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Feb 25
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Peanut Bunner and Tofu have a plan And their separate babas, WY and LZ, had better follow that plan! (Even though they're not going to know about said plan)

You see, Peanut Bunner and Tofu live next door to each other, and they've noticed their babas staring longingly over the fence when the other isn't looking Such silly babas! Don't they know that if they find their soulmate, they need to hold on to the other?
Thankfully, Peanut Bunner and Tofu are there to fix that problem. There will be no more dramatic sighs from WY and no more long monologues from LZ to Tofu as he describes WY's qualities For hours (Not that Tofu minds)
It's easy enough for them to enact their plan. Particularly since neither of their babas has ever tried to fix the hole in the fence between the properties Peanut Bunner acts first. He squeezes through the hole in the fence and joins Tofu in his outdoor bunny palace
It's nice! They get to loaf together! They get to nyooom around the garden together! Being free roam bunnies is the best thing ever And when WY arrives over at LZ's house, asking if he's seen Peanut Bunner, Peanut Bunner makes sure to avoid capture for as long as possible
He needs to get the point across! He and Tofu are a pair! Do not separate! Eventually, WY pulls out a raspberry for Peanut Bunner, and he thinks he can be forgiven for being caught. Raspberries cannot be ignored!
The next step in the plan is for Tofu to sneak through the hole in the fence and join Peanut Bunner in nyooming and binkying around WY's backyard And when LZ arrives, looking for his errant bun, Tofu leads them all on a merry chase around the jungle of a backyard
It's fun! He likes making his baba and WY have to work together to catch him! Peanut Bunner - the cheekier bun - might be on to something. Being mischievous is amazing! He also likes that Peanut Bunner joins him in the fun, because he and Peanut Bunner are A PAIR
As with their last adventure, though, it must come to an end. Eventually, LZ tempts him with banana. And being the banana aficionado that he is, Tofu zooms right over to LZ for his banana, not minding that he is scooped up in LZ's arms and taken back across the fence
It's not bad because it's then Peanut Bunner's turn to escape across the fence for loaf time And then it's Tofu's turn And then Peanut Bunner's turn And then - we'll, you get the idea The buns make sure to do this once a day
And then, when their silly owners don't get the message after a week of this, they start doing it twice a day And then three times a day Honestly, why are they so slow?! Their babas need to get with the program! Here the buns are, sending them a very clear message!
Eventually though... eventually they get it! One day, as LZ is picking up Tofu from WY's backyard, he turns to WY LZ: I think the buns are a bonded pair WY: Yeah, I think you're right. Oh boy, what do we do? The buns do the bun version of holding their breath in anticipation
LZ: We could... WY: Could? The buns look up at LZ LZ: We could not... separate them WY: ??? LZ: Would Wei Ying like to... WY: Like to...? Buns: πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ LZ: Like to move in with me? Buns:
Their plan worked!!!! WY, blushing: Yes! Yes! I mean - I think that would be lovely! LZ: 😌 And that, my friends, is how the buns Tofu and Peanut Bunner got their babas together and they all lived happily ever after
kaey πŸ’« 🧭

kaey πŸ’« 🧭

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