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Feb 28, 2023
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#BabyLWJSeason It's Babyji's first time at an amusement park! How exciting! There are so many things for him to see! And at a grand old age of 1, everything is a delight Except, when they get to the amusement park, Babyji realises that riding in the baby carrier is unacceptable

He can't see anything! There are so many people in the way of all the sights that he's just staring at people's backs This is not acceptable! He needs to see! It doesn't take long for him to start fussing. And when Babyji fusses, I mean that he FUSSES
His previously happy babbles become grumpy squeals. His little feet start to kick as he tries to get higher in the baby carrier on LQR's back Although LQR tries to maneouvre through the crowd so Babyji can see, it's clearly a losing battle
Thankfully Babyhuan has a good idea Babyhuan: Shushu, you should let A-Zhan ride on your shoulders! Then he can see everything! LQR smiles in relief down at his smart nephew. They quickly find a quiet place to rearrange Babyji from baby carrier to his shoulders
Thank goodness for Lan strength, because this baby is HEFTY, happily roumbd and healthy Up high for the first time that day, Babyji stares around at the colourful park in wonder and awe. A bright gummy smile spreads across his face
And then he SQUEALS It's a happy squeal, high and sweet, lifting LQR's heart and filling him with warmth. His nephew is HAPPY, and it's a MARVELLOUS thing Babyhuan grins up at LQR, proud that his didi can enjoy the sights now
Babyhuan, pulling on LQR's hand: Come on, we gotta show A-Zhan the baby animals! Babyji chortles and babbles and giggles the whole way, pointing at the balloons, batting at a stream of bubbles that blow his way from one of the stands
He sways and bounces in time with the carnival music, enjoying himself immensely. And when they arrive at the baby animals, the joyful squeal he releases can probably be heard all the way across the other side of the amusement park Babyji: TUZI!
Of course he's spotted the bunnies People around them turn to smile at the little boy, some even laugh. Babyji's happiness is infectious, and LQR finds himself smiling and pointing out all the baby animals to his nephews
They don't stop yet to pet the animals, because LQR knows he'll never drag Babyji away once he has a bunny in his lap - they'll come back later. Instead, they visit the hall of mirrors and the foam fountains Babyji giggles at his warped reflection in the mirrors
He tries to catch globs of foam that float into the air. LQR laughs as a big glob of foam attaches itself to Babyji's face, making him look like he has a moustache and goatee just like LQR (Babyhuan manages to snap a photo of Babyji and LQR like that)
They gasp and cheer at the stunt show, Babyji clapping his plump little hands as the stunt men and women bow at the end of the show When they finally loop back to the baby animals, Babyji is yawning, but he perks up when he sees the bunnies again
LQR sets his younger nephew down in a pile of bunnies, and he perks right up, gently patting the soft balls of floof as Babyhuan takes some more photos With Babyji absorbed by the bunnies, LQR and Babyhuan take a moment to relax and flip through the photos on his phone
Babyhuan is a good photographer, even at the age of 5. LQR makes sure to praise his nephew, and then asks for a selfie of them both. They smile at the camera, and Babyhuan even manages to catch Babyji's happy face in the background of the photo
It's been a great day, and LQR has enjoyed spending this time with his nephews. He may not have expected to become their parent and guardian, but now that they're here with him, he couldn't imagine his life without them The End!
Thank you to @Lexi πŸ„ for this adorable prompt, and I hope it's as cute as you imagined it!
kaey πŸ’« 🧭

kaey πŸ’« 🧭

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