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Feb 27, 2023
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Jungkook opens the door to one of the bedrooms. "Oh." His eyes fall on a guy sitting in a chair next to the window. "I didn't know someone's here. I will-" He trails off when the guy turns his head to look at him. He is the prettiest guy Jungkook had ever seen. "Hi."

"Hi." The guy turns his head and stares out of the window. His cheeks are tear-streaked. He looks sad. Jungkook enters the room and closes the door behind himself. "You know- normally people would leave if they see that there's already someone else in the room."
"I am not normal," Jungkook says and approaches the guy, stands next to the chair and looks out of the window. "What are we watching?" "I saw two squirrels. They were having fun looking for nuts. And then they fell asleep next to each other."
Jungkook hums. "Good for them." He turns his head and looks at the guy, studies his side profile, takes in his soft features, beautiful large eyes, pretty moles on cheek and lips. "Who made you so sad?"
The guy looks up at him, his eyes are curious. "Why should I tell you that? I don't know you." "I heard that it is always easier to talk about your problems and concerns with a complete stranger," Jungkook says and loosens his tie.
The guy tilts his face, his pillowy lips form something like a smile. He then lowers his eyes to his hands and sighs softly. "My boyfrie- my ex-boyfriend ditched me." Jungkook scoffs with a chuckle. "That guy must be into girls, or he is the dumbest shit walking on this earth."
"You don't know me. I could be-" "Do you want me to make you happy again?" Jungkook asks and reaches out his hand for him. The guy snaps his head back up at Jungkook, looks at him with surprise. "What?" "I can make you forget that idiot. You won't cry one single tear anymore"
"Are you serious?" "Yes," Jungkook says, still waiting for the guy to take his hand. "Let's get out of here and I will show you." There's hesitation in the guy's eyes. "Don't you want to stay at the wedding?" "God, no. Minjae is one of my colleagues. I don't care."
"I don't even know your name, and you want me to come with you to some place I have no idea-" "Do you want to stay here and keep crying because of some asshole who didn't deserve you in the first place?" "Better then to get k!lled by some handsome stranger, no?"
Jungkook smiles. "Thank you for the compliment. And no, I won't k!ll you. My name is Jungkook, by the way. So- I will not ask again, pretty. Are you coming with me? Yes or no?" A faint blush appears on the guy's cheeks while he starts gnawing his lower lip. "I am waiting."
"I must be crazy," the guy mutters under his breath and takes Jungkook's hand, lets himself be pulled up by him. He narrows his eyes at Jungkook. "I am Taehyung. And if you take me somewhere to k!ll me, my ghost will haunt you after de@th. And my ghost will be very annoying."
"I am scared of ghosts." Jungkook smirks and reaches out to wipe Taehyung's cheek with his thumb. "I think I pass." "You are- weird," Taehyung mumbles with amusement in his eyes. "You look all serious and rich and full of yourself- but you are just weird."
"Let's go." "Where to?" Taehyung asks as they walk towards the door. "Let's get my car first."
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"I said you look rich, but I had no idea that you are I-have-my-own-chauffeur kind of rich," Taehyung says and takes a look around. "What are you?" He fixes his eyes on Jungkook's face. "You look young. How can you afford something like this?"
"I am a CEO. And I own some- things," Jungkook says. He is sitting opposite to Taehyung, is amused about his child like awe for the car. "What things?" "Some companies and stuff." Taehyung hums and looks out of the window. "Where are you taking me?" "Wait for little bit."
The car stops in front of the amusement park and Taehyung shoots him a curious look. "Why are we here? The new park hasn't opened yet." "I know." Jungkook unfastens his seatbelt and opens the door. "But I have the keys. Let's go, pretty."
"You have what?" Taehyung follows him out of the car. "Stop messing around. I thought you would-" "Look." Jungkook starts walking towards the entrance and pulls the keys out of his pocket. "Come on. You have never experienced something like an empty park before."
"Why do you have the keys?" Taehyung asks in surprise when they enter the park. "Are you going to work here?" Jungkook shoves the keys back into his pockets and glances at Taehyung. "Really? Do I look like I work in an amusement park?"
Taehyung grabs his arm to stop Jungkook from walking. "Are you telling me this whole thing is yours?" "Yes." Taehyung widens his eyes in surprise. Then he starts laughing. It's a low, pretty laugh. "I thought you will take me to a hotel for some hot and wild sex, but this is-"
Jungkook archs an eyebrow. He grabs Taehyung around the waist and presses him against the wall next to the entrance. "You wanted to have sex?" Taehyung places a hand on Jungkook's chest, locks eyes with him. He smiles. "That's what I thought you were implying, yes."
Jungkook curses under his breath. He dips his head. "We can do it later. Or inside one of the rides." Taehyung chuckles and pushes Jungkook away from himself. "Can we ride something?" "Didn't you want to ride me?" Jungkook asks and follows Taehyung.
"Too late," Taehyung says with a laugh. "Now I really like to be here." Jungkook lowers his eyes to Taehyung's butt and bites his bottom lip. He questions his own behavior.
Taehyung points at the rollercoaster. "Can we ride this?" "No. It still needs to be tested." "We can do it." Jungkook shakes his head with a smirk and takes Taehyung's hand, pulls him along. "I don't work her. I can't test the rollercoaster."
"How about the bumper cars?" "No." Taehyung looks at Jungkook with a pout on his lips. "You brought me to an empty amusement park, but I can't ride anything? It makes me sad. I feel like crying again." "We can ride the ferris wheel." "That's the most boring one."
Jungkook scoffs and pulls Taehyung towards the ferris wheel. "Let's go. You will have a great view up there." "If you- wow, it's very tall," Taehyung mumbles as they turn around the corner, facing the ferris wheel. "Too tall." "What do you mean?"
"I have a fear of heights." Jungkook stops walking and stares at Taehyung in disbelief. "What? You wanted to ride the rollercoaster just seconds ago." "I know. But it's a fast ride. The ferris wheel is scary when it's as tall as this one."
"It's the only thing we can ride. Are you sure you don't want to? I can hold your hand. You can sit on my lap. We can even fvck inside-" Taehyung laughs, runs a hand through his soft locks. Everything is soft about him. He sighs. "Fine. But I will keep my eyes closed up there."
"As you wish," Jungkook says. He takes the remote control and they sit inside the ferris wheel. "Are you ready?" Taehyung hooks his thigh over Jungkook's, rests his head on his shoulder. "Yes." "You're scared that I could k!ll you an hour ago. And now you're cuddling up to me?"
"You brought me to an amusement park and we are riding the ferris wheel. You can't be a k!ller," Taehyung mumbles and places his hand on Jungkook's arm. "When did that idiot break up with you?" "Are you trying to make me cry again?" "I just want to know when and why."
"Two days ago." Taehyung snuggles closer next to Jungkook as the ferris wheel get higher and higher. "I don't know the reason. He just said that he is not ready for a relationship- after we have been together for six months already."
"He sounds like a fvckboy. Why were you crying because of him? He doesn't deserve your tears." Taehyung stays quiet and looks at the view without letting go of Jungkook. He gasps. "It's so pretty up here." "I told you."
Taehyung turns his head to lock eyes with Jungkook. "Why are you doing this? Why would you bring a stranger here?" "I didn't want to stay at that boring as ass wedding party. And you looked ethereal sitting in front of the window. I couldn't just let you stay there and cry."
"Would you have done this to anyone else then sitting in that room?" "No." Jungkook chuckles. He places his hand on Taehyung's thigh, caresses it gently. "You are very pretty. And you are totally my type."
Taehyung blushes and rests his head on Jungkook's shoulder. "So your type is a sad boy, crying over his ex? Does this turn you on?" Jungkook squeezes Taehyung's thigh. "My type is a beautiful, soft guy with pretty large eyes, who has no idea that he deserves so much more."
Jungkook stops the ferris wheel at the top. "It's not scary up here, right?" "Not next to you," Taehyung mumbles. Jungkook squeezes his thigh again. "Look at the view. You can see the sea from up here."
"Really? Taehyung lets go of him and turns to watch out of the window. "Wow. You are right. It's very nice. Beautiful." "You are beautiful." Taehyung turns around and glances at Jungkook with a shy smile. "Are you saying this because you want to have sex with me?"
"Why? Is it working?" Jungkook asks with a grin. "Shut up." Jungkook reaches for Taehyung's arm and pulls him back next to him. "I am saying this because you are beautiful. That's it. You started the sex topic. I wasn't even thinking about it."
"No?" Taehyung reaches out and places his hand on Jungkook's thigh. "So you don't want me?" he asks and moves his hand down the inside of Jungkook's thigh. "I thought I am pretty." "Taehyung. Don't start something you are not willing to finish it."
Taehyung gets up and sits on Jungkook's lap. "Who said I am not willing to? You promised me that you will make me happy, make me forget about my ex-boyfriend." "Are you still thinking about him?" Jungkook asks and wraps an arm around Taehyung's tiny waist.
"No." "No? Then I did a good job, right?" Taehyung hums. He leans in to whisper into Jungkook's ear. "No one has ever fvcked me in a ferris wheel before."
Jungkook's d!ck twitches in interest. "I don't think that this is a common thing people do." "So, you don't want to?" Taehyung asks. His eyes look innocent, but his voice is teasing. "It's alright then-" "Where are you going?" Jungkook hisses and keeps him on his lap.
Taehyung wraps his arms around Jungkook's neck. He smiles. "Mr. CEO. Either you start kissing me now, or I want to get out of this ferris wheel and go back to the wedding." Jungkook fixes his eyes on Taehyung's lips, licks his own. "I choose option one."
"Good choice-" Jungkook angles his head and presses his lips into Taehyung's. The latter makes a soft sound against his mouth before deepening the kiss.
"Thank you for bringing me he-" Jungkook silences Taehyung with his lips, parts his mouth with his tongue. He is addicted. Taehyung tastes sweet. He tastes like everything Jungkook had ever wanted.
Taehyung presses his hands against Jungkook's chest. "I need to breathe," he whispers against his mouth. He smiles with a cute blush on his cheeks. "Is this going to be a one-time thing?" Jungkook places a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. "Yes."
Taehyung's face falls. "I see-" "I mean- the amusement park opens on Monday, so I am sure that we can't have sex inside the ferris wheel ever again. At least not without spectators." Jungkook smiles. "But about the kissing thing. I wouldn't mind to kiss you again."
"You mean today?" Jungkook pecks his lips. "Today." He pecks Taehyung's nose. "Tomorrow. And all the other days- if you allow me to." "Careful, Mr. CEO. I can be pretty clingy. Don't offer something you can't endure later."
Jungkook moves his hands to Taehyung's ass. "I endure a lot of things. You are not one of them." He squeezes Taehyung's butt cheeks, elicits a sinful moan. "You are an upgrade for my life." Taehyung chuckles, plays with the hair on Jungkook's nape. "An upgrade?"
"Yes." Jungkook leans in, presses two kisses on Taehyung's neck. "I will be forever thankful to that idiot for letting you go." "Just don't tell me you don't want me anymore after a few weeks." Jungkook stares at the pretty guy sitting on his lap. "Don't worry about that."
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