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Feb 25
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1/ Mission to Christians - by Muslims A thread 🧵 #Ahmadiyyaarchives #arc #islam

2/ In 1977, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK launched a £1 million missionary ‘crusade’ in Britain in order to peacefully spread the message of Islam in the country.
3/ Imam B. A. Rafiq, the imam of the Fazl Mosque at the time, announced in a press conference that ‘this was not to be taken as a "holy war" of the sort that had occurred in the past.’
4/ The objective of this ‘crusade’ was to make people aware of the beautiful and peaceful teachings of Islam and attract them towards the faith.
5/ The Ahmadiyya viewpoint on Jesus’ (as) survival from a death on the cross and his subsequent journey to India is also mentioned in the article.
6/ Most of the money collected for this campaign was to be used for literature, however, members of the Community were also encouraged to go door-to-door to preach the message.
7/ At the time, the Movement had five dedicated missionaries in the country and was expecting a few more by the end of the next year.
Ahmadiyya Archives

Ahmadiyya Archives

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