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No sad just porn. Anyway hskie who's ftiming the boys jgk has a front and center view from the computer screen Jmn is the only one next to him but the volume is up they can all hear him. He'd randomly called the computer. It was past 12 pm but they were all up.

Hsk was working hard in his studio they'd assumed and theyd only been half right because when the image of Hsk popped up he was in his studio. Working not so much, hard definitely. Their view of him was clear. Jmn and jgk had halted whatever they were talking about
staring in clear shock at the screen and Jmn choked on his sentence. He was hacking when the others wandered over to check why the youngest had gone silent. All hell broke loose ofc. "Hsk-ah what are you doing?" Th asked. His voice was full of question but his eyes
shown with obvious arousal. They'd begun to stack up on top of each other, six grown men trying to get a view around a small laptop screen. "Fuck høbah. How long have you been at it. Why didn't you call me?" Yng drawled. "Called you? He should've called me." Jmn said.
He sounded mildly offended. "Hskie you know I would've helped you out. You look so pretty." He said back to the screen where hsk's hands were lost in his pants. "Ah look at the way he's stroking himself." Skj commented. All they could hear were slick sounds and hsk's little
pants and groans before he shook his head in a small motion. He sped up. He wasn't saying a word too worked up from the day. The stress of the job, his perfectionism, and now the memebers eyes on him burning him where they'd all pressed close glaring at the screen
that stopped them from touching hsk's silky golden hued skin. "What do you mean høbah? Why are you shaking your head" skj was confused now before jgk tapped him urgently pointing where hsk's hand was hidden but the fabric of his loose pants. On just a motion
where his knuckles met the fabric giving them impression of what was going on. Jgk was slack jawed and it took a while before skj got it when he did he hissed through his teeth on an inhale. The others didn't spare a glance but yng hummed in question. "Baby's not jerking
off. Look." And they did. When they caught up to the oldest and youngest observation groans rang through the room. "Fuck høbah you naught boy." NJ said deeply. His tone dark, the way it got when he was deeply aroused. He watched the way that Hsk shuddered
at their realization hands tightening into the leather of his couch. He'd leaned back further pushing his hips to meet his hands. His moans pitched high, he was so desperate but he just couldn't. "Please. Help." He whined. Not usually one to be so lost in it he
liked to keep a level head but he needed this. Badly. He felt like he would explode but not from his orgasm. Too lost in his head and the reason he called them up he needed their help. "Tell me what to do." His hand had slowed from where he was speedily pushing his
fingers into his slick hole with two fingers. It only scratched the surface of his pleasure it wasn't enough. "Please hyung." He wasn't speaking to anyone is specific not even the two older memebers perse. He was addressing them all. He was in deep.
"Shit. Ok baby. I'm gonna need you to pull down your pants for us can you do that?" NJ said carful and slow with a command in his voice that Hsk couldn't deny even if he wasn't insanely horny. "Mhm nice and slow fold them up next to you hyung." Jmn chipped in.
He knew what Hsk would need after he came. A familiar feeling from organization. "Would you like one us to come down princess?" Yng said. It was to Hsk alone. Yng was the only one that called him that. Something just for the two of them that always made Hsk melt.
Hsk let out at a hum as he slung his pants off delicately folding them. "After. I need one now. Please?" Hsk didn't always ask. He wasn't one to beg. He liked the distance from such a desperate side of himself. "Ofc princess. Bring the camera closer and get back on the couch.
Spread your legs so we can see– Just like that baby. Lean back a little. Mm perfect. Stop." Yng guided him. He wasn't always an active talker but when he was it was good, so good. Something itched in the back of hsk's brain as he moved through yng's words. Following his
instructions was easy. He would be good for yng. "You look so good hyung. So pretty for us. Long legs and pretty wrists." It was th this time. He'd always been one to praise Hsk. He never held back even when Hsk was red in the face and squirming uncomfortably hard in his seat.
"Pretty feet. Pretty toes." That made Hsk laugh. Something that came easy with the strange younger man. However alien, his odd comments made Hsk chuckle, and his foot kink which he held no shame for always made Hsk feel oddly fond. "What do we say hyung?" Jmn. Hsk shivered.
"Thank you th." His voice was strained. He hadn't moved a muscle since yng told him to stop. TH and Jmn often worked like that. Good cop and bad cop. Pleasure and pain. Overstimulating and edging. "For?" Jmn prodded. Hsk squirmed. His effect on Hsk was always obvious. He pressed
his knees together hiding his leaking cock from the camera view. "Calling me pretty." He watched Jmn spike something sinister and felt a chill down his spine. "Good boy. Now open your legs." It was a demand. Hsk, red in the face, obeyed. Jmn just nodded.
"Hyung–" a meek voice sounded. Hsk's eyes landed on him. Jgk. He'd been really silent through the ordeal of everyone speaking, guiding Hsk into position. Hsk who at this point was quaking with need. Itching to get his hand on himself, inside himself. "Jgkie," Hsk mewled.
Jgk didn't often see this side of Hsk. He saw the side that commanded him to keep his hips still while Hsk rode him. Or demanded he keep his hands to himself while Hsk's hands roamed his own body, a show, just for jgk. He saw the sweet side too. The one that let the maknae
nestle against his sweaty back and nibble at his neck while they both dozed off. The one that let jgk keep his cock in his mouth while he worked on a track. The one that let an overeager jgk bite at him and manhandle him though out the day with only a laugh and a squeeze of jgk's
pecks. Never this. So loose limbed and pliant. So...willing. Jgk shifted. He'd been laying on his stomach his now hard cock trapped under him. He wanted more. "Can you play with your nipples hyung?" It was a bit shy. Jgk never had to ask unless Hsk specifically told
him he had to. This was new territory. Jgk was feeling it. "Ah hyung don't close your eyes look at us." He near whined wanting to see the pixelated glossy look in hsk's eye as he writhed from the attention he was not giving to his nipples per jgk's request.
He moaned something soft hips kicking in the air making his cock slap slight against his tensing stomach. So sensitive with arousal. "Yes. More please more." Hsk asked, begged, like he couldn't control his own limbs. No he needed them. "Shh silly boy." Skj again. Always
teasing. "Give me a pinch." Hsk cries out. "Ah just like that. Where's your lube jwehøpe?" Hsk patted around the couch with one hand the other tweaking and pinching his red nipple. It hurt. It hurt so good. When his hand found the lube he held it up in shaky victory
for them to see. "Open it up baby. Spread your legs wider." Hsk hadn't noticed them closing. "Can't open your own legs need someone to force them huh?" He made a taking sound. It made hsk's face flush with feeling. He didn't know if it was arousal or embarrassment
at the insinuation he couldn't do it himself. That he /needed/ them. Maybe a little bit of both. "Yes hyngie. Need you." Hsk drizzled lube into his cock. It was cold and he squeaked. It dropped down the sides onto his stomach but he didn't care. "Your doing so good
for us baby." NJ encouraged. "So pretty honey." Th drawled. Hsk suspected his hand had slipped into his pants somewhere is hsk's shifting to find the lube but the strain in his voice told him he was right. "Stroke your dick honey." It was a funny sentence. Rediculous but hsk
followed instruction letting a moan ring through the air as he tried not to cum. Just this was too much. They'd worked him up to he point he didn't think he'd last a second when he got his finger back inside himself. "That's right baby thumb at the head just how you like it.
The go stroke your dick somewhere else not right by my ear." Yng hissed that last part quietly but not so quiet that Hsk didn't hear. He laughed loud before it turned into a moan when he played with the sensitive head of his cock. He was so wet. Precum was rolling down the side
of his dick adding to the slick lube already dripping down his balls. It felt addictive. His hips chased his hand in pleasure, but still not enough.
Th hand still in pants sat by Jmn whos hand was immediately on his thigh drawing patterns. "Good good baby, but don't you want something inside?" Hsk knew Jmn was toying with him. He wanted him to /really/ beg. Hsk honestly felt like he could at this point.
He didn't know how much time had passed but he knows he's at the edge. Just a little more– "Stop." Jmn and skj say at the same time. Hsk curses and his back arches with the lost feeling. They fucking ruined it. Hsk felt like he was going to cry. He could feel tears in his eyes
gathering at the line. He went to remove his hand from his dick but NJ stopped him. "Keep going." He said. His tone leaving no room for argument but Hsk shook his head. He was always sensitive after a ruin. He couldn't handle it. "What did I say baby?" NJ asked a dangerous
edge to his voice. Hsk knew NJ would never do anything bad though just wanted to help him. "Keep going." Hsk muttered before stoking again. His body spasmed with sparks of pleasure. He was lucky his room was soundproofed less the world hear his cries. "I can't. I can't. Ah-"
Hsk's head was whipping side to side on the couches back. He didn't know what he needed now. "Inside." The meek voice picked up again this time a bit stronger. "Fingers inside hyung." Hsk is whimpered. He'd surely cum if he did. But he couldn't deny the youngest. Right hand on
his dick, with how left he gathered the spilt lube looked at his naval and brought it to his rear. "No hyung. Flip." Jnk shook his head. His hips had begun to kick a slow grind where he lay, rutting into the mattress. Skj's eyes flicked to him and he grinned. "You've got
jgkie all hot and bothered here høbi. But he's all hard just for you." Hsk breath stuttered into a whining groan as he flipped onto his knees upper body held up against the back of his couch. He felt so exposed and to a camera of all things. What if he was accidentally live
the whole world would see him acting like this. So desperate so lewd. He tucked his butt down. Knees collapsing under him. "Ah no no no baby. It's just us. We're the only people looking at you. You're ok. Your room is soundproof the door is locked and it's just us hyung."
Hsk didn't know how Jmn could always read him so well but he did. His little moment of panic was triumphed by arousal that they were all looking at him. All taking the control that he was handing over to them. In the back of his mind he felt the fear but through the screen
he felt their warmth, their arousal, their hunger. "Up baby up." Jmn pressed. Hsk arched his back and felt the breeze of his room on his ass. Cold from lube that it made him shiver. "Poor baby's feeling chilly. Bet you wish you had a big sting man there to hear you up." Skj
joked. "Ide scoop you up in our arms and sit you on my cock. Keep you there and fuck you nice and slow." NJs mouth was filthy. Hsk curses. He wanted that. "I bet jgk would like to join me huh?" Jngk having been called out jumps a bit in shock. "Y-yeah. I could suck your
nipples." He offers. They all laugh. The boy has an obsession. "Maybe we could get Hsk all loose fuck him one by one until he's crying. Till he's all loose and needs two cocks to fill him up. Maybe three. One in that slick mouth of his. Two in his cunt." They all cursed this
time. If Njs mouth was filthy jmns was downright obscene. Hsk moaned and clenched at the though it was only when he heard jmns sultry giggle he remembered they can see him. Exposed. "Oh he likes that idea. Don't you hyung?"
Hsk had half the mind to keep his mouth shut but knew that wouldn't do him any good. He dig his fingers into the back of the couch. "Yes." He breathed. Skj made a tsk sound and Hsk could feel the burn of his ass where jmns eyes were definitely boring holes.
"Yes what hyung?" His voice was serious. "Yes sir." Hsk quickly corrected. Jmn was a softie but when he wanted to he could be a real menace. "Good. Now let me see that ass." His voice was bright again.
Hsk reached back parting his cheeks for them to see worries completely forget ten with their banter. "Gød hyung you make me so hungry." Th groaned. His stoking had slowed just playing. "Pretty høbah. I want you to sit on my face." Yng said it so casually, so easy. Hsk's was
vibrating out of his skin. "Please." He moaned ass to the sky and mouth filled with saliva. "Please let me cum."


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