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🩰 apartment thirteen 🩰 ⊃ hazy rays of sun spilling through the blinds, the soft whirring of an electric fan, and two overworked souls exchanging sleepy kisses; or, an afternoon in the lives of jk and jm within the acid wash walls of apartment thirteen.

⋆。゚☁︎。 important tags ⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。⋆ — short #jikookau threadfic — self indulgent fluff — ages reversed — abo — alpha businessman jk — omega ballerina jm — interactions are welcome
life in mandeok-dong is slow going. it’s a distant world away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, and it’s an even farther cry from the chaos that is seoul. in mandeok-dong, there are only rows upon rows of suburban houses and families living quiet lives within them.
jk has spent all of his childhood in this neighborhood and it seems he’ll be living the rest of his life here too, if his little dove has any say in the matter.
despite jk’s ceaseless efforts to buy him a bigger place, and offer him a fancier life, perhaps in one of the bigger cities, jm absolutely insists on keeping their cozy studio unit in this rundown part of town. “this is home, hyung” his angel always says.
jk’s footfalls echo around in the empty stairwell of their apartment building and he’s mightily tempted to start bounding up two or three steps at a time if it means seeing jm sooner. in fact, he probably would have already if only he were in his heavy black stompers.
instead, he’s in a pair of black oxfords and tailored slacks, reading glasses still perched on his nose. today is a thursday and he’s usually meant to be at work at this hour, but in a surprising turn of events, the client that he, yg and nj had been slaving away at for months
finally sealed the deal with them leaving the rest of their afternoons free. he immediately drove home hoping to surprise jm who should be back from teaching his children’s dance class. his ambered sandalwood scent bursts with happiness at the thought of seeing his omega.
once jk finally hits the third landing, he fishes around in his prada messenger bag. when he feels soft yarn on his fingertips, he tugs gently until he gets his spare key out along with its adorable crocheted keychain. he smiles fondly knowing jm carries around a matching one.
he swings the front door open carefully and is immediately greeted by jm’s pomegranate scent which is thick and potent in the air around him. immediately all the tension from work seems to roll off of his shoulders. “baby?” he calls out gently. no one replies.
he pulls at his laces and quietly toes off his shoes before padding further into the apartment. what he sees melts his heart. there, nested on top of the fluffy pink duvet covers, is a softly slumbering jm.
his angel must be so, so tired. jm is lying face down on the bed with his arms underneath him, tucked close to his heart. it looks as if the omega barely even made it to the bed— his legs are half off the edge and he didn’t even bother taking off his pointe shoes.
jk is never home this early so he’s surprised to see unmade sheets and jm’s duffel bag for work lying in a heap on the floor— is his angel always this exhausted when he gets home? his heart melts at the thought knowing jm still has a meal ready for him in the evenings anyway.
he gingerly sits down on the bed, careful not to wake the sleeping omega. jm’s cotton candy pink hair is sticky with sweat from practice, but he could care less. he brushes his omega’s fringe away from his forehead and runs his fingers through the strands.
“babylove?” he whispers jm’s brow furrows and his pout deepens but that doesn’t wake him up quite yet. jk’s wolf howls at the back of his mind. ‘our omega is so beautiful even when he sleeps.’ as he gazes at jm, jk can do nothing but agree and grow more and more emotional.
“minnie,” jk tries again, leaning in closer this time. “babylove, im home.” this time the omega seems to finally hear him. jm’s eyes blink open slowly and his head raises slowly off of the bed. the alpha internally mourns the loss of jm’s pout and squished-on-the-bed cheek
but what happens next makes up for it. “ggukie?” jm wonders aloud, blinking up at him with bleary eyes. when the alpha kisses his cheek softly in response, the younger finally registers his presence fully.
“ggukie hyung” jm whimpers, pulling his arms out from underneath himself and hastily wrapping them around the alpha’s neck to bring him down and closer. jk comes willingly. “love you so much angel,” jk whines in return, nose and cheeks running along jm’s scent gland furiously
sandalwood marries with pomegranate around them. primal instinct drives jk to scent his mate with such desperation and fervor you would have thought they’d been apart for months. “missed you,” jk mumbles, voice cracking at the end. “i’m so, so lucky to have you, you know that?”
he doesn’t know when the tears spring into his eyes but they’re there. he blinks repeatedly to keep them from falling as he peppers jm’s face with more kisses. jm makes him feel things so forcefully and so passionately that it scares him on some days.
his alpha commands him to swallow down the sob building in his throat so they can address a more pressing concern. “you’re so tired baby, let alpha fix it, yeah?” he whispers, sitting up and properly removing his bag strap from where it rests across his chest.
“you take care of me.” jm mumbles matter of factly, one small hand clutched around the fabric of jk’s white undershirt. “‘course i do,” the alpha replies turning back to slide his arms underneath jm, one supporting his neck and one on the curve of his spine.
“you’re mine.” in one swoop, he manages to lift jm up and drop him gently higher up on the bed so his dainty feet no longer dangle over the end. the omega seems to be succumbing back to sleep but it’s no matter when jk is around. he’s safe with alpha.
jk proceeds to gently raise one of jm’s calves onto his lap so that he can remove the ribbons of jm’s pointe shoes. he is careful and delicate as he unravels the silk, knowing how much the omega adores the pink slippers. after all, he gifted them to jm on their last anniversary.
⋆。゚☁︎。 to be continued ⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。⋆


☁️ hello! my name is kirsten and im new to this space and community. i decided to drop apartment thirteen on an impulse today (👀 as you can tell from my very bare layout) but i do have lots of things planned, so please look forward to it!


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