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Apr 27, 2022
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The Taste Of Ink 🌙 After years of wanting it, Jimin finally plucks up the courage to get a tattoo. What he didn’t expect was to become addicted not only to the ink, but also to the artist etching it onto his skin #yoonmin #yoonminau

Tags: 🌙 tattooist au 🌙 threadfic (and later on ao3) 🌙 tattooist!yoongi 🌙 flustered jimin 🌙 first meetings 🌙 awkward flirting 🌙 misunderstandings 🌙 side taekook 🌙 cute disaster gays 🌙 it’s me, so it’s fluff Starting next week! 🥰
🌙🌙🌙 Jimin had been steeling his nerves all morning. His stomach in knots as he caught the subway to Hongdae, checking the address every 30 seconds.
He felt sweaty and gross despite the chill in the air, and although he tried to calm himself down as he made his was through the bustling street, it was no use, he was so nervous.
But it was a nervous excitement, he’d wanted this for so long now and to think he was finally gonna be able to get it.
The shop itself was pretty discrete, he’d almost walked straight past it, the tiny white sign with the silhouette of a cat subtle and barely noticeable on the street of bright and inviting cafes and stores.
The door led to a staircase, and he climbed up three floors before he was faced with the same cat silhouette again, the words Black Cat Tattoo Studio printed beside it. He wiped his palms on his jeans before taking a deep breath and pushing the door open.
The shop inside was more vibrant, than the simple sign suggested it would be. Beautiful artwork covered the charcoal coloured walls, it looked more like an art gallery than a tattoo studio to Jimin.
There were plush couches to one side, a coffee table stacked with portfolios in the middle. The faint smell of anti-septic hung in the air but he didn’t find it unpleasant, it reassured him a little that the studio was safe.
Though he knew it was, he’d done research and the place had come recommended. It was still daunting being there though, Jimin had never gotten a tattoo before and he had to admit he was a little scared.
He didn’t even know anyone with tattoos, all his friends were free of body art. It had been Taehyung that had told him about this studio as he’s been dating a guy that worked here.
Jimin wondered if it would end up being him that would tattoo him, maybe having someone familiar would make him less anxious. Although he wasn't sure if that would help at all, he felt so nervous just being there to book an appointment.
He could hear the buzzing of the tattoo machines over the music as he waited for the girl at the front desk to become free.
She had long navy blue hair and Jimin could see black calligraphy curling over her collarbone another flash of colour on visible on her hand as she gestured to the person at the desk. Jimin felt very out of place as he stood awkwardly waiting, he was so plain in comparison.
No dyed hair or pretty body art, he hadn’t even been brave enough to get more than his earlobes pierced, and that was only after months of persuasion from Taehyung.
He didn’t really fit in somewhere like this but if he was going to finally get the tattoo that he’d been dreaming of for so long he would just have to suck it up.
So when the person the girl at the front desk had been talking to left, with an arm wrapped in cling film, Jimin took another deep breath to steady his nerves and made he was over to her.
"Uh, hi." He said nervously. "Hi, do you have an appointment?" She returned, with a bright smile. "N-no, I’d like to make one?" He said chewing at his bottom lip.
Maybe he should’ve took Tae up on his offer to come with him after all. He was feeling so nervous and terrified to say the wrong thing or ask stupid questions. The girl behind the counter looked so effortlessly cool, and it made him feel intimidated.
"Sure thing, what were you looking to get?" "Um…" Jimin thought for a moment, eyes casting around the shop as he found the words to explain what he wanted.
Truthfully he didn’t really know what he wanted, or what the design should be. He just knew he wanted the word. "I want some writing, on my side." He said indicating the side of his torso. “Do you know what style or font you want it in, and the size?”
“Not really.” Jimin admitted. “That’s fine, just take a look through the portfolios on the table over there. There should be one labelled ‘calligraphy’ which will help you decide.” She said indicating the coffee table & couches. “Just give me a shout if you have any questions.”
“Okay, thank you.” Jimin made his way over to the couches feeling very stupid, he probably should have had more of an idea what he actually wanted before coming. He was so unprepared it was embarrassing.
He rummaged through the pile of portfolios until he found the one the girl had mentioned containing different calligraphy styles. There were a lot, it was a little overwhelming.
Some were just printed on paper, others were clearly hand drawn and there were also some photos of actual tattoos on skin. Jimin supposed the designs probably look a lot different on a persons body apposed to on a sheet of paper.
As he flicked through the portfolio he couldn’t help but admire the pretty designs, he found himself looking through another couple of portfolios just out of curiosity.
There was a lot of beautiful work, and it made Jimin wish he was getting something a bit more artistic than just some writing. Eventually he picked out a font, he wasn’t one hundred percent sure on it but it had been the one that had caught his eye the most.
“I like this one.” Jimin said showing it to the girl at the desk. “Okay that’s one of Yoongi’s. I’ll check his diary, did you decide on the size?’ “Um, about this big.” Jimin said, holding his fingers up to his side.
“Hang on, let me measure that.” She said coming around from the desk with a tape measure, “about 2 inches, okay.” Jimin nodded.
He watched as she made a note of the size and font Jimin had chosen, and the word he wanted before disappearing into the back to speak to the artist. Jimin fidgeted as he waited, his anxiety building again. What if the artist didn’t want to do it?
What if he thought Jimin’s idea was stupid? Did tattooists reject people if they didn’t like their ideas? Thankfully when she returned smiling he felt a little of the tension ease.
“He said that’ll be fine and to get you booked in. He would’ve came out and spoke to you himself but he’s with a client.” The girl said. “That’s no problem.” “Let’s get you booked in then.”
She told Jimin the price and he paid his deposit when they settled on a date two weeks from now. Two weeks and he would be getting his first tattoo.
🌙🌙🌙 The two weeks leading up to his appointment seemed to drag. A nervous excitement had been building up around him as the days ticked by.
The girl from the tattoo shop, Wheein, he learned after lurking on their instagram for a while, had told him that when he arrived the artist would show him the design that he’d drawn up and he’d be able to make any modifications if he wasn’t happy with it.
Jimin had spent a lot of time lurking on the studio's instagram page after he’d booked his appointment, and more so on the artist himself’s page. Min Yoongi specialised in what was known as ‘blackwork’ and fine line pieces.
His page was filled with delicate pieces of black ink and swirling calligraphy. The more he looked at it, the more Jimin fell in love with his style and felt happy that it was him that would be doing his tattoo. “Are you nervous?” Taehyung asked the morning of his appointment.
They were having lunch together at a cafe not far from the studio. “A bit, but I’m excited too. I’ve waited so long.” Jimin said. “It’s a shame Jungkookie isn’t the one doing it, though he assures me the guy who’s doing it is really good.”
“Well going off his instagram I agree. I really like his style.” “I’m sure it’ll go great then. You’ll have to say hi to Jungkookie for me too.” Taehyung said.
Jimin noticed he’d been talking about “Jungkookie” more and more over the last week or so. Maybe things were getting more serious between the two. “I will, though I don’t even know what he looks like considering you’ve been very secretive about the whole thing.” Jimin teased.
“Aish, fine I’ll show you a picture.” Taehyung grabbed his phone and barely a second later he was showing Jimin a picture of a heavily tattooed guy and a dog. “Is that his dog?”
“I finally show you a picture of the guy I’m seeing and the thing you notice is his dog.” Taehyung said rolling his eyes. “I like dogs.” Jimin mumbled. “Yes it’s his dog, his name is Bam.”
“Cute, and so is Jungkook. I can see why you like him.” Jimin said. “Are things getting serious? “I don’t know. I like spending time with him, and the sex is great but I just- I don’t know. I’m not good at this dating stuff.”
Jimin laughed. He knew that feeling all too well. Ever since he’d met Taehyung in high school they’d both been the same, complete disasters at the dating game, neither of them getting much further than a few dates or a casual hook-up with any of the guys they’d met.
But they were adults now, and maybe it would be better this time around. Jimin hoped it would be, he liked the idea of meeting a nice guy and settling down.
Sure he was only 25 but he was ready to fall in love, it’d been nice having more casual relationships while he was in college, but now he wanted something more long term, and he got the feeling Taehyung did too. “I should get going, my appointment is soon.”
“Let me know how it goes, and I want pics and videos!” Taehyung said beaming at him. “I”m not videoing him tattooing me, that’s embarrassing .” Jimin whined. “Boring.”
“Anyway it’d be too awkward with the angle. I’ll take pics when I get home though.” “You better. I’m really excited to see it.”
Making his way along to the studio had Jimin’s nerves building again. The closer he got the more nervous he felt, his stomach was in knots and his hands a little shaky. He really needed to calm down, the artist was going to think he was a weirdo turning up all sweaty and shaky.
The studio was a lot busier than the first time he went. There were a few people sat on the couches looking through the portfolios and another couple standing at the front desk.
He could see Wheein and her navy hair talking to the pair at the desk and another person who he recognised immediately as Jungkook chatting to them as well.
As he waited his turn at the desk he watched as another two people came out from the back room, the taller one was giving the other aftercare instructions, Jimin could here him talking about cleaning and creams to put on it.
He hoped his artist would tell him how to look after his tattoo properly, he was sure he would but he really didn’t know anything. The knot in his stomach coiled tighter.
“Hi, I have an appointment.” Jimin said when he finally approached the desk. “Oh you’re hyung’s friend.” Jungkook said smiling at him. “He said you were coming in today.”
“Ah yeah, it’s Jungkook right? I’m Jimin.” He said. “Nice to meet you. You’re in good hands with Yoongi-hyung.” Jungkook assured.
Jimin smiled, not really sure what to say in response. Was he supposed to thank him for being put in good hands? Thankfully Wheein cut in before he had to respond, handing him a consent form to fill in while he waited for the artist to finish up with his previous client.
He thanked her and took the form over to the unoccupied couch to fill in, hoping it would give him a chance to calm down a little and relax his nerves. While he sat there surrounded by much cooler people with their pretty tattoos Jimin felt incredibly out of place.
He’d always had admiration for people who had body art, to him it was something incredibly brave to have something permanently etched onto your skin, and not to mention the stigma that still lingered amongst the older generations.
He was glad it was getting better, but he was still a little scared about getting his and having it visible to the world and open to judgement. That was one of the main reasons he was getting it on his chest, so it could be hidden easily. “Jimin-ssi?”
The sound of his name pulled him from his thoughts and he looked up to see a young man with mint green hair standing beside the front desk. His feline eyes gazing at Jimin.
A rush of heat spread through him as Jimin took in the man who would be tattooing him, his mind short-circuiting slightly as realisation hit him like a freight train… oh no he’s hot.
🌙🌙🌙 “Park Jimin?” The man called again, and Jimin scrambled to his feet, his cheeks burning. “Sorry, that’s me, hi.” Jimin said almost breathlessly. “Nice to meet you, I’m Yoongi. If you want to come through we can get started.”
Yoongi’s voice was deep and gravelly, it sent a shiver up Jimin’s spine as he followed him through into the back room where the artist’s stations were set up. Yoongi guided him over to his station, the black chair where Jimin would have to sit looking incredibly intimating.
“Take a seat and I’ll grab your design.” Yoongi said. Jimin clambered onto the seat a little awkwardly, because naturally he had to make sure to embarrass himself to the highest level. His heart was racing in his chest as he waited for Yoongi.
He looked over to where the artist was flipping through a file, with his back to Jimin he could see how broad he was and his stomach squirmed for an entirely different reason. Why did the guy have to be hot?
As if he wasn’t nervous enough, now he was panicking about being a total mess in front of a hot guy too. The universe truly was against him today. It was completely unfair of Min Yoongi to be hot as well as a super talented tattoo artist.
Jimin was both into him and in awe of him and that was just a recipe for disaster.
“Here we go,” Yoongi said turning back to Jimin. “Take a look and let me know if you want to make any changes.” The instant Jimin saw the design he knew Yoongi was the perfect artist for the job.
It was the calligraphy that he’d chosen, and yet not at the same time, turning it into something unique with subtle differences. It was perfect. “I love it, it’s perfect.” Jimin said.
“Great, if you want to take your shirt off we can get the stencil on.” Yoongi said, turning to grab some gloves. Jimin froze, he hadn’t thought about that. The fact that he was going to have to take his shirt off in front of Yoongi, Yoongi the hot tattoo artist.
“Is everything okay?” Yoongi asked, when I noticed Jimin hadn’t moved. “We have some privacy screens if you’d prefer?” “Um, no sorry. It’s fine.” Jimin mumbled, finally moving to pull of his shirt.
The studio was warm, but goosebumps still erupted over his skin, and Jimin had to force himself not to wrap his arms around himself. “If you want to stand up.” Yoongi instructed and Jimin slid off the seat.
“It was the right side yeah?” Jimin nodded. “Okay, lift you arm up but try not to stretch.” Jimin did as he was instructed. It was a little awkward standing with one arm raised but he tried not to think about it.
He focussed on a small photograph of a brown poodle tacked to the wall instead. He jumped slightly when he felt Yoongi’s touch. “Sorry.” “It’s okay, just try to hold still.” Yoongi assured.
God he was so embarrassing. He couldn’t even stand still for two seconds. His heart still felt like it was thundering against his ribs as he felt Yoongi’s fingers over his skin.
“You have some fine hairs here so I’m just gonna grab the razor so we get a smooth application.” Yoongi said, Jimin only managing a nod in response. Jimin held his breath as Yoongi shaved over his side and then placed the stencil over his ribcage, doing his best not to move.
“Okay, if you want to take a look in the mirror and check the positioning.” Yoongi said, indicating the full length mirror near the doorway.
Jimin made his way over and looked at where the stencil sat on his skin. It was surreal seeing the letters over his skin like he’d imagined them for so long. “That okay?” Yoongi asked coming up beside him.
Jimin turned himself slightly, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t really know whether it would look better in a different position or not.
“It’s okay if you want to change it, even if it’s the smallest change we can do it. I want you to feel happy with the placement.” Yoongi assured, clearly noticing Jimin’s hesitation. “I just… I don’t really know.” He admitted.
“How about I move it a little lower, so it’s sitting about here.” Yoongi said trailing his fingertip lightly just below where the top of the stencil sat presently. “That way you can see if that makes you feel any different.” “Okay.”
As soon as Jimin looked a the different placement he knew it wasn’t right, where Yoongi had placed it initially had looked much better. He felt stupid for having doubted it in the first place but Yoongi just assured him that it was fine.
“Don’t worry, sometimes you just need to see it elsewhere to know that the first option was the best.” “I should’ve just trusted you. You know what you’re doing.” Jimin said as Yoongi guided him back to the chair.
“But it’s your body and your tattoo. Where you want it is most important, I’ll only overrule if you’re wanting to make it wonky.” He said, giving Jimin what was possibly the cutest smile he’d ever seen.
Fuck, he truly was screwed. Not only was he hot but he was cute too. He wasn’t going to survive this. Yoongi had him lay down on his side, his back towards him, and gave him a small cushion to rest his arm over so it was clear from his side.
Jimin had prepared himself for being in an uncomfortable position for a while but he was surprised at how much better it felt having the cushion to prop his arm up.
“So rib tattoos are pretty painful, there is numbing cream but I’ve never used them myself so I wouldn’t feel right recommending it. That being said, if you’d like it we can use it.” Yoongi said. “It’s okay, I can handle it.”
“Okay then. Remember we can take a break if you need it. Try to keep your breathing as steady as possible, the less movement the better.” Yoongi said.
Jimin took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He could hear Yoongi getting ready behind him, again he focussed on the brown poodle. He wondered if it was Yoongi’s dog, maybe he should ask him? Was he allowed to talk while he worked?
Probably not, he shouldn’t distract him with stupid questions. He gasped when he felt something cool against his skin and he looked over his shoulder to see Yoongi trying his best to hold in a laugh. “Sorry, I should’ve warned you the gel was cold.” “It’s okay.”
“I’m gonna start now, remember to just shout up if you need to stop.” “Right.” Jimin turned back to face the wall, his eyes once more focussed on the poodle.
His heart rate picked up again when he heard the sound of the tattoo gun start up, the buzzing felt so loud in such close proximity. He closed his eyes.
The feeling of the needle against his skin was hard to describe, and when Taehyung asked him about it that night all he could think to say was that it felt like someone dragging something very sharp over his skin, but with more pain.
Jimin had liked to think he had a pretty high pain threshold, years of banging up his body while dancing had left him pretty immune to quite a lot. But this pain was different, he wasn’t sure how long he lasted before asking to stop but it wasn’t very long.
“It’s okay, just take a moment and catch your breath. You’re doing great.” Yoongi assured when Jimin spilled a multitude of apologies. He felt so weak having to take a break so fast but he really hadn’t been prepared for how intense the feeling was.
He’d read online that the ribs were supposed to be one of the most painful places to get tattooed and after feeling it Jimin agreed. Not that he had anything to compare it with, but it hurt like hell. “Sorry.” He mumbled again.
“Really it’s fine,.” Yoongi assured. “Is this your first tattoo?” “Yeah.” “Then you’re doing really well. Not many people would be brave enough to get a rib tattoo as their first.”
Yoongi thought he was brave and not stupid. That really shouldn’t have had as much of an affect on him as it did, and yet there he was practically preening at the praise.
“If I’d known is was your first tattoo I probably would’ve advised against the ribs.” Yoongi told him. “But you’re sitting really well.” “Oh sorry, I should’ve said.” “It’s fine, like I said you’re doing great and we can take as many breaks as you need.” “Thank you.”
Jimin felt a little stupid for not having mentioned it would be his first tattoo when he made the booking, he hadn’t even thought about it but he supposed it probably should’ve been something to mention.
At least Yoongi didn’t seem to mind, and his reassurances that he was doing well made Jimin feel a little better. He took another minute to calm himself down and they went back to it.
The hardest thing was keeping his breathing steady, the rise and fall of his chest no doubt effecting the way in which Yoongi worked. He did his best though and Yoongi didn’t voice any complaints.
He managed to last a bit longer before needing another break, getting over the initial shock of the pain and general feeling it wasn’t so bad. Sure it still hurt like hell but he could endure it. What was really starting to bother him was the feeling of Yoongi’s hands on his body
His stupid brain decided that the best way to not focus on the pain was to instead hyper focus on the feeling of Yoongi’s fingers trailing over his skin.
Something that was only made worse when halfway through the session Yoongi moved so that he was sat in front of Jimin as he worked on the part of the tattoo that covered the curved over the front of his ribcage.
It had been a lot easier when he couldn’t see Yoongi. But now he was right in Jimin’s line of vision in all his glory and holy fuck Jimin was crushing bad. Yoongi was a walking wet dream. Mint green hair fell messily over his pale skin.
His features were delicate and pretty, all soft cheeks and pouty pink lips. He even had the cutest little button nose that Jimin wanted to press a kiss onto. Unlike Jungkook, Yoongi wasn’t very heavily tattooed.
Where Jungkook’s arms had both been completely covered, Yoongi only had one dotted with tattoos, the other completely bare. He’d expected him to have more, but Jimin liked that he didn’t, it fit Yoongi’s vibe somehow.
He wondered if he had any more in places Jimin couldn’t see… his mind providing some very suggestive areas where Yoongi could have hidden art.
That thought paired with Yoongi’s hands smoothing over his skin really did not go well together and Jimin was once again forced to focus on the poodle picture to stop his mind going somewhere very inappropriate.
He really could not think about Yoongi naked, that was very not good, god he was such a pervert.
“Not much left to go.” Yoongi said a minute later. “You’re doing great.” “Its not as bad now that I’ve gotten used to it.” Jimin said, only to be proved wrong when Yoongi hit a particularly sensitive part that made him hiss in pain. “Is that so?” Yoongi teased.
“You did that on purpose.” Jimin whined, which only caused Yoongi to flash him one of cute gummy smiles. The remainder of the session went by much too quickly for Jimin’s liking, but before he knew it Yoongi was announcing that they were all done.
He had Jimin stand up again, checking over his work as he cleaned up. Wiping away the excess ink, blood and stencil marks. The side of Jimin’s chest felt achy, like he’d been kicked in the ribs but when Yoongi led him over to the mirror he saw that it was more than worth it.
He stared in awe at the black letters curved over his side, nevermind. After so long of wanting it, he finally had the word engraved on his chest just like his favourite song had dictated. Emotions welled up inside him and all he could do was take it in.
“Can I ask the meaning behind it?” Yoongi asked after a moment. “It’s from an Agust D song.” Jimin told him. “Ah yeah, I know the one.” “His music really got me through a rough time.” He explained. “Music has a way of healing.” “It does, thanks for doing it. It’s perfect.”
“You’re welcome, I’m glad I was able to do this for you. Tattoos can be very personal, it's one of the reasons I love doing them so much.” Yoongi said and Jimin felt a rush of gratitude for him.
There had been times when he’d felt stupid for wanting to get the tattoo, a sort of ex had pretty much told him he was. That getting something from a song was cringey and he would come to regret it. Having Yoongi understand him and his reasoning made him feel better about it.
Tattoos were still so misjudged and looked down upon in Korea, something that had made him nervous about getting one himself. But after years of wanting it he had finally done it, had took the step and looking at it on his skin brought him nothing but happiness.
“Thank you again.” Jimin said again. “D’you mind if a take a couple of photos for my portfolio?” Yoongi asked. “Yeah sure, would you be able to take one for me so I can send it to my friend?” “Of course.” Yoongi had Jimin stand near the window so the lighting was better.
He took a few pictures and a video so he could show off the the way the tattoo curved around Jimin’s torso. Then he took a couple on Jimin’s phone for him. He asked for Jimin’s permission to post them on his instagram, which Jimin gladly gave.
Secretly delighted at the thought of Yoongi sharing the pictures of him where all his followers could see. “Okay let’s get you wrapped up and I’ll go over the aftercare.” Yoongi said in response, but the smile on his face was enough to make Jimin all warm inside.
Yoongi put some cream over the tattoo before wrapping cling film around it and taping it into place. He explained to Jimin that he’d need to keep it covered for the next few hours but then he’d need to take it off to let it breathe.
He gave Jimin a sheet with aftercare instructions, he went over it all thoroughly with him and Jimin was glad. It made him feel more confident in what he had to do to take good care of his new body art.
“I’ve wrote on a couple of creams that have worked best for me over the years.” Yoongi told him. “But if you have any questions at all just give the shop a call or drop me a message on instagram.” “Okay, I think I’ll be okay.” Jimin assured.
“You probably will, but sometimes healing can be a little tricky so don’t be afraid to reach out.” Jimin felt comforted at Yoongi’s words. Knowing if for whatever reason he wasn’t sure about something he could just ask made him feel better.
Wrapped up and fully dressed again, Jimin followed Yoongi out to the front of the shop where he handed Jimin over to Wheein. “Thank you again.” Jimin said. “No problem, it was nice to meet you.” Yoongi said before disappearing into the back again to prepare for his next client.
“All good?” Wheein asked. “Yeah, I love it.” “Let me see then!” She said, and Jimin lifted his shirt up to show off his new tattoo before realising it wasn’t really visible through the cling film and tape.
“Yoongi-ssi took a photo of it for me.” Jimin said after realising. He showed Wheein the photo. “Ah it looks great! So glad you’re happy with it.” Wheein said. Wheein took his payment and they chatted a for a little while, Jimin finding himself reluctant to leave the shop.
Despite his nerves and embarrassing crush on Yoongi he’d liked being there, had even liked getting the tattoo once he’d gotten used to the feeling and pain. Even while he was stood chatting with Wheein he was thinking about what tattoo to get next.
Something he hadn’t thought about before, he’d only ever thought about the one, but now all he could think about was getting another. Eventually he had to leave, reluctantly bidding Wheein a goodbye when another customer approached the front desk.
He allowed himself one last peak at Yoongi through in the back before leaving. He would definitely be back for another, even if it was partially an excuse to see Yoongi again.
🌙🌙🌙 “Oh my god it looks amazing!” Taehyung was currently on his knees closely inspecting Jimin’s mostly healed tattoo. It was the first time they’d been able to meet up since Jimin had got his tattoo done almost three weeks ago.
“Wheein said it’ll be pretty much healed on the outside, but to still keep up with the aftercare for the next month or so.” Jimin said. “You two have become pretty chummy?” Taehyung said finally getting to his feet.
“Yeah, I followed her on instagram after my appointment and we got chatting. She’s the same age as us.” “Oh? Maybe we should all hang out together sometime.”
“That’d be fun, you’d really like her. She’s into art as well.” Jimin said as they both collapsed onto his bed, Yeontan jumping up beside them and settling himself on Jimin’s lap. “Us artists do often flock to one another.” Taehyung said. “Not sure how you came along though.”
“Yah! I can be artistic!” “Sure.” “I majored in dance!” Jimin whined. “Yet you still have a boring office job.” Taehyung teased.
It wasn’t the first time they’d had this argument. Taehyung didn’t understand how Jimin could work in a stuffy office all day long. Then again Taehyung didn’t have to worry about having bills to pay all by himself.
He was fortunate enough to come from a wealthy family, his parents covering his living costs so he could live the struggling artist life without the struggles. “You know it’s just til I save up enough to open my own studio.” Jimin said, a little defensively.
“I know, I’m only teasing. Though I still think you should’ve took that job at the agency.” Jimin often wondered if he’d made the wrong decision when he’d turned down the job at the big music company.
At the time everyone had thought he was crazy, giving up a chance to be a back up dancer for idols. But he had his plan, a plan he’d been working towards ever since he’d started university.
He’d made it in his first week of starting, it was a long term plan to work a boring job which paid well so he could save up and open his own dance studio before he turned 30.
So far it was going to plan, sure his job was dull but he’d already gotten a promotion and was on good money. He could afford his apartment in Seoul and was able to save up. It was worth suffering through the long monotonous hours if he got him where he wanted to be.
“I really can’t wait for the day you get to quit that place.” “Me either. I just need a bit more time to save up. It’s not gonna be cheap opening a studio.” “You know I can always help out.” Taehyung said, not for the first time. “I know, I just want to do this on my own.”
Taehyung smiled knowingly. He knew how independent and set on doing things on his own Jimin was. It had been that way ever since he came to Seoul for university.
He’d turned down help from his parents, insisting that they should use the little money they had to help his younger brother. Jimin was more than capable of looking after himself.
Knowing he had his best friend’s support made him feel good though. He didn’t know what he would’ve done without him over the past few years. “So when are you getting your next tattoo?” Taehyung asked. “Ah, I don’t know.”
Jimin had been mulling over the idea ever since he’d gotten his first one. It didn’t help that he’d started regularly stalking Yoongi’s profile. Seeing a constant stream of tattoo pictures just made him want another even more.
He fell in a little in love with Yoongi’s art every time he posted, and the swell of pride he’d had when he had shared the picture of Jimin’s tattoo was immeasurable. His tattoo was there amongst all the other amazing pieces and it just made him feel so good.
The only bad thing about Yoongi’s instagram was how little he posted about himself. It made sense that he didn’t, but the other artists at the studio all made more personal posts in their stories, Jimin had ended up following them all to look less stalker-ish, but not Yoongi.
How was Jimin supposed to feed his obsession if the man withheld all content of himself. “I might make an appointment for next month after I’ve been paid.” Jimin said. “That way I won’t have to dip into my savings.”
“Good idea.” Taehyung said. “Ooh we could go tomorrow after brunch and I can spy on Jungkookie while he’s at work!” Jimin hadn’t expected Taehyung to suggest going so soon, but it made sense. It would make it better to plan an appointment around work.
“Okay, but only if you actually ask Jungkook out again instead of whatever the fuck you’ve been doing.” “I’m keeping it cool and causal Jiminie.” “You’re being weird. Just ask him out again.” Jimin pointed out.
Taehyung grumbled a bit but eventually relented. Jimin knew he was just scared of things getting serious with Jungkook.
They’d been out a few times, and Taehyung was obviously into him, but he was dragging his heels about going out again. Jimin would just have to be the one to give him the nudge he needed.
*** The studio was quiet when they arrived after brunch the next day. Wheein wasn’t at the desk like expected, instead there was a really tall guy with dimples who greeted them with a bright smile. “Hi, do you have an appointment?” He asked.
“No, I’d like to make one.” Jimin replied. “Okay, what were you looking to get?” Taehyung wandered off to look at the artwork and portfolios while Jimin explained to dimples guy what he wanted. “I was hoping to book in with Yoongi?” Jimin added at the end.
“Ah hyung’s diary is pretty full so I can’t promise anything, but I’ll take a look for you.” “I can sort it out Namjoon!” Wheein said, appearing suddenly from the backroom, her arm wrapped in film like Jimin’s side had been when he’d had his tattoo.
“It’s okay I can do it.” “It’s fine. You need to set up for your next client anyway.” Wheein insisted. Dimples guy gave her a strange look but relented, disappearing into the back room. “Hi, so we’re booking you in with Yoongi again yes?” Wheein said.
“If he isn’t fully booked.” “He’s not. Don’t worry.” Wheein assured. Jimin explained again what he wanted done, and Wheein spent a little while looking at the computer. The longer it took the more worried he was that he wouldn’t be able to get an appointment.
Yoongi was, after all, a very popular artist. He’d quickly realised that by the amount of followers he had on instagram. Somehow, Wheein got him in around the time Jimin wanted though. Much to his relief.
“Thanks, I wasn’t sure if I’d get an appointment after your colleague said how fully booked he was.” Jimin admitted. “Ah Namjoon doesn’t know how to work Yoongi’s schedule like I do.” Wheein assured.
“Oh this is Taehyung by the way.” Jimin said as his friend appeared at his side. “Ah you’re Jungkook’s…” Wheein trailed off, clearly unsure of how to finish that sentence and Jimin didn’t blame her. “Is he here?” Taehyung asked.
“Yeah, he’s just cleaning up after our session.” Wheein said. “Oh he did your tattoo?” Jimin asked. He had noticed the pretty butterflies beneath the cling film on her arm.
He hadn’t imagined them to be Jungkook’s style considering the ones that covered his arms had been mostly black, but he supposed the art he created didn’t have to match what he had on his own body.
“Yep, if you want anything in colour Jungkookie is the one for you.” Wheein explained. As if summoned by their conversation Jungkook appeared, his face lighting up at the sight of Taehyung. “Ah hyung, what are you doing here?” He asked.
“I came with Jiminie while he made an appointment.” Taehyung said, and Jimin couldn’t help but notice the difference in him as he spoke to Jungkook.
Normally his friend was all confidence and swagger, but he seemed shy speaking to Jungkook. He was fidgeting a little with the scarf tied to his bag while they spoke. It was cute. Jimin and Wheein shared a knowing look.
“I’ve been meaning to text you but works been pretty busy.” Jungkook said, the tips of his ears red beneath his mass of wavy hair. “Oh, well um,” Taehyung was fumbling. Jimin had never seen him like this. “Tae was telling me about your dog.” Jimin interjected.
“Yes! Bam!” Taehyung blurted. “We should take him and Tannie out some time.” “That would be fun.” Jungkook said grinning. He was cute. “Yeah, I um…” Taehyung began.
“Jungkook is free next Tuesday.” Wheein announced. She must have pulled Jungkook’s schedule up while he and Jungkook fumbled over each other. Jimin shot her a smile. “It’s a date then.” Jimin announced. “Yeah, a date.” Taehyung repeated, a shy smile on his face.
It took everything Jimin had for him not to roll his eyes at the two of them. It was a good job he and Wheein had been there to step in. “We should also meet up some time.” Jimin said to Wheein. “Maybe grab a drink or something?” “Yes I’d love that!”
When they left the studio ten minutes later Taehyung was like a different person, gone was the shy boy who could barely ask the guy he liked out, and once again his confident best friend was there.
“You’re welcome by the way.” Jimin said. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Taehyung retorted. “Sure, not like you weren’t stumbling over your words or anything.” “I was not.”
“Keep telling yourself that. I dunno what’s up with you, you’ve literally had the guys dick in your mouth but you couldn’t just say ‘hey fancy going out some time?’ Absolute disaster gay.” “Shut up. At least I didn’t get a boner while getting tattooed by a hot guy.”
“I did not get a boner!” Jimin all but yelled. He refused admit that it had been a very close call at one point. He wouldn’t admit how having Yoongi’s hands on his body had left him fighting for his life for a considerable amount of time.
Nope. That did not happen. He was totally cool and collected the entire time. “Keep telling yourself that.” “Whatever.”
🌙🌙🌙 Jimin had another tattoo to look forward to in a little under a months time. He would also see Yoongi again. That thought was even more prominent in his mind. Sure he was excited to get another tattoo, but seeing Yoongi again made him feel all giddy. It was stupid.
He was crushing so bad, he felt like a lovesick teenager. His crush was only fuelled by the new information he garnered from Jungkook. Following their playdate with their dogs Taehyung and Jungkook had turned up at Jimin’s apartment.
He knew it was Taehyung’s way of stopping them from just ending up in bed together. Which was just another sign that Taehyung was interested in something serious with him. Jimin didn’t mind though, he was happy to get to know Jungkook, plus his dog really was cute.
“Bamie get down.” Jungkook groaned as the doberman launched himself onto Jimin the moment he saw him. “Sorry, he’s still a puppy and learning.” “It’s okay, if I’m gonna go, I want it to be death by overly cute puppy.” Jimin said as he cooed over Bam.
Yeontan yapped loudly as though reminding Jimin that he was there. “Hi Tannie, don’t worry you’re still my first love.” Jimin said taking him from Taehyung’s arms.
He noticed that Taehyung and Jungkook seemed a lot less awkward around each other than they had at the tattoo studio, and he was glad.
He was also glad he was going to get a chance to get to know Jungkook a little. He wanted to make sure he was good for his friend, his protective side rearing its head. “So where did you guys go?” He asked.
“Just for a walk along the Han. The weather was so nice and Bam and Tannie seemed to enjoy it.” Jungkook told him. “I’m surprised at how well they got along,” Taehyung added. “Tan can be a little iffy with other dogs sometimes.”
“Bam loves him, he just need to learn that he’s a lot bigger and can’t jump around him so much.” Jungkook said with a laugh. “Yeah he almost knocked him into the river at one point.” Taehyung said, his own smile mirroring Jungkook’s.
The thought alone made Jimin join them, he could just imagine poor little Yeontan being jostled about by the over excited doberman. From there the conversation flowed pretty naturally.
Taehyung seemed happy to talk now that Jimin was there as a buffer, before he’d went to meet Jungkook he’d messaged Jimin about how nervous he’d been about the date.
The most they’d talked before had been via text and the times they’d hung out in person had been centred around them hooking up, but this had been a proper date. Jimin was glad he was feeling more comfortable. Jungkook was nice, he liked him already and they got along well.
He could easily see why Taehyung was into him. He was a little awkward in that cute way, but once he relaxed he was animated and chatty. Jimin quickly found they had quite a lot in common, and even liked the same webtoons and games.
“Did you always want to be a tattooist?” Jimin asked as they tucked into the chicken and beers Taehyung had ordered for them. Yeontan and Bam had settled themselves on Jimin’s bed, the two of them snoozing happily curled up together. It was adorable.
“Kind of, I’ve always liked drawing. Guess it really started when I got my first tattoo.” Jungkook explained. “Which was your first?” “This one here.” Jungkook said, indicating a small crown on his finger. “It all started with that tiny one and I just couldn’t stop after that.”
“So they really are addictive then.” Jimin said. “Definitely. I wasn’t surprised when I saw you at the studio again.” He said laughing. Of course Jimin knew there was another reason for his return, yes he wanted another tattoo, but he also really wanted to see Yoongi again.
“It’s so cool that you got to be an artist.” Jimin said. “It’s all thanks to Namjoon hyung. He took me on as an apprentice, he’s the one who did most of my sleeve. Him and Yoongi hyung really helped me get to where I am.” Jungkook told them, the admiration in his voice clear.
“Maybe I should get a tattoo.” Taehyung said after a moment, and Jimin turned to him surprised. “Since when are you interested in tattoos?” He asked. “For ages!” Taehyung claimed. Jimin knew instantly he was lying, he knew him too well, but he didn’t call him out.
He would let him exaggerate his interest if he wanted to, even if it was just to impress the boy he liked. It was cute really, how much effort he was making. He would’ve probably done the same if he was in his position.
Especially as tattooing seemed to be Jungkook’s passion, so of course Taehyung wanted to show interest. Though he really couldn’t imagine his friend ever getting one.
“There’s so many different styles of tattoos now, there’s something for everyone. So if you ever want one hyung you can get whatever you want.” Jungkook said encouragingly. “Hm, maybe I will.” Taehyung said.
“Are you excited about getting your next one Jimin-ssi?” Jungkook asked turning to Jimin. “I told you to call me hyung,” he reminded but Jungkook just grinned at him. “And yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.” “What are you getting this time?”
“The number thirteen on my wrist, it's my birthday and has a few other special meanings.” Jimin explained. “Cool. Yoongi hyung’s lettering is so good, he did this one for me.” Jungkook said, pulling up the sleeve of his tshirt to show the word ‘truth’ written on his inner bicep.
“Oh that’s amazing.” “Yeah, hyung has been tattooing the longest out of all of us, so his work is insanely good. Not saying Joonie hyung’s isn’t but you know what I mean.” Jungkook rambled.
“I know, I’ve been looking through his instagram a lot. I love his work. I’m so glad I could get mine done by him.” Jimin said. “Yep, his line work is crazy good. I hope I get to be as good as him some day.” “You already are good!” Taehyung insisted.
“Aish, I’m okay, I’m still learning.” Jungkook said rubbing at the back of his neck. Jimin couldn’t help noticing how shy he’d gone after Taehyung’s comment. He’d been so confident when talking to Jimin about Yoongi, but the moment Taehyung had complimented him he’d turned shy.
So cute, Jimin found it hard to resist cooing at him.
They ended up talking for a while about the studio. Jimin learned that it had been Yoongi’s originally, he’d spent a couple of years working there alone, only having the odd guest tattooist sharing the space with him.
Then when Namjoon had had a stint as a guest artist they’d found they worked well together so Namjoon had stayed on permanently. Jungkook had only been apprenticing there for a little over a year, and only recently started taking on his own clients.
He told them how Yoongi had started off doing illegal tattoos back in his hometown of Daegu before becoming properly licensed when he moved to Seoul. That alone just added to Jimin’s crush, he was so cool and badass. Jimin felt so out of his league when it came to him.
Jungkook spoke so highly of both of his hyungs that both he and Taehyung were both left enamoured by the two. When Jungkook had left they had spent far too much time stalking their insta accounts.
Taehyung even saying he might actually want a tattoo now despite admitting he’d been lying earlier with Jungkook. “I could rock a tattoo.” He said as they lay squished up together in Jimin’s bed.
“Sure you could. Though don’t do it just cos you think Jungkook will like it. It has to be for you.” Jimin told him. “Uh huh. Just like how you’re getting another tattoo purely because you want it and not at all cos you have the hots for Yoongi.” “Shut up.”
“I really like Jungkook.” Taehyung whispered a few minutes later. “I know you do. He’s nice Tete, you should go for it.” Jimin said. “You think so?” “Yeah, I do.”
🌙🌙🌙 The following two weeks had Jimin overthinking his crush on Yoongi to the point where he’d even considered cancelling his appointment. He couldn’t remember how many times he’d picked up his phone to do it only to chicken out at the last second.
As it grew closer the more tempted he was. He knew he was being ridiculous, but he really was like a lovesick teenager, his little obsession growing more and more every day. Not helped by the stupid horny dreams he kept having.
Yoongi and his stupid deep voice and nice veiny hands plaguing his dreams and leaving him waking up feeling a little ashamed on more than one occasion was really not doing him any good.
One reprieve was that Taehyung and Jungkook seemed to be doing great, Jimin had even hung out with Jungkook a couple of times alone. They’d fallen into a quick friendship and it turned out they had a lot in common.
“I can’t believe we grew up so close to each other in Busan.” Jungkook said around the donut he had stuffed into his mouth. Jimin rolled his eyes fondly at him, if there was one way to Jungkook’s heart it was through food. The kid could eat.
“Yeah, it’s a small world. There’s a good chance we would’ve ran into each other eventually if we’d stayed in Busan.” “What made you come to Seoul, uni?” “Yep, what about you? Did you go to uni or straight into tattooing?” Jimin asked.
“I went to uni for a year but dropped out. It was too much stress and I was just happier when I started tattooing.” Jungkook explained. Jimin nodded in understanding. He knew how intense university was and he himself had considered dropping out a few times.
If it hadn’t been for his plan and stubbornness he might have done it himself. “That’s admirable, I would’ve been too scared to leave even if I wanted to.” Jimin told him.
“It was Yoongi hyung that helped me with it, I’d started just hanging out at the shop whenever I wasn’t in class, and he saw how stressed it was making me. Told me it wasn’t the only option I had, and that I could always go back later if I changed my mind.”
“That’s really cool of him.” “Yeah, I owe him a lot. He let me crash on his couch for months until I saved up enough to have my own place.” Jungkook told him, “he’s like the older brother I never had.”
Jimin could’ve sworn he physically felt his crush on Yoongi growing as Jungkook spoke. It seemed like every little thing he learned about him just made him sound even more wonderful. He was starting to believe Yoongi may actually be the perfect man.
“You’re appointment with him is soon right? Next week?” Jungkook asked. Jimin nodded, he didn’t know if he should tell Jungkook he was thinking about cancelling the appointment. “Thought so, he mentioned it the other day, seems like he’s really looking forward to it.”
Wait what? Yoongi was looking forward to the appointment? Surely Jungkook had to be mistaken, why would he be? “Oh?” “Yeah, he said something about how good your last session was.”
“Really?” Jimin didn’t really know what to say. It was surprising to hear that Yoongi had thought their first session had been good. Jimin had been so nervous and a little overwhelmed with both the tattoo experience and Yoongi. To think Yoongi had talked about it, about him…
“Yep, I bet your excited for your appointment as well. I always get a proper buzz waiting for my next one.” “I- yeah I am. A little nervous but mostly excited.” He lied.
Of course he was still embarrassed about facing Yoongi again, especially after waking up that very morning in a less than respectable state following a particularly steamy dream.
But hearing Jungkook say Yoongi was looking forward to his appointment had pushed any thought of cancelling out of his mind.
“That’s part of the experience, that nervous excitement you get. Think that’s how it’s so addictive. It’s such a rush getting one, and even the build up to it.” Jungkook said taking another donut. “It was pretty thrilling.” Jimin admitted. “It’s hard to describe the feeling.”
“Yeah that’s what I tried to tell my old friends, but they just didn’t get it. They thought I was crazy for getting all these tattoos.” “Really? I think it’s amazing.”
Jungkook grinned around a mouthful of donut, his cheeks bunching up like a little hamster and Jimin grabbed his phone as fast as possible, snapping a quick photo. “Yah!” Jungkook exclaimed. “Why’d you take a picture?” “You’re cute, Tae will like it.” Jimin said shrugging.
Jungkook swallowed his food down before asking, “he will?” “Definitely.” “Oh, okay then.” He said, not quite hiding the smile that pulled at his lips or the tips of his ears which were tinted red. “Unless you don’t want me to send it to him?” Jimin teased.
“No no! It’s okay, you can!” Jungkook all but cried. Jimin just grinned, he knew fine well that Jungkook would want him to send it after he’d said Taehyung would like it. He really did find the two of them unbearably cute.
Jimin sent the picture to Taehyung despite knowing he was locked away in his art studio working. Normally he wouldn’t get a response for hours whenever he was at the studio, but surprisingly he had a reply almost instantly.
KTH - WTF KTH - NO KTH - HE’S TOO CUTE IM GONNA CRY KTH - 😍😍 KTH - GONNA KISS HIM SO HARD PJM - you’re so whipped lmao “What did he say?” Jungkook asked. “That you’re cute and he wants to see you later.” Jimin lied.
“Oh? He told me he was gonna be at his studio all weekend.” “He has to take a break some time, you should take him snacks.” Jimin said. “Yeah?” “Definitely, he loves snacks.”
“What are his favourites?” Jungkook asked, suddenly very serious like he was asking the most important question in the world. It took all Jimin’s strength not to coo at him.
After taking Jungkook through Taehyung’s favourite snacks and giving him the directions to the art studio Jimin headed home. He loved seeing their relationship develop and his own friendship with Jungkook growing.
Jimin hadn’t made that many friends since he moved to Seoul outside of Taehyung and Hoseok. Sure he’d met people at uni and work but they were just casual friendships.
He’d always been too busy working or studying to really develop those long lasting relationships with people, he hadn’t realised it had been something missing in his life until now. Sure he had them and that’d been more than enough, but it was nice having someone else in his life
Jungkook had fallen into step so easily, and Jimin could easily imagine being friends with him for a long time. Even more so if things between him and Taehyung worked out, which he had a feeling they would. There was something special between them.
Of course Jimin had to admit he felt a little jealous of their budding romance. He wanted something like that for himself, but he just couldn’t see it happening. The only guy he’d had even the slightest interest in for god knows how long was Yoongi, and that would never happen.
Yoongi was way out of his league and would never look twice at someone boring like Jimin. With a resigned sigh he settled himself on the couch for the night, pulling The Notebook up on Netflix for the millionth time.
He was happy for his friends but that didn’t mean he couldn’t wallow in his own self pity for a while. Wishing he could have some grand love story like in the movies.
🌙🌙🌙 The morning of his appointment arrived much faster than Jimin would have liked. He was so unsettled all day that even his colleagues pointed it out. “Jeez Jimin, what’s got you so worked up?” Donghun asked, when Jimin let out yet another frustrated sigh.
“What? I’m fine.” Jimin insisted. “Yeah sure, tell that to your space bar which has been taking a battering all day.” “I- okay fine. I have an appointment later and I’m just a little nervous.” Jimin admitted. “Is everything okay?”
“Yes yes, it’s fine. It’s for…” Jimin looked around to make sure no one was listening and lowered his voice just in case. “I’m getting a tattoo.” “Really?” “Yeah, on my wrist here.” Jimin said, indicating the spot where he would be getting it. “Wow, is it your first?”
“No, I got one a couple of months ago.” Jimin told him. “Hm, I never took you for the tattoo type.” Donghun said, but he didn’t seem bothered by Jimin’s admission. “Anyone can get a tattoo.” "I suppose you’re right. Does it hurt?” “Yeah a bit, but you get used to it.”
“Hm, I don’t think it’s for me. The place you’re going to is safe yes?” Donghun asked, and Jimin felt a rush of appreciation for his colleague. “Yes hyung, I made sure it all checked out before booking in.”
“Good, it’s better to be safe. There are lots of unlicensed places out there and I don’t want you getting hurt.” Jimin had been on the same team as Donghun since he started working for the company and had always liked him.
He kept mostly to himself, much in the way Jimin did but he always looked out for the younger team members. Jimin had especially grown to like him when Yuchan had Jimin had been on the same team as Donghun since he started working for the company and had always liked him.
He kept mostly to himself, much in the way Jimin did but he always looked out for the younger team members. Jimin had especially grown to like him when Yuchan had joined the team.
Not long after he’d started working their he’d came in one day very upset, Jimin had been the one who found him crying in the toilets. As it turned out Yuchan had came out to their parents as non-binary the day before and it hadn’t been received well.
Donghun had stepped up immediately, assuring Yuchan that they were going to be okay and if they needed to could stay with him and his partner. Between the two of them they’d managed to calm Yuchan down, and assured them that they weren’t alone.
Jimin had revealed he was gay, as had Donghun. The relief that had appeared on Yuchan’s face had been beyond anything Jimin could describe. Of course he’d known all to well what it was like to be shunned for being anything other than cis-het.
Jimin had kept his sexuality to himself at the company, they weren’t exactly known for being accepting. It was all a case of don’t ask, don’t tell there. But it felt good for Jimin to know that he wasn’t alone within the walls of the office.
“Thanks hyung, I appreciate you looking out for me.” Jimin said. “Of course, is that why you have taken leave?” “Yeah, I wanted some extra time for the healing on top of the weekend. Clothes can irritate them and I’d have to cover it up for work.” Jimin explained.
“That makes sense.” Donghun said nodding. “Oh by the way did Yuchan tell you about the party?” “No?” “Yah, they’re such a pain! They were supposed to tell you. Me and Junhee are having a housewarming so if you’d like to come?” “Oh! Yeah I’d love to.” Jimin said.
Donghun flashed him a shy smile. “Great, you can bring a friend if you like. It’s not going to be a massive party or anything, just casual with a few friends but I’m glad you can come.”
“Of course hyung, I wouldn’t miss it. I know how excited you’ve been about getting your new apartment.” “Stressed more like it,” he said with a laugh. “But we’re getting settled in, so thought it was about time to have people over.”
They spent the rest of their shift talking about the party. Jimin was glad to have the distraction and when it came time to leave and head to his appointment he felt slightly less on edge than he had been.
*** The tattoo studio was quiet when he arrived. No one in the reception area, the gentle hum of music emanating from the back room. Jimin lingered for a moment near the front desk. He was a little early and unsure if he should just wait there or seek out Yoongi in the back.
Thankfully the decision was made for him when Namjoon appeared in the doorway. “Ah, it’s Jimin right? You’re here for Yoongi?” He said giving Jimin a dimpled smile. “Yes, sorry I’m a little early.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’m Namjoon by the way, never got a chance to properly introduce myself.” “Nice to meet you.” Jimin replied. “Wheein left the consent form for you somewhere.” He said coming over to the desk and hunting around for the form. “Ah here it is."
Jimin took the form from him, mumbling a thank you. “Hyung shouldn’t be long, he’s just cleaning up from his last appointment.” Namjoon said. “Just head on through to the back when you’ve finished filling it out.” “Oh, okay.”
“I’m heading home now, so I’ll see you next time.” Namjoon said. He gave Jimin a wave and another of his dimpled smiles and headed for the door. Jimin only noticed as he watched him leave that he’d been wearing a backpack the whole time, clearly on his way out the whole time.
Which meant he was alone with Yoongi. He knew Jungkook wasn’t at the studio, he was having a movie night with Taehyung. He’d heard all about it when he’d spoke to Tae at lunch time. So it was just him and Yoongi, all alone and Jimin wasn’t sure if he was gonna make it out alive.
It took no time at all to fill out the consent form, he tried to make it last as long as possible but he had nothing to hold him back from going through and seeing Yoongi now. With a deep breath to calm himself he got up and headed towards the back.
Stopping dead in his tracks when he reached the doorway and his eyes fell on Yoongi. /Fuck./ Yoongi was wiping down the chair, his broad shoulders filling out a black t-shirt nicely as he leaned over. Jimin could see the muscles flexing in his bare arms as he worked.
His mint hair falling in waves over his pale face. Jimin had thought it impossible for him to get any hotter, he had been wrong. There was something about seeing the way his back muscles shifted as he worked that had Jimin feeling dizzy.
Muscles never did much for him usually, but damn if Yoongi wasn’t buff across his shoulders and chest, and it was really working well for him. Much to Jimin’s suffering.
When Yoongi noticed Jimin standing there after a moment he looked up and a soft smile rose on his lips immediately, which only made everything worse. “Jimin-ssi, sorry to have kept you waiting.” He said.
“It’s fine,” Jimin said, hoping the blush that had spread across his cheeks wasn’t noticeable. “I filled out the consent form.” “Great thanks, why don’t you take a seat and we can take a look at what I’ve drawn up for you.” Yoongi said.
He took the form from Jimin who climbed up onto the tattoo chair, thankfully a lot more gracefully than the first time. Yoongi grabbed the design he’d drawn up for Jimin and showed it to him. Once again Jimin loved it the second he saw it.
He’d asked for Yoongi to pick the font, trusting the artist’s judgement. All he’d wanted was something simple, and Yoongi had come through. “It’s perfect.” He said. Yoongi gave him a smile and Jimin felt his heart swoop. He really needed to get a hold of himself.
Once again Yoongi shaved the area before placing the stencil and having Jimin confirm the placement. It was different this time as Jimin would be facing Yoongi the whole time and able to watch what he was doing.
Yoongi pulled the small table around and had Jimin rest his arm down on it, palm up so the wrist where he would be getting ink was flat. It was much more comfortable than it had been when he got his ribs tattooed.
He was a little grateful that he’d chosen somewhere less awkward this time. Yoongi set to work getting ready, Jimin watching him with fascination as he set up the tattoo gun and ink.
He was so meticulous with his set up it really intrigued Jimin, he wondered if all tattooists were like this or if it was just the way Yoongi worked. “Okay, remember the gel might be a little cold.” Yoongi said. ‘I’m ready.” Jimin assured.
It was comforting to see that Yoongi had remembered his reaction to the cold gel last time. His stupid heart fluttering again. Jimin had been nervous when he arrived, but there was something about Yoongi’s aura that made him feel at ease. “Here we go.” Yoongi said.
The sound of the tattoo gun filled the room and Jimin felt that rush of nervous excitement that he and Jungkook had talked about as Yoongi braced himself to begin.
The first touch of the needle against his skin made his heart leap in his chest, the sharp pain shooting through him only to fade into a dull ache as Yoongi got to work. It was weird how the pain felt good, but it did. He supposed it was the adrenaline rush that came from it.
Not to mention some people enjoyed pain during sex, maybe it was the same. Wait, he shouldn’t be thinking about sex right now. Not again. He needed to stop. He shook his head slightly to clear his stupid horny brain as Yoongi stopped to refill the ink. “You okay?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit tired from work.” Jimin lied. “What do you do?” Yoongi asked. “Just a boring office job.” “Ah, not something I could do. Corporate doesn’t really suit me.”
“Hm, can’t say I’m surprised. I couldn’t imagine the mint hair and tattoos going down well at the copy machine.” Jimin said, laughing. “God no. Is your boss gonna be alright with yours?” Yoongi asked.
“I’m gonna keep it covered. I’ve took a bit of time off to let it heal a bit.” Jimin told him. It wasn’t ideal but it was what he was going to have to do. Unfortunately office culture still looked down on any kind of deviations from the norm.
He wasn’t even allowed to wear his earrings. He had to put them in every day after he left the office. It was a policy he would make sure wouldn’t exist when he opened his studio, anyone who came into his place would be allowed to express themselves anyway they wanted.
“That’s good, it should be okay to have your sleeves over it after its scabbed over and started healing.” Yoongi said. “Jungkook said it would be.” “Ah yeah, he said you two had met up. Mentioned you’re from Busan as well?” Yoongi commented.
“Weirdly we’d lived pretty close to each other. It’s amazing how we never crossed paths before now.” “It’s weird how that happens. You can pass like ships in the night all your life then meet in a completely different city or even country another time.”
Yoongi got back to the tattoo and Jimin got wondering about what he had said. It really was true how you can go your whole life passing by people and not noticing them. It was highly possible him and Jungkook had taken the same bus a hundred times back home.
Then again it was also possible he’d walked by Yoongi on a street in Seoul. Though he liked to think he would’ve noticed someone as hot as Yoongi, plus he didn’t exactly blend in with the crowd.
He let his attention drift back to Yoongi as he worked. It was really cool to be able to see what he was doing, to see the ink stippling into his skin. Yoongi’s face was a mask of concentration, his eyebrows slightly pinched as he focussed on the fine detail.
He bit down on his lip as he wiped away the excess ink and blood and Jimin’s mind provided the idea that he would like to be the one biting down on that lip. He was going to have to take a cold shower when he got home at this rate. Stupid horny brain.
It didn’t help that the way Yoongi was holding onto his wrist was almost intimate, Jimin’s own hand cradling Yoongi’s wrist loosely where it lay palm up on the table.
They were so close to holding hands it was driving Jimin crazy thinking about how tiny his hand would look in Yoongi’s big ones. At this point Jimin was gonna get whiplash from the way his brain was switching from horny thoughts to sappy romantic ones.
“Nearly done.” Yoongi announced, breaking him from his inner battle and Jimin found himself feeling a little sad. Of course it would take much less time to do this tattoo than it had the one on his ribs.
But he had been enjoying watching Yoongi work and it had went over much too quickly, even if he was getting himself worked up over his stupid overactive brain. Sure enough 5 minutes later Yoongi was done and cleaning up his freshly finished tattoo.
“There we go.” Yoongi said giving it one last wipe. “Oh wow I love it.” Jimin said, lifting his arm to get a closer look. “Its perfect again, thank you.” It was exactly what he wanted, nothing flashy, just a simple 13 on his inner wrist.
He could already imagine how pretty it was going to look peaking out from under his bracelets. “I’m glad you like it.” “I do, I couldn’t have picked a better font or design myself.” Jimin said. “It makes me happy to hear that, I’m happy you trusted me with it.”
“Well you did such an amazing job with my first one, and I love all your work that I’ve seen on instagram so I knew I could trust you with it.” Jimin said. He could see a faint dusting of pink appear across Yoongi’s cheekbones at his praise and it made him want to swoon.
The pink only made Yoongi’s already pretty features look even prettier. “Thank you.” Yoongi said softly. Yoongi busied himself with wrapping up Jimin’s wrist and going over the aftercare instructions again before leading Jimin through to the front desk to pay.
They were just about finished up when Jimin blurted out, “Could I book another session?” Yoongi raised his eyebrows at Jimin’s sudden outburst but nodded. “Of course, what were you looking to get this time?”
Jimin froze, he hadn’t actually thought that far ahead. He just wanted an excuse to see Yoongi again. He thought for a moment. “I want ‘Young Forever’ written somewhere.” Jimin said at last. Yoongi smiled at him, “where?” “Oh, um…”
Jimin didn’t know. He wanted it somewhere he could show it off when he wasn’t at work. His ‘nevermind’ one was always covered, but he wanted to at least be able to show off some of his new tattoos. “Maybe my arm?” “You don’t sound very sure.” Yoongi said.
“I’m not to be honest.” Jimin admitted. “I want it, but I’m not sure where. Somewhere I can show it off when I’m not at work, but easily hidden for the office.” “Hm…”
Yoongi seemed to consider it, Jimin could feel his eyes trailing over his body and it made his skin flush with heat. He knew it was because he was thinking about tattoo placements, but it still made him feel very flustered as Yoongi looked at him.
“If you’re think your arm, I would say the upper arm. Then it can be easily covered with sleeves.” “But wouldn’t sleeves cover it even if I’m not at work?”
“Not necessarily.” Yoongi stepped forward and lightly took hold of Jimin’s arm, turning him slightly before trailing his finger along the back of his bicep just above the elbow. “I was thinking here, then it would just be visible under a t-shirt sleeve.”
“Oh, I never thought about that. It would look good there?” “I think if you got it across both arms it could look really good. Getting ‘Young’ on your left, and ‘Forever’ on your right.” Yoongi said.
Jimin liked the idea. The way they would peek out beneath his short sleeved shirts, in a similar way to the way his wrist tattoo would peek out from under his bracelets. “I think I really like that.” Jimin said.
“Okay, well I can draw it up and we can test it out. If you change your mind we can always work something out.” Yoongi assured. They talked a little about the style Jimin wanted, and once again Jimin left the choice of font to Yoongi. He trusted him to pick what would look best.
They settled on a date for two weeks time, it was a little sooner than Jimin had thought and he was most likely going to have to dip into his savings for it but he didn’t care. He never dipped into his savings, and well, he was allowed to.
It was his money and he was allowed to treat himself to a tattoo and time with a hot guy. He would just have to try and stem his crazy crush before the appointment came around.
The last thing Jimin needed was to be acting like a crazy obsessed fool in front of Yoongi and if he didn’t get a grip on himself there was a high possibility of him embarrassing himself by doing just that.
🌙🌙🌙 Of course his plan did not work out. His crush only seemed to get worse. It wasn’t easy when the tattooist decided to finally post a selfie one day. Jimin almost had a breakdown in the office toilets when he saw the picture. Fuck, why did he have to be so hot?
His stupid pretty face was really gonna give him a heart attack. He really was the prettiest and hottest guy Jimin had ever seen. He loved his delicate doll-like features and the way they contrasted with his dyed green hair, leather jacket and tattoos.
He was a walking bad boy wet dream and Jimin was obsessed. PJM - [attached image] how the fuck am I supposed to go on when he looks like this KTH - you know its creepy to save your tattooist’s selfies right? PJM - okay then delete all those ones of JK you saved
KTH - I’m fucking him, so I’m allowed PJM - can we get back to the problem at hand? Yoongi is too hot and my appointment with him is in a week, how am I going to survive?! KTH - idk you could grow a pair and ask him out? PJM - don’t be ridiculous
KTH - I’m the ridiculous one when you’re having an aneurysm over a guy you’ve met twice PJM - :( KTH - okay how about we distract you from min yoongi related meltdowns by going out tonight :D PJM - ah idk, I’m pretty tired after work
KTH - but we never go out anymore :( plus hobi hyung just got back and wants to do something PJM - ah I would like to see hyung KTH - its agreed then! We go out and dance and drink and forget about stupid tattooed boys :D
PJM - fine, but you’re buying the shots KTH - deal! I’ll text hobi hyung
Jimin was already regretting agreeing to go out as he made his way through the bustling streets of Itaewon. It seemed to be extra crowded tonight and part of him wished he’d just insisted they have a chill night at home instead.
Those feelings vanished when he found Taehyung and Hoseok waiting for him outside their favourite club. “Jiminie!” Hoseok yelled when he spotted him, instantly pulling him into a bone crushing hug.
It had been so long since they’d seen him that Jimin could’t help holding onto the hug a little longer than normal. “Its so good to see you hyung.” Jimin said when they finally broke apart. “Same, I’m glad to be home.” “How was LA?”
“Crazy, we have a lot to catch up. But right now I just wanna dance with my babies.” Hoseok said wrapping an arm each around Jimin and Taehyung. “This is exactly what we’re here for Hobi-hyung.” Taehyung said grinning.
They made their way inside the club which was just as busy as the street outside. They pushed their way through the throngs of people towards the bar, the music so loud Jimin could feel it thumping his his veins.
The atmosphere inside was good though, everyone having fun and enjoying themselves. It made Jimin relax even more, especially once they had a few drinks and moved to the dance floor. It didn’t take him long to get lost in the music, letting himself move to the beat.
Sweaty bodies pressed up against each other as the lights flashed overhead and the music mixed with the voices of those around him. There was a reason they all loved this bar so much, it always had a good vibe and he had never had a bad night there.
All his tiredness for the working week seemed to melt away as he danced with his friends, Taehyung keeping a steady flow of drinks heading their way. The effects of the alcohol soon took hold and he felt any inhibitions he may have had fade as he let his body flow with the music.
Dancing had always been his favourite thing, whether it be in a club like this, a studio or a stage. He didn’t care. As long as he was moving his body in tune with the rhythm and beat of music he was happy.
He could feel Taehyung pressed up against his back, Hobi in front of him with some random guy. It felt like when they were still in university partying most weekends.
“Jimin-ah!” He barely heard the voice calling his name at first but after the third yell he turned to see Wheein pushing her way through the crowd to where they were. “Hey!” Jimin shouted over the music.
Wheein looked amazing, if he hadn’t been very very gay he would’ve been into it. Something he confidently announced to her as she pulled him into a hug. “Shut the fuck up! You’re the one who’s looking hot! Damn Jiminie!” She said looking him up and down.
“He’s hot shit.” Taehyung said from over his shoulder. “Pfft, whatever.” Jimin said, but he preened at the compliments. “This is my girlfriend, Hyejin.” Wheein said pulling a girl who had been stood behind her. “Omg she’s hot too, why is everyone so hot?!” Jimin whined.
Hyejin and Wheein both laughed as Jimin pouted, his drunken self not caring that he was being overly loud about it all. He introduced the girls to Hobi and they all ended up dancing together for a while.
It wasn’t until Jimin was headed to the bathroom that he noticed Taehyung had disappeared. “Where did Tae go?” He asked. “Probably to find Jungkook, he’s here somewhere with the others.” Wheein told him. “Well guess that’ll be the last we see of him.”
Jimin stumbled his way to the bathroom, his eyes a little hazy as he scanned the room for his friend. When he failed to spot him anywhere Jimin made his way into the bathroom.
The bone shaking thumping of the music dulled to a muffled hum as he closed himself in a stall and leaned back against the door, his head spinning a little. Letting his eyes close for a second Jimin allowed himself a moment’s reprieve.
He was having fun but he was definitely a bit too drunk, his unsteady feet and hazy vision proved that. It took him a few seconds to steady himself enough to take a piss, but he managed. There was a couple leaning up against the sinks making out when he went to wash his hands,
awkwardly reaching around them he felt a little pang of jealousy. Why couldn’t he be making out with some hot guy right now? A pout adorned his face when he checked himself out in the mirror. He looked good! So where was his hot guy?
Where was… running a hand through his hair a few times he pushed that thought away. He wasn’t supposed to be thinking about Yoongi. Tae had brought him here to forget about his stupid crush.
So ignoring that little niggling voice at the back of his mind that was telling him he needed to go home, he headed back out into the mass of swaying bodies. He wouldn’t think about him.
In the short time he’d spent in the bathroom he’d completely lost track of his friends. Stumbling through the crowd, he searched for them without much luck.
It didn’t take him long to give up and start dancing on his own, a rush of satisfaction flooding through him when a body pressed up against him from behind, grinding against him. Jimin let himself get lost in the music.
He didn’t know who the guy was behind him and he didn’t care as they wrapped an arm around his waist. As the song changed the guy spun him around and Jimin was faced with an older guy, dark eyes practically stripping him as they trailed over his body.
Jimin gave him a small smile and carried on dancing. He wasn’t exactly his type, but there was no harm in dancing. He just wanted to have fun. The guy seemed to have other plans. “Fuck baby you’re so hot.” He whispered in Jimin’s ear as he pressed himself closer.
Jimin didn’t respond, too busy dancing. “Why don’t we go somewhere a little more private?” The guy added. “I’m dancing.” Jimin replied. “Oh come on, don’t be a tease.” “What?” “You’re making me so hot.” He said and Jimin felt his hands slide down to grab his ass.
“Maybe you should go outside and cool down then.” Jimin retorted, making to pull away but they guy held on. “Come on, I know you want it.” Jimin stopped dancing. He grabbed the guys wrists and pulled his hands away from him.
“Take the hint, I’m not interested now fuck off.” Jimin said bluntly. “You really gonna waste my time like that?” He snapped. “Only one wasting their time here is me, I’m just here to dance.” Jimin said, suddenly feeling a little more sober.
The guy made to grab Jimin again but he ducked out of his way and slipped through the crowd. He hated guys like that, always thinking they’re owed something just because he danced with them. Fucking prick.
He ended up back at the bar, angrily downing another shot of vodka which only made his head spin more. He needed air. Once again he was stumbling through the crowd, letting himself be jostled left and right as he pushed his way towards the door.
The cool night air sent a shiver through him as he finally stepped outside. It was a stark contrast from the sweltering heat of the club. He staggered over to one side where there was a few people lingering about.
The sound of his own name ringing out into the night making him come to a stop. “PARK JIMINIE!”
He turned to see Hobi waving at him. Jimin felt a little relieved to see his friend who was stood with Wheein and Hyejin and another two people who had their backs to him so he didn’t recognise them. “We’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Hobi said pulling him into a hug.
“Same, where’s Tae?” Jimin asked looking around for him. “Went home with Jungkook.” Wheein explained. “What a ho,” Jimin said giggling. “He’s supposed to be taking me home!”
Jimin flailed his arms as he spoke knocking himself off balance and he stumbled into one of the others who were stood with them. “Sorry sorry!” He exclaimed as large hands gripped his hips to steady him. “Careful.”
The familiar deep voice hand Jimin’s eyes blowing wide and he looked up to see pretty feline eyes looking at him. “Oh…” “You okay?” Yoongi asked, and all Jimin could do was nod. His hands were splayed across Yoongi’s chest, his very nice and big chest.
He could feel the muscles hidden beneath his t-shirt. Jimin bit down on his lip as he became aware just how close he and Yoongi were standing, the feeling of his hands holding onto his hips. “Fuck, you’re so hot.” Jimin mumbled. “Thanks.” Yoongi said with a smirk.
Jimin’s eyes went wide when he realised he’d said that out loud. His cheeks flushing scarlet. But Yoongi didn’t seem phased, he just smiled at Jimin with that stupid fucking cute gummy smile that made Jimin want to cry. He was so cute and hot and Jimin wanted to kiss him so bad.
“Where does Jimin live?” He heard Hyejin asking, but he didn’t get a chance to respond before Hobi did. “Ah that’s near you right hyung?” He heard another voice say.
In all honesty Jimin wasn’t really following the conversation very well, his mind to hyper focused on the heat that was radiating from Yoongi, and how good smelled, and god did he smell good.
Jimin couldn’t stop himself from burying his face in the crook of Yoongi’s neck, the smell of his cologne enveloping his senses. “Yeah, I can get him home. Don’t worry.” Yoongi said, the cadence of his voice like deep rich honey. “You sure?” “Yeah its fine. Come on Jimin-ah.”
Yoongi squeezed Jimin’s hips before letting go, Jimin all but whined at the loss of contact but was quickly sated by the feeling of Yoongi’s hand wrapping around his upper arm. Jimin allowed himself to be stood up straight before being guided down the street and into a taxi.
🌙🌙🌙 An annoying buzzing woke Jimin the next morning. Sunlight was shining down on him through a crack in the blinds and he groaned at the intrusive brightness.
His head felt like it was being crushed in a vice, which only clamped tighter as he rolled over in search for the buzzing. Barely cracking his eyes open he gazed at the screen of his phone, a steam of messages just about visible.
“Ugh fuck off.” He grumbled, flinging his phone back down and burying his head back into his pillow.
He lay there for another few minutes before his bladder decided that wasn’t allowed anymore and he dragged himself out of bed and to the bathroom. He felt like utter crap, the hangover making his head pound and stomach churn.
It took all his strength to start the shower and force himself under the spray. It was a relief when he did, the water washing away some of the ache that had settled over him. Feeling a little better after his shower Jimin rummaged for a hangover relief and made some ramen.
Settling back into bed, with the intention of staying there wallowing in his own self pity for the rest of the day. He remembered the string of messages on his phone as he ate and grabbed it to see one from Hobi asking if he’d got home okay.
Five Taehyung and one from Wheein which only contained the eggplant emoji. “What the fuck?” He said, god knows what that meant.
He sent a quick reply to Hobi saying he was fine and home, not that he had much recollection of actually getting home. He vaguely remembered getting in a taxi with someone but that was about it.
It was only when he opened the messages from Taehyung that the memories started coming back.
KTH - SORRY KTH - I know I said I wouldn’t leave you, but Jungkook was there and he looked extra hot and I am but a weak man KTH - WTF YOU WENT HOME WITH YOONIG??? KTH - PARK JIMIN EXPLAIN??!?? KTH - call me when you wake up!!
He stared at the messages, he went home with Yoongi? What was he talking about? He put his empty bowl down and tried to remember the night before, slowly his hungover brain gave him the image of Min Yoongi looking down at him with his stupid pretty eyes, his big hands on his hips
Jimin sat up straight, scrambling for his phone. Taehyung picked up after the first ring. “You’re alive then.” He said. “Tae what the fuck happened last night?” Jimin asked. “I don’t know, I was busy getting fucked out of mind.”
“Yah! Then how do you know I went home with Yoongi?” “Wheein messaged me, said Yoongi took you home in a taxi. She wanted to know if I’d spoke to you and if you’d got the d.” “Fuck.” Jimin groaned.
The memories were coming back to him now in shameful waves. He remembered falling into Yoongi, and the tattooist pretty much holding him up because he was so drunk. He remembered being put in a taxi and practically sitting on his lap for the journey home.
“See! It’s fine. Just forget about it and instead we can talk about how good Jungkook is at sucking dick.” “Tae I really don’t want to talk about that.” Jimin said, regretting his choice in friends not for the first time. “Tough because I need to talk about it.”
Taehyung proceeded to tell him the juicy details from his night with Jungkook, leaving Jimin unsure how he was gonna look Jungkook in the eye ever again. But he had to admit it did take his mind off his embarrassment over Yoongi.
Someone else he wasn’t gonna be able to look in the eye the next time he saw him. Which was only in a a couple of weeks, god he was so screwed. Yoongi must thing he was such a pathetic mess.
The embarrassment and shame of it all lingered with him up until the day of his appointment. He kept going over it again and again in his head, trying to remember what exactly had happened. All he got were patchy flashes of things he’d actually rather forget.
Why did he have to be such a messy drunk? Why couldn’t he just be one of those cool confident guys when he had a few drinks in him. But no, he was Park Jimin, clingy flirt. He really didn’t know how he was supposed to face Yoongi again. It was mortifying.
Perhaps it was time to move underground and live like a mole-person. At least if he did that he wouldn’t be able to make a fool of himself anymore.
Again Jimin was tempted to cancel his appointment, though this time it was out of sheer embarrassment more than anything else. He couldn’t believe how much of a fool of himself he had made that night. Practically throwing himself at Yoongi and being massively inappropriate.
Part of him was surprised that Yoongi himself hadn’t cancelled the appointment. He wouldn’t have blamed him if he had. Jimin had probably made him really uncomfortable and now he was going have to sit in a room with him and be made to feel that way all over again.
Jimin truly hated himself. He was never drinking again.
When he arrived at the studio he was greeted by Wheein. They had messaged a few times and she, along with Taehyung, had tried to convince him that he hadn’t made a complete ass of himself.
But neither of them had been in the taxi with him, or his apartment so they didn’t know how clinging and pathetic he’d been. “Not gonna lie I thought you might’ve chickened out on coming.” She said as she found him a consent form. “Me too.” He admitted.
“Really, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Yoongi hasn’t even mentioned it once.” Jimin highly doubted it, Yoongi was probably too embarrassed about it as well.
Jimin had thrown himself at the poor guy and now he was putting him in an uncomfortable position by making him tattoo him. He really should have cancelled the appointment.
A few minutes after he’d filled in the consent form, and while he was considering just running away, Yoongi appeared in the doorway to the back room. He looked as hot as ever in a striped shirt, and then Jimin looked up at his face, he was wearing glasses.
How did that manage to make him hotter? It truly wasn’t fair. He definitely should have cancelled the appointment. “Jimin-ssi?”
Jimin snapped out of his internal meltdown and headed over to Yoongi. He was greeted by that cute smile of his and his stomach did a little swoop. He was not going to survive this appointment.
“So we’re going with just above your elbows on each arm yeah?” Yoongi asked. Jimin nodded, Yoongi had spent the first 10 minutes sorting out the stencils and making sure Jimin liked the font he had chosen.
He hadn’t mentioned that night yet and Jimin supposed it was just him being professional, but he was glad. He really didn’t want to think about it either. Yoongi proceeded to cut the stencils out and he had Jimin stand to place them.
Thankfully this time all he had to do was roll up his t-shirt sleeves, his mind flashing back to his first appointment, no removing any clothing this time though so there was a little less awkwardness on Jimin’s behalf.
“I’ve put them slightly above just to avoid any distortion caused by the elbow movement.” Yoongi said when he took Jimin over to the mirror. It wasn’t the easiest thing to see in the mirror but Yoongi held up a large mirror in his hands so Jimin could his back in the reflection.
“Looks good.” “Great, we’ll get started then. If you sit upright on the chair but as close to the edge as you can so your arm isn’t hitting the back rest.” Yoongi told him. Jimin did as he was asked, and allowed Yoongi to guide him into the best position.
He moved the table Jimin had rested his arm on for his wrist tattoo beside the chair for Jimin to rest his elbow on, telling him keep his bicep relaxed. It was surprisingly comfortable. He had been wondering how he would be sat for such a weird placement.
“Warning for the cold gel.” Yoongi said, and Jimin smiled at the recurring memory. “I’m ready.” He still flinched slightly at the coolness but barely. “Here we go.” Yoongi said, and the sound of the tattoo gun filled the room.
There was something pleasant about the sound. It should be an annoying sound, the constant buzzing but to Jimin it was nice, he was really becoming accustomed to it. Mixed in with the soft music it created an almost alluring atmosphere in the studio.
When you added the drag of the needle over his skin, Jimin found himself really enjoying the experience. The pain wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it had been on his ribs, and while it was still present, it didn’t bother him at all.
During the one on his wrist he had found himself really liking it, and as he felt it on his skin again he knew it was something he would continue to like. There really was something addictive about it.
“You’re doing great.” Yoongi said, and Jimin could feel himself preening at the praise. “It’s not as bad as my ribs.” He said.
“No, the arms are probably one of the easiest places. Bonier areas, or places where the skin is thinner, like the feet, are always the most painful.” Yoongi explained. “Though the human body has so many bones it's hard to avoid them after a while.”
Jimin hummed in agreement, the timber of Yoongi’s voice was so soothing. The deep rumble almost sending a shiver through him. He found himself wanting to hear him talk more and more. Happy to just listen.
He supposed Yoongi needed to concentrate though, so he fell into silence again. Jimin let his mind wander as Yoongi worked on his left arm. Though it didn’t get very far, as the image of Yoongi and cute black framed glasses appeared almost immediately.
He was so hot, and the glasses just made him look a million times hotter. He suited them so well, and made his skin pale skin look extra pretty. The pink of his lips stark against it.
Jimin shifted slightly as his thoughts drifted to what it might be like to kiss those pretty pink lips. Again he reminded himself to stop thinking horny thoughts. “You okay?” Yoongi asked.
“Yeah sorry.” Jimin assured, embarrassment flooding through him for getting agitated over thinking about kissing the man tattooing him. “Just let me know if you need to take a break.” “I’m okay.”
Yoongi waited a moment before going back to it and Jimin forced himself to stay still and not think about kissing anyone. Why did he have to be such a creepy weirdo? Why couldn’t he just be normal?
He was sure every other person who was tattooed by Yoongi wasn’t sat thinking dirty thoughts about the man, (though he wouldn’t blame them if they were) he needed to get a grip on himself and stop.
It was bad enough that Yoongi had seen him make a fool of himself while drunk, the last thing he needed was for him to do it now while he was sober.
It didn’t take long for Yoongi to finish the first arm. He let Jimin have a short break between, and Jimin was thankful to be able to move around a little. While he didn’t find the tattoo itself uncomfortable, sitting still for long periods were always a little difficult for him.
He was used to being able to move around a lot, even while he was sat at his desk all day in the office he was constantly shifting around. While he stretched and got himself comfortable again Yoongi shifted to the other side of the chair, ready to start on his right arm.
Right as Jimin settled himself back on the chair Wheein appreared in the doorway. “Hey I’m heading out now, unless you need anything else?” She said. “No I’m good, just get yourself away. Jimin’s my last appointment.”
“I know, I manage your books remember.” Wheein said with a smirk. “Right.” “Okay then, I’ll be going then. Bye Jimin.” She said turning to Jimin and winking before leaving.
Jimin could feel his cheeks flushing hot again and he really hoped Yoongi couldn’t see his bright red face from where he was sat. And he hoped even more that he hadn’t seen Wheein winking at him.
Of course she had realised immediately that Jimin had a thing for Yoongi, when they had got talking she had mentioned it almost right away.
While Jimin had appreciated her telling him to go for it, he wasn’t stupid enough to believe someone like Yoongi would actually be interested in someone like him.
“You ready to start again?” Yoongi asked, and Jimin was once again glad to get back to it and hopefully out of his own head.. “Yeah, I’m ready.” He felt the cool gel against his skin again as Yoongi prepared to start, and then the buzzing filled the air again.
Jimin felt himself relax into the chair as he heard it, resting his back and closing his eyes. “I meant to ask, were you okay after I left you the other night?” Yoongi said after a moment. Jimin felt the needle pull away from his skin as Yoongi added more gel to his skin.
The other night. He meant that night, the one where he’d been a drunken embarrassment. The night he’d hoped wouldn’t be brought up. “Uh, yeah. Sorry, I should be thanking you for helping me home.” Jimin said, his cheeks flushing red again.
“It was no problem, I’m glad you were okay though.” “If by okay you mean an absolute mess and horrifically embarrassed then yes.” Jimin said. He heard Yoongi laugh and immediately wanted to throw himself off the nearest cliff.
“You have nothing to be embarrassed about.” He said. “Hard disagree with you on that one. I’m really sorry if I did or said anything inappropriate, I can be a little… shameless when drunk.” Jimin said.
“You weren’t inappropriate, don’t worry. And it’s not like I would’ve minded if you were.” Yoongi said. Jimin didn’t know what to say. What had Yoongi meant by that? Had he wanted something to happen? Surely not? Jimin was sure he was just being nice and friendly.
He wouldn’t have wanted Jimin’s drunken advances. He was grateful when he heard the buzz of the tattoo gun start up again, happy to avoid further talk of that night.
He tried not to react when he felt Yoongi’s hand on his arm, but it was difficult, his mind swimming with what he could have meant. He knew he was just overthinking the whole thing, Yoongi was just being friendly that’s all. Trying to ease Jimin’s embarrassment.
Of course him being nice about the whole thing wasn’t helping Jimin’s crush. It just made him like him more. Why couldn’t he have just been an asshole, then maybe he wouldn’t be so smitten. But no, Min Yoongi had to be the perfect man. God, he was so screwed.
In ordered to stop his mind spiralling down a Yoongi related sink hole, Jimin once again found himself focusing on the photo of a poodle tacked to the wall. This time when Yoongi paused to refill the ink Jimin asked him, “Is that your dog?”
“Hm? Oh yeah, that’s Holly.” Yoongi said, looking over to where Jimin was still looking. “Ah so cute.” Jimin cooed, turning around to see Yoongi with a goofy little smile on his face. Holly was not the only cute one. “He’s a total princess, loves attention.” Yoongi said fondly.
“I’ve always wanted a dog, but I don’t really have time to look after one.” Jimin said. “Yeah its a big responsibility. I’m lucky my neighbour checks in on him while I’m working, otherwise I probably would’ve had to leave him back in Daegu with my parents.” Yoongi said.
“Oh you’re from Daegu? My best friend is from there.” Jimin asked. Of course he already knew he was from Daegu, Jungkook had mentioned it, but he didn’t want Yoongi to know he’d been talking about him.
That might be weird and he was already coming off as being weird to begin with, he didn’t need to add to it. “Yeah, moved to Seoul when I was 19.” Yoongi said. “What’s your friend’s name, maybe I know him?” “Kim Taehyung.” “Oh, so Jungkook’s…”
It was funny how people kept coming up short when it came to finishing that sentence. He supposed it was hard when they were still in that dating stage, although Jimin was pretty sure that sentence would soon be ending with the the word ‘boyfriend’. “Yeah, that one.”
“I don’t know him. He’s younger than me though from what Jungkook has said, so we probably didn’t cross paths.” Yoongi said. “Ah yeah that makes sense.” Jimin replied. “Think it would’ve been a bit too much of small world if you’d known him.” “True.”
Jimin twisted back around so Yoongi could continue his tattoo. He felt a little less on edge after their brief chat, he was glad he’d mentioned the dog, because not only were his nerves eased, but he’d also gained a little insight into Min Yoongi.
Insight which was more what Jungkook had mentioned. He had moved from Daegu to Seoul when he was 19, he was older than him, and he had a poodle who his neighbour watched while he was hard at work in the tattoo studio.
While he knew he was being ridiculous, he couldn’t help the smile that crept onto his face when he looked at the photo of Holly again. He could just imagine Yoongi with him, in all his black clothes, dyed hair and tattoos, babying the little poodle. It made Jimin’s heart flutter.
Much to Jimin’s disappointment it didn’t take Yoongi long to finish up the second arm, he supposed it was a much smaller and simpler design than his first one, so it shouldn’t have been surprising when Yoongi announced that it was all done.
He cleaned up and ushered Jimin back to the mirror again to see the final piece. Once again Jimin was left in awe at how perfect and beautiful they looked. The simple fine black lines looked delicate yet stark against his tan skin.
His heart seemed to swell with love at the sight of them, and he was assured at how right he was to get them done. “I love them, again you’ve done it perfectly.” Jimin said.
“I’m glad to hear that. I really loved the placement so I’m glad you liked it too, it’s not a common one for lettering like that.” Yoongi said as Jimin continued to admire his new body art. “Really?” “Yeah most go for the inner arms or wrists. They look really good on you.”
Jimin looked up from his reflection at that, looked up to see a flush of pink over Yoongi’s cheeks which made him even prettier if that was at all possible. Jimin didn’t really know what to say, was Yoongi just being nice? Or had that been a direct compliment?
Because if it was the latter… Jimin didn’t want to think about what that could possibly mean. Especially when he thought about it in conjunction with Yoongi’s previous comment about not minding if Jimin had been inappropriate when he was drunk.
“We should get you wrapped up.” Yoongi said, after a moment and Jimin was grateful to avoid thinking of something to say. Yoongi cleaned up the tattoos up again and applied some cream before wrapping them in cling film, reminding Jimin of the aftercare instructions as he went.
It was all over much quicker than Jimin would have liked, and he found himself reluctant to leave so he asked, “Are colour tattoos harder to do?”
“Not necessarily, it mostly just depends on the design rather than colour and practice. It’s all just a case of developing the shading skills and knowing how to blend the colours.
Some artists, like Namjoon are pros at it, I’ve pretty much always stuck to blackwork so my colouring isn’t as good.” Yoongi told him. “I would’ve assumed you preferred black tattoos from your work, but your’s are quite colourful.” Jimin commented.
Yoongi let out a laugh, “yeah, I guess I’m quite contradictory for that, I do prefer simple black and white tattoos, but I have a few colour ones.” “Did the same artist do all of yours?” He asked, wanting to keep the conversation going. Yoongi thankfully didn’t seem to mind.
“No, I’ve been all over to get them done. Even went to the US for some, and I did a guest spot in London a couple of years ago and one of the artist there did my back piece.”
“Oh wow, that’s so cool. I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for artists, if Taehyung hadn’t known Jungkook I wouldn’t have even known about this place.” Jimin said.
“It’s easy to find artists now with the likes of instagram,” Yoongi said, he’d began tidying up around Jimin who’d perched himself on the tattoo chair. “Before that it was more word of mouth, at least within the community, especially here where it's harder to get licensed.
Or you’d just go with whatever studio was available. Now people find artists from across the globe, we’ve had clients from abroad come just to get tattooed by us.” “Holy shit, that’s crazy.” Jimin said.
“Its very flattering, and will always blow my mind that people would be willing to do that for me.” Yoongi said, ducking his head shyly. “It’s not surprising really, you’re so good, I would’ve travelled to get tattooed by you.” Jimin added.
“I- thank you Jimin-ah, that means a lot.” “I really would, not only is your work amazing but you made me feel really comfortable. Especially with my first one. I was so nervous and intimidated just coming into the studio.” He admitted.
“I’m glad you felt comfortable, that’s something that’s really important to me. Everyone should feel comfortable whilst getting tattooed, it can be such an intimate experience.” Yoongi said.
“I really did, enough so that I still came back even after embarrassing myself when I was drunk.” “Ah you really didn’t embarrass yourself.” Yoongi assured again.
“Oh please, I know I’m a messy drunk and I haven’t completely forgotten everything.” Jimin said. “I know I made some… bold comments.” “Bold is the word you’re going for?” Yoongi teased. “What else do you want me to call it, horny?” Jimin asked.
Yoongi laughed, “that might be a little more accurate.” “Yah! You said I didn’t embarrass myself!” He whined. “You didn’t really,” Yoongi said, but he was grinning. “It was cute.” “Cute?”
Jimin had been willing the ground to open up and swallow him alive, but at that comment he was suddenly not so keen to vanish. Yoongi thought he was cute? “Yeah, I mean you were very… complimentary, but also very apologetic about it at the same time."
Jimin just raised his eyebrows at him, not really sure how to respond to that. So his memory of calling Yoongi hot repeatedly hadn’t been false, but he’d apologised about it a lot? God Taehyung would have a field day if he knew about this.
Jimin really was a messy disaster gay when he was drunk and everything Yoongi said tied in with his own hazy memories just confirmed it. Jimin was back to wanting the ground to swallow him up.
“Really, you’ve nothing to be embarrassed about. Every says stupid shit when they’re drunk.” Yoongi assured. “That’s easy for you to say, you weren’t the one announcing to the world who you think is hot.” Jimin said covering his face with a groan.
Jimin felt large hands carefully taking hold of his wrists, pulling his own hands away from his face. He blinked to see Yoongi very much up in his space and very pretty whilst doing it. “If it makes you feel any better I’ll tell you that I think you’re hot too.” He whispered.
Jimin felt a rush of warmth spread through him at the words. All he could do was stare at Yoongi, his heart hammering in his chest. He thought he was hot? Jimin’s brain seemed to short circuit, he didn’t know what to do or say.
Yoongi thought he was hot. It felt like time had came to a stop as he just sort of gaped at him, it wasn’t until he felt Yoongi’s hands move from where they were still holding onto his wrists that Jimin snapped out of it.
Swallowing hard he opened his mouth to speak, but words failed him. Though he did notice the way Yoongi’s eyes flitted down to look at his lips at the movement and Jimin found himself mirroring the action, his eyes dropping down to Yoongi’s pretty pink lips.
All he could think was how much he wanted to kiss those lips, he really wanted to kiss them. “Then you should.” Yoongi said.
Jimin’s eyes went wide when he realised he must’ve said that out loud but thankfully he brain didn’t let him linger on the shock and embarrassment instead, it latched on to Yoongi’s words and he leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to Yoongi’s waiting lips.
He felt Yoongi’s hands on come to rest on his hips, as he kissed him. It was just a brief, almost chaste kiss but it made Jimin’s heart flutter and his stomach erupt into a storm of butterflies.
When they pulled apart all he could think about doing was kissing him again but unfortunately Yoongi’s phone picked that precise moment to start ringing. “Sorry.” He mumbled as he pulled away and went to answer the call.
Jimin sat, still perched on the tattoo chair his cheeks flushed red. He had kissed Yoongi, he had really kissed him. “Yeah, yeah I’ll be there in 10.” Jimin heard Yoongi said and disappointment flooded through him as he realised their moment was over.
He stood up and grabbed his bag and jacket as Yoongi came back over. “Sorry, I need to head out.” He said, rubbing a hand at the back of his neck awkwardly. “Yeah of course, sorry to have kept you late.” Jimin said. “Um, how much do I owe?”
“Oh right yeah, um hang on I’ll check the book. I don’t know how much deposit Wheein took.” Jimin followed Yoongi back through to the front desk, after paying up what he owed for his tattoos Jimin said an awkward goodbye and practically ran from the studio.
The awkward tension to unbearable to stand. It was only when he was sat on the subway back to his apartment that he let himself think about what had happened. It seemed surreal and like a dream.
In fact it wasn’t all too dissimilar from one of the many dreams Jimin had had about Yoongi leading up to his appointment. He didn’t know what to think about the whole thing. He had kissed Yoongi, it had been great but was it just a caught up in the moment thing?
Yoongi had said he was hot and cute, but that didn’t necessarily mean he wanted anything more to happen. By the time he got home Jimin was confused and unsure about everything.
🌙🌙🌙 Jimin could barely get Yoongi and the kiss off his mind over the next few days, his mind reeling over everything that happened. Taehyung said he was overthinking it, that he should just go with it and ask Yoongi out but Jimin couldn’t bring himself to do it.
The more he thought about it, the more he thought he’d crossed the line with him. Yoongi was his tattooist, and Jimin had taken advantage of the moment. It had just been a heat of the moment kind of thing, and Jimin had been stupid to think it would be anything more.
It was inappropriate to kiss someone you were paying to do a service, hell even the drunk flirting had been wrong. Jimin had been one of those people who he hated, the type that thought customer service people were flirting with him when they were just being nice.
That’s all Yoongi had been doing, he was just trying to be nice and make Jimin feel less embarrassed. It was pathetic that he had gotten so hooked up on it. That he actually thought Yoongi was interested, and now he had crossed the line and kissed him. He felt like such a fool.
By the time Donghun’s party came around the next week, Jimin was certain he’d done a terrible thing and he could never go back to the studio again. Which wasn’t ideal because he’d really wanted to get another tattoo.
But nope, he couldn’t go back and put Yoongi in an awkward position again. He wouldn’t do that to him. He would simply have to find another tattoo artist. “What are you wearing?”
“Why does that sound seedy coming from you?” Jimin asked, looking over at his phone which was on the table. “Yah! If I wanted it to be seedy you would know about it.” Taehyung’s voice retorted through the speaker phone.
“I’m in sweats. I can’t decide what to wear.” Jimin said, and it was true he was stood looking at various potential outfits which were laid out across his bed. “Donghun said it was casual, but I also don’t want to look underdressed, it is a party after all.”
“I’d go jeans,” Taehyung said, “and maybe that Chanel sweater I got you for your birthday.” Jimin hadn’t thought about that sweater, he went and grabbed it from his closet.
“Okay yeah that could work, its fancy enough for a party but lowkey and casual at the same time. Thanks Tae.” Jimin said. “And to think you just accused me of being seedy, when I in fact was here to help.” Taehyung scoffed.
“Yeah yeah, whatever. Are you seeing Jungkook tonight?” Jimin asked. “No, I’m going for dinner with Min-hyuk and Seo-joon.” “Ah yes, the other friends.” “You say as you’re getting ready for a party with your other friends.” “Colleagues.”
“They’re your friends just accept it.” Taehyung said with a laugh. “Fine, I suppose Donghun and Yuchan are my work friends.” “You know it’s not a bad thing to form relationships with people. Even romantic ones…”
“Don’t start that again.” Jimin said, as he finally pulled his sweater on and proceeded to sort out his hair. “Oh come on, I still don’t understand why you’re not asking him out. You two kissed.” “I really don’t want to talk about this again Taehyung.”
More like he didn't want to argue again, Taehyung was very much in the mind that Jimin was being an idiot when it came to the whole Yoongi thing. While he didn’t doubt that he was being an idiot, he also knew that chasing Yoongi wasn’t the right way to go.
He had accepted that nothing was going to come of it and he really wished his friend would too. Jimin needed to move on, and stop thinking about a guy who was way out of his league and unattainable.
“Okay, I’m sorry. I just want you to be happy.” Taehyung said softly. “I know, and I am or at least I will be if my hair would behave.” Jimin said.
Twenty minutes later he was stepping into Donghun’s new apartment and being greeted by a very smily Junhee. “Ah Jimin, welcome so glad you could come.” He said, ushering Jimin inside.
The apartment was nice, and much bigger than his own. There were a few people there already, a couple Jimin recognised from the office but didn’t know. “Donghun is around somewhere, do you want a drink?” Junhee asked. “Please.”
Jimin followed him into the kitchen where they grabbed a beer each. Jimin had only met Junhee once before, but he was easy to be around and despite them barely knowing each other he made Jimin feel welcome and comfortable.
The party was just as Donghun had said it would be, pretty lowkey and chill, and soon enough most of the guests had arrived and were happily sitting drinking and talking. Jimin found himself talking to one of Junhee’s friends.
Byeongkwan had attended the same university as Jimin and had even had some classes together. Though Jimin hadn’t realised as he’d kept to himself at school.
The only time he’d really socialised it had been with Taehyung and Hoseok, the three of them getting drunk and going to their favourite club every once in a while, usually after exams when Jimin needed to destress.
“I don’t blame you to be honest, I wish I’d spent more time studying and less with friends partying.” Byeongkwan said laughing. “I’m sure you had a lot more fun than I did.” Jimin assured. “Yeah but my grades showed it.” “What do you do now?”
“I work for a small fashion label, marketing.” He said. “Oh that’s cool.” “Yeah I hit on lucky with them, they were just starting out so didn’t really care that I wasn’t the best on paper. They’re a great bunch as well. I love it there.”
“I think that is more important than anything, not liking your coworkers just be hell.” Jimin said. “And maybe it was meant to be, you working there. Imagine if you’d gotten better grades but ended up at an awful company?”
“I’ve never looked at it that way but I guess you’re right. Plus if I hadn’t been partying all the time I wouldn’t have met Donghun, he worked at one of the bars I went to.” “See, it was meant to be.”
“I like the way you think Jimin, now tell me what Donghun is like at work.” Byeongkwan said with a wicked grin. They ended up talking for a bit while the party grew around them, it wasn’t overly rowdy but there was plenty laughing and talking going on.
A few more people turned up as Jimin chatted with Byeongkwan, Donghun finding them at one point and it was a little relief to Jimin to see another familiar face.
It had been so long since he’d been to any kind of party he’d felt a bit uncomfortable to begin with, but Donghun and his friends made him feel at ease.
He supposed in a lot of ways he’d relied too heavily on Taehyung for companionship, never letting himself get too attached to others because he’d had some bad experiences in high school after he came out.
He’d convinced himself he didn’t need anyone, he could just get on fine by himself, then he’d met Tae and it had taken a bit of time but he’d allowed himself to be friends with him, the same happening with Hoseok.
Truthfully he didn’t know what he’d have done without him, being completely alone would’ve been horrible. But he’d never let himself get close to anyone, it had taken a lot of time for him to even let Hoseok in.
If he hadn’t been forced to share a room with him when they attended a dance competition together he doubted their relationship would be what it was. No, not letting himself have more friends and relationships had been a mistake.
He was seeing that now as he sat amongst Donghun’s friends, a big group of people who no doubt weren’t all best friends, but still they had fun together. Opening himself up to more people would be a good thing.
He’d already started seeing it with Jungkook and their friendship had been an accident really. And even Wheein had been messaging him regularly. He needed to stop being so one track minded and closed off. He could follow his dreams and have a life.
“You okay Jimin-ah?” Donghun asked. Jimin had snuck off into the kitchen to get himself another drink and to have a breather. “Yeah I’m fine hyung.” “Sorry you don’t know no anyone, I thought Channie would’ve been here by now.”
“It’s okay really, your friends are all really nice.” Jimin assured him. “They’re alright I suppose.” Donghun said with a fond smile on his face. “I’m really glad you came.” “I am too.”
“I’d been meaning to suggest me, you and Channie get dinner one night but moving has just been so hectic.” “I can only imagine, but there’s plenty time, we can get dinner whenever you want.” Jimin said, and he meant it.
He found himself really liking the idea of hanging out with Donghun and Yuchan outside of the office. As much as his job was just a stop along the way to his real dream, he was glad he’d met them and made some friends in the company.
It was true what he’d said to Byeongkwan, working with people you didn’t like sucked and he was happy to have found a couple of good people to wile away the hours with. He hoped that even after he left he could stay in touch with them.
“Good, we can talk about it with Chan if they ever shows their face.” Donghun said with an eye roll. “I’m sure they’ll be here soon.” And they were, Yuchan turned up ten minutes later, and they were joined by someone very familiar. “Jungkook?”
“Jimin-hyung hey, what are you doing here?” Jungkook asked as he followed Yuchan into the kitchen where Jimin and Donghun were still stood talking. “I was about to ask you the same thing.” “Oh you two know each other?” Yuchan asked. “Jungkookie is dating my best friend.”
“Oh you’re Taehyung’s friend! Jungkook mentioned you.” “How do you know each other?” Jimin asked. “We were in uni together before I dropped out.” Jungkook explained. “He’s the only one I stayed in touch with.” “Ah that’s cool.”
“Okay now that we’ve discussed what a small world it is, you can explain why you’re over an hour late Kang Yuchan.” Donghun interjected. Yuchan had the decency to look guilty as they got scolded for being late. Jimin and Jungkook heading back into the sitting room.
“Can I ask you a question?” Jungkook asked after a little while. “Sure.” “Is there something going with you and Yoongi hyung?” Jimin felt his cheeks flush in an instant. “What? Why do you ask?” Jimin said, not wanting to admit what happened at his last appointment.
“He’s just been asking about you that’s all, like he’s trying to be subtle about it but he keeps asking if we’ve hung out or if I’ve spoken to you.” Jungkook said laughing, “so I just wondered if something had happened.”
“Oh.” Jimin didn’t know what to say. Should he tell him about the kiss? He’d spent so long convincing himself that the kiss had been a mistake, and that Yoongi wasn’t actually interested. Hearing Jungkook say he’d been asking about him threw him off kilter.
“He said it was to make sure you’re tattoos were healing okay, but I think it was a little more. Hyung is awkward as hell, so I don’t think he’d say out right, but I think he’s into you.” Jungkook added. “Wait, what? You’re joking.”
“Nope. He was even bragging to another of our tattooist friend’s about how amazing you were getting your rib tattoo.” “I- okay.”
Jimin was really confused now. Yoongi was not only asking Jungkook about him, but he was talking about him to others. And Jungkook thought he was into Jimin? He didn’t want to get his hopes up, he’d worked so hard to convince himself that it had been nothing.
Yoongi was out of his league, and there was no way Jimin was his type. They were so different. It hadn’t even seemed imaginable to him, was he really so stupid to convince himself that despite them kissing, he really believed Yoongi wasn’t interested.
He couldn’t help but feel stupid and confused. Taehyung would tell him he was an idiot, that he’d been right all along. But Jimin’s own insecurities had left him feeling like there was no possible way someone like Yoongi would want him.
Maybe it was because he’d never really had a relationship. He’d hooked up a few times while in university, but that was all they had been, hooks ups. The idea that someone might actually be interested in him felt so foreign.
“But, if you’re not interested…” Jungkook said. “No! I mean, I am?” “Is that a question?” “I don’t know.” Jimin said with a sigh. “Hyung you’re confusing me.” “I’m confusing myself.” He admitted. “I like him, like he’s hot and seems really nice.” “But?”
“But I don’t know, isn’t he a bit out of my league?” “Are you fucking kidding me?” Jungkook exclaimed. “You’re like a whole 10, no wait an 11.”
“I- I don’t know what to say to that.” Jimin said, feeling a little awkward. “You don’t need to say anything, you need to stop doubting yourself.”
Jimin looked at Jungkook, he didn’t seem to be teasing or making fun. In fact he looked quite serious, as though Jimin’s insecurities were a personal issue for him. He reminded him of Taehyung.
They really were quite similar in a lot of ways, and being a reassuring voice to Jimin was apparently one of them.
“Okay.” “So you’ll ask hyung out?” “I don’t know about that.” “Why not?” Jungkook asked. “Isn’t it weird though, I’m his customer?” Jimin pointed out.
“Oh, I never thought about that.” “Yeah, and I want to get tattooed by him again so I don’t want to make it weird.” Jimin said. Jungkook nodded in understanding.
Jimin had almost mentioned the kiss, but he felt that it was something that would only encourage Jungkook, and well he had meant it when he said he didn’t want to make it weird.
He did want to get another tattoo from Yoongi, and he didn’t want to risk making him uncomfortable by asking him out. Thankfully Yuchan appeared a moment later and all talk of Yoongi was left behind.
He was glad, he wanted to forget about him and focus on having fun with his friends. His mind was already too much of a mess because of him, he needed to just get out of his head and relax.
So he did just that, accepting the drink that Yuchan offered him, and many more after that he let himself get swept up in the party.
🌙🌙🌙 Later that night when he was back home, he lay staring up at the ceiling as he processed what Jungkook had said, his drunken mind flowing with the possibilities that may come from it.
He shouldn’t have been picturing cute dates or curling up on the sofa with Yoongi, but he couldn’t help it. A little bit of his willpower to avoid it had melted away with every sip of soju, and he’d had a lot of sips. Maybe he should just take a chance?
A leap of faith and see what happens? Spending the night with Donghun and Junhee, who were very happily in love and Jungkook who was clearly besotted with Taehyung had just made him crave something like that of his own.
He wanted someone to come home to, to spend lazy Sunday afternoons with. He wanted someone to stroke his hair while he fell asleep from drinking too much soju. Jimin rolled onto his stomach and scrambled for his phone, the screen bright in the darkness of his room.
He would probably regret it in the morning, but right now his inhibitions were at an all time low and his loneliness at a high so he opened up the instagram app and scrolled until he found the name that made his stomach squirm.
JM - Hi Yoongi-ssi. You said to message if I had any questions about my tattoos, I think my ribs might need a touch up. Jungkook said they can need it sometimes so I thought I would ask what you think.
Sure he was taking the cowards route of asking him about his tattoo, but he needed an opening. He couldn’t just message him and say hey fancying going out for dinner and then maybe getting married some day? No, Jimin wasn’t that drunk.
Before letting himself fall asleep he sent a message to Taehyung asking to meet for brunch the next day, he would either need a big pep talk for his bravery or a hug when he released what a huge mistake he’d made.
He shoved his phone under his pillow and proceeded to ignore it, letting his already heavy eyelids flutter closed at last. Tomorrow’s Jimin would have deal with the consequences of that message.
**** The sun was far too bright for Jimin’s hangover as he sat in the cafe waiting for Taehyung and Hoseok to arrive. He’d woken to a reply for Taehyung agreeing to brunch, and asking if their hyung could join them.
Jimin of course had agreed, it was probably better to have the both of them there while he dealt with the existential crisis he was having over messaging Yoongi.
While he waited he also messaged Wheein, upholding a promise he’d made to himself to make an effort with his new friends. He was happy to see she was keen to meet up and they agreed to go for dinner that week.
He’d also had a message from Yoongi, he hadn’t realised it until he’d opened instagram to message Wheein, but Yoongi had replied almost straight away last night.
Something which made Jimin feel a little tingly inside, he hadn’t waited to respond, he’d replied straight away inviting Jimin to call into the shop whenever he had time so he could take a look at the tattoo.
Jimin hadn’t been expecting that, he’d thought they would just discuss it over text, but now he had to face him. He supposed that was a good thing, he would be able to gauge how the meeting went better face to face.
Plus it made sense that Yoongi would actually need to see the tattoo in order to see if it needed a touch up. Not that Jimin actually thought it did, it had just been an excuse. Though he wasn’t an expert, so maybe it did and Yoongi would be able to see that.
So naturally he was panicking now. He was glad his drunk self had messaged Taehyung about brunch, even if the sound of the coffee machine was making his head throb. “Jimin-ah!”
Hoseok’s voice carried through the cafe easily and was almost a little too loud for Jimin’s fragile hungover state, but he was happy to see him all the same, and maybe hung on a little tighter than usual when he greeted him with a hug.
“Is everything alright?” Taehyung asked, sliding into the seat beside Jimin. “Yes, and no. I need to talk to you about something.” Jimin said, he was playing with the sleeves of his sweater.
“Did something happen at the party? Who do I have to destroy?” Taehyung said, and Jimin laughed. Of course he would go into protection mode immediately. “Nothing! Well nothing bad anyway, you don’t need to fight anyone TaeTae.” Jimin assured. “At least I hope not, oh god.”
Jimin buried his face in his hands. “Let me guess, this is about Yoongi.” Taehyung said. “I messaged him last night when I was drunk.” Jimin mumbled from behind his hands. Taehyung reached out and pulled his hands away, forcing Jimin to look at him.
“You didn’t send a dick pic did you?” “What?! No Tae, what the fuck?” Jimin exclaimed. “Just making sure.” Taehyung said with a shrug, “what did you say then?” Jimin showed him the message. “Is that it?” Taehyung said, slumping back into his seat.
“What d’you mean is that it?” Jimin asked. “Well the way you’re acting I thought you’d ask for his hand in marriage or something.” “Well, we also might have kissed.” Jimin mumbled. “YOU WHAT?!” Taehyung all but screamed. “Last night?” Hoseok added.
“No, at my last appointment. Taehyung stop looking at me like that.” Jimin said. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Because I- I don’t know okay.”
Jimin told them about the kiss, about how Yoongi had said he was hot and then how he’d had to leave which had just left Jimin feeling unsure about the whole thing. “So you kissed, and now you’re panicking about messaging him over your tattoo needing touching up.” Hoseok said.
“Yeah, but I don’t think my tattoo needs touching up.” Jimin confirmed. “Ah, so it’s an excuse to see him.” Hoseok said, nodding in understanding. “It was more an excuse to talk to him, I didn’t think he’d actually want to see me.”
“But surely he’d need to check your tattoo.” Tae pointed out. “Yes, but drunk me last night didn’t think about that and now I have to face him and I don’t know what to say.” Jimin said. “Hence the panic.” “Okay that makes a lot more sense.” Taehyung admits.
“What am I gonna say to him?” “You could just be honest and tell him you like him? Hoseok suggested. “And then ask him if he wants to get a drink sometime.” Taehyung added. “What if he says no?”
“Then he’s an idiot.” Taehyung said without hesitation. “No one in their right mind would pass up a date with Park Jimin.” “Tae has a point.” Hoseok added.
“I just don’t want to mess it up. Jungkook thinks Yoongi might be interested, but what if he got it wrong and I make him feel uncomfortable?” Jimin said, voicing his fears. “You literally just said you two kissed, he wouldn’t have kissed you if he wasn’t interested.” Tae said.
“I don’t think you have anything to worry about, truthfully Jimin-ah, any guy would be lucky to have you.” Hoseok said, giving his hand a squeeze. “Thanks hyung, I just- I’ve never done this before and he’s so cool and nothing like me.” Jimin said.
They were so different, they lived in such different worlds. It was constantly at the back of his mind, that fear that their differences would stop them. Jimin felt so underwhelming in comparison.
“You’re cool too, just in a different way. Think about it, there’s not many 25 year olds working towards opening their own dance studio.” Taehyung said. “Hell, if anything you’re cooler.” “Tae, you’re biased.”
“The fuck I am! You really don’t give yourself enough credit Jimin. I admire you so much. Here I am just living of my parent’s wealth and muddling through being an artist.” Taehyung said. “Not you though, you have a big plan and you’re working so hard to get it.”
“Taehyung is right. You’re smart, talented, hard working and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Just because this guy has a few tattoos doesn’t make him any cooler than you Jimin-ah.” Hoseok said.
“Aish, you’re gonna make me blush.” Jimin said, feeling a rush of affection for his friends. “I wish you could see yourself the way we see you.” Taehyung added.
Jimin wished he could too, wished he felt the confidence in himself that he needed to in order to just go for the things he wanted. Of course he’d always been sure of his plan, but when it came to personal relationships he was never sure.
He supposed in a lot of ways that was probably why he’d avoided them all together. Never really believing anyone would be interested in someone who wasn’t anything special. In part that was why he was so determined to open his studio.
It was his way of making something of himself, but maybe he needed to start believing in himself now on a personal level rather than just a professional manner. He needed to have faith in himself as a whole package, just like his best friends did.
🌙🌙🌙 After brunch with his friends Jimin felt a lot better, though he still had a lot of apprehensions. He just needed to keep reminding himself that he was good enough, that Yoongi had shown interest. He’d told him to kiss him! It wasn’t just Jimin who had done that.
He would be brave and ask him out, if he said no, then that was it. He could move on. He just hoped no matter what happened he wouldn’t make things weird between him and Yoongi.
Not only because he wanted to keep getting tattooed by him, but also because his friendships with both Jungkook and Wheein were growing, and Yoongi was part of their lives. He would just have to take his leap of faith and hope for the best.
*** It was late when Jimin headed to the shop the next day, he’d decided to just go after work and part of him was regretting it now as the he’d ended up staying at the office later than planned. But he knew if he back out now he’d just end up putting it off repeatedly.
Hongdae was full of evening revellers, couples walking hand in hand, friend groups talking and laughing loudly as they entered restaurants and pubs. There was a good vibe, even though it was a Monday night.
The tattoo studio was as indiscreet as ever, the little cat sign simple amongst the brightly lit storefronts. He wiped his hands on his pants as he made his way up the stairs, his nerves building with every step.
The studio was quiet when he entered, at first Jimin wondered if he’d came by too late but then he heard the music coming from the back room. He recognised Agust D’s voice immediately and smiled at the sound of his favourite artist.
A moment later Namjoon appeared, he smiled at Jimin and gave him a small wave before heading to the front desk with the his client which had followed him out.
“Hyung is in the back if you want to go through Jimin.” Namjoon said, dashing all of Jimin’s hopes to avoid the tattooist for a few minutes longer. “Okay, thank you.”
Yoongi was sat at the desk beside his station, his back to Jimin and once again he was left a little dry in the mouth as he observed his broad shoulders and back. Mentally shaking himself, he would not linger on perverted thoughts, he cleared his throat to announce himself.
Yoongi looked around and smiled softly, causing Jimin to go from horny thoughts to sappy melting in an instant. He had the cutest smile, and Jimin was a weak man. “Jimin-ah, hey.” Yoongi said getting to his feet. “Hi, Namjoon said to come through.” Jimin said.
“Yeah I mentioned you might be stopping in. You were thinking your ribs need a touch up?” “Yeah, no, I don’t know.” Jimin said awkwardly. “I didn’t really know what to look for.”
“That’s fine.” Yoongi said with a small laugh that melted Jimin’s heart a little more. “I can take a look and we’ll see how it’s healed up.” Jimin nodded. Yoongi was acting perfectly normal and Jimin, well Jimin felt awkward as hell.
Of course Yoongi didn’t know the panic driven rollercoaster Jimin had put himself on since their last meeting. It felt like his first appointment all over again, where he was left feeling unsure of what to do and very aware of his own limbs.
“That’s Geonhak sorted.” Namjoon said, appearing in suddenly, Jimin felt a little relieved at his return though it was short lived. He thought maybe having another person in the room would make it less awkward, but Namjoon was quick to announce he was heading out.
“I’m going now.” He said, “I’ll lock up out front so you two won’t be interrupted, and remember, be safe.” He winked at Yoongi, before slipping out. Jimin turned to see Yoongi not meeting his eyes and blushing up a storm.
Jimin couldn’t help but the smirk that crept up on his face as he took in the red cheeks and the way Yoongi was avoiding his gaze. Namjoon’s suggestive comment clearly embarrassing him, for Jimin though it made him feel a little less awkward about the real reason he was here.
Maybe Jungkook had been right after all about Yoongi’s interest and if Namjoon was making comments like that, clearly he thought the same. “Right so, your tattoo.” Yoongi said after a moment, he was still avoiding his eyes but he didn’t mind. It was cute how flustered he seemed.
“Yeah, should I take my shirt off?” Jimin asked sweetly. It took him a lot of restraint to stop the smile that was desperate to break out on his face at the way Yoongi’s cheeks seemed to flush an even darker shade of red as he nodded.
The red really did look pretty on his skin, the prettiest blushing boy. Jimin really was so whipped it was painful.
Jimin made quick work of unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off his shoulders, before standing patiently waiting for Yoongi. Yoongi asked him to turn slightly so the light hit has side better before scooting his stool over and getting a closer look.
Jimin held his breath as Yoongi gently grazed his fingers over his skin as he carefully inspected the tattoo. His heart once again hammering in his chest.
Jimin was stood between Yoongi’s open legs, towering over him as he looked over his skin and it made Jimin feel all hot inside and out. He was sure he was the one blushing furiously now. Certain his face would be scarlet at Yoongi’s close proximity and touch.
“It all looks fine.” Yoongi said, putting some distance between the two of them. “It’s healed really well, you have nothing to worry about.” Jimin let out a shaky breath, “oh, that’s good then.” “Yeah. Um, do you want me to check the others while you’re here?” Yoongi asked.
“Yes please.” Yoongi stood this time, once again stepping closer. Jimin almost gasped out loud when Yoongi put a hand on his hip to turn him, his thumb grazing over the skin just about Jimin’s waistband.
He swallowed hard as Yoongi took hold of his arm, lifting it slightly to get a better look at the ink adorning his skin. “Those ones look fine too, you’re healing really well.” Yoongi said softly.
Jimin turned to look at him, his hand was still resting on his hip and he was so close. So close that Jimin could see a dusting of freckles across his nose, the pink of his blush giving him a rosy glow. He was so pretty Jimin could barely speak.
They were around the same height his brain provided for him, so when Yoongi finally let his gaze drift to Jimin’s they were looking directly into each others eyes, Jimin was looking right into Yoongi’s pretty feline eyes, and oh how he could get lost in those eyes.
He watched as Yoongi’s eyes dropped down for a moment, down to his lips.
“Jimin-ah…” Yoongi whispered in that deep gravelly voice and it was all that it took to have Jimin closing the gap and kissing him. His brain short-circuits as he presses his lips to Yoongi’s. Its fast and rough, and over in seconds after Jimin realises what he’d just done.
“Oh my god I’m sorry.” He rushes out, as he looks at Yoongi with wide eyes. “Why are you apologising?” Yoongi asks. Jimin barely has time to react as Yoongi pulls him back in and they’re kissing again.
He can feel Yoongi’s hands on his hips, the grip tighter than before, as though he’s scared Jimin will pull back again. He grips the front of Yoongi’s shirt.
One hand reaching up to the back of his head, fingers tangling into the soft mint strands as Yoongi licks at the seam of his lips. Jimin opens them, welcoming him in to deepen the kiss.
He almost moans as Yoongi licks into his mouth and he stumbles back slightly, the back of his legs hitting the tattoo chair. Somehow Jimin ends up sat on the chair with Yoongi straddling him. He doesn’t even remember it happening, it was all a blur. But he didn’t care.
He had Yoongi in his lap and they were making out, his arms were wrapped around Yoongi’s slender waist as they kissed. It was much slower and more languid now in contrast to the hot and heavy, almost rough kisses they’d shared in the beginning and Jimin loved it.
He loved the way Yoongi’s fingers tangled with the hair at his nape, and the way he whined slightly as Jimin slipped his hands up under his t-shirt. “I didn’t think I’d see you again.” Yoongi said after a little while. “I’ve been busy… work y’know.” Jimin lied.
“I thought maybe the kiss had scared you off.” “Not at all.” Part of him wished he could just be honest, that actually the kiss had scared him. All those insecurities surfacing had scared him, what could possibly happen scared him, his own feelings scared him.
He supposed it was scary letting yourself be open and vulnerable to someone new though, and it wasn’t a bad thing. Jimin kissed him again, he never wanted to stop kissing him. The feeling of Yoongi’s lips against his was heaven.
Jimin had kissed a few people in his life, but none of them had felt this good. There was something about Yoongi that was intoxicating, and addictive. He couldn’t get enough. So you can imagine how disappointed he was when Yoongi pulled away.
“I’m gonna have to head home.” He said, though to give him his due he sounded as disappointed as Jimin felt. “Okay.” “I need to get back for Holly.” Yoongi explained. “Of course, he’s probably missing his dad.” Jimin said, suddenly feeling less disappointed and more smitten.
Yoongi climbed down and handed Jimin his shirt. He’d totally forgotten that he’d been half naked the entire time they’d been making out, and he was again blushing. Once Jimin was dressed again and Yoongi had packed up his things they headed out.
They were stood at the bottom of the stairs before heading out into the street when Jimin spoke again. “I’ll have to make another appointment soon.” Jimin said as he watched Yoongi lock up. “You know, you don’t need to get a tattoo just to see me.” Yoongi commented.
“Is that so?” “Yeah.” Jimin looked at Yoongi, he was fussing about with the keys from studio and not meeting Jimin’s gaze again. It was cute really, how much he avoided his gaze whenever he was feeling shy.
It just made Jimin like him more, he was so cute on top of being the hottest and sweetest guy he’d ever met. “Well in that case, do you want to get a drink some time?” Jimin said before he lost his nerve. “You mean like a date?” Yoongi asked, looking up.
“Yes, like date.” “I’d like that.” “Okay then, I’ll message you?” Jimin said, trying very hard to contain the stupid happy grin that was desperate to break free. “Okay.”
They stood awkwardly for a moment, before Jimin leaned in a pressed a soft kiss to Yoongi’s cheek. “I still want another appointment though.” “Sure, any time.”
Jimin couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home. He was sure the people in his subway carriage probably thought he was a madman but he didn’t care. He was so stupidly happy and the thought of going on a date with Yoongi made him feel giddy.
🌙🌙🌙 They ended up arranging to go for a drink the following weekend. Jimin couldn’t stop smiling every time he thought about it. It felt like his stomach was filled with a constant flurry of butterflies.
“It’s cute how excited you are.” Taehyung said during their movie night a couple of days after. “I just- I didn’t expect it to happen. I’d really convinced myself he wasn’t interested.” Jimin said.
“I would say I told you so, but I know you’ve been feeling a bit insecure about the whole thing so I’m happy you decided to push through it. You deserve to get a good dicking Mimi.” Jimin slapped Taehyung on the arm in response, but he just laughed.
“It’s not about sex Tae!” He whined. “Really, after what happened when you last saw him?” Taehyung retorted, “you were making out half naked in his tattoo chair, tell me how that’s not about sex?!”
“Yah! That was… I don’t know what that was. But I really like him. I don’t want to just get laid.” “But you wouldn’t be against getting laid.”
“Well no, he’s really fucking hot and of course I’d be interested. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna jump into bed with him though.” Jimin said. “Boriiiiing.”
Jimin rolled his eyes. He knew Taehyung was just kidding, but at the same time he hoped he hadn’t gave Yoongi the same idea. While he had very much enjoyed their make out session, he didn’t want it to just be about sex. “I can see you overthinking again.” Taehyung said.
Jimin shifted where he sat, he’d been caught out. Taehyung knew him too well. “What if Yoongi thinks I just want sex?” He said, his voice small as he voiced his concerns.
“I’m sure he doesn’t think that. He seems like a genuine guy from what Jungkookie has told me. Not the type who is just in it for the physical. Unlike me.” Taehyung assured.
“You’re not like that, not that it would be a problem if you were. But you and Jungkook have been going on proper dates and everything.” Jimin reminded him.
“Yeah but I still jumped into bed with him. I think part of me regrets that a little, and it kind of stopped me from chasing anything more with him for a while. Cos I thought that’s all he was interested in.” Taehyung admitted.
Jimin had wondered if that’s what had been putting him off asking Jungkook out properly, they had been hooking up for a little while before Jimin had pushed him to ask him out on that doggy playdate.
“We’re both a bit bad at this aren’t we.” He said laughing. “I’m glad you saw that he wasn’t like that, Jungkook is really great.” “He is, I think… I think I’m falling in love with him.”
When Taehyung said that Jimin felt a rush of warmth and happiness for his friend. It made him so happy to see Taehyung happy, and he wasn’t lying when he said he thought Jungkook was great. In the short time he’d known him Jimin had really found him to be a kind and genuine guy.
He seemed perfect for Taehyung as well. They were very similar but also very different at the same time and Tae needed someone like that. “I’m so happy for you Tae.”
“I’m scared, but I don’t want it to stop.” Taehyung said. “I’ve never felt this way before, but it’s a good feeling. I feel good around him.” “Love is scary, we’ve never experienced it before, but I want to. I want you to. I want you to be happy.”
“I want you to be happy too Jiminie. You deserve it, and I really hope things work out with Yoongi.” Taehyung said, taking Jimin’s small hand in his much larger one and giving it a squeeze. “Then we can have a double wedding.”
“Okay I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself Kim Taehyung. I haven’t even been on the date yet.” Jimin said, shoving him playfully. “But you’d make such a pretty blushing bride.” “Shut up!”
They ended up slumped together giggling, and later that night when Taehyung had fallen asleep Jimin could’t help but smile at the thought of getting married in the future.
It was crazy to even think about something like that, as he’d said to Taehyung, he hadn’t even been on a date with Yoongi yet, and here he was thinking about marriage. That was insane, and he knew it might not work out. That was insane, and he knew it might not work out.
But for the first time he was letting himself actually think about a future with someone, something he never let himself do. He’d always just focussed on his plan, let that take up all his energy,
but he was allowed to think about getting married in the future. Whether it was with Yoongi or some other guy he met, that was besides the point. He could fit that into his future plan, something that could be apart of his life just like opening his own dance studio was.
He would achieve those dreams, he would have his studio and he would get married to a wonderful man who he loved and maybe they would adopt a puppy or a kitten. He didn’t know when that dream would come true, but he was happy having it nestled in the back of his mind.
He would think of that whenever he had his doubts now instead of those thoughts that plagued his mind and left him feeling unsure. He could do it all, and he would get there when the time was right.
A small part of him hoped it would be with Yoongi, though he knew in reality he didn’t even know the guy all that much and only time would tell if would work with him. But he had a good feeling about it.
They had their date to look forward to, and they would go from there and whatever happened Jimin would keep going and not let himself feel bad about it.
*** When the message came through three days later it felt like a sucker punch. He was sat eating lunch with Yuchan in the office canteen when his phone lit up with the notification.
“I think I’m gonna order those sneakers, I don’t even care if I have to live off ramen for the rest of the month… Jimin-hyung is everything okay?” Yuchan asked. Jimin had stopped listening, he felt like crying as he stared down at his phone.
MYG - Hi Jimin, sorry but I’m gonna have to cancel tomorrow, I’m really sick. Sorry again.
He reread the message over and over hoping it would change. That it would say how much he was looking forward to the date instead, but it didn’t. Yoongi had cancelled on him. “Hyung?”
“Sorry, I um, can you excuse me.” Jimin said, he grabbed his phone and all but ran from the room, leaving a confused looking Yuchan behind. He just managed to barricade himself into a toilet cubicle before a tear slipped free. God he was such an idiot.
He’d gotten his hopes up so high and they’d just been torn down. He fumbled with his phone for a second and found Taehyung’s number, hitting call without even thinking. “Jimin-ah? What’s wrong?” Taehyung’s deep voice, laced with worry, asked.
“He cancelled on me Tae.” Jimin said, only just choking back a sob. “Oh baby no, what did he say?” “Apparently he’s sick. All he did said was he was sorry and that he was cancelling. No, hey we can rearrange or anything. It’s just not happening.” “Have you replied?” “No.”
“You should, this doesn’t mean it’s over.” “Maybe, I just… I was looking forward to it so much.” Jimin said. “I know, but sometimes things come up and if he’s really sick he can’t help it.” Taehyung said, “I guess.”
“Look, just take a deep breath, calm yourself down. Then give him a reply, and I’m sure you’ll rearrange something for when he’s feeling better.” Taehyung assured him. Jimin nodded, then he remembered he was on the phone, “okay.” “It’ll be okay, love you.” “Love you too.”
Jimin ended the call and took a moment to take a few deep breaths like Taehyung had suggested. He needed to calm down, not only because he needed to respond to Yoongi in a normal and not psychotic manner, but also he was still at work.
He couldn't exactly go back into the office crying. He made himself leave the cubicle and splashed some cold water on his face, hoping to make his eyes look less puffy. The last thing he needed was for everyone asking if he was alright.
Especially considering he was very much feeling like he wasn’t. With one last deep breath he pulled up Yoongi’s message and sent a reply. PJM - Oh no its okay, I hope you feel better soon :(
There, he’d done it, he’d sent the message. He just hoped that he was wrong again, and that this wasn’t Yoongi’s way of getting out of the date. He wanted to believe he wasn’t that type of guy, he was going to try and stay positive.
Taehyung was right, they would simply rearrange their date. Yoongi would reply saying just that and Jimin would stop feeling like a fool. He checked himself over in the mirror, tried his best to will his eyes to look less like he’d been crying and headed back to the canteen.
“Is everything alright?” Yuchan asked as Jimin slipped back into his seat. “Yes everything is fine, sorry for rushing out like that.” Jimin assured. “Don’t worry about it, as long as you’re okay?” “I am.” He lied.
Jimin could barely concentrate the rest of the day, he was constantly checking his phone for a reply. In the end he turned his phone off just to stop himself from checking it so much. It was getting ridiculous. Yoongi and said he was sick, so he was probably resting.
It wasn’t until he got home later that night that he allowed himself to turn it back on, he had a few messages from Taehyung checking in on him, and one from Wheein with the details for a club night they’d talked about going to.
But nothing from Yoongi, his heart sank at the lack of response. He tried to remind himself that there was plenty time for Yoongi to reply, that he needed to be patient, but the more hours that passed by the worse he felt.
Jimin knew he shouldn’t let himself get so upset by it all, it was just a cancelled date. Yoongi was sick, it was a perfectly normal excuse, but all those old insecurities had come rushing back in an instant.
So much for him not letting them get the better of him. That hadn’t lasted very long.
🌙🌙🌙 When Jimin woke up the next morning his heart jumped when he saw he’d had a notification from Yoongi, but it soon fell again when he saw that it wasn’t a reply, Yoongi had simply liked his message.
The little heart probably would’ve had his own fluttering away a few days prior, but now it just felt like disappointment in emoji form. Flinging his phone back down onto his bed he headed for the bathroom.
He needed something to distract himself, and the only thing he could think of to do that was dance. Once he was dressed he headed for the gym at the bottom of his street. He was lucky it was pretty quiet on a Saturday morning and he was able to use one of the studios.
He did it every now and again to give himself a place to practice. It wasn’t the best, and he was often kicked out a lot sooner than he’d like to be by a Zumba class that was due to start, but at least it was somewhere.
Dumping his bag in a corner he synced his phone up with the speaker system and opened his favourite playlist, he would just immerse himself in the music and forget all about his cancelled date and Min Yoongi.
“Taehyung said I’d find you here.” Jimin turned to see Hoseok stood in the doorway of the studio. “Hyung, what are you doing here?” Jimin said, allowing himself a break.
He grabbed his water bottle as Hoseok entered the studio properly, they both sank to the floor, resting their backs up against the mirrored wall. “If you’d been checking your phone you’d know I’ve been looking for you. I stopped by your apartment and everything.
When you didn’t answer I rang Tae, he said if you weren’t home you’d be here.” Hoseok said. “Oh, sorry. I just needed to…” Jimin said, he fumbled for his phone in his bag, and true to his word there were a number of messages and missed calls from Hoseok.
“Its okay, Tae told me what happened.” Jimin didn’t say anything, he didn't want to talk about it. Thankfully Hoseok didn’t push. “Anyway, that wasn’t why I was looking for you.” “Then why?” “I have a proposition for you.” He said, eyes glinting. “Oh?”
“Let me buy you breakfast and we can talk.” Hoseok said getting to his feet. Jimin let himself be pulled up to his feet. “I should probably shower first.” He said, realising how sweaty and gross he looked.
He’d been in the studio for a few hours without even realising it and he definitely needed to change before facing the public. “True, you’re pretty gross right now.” Hoseok said laughing. “Hyung!” Jimin whined.
They ended up in a cafe across the street. Despite it being so close to home Jimin had never been in before, it was cute, he would have to come back. It was nice to be able to go out with Hoseok like this again, he’d missed having him close while he was in the US.
“So what’s this proposition?” He asked after they’d filled their stomachs with delicious pastries and coffee.
“Well, since coming back from the US I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do going forward. It’s something that I’ve been considering for a little while, and now is the perfect time to do it.” Hoseok said, “I want to open a dance studio, and I want you to do it with me.”
Jimin didn’t know what to say. It was the last thing he’d expected. Hoseok had never mentioned wanting to have his own studio before, or even teaching.
The only thing he’d ever talked about was being a choreographer, and he’d been doing that for a big name idol company ever since he’d left university. As far as Jimin was concerned he’d been living his dream. “I don’t know what to say.” Jimin replied.
“I know it's always been your dream, and to be honest I was never interested in doing anything like it for the longest time.” He said.
“But when I was in the US we ran a few dance workshops and that’s when I realised how amazing it was to teach dance, to actually see kids falling in love with it. I get why you want to do it so bad now.” “Wow, I didn’t know you’d done stuff like that over there, that’s amazing.”
“Yeah, since then I haven’t been able to get it off my mind.” “But what about your job at the company? I thought you loved it?” Jimin asked.
“I do, but it’s exhausting. Both mentally and physically, and I don’t have any freedom to do things my way. Plus we haven’t had many kids coming through who are there because they love to dance, its all singing and rapping, which is cool!
But I wanna see more people with a passion for dancing, and what better way to inspire it than by opening a studio?”
“You’re so right hyung, one of the reasons I’ve always wanted to open a studio was to help people find their passion for dance. It’s so cool that you want to do it too.” Jimin said. “So does that mean you’ll be my partner?” Hoseok asked.
Jimin had been so thrown by Hoseok’s announcement that he hadn’t even paid much notice to the fact that he’d asked Jimin to do it with him. He didn’t know what to say or even think about it.
He’d had his plan for so long, had a one track mind to do it all on his own for as long as he could remember. This wasn’t something he’d ever imagined and it left him unsure.
“You don’t have to answer right now, take as long as you need to think about it. It’s a big decision and I know you have your plan.” Hoseok said as though reading Jimin’s mind. “I get it if you don’t want to and if that’s what you decide then no hard feelings.”
“Thanks hyung, I’ll have to think about it. I’m really honoured you’d ask me though, you have no idea how much it means.” That was the truth, Hoseok had always been such an inspiration to him. They’d met during a dance competition when he was in his first year of university.
Jimin had never expected to be thrown into a group with a bunch of hip-hop dancers, his speciality was contemporary, yet that was where he’d ended up.
Hoseok had been so welcoming, and helped him so much with the choreography, never once making Jimin feel less than for not knowing the style or moves. Their friendship had developed from that day, and Hoseok had taught him so much.
“If I was gonna do it with anyone, it would be you. You’re such an inspiration to me Jimin-ah, you work so hard for what you want to do and not to mention you’re an amazing dancer.” Hoseok said. Jimin felt his cheeks flush with warmth. “Hyuuung!”
“I’m right so don’t hyung me! Seriously, though, give it some thought and let me know what you want to do.” “I will.” Jimin promised.
🌙🌙🌙 Jimin spent the next few days thinking about Hoseok’s proposal. He’d had his plan for so long he couldn’t imagine doing anything different, but if he paired up with his hyung it would change everything.
Part of him, the stubborn independent part, didn’t want to change his plan. It wanted to carry on with how things were because that was what he’d set out to do.
That part of him was also the one that had prevented him from living his life to the fullest, that had stopped him from making new friends and doing more of the things he wanted. Maybe joining Hoseok was just another step in his road to changing his life for the better?
The past couple of weeks had been such a shift in everything he’d ever known, he’d already changed so much and he felt a shift within himself that he’d never expected. And while some things, like his date with Yoongi, hadn’t worked out, everything else had for the better.
He was starting to feel happier in himself, something he hadn’t even realised he’d been missing. Jimin had never thought of himself as sad or lonely, but he had been.
He’d just been going through the motions, with only his plan and the friends he had to stop him spiralling into a very dark place. The fact that he hadn’t even been aware of how he was feeling only added to how much he’d been letting his life just pass by without even living it.
“So what are you going to say?” Taehyung asked as they walked along the Han river. Jimin watched as Yeontan sniffed at a little weed that had sprouted up between the pavement stones. “I think I want to do it.” He said after a moment. “More than that, I think I need to.”
“Ah I’m so glad! I think it would be so good for you both.” Tae said smiling. Jimin beamed at him. He’d thought about it a lot, and the longer he did the more excited he’d been about the idea. It scared him, terrified him in fact, but he wanted it. He had a good feeling.
“Have you heard from Yoongi?” Taehyung asked. “No, nothing. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. But it’s okay, I’m okay.” Jimin said.
For the most part he was. His initial reaction to their failed date had been rough, but he was feeling okay about it now. Yoongi hadn’t messaged him again and he’d accepted it. He wasn’t going to let it get him down. “That’s a shame, d’you want me to ask Jungkook about it?”
“No, I don’t want to make things weird. I’m just gonna let it go. It’s not like I’m never gonna meet another nice guy.” Jimin said. “Very true, you’re hot as fuck, men will be lining up to date you.” Taehyung said, making Jimin laugh.
“You’re ridiculous.” “I am honest. You’re a 10 Park Jimin, it’s time you started acting like it.”
*** Things moved really fast after that. The moment Jimin told Hoseok he wanted to open the studio with him it was like the world had been put into fast forward.
A month went by in the blink of an eye and Jimin had been so caught up in everything they needed to do to for the studio he hadn’t had much time to think about Yoongi. Or at least that’s what he told himself.
Sure he was busy all the time, when he and Hoseok had got together to go over everything they’d realised they could start work straight away. Pooling their savings together meant that their dream could become a reality very quickly.
They’d spent any free time they’d had together, looking for a place, creating their business plan, researching everything they needed to make a safe and secure studio. It was intense and Jimin was loving every minute of it.
But it hadn’t stopped his mind drifting to Yoongi whenever he had a moment to breathe. He still found himself scrolling through the tattooist’s instagram page. Still found himself daydreaming about their kiss.
He’d really tried to let it go like he told Taehyung he was, but he was so head over heels for him it was hard. Jimin had never had a crush like this, it was overwhelming and bordering on ridiculous but he didn’t know how to stop it.
Even though he was doing everything he could to keep his mind off him, he was ever present at the back of his mind. “Earth to Jiminie!”
Hoseok’s voice pulled him from another daydream. They were sat in a coffee shop next door to a space they’d just viewed for the studio. Hoseok had caught him staring off into space out the window, his mind once again on Yoongi.
“Sorry, what were you saying?” Jimin said, embarrassed. “Just that was the best place we’ve looked at.” Hoseok said. “Yeah I agree, d’you think we should go for it?”
“I think so, I’ll get in touch with the agent.” Hoseok said before adding, “is everything okay? You’ve been kind of out of it.” “Everything’s fine.” Jimin assured, “I was just thinking about… him.”
He couldn’t even bring himself to say Yoongi’s name, how ridiculous was that? It was as though they’d had some big terrible breakup, despite not having even making to their first date. “Have you spoken to him?” Hoseok asked.
“No, I wouldn’t even know what to say at this point. He didn’t even reply to my last message.” Jimin told him. “Maybe he’s just feeling the same way. From what you told me he seemed really into you, it’s surprising that he just changed his mind all of a sudden.”
“I don’t know. I feel like the whole thing happened so fast and then just nothing. I’m trying to let it go, but I can’t stop thinking about him.” “Its hard when you like someone, it might be worth trying again. Just give him a message and see what happens.” Hoseok suggested.
It wasn’t as if Jimin hadn’t thought about doing it, but that stubborn side of him was determined not to. Yoongi hadn’t even replied to him, why should he be the one to chase him? “He could’ve messaged me.” He said.
“True, but guys are stupid. If you really like him, give him a chance. Don’t overthink it, just drop him a message. If he responds great, if not maybe that’ll be the closure you need to move on.”
Jimin really did try not to overthink it, but the problem was he didn’t know how to under think, or just think. His stupid little brain just brought up all the reasons why Yoongi hadn’t messaged him, and that it would be pointless to do it as he wouldn’t get a response again.
Thus so, Jimin continued to avoid any means in which to solve his problem. Despite knowing that he was being an idiot again, he told himself he was just too busy to bother with boys right now. He had a dance studio to open.
Another week went by and Jimin really did get a little too occupied with the studio to think about Yoongi. Working all day at his office job, then meeting with Hoseok every night to work on the studio left him exhausted most days and he was thankful for mostly dreamless sleep.
He was maybe starting to believe he was getting over Yoongi when Taehyung turned up at his apartment out of the blue. “What are you doing here?” He asked. It was Saturday and he was finally having a break from work and studio related stresses.
“Thought we could get ready for the party together.” Taehyung said, shoving his way into Jimin’s apartment. “Party?” “Don’t tell me you actually forgot?” He said rolling his eyes. “Jungkook’s birthday? Come on Min, you said you were coming.”
“Oh, right yeah, of course I didn’t forget.” Jimin lied. Truthfully he had forgotten about the party. With everything that had been going on it had completely slipped his mind. “Sure you didn’t. Anyway, I need you to help me decide what to wear.” Taehyung said.
Jimin followed him into his bedroom and watched as Taehyung pulled out multiple items of clothing, laying each one out on his bed. “So, I want to look hot but an understated hot. Don’t want to look like I’m trying to hard y’know?” “Right.”
Jimin looked at the selection, if he was honest Taehyung looked good no matter what he wore. He was pretty sure his best friend could rock up in a trash bag and he’d look like a model. But he knew what it was like to want to make a good impression on the boy you liked.
Fuck, the boy he liked. It suddenly hit him that Yoongi would be at the party. He was Jungkook’s friend, of course he would be there. Jimin felt a little sick at the thought of seeing him. Seeing the guy who had bailed on their date and then proceeded to ghost him.
“I think that shirt would look good.” Jimin told Taehyung, before adding, “so about the party…” “Don’t you dare try to bail on me Park Jimin.” Taehyung said cutting him off. “But Tae,” “No buts! You’re going.”
“No buts! You’re going.” “I’m exhausted though, I’ve been working late every day since me and Hobi-hyung started working on the studio.”
“That’s not the reason you’re avoiding the party though is it?” Taehyung said turning to face him, hands on his hips as he looked at him skeptically. “I- fine, but I really don’t want to see him.” “And what about Kookie? Is he not your friend?” “I’m sure he’ll understand.”
“Its his birthday Jimin, and he invited you because he wants you there.” Jimin felt a pang of guilt at Taehyung’s words. He did feel bad about not being there for Jungkook’s birthday, but the thought of seeing Yoongi just made him feel shit and he didn’t want to face it.
“Look, I get that things didn’t go to plan with Yoongi but you need to get over it, and avoiding him forever isn’t going to help. You said you wanted to make an effort with you new friends,
well Jungkook is one of them and if you’re just gonna bail on him on his birthday after saying you’ll go over some dumb boy then I don’t really know what to say.”
Taehyung’s words felt like a slap in the face. Of course he was right, and that pang of guilt only felt worse as he sank down onto his bed. “I just feel so stupid about the whole thing, and the thought of seeing him just makes it all so much worse.” He admitted.
Taehyung moved the clothes that were laid out and sat down beside him, a comforting arm wrapping around his shoulders which had Jimin automatically curling into him. “I know it’s hard, but I think it’ll be better if you just face him and get it out of the way.” Taehyung said.
“I know.” “We’ll just have to make sure you look extra hot and show that fucker what he’s missing!”
Jimin couldn’t help the laughing at that, Taehyung always knew exactly how to make him feel better. So with a bit more encouragement he relented and agreed to go to the party after all. He just hoped it wouldn’t be too awkward seeing Yoongi again.
🌙🌙🌙 The party was being held at the apartment of one of Jungkook’s friends, in a really fancy part of Seoul Jimin could never imagine himself living. Taehyung was fidgeting with his rings as they rode the elevator up to the 12th floor.
All his bravado gone once again as he prepared to meet the majority of Jungkook’s friends for the first time. Jimin slipped his hand into one of his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “It’s gonna be fine.” “What if they don’t like me?” Taehyung asked, voicing his fears at last.
“They will, you’re easily the most likeable person in the world.” Jimin assured. “You’re biased.” “Maybe so, but I’m still right.”
Taehyung gave him a weak smile but held his head a little higher as the elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open.
Jungkook answered the door with a beaming smile and Jimin was instantly glad he’d decided to come, he couldn’t have imagined disappointing him by not showing especially when he was pulled into a tight hug.
“You came! Ah I’m so glad you’re both here.” Jungkook said, after hugging them both. Jimin noticing he held onto Taehyung a little longer. It really was cute how smitten they were with each other. Jungkook lead them inside and Jimin was awed at how big the apartment was,
sprawling views of Seoul could be seen out of the massive windows. He wasn’t normally jealous of this kind of thing but those views had him feeling it. “Wow, you’re friend’s place his amazing.” He said as Jungkook guided them through to the kitchen for drinks.
“I know right?! I couldn’t ever afford to live somewhere like this. Suppose that’s what you get when you’re a successful media exec.” Jungkook said laughing. They grabbed some drinks and Jimin felt a little less on edge as they found somewhere to sit.
There were a good few people milling about talking and drinking, the music giving a chilled atmosphere. “You okay?” Jimin asked Taehyung when Jungkook excused himself to greet some more guests.
“Yeah, wish some of his friends that I’d actually met where here though. I don’t know any of these people.” Jimin felt a bit the same. He’d expected to see the people from the tattoo studio there, but none of them had arrived yet.
In a way he was glad, as that meant Yoongi wasn’t there either, but it also meant him and Tae were left feeling a little awkward smushed together on a loveseat not knowing anyone but each other. “I wonder if Yuchan is coming. I forgot to ask him.” Jimin voiced.
“That your friend from work?” “Yeah. He went to university with Jungkook.” “Hopefully he is, at least then we’d know someone.” Taehyung said, “maybe we should’ve came later when more people had arrived.” “And yet you complain when I’m always late.” Jimin teased.
Thankfully more people began to arrive not much later, including Yuchan. Jimin was happy to see him there and to have someone else to talk to, Wheein and her girlfriend Hyejin arrived around the same time too and both Jimin and Taehyung began to relax a little more.
“I think this might be my dream apartment.” Hyejin said as they stood beside the windows talking. The view really was stunning and they all agreed that it was definitely a dream home. “Guess we’ll need to get jobs at big music companies in order to live like this.” Wheein said.
“Is that what Jungkook’s friend does?” Jimin asked. “Yeah, he’s a higher up in some idol company. You wouldn’t think it though, he’s a really down to earth guy.” “You know him too?”
“He’s Namjoon’s boyfriend,” Wheein explained. “He comes into the studio every now and then and has always been super nice and funny.” “Ah that’s so cool.” Yuchan commented. “Wish I had a super successful boyfriend.” “You just wish you had a boyfriend full stop.” Jimin teased.
The party was in full swing and Jimin was three beers deep when he spotted Yoongi for the first time. He almost didn’t recognise him at first because his signature mint green hair was gone.
Jimin spotted him leaning up against the wall on the opposite side of the room, engrossed in conversation with Namjoon and another tall guy. Jimin tried not to stare but he couldn’t help it, he looked insanely good.
While the mint green had been hot, his now jet black hair was next level attractive. Paired with his leather jacket which hung open over a black and white shirt and ripped jeans it was making Jimin feel a little weak in the knees. He had to force himself to turn away.
It wasn’t fair that he looked that good. It was too much for Jimin to handle. He’d been so good telling himself he was getting over Yoongi, only for him to rock up looking like a wet dream and he was just supposed to be okay? Nope, he was very not okay.
“I’m just gonna find the bathroom.” Jimin mumbled to Taehyung, who barely paid him any attention as he listened to Jungkook talk. Jimin thankfully found he bathroom quite easily and barricaded himself inside. God he was so screwed. Why was he so affected by this man?
He’d never been like this over a guy before. This was different, it was like Yoongi had some weird hold over him that just left him a pathetic mess. Nothing had really happened with them yet here he was locked away in a bathroom like he’d just seen an ex who had broken his heart.
He really shouldn’t be this affected by him, yet he was. He allowed himself a few moments to calm down and fix his hair before heading back out into the party.
He looked himself over in the mirror, Taehyung had insisted he wear his tightest jeans which showed off his ass and thighs amazingly, and he’d paired it with a sheer striped shirt with considerably fewer buttons done up than he would normally.
Though he was glad he’d insisted on wearing a tank top underneath, much to Tae’s disappointment. He’d felt a lot more confident in the outfit back in his apartment, but he took a deep breath and held his head up.
He would simply have to avoid bumping into Yoongi, it shouldn’t be too hard. The apartment was big enough and there were plenty of people about. He could do this, he could get through the party without having a breakdown over some guy who wasn’t even interested in him.
“Hey Jimin, how have you been?” Namjoon had appeared in the kitchen as Jimin grabbed himself another beer. “Oh hey, I’m good. You?” Jimin replied, thankful to see that he was alone and Yoongi free.
“Yeah not too bad, just busy with work y’know.” Jimin nodded. “You been up to much?” “Ah just the same really, busy with work.” “Life huh.” Namjoon was nice, and clearly trying to be friendly but Jimin just felt awkward. He didn’t really know what to say to him.
They’d only met those times at the tattoo studio, and it didn’t help that the last time he saw him was the same time Yoongi and him had ended up making out. “Yeah, it’s exhausting being an adult.”
“At least we can have nights like this to make it all worth it.” Namjoon said, before adding, “Jungkookie is really glad you came, he wasn’t sure you were going to.” “Oh?” “Yeah, he said you’ve been really busy and didn’t know if you’d have time.” Namjoon explained.
“Ah right, yeah I’m in the process of starting a business with a friend. So everything’s been a bit hectic these last few weeks.” Jimin said. “I know that feeling all too well. When we were first opening up the studio it was chaos. Hope things are going alright for you though?”
“They are, it’s just a lot to sort out.” “At least you have a friend to do it with, doing that shit alone is a lot.” Namjoon said. “I’d gotten so used to having someone else helping with the running of things, while Yoongi-hyung was sick I was a bit overwhelmed.”
Jimin froze for a second. Yoongi had really been sick? Jimin had just started to believe it had been an excuse to bail on their date. “Oh really?”
“Yeah, I mean he was out of action for nearly a month so I had to do all the running of the studio which we usually share the burden of, but we got through it.” “I didn’t realise he’d been sick for so long.” Jimin mumbled. “No? I thought you two were…?”
Namjoon trailed off and Jimin was left wondering what exactly he thought had been going on with Yoongi. Had he been under the impression that things had kept going?
Surely he must’ve known that their date hadn’t went ahead, but from what he said there he seemed to think they were still in contact. Not aware that Yoongi had ghosted him following the fact. “We haven’t really spoken.” Jimin explained.
“Oh, sorry I just assumed. Suppose hyung wasn’t really up to much while he was sick.” “Was it really bad?” “Yeah, it was a really bad case of the flu and it got to the point where Jin-hyung was on the verge of making him go to the hospital it was that bad.
Thankfully he finally turned a corner and got better without needing that.” Namjoon explained. Jimin felt awful. All this time Yoongi had been struggling being really sick and Jimin had been thinking he had lied to get out of their date.
“I thought he’d told you, though when I think about it its very in character for him not to.” Namjoon added. “He just said he was sick, he didn’t say how bad it was.” Jimin said.
“That sounds like hyung. He hates being a bother, wouldn’t even let me and Jungkookie go and see him while he was sick.” “But he’s okay now?” “Yeah he’s fine, back at work and everything.”
Jimin was relieved to hear Yoongi was okay, but it didn't stop the guilty feeling that had reared its head. He really had been stupid, if only he’d been brave and messaged him like Hoseok had said to maybe he would’ve found out all of this from Yoongi himself.
He felt awful for thinking that Yoongi had lied about being sick. Yet he’d happily convinced himself that he had, he’d even avoided asking Jungkook about him, terrified to have his fears confirmed.
Jungkook probably thought he was being so weird about the whole thing, knowing the truth about Yoongi’s sickness. Jimin really was a full blown idiot. “I should get back, I promised Tae I wouldn’t leave him alone for too long.” Jimin said.
“No worries, meeting the boyfriend’s friends is scary.” Namjoon said laughing. “Very true.” Jimin ventured back out into the sitting room, eyes scanning the room for Taehyung but he couldn’t see him anywhere. Where the hell was he?
Jimin awkwardly made his way through the groups of people talking and drinking. Desperately in search for his friend, he couldn’t believe what an idiot he’d been again. Not only was he a fool for Min Yoongi, but he was also insistent on being a fool about him.
He needed to talk to Taehyung, to calm himself down and not break down in tears. “Woah careful.” Large hands gripped his arms, stopping him from tripping over as he stumbled his way through the apartment.
Jimin let himself be steadied before looking up into the eyes of the very man he’d been trying to avoid all night.
🌙🌙🌙 “Jimin-ah? Are you okay?” Yoongi’s deep voice sent a shiver through him, as Jimin tried not to have a heart attack. “I- um yeah sorry.” He said, taking a step back, away from Yoongi.
Yoongi let his hands drop from where they’d been holding his arms. He rubbed the back of his neck and Jimin could see his own awkwardness reflected back at him.
Jimin didn’t know what to say, he’d spent so long avoiding Yoongi now that he was face to face with him all words seemed to fail him. What was he supposed to say after everything had dissolved into nothing between them? He didn't even know what had really happened.
“So um, this is awkward.” Yoongi said, finally breaking the silence that was growing between them. Jimin let out a hollow laugh, “yeah, sorry.” “How have you been?” “Okay, busy with work. You?”
God it was so awkward and forced Jimin wanted the ground to just open up and swallow him whole. “Fine yeah, I mean I was sick for a bit but I’m okay now.” They fell back into another awkward silence. Jimin wanted to just run away, find Taehyung and leave.
“Fuck, this is stupid. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable or anything.” Yoongi said. “What?” “I didn’t mean to come on strong on anything, I just thought… y’know that you were interested.” Yoongi said. Jimin was confused. Hadn’t Yoongi been the one to ghost him?
“What are you talking about?” Jimin asked. “Well, when you didn’t reply I assumed you’d changed your mind about the date.” Yoongi said. “And now I’m here just making things weird again.” “You were the one who didn’t reply to me?” Jimin retorted.
What the fuck was going on, what was Yoongi talking about? Jimin hadn’t received any other messages from him after that first one cancelling their date. And he would’ve know if he had, he’d went back to read the stupid thing plenty of times.
“Eh? I messaged you a couple of weeks ago and you didn’t reply.” “No you didn’t.” “I did!” Yoongi all but cried. He shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone, a crease in-between his eyebrows as he frown done at his screen. Jimin hated how much it endeared him.
Part of him just wanted to run away, to leave and go home and curl up under his blankets. To hide away from Yoongi and his stupid feelings. “Oh,” Yoongi’s voice pulled him from his inner turmoil, he looked up to see the tattooist’s frown even more pronounced. Fuck, it was cute.
“What?” Jimin had to admit he was being a little harsh with his tone, but Yoongi had been the one to ghost him, he wasn’t feeling particularly friendly. “I didn’t send.” Yoongi said, voice small. He turned his phone towards Jimin and he looked down to see a message.
MYG - hi jimin-ah, sorry for having to cancel. I’m still not feeling great but when I’m better do you want to reschedule? The tiny ‘message failed’ beside it like a knife to the chest.
“I didn’t realise, I was still pretty feverish when I sent it.” Yoongi explained. “I just assumed you didn’t want to when I didn’t hear anything back.” “God I’m so fucking stupid.” Jimin said.
He felt like an idiot. All this time Yoongi had tried to get in touch with him and through a simple technical glitch it hadn’t happened. He’d spent all these weeks feeling sorry for himself when if he’d just sent Yoongi a message himself it would’ve all been okay.
“What?” Yoongi asked, genuine confusion in his voice. “I should’ve messaged you. This whole time I thought you were ghosting me, when if I’d just had some balls and messaged you…” Jimin said. “Hey it's not your fault. I’m the idiot for not checking to see if it sent.”
“You’re both idiots.” A voice from behind Jimin chimed in. He turned to see the tall guy he’d seen Yoongi talking to earlier. He looked vaguely familiar now that Jimin could see his face, though he couldn’t place him. “Hyung…” Yoongi whined.
“What? I’m right. You’re both idiots, you’ve just said it yourself.” The guy said. “I’m Seokjin by the way, because I doubt Yoongi-yah is gonna introduce us.” “Oh, um nice to meet you.” Jimin said, as Seokjin shook his hand.
“I would’ve introduced you.” Yoongi mumbled, his cute pout making Jimin’s heart flutter. “Sure, not like you haven’t been trying to keep this cutie all to yourself.” Seokjin said, causing Jimin to flush pink. Yoongi glared at his hyung, which again just made him cuter.
Jimin was truly whipped. Everything about the man was adorable. “It’s nice to meet you at last Jimin. I’ve heard a lot about you, probably an excessive amount.” “Hyung!” “He doesn’t shut up about you.” Seokjin said, before adding,
“though from what I’ve heard from Hoseok you’re just as bad.” “You know Hobi-hyung?” Jimin asked. “He works at the same company as me.” Seokjin explained. “You knew his friend and you didn’t even tell me?” Yoongi interjected.
“Sorry, wasn’t aware I needed to announce who my friends are Min Yoongi.” “Yah! You’re such a pain.” Yoongi whined. Jimin could only watch as the two continued to bicker. It reminded him a lot of how he and Taehyung were with each other, clearly friends for a long time.
Though he could understand Yoongi’s frustration at his friend knowing one his friends. He was going to have a good talk with Hoseok when he saw him next. He couldn’t believe all this time Hoseok had inside information and hadn’t told him.
Though when he thought about it, maybe that was why he’d been so insistent on Jimin messaging Yoongi.
“I hope this means you two will be sorting things out, this mutual pining the two of you’ve have had going on is a bit much.” Seokjin said, bringing the conversation back to whatever was going on with Jimin and Yoongi. “Hyung go away.” Yoongi said.
Seokjin just smirked before doing as Yoongi asked and disappearing back into the party. “Sorry about him.” Yoongi said, rubbing the back of his neck. “He can be… a lot.”
“Don’t worry. He reminds me a lot of Taehyung actually.” Jimin assured. “He’s kind of right though, we have been a bit dumb about this.” “Yeah, just a bit.” Yoongi agreed. “Sorry I’ve been avoiding you all night. I honestly thought you weren’t interested.” Jimin admitted.
“Same, it took all of Jungkook’s pouting for me to even be here. I didn’t want to make things uncomfortable for you.” At that Jimin wanted to pull Yoongi into a hug so bad.
He was truly a good guy, he hadn’t wanted to miss the party to protect himself, but because he was worried about making things difficult for him. The fact that he’d nearly messed up this entire thing by letting his stupid overthinking brain get the better of him was crazy.
He would’ve missed out on having a chance with possibly the sweetest guy in existence. “So how about we start again?” Yoongi asked. Jimin’s heart swelled with hope, the possibility that he may get what he’d been pining for since the day he’d met Yoongi. “I’d like that.”
“Are you free tomorrow?” Yoongi asked. “I don’t wanna risk another miscommunication if we wait any longer.” Jimin laughed, “yeah I’m free tomorrow.”
The rest of the party was a lot more enjoyable for Jimin. He didn’t spend all that much time with Yoongi, but whenever he did see him the nervous fear he’d had was replaced with giddy excitement.
He couldn’t help the stupid grin that appeared on his face every time he locked eyes with Yoongi. And now that he was more relaxed it felt good to hang out with his new friends.
There was lots of drinking and laughing and they closed the night out with some drunk karaoke, which Jungkook seemed to have the most fun doing. It was only when he was tucked up in the back of a taxi with Taehyung on their way home that he really took in what had happened.
Yoongi had tried to message him, he had wanted to see Jimin all this time. He’d talked about him with his friends. There was no denying that he liked Jimin now. Taehyung told him as much, repeatedly.
And while Jimin felt stupid for his own stubbornness holding him back from messaging Yoongi himself, he was glad that it had turned out alright in the end.
He had a date with Yoongi in the morning. They were going to get breakfast together. He fell asleep feeling a lot happier than he had in weeks.
🌙🌙🌙 Kim Taehyung was a lot of things, but the next morning, the morning of Jimin’s date with Yoongi, he was a lifesaver. Jimin had woken up hungover and looking like absolute garbage. Thankfully Taehyung came to the rescue.
One hangover remedy and mini makeover later Jimin was on his way to a coffee shop near Hongdae. He’d woken to a text from Yoongi suggesting the place, and without a second thought he’d agreed. Truth be told he didn’t care where they went, he just wanted to see Yoongi again.
He fidgeted slightly with the cuff of his cardigan, Taehyung had chosen it, the red feeling bright against the black turtle neck and jeans he was wearing. It felt a little bold for him, but at the same time he liked it.
He liked that he was pushing his fashion choices a little more. For so long he’d bought clothes, like said red cardigan, with the idea of trying new things, only to fall back into the same simplistic outfits he always wore.
There was so much changing in his life right now though, why not just go all out? It was about time he started dressing the way he wanted, there was nothing stopping him except his own insecurities.
Taehyung had always encouraged him to be himself more, but it was only now he was actually doing it. He just hoped Yoongi liked it, that he thought he looked good.
The cafe was cute, all high ceilings and big windows. It was surprisingly quiet, but he supposed it was still quite early. Yoongi was already there when he arrived. He was sat by one of the windows, the morning light casting a soft glow over him as he read a book.
It felt almost rude to interrupt him, but as Jimin approached his face lit up and he greeted Jimin with a smile. “Hi,” Jimin said, sinking into the seat opposite Yoongi. “Morning.” He replied tucking his book back into his bag.
Jimin couldn’t believe how good Yoongi looked. It was so different to how he’d been every other time he’d seen him. Gone were the dark clothes, and leather jacket. Instead he was wearing white sweater, the sleeves overly long so only his fingers were visible.
He looked so soft. His dark hair falling in soft waves over his doll-like face. It actually made Jimin feel a little overdressed. “You look good.” Yoongi said, not quite meeting Jimin’s eyes. “Thank you. You do too.” He replied, hoping to god his face wasn’t as red as it felt.
He hadn’t expected the compliment, and now he was sure his cheeks were the same colour as his cardigan. “I don’t feel it, not gonna lie the hangover is very real.” Yoongi said with a laugh.
“Oh god same, if Taehyung hadn’t had a hangover cure ready for me this morning I’m not sure I would’ve made it out of bed.” “Aish, I really shouldn’t have drank as much as I did.” Yoongi said, “I am totally blaming Seokjin, he kept pouring me more soju.”
“Pretty sure Wheein was doing the same with me. I swear my glass was never empty after she came and sat with me.” Jimin added. They both ended up laughing, mutually blaming their friends for their own inability to quit drinking during a party.
Jimin was secretly glad Yoongi was feeling the same, it meant he didn’t have to hide how sleepy and groggy he still felt, even with the hangover cure. “I’m glad you made it though,” Yoongi said. “Its really good to see you outside of the studio.” “Yeah, me too.”
They feel into a sort of awkward silence. It wasn’t bad, but there was definitely those first date nerves hanging in the air. To break the tension a little Jimin went and ordered himself some coffee, and a pastry. They were supposed to be having breakfast after all.
Yoongi did the same not long after. Admitting he’d came early to get a head start on the caffeine intake. Once their coffees and pastries arrived it felt a little easier, Jimin was happy to have something to distract himself with whenever the conversation lulled a little.
Not that it did much once they got talking. Jimin asked Yoongi about Holly, and how he was doing and that was enough to get them going. Yoongi seemed more than happy to gush about his puppy.
He showed Jimin a few pictures, and he in turn told him about Yeontan and how he dog-sat whenever Taehyung had to be away from home. The conversation seemed to flow freely from there.
Yoongi told him about moving from Daegu to Seoul and how he basically worked himself to the bone for a year with two jobs before opening his studio. Jimin understood his work ethic all too well.
“I’ve been stuck in that boring office job since I graduated. Just so I could save up to open my own dance studio.” Jimin told him. “That’s amazing. It takes a lot to work towards your dreams like that.” Yoongi said.
“Yeah, but now that Hobi-hyung has partnered with me everything is happening a lot sooner. I’d be stuck in that office for a few more years if it weren’t for him.”
“Having someone to do it with is a lot easier, and better in general.” Yoongi said. “Before Joon joined the studio it was so draining having to shoulder the responsibility of running the studio on my own. But he has my back now and I couldn’t be happier having him there with me.”
“Jungkook has told me how good it is working with you both.” “Ah really? That means a lot. Jungkook is a good kid, I’m glad we were able to take him on as an apprentice.” Yoongi said. “Yeah, he has nothing but good things to say about you.” Jimin added.
Yoongi busied himself with his coffee and Jimin could see it was to hide his embarrassment over the compliments. But Jimin was only speaking the truth, Jungkook had been all praise for both Yoongi and Namjoon and Jimin wasn’t at all surprised.
In the short time he’d known them both Jimin had come to like them. He barely knew them, and yet he knew they were good people. They just had that vibe about them, and Jimin liked to think he was a good judge of character.
“Jungkook has spoken highly of you too.” Yoongi said, after a moment. “I think he likes having a friend from his hometown.” “It’s still surreal that we lived so close to each other back then and yet never crossed paths.” “Maybe you were just meant to meet now.”
“Yeah, if we’d met earlier things might’ve been different.” Jimin said. “I like to think things are destined to work out. Sort of like how me and Namjoon met, and meeting Seokjin at college.
If I’d met them at different times they might not have met each other. And they’re disgustingly in love now so it had to work out that way.”
“True, if I’d known Jungkook earlier he may have never met Taehyung when he did. Then Tae wouldn’t have suggested your studio for me to get my tattoo.” Jimin said. “Then we wouldn’t have met.” Yoongi added.
Maybe they had been destined to meet that way. It felt like they were meant to meet one way or another at any rate. Jimin was sure they would’ve crossed paths eventually, especially with Hoseok and Seokjin knowing each other.
There were too many coincidences to say any different, and Jimin wanted to believe he was destined to meet someone as amazing as Yoongi. It made all the struggles worth it.
After the coffee and pastries Jimin felt a million times better, and maybe spending time with Yoongi helped too. Since they were both feeling a lot less hungover the decided to take a walk.
It was nice just wandering the streets of Hongdae, the conversation flowing easily as they talked about their time in Seoul. It was nice that Yoongi also hadn’t grown up in there. Both from other cities, just trying to make a home in the bustling capital.
Jimin loved Seoul, but he often missed Busan, and even more so, his family. Yoongi shared his sentiments, talking about his parents and brother back in Daegu.
“Do you get back very often?” Jimin asked. “I try to go for Chuseok at least. The studio keeps me pretty busy. When I’m not tattooing I’m drawing up designs or doing paperwork. Running a business is a lot of work.”
“Don’t I know it, and we’re just setting up.” Jimin said with a laugh. “How’s it going with it all?” Yoongi asked. Truthfully it was going well but they’d hit a bit of a stall. Waiting for licences and checks to come through.
“Okay, it’s been a lot of stress but we’re just kind of waiting for everything to get approved now.” Jimin told him. “Ugh, the waiting is the worst part. I thought it was never going to happen.”
“It feels like that now. I think because everything else seemed to happen so fast this just feels like eternity.” That was the real problem, everything in the beginning had moved so fast.
Jimin had been a bit overwhelmed, but now that they’d hit this pause he found himself wishing it would speed up again. He wanted the studio to be open right now, of course it would be a while before that could happen but he was starting to get excited for it.
His dream getting realised. He supposed there had always been a lot doubt at the back of his mind, the little niggling fear that it’d never happen. But now it was, and he was doing it with Hobi-Hyung, which only made it better.
At first he’d been unsure about about partnering up, he realised now that it was definitely a good idea. They worked so well together already, and he just knew that they would be able to build an amazing space together.
“Sounds like your really excited about it.” Yoongi said when Jimin told him that. “I am, it’s something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.” “I’m glad you get to live your dream Jimin-ah.” Yoongi said, and there was a fond look in his eyes that made Jimin’s heart flutter.
“Taking that step, and going out on your own like that is scary. You’re doing amazing and I’m sure you will make it a success.” “Thank you Yoongi-hyung.” Jimin said.
They ended up spending the entire day together. From walking around Hongdae, to cafe hopping and eventually ending up in a pub drinking way too much soju again, despite them both saying they shouldn’t after the hangover they’d experienced that morning.
It was so easy being around Yoongi, Jimin found himself laughing so much his cheeks hurt and any nerves he had about the date melting away completely. Yoongi was everything he’d hoped he would be and more. Jimin truly had been right when he had called him the perfect man.
The date had shown him just how great he was, and even though they were from very different world, and had pretty different interests they were still very similar in so many ways.
Jimin learned a lot about Yoongi as they spent the day together but it also made him want to learn more. He wanted to know everything about him, every little detail that made up Min Yoongi.
He knew it was ridiculous that he was falling this hard, this fast, but part of him didn’t care. It felt good to be swept up in the moment. He’d never really had this feeling before. Sure he’d had crushes in high school, but he had been closeted back then so it wasn’t the same.
Then in college he’d had a few flings but nothing that had resulted in feelings, they’d just been passing fun. This had feelings, he had feelings.
He didn’t really know what those feelings were or what they meant. But he had them. Min Yoongi was making him feel things and it was wonderful and overwhelming all at once.
Saying goodbye was done with a little reluctance. Jimin didn’t want to leave just yet. He wanted the date to last forever. Yoongi walked him to the subway station, the two of them lingering beside the entrance. Jimin’s stomach was once again a swirly mess.
This was prime time for a goodnight kiss, was Yoongi the type to kiss on a first date? Was Jimin? This was his first ever real date, he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. “I’ve had a really good time Jiminie.” Yoongi said, breaking the mounting tension between them.
“I did too.” Jimin replied. They floundered for another minute or so until Jimin accepted defeat and announced he’d better go. “Yeah, you don’t want to miss the train.” Yoongi said.
“I really did have a good time hyung.” Jimin said, “and I’d like to see you again.” “I’d like that too.” Yoongi gave him a shy smile and much to Jimin’s surprise leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to Jimin’s cheek. “Goodnight Jiminie.”
Jimin could barely speak, but he managed a mumbled “night hyung” before he all but ran down the steps and into the station. Sinking into a seat on the train Jimin let all giddiness from the kiss spill over, covering his face with his hands he all but screamed.
He couldn’t stop smiling. He wanted to kick his feet and scream out loud. Yoongi had kissed him! Kissed his cheek! He let his hands drop, only to reach back up again and touch the skin were Yoongi’s lips had pressed.
Jimin sucked in his lips too stop himself from grinning like a fool and looking like a weirdo. Yoongi had kissed him goodnight, on the cheek like a gentleman, and he was so happy.
Not only was Yoongi the perfect man, but he’d given him the perfect date. There was really no getting over him now. Jimin was truly a goner.
🌙🌙🌙 Over the next few days all Jimin could think about was Yoongi. Even Donghun pulled him up about it at work, wondering how Jimin could be in such a good mood while stuck in the office. All he could do was smile, nothing could put him in a bad mood after that date.
They’d messaged a few times too, Yoongi giving Jimin his number so it was easier than doing it through instagram. Even that felt a little too good, it was just a guy’s number? Why did it make him so stupidly happy?
“You’re disgustingly whipped.” Wheein said around a mouthful of meat as they had dinner together later that week. “I’m not!” “Yes you are, all you’ve talked about is Yoongi since we got here.” She pointed out. “Okay fine! But he’s just so amazing.” “He’s alright I guess.”
“Wheein!” “Fine fine, he’s the greatest guy in existence.” Wheein said, rolling her eyes. “You know I could tell him you said that.” Jimin said. “But you won’t, cos then you’d have to admit to simping over him.” Jimin glared at her. He hated how right she was.
“Okay, we’ll change the subject. How is work?” Jimin asked. “Yah! I literally work with Yoongi, you’re still gonna end up talking about him!” She whined. “You’re the one bringing him up now!” “You’re impossible Park Jimin, why are we friends?”
“I- you’re the one who befriended me.” Jimin wouldn’t admit how nice it had felt when Wheein had called them friends. They hadn’t known each other all that long, but he really liked that they were getting to know one another more.
He really liked her, and it was nice just making new friends. He had been right to open himself up more to new people. In the space of a few months he’d opened his friendship circle up and not only welcomed new friends, but also a potential boyfriend into the mix.
“What? What is that look for?” Wheein asked. “I- um. Nothing.” “Spill!” “I was just- god its stupid. But I was just thinking how Yoongi is like, potential boyfriend material.” Jimin admitted. “Oh,” Wheein replied. “You like him that much.”
“Yeah. I know it's fast, and we’ve only been on one date.” “Sometimes you just know.” Wheein said, “I did with Hyejin. We hooked up one night during college and she just never left.” “I thought you’d said you’d been friends since middle school?”
“We were, but it was different after that night. I’d always thought she was great, and beautiful. Just never thought about anything more. Then we got a little drunk and things happened and all of a sudden there were feelings involved.”
“Feelings you didn’t know existed until then.” “Exactly.” It felt a little reassuring that Wheein somewhat understood what he meant. He’d never experienced feelings like this before, it was a whole new world for him. But one thing he knew, was it felt right.
“Look, it doesn’t matter if it’s only been one date. If you like him, go for it. Ask him to marry you. That idiot would probably say yes anyway.” Wheein said, as she waved down a waiter and ordered them another beer each. “I’m not gonna ask him to marry me.”
“Yeah yeah, next time you seem him you’ll be all ‘Yoongi marry me!’ and I’ll need to start looking for a bridesmaid dress.” “What makes you think you’d be a bridesmaid?”
“Please, without me you two would still be fumbling over each other like dumb boys.” She said, and Jimin couldn’t find it in himself to argue.
They were dumb boys after all. It was crazy to think that only a week ago Jimin was deep in his own self pity in regards to Yoongi and their failed first date. All because neither one of them had thought to message the other first.
Both of them too dumb to realise that they were just waiting on the other. The whole thing so easily avoidable. “Are you gonna get any more tattoos?” Wheein asked. “Yeah, there’s a few more I have in mind.” Jimin said. “Ooh tell me more.”
They spent the rest of dinner talking about what tattoos they both wanted in the future. Jimin geared up and ready to make his next appointment by the time they left the restaurant.
He had just been thinking about asking Yoongi about it while he was washing up before bed when his phone pinged twice. MYG - hey, sorry its late I just got home MYG - just want to say hi, hope you had a good day :] Jimin heart swelled. Even his texts were cute.
PJM - hi! It's not late, I just got home from dinner MYG - oh, I hope you ate well! PJM - I did, it was really delicious, have you eaten? You shouldn’t work so hard MYG - I’m eating now. Don’t worry Jiminie :] MYG - also aren’t you the one technically working 2 jobs right now?
PJM - technically no, the studio isn’t open yet >.< PJM - really though, remember to make time for rest hyung MYG - I will, hyung will rest well PJM - good, y’know I was just about to message you MYG - oh?
PJM - yep, I was with Wheein for dinner, we were talking about tattoos and now I want another one, can I make an appointment soon? MYG - haha of course, I can check my diary tomorrow, do you want to swing by the studio? We could get dinner after?
PJM - ah I shouldn’t be eating out twice in one week… PJM - but okay >.< MYG - wow that took a lot of persuasion PJM - I have very little willpower when it comes to food MYG - noted, spoil Jiminie with food PJM - hyung! You don’t need to spoil me
MYG - what’s the point in dating a cute boy if I can’t spoil him? PJM - hyung you’re gonna make me blush MYG - good, it looks pretty on you
Jimin really was blushing then, so much so that he rolled onto his front where he was lying on his bed and smashed his face into the pillow. MYG - I have to go now, Holly needs a walk before bed MYG - I’ll see you tomorrow :]
Jimin smiled down a the messages. His heart fluttering at the thought of Yoongi and his little poodle out on a late night walk. PJM - don’t be out too long, and sleep well hyung. See you tomorrow <3
Jimin added the heart emoji without thinking, only realising the second he hit the send button. Panic hit instantly. Then his phone pinged one last time. MYG - <3
🌙🌙🌙 Jimin had to admit ever since his date with Yoongi he’d been on cloud nine. Even his boss being an asshole all morning couldn’t dampen his spirits. “You’re too happy, it’s weird.” Donghun pointed out as they grabbed coffee on their lunch break.
“How can someone be too happy?” Jimin asked, laughing. “No one should be smiling and humming away to himself after getting chewed out by the boss.” “I- okay yeah maybe that is a bit weird. But I can’t help it. Everything is just so good right now.” Jimin said.
It really felt like so much of his life was coming together. Not only had he finally had a date with Yoongi, but he’d also had a message from Hoseok that morning confirming everything for the studio had been approved and they could actually start making moves to open.
“I’m glad to hear that Jimin-ah, you deserve to be happy.” Donghun said, and the sincerity in his voice made Jimin’s happy bubble grow even bigger. “Thank you hyung.”
After work Jimin rushed into the bathroom to change, he’d made sure to bring something nice to change into since they were going for dinner. Taehyung had took him shopping to celebrate his successful date, and as he stood in front of the mirror he checked out his new clothes.
It was a little bold for him, but he was really trying to push himself to be how he wanted to be. Rather than how he was expected to be. That involved how he dressed as much as how he was letting himself embrace new people and relationships.
The black shirt he wore had tiny red hearts dotted all over it, and while it wasn’t particularly outrageous, it was still a little bit more extravagant than the plain shirts he usually wore.
He toyed with the buttons for a moment, unsure of how many to leave open before finally settling on allowing himself to show a little skin.
Jimin wanted to look good for Yoongi. He wanted to feel sexy and confident, and while he was still a little unsure of himself, he was going to take Tae’s age old advice, and fake it til he made it.
The journey to the studio felt like an age, an excited nervousness building within him the closer he got. He couldn’t wait to see Yoongi again. He was also excited about booking his next tattoo, he really had the bug.
When he finally arrives it the shop its a lot busier than it had been the previous few times. A small group of people were hovering around the couches, flicking through the portfolios. He sees Namjoon amongst them talking to a guy with pink hair.
He flashes Jimin a smile and a wave when he spots him. Wheein is at the front desk dealing with another customer, so Jimin just waits patiently. He can hear the buzz of the tattoo guns from the back, the music seeming to meld with it in harmony.
“Hey Jimin.” Wheein says brightly when Jimin finally takes his turn at the desk. “Hi, Yoongi said to come in, he’s gonna check his diary so I can book something in.” Jimin told her. “Yeah he mentioned you were stopping by, go on through to the back. He won’t mind.” She said.
“You’re sure?” “Yep.” There was something about the smile that she gave him, a glint in her eye that just screamed mischief, but Jimin just brushed it off and headed through to the back room.
The moment he stepped through the doorway he understood why she had been looking at him like that.
Jimin had expected to see Yoongi working. Instead, Yoongi was the one laid out on the tattoo chair. His shirt nowhere to be seen as a guy with pastel pink hair that Jimin had never seen before leaned over him, working away. Jimin could only stare.
There was Yoongi, half naked and holy shit if Jimin wasn’t having a crisis. The left side of his abdomen was covered in ink, a beautiful greyscale cluster of roses, the dark ink stark against his pale skin. It was beautiful.
Curling around the right hand side of his abdomen, just above the waist line of his jeans were music notes. They curved around his hip like liquid, flowing beautifully with his body lines. Jimin was in awe.
He’d imagined what Yoongi’s tattooed body could look like a few times, but nothing really prepared him to see the real thing. He felt like he was going to pass out, how was one man this hot? How was it legal?
When the guy who was tattooing Yoongi leaned away Jimin caught a glimpse of the piece he’d been working on, positioned on his right pectoral was a sun symbol. He told himself he was just looking at the tattoo, and not at the perfectly defined pectoral muscles at all.
Nope, he wasn’t looking at the broadness of his chest, and he wasn’t thinking about how much he wanted to touch. Jimin continued to watch from where I stood in the door as the pink-haired guy went back to working on the tattoo.
Yoongi hadn’t noticed him yet, he was laying back with his eyes closed and Jimin was happy to let it stay that way. Unfortunately for him, Jungkook had others plans.
“Jimin-ssi!” He basically shouted across the room. Yoongi’s eyes shot open and he raised his head slightly, looking at Jimin who was now stood blushing furiously in the doorway. “Hi,” Jimin said to Yoongi, completely ignoring Jungkook.
“Hey, sorry. We’re running a bit late.” Yoongi said. “No, no it’s fine.” Jimin assured. He felt so awkward. He hoped none of them had realised he’d just been stood there gawping at Yoongi like a creep. But knowing his luck, they probably had.
Jungkook definitely had if the way he was grinning at him said anything. “Grab a seat if you want, we shouldn’t be much longer right Ravi?” Yoongi said. “Nah, ten minutes max. I’m just finishing up.” Pink-haired guy, Ravi, said.
Jimin grabbed the little stool that was beside the empty station, he assumed was Namjoon’s and sat down. He felt very aware of himself as he sat trying not to stare at Yoongi. “Have you been at work?” Jungkook asked, after a moment. “Um, yeah. I came straight from the office.”
Jungkook was sat with a girl who from what he could see, was getting a very large back piece done. The girl didn’t seem phased about lying there in a room with a bunch of guys without a shirt.
Of course her chest was covered as she was lying on her front, but it made Jimin think how good the studio and Jungkook must be if she comfortable to do that. It didn’t surprise him, Yoongi had made him feel very comfortable during his appointments.
But he also knew it was very different for women. You’re in a very vulnerable place while getting tattooed, he’d learned that very quickly, so you had to have trust and comfort in the people and place where you were getting it done.
As Jungkook went back to work, Jimin turned his attention back to Yoongi, Yoongi who had apparently been watching him. He smiled when Jimin caught his eye, and motioned for him to come closer. Jimin scooted the little stool over to beside Yoongi’s tattoo chair.
“Hey,” Yoongi said softly when Jimin came to a stop beside him. “Hey.” “So I had a look at my diary, there’s a couple of spots I can fit you into, depending on what you want.” Yoongi said.
“Its another little one.” Jimin said. “I’m a little unsure if I should get just yet though, cos it’ll be pretty visible.” “Oh?” “I want it just behind my ear.” Jimin said, reaching up to indicate his right ear.
He’d seen someone on the subway a few days ago with it. He’d had the idea of the tattoo lingering in his mind for a while, ever since he’d looked through Yoongi’s calligraphy portfolio.
But he hadn’t really known where he wanted it, until he saw a guy with something in a similar position. He liked the idea of having it tucked back there, like a little reminder whispering in his ear. “Ah, yeah that wouldn’t be easy to cover.” Yoongi said.
“Exactly, so I’m thinking I should probably wait til after I quit at the company.” Jimin said. He’d been thinking about it all afternoon. Yuchan had suggested growing out his hair when he’d mentioned it to him. But he couldn’t imagine his boss liking him having long hair either.
It wasn’t exactly a favoured appearance. He wouldn’t be working there much longer, at least he hoped that would be the case. Things were moving along nicely with the studio, but they still didn’t know exactly when it would be opening and he would leave his job.
“That’s probably a good idea. But it’s definitely something we can do when you’re ready.” Yoongi said. “Its so shit that you can’t get something just because of your job.” Ravi chimed in. “Corporate bullshit.” Jimin laughed. “Hard agree.” He said.
“Jiminie is opening his own dance studio soon, so he’ll be free of the corporate bullshit soon.” Yoongi said. Jimin had to physically stop himself from smiling like a fool when Yoongi called him ‘Jiminie’.
There was something about the way he said it that just made him feel all fuzzy and warm. It wasn’t even a uniquely Yoongi thing, plenty of people have called him Jimin over the years, but hearing it in Yoongi’s low drawl just made him swoon.
They fell into silence as Ravi continued to work. It was fascinating watching him. Jimin found the whole process very interesting, he had done when he’d watched Yoongi do his wrist tattoo. But seeing something larger done was even more so.
He understood why people fell in love with it, there was something incredibly beautiful and controlled about the art they created. The skill it took to almost engrave it onto someone’s skin on top of it all was just insane.
The appreciation Jimin had for tattoo artists was growing and growing the more he learned and witnessed. While he waited he did a quick search and found Ravi’s instagram account. Like Yoongi he had a lot of followers, and as clearly very popular, which was understandable.
His work was just as beautiful as the other’s he’d seen. He could see why Yoongi had wanted him to tattoo him. As he scrolled he found a familiar face, Jungkook’s grinning smile on a picture where he showed off the shoulder area of his sleeve.
Jimin smiled to himself, Jungkook really was cute. It was no wonder Taehyung had fallen for him so hard. He continued looking through Ravi’s page until he saw something familiar again, even without the butterfly tattoo he thinks he might’ve recognised Yoongi’s hand.
It took all his strength not to screenshot the picture right there and then, but he didn't want to be weird, so instead he tried to commit it to memory.
Yoongi really did have the nicest hands he’d ever seen. He hadn’t even known he had a thing for nice hands until Yoongi, that’s how nice they were.
“Okay, d’you want to take a look before I wrap it?” The sound of Ravi’s voice stopped him spiralling into a hand-focused obsession crisis. His head snapped up and he quickly shoved his phone in his pocket as Yoongi sat up.
Jimin scooted out of the way so Yoongi could get down from the chair and check out his new tattoo in the same mirror he’d had Jimin use. “Looks great man, thanks.” Yoongi said. “My pleasure.” Ravi replied. “What do you think?”
Jimin turned to see Yoongi looking at him, he hadn’t really been expecting to get asked his opinion. “Oh, it looks great hyung.” Jimin said, “I really like it.” Yoongi smiled at him, and the butterflies that resided in his stomach erupted again.
Jimin could feel himself blushing again, so as Yoongi went to get his tattoo wrapped he busied himself with his phone again. He needed to calm down, he really didn’t need to be a flustered mess in front of Yoongi, again.
Though he did remember Yoongi saying he looked pretty when he blushed, so maybe the pinkness in his cheeks wasn’t so bad.
Yoongi spent a little time chatting with Ravi before he left, leaving Jimin sat beside his tattoo studio feeling a little out of place. He really didn’t fit in with those who were coming in.
Not long after Yoongi and Ravi had went out to the front of the shop, Namjoon had appeared with his next client. The guy had beautiful long hair, that Jimin felt a little envious of. He could never let his hair grow out like that while working in the office.
He was even more envious when the guy tied his hair up revealing a tattoo on the back of his neck. Everyone who seemed to come through the doors was just much cooler than him, him with his boring natural hair in a simple short style and plain clothes.
Though he did feel a little less overdressed now that he was surrounded by people with more interesting fashion choices, unlike when he’d taken the elevator at work, standing amongst his colleagues in their suits, he’d felt so ridiculous.
“Sorry about that.” Yoongi said when he returned. “I don’t mind, it was cool to see your friend work.” Jimin assured. “Ah yeah, Ravi is a master. I’ve been wanting another piece from him for ages, but he’s been working overseas.”
“I had a look at his instagram while I was waiting, his work is great.” Jimin said. “Almost as good as you.” “Aish, you don’t need to say that.” Yoongi said, rubbing at the back of his neck awkwardly. It was nice to see him being the flustered and awkward one for a change.
“I’m just being honest, I wouldn’t keep coming back if I didn’t think you were the best.” Jimin said. “On that note, were you wanting to book in, or just wait til after you leave the office?” Yoongi said, nicely avoiding Jimin’s compliments.
“I think I’ll have to wait. Sorry to have wasted your time.” Jimin said. “You didn’t waste my time. I mean, we’re still going for dinner right?” “Yes, I’d like that.”
“Good, my friend has been talking about this Japanese place. Thought it would be nice to try if you want?” Yoongi asked. “Sounds good.”
“Great, let me just sort a few things out and we can go.” Yoongi said, he flashed Jimin another of his cute smiles before heading off to do whatever he needed to.
🌙🌙🌙 Ten minutes later they were walking through the busy streets of Hongdae. It seemed like the number of people had trebled since Jimin had went into the tattoo studio. Almost as if every young person in Seoul was out for the night.
He tried to keep close to Yoongi as they made their way through the throng of people, a few times almost getting separated. The third time it happened Yoongi grabbed his hand, pulling him close.
Jimin felt the butterflies again as Yoongi’s hand engulfed his much smaller one and he wasn’t sure if he managed to hide the goofy smile that erupted on his face. Even when the crowd thinned, and they were no longer at risk of being separated, Yoongi kept hold of his hand.
Jimin had never held hands with a boy like that before. Sure he’d held hands with Taehyung and Hoseok plenty of times. But to do it with a boy he liked, one he was wanting to date just made him squeal internally.
When they finally reached the restaurant Yoongi had been talking about it was a little disappointing to let go of Yoongi’s hand, but once they were sat down opposite each other he didn’t mind so much.
Every time he got to just look at Yoongi for long periods of time was good to him. While it may be sappy to say, he really did just find Yoongi the most beautiful person he’d ever seen.
“I didn’t get a chance to say earlier, but you look really nice.” Yoongi said after they sat awkwardly for a few minutes. “Oh, thank you. I um, Taehyung picked out the shirt.” Jimin said, feeling a little flustered at the compliment. “I don’t usually wear things like this.”
“It suits you.” Jimin felt himself sit up straighter, the compliment from Yoongi giving him a little more confidence in his appearance. “Thank you. You look really good too!” He added. “Thanks.”
They fell into silence again. For some reason it seemed a lot more awkward this time around, even though it was technically their second date and he wouldn’t thought that would make it easier. Even after ordering their food the silence returned.
Maybe it was just nerves? That was Jimin’s problem after all. He was still very nervous around Yoongi. He wanted to make a good impression.
He’d already made so many blunders when it came to their- he didn’t want to call it a relationship -whatever it was, he’d already made a fool of himself enough times. He really wanted to avoid doing it again. Which left him struggling with what to say.
Yoongi didn’t seem to mind that they weren’t talking, he had a calmness about him that left him seemingly unbothered about everything. It was absolutely killing Jimin though, he hated the silence.
“I meant to ask, what made you change your hair?” Jimin asked, purely to for something to say. “Ah, that.” Yoongi ran his hands though his hair, which wasn’t at all distracting and sexy. “I just got tired of the maintenance, plus the bleach kinda fried my hair.”
“Oh, well it looks really good. Not that the mint didn’t.” Jimin said, “you looked good with both.” “Thanks, to be honest the mint was done as dare. Namjoon didn’t think I’d ever bleach my hair. So of course I had to prove him wrong.” Yoongi said with a laugh.
“Well you definitely did that. Wish I could dye my hair like that.” “Your job won’t allow it?” Jimin shook his head. “We have to look ‘professional’ and ‘respectable’, whatever that means.”
“Yeah, people really need to learn that the colour or style of someones hair doesn’t change their professionalism, it’s their attitude that does.” “Exactly!” “What colour would you want if you ever dyed it?” Yoongi asked. “I’m not sure. I liked your friend’s pink hair.”
“Hm, I think pink would suit you.” “Really?” “I’m sure you’d look amazing whatever hair colour you had to be honest.”
Jimin didn’t really know what to say to that, fortunately their food came out right at that moment. Hearing Yoongi’s words of encouragement had him thinking about all the ways he wanted to change himself. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to do it.
He wanted to be free of his stifling office job, and in the studio where he could start to explore himself fully. It was funny really, how all of this had happened with getting one tattoo. He’d never really thought much about changing his appearance before.
Sure he’d thought it was cool when Taehyung had dyed his hair blue that time, and considered briefly what it would be like to change his own hair, but it had been a fleeting thought. Now though, he was constantly thinking about things that he wanted to change about himself.
He wanted the chance to try all these things, like changing his clothes, or his hair colour, maybe even getting more tattoos and piercings. Maybe it was being around people who were doing those things that was opening him up to the idea?
Taehyung’s brief foray into hair dye hadn’t lasted, but now he was surrounded by more people with unique styles and body modifications. It just made him want to try them out himself. He’d been so happy after he got his tattoos. They made him feel more himself in some weird way.
“So what had you wanted to get tattooed before decided it was best to wait?” Yoongi asked. “I wanted ‘youth’.” Jimin told him, “I was talking to Hobi-hyung the other day about it. About our youth and how a lot of it is lost to school and trying to figure things out.
But now, it feels like we’re getting a second chance, keeping our youth going as we take on this new adventure.” He hoped he explained it well, his talk with Hobi about it had went on for over an hour. They got lost talking about their childhood, and early adulthood.
The idea that their youth was already lost seeming more and more ridiculous the longer they spoke. In the end they both declared their youth very much still alive, and it had given Jimin the idea of getting the tattoo.
“That’s a cool concept, and I agree with you. Society puts so much pressure on us when we’re young, but also steals away a lot of that youth.” Yoongi said. “Exactly.” “Well whenever you’re ready to get it just let me know and I’ll fit you in as soon as possible.”
“Thank you, I don’t know how I’ve managed to get lucky in my appointments so far, Jungkook said you’re fully booked up.” Jimin said.
“Actually, it’s less about luck than you’d think.” He said and Jimin couldn’t help noticing how Yoongi didn’t quite meet his eyes and the way his cheeks had flushed pink. “What d’you mean?” Jimin asked, his curiously piqued.
“Well, um, I maybe told Wheein to find a way to fit you in no matter what.” “Oh.” “Even on that first day, I, um, god this is embarrassing.” He said, again rubbing at the back of his neck the way Jimin noticed he always did when he was flustered,
“I saw you when you first came in, from the back room. So when Wheein came in to ask about it, I kind of told her to fit you in, even if it meant moving around some of my other appointments.”
Yoongi definitely wasn’t meeting his eyes now. He was very much focussed on his bowl of udon. Jimin could hardly believe what he was hearing. Yoongi had made sure he got his appointment, purely down to a brief sighting of him in the studio that first day.
“So you’re saying you saw me and wanted to tattoo me?” Jimin asked. “Well, you could say that. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to meet you.” Yoongi said into his food.
Jimin was again lost for words. Yoongi had wanted to meet him that first day? Had made Wheein make it happen. Jimin didn’t understand, why had he wanted to meet him so badly? “But why?” Jimin asked.
“Are you kidding me? Jimin-ah, you’re easily the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, why wouldn’t I want a chance to meet you?” ‘Oh…”
Yoongi was looking at him now, there was a sincerity in his eyes that made Jimin almost squirm in his seat. He was the one flushing pink now, and he had to force himself not to cover his face in shyness.
He had no idea how to respond, it was hard enough whenever Taehyung or Hoseok complimented him. But having it come from Yoongi was like being hit with a truck. It didn’t seem believable that Yoongi felt that way, that he thought about Jimin in that way.
It was hard enough for him to accept that Yoongi had wanted to date him in the first place, but saying he was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen was just… he was truly lost for words.
It made him feel both confident and shy. Like he wanted to preen at the words but also hide away in giggly embarrassment. “To be honest I was surprised when you wanted to go out with me.” Yoongi added.
“You’re joking right?” It was Jimin’s turn to be affronted now. How could Yoongi possibly think Jimin wouldn’t be interested? “Well, I’m not exactly an upstanding citizen.” Yoongi said, shrugging. “Not many guys like you would be interested in someone covered in tattoos.”
“I- that’s insane. You’re so hot, and possibly the coolest person I’ve ever met.” Jimin said, which caused the pink on Yoongi’s cheeks to darken. “Says the one who didn’t believe I was interested in him.” Yoongi said with a slight eye roll. Jimin kicked him under the table.
“Yah!” Yoongi acted offended and annoyed, but there was a smile curling at his lips that proved otherwise. From there the nerves Jimin had been holding melted away, they fell into casual conversation and once again Jimin was shown how easy it was to be around Yoongi.
They talked a bit about the studio, and how Jimin and Hoseok were getting on with preparations to open. Yoongi told him about a recent visit to see his parents, and it made his heart warm to hear him speak fondly of his family.
It made him miss his own family, and he made a promise to himself to visit home soon. After dinner Yoongi walked him to the subway station, and once again Jimin found himself wishing that the date could last a little longer. He didn’t want to say goodbye.
“We should do this again soon.” Yoongi said when they reached the station. “I’d really like that.” Jimin told him. “Good, um, I’ll text you?” “Yeah.”
They lingered awkwardly for a few moments, before Jimin forced himself to be brave and leaned in to press a kiss against Yoongi’s cheek. “Goodnight Yoongi-hyung.” He said as he stepped away. “Goodnight Jiminie.”
🌙🌙🌙 The following weeks were a whirlwind for Jimin. It felt like his whole life had fallen into chaos. Not only was he working hard in preparation to open the studio, but also he suddenly had a much more active social life.
Yoongi did as he said, and texted Jimin, they arranged to meet up a few days later, which led to more dates. It was nice, they were slowly getting to know each other, and Jimin felt more and more comfortable around him the more time they spent together.
He stopped feeling as nervous with each date, and instead there was just a giddy excitement every time he was due to see Yoongi. On top of that he was hanging out with Wheein a lot more. He’d also been for dinner with Donghun and Yuchan a few times.
Jungkook had become a steady presence in his life thanks to him and Taehyung becoming ‘official’. He had to admit he was stupidly happy for his friends, he loved Jungkook, they got on so well and he made Taehyung happy.
Everything in his life seemed to be falling into place, even if it was getting their in the most chaotic way possible.
He was at the studio when the invite came. He and Hoseok had been there all day, working hard on decorating. He was covered in paint and felt like a sweaty disgusting mess when the door to the studio pushed open to reveal Jungkook, followed much to Jimin’s dismay, by Yoongi.
“Hi hyungs!” Jungkook greeted brightly. “What are you guys doing here?” Hoseok asked. “We were close by and I wanted to come and check the place out.” Jungkook said. Jimin wanted to run away and hide. The last thing he needed was for Yoongi to see him looking a mess.
He felt gross, but as Jungkook went over to chat with Hoseok, Yoongi walked over to him. “Hey,” He said, in that stupidly attractive deep voice of his. “Hi, god don’t look at me I’m a mess.” Jimin said, covering his face with his arms.
“Don’t be stupid.” Yoongi said, laughing as he pulled Jimin’s arms down. “Even covered in paint you look perfect.” “Aish, hyung stop! You’re gonna make me blush.” Jimin whined. “But I like it when you blush.” Yoongi teased.
Jimin glared at him, but it had little effect, Yoongi just smiled at him with his adorably cute gummy smile and it made Jimin melt. “The place is looking really good.” Yoongi added. “Thanks, feels like I’ve been inhaling paint fumes for days.” “D’you have an opening date yet?”
“We’re hoping next month if all goes to plan. I’m supposed to be handing my notice in at work tomorrow.” Jimin told him. “Wow, that’s amazing.” “Yeah, I’m a little nervous to be honest. I don’t know how my boss is gonna react.” Jimin admitted.
“It doesn’t really matter. You’re not gonna be there for much longer. Its his problem.” “I guess, I just hope he doesn’t make things rough for Donghun, he’s my superior and the boss knows we’re friends too.”
It had been worrying Jimin for a while now, of course Donghun knew he was planning on quitting. They’d discussed it multiple times, and no matter how much his hyung assured him it was gonna be fine, Jimin couldn’t help but worry.
“I’m sure it’ll be okay. Try to stop worrying about it, focus on the studio and yourself.” Yoongi said. “I’ll try.” Despite being embarrassed by his messy appearance, Jimin was happy to see Yoongi. They’d both been really busy and unable to see each other for over a week now.
They’d been texting and even video called a couple of times. But seeing him in person again just made him ridiculously happy. “There is another reason why we wanted to stop by.” Yoongi said. “Oh?”
“Um, I wanted to invite you to our annual trip.” Yoongi mumbled, looking down. The tips of his ears bright red. “Your..?”
“We go up to a cabin by the lake every year, usually for Joonie-hyung’s birthday, but it got delayed cos everyone’s been so busy.” Jungkook chimed in. “I’ve already asked Taehyungie and he is coming.”
“Yeah, so I wondered if you’d like to come too?” Yoongi said, looking up at Jimin with hopeful eyes. “I’d love too.” Jimin said, smiling. “Great! We can celebrate your birthday instead.” Jungkook said beaming at him.
“My birthday?” “Tae said it’s coming up.” “It is, October 13th.” Hoseok added. “That’s perfect, we’re planning on going on the 14th.” Yoongi said. “You’re welcome to join us as well Hoseok.” “Really? I don’t want to impose.” Hobi said, looking a little bashful himself now.
“Of course, I’m sure Seokjin would be happy if you came too.” Yoongi assured. Hoseok agreed happily, and Jungkook added both him and Jimin to the group chat they had so they could organise everything.
“Why didn’t you tell me it’s your birthday soon?” Yoongi asked after a few minutes. “I didn’t even realise how close it was. The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur.” Jimin admitted. “Okay I’ll let you off, I’m glad you’re coming by the way.” “Thank you for inviting me.”
Jungkook and Yoongi ended up hanging around the studio for a while, helping with the painting. Jungkook even promised to do a big mural painting for them on one of the walls. Jimin loved how excited he seemed about doing it.
They ordered chicken and beers to be delivered to the studio and ate it on the floor. So even though he was covered in paint, and not feeling his best, Jimin had a really great time and he was glad Yoongi and Jungkook had stopped by.
*** Later that night when he was getting ready for bed Taehyung’s name popped up on his phone for a FaceTime. “Tae I’m literally in my pjs and a face mask. Why are you video calling me?” He whined as he answered the call.
“Because I miss your stupid face.” Taehyung retorted, before announcing he too was going to put a face mask on, leaving Jimin staring at an empty screen. Five minutes later Taehyung returned sporting a sheet mask, mirroring Jimin’s own ridiculous appearance.
“So Jungkookie told me you and Hobi-hyung agreed to come to the cabin.” Taehyung said. “Yeah, they came by the studio. I was so embarrassed Tae, Yoongi looked amazing as usual and there was me in old sweats covered in paint and looking like a total gremlin.”
“Park Jimin you could turn up in a garbage bag and still look like model, shut the fuck up.” Taehyung told him. “Whatever, if it had been Jungkook doing that to you, you’d be complaining too.”
“Nope, Jungkook has seen me looking my absolute worst when I was hungover after his birthday. I was literally throwing up in his toilet, I think he could handle me with a bit of paint on my face.”
“Yeah well me and Yoongi are definitely not at that part in our relationship yet.” Jimin said. “So does that mean you two are official in the relationship division now?” Taehyung asked. “What? No! We’re still just dating. It’s only been a few weeks Tae.”
“Its been a month, and for all the pining you two did I think that’s more than enough time to get official.” “We’re taking it slow. I’m taking it slow.” Jimin said.
He’d had a similar conversation with Hoseok a few days ago. While he did want to be Yoongi’s boyfriend, very much so, he wasn’t ready for that yet. The whole dating thing was still very new to him, and he wanted to take it slow and enjoy it. They hadn’t even slept together yet.
Much to Taehyung’s dismay. He couldn’t understand how Jimin hadn’t jumped Yoongi yet. “Fine, but that still doesn’t explain why you’re not getting dicked down.” “Tae!” Jimin whined.
“You deserve to get a good dicking Jimin-ah. That’s all I’m saying.“ “We’ll have sex when we’re ready to, and I’m not ready for that yet.” Jimin said, for what felt like the millionth time.
It wasn’t like he didn’t want to have sex with Yoongi. He very much did, spent a whole lot of time thinking about it too. It had just never felt right, and he didn’t want to just jump into bed for the sake of it.
Yoongi didn’t seem to be bothered by it either, he hoped he wasn’t anyway. He’d never made any sort of complaints when they’d only gone as far as making out and a little heavy petting.
Jimin was no blushing virgin, but he also wanted it to be perfect with Yoongi. He knew it would happen when the time was right. “Maybe you’ll get down to it at the cabin.” Taehyung said, pulling the mask from his face.
“Aren’t we all sharing rooms?” Jimin said, following suit. He was sure sharing rooms had been mentioned in the group chat.
“Yeah, but Jungkookie said there’s a boat house that’s separate from the main building. Perfect place for a little frick-fracking.” Tae said, waggling his eyebrows at Jimin. “You’re unbelievable.” “I know.” He said, flipping his hair. Jimin rolled his eyes.
“On that note, I’m going to bed.” Jimin announced. “Boo! Anyways, I’ll come over tomorrow after work, we can celebrate you handing your notice in!” “Ah, I’m getting dinner with Donghun and Yuchan, we can celebrate after if you still want to come over. Sleep over?” Jimin asked.
“Sounds perfect, I’ll bring Tannie and snacks.” “Okay, see you tomorrow. Night TaeTae.” “Night Mimi.”
*** Handing his notice in had been stressful, but also like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. His boss hadn’t looked too happy, but he didn’t care. Yoongi was right, he needed to stop worrying about it and focus on himself.
Donghun and Yuchan told him the same over dinner when they finished work. “It’ll be weird not seeing you at the office every day, but I’m so happy you’re finally getting to quit.” Yuchan said around a mouth full of bbq.
“Yeah, I’m gonna miss working with you guys, but glad I finally did it.” Jimin said. “You’ve worked hard for this Jimin-ah, the studio is going to be amazing too.” Donghun assured. “And it’s not like we won’t see each other again, I’m holding you to our monthly dinner dates.”
“Please do, I don’t want to lose touch with either of you.” Jimin said, and he meant it. They’d grown closer over the last few weeks and Jimin couldn’t imagine not having them in his life now.
“Don’t worry, you won’t. I’m gonna be coming to the studio all the time, you’re gonna get sick of me.” Yuchan added. Jimin smiled at that. The idea of keeping them both in his life long term making him feel good and melting away any worries he had over finally quitting his job.
Taehyung arrived 20 minutes after Jimin got home, Yeontan and snacks in hand, Jungkook and Bam in tow. “Hope you don’t mind me tagging along.” Jungkook said as he collapsed onto the sofa, both Bam and Yeontan jumping up beside him. “Of course not, you’re welcome here anytime.”
The three of them, five if you included the dogs, ended up squished up in Jimin’s bed together eating snacks and watching anime. It felt like such a normal thing, something he’d always done with Taehyung, and Jungkook joining them just felt natural.
Jimin was once again left wondering if he’d been missing out all these years only having Tae and Hobi close to him. But then he remembered what Yoongi had said on their first date, how he believed things were meant to happen at the right time, and maybe that was the case for him.
Maybe now was the time for him to gain all these amazing friends, to have his dream become a reality, and to meet an incredible guy. Part of him wondered if it was all a bit too good to be true, but at the same time he pushed away those thoughts.
Good things were allowed to exist, he deserved them just as much as anyone else. Life happened the way it was supposed to, and he was just lucky that all the good things were happening at the same time for him.
Sure he felt a little overwhelmed with it all sometimes, but there were times like this, where he was having a sleepover with his friends and his phone pinged with a goodnight message from Yoongi, which just reminded him that it was all worth it.
Everything was going to be okay, it would slow down eventually, but for now he just needed to enjoy the wave and embrace his new future.
🌙🌙🌙 The morning of the 14th was absolute chaos. Jimin was incredibly hungover from staying up late drinking and playing games with Jungkook. But he managed to get himself up and ready, and wasn’t nearly as late as Taehyung made him out to be.
Plus he wasn’t even the last one there. That was Yoongi. They’d all agreed to meet at Seokjin’s apartment, the seven of them splitting over two cars, Seokjin’s and Yoongi’s. They all seemed to be running late though.
When Jimin and Jungkook arrived at the apartment Seokjin was in the kitchen packing up the food they were taking. Taehyung was helping Namjoon pack and Hoseok had arrived moments before them and was keeping Yeontan entertained ahead of the journey.
“Sorry we’re late.” Jimin mumbled, but Seokjin had just rolled his eyes and said Taehyung had warned them about his tardiness. Jimin had feigned outrage, but secretly knew he had a habit of being late. He was only ever on time for work and when he was meeting Yoongi.
“It’s fine, Yoongi isn’t even here yet. He got stuck in traffic.” Yoongi arrived ten minutes later and Jimin almost fell over himself as he rushed over to him, and the little poodle that was nestled in his arms. “Oh my god is this Holly?” Jimin said cooing at the dog.
“Yeah, he’s a little grumpy cos I woke him up.” Yoongi said, looking down fondly at his puppy. “You’re such a cutie aren’t you.” Jimin said, plucking him from Yoongi’s arms. “Okay, we need to get on the road or we’re never gonna get there.” Seokjin said, sounding ruffled.
Apparently being the one to organise seven people was stressful and Jimin was glad he wasn’t the one doing it. Eventually they got everything loaded up into the two cars, Jimin slipping into the seat beside Yoongi, Jungkook hopping into the back seat with Bam.
Jimin settled Holly onto his lap, the poodle happily curling up and falling asleep barely a minute after they began to drive. “He always falls asleep in the car.” Yoongi said as Jimin petted Holly.
“Wish Bam was like that, he likes to look out the window too much.” Jungkook added from the backseat. And true to his word, Bam was leaning across Jungkook’s lap to look out the window, his nose poking out into the wind. “Maybe he’ll tire out after a while.”
The journey took a few hours. But Jimin didn’t mind, it was nice driving with Yoongi. They played music and sang along happily. Bam trying to join in with his barks. The time flew over, and before he knew it they were driving through the mountains and woodlands.
It was stunning, and Jimin couldn’t believe how pretty it was. He’d never been to this area before, he didn’t have a car of his own so mostly stuck to the city. Being out in the countryside like this was amazing, and he was so happy he’d been invited.
When the lake came into view he couldn’t stop the awed gasp that came out, the still water sparkling in the midday sun. It was truly beautiful. A few minutes later they were pulling up to the cabin, it was bigger than Jimin had been expecting.
He’d been imagining a little wooden shack, but it was a modern looking two story house with big windows, beside it a smaller building and down by the lake the boathouse. Everything overlooked the lake, the mountains and forest surrounding them.
As Jimin climbed out of the car, a still sleepy Holly tucked into his arms, he was left speechless. It was gorgeous, with the sun shining down over them, a little patch of heaven he hadn’t know could exist so close to home.
“Wow, this place is amazing.” He heard Hoseok say, as if voicing Jimin’s awe. “Namjoon found it a few years back, we’ve been coming ever since.” Yoongi told them. “Better than those god awful camping trips that’s for sure.” Seokjin added.
Holly woke up when Bam and Yeontan started barking as they chased each other around the grassy area in front of the house. He didn’t join in with the chasing, but did with the barking much to everyone’s amusement. “Yah, such a lazy dog.” Yoongi grumbled.
They left the dogs to play as they unloaded the cars, Jimin hadn’t realised quite how much they’d packed into the cars. It felt like enough for a month, despite them only staying for three days.
He helped Yoongi carry up the bags of food into the smaller building, the others taking stuff up to the main house. Apparently he and Seokjin tended to cook up lots of delicious food, if what Jungkook was saying was true.
For some reason the idea of Yoongi cooking for them made him even more attractive, but Jimin brushed off the idea before he got too caught up in himself. He didn’t need to be spiralling into his imagination, even if it did include Yoongi making him breakfast every day.
“I can’t get over how beautiful it is up here.” Jimin said as they put the food away, packing the fridge full. “Yeah, I could easily spend days up here.” Yoongi said. “Its so peaceful, when the dogs aren’t going crazy.”
“We need to pick rooms!” Jungkook shouted from the other room. Yoongi explained that there was one bedroom there in the smaller house, two up in the main house and a couple in the boathouse.
Jimin hadn't really thought about sleeping arrangements, to him it was obvious that the couples would be sharing, leaving him, Hoseok and Yoongi.
He and Yoongi hadn’t spent the night together before. He didn’t know if that was something Yoongi would want to do now, or not. Or if he was ready for that. “Me and Tae will take the boat house.” Jungkook announced. “We will?”
“Yeah, it's quieter over there. Namjoonie hyung snores.” Namjoon just rolled his eyes at the teasing comment. “We’ll take the double in the main house. That leaves the twin up there and the double in here.” Seokjin said. “I’m happy to go wherever.” Yoongi announced.
He wasn’t looking at Jimin, so he wasn’t really sure how to take it. Did it mean he didn’t want to share with him? Was he just leaving it up to Jimin? There was an awkward pause, everyone clearly waiting to see what would happen with him and Yoongi.
He wasn’t sure what to say for the best. Should he ask to sleep with him? To say he’ll just share with Hoseok? Jimin didn’t want to presume Yoongi wanted to take that step, and it wasn’t like if they did share a room he’d be jumping to have sex.
He still wasn’t sure if he was ready for that yet. Thankfully Hoseok broke the building tension.
“Well I’m taking one of the beds in the twin, whoever ends up the one beside me I don’t care as long as you don’t wake me up in the middle of the night to ask dumb questions.” He said, looking pointedly at Taehyung. “That was one time.” Taehyung whined.
“What did he ask?” Namjoon asked curiously. Hoseok filled them in about the time Tae woke him up at 4am to ask if he though worms had dreams. Jimin could hear Tae whining and the others laughing, distracted from the awkwardness that had been hanging over them moments before.
“Hey,” It was Yoongi, he’d came up beside Jimin quietly, he slipped a hand into his. “Look- I didn’t want to put any pressure on you, or us I guess, for sharing a room.” Yoongi said. “I just wanted to explain, in case you thought I didn’t want to.”
Jimin felt himself relax. Of course Yoongi had been taking the pressure off. Everything he’d learned about him since they’d began dating had shown him that Yoongi was caring and willing to put other’s comfort before his own.
This only added to that, and to the things that made it very hard for Jimin not to fall head over heels with him. “Thank you hyung.” He said, giving Yoongi’s hand a squeeze.
“I’ll take the room in here, if you’d like to join me then great, if not, I completely understand. I know you said you didn’t want to rush things.”
Jimin remembered the conversation, it had been one of those late night phone calls that they’d had where Jimin ended up falling asleep to the sound of Yoongi’s voice. They’d talked for hours and Jimin had admitted to having never been in a serious relationship before.
Yoongi had been so wonderful about it, assuring Jimin that there was no pressure on them and they could take things at whatever pace Jimin wanted. He’d almost cried there and then on the phone. He supposed a lot of it had been pressure he’d been putting on himself.
The closer he and Yoongi had gotten over the weeks, the more he’d started to overthink and wonder what Yoongi expected of their budding relationship.
He’d started to get scared about things happening too soon, that he’d be expected to dive into everything without really knowing what he was doing.
But Yoongi had relieved him from all that, telling him he’d rather take things at a snails pace than make Jimin uncomfortable or feel like he was being pushed into it. Yoongi wanted him to feel comfortable and safe, and happy.
Really Yoongi was an absolute dream for a first relationship, he was patient and open and god Jimin was falling for him so hard.
“Can we see how things go?” Jimin asked, his voice lowered so the others couldn’t overhear. Not that he thought they were listening. “Of course, whatever you want.” Yoongi replied. Jimin could almost physically feel his affection for Yoongi growing.
“Will you help me with my bags to the room?” Yoongi asked. “Yeah sure.” Jimin said, though he wasn’t sure why Yoongi was asking for help.
He’d carried his things up on his own without complaint, but he grabbed Yoongi’s backpack all the same while Yoongi shouldered his guitar bag and grabbed his suitcase. He followed Yoongi’s into the bedroom, it was small and cosy, a big bed shoved into one corner.
Jimin put Yoongi’s bag down and plopped himself down on the bed. “Feels comfy.” He said, bouncing a little on the bed.
Yoongi just shook his head in response, a fond smile on his face that made Jimin feel warm inside. His smiles always had that effect on him. Like they had magical powers.
The room was dim, the thin curtains closed, only letting through a dappled light but it was nice. Yoongi was rummaging around in his suitcase, Jimin hoped he would be done with whatever he was looking for soon so they could maybe make out a little.
He was very much feeling the need to kiss him after what he’d done to set Jimin at ease about their sleeping arrangements. He could hear the others out in the main room through the crack in the door.
He wasn’t sure if they’d noticed him and Yoongi disappearing, or if they were simply choosing to ignore their absence. When Yoongi finally found what he was looking for he straightened up and came to sit beside Jimin. He had a small box clutched in his hands.
“Sorry it’s a day late, but happy birthday Jiminie.” He said handing Jimin the box. “Ah hyung, you didn’t need to get me anything.” Jimin said, already feeling the warmth spreading on his cheeks. “I know, I wanted to.”
Jimin looked down at the box, it was plain and gave nothing away as to what could be hidden inside. “Go on, open it.” Yoongi said, nudging him with his elbow.
Jimin shoved him back, but reached for the lid, lifting it open. The box was filled with black tissue paper, and nestled amongst the sheets was a notebook and another smaller box.
Jimin pulled out the notebook, it was pretty, covered in a constellation print. A vast galaxy spread over the cover. “Just a little something that might come in handy when you open the studio, I know I go through a million notebooks for work.” Yoongi explained.
Jimin’s heart swelled, it was perfect. Such a cute and thoughtful gift, and exactly the type of thing Jimin would never have thought to buy for himself. “I love it, thank you.” Jimin said, beaming at Yoongi. He laid it to one side and reached for the smaller box.
He couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped when he prised open the lid, tucked inside were the most beautiful earrings. They were small silver hoops, with three dangling parts, a little chain, a slim sort of stick, and lastly a crescent moon. They were so pretty.
He ran a finger over the shining metal, he couldn’t believe Yoongi had got him something like this. He’d been so happy with the notebook, he’d never have imagined he would get him jewellery like this.
“Oh Yoongi, they’re beautiful.” Jimin whispered, almost in awe. “You said you excited to wear your earrings again when you leave your office job.” Yoongi said, “I thought they would suit you.” “Thank you, I really love them.” Jimin said, turning to look up at Yoongi.
He could just make out the light dusting of pink over Yoongi’s cheeks in the dim light. He wanted to kiss it, to feel the warmth from his skin against his lips, so he did. He leaned over and pressed a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek. “Thank you.” He whispered again into the skin.
“You’re welcome Jiminie.” He whispered back, turning so he could press his lips against Jimin’s. The kiss was perfect, Jimin had fallen in love with Yoongi’s kisses the moment they’d first shared one. The memory came rushing back, they’d been taking a walk along the Han River.
It was a lovely warm evening, the sun setting over the river. They’d ended up just standing beside the water’s edge, watching the sun dip below the horizon. Not even talking, just enjoying the evening and each others company.
It had been Yoongi who had been the one to instigate the kiss. Jimin had turned to him, to point out a duck on the river and found Yoongi watching him. There was something in his eyes that made Jimin feel like his entire body was on fire.
His words had been forgotten as his eyes met Yoongi’s, he’d watched as his cat-like eyes had dropped to look at Jimin’s lips, before returning to hold his gaze.
Jimin’s heart had been racing in his chest, it felt like the world around them had fallen into silence, the only thing he could hear was the sound of his own heartbeat. It felt like a lifetime, waiting for Yoongi to do something, say something.
Jimin couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, all he could think about was kissing Yoongi, wanting him to kiss him, so when Yoongi had whispered the words he’d felt like he was flying. “Jimin-ah, can I kiss you?”
His deep husky voice sent goosebumps over his skin, he wanted to say yes, to scream yes! But he voice failed him, all he could do was nod. Thankfully it was all Yoongi needed, he leaned in, closing the gap between them and pressing his lips against Jimin’s.
Jimin had never believed people when they’d talked about how wonderful a kiss could be, every kiss he’d had before then had been fine, but nothing spectacular. Then Yoongi had kissed him and he felt like he was in a dream.
His hands had reached up to grab Yoongi’s shoulders, as Yoongi had gripped his waist, pulling him in close. His lips were soft and warm, and seemed to fit Jimin’s perfectly.
He almost melted into Yoongi’s arms as he felt them slip around his waist, his own hands coming up the rest at the back of Yoongi’s neck. The kiss was over almost as soon as it started, but the moment Yoongi pulled away, Jimin leaned back in.
He felt Yoongi’s smile against his lips, and couldn’t help following suit. Their teeth clashing as the two of them failed to control their smiles while trying to kiss. It was a mess and stupid, and absolutely perfect.
Ever since that day Jimin had craved Yoongi’s kisses, it was like he couldn’t get enough and as they sat in the dimly lit bedroom of the small house Jimin let himself get lost in them again.
The boxes from his gifts lay discarded on the bed beside them as they made out, hands wandering, and Jimin had all but crawled onto Yoongi’s lap when someone cleared their throat pointedly from the doorway. They broke apart to find Seokjin waiting for them.
“We’re gonna have some lunch, so if you two are done swapping spit I could use some help in the kitchen.” He said, before turning on his heel and disappearing back into the main room.
Jimin flung himself back onto the bed and covered his face with his arm, groaning at the embarrassment of being caught making out. Yoongi just laughed and patted him on the thigh.
“Come on we better go help before Jin-hyung gives us shit.” He said, and Jimin felt the bed shift as Yoongi got to his feet. He peeked out from under his arm. Yoongi was waiting for him in the doorway, and amused look on his face.
Jimin knew his face was probably scarlet now, and the last thing he wanted to do was walk out of the room and face his friend’s teasing. “I’ll be out in a minute,” he mumbled from under his arm. “Okay but don’t hide for too long.” Yoongi said, a fond smile on his face.
Jimin waited for a couple of seconds before sitting up again. He could hear the others outside, their chatter and the banging of pots and pans a strangely welcoming sound. Despite his embarrassment, he found himself happy to be amongst them all.
He reached for the boxes again, his heart felt happy and full at the sight of the gifts he’d received from Yoongi. He really hadn’t been expecting anything, but they meant so much. He ran a finger over the cover of the notebook.
To some it might have seemed like a silly little thing, but to Jimin it was the most precious. Yoongi had got him it because he could see what things Jimin needed, they were still getting to know each other and yet he’d managed to find something so meaningful.
Then there was the earrings, they were truly beautiful. With slightly shaking fingers he took them out of their box, they weren’t something he would have chosen for himself. They few pairs of earrings he had were simple silver hoops, nothing fancy or unique.
These were quite the opposite, the kind you would see idols wearing. Yet he loved them, they were his taste, even if he hand’t known it until he saw them. Carefully he unclasped the pair he had in, and replaced them with the ones Yoongi gave him.
He ran his fingers over them, they felt good. The feeling of the dangling parts nice against his fingers. He spotted a little mirror propped up on the dresser tucked into the corner of the room, he flicked on the light and looked at himself.
Turning his head side to side slowly. Yoongi had been right, they suited him, he loved how they looked. They looked pretty, and they made him feel pretty.
When he finally went out into the main room he found the others making lunch. Seokjin, Yoongi and Hoseok were in the tiny kitchen area, Jungkook lingering around doing whatever they asked of him. Taehyung and Namjoon were outside setting the table.
When Jimin asked what he could do to help he was handed a stack of bowls and told to take them out to the table by Seokjin. It didn’t take them long to organise lunch, and soon they were all sat around the outdoor table tucking into ramen and perfectly cooked meat.
Cans of beer were passed around and the mood was happy. Jimin never thought he could feel so content just eating ramen, yet he was.
Yoongi was sat beside him, his thigh pressed against his as they listened to Seokjin talking about fishing and Jungkook saying he wanted to take the canoes out onto the lake.
After lunch they broke off to do various activities, Yoongi joined Seokjin down by the boathouse to do some fishing. Jungkook took Hoseok and Bam out onto the lake in a canoe. Namjoon settled himself in the shade with a book. Leaving Jimin with Taehyung and the other two dogs.
They settled themselves on the bean bag chairs, Yeontan on Tae’s lap, Holly on Jimin’s. The two littlest dogs already tired from playing with Bam earlier. “Nice earrings by the way.” Taehyung said after Jimin had filled him in about the room sharing situation.
“Oh, yeah, Yoongi got me them for my birthday.” Jimin said, reaching up to touch them again. “And a little notebook to use at the studio.” “Cute. They suit you.” “Thanks, they’re not something I would’ve chosen before, but I really love them.”
“Can’t believe I’m being challenged for the best gift giver position already. You two aren’t even official yet and he’s coming after my title.” Taehyung joked. “You’ll just have to up your game.” Jimin teased. “Challenge accepted.”
They sat watching the others from a distance for a while. It was so peaceful by the lake, surrounded by mountains. Jimin had lived in busy cities all his life, from Busan to Seoul. He’d never been somewhere so quiet like this place. It was blissful.
He understood why they came here every year now, and was so grateful to have been invited. “Holly seems to really like you.” Jimin turned to see Namjoon walking over, his book tucked under his arm. “Hm, yeah I think he just wanted a lap to sleep on.” Jimin said.
“No, he’s choosy with who he likes. Normally he only sticks by Yoongi, but he’s really taken with you.” Namjoon said as he sank into a bean bag chair beside him. “Oh, I’m sure he just prefers his dad.” Jimin insisted.
Namjoon just smiled. Jimin wasn’t really sure what to make of his comment, but it didn’t really matter. He was just happy that Holly did like him, he loved animals and was always happy when they wanted to be petted by him.
They sat chatting for a while, and were soon joined by Yoongi and a very disappointed looking Seokjin. “Stupid fish.” He grumbled as he flung himself down onto a beanbag. “No bites?” Namjoon asked, looking over at his boyfriend fondly. “They hate me.” Seokjin grumbled.
“I don’t think fish really have an opinion of you.” Yoongi commented. He’d sat himself down by Jimin’s feet, his back up against the beanbag chair. He seemed wholly unbothered by their lack of fishing success.
“Has he been asleep this whole time?” He asked Jimin, reaching up to scratch behind Holly’s ears. “Yep, running around after Bam must’ve tired him out.”
“That, or he’s just being his lazy self.” Yoongi said smiling fondly at the dog, who cracked open an eye at the extra petting he was getting. Jimin felt Holly’s tail wag against his leg as he realise it was Yoongi who was petting him.
Blinking open his sleepy eyes and snuggling into Yoongi’s hand. Jimin all but cooed at how cute it was. “What are we gonna have for dinner?” Seokjin asked after a little while. “I could make kimchi stew?” Yoongi offered.
“Oh I haven’t had that for ages.” Taehyung said, perking up at the thought of food. “My mom makes amazing kimchi stew.” “Well you’ll just have to settle for mine, if that’s okay with everyone?” Yoongi asked.
There were murmurs of ascent, Hoseok and Jungkook happily agreeing when they appeared ten minutes later. Again they sat around just chatting for a while, Jimin loved that they were all very different and yet similar at the same time.
He found himself really liking Yoongi’s friends, and he, Taehyung and Hoseok seemed to fit into the group really well. Jimin loved that they were able to get to know each other better.
He’d already become such good friends with Jungkook, getting to know Seokjin and Namjoon better was just as good. He found himself talking with Namjoon for a bit while the others went to nap or play table tennis. The two of them taking a walk.
Jimin had hoped to spend some time with Yoongi, but he’d disappeared to take a nap. He tried not to feel disappointed, they were spending the whole weekend together, they had plenty time to be together.
When he and Namjoon returned to the house everyone was awake again and preparing for dinner. Jimin helped in the kitchen this time, assisting in chopping vegetables while Yoongi prepared the meat for the stew. It was amazing really how they all just fell into working seamlessly.
While he and Yoongi prepared the food, Taehyung and Seokjin set the table. Jungkook made the rice and Hoseok kept the dogs entertained. “Here, cut it like this.” Yoongi said, coming up behind Jimin as he started to cut the onions. “Its easier this way.”
Yoongi reached around to guide Jimin’s hands, showing him a better technique for cutting. He tried not to get flushed at the way Yoongi was pressed up against his back, his broader frame easily caging him in against the counter.
He found himself really liking the way Yoongi made him feel smaller. “Yeah like that.” Yoongi said as Jimin took control and cut the onions as he had been shown. Yoongi didn’t move though, lingering at Jimin’s back for a little while.
It took all Jimin’s willpower not to push back against him, it really wasn’t the time to be flirty. “The earrings look really good on you.” Yoongi whispered, his fingers coming up to gently graze his ear. “I really love them.” Jimin said, looking over his shoulder at him.
God he was so hot, with his dark hair messily brushed back off his face. Jimin could see the slight dusting of freckles across his nose, brought out by the sun. He was so pretty and hot and cute. Jimin really didn’t know how he’d gotten so lucky.
All he could think about was kissing him again, and as though reading his mind Yoongi did just that, leaning in to press a soft kiss against the corner of Jimin’s mouth.
Jimin had been about to turn around and properly kiss Yoongi when he spotted Jungkook heading for the kitchen over his shoulder and turned back to the onions. “Hyungs is there anything else that needs doing?” Jungkook asked as Yoongi finally stepped away.
Yoongi gave him a job to do and Jimin mentally shook himself and the lingering thoughts of Yoongi pressed up against his back away. Soon enough they were all sat around the table again, the sun melting into the horizon of the lake.
It was a nice night, the air was cool but it didn’t matter. As they sat eating the delicious food Yoongi had made them, and exchanging stories from their school days, it was an enjoyable time.
Jimin found Yoongi repeatedly adding meat to his bowl and couldn’t help the rush of fondness at the gesture. They stayed up talking well into the night, migrating to the main house when the night air became too chilly, many beers were drank and much talking and laughing ensued.
Jimin wasn’t sure when he decided to share a room with Hoseok, but he ended up in the single bed opposite his hyung’s, partially regretting his choice. Yoongi had kissed him goodnight before taking Holly and heading out to the small house and his bedroom.
And Jimin had made his way upstairs to his own room. It wasn’t until he was lying alone, the sound of Hoseok’s steady breathing that he wished he was curled up beside Yoongi instead. He put it down to being a little drunk, and forced himself not to think about it.
He would see Yoongi again in the morning, for now he just needed to sleep and pray to the gods that he wouldn’t be too hungover when he woke.
🌙🌙🌙 The next morning Jimin was very hungover, but so were the others. He laid in bed for as long as socially acceptable before heading downstairs. Everyone was just lazing around, apparently having a slow morning.
He was offered a hangover cure by Seokjin and he made himself a cup noodle to ease his stomach before heading outside to find Yoongi. He was sat beside the lake, Holly snoozing at his feet and his nose buried in a book. Jimin was once again awed by how soft he looked.
Most of the time Yoongi looked like a walking wet dream, his clothing all black and edgy, with the leather jackets and ripped jeans. But today he was in an oversized sweater, his fingers peeking out from the too long sleeves as he flicked the page of his book.
He was wearing his glasses again, and Jimin loved how they looked on him. “Morning hyung.” He said as settled onto the other unoccupied chair beside him. “Morning Jiminie, did you sleep well?” He asked, immediately putting down his book and turning his attention to Jimin.
“Yeah, just feeling a little hungover.” “You’re not the only one. Seokjin was feeling pretty rough when he first woke up and I was feeling a bit groggy myself.” Yoongi admitted. “I think the whole house is feeling it, we did drink quite a bit last night.” Jimin said laughing.
“Good company often leads to copious alcohol consumption.” Yoongi added. “I was going to suggest going for a walk today, but not sure if I’m really up for it.” Jimin said.
“We could always go for a short one, take Holly with us?” Yoongi suggested. “He doesn’t like long walks anyway.” “That’d be nice, maybe after lunch?” “Sounds great.”
Not long after that Seokjin called them up to have lunch. While they’d been sat by the lake he’d decided to make fried rice since he was hungry and they had rice left over from the night before. They all ended up getting their fill.
Jungkook had been right when he’d said they always ate well when they came. Seokjin and Yoongi seemed to really enjoy cooking for their friends, and Jimin was happy to indulge them if it meant always being given such tasty meals.
He and Yoongi went on their walk after lunch, Holly happily sniffing away as they followed the trail that led them up into the forest a short way. It was a beautiful crisp autumn day, the sun shining overhead.
Jimin was still feeling a little tired and hungover, but when Yoongi took hold of his hand as they walked his troubles seemed to melt away. As they walked Yoongi pointed out the different types of trees, he had a vast and broad knowledge that often left Jimin amazed.
He was constantly surprising him with knew information about the most random of things. He loved it, loved the way he talked at length about things he found interesting, but also listened with intent whenever Jimin spoke.
He loved the way he teased Jimin when he tripped over his own feet, and complimented him freely. They had such a natural way between them and Jimin once again felt as though he could physically feel himself falling in love with Yoongi.
It was strange, he’d never had feelings like this before. Part of him wondered if it was just because this was the first time he’d ever really dated anyone before, but at the same time he realised it didn’t really matter.
He liked how Yoongi made him feel, he liked how he felt when he was around him. He was comfortable and happy. He didn’t want that feeling to ever go away.
As Yoongi had predicted, Holly began to flag on their way back. Yoongi scooping him up into his arms to carry him the rest of the way. Jimin found it adorable how Yoongi grumbled and whined at how annoying it was, all while doing the utmost to make Holly comfortable in his arms.
Jimin had quickly learned that Yoongi liked to complain, while doing things he was actually happy to do. Jungkook had confirmed as much when he’d mentioned it to him. It was cute.
Before they returned to the house they went down by the lake and sat by the water for a while. Jimin leaned up against Yoongi’s shoulder, resting his head against it. Yoongi wrapped his arm around him and Jimin felt so content he drifted off to sleep.
The warmth from Yoongi paired with the gentle lapping of the lake against the shoreline lulling his eyes closed. He awoke to Yoongi carding his fingers through his hair, it felt nice, he almost let himself drift back off but Yoongi’s deep whisper lured him back to the life.
“Hey sleepyhead, we should head back up soon.” He said. “Mmhmm.” Jimin murmured in response. He felt Yoongi’s laugh more than heard it, the shrugging of his shoulders an indicator. He felt a kiss against his forehead, as his eyes slipped closed again.
He didn’t want to move, he was happy here with Yoongi and Holly. He wanted to stay there in their little bubble for a little longer. Alas, the gentle patter of raindrops a few minutes later brought it all to an end. The moment they noticed, they hurried back towards the house.
Jimin grabbing Holly this time, tucking him into his hoodie and out of the rain. Thankfully they made it back to the house before the heavens truly opened, and gathered in the big house main room with the others as the rain poured outside.
“You know what this means, we should make pajeon.” Seokjin said as they sat around listening to the sound of the rain outside. “Rain means pajeon.” “If it lets up we could eat out under the canopy.” Yoongi added.
There was a big canopy set up beside the lake, a table nestled underneath and as the rain eased the idea of sitting out there to have dinner seemed more and more appealing. There was something about sitting outside after the rainfall that was appealing.
None of them could really explain it yet they all felt it. Eventually the rain ceased and they once again headed for the kitchen, though this time it was just to prepare the food as they were to cook on the portable stoves and barbecue pit under the canopy.
It was fun sat under there, the smell of the rain still in the air. They grilled meats over the barbecue and made the pajeon, Jungkook making a big pot of ramen to go with it all.
More alcohol was passed around, though less than the night before, and again the night flowed easily and well. Jimin loved being surrounded by his friends, both new and old. Eating good food and talking until the sun went down. After dinner they all broke off into groups again.
Jimin noticed that Hoseok seemed to be really hitting it off with Seokjin and Namjoon, he smiled as he watched the three of them head up to the main house and he couldn’t help but wonder if there was something brewing between them.
He was probably way off, but it was nice to imagine any way. Taehyung and Jungkook took the three dogs for an evening walk before heading down to the boat house, leaving him and Yoongi alone for the night.
The ended up staying out under the canopy talking, the small fire from the barbecue keeping them warm. Yoongi told him about the day he adopted Holly, he’d been taking some old blankets to an animal shelter when he’d seen him.
A tiny mess of brown curls huddled in a corner of his cage. He’d been found dumped in an alleyway, it’d been pure luck that someone had found him and taken him to the shelter.
The staff of the shelter had said he was scared of people, never coming to any of them no matter how much they tried. Poor thing had been through a lot for such a young pup.
Yoongi had ended up sitting on the floor in front of the cage, trying to coax the puppy over with some snacks. Slowly Holly had approached, and by some miracle he had let Yoongi pet him. The staff of the shelter had been amazed, and even let Yoongi hold the puppy.
“From the minute he settled on my lap, I knew I couldn’t leave the shelter without him.” Yoongi told him. “I snuck him into my apartment, despite not being allowed pets, and he’s been with me ever since.”
“Aw, I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t have been able to leave without him either. He’s such a cutie.” Jimin said. “Yeah, he’s still not very keen on other people. But he’s a lot better than he used to be.” Yoongi said,
“to be honest, I was surprised with how quickly he was taken with you, it normally takes a while for him to settle with new people.” “I must be a natural with animals.” Jimin joked. “Or he just knows you’re a good person.” Yoongi said earnestly.
Jimin didn’t really know how to respond to that, so he stayed quiet, the two of them settling into a comfortable silence. He’d noticed how their silences didn’t feel awkward anymore, he didn’t feel the need to fill the moments between conversation now.
Content to just sit quietly together. It was everything Jimin had ever wished for, that contentedness you get from being around someone who you felt completely comfortable with. Jimin was slowly realising that was the case when it came to Yoongi.
He felt so at ease around him, and the more time they spent together the more he felt truly himself. He didn’t feel the need to throw up his walls, or hide behind a facade. He could just be him, Jimin, and he loved that he could do it like that.
He was still learning who he was, but he was getting there and these past few weeks with Yoongi had been a huge part of it. Yoongi was showing him that it was okay to be himself.
That he didn’t need to be someone he wasn’t, and that it was okay to want to explore himself and there was no shame in taking your time to do it. Of course he’d never felt like he couldn’t be himself with Taehyung and Hoseok.
But they’d known him for so long now, it was different somehow. Yoongi was an outside perspective, yet told him the same things. That he was great as he was, but he was also going to be great with however he wanted to change himself.
Everything about his life was changing, and he’d been so terrified of that change, but he was beginning to realise that it was a good thing. The fear itself was a good thing, that fear showed it all meant something.
It meant he was going after the things he wanted in life, chasing those dreams he’d spent so long wishing for. There were even dreams he hadn’t know he had, like Yoongi.
He’d spent so long convincing himself that he wasn’t bothered about relationships or love, that he hadn’t realised it was something that had been nestled deep inside his heart just waiting for the right time to surface.
It was there now, that desire to fall in love and be loved in return and he really wanted it to be with Yoongi.
“What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” Yoongi asked after a while. “Nothing, just thinking about how much is changing in my life right now.” Jimin replied. “Change is scary.”
“Yeah, but it’s exciting too. I was so scared about it all at first, but now I think its more nervous excitement. Kind of like when I got my last tattoo.” Jimin told him.
“That’s amazing, I’m glad you’re feeling that way about it. Because change can be hard, and you’re throwing your all into it. It’s okay to be scared or nervous, but I’m so glad you’re excited too.” Yoongi said, giving his knee a squeeze.
“I am, you’ve helped a lot.” Jimin said, ducking his head, “you’ve really encouraged me with it all and assured me too. It’s made such a big difference.” “I’ll always support you Jiminie.”
Jimin felt a rush of affection for Yoongi, his heart fluttering again the way it always did around Yoongi. If he didn’t know it was down to his probably over the top feelings, he would seriously think he had a cardiac issue.
Yoongi just made him feel all sorts of things, things he didn’t even know could be felt, but it made him happy. “Thank you hyung, that means a lot.”
“Are you cold?” Yoongi asked after a little while. They’d fallen into another comfortable silence. Jimin just watching the flames of the barbecue pit dance.
The air around them had chilled, but it wasn’t so bad that Jimin wanted to leave, quite the opposite in fact, he wanted to stay there in the coolness of night with Yoongi. “I’m okay.” He assured. “If you want to go back inside its okay.” Yoongi told him.
“Really, I’m okay. I like being out here with you.” “Is that so?” “Unless… did you want to go back inside?” Jimin asked suddenly afraid he’d been missing hints. “No no, I’m good here too.” Yoongi assured. “I might go grab a blanket though, it’s getting a little cool.”
“Hm, good idea.” “Do you want anything else while I’m inside? Drinks? Snacks?” “No I’m good.”
Yoongi gave his knee another squeeze as he got up and headed towards the house, leaving Jimin alone in the dark night. The breeze rustled under the canopy and he felt a shudder ripple through him, the blanket was definitely a good idea.
He added a log to the barbecue pit, stoking the fire to keep it burning and warming the air a little. He loved the smell of the burning embers mixed with lingering scent of petrichor. It was somehow cosy and made him feel content.
Yoongi returned shortly after, a couple of blankets tucked under one arm and the largest of the beanbag chairs clutched in the other.
“I thought we could share this, and the blankets.” Yoongi said, and Jimin was sure he could see a faint hue of pink across his cheeks only just visible in the firelight. “Sounds perfect.”
Yoongi set the beanbag down beside the fire pit, just under the canopy, facing out towards the lake. He sank down onto it and ushered Jimin to join him.
It was a little awkward sitting down, not really sure how to position himself, but Yoongi pulled him down, and guided him to be almost sat on his lap, his legs thrown over the top of Yoongi’s, his head resting against his shoulder.
Yoongi wrapped the blankets around them both and Jimin found himself relaxing into his arms almost immediately. The view was pretty, they could see the moon reflected onto the still water of the lake. Stars twinkling overhead. You didn’t get views like this in the city.
The light pollution stealing away any glimpse of the stars, but here, here they could see it all. A galaxy of stars spread out overhead like a blanket of glitter. “The moon is so pretty.” Jimin said.
“One thing I like about the moon is that it’s constant.” Yoongi said, “no matter what changes in your life it its there, the same cycle over and over again. Change is fated to happen, but the moonlight is still the same.”
Yoongi’s voice was low and soft, like a lullaby in Jimin’s ear. His musings strangely comforting. He was right of course, change was fated, it happened to everyone throughout their lives, good and bad. But there were things that were constant like the moonlight.
Working its way through its cycle, sometimes full sometimes barely a sliver. Jimin liked the idea of it, like he wasn’t always expected to be full. Jimin leaned up and pressed a kiss against Yoongi’s jaw before wrapping his arms around him and hugging him tighter.
Yoongi kissed his head and he could feel the affection in it. Jimin really felt good about the way things were going with Yoongi. He couldn’t believe that they had almost missed their chance. All over a stupid miscommunication, or lack there of.
For the sake of an undelivered message he could’ve lost the chance of experiencing a moment like this. Curled up under the stars with a wonderful guy.
“Can I sleep with you tonight?” Jimin whispered. “Of course.” “Not yet though, let’s stay out a little longer.” “Anything you want Jiminie.” Yoongi assured.
🌙🌙🌙 Jimin must have drifted off at some point, too comfortable curled up in Yoongi’s arms. He woke up to Yoongi gently stroking his hair back, his deep voice coaxing him awake. “Come on, let’s go up to bed.” He said when Jimin’s eyes fluttered open at last.
They slowly made the short walk up to the small house, Yoongi insisting that Jimin keep the blankets wrapped around his shoulders so he wouldn’t get cold. His nerves began to spike as they stepped inside, Yoongi turning on the small beside lamp.
It’s light casting a warm orange glow over the room. It was only as Yoongi asked if he needed something to change into for sleep that he realised what he was about to do. He nodded, unable to form the words and Yoongi rummaged around in his bag for a t-shirt for him.
“Sorry, it’s probably gonna be a bit big on you.” “Its fine.” Jimin assured, glad he voice was steadier than it felt. Yoongi disappeared into the bathroom and Jimin was left standing alone in the room, the shirt Yoongi had given him clutched in one hand.
It felt like such an enormous step. He knew he wanted it. He wanted to spend the night with Yoongi, to wake up beside him. But it was still terrifying. He’d never done this with someone he cared about like this. Had never spent the night with a guy other than friends before.
He gave himself a shake and got changed. The t-shirt was much too big for him, Yoongi may have been around the same height as him, but he was much broader and leaned towards oversized shirts, so it felt massive as it fell just above his knees.
He was just folding up his clothes, a habit he’d gotten into after sharing a room with Hoseok many times over the years, when Yoongi reappeared.
He was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. His hair a rumpled mess that just made him look incredibly soft, a stark contrast to the tattoos that covered his arms.
There was a little awkwardness hanging over them as they climbed into bed, Jimin lay down on his back looking up at the ceiling. He didn’t know what to do. It felt weird just laying side by side like that, but what if Yoongi didn’t like to be touched in his sleep?
His younger brother was like that. He wished he could stop overthinking it, but his mind seemed to be in overdrive. “Jimin-ah.” Yoongi whispered. Jimin turned to look at him. Yoongi was laying on his side watching him, an amused smile on his face.
“Are you okay with this?” Yoongi asked. “Yes!” Jimin replied a little frantically. Yoongi raised his eyebrows in response. “Sorry. I am, I just- I’ve never done this before.” Jimin admitted. “I don’t know what I should be doing.”
“The only thing you need to do is what makes you comfortable. Though I might suggest coming a little closer so I can kiss you.” Yoongi said. “I can do that.” Jimin said, he felt so stupid but Yoongi was just as patient as ever with him.
He scooted over and rolled onto his side so they were facing each other. Yoongi reached out and brushed his hair back, letting his hand trail down the side of his face to his ear lobe, his fingers softly running over the earrings he’d bought for Jimin.
“I really love them you know.” Jimin said. “I’m glad.” “They’re so pretty.” “Not as pretty as you.” “Aish! Hyuuuung!” Jimin whined, flustered by Yoongi’s easy compliment. He covered his face with his hands, trying to hide his blush but Yoongi just pulled them away.
“Don’t hide from me Jiminie.” He said, that stupidly cute gummy smile spread across his face making Jimin want to melt. “Then stop saying stuff like that!” “You don’t like my compliments?” “I- yes of course I do, but you make me all flustered!” He whined.
“I like making you flustered though.” Yoongi said with a laugh. Jimin pouted at him. “Anyway, its not like it’s my fault you’re the prettiest person in the world. What else am I supposed to do but give you compliments?” Yoongi said. “I- you could just kiss me instead.”
“Oh, so you just want my kisses?” “You’re the one who said to come closer so you could kiss me in the first place!” Jimin pointed out. “That’s true, I should probably follow up on that.” Yoongi said. “Yes you should.” Jimin said.
Next thing he knew they were kissing and he was melting into Yoongi’s touch. Kissing Yoongi was definitely Jimin’s favourite thing, and lying in bed kissing? Even better. They were a mess of tangled limbs and soft touches.
Jimin was warm and comfortable and so content in the feeling of Yoongi’s lips against his. He loved that Yoongi never pushed it further either, it made him feel even better.
Yoongi was happy to go at his pace, even if that meant nothing more than kissing in bed before falling asleep together. It just made everything feel even more like it could be the real thing, that it they were in it for the long haul.
And every moment Jimin spent with Yoongi made him want that even more. He fell as sleep curled into Yoongi’s side at some point, his cheek resting on Yoongi’s broad chest. If this was what love felt like, then he never wanted it to go away.
*** The sound of Bam’s booming barks was what dragged Jimin from his deep sleep. Groaning he rolled over onto his stomach, pressing his face into the pillow. The thought of getting up almost offensive.
“Aish, you’re gonna be the death of me Park Jimin.” He heard Yoongi whine, before the bed dipped Yoongi’s body heat disappeared from beside him. Jimin cracked open an eye and looked over at Yoongi who was rummaging around in his bag again. ‘Wha’ di’ I do?” Jimin mumbled.
“Nothing angel, you just make it very difficult for me to remain a gentleman.” Yoongi said, laughing before walking back over and pressing a kiss onto the top of Jimin’s head. “I'm gonna take a shower. You should get up soon, I think Jin-hyung is making breakfast.”
Jimin watched him go with bleary eyes, his not all that awake brain puzzled by Yoongi’s comment. It wasn’t until Hoseok appeared in the doorway five minutes later that he understood.
“Jeez Jimin-ah, you could put your ass away!” Hoseok teased as he bounced in, throwing himself down on the bed and slapping Jimin’s ass. “Yah!” Jimin grumbled, but he now got Yoongi’s comment.
He hadn’t even thought about the fact that the blankets weren’t covering him, it was warm and he was comfortable. But it wasn’t just the blankets that had fallen at the wayside.
The t-shirt he’d been wearing had rode up and was pooled around his waist, his ass on full display, only his underwear covering his modesty. He fumbled to pull the shirt down as Hoseok giggled beside him. “Seems like you two had a good night.” He teased.
“Shut up, nothing happened.” Jimin said. “No?” “Which is fine, and what I want so please don’t tease.” Jimin said. “Okay okay! I just thought, when you didn’t come back to our room last night that you were…” “We’re taking it slow.” Jimin told him. “As long as you’re happy.”
“I am,” Jimin assured. “I really am.” “That makes me happy, you deserve the best Jimin.” Hobi said beaming at him. “Anyway, I came to tell you breakfast is ready.” He got up from where he was laying and headed back towards the door. “Might wanna put some pants on first though.”
Jimin threw a pillow at him as he slipped out of the door. Jimin flung himself back down onto the pillow and groaned. God he was such an embarrassment. No matter what he did he seemed to somehow make a fool of himself.
Then again, Yoongi hadn’t seemed displeased about Jimin barely clothed appearance. In fact, his comment made it sound like he was having a hard time resisting him. Jimin had to admit that made him feel good, sexy, confident. He sat up, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed.
Yoongi had already seen him half naked anyway when he did his rib tattoo (and during their make out session…). He had nothing to be embarrassed about. He couldn’t help that he had an ‘ass sculpted by the gods’ as Taehyung liked to say.
He liked that Yoongi found him sexy like that, maybe a little too much. Okay, he needed to stop that train of thought before it started, or he’d need a cold shower before he headed out to breakfast. Instead he grabbed the jeans he’d discarded the night before and pilled them on.
He would shower and change after he ate. He could hear the others outside now that he’d fully woken up, and the smell of breakfast was wafting through the crack in the door. Breakfast first, then shower.
Everyone was sat outside tucking into a mismatch of food, it turns out ‘breakfast’ was more brunch and also Seokjin using up what was left of their food. They were planning to head home that afternoon, even though no one looked ready to leave.
Jimin sank into a seat beside Yoongi, who immediately began filling his bowl with food. Jungkook was sneaking Yeontan bits of meat from his plate while Taehyung dozed against his shoulder.
Seokjin and Namjoon were both seemingly fawning over hoseok who much to Jimin’s pleasure was blushing up a storm at all of the attention. “Apparently you weren’t the only one who didn’t go back to your room last night.” Yoongi whispered to him. “Oh?”
“Mmhmm.” Yoongi said pointedly looking over at the trio, “And to think Hobi-hyung was teasing me just before.” Jimin said in fake outrage. “Namjoon is terrible at keeping secrets. He basically blurted it out the second I saw him this morning.”
Jimin smiled around a mouthful of rice. He was going to a nice little chat with his hyung as soon as he got him alone. No way was he gonna get away with teasing him when he’d been up to no good.
Though he was happy for him, he’d seemed to really like Seokjin when he’d talked about him before. Of course back then he hadn’t realised the guy he’d met from his company the US had been Yoongi’s friend.
Hoseok had simply been gushing about the guy that had been running the program he’d been on. Then he’d found out who it was, and instantly felt awful. Seokjin was in a relationship, and poor Hobi-hyung had a crush on him that could never go any further.
Except that apparently wasn’t the case. He was happy that there was some potential there, he liked both Seokjin and Namjoon from what little time he’d spent with them. They seemed like good guys, and going off their flirting last night and right now, they were both into Hoseok.
“They make a cute couple, or triple, whatever you call it.” Jimin said. “I believe the term used these days is ‘throuple’.” Yoongi said. “Yeah that.” “I agree, I hope it works out.”
🌙🌙🌙 The rest of their time at the lake was filled with laughter. Jimin’s cheeks were hurting from all the smiling and laughing as they played games on the grass, the dogs running around with them barking happily. It all ended in a giant water fight.
He didn’t know where Jungkook had pulled the water guns from, but all of a sudden he was being soaked, and their screams filled the air. He really couldn’t remember a time where he’d laughed so much.
Soaked to the skin and out of breath Jimin collapsed onto the damp grass, Yoongi coming to sit beside him. His hair was plastered to his forehead from the water, and as he brushed it back off his face Jimin felt a rush of heat pass through him.
Oh that was far too attractive and Jimin was but a simple (horny) man. He looked up at Yoongi from where he lay on his back, with the sun shining over him, hair pushed back, he looked like a wet dream and Jimin was really struggling.
“You okay?” Yoongi asked, looking down at Jimin. “Me? Yeah I’m fine.” Jimin lied, he couldn’t exactly openly admit he was having some filthy thoughts about Yoongi in that moment.
“Think we’re all gonna need to get changed before driving back.” Yoongi said, pulling his soaked shirt from where it was clinging to his skin. Which didn’t help Jimin’s already spiralling thoughts.
Yoongi go to his feet and held a hand out for Jimin, who took it and let Yoongi drag him to his feet. “Come on, let’s get dried off.” Yoongi said and all Jimin could do was nod as Yoongi led him up to the house.
The others were still outside and for some reason it felt a little naughty to be sneaking off to get changed. Of course they weren’t doing anything wrong, but there was just something in the air that made Jimin feel a little bit like there was.
Maybe it was just his stupid horny thoughts making things feel different than they were. Though the moment he stepped into the bedroom after and Yoongi turned to face him again he knew he wasn’t the only one feeling it.
Yoongi reached behind him and slid the door closed, effectively caging Jimin in against said door. The way he was looking at him made Jimin feel all hot and tingly. “Jimin-ah…” Yoongi whispered in that low tone that made Jimin’s stomach swoop.
Jimin didn’t waste a second, reaching up and grabbing Yoongi’s wet shirt, pulling him forward and into a kiss. It was hot and heavy, hands roaming everywhere. Their bodies pressed together as Yoongi shifted from kissing Jimin’s lips to mouthing down his jaw and neck.
Jimin all but moaned as Yoongi licked and nipped at his neck. He leaned his head back further, giving Yoongi more access, it felt incredible. He’d never had anyone kiss his neck like that and holy shit was it working for him.
He could feel himself getting more and more turned on, his dick straining against his jeans already. As Yoongi’s hands slipped up under his damp shirt Jimin’s brain seemed to short-circuit. All he wanted was Yoongi’s hands on him, touching him. “Y-yoongi..” He stuttered.
Yoongi detached himself from his neck, pressing another kiss to Jimin’s lips. “What do you want baby?” Yoongi asked, his voice somehow even deeper than before. It made Jimin melt. “Y-you.” “I’ve got you baby.” Yoongi assured, kissing him again.
🔞🔞🔞 Jimin melted into the touch, the feeling of Yoongi’s hands against his bare skin, his tongue against his. It felt like too much and not enough all at once. He felt one of Yoongi’s hands slip down to the waistband of his jeans, felt the button release and the zip drag down
“Is this okay?” Yoongi asked. Jimin nodded. “Gonna need you to use your words baby.” Yoongi said, pressing another kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Y-yes, please hyung.” Jimin breathed. “Okay baby, hyung is gonna make you feel good.” Yoongi said.
He pressed another kiss to Jimin’s lips before sinking down onto his knees. Jimin’s eyes went wide as Yoongi tugged his jeans down over his hips exposing his underwear. He shivered at the touch as Yoongi reached up, his fingers tracing the waistband of his boxers.
His heart was pounding in his chest, his breathing faster than it had been when he’d been running around outside. He felt hot all over and as Yoongi leaned in and pressed a kiss to the strip of skin between the bottom of his t-shirt and top of his boxers,
he mouthed along that strip of skin, as he palmed Jimin’s dick through the material. Jimin let out a soft moan at the touch and he saw Yoongi smirk at the sound. Fuck, he knew the effect he was having on Jimin, he knew and he was going to make Jimin go crazy with it.
Jimin closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the door as Yoongi continued to tease him through his boxers, getting lost in the feeling whilst trying his best not to come on the spot. He let out a gasp as Yoongi pulled down his boxers at last.
“Jimin-ah?” Yoongi said, and Jimin forced his eyes open and he looked down at Yoongi. Yoongi who was on his knees in front of him. Yoongi who had pushed his damp hair back off his face again.
Yoongi who’s gaze was flicking between Jimin’s eyes and the hard cock in front of him and fuck if that wasn’t a hot sight to witness. “Please.” Was all Jimin could utter, and Yoongi didn’t need anything more.
It had been a long time since Jimin had had a blow job but he was pretty sure they’d never felt that good before. He had to physically hold onto Yoongi’s shoulder to stop himself from falling. To say Yoongi knew what he was doing with his mouth was an understatement.
The feeling of the wet heat of his mouth around Jimin’s length was almost too much to handle, it was as though he was reading Jimin’s mind as he worked him over. Doing everything Jimin loved, and even things he didn’t even know he loved, until Yoongi was doing it.
And that tongue, holy shit that tongue should be illegal. The way Yoongi used it to lick at tease at his head, while he jerked him with his hand and Jimin moaning uncontrollably. He didn’t even care if anyone heard him, he couldn’t help it.
It felt too good, and when Yoongi swallowed his entire length down Jimin honestly didn’t know how he didn’t come on the spot. It took everything in him to not blow his load instantly, but he didn’t want it to end.
He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer though. Not with the way Yoongi was working over him. Jimin wasn’t sure he’d ever felt that good. “Hyung, I’m gonna…” “You gonna come for me Jiminie?” Yoongi asked, his voice a low growl.
Jimin nodded, fisting his hand in Yoongi’s hair and throwing his head back against the door again as Yoongi sank back down on his cock. Jimin felt that coil of heat building and building and then he couldn’t hold back anymore.
He managed to call out Yoongi’s name just in time so he could pull back before Jimin came, spilling into Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi pumped him through his orgasm, and Jimin was sure he blacked out for a few seconds.
When he opened his eyes again Yoongi was getting to his feet, and carefully tucking Jimin back into his pants. “Hyung- I- um.” Jimin didn’t know what to say. Yoongi just kissed him, soft and slow. Jimin grabbed onto him, holding him tight as they made out.
He could taste himself on Yoongi’s tongue and that felt a little dirty but also extremely hot. Holy fuck, Yoongi had just went down on him. That had just happened. Jimin’s mind felt like mush, happy contented mush.
“What about you?” Jimin said after a moment, his own hands trailing down to Yoongi’s waistband. “That’s not really a problem.” Yoongi said, and he didn’t meet Jimin’s eyes. “What do you mean?” Jimin asked, a little confused.
“It’s already taken care of.” Yoongi said, going back to kissing Jimin’s neck lightly. It took him a few seconds to catch onto watch Yoongi was saying, “You… you came?” “Yeah Jimin-ah.” Yoongi said, laughing into his shoulder. “Oh…”
“Are you really surprised? That was insanely hot and fuck, you sounded so good moaning my name.” Yoongi said, finally meeting Jimin’s eyes again. “Oh.” Jimin repeated.
He felt heat rush to his cheeks as he blushed at Yoongi’s words, which was insane considering what they’d just done. So Yoongi had gotten off just from sucking Jimin’s dick and hearing him moan his name. Well… that was certainly something.
“We should probably get cleaned up.” Yoongi said, laughing again. “Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Jimin said, laughing himself. 🔞🔞🔞
The whole thing had happened so fast and so unexpected Jimin was feeling a little lost. Yoongi disappeared into the bathroom to get cleaned up and he got changed. Pulling out clean clothes from his bag which he’d brought down to Yoongi’s room earlier.
Jimin didn’t really know what to think about the whole thing. He hadn’t planned for anything to happen between them, had thought when they did finally do something sexual that it would be different, more planned and romantic.
It seemed crazy that only the day before he’d been worrying over things moving too fast. Yet he didn’t regret it in the slightest. It was spontaneous and amazing and felt right.
He’d had some idea of how their relationship should progress, this whole ‘plan’ for how it should play out but maybe he’d just been overthinking it all again. This had felt right, had felt natural. An act of passion in the moment.
As he played it over in his head he couldn’t help but smile and feel a little giddy about the way Yoongi had asked him if he was okay and if he was sure. Still wanting to make sure Jimin was ready, even when he was hard in his jeans and practically begging for it.
Plus it had felt fucking amazing. “Hey, you okay?” Jimin had been so lost in thought he hadn’t heard the door slide open again. Yoongi sat down on the bed beside him.
“Yeah, I’m good. Really good.” Jimin said, slipping his hand into Yoongi’s. “Just overthinking everything as usual.” “No regrets? I know it was kinda rushed…” Yoongi said. “None.” Jimin assured. “Good, you know I’d never want you to feel pressured.”
“I don’t, you’ve never made me feel like that.” Jimin said, he lifted their hands up, pressing a kiss to the back of Yoongi’s. “You make me feel comfortable and safe. Don’t ever doubt that.”
That was the reality in how it had been okay for it to happen like it had. Jimin hadn’t felt pressured, or like he ‘should’ be doing anything. Yoongi had always made him feel comfortable and like he was in control the whole time.
He had known that the second he’d said stop Yoongi would’ve done just that. There had been no doubt in his mind. It had been fast and unexpected but that was okay. He was slowly learning his own comfort levels and limits, Yoongi had helped in that.
It was a weird situation to be in, he’d hooked up with guys before but he’d never been in a proper relationship where feelings were involved. That was what was making things confusing for Jimin.
But Yoongi was patient and supportive of him and his decisions, and that’s what this had been. Jimin had chosen to let go and have that moment with Yoongi, a moment they both wanted and it felt so good. It felt good to have a partner who understood him.
He wanted to tell Yoongi that but he spoke before Jimin got a chance to open his mouth. “This is probably the worst time to ask this,” Yoongi started, he was rubbing the back of his neck the way he always did when he was nervous.
“But um, we’ve been dating for a while now and well, after this weekend, I just wanted to ask if you wanted to make things official? No pressure if you don’t!” “Yoongi,” Jimin said, a wave of affection for him blooming in his heart. “I’d love to be official with you.” “Yeah?”
“Yeah.” “Okay then.” Yoongi said, smiling down at their intwined hands. “So does that make you my boyfriend?” Jimin asked. “I guess so.”
An hour or so later they were driving back to Seoul and Jimin was sure he was smiling the entire journey. His heart felt so full and he didn’t think he’d ever felt as happy as he did in that moment.
They’d talked a little after, before the others joined them back at the house to pack up their things. Jimin made sure Yoongi knew just how much it meant that he’d understood and had patience with him.
Yoongi of course had just promised him that he’d always put Jimin’s comfort first, Jimin promoting the same in return. The drive home had just been a blissful time for him to reflect on the whole thing. Holly asleep on his lap again.
He’d had a perfect weekend full of unexpected joys. And when Yoongi dropped him off last and they kissed on his doorstep like in the movies Jimin couldn’t help but feel that everything was perfect.
🌙🌙🌙 The following weeks were the most hectic and yet greatest of Jimin’s life. The final stretch to opening the studio seemed to go at lightning speed. Between his last week at work and the final preparation for the studio Jimin felt like he didn’t get a moment to himself.
His friends were a great support to him and Hobi though, and it made everything a little easier. The seven of them that had went to the cabin seemed to have formed a solid unit.
It felt like a least one of them was at the studio every day with them helping out as they did the last few things to finish up the decorating and general setting up. Jungkook had painted a mural on the wall as promised, and had even helped with setting up their social media.
His flair for design coming in handy. Thanks to Hoseok’s connections with the dance world their studio was already gaining attention, and Jimin was amazed at how many enquiries for places in their classes they already had.
The two of them had already discussed having to hire another teacher and they hadn’t even opened yet. It was crazy.
His last day at the office was emotional. While he was happy to say goodbye to his corporate job, leaving Donghun and Yuchan was harder than he expected. Though it definitely helped when Donghun insisted they eat dinner together after and made Jimin promise to keep in touch.
He’d really secured good friends with those two, and would have no problem keeping that promise. “I’ll see you both next week anyway at the opening.” Jimin said as they walked to the subway together after their meal.
“Okay yes, but you still can’t go forgetting us when you’re all successful and shit.” Yuchan said. “I could never.” Jimin assured.
It had been a long day, his boss not making his last day easy. He’d made Jimin do a hundred little jobs, apparently to make the hand over to his replacement easier, but Jimin knew it was more to make his last day harder.
He was so happy to be done with that place and away from his asshole of a boss. And while he’d enjoyed dinner with Donghun and Yuchan, he really couldn’t wait to just get home and go to bed. What he hadn’t expected was someone to be waiting for him outside his apartment.
“Yoongi?” Jimin said upon seeing him sat outside on steps leading up the his building entrance. “Hey Jiminie.” Yoongi said getting to his feet. “What are you doing here?” Jimin said. “I haven’t seen you all week.” Yoongi said, pulling Jimin into a hug.
“I saw you two days ago.” Jimin said, laughing. It was true, Yoongi had came to the studio with Jungkook two days prior to help with the building some shelves. “Ah it feels like much longer.” Yoongi whined. “Hyung you’re being very needy.”
“Am I not allowed to want to see my boyfriend?” Jimin still couldn’t help the giddy feeling whenever Yoongi called him that. It still felt surreal. Yoongi was his boyfriend. They were boyfriends. It made his heart flutter in the most wonderful way.
He smiled at Yoongi and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “You can see me whenever you like.” He said. Jimin led them inside, Yoongi’s hand clasped in his own. He’d very quickly learned that Yoongi liked to hold hands.
Whenever they were together he’d find a way to slip his hand into Jimin’s. And who was he to complain? “So how was your last day really?” Yoongi asked once they were inside.
Jimin had texted him while he was on the subway home, telling him about going for dinner with Donghun and Yuchan, but passing over how his day had went in the office.
“It was okay, my boss made things difficult but it wasn’t so bad and I never have to go back.” Jimin said, as he flopped down onto his bed beside Yoongi. Yoongi was sat with his back up against the wall, his was wearing one of his fluffy sweaters again and Jimin loved it.
Loved how soft he looked, it made him want to curl into him. Then he remembered that he could do just that, so he did. Yoongi immediately wrapping an arm around his shoulders. “How was your day?” Jimin asked.
“Quiet, I had a cancellation so just used the time to do some drawing.” Yoongi told him. “I got caught up in it, so was still at the studio when you messaged.” “Oh hyung, you really do work too much sometimes.” Jimin said.
“I didn’t plan it! Anyways, since I was still out I thought I’d come over.” “I can’t really complain about that.” Jimin said. “Are you doing anything tomorrow?” Yoongi asked.
“Nope, I’m giving myself the day off.” Jimin told him. “Plus I think Hobi-hyung would throw me out of the studio if I turned up.” “I’m glad he’s at least stopping you from overworking yourself.” “I’m not!” Yoongi just looked at him with raised eyebrows.
“Okay maybe I was a little. But I’m done with work now, so I can give all my attention to the studio.” “What about me? Do I not get any attention?” Yoongi asked, his mouth turning down into a pout.
“Oh I have a special reserve of attention just for you.” Jimin said, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Is that so?” “Yep.” “Good, I deserve all the attention.” Yoongi said, leaning in to kiss him.
Jimin giggled into the kiss, it was soft and perfect and all the tiredness he’d been feeling seemed to melt away. It was the best way to end his day, laying in bed with Yoongi making out.
He didn’t even remember when they fell asleep, had been so content just curled up together, sharing soft kisses and gentle touches. And when he woke up curled up in Yoongi’s arms he felt even more content. His life really was so good right now.
He was free from his horrible office job, he had his own studio opening with one of his best friends in a weeks time. He had an amazing group of friends and on top of it all, the most perfect boyfriend.
Jimin didn’t know how he got to be so lucky, but he really was and he wouldn’t change any of it for the world.
*** Jimin ended being very grateful for Yoongi’s spontaneous arrival that night, as they didn’t get a chance to see each other over the next week. Both of them busy with work. The last week of studio preparation took all of Jimin’s time.
He and Hoseok working hard on planning their class schedules, promoting the studio online and even around some local businesses.
Hoseok had even set up a tiktok account for the studio and the two of them had started posting clips of them dancing, a little show of what they had to offer from their studio. It was a lot of work but Jimin was having the best time.
He never thought he would enjoy working, but it proved that doing something you actually cared about could be enjoyable, even when it was hard work. They had planned an event for the opening that Saturday, some taster classes followed by a party. Jimin was excited and nervous.
The day before he was doing some last minute cleaning at the studio when Taehyung turned up. “What are you doing here?” Jimin asked when his friend bounded in. “Taking you for a treat!” Taehyung said. “Tae, we still have stuff to do.” Jimin told him.
“No we don’t, everything is fine Jimin-ah.” Hoseok said from where he was sat behind the front desk. “But…” “No buts, go. Tae has had this planned for weeks.” Hoseok insisted. Jimin looked over at Taehyung who was grinning at him, he seemed to be thrumming with excitement.
“Okay fine. But if you need me for anything hyung…” Jimin said. “I won’t, now go.” Hoseok interjected.
Jimin didn’t really have a chance to argue anymore. He was all but dragged from the studio by Taehyung. He had no idea what Tae could’ve planned, and when they ended up at a hairdressers he was definitely surprised.
“Tae what are we doing here?” Jimin asked as he followed his friend up the stairs to the salon. “Getting you a new look and a good pampering.” Taehyung said. “Plus I need my roots done.”
Jimin didn’t know what to say. True he’d been talking about changing his hair for a little while now, but he hadn’t really expected to do it any time soon. But now he was sat in the stylist’s chair and was being asked what he wanted. “I don’t really know.”
“Give him something funky.” Taehyung said from the seat beside him where his stylist was already preparing his hair. “What would be your dream hair colour?” The stylist asked.
Jimin thought about it for a moment. He’d always wanted to try a wild colour, he just hadn’t ever thought he could. And now that he was in the position to actually get it done he wasn’t sure what he wanted or if he even should.
“Look, if it turns out you don’t like it we can always dye it black again. So whatever you decide, it can always be reversed.” The stylist assured him, clearing noticing his hesitance. “Okay,” Jimin said, and taking a deep breath he told the stylist what he wanted.
🌙🌙🌙 Opening day for the dance studio was a whirlwind of nerves and excitement. Jimin felt like he didn’t have a moment to breathe for most of the day, which in a way he was grateful, it stopped him from finding time to overthink and worry.
Instead he could just focus on the enjoyment of it all. They did a couple of taster classes in the morning, the kids that turned up excited and full of energy. Jimin was in his element and Hoseok seemed to be having just as much fun.
They had people from all ages dropping in and looking around during the afternoon. It was nice to see, and Jimin was glad it wouldn’t just be young kids signing up for classes. Their adult only ones were also proving popular.
Jimin loved talking about dance and encouraging people to give it a try. It had been his passion since he was in middle school, and he couldn’t see it dying any time soon, so the idea of bringing more people into it just filled him with so much happiness.
Taehyung hung around the entire day too, taking it upon himself to become their unofficial photographer. Though Jimin made him promise not to upload any pictures of him until after he’d seen Yoongi.
He wanted to keep his new hair a surprise. The big reveal would have to wait for the party that evening.
“God that was crazy.” Hoseok said, as he flung himself onto the floor, laying flat on his back. Jimin and Taehyung sat themselves down on the floor as well. It was there first real moment of rest all day.
They’d just closed up and Jimin felt a little exhausted by it all but at the same time he was so high on the whole experience. It was a truly wonderful day and he couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.
“Might just take a nap right here.” Taehyung said, laying down beside Jimin and using his leg as a pillow. “You’re not the one who’s been dancing all day.” Jimin said, prodding his side and causing him to curl up in a fit of giggles.
“Weirdly I don’t feel tired.” Hoseok said, sitting up. “Yeah, I’m more wired than anything else.” Jimin agreed.
They had a couple of hours before the party was due to start. It gave them enough time to tidy up and get changed before the guests began to arrive.
Jimin was excited about the party and seeing all their friends to celebrate, but more so, he was excited to see Yoongi. Yoongi his boyfriend. It still felt crazy that that was real. Yoongi was his boyfriend. It was surreal and crazy and so so wonderful.
Yoongi had called him that morning wishing him good luck and apologising that he wouldn’t be able to drop by since he had a full day of tattooing. It made his heart warm.
Then an hour after he had arrived at the studio, just as they were about to open the doors a delivery had arrived for him. Yoongi had sent him flowers, which only made Jimin fall for him even more if that was even possible.
He’d only just managed not to cry when he read the little note attached to the flowers, 'good luck Jiminie <3’ written in Yoongi’s familiar writing. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found him.
It was crazy to think all those months ago he hadn’t expected to meet such an amazing guy, all he’d wanted was a tattoo, and he’d came away with a heart full of love.
“We should get this place tidied up.” Hoseok said after a moment, Jimin and Taehyung both groaning in response. “Yah! The sooner we get it done, the sooner we can get partying!” Hoseok added as he got to his feet.
Taehyung looked up at Jimin, “he hasn’t changed at all, still a neat freak.” Jimin huffed out a laugh, “come on, he’s right.” He added patting Taehyung’s ass.
The three of them got to work and the studio was cleaned up in no time. They hadn’t really had that much to do, it took more time setting up for the party. Setting up a table full of drinks and snacks in the main room, decorating with balloons and banners that Taehyung had made.
It looked really good when they were finished. Then it was time to get ready for the party. Jimin was glad the studio had its own bathroom and showers. He hated the idea of having to go all the way home just to come back. Instead he was able to wash off the day’s dancing.
Freshening himself up before changing into his party clothes. Along with his new hair, Taheyung had taken him shopping. The two of them treating themselves to new outfits for the party. Jimin had a nervous excitement about him, eager and ready to show off his new look.
He carefully applied some makeup, he’d spent too many hours following YouTube tutorials for smokey eyes not to apply it now. He styled his hair and added his jewellery, the final part of the look the earrings that Yoongi had given him.
As he stood back and looked over himself he felt a new sense of confidence, like he was finally becoming himself.
“Holy shit, you look amazing Jimin-ah.” Hoseok said as he appeared beside him. “Thank you hyung, you look really good too.” Jimin said, preening at the praise. “Yeah? Um, do you think they will like it?” Hoseok said, for once looking a little unsure of himself.
It had only been the day before that he’d revealed what had happened between him Seokjin and Namjoon at the lake. How they’d all drunkenly made out with each other and woken up cuddled together in Seokjin and Namjoon’s bed. Hoseok had been a mess of confused feelings.
Of course, he found them both incredibly attractive, but they were a couple. He was just Hoseok on the outside, but then that had happened and now he didn’t know what to do. Jimin had assured him that they were interested, thanks to Yoongi’s insider information.
So now Hoseok was trying his best to impress them both in the hopes of something happening. “They’ll love it! You look hot as fuck!” Jimin assured. “And anyways, pretty sure if you’d rocked up in sweats they’d still be fawning over you.”
“I don’t know, it just seems a bit too good to be true.” Hoseok said, “I mean hot one guy being into me is insane enough, but two? That’s crazy.”
“It’s not crazy, it’s perfectly normal and very easy to fall in love with Jung Hoseok. We’ve all been there.” Taehyung said, as he appeared in the doorway. “Tae is right.” Jimin added. “You two are impossible.” Hoseok said, but he pulled them both into a hug. “Love you.”
“Love you too hyung.” Jimin and Taehyung said in unison, which set them all off laughing. “God, Yoongi is gonna lose his shit when he sees you Jimin-ah.” Taehyung said when they finally pulled apart.
“Good, he drives me crazy on a daily basis, its about time he tasted his own medicine.” Jimin said. “Please those pants alone are gonna give him an aneurism.” Taehyung said, slapping Jimin’s ass hard. “I still have no clue how you even got into those.” Hoseok added.
Jimin had to admit the leather pants he was wearing were incredibly tight. He’d paired them with a Gucci t-shirt (bought by Taehyung and ridiculously overpriced as far has he was concerned) and a bedazzled jacket. His favourite Chelsea boots pulling the outfit together.
He really loved how it looked, and normally he wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing something so sexy, but he was trying to push his own boundaries, and he felt confident in it. He just hoped Yoongi liked it too.
While he knew he shouldn’t really care what other people thought about his appearance and style, he still wanted his boyfriend to find him attractive and like how he looked. So he really hoped he liked it as much as Jimin himself did. “Sheer force of will.” Jimin joked.
They finished setting up for the party and ten minutes later the first guests arrived in the form of Donghun and Junhee. They’d also brought Jimin celebration flowers and he felt a rush of affection for the pair. “Yuchan is coming later, they got held up at work.” Donghun said.
“Ah, I hope its been okay at the office without me.” Jimin said, as he helped Donghun get drinks for himself and his partner. “It’s been okay actually, Yuchan just got stuck with a dodgy client sending stuff in late. They shouldn’t be too long.” Donghun assured.
“Good, I’m really glad you’re all here, and thank you again for the flowers.” “You’re welcome, the three of us are really happy for you, and I’m so proud of you. The studio looks amazing.” Donghun said.
Slowly more people began to arrive. A bunch of Hoseok’s friends from his former job arrived, causing a bit of a buzz considering a couple of them were idols. Jimin couldn’t believe they’d actually came. Most were other staff members and trainees though.
But it was nice to see Hoseok still on good terms with his former colleagues. Seokjin and Namjoon arrived not long after, the pair of them heading straight for Hoseok and showering him in compliments which made Jimin so happy. He really hoped it worked out for the three of them.
“Jungkook just text, him and Yoongi are on their way.” Taehyung said about an hour into the party.
Jimin was talking with Wheein and a couple of friend’s she’d brought along. party was in full swing now and while he’d been having a good time with his friend’s, Jimin had been wondering when Yoongi would arrive. The anticipation of seeing him growing with every passing minute.
The thought of him arriving any minute now filled him with nervous energy, and he felt like he was going to explode. “Jesus Christ Taehyung was right, you really do brush your hair back so much.” Wheein teased, as Jimin ran his fingers back through his hair again.
“Aish, not you too. I don’t even realise I’m doing it.” Jimin whined. “Its cute.” Hyejin assured as the others laughed, though Jimin could see the amusement on her face. His friends were the worst.
Jimin ended up excusing himself and slipping away to the toilets to check himself over. Making sure not a single speck of makeup was out of place. He wanted to look perfect for Yoongi. It was just one of the many things he found himself doing that he’d never done before.
He’d never been this bothered over his appearance, sure he’d had his insecurities, but he’d never wanted to feel sexy and appealing like he did when it came to Yoongi. He wanted to make him feel the way he made Jimin feel.
With one last brush of his hand through his hair he headed back out to the party. They’d had a good turn out, all of Jimin’s friends had came and so many of Hoseok’s friends and former-colleagues had too. The main studio space was filled with bodies.
Everyone dancing and talking, drinks flowing freely. It made Jimin so happy to see everyone having a good time. He could’ve never imagined hosting something like this, and all in celebration of his very own dance studio opening.
It seemed surreal that his dream had finally become a reality. He and Hoseok were doing it, they were making his dream come true and it felt amazing.
As he scanned the room, taking in the festivities his eyes locked with a familiar feline pair watching him from the other side of the room. Jimin couldn’t help the smile that immediately spread over his face when he saw Yoongi recognise him.
Laughing to himself as Yoongi’s eyes went wide as he took in Jimin’s new look. It took seconds for him to cross the room, coming to a stop in front of Jimin. He felt hot all over as Yoongi’s eyes dragged over him, taking in every inch of him.
All Jimin could do was stand there as his boyfriend practically undressed him with his eyes.
“Wow.” Was all Yoongi said, which only made Jimin laugh. “Hi hyung.” “Uh- yeah, um hi.” Yoongi said, seeming to be at a loss for words. “Thank you for coming.” Jimin said. He reached out and took Yoongi’s hand, pulling him closer.
“Wish I could’ve been here sooner.” Yoongi said, “you look amazing Jiminie.” “Thank you. Does it look okay?” Jimin asked, reaching up once again to run a hand through his newly dyed hair.
“It looks more than okay, pink is your colour.” Yoongi said, replacing Jimin’s hand with his own, carding his fingers through the pastel pink strands. “I was a little nervous about it, but I’m glad you like it.” “Me liking it doesn’t matter, do you like it?”
“Yeah I do, I really do.” Jimin said. “Good, cos it looks amazing and you look amazing. Thought my knees were gonna give out when I saw you.” Yoongi said, grinning at him.
Jimin felt like he was going to melt, that smile made him so weak. Instead he wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck and kissed him. Yoongi’s arms automatically sliding around his waist, holding him close. “And thank you again for the flowers.” Jimin said, when they broke apart.
He’d texted Yoongi earlier thanking him, and maybe barraged him with an ungodly amount of heart emojis, but he couldn’t think of a better way to express his gratitude at the time. Now he could do it through kisses, which was much better.
Now that Yoongi was here he didn’t want to let him go, content in just making out in the corner. Unfortunately their friends had other ideas.
They were quickly accosted and told to join the party, and with some whining on Jimin’s behalf they conceded, though Yoongi never once let go of his hand which made Jimin feel warm and fuzzy inside.
The party itself was a lot of fun. With Yoongi at his side Jimin felt even more relaxed and enjoyed the night. They all drank and danced and he was happier than ever. Everything really was coming together.
Jimin couldn’t have imagined how his life would’ve turned out all those months ago before he stepped into that tattoo parlour. That felt like the defining moment of change. The thing that triggered it all.
From new found friendships, solidifying old ones, quitting his shitty corporate office job and making his dream a reality and of course meeting Yoongi. As they rode in the taxi back to Jimin’s apartment after the party ended, he couldn’t help wonder if it was all just a dream.
How could he be so lucky? He had everything he could’ve ever wanted and more. He’d never felt so happy.
“I’m so tired.” Jimin said as he crawled onto the bed beside Yoongi after washing up. “You’ve been busy all day, its not surprising.” Yoongi said, “we can have a nice lie in tomorrow.” “Yeah, I’m glad we both don’t have work. I just want to be lazy all day.”
“Sounds perfect, and deserved.” Yoongi said, pressing a kiss to Jimin’s temple. “You’ve worked so hard Jimin-ah, I’m really proud of you.” “Thank you Yoongi, it really means so much.”
They were curled up together under Jimin’s blankets, his head pillowed against Yoongi’s shoulder. He felt so comfortable and content. He couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the world right now except for in Yoongi’s arms. He knew he’d fallen in love with him.
He’d realised it that night when he and Yoongi had stayed up talking under the stars beside the lake. He’d never felt like this before, never cared about someone the way he did for Yoongi.
It was strange and wonderful and he didn’t ever want to stop feeling it. He was in love with Min Yoongi.
“Hyung, what about Holly?” Jimin asked after a little while. “He’s staying with my neighbour, don’t worry.” “But he’ll miss you if you stay here all night and tomorrow.” Jimin said, looking up at Yoongi, suddenly worried for the little brown poodle.
“How about I go over and get him in the morning then, and he can join us for our lazy day?” Yoongi suggested. “Oh yes! I’d love that.”
“I’m sure he will too, I’m starting to think he loves you more than I do and that’s impossible.” Yoongi said, that cute gummy smile of his making an appearance. “How much do you love me?” Jimin asked tentatively.
The question hung in the air for a split second, and Jimin was wishing he’d never asked it. It was stupid, why did he ask that? Then Yoongi replied. “With my whole heart.” He said softly. “I love you with my whole heart Jimin.”
Jimin’s heart seemed to swell to twice its size, he felt so full of affection and adoration. The way Yoongi was looking at him only adding to it, there was such tenderness and sincerity in his eyes. “I love you with my whole heart too Yoongi.” Jimin replied.
Yoongi leaned in a pressed a soft kiss against Jimin’s lips. There was so much feeling behind the kiss. So full of gentle love and everything Jimin wanted. He loved Yoongi, and Yoongi loved him back. Once again, everything was perfect.
🌙🌙🌙 “I can’t imagine why you would think that Jimin.” Hoseok said as they locked up the studio. It was late on a Tuesday night and they’d just finished up their last classes of the day.
Jimin couldn’t believe how fast the past few weeks had flown over and now they were approaching Christmas. “I just… what if he doesn’t want to or if he already has plans?” Jimin said.
He’d been worrying over asking Yoongi to spend Christmas Eve with him all week, but he didn’t really know why. He knew Yoongi didn’t have plans. They’d already talked about it.
Both of them were staying in Seoul over the holidays and didn’t have anything planned except for going to Seokjin and Namjoon’s for Christmas Day with the others.
Yoongi himself had said he’d probably just do his usual of ordering takeout and spend the night under blankets with Holly. So why Jimin was freaking out about it he had no clue. His stupid old insecurities deciding to resurface for no reason.
“Just ask him, he’ll probably jump at the chance.” Hoseok said, rolling his eyes at him for what felt like the millionth time. Jimin knew he was right and he needed to stop being a baby about it, but he couldn’t help it.
Sometimes it felt like their relationship was too good to be true. How could something so perfect be real? That’s how it felt to him, perfect. He’d never been so happy and Yoongi was a big part of it.
He knew it was just his stupid overthinking brain looking for problems that weren’t there and probably wouldn’t ever be, but he supposed it was just natural to have doubts when something was still so new. He didn’t really know what the protocol for holidays were.
He’d already had a mini meltdown over what to get Yoongi as a gift. This was just adding to it.
“Seriously Jimin-ah, you don’t have anything to worry about. Hell, hyung will probably end up asking you to spend the day with him first if you don’t get to it.” Hoseok assured. “You two are sickeningly loved up, there’s no way he wouldn’t want to spend Christmas Eve with you.”
“Thanks hyung. You’re probably right, I need to stop overthinking everything.” “Yes you do.” Said a voice from behind them. Jimin turned around to see Taehyung, he was bundled up in a way too big coat, the tip of his pink nose just visible over his scarf.
“What are we talking about?” He added. “Yah!” Jimin responded, slapping his friend across the arm. “Oh come on, no matter what it is we all know you need to stop overthinking it.” Taehyung said. A muffled bark from his coat sounded in agreement.
“Is that Tannie in there?” Jimin said, laughing. Taehyung moved his scarf aside to reveal Yeontan tucked into the oversized coat, giving Jimin the access he needed to smother the dog in kisses.
“We’re headed to Jungkookie’s.” Taehyung said as they walked towards the subway together. “I’d invite you but I want to have sex so…” “Too much information.” Hoseok said with a groan. “Now you know how I feel.” Jimin teased.
“Jimin has an appointment with Yoongi anyway.” Hoseok added. “A dick appointment?” Taehyung asked, quirking his eyebrow up. “No! I’m getting my tattoos done.” “Ah yes, you did tell me about that.”
Jimin had been looking forward to the appointment all week. He’d had to schedule it around his time off from the studio as it would need time to heal. Now that they had closed up the studio for two weeks over the Christmas period it was the perfect time to get it done.
“Don’t forget to send me pics!” Taehyung said. “I’ll try.” Jimin split off from them at the subway, making his way to Hongdae and the familiar tattoo studio.
He smiled whenever he saw the little black cat logo, especially after Namjoon told him the origin behind it. How it had came from his friends comparing him to cat all the time, not just in appearance but also in personality.
“You have to agree he’s cat like? He loves to nap, is picky about who he likes and loves to cause chaos on occasion.” Namjoon had said, Jimin had only been able to agree even with Yoongi’s indignant protests.
Ever since that story had came out Jimin couldn’t help but notice how similar Yoongi was to a cat, it was true and of course his penchant for black clothing only added to the black cat theme.
Yoongi whined about it, but Jimin could tell he secretly liked it. So now whenever he saw the cat silhouette of the logo it made him smile. “You’re early.” Wheein said when Jimin entered the studio.
“Our classes finished up on time for once.” Jimin told her. “Is hyung still with a customer?” “Yeah, he should be finishing up soon. You all finished up for Christmas now?” She asked.
Her hair was now orange, and Jimin loved it. It made him want to try the colour. He ran his hand through his now blond hair, the pink having faded out. “Yep, all done until the new year.” Jimin confirmed. “Nice. We still on for drinks next week?” “Definitely.”
They chatted a bit while Yoongi finished up with his previous customer. Jimin had become a regular face in the tattoo studio since he and Yoongi had started dating.
He often met Yoongi there whenever they had dates planned, it was just easier and there were good places to eat around the studio. It was hard to believe that he’d felt so out of place the first time he’d came. Now it felt normal to be there, like he was a part of the place.
He supposed in a lot of ways that had to do with his own personal growth. He definitely felt like he fit in a bit more now that he no longer looked like he had when he’d been living his corporate office life.
Now he too had dyed hair and tattoos, his clothes more stylish and in-line with the more creative people that frequented the studio. More than anything though, he felt more comfortable in himself. He didn’t have the self-doubt about his own place in the world.
Being able to explore his self-expression and style had helped with that massively. Jimin finally felt like he was truly growing into himself.
All the changes over the last few months had cumulated to this, and Jimin could only be grateful that he was getting the chance to discover who he was and what he wanted for himself.
When Yoongi was finally done with his customer Jimin went through into the back, he’d barely set foot through the doorway when Yoongi was pulling him into a kiss. He smiled against his lips, he would never get over the feeling of Yoongi’s kisses. “Hi.” Jimin said with a giggle.
“Hey, sorry to keep you waiting.” Yoongi said, pulling back. He was just as gorgeous as the first day they’d met. Jimin didn’t think he’d ever get over it. As he watched Yoongi clean up his station all Jimin could do was enjoy the view.
He loved to watch the way Yoongi moved, the way his broad shoulders moved under his black t-shirt. The fabric clinging to his body a little too much. Jimin wondered if Yoongi was aware of how attractive it looked, and how much he liked it.
Part of him wished they could just skip the tattoo and go back to his place. He shifted where he stood leaning against the doorframe, remembering the night were that had happened a few weeks prior.
Jimin had came to get the ‘youth’ tattoo behind his ear at last, only it hadn’t ended up happening. Instead they’d spent way too long making out on the tattoo chair and ended up going back to Jimin’s apartment. That had been the night they finally slept together.
Again it hadn’t been planned. They’d just planned on watching a movie and making out a bit, but the movie had been boring and the feeling of Yoongi’s hands on his body had been much more appealing. Jimin was glad it had happened like that.
He thinks if it had been more planned there would have been too much pressure, the fact that it had just happened naturally and filled with laughter and messy kisses had been exactly what he wanted, even if he hadn’t known it before hand.
Much like their relationship as a whole, it hadn’t gone how he’d expected it too but it had been perfect. “So, you gonna take your shirt off or do you need me to do it for you?” Yoongi asked.
Jimin blinked at him, he’d been so lost in thought he hadn’t noticed Yoongi had finished setting up his station. “And on that note I’m leaving.” Wheein said from behind him.
Jimin couldn’t help bursting out laughing, the look of disgust apparent on Wheein’s face. Yoongi tried insisting that he hadn’t meant it in a sexy sort of way, but they all knew that wasn’t true.
They said goodbye to Wheein and Yoongi locked them in, Jimin being his last customer of the day, and once again they were alone in the studio. Jimin could feel his cheeks warming at the mere thought of it. Of course it didn’t help when Yoongi pulled him in for another kiss.
“I missed you.” He mumbled against Jimin’s lips. “You saw me yesterday.” Jimin said with a laugh.
Yoongi just kissed him again and Jimin could’t complain. He let himself melt into Yoongi’s hold, lost in the feeling of their lips against each other. He really could just kiss him forever, and as he let out a contented sigh he felt Yoongi smile against his lips again.
“We should probably get started or we’ll get nothing done… again.” He said. “Fine. But I expect lots of kisses when we’re done.” Jimin said, pouting as they pulled apart.
While Yoongi grabbed designs Jimin pulled off his t-shirt, and he preened at the way Yoongi’s eyes trailed over his bare chest when he turned back to him. “I made a few changes to what I showed you last.” Yoongi said, showing Jimin the designs.
“I love them.” Jimin said as he looked over the drawings. He would forever be in awe of Yoongi’s skills and the way he somehow always managed to encapsulate exactly what Jimin imagined. It was as though he could read Jimin’s mind.
“You never did tell me what inspired these ones.” He said. Jimin stood facing the mirror as Yoongi placed the stencils down his spine. Trying his best not to move as he got the placements right. “It was something you said actually.” Jimin said.
Yoongi stood up straight and looked at Jimin over his shoulder, their eyes meeting in the reflection of the mirror. “Me?”
“Yeah, when we were up at the lake. You said that the moon was always a constant, even when everything else is changing, its cycle is always the same.” Jimin explained. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since you said it,
especially since so much of my life has changed over the last few months. Every time its all felt a bit too much, or gotten a little overwhelming I remembered those words and looked up at the moon. Always there and never changing, just going through its cycle as always.”
Yoongi was quiet for a moment, his eyes fixed on Jimin’s. It felt like time stopped and it was only the two of them. Jimin’s heart felt like it was thundering against his ribcage. Had it been weird for him to say that? Had he been weird to hold onto Yoongi’s words so dearly?
Of course he knew deep down it wasn’t weird, why would it be weird? What Yoongi had said that night had deeply resonated in him. It made him feel centred in a very turbulent moment of his life.
It was why he had wanted to get the tattoo so bad, to have that reminder at his back forever. His fears however were unfounded yet again as Yoongi smiled, that same small smile that made Jimin’s stomach swoop and his heart flutter.
That smile that made Jimin himself want to smile a thousand times. And when he pressed a soft kiss onto Jimin’s bare shoulder he did, biting down on his lip he tried to stop it but he couldn’t hide the rush of happiness that flooded through him.
“I love you.” Was all Yoongi said, and it was all Jimin needed. As he lay there on his stomach, the sound of the tattoo gun’s vibrations filling the air Jimin couldn’t help but think of the very first time he’d came into the studio. How nervous he’d been.
The same sound filling him with worry and apprehension. Now it was like a welcome part of the soundtrack to his journey in becoming himself. The tattoo itself hurt like a bitch. Jimin had thought his ribs had been painful, but the spine was proving much worse.
Maybe it was because it the tattoo was larger, the full moon cycle down his spine taking much longer than the script that curved around his ribcage. The only saving grace was Yoongi’s soft kisses as he went.
By the end of it Jimin was convinced he'd felt the press of Yoongi’s lips against every part of his back that wasn’t covered in ink. The pain had been rough, but at the same time he’d loved every minute of it.
He really had come to enjoy the scrap of the needle against his skin, and the feeling of Yoongi’s touch always thrilled him, ever since that first day. The mix of pain from the needle and tenderness from Yoongi’s gentle touches a newfound pleasure he didn’t know he needed.
As he lay there his mind had wandered to some very risqué places, leaving him unable to hide the fact that he was a bit turned on by the whole thing. Which only made things difficult because he really wasn’t in a position to do anything about it.
🌙🌙🌙 “Are you sure we can’t have sex?” Jimin whispered in Yoongi’s ear as they rode the subway back to his apartment a few hours later. “I’m very sure. I’ve just spent hours tattooing you, I’m not ruining just cos you’re a horny little shit.” Yoongi murmured back.
Jimin whined, pressing his face into Yoongi’s neck. He refused to admit that his back was sore from the tattoo and that Yoongi was right. He could feel Yoongi’s laugh rather than hear it, the shrugging of his shoulders jostling him where he stood as he laughed at Jimin’s demise.
The worst boyfriend! At least Yoongi was kind enough to cook for him when they got home. He raided Jimin’s fridge, managing to forage enough to whip up Jimin’s favourite, kimchi fried rice. He’d definitely come to appreciate having a boyfriend who enjoyed cooking for him.
His mother would be pleased he was finally eating home cooked food regularly again too. No longer was he just living on convenience store kimbap and instant ramen. Plus he just really liked Yoongi looking after him like that.
It was one of the little ways in which he showed his love. Taehyung had said something about it being his love language, acts of service. Whether it was something as simple as cooking for him, or helping him build flatpack furniture.
Yoongi was there and it was his way of expressing love, and Jimin found that adorable. He found a lot of things Yoongi did adorable.
“What?” Yoongi asked, catching Jimin staring at him with a goofy smile on his face. “Nothing, just thinking about how cute you are.” Jimin said.
“But I’m not doing anything.” Yoongi said his mouth turning down in a confused pout. Which only added to the cuteness. “You don’t need to be doing anything to be cute. You just are.”
Yoongi just shrugged. That was another thing Jimin liked about him. He didn’t argue when Jimin called him cute, in fact he seemed to like it. Which was a stark contrast to some of the guys Jimin had known, the idea that they could be anything but manly men was a travesty.
The thought of being called ‘cute’ was their worst nightmare, which Jimin had always found strange. Being cute wasn’t a bad thing, he could never understand why anyone would think it was. Cuteness was good, he liked cute things and cute people.
Yoongi also managed to be cute and sexy at the same time, which was what really blew Jimin’s mind. The fact that he could be practically drooling over him one minute and wanting to coo and squish his cheeks the next was insanity. But Jimin loved it.
They ended up curled up together on Jimin’s bed watching a movie together. Not that Jimin was paying much attention, he was more interested in scrolling through Yoongi’s phone looking at the new pictures of Holly he’d taken.
“He looks extra cute here.” Jimin said, showing Yoongi the one of Holly in a tiny black hoodie. “He matches his dad.” “I couldn’t resist getting him it, plus he gets cold in the winter so it keeps him cosy.” Yoongi said, looking at the picture fondly.
“Is your neighbour looking after him again?” Jimin asked, “I always feel bad whenever we come here instead of yours.” “Yeah, don’t feel bad though. My neighbour loves him, and practically jumps at the chance to look after him.” Yoongi assured.
“If your sure. You’re always welcome to bring him here though.” They fell back into that comfortable silence that had formed between them. Jimin found himself really liking those moments.
It was what made him realise he was fully comfortable around Yoongi, so now they just reminded him of that. Though in that moment he found his mind working in overdrive again thinking about Christmas Eve and how he wanted to invite Yoongi to spend it with him.
He knew, just like his friends knew, that he was being stupid about it. Yoongi was his boyfriend, it was perfectly normal to ask him to spend the holidays together. He just needed to stop overthinking it and ask him.
He sat up straight and turned to look at Yoongi, who looked up at him with a curious expression. “Jiminie?” “I have something to ask you.” Jimin said, pushing down his nerves. “Okay…”
“Do you want to spend Christmas Eve with me? You and Holly?” He asked, his heart beating a little too fast in his chest. Yoongi raised his eyebrows at him, before shaking his head and smiling.
“Fucking hell Jiminie, the way you sat up like that and were so serious I thought you were gonna ask me to help you hide a body or something.” Yoongi said, he huffed out a laugh and took hold of Jimin’s hands, stopping the fidgeting which Jimin hadn’t even realised he was doing.
“Of course I’d like to spend Christmas Eve with you. In fact, I was gonna ask you to come over to mine anyway. You just got in there first.” “Oh.” Jimin was an idiot.
Which shouldn’t be that surprising considering all the other stupid stuff he’d done surrounding Yoongi. When would he get over the stupid self doubt he was constantly feeling when it came to his relationship?
He knew it was because it was still so new, and he hadn’t ever been in a serious relationship before. But he hated how often he was left feeling stupid over his own overthinking.
He felt Yoongi press a kiss to the back of his hand. “You’re trapped in your head again aren’t you?” He said. “Sorry.” Jimin mumbled.
“You don’t need to be sorry, I get it. But I also want you to know you never need to be nervous about asking me anything, and especially not if it involves spend time with you.” Yoongi said, “if I had my way I’d spend every minute with you.”
Jimin felt like crying at that. How did he always know the right thing to say? How did he always know what Jimin was struggling with and the right things to say to ease those worries.
“Thank you hyung. I’m trying, I just… I don’t really know what I’m doing and sometimes I think I’m doing too much or not enough.” Jimin admitted. “You’re doing fine, relationships are weird and I know I’m you’re first serious one. But you really have nothing to worry about.
You’re not doing anything wrong, its impossible to do that because we’re learning about each other together and what makes things work. That’s what its all about.
Even if you’d been in twenty relationships before this, it’d still be the first time with us, so we’re just gonna take it each day as it comes.” “I guess you’re right.” “I am.” Yoongi said grinning. “Yah!” Jimin said, flinging himself back down onto Yoongi.
“Really though, if you’re ever unsure about anything just talk to me. I won’t ever judge you for anything.” Yoongi said, running his fingers through Jimin’s hair.
Jimin hummed a contented sigh, he loved it when Yoongi played with his hair. He lay there like that for a few minutes, his cheek pillowed on Yoongi’s chest, simply enjoying being caressed. “Thank you hyung.” He said after a little while, leaning up to look at Yoongi.
Yoongi gave him one of his favourite smiles, and just responded by kissing him. Letting himself melt into the touch. He was stupid yes, but he was also the luckiest person in the world to have such a wonderful and understanding boyfriend.
No matter how stupid he was or how much he let his overthinking and insecurities get to him, Yoongi was there to ease those worries and make him feel happy and loved.
🌙🌙🌙 “Help me!” Taehyung whined as they walked around another store. Jimin had lost track of how many hours they’d been searching for the ‘perfect present’ for Jungkook. Jimin was starting to get fed up, he loved Taehyung but he really was a pain in the ass sometimes.
“I’ve given you plenty of suggestions! Just pick one so we can go home, I’m tired and I still have to wrap Yoongi’s gifts.” Jimin said. “None of it seems good enough.” Taehyung said, flipping through a rack of black t-shirts.
“You give me shit for overthinking all of the time, and yet here you are. Honestly Tae, no matter what you get him he’s gonna love it. That kid is stupidly in love with you. Pretty sure you could buy him banana milk and he’d think it was the best gift to ever exist.”
Of course he knew what Taehyung was going through. He himself had struggled with what to get Yoongi, thankfully Namjoon had came to the rescue telling him about a book Yoongi had mentioned. Jimin had sought it out and found a limited edition copy with a fancy cover.
Then he’d made up a little ‘care package’ type box of all of Yoongi’s favourite things. From snacks and coffee to that one brand of hand cream he used all he time.
He’d learned Yoongi went through a lot of it since he washed his hands so regularly at work, and Jimin would do anything to help keep those wonderful hands of his in top condition.
The gift he was most excited about giving him was a bracelet though, he’d noticed Yoongi liked to wear bracelets a lot, and he’d come across one he thought he’d love.
He was so excited to give him all of his gifts. If there was one thing Jimin loved, it was was spoiling his favourite people.
“Should I get this?” Taehyung asked holding up a t-shirt. “Sure, he can add it to his vast collection of plain black t-shirts.” Jimin replied sarcastically. “You’re not helping.” “I’m tired and hungry.” “Ugh fine, I give up. Let’s go get McDonalds.”
It was as they were walking to get their food that Taehyung finally spotted the ideal gift. It was a small boutique store on a side street, in the window were modernised hanboks.
Taehyung’s eyes lit up the moment he saw them, and he dragged Jimin inside. Twenty minutes later they were stepping back outside laden with bags.
“Oh he’s gonna look so hot in these.” Taehyung said, as they finally made their way to get food. “Are you sure those gifts are for him, or for you.” Jimin teased. “They’re for him! And yes, maybe I’ll also benefit from them, is that such a bad thing?” Taehyung asked.
“I guess not.” “What time are you going to Yoongi’s tomorrow?” Taehyung asked. “In the morning, we’re gonna get breakfast and spend the whole day together.” Jimin told him.
He was getting more and more excited about the prospect of their first holiday together. Jimin had always loved Christmas, the cosy winter vibes making it the perfect holiday to spend with a loved one. He had the whole day planned out.
From breakfast together, to taking Holly for a walk in the chilly winter air. They were gonna make Christmas cookies together and watch a Christmas movie curled up under the festive blanket Jimin had bought.
And of course they were going to exchange gifts. That’s if he ever got them wrapped. “I’m assuming you and Jungkookie are gonna spend the night gaming?” “That and having sex, I’ve bought sexy Santa boxers for the occasion.” Taehyung said. “How festive.” “I thought so.”
They fell into silence as they finally ate. Jimin lost in thought about all the things he needed to do when he got home in preparation for going to Yoongi’s tomorrow. “Is it weird that I’m excited to spend Christmas Day with everyone?” Taehyung asked after a while.
“No not all, I am too.” Jimin assured. “It’s weird cos, we’ve become really close, the seven of us, over the past few months and I dunno, it just feels right to spend the holidays together.”
Jimin couldn’t help but agree. When Seokjin had suggested they all spend Christmas Day together Jimin had been thrilled by the idea. They had very quickly became his second family, extending from just Taehyung and Hoseok. Now he had Yoongi, Jungkook, Seokjin and Namjoon too.
It was nice that they could all come together. Ever since they’d went up to the lakeside cabin their friendships has grown closer. He was glad that Taehyung was feeling the same way about it.
They both lived so far away from their families, it was nice that they were spending the one they had formed here in Seoul.
“I totally get you. I love that our friend group has grown to include them, and its all thanks to you.” Jimin said. “Me?” “Yeah, if you hadn’t started hooking up with Jungkook, we might never have met the others.” Jimin explained. “But Hobi-hyung knows Jin-hyung.”
“Yeah, but they were work friends. There’s a good chance we’d have never crossed paths properly. It’s not like we’ve become friends with any of his other work friends.” “True, yeah I guess you’re right. Everyone say thank you Grindr.”
Jimin burst out laughing, Taehyung joining immediately causing them to get some funny looks from the family at the table next to them.
🌙🌙🌙 The next morning Jimin really struggled to get out of bed. He’d stayed up way too late making sure all of Yoongi’s gifts were perfectly wrapped. And now his alarm was blaring loudly in his ear and all he wanted to do was turn it off and go back to sleep.
It was only the prospect of seeing Yoongi that actually got his ass out of bed and into the shower. The warm water spilling over his tired limbs almost lulled him back to sleep, and he was sure if he’d stayed under the spray any longer he would’ve nodded off.
In an effort to wake himself, once he’d washed himself he blasted the cold water. Shocking himself awake. It did the trick, sort of, he was mostly cold and tired now but at least it made him get dressed quickly.
Though he definitely spent a little bit of time trying to look at his own back in the mirror to see his tattoo. It was pretty much healed now and he was thankful for it, the itchiness had been driving him crazy. Though he’d miss Yoongi gently massaging cream into it.
Any time he had Yoongi’s hands on him he was in heaven, and that had been no exception. He was just finishing up his makeup when the buzzer went. He checked the door camera and saw Yoongi standing there, Holly in his arms, the little brown poodle sporting a Christmas jumper.
“Hey!” Jimin said, as he pulled opened the door. Holly barked in response, causing Yoongi to shush him in a panic. Terrified that one of Jimin’s neighbours would hear him, as technically pets weren’t allowed in his building. Jimin ushered them inside, taking Holly from Yoongi.
“Look at you in your little Christmas jumper, aren’t you cutest!” Jimin said, peppering Holly in kisses. “What about me? Am I not cute?” Yoongi whined, as he pulled his scarf off and opened his jacket.
Jimin’s heart swooped at the sight, he looked so cute in his own Christmas jumper. His all nose pink from the cold only adding to his cuteness. “You’re definitely cute hyung.” Jimin said, pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose.
“Make sure to wrap up warm, its really cold outside.” Yoongi said, his cheeks flushing as pink as his nose. “Don’t worry.”
It didn’t take long for them to gather Jimin’s things and load up Yoongi’s car and soon enough they were driving to the cafe Jimin had chosen for breakfast. It was really cold outside, just as Yoongi had said, but if felt perfect for the season.
The air was crisp and the sky a pale blue. It made him want to wrap up warm and drink hot chocolate. The cafe was quiet, they ordered way too much food and coffee but Jimin was so happy. It reminded him a lot of their first date.
The cafe had a really relaxed atmosphere and they were comfortable spending a couple of hours there just talking and enjoying their food. Jimin loved those slow moments with Yoongi. Just being with each other and not worrying about anything.
He felt like their pace of life was a perfect contrast to his more hectic professional life. Not that he was complaining, he loved the studio. It had been everything he’d imagined and more, and even if it was exhausting at times he wouldn’t change it for the world.
He had never been in a position where he was actually excited to get back to work after a break and yet he was. “Is that weird?” Jimin asked as he picked at his second croissant.
“No, if you enjoy your job its perfectly normal to want to get back to it. But taking breaks is important too. When I first opened the studio I worked constantly and it took the joy out of it. Now I know to schedule in time for myself, it means I don’t get like that anymore.”
“That makes sense, I definitely don’t want to do that. I love teaching dance and the kids we’ve got attending are amazing. They’re so passionate and it sort of feeds my own passion.” “When you’re surrounded by people who also love the thing you love it always makes it better.”
After they finished eating they took Holly for a walk in a nearby park. Bundled up in their hats and scarves it felt like he was living in a Christmas movie as they walked along the treelined paths, Holly at their heels.
He could see other couples out enjoying the park together, and it was strange because he’d never imagined he would have something like that. To have someone at his side, holding his hand as he walked, but Yoongi was there, his hand interlaced with his.
It was everything he could’ve ever dreamed of and more. It barely seemed imaginable that the year before he’d been alone and miserable. Working a job he hated, and just wishing the holidays to be over.
Sure he’d spent the big day with Taehyung, but all they’d done was watch a crappy movie and order takeout. Now he had Yoongi to spend the holidays with.
It had taken him a while to realise how unhappy he’d been before, but now that he was in a better situation he could see it clearly. He’d simply been going through the motions, just trying to get through those days with only his plan to keep him going.
Now he didn’t need all of that, even if he hadn’t been in a position to open the dance studio with Hoseok, he knew he’d have been happier as he was surrounded by people who made him feel better in himself. Not only Yoongi, but the friendships he’d solidified.
Opening himself up to those relationships had such a positive affect on him he really couldn’t imagine a life without them now. From the friends he’d made through Yoongi and Jungkook, to Donghun and Yuchan.
He’d expanded the people who he held close to his heart, opening up and welcoming their friendships more than he’d ever planned to do. For so long he’d closed himself off to anyone other than the two friends he had, and he regretted that now.
Though he also felt a little like it was all fate. Everything was meant to happen just the way it had, and now he was the happiest he had ever been.
To top it all off, he could only picture it staying that way or getting better. He wasn't so focussed on what could go wrong, instead, he wanted to see what could go right.
When the cold got too much for Holly, and them too. The three of them headed to Yoongi’s apartment. While Jimin had initially asked Yoongi to spend the night at his, they decided it would be better for Holly if they went to Yoongi’s place.
Jimin didn’t mind either way, as long as they were together, the location wasn’t important. He’d started spending more and more time at Yoongi’s apartment anyway, he even had his own toothbrush there after he’d forgotten pick his up one time.
It was such a small gesture but had meant the world to Jimin. “I’m gonna make some coffee, do you want anything?” Yoongi asked once they’d gotten settled. “I’m okay.” Jimin replied.
Yoongi disappeared to make his drink and Jimin curled up on the sofa. The apartment was much bigger than Jimin’s, small studio. It was still cosy though, even though Yoongi’s decorations were minimal, it still felt like home.
Maybe it was the blankets that lay draped over the sofa or the abundance of dog toys that littered the floor, either way Jimin felt like it was a cosy home and he loved being there.
“Do you have a specific movie in mind or are we just gonna pick a random one on Netflix?” Yoongi asked when he rejoined Jimin on the sofa.
“I don’t mind which, as long as its super cheesy and christmassy.” Jimin said. “Can’t see us having any trouble finding something like that.” Yoongi said with a grin.
🌙🌙🌙 The rest of the day was just and quiet and chilled as their morning had been. Just taking it slow, watching cheesy movies and laying about on the sofa but to Jimin it was perfect.
He loved the quiet moments with Yoongi, where they just snuggled together or talked about nonsense. They’d ended up spending over an hour talking about different Christmas traditions, Yoongi once again showing his unexpected knowledge about other countries customs.
Jimin was always blown away by his knowledge, he seemed to know so much about the most weird and obscure things. “Yeah so in Iceland they give books on Christmas Eve, its called Jolabokaflod.” Yoongi was telling him. “Its called what?”
“Jolabokaflod, it means Christmas book flood. And its their custom to gift each other books on Christmas Eve to read. I always liked the idea.” Yoongi explained. “It sounds cool, though I don’t think I’d have been happy with a book as a child. I spent so much time studying,
the idea of getting something else to read as a gift would’ve been awful.” Jimin said laughing. “Yeah kids aren’t always the biggest fan of reading, but its still a cool idea.” “Maybe we should start doing it, next year we can get each other books.” Jimin suggested.
When Yoongi didn’t reply he looked up from where he’d been watching Holly play. Yoongi was smiling at him, his expression soft and it made Jimin feel all fuzzy inside. “What?” He asked, feeling his cheeks warming at the tenderness in Yoongi’s gaze.
“Nothing, I just like that you’re already seeing us together a year from now.” Jimin hadn’t even thought of it that way. Their relationship was still pretty new by most standards, and yet it felt right to think that they would be doing this again in twelve months time.
It hadn’t even crossed his mind that that might be weird or too forward thinking. “I- well yeah. I mean, I hope we’re still together then.” He said, a little uncertain. “I know we will be.” Yoongi said without hesitation. “You’re the one for me Park Jimin.”
Jimin was definitely blushing now but he didn’t care. He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Yoongi’s lips. “You’re the one for me too Min Yoongi.” He said as he leaned back, “I can’t imagine my life without you anymore.”
It was insane really, how in love with him Jimin actually was. It was such an overwhelming and vulnerable feeling yet it filled him with so much warmth and happiness. He still had a lot to learn and overcome but Yoongi was the only person he could imagine himself doing that with.
Could see him at his side helping him learn and grow into the person he wanted to be. They were such different people, but at the core they were the same.
Two hapless idiots who almost missed their chance at love, but overcame it all to be together. He really did picture them celebrating not only next Christmas, but many Christmases to come together.
“Y’know, there was something I was wanting to talk to you about. I was gonna wait til after Christmas, but I don’t want to anymore.” Yoongi said after a moment. “Oh?”
“Well, my lease runs out this place next summer and I know its probably too fast and crazy to be thinking about it now but I can’t really get it out of my head.” Yoongi said. “No pressure, but I thought maybe we could get somewhere together.
I know you wanted somewhere bigger, and we’re at each others places so much now anyways and…” He was rambling a little and Jimin couldn’t help but smile. It was so cute, the tips of his ears growing pink as he spoke.
It reminded him of how flustered he could get talking to Yoongi about serious things, and it couldn’t be more endearing. “Hyung,” Jimin said, taking hold of Yoongi’s hands and stopping his flood of words. “I’d really like that.” “You would?”
“Of course, how could I not want to live with you and that little fluffy angel.” Jimin said looking over at Holly who was in the process of destroying his reindeer toy.
“Not sure you’ll be so keen when he’s waking you up at stupid o’clock in the morning to go pee.” Yoongi said, laughing. “I won’t mind, my very cute boyfriend will take care of it.” “Oh he will, will he?” Yoongi retorted. “Yep, definitely.”
Yoongi rolled his eyes but the stupid thing was, Jimin knew he probably would do that even if Jimin wasn’t serious about it.
Yoongi always went out of his way to make Jimin’s life easier. And if that meant taking Holly on his early morning potty breaks, then that’s what he’d do. “Seriously though, I love the idea, and we have plenty of time to see how things go and if its the right time.” Jimin said.
“Yeah, its not til the summer and if we’re not ready we can just wait til we are.” Yoongi agreed. “Exactly.
🌙🌙🌙 Later that evening, after they’d made a mess of the kitchen making Christmas cookies to take to Seokjin’s the next day and they’d eaten way too much takeout food, Jimin declared it was time to exchange gifts.
They sat on the floor beside the little tree and Jimin could barely contain his excitement about the gift he was giving Yoongi. There was still a small niggling part of him that was unsure about it, but he pushed that down. Yoongi was going to love his gifts.
“Open mine first!” Jimin said, barely able to contain his excitement. “How about we open them together?” Yoongi suggested, after some gentle bickering about it Jimin agreed and Yoongi handed him a small parcel wrapped in gold paper.
Jimin slowly began to unwrap it, his eyes constantly flicking up to watch Yoongi as he opened the large box that contained his care package. His own gift was left half unwrapped as he was too busy watching Yoongi as he opened and took out each of the items, one by one.
“Ah, where did you get this? Its been sold out everywhere.” Yoongi said as he pulled out the hand cream. “I’m not giving away my secrets.” Jimin teased. “Thank you, you’ve somehow managed to get all of my favourite things.” Yoongi said, as he inspected the coffee.
“You’re welcome, I know how much you like all of those things so wanted to give you a little of each.” “I really appreciate it. Now are you gonna finish opening that or…” he said, pointing at Jimin’s unopened gift.
“Oh right, yeah sorry.” Jimin said giggling, before turning back to his present. He finished unwrapping it to reveal a super soft scarf. It was a tartan print and so big and cosy. He couldn’t wait to wear it.
“Oh hyung, I love it. Its so soft!” Jimin exclaimed, wrapping the scarf around himself. Yoongi somehow managed to keep find things he loved. Jimin was still learning his own style, and yet Yoongi seemed to just know what would be perfect for him.
Along with the scarf, Jimin also unwrapped a pair of soft snuggly socks which he immediately pulled on. Another pair of earrings, this time simple silver hoops but again, so pretty and perfectly Jimin’s style.
His last gift was large and heavy, and Jimin could’t for the life of him imagine what could be behind the gold wrapping paper. When he’d peeled away the wrappings Jimin’s mouth had fallen wide, “Hyung I…”
No wonder it had been heavy, tucked neatly in a box was the full One Piece manga collection. Something Jimin had been dreaming about for much longer than he’d like to admit.
“That’s the one you wanted right? One Piece?” Yoongi asked, and Jimin looking up to see uncertain eyes watching him. “I- yes, but hyung this is too much. It must’ve been so expensive.” Jimin said, his fingers trailing lightly over the spines of the books.
Yoongi just shrugged, his adorable gummy smile replacing any worries he may have been showing. “Thank you, this means so much.” Jimin said.
He couldn’t really believe what was before him, to say Yoongi had spoiled him was an understatement. But at least now he felt less bad about the extra present he’d ended up buying Yoongi when he was out shopping with Taehyung.
“Open the rest of yours now!” Jimin said, suddenly realising that Yoongi, just like he had, had stopped opening his in favour of watching Jimin. “Okay okay!” Yoongi said, turning his attention back to the two gifts in his lap.
Jimin watched as he carefully unwrapped the book, watched as his eyes went wide and he looked up at Jimin in surprise. “How did you know?” He asked. “Namjoon, he said you’ve been talking about it.” Jimin admitted.
“Yeah, I was gonna get myself it after the holidays.” Yoongi said, turning the books over in his hands. “This addition is so nice too.” “I’m glad you like it.” “I do, thank you Jiminie.”
Yoongi then opened the small thin box, his eyes lighting up again as he prised open the box to reveal the shimmering silver bracelet. Jimin’s heart was beating a little too fast as he watched Yoongi lift the bracelet free from the velvet inside and drape it over his fingers.
“Here, let me fasten it for you.” Jimin said reaching forward. He wrapped the bracelet around Yoongi’s inked wrist, the silver standing bright against the dark ink.
It was funny because normally Yoongi wore multiple bracelets, but for some reason today he had forgone them meaning when Jimin let go the simple silver chain was the only thing visible against his skin.
Yoongi turned his wrist lightly, the Christmas tree lights reflecting off the silver making it look even prettier where it lay on Yoongi’s wrist. “It’s beautiful, thank you.” Yoongi said, looking up at Jimin, his favourite soft smile gracing his lips.
Jimin beamed at him, any worries he may have had about his gift choices melting away. The bracelet had originally meant to be the main gift, but Jimin hadn’t been able to resist buying something else as he’d trailed around the shops with Taehyung.
So as Yoongi turned to the last gift he watched with anticipation. When Yoongi pulled out the black sweater his eyes went wide again, and it would’ve been funny if it hadn’t been so cute. “Jimin-ah…” he said, voice trailing off.
“Try it on, make sure it fits.” Jimin said, pulling the discarded wrapping paper away from Yoongi’s lap. Yoongi pulled the sweater over his head, it fit perfectly and looked incredibly good on him. Jimin partially considered it a gift for himself as much as Yoongi.
It had been an impulsive purchase. A designer sweater that Yoongi himself had pointed out one day when they’d been wandering around the shops one day. He knew it was something Yoongi would’ve never bought himself.
So when he and Taehyung had passed that store when they were on the hunt for Jungkook’s present, he hadn’t been able to resist. Sure it had landed him way over his gift budget, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t resist spoiling Yoongi. He wanted to give him everything he wanted.
“Thank you Jiminie.” Yoongi said softly, “I love it, I love it all.” Jimin crawled forward and into Yoongi’s lap, wrapping his arms around his neck before kissing him. “You’ve spoiled me so much, thank you hyung.” Jimin said in between kisses.
“You’re welcome, though I think you’re the one that’s done all the spoiling.” He said. “Shh, I’m allowed.” They sat like that for a little while, just kissing until Holly drew their attention away from each other.
“I think someone wants to open his gifts now.” Jimin said, laughing as Holly yapped at them. “He knows there’s treats in them.” Yoongi said as Jimin somewhat reluctantly climbed off his lap.
The two of them helped Holly open his gifts, more toys to add to his already large collection, way too many treats and a new winter coat which he would look adorable in. Both he and Yoongi had spoiled the little dog so much.
Jimin loved how they both treated him like their baby, it made him feel like they had a little family and the idea of that alone made his heart sing. “I have a little something extra for you too hyung.” Jimin said after they’d cleared away all of the mess.
“Oh?” Yoongi said, looking up at him from where he was sat on the floor playing with Holly. “Mmhmm, something I need to show you in the bedroom.”
Jimin tried his best to sound nonchalant about it, but he knew he was blushing already and the way Yoongi raised his eyebrows at him told him he was not being subtle at all.
Thankfully he didn’t tease him, Jimin was still very new to instigating anything sexual and he wasn’t quite ready to be teased about it just yet. Yoongi seemed to know this, and it was one of the million other things he loved about him. He could read him so well.
“Well Holly, looks like you’re on your own.” Yoongi said, getting to his feet.
He followed Jimin through into the bedroom, closing the door behind them. Jimin’s nerves were already building but he pushed them aside, he wanted to do this, and he wouldn’t let his insecurities get in the way.
He led Yoongi over to the bed and asked him to sit down, Yoongi followed his instructions without comment. He even waited patiently while Jimin faffed around finding the playlist he’d made and turning on the pretty galaxy lamp that Jungkook had gifted him for his birthday.
Jimin liked to think it was a nice atmosphere when it was all done, soft music playing in the background while the ceiling and walls were aglow with swirls of colour.
Before he turned back to Yoongi he took a deep breath, he was sexy, he was confident, and he was going to give his boyfriend the best damn night of his life.
He turned around to finally look at Yoongi again, he was leaning back on his hands, the broadness of his shoulders evident in the way his new sweater stretched out across them.
Jimin really didn’t know how he got to be so lucky, he’d somehow managed to bag the man of his dreams, and that man loved him.
Jimin walked over to Yoongi slowly, letting his hips sway to the music, Yoongi watching his every move. He loved the way it made him feel whenever Yoongi watched him like that.
It was like he was on fire and doused in cold water all at once, every nerve ending standing to attention. It was a short walk, only a few steps but he took his time, slowly unbutton his shirt as he went. Yoongi’s eyes never left him for a second.
He came to a stop in between Yoongi’s spread legs, looking down at him, and for some reason it made him feel powerful, in control and his confidence soared as Yoongi peered up at him with his pretty feline eyes.
Jimin licked his lips, and he watched as Yoongi’s eyes fell to watch the movement, watched as he swallowed hard as his eyes trailed down Jimin’s bare chest that peaked out from his unbuttoned shirt.
He could feel his own arousal stirring as Yoongi’s eyes followed his hands as he reached for the waistband of his jeans, slowly unbuttoning them and dragging down the zip. He felt like his whole body was on fire as he watched the way Yoongi bit down on his bottom lip.
“Jimin-ah.” Yoongi drawled, his voice was even lower than normal and it sent a shiver through Jimin as he slowly slid his jeans down over his hips, revealing Yoongi’s final gift.
Jimin’s heart hammered in his chest as he pushed his jeans down revealing the black lace panties he’d bought purposefully for this occasion. It had all kind of happened by accident, or at least the idea had.
He’d been looking through some random tattoo artist’s page when he’d come across a guy who’d had a massive thigh piece done. But it hadn’t been the tattoo that had drawn his attention, no, it had been the panties the guy had been wearing, just visible at the top of the image.
Jimin found himself curious, he didn’t know guys wore stuff like that. He’d always thought it was unfair how women got such pretty underwear. But after seeing a picture of another man wearing something like that he’d been thinking about what he might like to wear himself.
A few days later he’d ended up ordering a few things online to try. The feeling he’d gotten when he’d pulled the lace up over his skin and been exhilarating. He’d felt so pretty and sexy.
While he knew Yoongi would never judge him for something like that, it was still a little daunting, especially as it was still so new to him. But he’d decided to be brave, he wanted to share this little kink of his, and he liked the way he felt when he wore them.
Seeing Yoongi’s reaction now, the way his eyes went wide as the lace came into view only made him feel better. “Holy fuck.” Yoongi breathed, sitting up straight as Jimin bent down to tug his jeans free for him legs.
Of course that’s when it all went a bit wrong. He should’ve known wearing skinny jeans was a mistake, they were a bitch to get off and he ungracefully fell over trying to pull his left ankle free. It was awkward as hell as he stumbled, falling into Yoongi’s lap with a yelp.
“Woah! You okay?” Yoongi asked, holding up him. Jimin had sort of landed half straddling him, and as he buried his face in Yoongi’s neck out of embarrassment he felt Yoongi’s hands lifting him so he could settle fully in his lap. He really couldn’t do anything right.
Somehow he managed to embarrass himself every time. Yoongi rubbed his lower back soothingly as Jimin groaned into his neck. “I was supposed to be being sexy.” Jimin mumbled. “And you succeeded, nothing sexier than having a lap full of Park Jimin.” Yoongi said.
Jimin knew he was smiling, he could just tell that stupid cute little smile of his would be plastered across his face. He sat up straight and looked down at Yoongi, and his prediction was confirmed. Yoongi was just smiling up at him.
Jimin huffed out a sigh and tried to remain annoyed but his resolved folded almost immediately, he couldn’t stay mad, even at himself, with Yoongi smiling at him like that. His own smile tugged at his lips and he couldn’t stop the laugh that broke free.
The two of them broke into a fit of giggles, Jimin leaning his forehead against Yoongi’s shaking shoulders as they did. It was stupid and ridiculous and the moment was ruined but it didn’t matter, because he could feel Yoongi’s hands on his hips.
Could feel the way his thumbs brushed along the lace of his panties and his too hot skin underneath. Jimin honestly believed if it had been anyone else, he would’ve been too embarrassed to carry on, but with Yoongi it didn’t feel like that.
Sure he felt a little silly, but it didn’t seem to matter. He sat up straight again, shuffling slightly where he sat straddling Yoongi’s lap, only to feel Yoongi’s evident arousal press against him. Jimin shifted again, feeling the hardness.
“I wasn’t lying when I said you succeeded.” Yoongi said. “Clearly not.” Jimin teased. “Is this my gift?” Yoongi asked, trailing a finger over the delicate lace. "Do you like them?” Jimin asked, his voice a little more timid that he wanted.
“They look so good on you baby.” Yoongi said, his touch soft and sensual, sending a rush of warmth through Jimin. “I wanted to look pretty for you.” Jimin whispered. “You always look pretty for me.”
Jimin couldn’t hold back any longer after that, surging forward to capture Yoongi’s lips in a kiss. Jimin loved kissing Yoongi, but this felt like a new high, the feeling of Yoongi’s hands on his bare skin as he licked into his mouth,
the softness of his lips and the feeling of Yoongi’s arousal under his ass sent him into overdrive. Jimin felt like his entire body was on fire and all he wanted to do was touch and feel, and to have Yoongi’s hands on him.
Yoongi moaned into the kiss as Jimin rocked his hips, grinding against his lap. The moment he thought they’d lost quickly returned as their kiss turned hot and heavy, Jimin’s hands reached to pull Yoongi’s sweater up over his head.
He hated having to break away from Yoongi’s lips, but the desire to remove his clothes won out. The sweater was quickly pulled off, Yoongi’s t-shirt following and Jimin was faced with the bare skin of his chest. He trailed his fingers over the delicate lines of his tattoos.
“God you’re so hot.” Jimin moaned, as he leaned in to kiss Yoongi again. He could feel Yoongi’s smile against his lips, feel the way the hands gripping his hips tightened slightly at the compliment. Jimin loved that he had an effect on Yoongi.
It only proved to rile him up further as Yoongi moaned again as Jimin rocked his hips. Jimin could feel his own hardness growing as they made out, straining against the soft lace.
What he wouldn’t give to have Yoongi’s hands on him, and as though reading his mind Yoongi did just that, dragging a hand over his cock, palming him over the lace. Jimin moaned a the touch, aching up into Yoongi’s hand. “Fuck, hyung, I…” He stammered out.
“What do you want baby?” Yoongi asked. Jimin preened at the pet name, he loved it when Yoongi called him that with his deep husky voice. “You…” He breathed.
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