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a taekook a/b/o where tae agrees to be a surrogate for his best friend jinho, although he doesn't get along with said best friend's husband Jungkook. Just a few weeks before he's due, however, jinho leaves the country with just a note for tae saying,"sorry".

And taehyung of course he blames Jungkook for it.The arrogant, self centered alpha must've done something to make his friend flee and he rages at him but Jungkook just stays calm, and listens to him screaming before saying quietly, "It's fine Taehyung. Ill raise the baby alone."
Tags : ✨ mpreg ✨enemies to lovers ✨ misunderstandings ✨ prejudice ✨ references to past abuse ✨ flawed characters
✨✨✨ Taehyung wrapped the coat around his body, hands trembling a bit from the late October cold. He stood at the end of his street, shivering a bit as he stared up and down the road, waiting for the taxi he had called. He could have stayed in his building,
And asked the taxi to pick him up from there, but he was terrified that the driver would see where he lived and what if he realized Taehyung was living alone. He was in no position to defend himself if something happened. He couldn't risk something like that happening.
As he stood shivering, weight shifting from one foot to the other he saw a familiar black sportscar, turning the corner and into the side lane and he felt his hackles rise. The car moved closer, gliding to a slow stop in front of him. The back window slid down. "Get in."
Taehyung glared daggers at the alpha inside. He crossed his arms over himself, a bit difficult because of how large and curved his belly was. "Fuck off. " He snapped, furious. " I'm not going anywhere with you. " Jeon Jungkook made a sound of impatience. "Taehyung.. Please."
Tae scoffed turning away from him Jungkook opened the door and climbed out of the car, looming over him because of his broad shoulders. " I'm serious.Either you get in now or I'm calling the cops.That's my pup in there in case you forgot. I'll sue you for reckless endangerment."
Tae stared at the alpha in disbelief. "Wow." He shook his head in disbelief. " Look at Mr. Hot Shot Lawyer throwing all these big words around. Yeah, that's right. Sue the penniless omega who's carrying your child. That makes you such a strong alpha doesn't it? Pathetic."
Jungkook closed his eyes, before rubbing his forehead with the tips of his fingers. The alpha felt his head throb but that was to be expected, when dealing with Kim Taehyung. Never in his life had he met a more aggravating omega. "The hospital called me. You need to go back."
Taehyung hesitated, before wrapping his arm around himself. "I know. " He muttered. "They called me too. " He bit his lips. " I called a can. I was going to go in. " He stared down at his feet. " I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself and my pup." "You mean my pup. "
Taehyung closed his eyes. Biologically the pup would be ' their ' pup. But legally, Taehyung had signed over all rights to the little one and Jungkook was right. The pup was his. And Taehyung couldn't do anything about it. It was unfair.
When Taehyung had first agreed to be a surrogate he had done it because he was on the verge of destitution, struggling to eat a few square meals a day. He had done it because he loved his best friend who was a beta and couldn't have kids of his own.
As an omega, Taehyung was hopelessly attached to the baby already. The only thing that had kept him tethered was the hope that even after the pup was born he would have a place in their life because he would be raised by his best friend. But now... Jungkook hated him.
Taehyung didn't want the pup to grow up without the love of both his parents. And he didn't trust Jungkook to take care of the baby either. Jungkook who was always busy with his work and a neglectful husband. Wasn't that why he had left?
Taehyung was still reeling from Jinho's abrupt departure. It was so unlike him to do something like that and Taehyung was pretty certain Jungkook was the reason. So how could h possibly trust the alpha with their pup? He just couldn't. "Just leave me alone. "
Jungkook rolled his eyes at that. "If you weren't carrying around something very precious to me, I genuinely would be happy, never seeing you ever again Taehyung. As it is, I care about my child. I don't trust you to not harm him because of your impulsive actions. "
Taehyung sighed. "Impulsive actions? Like what?" He shook his head. " Stop spouting nonsense. " "Just get in. I'll drive you to the hospital. We'll see what the doctors say. It's just eight more weeks. You won't ever see me again. I promise. " He muttered. The pup kicked.
Taehyung pressed a palm to his side instinctively and Jungkook's gaze dropped to his midriff. "Are you alright? " He asked quietly, brows furrowed and lips thinning in genuine worry. Taehyung felt his legs starting to ache from standing too long. He groaned. Where was the cab?
The pup kicked again and Jungkook groaned. "If you got in when I asked you to, we would be at the hospital by now " Taehyung felt his resolve waiver. Fine. He would just get a ride to the hospital from the man. He pushed past him climbing into the car. "Then hurry up. "
✨✨✨ "What do you mean I would have to be monitored every day? " Taehyung stared at the doctor with an ashen pallor to his face. "Your blood pressure is a little concerning to me. We just need to make sure it doesn't cause any trouble. " The doctor said softly.
"Do you have someone who can help you around the house? So you can rest. We would also need you to use a monitoring device to keep track of your blood pressure. " Taehyung shook his head. "I live alone, I can't.. " "I'll take care of it. " Jungkook stepped forward.
What now? Taehyung gawked at the alpha in disbelief. "What? " He hissed. "It's just a few weeks, right doctor? " The doctor nodded. "Yes. It would be good if you stayed with someone , Taehyung ssi. " "I'm not staying with him. " Taehyung snapped. " No way."
"Are you saying you would rather harm the pup and yourself? If you are, I would appreciate it if Dr. Peng were to make a note of it in your chart. So you don't blame me later when things go wrong. " Jungkook snapped.
Taehyung bit his lips. "Mr.Jeon is right. It really wouldn't be good for you to stay by yourself at this point. I don't want you to tire yourself out in anyway. This would be good for the pup and you, Mr. Kim. "
Taehyung felt like the walls were closing in on him. First Jinho and now this. Also he felt exhausted, more than usual. The report scared him too. High blood pressure? What did that mean for his baby? And a blood pressure monitoring device? How did you use one of those?
He couldn't help but glance at Jungkook, and the lost terrified look on his face made the alpha wilt a little. He sighed, eyes softening as he stepped closer, pressing a gentle hand to his shoulder. "You can trust me Taehyung. " He said softly. "Please."
The omega closed his eyes in frustration. Slowly, he was starting to regret all of it. ✨✨✨ (A/n : that's it for today. I'll plot this fic out a bit and be back soon 😘)
Jungkook washed the cutting board in the sink, eyes trained on the omega curled up in the couch in the living room. Taehyung had made a beeline for the worn, comfortable recliner in the corner, and promptly climbed onto it and fallen asleep right after all but purring in content.
The alpha wasn't entirely sure how to feel about it, mostly because the recliner was his and saturated with his scent. He placed the cutting board on the counter and then moved to get fresh veggies, eggs and meat so he could get started with dinner. Taehyung was too thin.
He scrolled through the internet, looking for low sodium meals that would be suitable for the omega. The baby was a little on the smaller side, according to the ultrasound and the doctor had asked him to include some good fats and protein as well in his meals.
He went to work, chopping up carrots, spring onions and cabbage , all the while thinking of what had happened earlier that day. Jiho had sent him divorce papers through his lawyer with a ridiculous claim that he wanted a no contact clause because he feared for his safety.
The sheer ridiculousness of that had left him speechless. He still wasn't completely sure why Jiho had run. Things had been a little strained between them sure but Jungkook had assumed that was just nerves because of the baby being on the way. He glanced at Taehyung again.
To be honest, the omega wasn't his first choice, or even second or third really, when it came to choosing a surrogate. Mostly because Jungkook knew Taehyung had some kind of hang up about alphas in general and him in particular.
Jungkook had first met Taehyung about two weeks after he had started dating Jiho, which was about three years ago. He knew that Jiho's parents had owned and ran an orphanage and Taehyung was one of the kids there. The omega was very attached to Jiho, and had been hostile to him.
At first, Jungkook had chalked it up to Taehyung being protective of Jiho, but over time he realized that Taehyung just naturally assumed the worst of him. It hadn't seemed like much of problem, because Jiho made sure they didn't meet too often. But over the years,
Jungkook had also grown to resent the omega who had written him off as some kind of a villain without any cause. But then, Jungkook had brought up the subject of pups and Jiho had jumped at the idea of asking Taehyung. Jungkook had no solid to reason to refuse him.
But now he wondered if he should have put his foot down more firmly. it was just that he hadn't even dreamed of something like this happening. He had been trying to contact his husband for days now and Jiho was just impossible to reach. And now this. He groaned.
He had of course contested the divorce right away. There was no way he was signing off half his money without a fucking explanation. What exactly had happened? Why exactly had Jiho up and ran without any warning? "What time is it?" Taehyung's voice made him jump a little.
Jungkook glanced at the clock on the wall. "A little past ten . Are you hungry?" Taehyung didn't respond, merely shifting on the leather recliner, pressing a hand to his underbelly and wincing. "Everything hurts." he whispered. Jungkook hesitated before moving towards him.
But Taehyung held a hand up, glaring right at him. "Stay there." he snapped. " I don't want you anywhere near me." Jungkook closed his eyes, turning on his heel and walking back to the counter. Just a few more weeks of this, he reminded himself. And then he would be free.
He started chopping up garlic and ginger, maybe a bit more forcefully than usual, keeping his gaze trained on the cutting board and the knife. Taehyung sat up and then stood up, massaging the small of his back and then the back of his neck. He stayed still for a second.
"Where are my clothes?" he asked stiffly. Jungkook closed his eyes before placing the knife down on the counter. "I don't know, Taehyung. Where did you last see them?" he asked , sarcasm dripping from every syllable. Taehyung glared. "You were the one who brought me here!"
" I don't know where you live. You fell asleep in the car and I had to half carry you here. When I tried waking you up you wouldn't budge? Now tell me how the hell am I supposed to get your clothes?" he demanded. " Am I a fucking magician?" Taehyung winced again, recoiling.
He looked around for a second before moving to the recliner .Jungkook watched as he curled up once again, pressing his face into the fabric of the chair and turning away from him. He drew his legs up and made himself as small as possible. "Fucking hell, Taehyung." he groaned.
Sighing he finished adding all the ingredients and the meat in the pot, letting it simmer before moving to wash his hands. He walked into the living room, taking off his apron and tossing it on the couch before walking over to him. "Tell me where you live. I'll get your stuff."
Taehyung shifted again. He was frowning. "Call me a cab. I'll go get it myself." he muttered. Jungkook stared at him. "Taehyung, I know you hate me okay? I know you are hell bent on punishing me for something, but its past ten in the night. Can you please just be reasonable?"
Taehyung looked hesitant before staring down at his hands. "I don't like alphas in my home." he muttered under his breath. Jungkook had to lean in closer just to understand what he was saying. "Alphas, or me?" He couldn't resist asking and the omega glared. "Alphas. And you."
Jungkook nodded. "Fine. But you're alright with staying in my home?" he asked with a chuckle. " Makes a lot of sense." Taehyung stayed quiet. "To me it does." he said after a few moments of silence. Jungkook stared at him. And then he nodded. "Alright, if that's what you want."
"But I'll drive you down there. We'll pick a friend of mine on the way. He's an omega. You'll take him with you to your apartment and he'll get the stuff okay? You can't be carrying anything heavy." Taehyung stayed quiet. Jungkook took that as a yes.
"We'll have dinner first. You need to take your meds." He moved to the side, " Do you want a shower? Some of Jiho's clothes are still here. They would probably fit you." Taehyung stared at him in disbelief. "You want me to wear your mate's clothes?" he demanded.
Jungkook frowned at that. "No." He said cautiously. " I want you to wear your best friend's clothes temporarily, while we go and get yours. " He hesitated. " Taehyung, is there something I should know about you? " The omega swallowed. "What do you mean? "
Jungkook shrugged. "Just, is there a reason you're being this incredibly annoying person or is that just your personality? Seriously, is this why you've never been in a relationship? Because that makes a lot of sense. " Tae stared down at his feet. "Guess it's just who I am."
Jungkook rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Like I said, it's late. And we've already established that we're stuck with each other for the duration of this pregnancy so I would really appreciate it if you, at the least, just co operate with me so we can get things done. "
Taehyung didn't respond, and when he glanced up he merely nodded, a blank look on his face as he stared at him. Jungkook watched as the omega went back to the recliner again, closing his eyes. He sighed. It was going to be a long night. ✨✨✨
"So? " Jimin hissed, right after they had finished moving the two box loads of stuff into the spare bedroom in the apartment. Taehyung had put a few of his clothes on the bed and made a nest for himself before curling up and falling asleep promptly. "Is this your surrogate? "
Isn't that obvious? " Jungkook rolled his eyes, walking back into the living room, and gently closing the door to Taehyung's room behind him. " He's due in a few weeks. " "Doesn't he talk? He didn't say a single word to me the entire ride or in his apartment "
Jungkook sighed, shaking his head and moving to pour himself some scotch at the small sidebar. "Don't ask me anything about him, hyung. I have no idea what goes on in his head. If he's staying quiet, I'll just thank God for small mercies and hope he stays that way." He grimaced.
Jimin moved closer, before smacking him upside the head. Jungkook winced. "Hyung! " He protested. " What was that for? " "For being rude. " Jimin snapped. " He's so beautiful. Don't tell me you didn't notice. " Jungkook stared at him. "I have a husband. " He said dully.
"Right. Yes. The husband. That guy who has always, and forever put you first and over anything else " Jimin sneered. " He literally ran out on you. Did you forget that? " "I still have to find him, hyung.. " "I hope you aren't thinking of taking him back. "
Jungkook brushed him off moving to make his drink instead. "I need to talk to him first. " He said firmly. " Also, the pretty omega? He's Jiho's best friend." "Oh the plot thickens." "There's no plot. " Jungkook sighed. " There's a contract. I owe him 2mil. He owes me a baby."
"That's a bit too cold, even for you. " Jimin grimaced. Jungkook shook his head. "You don't understand hyung. He hates my guts and I've done nothing to him. He's always so irrational and prickly all the time. I've been praying the pup doesn't take after him. "
✨✨✨ Taehyung hugged the pillow , gripping it tighter and holding it as close as possible, eyes screwed shut as he tried not to listen to what Jungkook was saying. But it was impossible to block the voice out. The alpha wasn't even trying to be quiet. He stared at the wall.
He didn't blame Jungkook much. He wouldn't want the pup to be like him either but still it hurt to hear those things about himself, even if they were a little true. Tae licked his lip, throat dry. He couldn't sleep because the place smelled different. And different was unsafe.
Is something wrong with you? Jungkook had asked him earlier. And the thing was, Tae knew that a lot of stuff was wrong with him. He didn't like alphas. He was terrified of strangers. He didn't like being touched either. He didn't like a lot of things. But it wasn't on purpose.
He didn't want to feel this way. But he couldn't help it. His mind and body decided that for him, breaking into sweat every time an aloha came within touching distance, screaming at him that they were going to hurt him. He couldn't make it stop. He didn't know how to.
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