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Feb 24
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more design work went into a literal child pedobait mobile game character than all games produced by ubisoft in the last 3 years. Think about that.

"Mr. president.. People who think puberty blockers are reversible have found the thread"
must be nice being a latina and having your major representation by a ugly cyberdyke with side shave and cut eyebrows…
Doctor Contra

Doctor Contra

that's just a latina bro
erm... uh.... you will play what white straight men make for you…
Saoirse Blue

Saoirse Blue

xist, we’re not going anywhere. go crawl back in your hole and let the rest of us actually enjoy the full spectrum of human experience
what happens when the company decides they wont cover transition surgery out of pocked after the major insurance companies drop it completely?…


industry will only get more and more progressive and there's literally nothing you can do except schizo rant on Twitter, right? I bet it must feel terrible to be this powerless in life :/
this sounds good. Stop entering explicitly male places sweeties…


Nah this has gotta be a bait thread, ain't no way he's trying to cover up the harassment, theft, and suicide that happened to the female employees
i will end this thread with a final strike. We need to talk about the ugly pigs who do this
who does this benefit? Men do not find it attractive. Lesbians dont find it attractive. It serves no purpose. Its a device designed to stop pigs from digging for roots. Women who wear this are retarded
every single one without exception. If you have a septum peircing. you are retarded and not to be respected. real las vegas mole person aesthetic
any time you see a woman with a septum piercing. Get up in their face. Start making loud pig noises. "suuuuweeeee pig pig pig" scratching the ground with your foot. Do this until it stops. Everyone join in. Will only take about a month with a few million people doing this
oh and one more thing watch symphogear
im famous on reddit wow
check this out reddit its important
wow part 2?!
reminder dont allow people to gaslight you into accepting the emotional blackmail that banning transgenderism for kids and its associated treatments/surgeries will cause death. It didnt 10 years ago when nobody knew about this shit. it wont now either.
getting lots of dm's like this
man i just got here look at this thread blow up
mystical feeling of getting hundreds of thousands of people to read my threads on why women with green hair are bad
all the death threats im getting from female software developers and girls who like nose piercings
if you have scrolled this far. A a audio/visual gift
POV you are a green haired woman and your boss at gaming company reads my thread
how come my notifications are completely flooded with (obviously molested as a child) women talking about my virginity and sex stuff…


be the most long winded way to let the world know you’re a virgin
Cooking food is something women have done for the past forever. You should not , as a man , take pride in having a career in being a professional wife…
oh lawd people thought i was joking. no. Today you will fuckin learn…


if japanese are not white you are going to have to explain away their genetic preference towards breasts over ass…
why do people think african americans were walking around in the 1700s in tricones and tophats interacting with local townspeople like it was a videogame made by ubisoft.…
And this is why weebs shouldn't be allowed to have opinions. Black people were all over New Orleans in the 1700s and she is dressed appropriately for the era.
"maybe people who constantly talk about their therapy and varying mental illnesses and have 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 flags in their bios should not be in high end software development?"
ez clap
this is for sure happening.…
e making "game" devs on their burner accounts cry so they had to call Hasan. LOL
hasan will make you vote pete buttigeg in 2024…
Gulag this mfer at the sight. This nazis are getting out of hand. They should be chained and crying like their daddy at their last breath.
how it works. He learned this from his uncle chunk. He gets you with the friend simulator experience and as the primary season heats up he gaslights you with "bernie can win this time" and when he doesnt you are too invested not to vote in the general…
Hitler will be proud of you, if you just die like him too.
For the hasan fans joining us 1. Socialism has failed globally. Right wing coalitions worldwide are solidifying. Europe is about to flip red for 40 years. sweden embraces fascism 2. Trans therapy banned federally. People who resist will be blacklisted from education/medicine
3. immigration will come to a screeching halt globally and in 20 years the word "asylum" will be stricken from international politics as 3rd world infrastructure simply cannot maintain at the same speed as 1st world. Life quality gap will explode between global south and north
I dont think they care their game is doing great and they are ethnic russians working in cyprus. Not sitting in a trench in donbabwe is preferable to people like you sending them emails asking to disavow anime twitter threads…
a lot of negative attention to this group, I'm sure they appreciate it
posting photoshops is low even for you…


lmao you can change your name to whatever you want but you will never change the fact that this is saddest shit anyone has ever posted.
woah. Really blowing up so i will address some things. Aposemitism first. The portly women with black lipstick and shaved heads in my replies who are genetic descendants of train stop boomtown prostitutes need to pay attention because its quite technical
Aposemitism is the use of bright unnatural color to signify danger as a general ward. What you dont understand about this is that animals do this for SURVIVAL but mentally ill people do it unconsciously to scare other people away.
"but how does this make evolutionary sense?" thats the point. People who are not mentally fit enough to stop themselves from turning their hair purple and alienating those around them will filter themselves out of the genepool.
Bright goofy hair is not an aid to mating. It does not increase the aesthetic beauty of a person like hundreds of other products , including natural color hair dyes. So why do people do it? most likely narcissism. This is why many trans people all have dyed hair
People will say "oh its just to stand out" okay but it looks like shit and there is no aesthetic value? its not like 80s punk where a handful of radicals (who dont care) had crazy hair. its millions upon millions of people with retard hair working office jobs.
So yes 1. Its a sign of mental illness and abnormality as it does not aid in reproduction. 2. It scares people away because no matter what dye you use it will look like shit and unnatural. aposemitism. warning colors.
6 figures is starting salary for being homeless in SF i dont know why you think this is a W.…
Clare Witchbaby

Clare Witchbaby

POV: I’m wiping my tears with the money I earn from my six figure+ job because some anime PFP says I’m just a silly, unstable purple-haired wamyn who doesn’t know how to work 🥲💵
6 figures doesnt wash away the mental illness (hair dye)
hundreds of DM's just like this. OBSESSED
"game industry isnt run by rainbow hair he/him people" Also social media manager at IGN…
Colin Stevens

Colin Stevens

Men will literally write a 100+ post thread filled with sexism, homophobia, conspiracy theories, and a general hatred of society instead of go to therapy.
demographics so far with people upset by the thread >twitch partner (prostitute) >pixel artist >game dev (lol) >full time unemployed communist >gay >black fighting game nerd >white balding goonbeard software developer ally
"wow wow you tweet so much wow" is it really that big of a deal a tweet takes like 20 seconds to make
What i dont understand about this common dialectic is the people making this arguments will strap bombs to their chests to defend women who make onlyfans and porn but chastise straight men for consuming it…
of the coom robots? the coom robots? is it the porn? robots?
its possible. On one hand he is doing alot of self help stuff and telling people to get off the internet. on the other hand my thread is fucking funny and i rekt hasan 2 times…
d think you're fucking pathetic
buddy im talking about actual indy games not pixel art scrollers and RPG maker games…
ny idea just how queer the indie scene is
no. Valheim was made by two swedes and they are both not gay. Again im talking about real games and not the 3 dollar side scrollers on steam…
why are people who dress up as animals and have sex with each other so eager to tell everyone they are in close contact to kids…
Jay Brandstetter

Jay Brandstetter

Also my biology teacher side is always tickled at the way that people online will misunderstand animal behaviors and adaptations and then try and use their misunderstanding to "prove" their worldview is Objectively Correct…
its either that or its time to be quiet during movies…


ack people should be segregated from the white population again
but i need therapy


mystical feeling of getting hundreds of thousands of people to read my threads on why women with green hair are bad
unironically the sad part. Have gotten so good at this i could monitize the fuck out of it…
knowing nothing you ever do will be as impactful as your Twitter account, and you can't tell anyone.
uh oh women in software moment?…


What an incredible rabbit hole. Margaret Hamilton, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for "[leading] the team that created the on-board flight software" for the Apollo missions, wasn't even hired until after the completed software had already flown to the moon in Apollo 8!
dudes rock (he got the nastiest 1950s head for this)…


What incredible "courage" of this guy to hand Apollo CM software leadership over to the junior programmer Margaret Hamilton, the only woman on the entire team of 400, whom he would completely coincidentally end up marrying the very next year!
We are witnessing unprecedented levels of internet brainrot. Truly a marvel. Gaze in awe at this anime avatar representing a grown man as his brain slop slowly oozes from the orifices of his face.
how can you post this with that avatar. how insulting for the average internet user…
eel to know that this thread detailing how little you know about game development is the only thing you’ll ever make that anyone paid attention to
Adorable. Our water companies water is popular with the thirsty Question. were you ever around to play good call of duty games like call of duty , and call of duty 2? When infinity ward released 4 , it ended up ruining gaming with dopamine loop unlocks…
y about COD being more popular than ever, or about how the servers are some of the best in the world, or about how you'll never know why anything in any game turned out the way it did. pick for me
getting sick of people asking to see my physique and face in my DM's. Here…
just kinda glad elon provided us a solid foundation in which we can FINALLY discuss ethics in game development
had to delete my selfie too many people recognized me
you stupid bitch
im no longer politely asking watch symphogear
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