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Feb 25
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Tiny A/B/O thoughts, Live edition: The notification wakes Hoseok up. He reaches for his phone, blinks blearily at it, and then nudges Yoongi awake. “Jungkook went live,” he says. “Mm?” Yoongi says. Hoseok loves him when he’s sleepy. His face gets puffy, rounder. Cute.

“Jungkook went live,” Hoseok says again. He opens the app. “It’s the middle of the night,” Yoongi says. “Is he supposed to be live?” “Probably not,” Hoseok says. “But Namjoon’s at that charity thing with Jimin, still.” “God,” Yoongi says. “That little tease.”
And Jungkook is being definitely being a tease, Hoseok thinks, when the video connects. His hair is so long, these days, and he’s brushed it through so it looks soft and fluffy, and he’s draped himself over the arm of the couch to talk to the camera.
He looks casual, but Hoseok can see the careful intent in all of it. “You should turn off your notifications so they don’t wake you up,” Yoongi says. He’s looking at the screen, anyway. “And miss one of you?” Hoseok says. “Never.” He puts a string of emojis into the chat.
He has to comment a few times, usually, before one of his packmates can spot him in the rapidly scrolling chatbox, but Jungkook beams, right away. “Hobi-hyung!” he says. Hoseok hears him first down the hall, in their living room, and then through the phone, a second later.
His voice always sounds a little different through the screen. Something in the tone that doesn’t translate. Hoseok feels lucky to be so familiar with the real thing. “Do you want me to tell him hello for you?” Hoseok says. “I just saw him like three hours ago,” Yoongi says.
“Do you want me to, though?” Hoseok says. Yoongi watches the screen. “Okay,” he says. Hoseok types that, too. “Oh, Yoongi-hyung!” Jungkook says. “I thought you’d be asleep. Am I too loud, out here? I can go out on the balcony.”
“It’s too cold outside,” Yoongi says. “It’s fine.” “It’s cold, though,” Jungkook says. “I bet you think it’s fine. I’ll stay in here until you come to scold me, okay, alpha?” He winks to the camera. There’s a flurry of comments, so fast Hoseok can’t even read them.
“Be honest,” Hoseok says. “Did we make a fucking mistake letting Taehyung teach him stuff, or…” “We did,” Yoongi says. “But it’s too late now.” They watch, for a while. Jungkook nurses a beer, and talks about boxing, and sings, a little.
It’s calm, and Jungkook’s voice carries from the living room like a lullaby, and Hoseok dozes, a little, until Yoongi says, “Oh, no.” “What?” Hoseok says. “Namjoon just commented,” Yoongi says. “That’s nice,” Hoseok says. “His spelling was terrible,” Yoongi says.
“Oh, no,” Hoseok says. “How drunk do you think he is?” “They’re at a gala with an open bar,” Yoongi says. “And Jimin thinks Drunk Namjoon is hilarious. So. Probably extremely.”
“You both really need to learn to say no to a pretty face, you know that?” Hoseok says. Namjoon types, “I lpve you so ,uch” The comments explode again. Jungkook leans in to read them.
“Namjoon-hyung?” he says. His face gets very close to the screen as he searches. “Namjoon-hyung is here?” Hoseok knows when he finds what he’s looking for, because his smile fills with mischief. He looks very beautiful. Which is, Hoseok knows, going to be a problem.
“I liike your long hair a lotM it’s prwtty,” Namjoon types. “Thank you,” Jungkook says. He tucks one side behind his ear and tilts his head a little. It draws Hoseok’s eye right to the soft skin of his neck, just below his jaw, a good place to sink teeth and taste.
Yoongi exhales, slow. Hoseok’s teeth itch, a little. Namjoon must be dying. “I wsnt to pull it,” Namjoon types. “Call Jimin,” Hoseok says. “Right now.” Yoongi scrambles for his own phone. “Can I be. your alpha?” Namjoon types. “Be in my pack forwcer okay?”
“You are,” Jungkook laughs. “And I already am.” “Want to meet me in thw bathtoom?” Namjoon types. “Jimin,” Yoongi says. “You need to take Namjoon’s phone right now. Don’t ask me questions. I know you did this.” “I’m not there,” Jungkook says. “You have to come home first.”
“I c. ant drive i Don’t ha ve a license but I’ll walk if I jave to okay,” Namjoon types. “I’m bronging Jimin home to be safe too becauae I love him so muc h too.” “That’s really sweet, alpha,” Jungkook says. “I’ll wait up for you both.”
It is very sweet. If Hoseok didn’t know about the kind of filthy shit Namjoon is capable of thinking (and saying, when he gets worked up enough), and wasn’t concerned about their pack alpha getting the entire group kicked off the platform for indecency, he’d probably enjoy this.
He does, know, though. Very intimately. “Tell Jimin to hurry up,” Hoseok says. “Hurry up,” Yoongi says, and then, “Thank fuck. Don’t give it back to him. I know he wants it back. Just do that thing you do with the pouty lips and say no and he’ll let you do whatever with it.”
Hoseok can hear Jimin’s voice chirping faintly against Yoongi’s ear. “I’ll call you a car,” Yoongi says. “And obviously I won’t tell management it was you. Call me again if Namjoon gives you any trouble. Just pout. You’ll be fine.” He hangs up.
Hoseok sighs. “I felt real fear for a minute there.” “Me too,” Yoongi says. They watch, for just a moment. Jungkook’s hair is still curled, soft, behind his ear. The skin of his throat flashes like gold in the dim light. Hoseok’s teeth itch, again.
“To be fair,” Hoseok says. “I, too, would like to pull his pretty hair.” “Yeah,” Yoongi says. “This isn’t a contractually obligated live, is it? He could end it anytime and go do something else. Theoretically.” “Theoretically,” Hoseok says. “Yep.”
“Hmm,” Yoongi says. “Hmm,” Hoseok says. “You know, if Jimin gets them out of the gala now, they’d be home in forty-five, maybe? We could really work up a nice sweat in that time, the three of us. Something nice to welcome our packmates home. Extremely thoughtful of us, really.”
“Thoughtfulness in a relationship is important,” Yoongi says. “Exactly,” Hoseok says, and then he types, “It’s late, Jaykay. Come to bed.” “I said I’d wait up for Namjoon-hyung and Jimin-hyung,” Jungkook says. Hoseok types, “We’ll wait for them in here. :) Together. :)”
“Oh,” Jungkook says, and then, “Ohhh. Okay, hyung. I’ll be right there! Um…sorry, everyone, but I think I did just get really tired, so I’m going to go! I’ll come back soon! I love you all!” The live ends. “Wow,” Yoongi says. “The two of you are masters of subtlety.”
“Shut up,” Hoseok says. “And take your pants off.” (They do work up a nice sweat, by the time Namjoon and Jimin get home. Hoseok can hear their packmates’ footsteps in the hallway. The sound makes Jungkook clench tight around him, makes Hoseok see stars.)
(Namjoon’s too drunk to fully participate, but he does wrench Jungkook’s head back and kiss him hard while the omega bounces in Hoseok’s lap and then Yoongi’s in turn, and he’s drunk enough that he lets Jimin suck a bruise right over his scent gland.)
(He sees the hickey in the bathroom mirror in the morning, after he throws up for the second time, Hoseok rubbing at his back. “Hobah,” he says. “What the fuck happened last night?” “Well,” Hoseok says. “Jungkook went live.”)
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