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yukoami ☆

yukoami ☆

Feb 26, 2023
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- Real Fake Drama - When the internet wants drama, MinWonHui will provide 😌 ft. F1 racer Mingyu, model turned actor Wonwoo, and famous BL actor Jun

- start -
Breaking News
Introducing the F1 driver boyfriend
K0reab00 and the public never mesh 😅 (but they pic the best pictures 🙃)
And behind the scenes
Jun just wanna have fun 🤩
First post…
… and immediately right after… (KMG mostly uses IG… and it’s filled with his cute boyfie)
twt users have very keen eyes
Pretty pair
Actor Wonu >>>>
Everyone likes sleepy won 🥹
And back to you minwonhui
Skip to poster release of WonHui drama. Can you even think of a better title than “Where the Stars Fall?” no. 😌
Poster 2
Supportive bf
WonHui cute
But so are MinWon
WJH knows how to play the internet 😽
What does Jun have to say?
Next day: Here’s your F1 racer KMG 🖤
They in love
+ plus some comments
And Wonu sees those comments
On the track
F1 highlighting racers… MGs clip 😉 (because we need more visuals 🤩)
And in the end… 🏆
And we’re back from racer Gyu arch, entering some posts while filming WTSF
Posting about off set time together too…
Cue the twt users
But actually…
Back to you watching audience
I need to insert fic writers in this fic. So here
And now the climax…
My meow meow
These two 😅
… Aaand that’s a wrap of WTSF
Sweetest boyfie Migo
Oooo and who’s this??
And finally the reveal *drumroll please*
Hahaha these little twt users
MWJ had fun while it lasted 😁
They had fun too… 🤣
In the end:
And 👀
- End - I hope you enjoyed this short light crack fic! Kindly let me know what you think!
PS: thank you so much to those of you that gave me random usernames and pfp! I love you!!!
yukoami ☆

yukoami ☆

mi called me an aggressive tiny wonu enthusiast yuko. yes. -edit:🍸🐱-
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