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Feb 28, 2023
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#yoonkookau 🔞 yg's always known that alphas are supposed to territorial and possesive, towards their fated mates, most importantly. Yg, an runway omega model does have an Alpha mate, jjk, yet— he's never seen jjk act possesive and protective towards him.

maybe it's because there had never been a situation where jjk had to show his possessiveness, but no, several times, some of his co-workers have put their arms around his waist and even though he anticipated a reaction out of his mate, it all went to vain. He didn't even+
bat an eye. so, yg's annoyed. More like sulking. "Wipe that pout out of your face already, hyung." yg rolled his eyes. "I'm not pouting." Hsk, a fellow runway alpha model and yg's friend, sighed. "Your boyfriend'll be here soon, won't he?"
Who cares? Yg wanted to say, he's exactly the one he doesn't want to see right now. "You should leave fast, hyung,"Hsk said as he combed his hair,"your heat is due and those alpha models earlier were weirdly touchy with you. Be careful."
Even hsk can see that. So why can't jjk? Why is he not being protective over him at all? "I'll get going now, hyung." Hsk said and turned to yg, bowing. "Good work today." yg nodded and waved hsk goodbye. jjk said it'll at least take him 20 minutes to arrive.
just when yg thought he'd go out for fresh air, the door opened, and those alpha models from earlier entered. "See? I told you, he'd be here."One of them said, chuckling to each other. yg arched a brow at them. "Excuse me?"
"oh no, don't get us wrong!"He said, waving his hand nonchalantly. "We were just intrigued to see an male omega working in this industry. You don't see that often—" "No, that's just how your fucking mindset is."Yg spat back, furrowing his brows angrily. "Treating me like an +
rare endangered species. Now please get out of this room. This is not—" "Why are you so defensive? We were just curious, damn it." One of them interrupted, scoffing at him. yg rolled his eyes. "If you're done, get out."
"We were gonna quietly leave," yg takes a step back as the three stepped towards him, smirking. "Now you've irked us. How are you gonna take responsibility for that?" "Why the /fuck/ do I have to take responsibility for you assholes's feeli— /ouch!/"
the Alpha grabs YG by his wrist— and the grasp is so tight, yg feels it'll leave a bruise later. "you think you're all that just because you've successfully seduced the upper classes with your pheromones and pretty face?"He said, twisting yg's wrist. "Fuck, you fucking whore. +
you stink of sweet smell. It's like you're practically asking to get knocked up by us." "Fuh-fuck, I'm gonna report you guys—" Yg whimpered as the guy's grip tightened on his wrist. "Try it,"He jeered at YG,"we'll just say you were begging for it since you were in hea—"
"Who's begging for what?" Yg didn't even realise he had tears in his eyes until he heard that voice. jjk was standing by the door, pupils dark and jaw clenched.
"I asked, who's begging for what?" jjk asked as walked closer to them. the Alpha who was grabbing onto yg lets him loose and steps away. yg sniffled and looked at his wrist. It had turned a ugly shade of red on his pale skin.
"Are you guys fucking deaf?" The three guys flinched and stepped further away from yg. "W-we were just introducing ourselves—" "They were sexually assaulting me."yg chimed in. jjk immediately turned at them, glaring daggers at them. The three bowed before jjk, screamed+
apologies and dashed out of the room at the highest speed. "Hah, serves them right!" Yg giggled,"they—" jjk grabbed YG's wrist and inspected it closely. "They did this to you?" Yg blinks. "Y-yes...?"
jjk saw red. He turned around and started towards the exit,"I'm gonna fucking murder them—" "No ! No!"Yg grabbed jjk by his arm and pulled him back. "It's fine. They're just bunch of jerks." Jjk expression hardened. "How is this fucking fine, hyung? You're hurt. I feel like +
it's my fault and—" yg grabbed jjk's shirt and pulled the alpha in for a kiss. jjk's shocked for a moment, but he relaxes and his tensed shoulders droops slowly as his tattoed hands finds their way to grab yg's waist and caress his sides.
the originally soft kiss turns into a rough battle of tongues and clashing of teeths as yg slowly makes his way to circle his arms around jjk's neck and deepen the kiss. when they let go, it's because yg slapped jjk's back so that he could breath.
jjk dropped his head and rested his forehead on yg's shoulder. "I'm about to go crazy from all the jealousy..." yg blinked. "j-jealous?" jjk nodded. yg's face flushed, he covered his mouth with the back of his hand. "I-I didn't know you were the jealous type..."
yg shivered as jjk placed a small peck on yg's nape. "I'm brimming with jealousy 24/7, hyung. You have no idea what happens to me whenever I see you being touched by someone other than me." Yg clutched the back of jjk's fabric and bit down hard on his lower lip as the alpha+
nuzzled and pressed feather light kisses on his scent gland. "I- um, I like it..."Yg mumbled, making jjk halt. "I like it... when you're protective, kook." "..Fuck." jjk cursed under his breath as he grabbed the omega by his waist and shoved yg roughly on top of the +
make-up table. All the make-up kits scattered and fell across the floor — but the two had better things to worry about. jjk pressed himself closer to yg and devoured the omega's lips, yg gasped into the kiss as jjk's hand traveled inside his shirt and caressed his skin.
jjk deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding across yg's lower lip before slipping into his mouth. The sudden warmth of jjk's tongue and saliva made yg squirm and let out a muffled moan. "T-the door,"yg gasped as jjk pinched his nipple, he arched his back and his toes curled. +
"...i-is open—" "I don't give a fuck."jjk said as he slipped yg's jeans, pulling the briefs off along with it. jjk grabbed YG's thighs and leaned closer. "Look whose hole is twitching and licking from having his nipples pinched." He chuckles,"you like it when I'm+
jealous, don't you?" yg's trembling and out of breath. His face, along with the rest of his body burned hotter. jjk leaned closer and licked yg's entrance. "koo../ah!/"yg grabbed jjk's black locks as the alpha continued licking and sucking yg's entrance mercilessly.
yg didn't even realise he was drooling in the midst of moaning and screaming jjk's name over and over again as if chanting. "W-wait, wait, it feels w-weird,"yg stammered as he fists his hands on jjk's clothes. He tried to slap the Alpha away, albeit+
he did land a blow on his back, but because his trembling hand couldn't bring itself to hit jjk, the fist only tapped lightly on jjk's back. "k-kook, stop- I'm gonna c-come,"yg cried and arched his back, as with a final rough lick inside his hole, he came all over+
his own clothes. when jjk got up, he still had his tongue out, it had droplets of yg's slick on it. yg's face turned red, yet again. "S-spit it out, hurry—" but before he could do anything, jjk gulped the slick down. He wiped the corner of his mother with his thumb+
and licked his lips. "Sweet." yg stared at jjk through his thick eyelashes for a moment before he whined and leaned back. "You damn pervert." jjk giggled. "Hyung. Now tell me, who do you belong to?"
Yg looked up,"what?" jjk grabbed YG's chin and tilted his head. He leaned closer to yg, his hot breath tickled on yg's face. "Who do you belong to? Who's your mate?" "You?" jjk smiled. "Bear that in your mind." yg likes when jjk's jealous— he realised.
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