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Feb 27
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1/On the Ukraine issue, China’s position has been objective and fair and it has actively promoted peace talks and sought a political solution. The US, however, has been fanning the flame and fueling the fight with more weaponry.

2/To date, it has provided Ukraine with over $32 billion worth of military aid, including large quantities of advanced armament. Just days ago, the US announced yet another tranche of military aid for Ukraine worth $2 billion.
3/The US has been pouring weapons into one side of the conflict, thus prolonging the fight and making peace elusive, while spreading disinformation that China would supply weapons to Russia and sanctioning Chinese companies under that pretext.
4/This is out-and-out hegemonism and double standard, and absolute hypocrisy.
5/ On the one-year mark of the full escalation of the Ukraine crisis, China issued its position paper on the political settlement of the crisis, whereas the US imposed sanctions on Chinese and other foreign companies.
6/Who is promoting peace and deescalation, and who is fueling the tension and making the world more unstable? The answer is fairly obvious.
7/In addition to pouring lethal weapons into the battlefield in Ukraine, the US has been selling sophisticated weapons to the Taiwan region in violation of the three China-US joint communiqués. What exactly is the US up to? The world deserves to know the answer.


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