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#ᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋᴀᴜ ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: ᴀɴ ᴀ/ʙ/ᴏ ᴍᴀꜰɪᴀ 🔞 ᴛɪᴛʟᴇ: ᴡᴀʀ ᴏꜰ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛꜱ Omega Taehyung is born the only child in a powerful criminal empire. Alpha Jeon Jeongguk was once the most trusted bodyguard turned the worst enemy of Taehyung's family.

Alpha Jeon Jihan is Taehyung's first love and childhood bestfriend. Not only a lover but also a loyal bodyguard and protector to Taehyung. A story about loyalty and betrayal between brothers and their quest to win and capture the ultimate prize: Kim Taehyung.
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TAGS -M/M -Explicit -A/B/O : Alpha JK/Omega Tae - Heat 🔞 -Top JK, Bttm Tae - T/W different kinds of crimes - T/W mentions mrder - T/W mentions blood - T/W will be mentioned - Sibling Rivalry - Betrayal - Pining/Slowburn/Angst - TK Endgame
“𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐦𝐲, 𝐬𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐦 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭.” ― 𝐒𝐮𝐧 𝐓𝐳𝐮, 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐖𝐚𝐫
𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐆𝐔𝐄 It was the night of the Mid Autumn Festival when young Taehyung opened the window to his room at their Hanok house at Bukchon Hanok Village. It was their family tradition to wear traditional Korean hanbok, so, the 15-year old Omega fixed his hair as the wind
blew through his window. The wispy and gentle smell of the red spider lilies from the Gyeongbukgung Palace Garden waft through the air. Then he realized, how perfect. But no, he grew up with his tutors teaching him that red spider lilies as a symbol of the evil world but that
confused him for his mother taught him that red spider lilies were medicinal and antidote to certain poisons, a knowledge he held dear to his heart. He slowly walked outside to the hallway of his Hanok house, impatient to see his Eomma who promised to watch fireworks with him.
Where is she, he wondered. He walked along the corridor expecting his best friend to scare him as Jihan promised him warm hotteoks fresh from the kitchen. His dad, Kim Taehee, an Alpha and the most powerful leader of the Kim Clan, left last night to deal with some business.
The teenager wandered the halls towards his parents room with one thing in mind, to grab her Omega Mom and to thoroughly enjoy the Mid Autumn festivities before the fireworks. He arrived at their room surprised as the lights were turned off. "Eomma, did you fall asleep?"
T/W Blood T/W Death He turned on the light surprised with the amount of blood on the ground. Filled with fear, Taehyung raised his eyes & met the cold gaze of a man dressed in all black, Jeon Jeongguk, he was 5 years older & a high-level Alpha member of Taehyung's bodyguards.
The heavy smell of pine permeated Taehyung's immediate surroundings as Jeongguk stood blocking his parent's room. The young man took a peek seeing his mother on the ground surrounded by blood. Blood. Goose bumps spread from his scalp up to his fingertips. No, no, no.
This couldn't be but Taehyung's mother always advised him that among all the bodyguards to only trust Jeongguk. But not this time for Taehyung sensed thay something was not right.
In one of Jeongguk's powerful hands, he held a big duffel bag while his other hand held a gun with blood on the bottom of his black hanbok.
Taehyung became frantic as he gasped for air and scrambled to her side, "Eomma." She tried to open her eyes, "My son." She said, "Jeongguk, please don't let Taehyung..." she begged Jeongguk with a strangled voice.
"I'm here Eomma, I won't leave you." Taehyung tried to fight his tears. "Jeongguk, take care of my son." Taehyung's mother shuddered as she looked at the man behind his son. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk with his sharpened jaw crouched down beside the fifteen-year old.
Taehyung's mind scrambled upon seeing his mom chase her breath, she held his face one last time before her hand falling to her side. "No! Eomma, please no!" Taehyung cried.
Jeongguk then tried to reach for the young Taehyung but he immediately ran beside his parent's bed and took his father's gun. "Don't" Taehyung said trying to control the shaking from his hand as he held the gun .
Jeongguk stepped towards Taehyung, bold and unafraid, "we have to get you out of here before the assassins return." He took the gun from his hand without any efforts, "Taehyung, hush, I will handle everything." "You killed her, you killed my mother." Taehyung whispered.
The young Alpha grabbed Taehyung and Taehyung's mind went blank as he released soothing pheromones to calm the younger. How could he fight against Jeongguk with his scent like this? He could not for Jeon Jeongguk was his dad's strongest and fiercest soldier.
His mind went blank as footsteps ran near to the room. "We have to go Taehyung!" He frantically said to the omega. "We can't leave my mother like that," he cried pleading the Alpha.
And of course, he grabbed the younger's arm and with him, being the strongest and most lethal weapon, Taehyung would not be able to fight Jeongguk. Jeongguk who had more kills under his belt more than anyone else in their clan.
His dad trusted Jeongguk the most, but with his mom's death, that trust would already be broken. The footsteps echoed nearer as Jeongguk opened the window. Jihan then appeared by the doorway, "Hyung, what is this?"
"I got here just right before Taehyung did." Jeongguk declared. Taehyung's mind went haywire because he knew that Jeongguk was lying. Jihan faced Taehyung trying to read the expression from the omega. His eyes trying to communicate that it was Jeongguk who killed his mother.
"Hyung, let go of Taehyung!" The younger Alpha shouted at his brother. "Turn around and walk away Jihan, this is not your concern." Jeongguk stated as he hid behind the omega.
"Why are you doing this, hyung? Taehyung's dad saved us? Why did you kill her?" Jihan looked at Jeongguk. "I did not do it!" Jeongguk exclaimed. "You did!" Taehyung shouted.
"Did I?" The fierce Alpha with his darkened gaze looked at the omega whose pheromones started filling the air. His lavender scent was stronger as fear gripped his entire being. Taehyung did not back out from the gaze, instead his heartbeat quickened.
Jihan then took the two way radio and announced, "Eomma had been shot, call security, Jeongguk shot her." Jeongguk's eyes widened, "how dare you Jihan?" "They treated us like family Jeongguk." "She's my family too. Why are you accusing me, why are you saying I killed her?"
His gripped tightened against Taehyung's arm. "Let go of Taehyung, and I would reconsider. Run Jeongguk and don't come back." Jihan stated as his face contorted with anger.
Jeongguk did not let go of Taehyung, so the younger Alpha with his strong determination took a lunge towards Jeongguk. T/W Gunshot But with his agility and speed, Jeongguk was able to pull the trigger, grazing Jihan's thigh which made him fall down in pain.
"No!" Taehyung cried. "Let's go!" Jeongguk said as he pulled him to escape the security already rushing to take Jeongguk. "I know a way out." Taehyung stated through his tears, "I will show you, only if you let me help Jihan."
"I cannot do that." Jeongguk announced as his voice got lower, "Always remember, don't sacrifice your life for another."
Taehyung then stated, "In the bathroom, there is a supply closet." Jeongguk held Taehyung's arms and brought him to the closet, "here," Taehyung told Jeongguk as there was a key hole in a back wall. Taehyung took the key from the medicine cabinet and opened the secret passage.
"There," the young omega told the alpha and Jeongguk just stared at the beauty in front of him. "What, there?" Jeongguk questioned him. "Go there, go to the passage way." Taehyung told him. "I don't trust anyone right now, don't want to fall to any trap." He told Taehyung.
Jeongguk then said, "Go first, then I will follow. I have to take you with me." Taehyung started sobbing hysterically, "where are you going to take me, why are you doing this? To me? To my family?" "I didn't kill your mother." He stated.
They were fifteen mjnutes into the tunnel when Jeongguk turned around and kissed the young omega's forehead. "Stop here Taehyung. This is where I will leave you." Jeongguk stated. "How will they find me?" Taehyung started crying as he hugged his legs.
"They will and once they do, I am gone." Jeongguk said as he crouched down and tilted my head towards him. "I will find who killed your mother and once I do, I will fulfill my promise to her." He then kissed my cheeks and whispered, "I will come back for you."
TWELVE YEARS LATER Taehyung carefully got out of the helicopter as he felt the humid weather of Summer when the blades whipped wind through his hair. "Welcome back Taehyungssi," Park Hyungsik, the head security of Kim Clan told Taehyung.
Taehyung got in the blacked out Hyundai Palisade as Hyungsik sat in front. Eleven years, it has been eleven years since he was last at Seoul. His father brought him to California to University of California in Santa Cruz where he would be far away from everything else.
Most especially after his mother's death. Taehyung was not able to properly grieve his mother's death because he was taken away immediately. Away from Seoul Away from the pain Away from the memories Away from everything that reminded him of his mother's death.
He grew up to be a successful Omega, with a master of Business Administration, he was groomed to take over his father's business. Life in California had been the best as it was safer and easier compared to his life in Korea where he needed to he protected all the time.
Protection. Something that he kind of got used to because of the countless dreams that he had. The whirlwind of memories buried in the deepest recesses of his mind float back and it was the doe eyes of the alleged person remained in the forefront of his dreams, Jeon Jeongguk
The muscular arms who held him. The scent that still filled his dreams, something that he both took in as exciting and dangerous. His Omega craved for the Alphas scent, Jeongguk's.
It was something that confused him all the more because his Omega ached for the elder Alpha not his bestfriend, not his lover, the supposed traitor's brother, Jeon Jihan.
Jihan and Taehyung grew close because of their ages. He was 3 years younger than Jeongguk, 2 years older than the Omega. Because he was the only soul who knew all his secrets because he’d been there for many of them, if not physically, then a phone call away.
But with the distance between them, they were able to establish a closeness that was incomparable than anyone's. Their phonecalls were enough to last them an entire lifetime.
But he trusts Jihan and there was something in Taehyung's heart that couldn’t wait to the chance to be close to him for the after a long time.
Taehyung arrived at the high rise where he knew was hope. Hyungsik nodded to him and gestured that he would take care of his luggage, Taehyung went straight to his father's study. The doors were shut and he placed his ears by the door.
"Jihan, what do you think is the gravity of your decision? Did you ever think about the great liability you have placed on oir shoulders?" My father said loudly. “Abeonim, I think we could take care of it.” Jihan stated and my heart raced upon hearing his voice.
“Your hasty decisions could make us fail. Our pack have been making our operation as seamless as possible for over a decade" Taehee said with a booming voice. "I assure you Abeonim, it's going to be almost perfect." Jihan assured the great Alpha.
"Almost perfect is not perfect Jihan. There's loopholes and gray areas." Taehee insisted. The ache in Taehyung's heart magnified as he wanted to see Jihan. A servant exited the room which made the Omega take a quick peek of his beloved.
Jihan sat thoughtfully with metal rimmed glasses. Honestly his modern get-up would mistake him for a regular lad just blessed with broad, muscular shoulders, unknown to the real world that this Alpha belonged to the most powerful pack, the most well know maf!a in all of Korea.
Seeing him calm and collected made Taehyung more excited to meet with Alpha. But Jihan would always remind that him that patience is a virtue and patience is something that he did not possess.
"Remember Jihan you offered partnership which this was obviously not." Taehee's voice stated firmly. "If you continue this, they would easily think that they would own us, which is not the case."
“Eleven years, almost twelve years have passed Abeonim. Times already changed," Jihan told the Alpha. "We conducted a thorough reevaluation of your business model, trading risk and violence for a quiet life, for safety but that doesn't work anymore."
"My forefathers if they only know what's happening now, they would come back to life if they find out that we are losing power." My father stated boldly. "But we still are Abeonim, we still are only different."
“You have to know Abeonim that so many old pack leaders have either been captured, killed, or forced out,” Jihan stated. “Who among your old rivals remain with their power? Not many Abeonim." Jihan added.
"I’m going to make sure that the Kim Wolf Pack, also known as Kim Corporation together with the Jeon wolf pack don't fall under the same circumstances." "Jihan, there is no Jeon wolf pack." Taehyung's father stated filled with heavy warning in his voice.
"You are a Kim not a Jeon, remember that the moment you left your clan." Taehyung's father emphasized. “Abeonim, how about new technology that comes in everyday, there’s more risk in staying put, comfortable with status quo.+
We might be number one in shipping and logistics now but... "But nothing Jihan, nothing. Besides, what's the difference? Is it who we’re dealing with? How much product are we moving?”
"But Abeonim..." Jihan started saying when Taehyung's father raised his finger to his lips, making him stop what he was saying. Kim Taehee opened the door widely making Taehyung unexpectedly stumble. "Appa!" Taehyung stated breathlessly.
"Come here, son," his father said as Taehyung walked over & hugged him tight. "Leave us Jihan and let me talk to my son." the Alpha leader stated loudly. Jihan bowed smiling at Taehyung. Jeon Jihan. Taehyung could see how much the young Alpha yearned for the elder's respect.
Taehyung had observed that with Jihan's age and experience, he would not easily gain it yet. Yet. Taehyung has never doubted his father's decisions, he just hoped that his Abeonim would see the efforts of the young Alpha.
Approval from his efforts, Jihan constantly sought them from Taehee not only as a trusted soldier but because of the death of Jihan's father. Taehyung smiled at his father with the hope that his father would be enlightened with how serious their relationship is.
"My handsome son!" Taehee said aloud, "do you know you are looking like your mother everyday." "Appa! Stop. You just said that last month when you visited me." Taehyung stated as sat in front of his dad.
His father then sat back behind his desk. “We are going to celebrate tonight. Tell me did you decide to stay in Seoul or are you going back to California?”
"Appa, I will let you know okay? So, anyway, dinner with you, me and Jihan?" "I’d rather just the two of us. You and me my son, only you and me and then tomorrow night is my annual party. We'd fly to Jeju for the party." The Alpha stated.
"We'd fly to Jeju but I am not allowed to go to the party, right?" the young Omega rolled his eyes to his father. "You are getting sassy like your mother huh?" The Alpha chuckled. "Whatever dad." I said as he kissed his forehead. "I will go rest now, see you at dinner."
Taehyung walked slowly in the corridor when someone sprang from the shadows and held him from behind. Taehyung gasped, but when he was able to catch the Alpha's cedar scent, Taehyung relaxed in his grasp.
Jihan then led Taehyung to the library because well eleven years ago, they knew that the only spot in the house which was surveillance free was the library.
He left the door open because closing the door would mean security barging in even if they knew how much they hung out before as teenagers. He then took the Omega's hand, pulled him in and pressed his lips to Taehyung's for quick kiss. “Tae, are you real? Is it really you?”
“I am.” Taehyung stated as he placed his hands against his chest and stared at the high cheekbones of this Alpha's face. Jeon Jihan's beautiful face that the Omega thought should appear in magazines. “Do you know that you are becoming less the boy I knew & more the man I love?”
The Alpha took the omega's hand and kissed it, “I try to be a man, a man you deserve, my love.” “I know." Taehyung said as he gazed into the Alpha's eyes, "Are you glad to finally see me?"
"Yes I do actually!" He said. “When are we able to talk about our future?” the Omega asked eagerly. “That’s why I’m here back in Seoul so we could talk about it.” “There'a nothing I want more than to be with you.” Jihan said hugging Taehyung tight.
“This job is a prison, a death sentence, even. I cannot leave it Taehyung, I’m only alive today. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. You know that right, my love?”
And Taehyung was reminded of the so many nights they talked on the phone, and always, it hit too close to the truth. There were so many nights that he would look at the sea, hoping and waiting that he'd hear from Jihan.
Every night he craved and feared if someone would contact him, letting him know that something bad happened to his Appa or with Jihan. It's never easy. "We won't wait for much longer, my love," Taehyung said as he kissed Jihan's cheek. “I will talk to my father, you'll see.”
“I just hope I could quit this job right here, right now and follow our dreams but I am indebted to your father.” He removed his hand from my waist as he lifted my thigh, caging me by moving forward towards my hip. “Taehee mentored me, taught me the ropes and gave me a chance.”
And Taehyung's mind raced as Jihan touched his thigh but he cannot, for he promised his Omega mother when he was fifteen, right before her death. Taehyung's self control is spreading thin as his breath hitched with his touch, “Jihan, you are not indebted to my father forever.”
"I don't want to marry you without your father's blessings, my love.” “But Jihan, when he took you in, you and your brother, it was because Eomma asked him to, not because he wanted to but it was a duty that he had to fulfill after what he killed your parents." Taehyung said.
And Taehyung let go of his hand, "He might have saved you, yes but my father is also the reason why you and your brother are both orphans." Orphans. Yes, they are both orphans. Because about sixteen years ago, the Jeons and the Kims are clans, packs that worked well together.
The Jeons made sure that weap0ns were distributed peacefully and in order in South Korea and some parts of Asia while, well, the Kims mainly dealt with gambl!ng and narc0t!cs.
There were other packs like the Jungs and the Parks and they at peace until they Jeons betrayed their pact. These packs promised that the only thing that they were not going to deal with was human traff!ck!ng.
And they had no shame, that instead of stopping what they were doing, they even planned an assas!nati0n attempt, to k!ll Kim Taehee and that was the last time they have seen them because in Kim Taehee's hands they held their last breaths.
Taehyung looked at him provocatively with a bite on the lip, "maybe I should smu ggle you like how do with the narc0t!c shipments, you know?" "Kim Taehyung, why do you know these things?" Jihan's lips quirked with a smirk, "do you listen to our supposed private meetings?"
"For sure I know that my father has unparalleled senses both as a business man and pack leader but you have been the brains, the strategist, his trusted soldier, haven't you Jeon Jihan?" Taehyung asked Jihan with a flirtatious look. "I can't say that I am Tae," Jihan said.
"But what you want is to be considered not as a soldier but as family? Am I right?" Taehyung asked him solemnly this time. Jihan nodded with a slight smile as he held up Taehyung's hand and kissed it tenderly.
"And you are worthy Jihan. Worthy to be called family, worthy of being respected, worthy of even owning me." Taehyung stated cupping his cheek. "But I know he doesn't trust me completely because of my parents disobeying the pact and Jeongguk killing your mother." Jihan stated.
"I think my father trusts you enough because you are still here even after almost twelve years you are still here." Taehyung reminded Jihan. "Well, the trust was broken because of Jeongguk." He stated as he stroked my cheek.
Jeon Jeongguk. Taehyung shivered as if hearing that name also reminded him of the angel of death. Someone who took half of his life away from him. Someone who took his mother away.
For almost twelve years, he haunted Taehyung's dreams. It might seem that it was a distant memory but it's not. The scent, the arms, the look, his eyes, everything is still crystal clear for Taehyung. His emotions were a mixture of fear & delight with the presence of that Alpha.
Taehyung had tried to keep tabs about him, wondering where his father's former trusted bodyguard is. The Alpha who knew everything about his family was last known to be all over Europe and the Americas, even Mexico as he tried to continue to traff!ck f!rearms and dr ugs.
Taehyung sometimes thought of him, of what would have been if he was still here. But to Taehyung he had to rid of his thoughts of the handsome Alpha for all he knew, he betrayed him, he betrayed his father's trust. That was what they told him, what Jihan told him.
"I think my father knows that you are not your brother or your parents, you know." Taehyung insisted as the intertwined his hand against his. "It's not that Taehyung, it just seems that your parents, your father treated Jeongguk more of a son that me." Jihan stated.
He looked intensely at Taehyung, "Your father scolded my brother like a son, he never did that to me. Never did that to me." "Just wait, Jihan. You have earned your place in this family, my family." Taehyung stated as Jihan's hands traveled Taehyung's body.
Jihan's radio then sounded with the voice of Kim Taehee, "Jihan, we will be waiting for you at Incheon in 30 minutes." "This is Jihan, copy, over." Jihan looked at Taehyung's eyes & sighed, "If only I could make you mine now, I would."
And Taehyung blushed with what Jihan said because he had pictured marrying this Alpha, regardless if his father would give them his blessings or not, whether their wedding would be big or small, he already pictured a life with Jihan, a life with his pups, a life of content.
Jihan was there for him even during his Eomma's death. Jihan tried to fill the void of Taehyung's heart. He took care of him, made sure he bathe, he ate, he studied until Taehee sent Taehyung abroad to start fresh, to forget all the horrific experience, to begin anew.
And the only thing that Taehyung could do for the Alpha was to show his gratitude, his undying love for him. But he also could not picture a life without his father's blessings. His father was all he has and he cannot bear the thought of betraying him either.
He could not bear the thought of his father not walking him down the aisle so Taehyung should think of ways to make his father agree to his wishes, he has too. The radio sounded once more, "Jihan, what's your ETA?" "I have to go my love," Jihan said as he kissed him.
CHAPTER TWO CELEBRATION Taehyung walked outside Lotte World Artvillas in Seogwipo, Jeju. His father rented five villas, the biggest for the party and the rest for the night.
And he placed the villa where Taehyung stayed as the farthest, because technically even if it was his father's annual celebration, he was not allowed to attend any of it and Taehyung never new why.
But for tonight's theme was a masquerade and he just thought that maybe he could get away with it. Taehyung walked at the seashore after they arrived with thoughts about his lavish life. It was interesting how his father wanted him to be involved but not really.
It's as if his father was waiting for something, for someone and Taehyung has a gnawing feeling that his father might be waiting for Jeongguk, either for his execution or for justice, he is not sure.
And now with his costume for the party - he was wearing a robe with intricate gold embroidered hood and a gold mask as he tried to conceal himself from his father.
From the villa Taehyung was staying in, he could see the biggest house where his father decided to hold the party totally lit up from the first floor to the second floor. It just looked grand, It looked stunning, It just looked amazing.
His father left their villa earlier wearing a hanbok from the Joseon dynasty with Taehyung stating loudly, "Really Appa? That is what you are going to wear? Seriously? "Is there anything wrong with this? It's a masquerade!" His Alpha father argued.
"Appa, you are making it a costume party." Taehyung laughed outloud. "I think that's what the invitation said." His dad countered. "No dad, it stated, Masquerade." Taehyung insisted.
"Masquerade, costume party, whatever, it is a celebration." He said as he kissed Taehyung on the forehead which made the young Omega smile at his father.
Taehyung thought his disguise was a perfect disguise as he could talk to the bouncer in English and pretend he does not understand Korean and he would just stay in one corner and watch the dance from there.
He went inside the party with a lot of people in costumes from kings, queens, Egyptians, Harlequins, Batman, Superman, everyone was dressed in a very upbeat way and Taehyung smiled.
Taehyung looked around and even noticed the security guards wearing painted masks with gold plated gu ns. As Taehyung was so preoccupied with the costumes, he just noticed two waiters going around, one tray filled with different kinds of dr ugs and the one with alcohol.
Taehyung shook his head and just grabbed white wine from the other tray and thanked the waiter politely. He went upstairs to look at the view from the balcony and he noticed a man in a mask.
That man in an open-collared black suit with a body chain stood beneath them, and he had such a nice body. His body is a slice of heaven. And Taehyung gulped because around that man, yes, that man, he smelled a faint smell of something he smelled years ago.
Taehyung watched as he saw the dance floor filled with dancers, spinning and dancing and like what he expected, this affair is very opulent and extravagant with guests keeping up with his expectations.
Taehyung then saw a large sign on the corner that said Palmistry and Tarot Reader, well he was dressed as one so he decided to enter the room that was drawn in by a curtain. Taehyung sat down and handed to her his hand.
"All these riches will be yours one day," The old woman told her and smiled. Taehyung stood up and thanked her. "I am not yet done," the old woman said which made Taehyung sit down once again.
"I'm sorry," Taehyung stated, "but you are just acting the part right? Because it's a costume party?" The woman boomed with laughed, "No, my child. You are so innocent like a young tiger, playful and bouncing around."
Taehyung looked at her curiously and held out his hand in silence. "I see a man, a man that represents wholeness and he would make you whole. And you have met him years ago and he's here, he's here tonight." The old woman said with her eyes closed.
Jihan is here, was she referring to Jihan? She must be referring to him, then, Taehyung's thoughts filled with confusion. She then continued as she touched Taehyung's palm.
"He is your great love but in order to prove this, there will be pain, there will be grief, there will be betrayal, there will be death." The old woman continued & Taehyung's eyes widened. "Whose death? Tell me!" Taehyung demanded.
She then looked at me, closing my palm, "You will die for him, your love. You will die for him," she said. Taehyung quivered as goosebumps spread all throughout his body. He stood up and thanked her and stayed once again by the corner of the room.
Jihan then saw Taehyung from across the room. He started taking a few steps towards Taehyung when Kim Taehee called him which made him turn around. Then a man approached Taehyung, the man with the suit and the body chain. His face was covered with a mask.
His hair was black as night with his chest showed with no ounce of fat, just pure muscle. He stood tall with knee high boots and asked the Omega with a low voice, "May I have this dance?"
The way that masked man said it, it was a demand, not a request. He spoke the way a lion growled to his prey and he was the predator, Taehyung was the prey. His voice was like a snarl with a gaze towards Taehyung more powerful than the muscles showing on his open collared suit.
May I have this dance? The stranger said it in a way that was more powerful than the pine scent permeating through Taehyung's senses. And Taehyung's answer was no, he would not, but his body automatically drew towards the stranger, as if the moon is pulled towards the earth.
And with the look of his body, it's as if no one would be able to stop a person with a body like his. Taehyung drew a sharp breath as their breath reach other's spaces when the man stepped nearer.
Taehyung said no but when the man put his hand on Taehyung's waist, his Omega surrendered to his touch, not because he felt threatened, but something drew him in. It was overwhelming. It was powerful. It was wonderful, even if Taehyung refuses to admit it, he felt comfort.
It was an unusual comfort because this man was a stranger but looking deep within, it is like his Omega felt that his finally home. They stepped on the dancefloor as the man guided Taehyung's hands towards his bicep and was extremely gentle as he held the other hand against his.
"I don't know how to dance." Taehyung stated. "Don't you worry, I will lead, just follow." The man in the mask said as he stated those words with extreme tenderness, a way that made Taehyung release his vanilla scent naturally. Surprising.
It was surprising for Taehyung to act this way as his body reacted differently than his mind & his body swims in the pine scent being released by this man. The way his heart beat right now was different than how his heart beats when Jihan is around. This one is just different.
There's a certain intensity that he could not pinpoint, a level of comfort, a level of passion, a certain feeling that he could not define most especially as they stare into each others' eyes.
“We’re a match,” he said, his eyes drifting over the hood that covers Taehyung's head. "I am sorry?" The Omega asked. "You and I are the only ones wearing black, like we were meant to be." He said huskily in Taehyung's ears.
Taehyung then realized what the palm reader just told him, was Jihan the one she was referring to? Or was she referring to this man? His skin touched Taehyung and broke his trance, simple, just like that.
Jihan took forever to touch Taehyung, a touch like yesterday at the library but with this man, the moment he touched him, Taehyung's breath hitched, his heart started to beat erratically and his mind forgot about Jihan because he basked on this man's scent, this man's presence.
And his touch did things to Taehyung more than a hitching breath or a quickening pulse, because this man made Taehyung's nipples hardened and his tummy pool with a desire he haven't felt with just anyone, not even Jihan.
With boldness, Taehyung looked at the man's eyes and the man's eyes just drank him in, like fine wine. Taehyung felt a blush creep slowly in his cheeks and the man whispered, "Your skin like that makes you feel alive, does it?"
And then Taehyung realized that the way this man was affecting him was too overwhelming, so he let go of his arms and took a step back, "I should go back to.. to... my boyfriend." "You have a boyfriend? Here in Seoul? How about Santa Cruz?" The man stated to Taehyung's surprise.
Taehyung's eyebrows furrowed with an open mouth, "I am sorry, do I know you?" "I heard you speak English earlier, it was just a wild guess because you have American accent." He responded. Taehyung still took a step away from him, "I am sorry, I need to go, I have to go."
"We haven't properly introduced our selves yet," the man stated in a low voice. A voice that made Taehyung feel goosebumps all over his body. Taehyung stretched his neck as he looked for Jihan. "You don't need to know my name," Taehyung stated as he tried to push past him.
"Shall I call you, baby Tiger?" The man in the mask asked. Baby Tiger. Only Taehyung's mom called him that and no one else. "Don't call me that," Taehyung stated in a low voice. “Then what should I call you?”
"My boyfriend is waiting for me." Taehyung insisted. "And where is he?" the man prodded. “Regardless, if you were mine, I would not even bear to imagine to have you leave my side.
If he was Taehyung's and Taehyung was his. Taehyung's breathing became faster once again, but this time, a flutter of butterflies also filled his chest. He felt different. It was not fear he felt. It was something else.
The man grabbed Taehyung's hand with a tight, possessive hold made that made Taehyung feel that the man owns him already that he was his and no one else. And that made Taehyung feel passionate and excited.
Taehyung looked in the man's eyes, saying, “But I’m not yours,” "Do you want to change that? We could find a solution to that," the man stated boldly. It was the first time that someone approached Taehyung like this.
It was the first time that someone talked to him in such a way because he is the only son of the most powerful pack leader in the country and no one ever dared to cross this line, not even Jihan.
Taehyung rose to the bait because this, everything, whatever this is excites him, “You could try but know that it wouldn't be good." “I like a good challenge, because maybe you deserve someone like me and not someone like your boyfriend. I don't think he deserves you."
Taehyung then saw the palm reader looking at him smiling which made Taehyung look at the man. The man smirked, "did you get your palm read by the old lady?" "Yes, and it's none of your business." "What did she tell you?" The man insisted.
"She told me not to speak with strangers." "What if I am not a stranger?" The man asked as he looked deeply in Taehyung's eyes and he got lost with his gaze.
“What are you telling me?” Taehyung asked as he stared back. The man boldly went up to him and whispered, “Feed my curiosity little tiger, will you be willing to die for your boyfriend or will you be willing to die for me?”
"I am sorry, what is this? What are you trying to tell me?" Taehyung demanded, trying to fight the desire in his chest, trying to deny himself of this man's presence. He looked at Taehyung with a fierce but soft gaze and his omega was slowly surrendering to the stranger.
Was he actually a stranger because baby tiger was only used by his mom and no one else. The only ones who knew it was his dad, his mom and the Jeons. Fear settled in his chest as the eerie memory of Jeongguk flashed in his mind, "I will scream if you don't let me go."
"Do you think they’ll hear you over the throbbing, loud and upbeat music?” the masked man asked, amused with Taehyung's empty threats. "I will open my mouth and scream the loudest, until my father and my boyfriend rescue me and then you won't be able to escape." Taehyung stated.
A smile that disarmed Taehyung even more spread on his lips with the masked man's eyes closed with glee. “Tell me Taehyung, how wide can you open your mouth and how long could you keep it open, for me?"
And those remarks, those insinuations made Taehyung blush profusely as he shivered in delight. The intensity of his words made him imagine grabbing the nape of this man and smashing his lips against his but that was not his mind speaking, it was his Omega.
"How dare you say that to me? Do you know that just one command, you can be killed in less than minute so don't you dare," Taehyung boldly told him. The man smirked and placed his mouth against the Omega's ears and whispered.
"Before you order that I pray to heavens that they grant me my dying wish. My wish to hear you scream and moan, only for me." He told Taehyung in such deep voice that he imagined those words spoken in between his legs.
Something in the way the man used his words less menacing, less fearsome. Those words he spoke came to Taehyung as erotic, exhilrating, exciting. Those words the stranger, the unknown Alpha spoke was carnal and full of desire.
Then someone called Taehyung's name, it was a familiar voice. Taehyung did not want to peel his eyes off of the man who just danced with him but he had to look for that man who just called his name.
Jihan. "Taehyung!" He called out to the Omega and at that instant, the man with the mask, the Alpha who made Taehyung think of his undisclosed desires, walked away making Taehyung miss his touch instantaneously.
He looked around for the man but the only one within his periphery was his boyfriend & his Omega became disappointed as Jihan gathered Taehyung in his arms.
"There you are my love. I missed you." Jihan whispered in his ears and Taehyung, for the first time, didn't feel anything towards the Alpha. Taehyung smiled at him but Jihan looked around and whispered once again, "That man, who was just here, who is he?"
Taehyung looked at him and shook his head, "a man who wanted to dance with me but I turned him away." He lied through his teeth. Someone in a court jester costume approached Taehyung, it was his bestfriend Jung Hoseok or Hobi to Taehyung.
"Hobi!" Taehyung let go of Jihan and hugged his bestfriend tightly. "You are here!" He exclaimed. "And so are the Mins and the Kims. I missed you so much Taehyungie!" Hobi stated.
"What's most important is you!" Taehyung told his bestfriend warmly. Jung Hoseok. His bestfriend, his confidante. He knows everything about Taehyung even when he was in California because he too, studied in the US, but in a different university, in Seattle, Washington.
"Your father told my father that there was going to be an announcement." Hobi said as they walked towards the side, leaving the dancefloor. And as if on cue, Kim Taehee walked in the middle of the dancefloor, with microphone in hand and the music at a pause.
Jihan stood behind Taehyung with his hand on the Omega's shoulders. Nothing, Taehyung felt nothing. And he frowned but his emotions were distracted by his Alpha father, the head of the Kim clan, clearing his throat.
“Thank you all for coming to celebrate my annual gathering tonight,” Kim Taehee's voice boomed with a slight buzz but still with a commanding presence. “I am aware that everybody would like to continue with the festivities but I have an announcement to make.+
I am all glad for everyone's presence because here the pack leaders and business associates were gathered for me and I am extremely grateful. But tonight is not an ordinary celebration." He paused looking at everyone.
"But before I continue please grab a champagne because this deserves a toast." the Alpha leader encouraged. Hobi grabbed two glasses for him and Taehyung while Jihan took one as well.
"Everyone, settle down. Tonight is an extraordinary night because someone important is coming back to Seoul, to the Kim wolf pack, to the Kim clan." Taehyung's father's announced. Jihan whispered loudly, "what the hell is happening?" Taehyung held his breath.
“Almost twelve years ago, a blasphemous event was committed, and I intend to make it clear before everyone tonight here at my celebration.” Kim Taehee glanced at everyone before continuing, "know that in my pack, in my clan, we don't back out to any threats. Know that in the +
my clan all throughout these years, we hold pride in being there for our pack because we are one like a family." Kim Taehee then paused, "know that in our pack there's punishment for a wrong deed, an intentional doing, a grave mistake."
He then raised his champagne glass, "so without further ado, it's a great honor to present to you & accept back in our pack, a trusted leader, someone whom my late wife, may she rest in peace, and I consider as our son," Kim Taehee paused with Jihan's eyes widening in confusion.
"He must be joking," Jihan whispered loudly as Taehyung stretched his head with eagerness and anticipation. Kim Taehee then gestured with his other hand, the man with the mask, that person who just danced and made Taehyung more desirable than ever.
The man in the mask stood beside Kim Taehee and his eyes darting directly towards Taehyung and Jihan. "I would like to welcome home, a great Alpha, Jeon Jeongguk." Kim Taehee announced. Jeongguk removed his mask and showed his fiercely handsome face with seriousness.
Jihan spit the champagne with Taehyung's eyes widening with mixture of fear and surprise. Journalists took pictures of the Alpha with hundreds of cellphones taking pictures of him.
"Jeongguk had continued to operate in Busan discreetly and successfully and is a growing clan in Korea." Taehee added as he patted the back of the Alpha. The people around remained silent, unsure of how to regard the situation.
Jihan who led the operations to hunt down his brother had received for most of the pack leaders who are present in the gathering. "If my wife was alive, she would have been delighted to welcome back this man." The Alpha leader expressed, "so I want everyone to give the same +
regards to this fine young Alpha." He expressed proudly. The crowd quietly murmured as Jihan's eyebrows furrowed even more.
"Jeongguk approached me with concrete evidence with regards to my wife's death." Kim Taehee stated with Taehyung clutching his chest. "In short, Jeon Jeongguk was wrongly accused of killing my beloved wife."
Taehyung's head was ready to explode with his hand clasped in his mouth. "Abeonim, everyone, thank you for this warm welcome. But as much as I would like to mingle with everyone," Jeongguk then gestured to someone who brought a man with a bag wrapped in his head,
"Abeonim, there are matters that need to be addressed." the young Alpha stated handing Kim Taehee the gun Taehyung pointed to the body guard twelve years ago but the only difference is, there was a silencer at the end.
T/W Death Taehyung held on to Jihan's hand waiting for the next words to come out of the Alpha's mouth. "I was gone for twelve years because I have searched high and low for the assassin of Kim Seri, someone who once treated me as a son, and now I present to you, him."
Jeongguk removed the bag from his head. "And he is my gift to Abeonim and his only son, Taehyung." Jeongguk said looking towards Taehyung and Jihan. Jihan then covered Taehyung's eyes as Kim Taehee placed the trigger on the man's temple and in front of everyone, shot him de ad.
𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐧𝐨 𝐬𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐚 𝐜𝐫𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐠𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐟, 𝐧𝐨 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐝, 𝐧𝐨 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐞𝐩𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐚 𝐩𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐜𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐬. - 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐮𝐤𝐢 𝐌𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐢
CHAPTER THREE CONFUSION Taehyung's feet ran towards the beach as he emptied the contents of his stomach by the seashore. His thoughts were in chaos as he witnessed the screaming of the crowd as his father took the man's life.
"Careful!" Jihan said as Taehyung removed his shoes and his robe. The waves lapped at the shore and this usually gives Taehyung peace.
T/W K!ll!ng T/W Smoking But five minutes ago, a man’s head just exploded. His brains just splattered across the floor. His body had collapsed at Taehyung's father’s feet. And Taehyung held tight onto Jihan’s arm as his body trembled.
Jihan lit a smoke and handed one to Taehyung who willingly accepted it. Hobi followed Jihan and Taehyung, "what's the matter guys? What's the matter Jihan? It's not the first time you have seen a person's head explode."
Jihan threw Hobi a dirty look and whispered harshly to Hobi, "Not in front of Taehyung." Taehyung sat down by the beach not caring about getting wet. With a cigarette in hand, he stared out to the waves with the sound of the sea calming him a little.
Not in front of him. Taehyung was not foreign to his Appa's strong personality. He remembered his father had once dragged a drunk out of a restaurant by his hair for waving a gun near them which caused Taehyung to get frightened and cry.
He remembered his eomeonim telling him to stop crying and that was how his Appa handled business. Taehyung chuckles, an event like this should not surprise him really. He took another drag of the cigarette with Jihan and Hobi talking. Jihan.
He should only think about Jihan but his mind wandered back to the man who delivered his mother's assassin. The stranger who held him firmly in his waist. The man who moved sensually around him. The Alpha who made him bask in his touch.
Hobi and Jihan started talking about Jeongguk's return and how the elder Kim killed the assassin when Taehyung heard himself say outloud, “It should’ve been Jeongguk." And it was the first time after a long time that Taehyung wished death on him.
Both their heads whipped towards the Omega in wonderment. “Not if he didn't do it,” Hobi pointed out. “How is he even back?” Taehyung asked as he motioned for another cigarette,"And why does Abeonim believe him?”
“I don’t know, my love.” Jihan stated as he plopped beside the Omega, “But I’m going to find out.” Taehyung stood and flicked the cigarette away as he started walking back to the house, “I want to know everything from my father.”
He stood up quickly and wrapped himself around Taehyung with the waves touching their feet. Taehyung buried his face in the Alpha's chest, where it felt familiar, where his shirt smelled like soap, suede, and cedar where the young Omega felt safe.
Warm. Taehyung wanted to stay in the arms of the Alpha and forget that his father killed someone earlier and convince himself that he didn't see someone brutally get killed. It's Jeongguk's fault and he shouldn't have reentered Taehyung's world.
“I need to see my Appa,” Taehyung told Jihan, disconnecting from the embrace. He grabbed my elbow. “No, my love, he doesn't even no you were at the party.” “Don't tell me what to do Jihan, I demand answers from my father” Taehyung told him with furrowed brows.
“Babe, you have to cool off and your father's adrenaline must be pumping right now. Can you even look him in the eye right now if he asked you why you were there?” Jihan asked Taehyung.
Taehyung never thought of that. He just wanted to demand answers, and Jihan was correct, the thought of facing his father made him hurl again. It would be too hard.
Taehyung sighed and surrendered to the safety of Jihan's embrace. Taehyung decided to wait, he'll confront his father in the morning at breakfast. He deserved some kind of explanation since Jeongguk dedicated the capture to him too.
Jeon Jeongguk. Taehyung shifted his focus to the other side of things—Jeon Jeongguk. Why did he come back? Where did he go? What gave him the confidence to come back with a hundred million-won bounty?
“Who knew that Jeongguk is here in the country?” Taehyung said as he detached from Jihan. Hobi took a drag from his cigarette. “Me neither.” “What pack is he in?” Taehyung's intriguing curiosity started eating him.
Jihan and Hobi exchanged looks. “The pack is located in Busan that slowly came out when you were in Santa Cruz.,” Jihan said, exhaling smoke, “They deal with narcot!cs, but their main focus is in arms traffck!ng, like our father was. They move covertly & known to violent.”
“They’re like a bunch of misfits from all around,” Jihan said. "They are very close too. They make decisions as a collective. But also a little over the edge when it comes to their leader.” “Jeongguk?” I asked. “And you didn’t know he was their leader?”
“No one knew who their leader was.” Jihan frowned. “He was concealed until now. He has people acting in his behalf, they kept their identity a secret.” "Maybe Jeongguk is blackmailing my father, that's why my father did what he had to." Taehyung mused loudly.
"Wow, Tae, that was a remarkable analysis. Well, knowing my brother, he had always been dangerous, but there were talkas about Jeongguk and if those were true, he became someone we entirely don't know after he fled from here.”
Taehyung looked at Jihan and felt sorry for him. Memories from the day his mom died flashed and remembered that day was the same day that Jihan had also lost a brother. “What kinds of talks?”
"We were told that the pack in Busan lived in the mountains, in a secret place." Hobi said as he stepped on his cigarette. "They named it 요새 (yosae - fortress). We found out that people there have no loyalty and no home—literally." Jihan added as Taehyung gasped.
"Furthermore we also heard that since they didn’t have a permanent place to operate out of, they took over a small village about an hour north of here.” “What do you mean they took over?” Taehyung asked in curiosity asked.
“I tell you the yosae is home to a cult,” Jihan said, as he waved his cigarette in frustration. “Furthermore, we heard about occult practices and sh!t. They eat raw meat and sacrifice virgins, throw stones at prost!tutes and that's only a short list.”
Taehyung widened his eyes, "how would you know if no one even escaped or got out of the yosae." "Jihan, stop scaring Taehyung." Hobi said as he elbowed Jihan. "Well. I am saying that it's fcked up at the yosae and I don't doubt that because of my brother."
Taehyung looked at Jihan wanting to believe everything he was saying, because well he is Jihan and he trusted him with all his heart. However, somehow deep in his heart, the man who danced with him earlier was trusted by his father and his late mother.
The Omega frowned in frustration. He had to talk to his father to get everything clear. Taehyung removed his arms around Jihan. “But I also trust my father's judgment, I don't think Jeongguk would easily get away with this,” Taehyung stated firmly.
The Omega looked at the sea and said through the waves, “I don't think my father would allow any women, from our country or another, to be held captive at the Yosae, I don't think my father would just accept him like that.” Taehyung then looked at Jihan and Hobi.
"Appa is a great judge of character. He has led our pack for the longest time and he has not failed yet. Jihan then held Taehyung and started massaging his shoulders. “Relax, baby, I don't think this is something you need to worry about."
Taehyung took Jihan's hand and looked at him. "Tae, my love, I won’t let anything happen to you.” Hobi then took his cellphone out and answered a phone call, "I will be back."
"Jihan, this is why I am telling you to run away with me, let's go to Santa Cruz, to the US, away from here, away from this. We could live a new life." Taehyung told Jihan fervently.
"You have to consider it Jihan, most especially with your brother back, I don't think he would be forgiving most especially since you led the manhunt." Taehyung glared at him.
“Taehyung, stop overreacting. I’ve got everything under control—” He stopped when he noticed that the Omega was glaring at him, releasing some kind of bitter pheromones. “Life or death is overreacting?” Taehyung asked sarcastically.
Jihan then shook Taehyung's shoulder and said, "I want a life with you and if I am to come with you, I need to have enough money to sustain us both. I need to finish this deal, to prove to myself and your father, even my brother."
“Jihan, don't tell me that. What is more important?Danger or safety? Do you want to live a life that is so uncertain that you have to look over your shoulder everyday?” Taehyung ran his hands over his face. “No amount of money is worth that.”
“Taehyung, don't tell me that. Because you lived life in luxury that you don't even know how important this deal is to me, how important this money is to me. You can’t even understand what kind of money I’m talking about.”
“I don’t care about the money, we can live a life with enough, I have money.” Taehyung emphasized as he threw his arms in exasperation. “This is why I am telling you that we need to escape this life while we can. Why is this deal so important to you?"
The Alpha released pheromones indicating sadness, distraught as he avoided my eyes. “I need to show your father what I am capable of, make him trust like his son, like the way he trusts Jeongguk. I want to prove that I am good enough for me to ask for your hand in marriage."
“Jihan," Taehyung said as he leaned against him, allowing the Alpha's hand to snake on his waist. “I think he trusts you because you are strong & smart.” Taehyung said as he nuzzled on his chest.
Taehyung tapped on Jihan and sat again by the seashore with the waves slowly rising. Jihan sat beside him and he just leaned on his shoulder. Taehyung looked out unto the sea and stared at the darkness. The darkness that reminded him of when Jeongguk left him at the tunnel.
Taehyung had nightmares of the horrors of finding his Eomma laying in the pool of her own blood. Jeongguk telling him not just to trust anyone because not everyone can be trusted and those memories, are something that are left in his mind, something he has not told Jihan.
But what made Taehyung even more puzzled was that he allowed Jeongguk to possessively touch him tonight. His Omega and him are so both aroused by his touch that he should have immediately detached and run to Jihan, not allowing for him to have such feelings towards another Alpha.
He looked at Jihan, regretful for his actions earlier and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Thank you for protecting me and for wanting more for us. I don't think I have thanked you for protecting me against your brother 12 years ago. I love you.”
“I wished I could have done more for you. I wish I was strong enough to protect you from my brother” The Alpha slowly slid his hands down Taehyung's back as he faced him and brushed his lips lightly against Taehyung's, “I would erase that day for you.”
Carried away by his impending heat, Taehyung hugged him tightly, allowing him to kiss him, the Alpha's tongue sliding in between his lips, tasting the beautiful Omega, "My love, my Taehyung," he said with a moan.
Emboldened by the sound that the Alpha emitted from his lips, Taehyung deepened the kiss and the world just fell away. In Taehyung's thoughts, they were two people in love and hadn’t been given the chance to show it to each other.
Jihan's hands roamed Taehyung's body. His hands were exploring, searching, finding, claiming. The Alpha cupped the Omega's a ss and started grinding his hips against his and Taehyung just groaned in delight.
“If you only know how much I want you, how much I want to own you” he said hoarsely. “I don’t know how much longer I can wait.” They both emitted pheromones that blended with the smell of the sea at the same moment, Taehyung wanted Jihan to possess him.
His eyes darkened. “Tell me you love me, Taehyung.” “Jihan, you know I do.” “But you have to say it, my love.” He growled a little, in a way that frightened the Omega as it was the first time he heard him like that, “When I ask, that means I want to hear it.”
Taehyung frowned in frustration, what could happen if he didn't give him what he wanted? “No,” the Omega said softly. “No?” He growled as he pulled Taehyung against him once more as he was already hovering over on top of Taehyung.
“Don’t ever deny me of your love Taehyung. Never ever do that to me.” Jihan started to sound angry. But Taehyung felt that the Alpha's excitement was was growing more as he felt his bulge hardening against Taehyung's stomach.
By this time, Jihan had Taehyung trapped under him with his face secured. His face hovered around him “Tell me Omega, tell me how much you love me,” he demanded. “I will stop asking you.”
Footsteps started approaching them and Jihan jumped. Taehyung with a pounding heart stood up even if he found making out a little thrilling, but then again as what Jeongguk said, he had to be careful.
And to Taehyung's surprise, he saw a bare chest opening from the dark, body filled with lean muscle walking with Seojoon. Jihan covered the Omega and told the newcomers, “Move along there's nothing to see here,” he called over his shoulder as he tried to cover Taehyung.
Taehyung knew that was Jeongguk for sure as he smelled a warm scent of strong pine in the air, a scent that was meant as protection. Jeongguk finally stepped for the moonlight to shine on him. “Brother, how honorable of you, are you going to take him for everyone to see?"
Taehyung's thought started running with him as he shivered thinking wondering how long might have Jeongguk been watching them. Jihan held me as if to control my reaction, "why are you here Jeongguk?"
"I actually started looking for you to ask how you have been, it has been a long time, my dongsaeng." Jeongguk told him with such composure that took Taehyung's breath away. Was it attraction or the smell of the Alpha's pheromones that made him think of these unwanted thoughts?
“I mean, why are you here in town? What do you want?" Jihan demanded. Jeongguk then caught the Omega's eye and said, "You have to go home baby tiger." Taehyung thought to himself, why should he leave? “No, you don't tell me what to do.”
Jeongguk looked at him differently, his eyes went from the his head, down to the foot of his robe which was already soaked by saltwater, "You have never changed, my prince, you are stubborn as you were before however, more gorgeous than I have imagined."
Taehyung's face immediately turned red as warmth spread through his body, not even Jihan could have this effect on him and he hated himself once more, he hated his Omega for his Omega was basking with delight. His Omega was ecstatic for the Alpha's attention.
He then looked at Jihan, "Taehee is looking for you, he asked Seojoon to get you." Jihan scowled at the elder Alpha while Jeongguk just smirked at him. "So, tell me, Taehyung, what have you learned to protect yourself? Do you know how to handle a gun?" Jeongguk asked him.
"Remove your gun from your belt and try me," Taehyung challenged him. "Be careful and don't listen to him," Jihan said as he walked with Seojoon back to the party.
Jeongguk whispered in Taehyung's ears with the Alpha's lips touching his cheek lightly, "Remember your Eomma's last words to trust your father and me." Taehyung studied the Alpha's face, looking for the frightening cult leader they told him earlier.
Jihan then shouted, "I will send someone to bring Taehyung to his room." Taehyung looked at him and stated, "I am highly capable of doing that?" Jeongguk with his lips near Taehyung's ear whispered once again, "If you'd like I will escort you even to your bed."
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“I need to see my Appa,” Taehyung told Jihan, disconnecting from the embrace. He grabbed my elbow. “No, my love, he doesn't even no you were at the party.” “Don't tell me what to do Jihan, I demand answers from my father” Taehyung told him with furrowed brows.
CHAPTER FOUR TRUTH Taehyung woke up to the wonderful aroma of pancakes and coffee with the sound of the crashing waves and seagulls filling the room. He opened his eyes and remembered, he was still at Jeju and last night, Jeon Jeongguk came back to their lives.
He stood up and quickly went to the bathroom to splash water on his face, something he does when he woke up alone in Santa Cruz. When he came out of the bathroom after changing, he fixed the bedding as he got mesmerized by the sight that was in front of him.
It was absolutely a delight whenever they come here. The Omega remembered the time when he would go with his parents to Jeju and he would be allowed to play by the beach with Jihan and of course with Jeongguk watching him.
He remembered the handsome face of his father's favored person. What does he have over with Kim Taehee? He frowned as he went down to the dining room where his father was leisurely reading through the paper as he sipped his coffee. "Good morning, Appa." Taehyung said.
"There's my son, how was your sleep?" His father said without looking up from the newspaper. "What are your reading Appa?" Taehyung asked him curiously. "Last night's festivities." His father told him proudly. "Ahhh, was it when you welcomed Jeongguk back or you sh ot the+
assassin in front of everyone?" The Omega asked his father bravely. The Alpha frowned, "What are you doing Kim Taehyung?" His father looked menacing as his Alpha got angry at his Omega son. "Why did you welcome Jeon Jeongguk back into our lives, Eomma's k!ller?"
“I didn't want you to come to the party due to events like these but you defied, my son. I was planning to talk to you today. I didn’t want you to find out about it from another” he said. Taehyung immediately knew his scolding frown all too well. “but you did not listen”
"Appa, do you know the thoughts running in my head last night? How could the great Kim Taehee shake hands with my mother’s mrderer? Why Appa? Tell me!” He came back for his coffee, picked up the paper and looked at the photo from the party “Jeongguk is innocent.”
“Appa, that's simply impossible." Taehyung's voice broke as he swallowed down his grief because he knew fully well that if he gets emotional, his father won't tell him anything. “Jeongguk was there, he k!lled her and left me at that escape tunnel, scared and alone."
“I should have known you to doubt my actions, your grandfather would’ve,” The elder Alpha said without any conviction. And Taehyung knew his Alpha grandfather all too well and just thinking of him scared the Omega. He had a bad temper. However Taehee wasn’t like that at all.
"Then tell me Appa! What does Jeon Jeongguk have over the great Alpha pack leader of the Kim clan? Is he blackma!ling you?" Taehyung asked him. "That's ridiculous Taehyung, do you think of me like that?" His father looked at him.
“Nothing.” he said as he shook his head. Suddenly uninterested with the food he's eating, he took a bite of toast then put back the remaining bread back on his plate as if he couldn’t stomach his son's accusations. “Watch your mouth my son.”
Still persistent, Taehyung still continued prodding, "Tell me the truth then Appa. You k!lled that person in front of everyone, in front of me, your son." "Then let me get a word edge wise. I swear I see your mother in you, always accusing me of bad decisions." The Alpha said.
“Jeongguk did nothing but continued to prove his loyalty even with a bounty on his head. That young Alpha made a promise to your mother to find the assassin but also have made a very cohesive & successful wolf pack in Busan”
“How can you even say that my dearest Appa? Successful, cohesive? I have heard nothing like that last night. I was told that group was vile and cruel, he could not be trusted Appa!" Taehyung told his dad resolutely.
"Taehyung, who is feeding you information like that? Those are far from the truth. I am not foolish, you know that and you shouldn't even be worrying about it. All you need to be grateful for is how Jeongguk gave justice to your mother's death. What he has done for you and me.”
Taehyung stared at his father knowing in his heart to believe him but then why would Jihan just lie to him like that? “When Jeongguk escaped that night, did you know that he tirelessly and relentlessly looked for your mother's assassin?” he continued.
"There were nights that I was lost because how could I allow someone to violate your mother in the worst way possible? He made a promise to your mother and to you and it made me feel helplesss. Last night gave me satisfaction I was longing for after a long time."
"You have to know too that if you didn't take your time walking through the Hanok property, I would have not survived the pain. My life would be rendered useless." Kim Taehee said seriously. "Appa! No, how did you find out?" Taehyung stood and hugged his father.
The Alpha sobbed a little as he continued his story to his son. "Jeongguk brought the assass!n, forced him to beg for his life. Jeongguk spent a lot of time and money to look for him . I am not a saint my son & k!lling him on the spot was the kindest way for me to do it."
Still with lots of doubts running in his head, Taehyung still questioned his father, "how did you know he was the one who pulled the tr!gger?" "He told me during interrogation!" His father stated adamantly. "Appa, of course he said that. He would say anything whatever +
Jeongguk ordered him to say most especially if this would appear a very heroic effort, something that would redeem him from society.” Taehyung stated righteously. "I think he just wanted to come back to Seoul and continue his operations running.”
"He doesn't need to do that my son. He has achieved a lot on his own now. His resources are endless and hisn network is not even limited to Seoul. He easily could have established his operations in the US, Russia, China—anywhere, but he still decided to return.”
“When I first saw him, I had to listen to him, in honor of his loyalty to our family and his love for your Eomma. If he didn't explain and proved what he did, I wouldn’t hesitate to k!ll him myself. Well in all honesty, I almost did.”
"What did he do to make you not k!ll him on the spot?" Taehyung asked curiously. "Remember, our pack, our clan, we own a piece, a similar kind of crown with the Silla crown that was passed on from generation to generation, he recovered that from the original assass!ns."
"He could have stolen that Appa!" Taehyung exclaimed. "Remember I left to deal with some affairs that day, it was because that crown was already stolen and when your mother d!ed they stole the accompanying necklace as well."
“I know you were too young and naive but you have to remember,” he said, “your mother trusted him the most above anyone else except me, and he cared for her too and sought her advice. He told me he needed to find the assass!n because he promised to your mother and you.”
Taehyung's thoughts were still clouded with what he saw 12 years ago. Why couldn’t the great Alpha recognize that his blind devotion to Jeongguk might be a little misguided? But in the light of events, there was a sliver of possibilty that Jeongguk was saying the truth?
But would Jihan just betray Taehyung just like that? After years of friendship and mutual understanding towards one another, he would not be able to bear the pain if he was lied to by the only person he trusted after his mom's sudden demise.
“Appa, but right now, please respect my stance if I refuse to believe Jeongguk because I dont.” Taehyung stated with all honesty, “I simply don’t trust him.” But somewhere in the crevices of the Omega's heart, he might have believed Jeongguk's efforts. He could feel
the scent of pine imprinted in his senses or how his touch thrilled him or how those lips he imagined would taste. Taehyung shook his head, 'don't be weak Taehyung!' The Omega thoughr to himself.
He looked at his father, trusting his judgment when the Alpha said, “You don’t have to believe me my son, all you have to do is trust your dad first and abide by the leader of your pack.” He returned to the sink to put his dishes.
“I’m really sorry for what you witnessed,” he said with tenderness. “If I’d known you were watching..." "Would you not have killed him then?" "No, I will simply just send you back to your room."
“Were you with Jihan last night then?” it was his turn to ask. The Alpha turned to Taehyung as he brewed a fresh pot of coffee. He answered all his questions, it was the Omega's turn to answer his questions now. “Yes.” was all Taehyung could say.
"I think it's about time I talk to Jihan." Kim Taehee said as he made himself another cup. “About Jihan, Appa, there's something that I want to talk to you about our relationship.” “I am stopping you right there.” He said as he poured the coffee. “No, my answer is no.”
"Appa, I am not a kid anymore. You should trust me to make my own decisions. Please listen to me." Taehyung begged his father. "Go ahead, my son” he stated invitingly, “But to assure you, it will fall on deaf ears.”
“Jihan, I love him, Appa.” He stopped, holding his coffee cup halfway to his mouth. “You should not be surprised Appa, you know this for a long time,” I said. "I do, my son. I know that.” The Alpha lowered his coffee then looked at his son. “I know you think you love him.”
"Appa. Why would you say that?” I asked. “Jihan has always been there for me. He takes care of me. He respects you and me. He only wants to be treated like your son. Tell me, Appa, why?”
“Taehyung, my son, Jihan is dangerous. Everyone here is dangerous. I would not even allow you to date the fcking chief or the mayor. I don't want you to get married into this life and end up like your Eomma."
"He's different Appa. He is different from the others. He is kind and sincere and he takes care of me." Taehyung told his father. “You know your Eomma balanced me and I can see that you are bright and smart like here. When she was alive, we would have conversations outside our+
business. She taught me classical and jazz. She taught me about Van Gogh and Salvador Dali but when she got involved, she followed a lot of philosophies like The Art of War by Sun Tzu or Das Kapital by Karl Marx. She taught me the best way to counter attack in decision making."
Taehyung stopped with his thoughts and touched his father's arm, "Do you miss Eomma?" Kim Taehee looked at him with tenderness, "I do, every second of my life. She has a kind heart but sometimes her emotions get the best of her unlike me, I am a good judge of character."
The Omega then sat up straight and looked at his father with curiosity, "What are you trying to say Appa? That Jihan is not to be trusted?" "No, Jihan has been a good pack member and loves this life and he is very faithful to the clan but he is nowhere kind or sensitive."
"Then why is he telling me that he will leave this life for me?" Taehyung boldly told his father. "Really?" "Appa, that's what I have been trying to tell you since I sat down. We have plans..." Taehyung fiddled with his fingers, awaiting for his father's reactions.
"What kind of plans?" "We wanted to leave Seoul and settle in the US, maybe in California. to be with me, to have a new life with me." "That's impossible, my son." the Alpha said. "Why Appa? Eomma and you always believe in achieving one's dreams. Why are you stopping us?"
Kim Taehee looked calmly at his son, “That's impossible, my son.” “Appa, you are not even listening to what I am trying to tell you. Jihan can be dangerous yes but it's because he's here with you. If we leave far enough, we'll be free." The Omega emphasized to his father.
“Jihan and I are the same, we are from the same cloth. In Seoul, he's a businessman, one of my advisors. In the U.S., he’ll bag groceries, maybe collect garbage, he'll be powerless, nothing." The Alpha stated irritatingly.
“He will be something. You are the only reason Appa, you are the one who's keeping him from achieving his dreams.”
His father drank all his coffee stood up, “I’m sorry my son, but for sure you will thank me one day... you will thank me one day," with that the Alpha looked at his son sternly and smiled. “You should not risk your life for someone who is but an infatuation, not love."
“Appa, we can do what we want, we are adults,” The Omega said fiercely. Kim Taehee took the challenge and smirked, "Just watch me, my son, watch me."
Taehyung walked to the patio and sat down with his feet hanging by the deck He stared at the sea and frowned. His father’s blessing meant a lot to him. He's the only family he has. He is his threshold, his rock and very well knows when his father says something, he executes it.
He's also the only person who could protect Taehyung with his life. It was hard for him being a single parent and how the Omega wishes that his father would understand his wishes but somewhere deep down he knows what his father is saying, he just cannot pin point what.
But Jihan also had been there for Taehyung, he had proven over and over again with how he showed Taehyung he loved him but why is the great Kim Taehee against Jihan. Taehyung was torn. There is another Alpha at the back of his mind, someone who both scared and thrilled him.
But to trust that Alpha would take a lot because the sheer memory of what had happened twelve years ago is still present at the forefront of the Omega's mind. His consciousness is always hyper aware of Jeongguk's Alpha's presence & there's something sensual that intrigues him.
His body reacts to the Alpha's presence and he can't pinpoint why. His Omega surrenders to the Alpha's presence and he feels warm, no, he feels hot whenever the Alpha around as if he craves for his touch and it's something he doesn't feel immediately when Jihan is around.
Taehyung closes his eyes, 'that's treason against Jihan, Tae.' And the Omega also knows that his father is more stubborn than him and the more he would push him, the more he will be denied but he should listen to his father.
Taehyung stands up and walks to the beach. He stares at the waves wondering what he could do to bring peace between him and his father. To listen to his father meant him leaving Jihan and to fight for Jihan meant that he would be disobeying his father which is the last thing +
that he would want to do. Kim Taehee already lost his wife and the Omega knew that his father would do absolutely anything to protect his only son.
They went back to Seoul the next day and Kim Taehee knew that he should do something to make sure that Jihan and Taehyung would not anymore collude. Taehee sat on his study and leaned forward to look at a picture of him and Taehyung. The great Alpha needs to start to create
a succession plan as to who would inherit everything once he is gone and he would not want Taehyung to have that dilemma. He called both Jihan and Jeongguk to have lunch today. How he would want to witness both of them at the same location is interesting for Taehee.
With Seojoon and Hyungsik, Taehee arrived at Twoppul in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do where there are private dining rooms, a perfect place to conduct their business.
Jihan and Jeongguk happened to arrive at the same time. Jeongguk tried shake his brother's hand but Jihan just took a look at it and smirked. "I am doing my best here Jihan. I still deserve your respect because I am still your older brother."
Jihan didn't respond. Was it guilt or fear? No one knows for Jihan just kept his silence, just wanted Taehyung by his side. The waitress came and looked between the brothers in the low light of a steak house, trying to decide which one she liked better.
It’d been 12 years since women had started comparing Jihan and Jeongguk once the youngest Alpha was old enough to get female attention. "Brothers?" She casually asked as she fluttered her eyes to the both of them with the calculating gaze of Kim Taehee.
“Is it the height,” she answered. “Dark hair. Same kind of smile. You look a lot alike, but different.” The beta flirted. "What do you think?" The elder Kim asked the waitress. "Must be the eyes? Or the smile? Let me take your orders to the back and I shall return." She said.
After she left, Taehee looked at Jihan,“Do you like her?” he asked. “You can go tomorrow and just use the chopper if you want to stay the night with her.” Tongue in cheek, Jihan unfolded the napkin onto his lap and stated, “No, thank you."
“Okay then.” Taehee leaned his elbows on the table. He scowled and lowered his voice. “Jihan, you have fcked us up entirely.” He lowered his voice because across the room where the Seoul's mayor was dining with his wife & the chief of police in the other room.
Kim Taehee as great as he is made sure that this lunch was no accident with the three Alphas. “How did it happen that two fences were hit in two days,” the elder Alpha glowered. “How could you explain millions worth of different products stolen. Jihan, what's your explanation?”
And Jihan is aware that when Taehee gets mad no excuse would be acceptable. And truth be told, Jihan hadn’t slept much & needed to go home to help prepare the next other shipments, but instead, he was summoned. “Maybe it's just bad luck,” he responded to the Alpha.
“Two consecutive occurrences is not a joke, most especially if it is less than forty-eight hours apart? Nothing to do with luck. You have a rat, bro.” Jeongguk carefully stated with Kim Taehee nodding his head.
"I have loyal men, I don't think they'd betray me," Jihan said. "There's always room for first time." Jeongguk stated as he sipped water. Jihan finally became quiet in disbelief of Jeongguk's sudden presence with him and the pack leader of the Kim clan.
Jihan worked really hard to work with the elder Alpha. Strategizing how to improve logistics and secure good relationships with the politicians and police departments, hude-puts, fences, tracking, everything. Jeongguk just came back & it seems that Taehee already trusts him more.
“How much was taken?” Jeongguk inquired “You don't need to meddle, I am still within the quota of what I promised the Kang clan." Jihan's eyebebrows furrowed. “we have enough granted there will be no mishaps along the way," the youngest Alpha stated.
“Was there ever a time that there are no mishaps at the ports or the piers?” Taehee looked directly at Jihan. "It just can't be done.” he spoke with a smile in order to divert the prying eyes around them.
Kim Taehee is respected because the moment mistakes happen, he faces them in a different way. The great Alpha is sure that rumors were already circulating. For sure the other clans would have heard of it and might have already pulled their cargoes already.
And any mistakes or operational mishaps would instantaneously expose the Kims to weakness most especially since this transaction with the Kangs is a big deal, one of the biggest shipments ever made so far.
"There are extras still, Abeonim” Jihan said, as he tried to fight the exhaustion that was slowly settling in his body but he is aware that he is demanded to answer the great Alpha's inquiries. “Extra precautions will be exercised in the next transport, I assure you.”
Kim Taehee tried not to show any sign of anger but his posture is giving him away, “Jihan, when did you ever think that is acceptable? You know in this business when one fails to deliver, people start talking, and disrespect causes others to plan against us. It is su!cide."
Jihan got startled with the buzzing on his phone, "Emergency, please call." It was a text from Hyun Lee, his right hand man. He stood up and immediately dialed Lee's number, "Lee, what is it?" "There was an explosion in one of the piers. Where are you?"
“I am with Abeonim. What else do I need to know?” He hesitated. “Eun and Jae were handling the machinery when it exploded, they didn’t make it.”
Jihan stared at the cityscape before him. He looked at the twinkling city lights, trying to figure out how to tell Kim Taehee everything that just happened. He stared at Taehee & Jeongguk inside. How strange that these things started happening now that his brother had returned.
Jihan wondered that Jeongguk had been back in their lives for 48 hours, and things already went side ways even the biggest deal he's ever made, which was with the Kangs.
Was his brother trying to earn back everything he lost? Will his brother try to regain back everything without a plan? Did his brother set him up for failure to make Taehee lose his trust with him? Jihan put his phone back in his pocket and took a deep breath.
"What happened?" The Alpha leader asked. "A shipment exploded in Incheon." Jihan said as his eyebrows furrowed. Kim Taehee's face reddened suddenly. He was about to say something when Jeongguk leaned his head to let him know that their private room has no door.
After calming down, he said quietly, "I think someone is attacking us." Taehee leaned towards Jeongguk, "it maybe one of the Kang's enemy clans." "I can take a look into it." Jeongguk volunteered. "But you need to strategize, Abeonim."
"We'll definitely do that." The Alpha leader agreed. Jihan's eyes dropped to his plate, surprised why all of a sudden he was replaced. Jihan thought how things never changed. They always favored Jeongguk, even Eomma.
It's very interesting with Jihan how everything went downhill for 48 hours when for 12 years he was the one who ate with the Kims. He was the one who stood loyal to Taehee. He was the one who helped build the business. He was the one who helped Taehyung.
"I think we can still make it." Jihan stated. "Are you 99.99% sure that the shipment will make it when we are fully aware that you are being targeted?" Jeongguk asked Jihan.
“And what if another of your fences falls tonight? Tomorrow? Next week?” Jeongguk asked. “You’ll be a walking target. You'll put Abeonim & Taehyung's lives in danger." "Well, you just came back & sh!t started happening. How are we sure that you’re not behind this?” Jihan asked
"Jinjeonghaseyo Jihan," Kim Taehee said, "calm down and lower your voice." “I have been trying to do what's right by delivering the true assassin,” Jeongguk explained. “Why would I immediately jeopardize that?” “That’s what I intend to find out,” Jihan stared at Jeongguk.
"Your brother is trying to help you Jihan, listen to him please." Taehee stated softly to remove anymore suspicions of the prying eyes from the other rooms. “Tell me dongsaeng and I will make some calls” Jeongguk said as he pulled out his phone.
Jihan just looked at his brother and wondered if is his brother is really doing this in front of him, in front of Kim Taehee. How does this look to the great pack leader? Does it imply that he needed rescuing from his brother? Won't this render him weak and worthless?
"Jihan, you have no time. Call your most trusted men together, and I’ll call my men. What we can do is to store the products in one of my secret locations. For sure, nobody will find out where the location would be.
“That's perfect,” Abeonim exclaimes. “With both of our packs working together, it providea the perfect solution for this problem” “With our two packs working together, Abeonim, there's nothing we cannot pull off." Jeongguk stated as he nodded towards the head Alpha.
Jihan's head started turning. Is this what Jeongguk's ultimate plan really is? But in reality if this two packs will work together, everything will be absolutely seamless. It seems like what they want is to have a merger, one that Jihan would be excluded from.
Jeongguk then excused himself, "I need to call. Abeonim, you might consider preparing your helicopter for Taehyung, in case our operation goes sideways." Jihan furrowed his brows wondering with his brother's interest with the Omega. He noticed that ever since the masquerade,
there was something protective about Jeongguk towards Taehyung that he is very suspicious of. Jihan saw his brother's interest in Taehyung because he shared the same sentiments. He was more than an interest though because Jihan loves Taehyung.
Kim Taehee then looked at Jihan and asked, “Jihan, do you think things are going to get worse for my son?" "Abeonim, I love your son so much that I would do anything to protect him." "Then leave him, that's how you will protect him..." Kim Taehee told Jihan bluntly.
--🖇🖇-- Taehyung sat at his mom's study where all her art and books were displayed. His mom’s study wad located at the top floor, it had the best lighting. It was the most different room in the house as it is more traditional than modern.
Kim Taehee really preserved the room as much as he could in remembrance of his wife and it is the only room with no surveillance. Jihan and Taehyung would always hide in the library even when they were young. Taehyung sat in the library enjoying the morning light.
When he saw through the window a convoy of four blacked out SUVs with Hyungsik, Jihan, Jeongguk and Kim Taehee. Taehyung thought how interesting it is to see Jihan and Jeongguk walking side by side together.
Then they went inside and pass thru the hallway. Taehyung cracked the door open and heard the words, 'thirty-six hours', Kang, shipment and 'you need to leave.' Taehyung frowned, who needed to leave? His heart dropped and wondered if Jihan would need to leave again.
The Omega hasn't seen Jihan for four days now and unconsciously, he emitted his pheromones which another Alpha got wind of, Jeongguk. And automatically, he looked at him straight in the eye and winked at him which made Taehyung's heart race.
There was something about this Alpha he cannot fathom. This feeling intrigued him. It amused him. It thrilled him. Everybody then proceeded to Kim Taehee's study and the Omega slowly closed the door. He was walking towards the couch when the door swung open.
Taehyung smiled thinking it was Jihan but he caught a different scent, a dangerous scent, an exhilarating one. He refused to turn around for he knew that his Omega would react differently, so he just closed his eyes as the person walked behind him.
Goosebumps spread over him as the person breathed at his nape. "My prince." Jeongguk whispered against his ear. Taehyung turned around to confront the Alpha, finding himself less than a foot away from this Alpha.
Jeongguk gazed into his eyes with a different kind of look which made him breathless. "What are you doing here?" Taehyung demanded. "I got lost." Jeongguk stated, taking another step closer to the Omega. "Liar." Taehyung said with his voice hitching.
"Actually, I just wanted to check Eomma's study." Jeongguk stated, locking gazes with the Omega as he took another step closer. Taehyung froze, his feet wanting to move but something in him refused to do so.
"How is the beautiful Omega doing alone in Eomma's study? Are you in need of company?" Jeongguk whispered with his lips hovering mere inches away from Taehyung's cheek. "I can excuse myself from the meeting with your father." "They can see you in the surveillance."
"You would not take me for a fool Kim Taehyung, we both know that there is no surveillance in this room," his nose grazing against Taehyung's cheek now with a thick waft of pheromones intermingling in the air. Taehyung closed his eyes as his body already filled with desire.
His cellphone sounded which made Jeongguk step back. He turned around but before answering his phone, he looked at Taehyung and gave him the smallest of smile and Taehyung's heart thumped with a different kind of beat. "I will see you later, my prince." He huskily said.
Taehyung stared at the Alpha who seemed hesitant to leave. He stood for a few seconds before walking away from the Omega. Taehyung suddenly remembered to breathe as he stared at leather clad Alpha who just left his proximity.
Taehyung felt guilty, how could he think of such thoughts about another man, another Alpha. He heard the door closed and the Omega sank to the couch both relieved and disturbed. Relieved because the Alpha's presence was unnerving.
Disturbed because of thoughts he was not supposed to have towards another Alpha who is not Jihan. The door opened once again but it was different scent, a familiar scent. Confused he stood up because somewhere in him, he thought it was the Alpha who just left.
Jihan rushed to Taehyung and hugged him, "I missed you Tae." "What took you so long?" Taehyung asked as the Alpha wrapped his arms around him. It was comfortable. It was something he was used to.
“Apologies, my love. This week was rhe worst week ever. In fact, I should be leaving but I cannot bear to not see you." The Alpha nuzzled his nose against Taehyung's cheek. "But he should not see me around you, because for sure, he'll make you take the first flight out of Seoul."
"He can't, he won't. It's Chuseok festival." Taehyung responded. "With the situation at hand, he will make sure that he could. Your father told me to leave you alone and it was not a warning, it was an edict." Jihan said as he pulled him closer.
"How could he? I don't even spend time with you." Taehyung complained. "Believe me, I don't think your father will allow us to be together. And I can't disobey him." Jihan stated. "Please don't give us up," Taehyung pleaded.
“Answer me as honestly as you can, would you be able to live without your father?" Jihan looked at me seriously. And Taehyung looked back at Jihan with so many confusing thoughts. Déjà vu This reminded him of his walk on the beach at Jeju.
It has finally come to this, a question that Taehyung wanted to ignore as much as he could. To choose between his dad and his beloved? He doesn't think that is possible. “He already lost my mom, I don't think he could afford to lose me too. +
I don't think he's capable of making me choose. He will have no choice but to give us his blessings," Taehyung shook his head, the words coming out from his mouth brought pain to his chest. "But what if he does, my love? You have to think of the chances that he would."
"There's so much at stake here. It's not just leaving the pack, the business, it's leaving with you without his permission." Jihan added. And the Omega knew what will happen. Instant death since no one could cross Kim Taehee most especially with regards to his son.
An idea came across Taehyung's mind, something that is dangerous, yet assuring. "Jihan?" The Omega looked at his Alpha. "I may know a way that he would be able to accept you." "How?" "We could go to Taiwan and elope."
“At least he won’t be able to deny you once we are tied in marriage," Taehyung stated as he allowed Jihan nuzzle his neck. Jihan's earlier tightness relaxed, "Honestly, I don't understand how your father keeps on pushing me away while he welcomes everything Jeongguk says."
"Don't mistake my father's kindness for Jeongguk to be a sign of trust, I trust his judgment." "But it just feels that 11 years of my work have gone down the drain but when we're married, my love and devotion to you will be even more, until death do us part."
'Until death do us part,' that phrase gave chills to Taehyung as he remembered what the fortune teller during the masquerade told him, that he'd die for the one he loves.
But then, the Omega doesn't want to lose his best friend, the person who had been there for him all these years. "I wish we can fly to Taiwan tomorrow." Taehyung told Jihan as he leaned on him. "We could, you could suggest to your dad that you need a vacation." Jihan stated.
"I heard that you need to leave again. Are you experiencing any problems Jihan?" Taehyung asked curiously. "Well, we are experiencing problems with our deal with the Kangs, like someone is doing it on purpose to keep me away from you." Jihan sadly stated.
"And you didn't have problems before?" Taehyung asked. "Not until my brother returned." Jihan responded. "What would he gain from this?" Taehyung mused.
"My instinct tells me it's some kind of power play. If he becomes an ally of your father, their merger would be so powerful. My father planned to take a territory of your father only if he wasn't killed by Abeonim. Maybe that is Jeongguk's master plan all along." Jihan stated.
"But he has his own pack now? What could he gain from this?" Taehyung looked at Jihan with confusion. "Well, Jeongguk was supposed to inherit everything my father has, maybe to avenge our father's death, he had to gain your father's trust."
"Let me help you then." Taehyung told Jihan. "No, Taehyung. Being involved with the business, no. Why would you even think that?" "If I am willing to disobey my father to fight for you, to marry you then let me talk to Jeongguk, gain his trust, find his real intentions."
"No, you are not going to talk to Jeongguk. No, that will never happen." Jihan protested. "But it's the best way to help you, he will never suspect." Taehyung said firmly. He wanted to play too, to avenge his mother's death which he thinks up to now is Jeongguk's doing.
If he wanted to play with fire with him, the Omega would do that. "I will go to Jeongguk's club and talk to him myself." Taehyung stated. "No, Taehyung. I will not allow you. I can find the solution on my own." Jihan protested angrily.
"I want to hear it from his mouth. I am still convinced of his involvement with my mother's death." Taehyung stated. Jihan slid a phone in Taehyung's hand, "since I am not supposed to talk to you then here's a phone so you could contact me."
Jihan was going to say something else when the door of the study swung open with Kim Taehee walking in. "What did I tell you Jihan?" He demanded the young Alpha. Jeongguk was behind Jihan looking curiously at Taehyung.
"I was breaking up with your son, Abeonim but he refuses to let me go." Jihan stated loudly with a confused Omega looking at him. "I can't be with you anymore, I refuse to disobey your father for your own selfish reasons. You can't talk me in defying your father for you."
Taehyung looked at Jihan confused of what's happening, wasn't he supposed to fight for him. Taehyung walked up to his father and said, "you can't meddle with our lives Appa, i love him." "No, Taehyung. We are over." Jihan stated and stood beside Kim Taehee.
Taehyung was hurt more than he was confused, because for sure, whatever Jihan was saying seemed to be the truth more than any acting he can muster. Taehyung pleaded to Jihan, "you just told me you'd fight for me."
Jihan faced Kim Taehee and said, "your son asked me to defy you Abeonim and I cannot do that because you have been a father to me and to defy you is treason." Kim Taehee looked at his son disappointingly. "My son, your heart is young, you'll find your true love." +
The Alpha leader turned to Jihan and patted his back, "thank you for listening to me, son." Son. That was all Jihan hoped for and Taehyung frowned, did Jihan use him to gain his father's trust? Hurt. The Omega didn't know what was happening anymore.
He looked at his boyfriend's face and saw that in fact, it was the end. Jihan already made his decision and that decision was remain true to his father, true to the pack and he was nothing to him.
"You are all the same." Taehyung as he looked at him for the last time as he returned to him the phone that he just gave to the Omega. He looked down and walked out of the room with all the anger and pain in his heart. If love feels like this, then he doesn't want this anymore.
CHAPTER FIVE POSSESSION Taehyung was already bored out of his mind. Being cooped up inside their house for a week, wallowing in misery is not his cup of tea. Cup of tea. He already drank his fifth cup of chamomile tea as he was perusing the books in his mom's library.
How could his mom not leave any of her journals? He knew her to be writing all the time and as to where he placed them boggles his mind. After an hour or two of searching, he took his phone to find a text message from an unknown number.
Unknown: Forgive me, my love, I have to gain your father's trust. Unknown: This is Jihan, I know you blocked my main number. Taehyung blocked the number, why would he waste his time to someone who just broke 15 years worth of trust?
How could he humiliate him like that to his father? Taehyung loved Jihan. He thinks he still loves him though but to bear the pain of rhe humiliation is unforgivable.
Kim Taehee entered his wife's library and looked at his son. "How are you Taehyung?" The Omega looked at his father, "are you happy now Appa? Now that Jihan is out of my life?" Taehee hugged his son, "I can only he happy if you are happy." "I was happy with Jihan."
"I think my son, you only thought you were happy because I never really saw you smile like you used to when your mother is alive, not even when you were with Jihan." His dad said thoughtfully. Taehyung searched his father's eyes and he only saw love for his son.
"Okay fine. At least allow me to go out with Seokjin and Jimin and we'll be okay. Maybe allow me for a sleepover too." Taehyung asked his father. "Only if you will bring Hyungsik with you." Taehyung rolled his eyes to his father. "My offer is going once, going twice..."
"Okay fine." Taehyung responded. "I trust their families so I will trust you this time." The Alpha leader stated. "Thank you Appa." Taehyung stated.
Taehyung immediately called his old childhood friends, someone he could trust. He was thinking of leaving to California since there was no use to stay in Seoul. Soon, maybe he will can leave soon. He packed his bags and was on his way out, when he bumped into someone.
"Sh!t," he said as that person caught him by the waist. He stared into Jeongguk's eyes with different kind of intoxication and his body burned with a different kind of sensation, a lustful kind.
Jeongguk released his pheromones differenr this time as he looked at the Omega's beautiful eyes. "Hello Taehyung, " he whispered in his ear. "What are you doing Jeongguk?" "I am just saving you." He said as he stared into Taehyung's eyes.
Taehyung swallowed loudly lost in the sea of Jeongguk's eyes. His heart pounding, his mind heady. The Omega stared deep into Jeongguk's eyes, his lips. Jeongguk's lips driving Taehyung mad . Its as if he wanted to be devoured by it & he closed his eyes to even his breathing.
"My prince," Jeongguk said as his lips brushed lightly against Taehyung's lips but not really touching it. His warm breath were felt against Taehyung's face and the Omega's whole body tingled with electricity.
Taehyung counted. One Two Three Four Five He slowly stood up straight, still drunk in the Alpha's presence. "Where are you going my prince?" Jeongguk said as he straightened himself as he was aroused by Taehyung's presence.
"Why should I tell you?" Taehyung found himself speaking like a whisper, something in him is tamed by Jeongguk's presence but his mind also tells him this man in front of him cannot be trusted. "You will find it in your best interest to trust the right people." Jeongguk said.
"Trusting you like how you killed my mother." Taehyung stated spitefully. "I didn't kill her." Jeongguk growled quietly. His anger seemed to excite Taehyung even more, so with a certain kind of boldness, Taehyung dared himself to step forward, "you betrayed your brother."
"I didn't betray anyone. The only person I am betraying right now is myself, controlling myself around you because if I were to be myself, we would have already been enjoying each other right now, +
since you have been single for a week now." Jeongguk said as he spoke an inch away from Taehyung's lips. How Jeongguk could just capture Taehyung's lips but he's controlling himself right now because he promised Taehyung's mother to care and love him when the time is right.
"Are you conniving to bring my father down? Is this the reason why you are sabotaging all Jihan's shipment." Taehyung questioned the Alpha as he stepped forward, trying to taunt the Alpha. The Omega stepped forward one more time & Jeongguk opened the door he was being backed to.
"Did you return to finally take the reins of your father's empire? Avenge him & kill my father and I?" Taehyung who was filled by adrenaline swimming most especially with the Alpha's presence, the air being filled with his pheromones, not of anger but desire.
The Alpha finally had the chance to step forward and corner the Omega, his eyes fiery with passion, if he could only taste the Omega's lip, his self control hanging on by a thread. "I didn't kill your mother, I didn't come back to avenge my father, he deserved his fate."
"You are a liar as much as you are a coward." Taehyung challenged the Alpha. The Alpha took the Omega's hand and pinned it on the bookshelf. Taehyung looked at the Alpha with the same fire being seen in their eyes. "Don't tempt me, my prince. I am never a liar nor a coward."
Taehyung's breathing was labored and his Omega screaming for the Alpha to touch him more even if his mind detests him so much. "Then prove you are not a liar or a coward." Taehyung challenged him. "Are you sure of what you are asking me?" Jeongguk's nose nuzzling his ears.
Taehyung tried to breathe, trying to calm his racing nerves but his Omega is trying to claw its way out to meet the Alpha's desire head on. "Yes, I am sure." Taehyung said as he closed his eyes waiting for the Alpha. Jeongguk inched forward when his cellphone rang loudly.
He slowly let go of Taehyung's hands and answered the phone, the Omega still within his proximity. "Yes, Abeonim. I was just going back to your study." Jeongguk said as he reached for the doorknob but before leaving the library, planted a kiss on Taehyung's neck.
Jeongguk raked his hair with his fingers. As his Alpha wanted to go back to the room where he left his Omega. Yes. His Omega. He remembered 12 years ago when he accompanied the mother he knew growing up, Kim Seri. His parents were executed when he was 15 and Taehyung was 10.
He was the one who approached Kim Taehee to tell him that his father broke the code as he started se:xual traff!cking to the po!nt that they started grooming girls as young as 12 years old. It was disgusting as it was despicable so he escaped with his brother and went to Taehee.
Since Kim Taehee's only child was an Omega, he was thirsty to have an Alpha son and he actually admired the young Alpha because he was righteous and ethical. Something he wanted to have in a son, and he was treated like that most especially by Eomma.
He went with the powerful Omega to get her Saju read and the moment she got out of the fortune teller, she had to write in her journal. She told Jeongguk about her reading because well, that reading was about the Alpha and his Omega son.
He needs to find that journal of the late Kim Seri, maybe it is stashed somewhere in the library, because it is where she had written that Jeongguk and Taehyung should be wed before the Omega turns 28 because they would be parted by death and their souls would journey again,
lost in life, hoping to find themselves again. Jeongguk ever since he was eighteen had seen observed the beautiful Omega. He is graceful as he is beautiful and now most especially now, there isn't a moment that the thoughts of Taehyung have left his mind. Damn this life.
If only everything is less complicated for them, then he would have already pursued his Omega. 28. His Omega would turn 28 at the end of the year and hopefully by that time he would have already won the Omega's heart. He would be his, his love, his mate, his Omega.
He walked inside the great Kim Taehee's study. "Abeonim." "I see the arms shpment are to be received at Busan port." The Alpha pack leader asked Jeongguk. "My men are there Abeonim and they would have a convoy until they reach Incheon." Jeongguk said.
"Which will be then transported thru the tunnels then Seoul." Kim Taehee stated. The Alpha walked around in deep thought, "I just can't figure out the explosion and the theft just yet." "Would you want a st!ng operation? I can set up one, but we have to be really careful."
"What are the chances for it to succeed?" Taehee asked the young Alpha. "There's always danger but then if we could make it really discreet, we can make it happen." Jeongguk stated. "Abeonim, do you trust my brother?" Abeonim looked at him in surprise.
"He has been with me for years, ever since you left." Abeonim responded. "If I were to assure Taehyung's safety, would you allow him to communicate with Jihan." Jeongguk asked carefully.
"As much as I don't want to, I know that somehow it is time to expose him to the real nature of my business." He sighed. Jeongguk nodded. "I know that I just came back & I know that you don't fully trust me yet but I want to prove my worth by finding out the real culprit."
"How would we do that?" Taehee asked Jeongguk curiously. "Allow Jihan to apologize to Taehyung, to talk to him, because knowing my brother, he will try to use Taehyung against you and he will try to save himself first." Jeongguk stated.
Kim Taehee sat at his desk and opened his locked cabinet and took a deep breath. He took out Kim Seri's journal and looked at Jeongguk. "My late wife trusted you with her life and there was a letter in this journal addressed to me to trust you with Taehyung's life before his
28th birthday. I haven't read this journal entirely yet because it still brings pain in my heart but, with what you are asking, I will entrust you my only son's life." Kim Taehee stated. "I won't fail you Abeonim." Jeongguk said. "Then let's start planning." Taehee said.
Jihan was at Busan port making sure that the shipments are loaded correctly in their truck. He was uncomfortable with the presence of Jeongguk's men but somehow he had to follow Abeonim's instructions.
He was riding in front of the truck and was deep in thought about his life. After the Jeons were killed, Kim Taehee had set the both up at their house.
But even when they were taken in, Jihan already felt the stark difference between him and Jeongguk. Jeongguk was fed choice food, provided with the finest “toys,” given a private room while he shared everything with the rest of the others in the pack.
The Kim couple had already played favorites with his older brother up until her Kim Seri's death. Jihan smiled, lately, it was him who ate at the great Alpha’s dinner table for the past 12 years. And now, he has more years of service than his brother.
Failing the Kangs could take everything he built with Kim Taehee away from him. Failing the Kangs could take Taehyung entirely away from him. He still had hope with a chance with Taehyung, he thinks the Omega could forgive him. He feels the Omega would forgive him.
They got to Incheon after a 2.5 hour drive and arrived at the warehouse with the rest of the Jeongguk's convoy behind their truck. This should be the second to the last part of the shipment to the Kangs.
This should go seamlessly most especially most especially with the presence of Jeongguk's men. Jihan was hoping that the great Kim Taehee would treat him like a son, then maybe will make Taehyung love him again.
Jihan dropped off everything at the warehouse and made sure his men was able to secure all the items when Kim Taehee called him. "Hello Abeonim?" said the young Alpha. "Were you able to secure the shipment?" Kim Taehee asked. "Yes, I was able to." Jihan stated.
"Son, thank you. I would like you to rest a little then maybe you could pick up Taehyung later for me?" The great Alpha leader asked him. "Abeonim? Are you sure?" Jihan asked excitedly, maybe there is still hope for him and Taehyung and getting Kim Taehee's blessings.
"I have been thinking about my son and how he is turning 28 soon." Taehee stated slowly. "Yes, Abeonim. I would love to see him." Jihan stated eagerly. "You can pick him up at Lotte World Mall, he should be there with his friends." Kim Taehee stated.
Taehyung haven't experienced so much fun shopping with his friends and the day was very young. The only thing his father asked him was to ride with Hyungsik and let his friends ride in their own cars. Fathers.
But what got Taehyung's mind occupied all throughout the shopping trip was not the fancy clothes that hung on the display. What got him occupied was the thought of a certain Alpha who made him feel something different, something head spinning, something nerve wrecking.
With Jeon Jeongguk he felt all his nerves flow with blood filled with electricity and excitement. His body responded differently towards the Alpha whom he have seen nothing but a hyung when they were younger. But something about Jeongguk intrigued him.
And now that he is older, Taehyung had discovered a different kind of passion with Jihan's kisses. With him, he felt safe, he felt comfortable With Jeongguk, he felt as if he is the most desirable being in the entire planet and that he belongs only to the Alpha.
Taehyung did his best though to answer the exciting questions of his friends but his mind would travel back as to how he said yes earlier to Jeongguk, yes to possessing his lips but that phonecall from his father stopped him but never stopped Jeongguk from planting his lips near+
his scent glands which was already almost marking him. What is wrong with him, he is not sure because he knows for a fact that there is still a large piece of his heart that Jihan owns BUT somehow he knew that his body wanted to be owned by the older Alpha.
The moment him, Jin and Jimin got out of the mall, the driver was already there. Hyungsik let him inside but the moment he sat down, another person rode the car and sat beside him And to his suprise, Jihan was the person who did.
"My love, I missed you." Jihan said as he immediately held the Omega's hand and kissed it. Taehyung stared at him with disbelief. "What are you doing Jihan?" Taehyung demanded, "didn't we break up?"
"Your father told me to pick you up? There is hope my love. I think your father is finally warming up to the idea of you and I." Jihan said. Taehyung refused to believe his ears, so he called his father. "Appa?" "My son, is Jihan with you? He told me he needed to talk to you."
"Yes he is." Taehyung said with a small smile, hope in his heart with an ounce of hesitation. "Okay then, talk. Are you still sleeping over with your friends?" Taehee asked his son. "Dinner later Appa and maybe a bar?" Taehyung reluctantly asked. "Then bring Jihan with you."
"Okay Appa." Taehyung said as he hung up the phone and faced the Alpha. "I am so sorry my love if I hurt you." Jihan stated as he gathered Taehyung in his arms. Clean. Jihan smelled clean and that is what permeated in Taehyung's mind.
"I have to do that to prove my worth to your father." Jihan said, "and once I did, i will get you back and marry you and we'll be together." With that, Taehyung hugged the Alpha back, he did miss Jihan even if he didn't see him always.
"So, is your work done? Are you free?" Taehyung asked as he sat straight and asked the driver to bring them at Jin's place. "Yes, for now. In fact your father told me to accompany you tonight." Jihan stated with a smile.
Taehyung frowned. This is something he is not used to, most especially with his father's blessings. "Have you lured Jeongguk to admit that it was his fault?" Taehyung asked Jihan. Jihan looked at Taehyung, "do you think I should? I should because in order to gain your father's+
entire trust, I should show him he is trusting the wrong man." Wrong man. Is Jeongguk the wrong man? He looked at the Alpha in front of him, the Alpha he knew longer than the Alpha he was thinking about lasciviously earlier. His mind tells him to trust Jihan+
he should trust his best friend because with everything that happened in his life, Jihan was a constant. "Okay tell me Jihan, what should I do?" Taehyung asked the Alpha.
After arriving at Jin's place, Jihan was testing if Taehyung would allow the Alpha to kiss him, but he knew he had to establish trust again with the Omega so what he did was kiss his hand instead. Taehyung smiled at him & said, "we'll go to the bar you said you would bring us."
A few hours later, Jihan waited for Jin, Jimin and Taehyung at the bar after they had dinner. Taehyung looked spectacular and Jihan thought how lucky he would be to have him as a mate.
The Alpha was leaning against the stairwell waiting for the Omega to arrive at the bar, the bar that Jeongguk owns, Golden Closet. The bouncer allowed Jin, Jimin & Taehyung a quick look before he unhooked the velvet rope to let them pass thru.
It reminded Taehyung of San Francisco where a club could be windowless and would have three levels with a secured VIP section that is overlooking the dancefloor.
Somewhere on the second floor, Jihan will be waiting in the wings, hidden from everyone including Taehyung, he wouldn't know where he'd be. All Taehyung knows is that Jihan is there—watching, anticipating, guarding.
Jin, Jimin and Taehyung got their drinks and went to the dance floor. "Taehyung, it's been a while since your father allowed you to come with us." Jin said taking a sip of his drink. "Yeah, it's pretty surprising for you to hang out with us." Jimin stated.
Jin then remembered, Taehyung broke up with his long time boyfriend. "Are you okay Tae?" Taehyung just nodded, "yes, I am. Thanks to you both."
Suddenly Taehyung felt someone watching him & his gut feeling was right, he looked up & met Jeongguk's dark and fiery gaze, one floor above them. In a black shirt with rolled sleeves, Jeongguk leaned his elbows on the rail with a drink in hand, a cigarette on the other.
Jeongguk stared at the Omega and Taehyung just sipped from his straw. He wondered, will the Alpha come? Taehyung's body buzzed with desire as he saw the Alpha shift against the rail, his eyes still on Taehyung.
Taehyung turned a little but still held the Alpha's gaze as he flipped his hair, displaying that space between his neck and his earlobe. Oh, yes. The Alpha put off his cigarette and turned away.
Taehyung's breath hitched as he anticipated the Alpha to approach him which he didn't not just yet. but the Omega felt eyes on his every move. Was it Jihan? Or both men?
To have Jeongguk's interest, to gain his trust was Jihan's plan and from there, Taehyung would learn his master plan. Taehyung agreeing to this meant he was putting himself in the line of fire, for his parents, for Jihan.
Jimin and Jin have picked up dance partners and there was another man, a nameless one who slid up behind him. Before the Omega could react, Jimin whispered. “I swear I saw Jeon Jeongguk.” “He is,” The Omega responded, “I saw him.”
The nameless guy slipped his hand on Taehyung's waist but Taehyung turned to him with a fierce gaze and said, "I don't think you have the permission to touch me." The man stepped back only to find someone else behind me.
His scent filled Taehyung as he tried to even his breathing. How Taehyung let him affect him so much is beyond the Omega's understanding. After a moment, he spoke near the Omega's ear. “It's fancy seeing you here, my prince.”
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It went against the Omega's every instinct to keep his back on him with his breath near his ear. Goosebumps spread on Taehyung's nape with the mix of his pounding heart, uneven breathing and vodka had made the Alpha's presence more dangerous.
He growled against his ear a little closer to make sure the Omega hears him against the blasting music. “Where are your bodyguards?” Taehyung didn’t answer as he tried steadying his breathing so Jeongguk spoke again, “Can you turn around and look at me, Taehyung?”
"I am here with Jimin and Jin," Taehyung said as they were busy dancing with their partners near the middle of the dance floor. "So you came here unsupervised?" Jeongguk voice rose. "I am having a night out with my friends." Taehyung said as he sipped his drink.
He touched his lips to his ear. “I won’t ask twice. Turn . . . around, my prince. Turn around and look-at-me!" Taehyung turned around and looked at the Alpha and his breath hitched with his face in front of him.
The Alpha's angular jaw sharpened with perfect cheekbones showed a darker, more demanding kind of beauty than his brother’s left the Omega breathless. Both him and Jihan had similar features which are both likened to Greek gods.
Jihan's features' more sun-kissed, smooth skin, but Jeongguk was harsher, experienced, tired but more passionate. His wavy long hair and clean-shaven face was opposite his serious expression.
“Why is it that you try to ask me when you’re just going to demand me for it?” Taehyung arched his eyebrow. Jeongguk licked his lips as his eyes drifted over Taehyung's lips.
During this time, Jeongguk's eyes were glimmered behind his hooded gaze. “Don't you think that it’s the polite thing to do?" “Is it polite to try and make an Omega tremble with just a word or two?"
“Very, if you like I could show you right now.” The Omega's face flushed. The Alpha just expressed how he wanted to make Taehyung scream and tremble.
Despite what he'd heard stories about Jeongguk's brutality, Taehyung's mind traveled into a shameful vision of being trapped underneath him with his legs wrapped around his torso & his arms hanging on his wide shoulders, begging for a different kind of mercy, a pleasurable one.
Taehyung turned around and looked over his shoulder, "I have to check on my friends." Taehyung one step, but Jeongguk was fast to wrap his hand around the Omega's upper arm to pull him back against his chest.
“Watch your step, my prince” he stated before he held Taehyung up by his waist and set him down after a couple of steps. "What are you trying to do Jeongguk?" Taehyung asked after losing his breath with his touch.
"It's wet, you might slip." Jeongguk said as he made a signal to one of the waiters to clean the floor. Jeongguk kept one hand lightly at the Omega's hip.
Taehyung shifted a little to see if the Alpha would let him go. Jeongguk stretched his long fingers against the Omega, the pad of his thumb pressed against his hipbone.
Jeongguk pulled Taehyung in dance formation and the Omega took a step back. "So, do you just want to dance with me during masquerades or what not?" Jeongguk asked him. "Well you look more polite, less serious, less threatening." Taehyung responded.
"I don't think I meant to be friendly." The Alpha responded. "So, did you know that it was me all along?" Taehyung asked leaning against the Alpha's ear, his body leaning against the Alpha's chest sending electricity all over. Is he cheating? He's still not back with Jihan.
And the way Jihan treated him, this closeness with his older brother should make him jealous. “It’s too loud on the dance floor, we could talk somewhere private.” Jeongguk told the Omega. "Let's head to my office."
Taehyung seemed to be hypnotized with Jeongguk's commanding presence and just followed him instantaneously. "Put up your arms," Jeongguk stated as he patted Taehyung's body which made him shiver with each touch the Alpha made.
The Alpha then slowly went down and Taehyung quivered even more as the Alpha gave him a pat down, his thighs, his legs, his ankle. "Why my ankle?" Taehyung asked, starting to withold the desire that's been building between his thighs.
"People can just hide it anywhere." Jeongguk said as he looked at the Omega while licking his lips. Taehyung made a little moan as he gazed back to the Alpha who just stood up in front of him.
Taehyung looked at him with the same fire, "how about you? Do you have any weapons with you?" Jeongguk smirked, "do you want to pat me down?" Taehyung felt instantly hot as they both started releasing pheromones so thick, it was starting to get so addictive.
"Come on Little Tiger, I want to talk to you in private." Jeongguk took the Omega's hand. "No, we stay here on the dancefloor."
Strobe lights reflected everwhere and flashed over the hard angles of his beautiful face. Jeongguk pulled Taehyung closer, holding him by the waist and whispered, “Come here, come closer & make sure you don’t miss a word you say.”
He took a step closer with each dance move they did and the next thing they noticed was that their chests had no space with his lips next to his ears sending shivers to each word spoken, “I knew who you were at the masquerade. I wouldn’t just tell anyone my desires, only you.”
"Why? There's nothing special about me." Taehyung stated. "You are the most special one among everyone, with your family and with me." Jeongguk said which made Taehyung turn his head with lips few inches apart.
"You don't even know me," Taehyung said as he stopped moving and just stared at Jeongguk, mesmerized, hypnotized by his commanding presence, his alluring stance and his warmth.
Taehyung then whispered still drunk in his presence, “Tell me, hyung, why are you here?” “It’s my bar, I own this place.”
Taehyung was surprised. He knew that Jeongguk was here at the club tonight but Jihan never mentioned to tell him that he owned Golden Closet, “what I meant was, why are you back here in Seoul? In Korea?”
"I came here to serve your mother justice and for you, Little Tiger." Jeongguk took the Omega closer by the hips and pulled him flush against his hard rock body.
Taehyung's pheromone escaped him as deep blush crept its way up my neck. The Alpha held him tight and moved his hips to the smooth, sultry beat of Jack Harlow's First Class.
Taehyung's body moved, undulating with desire as the Omega's hands slid up the Alpha's chest. Jeongguk squeezed the Omega's a*ss, as they moved together faster, harder, moving to the music until they were so synced, like two souls rolled into one.
The Omega never felt so high with desire, with pleasure, he closed his eyes as Jeongguk's gaze weighed heavily on him Jeongguk then moved his hand to lower back and pushed gently. “Come on, my prince, Let’s head to the bar, our drinks should be ready.”
Taehyung looked around looking for Jihan or his friends in which he didn't see. “Come with me.” The Alpha guided Taehyung to the bar. "Did you eat your dinner?” “Yes, I did. Why are you asking?” “Good.” He handed the Omega a clear glass from the bar.
"Vodka?" Taehyung asked. "Tequila, all the way from Spain." "But it's white" "It's special, only for you." Jeongguk leaned against the bar, with his elbows & back resting. His face turned to Taehyung. "I’ve traveled to so many places. But I always feel that Seoul is home."
"Why is Seoul home? I feel suffocated here." Taehyung stated. "I came home because home is where the heart is." Jeongguk looked tenderly at Taehyung. Tenderness, Taehyung was in disbelief, he cannot belief that this guy in front of him has an ounce of gentleness.
"There is something I do not understand." Taehyung asked curiously. "What is it?" “You have some million wons as bounty on your head and you casually strolled back into our lives. Yet, you tell me you want to go back home, with a will to die?"
"No, with the will to claim my one and only love." He said as he stared in Taehyung's eyes. "And I have the things that I have wanted." "But aren't we geared to want even more?"
Taehyung asked as he tried to control the beating of his heart. He knew this to be true. But he pushed it aside. Jeongguk moved closer to the Omega, their scents dancing in the air, as if making people aware that they are getting to know each other.
“I have found people who I call friends, actually not just friends,they are family, a family who I am willing to die for." Jeongguk said stepping one step towards Taehyung. "Is that it? Jeongguk, it took a lot for you to come home." Taehyung insisted.
“Tell me, my prince, tell my why I am here.” the Alpha asked. Taehyung shot him a challenging look, "Revenge, Vindication? Claiming your rightful place? Finally becoming the most powerful pack leader in all of Korea, to name a few." Taehyung bit the lemon and downed the tequila.
"Say, everything you accused me is true, what will you do? To stop me, my little tiger?" "Just don't touch my Appa and me, please." "How about Jihan? What about your lover?" Taehyung took it as an insult when he knew that Jeongguk was there when he broke up with him.
"He's not my lover, anymore. But spare your brother, he's my bestfriend." Taehyung stated. "Why would I save him when he was the who placed the bounty on my head? He's cunning, if I were you Taehyung. I wouldn't trust him." "You are the one who shouldn't be trusted."
“But look at what he did, finally agreeing your father to see him and the evidence as bright as noon day sun, his cowardice is that he sent you to do his.” Jeongguk with darkened gazed, touched his thumb over my bottom lip as if wiping something. "Tell me, where is my brother?"
Taehyung was overwhelmed with his touch, "I don't know” he said licking the lip he jusg tou hed. “Are you sure my prince? Don't get tangled to this, I know he sent you.”
"Jihan will always have my back," the Omega told the Alpha boldly. "Then why is he letting you talk to me right now instead of him? Is he here? You know he's here." Jeongguk stated as he turned Taehyung around with Taehyung's a ss against his crotch.
Taehyung felt it and Jeongguk pulled him even closer. Taehyung's heart began hammering against his chest as Jeongguk whispered in his ear, "tell me where is he?" "Yes, you are right he is here." Taehyung's voice hitched.
Jeongguk continued whispering, "you know what amazes me? If he really loves you, why is he allowing me to touch you for a lot of times now." He turned Taehyung to see his face, he then cleared the hair from his face and, goose bumps spead once more all over his neck & shoulders.
"Why are you allowing him to manipulate you like that, my prince?" He said as he moved forward, still swaying the music, the Omega's body kept on moving, not stopping, body fueled with fire, already wanting the Alpha in front of him.
Heat. Taehyung's heat had started and Alpha can feel him, smell him, touch him, taste him. "I will not allow you to be vulnerable like this." Jeongguk said as he carried Taehyung upstairs.
In the meantime, Jihan already left the club with news that there is a hit with their shipment. "Hyun Lee, tell me, what's happening?" Jihan said as he waited outside the club for him to be picked up the Lee. "If we don't go to the warehouse, the shipment will be stol en."
Jihan looked back at the club, leaving Taehyung in the hands of his brother. He already saw how Jeongguk was so attracted to Taehyung and he is irritated to leave Taehyung like that but his shipment is in line so he thought to protect himself and called Taehee.
Once Jeongguk laid Taehyung on the bed, he dialed Kim Taehee's number. "Abeonim, Taehyung is in heat, what do you want me to do?" Jeongguk asked the Alpha. "Jeongguk, I have no words to say since my wife died but I entrust to you my son, just don't mate with him." Taehee said.
--🔞🔞🔞🔞-- MINORS DNI, NSFW Taehyung was already flushed, sweating & extremely randy. Taehyung knew he was already in heat & thinking of how Jeongguk touched his body made him moan in desire. The Omega wrapped himself in his Jeongguk's blanket, breathing in his scent.
Taehyung's thoughts swam in the memory of his touch. Never had he experienced wanting to be touched by an Alpha, not even Jihan. For the past few weeks Taehyung needed to admit that his body is fueled by desire not by his ex-boyfriend but by the Alpha who danced with him.
Whose broad shoulders were wide enough for him to hold on to, whose arms would know how to hold him, whose fingers would know how to carress and for once in his life, he wanted to succumb to all his desires, be owned by this Alpha he thought he despised.
Jeongguk entered his own bedroom armed with cold water and towels. But Taehyung thought differently, because the moment the Alpha approached him, he released thick pheromones, ones that the Alpha will not be able to resist for sure.
Jeongguk sat beside him to take a look at the Omega and to calm his senses as well. But sitting down was a mistake because the moment he was within proximity, the Alpha knew he would not be able to resist anymore.
Jeongguk grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him against the headboard Taehyung's lips parted easily to let the Alpha’s tongue sweep in to aggressively explore his mouth. Taehyung released more pheromones as he moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Alpha’s neck.
Nobody had ever kissed Taehyung like this before, not Jihan or one of the boys from Santa Cruz. If kissing Jeongguk was alreasy making him get hard, how mind-blowing would their love making be? He only felt an extent of Jihan's passion but nothing could compare to this.
Lovemaking. Jeongguk started emitting his own pheromones because as much as he only wanted to help Taehyung with his heat, he cannot suppress his desires anymore.
Taehyung clung onto the Alpha and returned every kiss very eagerly, the Alpha already moaning in between their kisses. The Alpha's hands started unzipping the Omega'd shirt, & the latter helped by unzipping his trousers.
And because of Taehyung's impatience from the heat, Jeongguk thought instead of stroking his d!ck, he ran his hands up, feeling up his chest brushing over his nipples. Jeongguk's thoughts were swimming with things he could do to Taehyung making it nearly impossible to breathe.
Jeongguk grabbed Taehyung by the waist as he allowed the Omega to straddle on top of him. Jeongguk looked at Taehyung in desperate need as his heat started to heighten. Taehyung lowered himself and wrapped his arms around his neck.
Taehyung unbuttoned Jeongguk's black shirt as Jeongguk gave the Omega's nipple a sharp pinch. The Omega gasped and moaned loudly, "Jeongguk, nnnngggghhh, fck, feel so good," as he tried to grind his a ss against Jeongguk's d!ck.
All flushed with desire, Jeongguk grabbed the Omega's nape and his tongue thrust into his mouth at once. Taehyung moaned & eagerly entwined it with his. He was breathless as he's slowly swept away by the Alpha’s dominating kiss.
"Alpha, more, I need more, I need you." Taehyung said stated as Jeongguk started kissing Taehyung's nipples. The Omega suddenly reached for his throbbing d!ck which was hardened more because of the continuous flicking of his nipples.
He’d never gotten this hard just from somebody playing with his nipples before. So he moaned and gyrated against the Alpha, his moans loud enough to fill the entire room. The Omega's slick was already leaking and the Alpha felt it already so he placed Taehyung in bed excited +
to see his body. Finally, the Alpha pushed Taehyung's trousers down about his knees and the Alpha was caught in surprise, the Omega has no underwear. Excitement filled the Alpha so he pulled apart the cheeks of the Omega's cheeks and pressed the tip of a finger to his hole.
And it made the Omega moan so loud which made the Alpha lick his lip in anticipation of doing so much more for the Omega. He pressed one finger and in one motion, he thrust it in - and in - The Omega gasped as his a ss was opened up, wanting more as slick dripped more.
The Alpha started finger fcking the Omega and Jeongguk's gaze just darkened with every moan that came out of the Omega's lips. The Omega moaned encouragingly as three fingers enter him, anticipating that Alpha dck would go into him.
Alpha stroked his c*ck with the other hand as the Omega writhed in pleasure waiting for him. Not to mate him, that only meant not to release his knot into the Omega so he took a condom and slowly unrolled it to his long and fat d!ck.
Taehyung looked at him, ready to be devoured and whispered, "Alpha, this is my first time, make it good since it's my first time." And the Alpha became undone so he flipped the Omega. He gripped his hips tight and slowly pushed pushed his c*ck into him.
Jeongguk it slowly, thrusting it an inch at a time with a steady pace, all the way to the hilt. The Omega's mouth opened in a cry as he was completely filled for the first time by an unexpected Alpha who just recently came back to his life.
The Omega's pulse was thundering in his ears. He was stretched so wide open around the Alpha’s thick c*ck. It was overwhelming. It was exhilarating. It was incredible. His own dick throbbed as the Alpha growled into his neck.
How could it be this good when they just started? Taehyung writhed, whimpered, moaned and screamed the Alpha's name as his thick, hard cock felt so good inside him. His whole body already at the peak of his heat was burning with arousal.
Jeongguk set a harder pace, as he thrusted into him over and over. The Alpha's cock was filling him up just right, it was perfect and he couldn’t stop gasping with every thrust, every pump as it hit deep inside him. "You. feel. so. fcking. good" Jeongguk moaned.
“Yes, yes, Alpha, fill me, fill me so good” he moaned as his c*ck came in and out, again and again rubbing his prostate over and over, setting off fireworks in his eyes. Taehyung felt so good that it was almost unbearable, a different kind of sheer pleasure sending him out of +
his mind. The Alpha was constantly growling in his ear and that was hot too, that was really sexy to hear the Alpha acting possessively and he wanted it, he wanted that from this Alpha.
Jeongguk gripped his hips tightly as the Omega moaned, reaching back with one hand to pull the Alpha' hair and meet his lips and to encourage him a little more.
Taehyung felt so hot inside, like a candle melting. He was slowly dissolving into pure sensation as the Alpha's cock continued to hammer into him. If all heats are like these, then he would want to spend it all with this Alpha. This Alpha who gives him immense pleasure .
The Alpha's slow & steady pace started to become erratic as Jeongguk’s breathing grew louder, it was heavier. "My prince, I am coming!" Jeongguk grunted as he went stiff and still, and his thick c*ck grew harder.
Taehyung moaned as he ribbons of white cum spurted on the bed at the same time when Jeongguk’s body convulsed in hard, quivering pulses. "My prince, fck, Taehyung." The Alpha groaned as he was coming inside the Omega, his eyes rolling back in pleasure.
Blood started rushing in the Omega's ears, when he heard the Alpha groan with the Omega clenching his a ss around his c*ck. They slumped together afterwards. Taehyung for the first time felt very content & completely worn out. --🔞🔞🔞🔞 END--
Jeongguk wrapped around Taehyung's waist as he was still gasping for breath. He turned the Omega to him and asked him, "Is it true? Am I your first?" The Omega nodded with fire still ablaze in his eyes. This is exciting yet scary for he just spent his heat with his +
ex-boyfriend's most hated person and someone he despised throughout the years. He hugged him though because his Omega was craving for this Alpha's touch, something in him knew that something was awakened with his touch, something his body could not deny thirsting after.
---- Jihan arrived at the warehouse with four of his men, 2 of Taehee's men and 3 of Jeongguk's men waiting by the gate. They have received intel that their shipment might be compromised, so Jihan decided to leave Taehyung with his brother.
It was a sh!tty decision to make however he had to leave Taehyung for this shipment, a portion of his fulfillment for the Kangs. And for Kim Taehee to trust him with such responsibility is certainly something he holds precious because this is the first time he leads something.
They started moving the shipment with a big truck and three blacked-out SUVs as convoys. The moment they were 1000 meters out of the gate, the warehouse exploded going up into flames. "Fcking sh!t!" Jihan shouted as he saw flames rising in the air from his rearview mirror.
Jihan's face turned pale white because if he didn't leave Taehyung, then his whole shipment would have been destroyed and to lose this bigger part of the shipment to the Kangs meant they lose the majority of the shipment.
How could he then save face with Jeongguk when the warehouse that had blown up was his? How could he explain all of these untimely occurrences to Kim Taehee? How would he save himself from the wrath of the Kangs or the Kims?
How could he prove to Kim Taehee that he could be trusted with the omega he wanted to claim, the omega he wanted to mate? He then thought of the men he has under his wings and Kim Taehees? Could any one of them betray them? How about Jeongguk and his possible involvement?
Ever since he came this operation with the Kangs went sideways, what possibly does Jihan have that Jeongguk could be envious with? He has all the power that he wanted in this life, what possibly could he want that Jihan has? He could only think of one. Kim Taehyung.
--🖇🖇-- 🔞🔞🔞🔞 MINORS DNI; NSFW Taehyung woke up the next morning with only 3 hours of sleep as he succumbed to his Omega, enjoying the Alpha's body every way he can and it was amazing for the Omega.
He felt every nerve of his body jolt in arousal whenever the Alpha touches him or even when he placed and covered him with clothes for a nest, the Omega was just hypersensitive, wanting the Alpha all the time around him, over him, behind him. He just wants Jeongguk.
And no amount of logic or reason could explain the sublime feelings he has towards the Alpha. He needed to figure it out nevertheless because he doesn't find himself cheating with Jihan. But Jihan, where does this Jihan stand with him. Confusion clouded the Omega's thoughts+
as his hand reached out to the Alpha. Wanting to cuddle, he reached out to the Alpha but was surprised to find the empty part of bed. The Omega frowned and he found himself irritated and annoyed that the Alpha left him when he wanted him.
He was so surprised with himself that he's thirsting over the Alpha. Is this something he could conceal with Jihan? He shook his thoughts out, heat is a different story, always a different story and right now as much as he wanted to convince himself that he wanted Jihan the+
same way he craves for Jeongguk, then he is just simply lying to himself. Just the thought of Jeongguk kissing his neck with hands roaming all over his body thrills him so much that he forgets his hatred towards him.
Jeongguk walked in with a tray of waffles, strawberries, whipped cream and orange juice. And Taehyung looked at him like he is ready to devour him already. His scent spiking but Jeongguk said firmly, "we are not doing it until you eat."
Taehyung licked his lips as Jeongguk put the food down on the bed, his eyes not leaving the Alpha. "Baby, I said, we are going to eat." The Alpha said sternly and it made Taehyung feel hot. Hot that he wants more of his dominating side on the Omega. "Kim Taehyung, eat."
"Feed me, Alpha." Taehyung sensually dipped the strawberry into the bowl of whipped cream and licked it slowly to seduce the Alpha even more. And Jeongguk is trying hard not to mate him, even if he wanted so much to have knotted, claimed because like what Kim Seri said,
Kim Taehyung is his. But he wanted Taehyung without the heat. He wanted to know how he feels if any of this thing is real. He searched far and wide to deliver his mom's assassin not just for Kim Taehee but he did it for Taehyung.
Jeongguk's eyes travelled toward the bare shoulder of the pretty Omega on his bed. But he promised Taehee too to take care of him so he cut the waffles and fed him which thrilled the Alpha. He wanted to kneel at Kim Taehyung's feet but at the same time feast on his body.
He wanted to ravish him with intense pleasure that only he could provide the Omega because he is the only one who could. After sharing three waffles, strawberries and orange juice, Taehyung eyed the Alpha carefully, flicking his tongue in his mouth.
"So, what do you want to do next?" Jeongguk asked as he put the tray on the table but Taehyung was quick enough in grabbing the whipped cream. "I am still hungry," the Omega said as he took a finger full of whipped cream and placed it on Jeongguk's lips and licked it.
Jeongguk's nerves instantly fired up with the seduction the Omega is doing towards him. He wanted to believe that he does not have heat and that the Omega is doing it with his own will, his own desire for his own intense pleasure.
Taehyung knew exactly what he was doing, so he leaned up for a kiss, & Jeongguk just gave in to his desires. Taehyung pushed the Alpha against the headboard & removed the shirt on his body. He smothered the whipped cream all over his chest which was wild of the Omega.
Taehyung licked the whipped cream off of Jeongguk's chest as the Alpha slowly stroked his c*ck. Nobody had pleasured him like this and he was in cloud nine to see the insatiable Omega feeding off of his chest. Taehyung fluttered his eyelids with every lick, his slick dripping+
and his body aching to be touched by the Alpha. The moment the whipped cream was entirely licked, Jeongguk kissed him slowly, deeply, and felt Taehyung's entire body open to him. The Alpha put a hand between the omega's legs to feel him there and Taehyung was already so wet.
And just like that, the Omega spread his legs wider and gasped into the kiss. He squirmed from the kiss and climbed into Jeongguk's lap to straddle the Alpha. Jeongguk immediately removed the shirt he put on Taehyung's body and kissed his shoulder, his collar bone, his neck+
his ears, and then back to his mouth as they both enjoy lavishing each other with kisses. The Omega moved his hands over the back of his neck, kissing him with a passion which that took his breath away. The Alpha then slowly held the Omega's thigh as he stood up and laid the
Omega on the bed. The Alpha palmed one asscheek and gave it a good squeeze, which made moan Taehyung moan loudly. Jeongguk aroused even more pressed a finger to his already slick hole and the Omega just moaned and writhed, arching his entire body, eager for more.
"Aren't we just insatiable?" Jeongguk said as he pushed a digit in. “Yes, please finger me.” Taehyung said with small moans. He was heavily blushing wirh eyes already heavy-lidded. His kiss-swollen mouth beckoned Jeongguk to take it again and the Alpha did.
The Alpha kissed him at the same time he slowly pressed his middle finger into Omega's hungry hole. It slid in easily because the Omega was already very wet. He kissed the Alpha with a wild enthusiasm that he found his kisses sloppy as the Alpha's finger continued to slide+
even further, exploring his hole, stroking it, making him moan louder and louder. His whole body shook as his Alpha continued teasing his prostate with slow rubbing, creating friction which makes the noises he made more obscene.
And this prince, the one who Jeongguk knew for a long, he was just the perfect fantasy of an Omega: not only gorgeous but eager, and very sexually responsive. The Alpha’s cock began throbbing between his thighs, but he knows how to ignore it. He's learned enough patience to
please his partner first and this Omega is worth being patient for. He worked another finger into the Omega's hole as slowly and carefully as he could and felt him sob. His cock jerked in Jeongguk's finger as he stroked with precum coming out.
He finger fcked hin more roughly now, stroking him inside & making him lose control. The Alpha thought it was a good thing that the room was soundproof because the Omega loves moaning with delight.
The Alpha had to keep pulling back from their kiss, to tease him but what he wanted to see with the Omega was his expression, which was hazy-eyed, flushed in the cheeks & swollen lips. This Omega is a real-life embodiment from an erotic fantasy, his fantasy.
His hips moved harder, quicker as the Alpha worked his a ss & his d!ck. He closed his eyes as his body fell into a rhythmic trance. The Alpha watched his gorgeous face, entranced, as Taehyung completely lost himself in the pleasure of what the Alpha's hands were doing to him.
The Omega's whole body tensed as he came all over the Alpha's fingers, his hole clenching & contracting, his body writhing, his lips moaning, his face contorting in carnal bliss. "More," the Omega cried and at this time, the Alpha could not resist the Omega, so he slid in him.
And Jeongguk set a hard pace, thrusting, pumping, pounding, over and over, again and again as Taehyung screamed in delight. "Alpha, you fill me so good, so good, ngggghh." Taehyung moaned as the Alpha pushed in and out.
“Yes,” he moaned as Jeongguk's c*ck rubbed his prostate, making his orga sm surface again, setting off sparks behind his eyes, making electricity travel all over his body. It was so mindblowing that the Omega felt a different kind of sheer pleasure sending him out of his mind.
The Omega had moved his hips to meet the Alpha's thrusts equally with fervor as they both gasp with his c*ck relentlessly rubbing his prostate. "Fck!" Jeongguk cried as he started to climb towards orgasm. They both came at the same time, their eyes rolling, moans overtaking+
each other in a whirlwind orgasmic frenzy. Jeongguk laid on top of Taehyung and stared at his beautiful face, just stared at his beautiful Omega.
Taehyung never knew that he could be post-coitally affectionate. He leaned and sought Jeongguk's lips and demanded more kisses and winding his fingers through his Alpha's already tousled hair. 🔞🔞🔞🔞 END --🖇🖇--
Strange Taehyung felt strange as his hear subsided mid afternoon. Was it guilt? Because he betrayed the thought of Jihan, whom he trusted for a long time, who he considered as a bestfriend. For twelve years he relied on him & right now, all he wanted was Jeongguk to chase him.
But then could he really trust him? Taehyung wore his clothes from the night before as Jeongguk was preparing to bring him back home. And Taehyung never knew of what happened to Jihan, or his friends Jin and Jimin. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and saw himself+
different now. He enjoyed seeing his lips swollen from the kisses he exchanged with the Alpha and granting it was just heat, he wanted whatever this is to last. His thoughts suddenly swimming with guilt, he has never allowed himself to be intimate with Jihan even if he knew+
that he is going into heat. There were already several times that his heat was coming but he never even thought of going against his father's wishes just to give in to bliss, one that Jihan had to offer but why it came naturally with Jeongguk, he has no idea to reckon with.
All he knew is that his body responds differently with the Alpha around him. Jeongguk knocked gently, "my prince, it's time to go." Taehyung's mind swimming in his own indecision, unaware of what to do next, how to act with the Alpha because in his mind, he wants to be owned+
by Jeongguk. He opened the door slowly, seeing the Alpha, made his Omega want to cling to him again. He wanted to push logic and reasoning, forget everything else in the past, his Omega wanted Jeon Jeongguk. "Are you ready my prince?" The Alpha asked softly.
"Thank you." Taehyung said as they walked out of the room. "For what my prince?" Jeongguk whispered in his ear. "For taking care of me, for being gentle with me." Taehyung said avoiding the Alpha's eyes. "It's my pleasure my prince." He said as they stepped outside of the club
CHAPTER SIX GUILT Taehyung arrived home and Jeongguk going straight to his father's study. He knew Jihan was there as he saw his car parked in the driveway. He doesn't want to deal with him, all he wanted right now was to soak in his bathtub and try to piece together+
what just happened last night. All of a sudden fear crept up, rendering him immovable, what if Jeongguk brags it to Jihan, what would happen then? What would his bestfriend say? How would he react?
Taehyung fell asleep the moment he got out of his bath. Fatigue settled in his body but his mind was still trying to remember what just happened last night. His Omega responded, His body responded to his every touch, his every kiss, his every stroke, his every thrust.
On the other side of the house, Jihan was pacing as he explained that his men got intel that Jeongguk's warehouse will be attacked. Kim Taehee sat calmly, his fingers folded on his desk as Jeongguk smoked a cigarette by the open window. "I delivered the goods to the Kangs."
"How did your men received the information, I wanna know?" The Great Alpha asked Jihan, "do you know?" "What if your men set it up?" Jeongguk asked flicking his cigarette, placing the butt in the ashtray. Jihan's mind went in circles, he doesn't know who to trust now.
"It's impossible, I have worked with them for a long time now," Jihan argued. "You will never know until they spilled blood for you, have they?" Jeongguk asked wirh Kim Taehee nodding in agreement.
Someone knocked. "Come in." Kim Taehee bellowed. "Appa, Jihan," Taehyung said, then his breath hitched looking at the man by the window, "Jeongguk." Taehyung said softer than how he meant it. Jeongguk looked at him, aching to walk over and hug him but he looked at his+
brother who instantly walked towards the Omega. Jeongguk noticed Taehyung stepping back. His Alpha basked in delight, maybe the Omega is getting fond of him, hopefully last night broke the ice. "What is it my son?" Taehee said.
"Dinner's ready." Taehyung said stealing a glance towards Jeongguk. Jihan noticed a certain tension between two. Jeongguk knew their tension is palpable but he would not dare violate last night with just a swipe of a tongue. He wanted Taehyung to feel it was special.
Taehee looked at Jihan who looked at his son a certain way he doesn't like. He doesn't know what it is with Jihan that he is not comfortable with. Yes, he has worked with him for a long time now but he still haven't figured out why he doesn't trust fully yet.
While Jeongguk who was accused of killing his wife. The Great Alpha have never forgotten how his wife regarded the young man, with fondness, trust and love. His wife just trusted this Alpha. For sure he knew he needs to read his wife's journal to fully understand why.
Jihan walked to Taehyung and tried to hold his hand which Taehyung reluctantly took, "I am sorry Taehyung if I left the bar last night," he whispered. Taehyung just looked at him, "you had things to take care of." "Can I see you later?" Jihan said with boldness.
"Appa, let's go eat." Taehyung told his father instead of answering Jihan. They stepped out the study and Jihan walked with Taehyung, "my brother's warehouse got attacked." Jihan whispered to Taehyung.
Taehyung's guilt consumed him as he worried about his best friend. The Omega looked at Jihan who looked dejected & tired. To live this life, to help his father maintain power all over the country is somewhat very taxing & Taehyung can understand why Jihan acts the way he does.
He knew Jeongguk was walking with Taehee and he felt so pained right now, unable to decide, unable to act on his own free will because of this guilt he has for spending the night with an Alpha he used to despise. Used to. Yes, his mind is a battle, a battle+
he knew he is not going to win. "What happened?" Taehyung tried to feign interest. "The moment we got the shipment out, the warehouse exploded, that's why I wasn't able to come back to you." Jihan said, touching his hand lightly.
Jeongguk's eyes narrowed as he looked at Jihan who was trying to touch his Omega. But then nothing is official, nothing is declared and he hated how he respects Kim Seri's wishes for his son, the beautiful Omega in front of him.
During dinner, Jeongguk and Taehyung were stealing glances at one another, strange that for a few weeks, Taehyung loathed him, he still does, maybe, his hate was indescribable but right now, what he feels is indescribable too. Taehyung sat across Jeongguk and beside Jihan.
They brushed hands one time when Taehyung handed Jeongguk the bowl of rice and Taehyung just shivered as electricity radiated throughout his body. He tried to hold his breath, trying not to be obvious to his Appa and Jihan.
Jihan was bold though, trying to engage Taehyung in every way he can except when he excused himself to take a phone call. He told Taehyung yesterday in the car that the last shipment was due in 48 hours after the shipment last night and Jihan said that he would ensure this +
final shipment so that finally he would he in Taehee's good graces, that somehow he could ask Taehee to officially court Taehyung. Jihan returned immediately, "Abeonim, would it be too much if I would ask Taehyung out for dinner tomorrow?" Jeongguk's eyebrows furrowed &
Taehyung noticed that. But what's interesting was how Taehee nodded and said, "just bring my son home before midnight, do you understand that?" Taehee firmly stated. Jihan smiled, one big smile, a first after a longest time since Taehyung knew him.
--🖇🖇-- Evening the next day, Jihan picked him up and Taehyung stared at his bestfriend, "hey, Jihan." Jihan went up to him but hesitated, instead the Alpha just kissed him on the cheek. "I miss your affection dearest Omega." Jihan told Taehyung.
"Don't worry Tae, I will try to win you back, I promise I will." Jihan said as he opened the car for the Omega. Taehyung smiled, this is the first time that Jihan opened the door for him. Maybe, his bestfriend is really trying this time. "So where is dinner?" Taehyung asked.
"I was thinking you might have missed the US so I decided maybe we should go to Itaewon for dinner. Gino's NY Pizza." Jihan stated as he smiled at the Omega. Taehyung was quiet throughout the drive. A certain kind of awkwardness filled the air. "Tae..." "Jihan..."
They both said at the same time. "You first," Jihan said. "I just wanted to know how you are doing." Taehyung said. "Honestly we are going to Itaewon because there's an industrial building where the final shipment is at." Jihan answered, "another building that Jeongguk owns."
"I see," Taehyung stated as he looked out the window. Jihan looked at Taehyung as he drove to Itaewon, "it seems that you are so far away from, Tae. I cannot seem to fathom what you are thinking anymore." Taehyung looked at him, "I want to be close to you again, your words+
are those that I could not trust." Taehyung said in earnest. "I am really sorry I hurt you, you know I would climb mountains for you." Jihan said as he took Taehyung's hand and kissed it. Taehyung searched his feelings, how he's not able to gain that affection towards Jihan+
made him feel really worried. He is his bestfriend after all. "In fact, let me prove to you tonight how I trust you. After dinner I will bring you to the warehouse." Jihan stated.
They arrived at the restaurant, with Jihan's full attention to him. The Omega in fact missed American food. So he allowed the Alpha to order food for him. We sat down the Jihan faced Taehyung, "so what kind of information were you able to gather from my brother?"
And this was something Taehyung decided to be honest about, "nothing of note, he was talking about how he got that special Tequila and how he'd been to Europe." “You looked perfect the other night.” He ran a hand through the Omega's hair and swept it aside.
"Did Jeongguk scare you, my love, I mean Taehyung?" Jihan asked. "No, I wasn't scared" Taehyung said honestly as the waiter placed chili cheese fries and lettuce cups on the table.
“You looked so gorgeous that night Taehyung. You went back home with Jin and Jimin, right?" Jihan asked. Taehyung swallowed as he started nibbling the french fries. Jihan's phone started ringing, "It’s good you didn’t go anywhere with him.” he stood up and looked at the caller.
“I would’ve killed him if he’d tried to get you alone.” Jihan looked at his phone and swiped his thumb across the screen and walked away to answer the phone call.
Taehyung felt thirsty all of a sudden, it was a good thing there was water, so the Omega grabbed and drank some. “I’m near the warehouse, but I have Taehyung,” Taehyung heard Jihan say into the receiver, "I will bring him with me right after dinner."
Jihan came back to the table and Taehyung asked him, “What’s wrong?” "The shipment is arriving & there seemed to be a problem at the warehouse." Jihan told the Omega. “Is that the warehouse with the Kang’s final shipment?” Taehyung inquired as the pizza was placed on the table.
"I hate answering the phone." Jihan stated, "because the past few days, I only receive phone calls when there are problems. We moved all the shipment to this warehouse because all the other houses are already compromised."
“Who called you earlier?” “One of my guys. We transported everything this morning to the new location in armored vehicles. In armored vehicles Taehyung and we placed it in the vault and I am the only one who knows the code." "How many of your men are there?"
"Only my most trusted right now, just in case we have a mole." Jihan answered. "Since it's the last shipment, no matter how many countermeasures we have, the fact that we only have all the products in one location, all the risk is there, you just can't trust anyone.”
There was a certain sense of urgency in what's happening so Taehyung decided to eat faster. "Taehyung slow down." Jihan told the Omega. "You are needed, and this is the best I could do for you." Taehyung responded. "This deal is important to my father as well."
"Hurry, will you?" Taehyung stated finishing his pizza slice. Jihan smiled at the Omega, "I want you to stay in the car then." "No, if I faced Jeongguk alone & I wasn't scared, I could help you too." “Can't wait to marry you and see you win all our arguments.” Jihan said.
Marriage. Does he want to marry Jihan, when he instantaneously switched that day when he just told his father, he won't disobey him. Does Jihan think he is easily succumbed to whatever he says? Taehyung wanted to believe him, he does but after that day, it seems he cannot+
grasp what the truth is. Which confused him with Jeongguk. Everything Jeongguk does is transparent, like nothing is a joke for him, he takes everything serously even spending his heat with him with his father's knowledge. Taehyung felt truly guilty now because
he vowed himself to be true and loyal to Jihan but something feels off about him, he cannot pinpoint what but there is something. Jihan smiled at him when as Taehyung really hurried to finish eating.
They left Gino's after ten minutes. So much for a date, Taehyung thought. He stood up and followed the Alpha towards his car. "When we get to the warehouse, I'd park the car in the back, just to make sure nobody sees you,” Jihan said as he started driving.
How different Jeongguk and Jihan is. Taehyung drowned in his confusion. While Jeongguk worshipped him, the Omega thinks Jihan just treated him more like a buddy but things got heated when he saw him at his father's party, then he got aggressive.
"Do you see garage opener in the dashboard compartment?" Jihan asked Taehyung as he turned in a dark parking lot by a concealed warehouse in the middle of Itaewon. Who would have thought that this is Jeongguk's building? Taehyung did and handed it to Jihan to open the gate.
Jihan turned off the headlights and parked all the way in the back. He took his phone from his pocket and swiped to send a text. "Tae, recline your seat please." Jihan asked as he did the same. This is the first time that Taehyung is actually brought to an operation.
Nervous. Taehyung was not mentally prepared for such event to happen, accompany Jihan to a pack activity like this. His father never allowed him to be exposed as it is but Taehyung thinks differently. He wants to be involved but he thinks he is not equipped with knowledge.
Jihan rubbed the bridge of his nose. Taehyung noticed he kept on doing it since last night during dinner. “Do you have a headache?” "I am just tired, worried, uncomfortable." He looked at Taehyung. "I cannot sleep because something might happen to the delivery."
"Hey," Taehyung told his besttfriend. Guilt is definitely swallowing him whole. The Omega doesn't even know what he is doing there with his ex-boyfriend, is it mercy? Is it compassion? Or guilt. It must be since his mind is filled with the memories of Jeongguk and nothing else.
But then Taehyung also knew how hard Jihan had worked for his father. “It's almost done. In a little while, you will be delivering the biggest deal the Kim pack has ever seen, garnering the full respect of my father." Then Jihan looked at him and stroked the Omega's cheek.
"And with how your father have been trusting me with you, then he'll allow us to be together, marry you & finally just be with you. I love you Kim Taehyung." The Omega looked at the Alpha in front of him if he could accept someone who spent heat with his brother who he hated.
A sudden knock at the driver’s side startled the Omega. Fear. A swift realization made Taehyung realize that he shouldn't have come with Jihan but then this guilt. He slept with Jeongguk, someone he vowed hating, all because he believed Jihan.
“It's just one of my men, cald down Tae," Jihan said. Taehyung's heartbeat pounded in his ears. 'You will die for him, your love. You will die for him,' was what the fortune teller said. Is he ready to die for Jihan? He loved him once yes but realization seeps in him.
He loves him as a childhood friend and he would feel bad if something bad happens to him but to commit to him, the course of his life is now at a fork where he had to decide, whether to be honest and be free or to be guilty and be with Jihan.
“Are we on schedule?” Jihan asked. "One of the trucks' engine is busted.” “Where’s the mechanic?” Jihan asked. "We are calling him but not picking up." Hyun Lee said. Jihan then looked at Taehyung, "stay in the car and I will come and get you."
Then Jihan looked at Taehyung, worried suddenly, "are you sure you are going to be okay? It's dark Taehyungie." Jihan said carefully. Dark. I was left in the dark when Jeongguk escaped. Taehyung was left in the dark for almost an hour before Hyungsik and Seojoon found him.
He took a deep breath and nodded, "I wi be fine, just go." Taehyung encouraged him. Jihan fished a set of keys from his pocket, "if ever it gets too much, come inside the warehouse, there's an office there where you could stay."
“If you see any movement—anything —please Taehyung, get the hell out of here.” “And leave you?” “Yes.” He shut off the engine. The area of where they parked was completely pitch black, not even the light of the moon touched it.
"You have the keys and the garage opener, just get out, do you hear me?" Jihan said as he touched Taehyung's cheek and stepped out of the vehicle. Taehyung just had his eyes closed, refraining from even using his cellphone because he is afraid to be seen in the car.
And then there was movement, three men wearing all black parked by the other end of the lot. He peeked at the vehicle and saw those men already in the club. Was it Jeongguk's men or was it the Kangs who were working with the Alpha?
Taehyung knew that he had to go out but maybe this guilt would be less if he's able to save Jihan. Taehyung saw them walked towards the entrance. He has the perfect chance to warn Jihan & maybe after this, he'd get rid of this feeling. So he got out of the car and walked inside.
He had the lowest light setting on his phone just to guide his path and at the back of the warehouse he found crates where he could hide. So he crouched down and dialed Jihan's phone number.
The Kangs were almost as the deadly as the Kims and they are known to have hired assassins in their roster. They would not hesitate to kill Jihan if this last shipment is not met. They have already been delayed in the delivery and this last delivery is the most important of all.
Not only Jihan but the packs would question Kim Taehee's reign & that meant danger for the entire pack. The Omega stared at his screen, hoping for a response. His thoughts filled with negativity that these men were already sent by the Kangs to stake them out, attack when weak.
It would tip the scale for sure, and the telecommunications and oil corporation that the Kims own and hide under would be on fire because, power would be up for grabs. It's funny to think that people don't know how power overtakes everything else.
Taehyung reached a door by the far end and tried the keys that were given to him. The door then opened to a wide, dark hallway illuminated by an emergency light from the door he just owned. There were no doors where he could hide so he scurried and walk straight to the end
of the hallway. He saw another door on the left which he assumed is the office so he walked there and unlocked it by the same keys only to find a stairwell. Bang.
A door slammed open with voices talking in a foreign language, must be European. They must be Jeongguk's men, since Taehyung knew he traveled all over Europe to find his mother's assassin. Taehyung froze where he was at, at the stairwell trying to find Jihan.
The moment he reached the top, there were two doors, one with a small window illuminating the moonlight and the other one he is guessing as the office. Taehyung immediately strode towards the office and knocked, "Jihan?"
It was not the office, it was the actual floor where the vault is and where some of Kim Taehee's men, Jihan's and Jeongguk's men were gathered. Jihan was looking at his phone then looked towards hus way. He gestured with his head and looked up, towards the office.
"I will take care of something, I will be quick." Jihan said as he quickly went up the stairs towards the office overlooking the entire floor. He closed the door behind him and hugged Taehyung. "What the hell are you doing here?"
"I saw three men in blacked out cars, I just came to warn you." Taehyung said breathlessly, finally able to breathe. "They are Jeongguk's men from Busan. He sent additional men for this delivery." Jihan stated. Taehyung noticed a screen panel, a working table & a couch.
He sank on the couch & Jihan sat beside him. “But what if Jeongguk is behind all these attacks?” “Your father asked for his help,” he frowned. “I had no other choice. What reason could Jeongguk have to destroy his own properties?"
"It is nothing compared to the power he'd achieve from all of these." Taehyung responded casually, appearing that he still has Jihan's trust. But can Jeongguk actually do that? "You need to return to the car my love." "I don't want to." "But you shouldn't be here."
"But I am." Jihan then wrapped his arms around Taehyung, "Very soon my love, this is going to be done soon." "I still have two hours before I have to be home. I would feel less guilty if you are able to fix the problem.” Taehyung voiced out his concern finally.
Taehyung then pushed Jihan a little to look at him. He looked familiar but not distant. This deal is taking a toll on him and Taehyung is at crossroads whether or not to trust him fully once again.
“Well it was nice to see you follow me because I actually feel safer with you inside, with me. But I have to make the delivery in a couple of hours, I cannot leave you here." Jihan said. "Then I will take the car home the moment you leave." Taehyung said.
"No, you could be followed by whoever is sabotaging this operation. I cannot face Taehee's wrath if I lose you." Jihan said. He looked at me and at the door at the end of the room. "Give me the keys." Jihan said. Taehyung automatically gave it to him. It opened to a rooftop.
Jihan looked at the door, "you can hide here if in case you need to, the door automatically locks the moment it closes." Taehyung walked up and saw Gangnam from afar. That's how far he is from his house right now.
He went around and saw an area of camping chairs and air beds by a storage area. Maybe this is where Jeongguk's men stay when they have operations. He sat at one of the camping chairs and got hypnotized by the city lights. It was cloudy as well, as if it's going to rain soon.
Jihan laid in one of the air beds and scooted to make room for Taehyung. Taehyung hesitated but he was already starting to feel cold so he sat down on the air bed before laying down next to his best friend. "You are gorgeous my love." Jihan said as he looked into his eyes.
Jihan searched for the same warmth he saw on his eyes a few weeks ago but he could not find it anymore. "What should I do to gain back your trust?" Jihan asked the Omega. "I..." Taehyung started to say when Jihan's phone started ringing.
"Hello, Hyun Lee," He stood up. "Don't open the door until you hear my voice." And then Jihan wrapped his jacket around the Omega and kissed his forehead, "I shall be back my love." And Taehyung just laid there looking at the night sky, wondering if his Eomma is watching him.
CHAPTER SEVEN COMPLICATION "My son, wake up." Kim Seri said as she cupped Taehyung's cheek on her hand. "Eomma?" Taehyung said amazed by the his beautiful mother in front of him. "You are late for school, my son." She said as she stood up and walked towards the door.
"Okay Eomma, let me change into my school uniform," Taehyung said as he scurried towards his closet. "We'll wait for you." Seri stated. Taehyung rushed to get dressed for school. His mom will just scold him if he took long.
The moment he got to the dining area, his mom and dad were already eating. Jihan and Jeongguk were with them too. "Such a slow poke my son." Taehee frowned at him. "You have to hurry Jeongguk will need to bring you to school."
"Okay Appa." Taehyung said. Jeongguk stood up followed by Jihan. "I will be waiting for you outside Taehyungah." He smiled at the Omega. Kim Seri then faced Taehyung, "son, no matter what happens just go with your Appa and Jeongguk and no one else."
T/W G unshot T/W Fire T/W Explos!on A loud bang awakened Taehyung followed by a succession of g unshots. He must have fallen asleep and now is awakened by shots fired underneath his feet. His phone started ringing, "Hello? Jihan, what's happening?"
"We are under attack, stay where you are!" Jihan said. "Don't open the door, do you understand?" "Jihan let me come fight with you." Taehyung cried. "No my love, it will be okay. Keep your phone with you." Jihan said. "Why is this happening? Who's doing this?"
"Men in ski masks. They are here to steal the rest of the shipment. I need to go. Remember what I told you." Were the last words that Jihan told Taehyung before hanging up.
Taehyung never felt so helpless as there were no weapons in sight except for a crowbar he found at the storage area. The g un shots continued to fire as Taehyung sat as he crouched by the storage area.
A spotlight flashed over the roof from a helicopter that started hovering on top of the warehouse so Taehyung took cover so that he would not be sighted.
An alarm sounded from the parking lot when an explosion followed instantaneously. The explosion was loud enough that entire Seoul could have heard it.
Taehyung just took a deep breath, he tried to steady his breathing but in total disbelief of what's happening below him. The helicopter circled around and around as it dropped grenades towards the parking lot. Taehyung saw how the grenades fell and when it hit the ground,+
explosions followed. The sounds of tires screeching out the parking lot followed by a succession of gun shots echoed through the night sky. Flames started raging on the opposite side of where Taehyung was raged below. Taehyung hoped for a phone call from Jihan but
there was none. The fire started billowing higher, spreading thick black smoke all over, making Taehyung cough and cough. He is trapped and maybe this is it, what the fortune teller told him, he would die for his love. He closed his eyes with the sight of his mom.
His mom saying not to go with anyone else but his father and Jeongguk. Taehyung started losing consciousness as his surrounding is covered by thick smoke. Fire rising higher, approaching him slowly. Is this what he gets for not listening to his father when it comes to Jihan?
The door towards the warehouse was slammed open as forearms lifted to carry Taehyung's body, easily wrapping around his torso. The scent of pine permeated the air and Taehyung's breathing instantly even out. Jeongguk, he is here. Taehyung thought but still unable to speak.
Fire engulfed the stairwell as Jeongguk looked around. Emergency staircase at the back of the storage area. "My prince wake up, we have to move, please wake up." Jeongguk said loudly.
With quick thinking, Jeongguk put Taehyung down and gave him a resuscitation. The fire must have affected his breathing. The moment Taehyung's eyes fluttered open, he saw Jeongguk, "where's Jihan?" “We have to get out of here my prince.” “I’m not going anywhere with you.”
"Where is Jihan? he was going back for me!" Taehyung cried. "My prince no one else is at the warehouse." "How'd you know I am here?" Taehyung asked. "My men told me someone else might be in the building and when I reviewed the video, I saw you. I rushed to save you."
--🖇🖇-- "Hello?" "Is it done?" "It is done but..." "Is it all destroyed?" "No it wasn't." "It's good though, we shake things up." "Two properties of Jeongguk destroyed." "Perfect. Absolutely perfect."
--🖇🖇-- Hyungsik and Seojoon met Jeongguk and Taehyung on the bottom of the emergency stairs. They all entered the vehicle and sped away as a final explosion of the building filled Seoul.
They just exited the highway when firetrucks and police sirens filled the streets of Itaewon. Jeongguk's arms still wrapped around Taehyung and Taehyung relented to his hold. Right now, all Taehyung needs is the soothing scent of this Alpha.
He looked at Jeongguk and remembered what his Eomma said, to go with Jeongguk and his father and no one else. Jeongguk, who are you? They drove towards Bukchon Hanok Village in the silence of the night far from the sound of the sirens.
They parked at the Hanok house, the house where his mother died. He looked at Jeongguk and the house and fear gripped Taehyung. The Alpha then got out of the vehicle and carried the Omega towards the house. He whispered in his ear, "I am here, no harm will come to you."
They arrived inside one of the houses with Kim Taehee pacing. "Appa," Taehyung said as he got off of Jeongguk's arms. He was expecting for his father to be mad but he just embraced Taehyung. Hyungsik then went in the house, "Jihan and his men are safe Abeonim."
"Are they able to deliver the rest to the Kangs?" Taehee asked sternly. "No, they were able to deliver some but the rest exploded." Hyungsik responded. "Taehyung, go to your room. I need to talk to Jeongguk. Go clean up, my son." The Great Alpha told his son.
Taehyung just nodded as he was tired, everything was tiring. He went to his room followed by his father's men. Everyone was alert, most especially with a night like this. He took a quick shower & looked at the available clothes in the closet, a set of pajamas was available.
"Jeongguk, what do you think we should do? Two of your properties are destroyed, missing shipment, the Kangs will declare war." Taehee told Jeongguk. Jeongguk took his phone, "when is the deadline Abeonim?" "It was an hour ago." Taehee looked worriedly at Jeongguk.
"How much is missing from the shipment? And what kind of arms?" Jeongguk asked. "Maybe 100 handguns and some automatic, we can ask Seojoon for the list." Taehee stated. "Abeonim, call the Kangs, I will call my men from Daegu, Ilsan and Busan, tell them to give us until 4 am."
Taehee was able to breathe, he doesn't know who to trust but his wife trusted Jeongguk and he had to respect those wishes. There was a part of Kim Seri's journal he still hasn't read. A part about his Omega son. He almost lost Taehyung tonight. Jihan almost left his son to die.
It wasn't Taehyung's fault that he went out with Jihan. It was his own doing as well. Now, he lost his entire trust with Jihan. If not for Jeongguk, Kim Taehee will be at the mercy of the Kangs. He was able to talk with Kang Jung-il, the great Alpha of their pack.
He was not necessarily forgiving because the delivery already caused them some setbacks. "Appa?" Taehyung broke Kim Taehee's trance. Taehee stretched out his arms towards his son, "Taehyung, I thought I was going to lose you tonight." "Appa, I am okay."
"From now on, you have to remove Jihan in your thoughts, do you hear me?" Taehyung looked around looking for Jeongguk. "Why Appa?" "I almost lost you because of him, I almost lost my business because of him. And right now, I cannot bear to see him in this house."
"To lose my business is okay, to lose power, that's fine too but to lose you is unforgivable." The Great Alpha surrendered to his tears. "You are not losing me Appa." Taehyung says. "You have to promise me that my son because knowing Jihan, he will use you to get to me."
Reality dawned upon Taehyung. Two of Jeongguk's warehouses, the total cost of the goods inside. The damage in its entirety was enough for Jihan not to be trusted most especially leaving him in the rooftop to burn. There was no escaping that most of all.
Is that how he was to Jihan? Taehyung stayed with his father as he insisted to sleep on the couch. "You'll wake up with my loud voice my son," Kim Taehee said as he combed Taehyung's hair. "It's okay Appa, I feel safe here with you." Taehyung said.
The truth to the matter is, he heard Seojoon and Hyungsik talking about Jeongguk making the delivery to the Kangs. This time, Taehyung was more terrified than he wanted to admit so he just stayed with his Appa so he would know what happens to Jeongguk.
--🖇🖇-- Kang Haneul was sipping his whiskey and enjoying his cigar. Jeon Jeongguk just delivered the last shipment Kim Taehee promised him. Taehee and him has a lot of history together and it is surprising for Haneul that Taehee almost failed.
He is more efficient than this, he knows that but ever since he trusted Jeon Jihan with this particular transaction, everything started to take a negative turn. He sat inhaling a smoke from his cigar as he waited for them at the Ananti Penthouse, an exclusive place+
where secrets can be made and since they will have a conversation after a long time then the place is fitting for it. He almost lost some business partners because of Kim Taehee's failure and as much as he is a friend, in this business, there is no permanence.
His eyebrows furrowed, ah, yes, he didn't deal with Taehee, he dealt with a younger Alpha, an ambitious one, Jeon Jihan. He puffed another smoke reminiscing how Jihan assured him delivery dates, dates he had promised his buyers and these buyers were not from the country too.
Losing hours meant to lose customers and Kang Haneul is not patient with these kinds of things. But being a friend and Kim Seri's godbrother, he will give her husband an explanation but of course, in this business, someone has to pay for mistakes. Big or small, someone has to.
Kim Taehee and Jeon Jeongguk walked in, leaving some men to watch the door because they very well know that this property owned by Haneul is equipped with the latest gadget. He knows because he owns the company who installed them.
Kim Taehee walked towards Haneul, surprised to see his wife's godbrother meeting him after such a long time. And the great Alpha knew that Haneul didn't just looked at his late wife as a god sister, he knew that this Alpha looked at Seri, treated her more special than he should.
"My friend," Haneul said as he stood up and hugged Taehee, "it's been awhile." Taehee nodded and Haneul gestured for him and the younger Alpha to take a seat. "It's an honor to receive your invitation." Taehee said as Haneul offered them both cigars.
Jeongguk and Taehee took one each and poured them whiskey as well. "I am going straight to the point Taehee" Haneul said, "our transactions always go seamless throughout the years but this last one, boy, it is a failure. I wouldn't talk to you like this if we are not friends."
Taehee frowned, he knew that handing it over to Jihan was a grave mistake, something that he hoped he would have done instead. "And I know you invited us over because there are consequences and you are not the type to bargain." Taehee said frankly.
Haneul looked thoughtfully at Taehee and gave him a sly smile, "I know that you lost men when a shipment exploded at Busan, I also know," he looks at Jeongguk, "that two of your warehouses exploded. I would call it a truce, a fair game if some of my customers from the north +
didn't threaten me or a European customer didn't shoot two of my men on the head and now, another man from Russia wanted to expose me, my business, my family because of a fcking delay. I trusted you Taehee and in our world, a failure like this has a lot of consequences."
"My son almost died too, Haneul, please spare my misgivings, my mistakes." Taehee said apologetically which he never ever did at all. "I know, so, I have to make a deal with you. I am not after your power, no, no, I think most of the pack leaders are okay where you are but+
a mistake is a mistake, a life for a life. I can ruin you if you want but Jeongguk gave me more than what I needed, you should thank him for that." Haneul said as he sipped the whiskey. "What do you want me to do?" Taehee asked. "Bring me Jihan and you will be okay."
At the Bukchon Hanok Village, Taehyung was texting with Hobi. His dad sent a doctor earlier to have him checked out for any injuries but he was okay, more than okay.
He lacked sleep though because he was tossing and turning, he was perturbed more than ever. He was worried because he doesn't know how Jihan is doing. He was angry because Jihan left him alone, almost dead at the burning building. But what he was feeling more disturbed about+
was this growing feelings for a different Alpha. An Alpha who haunted his dreams, with his dead mother at his feet. An Alpha who came back to taunt him, disturb him. An Alpha whose touches made him burn with desire. An Alpha who his mom said to trust.
"Taehyung, wanna go shopping tomorrow? Hobi asked. Taehyung shook himself out of his trance. "Sure. I think I might ask Appa if I could start working for Korea Tel, I mean we own 70% of the company. It's about time I put my education to good use. How about you? Seattle?"
"My father wanted me to get married Tae." Hobi said, "to an Alpha, one of the sons of a business partner." "What? Have you met him?" "No, but I want to fall in love though," Hobi complained. "How are you and Jihan?" "I broke up with him," Taehyung said.
"What happened? Tell me." Hobi asked. "He betrayed my trust, Hobi & he almost left me for dead. How can I forgive him?" Taehyung said sadly. It was hard to admit to lose his entire trust with Jihan. After leaving him like that he doesn't know if he has the heart to forgive him.
"Tae? Listen, I have to go, see you tomorrow?" Hobi said. "Yes, of course. See you, text you time and place later." Taehyung said. He stood up from the bed and went to the toilet. When he turned on the light, he saw an unexpected guest, Jeon Jihan.
He covered Taehyung's mouth to refrain him from screaming, "Tae, please don't scream, it's just me." Blood drained from Taehyung's face, it's as if he saw a ghost, a ghost holding his mouth, only seeing his reflection in the mirror. "I'm going to release my hold, don't scream."
Taehyung was mortified, he doesn't know he would feel, he doesn't even know if he still knew him. He knew Jihan is already desperate right now, because of the failed shipments, his life is in danger. He slowly released the hold on Taehyung's mouth.
"You have to help me Tae, I have no one, I only have you." Jihan pled. "You left me for dead Jihan." Taehyung looked frantically around, "how did you get here?" "Through the tunnel." Jihan said. "I took a spare key just in case I needed it."
Taehyung shook his head, "I can't, you almost left me for dead, no." Jihan then knelt in front of him, "I won't beg you to look at me like before but I only ask you to take the money I stashed, it is in your mother's library. Please I beg you." Taehyung's heart melted.
He took a deep breath, "last time Jihan, I will only help you this last time then don't show yourself to me again." Jihan nodded, "I heard you are going to meet Hobi at the mall, I will meet you there at the car park 1 pm."
Jihan left Bukchon Hanok Village, desperate more than ever. He drove the car he stole and went to the Golden Closet, knowing his brother is going to be there. And the moment he parked his car, two of Jeongguk's men stood by Jihan's passenger door.
Tongue in cheek, Jihan got out of the car and was escorted by the men towards Jeongguk's office. Jeongguk was sitting at his office, fixing a drink after their conversation with Kang Haneul. He had been up all night as he mobilized all his men to make sure everything went okay.
Yugyeom entered the office, "Boss, he's here." Jeongguk swirled his drink, “Bring him to me but make sure you try not to kill him, do you hear me?” The Alpha sat there and waited. Jihan had run out of moves, checkmate, Jeongguk thought.
Yuri knocked and opened the door, "Boss, you have a visitor." He stood beside Jeongguk removed his as sault rfle from his shoulder and held it on the other.
Yugyeom came in first, Jihan flanked by two of his men with Jihan's hands handcuffed to his back. “I should have known you were expecting me.” Jihan said as he sat on the edge of the chair. "You should have faced me at the warehouse, you weren't there."
"I was, I saved Taehyung when you almost left him for dead. It's a good thing I arrived or he could have been burned alive.” “You planned everything for me to fail, hyung. You made Taehee turn against me” he said. "Where you get your ideas from? I don't know but it was you."
"Hyung, I almost got k¡lled, two of men got k¡lled." Jihan stared at his brother in disbelief. Jeongguk shook his head. "And you destroyed two of my warehouses, got Abeonim and Taehyung almost k¡lled. Their blo¤d are in your hands." "I swear I didn't do it." Jihan said.
‼️‼️‼️ T/W D e a t h T/W S e x T r a f f i c k i n g "And you want me to believe you? You, among everyone, putting a bounty on my head? My own brother?" Jeongguk said sternly, taking a sip of the alcohol in his hand. "Why'd you do that? Putting Kim Seri's dea th on me? Why?"
“I was 11 and you were 15, you ran to Kim Taehee telling him about our parents. He was our enemy pack leader. You went to him, our parents' blood are in your hands.” he looked at Jeongguk angrily.
"Our parents were in violation of the Pack Treaty Jihan! I was trying to save us both from being k¡lled. They were traff¡ck¡ng women & children. That is wrong brother, we are not saints but we don't gamble with other people's lives." Jeongguk exclaimed.
"You betrayed our family, hyung. Kim Taehee might be the one who took the shot but you are the one who got them murderd them & Taehee did it in front of us." "Seri was k¡lled, someone who treated me like a real son, that was taken away from me too." Jeongguk looked at him.
"Why would you destroy Taehee then and Taehyung? Why are you trying to sabotage my plans?" Jihan spat back at him. “You’ve messed with Taehyung's head, brother.” the older Alpha said, “the things you told him? Wow, in all honesty, you’re the one who wants to take over, not me.”
Jihan laughed deviously. Jeongguk continued, “you made sure to plant everything you can with Taehyung's mind by winning his friendship. Seri would never have allowed you to be his friend. And Taehee will never trust you with his son.”
Jihan laughed, maniacally this time, "but Taehyung will never fall for you." "You can not know that. In fact, he never fell for you, he hated your stinking guts right now, for leaving him at the warehouse." Jeongguk smirked. "And now the Kangs are after you now, my dongsaeng."
"Why don't just kill me then? Take my life, like how you did our parents." Jihan challenged. "Nah, you got yourself here Jihan. And I saved your shipment by gathering resources. A life for a life, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, that is our system." Jeongguk scoffed.
“Do you want just to take everything from me, hyung?” he asked. “I have no cards left. I fold. Tell me, what's the price?" Jihan stared at his brother. "What do you mean what's the price?" Jeongguk asked. "Tell me, what do you need to save me?" Jihan stood up and paced.
--🖇🖇-- Taehyung went to his mother's study as they went home last night. Money Jihan kept money in the study but where did he put it. He was busy looking at all the drawers when he noticed a loose floor board by the sitting area. Strange. This must be it.
He used his nails to loosen the floor board and voila! He found lots of money in dollars and in Korean wons. Lots of them in bundles. Taehyung was torn because he didn't know what to do. He doesnt even know what to do now.
Is this his father's money or is it the money that Jihan earned all these years? What should he do??? He placed the floor board back and started pacing in his mother's library and he is really, really undecided. But Jihan was his bestfriend, but he isn't trustworthy too.
He stood up. And walked away. He could just say he didnt have time to take a look at it or they just got home from the Hanok house or maybe cancel his plans with Hobi instead.
He walked towards his father's office and was pacing for ten minutes when Jeongguk arrived. The Alpha smiled seeing Taehyung by the doors but immediately got worried as the smell of his pheromones smelled stronger, sour.
"My prince. " He stood by the door. Taheyung looked at him with a frown. "What's wrong my prince?" Jeongguk wanted to hug, him, comfort him, take but he wanted to take careful steps, he doesn't want his Omega to be afraid of him.
"I..." Taehyung started. Jeongguk then took his hands which Taehyung didn't resist. The Alpha brought Taehyung to his late mother's library and locked the door. He took a step towards him and Taehyung looked away, with Jeongguk's nose mere inches away from his cheek.
"My prince, tell me what's wrong?" Jeongguk asked him. Taehyung can hear the pain in Jeongguk's voice and somehow he knows that he owes him by saving his life and he is slowly melting his heart. It feels as if there's something connecting them, that inspite of his anger +
before, it started to slowly dissipate. Taehyung looked at him finally. He stared at Jeongguk's face at the same the Alpha released a soothing scent of pine, "my prince tell me, what's wrong?"
Taehyung took a deep breath, "when you and Appa went somewhere yesterday, Jihan used the tunnel where you escaped from and he came to see me. He came to see me Jeongguk and he asked to do something for him!" He exclaimed.
Jeongguk's eyes widened in surprise. His brother was very bold to do something like that, "what did he want from you?" Taehyung did not release Jeongguk'a hand and led him to loose floor board. The Omega then crouched and removed the loose floorboard.
The Alpha gasped, that stash is a lot, maybe between $30-$50K. "He asked me to bring it to him later at the mall. He asked me to bring him all his money later and I don't know what to do."
----- Taehyung was hyperventilating. So many things floating in his head. He doesn’t even know how he was able to tell all of these things to the person he used to hate. Or was he blinded by the things he had heard from Jihan about his brother.
For twelve years he thought that the person in front of him was the villain. For twelve years all he had heard was the bounty on Jeongguk’s head. For twelve years, it was Jihan telling him that Jeongguk k!lled Eomma and that he doesn’t deserve justice.
But did his father say anything against Jeongguk? He frowned and contemplated as he looked at Jeongguk’s face, he realized that never once did his father shade Jeongguk to him, yes he allowed the bounty on Jeongguk’s head because well, who would not, his wife was sh;ot to death.
He sank down to the chair, fiddling with his fingers when Jeongguk crouched down in front of him and lifted his chin. "My prince, what do you want to do?"
"He broke my trust Jeongguk, how could I trust him? He left me at your warehouse to burn? I still have my dreams, I haven't even lived my life yet."
Jeongguk scooped him in his arms, hugging him, knowing what Taehyung meant because he himself was deprived of living how he wanted by being accused of killing someone he didn't.
"Let's tell your father. Somehow you have to think that you are all that matters to him and Jihan needs to face the consequences of his actions."
Taehyung just sobbed in his arms, "I don't know who to believe anymore!" He said in frustration. "I hated you, and now I am crying in your arms. I don't even know why I told you but I feel so used to it."
Taehyung looked at the Alpha in front of him with frustration in his eyes, "I don't want to be helpless anymore. I feel like I am a pawn to all these... I am human too, not just a son of a Mafia leader."
"Hush now." Jeongguk said. "We'll talk to your father, he needs to know, my prince. You have to trust me on this. Can I have your trust?" Jeongguk cupping Taehyung’s face, stared deeply into his eyes.
"I made a promise to your mother, when she was alive, that I will protect you and now, please let me keep my promise." Taehyung saw the sincerity in Jeongguk's eyes.
Taehyung repeated in his head again, for twelve years, all he did was hate Jeongguk even if he really didn't know him that well and for twelve years he placed his trust, his love, his heart with someone who will just leave him to burn in flames
"I don't even trust myself." Taehyung cried. "Then, let's do what is right, for now. I can't address what my brother had done to you because I don't know the reasons behind his actions,+
but I can tell you mine, and my reasons solely depend on my promise, to care for you, and to love you, if you would allow." "Love me? Don't say that. You cannot say that." Taehyung looked at him sharply.
"Then, let me help you, my prince. Please." Jeongguk beseeched the Omega as he slowly took his hand and held it, caressing it, assuring him that he was going to make the right decision.
Taehyung looked at the Alpha in front of him, looking deeply in his eyes because his mother once said that the eyes are windows to the soul and right now, there is no ounce, no indication of any lies, any deception.
Taehyung took a deep breath and slowly nodded, "let's go to my father then." "We'll find out the reason behind everything Taehyung. As far as this whole deal is concerned, I don't even know why everything happened." Jeongguk said as he kissed Taehyung on the forehead.
----- Jihan was waiting early at the parking garage. He arrived at 1 pm, making sure at 1:30 pm like how he instructed Taehyung. His mind was thinking of all the possibilities, of how things can go awry.
Well he doesn't need to expect anything good now since Jeongguk came, everyone's favorite's Jeongguk. The only person who he can truly rely on is Taehyung but then his hands were tied to leave him in the warehouse like that.
There were g;unsh;ots and he thought the warehouse would not be burned down. 1:25 He observed a black Palisade drive by him, Taehyung is here. He's glad Taehyung is here.
This time, he saw the driver step out of the vehicle, where Taehyung was. Another blacked out vehicle passed by and saw Hobi get out of the car and passed by the parked Palisade. Covertly, Jihan was able to secure his way towards Taehyung's car and immediately enter it.
To his surprise, instead of Kim Taehyung, the Great Alpha was seated there. He reached out to Jihan and said, "it's time to talk, Jihan." Three men stood outside the vehicle, Seojoon, Hyungsik & Bogum.
Jihan’s mind raced as to how Kim Taehee found out about his meeting with Taehyung. Did Taehyung tell on him? Did Taehyung break his trust? Kim Taehee looked at him and said, "let's talk Jihan, seriously this time."
After twenty minutes, they arrived at their building in Gangnam and Jihan walked with the men. He was not handcuffed, not at all but being escorted with 3 men and Kim Taehee was beyond unnerving. He entered the study with Jeongguk and Taehyung inside the room with them.
He got upset with their presence, why do they need to be there, he had no idea. He got upset because Taehyung told Taehee where he was and well, Jeongguk's presence was very irritating.
“So, Jihan, I spoke to Kang Haneul yesterday & he wanted me to deliver you. You're family but you hurt this family, he lost a lot of men, we lost a lot of men because of your ignorance & over confidence.” the great Alpha stated in anger, pacing with Jihan just frozen in place.
“I did my best, I covered my tracks, I planned everything thoroughly.” Jihan said evenly, as objectively as he could. “But you did not. I trusted you entirely with this deal, with this transaction and this entire operation and it pains me that we lost a lot of men, +
we lost a lot of the goods, your brother lost two of his warehouses and you, you left my son to be burned to death. So tell me Jihan, what reprieve do you deserve?” Taehee asked Jihan ferociously.
Jihan kept his silence and just hung his head down. Thoughts running in his head, he knows he will meet his death or some kind of punishment. “I did my best Abeonim, you know I did.” Jihan said pleadingly.
“But were you entirely quiet about it, did you make it discreet? Did you not flaunt it to others?” Taehee frankly asked him. “I…” Jihan said. “I am sorry Abeonim.”
Taehee took a deep breath, “We have a code to abide by. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. You know that. We are slaves to that code.” Taehee looked him squarely in the eye. “You gave me no choice, my hands are tied with this, Jihan & you need to face the consequences.”
“But Appa, he did what he could, he was followed by g;unsh;ots.” Taehyung said. Taehee looked at his son, for the nth time his son tried to defend Jihan, “That is what you may think of it but son, for Kang Haneul, we screwed up big time and his decision cannot be swayed.”
Jihan looked at Taehyung who tried to defend him but then he did not keep the end of the bargain, he did not keep this secret and this was so low even coming from Taehyung. How can Taehyung betray him? When all he did was to be there for him.
What an ungrateful btch this Omega is? After everything they have been through. He threw a look towards his brother. He is the only source of Taehyung’s change of mind, he must be, he should be.
Jeongguk looked over his brother, tight lipped. It is true, they have a code to live by and they are held captive by that code. He was also judged by that code, that’s why he had to deliver. He had to devote time, money, and resources just to find that assassin.
He had to sacrifice everything just to clear his name. He had to sacrifice the knowledge of how intertwined their souls should be. He had to sacrifice the knowledge that he has a few months to affirm their union but is it possible???
Jeongguk looked at Kim Taehee who was very conflicted at the moment. Jeongguk’s cell phone rang and he excused himself and went outside of the room as he looked at his brother for one last time.
The Great Alpha whose knuckles have turned white, his face flushed red, his heart was full of sadness because he felt that he was not a worthy leader but he must go on, this is what needs to be done. To show that in his leadership, everyone is treated equally.
Memories flash in his eyes as he remembered when he first took Jihan in with his brother, how he became instantly close with his son, how Taehyung constantly fought for his love, now, he will be handing Haneul his life.
His wife was really fond of the two, not as much with Jihan compared to how she was fond of Jeongguk. The Alpha searched in his mind, hoping that he was making the right decisions for his pack and for his son.
“Jihan, you were like a son to me, you cared for Taehyung but then you were the first one to abandon him as well.” Taehee took a deep breath, walked in front of Jihan and kissed his forehead. “For good times, thank you for being beside me but pack justice needs to prevail.”
Jihan eyebrows furrowed. His heart was in absolute dismay of the Great Alpha. “You are…. You are just giving me away like that? After all we have been through?” Jihan said as he was escorted out of the room.
“You left me with no choice.” Taehee responded with a deep sigh. “Haneul will pick you up himself soon.” Hyungsik, Seojoon, Bogum and Minho brought him towards the basement. The basement where a lot of other prisoners were held.
When they were passing by the study, a sudden explosion came from outside the building. With a quick distraction, Bogum dropped a smoke bomb on his feet concurrently as the explosion sounded outside, “what’s happening?” He said out loud.
Hyungsik then shouted, “The Great Alpha and Taehyung, warn them, Seo joon. Bogum & Minho, keep an eye towards Jihan.” He instructed. Bogum and Minho immediately pulled Jihan inside Kim Seri’s old study as they stood watch outside.
“Perfect timing.” Jihan said as Bogum handed him a handg;un and locked the door to the study. Hopefully the smoke bomb would give him enough time to get the money and escape.
Jihan entered the room but to his surprise, Jeongguk was standing by the loose floorboard with his money in full display, “Why are you here?” Jeongguk then shook his head, “Don’t do it bro, you have to honor the pack code with respect to Abeonim.”
“It’s a stupid code, brother.” Jihan said. “My life is on the line.” “But your arrogance was your downfall.” Jeongguk said. Jihan drew his g;un and pointed to Jeongguk, “You have to move.”
But Jeongguk’s hand remained on his side as Jihan opened a drawer and took a bag from it, “it’s too late.” “Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.” Jeongguk said as he stepped out of the room. Jihan crouched down as he started to take the money from his hidden stash.
Suddenly, loud footsteps were heard from outside the study. “Where is your prisoner?” A voice said just outside of the door. “He ran downstairs.” Footsteps continuously ran when finally, he heard someone, “You lied, move over!”
Jihan looked at his brother, seeking for help but Jeongguk just looked back at him. After a minute or two, the door was kicked open as Jihan emptied the contents of the floorboard in his bag. Someone took a sh;ot at him. T/W Gun fire T/W Car Chase Rat-tat-tat
Jihan looked around, good thing Taehee placed the emergency exit in that room, something that Jihan almost missed. Everything went in slow motion as Jihan ran to the other corner of the room to escape through the emergency fire exit. Rat-tat-tat
“What’s happening?” Taehee’s voice boomed. “Jeongguk, where is Jeongguk?” “Abeonim,” Jeongguk said as g;unsh;ots flew everywhere. Three of Haneul’s men started firing towards Jihan while the rest of the three zoomed past Taehee and Jeongguk as they chased Jihan.
“Take Taehyung with you,” Taehee said as he put Taehyung’s hand against Jeongguk’s. “Take care of my son, Jeongguk, I trust you.” Taehee gathered his men as they chased Jihan. Hyungsik on the radio, “If you find Bogum and Minho, stop them.” Taehee’s eyes widened, “them too?”
Seojoon nodded, “Yes, boss. We didn’t know.” Taehee nodded. “We have to go through our entire list if we go past this.” Hyungsik agreed, “Yes, we have to. There’s snitches and we have to be more careful.”
They got out of the building running to their cars when Haneul came running towards Taehee, “What happened Taehee?” “Jihan is trying to escape.” Haneul’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Is there a breach?” “We’ll get him.” Taehee said.
“I will help you.” Haneul said. There were two black cars that just took off. Taehee looked at Seojoon, “Tell the other men to chase the other car, we will chase the other one.” Rat-tat-tat Rat-tat-tat
They were gaining momentum with the other car, while Haneul was chasing the other vehicle. Rat-tat-tat Rat-tat-tat Hyungsik was able to stop the first vehicle, just with Bogum as a driver and no one else as passenger. “You tricked us.”
Hyungsik drew his g;un and aimed it towards Bogum, “don’t you dare try to escape.” On the opposite way, Taehee and Seojoon followed the other car with Haneul’s men gaining ground.
The car chase was intense and Taehee was already worried, he is getting a lot of attention now, from Law Enforcement, news bureaus, everyone.
Taehyung on the other hand rode behind Jeongguk in a motorcycle. “Hang on, my prince.” He wrapped his arms around Jeongguk as they escaped from Seoul. “Where are you bringing me?” “Somewhere safe, my prince.” Jeongguk said as he started the motorcycle.
The car chase ensued but then the stop light ran red which made the black vehicle crash against another causing a big explosion. The car that Jihan was in burst into flames. "Jihan." Taehee said as bright blue and orange sparks raged in the middle of the intersection.
Then somewhere, someone was talking on the phone. “Hello, is it done?” The voice said. “Yes, it is done.” "Good." Then the phone clicked.
–-- T/W ‼️ G u n shot T/W ‼️Car Chase T/W ‼️Possible Death T/W ‼️Explosion “Radio, over,” a voice on the radio started sputtering. “Copy, this Haneul, over.” He said as he was watching the flames engulf the vehicle at the intersection.
He stepped outside of the vehicle, 500 ft away from the accident, observing the damages this scene had incurred. He had to talk to Taehee’s contacts with the Mayor. “Jihan’s vehicle is burning in front of us, over.”
Taehee got out of his vehicle. His eyebrows furrowed and thought, ‘there’s something off here.’ Taehee cannot shake his thought out, how all of these things conveniently happened. They both looked at each other other and nodded.
Haneul then told Taehee, “I think we finally got him” Both police and ambulance sirens sound approaching. “We have to go.” Taehee mouthed towards Haneul. “Boss, do you copy?” The radio crackled. “Yes, I do, over.” He held the radio over his mouth.
“Boss, we are tailing another vehicle, over.” “What? How did that happen?” Haneul frowned. Ra-ta-tat “Boss, I…Pssssaaat crnkllsht psssshtt” “Soon-ho, do you copy? Over.” Haneul said.
He cast a worried look over Taehee. “Soon-ho, do you copy? Over,” he repeated Dread filled him for he knew that the vehicle in front of him is just a ploy, a diversion. “Hello, Captain Lee? How can I help you?”
“One of your cars exploded, Haneul. It was shot right in front of our patrol car.” the captain told Haneul. “Did you see who took an aim for it?” His face turned into ashen white as he looked over Taehee. “I do.” “Who is it?” “Jeon Jihan took a shot at it.”
“Do you know what direction his car was heading?” “The car exploded at the intersection of Yeoksam-ro and Eonju-ro. The car is heading west of Yeoksam-ro towards Dongbu Expressway.” “Thank you Captain Lee. I owe you one.” Haneul said.
“Yeoksam-ro towards Dongbu.” Haneul told Taehee. “Jihan shot at my car.” Taehee’s flabbergasted face was beyond imaginable as he was starting to feel all kinds of feelings.
Loss Deception Betrayal He knew he definitely wore his heart on his sleeve, when he gave Jihan the chance for this transaction. Maybe because he is getting old and he wanted to somehow start teaching Taehyung to take the reins of his pack.
His darling son, his omega son and he just didn’t trust Jihan enough to take this task, maybe that was all to it. Maybe, in his heart, he knew he wanted what his wife wanted. She wanted Jeon Jeongguk for their son.
Taehee and Haneul then finally met with the speeding vehicle, driving north of Dongbu Expressway. Taehee was surprised to see a different kind of vehicle. He doesn’t own this type of vehicle. He knows all the vehicles he owns.
This vehicle was more sophisticated, more modern, definitely not one of his and he was driving on his own. Jihan is definitely cunning Taehee glimpsed at Jihan who threw a smirk at him.
He was in disbelief as he looked straight towards the front, trying to avoid this turmoil boiling at the pit of his stomach. Jihan started shooting at Haneul as they entered the freeway as Haneul and his men started shooting at him.
Taehee decided to stay back from the action as respect to Haneul because he knew that he wanted his late wife’s godbrother to take control of the situation. He let Haneul’s SUV overtake their vehicle, “Seo Joon, let Haneul pass.”
Seo Joon nodded and heeded his instructions. Haneul drove ahead of them and took another shot. —
Jihan was zigzagging the road trying to avoid the g:unfire. He already shot one of Haneul’s vehicle and right now for sure he knows that Haneul is out for blood. Jihan did what he had to do.
He drove as fast as he could thinking of the mistakes that he committed. He didn’t expect for his brother to return, he didn’t expect for all of this to happen. He didn’t want to let go of Taehyung, most of all,
He looked at Taehee who slowed down his vehicle. Ha. He is leaving everything to Haneul. If only Haneul knows. He chuckled as he weaved through Cheongdam Bridge, trying his best to lose their trail but he underestimated Haneul’s driver.
Bang. He lost a tire. Sh!t. He tried to maneuver the vehicle as it caused electric sparks on the expressway caused by friction, traction and velocity.
Police vehicles started trailing them because he knew that there is only an extent where the police would tolerate disturbance, but well, Seoul had been rocked with explosions Bang.
He lost his concentration as his steering wheel started wiggling, beyond his control. He turned around when Haneul’s vehicle bumped into him. Bam! The impact was so strong, his vehicle lurched forward.
The impact was so strong, his vehicle lurched forward. He steered to the right, not knowing that the vehicle in front of him braked which caused him to avoid it, the car skidded as Haneul sh;ot again at the third tire & hit his gas tank, fire ablaze, making the car topple over.
Jihan had already no control with the vehicle as he allowed the vehicle to turn over and explode, falling over the overpass. This is it. The car exploded before it hit the water. —-- (A/N I cannot find a car exploding while falling off of the bridge, see below for visuals)
Haneul drove towards the Ttukseom outlook cultural complex. He wanted to check how the police would handle this situation and if they would find Jihan’s body. They had to find Jihan’s body.
Taehee got out of the vehicle and stood beside Haneul as they looked over the operation of hauling Jihan’s vehicle from the water.
Several boats from the Korea Coast Guard surrounded the area where the vehicle flipped over and Taehee with a frown on his face was watching the entire scene. “Haneul, who was it that Jihan killed that made you very angry like this?” —
Taehyung’s arms wrapped around Jeongguk’s waist as he smelled the calming scent that the Alpha emits, as if cradling him to sleep. “My prince, are you doing okay?”Jeongguk asked as he touched his hand.
They have slowed down a bit after driving for an hour and a half. They finally stopped over at a GS25 Convenience Store. Jeongguk felt the omega’s unease, so maybe Taehyung need to go to the restroom.
“Finally.” Taehyung muttered as he headed inside the convenience store and asked if he could use the restroom. needed to go to the restroom. They got off of the motorcycle. They both removed their helmets. They both walked towards the store.
Taehyung almost tripped as his thoughts started drowning him, even as he walked inside the store. How is it that in a span of how many days, things turned 180 degrees? How is it that in a span of how many days, his very best friend betrayed him and his family?
How is that in a span of how many days, his life was suddenly entrusted to someone he used to hate? How is that in a span of how many days, his body craved for that same person? Used to. Past tense. Does he still hate Jeongguk?
He doesn’t know anymore for his thoughts of him go beyond obscene. His thoughts of him were impure as the memories of his heat were imprinted in his mind. He shook himself out of reverie.
His father entrusted his life to Jeongguk and for him to do that meant such a big thing. Taehyung took a deep breath. He had to accept this change. This change meant he had to become familiar with the Alpha. But, does he need to necessarily accept him entirely? Not yet.
He still needed to be wary of him because of all these 12 years that just passed, he really didn’t know who he was. He was standing in an aisle, eyeing the ramen on the shelf when he felt someone breathing on his neck.
Goosebumps spread automatically. It usually does most especially when he’s around. Taehyung closed his eyes and shivered at the thought of his hands roaming on his body as he covered him with kisses and worshiped his body like there’s no tomorrow.
His carnal thoughts included the numerous times he came with him inside him, pounding mercilessly as he moaned and groaned. How he wanted to bask with his touches, his caresses, the sucking, nipping, biting. It was beyond exhilaration, beyond bliss or any excitement.
His omega ached for him, he wanted him but did he want him too? Taehyung, calm down. “Are you hungry?” Jeongguk said as he stood beside him. "Jeongguk?" His eyes widened “Yes, my prince?” Jeongguk gazed at him. “I didn’t bring any of my clothes.” —
Haneul looked at Taehee as they continued observing the coast guard haul the vehicle out of Han River. Taehee looked into the horizon as the mauve light reflected on the water with the sun slowly setting.
The water rushing through the river with ripples that continue to radiate. The roar of the conveyor belt and the sound of the cars passing through the bridge made him anticipate everything with nervousness.
He looked at the boat’s conveyor belt as it slowly placed the car at the wide landing. Several members of the coast guard open the door with water gushing out from inside. They saw a burnt body being removed in the vehicle.
Taehee felt sad for sure because he knew that Jihan tried his best to serve their pack well. Well, did he mean well when he tried to poison his omega’s son’s thought process? Did he mean well when knowingly brought him to the delivery instead of bringing him straight home?
Did he mean when he kept that hidden stash on the floor? “So, Haneul? Why were you angry at Jihan? I know you aren’t this demanding if one of your men dies because of an operation. Tell me the entire story.” Haneul scrunched his eyebrows together as he looked at Taehee.
A cold breeze blew their way as the light of the sun slowly diminished from the atmosphere. T/W ‼️Smo:king “The shipment was three days delayed. My Euro:pean customer needed it badly to rescue his wife from a kid;napper.” Haneul looked at Taehee as he lit a cigarette.
“A client requested those guns for his men but since it was late, the ki:dnapper killed his wi;fe. In turn, my cli;ent ki;lled two of my men. One of which was my son, my eldest son and the other one was my nephew.” Haneul stated before taking a long drag of his cigarette.
“Oh, where are my manners?” He stated as he handed the cigarette pack to Taehee. “I am so sorry for your loss, I didn’t know it was that serious, I could have taken over at once.” Taehee said as he took a cigarette stick from the pack.
“I cannot blame you Taehee. We do have our right hand men and we trust that they won’t fail. I don’t think Jihan has ever failed you.”
“Well, he was a reliable young man, he’s bright but there’s a certain kind of darkness with that young alpha, something that is hard to explain.” Taehee mentioned as he took another puff.
“Now that he is gone, I feel a certain type of reprieve but it is still not enough.” Haneul looked at Taehee, squarely in the eyes. “I wouldn’t take Taehyung because my godsister would haunt me beyond her grave but all I ask is that you take care of all future transactions."
They say that there is a certain freedom in riding motorcycles. A certain thrill which makes the adrenaline flow continuously in your body. A certain fear because of the dangers around you. A certain focus you need to reach your destination every time.
Taehyung never had that experience and just being a passenger also requires focus and attention. It requires a certain kind of concentration because he didn't want Jeongguk to lose balance.
It requires a certain kind of peace because the feelings flowing in his body are beyond insane. Well maybe because he is a passenger who has his body molded onto Jeongguk's back.
How all of a sudden he was expected to trust Jeongguk and work with him continuously throughout the entire ride.
For Taehyung, riding as Jeongguk's passenger gives him goosebumps all over his body, more than when he first danced with him
Maybe because he didn't realize that his whole experience is madly, ultimately, extemely more intimate than he anticipated. His senses were on high alert as carnal thoughts started to prevail in his consciousness.
There's teamwork and collaboration happening as he carefully makes sure that his arms are properly wrapped around Jeongguk, which makes this entire experience bone-deep level that more often than not inadvertently bypasses the cerebral cortex.
Taehyung tries to steady his breathing as his chin rests on Jeongguk's shoulder, his chest pressed on Jeongguk's back more comfortably than he should since his thoughts.
And right now, Taehyung comes to a certain conclusion. He comes to the conclusion that riding the motorcycle most especially with Jeongguk is a mixture of fear, calmness, excitement, and this entire experience has changed him already.
He knew it would have been amazing to feel the wind on his face as Jeongguk drove on at a steadier pace, unlike when they first left Seoul.
He knew how this feels as he recalls the numerous times he drove his Mustang convertible as he drove Highway 1 from Half-Moon Bay to Monterey several times during the summer.
The peace and tranquility quiet drives give him is indescribable and now Taehyung is having similar emotions.
Jeongguk steadies the motorcycle with one hand as he raises the face shield. He leaned closer to Taehyung and asked, "are you doing okay my prince?"
Is he doing okay? Well he is far from peachy most especially he has this deadly combination of thoughts that may distract the Alpha. "I am doing good, thank you Jeongguk." He said loudly but with softness.
"Great, we are 10-15 minutes away from the yosae." Jeongguk stated. Taehyung nodded. Yosae. Fortress. He had a conversation with Jihan and Hobi during the ball about the yosae.
Fear suddenly gripped him. His heart started beating rapidly. The words he heard, the picture his imagination painted in his mind suddenly came flooding in his mind. Get a grip, Taehyung, he reminded himself.
He knew for a fact that his father would not just entrust him to Jeongguk if he was a despicable person. They entered a private path to the forest & since it was already night time, Jeongguk drove slower since there were no other lights except the one from their motorcycle.
Taehyung's arms wound around Jeongguk more tightly as they passed an eerie forest road. After several minutes, Taehyung started to see lights from a distance as the road became wider. From afar, Taehyung saw lights filled a huge concrete estate. He held his breath.
He never thought for a yosae to look so different, less threatening. The lights became brighter as they drove nearer. Taehyung's eyes widened with surprise as a huge gated estate welcomed them. "Wow." Taehyung whispered loudly.
"My prince, welcome to my humble home." Jeongguk said. Taehyung was beyond shocked as they gates opened automatically immediately followed by a flooding of bright lights.
Armed men surrounded them as they all bowed when Jeongguk and him rode across the bridge. "Wow," Taehyung says again as they got nearer towards the yosae. (A/N I cannot find a picture of this bridge at night)
"Um Jeongguk, this yosae is humongous." Taehyung said in amazement. "Yes, my prince, it is a large property and hidden at that since we are deep in the middle of Geumjeongsan mountain." The motorcycle stopped with people assisting them. People gathered around them.
"Everyone, Kim Taehyung, son of the Great Alpha of the Kim pack from Seoul will be our guest in the next few weeks." Jeongguk announced. "Annyeonghaseyo!" Taehyung said as he bowed back to all the people.
They walked towards the walkway as they removed their helmets. "Wow." Taehyung kept on saying. He turned his head and asked Jeongguk, "is this yours? All of it?" Jeongguk smiled warmly at him, "it's for my people and maintained by my people but technically yes it's all mine."
Taehyung reluctantly followed Jeongguk. He was unprepared for this magnificence or maybe because he was conditioned that the yosae is somewhere not worth living at. Jeongguk sensed the omega's hesitation. He turned around & held out his hand, "my prince, please, feel at home."
Large oak doors opened and Taehyung gasped at the grand staircase that welcomed him. He looked at Jeongguk and shook his head. For the first time, Jeongguk smiled at him widely, "why are you so amused my prince?" "I have never seen a place this grand." Taehyung exclaimed.
Jeongguk was pleased at what he was seeing. He was seeing an omega that was entrusted to him to care for not only by his father but his mother as well. "Do you wanna tour the rest of the house?" Jeongguk asked the omega whose head hasn't stopped turning.
Taehyung looked at him with tired eyes. "Can you bring me to my room? I am tired." Taehyung asked even if he was resisting to tour the place at that instant.
Jeongguk took his hand and led him up the stairs. Taehyung took a deep breath and emitted pheromones that was indicative of extreme calmness and relief. "Thank you Jeongguk for bringing me here." He said as their hands intertwined.
Taehyung's cheeks warmed as the alpha led the way towards the rooms. "Jeongguk?" Taehyung asked. "Yes, my prince?" He smiled as he proceeded down a hallway. "How many rooms are there in this place?" Taehyung asked as he walked behind Jeongguk.
He glanced over as Taehyung started walking slowly. Jeongguk frowned, Taehyung must be very tired. Without hesitation, Jeongguk scooped Taehyung and carried him. "Wait, Jeongguk, I..." Taehyung yawned. "You are tired." Jeongguk said.
Taehyung nodded as he automatically wrapped his arms around the alpha's neck. He sniffed the alpha's scent relaxing pine scent. "Jeongguk?" "Yes, my prince." Jeongguk said as he used one hand to open the door to a bedroom.
"Put me down please?" Taehyung said. Heaven, he thought as his feet drowned in a very plush high pile rug. Taehyung looked around and looked at Jeongguk. "I will leave you now so that you can change. I asked them earlier when we were at a stop to get my clothes from my room."
"Oh, are we not going to sleep together?" Taehyung asked. "Do you want me to?" Jeongguk arched an eyebrow. Taehyung hid his face away from Jeongguk as he turned around and walked towards the window. Taehyung looked down at his feet.
Why did he even think that he would sleep with you? Taehyung's thoughts swam with confusion. He combed his hair with his fingers and took a deep breath, "it's just that, I thought you would want me to be with you all the time, since you promised Appa you'll take care of me."
Realization dawned on Jeongguk's face. Somehow he understood that maybe Taehyung was afraid after this afternoon's incident. "Okay, my prince, come with me and you'll stay at the master suite with me." Jeongguk said as he gently grabbed Taehyung's hand.
They walked across the second floor of the main house and arrived at the main suite of the house. "My prince, I have to put you down slowly." Jeongguk whispered against Taehyung's ears. Taehyung shivered not because of the cold but because he was thrilled.
He was thrilled because he knew his feelings were evolving faster than he expected most especially when Jeongguk shrugged off his leather jacket, displaying his fully tattooed right arm. Taehyung gulped as memories flash in his mind.
Memories of his heat when he enjoyed every single part of it. He looked at Jeongguk as he opened the door to a very spacious master suite. He looked at Jeongguk, "is it okay if I stay with you?" "I want you to, I just didn't to impose."
Taehyung looked at him intently, curiously, his fascination with Jeongguk increases every moment. Taehyung towards the window as he stared outside the magnificent view outside. He's so hypnotized of the view that he didn't realize that Jeongguk was already standing beside him.
Jeongguk's breath started to tickle Taehyung's neck. The omega's internally cursed as his body warmed. Jeongguk slowly held Taehyung by the waist and in the omega's mind, well, he was already thinking of doing much more.
It seemed that Taehyung's tired body suddenly came back to life. His back was already threatening to curve into him. Taehyung closed his eyes, controlling the pebbling of his nipples, the heat growing from within. Jeongguk's stomach rumbled which made the omega chuckle.
Taehyung then turned to look at him, only to catch Jeongguk staring at him. Taehyung gazed back at the alpha with a big gulp as the intensity of their nearness is getting into him. Suddenly, someone knocked. Taehyung looked at him questioningly.
"My staff knows I get very hungry, maybe it's Lisa bringing me food." Jeongguk said as he removed his arm around Taehyung's waist. Lisa, Taehyung thought. Taehyung heard the glint of fondness from Jeongguk's voice. Lisa. Is she an ally or a competition?
The door suddenly opened. “Alpha?” came a small female voice from behind. Jeongguk slowly walked towards the omega with the tray at hand. He removed his leather jacket and handed it to her. “Come in,” he said to Lisa.
She brought him the tray of food but with her eyebrows furrowed, "Alpha? Why did you make us prepare the other room if he is staying here with you?" Taehyung's blood started to boil. How dare she ask the question to his alpha? His. Is Jeongguk his?
Jeongguk looked at Lisa and winked at her which made Taehyung's anger slowly rise. But what's his claim? He has nothing. Taehyung then slowly walked towards the door. He paused by Lisa and turned towards Jeongguk, "I changed my mind, I think I'd like to be alone."
Jeongguk can hear the disappointment in the omega's voice as he smelled the sour pheromones coming from the omega. Is Taehyung actually jealous? Why should he? He hated the alpha but why did he want him when in fact he once hated him.
Or is he growing on him? Maybe he is growing on him because after his heat, the alpha occupied his thoughts most of the time, not during his sleep. Taehyung started walking away when someone grabbed his hand, "don't leave please?"
Taehyung looked at the alpha's hand on him then towards Lisa who was still standing on the door. "Lisa, this is Taehyung, he is here as my guest and you should attend to him." Jeongguk said as he slowly led Taehyung back to his room once again.
Taehyung saw Lisa arched an eyebrow. "Are you sure he could be trusted? What if he tries to hurt you alpha?" “You do trust me, yes?” Jeongguk asked her. Lisa nodded. “Do you think I’d bring Taehyung here and hurt me or you or the people of the yosae?”
Time passed before Lisa shook her head. “No.” "Then you should trust him like you trust me or.." "Or what?" Lisa smiled at him. There was a certain air of easiness between them which puzzles Taehyung. She didn't look as fearsome as she was, well, flirtatious, Taehyung thought.
"Leave us," Jeongguk said, "let us eat in peace." He said as Lisa placed the food by the table. Taehyung then turned around and realized that Jeongguk's room was double the size compared to where he was brought to at first.
Taehyung then looked at Lisa who was looking at Jeongguk. "As you wish." Lisa said with a sweet smiled on her face. Taehyung's emotions started to eat him as jealousy raged through his blood. Jeongguk gave Lisa a small smile as he was totally aware of the omega in his room.
The omega in his room who kept on emitting pheromones so sour, sour than lemons. Jeongguk slowly walked towards the table with Taehyung still standing by his bed. Taeyhung was looking at his feet and saw dirt on his hands, "can I use your bathroom? I need to wash my hands."
"You can go straight toward the doors and go past the walk-in closet. "Okay." Taehyung slowly opened the door and was welcomed by a grand room, ahem, walk-in closet. How rich is this alpha to have this grand of a house? Yosae?
He walked past the luxurious walk in closet and entered a marvelous creation of a bathroom. At this rate, Taehyung was beyond astonished, was beyond amazed of the grandeur of this place. Who are you, Jeon Jeongguk?
He came back to Jeongguk who was setting up the food but only chair, one plate, one everything. Taehyung stood in the corner of the room and the Alpha knew right away that he was back.
"What are you doing there, my prince?" Jeongguk said as he sat on the chair. He looked at Taehyung. No, he stared at Taehyung. A thread of immense desire crept inside Taehyung that was interrupted by Lisa earlier & what's crazy was Taehyung been anxious to feel his touch again.
"Come, please?" Jeongguk said. Taehyung frowned again, "do you want me to sit in your lap, is that's what's happening?" "What do you think?" Jeongguk looked at Taehyung hungrily. And like any other Omega to his Alpha, he relented.
He tugged and pulled Taehyung from where he was standing. Taehyung then sat across his lap. Taehyung stared at him, a mixture of emotions blooming from the inside. “This is where I want you,” Jeongguk whispered, hugging Taehyung against him.
"Why?" Taehyung asked with his heart rate racing, Jeongguk's groin pressed against Taehyung's hip. Taehyung searched Jeongguk's eyes, searching something from the Alpha. “Because,” he said as he started to nuzzle the crook of Taehyung's neck, “I am yours, only yours.”
“Why'd you say that?" Taehyung shivered with the warm breath on his neck. Jeongguk continued gazing into Taehyung's beautiful almond eyes & slid his fingers under the Omega's hair. “I want you to be mine.” "Am I not?" Taehyung shyly looked at the Alpha.
Then Taehyung remembered Lisa from earlier, "are you sure, you are mine Jeongguk? Are you sure there's nobody else?" Taehyung asked icily, as if his eyes throwing daggers at the Alpha. "Are you actually jealous, my prince?" Jeongguk said, the sour jealous pheromones permeating.
He stared deeply into Taehyung's eyes. Taehyung stared back into his eyes. His breath racing, his forehead sweating even with the cool air conditioning. He shivered as he stared into Jeongguk's lips. It was so near, so tempting.
And there were no other distractions as they were finally alone. Finally alone with Jeongguk's full attention on the omega. "Do I need to be jealous?" Taehyung challenged back.
Jeongguk touched Taehyung's cheek. "You are the most beautiful omega I have ever seen in my life. Don't ever doubt my desire, my attraction, my attention to you, my prince. Do you think I will pull you to sit on my lap where I want you to be if I like someone else?"
Jeongguk hugged Taehyung, "Taehyung, never ever question my intention to you, do you hear me?" “Why?” Taehyung looked at Jeongguk questioningly with his heart pounding faster, louder in his ears.
The omega felt something twitched, it was harder and desire pooled in his abdomen. He started to yearn for his touch and it was beyond addicting.
"I want to protect you, my prince. I want to keep you safe." Jeongguk placed his chin on Taehyung's shoulder with Taehyung's cheek resting against Jeongguk's temple.
Taehyung liked it. In fact, he wants more. "That night at the warehouse, when I found out you were stuck at the rooftop, it almost drove me insane. I could never imagine a life without seeing you anymore." Jeongguk said, gently taking Taehyung's hand and kissing it.
Taehyung felt the alpha's breath on the side of his cheek and how he tried not to succumb to the feeling of Jeongguk's chest pressed against his back.
The alpha wants him and he knows that his omega wants him too. The desire is palpable and Taehyung doesn't know until when he could resist the nearness of the alpha.
Jeongguk's stomach rumbled and somehow Taehyung was grateful for the distraction. With arms around Taehyung, he leaned more on his shoulder as he reached for the chopstick. Taehyung turned around and raised an eyebrow, "want me to feed you Alpha?" He asked seductively.
Taehyung felt Jeongguk's breathing become more uneven. "Are you sure you want to?" Jeongguk asked breathlessly as he took Taehyung's chin and made him turn to him. Taehyung nodded, "as a way to say thank you for saving my life, twice."
Taehyung sat up straight, this time his hips digging deeper against Jeongguk as he took the spicy pork and wrapped it in perilla leaf. He popped it in Jeongguk's mouth with the Alpha's watchful eyes carefully observing the omega.
He popped it in Jeongguk's mouth with the Alpha's watchful eyes carefully observing the omega. Jeongguk quietly scoffed. Who could imagine a ruthless assassin like him, a mafia boss, a trusted ally of the most powerful pack is weakened by only person, this omega, Kim Taehyung.
He was mesmerized by Taehyung's graceful movement and the moles on his face, the eyelashes and his honey skin. He is perfectly divine and Jeongguk would worship him over and over again if the omega would allow him to. "Eat," Jeongguk murmured as he nuzzled under his ear.
Taehyung closed his eyes and shivered. How he wanted to drown in Jeongguk's touches but he knew at this time that his pheromones were already out of control.
He also knew that the alpha desired him as much as he does. “My prince, you are bewitching me with your beauty that I find everything you do mesmerizing, even with the way you eat." Jeongguk said as he thumbed the corner of Taehyung's mouth and licked his finger.
Taehyung swallowed loudly and locked his eyes with the alpha. Their faces were inching nearer when a loud knock then came with Lisa barging inside. "I forgot to bring you dessert." She scowled as she saw Taehyung seated comfortably on the Alpha's lap.
She walked briskly and placed a plate of freshly cut strawberries and whipped cream on the table and hurried out. "You won't be able to avoid her you know? She's everywhere." Jeongguk chuckled.
Jeongguk eyed the empty plate of Spicy pork. He took the glass of water and took a sip and handed it to Taehyung, "drink." Taehyung nodded, amazed at how his omega submits to the alpha. "Taehyung?"
"Yes?" He responded as Jeongguk's breath started tickling his neck. "I really want to get to know you more. I want you to know me too and I value my privacy so much." "What are you trying to say?" Taehyung tried to conceal his excitement.
"I am going to ask Abeonim if I could keep you for a while, here at the yosae." Jeongguk said, "and..." "And?" Taehyung asked Jeongguk. "If I can officially court you, my prince." He said as he placed a light kiss on Taehyung's hand.
-- ♠️ 🖇🔥🖇♠️-- "Tell me, were you able to execute the plan properly." A man said as he twirled a finger on top of his whiskey glass. "I think so." Another man said. "Good. And the Russian?" He took a sip of the whiskey as he walked across the room.
"Hmmm. Yeah, I killed his wife and his business is mine." "Right, why are you doing this again?" "Men like Haneul should fall." The man said as he lit a cigarette.
"You are carrying such a grand plan." "I do and with Taehee's right hand man out of the way, I think the rest of the plan would be seamless." --♠️🖇🔥🖇♠️--
Taehyung was slowly eating the strawberry as slowly as he could to seduce the alpha. 'Is it the proper thing to do?' Taehyung thought as his body craves for the alphas touches.
It had been a few days now and he felt that he wanted more and he very well knew that the alpha craves for him too. Taehyung was always fascinated as a kid with how serious Jeongguk is. He was very respectful towards his parents most especially with his mother.
He used to remember how his Eomma would bring Jeongguk everywhere most especially when it was time for her Saju reading.
But there was already something with the way that Jeongguk looked at him that thrilled him. There was something about the way he was treated that sent shivers down his spine.
Interesting. "Penny for your thoughts?" Jeongguk asked the omega. Taehyung turned to him, "since you said you wanted to court me, umm, I want to know where you have been Jeongguk?"
"I have been everywhere, my prince." Jeongguk said as he took a spoonful of strawberry & whipped cream and carefully placed it in Taehyung's mouth. "Truth be told, when Eomma died and there was a bounty on my head that I didn't eat for days.”
Taehyung looked at him with a certain pang in his heart. Being in California and witnessing a number of homeless people, he knew that going hungry is not something to think lightly about.
Jeongguk left Korea because of his involvement in his mother’s death. He was already sentenced to die without due process and somehow he felt that Jihan was unfair towards his brother.
Taehyung always believed in Jeongguk’s guilt without even hearing what happened but somehow, seeing this lavish lifestyle, maybe he gained something from Kim Seri’s death. He offered another bite, and Taehyung leaned in to take it.
“At least right now, with your state, you can never go hungry,” Taehyung said as he finished chewing. Taehyung frowned. He is confused because in his heart, he felt for Jeongguk but another side of his mind says he is still not absolved of his mother’s death.
Jeongguk looked at the omega seated in his lap. “I can still get hungry,” he murmured as he stared into his lips. “Let me tell you something about myself, dearest prince. My appetite is insatiable and I like to devour big bites. +
I usually eat like I won’t eat another meal. And I do love candy, I unwrap them fast enough so that I can lick and suck until I get to the core, its sweet & juicy core.” Jeongguk whispered in the shell of Taehyung’s ear.
Taehyung shivered, staring at Jeongguk’s lips, hypnotized as he stared with every movement it did. The flick, the lick, the purr of his lips made Taehyung’s lustful gaze land on the alpha’s eyes because he is very well aware that the omega would be his feast and to make love +
with him outside of heat is an out of body experience and Taehyung felt delighted with just the mere thought of it.
Jeongguk’s lips inched nearer with Taehyung’s breathing growing unsteadily with each second. They just sat there still as their gazes drunk them in, they were like statues who just got hypnotized of each others’ presence.
Their lips started grazing at each other when the phone rang. Taehyung released his breath as Jeongguk took the phone from his pants pocket. He placed his arm around the omega, not wanting to let him go as he answered the phone.
Their lips started grazing at each other when the phone rang. Taehyung released his breath as Jeongguk took the phone from his pants pocket. He placed his arm around the omega, not wanting to let him go as he answered the phone.
“Hello, Abeonim?” Jeongguk said, putting the phone on speaker. “Jeongguk, can you put my son on?” “Appa, I am here.” Taehyung stated. “My son, I am glad you arrived at Jeongguk’s yosae peacefully.” “You know about this place, Appa?” Taehyung asked.
“I stay there when I go to Busan, isn’t it such a lovely and peaceful place?” The great Alpha said with pride. “What Jeongguk established there is very remarkable, have you toured the place yet?”
“Appa, we arrived after midnight!” Taehyung exclaimed. Taehee chuckled, “what are you doing awake?” Taehyung bit his lip and looked at Jeongguk from under his lashes, “We were eating.”
“Ah. Okay, go eat, and Jeongguk?” “Yes Abeonim?” Jeongguk asked with dreadful anticipation. T/W D e a t h “I am sorry but Jihan passed.” Kim Taehee stated sorrowfully. Taehyung froze. Jihan is dead.
-- ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🖇❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥-- Taehyung was getting ready for bed when Jeongguk was called to attention by Yuri and Yugyeom regarding a shipment. However, before Taehyung went to bed, Jeongguk tucked him in. “My prince, I want you to sleep tight, I shall return soon.”
“Where are you going, Jeongguk?” Taehyung reached out his hand and slightly tugged Jeongguk’s sleeve, not wanting him to leave. Taehyung was already slightly becoming a wanton omega around his alpha.
Jeongguk sat down and reached for Taehyung’s hair, slowly combing it through his fingers. He is definitely mesmerized by Taehyung’s beauty. “I will be back, my prince. I just have some business to attend to.”
Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows as scooted up and leaned on the headboard. Jeongguk was going to leave him alone, he couldn’t allow it, could he?
“Can I come with you, alpha?” He asked eagerly. Jeongguk gave out a soft laugh as he gently touched Taehyung’s cheek. “No, my prince. You have to sleep and get enough rest. I promise to tour you to the entire yosae tomorrow.”
Taehyung looked away, pouting, “I don’t know if I can fall asleep! Can I just wait for you?” He asked with pleading eyes. He gently leaned toward the omega and stopped by his forehead, inhaling the omega’s scent, lavender.
It was so calming, so soothing and the alpha needed that in his life. His other half but Taehyung doesn’t know that yet. “I will be back before you know it, I promise.”
With a deep sigh, Taehyung positioned head carefully with the plush pillows that surrounded him. “I love your bed though, it has so many pillows.” Taehyung looked at the alpha. He stared deep in his eyes & sweetly smiled and at this time, this gesture had already disarmed him.
Jeongguk was smitten. His resolve is now firm. He will do anything to win this omega, and make Taehyung his, like how he was supposed to after Kim Seri’s saju reading. Jeongguk didn’t stand up yet, but instead, he sang to Taehyung.
Taehyung reached for the alpha’s hand and placed it on his face, as if hugging his arm or maybe just enjoying the scent that wafts in his nose.
He knew that the omega wrote a letter to Taehee. It was weird that day because after accompanying her, she immediately locked herself in the room to write the letter. Taehyung finally stopped resisting the exhaustion of the day.
His eyes closed with Jeongguk staring at him, with his sweet voice lulling him to sleep. The omega was quietly snoring when Jeongguk stood up, but before he did, he leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, “Good night, my prince. Sleep tight.”
With that he stood up and the omega smiled as he pulled the blanket towards his chest. --❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🖇❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥--
Taehyung woke up the next day, reaching out for a warm body to which he had conditioned himself to wake up the next day. Everytime he was around Jeongguk, he just wanted the Alpha to be there with him.
He can’t explain his sudden clinginess, he just wanted this certain alpha to be within his reach. He smiled at the thought of how he is being treated by Jeongguk.
When he was 15 years old, he would always sneak a peek at Jeongguk when the alpha would meet with his father. The alpha who was only 20 years old at that time was always asked by his Eomma to go with her wherever she needed to go.
He never dreamed for himself to be with Jeongguk now because all his life, he had already conditioned himself to be with Jihan because essentially, he was the only person left that is within his age range.
He sat up and looked around the room, surprised not seeing any picture of the alpha. He walked to the window. He drew open the curtains and saw the magnificence of the view from Jeongguk's room.
Wow. The yosae is definitely buried deep within the mountains but the sight is simply tantalizing and breathtaking. The scenic forest within reach sets the perfect tone immediately and everything is just peaceful, beauteous, perfect.
The spectacular forest surrounding the property just goes for miles and miles. Taehyung took a deep breath as if inhaling the fresh forest air, he can live here and be content.
Taehyung walked to the bathroom and saw a fresh batch of clothes neatly placed on the counter with a note on top of it, a note from Jeongguk.
𝘔𝘺 𝘱𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘦, 𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘴𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘴𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶. 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘥 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘸𝘢𝘭𝘬 𝘪𝘯 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘦𝘵. 𝘐 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴 𝘧𝘦𝘵𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘥 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶.
𝘐 𝘩𝘰𝘱𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮. 𝘐 𝘩𝘰𝘱𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 𝘧𝘪𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵. 𝘊𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘥 𝘮𝘦 𝘪𝘯 𝘮𝘺 𝘴𝘵𝘶𝘥𝘺. 𝘐𝘵'𝘴 𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘪𝘳𝘴𝘵 𝘧𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘳, 𝘯𝘦𝘢𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘰𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘢𝘴𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵.
𝘐 𝘤𝘢𝘯'𝘵 𝘸𝘢𝘪𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶, 𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘈𝘭𝘱𝘩𝘢 His Alpha. Taehyung never felt so giddy. Not like this. Never like this. Taehyung cannot stop smiling.
His almond shaped eyes disappeared. He has never felt so elated in his life. Albeit yesterday’s event was unforeseeable and it was the first time he had seen Jihan to act like that. The indifference was very perceptible.
He first felt it when Jihan tried to sweeten his way towards the omega at his mother’s library. Because for the first time in their relationship, he saw the alpha reject him quite quickly in front of his father when in fact, he just promised the world to the omega.
Well, it was good, only when it lasted. Was his feelings for Jihan merely out of convenience? Was what he felt for Jihan just pure friendships, mistaken to be romantic because of their closeness to each other.
Taehyung grabbed the robe & towel, and placed it by the marble stool near the walk-in shower. He turned on the water & felt fresh warm water trickling down his skin. He got excited not because of the idea of a mere shower but the grandness of where he was taking a shower at.
Taehyung finally removed all his clothes and stepped in the luxurious marble shower. He allowed his skin to feel the refreshing water continuously touching his skin. His skin.
No one really touches his skin except for Jihan that night of the masquerade. That was the very first time that he allowed the alpha to touch him like that. That was the first time he became very aggressive with him.
Did he really have feelings towards the omega or was it because of their biology? He lathered himself with the luxurious shower gel, such a refreshing scent lavender really is - well truth be told, it is his scent.
His scent. Jihan once told him he smelled sweet and he believed him, of course. Jeon Jihan, how could you be described? He was the person whom the omega leaned on for 12 years.
He was the only person Taehyung shared all his secrets, but truth be told, Taehyung was the only one who shared everything with him.
truth be told, he doesn’t know anything about the alpha except for his intolerable hatred towards his brother. truth be told, all he told Taehyung was the most probable rejection of his father towards his courtship with the omega.
truth be told, Jihan only showed interest with Taehyung when the latter initiated it. He turned face towards the rainfall showerhead and welcomed the spray of the water.
He then got some shampoo and enjoyed every drop of water that pelted on his skin. He massaged the shampoo on his head, making sure to clean his hair thoroughly. Taehyung then froze, where did he put his phone? Maybe he can use it to call his father.
Call. Taehyung closed his eyes as thoughts of Jihan continued to float on his head. He tried to count the number of times throughout the past twelve years when Jihan called him.
Did Jihan call him at all? Taehyung stopped again. Did he? He shook his head, yes, maybe once, when he asked Taehyung for help at the club, that was it. Taehyung turned off the shower and grabbed the towel placed on the marble stool.
He dried himself and put on a very comfortable outfit. He chose a beige colored sweater and khaki pants and looked at himself in the mirror.
He did not smile this time but instead, maybe he will ask Jeongguk if they can do a tribute to Jihan, only if Jeongguk would allow him to. -- ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🖇❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥--
Kim Taehee was seated at his desk with Seojoon and Hyungsik seated in front of the great Alpha. “Confirmation about Minho and Bogum?” Taehee asked as he took a cigar from the box.
“We haven’t interrogated Bogum yet Abeonim,” Seojoon stated. “What do you want to do with Bogum, Abeonim?” Hyungsik inquired.
T/W ‼️Torture T/W ‼️Infliction of pain Reminder: This is a work of fiction only. “Maybe we can put him in isolation, no food, no light, no clothes, the usual. Maybe he will talk.” The Great Alpha took a sip of his brandy.
Hyungsik and Seojoon stood up at the same time. “Yes Great Alpha, we’ll do it at once.” Hyungsik said. “Make sure he is properly guarded too.” Kim Taehee reminded them both. “How about Minho? He just got out of surgery, Abeonim.” Seojoon asked.
“Double his guards, or maybe set up one of the rooms downstairs to make way for medical equipment. I will just call the Parks to give him clearance to be discharged later. “And then?” Seojoon said as he opened the door.
“Let’s see if he cooperates first.” Hyungsik supplied for the Great Alpha. “Yes, we will see that because with all honesty, we gave him a new life, a chance to survive.
Therefore, maybe, there is a slim chance that he would talk.” Taehee said, drawing the cigar on his lips, “if he doesn’t then do the same to him like Bogum.” He aid with a firm conviction. “Yes Abeonim.” They said in unison as they bowed and left the room.
He slowly opened his drawer and took the letter that Kim Seri wrote him, the same day she died. He took a deep breath and finally found the courage to open the letter, maybe because for his darling omega son.
Taehee finally read the letter and tears fell from his eyes. Why didn’t he read it before? He could have avoided all of these if he knew not to trust his right hand man, well that was Jeon Jihan.
Jeongguk wasn’t able to wait for Taehyung anymore, so instead of waiting for him to go to his study, he headed back to his bedroom. Taehyung was just exiting the room when he saw Jeongguk coming up the stairs.
“Jeongguk?” Taehyung said as he smiled towards the alpha, his heart suddenly leaping with excitement. “I was on my way to you, Jeong…” “I think formalities are cliche, you can call me Gukkie, or Guk, my prince.” Jeongguk reached for Taehyung’s hand and kissed it lightly.
Taehyung doesn’t even know how to react anymore. All he knew was a handsome alpha in leather jacket just kissed his hand. In all honesty, Taehyung wanted to drag him back to the room and continue what was not done last night.
He took a deep breath and stated, “I am ready to tour this property with you.” Jeongguk guided Taehyung towards the entrance, “My prince, this property has five different structures.
The main house, the Coyote Lodge, servants quarters, Ridge house which is a guest house and we have the cabin which is another guest house.”
Jeongguk opened the door to the main house and led him up the stairs. “Since the entire pack is my family, I make sure that they live in comfort because they do work hard for the clan. I have two trusted men, they are Yugyeom and Yuri.
Yugyeom was an old comrade, ever since I started working with Taehee, he was already there for me and Yuri, whom I met in one of my trips to Russia. I saved his life and he said he would take a bullet for me.
You can see the second floor has the living area, kitchen, and dining area and on the farther end, you know where to go - it’s where the eight en suites are. There is one guest room which was supposedly yours but now is a guest room since you are staying with me.”
Taehyung was silently walking, in awe of the commanding presence of the alpha. No wonder his mother used to have a certain liking towards him. He is certainly charming but there is something about him that was truly irresistible.
Maybe it was his confidence. Maybe it was the gentleness in his serious exterior. Maybe it was his love & concern for everyone who lives in this yosae. Jeongguk smiled towards the omega & brought him downstairs, “Down here, you will find the movie theater, pool hall & bar."
Taehyung nodded, still in awe of this man before him. Jeongguk grinned at him and pulled him closer. This time, Jeongguk casually placed his arm on Taehyung’s shoulder. “You can tour the rest of the house when I am not here, you know.”
“Not here?” Taehyung gulped nervously. “I need to attend to some business in two days, my prince.” Jeongguk said as he led Taehyung out of the main house and towards the Coyote Lodge.
“Since we are basically in the middle of the forest, I made sure that we have entertainment for all. You see the yosae is a place for all, the young and the old. It is for everyone.”
They walked towards the lodge and Taehyung was amazed to see a trout stocked pond, outdoor field, large patio, hot tub and playground for the kids. He looked at Jeongguk and beamed at him, “you are amazing, you know?” Taehyung shyly smiled at him.
They went inside the lodge and Taehyung widened his eyes in amazement and mouthed, “wow” to Jeongguk. Jeongguk smiled to see his omega finally enjoying the yosae he built with his blood, sweat and tears.
Taehyung was surprised to see an indoor climbing wall, indoor pool, shooting range, catering kitchen, formal living and dining rooms, teppanyaki dining area, full-sized bar, game room and an indoor baseball field.
“How did you manage, this is an expensive property, Gukkie?” Taehyung exclaimed. Gukkie, Jeongguk smiled with how Taehyung just regarded him with.
“I built it one day at a time, a building a year. This property took five years to complete, my prince.” Jeongguk said proudly. “It is a joint effort of the pack members for the pack members.
It is rewarding indeed because the grandness of this is concealed to anyone else because we are deep in the mountains.” Jeongguk explained. “Brilliant!” Taehyung regarded Jeongguk highly.
Jeongguk just smiled at Taehyung. As they walked towards the Ridge house, Taehyung saw someone doing martial arts. Taehyung turned to Jeongguk and asked, “when you are gone, can you please allow one of your men to teach me martial arts? Please?
Jeongguk smiled at Taehyung’s initiative. “Why is that Tae?” Jeongguk asked curiously. “You see, when we were escaping, I felt helpless. My father was supposedly the most respected pack leader in our country but what about me?” Taehyung frowned, admitting to the truth.
“I want to learn how to handle a gun, sword, martial arts, teach me everything Jeongguk!” Jeongguk nodded, “I see I am going to bring my other men instead of Yuri and Yugyeom.”
“No!” Taehyung countered, “how many days are you going to be gone anyways?” “Maybe, two weeks, give or take.” Jeongguk looked into Taehyung’s eyes. “No, that is too long!” Taehyung pouted.
“Why are you clingy, my prince? Are you maybe developing feelings for me?” Jeongguk teased the omega. Taehyung was not prepared for Jeongguk to be so direct, he was speechless, “I am your guest. You promised my father that you will take care of me, and now, you are leaving me?”
Taehyung does have a valid point. “Okay, how about one week?” Jeongguk suggested. “I may have a surprise for you when I come back.”
Taehyung lightened a little, looking forward to his surprise but that was not enough. He needed him here by his side.
Taehyung shook his head, he doesn’t even know what’s happening to him right now. It’s as if he is a new person, all of a sudden depending on his life with someone he used to hate before.
“I was hoping you would say you already fell in love with me. That somehow I have hope that I already may own your heart.” Jeongguk looked wistfully at the omega.
He got angry at Jeongguk when he said the word love before but right now, the omega is aching to hear it from him. Is he just plainly fickle? Or maybe his feelings started growing ever since the alpha came back.
They spent the entire day together. Jeongguk was introducing Taehyung to all the people while the latter just smiled and bowed. Taehyung enjoyed knowing Jeongguk’s people because somehow in this yosae, he feels he finally belongs.
They retired to their rooms when 8 pm rolled around. Taehyung walked outside the walkway with a tray of tea in hand. He placed it on the table & tilted his head, inviting the alpha to join him. The alpha who was just leaning on the doorframe, watching the omega enjoy the day.
It was different seeing Taehyung like this. It is as if Taehyung finally felt he was home. “Come, join me, Alpha.” Taehyung gazed directly into the alpha’s eyes.
The alpha nodded and did not remove his gaze from the omega. They sat down just staring at each other.
Jeongguk finally broke their reverie when he removed his jacket and placed it on Taehyung’s shoulders, “it’s getting cold, my prince. Should we head inside?” Jeongguk sounded hopeful, maybe his omega could give him even as small as a peck on the lips.
Taehyung nodded, reaching out towards the alpha. The alpha clasped his fingers against his which made the omega’s heart beat twice as fast. Breathe Taehyung, it’s just his hands.
--❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🖇❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥-- Discipline and Control These are two virtues that made Jeongguk survive the twelve years as he roamed around the world,lost and alone. It was absolutely interesting how he was able to survive the harsh realities that the world welcomed him with.
It was absolutely interesting because he decided to return to Kim Taehee when he was practically disowned and judged by the family he decided to run to when his own parents were not following the code.
He practiced discipline in order to survive because discipline is not easy to master. Discipline just from the word itself required training of the mind & the heart, & a certain willingness, certain dedication, certain commitment to developing a very strong sense of character.
And with discipline came control. Jeongguk considers control as the practice of discipline. It is what made him powerful. It was what made him respected. It was what made him successful, and right now, he thinks these two virtues are what made him who he is today.
It had been a week since he left Busan to deal with the receipt and delivery of the shipment they received overseas. He made sure to check all the f!rearms he received to be delivered to Romanian clients.
T/W ‼️ Mention of K!lling ‼️ In addition, he wanted to trace the origins of the assassin who k!lled Kim Seri because he wasn’t content with just the mere death of the nameless person whose head was blown into pieces a few months ago at a party hosted by Kim Taehee.
He discovered some vital information about the old pack which the assassin used to belong to, now the only challenge was for Jeongguk to find the pack, because for all he knew, the pack already disappeared on the face of the earth.
His trip to Seoul was also favorable as he talked to Kim Taehee about Jihan. Coward. He thought he was because he could have sought the permission of the pack leader to court Taehyung, but he did not.
He wanted to do it properly. He also wanted to make sure that somehow, he is able to obtain Taehyung’s trust even if it is a small amount of trust.
The Land Rover that Yugyeom was driving jostled when they pulled off the main freeway. It's interesting how the way to the yosae was discrete, private. The SUV entered the lush, green mountains, its vibrant colors depicted a perfect contrast against the clouds.
T/W ‼️Death‼️ Jeongguk couldn't forget that day when he saw Kim Seri, the monarch of the family, dead inside their bedroom. He saw the man who assassinated the mother he treated as his own. But he was not fast enough to catch him because he allowed his emotions to overtake him.
Kim Seri was more than a mother. She was a good listener and a good friend. He took a jewel from inside their room and placed it in a duffel bag. He remembered grabbing enough money from the vault just enough to let him survive as he found the assassin.
But he acted too slow because Taehyung saw him standing by Seri’s dead body. He didn’t want to leave her like that, but the rage in his veins, he wanted to seek out justice, but he didn’t want to let go of the mother who treated him well.
Kim Taehyung. What words could he use to describe the handsome lad who caught his eyes? Of course, he cannot say anything as Taehyung was just a teenager. But he kept his eyes on him. Besides, he was assigned to take care of Kim Seri and Taehyung.
Reminiscing of his adventures with Kim Seri was an absolute delight because she was one amazing woman. She was sophisticated, smart, level-headed, wise, and compassionate.
Jeongguk’s heart raced with excitement as he looked forward to seeing the person his heart sought for one week, who his arms ached for to hold, who his hands longed to touch, who his lips craved to taste. It was mind-blowing, just being with Taehyung.
Their SUV entered the gates of the yosae, and Jeongguk just wanted to jump out of the car and run towards the arms of his beloved.
--❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🖇❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥-- The chirping symphony of the cicadas and crickets filled the late afternoon air. Taehyung’s forehead pooled with sweat even amidst the cool breeze as he tried to maintain his stance, mirroring Yuri’s movements.
It was the fifth day of his self-defense lessons. He insisted Jeongguk have them before he left a week ago. It was something to keep him occupied and focused.
There was a certain sense of relief knowing that Jeongguk was not around because Taehyung was able to enjoy the yosae on his own.
He found a huge library filled with books, he enjoyed watching movies at the theater of the main house and somehow even found friendship with Lisa, which he found particularly odd.
Lisa was taking online classes when Taehyung found her at the library. She was having difficulty with management accounting, which Taehyung was a master at.
So, after seeing Lisa struggle for a bit, he asked if she needed help, which she willingly agreed to, and from that time, Lisa had been more bearable to be around with.
In fact, it was more than bearable since Lisa made sure she attended to Taehyung’s every need. She even accompanied him at times when he wanted to ride with the horse around the fortress or take hikes nearby.
T/W ‼️Sexual Traff!cking‼️ They talked about his life in the US, and Lisa divulged to him how she came to the yosae. Jeongguk saved her from being sold. She almost became a survivor of sex ual traff!cking.
Lisa admitted that sometimes she comes off as flirtatious towards Jeonnguk. Well, it was only because Jeongguk who helped her talk again. Taehyung didn't know whether to be jealous or to be proud because what Jeongguk was doing to all these people was actually very remarkable.
“Taehyung, focus,” Yuri shouted at him. “I am tired, Yuri, and it’s already late, I can hardly see anything anymore.” Taehyung voiced out.
“Well, pay attention and be fast! If you didn’t dilly dally, we would have been done earlier.” Yuri retorted back.
“Instead of complaining that my stance is wrong, can you just position my arms and legs?” Taehyung took a deep breath as he looked at the Russian who was patiently training him.
“I value my life, Taehyung, I will never touch you. Jeongguk is a very jealous alpha. Actually, this is the first time I have seen him like this.” Yuri mused loudly. Lisa strolled by and waved at me with a blushing Yuri in the foreground.
Yuri must like Lisa. Hmm, what a perfect matchmaking project. Someone tapped his shoulder, and his emotions went haywire because for the first time in days, he smelled the comfort of home, Jeongguk is back.
“You’re back.” Taehyung turned around breathless, looking into Jeongguk’s eyes. His gaze held Taehyung there, on his spot. Jeongguk’s brown eyes stared into Taehyung's, the color of his eyes as rich as chocolate with honey pouring on it,
and what was absolutely disarming was the way Jeongguk looked at Taehyung because his gaze, his look, his stare just mesmerized the latter. Jeongguk grabbed Taehyung and gathered him into his arms, “I missed you, my prince,” he whispered softly.
“What took you so long?” Taehyung pouted, not caring if there were other people looking at them already. “I will tell you later. I am famished, do you want to have an early dinner with me?” Jeongguk asked Taehyung, who was already blushing furiously.
Taehyung just nodded. “I want to spend time with you, my prince.” Jeongguk stated, his voice lower and huskier as he pulled away from their embrace and reached for his hand instead.
Taehyung stood frozen. A barrage of emotions filled him as he was both confused and exhilarated. He still tried to deny his feelings for Jeongguk because he knew that he was starting to become too deep.
Jeongguk stepped forward and reached out. He ran the backs of his fingers along Taehyung’s cheek, which made him shiver with excitement.
He cupped Taehyung’s chin, and Taehyung’s body was traitorous as heat raced throughout his body. He missed Jeongguk, and he knew somehow, he had to learn to admit his feelings. Well, Jeongguk should do it first.
“Let’s go, my prince, I am really famished, not just for food.” Jeongguk held Taehyung’s gaze as he tugged him towards his body. Taehyung just nodded because he knew what was going to come, and he started to prepare his heart for it.
Dinner was absolutely delightful because they shared it with the rest of the people from the yosae. There was laughter and singing. Everyone was rejoicing for the return of their humble leader. Taehyung was just observing how the pack leader treats his people.
Jeongguk may be strict and composed when he is around his people, but he has a gentle heart, and that is the most attractive of them all. During moments of solitude, Taehyung tried to recall his emotions for Jihan.
He wanted to resolve his thoughts and emotions towards the late alpha. Because in his heart, the old crush he had towards the person holding his hand firmly intensifies every second, every minute, every hour.
“Did you train with Yuri?” Jeongguk leaned towards him. All of a sudden, everyone in the room disappeared. Taehyung definitely felt his heartbeat pulsing in his ears. His vision darkened, only zooming in towards the person whose attention was only his.
Taehyung turned to Jeongguk and nodded as he tried to remember how to breathe around Jeongguk’s presence.
“Do you want to head upstairs?” Jeongguk asked, pushing the chair. He turned towards the people within their vicinity and said, “we are going to retire. Have a good night, everyone.”
a/n I was so busy writing that I forgot to add the chapters on each part and I am so sorry and I guess, it's never too late. see below for the chapter beginnings.
CHAPTER TEN POSSESSION Jeongguk and Taehyung went upstairs with Taehyung’s heartbeat reverberating in his ears. The scents emanating from them both were already intensifying. It was overwhelming in fact, and Taehyung knew what was about to happen.
He had been anticipating it ever since the moment he rode on the motorcycle with Jeongguk and agreed to go with him to Busan. He wanted him. He had been craving for him.
Heat or not, he knew that his body would never respond to anyone else except for him. Taehyung furrowed his brow as he walked up the last step of the stairs, Jeongguk hasn’t said a word since they left the dining hall.
“How was your trip?” He initiated. Jeongguk looked at Taehyung’s handsome face, he’s hypnotized every single time. He even forgets he is a pack leader, a fearsome one at that. And Taehyung looked back at him.
He knew very well in the depths of his heart that this man, this alpha, he’s aware that Jeongguk had come into their lives with a purpose. He walked this earth to be as beautiful as he was dangerous.
Most importantly, Taehyung knows that Jeongguk wanted him, and just the mere thought of it makes his heart flutter wildly.
“Business was done in Seoul, and well, I met with your dad, you know, to have a debrief of the car chase and Jihan’s death.” He stated as he slowly opened the door with Taehyung in tow behind him, and his eyes did not leave Taehyung.
Taehyung then wondered if Jeongguk’s voice was different. It was different a while ago when they were conversing in the dining hall with others, but now, Taehyung noticed that Jeongguk’s voice definitely got a little lower, more huskier.
Taehyung at this time was feeling uncertain because he feared that his imagination had gotten a little wilder just thinking about his voice, or maybe he got distracted from the heat of Jeongguk’s eyes.
“I need to take a shower, my prince. I think the dirt and grime on my body is not worthy to be hugged.” Jeongguk said, wondering if Taehyung would take the bait. He wanted him so much but was unsure if Taehyung would want him the way he wanted him.
Taehyung, suddenly emboldened, took a step toward him and said, “You’re wrong about that.” He sucked in his breath and shivered. He definitely knew what he was getting himself into.
Jeongguk then laid a finger against Taehyung’s lips. “What do you mean, my prince?” Their eyes met, and both of them did not want to remove their gazes from one another.
Taehyung walked towards the walk-in closet, and Jeongguk caught him, hugging Taehyung from behind, “tell me, what was I wrong about?” Jeongguk’s breath felt hot against his neck, and Taehyung stilled.
He became frozen because this time, Jeongguk trailed small kisses on his lower earlobe. Taehyung turned around, and the scent coming from him was so intoxicating that Jeongguk’s gaze became filled with lust. He would not be able to control himself anymore.
Jeongguk placed his hands on Taehyung’s tiny waist with the latter resting his hands on Jeongguk’s chest. Their lips inched one second at a time as anticipation got hold of them.
Jeongguk’s eyes stared at him, and Taehyung knew that it was filled with desire and a certain need towards him. Taehyung then realized, Jeongguk’s beautiful brown eyes exude protection, security, safety, patience, respect, and maybe, there’s love there too.
Jeongguk, then, combed his fingers through his hair as he slowly inched his face a little bit closer. Jeongguk gazed into Taehyung’s beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and when he saw Taehyung bite his lower lip, his conscious efforts to control himself flew out of the window.
Jeongguk kissed Taehyung with an unimaginable sense of urgency but gentle, earnest. Jeongguk made sure to kiss him, sharing breath, chest pressed against each other.
Taehyung whimpered when Jeongguk flicked his tongue inside his mouth, & at that time, Jeongguk finally felt the confidence to finally claim him fully. Their lips still latched on to each other, and Jeongguk walked him backward towards the bathroom.
Taehyung melted slowly as they kissed like there was no tomorrow, like their lives depend on it. Their tongues danced, both gentle, yet demanding and for Taehyung, these strong emotions were definitely something he had never experienced yet.
Jeongguk’s kiss melted every square inch of Taehyung’s body. Taehyung’s body just simply dissolved in his embrace, & at this time, Taehyung could not withhold himself anymore as his fingers grip his hair, allowing him to be closer, +
as if he cannot exist without his warmth, without his presence. Jeongguk’s vein started throbbing with passion at the same time his heart raced. Jeongguk knew that he’s a very attractive alpha and he had a fair share of women as he traveled all over the world.
But in his travels and experience, Jeongguk never wanted anyone like this before. They finally broke the kiss and Jeongguk pulled him towards the shower, “is this okay, my prince? I want to take a shower with you, only if you allow me to.”
Taehyung just nodded because there was no point in denying him anymore. Jeongguk turned on the shower and whipped his attention back quickly to Taehyung. Taehyung who was trying to anticipate the Alpha's every move.
Jeongguk pushed Taehyung back against the wall and kissed him with all intensity. The weight of Jeongguk's body pressing against Taehyung was extraordinary because for the first time outside of Taehyung's heat, he could feel him, all of him.
Taehyung's pheromones wafted in the air and Jeongguk filled with a lust incomparable. Jeongguk was filled with passion that he just wanted to breathe him, kiss him, lick him, devour him, own him.
For Jeongguk, Taehyung's lips taste like a nectar of honey dripping down from the heavens and he cannot just get enough of him. "Taehyung, you taste so good." Taehyung's roaming hands touched Jeongguk's face and there was a little bit of stubble, something he hadn't seen.
It rubbed against his skin and it tickled but he didn't pay any attention to any of it because right now, Taehyung feels wonderful. The scent that Taehyung was releasing continuously made Jeongguk feel heady and sublime.
It smelled so delectable that something buried deep down in the recesses of Jeongguk's brain just wanted to control, to pounce, to claim. Taehyung shivered when Jeongguk lifted him up, his back against the wall.
Jeongguk's hands under Taehyung's thighs, his legs widely spread around his hips. Jeongguk lightly tugged at Taehyung's lips, he bit and nipped his lips, his jawline, and his neck. Jeongguk hovered near Taehyung's scent glands. He was licking his skin, tasting his scent.
And Taehyung's head fell back against the wall. He swam and enjoyed Jeongguk enjoying his body. "More Jeongguk, I like it, ngggghhh." He said as he exposed more of his neck to him.
"You like it? Tell me, my prince, how do you like it?" Jeongguk murmured just below Taehyung's ears and Taehyung's sense of desperation showed even more when he pulled him tighter towards him with his heels.
Jeongguk was definitely surprised with Taehyung's advances as he felt his groin pressed against his all the more. A burst of arousal spread through his hard length.
They grind against each other and Jeongguk just growls. "Tell me, Taehyung, do you want me to finally own you? Outside of your heat?"
Taehyung turned his attention towards their clothes, all soaking wet and he felt Jeongguk's stiff cock and painfully hard as they continually pressed their bodies against each other. "I want you, Jeongguk. Only you and no one else."
Jeongguk carefully bites his scent glands, marking him, owning him, claiming him and Taehyung cried but it was not because of the pain but from intense delight, the alpha was finally possessing him, "Jeongguk, nnnngh.."
Blood dripped on the floor but Jeongguk's kisses soothed the pain. Jeongguk quietly smiled, now Taehyung was his. Jeongguk wanted to worship him, lick his sweet, hot skin, to plunge into him over and over again, with fingers and tongue and c0ck–
The only thing that was standing was the fabric keeping them apart. Taehyung's head spun as he quickly removed Jeongguk's shirt and was aroused, so much that everything was a blur. He quickly tossed the shirt aside.
His hands traveled on Jeongguk's chest, in awe of the smooth muscular chest and Jeongguk's senses soared. "Raise your arms," Jeongguk demanded, as he slowly put him down but Taehyung still had one leg wrapped around his hip.
Jeongguk removed his shirt quickly. "You are beautiful Taehyung," he said, grazing his fingers on his honey-colored skin and with that, Jeongguk's lips went back to Taehyung's. Taehyung matched the rhythm of his mouth to his, they kissed deeply.
And both of them are aware of the growing thickness in both their pants. Pants. Taehyung unbuckled Jeongguk’s belt as Jeongguk pulled down Taehyung’s joggers.
Jeongguk’s fingers then rested on the garter of Taehyung’s boxers and lowered them slowly and Taehyung moaned, he just cannot get enough of Jeongguk’s touches on his skin.
Both fully naked now, "Let's shower fast, I want to take you to bed, my prince." Jeongguk whispered as he reached for the shower gel and squeezed a right amount on the loofah.
Taehyung didn't want to, he just wanted Jeongguk's lips on him but he needed to shower too after training with Yuri. “But I want you.”Taehyung pouted. Although his insides were burning with desire, Jeongguk wanted to shower so badly first.“I want you too, believe me, my prince."
He handed the loofah to Taehyung and said, “scrub my back.” Jeongguk turned around and for the first time, Taehyung saw the scars on his back.
He softly touched them with his heart aching for the alpha. He kissed each of his scars, trying to impart to Jeongguk that he was here now and he would care for him.
They quickly showered because the anticipation building between the both of them was too overwhelming to bear. Jeongguk quickly rinsed him and Taehyung.
Jeongguk grabbed his robe and covered Taehyung. He took a towel and dried his hair, and placed another one on his towels on his waist, hanging beautifully on his hips.
He lifted Taehyung and looked at him before kissing him once again. There was no turning back now for both of them, because, they knew after tonight, they would be one.
The kiss was hot and sloppy and wonderful, and Taehyung melted once again as he moaned into Jeongguk’s mouth. Jeongguk shivered as he found everything that Taehyung was doing erotic beyond belief.
They made their way somehow to the bed, and Jeongguk growled. He swiped the robe to the side, and Taehyung just spread his legs wider as he wrapped his thigh around Jeongguk’s hips.
Jeongguk had one hand on Taehyung’s thigh, making him shiver. Jeongguk’s hand went between his legs, and Taehyung arched his back and moaned.
Jeongguk then bent over him, kissing him, enjoying his lips but then his lips left Taehyung’s and moved over to the side of his cheeks, then his ears then started to move to his exposed neck. He started licking the skin over his scent glands.
Taehyung whimpered because he needed him closer, “Alpha, please.” Taehyung begged, now his head was ready to burst because he is becoming too insensible with want. Jeongguk then took Taehyung’s mouth in a savage kiss as Jeongguk’s tongue thrust into his mouth at once.
Taehyung groaned as their tongues eagerly twined and Taehyung felt himself get wetter, with his slick dripping, getting ready for Jeongguk to enter him. The room was finally filled with the intoxicating scents of pine and lavender.
“You know, my prince, your smell, it makes me crazy.” He stated with eyes dark and hungry as he licked his lips. Jeongguk then placed his fingers in Taehyung’s mouth as his lips started to travel. “Do you want me to suck your fingers, alpha?”
Jeongguk nodded as he started licking down towards his body. “I like tasting your body, my love.” He licked all the way down until his head was in between his thighs.
Jeongguk spread his legs wider and licked his lips. “I want to taste you, badly, my prince.” Jeongguk whispered against Taehyung’s inner thighs, making him tremble, “I want to taste you, my love.”
Jeongguk’s lips finally made contact with Taehyung’s erection, he started kissing his c0ck, tongue tracing his sensitive skin.
Taehyung arched his body while fisting the sheets with his hand because his head cannot contain the rapturous delight that continuously spread all over his body.
Jeongguk sucked his crown which made Taehyung cry aloud. “So close, alpha, so close.” Taehyung muttered as desire started to coil tightly in his belly. Jeongguk’s tongue traveled towards Taehyung’s pink hole and he lapped shallowly with slick dripping from the hole.
Taehyung was not able to contain himself anymore as he gasped loudly when he came. “Fck, Jeongguk, feels so fcking good, nggggghhh, please.”
He closed his eyes and stars burst like fireworks. He trembled as his tongue continued to lick his hole and his other hand stroked Taehyung’s c0ck, milking it as juices flowed out of his shaft.
Jeongguk licked his lips as he slowly climbed, & aligned his body against Taehyung’s once again. He crushed his mouth with him, & Taehyung could taste his own scent on his lips. Jeongguk’s hand traveled towards Taehyung’s hardened nipples as it continued to grow hard, & tight.
Jeongguk all of a sudden left Taehyung's lips and slowly trailed kisses on his chest. He settled on the buds of Taehyung's nipples and licked, flicked and bit them, making Taehyung moan loudly once again.
Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, moaning with half-lidded eyes. And Jeongguk slowly scooted up again and gazed into Taehyung's beautiful eyes. “Mine,” he growled, as he slowly bit into Taehyung’s scent gland again. Taehyung’s eyes fluttered as he writhed in pain and delight.
Jeongguk slid his hand down the curve of Taehyung’s waist as he pulled him closer. “Mine.” Their eyes met as Jeongguk as he pulled Taehyung’s leg over his shoulder, exposing his wet hole.
The head of his cock brushed over his hole and the buzz from Taehyung’s skin spread, feeling blood rush from his brain to every inch of nerve ending, his slick dripping continuously with his c0ck once more erect with need.
He aligned his fully erect c0ck with his entrance, rubbing the tip of his erection on his hole, through the slick fluid that dripped from his hole.
Every nerve in Taehyung’s body hummed as the crown breached his entrance at last. It was so thick that he felt like he was being totally filled. “Jeongguk, more, I want more.” He said as he moaned against his ear.
Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jeongguk’s neck as he felt Jeongguk draw back - and thrust. Each movement of his cock made it more intoxicating for Taehyung. Inch by inch, he sank deeper into him with his hole stretched over his c0ck. It was much more than Taehyung imagined.
Taehyung’s mouth opened as a strangled moan escaped his lips when Jeongguk started pounding into him again and again. He thrusted in and out as Jeongguk’s swollen member mercilessly stimulated his prostate making him moan and wail louder and and louder.
Jeongguk pounded in and out of his hole and Taehyung was over the moon. He felt fullness with his c0ck in him and with their clashing lips. Everything felt right as Jeongguk’s chest was filled with a warm satisfaction.
Taehyung never failed him for he met him thrust for thrust as he picked up the tempo and he came suddenly once again, this insatiable need for the alpha was just making his head spin as he gasped and shuddered with pleasure exploding all over.
“Mine,” Jeongguk with a smirk as his teeth nipped at Taehyung’s earlobe, slowly moving towards the column of his throat. No one stopped him, not even Taehyung as he sucked Taehyung’s skin leaving bruises, marking him.
Jeongguk then grabbed his hips as he pounded into Taehyung. Taehyung was panting with his fingernails raking down the Alpha’s back, all desperate and wanting. “Mine,” Jeongguk whispered as his darkened gaze looked into Taehyung’s as he continued to slide in and out.
Jeongguk moaned as he felt his orgasm coming, so he braced himself by intertwining his fingers against Taehyung's. His lips crashed to Taehyung’s as he jerked in his arms, letting out a deep groan, “My prince, nggggghhhh” Jeongguk cried as he filled Taehyung with cum.
The alpha came and it went on and on for ages, until he was empty, he laid beside Taehyung, still panting with Taehyung’s cum coating his chest. He had his hand in Jeongguk’s hair, cradling his head as he turned to the alpha and looked deep into his eyes and whispered, “Yours.”
Yours. Taehyung looked deeply into his eyes and he was blissful. Somehow, somewhere he knew that he was Jeongguk's. It was something he knew even when was young. He just melted with Jeongguk's every look, every touch and now, he felt complete. Jeongguk completed him.
CHAPTER ELEVEN COLLUSION Acclimation The physiological response an individual undergoes to minimize the effects of stressors or extraneous stimuli.
Organisms acclimate themselves to the environment when they transfer habitats and that’s how humans are too, when they move homes, or work, or schools.
Taehyung is kind of used to this as he moved from Seoul to Santa Cruz, from Santa Cruz back to Seoul and finally from Seoul to Busan, all temporary, however, he had to acclimate himself every time he moved.
But for him, this time, here at the yosae, there's something different, something more, something so much more. There's that feeling of permanence, a feeling he didn't try to avoid because, it may mean that he wants to set his feet firmly on the ground for a while, longer.
Taehyung started being more involved at the yosae. He helped Lisa with her schooling and amazingly, Jeongguk started consulting with him, regarding the accounting of his businesses. Businesses. Plural.
Yes and Taehyung was surprised because initially he thought that all pack related businesses might be shady, well, with the exception of his father who owns his own telecommunications company, he just thought maybe, in general, it’s just all illegal.
He was even surprised that Jeongguk owns small businesses for his people at the yosae, a cooperative. Taehyung sat at Jeongguk’s study as he perused the accounting details of his company.
Jeongguk entrusted him this most especially as he is always out and about, dealing with his smaller businesses, helping his father and at the same time, Jeongguk manages his own shipping terminal at the Port of Busan.
Upon seeing all these, Taehyung realized well, Jeongguk’s businesses are more than marginally profitable, because who would have thought that this Alpha, this pack leader is lucrative as well. Taehyung took a sip of the tea that he made earlier as he swam deep in his thoughts.
He had learned such a great deal about Jeongguk in the past three months of his stay here at Busan. He, too, is astounded, as he never found anything dull or boring because there were just so many things to do which made Taehyung’s admiration for Jeongguk exponentially grow.
Of the twelve years that Jeongguk was gone from their lives, there were so many remarkable things that he achieved. Taehyung chuckled. Who would have thought that Jeongguk went to business school when he stayed in the US.
He actually was a business graduate from Washington State University and he took his MBA from the University of Tokyo while building the yosae.
Taehyung found out that Jeongguk wanted to reach out to him when he learned that Taehyung went to UC Santa Cruz when in fact, Jeongguk was considering taking his masters at either Stanford University or Santa Clara University, both of which are near Santa Cruz.
But Jeongguk didn’t because he thought that in the grander scheme of things, he needed to find the assassin first before seeing Taehyung again.
Every night, whenever he is home, aside from the beautiful trysts, Jeongguk made sure that they talk about themselves from the 12 years that they were apart.
Taehyung placed the tea on the table as he tried to focus more on his work but for some crazy reason, maybe the absence of a certain Alpha, he was distracted so much.
His mind wandered from the conversations that they previously had at night and the warmth of Jeongguk’s touch which he is kind of missing a lot right now. It has been three months since Taehyung arrived at the yosae and finally he was able to convince his +
father to come visit him this weekend, which is in two days. Taehyung is used to not seeing his father for long periods of time but for some reason he is missing his father much more than he expected.
What was much more surprising for Taehyung was Kim Taehee being comfortable leaving him with Jeongguk. Never in his wildest imagination would his father trust Jeongguk like this.
Because he never trusted Jihan the way his father does with Jeongguk. And what’s more amusing was when his father just shrugged off the knowledge that they sleep in the same bedroom. Nope, his father did not flinch or react or change his tone of voice.
It’s mind boggling in general because he knew his father to be overbearing at best, just like the way they argued after the way they argued after the masquerade about Jihan, but with Jeongguk, there’s not a single peep about him.
Is there anything more that his father knows about Jeongguk or has his father made up his mind already even when Jeongguk came back?
Taehyung leaned back against his desk chair and looked around Jeongguk’s study which he had already expressed several times to the alpha that he admires the way this office at the yosae was set-up.
Actually the entire yosae was far from how Jihan described it in the beginning. It’s not at all frightful or glum or horrific. In fact, everything was designed with such meticulous refinement. Taehyung shook his head whenever he was reminded of Jeongguk.
It’s just that Jeongguk looks so fierce and serious most especially with other people even with his men, two of which are his most trusted, Yugyeom and Yuri but with him, Jeongguk is just different when it comes to Taehyung.
Even in the presence of the people from the yosae, he’d be different when Taehyung is around. Lisa was teasing Taehyung because Jeongguk would just freeze like a statue whenever he was around.
Jeongguk has the same effect on him but it was more like an internal struggle but his pheromones say otherwise that is why they decided to take short-term scent blockers whenever they were around the people of the yosae during lunches or dinners.
Well, because their scents can be so overwhelming at time times and they just don’t feel awkward when they are around them. How awkward is being awkward? Taehyung muses as his fingers click-clack across the keyboard.
Jeongguk’s corporate accountant just started maternity leave and instead of assigning someone to act the position, Taehyung convinced him to just give it to him as he wanted to become productive.
Taehyung blushed at the thought of how he begged Jeongguk to make him do it because instead of pleasuring his alpha, his alpha showed him gratefulness like no one could ever imagine. It will be different when Jeongguk released his knot though.
He shivered because he knew it was going to happen soon when he would finally allow him. “Knock knock,” Lisa entered Jeongguk’s study. “Hey Lili, what’s up?” Taehyung looked at Lisa walking towards him.
“I was thinking of cooking something for you when your father visits, just to say thank you for helping me with my classes. And for being grateful for having raised an only child like you this way, so humble and nice and come to think of it,+
you are the son of the most powerful pack leader in Korea and you are the nicest, most unspoiled child and I was rude to you and you didn’t deserve that,” Lisa said as she sat in front of Taehyung, crossing her legs and stretching her hands across the table.
Taehyung smiled at Lisa and reached out for her fingers. Lili, he had been calling her Lili ever since they started getting close and now, she had told him a lot about the traumatic experience she experienced.
Taehyung had never been more understanding because in actuality, Lisa had never really talked to anyone about this, not even Jeongguk. “Surprise me Lili, cook what you want and for sure, I will like it.” Taehyung squeezed her hand.
“When will Jeongguk come back anyway?” Lisa asked him. Taehyung released her hand and saved his spreadsheet. He locked at the clock, 4 pm. It’s time for his combat training.
He shut off the computer and looked at Lisa, “He’ll come back the day before my Appa visits in two days, I guess?” They walked outside of the study and started walking outside.
They were on the way to the Coyote Lodge where Taehyung would train with Yuri and Lisa would start with her online classes at the conference room there.
Taehyung frowned. It had been two days since Jeongguk left and typically he’d call Taehyung 3-4 times a day, to check up on him, ask how he’s been and they would talk because Jeongguk found a different kind of solace when he is with Taehyung.
He would talk to Taehyung about what happened in the day or if he found a lead to save more women. T/W Sex Trafficking Yes, aside from managing his business, Jeongguk continues to look for women who are pimped for prostitution.
And somehow, Jeongguk does not want to stop. He had been on the road for a few days now and Taehyung just received texts instead of his usual calls. He stated that this mission this time is more dangerous and that they need to be more covert.
In the past, Jeongguk would text him with every successful transaction but this time, it was just silent. He arrived at his training spot where Yuri was waiting patiently for him.
Taehyung looked at his combat trainer, all serious and dedicated. However, he became a little comfortable with him and started to talk more about life. He got a little closer and noticed the scars on Yuri's face. “Yuri, can I ask you a question?” Taehyung asked carefully.
“What is it?” He looked at Taehyung. “Where did your scar come from?” Taehyung asked him as he stood in his fighting stance. “This one? I have had them ever since I was a child. I was an orphan in Russia, and you can say that my childhood was not easy.”
“I’m sorry,” Taehyung stated. “The staff from the orphanage were not really forgiving of mistakes Taehyungah. They were very friendly in the beginning but didn’t seem so entirely.”
Yuri then stepped forward with Taehyung blocking his punch. Yuri tried kicking Taehyung on the right side of the hip with Taehyung blocking the kick and giving him a firm hold, twisting Yuri’s ankle making him yelp in pain.
The Russian fell on the ground proud of how Taehyung was able to defend himself properly. In fact, he had been doing so well that Yuri was thinking of adding knives to the fight. “Again!” Taehyung exclaimed as he went back to his original stance.
Yuri chuckled, "aren't we ferocious today?" Yuri launched himself forward towards Taehyung with his right arm throwing a punch. Taehyung sidestepped, ducked under his arm and threw a block towards the punch.
They have switched places already and Yuri did the same move again. His right arm swung. Taehyung sidestepped again and ducked and once more, they were back to where they started. Taehyung smiled, proud of himself being able to defend himself properly.
Yuri was already breathing a little heavier than Taehyung, also with a proud smile on his face. He grabbed a bottle of water and threw it at Taehyung. Taehyung then nodded towards him, "Thank you." Yuri walked past Taehyung and sat at the adirondack chairs.
He opened the bottle with Taehyung sitting down beside him. “Yuri, how did you meet Jeongguk?” Taehyung asked.
“I met him in Spain after running away from the orphanage. He saved me from a brawl at a club and from there, I owe him my life.” He wiped his sweaty temple with his forearm. “What was he doing in Spain?” Taehyung asked curiously.
“He was there learning the ropes of starting a bar/night club.” Yuri took another sip of the water. “Jeongguk and I talked and he learned my story. He asked me if I knew how to fight and I told him I could with no formal training. +
Then after a couple of weeks, he brought me to meet others like me.” Yuri smiled. “You have to meet the others, you have to meet Min Jun, Jeong and Ji Hoon. You met Lisa and Yugyeom.”
“I don’t understand.” Taehyung asked while stretching his feet and leaning against the back of the chair. “There are a lot of people here, Taehyung. Those of us who had no one. Society cast us aside and forgot about us. +
Our families turned us out or sold us.” Yuri stated with his eyebrows furrowed with a frown. Taehyung was surprised. Wow. Jeongguk did all of these? “Didn’t Jeongguk tell you all these yet?” Yuri asked Taehyung as he put down the bottle on the grass.
Taehyung just shook his head. “Jeongguk gave us another chance in this life and within the walls of the yosae, he is just Jeongguk even if he is always serious.+
But outside on the streets, you can never see him smile, well, only when you are around.” Yuri said as he scoffed, rolling his eyes at Taehyung. Taehyung was astounded with everything he was learning about Jeongguk and for him, it makes the alpha more attractive than ever.
“Have you tried asking him anything about his pack?” Yuri asked standing up, “We’ll start with weapon fighting tomorrow, is that okay?” Taehyung stood up and started walking towards the main house. “But Jeongguk comes back tomorrow right?”
Yuri looked at Taehyung with a certain ache in his heart because Jeongguk now is trying to find out a pack who was starting to prostitute women near Ulsan. “He said he might try to come back tomorrow.”
“Oh. We only spoke about the business side of things.” Taehyung stated with disappointment. “So, what weapon are we going to start with?” “Has Jeongguk shown you the weapon room?” Yuri stopped walking.
Taehyung shook his head, “no, I don’t think I have been to the weapon room.” “Oh my goodness, Jeongguk would hear from me. Taehyung, the weapon room is behind the panic room just in case of emergencies or when we get attacked, we have a secret room. +
Come.” Yuri started walking towards Jeongguk’s study. There was a closet by the hallway which he opened, which amazingly were stairs towards the basement.
Taehyung closely followed him and saw the panic room downstairs. His eyes widened as there were lots of pictures on the wall. They were categorized into Missing, Taken, Found, and assassin - what pack?
Taehyung walked towards the wall as his eyes roamed over countless pictures of women. I looked at Yuri and he nodded, “these are the omegas who were reported missing, some confirmed taken and found.” Taehyung touched Lisa’s picture and looked at Yuri.
The alpha smiled at Taehyung. “Yes, Lisa too.” “Do you like her?” Taehyung asked curiously. Yuri looked at him wide eyed then looked down at his feet. “She is a very pretty girl.” “Yes, she is. Let me show you our weapon room." Taehyung stepped in and gasped in surprise.
-- 🖇🖇🖇-- Jeongguk went to Ulsan with Yugyeom and Min Jun. They were parked in an alley with two heavy tinted vehicles. It was already 10 past 8 pm, and everything was dark except for the light in the corner of the alleyway.
One of their cars parked by the corner, the other one in the darker part of the alley. Jeongguk decided to park at the farther end, whereas Yugyeom and Min Jun by the corner. Why?
They are waiting for the pimps to bring the omegas that were missing for a few months now. Before he came back and faced Kim Taehee before the masquerade, he made sure to get his story straight.
He wanted to show his allegiance to the father he trusted and saved him, and he had to find out as much as he could. He has four well trusted men: Yuri, whom he met in Spain & a great warrior; Yugyeom, whom he was already working with when he was still with Taehee;
Jeong, who is an expert marksman & Min Jun, who is a master of disguise, he could be just anyone who you want him to be. These are Jeongguk’s men. They are loyal, skilled, and sharp.
They have been together for almost ten years, and they have definitely tried and tested, and right now, this operation was thoroughly planned and thought of.
He found illegal activities happening from Itaewon, Incheon, Pohang, and Ulsan, and it is similar to how his parents operated when they were still alive.
Jeongguk had to plan this extensively, aggressively yet as discreetly as they could. Being well traveled, he had learned a lot about covert operations. the ones he could not even believe at that time were real.
a/n, please be reminded that even the crimes that were about to be named happen in real life. Everything in this story is a work of fiction.
T/W Possible Kidnapping T/W Sex Trafficking T/W Mentions of Child Labor
The travesty in what they found out was that the illegal pack is kidnapping omegas, most especially those who are nearing heat and because of this, the illegal pack will sell them for prostitution to alphas who mistreat them.
Omegas should be given the right to choose how to spend their heat and should not be exploited without their consent, but this pack, they drug these omegas, leaving them powerless.
A car stopped by the corner of the street. Jeongguk immediately radioed Min Jun and Yugyeom, “Copy, over.” “Yes this is Blue Eagle, over,” Yugyeom responded.
“Is it our subject? Over?” Jeongguk inquired. “No, just a bunch of kids dropped off to go to the convenience store in the corner.” Min Jun piped in. “You all ready to rock and roll, Jun?” Jeongguk chuckled.
“Yeah, I think I look handsome enough, yeah? What do you think, Yugyeom?” Min Jun asked. “You are distracting me!” Yugyeom responded seriously.
Jeongguk bit his lip, “ok, back to staking out, over. Talk to you later, kids.” He chuckled silently. Kids. Childhood. He remembered growing up in an environment he thought was safe.
His parents started an orphanage, but what he thought was noble at first was not noble at all. It honestly looked admirable in the eyes of the other packs, but they do not know the truth, only the members of the pack, Jihan and him.
It was not until they started growing more mature. It was Jeongguk first who noticed something was amiss. Jeongguk became close with one of the omegas, her name was Jaein.
He was fond of Jaein because with her, he found an older sister. She was bright and perceptive, and that is what Jihan thought of her too.
And knowing Jihan, he would talk to their parents about her, to the point of their father taking interest in her. Their father took special interest in her, and just before her heat before Jeongguk, he turned 14, and his father took her away.
Jeongguk’s deep thoughts got distracted with the headlights of the car that parked parallel to where Yugyeom and Min Jun parked. “This is Blue Eagle, over.” Yugyeom radioed in. “Copy over,” Jeongguk responded.
“Subject is in sight, over,” Yugyeom responded. “Good. We’ll proceed with the plan. Make the girl drink the water bottle, and we’ll continue in the underground parking of the hotel.” Jeongguk reminded them both.
“Blue Eagle, Gold Sparrow?Stay safe, okay?” “Affirmative, see you later, boss, over.” Jeongguk switched over the channel, “Jeong, Ji hoon, are you ready to receive them, over.”
“Yes, boss. What color are we transforming the car?” Jeong chuckled. “Whatever you like, just not pink, over.” Jeongguk responded, “their ETA is 20 minutes.” “Copy boss, we’ll see you all soon at the yosae.” Ji hoon stated.
“Af-firm. I will see you all soon. But make sure you sweep her for any tracker. I know that the person in charge of this operation is smarter, more advanced, and maybe thinking that they are ten steps ahead, but you know that we are twenty steps ahead. +
I will leave once you get her in the vehicle, and then I will leave. I will just get something for my prince.” Jeongguk said as he turned off the radio. --🖇🖇🖇-- Out in the shadows, there was a car that just parked.
“Who is the customer of Ji-hye” the man asked one of the servants to light his cigarette, rolling his window halfway open.
“Dae-jung from Gyeonggi-do. He is an entrepreneur of some sorts. Married, does not have kids.” the chauffeur responded. “I see. Is there any relationship with Jeon Jeongguk?” The man puffed a smoke.
“I checked surveillance, no sir, none at all.” The chauffeur looked at the laptop. “Did you make sure that there is a tracker on her phone as well as on her shoulders?” The man took his cellphone.
“Yes, sir. I even took down the color of the vehicle and the license plate.” the chauffeur responded. “Good, we don’t want to lose anymore of our most prized women.” the man said as he flicked his cigarette until he flicked off the entire light.
He rolled the window back up and saw Ji-hye enter the car. He looked at his phone and saw the notification, 15 million won deposited in his account. “Bring me home, will you?” the chauffeur just nodded and drove off into the night. --🖇🖇🖇--
Jeongguk opened the door as silently as he could. He wanted to surprise Taehyung. Instead, he was the one who was surprised as Taehyung was wearing a white thin shirt, which he owned and his bottom pajamas as well.
He placed the flowers he bought and placed them on the side table and lightly kissed his forehead. “Jeongguk?” Taehyung stirred. “My prince.” He said, kneeling on one knee as he stroked Taehyung’s cheek.
“I missed you.” Taehyung said sleepily. Jeongguk smiled, surprised actually because somehow Taehyung trusts him more each day and is growing much more affectionate, too.
“Same here, my prince.” Jeongguk said as he slowly stood up. “Where are you going?” Taehyung said with his eyes closed. “Just taking care of business, my prince.” Jeongguk said as Taehyung reached out to hold his hand.
“And you’ll be back?” Taehyung murmured. “Yes, I will be. You’ll wake up in my arms, my prince.” Jeongguk said as he kissed him again, this time lightly on his lips. “Hmmm… hurry my alpha.” Taehyung said as he dozed off to dreamland once more.
Jeongguk looked at his watch, it’s already 3 am, and tomorrow, Kim Taehee will be visiting the yosae. Tomorrow, Jeongguk is hopeful that the great alpha will say yes to his proposal.
Taehyung and him are beyond courtship already. This time, he is hoping for the great alpha’s blessing to allow Jeongguk to be his son’s betrothed.
--🖇️🖇️🖇️-- The hot steam of the shower filled the entire room and Taehyung knew it’s going to be a long day. He knew he should prepare himself early since his father is going to arrive today.
He sat down with Lisa and carefully planned the menu with her, choosing a sumptuous selection of Korean and American cuisine, Meat Jun, Hameul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake) and Japchae. Lisa decided to make Soondubu JJigae, while Taehyung made some strawberry cheesecake for dessert.
He smiled at the thought that Jeongguk arrived at the yosae with a bouquet of flowers for him. He smiled at the thought that his genteel but mysterious alpha is back and he would once more feel the warmth of his body next to his.
How lucky must he be to have someone like him in his life, protecting and always looking out after him. How lucky must he be to have someone like him in his life, saving him from dire circumstances and devoting his entire attention to him for longer periods of time.
Taehyung frowned, is he that weak needing protection all the time? Because essentially, he is supposed to inherit his family’s businesses and even as an omega, he did pursue to be a master in business for his family’s sake but how can he prove that to his father?
He was about to turn off the shower when two muscular arms captured him by the waist. “Why did you shower without me, my prince?” Jeongguk asked as he reached around him for the body wash.
Taehyung cannot help but to turn around and smile widely at him. He missed Jeongguk so much that it made him realize that there is a certain sense of comfort that envelops him every single time he is in his arms.
It is an indescribable adulation towards him that he just wanted to be with him as much as he could. Taehyung bit his lower lip as the rainfall showerhead steadily and gently sprays water on their head, creating a sensual atmosphere, something that his omega is trying to +
resist as there are so many things to do with so little time as his father is arriving in a couple of hours. He took Jeongguk’s loofah from the holder and generously poured body wash on it and started to scrub Jeongguk’s chest.
“Hey, baby,” Taehyung hesitantly, held his face and kissed his lips. Jeongguk was amused by the demeanor Taehyung was showing right now. His face exhibits a certain sense of happiness, one that is sublime in nature.
He knew that Taehyung was his with the exception of mating with him. He’s already marked him several times already and he still cannot get enough of him.
Jeongguk slowly strokes Taehyung’s cheek as his eyes exude warm affection. The sheer bliss he is feeling comes from his sacrifices and sufferings. He did go through hell and high waters as he proved his innocence with the death of Kim Seri.
He would do anything for Taehyung’s family, because the moment they had the Saju reading done, he knew that Kim Taehyung was his soulmate, maybe even more.
The enthralling sight of Taehyung was just beguiling that he tried to control himself as well because he knew that they would not stop and Kim Taehee is going to arrive soon.
“You miss me so much, huh, my prince?” He jested as Taehyung turned him around and scrubbed his back vigorously. Taehyung became silent for a moment.
There was no use to conceal his feelings for Jeongguk , “I do. Every single time you are not around, I long for you. I seek for your warmth and your endless attention, your doting, and affection. +
Not being with you creates a void in my heart, one that I cannot explain.” Taehyung responded spontaneously as he returned the loofah back on its hook. He took the detachable shower head and rinsed Jeongguk’s back.
Jeongguk was bewildered with his response. He was never prepared for such honesty. “You are becoming very expressive, my love.” Jeongguk stated as he took the shower head from Taehyung and rinsed his private areas, his thighs, and his legs.
“Should I retract what I said?” Taehyung arched an eyebrow, kind of feeling regretful for his admission. Jeongguk turned off the shower as Taehyung grabbed the towel from the holder and handed one to Jeongguk.
He took the towel from him and dried himself at the same time as Taehyung. He took another towel from the rack and wrapped the towel around his torso while Taehyung wrapping himself with a robe.
With playful courage, he took a step forward and faced Jeongguk, just mere inches away from his face. He traced his fingers across the alpha’s chest and looked at him boldly and looked at him with a straight face.
“I didn’t miss you alpha.” Taehyung’s voice was laced with a hint of contempt, humor and seriousness. “Ah,” Jeongguk’s jaw fell open as Taehyung took a step back and turned around. With two steps, Jeongguk wrapped his arms around Taehyung who was trying very hard not to smile.
“Wait my prince, don’t sulk.” Jeongguk stated as he placed his chin on the crook of Taehyung’s shoulder. “I am sorry if I offended you, I need to get used to such sweetness coming from you, you know.”
Taehyung slowly turned around with a pout. “You didn’t tell me if you missed me.” Jeongguk let out a hearty laugh and immediately cupped Taehyung’s face and gently kissed him on his forehead. “I miss you a lot my prince,” then his eyes, “every time I wake up, +
it’s your face that my eyes seek,” then his nose, “every time I wake up, I long for your scent,” the his cheek, “every time I wake up to an empty bed, my heart longs for you,” then Jeongguk finally stares into Taehyung’s eyes, “my soul longs for you,+
my love and there is hardly any moment, when I don’t think of you.” Jeongguk said as he finally met his lips with his. It was a sweet kiss, filled with assurance and love. He was beyond smitten and so was Taehyung.
They are definitely head over heels in love with each other and they both know that there is no world that they could exist without having each other.
When they broke the kiss, Taehyung just launched himself, wrapping the alpha around in a very tight hug, “why do you have to leave all the time?”
“It’s almost done, this task that I have set for myself. Do you worry about me?” Jeongguk said as he rested his forehead against Taehyung who closed his eyes, enjoying the calming scent that the Alpha emits.
Taehyung nodded, “I know in your line of work, danger is always around the kind of business that we have.” He opened his eyes and looked at the alpha. “I just hope you bring Yuri with you.”
“And leave you defenseless?” Jeongguk held Taehyung by the shoulder and looked at him seriously. “I don’t want to do that!” Taehyung rolled his eyes, “you haven’t seen me fight yet!” “Are you challenging your alpha?” Jeongguk looked at him ravenously.
“Perhaps.” Taehyung responded coyly. “I see, maybe, after your father leaves.” Jeongguk responded. He took Taehyung’s hand and kissed it, “and if I defeat you?” “Then, maybe I will surprise you with something,” Taehyung looked at him from under his lashes.
“Hmmm..” Jeongguk mused loudly. “And if I defeat you?” Taehyung arched an eyebrow as he crossed his arms. Jeongguk smirked, “as if you can!” “Try me.” Taehyung retorted challengingly. “I will.” Jeongguk said as he devoured Taehyung’s lips.
They lost themselves to the scorching heat of their kiss, feverish and hungry, because they did not see each other for such a long time. He slid his tongue against Taehyung’s, pushing his way into his mouth, both moaning quietly.
They were getting carried away by their kiss, giving in to the primal desires of their wolves when the shrill ring of Jeongguk’s phone interrupted their passionate interlude. He looked at the caller ID and showed Taehyung.
Taehyung rolled his eyes as he grabbed it from Jeongguk’s hand, “Hello Appa?” “I am two and a half hours away, my son, do you want me to pick up food along the way?” Kim Taehee asked his son.
“No, Appa, like what I told you, we prepared food for you.” Taehyung smiled, somewhat excited to see his father. “You cooked?” Kim Taehee asked curiously. “I did Appa! Lisa helped me.” Taehyung exclaimed. “I am proud of you, I will see you then?” His father asked.
“Yes, you will. And did you bring me my clothes?” Taehyung asked. “Yeah, some.” Taehee responded. “But, Appa…” “I will see you, someone is calling me.” Appa interrupted him. “See you!” Taehyung ended the phone call.
Jeongguk just shook his head, “I would rather devour you all day long because I miss you BUT your father is coming, plus, he is sleeping over.” “Yeah, I know.” Taehyung let out a deep sigh.
“But he’ll be in the other cabin.” Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, tongue in cheek, eyeing him from head to toe. “Hmm.” Taehyung said as started dressing up. “He would want me to sleep in his cabin.” He stated as he put on a cream shirt.
“Are you sure?” Jeongguk said as he put on a black long sleeves. Taehyung did the same as he put on a beige silk dress shirt. “Pretty much.” “Wanna bet?” Jeongguk looked at him. “Sure.” Taehyung said as he wore his brown trousers.
“Want me to put my arms around you?” Jeongguk said as he sat down to wear his socks. “Yeah.” “Yeah?” “Yeah, maybe, tonight.” Taehyung said coyly as he approached him and pulled his chin towards him and kissed him ever so lightly.
“I will go to the kitchen and start helping Lisa, okay?” Jeongguk nodded. As Taehyung was leaving the room, he paused and turned around and smiled at his alpha before he stepped out of the room, leaving a ripple of excitement with his alpha who was left with his jaw hanging.
-- 🖇️🖇️🖇️-- “Taehyung, my son,” Kim Taehee said as he walked inside the main house flanked by Seojoon and Hyungsik. In the past, Taehyung would usually control his emotions when it gets to his dad.
It is not because of indifference or the lack of love, it is because of his father veering away from him ever since his mother died. But this time, like the son he was when he was 15, he ran to his father and gave him a huge hug, “Appa! I missed you!” He instantaneously stated.
His father welcomed the warmth of his hug. “And, I, you!” He cupped his son’s face with both hands. “You look great Taehyung!” the great alpha stated as he smiled widely at him. “Hyung!” Taehyung stated to both Seojoon who surprisingly grinned at him.
Jeongguk slowly came down from the stairs, witnessing the joyful reunion of the father and the son. Somehow, he felt grateful for Kim Taehee visiting them. It is Taehyung’s birthday tomorrow and he was surprised as to why Taehyung hasn’t mentioned anything to him.
His feet finally took the last step before Abeonim finally noticed his presence. “Jeongguk, my son!” Taehee beamed at the Alpha. Jeongguk humbly bowed towards the person in front of him, the person who he trusted so much as a father.
Taehee patted his back as Jeongguk also acknowledged both Seojoon and Hyungsik. Seojoon and Hyungsik were both orphans who Kim Taehee adopted and embraced in his pack.
Kim Seri trusted them too as the couple raised them as their own and they were like older brothers to Taehyung most especially when he was born, but it was Jeongguk who Kim Seri definitely trusted the most.
Taehee was keeping a close observation of how Taehyung stepped behind Jeongguk but Jeongguk gestured him to go to his father, how respectful, “Your yosae is definitely a wonder to behold, it is marvelous beyond words.”
He said as Jeongguk started leading them upstairs towards the dining hall. Taehyung walked beside his father, “and how are you doing? Do you like it here?” Taehee said, turning his head to his son.
Taehyung nodded, “I do, Appa. There is this sense of tranquility that I haven’t experienced, not even when I am in Santa Cruz.” “Would you want to stay here?" Taehee asked him candidly.
Taehyung frowned as his eyes traveled around the main house then looked at his father, “I like it here Appa but I want to help you, you know. Finally use my masters degree and diploma to good use.”
Taehee placed his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder and squeezed it, “Are you finally taking an interest in the family business?” “Yes Appa, I think it’s the responsible thing for me to do, as a tribute to Eomma.” Taehyung leaned his head towards his father.
Jeongguk smiled, listening to the conversation of the father and son in front of him. The dining hall was fully prepared with the meal that Taehyung, Lisa and the staff prepared. Lisa, Yuri & Yugyeom stood at the dining hall, as they welcomed their guests.
“This is a fine spread,” Taehee exclaimed as Jeongguk walked him to the head of the table. “But you are the owner of the house!” Taehee exclaimed. “And it is an honor to have you grace us here, Abeonim.” Jeongguk said as he pulled the chair for the Great Alpha to take his seat.
Jeongguk then pulled the chair for Taehyung when Taehyung whispered to him, “Am I not sitting beside you?” He asked with a pout. “My prince, would you want that instead? But your father misses you.” Jeongguk whispered back. “But I miss you too!” Taehyung stated sullenly.
Jeongguk was about to walk away when Taehyung stopped Jeongguk and whispered to him, “I am staying tonight with you then, okay?”
Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, definitely more intrigued with how the omega is acting, oh it is his birthday, maybe, he is waiting for Jeongguk to do something for him, well he does have a surprise for him.
Jeongguk gestured for Seojoon, Hyungsik, Yugyeom, Yuri and Lisa to take a seat at the table and other men of Taehee as well. Taehee was just observing Jeongguk, with how he is treating everyone around him. Family.
This is what he is seeing how this alpha treats everyone and somehow tonight, he would be able to have the courage to ask him in front of Taehyung, what he asked him a few weeks ago when Jeongguk visited him to debrief about Jihan’s death.
The moment Jeongguk sat at the other end of the table, he gestured towards everyone, “please enjoy the meal that both Lisa, Taehyung and some of our other staff prepared for us tonight.” Taehee turned his head to his son, “did you cook?”
Taehyung blushed profusely as he fiddled with his fingers & nodded. This time, Taehee cannot resist but to stand up and kiss his son on his forehead, “I love seeing you like this my son.” Jeongguk just beamed at Taehyung who bit his lip and scrunched his nose towards his alpha.
“Appa, you deserve the best, that’s why I helped Lisa prepare everything.” Taehyung told his father earnestly. Lisa blushed as well, he was never treated by another omega as kindly as how Taehyung is treating him.
“Abeonim, it’s my pleasure.” Lisa said with Yuri staring at her in awe. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk and tried to talk to him with his eyes as his view shifted from Lisa to Yuri. Jeongguk nodded and looked at him as if encouraging him to spill the tea later.
Taehyung reached for the rice and placed some on his father’s plate. “I hope I made the meat jun like how Eomma used to make it.” He said quietly. Kim Taehee immediately took his chopsticks and grabbed a piece.
Taehyung braced himself as his father tasted what he made. Taehee nodded his head in approval, “this will actually do. Oh, what a good meal. This is so flavorful, although I am still biased with your mom’s cooking, it’s still amazing, my son.” He patted his hand.
“Thanks Abeonim.” Taehyung said as he placed banchan on his father’s side plate. Jeongguk was just looking at Taehyung, having this vision of seeing him as his lifetime partner, like what Kim Seri said, his soul mate. “How was your drive, Abeonim?” Jeongguk asked Kim Taehee.
“It was smooth. You know what is remarkable with our drive here?” Kim Taehee said as Taehyung placed some tofu soup on his bowl. “Thank you son.” “What is it, Abeonim?”
“You know, the feeling when you were a kid, when your parents would bring you to a fair or a carnival, it’s something the same as that, only I am going to this grand estate.” Kim Taehee was nodding approvingly towards the person on the other side of the table.
“Thank you, Abeonim.” Jeongguk said, feeling jealous as to how Taehyung was continuously serving his father. But it’s okay, because Taehyung missed his father and besides, he will be at the yosae in the next week, a part of his surprise to Taehyung.
They enjoyed the rest of the meal, mostly with Abeonim and Taehyung conversing about what he had been busy with and the rest of the group conversed with Jeongguk. “Appa, was it really Jihan?” Taehyung asked his father suddenly.
His father took a deep breath, realizing that it is about time to tell Taehyung of his best friend’s death. He looked at him seriously, “yes, the car fell from the bridge. Haneul and I saw the burnt body pulled out from the car.”
“Did you confirm it was him?” Taehyung asked calmly as he sipped on the soup slowly. Jeongguk was waiting eagerly for Taehyung’s father to respond. Taehee went into deep thought, looking at Jeongguk, did Haneul in fact confirm the burnt body was actually Jihan?
He looked at his son and shook his head, “I haven’t asked Haneul.” He responded honestly. “I will find out later, after our dinner.” Taehee then took a bite of the japchae that LIsa made. “Mmm.” He turned his head to Lisa, “it’s delicious Lili!”
Lisa grinned at him and gave him a thumbs up. Jeongguk by now is for sure a goner. His heart cannot contain the happiness that he is feeling towards Taehyung.
When they were done with the main course, Taehyung excused himself with Lisa so that they could get the strawberry cheesecake he made. This time, Lisa took the dessert plates and fork, standing beside Taehyung while he cut the cheesecake.
Lisa then gave the first slice to Kim Taehee while Taehyung placed the rest of the slices on the dessert plates. Lisa gestured to Jeongguk who stood up and started walking towards Taehyung who had a slice in his hand to give to Jeongguk.
Taehyung was amused, why is Jeongguk walking to him? Abeonim smiled at Jeongguk. He knew what was going to happen next. Taehyung just stood in front of Jeongguk and confusedly looked at him, “Jeongguk?”
Jeongguk with his gaze set on Taehyung, took a wooden ring box from his pocket, “I made this wooden box early this morning when I arrived after I picked up your mother’s engagement ring.” Jeongguk glanced at Abeonim who was just smiling, spectating.
“I know that we have known each other for a long time now, and I know too that we really just got to know each other lately.” Jeongguk then knelt on one knee, raising the box towards Taehyung.
Taehyung’s eyes widened as Jeongguk continued speaking, “But there’s one thing that I really know, one thing that I am really sure of.” Jeongguk gazed into Taehyung’s eyes, love overflowing from his eyes.
Taehyung’s eyes started brimming with tears as Jeongguk continued, “I am sure that I want to spend the rest of my life with you because you are the other half of my soul. I love you and I want to spend this lifetime getting to know you more. +
So Kim Taehyung, my prince and my love, will you marry me?" Taehyung, through his tears, whipped his head towards his father who just nodded. His father gave Jeongguk his blessing!
He then turned back towards his alpha and just nodded, “I will, I love to marry you!” Taehyung said as tears of happiness fell from his eyes. “I love you too!” --🖇️🖇️🖇️--
The yosae can be found near the boundaries of Yangsan and Busan, where the rich mountain region is elevated, allowing snowfall during the winter season. It was already snowing in Seoul when Kim Taehee left that morning but somehow it managed to follow him in the yosae as well.
Kim Taehee tried calling Haneul for three times now after Jeongguk and Taehyung walked him towards the ridgehouse where he is staying as well as his other men.
“Appa, until when are you staying at the yosae?” Taehyung asked as he walked side by side with his father, wrapping his arms around himself as the chilly evening temperature started dropping even more.
They stepped inside the ridgehouse, “just for the night my son. I just visited well, because Jeongguk wanted to celebrate your birthday and of course, witness his proposal to you.” “You knew?” Taehyung asked him as they walked towards the living area.
“Yes, he asked me a month ago.” Taehee responded deep in thought. “If you knew, I wondered why just now?” Taehyung mused loudly.
Taehee patted his son’s back as they sat on the couch, “You have to ask about your alpha,” he chuckled. “Tell me my son, what is it that you want to help our business with?”
Taehyung looked at him with seriousness, “is it possible if I can get the annual reports for the past five years, financial reports and quarterly reviews? I want to check our financial health, volatility, and whatnot.”
Taehee asked his son with interest, “When did you start paying more interest with our businesses?” Taehyung smiled and said, “Well, I am Jeongguk’s resident accountant, for his shipping and logistics business.” His father’s eyes widened with surprise, “Oh, wow, & you liked it?”
Taehyung crossed his legs and placed his elbows on his knee & his hand on his chin and looked at his father, “Well Appa, I understand financial management you know & I am able to handle his financial flow very well, I think you can hire me as your financial consultant, perhaps?”
The great alpha boomed in laughter, “son, my company is yours, just tell me when you want to take over.” “But, Appa.” Taehee then stared at the engagement ring that he’s wearing.
“I know, but you are my only son and you can do whatever you want, when you are fully ready, you can take your place as the president of the company.” Kim Taehee said as he stood up. “I want to retire to my room my son, your father is not as young as it seems.”
He stood up and kissed Taehyung on top of his forehead and took the weekend bag from the couch. “Appa?” Taehyung said as he turned his head to meet his father’s eyes. “Yes?” “Are you at least staying for breakfast tomorrow?” Taehyung asked.
“We’ll leave before lunch, I have to inspect some shipment from Jeongguk’s terminal.” He responded. “Okay, I will prepare brunch for you then!” He exclaimed happily as Jeongguk walked over towards his fiancé.
Kim Taehee nodded before turning and retreating towards the bedrooms. Jeongguk removed his jacket and placed it on Taehyung’s shoulders before they stepped outside of the ridge house. Snow started fluttering gently from the grace.
It fell with such grace and elegance as it softly lands on top of their heads. “Our first snowfall! In years,” Jeongguk stated, “make a wish!” He said as he faced Taehyung with feather light snow falling on his eyelashes.
Taehyung scrunched his nose towards his alpha as Jeongguk slowly stroked Taehyung’s cheeks, “I don’t want to make a wish anymore.” Jeongguk said. “Why?” Taehyung gazed at his alpha’s eyes. “Because my dreams came true, I have you.” Jeongguk said as he lightly kissed his nose.
“Yeah?” Taehyung said as he wrapped his arms around Jeongguk. “Yes, my prince.” Jeongguk said as he placed his arm on his waist and gestured to walk back to the cabin. “Let me close my eyes quickly and make a wish,” Taehyung said as they stopped on their tracks.
He took a deep breath with a smile touching his lips. He exhaled slowly and looked at Jeongguk who was just admiring him openly. “Oh, I finally decided on how to call you!” Taehyung said as they walked with their arms on their waists.
“Huh?” Jeongguk asked, puzzled. “Baby is too western as well as honey or sweetheart. And you call me your prince, I mean I can call you my king but I want to call you something endearing as well.” Taehyung said with his voice starting to shiver from the cold air.
“Okay, tell me, what is it?” Jeongguk said as he pulled Taehyung closer. “My Jagiya, you are my Jagi!” Taehyung beamed at him. Jeongguk’s heart fluttered, if only Taehyung knew how happy that made him feel.
They stepped inside the main house. They were the only ones left downstairs. Jeongguk looked at his watch, 5 minutes until midnight. He grabbed Taehyung’s hand and pulled him, “hurry,” He stated as rapid footsteps ascended.
“Jagi, what is it?” Taehyung looked at him all confused. Jeongguk led him to the door and stood behind him. He placed his hands on Taehyung’s eyes. “It’s a surprise.”
“You already surprised me so much already.” Taehyung pouted. “You deserve the world, my love.” Jeongguk said as he opened the door with one hand. They stepped inside the warm bedroom. Jeongguk led Taehyung to the bed and held his hand to direct him to sit.
Jeongguk’s cell phone went off, it’s 12 MN. He removed his hands on his eyes, “Happy Birthday, my prince.” Taehyung gasped. In front of him were at least three dozen red roses, two wine flutes and a gift, wrapped with hearts.
He turned again to Jeongguk who wrapped his hands around him and said, “I love you so much!” Jeongguk pulled away and held him at arm's length and stared at his beautiful face. Taehyung looked at him, eyes fluttering with bliss, he bit his lower lip and returned his gaze.
Taehyung was just teary eyed. “Why are you doing this to me?” “Open your gift.” He urged Taehyung. Taehyung smiled while tipping his head down slightly and reached for the box. He removed the wrapper and saw two pieces of necklaces.
Jeongguk took one and placed it on Taehyung’s beautiful neck. Taehyung grinned, “matching necklaces?” Jeongguk nodded as Taehyung lifted the necklace from the box, unclasped it and placed the necklace at his alpha’s neck. (a/n see matching necklaces worn on second pic)
Hmm. “Do you like it?” Jeongguk asked Taehyung, who took a wine flute and handed it to Jeongguk. Taehyung enthusiastically nodded as he took the other wine flute.
“I propose a toast to you, my prince.” Jeongguk said as he clinked his glass to Taehyung. “For a great birthday, good health and a great year, no, the best year!” Taehyung grinned at him then took a sip of the champagne.
Jeongguk took the red roses & placed them on the table. Taehyung snuck up and wrapped his arms around Jeongguk, with his head leaning on his back, “Thank you Jagi, for the dinner, for my father being here,” then Taehyung paused, “for being my fiance, you make me really happy.”
Jeongguk is a very serious person, and it is hard to make him smile, most especially with what he has been through. But whenever Taehyung is around, everything seems to be better, easier, lighter. It is as if he is this new person, a better person.
Taehyung loosened his grasp, with Jeongguk turning around, “You said you missed me right, when we were in the shower?” The alpha asked. Taehyung bit his lower lip and looked at his alpha from under his lashes, “yes.”
“Okay,” Jeongguk said as he tilted Taehyung’s chin, looking him straight in the eyes. “What are you planning to do?” Taehyung asked seductively. “Maybe, part two of your birthday surprise.” Jeongguk took a step forward.
“And can you tell me the nature of the surprise?” Taehyung arched an eyebrow as Jeongguk placed both arms on his waist, tugging him closer until they were chest to chest.
“To make you blissfully the happiest, as you scream and moan my name,” Jeongguk said as he slowly unbuttoned Taehyung’s shirt.
Taehyung was just lost in the alpha’s eyes, being held hostage as they continued to mesmerize him but he did the same, because he wanted to feel the warmth of his alpha’s skin.
Taehyung felt his rapid heartbeat pulsing in his ears as the edges of his vision began to darken with desire. Jeongguk blew against Taehyung's ears, then started tracing his neck with his tongue. “Ja…ja.. Jagi,” a moan escaped Taehyung’s lips.
Taehyung’s lips were slightly parted, with his eyelashes fluttering continuously. Jeongguk broke their kiss with Taehyung letting out a soft, warm exhale ending in an almost imperceptible hum.
Jeongguk slowly removed Taehyung’s shirt, kissing his shoulder, then his collarbone, then sucked at his scent gland. “Jeongggukk,” Taehyung said with rasped breath.
Jeongguk’s hands traveled from the sides of Taehyung’s head and down to his neck, out to his shoulders and down to his hands causing Taehyung to shiver but not because of the cold but because of sheer delight.
Jeongguk’s lips landed on his as he slowly backed up onto the bed. Taehyung returned Jeongguk’s kiss passionately because he did in fact miss him so much. They kissed each other as if their lives depended on it.
His tongue slipped inside his mouth gently but demanding. From the last three months that he was here, they were kissing as if nothing like they have ever experienced.
They kiss with passion & with a certain thirst, something unquenchable even if they exchanged kisses over & over again. However, tonight, Jeongguk was kissing Taehyung with a certain sense of ownership.
It was slowly melting the omega because every square inch of his body just dissolved into his. Taehyung’s fingers slowly grip his hair, pulling him closer, wanting no space between them.
Jeongguk slipped his tongue, enjoying the overwhelming feeling expanding throughout his entire body. His veins throbbed steadily as his heart craved for more. Taehyung pushed Jeongguk backward. The entire weight of his body on top of Jeongguk was just extraordinary.
Jeongguk’s senses went into overdrive as he started to feel Taehyung pressed against him. And Taehyung just kept on drowning, most especially with the most delicious smell he could ever imagine.
The omega just wanted to breathe all of him, lick him, eat him, drink him and Jeongguk was thinking the same. Jeongguk was thinking the same as Taehyung’s lips taste like honey, a nectar so sweet and very addicting.
“I will make this night one of the most memorable nights of your existence.” Jeongguk whispered in his ear.
Taehyung shuddered, looking at his alpha with a mixture of lust and anticipation, “Then make me the happiest person today as a birthday gift.” “I would love to,” Jeongguk responded as his lips landed on his once more.
--🖇️🖇️🖇️-- The hot steam of the shower filled the entire room and Taehyung knew it’s going to be a long day. He knew he should prepare himself early since his father is going to arrive today.
Jeongguk leaned in, and the moment their lips touched, it definitely felt like fireworks exploding in his chest. The feelings that he has for Taehyung is beyond sublime and as much as he missed him, he still kissed Taehyung softly.
But Taehyung was too impatient for his alpha, so he reached up and pulled him in closer with a force that surprised them both.
He threw his arms around Jeongguk’s neck and kissed him deeply and passionately. Jeongguk with the same fiery disposition, returned the kiss with the same fervor.
And they just melted against each other, as their hands roamed all over their bodies, succumbing to their longing, to their thirst for each other. They kissed and kissed with their tongues continuing to dance together.
Taehyung was surprisingly aggressive and Jeongguk was beyond thrilled, somehow being more confident that Taehyung is definitely becoming more comfortable expressing his sensual needs. Jeongguk’s hands cradled Taehyung’s face at the same time they were kissing each other.
Jeongguk sat up a little, allowing Taehyung to straddle on top of him. With the way Taehyung was straddling, it was pretty much impossible for them both to control how they were feeling. He felt his c*ck stiffening more as the heat between them intensified.
He let his hands fall from Taehyung’s waist to his hips, and then down to his cheeks, Jeongguk enjoying every bit of plumpness and softness. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk with a fiery gaze as he ran his hands towards his chest, slowly brushing the first swell of his pectorals.
Jeongguk swallowed as Taehyung touched him seductively and succumbed to the call of his gaze. He launched himself and kissed him again. The kiss was so hot that Taehyung’s heart flipped with desire. He wanted Jeongguk so much, especially since he had not seen him for days.
He hadn't expected that, he didn’t expect to miss him so much that he started aching for him. Jeongguk was simply amazed at how his prince was finally yearning towards him. “Jeongguk, Jagi, make me feel good, please?” Taehyung pleaded.
Jeongguk pulled Taehyung closer and leaned towards him, his lips traveling down to his throat, going down to his chest and bringing a nipple to his tongue. Taehyung murmured, “so good, Jagi, ngggghh,” he said as he combed his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair.
Jeongguk could feel his c*ck throbbing, rock hard and pressing up tightly, wanting to escape from his pants. Taehyung felt his engorgement as he started to move his hips, grinding against him. He loved feeling the bulge against him and Jeongguk groaned.
Taehyung smirked, loving that Jeongguk was enjoying every bit of him. Jeongguk ravenous, kissed Taehyung again as his hands started unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants. But Jeongguk cannot contain his craving for his omega, so he grabbed Taehyung and laid down sideways.
All of a sudden, they’d swapped places. Jeongguk gazed at Taehyung’s almond eyes as he cupped his face then bent down to kiss his fiance. Taehyung’s hands flew to Jeongguk’s zipper and he is finally free from his pants.
They broke the kiss and Taehyung bit his lips as Jeongguk slowly undid his pants. Jeongguk guided Taeyung's hands as it slowly traveled from his chest down to his abs, down to his underwear. Taehyung grinned as he slipped his hands at the band of Jeongguk’s underwear.
Jeongguk looked wildly at him and asked, “Do you want it my love? Tell me, how much do you want me?” He said as he stood up pulling down his pants, slowly climbing up to bed. Taehyung did the same as he slid out of his pants and tossed them to the side of the bed.
Jeongguk climbed quickly and settled in between Taehyung’s legs as they kissed once again. “You still haven’t responded to how much you want me, my love.” Taehyung’s heart started racing, his love just overflowing.
The love he has for Jeonguk is something different, something incomparable because Jeongguk definitely proved a lot in their relationship. So much for apprehension or unease, Taehyung knew that his love and concern for Jeongguk was genuine.
And not to forget their sexual attraction, it is something inevitable whenever he is around his alpha. Every single talk that they have exchanged in the past few months has definitely increased his passions for the alpha.
“I want you, every time, my Jagi, my savior, my love. I fcking want your hand everywhere on my body, I want your lips against mine.” Taehyung said before meeting Jeongguk’s lips.
He knows he is becoming a servant to his desires, but at least this time, he knows it was with the right man. Jeongguk smiled as he was kissing his love. He'd fallen hard for Taehyung for sure and as he promised, he wanted to make it memorable for Taehyung’s birthday.
Jeongguk wrapped his fingers around Taehyung’s c*ck. It was so engorged, the tip glistened with pre-cum. The alpha opened his mouth and licked Taehyung’s c*ck with him writhing with delight. Taehyung grabbed a fistful of Jeongguk’s hair as heat radiated throughout his body.
Jeongguk just stared at his omega as he licked his c*ck against his tongue. Taehyung’s heart was pounding against his ears most especially the moment he placed his entire c*ck in his mouth and down it even deeper.
Taehyung arched his back and rolled his eyes, “Jeongguk, I want you, please!” He said as his abdomen started rolling, with cum slowly spurting. “Ngggghhh, my love.” He said, watching Jeongguk swallow everything.
Taehyung felt thrilled as Jeongguk slowly climbed up to him again and kissed him with intense fervor. To taste his cum against Jeongguk’s lips just made his senses go wild beyond his imagination.
Taehyung grabbed Jeongguk’s c*ck and started stroking it which made the alpha groan as they kissed deeply. Taehyung felt Jeongguk’s muscles tensed like ripples on water. Using that as a signal, as Taehyung slowly pushed Jeongguk, Taehyung's hands did not leave his c*ck.
He stroked him steadily as Jeongguk knelt on the bed with Taehyung crouched in front of him. He opened his mouth and licked him.
Taehyung looked up at him, “I do love candy, too, you know Jagi. I just unwrapped it earlier but I wasn’t fast enough and now, I will lick it and suck it and put everything in my mouth and suck its juices.” His eyes fluttered as he licked while he spoke and Jeongguk just groaned.
Taehyung placed his c*ck in his entire mouth and started bobbing his head. It nearly gagged him because of the enormous length. This time, Jeongguk ran his fingers through Taehyung’s wavy hair, grasping it and trying to control his movement.
“Taehyung, you make me go insane! My c*ck in your mouth, hnggghhh, feels so fcking good.” Taehyung loved the way his alpha is controlling him and he knew that because his c*ck released more pre-cum, with his entrance dripping with slick.
His body for sure aches for his alpha. He wants to be fcked over and over by his alpha. Jeongguk finally released Taehyung’s hair as he pulled his c*ck out of his mouth. Jeongguk smiled at Taehyung as saliva glistened at the tip of his c*ck.
Taehyung cannot help but admire Jeongguk’s c*ck because it is both beautiful & dangerous, like him. Taehyung wanted Jeongguk to know how much he missed him, how much he loves him. Jeongguk gazed down at him, seeing how Taehyung was doing everything with pleasure & he felt it.
He knew Taehyung wanted him as much as he did, so Jeongguk touched his chin as he leaned on him and gave him a kiss, a sweet kiss. Jeongguk allowed his tongue to enter his mouth and for sure, he could taste himself like how Taehyung tasted himself earlier.
The ache that they have for each other was peaking, it was building inside of them. Taehyung bobbed his head faster, Jeongguk losing his sense of self-control as he came in Taehyung’s mouth.
“Fck, baby, ahhh.” Jeongguk said as he spurted come inside his mouth, with Taehyung hollowing the side of his cheeks. He continued sucking while Jeongguk continued coming, his eyes rolling with ecstasy, him craving much more.
"I want you inside of me," Taehyung said softly as his c*ck pulled out of his mouth. “Condom?” Jeongguk politely asked. “No, I want you raw and hot inside of me.” Taehyung said as he turned around on all fours, his ass sticking out.
Jeongguk wasn’t able to resist and spanked his cheek. “Alpha!” Taehyung gasped as more slick dripped in between his legs, his c*ck throbbing waiting to release more cum.
Taehyung’s heart raced, as Jeongguk leaned down and stuck his tongue in his hole, “Nggggghh, Jeongguk! Awww, there, more, I want you there.” Taehyung said as he pressed his face on the top of his pillow.
Jeongguk was pleasured seeing his omega fully in surrender when it comes to this, this, sex, love making. He knew that his first heat with him was not just biological. It happened on purpose because Taehyung’s body was meant for him and only him.
Taehyung just swam, his head drowning in pleasure as he felt each lick, each flick, each suck as Jeongguk stroked his c*ck, “Alpha, I want you, make me full Jagi. Pleeeease.” Taehyung whimpered.
Then Jeongguk’s hands wrapped his waist and Taehyung braced himself, ready to be filled. Jeongguk’s c*ck pushed into him, his slick providing enough lubrication made it twice as pleasurable as he anticipated.
“Taehyung, you are so tight, you take me well. Fuuuuuuuuck.” Jeongguk said as he pushed even more, stretching him, filling him with his c*ck. Taehyung felt when Jeongguk started pulling because he knew that he was going to be filled with pleasure to the brim.
Taehyung cried out, “Jagi, fck me, fck me hard!” as he grabbed the pillow with Jeongguk grunting, his hips slamming into him. Jeongguk went hard from the start as he longed for this entire experience. He wants Taehyung, all of him, heart, body, mind and soul.
He started pounding deeper into Taehyung who felt the firmness of his alpha pumping in and out of him, making him moan and whimper as Jeongguk hit the right spot every single time. Taehyung was perfect. Jeongguk was perfect.
And for them both, heaven seemed to descend on both of them, making this feeling of bliss their absolute favorite. Jeongguk never removed his hands on Taehyung’s body, either squeezing him or caressing him.
Pressure continued building and Jeongguk’s hand moved over Taehyung’s shoulder as he grabbed him. Taehyung’s back leaning on Jeongguk’s chest as he turned his head to meet Jeongguk’s lips.
Jeongguk moaned in between their kisses as he reached out for Taehyung’s c*ck. He started stroking it and Taehyung just moaned, arching his back, leaning towards Jeongguk’s chest even more and Jeongguk was just ablaze with a fiery energy.
“You like that, my prince? You like this? You want me like how I want you? fck!” Jeongguk exclaimed as Taehyung’s hands both reached for Jeongguk’s ass, encouraging him to pound into him deeper, harder.
Jeongguk moaned against Taehyung’s ears which made the omega chase his orgasm. He was going to come, the moans of the alpha in his ear coaxed him to enjoy every moment, every stroke, every touch.
“Alpha, I am coming again! Nggggghhh” Taehyung said as white ribbons of cum spilled with Jeongguk stroking his c*ck continuously, milking it.
But Jeongguk wanted to see Taehyung’s face, so he pulled out and rasped, “I want to see your face, I want you to scream my name, I want to kiss your lips as I fill you, own you over and over again.”
He laid Taehyung down slowly as he kissed his lips. This time slower but deeper and more passionately. Their tongues just danced and it was just addicting. Jeongguk, through his kisses, slowly folded Taehyung’s legs with his hands and Taehyung knew what was coming.
“I feel so empty alpha, fill me again, I want you please,” He pleaded. Jeongguk lined his c*ck against his hole and pushed himself inside him once again. "Oh fuuuuck, my prince, still so tight," Jeongguk said as he locked with Taehyung’s gaze as he pounded into him again.
Taehyung arched his back as Jeongguk wrapped his arms around his arched back, sucking his nipple in his mouth & Taehyung couldn't help but to roll his eyes with extreme pleasure as cum spurted once more which nudged Jeongguk's orgasm to the brink, "Jeongguk, my Jeongguk, nngghh."
Just like that Jeongguk’s mind wandered into a cloudy haze as he felt himself reaching his orgasm. “I am coming,” Jeongguk growled as he leaned forward and stared into Taehyung’s eyes who stared at him as well. His head started spinning and his c*ck started to pulse.
His knot spilled, "My prince!” He said as he lunged forward Taehyung’s lips, kissing him as he pumped continuously, his cum spurting as he reached his orgasm, “I love you, my fiance! Shit, it feels so good.” started to slow down.
He pressed his forehead at the edge of Taehyung’s shoulder and looked up at him, he tried catching his breath. He touched Taehyung’s face, “You are so beautiful, I love you, my prince. I love you so much.” Taehyung just beamed at him, “And I love you!”
Once his knot dissipated, Jeongguk pulled himself up and laid beside him, stroking the curve of his back as he faced him. “Are you sure you agreed to marry me?” Taehyung stroked his cheek and nodded, “yes, I will marry you!”
"And I can say without a doubt that today is the best day of my life. Thank you. You made me really happy!” Jeongguk said who took Taehyung’s hand and leaned against it. Taehyung smiled at him, “I hated you before because I thought I lost you.”
He said, staring into his eyes. “When I was young, there was something about you that intrigued me, like my soul pulling me towards you every single time.”
Jeongguk smiled dreamily and said, “I admired you from afar but when your mother had a Saju reading and told me that I am your soulmate, I just lost it. I was just waiting for you to turn 21 but we had to undergo tests and trials first."
Taehyung nodded, “but I think it’s what made it more worth it, don’t you think?” Jeongguk nodded, “Yes! It is definitely worth it. Everything is worth it.” They stared into each other’s eyes for a while, swimming in each other’s presence, basking in each other’s warmth.
“Shower?” Jeongguk asked. “How about a bath?” Taehyung suggested. Jeongguk nodded, “of course my love, part three of your birthday celebration.” --‼️‼️🔞🔞🔞‼️‼️ END--
T/W Smoking T/W Kidnapping T/W Mentions of Death “Do you want me to spare your life, old man?” He said as he looked in Kang Haneul’s eyes, without an inch of fear.
“Why should I fear you?” Haneul retorted, trying to look at him with his eyes swollen shut by bruises. “You should,” He said as he puffed a smoke from his cigar and blew it on Haneul’s face.
Haneul, his hands bound in his back, was trying to remove the rope he was tied with a piece of broken glass. “Why should I?” “Well, your European customer, Aleksei, well he was just a pawn.” The man sneered at him.
The light was so bright that Kang Haneul could not see the face of the man before him. But this man was filthy rich, donned with expensive wingtips and designer clothes, this man was made with gold. The man paced back and forth.
Haneul furrowed his brow, Aleksei killed his nephew and his son. He looked at the silhouette of the man in front of him, trying to figure out the words he wanted to impart.
“Well, I still killed Aleksei’s wife and I own his business now, so yes, I am a feared mob boss of the European syndicate.” He said arrogantly as he cackled. “Why?” Kang Haneul shouted.
“Because you are who you are, not for what you own, but for what you stole?” The man walked away from Haneul. “Think of who you stole from, if you answer me correctly, maybe I would spare your life.”
CHAPTER THIRTEEN MYSTERY 𝐈𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐩𝐚𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐭; 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞. 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐍𝐢𝐞𝐭𝐳𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞
Hamlet William Shakespeare's tragic masterpiece depicted how men's human instinct for revenge is simply automatic.
Nature might express revenge in a different manner, abiding by Newton's third law of motion that "𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐧 𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧."
It is what physics describes as a natural phenomenon. Science says that revenge stems from emotions. Numerous studies say that it might even be deeply embedded in our DNA.
So, is it natural for a man to take upon his wrath on someone who has wronged him OR should man just rely on the Laws of Karma, waiting for the natural cycle of things to take shape as the best form of revenge?
The man went up the stairs, he had great discipline, he was able to control his hands from taking the gun from his holster and shooting him de•ad Lucky bstard. He shook his head. How could he allow himself not to kill the person who brought his entire family down?
He smiled to himself though, who would have thought he set things in motion? The death of Aleksei, his wife, and his entire organization, are all caused by a domino effect he had set, using Kang Haneul as the perfect trap.
Who would have expected that Haneul would set things in motion, by being vindictive, wanting to avenge his son and his nephew when in fact, there was absolutely nothing he can do about it?
Aleksei proved his worth though as he helped this man throughout these years. The irony though was that Aleksei was foolish to realize that he was just a tiny molecule in a universe of chaos. Furthermore, he didn't realize that he was not the master anymore.
The man continued walking when one of the doors suddenly swung open. "Maksim!" An alluring omega in a black dress ran towards him. Her legs were so delectable that Maksim salivated just at the mere sight of it.
"Darling, where were you going?" The woman purred as he allowed her fingers to travel. Her fingers slowly inched towards his groin as she cupped his balls from outside of his trousers, "I need you tonight and I won't take no for an answer."
The man smirked as he moved towards the woman. First stroking her skin, then, wrapping her slim waist with one arm as his other hand cupped her ass, pulling her in, her pelvis feeling the hardness of his c*ck, "Do you want me to fck you tonight, Natasha?"
Natasha's fingers traced the stubble on Maksim's chin, "enough about your revenge agenda tonight, can you please just pay attention to me?" She said as she hooked her leg on his thigh, pulling him in more.
‼️‼️🔞🔞‼️‼️– MATURE SCENES AHEAD He lifted her thigh, high enough. Maksim stroked her thigh, inserting two of his fingers into her mouth, "suck!" He commanded.
Natasha immediately did as she was told. She sucked on his fingers, her tongue twirling around them, holding his dark gaze. He licked his lips as his chest visibly expanded.
He withdrew his fingers from her mouth & steadied her against the hallway wall as he inserted his fingers inside her pussy. "Fck!" Natasha shouted as he played with her, allowing her to unbuckle his belt, unclasp & unzip his pants. His hardened c*ck sprung free from his pants.
Natasha felt his pants fall on his knee and she was thrilled because she knew what was coming. He withdrew his fingers from her pussy as he kissed and licked the omega's neck.
Her hands just grabbed his ass cheeks, as a form of encouragement for him to fck her senseless. He nipped at the edge of her earlobe, "do you want me to fck you senseless, omega?"
"Fck me until I forget my name." Natasha said as Maksim's hand pulled her dress down exposing her breast. He fondled her nipples as she screamed and moaned, her slick started leaking, indicating she is ready to welcome his c*ck inside her.
Maksim grabbed both her thighs as he lifted her up and pressed her against the wall with his hot and hardened c*ck waiting to enter her pussy. Natasha grabbed hold of Maksim's head as he placed a nipple on his lips, gently sucking on her breast.
"Fck me now, Maksim. Make me forget everything you did and everything I did." Natasha rasped as she grabbed a fistful of Maksim's hair. Maksim lapped his tongue across her neck, and pushed her panty aside, exposing her pussy.
Her scent just overpowered him which made him decide to just enter her without any warning. "Fucccckkk." Maksim grunted as he pressed Natasha harder to the wall.
"Yes baby, fck me hard, make me come." Natasha demanded as she started to move with him. One of his men entered the hallway and saw their boss fcking his omega senseless. The man tapped his shoulder, "Maksim, it's time to go."
"Hans, just wait for me to finish fcking her." Maksim tried to catch his breath as Natasha screamed, "I am coming!" She held onto him even tighter.
Her hands clawed his back as she pulled him closer, throwing Hans a dirty look as she bit her lips and rolled her eyes, "Fck! Harder!"
Maksim quickened his pace as Hans walked outside. "You are disturbing our schedule." He whispered in her ear.
"Fck your schedule!" As her arms wrapped around his neck, her orgasm continued rolling as she felt his c*ck start to swell, even more, throbbing inside of her. "Tell me first, who is better, me or Jeongguk?." Maksim said as he pounded faster.
"You, it's always you!" Natasha said as she felt hot liquid flow inside her. "Natasha, ngggghhh!" Maksim moaned as he came inside her.
Maksim roughly pulled Natasha's chin toward him and kissed her, hard and rough, something that they both liked to do, every single time. They both descended from orgasmic high.
Maksim slowly put her down and when he was about to kiss her one more time but this time, she turned her face away. –‼️‼️🔞🔞‼️‼️
"Why do you always bring up Jeongguk?" Natasha scowled at him as she fixed herself. Maksim looked at her with an evil gleam in his eyes, "he is where my true revenge lies."
Maksim fixed himself, as he was to take care of his preparations for his revenge. "Then don't prolong it. Kill him and his bitch." She barked at him.
"Patience, darling. We'll attack when they least expect it." Maksim said as he inhaled her neck. "Do you think my patience isn't running thin?" "We'll do as we planned. Make sure when I meet with Jeongguk, your men will carry out our plan." She said firmly.
"Tch. Do you mean my plan?" He flicked his tongue in annoyance as he took a handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned himself before zipping up. "Are you sure you gave me all the information I needed?" Maksim's finger glided across from the back of her hand up to her shoulder.
She looked at Maksim as she pulled him by his tie so she could fix it. "Yes, all the information I provided is there. I should know because well, he trusted me," she stated her lips turning to a slight smirk.
She studied him seriously and narrowed her eyes, "So are you ready to take back what's yours?" She asked with an evil grin. "Of course my love, it will be my ultimate pleasure to do what we planned with how planned it." Maksim turned around and started walking towards the door.
🖇🖇🖇– Natasha knew Jeongguk for a long time now, since she met him in Spain some seven years ago. She is the daughter of a Russian spy who people ask when in need of European intel.
She met Jeongguk almost at the same time she met Maksim. Maksim started wooing her but she was immensely attracted to another Alpha, Jeon Jeongguk.
And she helped him of course, most especially during a couple of his ruts, most especially during times when he was running errands for her father.
She started developing deeper feelings for him but he was just in love with someone else. He repeated this over and over again to her and that made her despise a nameless, faceless person.
Then, during times of loneliness, Maksim provided her sensual pleasure every time he helped her with her heat. She became fonder of Maksim as she spent more time with him.
Although there'd be times she'd feel guilty during the times when she met with Jeongguk at a club where Maksim would be working his shift there as a bartender.
And every single time Jeongguk left, Natasha would be upset and Maksim knew how to ease her pain by providing her all the sexual pleasure she needed until she forgets the reason why she'd be upset in the first place.
But then it would be Maksim's turn to be gone, for weeks, sometimes even months but every time they would rendezvous, he would always make her forget about her woes regarding Jeongguk and her one-sided love towards him and this weirdly thrilled her.
Curious. Until now Natasha wondered why Maksim hated Jeongguk. Natasha asked why he hated Jeongguk so much and he would just say, she would know all in due time, that by the time she would know, he would have executed a perfect chess match.
And she didn't know if he was referring to the present, how he kidnapped someone influential, influential enough to shake the people around Jeongguk, hoping eventually it would also shake Jeon Jeongguk's core. –🖇🖇🖇
Taehyung stretched his lithe, slender body to an empty bed. He sat up immediately wondering where his fiance went. He looked at the clock. It's just 7 am! Where the hell is he?
Taehyung moved his hips toward the edge of the bed and reached out for his robe from the chaise lounge. He looked outside the window and saw that his surroundings were already covered by a blanket of snow.
How delightful. He turned his head with the sound of the door creaking. Jeongguk had a breakfast tray with him and a stem of rose in his lips.
Taehyung bit his lip as he looked at his fiance, all dressed up, walking towards him. "Happy Birthday my prince!" Jeongguk said as he placed the tray on the table.
"Why are you all dressed up?" Taehyung said as Jeongguk stepped in front of him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek which just melted his heart.
"I have to see your dad off, he has to take care of something very urgent. I dressed up well, maybe I have another surprise for you." He said as he put an arm around his waist to pull him closer.
Jeongguk had the rose on the other hand and held the deep velvety rose to stroke Taehyung's nose gingerly and lightly tapped the tip of his nose before claiming Taehyung's lips.
Taehyung held a smile on his lips as Jeongguk kissed him fully. His heart just swells with a blissful kind of happiness. They broke the kiss and Jeongguk handed the rose to a smiling Taehyung.
Jeongguk sat at the chair with Taehyung following him, plopping on his lap. The mob boss chuckled, "comfortable aren't we?" He asked as he inhaled his scent and it was definitely addicting.
Taehyung just nodded, "isn't this our favorite sitting position?" as he spread some butter on his toast, then fresh strawberry jam. Jeongguk laughed softly against his omega's ears. He was definitely surprised by the gentleness he has around his fiance.
He knew himself to be hardened around the edges but ever since he came back, Taehyung just automatically disarmed him. He took a bite of his strawberry toast and offered it to his fiance who willingly bit into it, beaming at Taehyung.
How could four months change a person? Well maybe because they did spend a lot of time with another, they talked about everything they could under the sun.
Jeongguk smiled widely at his soon-to-be husband who was leaning lazily against him, humming, chewing. Taehyung leaned in, his elbow resting on the table while pressing his bottom towards his crotch.
He frowned and suddenly turned his upper body towards Jeongguk. Jeongguk's eyes were just hovering all over his bottom pressing on him. His eyes, hungry for more than just food, pulled him in, smelling his neck, just savoring his lavender scent.
"Jagi, you are distracting me. I have a question for you!" Taehyung exclaimed as he sat back again. But Jeongguk was just ravenous, pulling him again, kissing his neck, his nose just above his scent gland.
He wrapped his arm around his waist, "you can ask me just like this." Jeongguk responded flirtatiously, tightening his hold around his waist, pressing even more on his hardening c*ck. "Okay fine." Taehyung giggled.
Taehyung paused for a bit as if ruminating as to how he was going to ask this question. "Where did my father go? Why did he not stay until brunch?" Taehyung placed his arms around Jeongguk's arms.
"Something urgent came up." Jeongguk responded with a slight hint of hesitation. Taehyung was not unfamiliar with this tone of voice. "You promised me that we were never going to lie or hide stuff from each other,'' he pouted.
"I am not. Even your father was not sure yet." Jeongguk stated seriously. Jeongguk suddenly sat up, holding onto Taehyung who finally turned to look at him, "My prince, remember your question last night about Jihan?"
Taehyung nodded looking straight at Jeongguk, not blinking an eye, "Why are you asking me this?" "Because Abeonim tried calling Kang Haneul numerous times last night to find out if he knew if the burned man was indeed Jihan. +
He was able to get ahold of one of his men saying that Haneul's current whereabouts are unknown. So that's why he had to drive back to Seoul." "Oh, is that something we should worry about?" Taehyung asked, standing up.
His ashen face looked at Jeongguk in horror, "is my dad in trouble? Is he in danger?" Taehyung shook his head as he walked towards the windows, his thoughts running fast, worried about the only parent he had left.
Jeongguk followed suit, standing up, and taking a deep breath. "I had Yuri go with him, okay?" Jeongguk said as he kissed Taehyung's nape lightly, placing an assuring hand on his shoulder.
Taehyung believed him. For the first time in his life, those words were the only words he wanted to hear. Words that were not forced. Words that were honest. Words that were true.
"Okay, I trust you," as Jeongguk placed his cheek against his. They swayed, dancing to the rhythm of their heartbeats, mesmerized by the snow covered landscape. "Ready to celebrate your birthday?" Jeongguk asked.
"What if we stay home and lounge around the house, spend time with your people, and plan for our wedding later?" Taehyung turned and looked at him earnestly.
That made Jeongguk smile, how lucky must he be to have someone like Taehyung in his life. Jeongguk was about to kiss Taehyung when his phone rang. He looked at his phone and frowned.
Why is Natasha Korsakov calling him? Was she able to track who hired the assassin who killed Taehyung's mother? He kissed Taehyung's forehead, "I have to get this phone call, my prince."
Taehyung nodded. But before heading to the walk-in closet, Taehyung tapped his shoulder, "Thank you." "For what?" Jeongguk asked. "For loving me." Taehyung said, walking back to the table to finish his breakfast.
Deception In the world that Taehyung and Jeongguk revolve in, almost everything they do is treated with reverence. Making sure that everything is classified, therefore, almost everything they do is a secret.
When one accepts this fact as a way of living, then one is ready to play with fire. This cycle assures that secrets must be passed on and when they get passed on the risk of hurting someone increases but withholding it in, allows oneself to get burned.
It is, definitely, a vicious cycle, a process that Jeongguk is hoping to lessen the effects when it comes to his fiancé. Jeongguk looked at Taehyung in awe as his beauty just shines in the room.
Happiness suits him and he is so glad that he was the one who was able to provide it to him. Jeongguk’s guilt somehow dissipates as he sometimes reminisces the horror he saw in Taehyung’s eyes twelve years ago, with his mother on his feet.
The grief, the pain, he wanted to take it all away and right now, it feels as if he is slowly succeeding, except for the news he had received from Natasha earlier.
Jeongguk’s thoughts were interrupted by Lisa’s question. “What are you sure you want to get married in a month?” Lisa said as she sat across the newly engaged couple.
Taehyung and Jeongguk turned their heads toward each other and nodded. Jeongguk took Taehyung’s hand and intertwined it against his and looked at Lisa and Yugyeom seated across them. “I think there is no better time but now, don’t you guys think?”
Taehyung squeezed his hand and beamed at his betrothed. “So, where are you planning to do the wedding?” Yugyeom asked.
“I would love to do it at the yosae, but I know how you all value the privacy in respect to the rest of the people who found this place as their solace, so I looked up a few places,” Taehyung said as he pulled out his phone and showed it to them.
"I was looking at the Shilla and the Lotte Hotels by Gyeongbokgung Palace but," Taehyung looked at Jeongguk, took a deep breath and continued, "the first group of people who made me feel welcome were not my friends or old classmates.
It is the people here at the yosae who treated me more than just a guest, they embraced me, and I want to celebrate my nuptials here with them, with my father, with you."
Jeongguk searched Taehyung's eyes for any trace of uncertainty but all he saw was overflowing love and he beamed at him. He drew him in, unashamed even with their present company, and kissed Taehyung with so much fervor.
"I mean we can always do a wedding reception in the city; you know? Once everything is settled. I don't want my dad to be pressed with any concern or worry." Taehyung said, smiling in between kisses.
"Of course, my prince. We'll do whatever you wish." Jeongguk said as he nuzzled his nose on Taehyung's temple. Taehyung turned to him with smiling eyes, "you'll be my husband soon?" "Yeah, looks like it." Jeongguk chided.
Jeongguk peered outside the window with snow falling from the heavens, relieved. There are other pressing matters he had to attend to which Taehyung doesn't need to know now, well he is hoping just to let his birthday just pass and he'll leave the yosae in 2 days for Seoul.
Lisa smiled at both. Who would have thought that she'd be very close with Taehyung? Who thought that this person is sweet and precious and very sincere? She looked at Yugyeom who was also giving his full attention to both, lost in their own little bubble.
Yugyeom cleared his throat when he saw his phone ringing. It's Yuri. "Guk?" He said gesturing to excuse themselves from the wedding planning. Jeongguk nodded, turning to Taehyung, and kissed his forehead as he stood up.
"Is it about?" "Yes, I will be back, my prince." Taehyung quickly grabbed his hand and looked him in the eyes, "you promised." Jeongguk nodded solemnly, "I did."
Taehyung let go of his hands. He took a deep breath and turned his attention to Lisa. Lisa reached out for his hands across the table, "what's bothering you, hyung?" "I told you not to call me that." Taehyung rolled his eyes at her before holding her hands.
"You are still older than me." Lisa responded jokingly. "Okay fine." He pouted. "No seriously, Tae, what's bothering you?
"My father, Jeongguk, Kang Haneul - he's like a long-lost uncle. And you know, my Appa always take time to celebrate the day of my birthday but it's different this time. I feel that ever since Jihan died, there has been something amiss." Taehyung looked at Lisa with worry.
"Is Jeongguk's brother really bad? Why do you think he affects everyone so much?" Lisa asked with curiosity. One of the staff members, Yanira, walked in & interrupted their conversation. "Lisa, the food is prepared, can you check before we call Jeongguk and Taehyung?"
"Of course, Yani!" She said, Lisa then looked at Tae, "stay here and I will make sure you like your birthday dinner." Taehyung smiled at the both of them and nodded. He was finally alone now.
Throughout the entire day, Jeongguk was beside him, peppering him with kisses, whispering sweet nothings in his ear, and holding his hand. And he held the same regard to him most especially with what his father sent him the last time Jeongguk went to see him.
At the bottom of the weekender bag was a letter addressed to Taehyung. He held the letter in his hand and smelled something faint. It smelled like his Eomma's old books.
He reached out for his back pocket and took the letter. He had been carrying it with him ever since he got it. Not to trust Jihan, it said, this is what he wanted to find out with his Appa. Why did he send this letter to him just now?
Taehyung frowned, is Jihan all that bad? Did he really fall in love with him? He tried to remember Jihan when he was still alive. Has he done something extraordinary for him? Did he? He stood up and walked up to stand by the window.
He stood up and got lost with the flurries falling from the sky as it covered everything within his periphery. What did he feel for Jihan? The Jeons were adopted in their pack when Taehyung was 10, Jihan was 12 and Jeongguk was 15.
He recalled how instantaneously, his eyes widened at the sight of Jeongguk who was cloaked with seriousness, but his face was also gentle, like he cared for him a lot.
Before his mom’s death, Jeongguk looked after him with care and affection, well Jihan was mostly there when he needed food because Jihan liked to eat with him.
He remembered accompanying him & Jihan to school & he remembered making sure to protect Taehyung as they walked the crosswalk. Or when Taehyung gets sick, it was always Jeongguk who looked after him apart from his mother and that added to his anger with Jeongguk, subconsciously.
Because maybe at the back of Taehyung’s mind, Jeongguk would be the one to save her. Because maybe at the back of Taehyung’s mind, the accusations about Jeongguk were false.
Because maybe at the back of Taehyung’s mind, he got so disappointed towards someone who he admires and cares for. Because maybe at the back of Taehyung’s mind, he started hating the first person he treated as his first crush, his first love.
Everything changed when his mother died, suddenly Jihan was there for him, constantly assuring him that he will catch Jeongguk for him. Taehyung's eyes widened in surprise as he took his phone from his pocket. He had saved all their emails for the past 12 years.
Yes, everything was there - emails to Taehyung about how he is trying hard to get Jeongguk, tracing Jeongguk, following traces of Jeongguk in Europe, how he cannot come to California because he heard something about Jeongguk in Japan, there it was right in front of him.
But it cannot be, how can he be so blind? He scrolled through the hundreds of emails they have exchanged, and everything was about Jeongguk, getting justice for his mother seemed more acceptable, more plausible than the sound of getting revenge.
Did Jihan decide to be close to him because he blamed Jeongguk for his father’s death? Was everything else then a game? Or maybe because Jihan only used him to poison Jeongguk even more towards his father, who the younger Alpha knew favored more than him. --🖇️🖇️🖇️--
Maksim looked at the surroundings before he landed the helicopter at the helipad in his building in Shanghai. He could have arrived much earlier if not for Natasha’s interruption. It was a hot and steamy interruption though because he needed the release.
Natasha, a sexual delight yet vulnerable and gullible. Maksim had extorted her desires towards a certain Alpha to his advantage. He knew what to do ever since he saw them at the bar.
He secured the landing of the helicopter seamlessly like the numerous times he had in the past. Hans and Mingyu immediately swept the area from intruders and then opened Maksim’s door. They rode the elevator five floors down into the pharmaceutical department.
“How are we doing with the trials?” Maksim asked as the men in uniform bowed in his presence. “The efficacy rate of the original mixture of the cheondang (천당) is now at 60/40.” Dr Kim Le stated as he welcomed them.
Maksim smiled at the doctor, “I want to know when it is at least 80/20. Any known antidotes yet?” “Of course there are, you know, we have to revive the women after they seem to appear as dead, right?” Dr Kim Le smiled.
“Perfect!” Maksim said. “But,” Dr Kim Le walked to him with a carrying case in hand, “this is the modified hybrid formula for the cheondang with 85/15 efficacy.” He opened it and showed to Maksim. Maksim smiled and nodded as Dr Kim handed him the box.
“If there is 85/15, then why aren’t you making more of it?” Maksim looked at him, an incredulous expression on his face. “That was my first formula, I am giving it to you just to let you know that I may have altered a few sequences in the formula.” Kim Le explained.
“Speed up production and let’s take down Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehee!” Maksim said ferociously as he walked out of the room. They rode the elevator to the penthouse floor.
Maksim then turned to Minho and Hans, “I will retire now. We’ll fly back in the morning and deal with Kang Haneul.” “Are we going to terminate the subject then?” Minho asked.
“No, I will give the chance for people to save him first.” Maksim smirked evilly before stepping into his penthouse suite. --🖇️🖇️🖇️--
Jeongguk sat in his office with Yugyeom in front of him, videoconferencing with Yuri. Inside the solace of his security control center, separate space from the weapons room.
After they get married, he would allow Taehyung access to this space. Inside the control room, Jeongguk installed a sophisticated camera system all over the yosae, his shipping terminal & lately, he has access over Kim Taehee’s residence in Gangnam & his businesses as well.
‘It should be 10-36.’ Kim Taehee asked Jeongguk, ‘With the light of Jihan’s trickery and deception, and with you offering marriage to my son, you are to be family soon. And for more than twelve years now, you are one of my trusted men.’
Jeongguk’s reverie had been broken when Yuri’s face finally got good reception. “Jeongguk, Kang Haneul had been kidnapped.” Yuri told Jeongguk and Yugyeom.
Jeongguk furrowed his eyebrows, deep in thought, how could his security fail him when in fact, he owns the latest security equipment and gadgets. “When was the last time anyone has seen him?”
“He was coming from his company,” Yuri responded, “security saw his car leave the parking garage.” Yugyeom went to a computer station and started typing away. “What are you trying to do?” Yuri asked.
“Trying to hack into all traffic lights in the entire city.” Yugyeom said, “How long has he been kidnapped? Has it been the first 48 hours already?” “It has been 36 hours in counting.” Yuri responded. “What resources have been deployed?” Jeongguk asked.
“Kang and three Kim families, the Jungs are also trying search and rescue.” Yuri said. “Where are you right now?” Jeongguk asked. “On the way back to the yosae. Hyungsik and Seojoon will be our main point of contact.” Yuri said.
“Jeongguk, what do you think of teaching Taehyung target shooting tomorrow?” Yuri added. Jeongguk swallowed in fear and nodded, “yes, that’s a great idea!” “A great idea indeed!” Yuri said as they hung up the phone.
Yugyeom took a deep breath, “this is a great shake-up Jeonggukah! Are you sure you still want to get married this month?” Jeongguk looked at his best friend and scrunched his eyebrows, “what are you thinking? Isn’t it the best time to unite with Taehyung, +
the sooner we are married, the more protection he would have.” It was Yugyeom’s turn to frown, “why?” “Because originally, it was not Kim Seri who was the target of the assassin.” Jeongguk said as he stood up, with Yugyeom following suit.
They stepped out of the security control center and secured it. “Tell me, Jeon Jeongguk, who was it, is it Kim Taehee?” Yugyeom asked.
Jeongguk shook his head and looked at him with worry in his eyes, “No. Natasha got back to me with information. Initially, I thought that it was Kim Taehee who had been the original target of the assassin. It so happens that killing Kim Seri was just an accident.”
Yugyeom went to Jeongguk and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Taehyung?” “Yes, they wanted to kidnap Kim Taehyung, that was their original intent.” Jeongguk said.
CHAPTER THIRTEEN IMPETUS Jeongguk and Taehyung rose early the next day and bundled up to go to the gun range but before doing so, Jeongguk went to the weapon room and selected a .45 cal and 9 mil to use for their training.
But that was right now, earlier this morning, maybe like at 3 am, Taehyung fell immediately into deep slumber after making love twice. Well, they had to make sure they burned off the calories from the sumptuous dinner they shared that night before.
Well, also as a gesture of gratitude from Taehyung for all the surprises Jeongguk showed him. And the alpha was more than delighted because he truly waited for the day that Taehyung would show affection towards him on his own.
Jeongguk was texting with Taehee last night before joining everyone at the dining hall for Taehyung’s birthday dinner, regarding news about Haneul. Jeongguk sighed because he doesn't want to leave Taehyung again but he has to, he needs to.
Jeongguk stared at his fiancé, his beautiful fiancé who just pulls his heartstrings over and over again. Taehyung was definitely worth fighting for and he is somehow that fate is on their side, most especially because the omega allowed Jeongguk to fully own him, +
mark him on his birthday which he believed Kim Seri was referring to. Because of tiredness, Taehyung was unaware that Jeongguk already had an early morning phone call from Taehee at 5 am.
Haneul’s disappearance was the impetus, the motivation that urged them to thoroughly plan an emergency caucus that Jeongguk and Taehee are planning, sooner than later. They agree to hold it somewhere discreet in the cause of a breach.
The pack leaders were alarmed that they created a pact that this meeting would only be known by their right-hand man and that they have to travel through the secret tunnel to go to Kim Taehee’s hanok house.
It may sound too simplistic but it’s not because they only have to go through several security measures in order to reach the tunnels.
As taxing and as tedious as it may sound, Taehee had to exercise all precautionary measures utilizing a retina scan and a biometric fingerprint plus a phone call to a device to be sent by Taehee before the day of the caucus.
He is, in fact, the owner of the largest telecommunication company in the entire country. Both Taehee and Jeongguk surmised that everything that they are doing is sophisticated enough to ensure the safety and security of all the leaders.
Jeongguk had been very anxious though, a certain gut feeling that he is trying to wave off but it comes back in the absence of his beloved. With Taehyung, the mixture of their scents creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere and he does not want to let go of it.
For the first time in 18 years, Jeongguk felt steady, it is as if the yosae that he built, is definitely, the home he intended it to be, now that Taehyung is here.
And Jeongguk is aware that the people here in the yosae are starting to accept Taehyung as much as Taehyung has accepted living in the yosae. Jeongguk started walking back to the room at the same time Taehyung was leaving the room.
Taehyung smiled at him, “Good morning Jagi. Tomorrow’s Solar New Year and Seollal in a few weeks, in time for our wedding.” He said as he linked his arm with him.
Jeongguk had placed the guns in his bag which Taehyung was eyeing. He kissed Taehyung on his lips before they started walking down the stairs. Taehyung grasped at his shirt, getting lost every time they kissed. How he wished that they could just kiss and kiss and kiss.
Jeongguk knew that time was ticking so he broke the kiss and whispered, “Stop my prince, we have to train.” Taehyung smirked, “Well, you can’t blame me, because I just missed you.”
He said as he placed an earmuff over his head. Jeongguk delightfully gazed at his omega, just wanting to bring him back inside the house and kiss him senselessly but he should not.
He has to suppress his desires for him because as of right now, they needed to train. “So, what are you teaching me today?” Taehyung asked as they started walking outside.
“How to shoot a handgun, that’s your first lesson!” Jeongguk said. “Well, I know how to do that!” Taehyung looked at him incredulously. “How?” Jeongguk quipped.
“Well, I used to go to Santa Cruz Boardwalk over the summer and maybe played a few games?” Taehyung responded sheepishly. Jeongguk tilted his head in laughter, how adorable Taehyung must be.
“Wanna bet?” Taehyung challenged, hiding the fact that he did, in fact, spend a lot of time at the boardwalk just trying to get the plushie he really wanted plus some more. “Sure! What are the stakes?” Jeongguk asked.
“Hmm… I will get back to you with regards to that!” Taehyung answered as they entered the Coyote Lodge and went straight to the gun range. Jeongguk placed two bags on the table, one with two gun cases and one with protective gear.
"My prince, before we start, you have to remember to get this from the weapon room." He pointed at the bag. "This is your equipment." Taehyung leaned on one side of his shoulder as he listened intently.
"You have your soundproof earmuffs and comfortable earplugs, as well as safety glasses and a protective hard case. All of these should be brought when you practice, understand?" Taehyung nodded and smiled at him.
Jeongguk touched his nose and said, "I should have asked Yuri to teach you because I get distracted BUT I don't want him to wrap his arms around you either." He frowned.
"What a dilemma." Taehyung said jokingly. "Kidding aside, don't worry I will behave. This is for my safety, I know." He said solemnly. Jeongguk nodded, "yes, we shouldn't take this for granted. Maybe I will ask Yugy to teach you knives."
When Taehyung heard this he looked at him, hopeful he would stay longer, "Does this mean you're staying here for a while?" He asked. Jeongguk looked at him, trying to weigh how he would tell Taehyung that he needed to leave this afternoon for the 12 mn caucus.
Both Yuri and Yugyeom were keeping tabs on the radio, waiting for news about Haneul. Taehyung leaned his head on one side and smiled, “I guess you have to leave sooner than later huh?” Jeongguk squinted his eyes towards his omega, “what? How’d you know?”
Taehyung held his cheek, “I think I have been observing you a lot lately.” He said as he arched an eyebrow. "I noticed and why if I may ask???" Jeongguk said as he handed him one of the handguns.
"Because you intrigue me so much." Taehyung answered as he took it and laid it on the table in front of him. "Is it a good thing or a bad thing?" Jeongguk inquired.
Taehyung took a pair of earplugs and put them in his ears, then placed the protective ear muffs over his head and mouthed, "I cannot hear you!" Jeongguk smiled and just shook his head. Taehyung placed the protective eye gear, cocked the gun, and pointed it at the target.
He did not squint his eyes but with his entire focus, his eyes zoomed in at the target. Silence in his head was deafening as he remembered target practice in the gun range in Milpitas because he sought them out, as his heart was ablaze with passion.
His heart was filled with passion so he would be ready to avenge his mother. One Two Three Bang One Two Three Bang One Two Three Bang And he did it two more times.
He did it and Taehyung smirked at his handiwork. He pressed the button to bring his target to him. Within his periphery, Jeongguk may have been a little tongue-tied as his mouth fell wide open in surprise, "Wow!"
Taehyung turned to face him, adjusted his ear muffs in order to hear him, and scrunched his nose as he bit his lower lip, "is that okay?" "My prince, it's more than okay! That was unexpected!" Jeongguk said as he placed his arm around his neck and pulled him in.
Jeongguk's orbs twinkled with delight, who knew his fiancé was an expert marksman, "honestly, tell me what else do you know?" "I need practice on my archery and I do need practice with the shotgun. I am not too keen on knives as well so yeah." Taehyung said.
Jeongguk's eyes were just gleaming with pride. He kissed the side of his temple. Taehyung looked at him and grinned. "We just need to practice, combat, knives and archery, do you think you're good with that?" Jeongguk asked him.
Taehyung looked at him flirtatiously as he batted his eyelashes, "how about wrestling, Jagi?" Jeongguk threw his head back and laughed. He pinched Taehyung's nose and responded, "maybe when we are in bed, maybe I may know some trick or two."
"Oh yeah?" Taehyung grazed his lips near his and gave Jeongguk Eskimo kisses. "Yes, my prince," Jeongguk responded, closing his eyes, and savoring their closeness. "My prince?" "Yes?" He said as he pulled away from Jeongguk and put the protective gear back in the bag.
"I need to leave this afternoon and see your father." Jeongguk looked at him with seriousness. "I see." Taehyung looked up at him, "will you bring Yuri and Yugyeom?" "I will bring Yugyeom and two more men. You need to start your knife training with Yuri." Jeongguk said.
"And archery?" Taehyung asked. "Ask Lisa." Jeongguk said as he took his hand. He took the target paper Taehyung used and folded it. "Lisa?" Taehyung asked with a hint of excitement.
"Yes my love, all of the people in the yosae know how to fight." Jeongguk stated proudly, "and Lisa is an expert with the bow and arrow." Taehyung nodded.
"Come," Jeongguk said as he took the bags and put them in his backpack. He gave it to Yuri. He turned to Taehyung, "the code to the weapon room is 0130." He whispered to Taehyung as they entered the gym.
"Why are we here?" Taehyung asked. "I have to teach you some moves instead of Yuri showing you. " Jeongguk said seriously. Taehyung smiled a little, "yeah, he doesn't want to lay any fingers on me."
Jeongguk stood in front of Taehyung, “Give me your hand,” he said. Taehyung gave him his hand. Jeongguk brought his fingers up. He pressed them gently to the hollow of his neck, under his Adam’s apple. “Remember this, my prince, we all have the same weak spots, okay?”
Taehyung nodded. “One of our weak spots is the trachea—or windpipe. When you are attacked, and you have a clear view of this, you can hit him here.” With that Jeongguk stretched his thumb away from his other four fingers to show Taehyung the webbed curve between them.
He held it to the middle of Taehyung's throat and squeezed. “If you are being attacked, squeeze this." He contracted his hand even tighter. “It doesn't take much effort, see? Can you feel anything?” He shook his head, “I don't feel anything," Taehyung responded.
Jeongguk lowered his hold as he slowly applied pressure into his palm at the base of Taehyung's neck. Taehyung's eyes widened as he started choking. He immediately reached out towards Jeongguk, tapping frantically for Jeongguk to loosen his hold.
Did you feel that now?" The alpha asked moving his fingers to his throat. It was terrifying as his heart continued pounding, feeling the blood rush on his head. "Yes, yes I did." He answered breathlessly. "Good. Remember that, okay?" Jeongguk looked at Taehyung seriously.
"Yes, I will remember." Taehyung swallowed. Jeongguk took Taehyung's hand again. He positioned it into an L-shape like how he previously showed him. "My prince, it has the same effect on everyone. +
If you hit someone there with force, you have the upper hand. If you hit them hard, you can incapacitate or disorient them. You can buy time to escape. Is that clear?"
Taehyung looked at Jeongguk seriously, both frightened and amazed. Jeongguk touched his lips, "are you okay? Do you understand?" "Yes, I do." "Too much, my love?" Jeongguk asked Taehyung.
Taehyung shook his head, "no, please go on." Jeongguk then slowly slid his hand under Taehyung's jaw and pressed his thumb and index finger into the sides, near where the pulse is.
Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, "Remember, this is where your carotid arteries are. This is also one of the weak spots I was talking about earlier."
He motioned to Yuri who handed him a knife. "If you don't have a weapon, you can punch them here but if you have a knife, a screwdriver, a pen or a pencil, any sharp tool, you have a better advantage. You can cut them both at the same time.”
Taehyung's breath hitched, "both? At the same time? How?" He looked at Jeongguk in horror. "Yuri, let's show Taehyung how to do it." Yuri nodded and stood in front of Jeongguk.
"Remember, when you have clear access to the neck and have a weapon, in order to totally incapacitate your attacker, don’t just stab in the neck." Jeongguk demonstrated with Yuri and faced Taehyung, "Stab through the neck in order to fully incapacitate your assailant.”
Taehyung was just surprised with everything he had learned but if he had to take this whole life to heart, he has to learn this as morbid as it sounds.
Jeongguk stepped towards his fiancé and asked, "ready to show me what you learned?" Taehyung nodded, "yes." "Good." Jeongguk said. --🖇🖇🖇--
TIME SKIP AFTER THREE DAYS Fear is one of the most primal emotions that can burn into one’s mind. The horror, the anxiety, the torment, the paralysis, everything is a by-product of fear. Jeongguk's soul was shaken as the fear of the unknown decided to settle in his mind.
He wonders who is creating this terror deep in the minds of the entire wolf pack. It has been almost 5 days since they have seen Kang Haneul and it has been 3 days since he has seen his fiancé.
He brought Yugyeom and Jeong, leaving Yuri & Taehyung at the yosae & right now he really doesn't know what will happen next. Between finding Haneul & the mastermind who hired the men to kidnap Taehyung 12 years ago, Jeongguk is at crossroads hoping to find out what to do next.
The emergency pack caucus activated all the leaders to unite, to find Kang Haneul and declare a shoot to kill order whoever the person behind the kidnapping is.
Jeongguk sat at his office in the Golden Closet waiting for instructions when he saw the phone ringing, he immediately smiled upon seeing Taehyung’s name on the caller ID.
“Hello, my prince!” Jeongguk exclaimed excitedly. “I miss you!” Taehyung responded, Jeongguk picturing him pouting. “Me, too!”
“No news yet?” Taehyung inquired. “Unfortunately.” “I am scared, you know?” Taehyung admitted. “I am, too!” Jeongguk responded. “I love you, Kim Taehyung!” “Why all of a sudden?” Taehyung mused.
Jeongguk leaned back against his chair, “Just letting you know that I do, every second of every day, I love you!” “I do too, Jeon Jeongguk!” Taehyung whispered. “What are you doing right now?” Jeongguk asked as he glanced at his watch, it’s 3 pm.
“I just finished knife training with Yuri!” He excitedly narrated. “I see, what else do you need to learn?” Jeongguk asked as Yugyeom entered the office with a somber face.
“Just practice, I guess.” Taehyung answered. “My prince, I need to leave.” Jeongguk stated. “Okay, don’t let me keep you! I miss you.” Taehyung stated. “Me too, my love, me too!” Jeongguk responded as he hung up the phone.
“What is it?” Jeongguk looked at his best friend and comrade. “Natasha left this letter to you.” Yugyeom stated as he handed it to Jeongguk. Jeongguk frowned, it’s interesting how the omega reached out to him again.
Jeongguk looked at Yugyeom, fear seeping in his blood. “I know Jeongguk, I know how you feel.” Yugyeom stated. Jeongguk nodded, “I will bring you and Jeong later for dinner?”
“Then we return to the yosae.” Yugyeom responded. “Why?” Jeongguk asked curiously. “Because I think the person already killed Haneul, Jeongguk, we are beyond the past 72 hours already.” Jeong stated as he entered the room.
Jeongguk looked at them both and nodded. “Okay, I will send a message to Abeonim.” “Copy,” Yugyeom said as he left the room with Jeong. “Who is this person & what is he trying to pull?” Jeongguk stated as he opened his laptop & started reviewing the surveillance of the yosae.
--🖇🖇🖇-- ‼️T/W Acts of Violence & Torture‼️ ‼️T/W Blood/Bruising‼️ ‼️T/W Threats‼️ ‼️T/W Assault with a gun‼️
Maksim stood in front of Haneul, his hand on his chin with a gun holstered on his waistband. “To kill or not to kill?” Maksim asked, stroking his fingers on his chin.
“What are you waiting for? Just kill me!” Haneul shouted, then spit blood on the floor. “Nah, it’s too easy. You see all the pack leaders gathered for a universal caucus for you and still, they do not know why I took you?” Maksim looked at Haneul, all bloodied and bruised up.
“What do you want?” Haneul growled, “if you want my riches, my power, just take them, take them all.” “No, I don’t need it. I have enough money and power. I just want people to suffer, you know? I want people like you to suffer.”
Maksim said as he took the chair and sat with the backrest of the chair on his chest. He took the gun from his waistband and scratched his head with the tip of it. “Do I tell you who I am or do I just kill you? Decisions, decisions.” Maksim said, watching Haneul’s reaction.
Haneul just scoffed, “Why are you so indecisive?” Maksim immediately stood up and hit Haneul’s face with the butt of the gun. “Silence! How dare you question me when it is you that I am holding captive?” Maksim’s eyes widened with bewilderment.
“Let me tell you a story then, or should I just ask you questions?” Maksim stated as he sat again facing Haneul. Haneul’s eyes were so bruised that it was hard to take a look at the person in front of him. He was kneeling for five days now, his arms tied on his back.
Haneul cannot feel his knee anymore, he cannot feel anything anymore as he was dunked in ice cold water five hours earlier. Haneul does not understand why he is being punished like this and all Maksim asks him is, “why do I need to punish you?”
And Haneul could not think of any answer because prior to five days ago, he has not met this man. “Think Haneul, think!” Maksim said. “What is it that you have done lately that you could have used better judgment and decisions?” Maksim asked.
“Accepting Aleksei as my customer!” Haneul responded. “Ha! We are getting warm, Haneul-ssi.” Maksim smiled. “Good, good!”
Haneul then tried to frown, only not feeling his face because of the bruises and the dried blood. “I got the guns from Kim Taehee?” “Let me help you then. Who do you think kidnapped Aleksei’s wife?” Maksim asked as he touched Haneul’s face with the gun.
“I don’t know!" Haneul was trying to rack his mind. He then looked at Maksim who was smiling devilishly at him, "you?" "Finally, you answer something correctly. " Maksim laughed maniacally. "You know why?"
Haneul shook his head, tired and dejected with all the mind games and pain he was experiencing. "Because you helped Taehee take something that was not yours to take about 18 years ago." Maksim said. "And his wife got the first taste of it."
Maksim stood up and turned around, "think old man and because you answered right, you get an additional 12 hours to live." --🖇🖇🖇--
Natasha sat at the chair with her back straight, facing the restaurant entrance as she waited for Jeongguk to arrive. Ah, Jeon Jeongguk an old flame, well, it was definitely one sided and right now, she was basking on what's to come with the alpha.
Jeongguk just arrived and parked, he has this gnawing feeling in his chest. His phone started buzzing. He smiled, his fiancé. "Hello, my love?" Jeongguk said. "Hi, did you eat?" Taehyung asked.
"I am about to, then we'd go back to the yosae." Jeongguk responded with a smile in his voice. "Really? I miss you, I mean I need more training from you." He shyly asked Jeongguk. "I see, you want to spar with me?" Jeongguk asked as he got out of the car.
"Yes." Taehyung answered breathlessly. He saw Natasha sitting by the entrance, "my love, I need to go. I will call you before we leave, okay?" "Okay." Taehyung said. "Talk to you later my love." Jeongguk said as he pressed end on the call.
He turned to Jeong, "whatever happens, stay alert. Just don't trust anyone." He took two remote controls in his pocket and handed it to them both, "press on the red button if there's an emergency so that we'll signal each other, is that clear?" Jeongguk instructed his men.
Yugyeom looked at his best friend filled with worry. "I will meet Natasha alone, stand guard." Jeongguk told both of them. "Good luck." Jeong said. Jeongguk squared his shoulders and entered the restaurant.
He took a deep breath as he walked towards Natasha. Natasha smiled as she stood up and held her arms out towards the alpha, "Jeonggukah, it's been awhile!" She exclaimed.
"I thought your father was coming?" Jeongguk asked. "No, he decided not to." Natasha shrugged as the waiter poured some red wine in their wine glasses. Jeongguk looked at the menu. He looked at the waiter who approached him, "Filet mignon, medium, please."
Natasha then handed the menu to the waiter, "I will have the same, medium rare." She said as she licked her lips toward Jeongguk. Jeongguk, who was just looking at her unaffected by her flirtatious gestures.
"So, let's get into business, what is it that you were telling me about Kim Seri?" Jeongguk asked frankly. Natasha swirled the wine in her glass before taking a sip, "that the main purpose of her assassination was to kidnap the great alpha's only son?"
Natasha zoomed her eyes to Jeongguk. "Where is Kim Taehyung?" Jeongguk froze, honestly, he doesn't trust anyone, even the woman in front of him. "Why'd you ask? Do you know anything?" Jeongguk asked as calmly as he could.
Natasha looked at Jeongguk, trying to size him up. "I am not so sure." "Then how did you know that he was the target and not his mother?" Jeongguk demanded.
"It's just word of mouth," she rolled her eyes, answering nonchalantly, "why are you so concerned, Jeonggukah? What does Kim Taehyung mean to you?"
Jeongguk's mind became confused, does he need to tell Natasha? Tch. He sighed, "he is Kim Seri's only son and like what I told you even years ago, I want to prove my innocence." Natasha nodded.
Food came and Jeongguk had to eat. He hadn't eaten properly for days now. "Just know, Alpha, I heard that whoever is the mastermind for Kim Seri's death is not yet done." She said as she started cutting her steak.
"Copy, I get it." Jeongguk said, his heart and mind filled with worry. Next time Taehyung will go with him wherever he goes. He cannot afford to leave him alone anymore.
CHAPTER FIFTEEN ILLUSION The sound of a motorcycle roaring loudly in the night was somehow not soothing for Jeongguk this time as he immediately excused himself because of worry for Taehyung.
He told Natasha he needed to leave due to some errors found in the transcription of transactions in his arms dealings. Little did Natasha know, Jeongguk rode away from any of his bodyguards because of what he just learned.
The assassin was originally coming for Taehyung and Seri was just a mere victim of opportunity. Jeongguk rode into the deep and darkening night with immense thoughts of knowing why the assassin is after Kim Taehyung.
Jeongguk was definitely puzzled because at that time, Taehyung was just a mere fifteen year old lad who was protected in a violent and cruel world. ‘Think, Jeongguk, think!’ he muttered under his breath as he passed numerous vehicles as he raced home to his beloved, +
disregarding the fact that his life may be in danger too, especially with Kang Haneul who was still not found yet. T/W Blood T/W Violence T/W Killing He was only fifteen minutes away from the Yosae when the thunder of motorcycles started accelerating within his proximity.
He turned his head at the exact right time the motorcycle riders put out their swords, moving faster towards him. The only sounds present now are the motorcycles increasing their speed.
And knowing that they are near the yosae, Jeongguk cannot imagine of leading them there. With one swift move, he removed his helmet and tossed it, grabbing his phone and pressed *130 at the same time the motorcycle riders reached him, maybe just 50 meters away from him.
He just alerted his men about his location and of his status. He is in imminent danger and he does not even know if he'd see Taehyung again. He placed his phone in his pant pocket and increased his speed as he grabbed a pistol from the holster vest he wore inside his jacket.
The sound of six motorcycles filled the dark of the night as they reached the boundaries of Busan. Jeongguk thought he as fast enough because when one of the riders swung his sword at him, the sword grazed his upper arm but instincts, Jeongguk was driven by pure adrenaline.
He was still able to make his motorcycle swerve, avoiding the rest of the sword while another rider was about to strike Jeongguk on the head. His reflexes enabled him to catch the riders arm, twisting it & hitting the helmet with the pistol, making the rider lose their balance.
Jeongguk uses just his left hand to fight, keeping his right hand on the throttle at all times to make sure he does not loses his speed and keep his balance. He leans on the left, avoiding the rider's lunging in towards him with the sword as he was able to grab his arm.
He was able to grab the rider's arm and pull him inwards and then with force, pushes the rider back, losing balance, the motorcycle skidding on the pavement.
He twists around, maintaining his right hand on the throttle, shooting at one of the motorcycle riders, hitting the rider by the shoulder. He quickly glances at the side mirror, three motorcycle riders riding faster with swords out ready to strike.
Jeongguk rode faster, leaving a trail of dust and then when he reached the perfect momentum, he turns his motorcycle around, shooting at the riders who had their swords raised ready to strike at him. But they were still not fast enough as rounds hit one by the abdomen.
Another pistol round hit another one on the face, breaking through the helmet. Right at the moment he started entering Gwangan bridge. another rider revved towards him and Jeongguk, was able to shoot the rider at the chest and skidded past him, falling over Sooyoung Bay.
He takes the ear piece dangling on his shoulder as he quickly presses the walkie talkie feature of his phone. He started the motorcycle and turned around. "Boss are you doing okay?" Yuri responded.
"There were six bikers - I think I maimed some, some I killed," Jeongguk started going to the direction of the Port of Busan. "What do you want to do about the situation?" Yugyeom piped in. "What's your status?" Jeongguk asked. "ETA our office in 20 minutes." He responded.
"I see, pick up the bodies, if they haven't been picked up yet. I will head to the office then I will call Taehyung," Jeongguk looked at his side mirror, looking if there are more people following him. "No need, I am here alpha." Taehyung responded.
"Why?" Jeongguk asked, surprised of Taehyung's boldness to be around Yuri. "I was helping clean up after dinner when I heard your alert," Taehyung responded in the background. "We placed the yosae on lockdown Jeongguk," Yuri interjected.
Jeongguk slowly stopped as he entered the port of Busan, looking around to see if it was safe. He slowly and quietly rode towards his shipping office gates with men in front. "Jeonggukah," Ivan, one of his men, nodded at him.
Jeongguk nodded as he rode inside his gates, "fortify the yosae and Taehyung, baby?" "Yes?" Taehyung responded breathlessly.
"Bring Lisa with you. Yuri, inform the other men to be on high alert & activate the panic rooms in each of the building," Jeongguk parked the motorcycle. "Where do you want to meet us alpha?" Taehyung asked with a slight hint of fear in his voice.
"Yuri will drive you to the office," Jeongguk raked his fingers through his hair, "Yugyeom, inform Taehee and ask hi to send the helicopter." "Okay, boss. Over and out." Yugyeom said. "My prince?" "Yes, my love?" "We are going home to Seoul."
Few minutes earlier, Yuri's cellphone alarmed loudly. Yuri pressed the red button on the wall and a loud speaker notification echoed throughout the Yosae, "The yosae will be put in lockdown in five minutes, everyone, please proceed inside and practice emergency procedures."
Taehyung looked at Yuri who grabbed him. Taehyung then grabbed Lisa as they went to hurried towards the weapon room. "What's happening Yuri?" Taehyung asked as they walked down the steps. "Jeongguk activated the emergency alarm," Yuri inputted the code to the room.
"Is he in danger?" Taehyung took his phone from his pocket which Yuri immediately gestured not to call Jeongguk, "Tae, it's not safe to contact him. He will contact us once he is safe." Taehyung cast a worried look at the both of them and took a deep breath.
Yuri then reminded Taehyung, "remember Taehyungah, presence of mind. This is not the time to panic." Taehyung nodded because of his stay in the yosae, the immense need to calm one's mind is needed in order be mindful with all his training.
Taehyung opened the passenger door for Lisa as he took the back passenger seat. "Yuri, will they be okay?" Taehyung slid inside. "You know we are all fighters in the yosae, right?" Yuri chuckled. "I know but I cannot help but be worried," Taehyung sighed.
Lisa turned around and reached out for his hand, "they will be okay Taehyungah." "Okay," Taehyung nodded. "Ready?" Yuri turned and asked them both. "Yes," they answered in unison.
They slowly drove out of the yosae. Who would know that there is grandeur in the middle of the mountains of Busan? "Yuri? Has the yosae been in danger before?" Taehyung asked curiously. "We are always in danger," Yuri focused on his driving.
Taehyung sighed, he knew that and yet there is always comfort when Jeongguk is with him. The past few months have been fruitful though as he learned to improve his combat skills.
From knife throwing to target shooting to hand combat, he learned them all, most especially when Jeongguk was not around. Yes, he needed to devote his time ever since his father emphasized something to him ever since he was young, it was something he shared to Jeongguk too.
His father would always say, even when his mother was alive that in order to be effective in their world, "𝘚𝘪 𝘷𝘪𝘴 𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘦𝘮, 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘢 𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘶𝘮."
It is something that his father would say when he talk about the main principle of The Supreme Caucus. "If you want peace, then prepare for war." Taehyung knows that his father is a leader for The Caucus and he hasn't asked him in detail yet since his mother's death.
After Jeongguk's phone call, Yuri spoke to Josef and Hyoshin to make sure they ensure the security and safety of the yosae. After which they headed to the garage and left the yosae to meet Jeongguk at their office near the port of Busan.
They entered the Gwangan bridge when a helicopter flew overhead. "That must be your father's helicopter," Yuri said as he quietly sped up. Lisa looked at Yuri tenderly then at Taehyung, "it's been a long time since I have been to Seoul."
"I will tell my father for you to stay with me," Taehyung assured her. He cannot wait to introduce Lisa to his other friends but maybe when the timing is right because if he is not mistaken, Kang Haneul was still not found.
Ivan opened the gates once he saw their vehicle approaching. Jeongguk exited the building the moment his radio alerted him that Yuri, Lisa and Taehyung arrived. He jogged to the car and immediately opened the passenger seat at the same time Taehyung did seeing his alpha.
"Jeongguk!" "Taehyung!" They both said at the same time on top of the sound of the helicopter blades whirring in the background. Jeongguk's lips crashed against Taehyung's with relief and the same with Taehyung.
"I love you so much," Jeongguk held Taehyung's face, gazing deep into his eyes, "I missed you!" Taehyung threw his hands around his alpha. "And me, I was afraid I won't be able to see you again." "My prince, I will fight death because nothing in this world can tear us apart."
Taehyung sobbed quietly in his arm, "I cannot live in a world apart from you any more, my prince," Jeongguk lifted his chin, "but now we have to go back to Seoul." One by one, Jeongguk, Lisa and Taehyung got inside the helicopter nodding at Yugyeom who finally arrived.
Yugyeom said that they were not able to revive any of the bikers from earlier. They scoured the place but they cannot find any trace of the scuffle except for skid marks on the road.
"Be careful, boss," Yuri held on to the helicopter door, looking at Jeongguk then moving his gaze toward Lisa. Jeongguk looked at his men, "I will meet you at Seoul headquarters." Hyungsik with one of Jeongguk's men, Dimitri sat at the cockpit.
Both of them are licensed helicopter pilot, well, Jeongguk is too but he'd rather stay with Taehyung. Hyungsik gave the three of them headsets to wear as they fly the helicopter.
Once Jeongguk placed his, he made sure that Lisa and Taehyung's headset were properly placed. "Where's headquarters, my love?" Taehyung asked as he leaned his thigh against Jeongguk. Jeongguk lightly placing his hand on his lap, his thumb stroking Taehyung's hand.
"Itaewon, my love," Jeongguk whispered before putting back his headset. Hyungsik started controlling the cyclic lever and tilted it upwards as the helicopter rose in the night sky of Busan.
--🖇️🖇️🖇️-- Jeongguk and Taehyung arrived at the Eunpyeong Hanok Village in the morning after arriving in Itaewon. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk, "what is this?" He asked as he walked inside the bright tea room perfectly framing a Japanese red pine tree.
Jeongguk stood against the door as Taehyung moved from one room to the next. He stood by the open floor plan with the fresh almost spring breeze flowing through the second floor. It was still a bit chilly but manageable as Taehyung wrapped his arm around himself.
"You haven't answered me Jeon Jeongguk, what is this place?" Taehyung arched an eyebrow. "A wedding gift," Jeongguk smiled at him, "do you like it?" Taehyung whipped his head at him, "really? truly?" Jeongguk nodded, "I got this property when I came back to Seoul, for you."
Taehyung bit his lower lip as he walked to Jeongguk, pulling him in by his collar, "are we that overconfident?" "You can say that," Jeongguk's voice deepened an octave lower as he moved his head towards Taehyung, "not really, I was scared." He admitted honestly.
"Scared? You?" Taehyung looked at him, leaning his head on the side. "I still get nervous around you," he swallowed. "Why Jagi?" Taehyung asked softly, placing his hands on his shoulder. "I didn't know if you'd give me a chance." Jeongguk fiddled at the hem of his shirt.
"You wanna know a secret?" Taehyung looked at him teasingly. "Hmm..." "It was always you since I was about thirteen years old. I have this little crush on you," Taehyung admitted shyly. "yeah?" Jeongguk asked huskily.
Taehyung nodded, his eyelashes fluttering bashfully. "My prince," Jeongguk cupped his chin, "it's been you, too, always." Jeongguk captured his lips gently. "Gold sparrow, copy, over?" Seo joon radioed in. "Copy, over, what is it?" Jeongguk responded.
"Gukkah, Kim Taehee asked you to accompany him at Pierre Gagnaire, early dinner, 5 pm, copy over." "Copy Red Falcon," Jeongguk responded. "Winter Prince with you?" Seo joon asked. "Yes," Jeongguk responded. "Bring him to their house in Gangnam tonight with your men."
"Copy, I will see you then," Jeongguk nodded and looked at Taehyung, "you have to go home to your building my prince," he stroked Taehyung's cheek. "Pierre Gagnaire, huh?" Taehyung looked outside the view from the window.
"Yes," Jeongguk responded, "you know I cannot bring you right?" "Yes, I know." Taehyung nodded sadly. "You'll earn your place soon," Jeongguk took his hand went downstairs. "I was thinking for you to stay here since it's fortified like the yosae."
Taehyung squeezed his hand, "tell me Jeongguk," he stopped walking, "are you a member of the Caucus?" Jeongguk nodded, "I am technically, ever since your dad brought me with him all the time before your mom's death."
Jeongguk opened the door to the SUV and when he got to his spot, Taehyung immediately leaned on him, "Tired, baby?" "Yes, need sleep Jagi," Taehyung murmured, closing his eyes, being enveloped by the warmth of his alpha's scent.
"Okay," he kissed Taehyung's forehead. "Where to boss?" Jeong asked. "At the Kim's headquarter," Jeongguk asked, allowing Taehyung to lean on his biceps as he placed his arm around his shoulder.
--🖇️🖇️🖇️-- It is always a delight to Pierre Gagnaire since it is an exclusive restaurant which only hosts the members of the Caucus. Kim Taehee walked in with Jeon Jeongguk as they met with Natasha Korsakov and her father, Dmitri Korsakov.
And on the table was a new friend, Maksim Ilyanovich. Maksim had helped Dmitri a thousand times and was told to be helping in the search for Kang Haneul. Maksim had provided intel to the packs in Busan who have been helping in the search for the pack leader.
Curious. Jeongguk had this weird inkling about Maksim ever since they have spoken on video conference when Kang Haneul first difference. "My friend," Dmitri walked to Kim Taehee with Natasha walking behind his father, her arm linked on the crook of his arm.
Jeongguk faked a smile as Natasha showed off the man in her arm. It doesn't affect him so much as he had never had any feelings with Natasha even when she had shown interests with him before. "My friend," Kim Taehee hugged Dmitri, "it's been a while." "It's been a while."
"The Supreme Caucus had took a closer look for Kang Haneul's disappearance," Dmitri gestured for everyone to take a seat. "And we have been doing our best to find him with the resources that we have." Kim Taehee leaned at the back of his chair.
"There's only so much you can do, no?" Natasha peered closely at Jeongguk with her hands on Maksim's thigh. Jeongguk studied Maksim's movement and the way he had been ogling Natasha.
Maksim placed his elbow on the table and rubbed his chin, "the video I have gotten on Haneul was a just a mere coincidence. Our analysts was able to get this embedded in the dark web." Jeongguk rested his hand on the table, "how long ago was the video found?"
"About 10 hours ago," Maksim turned his head to Dmitri and to Taehee then met Jeongguk's eyes, "my team is still finding out the meta data behind the video."
Jeongguk just nodded when the waiter poured wine into the wine glass in front of him while another placed a bowl of soup in front of them. He wasn't really hungry because right now, his team is still not able to find as to how there are men after him. Jihan? Jihan.
He looked at Maksim, watching his movements carefully as he spoke to Taehee and Dmitri and Natasha not leaving the alpha untouched and she was not shy about her desire towards him.
"Is it possible for you to send me the video? I have a team who specializes in Open Source Investigations," Jeongguk's eyes narrowed, brows creasing, looking at everyone. Taehee looked Jeongguk who slightly nodded at him. This is what he admires about Jeongguk.
Ever since at a young age, the young alpha then would just observe quietly and only speak when needed and this was how different Jihan is with him. Taehee looked at Maksim, observing his mannerisms, he was curious of the trust Dmitri bestowed on this man.
"And how is your son?" Dmitri turned his head to Taehee, who just wiped his mouth. "He is doing absolutely well," Taehee smiled, "in fact, he's getting married soon." "Who are we talking about?" Maksim interjected, his gaze moving from Dmitri to Taehee.
"Oh, my only son," Taehee responded. Natasha pursed her lips toward Jeongguk, "oh wow," she looked at Jeongguk as they took away the empty bowl in front of her, "when is the wedding?" she slipped him a curious glance.
"No date yet," Jeongguk avoided her gaze because he doesn't want to talk about Taehyung and the danger he might be in. Jeongguk just doesn't want to trust anyone, not even Natasha or Maksim. They placed a plate of maple glazed pork pot roast in front of them.
"Excellent," Maksim started cutting the pork into small pieces and placed a piece on Natasha's mouth. Dmitri gestured to Maksim and Natasha, "I don't know when these two are getting married," frustration crinkling his eyes, "I am not getting any younger."
"How long have you been together?" Jeongguk cocked his head to the side. "About five years," Natasha gazed at Maksim who in turn held her hand. "That was around the time I left Europe," Jeongguk slowly chewed on the pot roast, savoring the taste, "this is very delicious."
"And why did you invite me here, Dmitri?" Taehee took a sip of the malbec. "Since you have a seat at the Supreme Caucus & I am stepping down, since Maksim will be son in law soon, I am hoping you would vouch for him to be seated in my stead," He propped his chin on his hand.
"I see," The great alpha drew in a long deep breath, "I cannot say I would," He looked at Maksim, "but I cannot say I wouldn't also." He looked at Dmitri, "My first priority is finding and saving Haneul." "But it's more than 48 hours already," Natasha quipped.
"I think whoever captured Haneul would have sent him in a casket if they wanted him dead," Jeongguk supplied for Taehee.
Maksim threaded a hand through his hair, 'what was his intention keeping Haneul alive? Ahh, yes, his godsister's secret, something their packs passed on from generation to generation.'
Maksim bit on his lower lip as he tapped his hand on the table. His frustration about Haneul's refusal to cooperate was getting old. Natasha then wrapped her arms around Maksim's bicep and leaned the side of her head on his shoulder.
Maksim looked at Natasha who was very oblivious of the man in the basement, he lowered his head and smirked. How fun is it to play with these men, most especially Natasha who has no idea of what's to come.
"How sure are you that the captor has other intentions with Haneul?" Maksim looked at Jeongguk with eyebrows raised. "Instinct?" Jeongguk responded, "how about you, if you were to capture Haneul, why would you keep him alive?"
Taehee nodded, in awe of the young alpha who he trusts a lot. Dmitri just furrowed his eyebrow and looked at Maksim, "Maksim, tell your men to meet us in ten minutes, I have new instructions for them." He wiped his mouth and tossed the napkin on the table.
"I think it's time to regroup," Taehee looked at Dmitri who agreed. "It's great having dinner with you, my friend," Dmitri stood up and gave his friend a hug. "We should do this more often, most especially when you here in Seoul," Kim Taehee walked beside Dmitri.
Jeongguk pressed the elevator door which instantaneously swung open. He allowed the two men to enter first, then Natasha, then Maksim.
He stood in front of them with thoughts swarming in his mind about what he just saw throughout dinner but he is keeping these observations to himself or maybe ask Min Jun about it.
Mingyu and Hans were standing on one side of the lobby and at the other side were Seojoon, Hyungsik and Jeong. They all started walking outside towards the valet when a black van suddenly stopped in front of them all.
T/W Blood T/W Violence T/W Attempt to k!ll Someone pushed a bloodied, gagged, handcuffed & blindfolded Kang Haneul in front of them. Seojoon radioed in to their other men, while Jeongguk stepped closer to Taehee. "Jeong, keep watch," Jeongguk shouted to his marksman.
Someone shot at them, which made everyone at the lobby panic. Jeongguk and the other men drew their fire arms, including Natasha who took hers from her thighs. Maksim quickly went to Haneul and radioed in to his men, "call in an ambulance, Haneul is alive."
Haneul started whimpering when he heard someone's voice. for sure it was him, the man who held him captive for a long while now. "Hans, Mingyu, protect Dmitri at all times," he barked at his men. Maksim grabs Natasha's arm and told them, "protect her.
Someone open fired at them. Jeong aimed at the parking lot, finding a man who was drawing his g un. He shot at him but they got continuously getting shot at.
Jeongguk looked behind him, searching for Taehee and he moved quickly towards him at the same time someone fired at the great alpha. "Abeonim," Jeongguk covered the great alpha with his body, the side of his abdomen getting hit with a bullet. "Jeongguk!" Taehee's face paled.
"Where is the car?" Seojoon shouted. Bullets started raining on Dmitri when a singular shot sounded and Maksim turned around and shielded Haneul. "Kang Haneul," Maksim shouted as a bullet hit his upper shoulder clean, hitting Haneul in the chest. "Maksim!" Natasha shrieked!
Taehee's black SUV arrived and Taehee slid in the vehicle with Jeongguk. "Hyungsik, call the doctor, drive us to the headquarters immediately!" Taehee looked at Jeongguk whose abdomen was leaking a lot of blood.
Seojoon rode on the front passenger seat, "Boss, you okay?" "Haneul?" Taehee looked behind the Dmitri who rode another van. "That's too close," Hyungsik looked worriedly at Taehee. "Too close," Taehee's face contorted with worry with Jeongguk.
This was his second brush with death now, twice within a span of 24 hours. Tires screeched with men surrounding the entrance of the Kim's headquarters. Taehyung was practicing knives with Yuri when Seojoon radioed in, "Golden sparrow got shot." Yuri's eyes widened.
"Jeongguk," Taehyung breathed out. Taehyung was waiting by the door when Jeongguk was rushed in a gurney. He rushed to his father who just wrapped his arms around his son. "Appa," Taehyung sobbed as they followed the gurney towards the hospital wing.
"He's going to be okay," Taehee stroked his son's back tenderly, "he will be okay." Taehyung cannot believe what was happening. Just the night before, bikers were following Jeongguk as well, "someone wants him dead, Appa!"
Taehee's phone sounded off. Dmitri. "Taehee. Haneul, he got shot but he is brought to surgery now." Dmitri breathlessly stated. "And Maksim, he got shot too?" Taehee continued to stroke his son's back. "Yes, at the shoulder. Missing the heart by a few inches." Dmitri replied.
"Someone's trying to scare us off," Taehee's eyes turned to the doctor who was walking towards them. "Yeah, we'll regroup. I will call you later," Dmitri stated before hanging up the phone. Seojoon and Yuri walked towards them.
"Seojoon, call the other pack leaders, we need to meet at 12 mn," Taehee looked at his watch, 8 o'clock. "Copy and boss?" Seojoon looked at Taehyung. "I am not going to leave Jeongguk's side," Taehyung looked at them and then turned to his father.
"I am capable of protecting myself. You can ask Yuri," Taehyung gestured to Yuri & then looked at his father, "I have trained for the how many months I was at the yosae. I know what to do, trust me." Taehyung stated with a certain resolve. He wants to help Jeongguk & his father.
"I know. Jeongguk told me," Taehee took a deep breath, "go to the tailor on the fifth floor. It's time," Taehee looked at Seojoon. "Tell the tailor it's time to fit my son." Yuri then turned to them all, "Jeongguk told me to accompany Taehyung at all times."
"Have the tailor fit you too," Taehee nodded at Yuri. Taehyung looked at his father and he knew what was happening, he will be fitted into a bullet proof vest and a suit that is bullet proof as well.
--🖇🖇🖇-- Taehyung sat on his bedroom couch. He insisted to his father have the doctors place Jeongguk in his room. He knew Jeongguk would prefer him to be there and besides, Taehyung wanted him the first person that Jeongguk sees when he woke up.
Jeongguk had been hooked up to a heart monitor. White square patches were placed on his torso as IVs branched from his chest, arms, and hands. None of his organs were hit but he lost a significant amount of blood.
His dark, disheveled hair had fallen over his clammy forehead and Taehyung asked the doctor if he can clean him up just yet but the doctor said not yet. Taehyung just rested his eyes on his fiancé, resisting the urge to push the strands out of his eyes.
According to his father, Kang Haneul survived his surgery but had too many concussions and internal bleeding due to the many injuries he had acquired. There was another man who got shot and if that man did not shield Haneul, he would have died.
Taehee entered the room and saw his son playing personal nurse to Jeongguk. It had been twelve hours since they got the bullet out of Jeongguk's abdomen and it just missed his gallbladder and liver.
It was lodged just a couple of inches away from his liver and it was a good thing that the bullet did not explode because it would have been harder to remove all the other pieces if the pieces spread.
Taehyung looked at his father and offered a half smile, "tell me what happened?" "He saved my life, my son. Jeongguk shielded me from getting hit." Taehee placed a hand on Taehyung's shoulder.
Taehyung touched his father's hand and smiled bitterly, "I am glad nothing happened to you." "Yes, everyone is mobilized now." Taehee patted his son's hand. "I will bring you in at a later time for strategy."
"Strategy?" "Didn't you take up Strategic Management?" Taehee looked at him before walking out the door.
Taehyung stood up and drew the curtains. Through the sheer light curtain fabric, the night sky lightened to royal blue as dawn began to break. Taehyung sat beside him and fit his palm against Jeongguk's warm one.
Taehyung just stared at his alpha, sleeping peacefully however upon looking at his hand, there was a smear of blood on it and some on his fingernails as well.
Taehyung's chest started to ache upon seeing Jeongguk like this. Ever since Taehyung was young, he always seemed for the alpha to be invincible at all times, even when he left 12 years ago.
Taehyung sniffed as a tear rolled down his cheek as he stroked Jeongguk's hand gently. Truth be told, if Jeongguk didn't come into their lives, well Taehyung would have never felt safe, not even with Jihan's presence.
Jeongguk had always been his protector even when his mother was alive. And now, Taehyung would never feel safe in a world without Jeongguk. He took a washcloth that the nurse placed earlier on the side table and started cleaning Jeongguk's hand.
"I know you are sleeping," Taehyung squeezed the water out. He started dabbing his face, gently removing any indication of dirt on his face. "I want you to know that I love you so much." Taehyung soaked the washcloth again in the solution of water and alcohol.
He squeezed the water out once again as he walked to the other side. Tears started welling in his eyes, "I don't know what to do in a world where there is no you." He dabbed the washcloth on his forehead, pushing his hair aside.
Taehyung continued as he sat down holding Jeongguk's hand once more, "I didn't imagine my love to bloom like this. I didn't even realize not until yesterday. Do you know? These feelings I have for you have been planted long ago, taking root without my knowledge."
"Where is Jeongguk?" A woman barged inside the door. Taehyung looked at her bewildered. She's gorgeous and she rushed to him, the pheromones she secreted were scents of desire. Taehyung just stared at her, who are you?
Yuri rushed inside the room and walked to Natasha then talked to her in Russian, "𝘡𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘮 𝘵𝘺 𝘻𝘥𝘦𝘴', 𝘕𝘢𝘵𝘢𝘴𝘩𝘢? 𝘕𝘦 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘷𝘮𝘪𝘳𝘰𝘷𝘢𝘯 𝘭𝘪 𝘪 𝘔𝘢𝘬𝘴𝘪𝘮?" (Why are you here, Natasha? Isn't Maksim injured too?)
Natasha waved her hand and rolled her eyes, "𝘊𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘶𝘬 𝘵𝘰𝘻𝘩𝘦 𝘷𝘢𝘻𝘩𝘦𝘯 𝘥𝘭𝘺𝘢 𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘺𝘢!" (Jeongguk is important to me too!) Taehyung stood up in front of Natasha, his upper lip curled, "𝘗𝘳𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘵, 𝘺𝘢 𝘛𝘦𝘬𝘩𝘰𝘯, 𝘻𝘩𝘦𝘯𝘪𝘬𝘩 𝘊𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘶𝘬𝘢."
Natasha stared at him as she stood up, "Is that so? Jeongguk never mentioned you." She walked around him & scrutinized him from head to toe. "It's nice to meet you," she scornfully smiled, "so nice." Her heels echoed throughout the room as she walked outside.
Yuri looked at Taehyung in amazement, "you know how to speak Russian?" "My mother did and I continued in Santa Cruz," Taehyung smiled, his thoughts still remaining on the woman who just barged into the room. "Who is she?"
"I am not in the position to answer Taehyungah." Yuri answered frankly, "you can ask Jeongguk when he gets better." Taehyung nodded and then looked at Yuri, his face went blank, with his heart so confused, "was their relationship something I should worry about?"
Jeongguk was listening to what was happening when he was awoken by Natasha's loud and piercing voice. Taehyung can speak Russian, he cannot help but control his smile. Too bad he wasn't able to see Natasha's reaction when Taehyung spoke perfectly.
He slowly opened his eyes and then squinted. The light in the room may be dimmed but the sunlight from the window was still a little too bright. "My prince?" Jeongguk finally croaked. "Jeongguk!" Taehyung's face was washed with relief, tears glistening in his eyes.
Jeongguk was hit with reality when he tried sitting up. "Ouch," his face twisted in pain as pain seared through his abdomen. "Stop moving, my love." Taehyung looked at Yuri who nodded, "I will get the doctor."
Jeongguk tried again but Taehyung just shoved him back. Taehyung slow-blinked at Jeongguk, "you are not moving!" He stressed. Jeongguk sighed in defeat and just raised his arms, "I miss you." Taehyung could never resist Jeongguk though. He slowly approached him.
"How do you feel? Do you need anything?" Taehyung's voice warbled, and it pained Jeongguk not to gather him in his arms and smother him with his kisses. Jeongguk shook his head and reached out for Taehyung, "just you. You are my medicine, the only source of my healing."
Taehyung sat on the chair and looked at him. The monitor above Jeongguk's head started beeping and Taehyung pressed it to release a little codeine for the pain. After doing so, Jeongguk caught his wrist and they gazed deeply into each other's eyes.
Taehyung's eyes started to get wet as Jeongguk brought his palm to his chest. Taehyung closed his eyes as a tear rolled down his cheek, "don't scare me like that anymore Jeonggukie. Please? You can't leave me like that."
Jeongguk tried to sit up, he wanted his loved one in his arms. Jeongguk brought his hand to his lips, "I’ve felt worse, you know?" Jeongguk gave Taehyung's hands with feather kisses, "you know what's more painful? More worrisome?"
Taehyung shook his head, "what, my Jagi?" "It's every moment I have spent when I was in Europe without knowing what is happening to you, it was the 12 years I spent away. It's every second that ticks by without you in my arms. Know that the aches in my heart just grew."
Taehyung cannot control the tears flowing from his eyes now. "I am such a sap," Taehyung pouted, "and it's your fault." Jeongguk reached out and touched his face, wincing with pain but he just managed to still touch his cheek, "I love you Kim Taehyung."
The door suddenly opened with doctors and nurses approaching Jeongguk. Taehyung had to step back as they checked on him. Yuri and Jeong stood by the door as they stopped Dmitri and Natasha from entering the room. "He is awake but our medical team needed to see him first."
Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, "my love, there are tests that they need to perform, you can take a bath or a shower first if you'd like." Taehyung nodded, "okay my love." Jeongguk blew a kiss his way and Taehyung just smiled.
He stepped inside his bathroom and locked the door. He turned on the shower and went to his walk-in closet to place the vest he was wearing on top of the table. His father had the tailor send a dozen bulletproof suits and separates.
Before walking back to the shower, something caught his eye. It was a folded paper swan on top of his drawer. He turned around, because as far as he remembered all of the swans that Jihan made him when they were young were kept in a box in his room at the Hanok house.
Or maybe it was in one of the books he just read because he used it as a bookmark before. It was interesting though because he just came back yesterday. He looked around and saw a book he read a few months ago but why was it here?
He took the swan and folded it and placed it inside the book. He walked back to the shower and enjoyed the steam of the hot water pelt on his skin. His thoughts started to go back to Jeongguk when his mind wandered back aimlessly to the swan that perched on the table earlier.
--🖇🖇🖇-- Taehyung came out and was already dressed up with Taehee and Dmitri inside the room. Jeongguk was propped up, sitting on his bed, listening intently to both alpha leaders discussing Haneul, Jihan, and the operations.
Taehyung cleared his throat, alerting them of his presence. "Oh, perfect timing," Taehee gestured for his son to sit down. "Haneul succumbed to his injury and the autopsy came back, confirming Jihan was the one who fell from the bridge," Dmitri spoke thoughtfully.
"I see," Taehyung sat down and looked at Dmitri, not to size him up but study the words he was trying to impart. "And Jeongguk just informed me too of the motorcycle attack. Taehee, you should bring this up to the Caucus when we meet," Dmitri rubbed his chin.
Jeongguk was admiring Taehyung, looking so handsome in his suit but his attention was diverted upon the mention of his brother's name. "Dmitri, who ordered the full autopsy on Jihan? Don't I get to have a say? I am his brother anyway." Jeongguk exchanged glances with Taehyung.
Taehee's brows knitted, "Jeongguk has a point, he has the full right to Jihan's body." "Even if he disowned me so many years ago, we are still the same blood," Jeongguk's eyes narrowed as his eyes darted to the machine above his head.
Jeongguk smiled ruefully, "I tried to reach out to him, tried to save him but never gave me the chance." Taehyung drummed his fingers on his knee, and decided to keep his silence. Jihan never gave Jeongguk a chance because he had been there on a few occasions.
When they were young, Taehyung thought how lucky they were to have each other but then the pain, the scorn, and the blame, consumed them both or maybe it was Jihan.
Jeongguk sensed unease from Taehyung so he held out his hand and pointed at the chair beside him. So Taehyung stood up and sat beside Jeongguk and interlaced his fingers on his.
Dmitri watched Jeongguk beam at Taehyung. Taehee raised his hands and loudly stated, "where were my manners?! Dmitri meet my son, Taehyung." "My fiancé, " Jeongguk pulled him in with Taehyung looking at him incredulously, "your stitches, Jagi!"
The door suddenly slammed startling everyone as Natasha marched inside the room but suddenly halted upon seeing Jeongguk and Taehyung.
She raised her chin and avoided their gazes and went straight to her father, "I am going to have to go now, Maksim is asking for me." Dmitri just nodded, "I will go back home in two days, see me tomorrow." "Da Papa," she kissed her father's cheek and turned to Taehee.
She looked and smiled at him and started walking out. She stopped as if ruminating if she was going to say goodbye to Jeongguk but she just jutted her chin out and continued to walk out of the room.
A small smile danced on Taehyung's lips as Yuri shut the door. Jeongguk slipped him a curious glance but Taehyung remained seriously astute. Taehyung honed in Dmitri and his father's conversation about Aleksei Petrov, the man who ordered Jihan's last shipment.
Taehyung inclined his head and mouthed to Jeongguk, 'Listen,' and placed a finger on his lips. Jeongguk lowered his head and stared at the engagement ring he gave to Taehyung. Dmitri with his deep booming voice, "Taehee, let's continue this talk over lunch, shall we?"
Dmitri faced Jeongguk, "we'll all find out who is waging this war and the culprit to Haneul's disappearance." Jeongguk briefly nodded at Dmitri. Taehee approached them both, "I will see you later for dinner. We'll have lots to talk about."
"Finally," Taehyung released his breath the moment the two elder alphas stepped out. Jeongguk took his hand and kissed it gently as he watched his serious and handsome face. Jeongguk then kissed his knuckles, then his palms & then his wrist and Taehyung just looked at him.
A memory suddenly flashed Jeongguk as he looked at him, hiding the amusement on his face. He sought Taehyung's gaze and the moment they were eye to eye, Jeongguk held Taehyung's hand near his cheek and asked, "why did Natasha leave like that?"
Taehyung gave him a half-shrug as he crossed his arms on his chest, "maybe because when she was speaking in Russian, I introduced myself as your fiancé in Russian too?" Jeongguk threw his head back laughing, "oh my gosh," he clutched his hand on his chest.
"What?" Taehyung controlled the smile on his lips, the corners of his eyes crinkled. Warm, soothing pheromones wafted in the air as Jeongguk continued laughing. "Alpha?" Taehyung looked at him and Jeongguk was out of breath, "she liked me for the longest time."
"Hated me for not pining over her. I told her I had no time to fall in love and now you tell her you are my fiancé, " Jeongguk started to gasp air as he tried to stop laughing. Taehyung raised his eyebrow, "how come you never told me about her?"
Jeongguk suddenly turned serious upon seeing Taehyung's face, "there's nothing to tell my prince. I met her in Europe when I was looking for the assassin who killed Eomma."
Taehyung pushed some hair off of Jeongguk's forehead, "Were you always thinking of me?" Jeongguk stared into Taehyung's eyes as he took his hand and placed it on his cheek. "I was never not thinking about you."
Jeongguk searched Taehyung's face as he fell in love with this person over and over again. It took all Jeongguk's resolve took not to close his eyes and surrender to the feeling of the warmth of his touch on his skin. "I haven't told you something."
"What is it?" Taehyung leaned in eagerly. "This is something I haven't told anyone, well, except your father," Jeongguk bit a nail. "Tell me, Jagi," Taehyung coaxed, sitting beside him on the bed.
"Before your mother died," Jeongguk's soft gaze traveled Taehyung's face, "I went to Saju reading with her." He swallowed, looking at him from under his eyelashes. Taehyung grabbed his hand, "what did the reading say?"
Jeongguk simpered, releasing a soft breath, "it said I must be with my soulmate when they turn 28 years old." Taehyung frowned, his mouth in a hard line, "what?" He frowned, "and who is your soulmate?" He asked crossing his arms. Jeongguk's flickered, "are you jealous?"
His nostrils flared, "why are you telling me this?" Taehyung stood up and paced around, "you ask me to marry you when you have a soulmate?" His tone sounded ludicrous maybe because of his jealousy.
"My prince," Jeongguk called out to Taehyung, firm but gentle, "am I not talking about your Eomma?" "Oh," Taehyung was standing a few feet away from him, studying Jeongguk's face. "You are my soulmate," Jeongguk looked at him tenderly, "your Eomma was going to tell you but..."
Taehyung rushed to him, damn his stitches. He hugged him tightly, "why didn't you tell me?" Recognition dawned on Taehyung's face. Jeongguk gazed into his eyes, "we are meant for each other, only if you'll have me, my prince."
"A thousand times yes," Taehyung smiled widely at Jeongguk, "the Saju really said that?" Jeongguk grinned as he stroked Taehyung's cheek, "yes, your mom wrote it in her journal." "Oh, I better ask Appa for that journal." Taehyung sat back down on the chair.
Jeongguk smelled Taehyung's sweet scent, a scent which reminded him of his heat months ago, "My love?" He squeezed his hand. "Yes, Jagi?" "Are you going to be in heat soon?" Jeongguk nibbled at his lip, curiously awaiting Taehyung's response. "Wait, let me check."
He unlocked his phone and looked at the calendar, "maybe in about 2-3 weeks?" Taehyung locked his phone and placed it in his pocket. Jeongguk then called out loudly, "Yuri? Yugyeom?" His men went inside the room.
"Yes, boss?" "Can you call the medical team?" "Weren't they here 2 hours ago?" Yugyeom took his phone and dialed a number. "Just call them please? It's important," Jeongguk demanded.
The medical team rushed in, "Yes, Jeongguk?" "How long will my recovery take?" He wiggled his toes. Taehyung studied Jeongguk wondering what was causing him to ask all these questions.
The doctor looked at the machine and looked at his medical chart, "honestly?" "Yes, honestly." Jeongguk squeezed Taehyung's hand. "Two to three weeks," the doctor stated, "depending on if you decide to be off of your feet."
--🖇🖇🖇-- "Golden Sparrow, Purple Dove, do you copy?" Jeong stated. "Copy, over," Jeongguk stated as he looked for an empty parking spot in the streets of Gangseo-gu.
It had been three weeks and Jeongguk had listened well to the doctor's instructions and only traveled when needed, thanks to his personal nurse in the form of Kim Taehyung. But tonight, they are not wearing their usual but they do have their bulleproof vest on.
"Target is still not in the area," Yugyeom stated. This time Jeongguk had three teams and some covert on the streets like Lisa amd Yuri, disguised to party.
Jeongguk parked the car with Taehyung beside him. He turned around and grinned at him while Taehyung sulked. "My prince, what is wrong?" Jeongguk reached out for his hand. "What's wrong?" Taehyung raised an eyebrow, "you are out and about while you are still recovering!"
Jeongguk quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and turned off the engine, "My love, I am well, remember, the doctor cleared me two days ago." He faced Taehyung while listening to the radio. "And you are not wearing a bulletproof suit!" Taehyung glared at him.
Taehyung was just feisty, maybe because he misses his alpha, maybe because he was worried to death twice in a row now, Or maybe, just maybe, his heat is just outside the doors. "My love, please, don't worry." Jeongguk sought Taehyung's eyes for understanding.
He then cupped his cheek which Taehyung immediately leaned on. He closed his eyes and the scent of his pheromones instantly changed. "And besides, aren't you here to protect me, now?" Jeongguk gave out a knowing smile. Taehyung suddenly smiled widely. That's true, too.
This time, he's not the helpless omega he was as compared months ago. This time he is more skilled and adept to fight. This time, Kim Taehyung, is battle-ready, armed, and dangerous, ready to k!ll.
"Golden Sparrow, Red Falcon, copy, over," Min Jun stated. "Hidden Dragon?" Yugyeom exclaimed but in a whisper. "Copy, ETA 15 mins, over." Min Jun stated. "Thanks Dragon," Jeongguk smiled with a certain look in his eyes, gratitude.
"How come I haven't met Min Jun?" Taehyung looked at Jeongguk, filled with curiosity. "You'll meet him soon," Jeongguk stated, "or when we confirm who ordered the hit on Kang Haneul."
"Okay," Taehyung stated, his heart filled with relief upon seeing the alpha sitting beside him devoid of physical pain from the gunshot from three weeks ago.
Jeongguk eyed a group of people approaching their vehicle, so he pulled Taehyung in for a kiss and they kissed like they mean it because it had been weeks and a day together is not enough to express how much they miss each other.
Jeongguk's tongue dove in as warmth spread all over his body, the sudden insatiable hunger for his betrothed stirred deep inside him. "I missed you," Taehyung murmured as he ran long fingertips along Jeongguk's hairline, then against his scalp.
"Golden sparrow, copy, over," Yuri radioed in. Jeongguk didn't want to break the kiss but they were there to stake out & not just to make out. Taehyung licked his lips, with a rosy blush on his cheeks. His eyelashes fluttered, as he stared at Jeongguk.
Jeongguk stared back at him, his sexual desire for his omega increasing by the minute. "Copy, over," Jeongguk tried to shake off his lustful need for his omega. "Remember the black car from our last op at Ulsan? Over," Yuri stated.
"Yeah, what about it? Over," Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, holding his hand. "It just parked, over," Yuri responded. "Blue panda, copy, over," Jeongguk looked for Jeong. "This is Blue panda, over," Jeong responded. "Do you have a clear scope of the passenger? Over."
"Affirmative, over," Jeong responded, adjusting his binoculars. "Tell me who the person in the passenger seat is? Over," Jeongguk's senses started going overdrive. "Copy, I will do that, over," Jeong finally reaching the optimal view.
Taehyung leaned on the dashboard and looked at Jeongguk, "why are you doing this, my love?" T/W Human T r a f f i c k i n g "Saving omegas? And betas? Well, it was one of the things that my parents started doing and I hated it, remember? That's why I took Jihan with me."
"I didn't want that, that's not right, it's against one's free will," Jeongguk looked around the area. "I had to run to your father, at least save the last of the Jeons from rotting in hell," Jeongguk lowered his head, "I don't regret any of it."
"I love you," Taehyung threw his arms around Jeongguk, "you are so amazing," he looked at Jeongguk admiringly. Jeongguk rubbed his nose against his in an Eskimo kiss, "I hope to make you proud every moment of our lives together."
"We have business dealings, I know that, some honorable and some that are not, but you making the world a better place as much as you can? Jagi, that means the world to me," Taehyung presses his lips against his.
Jeongguk gazed into his eyes but was distracted by two men walking past them with a woman in between. He turned as Taehyung removed his arms around Jeongguk. "Red falcon, I think our subject is here, over," Jeongguk pretended to talk to Taehyung. "Act angry or say something."
"Like what?" Taehyung leaned and looked at Jeongguk, controlling his increasing desire. His heat is coming for sure and there is nothing that could help him stop it. Jeongguk swallowed, "my prince, hang in there, we have to see this through," he squeezed Taehyung's hand.
"I am trying," Taehyung admitted. Jeongguk digressed, "is your leather suit bulletproof too?" "I think so," Taehyung shrugged, "how about yours?"
Jeongguk glanced at the commotion outside. Yugyeom in disguise, taking Soo Young, their subject inside the car. But before doing so, the man pushed Yugyeom and he raised his hand with cellphone on the other. "I think so," Jeongguk radioed Yuri, "Grey wolf, over,"
Yuri didn't answer but instead the radio was playing the conversation outside, "we are charging extra ₩500M," the man stated. "Why?" Yugyeom responded. "We just don't trust you, Mr Young," the man sneered at Yugyeom. "Transfer the money, Grey Wolf, over," Jeongguk ordered.
Yugyeom showed that the money was transferred to the hooligans. And then one of them raised their thumb towards the direction of the black car. The man let go of Yugyeom who fixed his collar and got inside the car.
Taehyung released his breath, one that he'd been holding for a while. ₩500M just got sent. He looked at Jeongguk and asked, "where do you get the money?" "From the crops and the trees we sell at the yosae," Jeongguk started their car, "hold your thought," he stated.
"Blue falcon, what's your status? over," Jeongguk radioed in. "10-22," Yugyeom responded. "10-4," Jeongguk sighed and removed the earpiece, "it's a wash." He looked at Taehyung sadly.
"Why did Yugyeom cancel the mission?" Taehyung's eyes went wide. "Because we weren't able to clear at once, removed surveillance, tracker, car used won't get marked, " Jeongguk shook his head. "Oh, " Taehyung sat back.
Jeongguk started the car and reversed to drive the opposite way. Taehyung touched his hand lightly, "tell me more?" "You see the moment they got close the car, they were able to profile Yugyeom and the vehicle and we can't afford that," Jeongguk glanced at the rear view mirror.
"But you spent a lot of money already!" Taehyung exclaimed, rolling down the window. "It's just money, we can earn it back," Jeongguk merged unto the freeway. "Usually, they drop off the subject, and by the time they received the wired money, they leave."
Taehyung just cast a worried look at Jeongguk, "what do you do with the subject then?" "Give them a sleeping pill, then return them the next day at the same location," Jeongguk replied, quickly looking back before changing lanes.
Taehyung's eyes shot up excitedly, "I have an idea!" Jeongguk glanced at him, returning his gaze to the traffic in front of him, "tell me." "Have you analyzed where your successful missions vs the ones that failed?" Taehyung looked at his fingertips, then looked at him.
--🖇🖇🖇-- "Hello, Maksim, did we succeed this time?" The man on the phone asked as he swirled the red wine in his hand. "Yes, they failed, finally they did," Maksim chuckled. "Ah, that's good and Jeongguk?" "He wasn't there, still recuperating," Maksim stated. "Good."
"Is the drug ready?" The mysterious man asked. "Yes, it is, Minho confirmed its efficacy," Maksim smirked, "and we made sure all copies of the formula for the antidote were destroyed. "This is great news. Did you put a tracker on the vehicle?" "Yes, Hans put one on her."
"Perfect! Our plan is panning out Maksim and with Haneul out of the way, being the last one knowing the antidote formula, everything is going well," the man laughed hysterically. "Jeon Jeongguk is going down as well as Kim Taehyung, I promised you didn't I?"
"And you'll be married to the daughter of one of the most powerful men of the Caucus!" "Yes, yes, victory is almost near, I can smell it," Maksim motioned to Minho, "let's go to Natasha's place." "Yes, Maksim." Minho nodded. "I will be there when you marry Natasha."
"I can't wait to see you then," Maksim frowned, "how are you putting down Kim Taehee?" "By k!lling Jeongguk and Taehyung," the man lit up a cigarette, "then Taehee will be checkmate." He puffed a smoke. "I will call you then, das vedanya." "Goodbye, my friend." --🖇🖇🖇--
Taehyung found it a little interesting to be at their house, with his room silent once again except for the hum of the air conditioning. His room is finally empty of the beeping sounds that surrounded him for the past three weeks.
It might have been uncomfortable to have slept on the couch for the first week but the moment the stitches dissolved, the doctor said he could sleep with Jeongguk which he did. They just got back from the op and Jeongguk just debriefed them all.
Right now, Jeongguk was filling Taehee in about the situation and the analysis that Taehyung suggested. Since they had everything recorded, Jeongguk's men will take down all possible notes from vehicles, days, dates and times of their ops.
Taehyung stated that he wanted to look at all possible angles, or if this may be connected with the attempt to take Jeongguk out of the equation. Taehyung was about to remove his bulletproof vest when the lights suddenly turned off.
Jeongguk and his father were meeting in the video room which was on the 8th floor, well, his room was on the 10th. Taehyung immediately walked to his door to take a peek at what was happening but it was locked. He tried to open it but someone jammed it.
His phone started buzzing, Jeongguk. A soft light suddenly illuminated the room coming from his phone. "Hello, Jeongguk?" "Taehyung, are you in your room?" "Yes, you?"
"We are locked in the video room and the door mechanism failed." Jeongguk's voice started to become muffled, "they are checking the circuit and some men are trying to turn on the generator," Jeongguk stated then suddenly their phone cut off, the signal was jammed.
T/W Assault Taehyung's hair got pulled suddenly by someone. He was slammed against the wall by an immovable weight, his head hitting the wall with a strong force. His training just failed him as pain throbbed at the back of his skull.
A hand gripped his neck and Taehyung's windpipe started to close because of the strong squeeze. The plan to scream didn't come to fruition as he choke. But what did Jeongguk say? It's times like this that Taehyung should throw panic out the window.
'Clear your mind, my prince,' he heard Jeongguk's voice in his head. "You are going to d i e. Jeongguk is going to d i e too & your father, ah, your father will be t o r t u r e d then k i l l e d like how he deserves it," an alpha with a scratchy voice laughed maniacally.
'Control your thoughts Taehyung,' he remembered Jeongguk whispering in his ear. 'Remember that surrendering is never an option, it will never be an option. You have to fight, you know what to do.' Jeongguk's voice coaxed him.
Lightning strikes and casts a shadow in his room but that makes reality flicker quickly, allowing Taehyung to realize what to do. Carotid arteries. No oxygen. Jeongguk taught him how to protect himself during a dire situation like this.
Lightning strikes again as a glint of metal appeared in the hand of the man in the black mask. Taehyung allowed Jeongguk's words to guide him as he forced his way out of the encroaching darkness.
With newfound strength, Taehyung clawed at the tightening fingers around his neck and then rammed his forehead hard on his nose and at the top of his lips which burst with blood upon impact. The man loosened his hold immediately but Taehyung was not yet done.
With the glow of the lightning, Taehyung was able to punch into his trachea with a strong blow that made the man stagger backward, breaking the glass in one of his closet doors. The man knew martial arts as he turned around and gave Taehyung a roundhouse.
The man hit Taehyung with another roundhouse kick, hitting him in the face, which made Taehyung trip on the broken glass. The frantic sound of knocking and kicking the door distracted the man which gave Taehyung the opportunity to grab the biggest shard of broken glass.
But Taehyung wasn't fast enough since the man threw a jab toward his jaw. Taehyung fell but this time, he was quick enough to snatch the small hand g u n he tucked on his sock.
Taehyung cocked the gun and without hesitation fired at the man. The sound of an explosion from the lightning and thunder filled the room with the man coughing, gurgling blood in his mouth.
Taehyung fired another round and this time, it hit the man on the head. The room suddenly burst open with the lights finally turning on. Jeongguk ran to Taehyung. Taehyung's forehead had smears of blood.
Taehee's eyes were filled with terror. He ran to Taehyung and gathered his only son in his arms. "My son, are you alright?" Taehyung nodded, "yes, appa, I am okay." Seojoon crouched at the man and removed his mask.
"Abeonim," He looked up at him, "do we know who this man is?" Taehee shook his head, "this nightmare, this needs to be over soon.&quo