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#bktsk "Do you think the moon would still be envious if it was you on the balcony?" a loud voice calls and it would make Kei jump if he hadn't grown used to these interruptions by now.

He pushes himself upright from the sunspot he's settled into, reading crosslegged on the floor, balcony door open (for the breeze, certainly not anything else) pads out onto the balcony to lean against the railing. The tiles are pleasantly warm beneath his bare feet.
Kei leans forward to glance down, instantly spotting that familiar silver streaked hair. "I don't think that English class you're taking is good for you," Kei announces in return, not bothering with a greeting. Bokuto beams up at him.
"I bet the moon would totally be envious of you. Or, I guess, maybe you're the moon in that equation. Cuz you're, y'know, Tsukki. Are you feeling envious?" Kei rolls his eyes at him, though the difference might make it difficult for Bokuto to tell.
Even though they're just one story apart. "Is that all you remember from Romeo and Juliet?" Bokuto shakes his head vigourously. "Nu-uh. I also remember when they turned that guy into worm's meat." Kei opens his mouth for a quick retort, but then again, Bokuto's not wrong.
"Are you on your way to class?" he asks instead. Bokuto shakes his had again. "Back from it, actually. Just got done for the day." He's still smiling at Kei, warm and earnest, and Kei's knuckles on the railing whiten with his tightening grip even as he leans closer.
Bokuto is bouncing on the balls of his heels. Kei bites his lip, unsure if he should— He wants to, but maybe— It's fine. They're friends, at least, so it's fine. Right? Taking a deep breath, he straightens back up. "D'you wanna—," he starts hesitantly.
At the same time Bokuto takes a few steps before declaring, "Watch out Tsukki, I'm coming up." Kei huffs a relieved breathe, ready to turn on his heel to buzz Bokuto in, but then he sees Bokuto break into a run and suddenly Kei realises what's happening here.
He scrambles to step back from the edge of the balcony—just in time too, because next thing he knows Bokuto is jumping. He meets the railing around half height, hands gripping the iron rods, chest colliding with the rest of it in what looks painful but Bokuto barely even winces.
Kei is too shocked to do anything but stare dumbly as Bokuto hoists himself further up, climbing until he can swing one leg and then the other over the railing and then there he is, bright and proud, standing on Kei's balcony. "Heya Tsukki," he beams.
Kei chokes on plain air. "What—," he starts, at a loss for words, before his eyes travel down to Bokuto's chest where it collided with the iron. "Are you alright?" "Yeah, of course," Bokuto answers with a confused tilt of his head, like he didn't just climb onto Kei's balcony.
Then his eyes follow Kei's down to his chest, widening in understanding. He steps forward, grabbing Kei by the wrist and placing his hand onto his own chest. "Look, it doesn't even hurt."
Kei's not sure what exactly this is meant to prove but he also makes no move to remove his hand either. Instead he only blinks at Bokuto as the other smiles, hand still wrapped around Kei's wrist, heartbeat steady and solid beneath the tips of Kei's fingers.
(yeah i'm still thinking about bokutsuki and balconies)
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