feb 25
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While completing a 3-month internship with the Planning Commission of India, it took me 30 days to do the research and 60 days to present it. The problem was not with my presentation abilities. The issue was that I had something called as "Perfection Paralysis". A 🧵:

To put things into context - This was my first big exposure in the real world. I was working under senior IAS officers and renowned academicians. And, being the perfectionist that I am, I had put undue pressure on myself to perform the best among the 15 interns working there.
So, while I had already completed my research in a thorough manner, I would keep second-guessing myself. I continued cross-checking the data I had collected, the sources, the analysis, multiple times over that period. And this delayed my report submission.
Basically, - I did not allow myself room for any error. - I was anxious that people would find faults in my work. - And, I put immense pressure on myself, which lowered my confidence. Only when I could not delay any further did I gave the presentation in front of the officers.
The end result - My presentation was better than I had anticipated. It was, however, not drastically different from what I could have performed had I completed it 30 days before the due date.
There is a saying, "Done is better than perfect" You are toiling away day after day, week after week, trying to make everything "just right.” The fact is - it'll never happen.
People are intact not even looking at the minor mistakes you make. It is mostly in your head. And the sooner you overcome it, the faster you can move ahead - in career and in life.
Ayushi Chand

Ayushi Chand

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