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imagine a #taekookau where Rich milf omega Taehyung who never leaves a chance to attend any party. Not because he wants to brag about his money or beauty, no. But rather to catch the eyes of /him/ Jeon Jungkook, the youngest CEO of a company in the glamour industry.

The alpha never looks at him, never spares him a glance. Even if he is standing right in front of him. It intrigued Taehyung, /no one/ ignores him. In fact, they take a double take when he passes by. It's intriguing to finally see someone not treat him like the god he is.
Taehyung makes sure to attend all the parties Jungkook goes to, just for fun. Just to see how long till he spares the omega a glance. No alpha can resist his beauty so he just wants to see, just wants to know what it takes to break Jungkook.
He tried many things, invite the alpha in a party he is hosting, gave an open invitation for lunch, flirted with anyone he could find, danced like a seductress. They brought attention of course. Just not from the one he wanted. And at times, it's really annoying.
He wondered Jungkook is just really made of steel, immune to him. Finally, Taehyung decided to give up. This games are fun when both are involved, he doesn't do one sided. Jungkook can go for good. If that's what the alpha wants, then sure. Go ahead, miss a diamond.
And he really, really thought it'll end right there. But look at his fate, things take a turn. Because in one of the parties, The alpha comes to sit beside him.
The party is nothing special, just a bunch of rich idiots wanting to show off their money and power. Taehyung attended it for the free alcohol and live drama. It's not a party if there's no drama and Taehyung lives for it.
However he didn't expected Jungkook to come sit beside him, much less talk to him. Taehyung would surely say, the alpha is really amusing to him. From afar as well when he's near, talking, “This is not a brothel you know”
Taehyung glances at him, finding the alpha unbothered, lighting a cigar for himself. The omega wonders if he talked to someone else but there's no one beside him on the sofa along Jungkook. He chuckles when the alpha glances at him, gives him a once over all.
Jungkook makes a show of checking him out, almost like he's shaming him. There's nothing fancy or exposing that he's wearing, well except for his low cut blouse which makes sure to show off those collarbones Black pants, white cotton button ups. He looks attractive, fairly so.
From his expression, Jungkook looks unbothered, almost like he doesn't appreciates what he's seeing but his eyes. Oh my, his eyes are eating Taehyung, undressing him in the alpha’s mind. Taehyung is amused, to say the least.
The omega chuckles, looks ahead of himself. “Is it not?” When Jungkook raised a brow, questioning the omega. “A brothel, honey” Taehyung chuckles.
Cw// talk about prostitutes, cheating etc “Why do you think it is?” Jungkook questions, eyes on the omega’s eyes. Green eyes, shining under the light. “Well, look around honey, half of the omegas are present here only because they're fucking someone rich. 90℅ of men +
my bad, married men are cheating on their mates. they're probably bragging about the best pussy or ass they had till now” Taehyung murmurs, not caring about the choice of his words. He smirks when Jungkook takes a sharp breath.
“Failing to see how it's any different than a brothel” Taehyung pouts at him, batting his eyes lashes. Jungkook can't help but laugh, the cigar burning in between his fingers. He's amused, very amused by this omega.
“Another day, another omega insulting their own kind” He chuckles. Taehyung raised a brow, “Who said I'm insulting them? There's a difference between a fact and an insult, honey“ “If you're a prostitute, you are a prostitute. If you're an alpha, you are an alpha, it's a fact"
Taehyung shrugs, calls a waiter over for a glass of wine “You gotta do what you gotta do. If prostitution is how you get what you want, go ahead. If you want to be a prostitute in disguise of a $ugar B@by, be my guest. I'll spoil you as much as I want” Taehyung winks at Jungkook
He takes the glass of wine from the waiter, taking a sip after mouthing a thank you. “Alpha sugar babies do not exist” Jungkook murmurs. “Oh dear, you're showing your young age and macho alpha mentality.“ taehyung chuckles, leans forward to whisper in Jungkook's ears.
“Trust me, you're in for a surprise.“ He chuckles against his ears, hot breath fanning over the hot skin. Taehyung is loving this, it's fun. So so much fun. Taehyung reaches forward to take the cigar from Jungkook, taking a drag and then blowing the smoke on his face.
“You're peculiar“ Jungkook takes the cigar from his hand. Slowly, making a show of it as he wraps his lips around the butt of cigar, exactly where Taehyung’s lips were not long ago. The omega giggles, “That's my middle name sweet cheeks”
Taehyung stands up, taking his red wine along with him. “Anyways, enjoy your night, gentleman. I on the other hand, would like to dance, preferably with an alpha sugar baby“ he winks, teasingly.
He makes his way on the dance floor, well aware of Jungkook following him with his eyes. He knows exactly where those eyes are, the lust that is swirling in them. Taehyung chuckles, typical alphas and their typical habit of not being able to keep it in their pants.
Well, The omega would make sure to give him a show. He sways his hips, dances slow, makes sure to let his hand run all over his body, making his eyes close and bite his lips, biting a smile back. He knows Jungkook is looking, can feel his eyes on him.
So Taehyung gives him a show. He thinks The omega belongs in a brothel? Because of the way he dresses? Well, he'll make sure to fulfill the alpha’s wish. Pissing people off, nothing is a bigger high than that. Unfortunately, taehyung is an addict.
He can almost feel it when Jungkook starts making his way towards him. He can count the steps till the alpha is finally in front of him. Though Taehyung has the decency to look shocked when Jungkook takes the glass of wine from his hand.
“You're way ahead of your time aren't you?” Jungkook mumbles, walking closer to the omega till they're inches apart. Taehyung chuckles, loops his arms around his neck, swaying to the beat. “I don't know, lovely. You tell me, who else would do a body paint shoot in 1970s?“
“Which omega would still be in the glamour industry at the age of 37? When apparently no omega above 25 is worthy enough to walk on a ramp? Which omega is capable of climbing up the ladder without fucking half of the industry? That's right. Me.“ Taehyung grins at him.
“I do not warm beds because an knot head alpha forces me to, you know what I do?” Jungkook raised a brow. Taehyung leans forward, despite being an omega, he's almost the same height as Jungkook. Though right now, his heels make him taller than the alpha.
“I make sure that they won't be able to create babies, Ever.” Taehyung grins against his ears. “so I don't know, honey. You tell me, am I ahead of my time?“ Taehyung bats his eye lashes innocently.
Jungkook chuckles, takes a sip of wine from Taehyung’s glass. He's not yet touching Taehyung, regardless of how close they're standing. His hands are not resting on the Omega's waist as they should. Taehyung finds it amusing.
“You know what a red wine stain does to a white cloth?“ Taehyung raises a brow, confused at the sudden change of conversation. “It stains it, hard“ The omega mumbles, eyes on the alpha.
“That's right” Jungkook mumbles, stepping closer. His hand finally goes to hold the omega by his hips. He pulls the omega against his chest. “It taints the cloth and you my love, are a red wine. Classic, hot, filled with colours peculiar.” Jungkook mumbles against his lips.
Taehyung chuckles, fingers going to play with the hair around Jungkook's nape. “Should I assume that you're a white cloth?“ Jungkook chuckles. “and smart too” He grins at the omega.
“Want me to taint you, alpha?” Taehyung bats his eye lashes. “Maybe, Maybe not. Why don't we check it” Jungkook grins and before taehyung can say anything, Jungkook tilts the wine glass over taehyung’s exposed shoulder.
The wine rolls down Taehyung’s collarbones. The cold liquid making the omega shudder, he clutches at Jungkook’s shoulder. “Jun-Jungkook” he gasps when the alpha leans down, sucks the wine off taehyung’s skin.
The wine keeps falling, the cold liquid immediately gets replaced by a hot, warm tongue. He marks him, with his lips, with his scent, with his tongue, he leaves back marks of reminder. He bites his collarbones, ravishes it. Right on the dance floor, in front of everyone's eyes.
“If th-there are stains, you're coming with me — shit, ton-tonight” Taehyung gasp, tilts his head to give more access. Jungkook hums, busy slurping the liquid. By the time Jungkook pulls back, the wine glass is empty and his collarbones are ravished, +
covered in a hue of red and purple. Taehyung is blown out of his mind. “No stains” Jungkook mumbles. “Huh?” Taehyung frowns. The alpha chuckled, he whispers against his ears, “Stupid omega can't even get his mind in place after what? A simple body shot?”
Jungkook bites his earlobes. “There's no stains on your clothes” Jungkook mumbles, tracing the neckline of his clothes. “See?” Taehyung looks down at his clothes and indeed, there are no stains.
Jungkook chuckles, cups his face. “Looks like I do not wish to be tainted. Especially by you. Find someone else to take home, preferably an alpha sugar baby” Jungkook winks, giving a chaste kiss. And with that, the alpha walks away. Leaving taehyung on the dance floor.
・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★.
The next day, Jungkook goes to his office in his car, without a care. A poor person comes to his car during the traffic, selling newspaper. Jungkook bought it, remembering how he didn't get to read it in the morning.
He chuckles when he sees the front page, quite scandalous in his opinion. It consists of him and Taehyung. On the dance floor. The omega getting ravished by him. He feels his inner alpha roar at the pleasured look on taehyung.
He chuckles at scandalous title. ‘Alpha Jeon, CEO of Jeon Enterprises was found with model Kim Taehyung, doing inappropriate acts. Is CEO Jeon another victim of Kim?’ Victim. That's an interesting way to address him.
He opens the newspaper, reading through rather important information. Completely unbothered by the chaos they created. When Jungkook reaches his company, the last thing he expected was to see a package resting on his desk.
He looks at his secretary, Park Jimin questioning. “Sir, someone sent this parcel to you this morning” “Who” Jungkook questions, taking the small package in his hand. Jimin shakes his head, “There's no address or name, Sir. Anonymous.”
Jungkook nods, goes to sit on his chair. He dismisses the beta, asking him to bring a cup of coffee. Jungkook carefully opens the package. Taking out what was inside the plastic parcel.
He can't help but laugh loudly when he sees what it is. Taehyung’s shirt. The one he wore yesterday. He looks at the cloth, brings his close to his nose. Sniffs it.
The alpha in him Growla in approval when he smells their mixed scent on it. ‘You aren't as immune as I thought ;)’ the envelope along the parcel says. Jungkook looks at the cloth carefully. His eyes land on something and he laughs loudly. There's a dot sized wine stain.
ᜊ Rimi Notes ᜊ My, My, don't I love bold characters 😩 I'm so sure I'm gonna love this tk Though, unfortunately I have a lot of fics on working so unless this gets commissioned, I don't think I'll write it ♡ Let me know your thoughts <3
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