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the weekend || short #jikookau where model j/m and rapper j/k are fuck buddies hooking up every weekend. until one day j/m gets sick of it and decided to call it off and also because he's already getting married. j/k doesn't take it well and is determined to not let it happen

💋 1k 💋 kinda ? nsfw ~ this is my first time writing something mature like this so sorry in advanced >< ~ pls interact with the tweets, it motivates me a lot ~ enjoy reading 💗
It's been an hour since his engagement party started and since then, all he's been doing is entertaining the guests together with his fiance and also the CEO of the company he's signed in, Kïm Namjöön.
Throughout, he's been keeping an eye on the doors, waiting for a certain someone to enter. He's confident that Jèönggük is going to come, if there's one thing about him, it's his stubbornness. He does not back down to any challenges or provocations.
Ji.mïn knows for sure that Jèönggük took his invitation as one.  Few minutes later, he doesn't disappoint him when the rapper enters the hall looking ravishing with his all black suit and his signature messy styled hair.
Ji.mïn smirks when their eyes meet, it's so obvious that Jèönggük is not happy to be here, he just hopes it's enough for him to act on it. He motions his fiance to go where Jèönggük is, "JK, pleasure to have you here," Kim Namjöön greets.
"I couldn't say no when your lovely fiance sent me an invitation," Jèönggük answered, his dark stare directed at Ji.mïn.  "Ah yes, he personally requested it. I heard you two are very close friends."
It makes Jèönggük's eyebrow raise "Friends?" Then he smirks at Namjöön, "That we are." "Excuse me, I'll just go get another drink," Ji.mïn gives them a sweet smile before he goes but the two men know there's more to it.
When Ji.mïn comes back, both Namjöön and Jèönggük are not where they were before when he left so he decides to just go to the garden for some fresh air. He lets out a sigh as he sips from his drink.
He’s an extrovert person but formal events like this could be pretty exhausting especially that he’s one of the hosts and he can’t completely let himself loose. He very much prefers wilder parties than this one.  It’s his fault for accepting the proposal.
His and Namjöön's families are very close, they both know each other since they were a kid and since their family got to know of their orientation, they pretty much already arranged their marriage.
Ji.mïn knows he does not really have to marry Namjöön, he does not have to if he can introduce another potential husband to his family. The problem is the one he likes is not into him like that. Fucking Jëön Jèönggük… Why does it have to be that arrogant sexy rapper?
He’s been dropping hints for months now to take their relationship to the next level but it seems like Jèönggük is really only looking for a fuck buddy. Ji.mïn is also too stubborn and prideful to directly ask Jèönggük...
so now he's using this engagement to elicit a response from the rapper, this will be the last chance he'd give him. "Already tired of married life?"  Even without looking, Ji.mïn would recognize that voice anywhere.
"What you're that eager for me to get married?" Ji.mïn smirks when Jèönggük glared at him, tongue poking his cheek.  "Call of the wedding." He feels the chill down his spine. Jèönggük used the same voice he's using whenever he dominates him in bed.
"And why should I do that?" Ji.mïn provokes, he needs to hear more from him. "Someone like you shouldn't be tied like that easily." Ji.mïn takes some steps closer, only leaving a short distance between them, just enough for them to feel the warmth coming from each other.
"Are you sure it's not because you just want me all for yourself hmm?"  He takes a sip from his drink, making sure to swipe his tongue over his lips and as expected Jèönggük's eyes follow the motion, his stare turning darker.
J/m traces Jèönggük's face with his finger, starting from his eyebrows "Well do you really think I don’t have any say in this engagement?" then his nose, "I'm not a damsel in distress who needs you to save me," and lastly his lips, "I willingly said yes when he proposed to me."
"When?" Jèönggük asks, the model's finger still on his lips. "Last weekend" Ji.mïn smiles sweetly, provoking the rapper more and he succeeds when Jèönggük grabs his hand that was on his face and places it on his back, pulling him close and leaving no distance between them.
"What so you accepted his proposal right after you got fuck stupid by my cock?" It took everything in Ji.mïn not to let out a loud moan, "Yes, and what about it? It's not a big deal. We're just close friends having sex every weekend right?"
"Close friends?" Jèönggük scoffs, pissed off hearing those two words for the second time tonight "Is that what you really say to your fiance?"  "Isn’t that what we are?" Ji.mïn tries hard to act unaffected by their position and the rapper's words.
He knows he is failing with the way Jèönggük stares at him. "Do you really think he can satisfy you the way I do? Does he know you the way I do?" Jèönggük whispers directly in his ear, lips grazing the shell.
J/m couldn't stop the whimper that came out of his mouth and his cock from hardening. It seems like J/k feels it too as he pulls him impossibly closer and grinds on him.  "You're mine doll. I'll make sure that before this week ends, you'll come crawling back begging for my cock"
J/k proceeds to nip his ear and suck the skin just below his earlobe. Too consumed with lust, J/m throws the glass he's holding then using his now one free hand, he roughly pulls Jèönggük's hair, causing the rapper to bare his neck...
"Is that all you can give me Jëön? I want you more than your body. Can you give me that hmm?" Jèönggük lets out a shaky breath, his stare becoming more intense than ever, "Sweetheart I'm all yours. Fuck I can even give you the whole world, all you have to do is ask doll."
J/m gasps, surprise evident on his face, "D-do you mean that?"  "With everything that I have." J/m pulls J/k's head closer, catching his lips in a kiss.
The kiss is harsh and desperate, tongues playing with each other, hands all over each other's body, and moans coming out of their mouths.  J/m lightly nips J/k's lip before he pulls away to make eye contact, his own vision hazy and his body thrumming with need
"Take me home with you." "Fuck, doll are you sure?" "Yes pls, I need you. Show me you're mine."
— end that's all for now, thank you for reading !! i was really nervous while writing this since it's my first time, so i'd really love to know what you all think. feel free to quote or send me a cc 🥹🫶
kitty ⋆

kitty ⋆

if gcf in tokyo isn't true love then i don't know what is 🥞 ⨾ #지극 au writer ★ SHE/HER +18
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