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jsvng wrote a heartbreak song, and he was detailed enough to mention the fact that the person his ex left him for was a dancer. he had been a budding artist, quite new, still struggling to get his music out there. this song changed his everything, though—it got +

viral on t¡ktok when one influencer used it, and before jsvng knew it he was blowing up, with his channel and his socmed accounts suddenly gaining millions and millions of followers overnight. before he knew it, he was famous. now that he's famous, though, everyone +
wanted to know who the song was about (and who the /other/ person, the dancer, was). and by some fucking reason, everyone found out it was about l33 m¡nho. l33kn0w. a dancer. but also a singer. you know what, an all-around celebrity. a very /popular/ celebrity. and +
his song being revealed to be "attacking" the very popular celebrity is causing him both a surge of supporters /and/ a lot of backlash. jsvng would have been embarrassed to face m¡nho, now that his secret is out, but everytime he sees the man the pain, the bitterness, +
the /hatred/ because m¡nho was the reason his stupid ex broke up with him (even though he already moved on, but still)—he all remembers it, and all he feels is childish hostility. they were given the opportunity to meet properly, though. one thing leads to another, +
and although they both tried, /really/ tried to be civil and polite, everything that were hidden before came rushing out like magma from a volcano, and jsvng had bitter tears running down his cheeks, blaming l33 m¡nho for everything, for ruining the perfect relationship +
he once had. "if it was as perfect as you say, then you wouldn't be crying now, would you?" mnho said firmly and coldly. "why are you blaming me? it was that douchebag who left you. i never even gave him a second glance." "you /slept/ with him." "you were already over, +
he was a single man, i was willing to have a good time." jsvng doesn't even know what he's saying anymore—all he could comprehend were the raging emotions inside him which he thought were already buried deep. "/fuck/ you." mnho grew mad, it was obvious he grew mad. +
his brows scrunched up and his face became almost scary. "you know he almost ruined my career too, don't you?" jsvng sniffed. no, he... "i slept with him /one time/, and he almost /ruined/ me. don't you remember? my name was all over the news three years ago. +
everyone was talking shit about me. my music went down. i had no projects for a year. i had to threaten to sue him for libel just to make him stop. what the hell are you blaming me for?" that calmed jsvng down a bit, and made a little seed of guilt twitch in his chest. +
that...definitely sounded worse than sleepless and tear-filled nights. at least his shame and his heartbreak wasn't public... that point, when they both shared the shitty things jsvng's shitty ex did to them, was the beginning of when they started to...grow close. +
they started to hang out. they talked about the stupid things jsvng's ex did. how he lacked personal hygiene. he was a womanizer. "surprising, considering he was super ugly." they both laughed at that. mnho laughed really hard at that, shaking his head and saying +
he wondered why ever slept with him at all ("i must have been so horny."). mnho's...kinda cute when he laughed. his eyes sparkled and crinkled. the media was not slow at all in picking up this new development; their budding friendship +
caused waves of news and made both their sales skyrocket and their music to go even more viral than before. heck, after some time they even /both/ got major awards with all the booming fame—a new milestone, a great achievement for rising star jsvng, and the major recovery of +
a slipping career for experienced mnho. and before long, jsvng found himself falling for l33 m¡nho. it was inevitable, looking back on it. mnho was just so perfect. everything he wished his ex was, but had never been. he had been anxious about his newly realized feelings +
at first, but mnho was quick to catch on, quick to assure him that everything was fine—he loved him too. and everything was so, so perfect. once, they encountered jsvng's douchebag ex at a party, during which they made out messily and wildly—right in front of +
the ex. and hey, once they announced their relationship to the public, they even made a cute little song about him. (it went super viral on t!ktok.)
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