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Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson

Feb 27
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1/ So the Dominion lawsuit depositions from Rupert Murdoch and Fox News are lighting up the Internet tonight, and there's a true frenzy over the revelations that the entire network, even the performative nightside trio of terror. They knew Trump lost. They knew there...

2/ ...was not then (nor is there now) a scintilla of fraud. They knew, and lied. Over, and over, and over. They chose guests they knew were lying. They allowed story meetings promoting a massive, dangerous lie that reduced faith and belief in the American system.
3/ The entire top level of Fox management knew their lies were leading to danger for this nation. Just as the GOP once ruled the base and now the base rules the GOP, a slavering, inchoate rage beast demanding more and more...
4/ to is Fox owned by its base. Rupert and Roger's machine ran off the rails, and they fear their audience will follow the conspiracy crack at OAN or Newsmax or some damn Telegram channel. They knew the lies were lies. They fed and fed the beast.
5/ The Fox audience is, let's be honest, unsophisticated. They're addicted to "hot women with great hair, big tits and degrees from cheap J-schools" (as Roger used to say) and ragey bros telling them that their hatred of immigrants, blacks, gays, readin' and ideas is logical.
6/ The question the Fox audience should but won't ask is, "What else is behind the curtain? What else is a lie? What else do they say about us off-camera. Here's your answer: it's all a lie. The entire thing is a big, dumb, loud performance piece.
7/ They're lying about Ukraine. About Biden (at scale). About all the catalog of imaginary culture war demons. ("TONIGHT ON TUCKER: Will Transtifa Terrorist Drag Queens FORCE your kids into Gay Sharia Marriage Veganism?")
8/ This is Rupert and Roger's model at its end state, a seething, metastasizing cancer consuming the minds of millions of Americans convinced by the cynical playhouse of a network of liars, arsonists, and enablers. Dominion called their b.s.
Fox will lose. They'll settle and offer a fat check and an elliptical apology. If their viewers had the slightest curiosity they'd start asking what Fox is lying about to them now...and tomorrow...and the next day. Because one thing is certain. The lies will continue.
Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson

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