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📱 Picture This Part Four📸 A Yeonbin AU Tags: awkward conversations, size queen Yjn, Sbn has a big dick, Yjn is a thirsty bitch(tm), Awkward virgin Sbn, references to past fooling around but nothing explicit in this update (sorry)

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cc 🫶🏻🦦

cc 🫶🏻🦦

𖧵 𝒑𝒊𝒄𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 - 𝒚𝒆𝒐𝒏𝒃𝒊𝒏 𝒂𝒖 𝒕𝒉𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒔 𖧵
Yjn has made mistakes in his life, he knows he has. He's human, it happens. One of them was obv not triple checking the lock of his bedroom door, thus allowing Sbn to come in and find him riding a rather sizable dildo and crying out his name. The other was not going to his
dongsaeng that night to talk about it–after he'd come down and cleaned up, of course. He'd also fucked up a couple hours ago, confronting Sbn for so clearly avoiding him, a convo that really could've–and should've–waited until they got back to the dorms, considering the number of
ears that could've overheard. Instead, he'd gotten carried away 7 made it all even more complicated by teasing Sbn during the photoshoot then fooling around with him in the dressing room. He felt like a horny teenager, unable to control himself at the sight of Sbn's dark, hooded
eyes and flushed cheeks and heaving breaths, not to mention the tiny groans Yjn had heard when they were shooting together, little noises he was sure Sbn had been trying to hold back. The sight of Sbn's bulge in his slacks, bigger than ever, clearly hard and twitching, and Yjn
had lost his mind entirely, his only thought being how badly he wanted to feel it in his hand, to the point where it was consuming him and he didn't even have the brain space left to factor in where they were or how that would change everything between them even more than ever.
And now… now they were riding back in their usual van set-up, Sbn as far from Yjn as possible in the row in front of his hyung, staring out the window as he gnawed on the side of his thumb, knee bouncing like his foot had a spring underneath. The air in the van was tense, heavy,
silent, and Yjn knew he was at fault once more. They REALLY needed to talk. Pulling out his phone, Yjn typed up a text to Sbn saying just that, knowing it was received when the buzzing of his own cell caused Sbn to jump and bump his elbow on the door. A sharp inhale, then the
tapping of thumbs on a screen before Yjn heard the alert of his phone receiving a new message. >>NOW?! Yjn snorted and shook his head with an affectionate chuckle, quickly sending his own reply. <<Tonight, after the others go to bed <<If you don't come to my room, I'll go to
yours <<You can't avoid this forever Sbn swore under his breath, like he'd forgotten Yjn was in the van with him, but responded nonetheless. >>I have 0di with me, remember? <<Idc <<I'll deal with the smell <<That's how serious I am about us talking >>Ok, hyung. I'll be there
A resigned sigh came from the other man and Yjn locked his phone, putting it away just in time to see their dorm come into view. His heart was pounding in his chest but he knew they needed to do it, to redraw lines that he'd so clearly blurred with his actions in recent times. He
just hoped it wouldn't fuck them or the band up too badly. ~+x+~ Back at the dorm, Yjn tried to act like all was well and normal as they made dinner as a group, eating together and cutting up. Every now and then he'd get distracted by thoughts of what exactly he wanted to say
to Sbn when they were alone later, only to force himself to snap out of it. And as always, when he refocused on the conversation, he caught Tyvn watching him with a suspicious look in his eye. Time ticked by slowly and Yjn filled it by reorganizing the boxes of free swag he'd
gotten. He pretended he was cleaning when really he was shuffling piles, changing them from being sorted by brand, to sorted by type. Shoes together, bags together, shirts together, jackets, pants, different accessories… A knock sounded on his door & he jumped out of his skin,
heart racing away. A glance at his clock showed it was near midnight and while he knew Gyv was likely up playing games and Tyvn messing on socmed, it was as best a time as any to talk. Besides, he had a feeling Sbn was just as nervous as he, his ears having been bright red
throughout all of dinner. Opening the door revealed the other man, dressed down in sweats and a tee, hair messy and still a little damp from his shower, glasses on in his usual late night habit. He looked comfy and slightly dorky, endearing and familiar in a way that helped Yjn
relax as he stepped aside and let Sbn in. Closing and triple checking the lock really WAS done up, Yjn turned to find Sbn standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, fingers tangling together in front of himself. He looked out of place and uncertain in a way he never was in
Yjn's room and the elder let out a laugh in spite of himself, taken once more by how adorable their leader was. "Relax, Bnnie, I'm not gonna jump you," he assured, before putting on a smirk and speaking in a more flirtatious manner, letting his fingers dance along the breadth of
Sbn's wide shoulders. "Unless you want me to." He wanted to wink to really seal it, but knew he couldn't, so he settled for an air kiss instead. Another mistake, given how Sbn tensed up and his head turned away and he stepped back. Yjn dropped his hand and backed up until he was
sitting on his–for once clean–bed, muttering apologies as he grimaced. "It's okay," Sbn replied and Yjn knew it wasn't from the tension in the other man's lips. "I just. I mean, you said we needed to talk. So we should talk. Right?" "Right." Talk. Right. Yeah. Only Yjn had no
idea where to start, letting out a small laugh as he admitted it out loud. "Well, then, maybe," Sbn began with an awkward pull to his lips, eyes looking around the room he already knew, all so he could avoid looking at who lived there. "Maybe with why–why you–my name?" Oh.
Shit. Right. Fuck, how was he supposed to explain that? And in a way that wouldn't make his introverted and shy bandmate run away screaming? Yjn chewed on his bottom lip as he tried to think it over, only to let out a sigh when he realized there was only one way to explain it.
Honestly. "Remember when I borrowed your phone a couple months ago?" Sbn's brow furrowed, confused, but nodded nonetheless. "Yeah, yours died and you had to call your mom." Oh god could they really not discuss his mom at that moment? He didn't wanna think about her with what
he had to say. "Right." He squirmed and cleared his throat, avoiding Sbn's gaze by staring pointedly at where his toes were repeatedly curling in the carpet. "I, uh. And I'm so sorry for this by the way–" he chanced a quick glance up before staring downwards once again "But I,
uh. Got nosy. And looked at your photos. And found." He looked up again and gestured with his hand towards Sbn's crotch. His crotch and his cock that was perfectly framed in gray sweatpants. There really was no hiding that beast. Sbn just continued to frown until he caught on,
eyes going wide and hands dropping to cover himself, much as they had in the dressing room, hips angling away, & now Yjn was thinking back on how it had felt in his own hand, how he couldn't wrap around the girth of it. His hole throbbed, still slightly stretched from the night
before, & he'd give anything to feel that cock inside him at that moment, see how it compared to the toy he'd been caught riding. Which…those thoughts had gotten him in this situation in the first place. "Sorry," he apologized again, noting how the blush had now spread across
Sbn's face and he was once again looking at anything but Yjn. The elder cleared his throat and went on. "I know it was wrong and I shouldn't have snooped and I'm sorry. And in all honesty, I couldn't stop thinking about your dick pic." Sbn winced, although Yjn knew it wasn't at
the crude language since Sbn had the dirtiest mouth of all of them, & he felt his chest get even tighter as the guilt wrapped around his ribcage and squeezed. "And I got curious about what it would be like to have something that big inside of me, how it would stretch me & fill
me up." He bit his lip as a shiver raced through him, hands gripping the edge of the mattress and thighs squeezing together as his cock began to fill, and he dropped his gaze to the floor once more, skin tingling and warming all over. "I guess it just led to fantasies of you
fucking me so calling out your name as I got off just sorta happened." "Oh." It was a single syllable spoken with a flat tone yet something about it gave Yjn pause, made him think it weighed a thousand kilos. He lifted his eyes to find Sbn's lips twisting in a thoughtful pout,
dimple sinking into each cheek, brow furrowed together. "Bnnie, I–" "So you don't actually–" Sbn cut himself off, glancing at Yjn then turning away again, face indecipherable in a way it never was for Yjn. The elder knew he'd fucked up & he had no clue how to fix it, fix THEM.
"Wanna sleep with you?" he guessed, catching Sbn peeking at him out the corner of his eyes. Probably right answer then. So Yjn shrugged, still holding onto the mattress edge. "I wouldn't be opposed to it. We all have needs and since we aren't allowed to date really, I mean,
hooking up with each other makes sense. I mean, you didn't seem to have any problems with what we did earlier." Sbn's face burned bright red once again, hand wringing the back of his neck before he swatted his hand around in front of himself, swatting away Yjn's comments.
"That's–I mean–" he struggled, then huffed in frustration. "You know I'm a virgin, right? The furthest I've gone was rubbing my ex through her panties and that was a girl. You're the first guy I've ever, ya know? Done stuff with."
Okay, that shouldn't have been a turn on but it was, Yjn sitting up straighter, teeth digging into his bottom lip and thighs clenching around his pulsing cock once more. "That's okay," he stated honestly, feeling a devilish smirk spread across his face. "Hyung can teach you."
That's right, he was the hyung. He'd taught all of them all kinds of shit, including teaching Bnnie how to dance sexily, the right way to roll his torso or circle his hips. He could teach him this, too. His body got hotter, cock further hardening, and he had to fight to keep his
hands where they were. "So you don't–" Sbn started then stopped, brow still pulled together as he looked at Yjn. "It would JUST be sex? Not, like, dating or being in a relationship or anything?" The indecipherable look was still on his face, in his eyes, and Yjn refocused his
gaze elsewhere before trying to figure it out drove him nuts. Yjn shook his head. "Strictly casual & physical, no strings, the whole thing." Sbn turned his head away again, eyes bouncing around as though trying to catch one of the thoughts Yjn knew was racing around his brain.
He honestly had no clue what the younger would choose, couldn't believe he'd even suggested such a thing. But his mind was focused solely on what Sbn was packing and getting it inside himself and he knew this was the best way to make it happen. Prob selfish AF now that he was
thinking about it but he knew if Sbn said 'no', he'd let it go and stick to his toys. Swallowing hard, Sbn turned back to him, nodding as he smoothed down his hair at the back of his head. "Okay, hyung. Sounds like a good deal." Yjn's brows raised in surprise, eyes going wide
with them, and his jaw dropped as he let out a shocked laugh. "Really?" Sbn nodded, shrugging, before his face shifted. It was just like in the dressing room, like a switch was flipped inside of him, making him suddenly bolder, as a grin that could only be described as wolfish
formed on his face. His hips rolled as he sauntered closer and he dropped to his knees directly in front of Yjn. His broad hands, so damn big, slid up either side of his thighs, pausing at his waist and just holding and Yjn– Yjn swallowed hard, his breathing growing shaky as his
heart raced. He felt like prey caught by the predator, skin buzzing with awareness, cock stiff in his own sweats, eyes half lidded as he stared at this near stranger before him. Sbn rose up so their lips were close, so close, and Yjn could smell the mint of his toothpaste,
could count each individual eyelash, could feel Sbn's breath ghosting over his lips. "Teach me how to touch you, hyung."
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