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#taekook au - Star Even though it's been five years since his debut, Jungkook's big break doesn't look like it's anywhere near. Little did he know that famous actor Kim Taehyung has been an avid listener of his songs.

Tags: -idol!jungkook x actor!taehyung -hurt/comfort -developing relationship -mutual pining -slow burn -angst (not too much.. maybe?) -romance -fluff -shy jungkook -whipped taehyung -they're fans of each other Inspired by the manhwa Daytime Star, but not entirely based on it
✨ character profiles ✨
✨ Jeon Jungkook ✨ - struggling musician/idol - shit company, contract expiring soon - definitely needs a hug - but also never gives up - taehyung fanboy - posts most of his og work on soundcloud bc his company often dictates what he can and cannot do
✨ Kim Taehyung ✨ - popular actor, highly paid - listens to Jungkook's songs on soundcloud during breaks - he's tried to meet the singer in person but failed for reasons unknown - soft - has so much love to give
✨ Kim Seokjin ✨ - Jungkook's manager - loves to tease but is actually doting and protective ✨ Kim Namjoon ✨ - Taehyung's manager and ?? - has actually been trying to get in contact with a certain company for a project
✨ Min Yoongi ✨ - Taehyung's close hyung - producer for the artists at BigHit - has to listen to Taehyung talk abt how underrated Jungkook is
✨ Jung Hoseok ✨ - used to belong in the same company as Jungkook so they're acquainted - high demand, so has little time to spend with friends ✨ Park Jimin✨ - high demand as well, but chooses to work with one brand at a time - Taehyung's bestie
Additional notes: - this will be a mix of written and social media - additional tags/warnings may be added as the story goes - i do typos a lot so sorry in advance - enjoy!
✨ start ✨
7 "Struggle" is a word Jungkook is all too familiar with. From being orphaned to job searching, to thinking he's finally landed his dream... Struggle has been a staple in Jungkook's life.
Some say good things come out of your struggles, but five years worth of it? It truly does tend to bring you down. Jungkook is just glad someone is there to pick him back up. From the front seat of the car, Seokjin meets his eyes through the rearview mirror. "You excited?"
"I'm more nervous than anything." He smiles a bit crookedly with a hand on his chest. Indeed, his heart is racing as they get closer and closer to the arranged filming set. Not very familiar with how movie film sets worked, he skimmed through the script given and focused on +
the very short scene he's taking part in. He thinks he can do it, but it doesn't manage to ease down the nervousness. "Take deep breaths, okay?" Seokjin says in the manner he uses when he knows Jungkook is close to freaking out. "You can do this."
Jungkook nods with a determined smile. "I can do this. It's mostly busking anyway. And I've memorized the lines." Seokjin smiles and through the rest of the drive, Jungkook listens to the song given for him to perform. It's not his song, but performing is better than nothing.
14 "This is why you should keep off your phone while walking," Seokjin says while he helps Jungkook up from where he tripped. The singer gives his manager a sheepish smile. "Sorry hyung. Just got distracted, 's all."
"Sure-" Seokjin rolls his eyes. "If that's how you young ones describe thirsting over someone I guess." "We're roughly from the same generation." "Doesn't make you less of a baby." Seokjin helps dust Jungkook off.
"Another thing. You should be careful with your clothes before any shoot, especially when they're not yours." "I don't understand, though." Jungkook looks down at his clothes, which really are just a pair of ripped jeans and a messily painted shirt under a flanel jacket.
"These look like my everyday clothes." "The director wants to apply subtle symbolism in this movie. Seriously, have you not read the script?" With a tight smile, Jungkook shakes his head. "I only read my part. Thought I'd memorize it before anything else."
"Well, it's not really an emotionally heavy scene, but it's still significant. This is the part when the main chatacter, Shiho, realizes he has to stop confining himself in the so called space he created for himself after his girlfriend passed."
Jungkook blinks in awe. He hadn't expected his hyung to have looked deeply into the details of the story. After all, this project was sort of last minute for them, so Jungkook focused on preparing himself more than being concerned with other things.
And Seokjin must be aware of this, too, hence why he looked deeply into the script more to help Jungkook. "Look, how about you think about your stuation." Seokjin gives a small smile.
"See Shiho as hourself. What would you want to tell him, someone who has limited acceess to things he wants to achieve?" Limited access. Yes, its not an unspoken truth betweeen Jungkook and Seokjin; Jungkook has very limited opportunuties in this industry.
Background party music, commercial jingles, not even a songle full studio album... So little space to work and not enough reach. He thinks about it until he hears the director call his name. He and Seokjin quickly approach his chair where they realize he's irritated.
"That kid really likes to make things difficult," Director Nam rants with a husk in his voice before turning to Jungkook. "And they even got me an unknown artist for this scene. Are you sure you can even sing? +
I have never heard your name anywhere before but they say you're signed to a label anyway." The director's words certainly make Jungkook tense a little. He tries to hold it back though. "I-I... I can d-definitely..."
"Stop stuttering! If you're gonna keep doing that off camera, how could you face one when we start shooting?" The director's voice is now raised. "I can already see us taking multiple takes because of you."
Jungkook hides his clenched fists behind his back. He doesn't really know how to respond to that. Though not his first time in front of a camera, it is his first time in a set as big as this.
He's used to filming in closed spaces, but now, they're out in the open, with some passerbys looking curiously. He takes a deep breath in. "Director, I can definitely do it. I may not be well known in my field, but I'll show you that I can do well."
The director scoffs. "If you could do well, maybe I would have already known your name before all this." It's not the first time Jungkook has heard this, but while time makes wounds easier to bare, Jungkook just couldn't seem to get the hang of it.
He can never get used to the pain, the wounds those words inflict on his heart. Just as he feels tears start to form in his eyes, a new voice enters their conversation. A hand flies to the director's shoulder and he makes a surprised noise.
Jungkook then looks up and his eyes widen when he sees who the person standing there is. "Stop taking your anger out on others." Kim Taehyung's voice is deep and a bit intimidating, but there's a friendly smile on his face that doesn't seem to match the tone of his voice.
Director Nam clicks his tongue at the actor. "So you finally decide to show up, eh." Taehyung chuckles. "Of course. Couldn't let my favorite director and his staff wait for too long."
"Cut the bullshit." He makes a move to hit Taehyung but doesn't actually do it. Still, it makes Jungkook flinch. Taehyung on the other hand seems to be used to it as he just laughs.
"Alright, alright director. Forgive me for my insubordination. I'll try to go along with your horrible decisions from now on, okay?" Director Nam isn't all too pleased with the sarcasm but he scoffs and waves him off. "Just hurry up and get ready. Blocking will be in five."
"Gotcha boss." Taehyung gives a two fingered salute, then his eyes move up to Jungkook who is staring at him like a deer caught in headlights. The singer flinches and feels his face redden. He never thought he would be able to see Kim Taehyung this close.
"I look forward to working with you, Jungkook-ssi," he says with a genuine smile this time and turns around to get ready for the shoot. Seokjin has to pull him to the side because he's still in the waves of shock. He then turns to his hyung and stutters, "He knows my name."
19 Blocking has been done and they've rehearsed a bit of their lines. Luckily, they didn't have to act it out completely, rather they just recited their lines as if they read it straight from the script.
Seokjin is touching up a bit of his powder when he catches Taehyung not too far across where he's meant to be, also recieving a similar yet a more crowded treatment by his stylists. He truly looks like he belongs here.
His hand on the guitar lent to him for the scene grips just a hit tightly. "Alright, attention everyone," Director Nam calls from the megaphone. "We're trying to get the entire busking scene in one take and once the song ends, we hit cut as well. Jeon Jungkook, +
you don't have to necessarily be audible. You can even mouth the words and just pretend guitar while the song is played on speaker. Got it?" "Y-Yes," Jungkook calls back. Though he wants to tell the director that he's memorized the too short song already, he doesn't +
want to get deeper into his bad side. He's already walking on eggshells around the man. He takes a deep breath in. As he looks up, his eye catches Kim Taehyung's gaze trained on him. The actor sends him a thumbs up and Jungkook's heart does a skip in his chest.
Director Nam counts down to 'Action!' and the cameras roll on Taehyung's crouched down figure. In this scene, he's meant to be in deep thoght about something, but as much as Jungkook wishes to appreciate the actor's skill firsthand, he keeps attention to the directors que.
The director's hand signal for him to start goes and immediately, along with the music coming through the speakers, Jungkook starts to strum his guitar and he closes his eyes as he loses himself in the melody.
21 It's oddly silent even when he finishes. So he opens his eyes and is surpised to see everyone's eyes on him. The extras, the director, the staff, and most especially, Kim Taehyung. If this wasn't a scene, Jungkook would have mistakened his gaze to be of genuine awe.
But... isn't everyone supposed to be passing by him? The point of his character is that despite the lack of an audience, he's someone who appreciates the little things thrown his way. People are meant to simply pass by and toss some change into the guitar case by his feet.
"Uh..." Jungkook doesn't know where to look, not really used to this much attention, so he naturally searches for Seokjin. When he finds his hyung, he looks equal parts confused and proud.
The sound of the director clearing his throat echoes then echoes through the speakers. "You're not following your blocking positions. Let's have another take." Jungkook half expected Director Nam to explode in anger, but he sounds quite shaken instead.
Like blinking out of a stupor, the extras scurry back to their starting places. Jungkook awkwardly remains on his spot, looking around until hiis eyes land on Kim Taehyung. Kim Taehyung whose gaze remains on him.
Flustered, Jungkook looks sway and acts like he's tuning the guitar. Meanwhile, Taehyung continues to remind himself that he's at work and whatever he truly wants to convey to Jungkook will have to wait.
24 While the day had some ups and downs, Jungkook is quite content with the small project offered to him. Something is better than nothing. What made this ever better was the presence of Kim Taehyung.
It's true when they say well seasoned actors makes you feel like you're actually living in that scene by being so natural at it. While he initially worried about his performance in front of Taehyung, the way the actor delivered his lines, as if he was in a casual +
conversation with Jungkook, made it wasy for the singer to go along and recite his lines like they're words he thought of himself and not something he memorized from a prewritten script.
Jungkook wishes he could have spared even just a few seconds to thank Taehyung, but the actor was immediately called by Director Nam and since then, Jugkook hadn't had the chance to even greet him properly up until their time to leave back for Seoul.
"Cheer up, Kookie. Maybe you'll chance upon him in an event," Seokjin tries to cheer him up. He wants to say that's impossible but before he could, he hears someone call his name.
He turns and when he sees who it is running towards the car, Jungkook's hand slips from where he held the door open. Smooth. Really smooth. "K-Kim Taehyung-sunbae," Jungkook straightens up and puts on a smile, hoping it would mask his shock and nervousness.
"I-Is there anything you need?" "I just want to tell you, you did a great job back there. You have a very pretty voice." To an extent, Taehyung's words are similar to Shiho's lines, but unlike earlier, Jungkook notices the tinge of pink on the actor's cheeks.
And unlike the character Shiho, Taehyung isn't in a state of epiphany. He's simply complimenting Jungkook on a job well done. It makes the singer feel a tad bit giddy. "Thank you, sunbae." Jungkook bows deeply too Taehyung. "It was an honor too work beside you as well."
Taehyung looks like he has more to say but just as he opens his mouth, someone interrupts by calling his name from behind. The two look to find Taehyung's manager coming up to them. "Ah, you were speaking with Jungkook-nim. You were amazing today. A very good choice indeed."
"O-Oh, thank you." Jungkook blinks feeling hiss face warm up. He's never recieved multiple compliments at once. "Im sorry to interrupt on your conversation though, but Director Nam is looking for you, Tae."
Taehyung frowns with a low whine coming from the back of hos throat. "Can't it wait?" "You made him wait for you for /days/. At least make it up to him now." Taehyung grumbles something under his breath but his warm smile returns when he turns to Jungkook again.
"That's all I cam say right now. Have a safe trip back to Seoul." "Thank you sunbae! Good luck on filming. Fighting!" Jungkook pumps a fist into the air, to which Taehyung mimics with a boxy smile.
"I'll see you around then. Bye!" With one last wave, Taehyung turrns around and goes back the way he came. As his back grows smaller, Jungkook wishes he could have corrected the actor. Because Jungkook can't reach the height Taehyung is at now.
So they might not ever see each other again. With a sigh, Jungkook enters the car.
37 Jungkook is sure he's been there for a while now. Has it been an hour or two since he finished his drink? He's not sure. But while he does want a refill, he's too focused on scribbling phrases on his notebook. Silence can be a good factor to writing continuously.
So with the knowledge that the cafe is empty save for him, it comes as a surprise when a new drink is placed just right beside the empty one. "Ah, I didn't order-" Jungkook looks up and the words immediately fall short when he sees who it is.
"You looked really focused there." Kim Taehyung flashes him the same charming smile he gave when they first met. "S-Sunbae, y-you're here," Jungkook states the obvious. He truly is at a loss for words.
Taehyung hums with a giggle. "So are you. Working hard I see." He looks down at the messy notes decorating the pages of Jungkook's notebook. "A-Ah..." He hurriedly covers them with his hands. "I-It's nothing, really. W-What are you doing here by the way sunbae? +
I thought you were still filming in Busan." "Director Nam gave us a day off." Taehyung's hand fiddles with the backrest of the chair across Jungkook. "May I?"
Jungkook nods and Taehyung slides into the seat. He sets his own drink down, a strawberry smoothie in contrast to Jungkook's iced americano. "Does that mean you have something to do here in Seoul?" Jungkook asks.
"Not really," Taehyung says with a tilt of his head. The smile he directs to Jungkook is quote warm. "But I'm glad I came. Busan would have been boring without anything to do in particular."
Jungkook nods, seeing Taehyung's point. He must also be used to busy schedules that having nothing to do makes him naturally search for anything to do. "A-Anyway, about the drink... How much do I have to pay you back, sunbae?"
Taehyung shakes his head. "No need. Like I said, you looked like you've been working hard. It also seems like you've been doing that for a long time, too." His words catch Jungkook off guard. Then a question that has been lingering at the back of his head resurfaces.
Kim Taehyung knows his name? The only one in the crew that day who didn't look at him curiously. Even after Jungkook sang, Taehyung expression had an air of familiarity around him, unlike everyone else who looked at him like he was a bizzare new display.
Is he actually familiar with Jungkook? "Hmm... I do like listening to your songs. They're really good. Though I often wonder why they're not in paid streaming platforms." Jungkook's eyebrows pinch together at the randomness of it. Then his hand flies up to his mouth.
He'd spoken his thoughts out loud. "S-Sorry," Jungkook says, hoping his one hand also hides the growing flush on his face. "I shouldn't have assumed-" "Hey, it's alright. Nothing wrong there." Taehyung giggles. "In fact, I should be the one to applogize. I must have +
made you uncomfortable by saying that." "N-No sunbae, you didn't. I just... Surprised someone like you is familiar with my songs." "Someone like me?" Taehyung blinks.
Jungkook gives a small nod. "I'm not really the most well known singer and to have you listen to my songs... Im honored." For a moment, Taehyung's expression changes to something unreadable, serious. But just as quickly, his smile returns. "Im honored that youre honored."
46 "What's wrong, sunbae?" Jungkook asks. He must have noticed the pinched expression on Taehyung's face. "Nothing too big to worry about," Taehyung says with a wave of his hand. "Just... a bit bummed that I'll be leaving soon."
"Oh." Jungkook blinks, eyes moving down to his mocha milk drink. He thinks that he shouldn't be bummed out this much about the other leaving so soon. They have already talked for hours, time passing unnoticeably as their conversation extended to different subjects.
"Can I take that your expression means you're bummed out, too?" Taehyung asks and Jungkook quickly looks up with a flush on his face. "I-I... I'm sorry, sunbae... It's not..." Taehyung giggles, a slight blush on his face too. "I don't mind it. In fact, Im glad we're the same."
Jungkook's lips part slightly. He doesn't want to assume meaning into Taehyung's words, but when the other continues to smile at him in /that/ way, his heart couldn't help but race inside of his chest. "I'm not making you confused, am I?" Taehyung asks out of the blue. "Huh?"
Taehyung's expression turns to something more serious and his eyes move to their drinks before he speaks again. "I enjoy talking with you and I want to spend more time with you. Do you feel the same way?"
It takes a moment for those words to completely settle into Jungkook's mind. As soon as they register, his face heats up to the point of near explosion. This seems to satisfy the actor across him.
Taehyung's phone dings with a new notification and he only glances at it once before he stands up from his chair. "Let me know your answer." Taehyung slides something towards Jungkook and sends him one last smile before he turns and walks out of the cafe.
Jungkook watches his retreating form before turning to the thing Taehyung wanted him to see. On a napkin, a phone number and a strange heart shaped character are scribbled there.
52 Jungkook, albeit furiously, erases the message again before he could even consider to send it. Too formal or too casual; nothing in between. He's not really sure how to contact the actor after he practically laid out his feelings in the open.
This is unfamiliar territory to Jungkook. Though he's had his fair share of experience in the relationship department, it's also a known fact that a relationship with someone in the entertainment industry can go southward.
He's read articles about one too many artists falling off the radar for simply being seen with someone media suspects to be a potential partner. And with the image Taehyung has, would it be really wise of him to take interest in a nobody like Jungkook?
So deep in thought, he ends up staring at the empty chat, a sight which Seokjin walks in on. "Are you going to text him something or are you trying to set your phone ablaze with your eyes?"
As much as it's a retort worthy joke, Jungkook simply looks up at his hyung, a pout forming on his lips. "I'm... I don't know hyung," he whines and throws himself over the low table of their living room. With a sigh, Seokjin comes closer and sits beside the younger on the floor
"What is it? Are you confused? Scared?" Jungkook shrugs. "I don't know. I'm just wondering... what does he even like about me? /Why/ me? There are so many people who shine brighter so... I'm curious."
Jungkook folds his legs up so they're pressed to his chest and he rests his chin on his knees. "It's not that Im confused about how /I/ feel... But I don't know how to sort them out... Do you know what I mean?"
Seokjin hums and starts to run his hand up and down Jungkook's back in a comforting manner. Knowing what Jungkook jas been through, it must truly be quite confusing to handle. "You don't have to rush yourself, Kook-ah."
Jungkook nods, but he still doesn't look relieved. "How about we drink this off?" Seokjin suggests. "Just a bottle, to ease off our worries." Jungkook doesn't really have a bad relationship with alcohol so he nods and sits up straight. "Just to unwind. Sure."
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63 "Where are we going even, hyung?" Jungkook asks for maybe the third time from the backseat. However, Seokjin seems to be in a very good mood for him not to mind it. "I told you it's a surprise." He smiles widely at Jungkook through the rear view.
Jungkook gives the elder a narrow look but finally acknowledging that Seokjin might never answer him until they get to their destination, Jungkook sighs and leans back on his seat and keeps his mind off it while watching the scenery pass.
Then they reach a stoplight and on a store window, Kim Taehyung's face smiles at him and Jungkook's eyes widen. /I enjoy talking with you and I want to spend more time with you. Do you feel the same way?/
Jungkook's face reddens at the memory so he sharply turns away from the large too good looking poster outside. He'd been occupied with wondering why on earth he even has a weekend schedule that he forgot he was confessed to.
And by a superstar who he's always looked up to. He remembers how Taehyung slid his number to him, expecting for an answer. Jungkook did save the number on his phone but he didn't really know what to say.
He told Seokjin about it, yes, but all it did was make his hyung vibrate out of cheesiness until he noticed how troubled Jungkook was. Maybe it's because of- "We're here!" Seokjin says just as he parked the car.
Jungkook looks up and out the window. When he takes a good look at the building in front of him, his eyes widen and his jaw drops. "H-Hyung... isn't this...." "BigHit Entertainment,"Seokjin announces albeit too dramatically.
Jungkook looks back and forth in between the building and his hyung. Heart racing, he asks, "Wh-What are we here for, hyung?" Seokjin hums and unfastens his seatbelt. "A producer wants to see you for your work. He contacted me through Namjoon-ssi and invited us to his studio."
"Oh..." Jungkook blinks. He intially thought it was for something else but now, he's a but relieved. Then a whole new worry settles in. "What's wrong, Jungkook-ah? Aren't you excited?"
"I... I am, hyung... But..." His hands clench on his lap. "Is this okay? Does our company know. Will we get in trouble if we do this?" Seokjin gives Jungkook an assuring smile and reaches for his hand from the backseat, easing him. "Don't worry, Kook-ah. Hyung knows +
what he's doing, and I assure you this doesn't go anything against our contract. We won't get in trouble." Seokjin's words assure Jungkook and he smiles with a nod. "Okay, hyung. I trust you."
65 The elevator dings, signalling their arrival to the 7th floor. Seokjin steps out first and Jungkook follows, analyzing the hallways. A lot of posters from notable artists in the agency are displayed on some of the walls and Jungkook looks at each of them in awe.
He spots a familiar face from one of the posters; an old subae from his agency. But it's been a long time since Hoseok left and since then, he's been busier than ever. Jungkook smiles, though. If anyone deserved success, it was Hoseok.
Then he moves to the next poster and he chokes a little on his spit. It's a really... suggestive poster. Taehyung is lying on a bed of flowers chest peeking out from- "Jungkook," Seokjin calls from the end of the hallway. Ah, Jungkook had paused to stare for too long.
"Coming." Jungkook jogs to catch up and thankfully, Seokjin doesn't call him out on it. He must not have noticed what Jungkook was doing. A little firther down, they reach a hallways where a series of identical doors are lined.
The one thing that makes them differ though are the name plates on the surface of each door, all unique in design and different in name.
They stop in front of a door where a black plate with the label 'GENIUS LAB'. Seokjin knocks and not long after, the door opens. The person who answers a a bit short, wearing a black shirt under a red flannel. Jungkook could only describe his eyes at 'cat-like' and +
his smile 'gummy'. "You must be Kim Seokjin," he says looking at Seokjin before turning to Jungkook. "And the singer he manages, Jeon Jungkook." "Yep, that's us," Seokjin says with a nod.
"Min Yoongi, it's nice to meet you," he says, shaking their hands. "Seokjin-ssi already knows this, but you might be more familiar by my other name, Suga." Jungkook's eyes immediately blow wide and he sharply turns to Seokjin in disbeleif. "Hyung... you.."
Seokjin sends him a smile. "He gave your songs a listen and wanted to meet you in person." "You have really great works," Yoongi adds before opening the door wider. "Let's talk more inside."
"B-But how could he have lostened to them? I don't even have my own work in streaming platforms." Jungkook blinks in confusion as he takes the seat offered to him. "Which is a real waste, in my opinion," Yoongi says with a tut. "The songs you have on soundcloud are better."
Seokjin nods with a pinched expression. "True. The company is really restrictive." To confirm that, Jungkook nods slowly. He's a little embarrassed by that fact, but Yoongi doesn't let him stay down for too long. "Hence why you're here," he says and Jungkook immediately +
looks up. "Huh?" "I know you're worried about working with others because of the contract," Seokjin says. "But it's existence doesn't mean you're completely restricted. That's why I met with Namjoon-ssi yesterday so we can meet like this withiut worrying about anything."
Jungkook had already assured his hyung that he trusted him wholly, but for further assurance, he nods with a more determined expression this time. "Alright, so I take thag you're fully into this project," Yoongi says. "Good. We can get started then."
"If you don't mind me asking, Yoongi-sunbaenim," Jungkook says. "What is /this project/ exactly?" Yoongj gives him a knowing smile. "I want you to give your input on a song I want you to perform. It's for the Busan Blues OST."
73 Jungkook is so occupied with his work that he misses the door beep and someone come in. Despite the lack of greeting, seeing Jungkook in his element makes him smile.
Taehyung's view of Jungkook is from the side, .unched down and muttering what he wrote with a tune under his breath. Taehyung decides to keep silent and watch as Jungkook's expression changes. His eyes light up when he gets an idea and his eyebrows pinch together with +
a shake of his head before he scratches out something from the paper. Slowly, Taehyung approaches Jungkook and stands behind him. He reads through the notebook and sees the title 'Euphoria' written at the very top.
And from the lyrics written there, Taehyung can already say it's a pretty song. Eventually, Jungkook drops the pen and before Taehyung could move, the former throws his head back with a groan.
Then Jungkook opens his eyes properly and upon realizing their position, his eyes widen. Faces perfectly aligned with each others. A broken "Ah!" escapes Jungkook's mouth as he throws himself forward. At the same time, Taehyung steps back with his hands up.
"Sorry. I didn't mean to sneak up on you," Taehyung says quickly. With a hand on his chest, Jungkook releases a heavy breath. "I'm sorry for reacting that way. I didn't expect... I mean, I didn't hear you come in."
"Sorry. Yoongi-hyung told me I could just come in." Taehyung points his thumb back towards the door. "I see." Jungkook looks down at the floor in thought then turna around to face his work again. "What brings you here, sunbae?"
There's an ugly voice at the back of Taehyung's head that's telling him Jungkooķ is indifferent towards him, but he knows that won't be certain unless he asks Jungkook directly. He's never been one to stall, hence why it was easy for him to conclude his feelings for the singer.
So he takes a deep breath in and lets courage take the front. "Your text last night... I didn't really understand it." Jungkook pauses from his writing before turning to Taehyung with a confused look. "What text?"
Taehyung blinks, face passive but confused as well. "You sent me a text last night. Hold up-" he takes his phone from his pocket and pulls up the chat with Jungkook. When he shows it to the singer, he gawks as he reads through the short conversation.
75 A weird noise escapes Jungkook, similar to a broken door hinge, while he reads through the text. No, he couldn't have sent that. He could NOT have sent that. But he's not even sure because he doesn't even remember anything about last night.
After Seokjin suggested they drink to wind down, Jungkook promised himself that he'll only have one bottle. But then one bottle turned into two until more bottles sat on the low living room table, Seokjin on the floor and Jungkook with his head thrown back on the seat of the sofa
He vaguely remembers whining about something along the lines of love and confusion then... Then? He tries his best to remember what happened then it all flickers into motion.
"I don't know what to say," Jungkook whined while waving his phone high up the air. "He gave me his number but I don't know what to say." "How about-" Seokjon hiccuped as he pushed himself up from the floor. He holds a hand out, like he's asking for something.
"Give me your phone and I will be your interpreter. You're too drunk to tell him anything coherent." Perhaps if he was sober, Jungkook would have pointed out that Seokjin was drunk as well. However, at that time, wasted out of his mind, it seemed like a reasonable suggestion.
So he handed Seokjin his phone, the empty chat with Taehyung already pulled up. "I just want to tell him I don't know him past the idolized lens, you know. I only know he's more of a fruit smoothie guy than a coffee guy. And Im scared of whatever choice I will make. Whether +
it's yes or no to his confession... I don't know." Jungkook whined again. "Hyung, what do I do." Seokjin nodded and then dropped Jungkook's phone, letting it roll on the carpeted floor. "I suggest you sleep."
And without protest, Jungkook nodded and then passed out. Jungkook's phone did ding to new messages coming in, but an irate Seokjin had swiped them off. And Jungkook was already passed out.
77 Jungkook abruptly stands from his chair and gives Taehyung a full 90° bow. "I'm so sorry for texting you while I was drunk, sunbaenim." Though it was Seokjin who technically did that, Jungkook could have prevented it by not drinking too much.
And he doesn't want to sound like he's making too much excuses, so apologize it is. "Jungkook, I'm not really looking for an apology," Taehyung chuckles awkwardly. "More like... I want to know what you meant by that text, drunk as you may have been."
"Huh?" Jungkook stands up straight then realizes what Taehyung is really asking for. His reply. He feels his face heat up and he lowers his head, hoping it's enough to hide his expression.
"Could it be related to what I told you in the cafe yesterday?" Taehyung asks, and Jungkook has to give it to him, he sure can ask these questions without a stutter. Slowly, Jugkook nods to confirm it.
Taehyung hums, and for a moment, they're silent. "I came here hoping to get an explanation about that text, but now I'm nervous to even ask you about it, knowing what it may be about," Taehyung says with a nervous giggle.
Jungkook smiles a little. "It was a confusing text, so I understand, sunbaenim." Another moment of silence passes. "Would you... still like to hear it?" Jungkook asks hesitantly, looking up at Taehyung through his lashes.
"Huh?" "The meaning of the text," Jungkook clarifies. "Though even if I didn't send it, I would still end up saying this." Taehyung visibly tenses, but eventially nods, albeit hesitantly.
Jungkook takes a deep breath in. His heart races in his chest; out of nervousness or something else entirely, he doesn't know. Looking at Taehyung's face only heightens that feeling, so he looks down at the ground. Here it goes. "I-"
But before he could get another word in, the studio door opens and in comes Yoongi and Seokjin with plactics of takeout in their hands. "Hello, we have returned with sustenace," Seokjin says loudly. His eyes then land on Taehyung. "Ah, Kim Taehyung-ssi, fancy seeing you here."
"Nice to see you, too, Seokiin-ssi." Taehyung sends a small bow to the other's way. "Sorry for intruding on something important." "It's our break, kid." Yoongi ruffles Taehyung's hair when he gets close enough. "So you're not disturbing us. You're even free to join us."
"A-Are you sure?" Taehyung looks around to see if anyone minds him staying. Seokjin shakes his head. "The more the merrier, right?" He subtly nudges Jungkook by the shoulder. Still unable to meet Taehyung in the eye, Jungkook simply nods.
"Okay, it's settled then." Yoongi claps his hands before going through the takeout plastic. "We eat then proceed woth recroding. Oh, Tae, do you have somewhere you need to be?" "I'm going back to Busan sometime this afternoon," Taehyung says. "Just waiting for Namjoon-hyung +
to finish something. Jungkook wonders if the actor's trip to Busan is for the same movie Jungkook is singing an OST for. Working on the same project under dofferent roles, like to shooting stars passing by earth but never meeting. Or so he believes.
79 Once lunch is over, Jungkook manages to muster up the courage to talk with Taehyung. While the two eldest dispose of and clean up their mess, Jungkook approaches Taehyung who is reading something on his phone.
He takes a deep breath and pats Taehyung's shoulder. "Are you staying to watch me record?" Taehyung looks surprised at the mere fact that Jungkook is talking to him. He has to shake himself out of staring too much. "I... I'll try. Namjoon-hyung did say to take my time."
Jungkook then takes a deep breath and puts on a brave expression. "The meaning of my text... is the meaning of this song, too. So... if you can, please stay to listen." Taehyung's features soften then he nods with a small smile. "I will."
a/n: This played while I was writing this part and I thought it would be worth a share since it wort of fits the mood. Should I insert more mood-related songs later?
104 Compared to the suit Taehying is wearing, Jungkook feels a little underdressed for the event. Granted, he isn't walking the red carpet. He's behind the photographers lined up the front so he's not surprised if Taehyung didn't see him amidst the flashing cameras.
A part of him admires Taehyung for how well he handles himself in front of the cameras. Also, the way he's able to answer awkward questions with a smile on his face amazes Jungkook. The other part is trying not to explode because Taehyung just looks really good.
He then feels a tap on his shoulder and turns to find Seokjin with a stern expression. He holds up his phone where Jungkook's earlier tweet is displayed. "I will not take this self depricating language in my household." "Technically, we aren't home," Jungkook smiles crookedly.
Seokjin's frown doesn't fade. "What's got you thinking like this? Are you doubting him or something?" "N-No. Sunbaenim has been nothing but genuine to me this whole time," when he says it, there is no doubt laced in his voice, but his expression drops at another thought.
"It's just... He's him and I'm me... He's a superstar and Im not even close to space. Hell, I can't even leave the company because of a contract I signeed without thinking." Seokjin lets out a light sigh and places a comforting hand on Jungkook's shoulder. "Not for +
long, okay? Didn't hyung tell you to trust him on this?" Of course Jungkook trusts Seokjin. He trusts his hyung with his entire life if it ever came to that. He's just needlessly worried.
"Why dont you distract yourself for the day? Didn't you and Taehyung agree to hang out after the screening?" Jungkook nods, with a shy smile this time. Seokjin giggles at the singer fondly. "Come on, then. Namjoon is waiting for us by the entrance."
106 Jungkook's not really sure where it begins and where it ends. First thing he knows is that Namjoon had discreetly come to pick him up from his seat and the next thing he knows is that with Seokjin as an accomplice, the two managers push him into the backstage hallway.
And they wave cheerfully before closing the door. Jungkook takes a deep breath in. Luckily, the hallway is barren so nobody has to question him about why he's here. He starts to walk towards Taehyung's door, which unsurprisingly has his name labeled on it.
Slowly, he raises his fist and kocks twice. The response comes immediately, it makes him slightly jump back in surprise at how quick Taehyung answered the door. "You're here," he says brightly, and Jungkook nearly swoons on the spot.
"Here I am," Jungkook says with a shrug. Taehyung then beckons him in and Jungkook gives a little "Thank you" as he steps inside. He looks around the room and the first thing that catches his eye is the flat screen mounted on the wall playing the movie in the theater.
"Is it really okay for you to watch the movie here?" Jungkook asks. "Of course. Besides, I know what the story is about anyways. I can akways watch it again later. What about you? Is this okay?" Jungkook nods. Besides the movie, he really just came to see Taehyung.
Taehyung goes to sit on one of the sofas and pats the empty space beside him. Jungkook stiffly walks towards him and sits down with his back straight. Taehyung chuckles. "Am I making you awkward, Jungkookie?"
"A-ah....! No, not at all sunbae. I'm just..." Taehyung leans forward, sending Jungkook a teasing smile. "You're just what?" Jungkook feels his face redden and he sharply turns away. He's sure Taehyung doesn't miss that expression as he hears the other release another chuckle.
It's silent for a moment and Jungkook wishes Taehyung would just say something, /anything/, but instead, the sound of a ringtone breaks it. Taehyung sighs and picks up his phone. "Yes, Woosik-hyung?" Jungkook guesses Taehyung is talking to one of his costars in the movie.
Though he looks a little annoyed. "There's a reason why there are screens in our dressing rooms. We dont necessarily have to be there anyway. We'll just meet at the afterparty."
There's more muffled speaking on the other line and Tsehyung stands with a sigh. Curiously, Jungkook watches him walk across the room and his reply to Woosik is now more muffled. But Jungkook can manage to hear the words. "-set me up" and a known actress' name after that.
On his lap, Jungkook's gands unconsciously curl into fists. Taehyung's friend wants to set him up with someone... why doesn't that sit well with Jungkook? He doesn't realize Taehyung's call had ended until the actor approaches him again.
"Sorry about that. I might have to step out for a bit just to keep Woosik-hyung from calling again." "Oh... okay," Jungkook blinks up at Taehyung before looking down on his lap again. He wants to ask Taehyung if what he heard was right, but he's also scared.
He doesn't want to sound posessive. Taehyung really isn't his, despite the actor laying out his feelings in the open. One one hand, there's that. But on the other, the nagging insecurity telling him that Taehyung is netter suited for a star within his league just wont shup up.
"I'll be quick," Taehyung says before patti g Jungkook in the head. Did he notice Jungkook feeling distraught? Because that one gesture is enough to have him look up and hate the inage of Taehyung back getting far away as he goes to the door.
And it makes his stumble at little as he gets up and goes after Taehyung. "Wait, hyung," Jungkook says as he reaches for the back hem of Taehyung's suit jacket to stop him. But that isn't what makes Taehyung freeze.
Slowly, he turns to see Jungkook's flushed face looking up at him with fervor. This might be the longest Jungkook has ever looked at him. It takes him aback. "Y-Yes?" "I..." Jungkook takes a deep breath. "I want you to know that... that..."
Taehyung fully faces Jungkook, but the latter still does not let go of his jacket. Still, Taehyung waits for Jungkook to finish even though his heart races in excitement. "I'm here. And... you have me."
Taehyung eyes widen and his heart feels like it's trying to ram its way out of his chest. He can't describe it in other words. Jungkook is just so cute it makes his lean forward and rest his head on Jungkook's shoulder. "Ah, Jeon Jungkook, what are you doing to me?"
"S-Sunbae..." "No," Taehyung nuzzles his shoulder a little before turning to peer up at him. "That's not what you called me." The flush that grows on Jungkook's cheeks are adorable. Taehyung wants to kiss them so badly.
"Now I don't wanna go," Taehyung says. "Screw Woosik-hyung. Im staying here." Jungkook doesn't really have anything to say against that. After all, the purpose of him stopping Taehyung from leaving was to keep him from whatever his friend planned for him.
So hesitantly, he lifts his hands and rests them on Taehyung's back. He feels the actor flinch a little before ultimately relaxing in his hold. Taehyung returns the embrace, arms around Jungkook's waist to pull him closer.
In the middle of it, Taehyung's phone rings again but Jungkook doesn't have the heart to even suggest who it could be. Taehyung doesn't bother to check it either. Amidst the ringing, Taehyung pulls awar first, but it's not to check on his phone.
His eyes are on Jungkook, soft and loving. Jungkook could melt under Taehyung's gaze and he wouldn't mind. "I want to kiss you, Jeon Jungkook." Taehyung's voice is deep, unlike most of the times he's spoken with Jungkook.
Despite his racing heart, Jungkook gathers the courage and in response, he closes his eyes, slightly leaning forward. For a moment, he feels their breaths mingling before finally, there are a soft pair of pillowy lips pressed on his.
127 "Hyung, are you really not telling me where we're going?" Jungkook asks with a piched expression from the backseat. Though there's a huge smile on Seokjin's face, the vagueness of it all makes the singer just a tad bit uneasy.
"I told you not to worry about it, Jungkook-ah," Seokjin says as he outs the car on reverse and smoothly parks it. "We're here anyways, so why don't you see for yourself." Jungkook then leans towards the window to get a better look at the building in front of the parking lot.
His eyes widen when ue realizes where they are. "H-Hyung... I-Is this..." "BigHit Entertainment," Seokjing says excitedly. "Your ticket out of hell and to a new world of opportunities."
130 "Please, have a seat," Namjoon says as he gestures of the sofa on the small lounge setup in his office. Jungkook, though, is still mesmerized and is still processing this newfound fact about Namjoon. In contrast to the fluffy sweaters that he's usually seen +
Namjoon in when they meet, he's in a crisp suit this time with his hair geled back neatly, looking like every bit of a businessman. Not long after they're seated, another knock comes on the door and without having to check who it is, Namjoon calls them in.
Just as Jungkook hoped it would be, Taehyung pops in this a boxy smile. "Ah, Tae. I'm kind of in a meeting-" "I-it's okay," Jungkook interrupts before turning to Taehyung and patting the empty space beside him. "I told him I was here and that he could come."
There's a skip in Taehyung step as he approaches and when he falls on the sofa, the space in between them is basically nonexistent. This prompts a raised brow from their managers who then exchange curious looks withe each other.
"Alright," Namjoon starts with a clasp of his hands. "Lets skip formalities and move straight to the matter at hand. Jeon Jungkook, we want to scout you in our agency." Jungkook's jaw immediately drops open. He's not sure if he heard that right, but +
the clear excitement from Seokjin and the equally shocked expression on Taehyung's face tells him this isn't a dream. "M-Me? Into BigHit? I... I never knew that was possible." "You're talented and have a passion for your craft. That's a key trait our artists have here."
"I've also gone through the contract for you, Jungkookie. But he's willing to revise some clauses based on your preferences," as Seokjin says it, Namjoon hands the singer a folder. He swallows heavily as he takes it in both hands.
"Jungkookie, what's wrong?" Taehyung asks, noticing his troubled expression. He places a hand on Jungkook's back which manages to ease him a little. "I just don't have a good history with these sort of things, hyung," Jungkpok replies with a small smile bit brows curled up.
Taehyung's expression tightens but he eventually gives his boyfriend a small smile and starts rubbing his hand up and down Jungkook's back. "No need to rush with it. Just take your time." Jungkook smiles at his lover gratefully. Taehyung really knows the right words to say.
But then a diferent question rises and his eyebrows furrow. He turns sharply to Namjoon. "Wait, this isn't being offered to me because I'm Taehyung's boyfriend, right?" Their managers blink before in unison, they exclaim, "WHAT!?"
138 ???
141 Walking into a company building doesn't feel so stuffy anymore. Before, he would have dreaded coming to his compant, sans Seokjin attending meetings for him with an excuse. The place just looked like it was blanketed dark smoke, made of all terrible things with no way out.
But just gazing at his new company building, higher and glistening under the sun, Jungkook feels like he could just suck in a lungful of fresh air. And that's what he does before stepping forward and into the building.
He greets the receptionist with a big smile, and the lady waves back, equally cheerful. And just as he's about to make his way to the elevators, he hears someone call for his name endearingly.
Only a few people ever do that, but Seokjin is out of town and it doesn't sound anything like Taehyung. So he turns and is pleasantly surprised to see who it is. "Hoseok-hyung!" He jumps excitedly before running into his old colleague's open arms.
Hoseok's laugh is still the same bubbly sound as he spins them around on the spot. "Oh god, so it was true. You've been signed to our agency," Hoseok chirps, heart shaped smile flashing before he lets go of Jungkook. "Welcome to the BigHit family, Jungkookie!"
"Thank you, hyung! Gosh, it's been so long since I last saw you. How have you been?" "Busy." Hoseok sighs. "Had to travel here and there. Sorry I couldn't see you a lot after I let WhyGee."
Jungkook shakes his head. "Not at all. I mean... I've been distracted myself that I couldn't really keep track of your work these days. But I did see a headline that you were the eye catcher at this year's Paris Fashion Week. How's that going for you, superstar?"
"Oh, Jungkookie, you make me blush." Hoseok giggles embarrassingly, waving his one hand in front of him while the other rests on his cheek. "How about you? Since you're now signed here, I'm guessing you'll have more free reign over your material."
Jungkook nods excitedly. "I'm actually on my way to Yoongi-hyung's studio. We're going to start arranging those demos we made into actual tracks for the album."
"I'm so excited for you, Jungkookie," Hoseok says, patting Jungkook's shoulder. "I'll let you go do your thing then. I'm sure you're itching to get something done. Oh, let's have lunch together later. I haven't changed my personal number."
Jungkook nods before giving a two fingered salute. "Sure hyung. See you later then!" Hoseok sends him one last wave before he skips over to the elevators. Jungkook feels more pumped up than he has in years.
146 "Don't you have anywhere else you need to be right now?" Yoongi asks with a bit of a whine while he watches his boyfriend and his boyfriend's self proclaimed soulmate cuddle on the couch. /He/ should be the one cuddling Jimin.
"Oh, Yoongi-yah, TaeTae just misses me," Jimin says, nuzzling his cheek on Taehyung shoulder. "Yeah, at least you can call him everyday," Taehyung says. "Speaking of-" Jimin leans back to give Taehyung a stern look. "You haven't called the past few weeks. Why is that?"
"Because hebeen occupied with his boyfriend," Yoongi answers before Taehyung could even open his mouth. Jimin's mouth forms an 'O' with eyes wide in shock. "You slick motherfucker. You actually had the guts to ask someone out."
"I honestly don't know what possessed me," Taehyung says, covering his face with a hand. "But I really like him. He's sweet and adorable and... ah Jimin you could just drown in his eyes full of stars." "Wow, someone sounds whipped," Yoongi deadpans. "Here's a good +
idea. Why don't you spend the rest of your free time with Jungkook? That way, we'll both have quality time with our boyfriends." Taehyung hums as if he's considering it but then sighs. "I did want to have lunch with him but he already had plans with Hobi-hyung."
"They used to be under WhyGee in the past, right?" Yoongi asks. Taehyung nods. "He said they'll be catching up on each other." Jimin snorts. "Wouldn't be surprised if they brought up Shin Donghyuk into that conversation."
Taehyung blinks confusingly. "What about Shin Donghyuk?" "You know how you call him a nepotism drowning baby?" Yoongi says and Taehyung nods. "He's related to the current CEO of WhyGee, hence his so called power." Yoongi makes air quotes while rolling his eyes.
"He's also the reason why Hobi-hyung ended his contract early. Was even willing to pay them an unreasonable fine just to get out." Jimin sighs. "So you're boyfriend also came from WhyGee, too I assume?"
Taehyung hums. "He hasnt told me everything, but I know he used to have a hard time there." "If it's anything to go by Hoseok-hyung's stories, it must have been really tough for him. You wanna know why?" Jimin asks, chin resing on Taehyung's left chest.
He does want to know but Jungkook's experience is Jungkook's story to tell. He'd rather not make assumptions from someone else's experience. So he shakes his head, and Jimin nods with an understanding smile.
"By the way, aren't you working with Shin Donghyuk for Busan Blues?" Yoongi asks and only then does Taehyung realize. He hasn't really filed any of his scenes with the other actor yet, which sort of pissed Director Nam. But he's still not over the fact that another +
and more talented costar was booted so easily just because of Shin's influence. The fool wouldn't even greet Taehyung, a senior in the industry, properly. Thinking how this prick may have something to do with Jungkook's struggles...
He takes a deep breath in. Nothing good really comes out of making assumptions. For now, he'll have to keep a close eye on Donghyuk, should they ever meet on set. And he'll have to make sure the brightest light of his life wouldn't be dimmed by a piece of trash's presence.
151 "Hyung, where are you taking me?" Jungkook waves his arms in the air in front of him while Taehyung covers his eyes from the back. "We're not going too far," Taehyung says with a tinge of excitement in his voice.
While Jungkook expected Taehyung to pick him up from Yoongi's studio, he'd been taken aback when Taehyung covered his eyes before he could even lean in for a kiss. Then he proceeded to lead them out of the studio, which confused Jungkook even more.
"Okay, we're almost there. Find the door handle so we can reach there." "Door handle?" Jugkook blindly reaches around until he feels the cold metal. He pushes the handle bar down and slowly, Taehyung leads them further in.
"Okay, on the count of three. One, two-" When Taehyung reaches three, he pulls his hands back and allows Jungkook to take in the room. Though empty, Jungkook is familiar with the structure of the room. It's similar in size to Yoongi's studio with multiple outlets on the walls.
"Hyung, what is this?" Jungkook asks to clarify, because he's still not completely aure why he's here. "Surprise! Your very own studio." Taehyung spreads his arms out for show and Jungkook's eyes widen."
"Hyung..." his eyes glisten as he takes in everything about the space. His very own studio. "Baby?" Taehyung steps closer. "Are you okay?" Jungkook turns to Taehyung and before the latter could react to the tears running down his boyfriend's eyes, +
Jungkook surges forward and wraps his arms around Taehyung's middle. "Thank you, hyungie!" With a fond smile, Taehyung returns the embrace. "The place isn't fully furnished yet though."
Face buried on Taehyung's shoulder, Jungkook shakes his head. "We can worry about that later. I'm just... really lucky." "You've worked hard today and many yesterdays. You deserve nothing but the world, my lucky star."
165 Taehyung smiles whilst reading Jungkook's post. /He said 'thank you'/ he thinks with a smile. It's nice watching Jungkook slowly come out of his shell and accepting the hands being held out to him. Taehyung feels proud.
But his good mood is easily washed away when the reminder of why he's here and not with his boyfriend comes in the form of the very person he's tried to avoid for a long time now. "Kim Taehyung, the main man. I finally get to meet you face to face."
Taehyung doesn't let his irritation show on his face, but his teeth still grit. "Shin Donghyuk," he greets with a nod. "What are you doing here?" "Just came to see my costar." Donghyuk wraps an arm around Taehyung, much to the katter's discomfort. "Not everyday +
you could get the chance to act with an A-Lister actor." "Yeah." He doesn't hesitate to brush Donghyuk's arm off of him, but maintains a smile, albeit fake. "I suggest you start familiarizing your lines and the blocking. I usually do that despite my experience."
The subtle insult doesn't go over Donghyuk's head, but with the presence of other staff members walking around and passing by them, he's forced to keep a smile similar to Taehyung's, although the way the corner of his lips twitch could easily give him away.
/How the hell is this guy and actor?/ Taehyung wonders. /And why did Director Nam replace Hyungsik-hyung with this disaster?/ "I'll go practice then," Donghyuk says stiffly. "I'll see you later then, man"
Before he could walk past Taehyung though, the latter stops Donghyuk with a hard squeeze on his shoulder. This causes the rookie to flinch, face pinching in discomfort, all the while Taehyung maintains the same unwavering smile.
"It's sunbae to you, punk." With one last hard squeeze, Taehyung lets go and gives Donghyuk's shoulder a good pat. He leaves first, leaving a stunned rookie in place.
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a/n: In the earlier part, I mentioned Seojoon as the one who was replaced but here I said Hyungsik. From hereon out, the replaced actor is Seojoon sorry for the error ✌…
/How the hell is this guy and actor?/ Taehyung wonders. /And why did Director Nam replace Hyungsik-hyung with this disaster?/ "I'll go practice then," Donghyuk says stiffly. "I'll see you later then, man"
176 Despite his stubbornness earlier, Taehyung really couldn't lie now. His fist fvcking hurts. There's an ice pack over his hand, one he had to get discreetly to keep Namjoon from talking more of his ear off.
But in the back of his head, he wonders if the throbbing pain is even comparable to what Jungkook must have gone through. Taehyung would only feel this now, but for how long did Jungkook? 5 years. He sighs. No point in thinking hard about something that was never shared.
He can wait for until when Jungkook is ready. But what's really making him impatient is how much he wants to see the younger. He's itching to call Jungkook, hoping it will keep his mind off things, especially regarding what happened earlier
But he also knows Jungkook is really busy. He's working hard on his dream now attainable. Taehyung doesn't want to disturb him in his artistic process. He thinks he might as well just sleep it off until the bell to his room rings.
This makes him blink in confusion. He didn't order room service. His usualy protocol for this was to never use his voice and check the peephole on the door.
He does just that and although the image is quite blurry, he's sure he can see that the person outside is wearing a hotel staff uniform. He wonders what their concern may be.
So he unlocks and opens the door. However, the question dies on his lips when the staff member looks up. No. This person isn't a staff member. The stars swimming in those doe eyes could never belong to anyone else. "Jungkook?"
The younger sends him a small, nervous smile. "Hi, hyungie." Taehyung blinks, thinking that the more he'll do it, Jungkook might disappear. But he continues to remain there, still in the hotel staff uniform. "Y-You're really here?"
Jungkook nods with a hum. To be actually sure, Taehyung reaches a hand out to rest gently on Jungkook's cheek. Despite his nervousness, the latter leans into the touch with a content smile. "You really are here."
"Yes, I am." Jungkook then takes Taehyung's hand from his cheek and looks left and right. His hold on Taehyung's hand is a little firm, but the actor doesn't mind it. It cements the fact that Jungkook is /here/, in Busan, hours away from Seoul.
"Can we step inside?" Jungkook says with a bit of a fidget on his hold on Taehyung's hand. "Actual hotel staff might pass by." Taehyung shakes out of his reverie and steps to the side to let Jungkook in, hands never letting go of each other.
"W-What are you doing here by the way?" Taehyung asks as he leads Jungkook further inside. "Not that Im not happy to see you but I thought you'd be busy with your album." "It was actually Namjoon-hyung's idea," Jungkook replies with a bright smile. "And I didn't tell +
you about it because we wanted to make it a whole surprise." Taehyung can't help but coo. His boyfriend really is adorable. "Then I'm very very happy with my surprise today. Thank you, baby." He pulls Jungkook in for a hug, pressing a kiss to the side of his head as well.
He hears Jungkook hum and giggle in satisfaction. They stay like that for a while until they pull away at the same time. However, Jungkook's eyes are trained on something on the low table, eyebrows pinched as if he's trying to figure something out.
Taehyung turns to see what he could be looking at and tenses when he sees the ice pack. "Uh..." "Did something happen?" Jungkook asks worriedly and starts looking all over Taehyung for any sign of injury, until he spots the discoloration at the back of Taehyung's right hand.
In hurried movements, but still careful not to press on the bruised skin, Jungkook takes Taehyung's hand to inspect it. "What happened?" Jungkook looks up worringly, an expression Taehyung doesn't like seeing on the other.
Jungkook only deserves to smile, but here Taehyung is getting into trouble and making him worry. "Just a filming accident, no need to worry," he assures. "These sometimes happen when you're filming action scenes and lets just say my costar got the worst of it."
Jungkook eyebrows furrow and his lips form in a pout. "That doesn't make it any better. What did Director Nam say?" Taehyung hums, and in his best impression, he tries to imitate how the director scolded them. "If those bruises can't be covered tomorrow so help me--"
Jungkook can't help but giggle. He then gently caresses the back of Taehyung's hand with his thumb. "Don't get hurt again next time, okay?" "I'll try not to, for you." "Good." Jungkook then presses a kiss to the back of Taehyung's hand. "A kiss to make it better."
Taehyung blinks then makes a groaning sound. "My lips kind of ache, too, you know." Jungkook narrows his eyes at Taehyung who has his eyes closed and lips pursed. "What do you want me to do about it?" Jungkook decides to tease.
"Kiss it better," Taehyung answers smugly. "Aigoo. My boyfriend is such a baby," Jungkook says and piches Taehyung's cheeks. In the midst of giggling, Jungkook leans forward to press a quick peck on Taehyung's lips, effectively surprising the actor.
He didn't actually think he'd make it that far. And after feeling Jungkook's lips on his again, he's finds himself craving for more. So he wraps an arm around Jungkook's waist and pulls him closer. The younger squeaks in surprise, but then his eyes meet Taehyung's +
and the world around them goes still. "Jungkook-" Taehyung presses their foreheads together. "I thought I was gonna go crazy just thinking about you." "I'm here now." In return, Jungkook wraps his arms around Taehyung's neck. "And I'm not going anywhere."
"Good." Taehyung then closes the space in between them, the kiss growing deeper and deeper. Their lips don't part even when Taehyung leads them out of the living room. And nobody hears from them for the rest of the night.
188 After the fact that Jungkook has released a single freely without having any problems has settled in, Jungkook and Taehyung sit side by side on the lounge sofa overlooking the blue skies of the Busan morning.
He let's out a long but content sigh. How quiet and peaceful it is. "What's on your mind, baby?" Taehyung asks, reaching out to run a hand over Jungkook's hair. The younger then moves closer to rest his head on Taehyung's shoulder. This prompts the actor to wrap an arm +
around Jungkook so there's no space in between them. "Just thinking about how it's so different now. I'm... not worried about anything." Taehyung doesn't say anything, waits until Jungkook continues, knowing where this will lead to; without the need to even ask 'why?'.
"Before, even if it was just on Soundcloud, I would be so nervous, not because I feared having no listeners, but rather what my company would do. The first time I did that, they nearly got rid of Seokjin-hyung but he was able to point out something in the contract that +
cemented his reason to stay." Jungkook scoots closer, makes himself smaller in Taehyung's embrace. But small somehow meant safe, as long as he was with Taehyung. "After that, I always worried whenever I released something there, even though hyung told me not to worry."
Small as the gesture may be, he hopes his thumb rubbing circles on Jungkook's arm helps ease him from the bad memory. Taehyung forcefully supresses his irritation for Jungkook's previous company, more focused on making Jungkook feel better.
"But now... even if it was so last minute, Namjoon-hyung supported me unconditionally, even made the official post himself. I... from a time I couldn't even see my own boss, now I call him 'hyung'. It feels too good to be true."
"Then you better believe it," Taehyung giggles fondly before pressing a kiss on the crown of Jungkook's hair. "You've worked hard, Jungkookie-ah." Jungkook suddenly shifts out of Taehyung's hold to fully face him. The latter blinks confusingly but waits for the former to speak.
"I know that you have an idea about that time, what I could have been through, but even so... Thank you." Jungkook's eyes sparkle, with tears or stars, Taehyung only wishes to catch them. "Thank you for letting me share all of this to you at my pace."
"It's your story to tell and not my curiosity to force," Taehyung says, reaching for Jungkook's face to gently caress his cheek. "And I respect you and your decisions. And if you want to share something about your past, I want you to do that on your terms and not mine."
"So, you're willing to wait?" Jungkook's voice cracks from eyes eyes feeling more and more heavier. "Even if it takes a long time." "Love is patient. I'm willing to wait for even centuries if that's what it meant." Overwhelmed, Jungkook throws himself onto Taehyung, +
arms and legs wrapped around his /lover/ tightly. "You're... so lovable," he says into the crevice of Taehyung's neck. "I love you!" Heart racing and eyes growing heavy with his own tears, Taehyung returns the embrace, as well as the three word. "I love you, too! So much!"
201 Jungkook finds that he likes waking up in Taehyung's arms. There's a certain comfort there, one he never thought he'd miss even before knowing it. And on the plus side, Taehyung's peacefuly expression is only his to see.
The way half of his face is buried on the pillow, with his lips forming a pout. All the whole is arms wrap around Junkook like the latter is his personal teddy bear. Taehyung did mention something about needing something to hug when he sleeps.
Now he has /someone/, and on the other hand, Jungkook never expected to be able to sleep well even as the little spoon. He wouldn't mind waking up like this every morning.
Alas, Jungkook has needs. He's always been the breakfast type of person, so he slowly peels himself away from Taehyung's hold, careful not to wake him up while replacing himself with a pillow. Taehyung stirs a little but otherwise remains asleep.
He sends a flying kiss to Taehyung before his bare feet pad out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. He's not sure he can ever get over the size of Taehyung's place. It's probably twice the size of his and Seokjin's place. That, and Taehyung lives /alone/.
Although there are some frames pf art decorating the walls, the place still manages to look quite minimal. Perhaps it's the fact that Taehyung is working a lot and is never usually home that he also hadn't minded personalizing his home a bit more.
Though the lack of personal decoration, at least Taehyung's fridge is stacked. Jungkook's eyes had nearly jumped out of their sockets when he saw the amount of food ingredients were inside the first time he rummaged around. Bless whoever buys his boyfriend's groceries.
He gets to work on breakfast; just some boiled eggs and spam frying in a pan. While waiting for those, he gets a glass of water. Afterwards, he sets it by the counter before he picks up his phone to check for any messages. What he sees is a twitter notification instead.
tw// minor injury
This usually wouldn't bother him but the account is familiar. Be wonders where he's seen it but nothing really comes to mind. Maybe opening it will refresh his memory. Alas, that was a wrong move on his behalf.
In his shock, his elbow hits the glass on top of the counter, making it fall into a million pieces on the floor, around his bare feet. But he can barely feel the sting of a cut. He couldn't even feel the dampness of the floor mat. Nor could he make clear +
of his lover's voice calling out to him in worry and the sound of hurried footsteps coming. All he sees is the headline outing something he shouldn't be ashamed of but has also been used against him by small minded people.
210 Jungkook hasn't said much since his breakdown earlier. He doesn't know what to say. Has nothing to say. And while initially, Taehyung was at a loss on what to do, being a presence for Jungkook... it was enough.
Giving him something to drink when he woke up, making him comfortable even on the sofa, and putting on a movie for Jungkook to divert his attention to.
He sat there in silence, pressed close to Jungkook whose head rested on Taehyung's shoulder. Until he spoke for the first time in a while. "Can we watch a movie with you in it?"
Usually, he wouldn't be so keen on the idea of suggesting a movie with him in it, but if it's what Jungkook wants, then Taehyung will give. He lets Jungkook choose a movie through the catalog until he selects one of Taehyung's earlier projects, just two years after debuting.
He played a supporting role in this one, but it's the same movie that cemented him as an actor. Taehyung's attention doesn't always remain on the movie. His eyes continuously flit towards Jungkook, seeing his reactions; +
the little jolt, the focus, and the shadow of a smile during light hearted scenes. "Seokjin-hyung said he saw me watch this movie nine times but Im pretty sure Ive watched it more times than I can count my fingers," he says with a bit of a chuckle.
"I can't help that it's one of my favorites." "Lowkey hope its because I'm in it," Taehyung says cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows in hopes it will make the younger even giggle just a little. And it does. Jungkook shoulder shake as giggles escape him and Taehyung smiles.
"No-Okay, maybe around the fifth time I watched it. Your acting is really good." He then turns back to the screen where Taehyung-Minho in the movie-is confronting his parents leading to the conclusion of the story and an ultimate happy ending.
"Despite everything, despite their trials, they're still together as family. Even though Minho's mother had made plenty of mistakes, they can still find each other and can still mend."
A tear escapes Jungkook's eye until more fall uncontrollably. "I don't have that. I yearn for that. I don't care if we're arguing, or if they have disagreements with me... I don't care. I... I just want my eomma and appa."
Jungkook sobs and Taehyung rests a hand on Jungkook's back. He allows his lover to pour his tears out, doesn't say anything. He knows he has nothing to say and that all he can do is be there. And for Jungkook, that is more than enough.
All his life, when he shared this with others, there were always words of sympathy, pity, and emtpy promises: /I'm here for you. I'll never leave you side. You have my support./
When he heard those, he would simply smile but a deep pit in his chest always made him feel unease. Ultimately, those people left one by one, turned his back on him as what happened earlier. So this silence after the revelation, it feels like a breath of fresh air.
In the middle of his tears, he turns to Taehyung and burrows into his space. Immediately, his lover is there to catch him, pulling him close and rocking them back and forth comfortingly.
Until Jungkook's sobs quiet down. The credits to the movie roll and Jungkook feels his worries ease as he falls asleep once again.
216 Jungkook fiddles with his fingers as he watches Taehyung get ready for the day on his bed. His lover is facing the tall mirror, fixing his hair the best he can. Then Taehyung catches Jungkook from the refelction, sees how worried he clearly is.
"Love, what's wrong?" Taehyung approaches the bed and sits on the edge close to Jungkook to take his hand. "I just... please don't do anything terroble today. Even if it's Donghyuk you're shooting with." "If you're worried about me getting hurt by that- Wait..."
Taehyung blinks before his eyes widen. "You... know Im filming with him?" Slowly, Jungkook nods. "Before I left Busan from visiting you, I happened to catch him on his way to the set location you mentioned." "Ah." Jungkook is soft but he sure is perceptive.
"And I know you have an idea about what he did, not only to me but to other former artists of WhyGee as well, so... even if he was, /is/, a terrible person... I don't want you to get into trouble." A smile slowly makes it's way to Taehyung's face at Jungkook's concern. He +
brings Jungkook's hand up to press a kiss on the back of his hand. "Having an idea about it is not really knowing. I don't know the full extent of his action, especially towards you, and you don't have to share it if you're not ready yet."
Jungkook smiles and leans forward to press a kiss on Taehyung's lips. It quickly turns deep and Taehyung slowly moves until he has Jungkook's back lying on the shests, lips never leaving while he settles himself on top of his lover.
They eventually part, breaths mingling and hooded eyes seemingly diving into each other's soul. "Your clothes..." Jungkook breathes out. Taehyung smirks suggestively. "Want me to take them off?" Immediately, Jungkook's face reddens and he weakly pushes Taehyung's chest.
"N-No! Th-That's not what I meant. I mean they're gonna get wrinkled." His reaction makes Taehyung giggle and he leans down to press a kiss on Jungkook's forehead. "I love you." Jungkook's lips part before he smiles. "I love you, too."
Taehyung then pushes himself up and helps Jungkook sit up the bed as well. "You havr any plans today?" "I was supposed to, but the other hyungs suggested I take a day off after... you know..." "They're working to fix it love, don't worry." Taehyung kisses +
the side of Jungkook's head. "You can stay here all day if you want. I can even call Jiminie to keep you company." "Is... that really okay?" "Of course it is. I would be happy if I saw you here everyday." Jungkook doesn't let the implication of Taehyung's words +
get to him completely. It's still pretty early into their relationship. However, deep down, he knows he feels the same ay Taehyung does. It might be the honeymoon phase talking, but Jungkook really can see himself with this man for a very /very/ long time. If not, forever.
222 "Wahh, he really did that?" Jimin nearly drops his water bottle after Jungkook tells them about his post. The youngest of the trio nods with a disapproving expression. "He said Donghyuk wasn't being polite and that punching him was masked as an accident."
"I've never heard Taehyung ever do that to disrespectful hoobaes." Jimon blinks in astonishment. "Scold, yes, but this is... kind of funny." Jungkook is about to disagree when Hoseok snorts. "It is funny. That brat finally got a piece of his own medicine."
Jungkook gives his hyungs a narrow look, one they cry not to coo at. "You don't have to worry about it too much, Jungkook. Taehyung is bigger than whay Donghyuk may think, so he can't do anything," Hoseok says.
"By the sound of it, this Donghyuk must have a history of cutting people out of the picture," Jimin says, cheek pressed on his hand propped up from his knee. Jungkook and Hoseok nod in unison.
"He threatened to ruin my career so that no brands would take me, but I left before he could," Hoseok says. "I layed low for a while and I think he forgot about me. I then landed my first gig with a big brand and he threatened me again after that. At first, I +
was scared. I knew he had the means to be able to do that. But then, Namjoon told me that at that point, Donghyuk didn't have real power over me anymore so he really couldn't do much. Still, everyday I worried and even though I was his senior, I was still careful."
Jimin and Jungkook give Hoseok sad looks. It turns out their hyung also had his own fair of struggles even after leaving WhyGee. "But eventually, Joon presented me with a contract. My former manager helped him get it through my old boss and it was then when I finally felt free."
"Man-" Jimin sighs out heavily. "What a dick. Who is he even?" "Yang Soo Young's illegitimate son," Jungkook answers, hard eye trained on the floor. Both Jimin and Hoseok's eyes widen. Hoseok had always assumed they were rellatives, but an illegitimate son?
No wonder Donghyuk had so much say and authority in WhyGee. And the CEO, not wanting this fact to be leaked, just let the guy run loose. Hoseok then pieces something together. Did Jungkook knowing this piece of information make him a target for Donghyuk's threats.
And if so, how far did those threats become actual occurences? "No wonder he's smug," Jimin says, crossing his arms over his chest. "He has daddy dearest backing him up. No wonder Tae calls him a nepotism drowning baby."
Jungkook blinks then looks up at Jimin. "Could Taehyung-hyung know? About Donghyuk being an illegitimate child." "I don't think he does." It's Hoseok who answers. "Just like me, we had simply thought he's a relative of Yang Soo Young's hence the easy access to drama roles."
"The dramas aren't even good." Jimin rolls his eyes. "I'm no actor, but I bet I could do that one scene in Girls Over Petals better than he could." Jimin then proceeds to recite a few lines from the drama, and color Jungkook impressed. Jimin does do a better job.
"Jungkook," Hoseok starts gently, carefully. "Did knowing about Donghyuk's illegitimacy affect your situation at WhyGee?" Though not ready to disclose the entire trith of it, Jungkook nods, looking down at the floor.. "In a way. It's... more than just that, though."
Hoseok and Jimin exchange worried looks but don't press on it futher. Instead, Jimin shifts the topic and mood by reciting another line from the same drama, albeit in a more exaggerated way, effectively making Jungkook laugh.
231 The beach house they'll be staying in looks pretty isolated, compared to the bustling streets they passed by on the way here. But this silence is much welcome; they wouldn't have it any other way.
Here, nobody sees them, what's theirs for even just this moment. Only the elder caretaker came to greet them and they doubt at his age he'd care much about young celebrities. He was also very sweet, wishing them a happy stay before tipping his hat and leaving them the keys.
A little tired from the trip, Jungkook immediately throws himself on the bed. He hears a low chuckle from Taehyung before the bed dips and there's a small weight over him. "Are you really going to spend our first day sleepin in bed, love?" Taehyung kisses the side of his head.
Jungkook squirms underneath him. Their positions ultimately change, with Jungkook on his back and Taehyung hovering above him, hand on the side of Jungkook's head propping him up. Jungkook blinks and smiles sleepily. "I love it when you call me that."
"You mean 'love'?" Taehyung smiles sweetly. "It rolls off naturally." "Because you love me?" Taehyung hums. "Very much so." He then leans down to capture Jungkook's lips in a sweet and slowly deepening kiss.
246 Before Taehyung could even open up Jungkook's chat to explain, two voices make him pause on his steps, their words, rather just one of them, sharp and infuriated. Around the corner, he peeks and finds Shin Donghyuk with his manager, the former facing Taehyung.
He doesn't really have much business to do with Donghyuk, so he steps back, but before he could, Donghyuk's voice in a near yells says, "This is why that old man shouldn't have let Jeon Jungkook leave." Taehyung freezes and ultimately decides to listen in.
"Yah, what's got you so worked up over him anyway? You seem to hate him so much." The manager sounds just as confused. Poor guys has to work with such an asshat, Taehyung thinks. "It's because of him it's an open secret." Donghyuk sighs irritatingly. "He ousted me +
as Yang Soo Young's son." Taehyung's eyes widen. Yang Soo Young, while not the epitome of the ideal business man, has always been painted as a family man. He's known to only have a daughter who is publicly known to be in the States.
Shin Donghyuk... is Yang Soo Young's illegitemate son? And Jungkook ousted that information?
No, Taehyung is sure there's more to it. And knowing Donghyuk's character, he's a hundred percent sure his side isn't very reliable. But however that may have happened, Donghyuk must have thought it enough of a reason to try and ruin Jungkook.
"So... what are you gonna do about that?" Even the manager is a little guarded, hesitant, like he doesn't really want to know. Donghuk chuckles. "If I was able to do it once, I'll be able to do it again. Maybe I'll even have someone tail Jeon just to-"
Donghyuk isn't able to finish his sentence, because in the next second, Taehyung's irritation had spiked and his fist met with Donghyuk's face.
248 Namjoon can pratically catch the tension in the air by how thick it is. Taehyung, glaring, and Director Nam, clearly taken aback by this unusual behavior from Taehyung. In between them, lying on the table, is Taehyung's copy of the script, torn in half.
"I don't know what kind of shady deal Donghyuk made to get the role, but as long as he's in it, then I don't want to take part of this project," Taehyung says, voice almost on the edge of threatening. Well, he moght as well be. Because even Namjoon knows that without him +
this project wouldn't reach it's full potential. Namjoon opens his mouth to say something to ease the atmosphere, when all of a sudden, Director Nam throws his head back. Both Namjoon and Taehyung's eyes widen in surprise.
"Good god, Kim Taehyung. I sure did not expect this from you." Director Nam wipes a tear away from his eye. "You must hate Shin Donghyuk this much, huh?" Taehyung's expression hardens, eyes narrowing on the director. "I don't know where this is heading to."
"Don't worry. Im on your side." Director Nam takes a deep breath in as he recomposes himself. "I've actually been trying to figure out a way to cut him from the film, but as we've shot some material, I thought it wouldn't have been possible."
"So it's really no longer possible to get him out?" Taehyung's expression drops. Despite the threat, he truly does want to work on this film. It's story is compelling, appealing, and he's not sure if he can work on something like this ever again.
"Actually, it is," Director Nam says and Taehyung jerks his head up in pleasant surprise. "Really?" The director nods with a hum. "But we'll have to postpone everything, reschedule and overall take time off production."
"Ah..." Taehyung's expression drops. "The staff-" "They'll understand," Director Nam interrupts with a wave of his hand, telling him it's fine. "Don't you know me? I always have a backup plan, meaning they won't be too inconvenienced."
"You have another project up your sleeve, don't you?" Namjoon asks with a raised brow and a smirk. "Yes, so we'll focus on that while waiting for who we need for Donghyuk to be oit of the picture." Taehyung blinks, astounded. It's... actually /that/ easy?
Rather than pondering over it, a heavy sigh escapes him and he leans back on the sofa. It's been a long day and he would love nothing more than to return to Seoul and fall into the arms of his lover. After a few more details on this new transition, +
Director Nam excuses himself, leaving Taehyung and Namjoon alone in the hotel room. "You're lucky nobody was there when you punched him," Namjoon says with a stern look to Taehyung's way. "Oh please." Taehyung rolls his eyes. "It wasn't even that hard of a punch."
"Sure," Namjoon says, clearly unconvinced, eyes going to the mild discoloration on Taehyung's knuckles.
252 "Thanks for the ride, hyungs!" Jungkook smiles widely with a wave. "You're welcome, Jungkookie!" Hoseok waves back from the driver's seat. "Call us if you need anything else, okay?" Jimin says.
Jungkook hums with a nod. He waves one last time before the care widow slides up and eventually watch the car drive away. What an eventful day. Jungkook can't help but giggle. He doesn't remember the last time he'd been this pumped up for work.
The exhaustion that came after the first round of shooting was oddly welcome. A smile never left his face even after downing two bottles of water at once. He's finally doing something, finally getting somewhere.
On his way up to his apartment, he's just about to text Taehyung, updating him that he got home safely. But safety is nearly thrown out the window when he finds, on the stairwell, a face he hasn't seen in a while and one he woshes to have never seen again.
"Why the face Jungkook?" The corner of his lip curls up and a shudder travels down Jungkook's spine. "Missed me?" "D-Donghyuk? What are you doing here?"
256 Jungkook is pushed against the wall, Donghyuk trapping him there with one hand pressed beside his head. "Can't believe even after getting into BigHit, you still live in this shithole." He chuckles. "Guess old habits die hard. In your case, you'll always remain irrelevant."
"What do you want from me, Donghyuk?" Jungkook hopes he doesn't sound as shaken as he is, clenching his fists to keep them from quivering. "Kim Taehyung," he spits out like venom. "What did you say to him that makes him disrespect me this much?"
"Disrespect?" Jungkook raises a brow, scoff escaping him unconsciously. "He's your sunbae." "I don't care. He's just another actor I'll surpass." Jungkook can't help but roll his eyes, despite the position they're in. "You didn't answer. What do you want from me?"
"You never fail to piss me off, you know," Donghyuk sneers, face uncomfortably close to Jungkook's own. It's then when the smell of alcohol gets to Jungkook. Donghyuk is drunk. "You told him about it, didn't you, the same way you told all our classmates."
"That was an accident, Donghyuk," Jungkook says through gritted teeth. "You had a part to play in that." "You fucking ruined me!" Donghyuk slams his hand beside Jungkook's head, making the latter flinch. "Do you even fucking know how hard it was for me to reestablish my name?"
"You're successful now. Why do you keep bothering me about this?" "You-" With his free hand, Donghyuk grabs Jungkook by the collar. "You have my neck on a noose, the same way I do with my father. While you're here, while you're seen, my secret and his are on your hands."
"Calm the fuck down!" Jungkook finally pushes Donghyuk away. From the force of it, he gets thrown on the opposite side. Clearly, he had underestimated Jungkook's strength. "I don't have business with you anymore, Donghyuk. So you can stop being paranoid. You +
threatened them to sign NDAs anyway, so what's the point?" "The point?" Donghyuk breathes in deeply. He staggers from his drunkenness. "I want to be the biggest. I'm going to be the biggest. And that begins by taking you down."
Looking at it now, Jungkook wonders what made him so scared of this person; his threats? His power? His father's influence? It's like a bucket of water, not hot or cold, is dowsed on Jungkook. A realization that Donghyuk isn't as big as he thinks he is.
He's a coward, hiding in wolf's clothing to make himself look big. "Threaten me all you want, Donghyuk. I'm not scared of you anymore." Donghyuk chuckles. "Because you have Kim Taehyung as a lover?" Jungkook's eyes widen. How the hell did Donghyuk know?
"Ha! So that really was you." Donghyuk smiles in amsement. "I saw him one time in Busan. I think it was after he punched me in the face for the first time. He was seeing someone off and even kissed them. Thought it was impossible for you to bag that guy, but +
you really are Kim Taehyung's secret lover. No fucking wonder." Jungkook glares at Donghyuk shaprly. Even if he doesn't say anything about it, he's sure his reaction earlier already gave him away. "Why didn't you use that against him if you want to take us down so bad?"
"I didn't care about him at first. He was really just another obstacle." Donghyuk snickers. "How interesting it will be for headlines to highlight how you're leeching off your boyfriend's fame." "Believe whatever you want, Donghyuk. I have nothing more to say to you."
Jungkook's indifference seems to snap something in Donghyuk. His eyes widen, as if he didn't expect that response. "Im basically threatening your career right now. I have the power to do that."
Maybe he could, but at this point, all Jungkook could see is the drunk rambling of someone who couldn't let go of the past. Jungkook has said his piece. He hadn't held on to that time the same way Donghyuk has a chokehold on it.
And there's nothing he can do about the latter being that way. "I had a long day, Donghyuk. And I don't want to get into a heated argument with you again. Why don't we talk about this when you're sober?"
When he doesn't get a response from the other, Jungkook sighs and thinks maybe he should just go. Keep the situation from escalating further. "I'll contact you later,  Donghyuk."
He's just about to walk past the other when suddenly, he's yanked back, Donghyuk shouting something about being disrespectful. But as quick as it happened, all Jungkook could see is the world tilting and realizing he's falling.
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