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#taekookau where🥺 "You guys are trending again," Jimin said while playing with Taehyung’s hair, whose head was resting on Jimin’s lap. "I think I’m in love, Mimi," Taehyung whispered.

"Yeah?" Jimin looked at Taehyung, who was exhausted after a long practice. Taehyung has been pushing himself very hard lately. And Jimin knows the reason. How can he not when he himself went through this exact phase in his life?
He still remembers the first time his heart started beating faster when his crush smiled at him. He remembers the shy glances they used to steal. The feeling of waking up from a deep slumber with just a touch. He recalls how shy his partner has been from the beginning.
"Tell me, Tae," he asked softly. Jimin knows this is a big treaty that Taehyung will have to make with his heart, and it’s not easy at all. "I can't stop myself from looking at him, I know they warned me, but I don't know how to stop myself," Taehyung said with a sigh.
"Then don’t stop, remember you are also Kim Taehyung not just BTS V " was Jimin’s answer, It came as surprise to him a little.
"Before, it was only me who used to look at him, but now he's starting to look back at me, and the way he is looking at me now is different from before. I’m not being able to make eye contact with him. His way of speaking has also changed now, Mimi. +
I couldn't help but notice the little act of service from him. Lately, he's been cooking for me more. When I asked him why he said because he wanted to."
"Mimi, do you think he likes me? Do you think I'm in love with him?" Taehyung asked, afraid that Jimin will say no.
"It’s not about what I think, Tae it's all about you, what you think, what you feel. And yes, we all are noticing the changes in Kook. He's paying more attention to you now, and the way he looks at you? Like he can't stop himself either," Jimin said with a smile.
"Mimi, tell me how everything worked out between you and Yoongi Hyung." Taehyung can’t stop being overwhelmed by all these new feelings.
"Every story is distinct from the next, just like the couple. But you have to listen to your heart, not your fear. Don’t let fear win. I know you can handle your own heart, my big baby," Jimin said, pinching Taehyung’s pout.
"MIMI" Taehyung whines.
That night, when he returned to their dorm, he went to Jungkook's room first to check on him. "Jungkookie?" Tae called out to the younger. "Hyungie?" Jungkook peaked from under his duvet.
As soon as he saw Taehyung, he got out of bed and rushed to him. And Taehyung's heart skipped a beat because of how concerned Jungkook looked at that moment.
"Hyung, is everything okay? Are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?" Jungkook showers Taehyung with questions. At the same time, looks out for any wounds.
"Yes, Kookie, I am okay." Taehyung holds Jungkook’s wrist to stop him. "All right," he says, taking Taehyung's hands in his own. "Were you sleeping? I am not disturbing you, right?" Taehyung wonders.
"No, Hyungie, not sleeping for sure, I was just going through Twitter, and besides, even if I was busy, you are my first priority," and Taehyung’s heart did a funny dance at that.
"Are you okay, Hyung?" Jungkook asked, looking at Taehyung's red cheeks. "Ah yes, just a little tired." "Have you eaten anything? I can make something for you." "You are being unfair," Taehyung thought.
"No, I haven't," Taehyung mumbled. "So, your highness, what would you like to order?" Jungkook asked, bowing dramatically.
And Taehyung can't even collect himself properly before responding, "Just Ramyun will be fine. I’m tired anyway." Taehyung’s hands were still in Jungkook's clutch when they walked over to the kitchen.
And just to give Taehyung another mini-heart attack, Jungkook picked him up and settled him on the kitchen island.
"Kook, can I ask you something?" Taehyung said his patience was wearing thin. "Yes, Hyungie?" asks Jungkook innocently. "You know how I feel about you, right?" "Um, are you annoyed by me?"
"Stop playing, Kook, I'm serious here, I'm not sure when my heart will burst open because of being this close to you." Taehyung pouted "Oh yeah?" Jungkook whispered, moving a little closer.
"Don't come any closer, or I'll end up kissing you," Taehyung tried warning.
And at that, Jungkook pressed his lips against Taehyung's. Taehyung’s lips parted in shock, and Jungkook took the chance to insert his tongue. He kisses Taehyung softly, taking his time.
Taehyung suddenly remembers what happened, and he panics, instantly pulling away. But when he realizes that it’s Jungkook who kissed him, his eyes go wide, and he lifts his fingers to touch his lips.
"Yo-you kissed me," he said barely above a whisper. "And I’m about to kiss you again," Jungkook says with a smirk. Reaching out to Taehyung again. "WAIT!! Answer me first.” Taehyung puts one hand on Jungkook’s chest.
He sighs "Yes, Hyung, obviously, I know," Jungkook continues. "You are not very subtle at hiding your feelings, your eyes tell everything, and besides, have you seen the way you look at me?"
"I've known you since I was 13, Hyung, I know you inside and out, but I've been seeing the Army's analysis of how you look at me, and every time I see the way you look at me, my heart skips a beat, and I feel the same about you, Hyung I like you." He cups Taehyung’s face.
Taehyung closes his eyes in response to the touch. "Kook, kiss me." "Hyung, answer me something first." "What" "Would you like to go out with me?"
"Yes, you idiot, he would love to!" Jimin screams from somewhere. "Shhh, Mini, let them be. You guys carry on." Yoongi’s voice could be here
Taehyung and Jungkook laugh, their foreheads pressed against each other. Suddenly Taehyung remembers something, "Wait, you said you have been seeing the Army's analysis, does that mean you have never paid attention to it in real life?" He spoke, his pout visible.
And all Jungkook wanted to do was to kiss his pout away. But he answered anyway. "No, Hyung, I've noticed you for a long time, I like the way you look at me, your soft smile, and your shy smile when our eyes meet."
Taehyung blushes at that. "What does our Army say about us?" "Have you seen the way they look at each other?"
The End <3
A/N:- (English is not my first language so please don't comment anything bad I'll always appreciate suggestions but just don't hate on me🥺 i know i have done many mistakes and I'll learn to write better with time)
She's my inspiration for this one🥺 @Amy 🪄 YOONGI MONTH 🍊 I love you and your writing 🥺 I know i have done tons of mistakes here but i couldn't stop myself from writing this one🥺
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