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Igor Kyivskyi

Igor Kyivskyi

Feb 28
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I am preparing a story and a report on the topic that russia was preparing for war long before 2014. There were at least three cases when Ukraine and russia were on the verge of war. The first attempts to annex Crimea, the conflict with Tuzla and the Black Sea Fleet. 🧵⬇️

During the Independence of Ukraine, russian agents and separatists in the government of Ukraine tried to do everything to destroy Ukraine and its army. At the same time, russians or pro-russian dolls were appointed several times to the post of Minister of Defense.
Some stories on this topic. A little later, I'll make separate stories. With all the materials on this topic. With English subtitles. So far, there is a catastrophic lack of time for this. Part one. The Crimea
Part two. Black Sea Fleet
Part three. Conflict with Tuzla Island.
Since the collapse of the USSR and Ukraine's independence, Russia has continued to try to destroy Ukraine, its independence and self-identity, its culture. And occupy Ukraine. And Crimea was only the first target.
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