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Feb 20, 2023
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Alpha Taehyung notices his clothes disappearing every month, around the same time, most being returned mysteriously a few days later along with small thank you gifts. Amused and very curious, he finally decides to catch the culprit one month. #taekookauπŸ”ž

– Alpha TH x Omega JK. – Set in an imaginary alternate universe. – Strangers to lovers. – Might have NSFW themes/scenes, minors DO NOT read/interact/follow. πŸ”žπŸ”ž – Will write if there's enough interest.
[ I'll post the first part now, and continue later if the prompt does well! Minors DNI. The rest of you, please interact via the quotes because it keeps me motivated while I update! Thank you! Let's go! ]
It's rather strange. Every month, around the middle of it, Taehyung comes back home to some of his clothes missing from his laundry bin. Which is unusual, considering the near zero crime rate in their pack's little town.
What's even more strange, is that around two to three days later, his clothes are back, washed and neatly folded on his bed when he comes back from work. They're accompanied by thank you notes and small thank you gifts.
Of course – he's not stupid. He knows it's an omega's doing. He realised it as soon as it happened for the first time. His fresh clothes were never taken, always the ones he had worn and taken off. But who could it be, out of so many people? And why his clothes? He has no clue.
Taehyung works long hours at the town hospital, tending to patients all day, as one of the only doctors. He won't lie. The cute thank you notes do make his day sometimes, after being exhausted from work. He's just... Very curious. He wants to find out who it is.
So one month, around the time it happens, he takes a few days off saying he needs a short break. Which, he does, quite frankly. It's always good to step back and pause for a bit when work gets too much. So those days, he stays back at home, but makes it look like he's not.
On the second day, when he hears the sound of his window trying to be pushed open, Taehyung immediately hides. When he sees him for the first time, Taehyung's first reaction is to be shocked.
It's Jungkook – the one omega every alpha in town wants to court. He's beautiful, wanted by so many, and here he is, breaking into Taehyung's house and heading straight for his laundry bin. Taehyung stares, but words don't come out.
As soon as Jungkook lands inside the doctor's house through the window, he doesn't waste a single second. He heads straight to the laundry bin whose position he has memorized by now, a small, content smile on his face.
He takes the lid off and places it to the side, lowering his head to get a whiff of the scent he has come to love so much. "Ugh." He whispers, before pulling back, and digging into it with his bare hands to see the selection of clothes available today.
His heat is about to begin, and there's nothing that comforts him like the chocolate scent from the doctor's clothes. He first got a whiff of it when he was at the hospital during a bad heat, and the doctor passed by. Jungkook couldn't see his face, but the scent stuck with him.
He had asked around then, and found out the doctor's name and later, somehow... His place of residence. And the rest was history. But since he feels bad for stealing his clothes, he always washes them before returning, and adds small tokens of gratitude when he does.
Today, there's a white button down shirt that catches his eye, and he finds himself wondering what the doctor must look like when he wears it. He picks it up and stuffs it neatly into his bag, along with a few other clothes he likes. He gets up then, and adjusts his cloak.
But just as he's about to climb back out of the window, he hears footsteps, and before he can register it, there are long fingers wrapping around his wrist. Jungkook turns around, terrified, only to be met with gentle eyes and a handsome face. "Hi there. Caught you."
[ A/N : This was a cute idea floating around in my head since last night and I will definitely continue it if the response is satisfactory! Please let me know your thoughts, thank you! ]
Jungkook's eyes grow bigger and rounder, his heart freezing in his chest. He feels shocked, scared, and mortified all at once. Is this perhaps... the doctor he's been stealing from?
The chocolate scent hits him like a truck with Taehyung up front, and Jungkook has his answer. Of course it is. His mind is going blank, and he feels a little dizzy because the scent is so attractive, he could drown in it. But currently, he's also panicking a little.
"I..." Jungkook begins, eyes big and shiny, staring into Taehyung's. "I'm not– I just... My nest..." Taehyung closes his other hand around Jungkook's wrist too, and tries to sound even gentler this time, the soft smile on his face in place. "Hey, relax..."
But Jungkook's adrenaline rush gets the better of him, and he shakes his head as he suddenly jerks his wrists free, and climbs out of the window within a second. He's stronger than Taehyung expected, too fast and agile, leaving him shocked for a moment. He's unable to stop him.
Taehyung watches as Jungkook jumps out to the other side, bows three to four times consecutively and mutters an apology, before turning around and running away. Taehyung doesn't know why he's smiling, but he is.
He stands alone in his room then, the remnants of the sweet strawberry scent still lingering in the air, even after Jungkook's gone. It's such a lovely coincidence, Taehyung thinks. He absolutely loves strawberries.
Taehyung doesn't give much thought to it after. He goes back to work the next day, now that his motive has been fulfilled. Sometimes, he thinks of Jungkook, and it makes him smile. But he's still confused how Jungkook knows about his scent to actually steal from him.
He doesn't mention the incident to anyone, but it's really overwhelming that an omega everyone is ready to give their hearts to, is fond of his scent. Maybe if he catches Jungkook again, he can hold his hand long enough to get answers.
Three days later, when Taehyung gets back home from work, the first thing he notices after stepping inside is the faint scent of strawberry. Then, his eyes fall to the stack of neatly folded, freshly washed clothes and a basket of apples on his bed, with a letter on the side.
Taehyung walks over to his bed quickly, amused, and runs a hand over the fabric. The basket is full of fresh apples, and Taehyung instantly melts. He really appreciates it. And then, he picks up the letter, and there's a smile on his face as soon as he starts to read it.
The letter answers Taehyung's questions, and explains what he already suspected. But the ending makes Taehyung feel a little bad, because... had he scared Jungkook away? He didn't mean to. He didn't even really mind his clothes being stolen.
Taehyung is almost certain Jungkook will come back again, because omega instincts are really hard to control before and during their heat. And if he is in some way able to help someone relieve their pain and discomfort, he's glad to do so.
It's just his nature, which also makes him really good at his work. People love him a lot because of his gentle, caring nature. So it's only natural for him to be ready to help where he can. It's not a big deal, and he hopes Jungkook realises it and comes back if it helps.
Of course, Taehyung doesn't see Jungkook much in the next month. They've never met personally before Taehyung caught him, and Taehyung had only seen him from afar. Everyone knows Jungkook in their small town, so Taehyung does too.
The only two times he spots Jungkook is in the town market. The first time, Jungkook doesn't see him. The second time, he does, but panics immediately and looks away, before turning around and disappearing into the crowd.
Taehyung feels really bad. Jungkook looks terrified of him, like Taehyung caught him committing an unforgivable crime. When in reality, Taehyung had been really relishing the cute thank you gifts every single time. He just wanted to talk out of curiosity, not scare Jungkook off.
The days pass by, and Taehyung automatically expects Jungkook to visit again because it's time. But to his mild disappointment, Jungkook doesn't. His clothes don't go missing anymore, and it just makes Taehyung feel worse somehow.
He catches himself re-reading Jungkook's letter again one day after work, a sigh escaping his chest after he reaches the end of it. Brushing his thumb against the paper, Taehyung wonders if he should send a letter back and let Jungkook know that it's okay and he doesn't mind.
Jungkook's heat is about to start, so he's called off the music lessons and told his students that the classes will be postponed. He's currently lying in bed, feeling like crap, the pain already starting in certain parts of his body.
After turning eighteen and presenting, everyone moves into their own house. He's from a rich family, but he's built quite a cute cottage for himself, and started work to earn money, so he thinks he's holding up pretty good so far.
But the downside to being independent is, that he has to take care of himself during his heats. At least, the past few months, he had Taehyung's clothes to comfort him but now even that's not possible. Jungkook pouts, and sighs a little.
Jungkook is pretty sure that the room is drowning in his scent right now, but all he can think of is that rich smell of chocolate. If he thinks about it, now that he's seen Taehyung and heard his rich, silky voice – it suits him so much.
A blush runs up his cheeks as he recalls the sight of Taehyung standing in front of him. Jungkook hadn't really been expecting anything or to be even caught at all, but he used to wonder sometimes. Now that he knows, he can't stop thinking about Taehyung. He's so handsome.
Jungkook buries his face into his pillow, feeling shy even though he's all alone here. Something flutters in his chest the more he thinks about Taehyung. How he wishes he could see him again, but Jungkook is mortified enough as it is. He won't even be able to make eye contact.
Reluctantly, he gets up from his bed and climbs off, and starts gathering clothes to make his nest because his heat is almost here. He builds it carefully, sulking and hating how the one scent he's craving is missing from his nest now. Then, he remembers the black shirt.
Jungkook rushes to fetch it from his cupboard, and holds it close to his nose as he walks back to bed, but the scent is so faint by now, and it's only one shirt. It's not enough. Tucking it into his nest, Jungkook's shoulders slump, and he feels like crying.
He wonders if some cocoa or chocolate bars would help to have around. He could go out and fetch some, but he feels too sick to. He could ask his neighbors to get some for him, but he's too shy. He's about to have an emotional breakdown, when there's a knock on his door.
Clicking his tongue, Jungkook gets off his bed and walks towards the door. Even before he can open the door, the familiar scent of chocolate completely surrounds him and drowns his senses, and Jungkook's heart skips a beat.
Jungkook pulls the door open at the speed of light, and immediately, his shoulders relax and his eyes go wide. Taehyung is standing at his door, holding clothes and Jungkook's basket in his hand, filled with bottles and jars. Upon seeing him, Taehyung smiles. "Hey!"
Jungkook is too shocked to react for a few seconds, before he realises that he's about to get his heat and probably doesn't look his best. Taehyung is looking at him right now. Jungkook panics and tries to shut the door, but Taehyung blocks it just in time. "Wait, Jungkook-ssi!"
Jungkook loosens his hold on the door, and lets Taehyung push it open. "I don't look great right now, and my house is a mess." Jungkook says, eyes not meeting Taehyung's. "That doesn't matter." Taehyung assures him. Jungkook gulps, and looks at Taehyung's hands in question.
"Oh, these!" Taehyung smiles again, voice so gentle that Jungkook wants to record it in his mind forever. "I got you my clothes, several of them. For your heat. It's okay, you can have them." Jungkook stares at the clothes, and back at Taehyung in surprise. He can't even speak.
"And um, your basket. I enjoyed the apples a lot, they were very sweet." Taehyung says. "Um, I filled it with some painkillers. Please have them when it hurts. And some cocoa candles, and chocolate bars. Since they're similar to my scent." Jungkook almost gasps.
"Go on." Taehyung holds all of it out towards him. "Take it. It's really okay, I don't mind at all. And don't worry, I won't tell anyone." Nervously, with shaky hands, Jungkook accepts all of it, burying his face into the clothes so he doesn't have to make eye contact.
He wants to say something. Anything. But the words refuse to come out. He feels extremely overwhelmed, emotional and grateful, but he can't even convey that. Taehyung steps back with a gentle smile, and all Jungkook can do is watch. "Take care, Jungkook. I'll head back now."
And Jungkook's heart lurches at the thought of Taehyung leaving, but all he can do is watch the alpha bow, turn around and walk away, until he disappears into the darkness. When he's gone, Jungkook belatedly whispers to himself. "Would you... like to come in, Taehyung-ssi?"
[ A/N : I hope it made you smile so far! Please let me know your thoughts! I'm enjoying writing it so much! Thank you so much for reading and interacting! 🫢🏻🫢🏻 ]
Jungkook smiles, feeling extremely giddy even though his body is hurting, as he sits on his bed and buries hus face in Taehyung's clothes and inhales his scent to his heart's content. It relaxes him so much. The fact that Taehyung came here himself makes him blush.
Jungkook carefully arranges the clothes in his nest, and as soon as he's done, he dives right into it. He cuddles into Taehyung's clothes, feeling his whole body relax. He can't help but think about the alpha, and it makes his heart pound immediately.
Without even trying, Jungkook's mind starts to wander off and make scenarios. He wonders what it would feel like to have Taehyung as his alpha – the thought instantly makes him blush and hide his face in his nest, even though he's all alone here.
And as his mind keeps racing far ahead of him, and with his hormones going crazy because of his heat, Jungkook can't help but imagine what it would feel like to maybe hold Taehyung's hands. Taehyung has incredibly pretty fingers, he noticed when he was giving him the clothes.
Jungkook takes in a deep breath, and shakes the thoughts off. He clutches Taehyung's shirt, fisting into it as he scolds himself mentally. Instead, he feels thankful for being able to have his favorite scent around him when he needs it the most.
His lips stretch into a smile into their own, as he slowly falls asleep in the warmth of his nest and the smell of chocolate around him. And maybe, he dreams of a certain kind alpha that night.
When Jungkook's heat is over, he makes sure to wash all of Taehyung's clothes properly, getting rid of any scent he might have rubbed onto it. He dries them after work, presses and folds them, before stacking them neatly so he can return them to Taehyung the next morning.
Jungkook wakes up earlier than usual the next day, buzzing with excitement because he gets to see Taehyung again. He's quite nervous too, but he won't let that stop him from meeting the alpha.
Jungkook decided what he's going to wear the previous day to save time, and he makes sure he looks good and presentable before he goes over. He wants to look good when he's meeting Taehyung, so he puts on his cuddliest white sweater and brushes his hair nicely.
Right before Jungkook can lock his door and set on his way, his eyes land on the apples he picked the previous day and set aside. After some thought, he picks out one of them, and puts it in his pocket. Taehyung said he liked them.
It takes Jungkook ten minutes to walk to Taehyung's house – the path is etched into his mind by now. But this time, instead of breaking in through the window, Jungkook knocks on the door instead, and waits patiently. His heart pounds in his chest as he does.
When Taehyung opens the door, Jungkook thinks he might stumble back and fall. Taehyung is standing there, the top few buttons of his shirt undone with his tie draped around his collar, untied. He looks like he's in the middle of getting dressed.
"Jungkook-ssi?" Taehyung asks, surprised. But Jungkook is busy staring at his face, registering the fact that Taehyung actually looks like that – that the alpha whose scent drove him crazy is also fully capable of doing it with his face too.
"Jungkook-ssi?" Taehyung asks again, voice lower, a little gentler. Jungkook immediately looks down shyly, and remembers what he's here for. Without looking up, he extends his hands, holding the clothes out to Taehyung. "Your clothes, d-doctor Kim."
"Ah!" Taehyung smiles, taking the clothes from Jungkook. "Why'd you take the trouble to come all the way over here? I could have just gone and collected them." "It's okay." Jungkook says, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. "I'm the one who's.. taking your help, after all."
Taehyung doesn't say anything then, and smiles. With his heart beating loudly against his ribs, Jungkook gathers courage and fishes out the apple from his pocket, holding it out without making eye contact. "For you."
"For me?" Taehyung asks, looking at Jungkook's eyes but Jungkook doesn't even know because he isn't looking. Jungkook just nods, as Taehyung takes the apple from him. "Thank you so much, Jungkook-ssi."
And Jungkook lingers there – tells himself he's only going to wait a few more seconds, hoping desperately that Taehyung invites him inside. Otherwise, he'll say goodbye and turn around, and probably sulk on his way home.
But a few seconds later, Taehyung tilts his head, and scans Jungkook's face. "Jungkook-ssi, would you like to come in?" Jungkook looks up finally, eyes big and he's actually surprised, because he wasn't expecting Taehyung to. He's so happy, but he can't show it yet.
"But..." Jungkook glances at his shirt and back up at his face. "Did I catch you at a bad time, doctor Kim?" "I'm getting dressed for work and have to leave in a bit." Taehyung smiles. "But I've got some time on hand. Come on in."
So Jungkook, with his lips pressed together into a thin line and his hands clasped tightly, nods and bows, before he's walking into Taehyung's house. Taehyung's scent is even stronger when Jungkook passes him by on his way in, and he only squeezes his hands together harder.
"Is it strange, Jungkook-ssi?" Taehyung asks. Jungkook turns around, confused. "Sorry... W-what is?" "Entering through the door?" Taehyung asks, a teasing smile on his face. Jungkook's face goes red and he snaps his head around at breakneck speed, unable to get an answer out.
"Jungkook-ssi." Taehyung calls again, much softer this time, but Jungkook doesn't turn around, feeling embarrassed. "Jungkook-ssi." Taehyung tries again. "Please don't mind. I was only joking."
Jungkook acknowledges it with a nod, and says. "I'm really s-sorry about everything. Thank you for offering help." "It's okay." Taehyung smiles. "You can keep borrowing my clothes if they help. It's okay, I'll come by next time again."
Jungkook turns around at that. "You don't have to, doctor Kim! It's not your responsibility... I'll just... I'll come and take them." Taehyung smiles. "Okay." "Not that you–" Jungkook adds. "C-can't come visit. You absolutely can. P-please do." Inside, he yells at himself.
But he keeps babbling, trying to cover up but only makes it worse. "Please stay longer the next time." He says. "I m-mean, it was so rude of me to not even ask you to come in! I'm so sorry, doctor Kim. Yeah– I'm... You should come by."
Taehyung's smile grows, and turns into a soft chuckle as he walks past him further into the house, leaving him breathless with the gush of his scent again. "Nah, it's okay." He says. "It was late, and I was going home after work anyway. Don't feel bad about it."
"I'm... I'm really grateful." Jungkook says, turning around again to face him. "For your help. It was so selfish of me to start this– without even thinking if you had a mate of your own. That would have been so wrong." "I don't!" Taehyung says. "So don't worry about it."
Jungkook's chest flutters a little at that, but before he can say anything else, Taehyung speaks up again. "And if I find a mate, I'll let you know." Taehyung smiles. "And I'll help you find someone to help you out too!" Jungkook feels his heart drop down to his stomach.
He can't even say anything – Taehyung isn't his. So he stands there quietly and nods, but Jungkook's face and scent can't lie. "You okay?" Taehyung's deep voice enquires. "Y-yeah." Jungkook says, trying not to think about it too much. "Please sit, Jungkook-ssi." Taehyung says.
Jungkook nods, and takes a seat on one of the two very pretty, single sofas. "Would you like anything to eat or drink?" Taehyung asks. Jungkook shakes his head. "Come on. It's your first time here." Taehyung teases again with a smile. "As a proper guest, I mean."
Jungkook frowns a little, but there's a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "You're mean, Taehyung-ssi." "Ah, I'm so sorry." Taehyung comes back and places a small plate with fruit cake slices and a glass of juice in front of him. "Please eat up, Jungkook-ssi."
Jungkook's eyes light up. He likes fruit cake very much – he actually likes all food, very very much. With the first proper smile since he entered, Jungkook pulls the cake towards himself. "Wow, I love fruit cake. Thank you, doctor Kim."
As he happily munches on the cake, it occurs to Jungkook that he should probably introduce himself properly now. "By the way, my name is Jeon Jungkook. I am–" "I know who you are." Taehyung smiles. "Almost everyone here does." Jungkook's heart skips a beat. "You... You do?"
Taehyung lets out a soft chuckle. "You seem more startled by the fact that I know you, rather than by the fact that everyone does. But you shouldn't even be surprised about that." But Jungkook looks down, heart buzzing in his chest. Taehyung knows about him?
"You're very popular." Taehyung smiles. "Especially among alphas. I've met so many who want to court you." Jungkook looks up, eyes wide. "I've... I've never accepted anyone's courting proposal. Ever." He has this immediate urge to clarify it to Taehyung. "N-never. Yet."
Taehyung looks surprised. "Why not?" "Why go for someone if I don't have feelings for them just because... they do?" Jungkook asks, unable to look up. "I want to be courted by someone who... Someone who I feel for, too. When it's m-mutual. And I don't want to lead anyone on."
"Ah, I see." Taehyung nods. "That's a good way of thinking." "But that doesn't mean I'll never accept a courting proposal." Jungkook finally looks up at Taehyung, his heart threatening to break out of his chest. "If I like the alpha, I will. F-for sure."
"What about you?" Jungkook asks, curious. "I think I'm the same." Taehyung says, smiling at Jungkook and looking into his eyes, making him go a little crazy. "I believe in love and the idea of romance. I'll only go for someone when I really, genuinely like them."
Then, before Jungkook can ask more questions, Taehyung is checking his watch and standing up. "Oh no, I should be leaving for work soon. Sorry, Jungkook-ssi." Instead of answering, Jungkook just stares at Taehyung. How he would love to run into his arms and be cuddled by him–
He soon snaps out of his thoughts, downing the juice in one go and wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt. "Of c-course. Thank you for the food, Taehyung-ssi." He bows. "I need to get to work too." "You teach music, don't you?" "Yes." Jungkook feels happy. "To kids."
He's then walking out before Taehyung has to leave, but he hears Taehyung calling his name before he goes too far. "Jungkook-ssi! Hold on." Taehyung says, walking out with a whole fresh pack of fruit cake and holding it out for him. "Here. Since you like it."
Jungkook feels the heat rise to his cheeks as he accepts it, once again rendered speechless. How is he supposed to function if everything Taehyung does turns his body into jelly? "Thank you." He finally manages, as Taehyung locks his door.
As Taehyung waves goodbye and starts to walk away, Jungkook musters up the courage to speak. "Doctor Kim! Um, Taehyung-ssi! Wait." Jungkook says, and Taehyung turns around with questioning eyes. "What should I call you out of these two? What are you more comfortable with?"
Taehyung walks towards him, smiling. "How old are you, Jungkook-ssi?" "Twenty five." Taehyung reaches out, and gently ruffles Jungkook's hair. "Then you can just call me hyung, Jungkook-ah."
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"Jungkook, look!" His neighbour and friend, Jimin, shows off the pretty ring on his finger. "Yoongi hyung gave me a courting gift after I said yes!" Jungkook looks up from where he's sitting in his garden, eyes widening slightly. A courting gift.
The diamond of the ring reflects the light beautifully onto Jungkook's face, as he stares at it in awe. "Wow, Jimin hyung. It's so beautiful." "Isn't it?" Jimin gushes, smiling to himself. Jungkook clears his throat, then. "How... how did you get him to do that? To court you?"
Jimin's eyes suddenly shift to Jungkook's face, carefully studying his expressions, before he tilts his head and his smile grows. "Jungkook?" He teases. "Do you like someone?" Jungkook's eyes go wide, and cheeks turn red. "What?" He looks away. "That's not... true."
"Jungkook!" Jimin says again, turning him around to face himself. "Look at you, gosh! Your face looks like the apples you so fondly grow!" Jungkook shrugs his hand off. "Just tell me, Jimin hyung." "You like someone, don't you?" "Maybe." Jungkook pouts.
"Okay, what is your alpha like?" Jimin asks, switching to coach mode, clasping his hands behind his back and puffing his chest out. Jungkook sighs. "He's not my alpha." "Yet." Jimin whips his head around and tells him. "He can be yours." "Really?" Jungkook asks, hopeful.
"Have you been dropping hints?" Jimin asks. "I tried." Jungkook sighs, a frown sitting between his brows. "I don't think he understood." "Maybe you need to try harder." Jimin says. "Like... Like what?" Jungkook asks. "I can't directly tell him. I might faint if I tried to."
"Why don't you gift him something and before that..." Jimin looks at him, mirth in his smile. "Scent it." Jungkook gasps, hands going up to cover his mouth. "No... we're not mates yet. How can I?" "You're both single." Jimin shrugs. Jungkook's shoulders relax. "Should I?"
"Absolutely." Jimin insists. "It's a good idea. Trust me. You need to let him know that he can make a move on you – make him aware of your feelings." Jungkook nods, thinking hard. "Okay. I'll... make something for him. And then I'll..." He feels shy even saying it. "Scent it."
Jungkook spends the better part of his free hours the next few days preparing Taehyung's gift. He works hard, knitting him a scarf, hoping it'll keep him warm amidst the cold weather. He often finds himself smiling as the thought of Taehyung wearing it crosses his mind.
Jungkook chooses chocolate brown, and weaves in patterns with black, red and white occassionally, gushing at how good it would look wrapped around Taehyung's neck. He always gets a little nervous when he thinks about the moment he actually has to give it to Taehyung.
Jungkook gets it done within four days, and it looks perfect, but he still feels like he didn't do good enough. The morning when he's about to visit Taehyung finally, he shyly takes the scarf, and rubs it against his neck, cheeks red even though he's all alone.
The thought of Taehyung taking in his scent makes him shut his eyes, and he pulls it away from his neck, overwhelmed. His heart is pounding in his chest. Before leaving, he packs it beautifully with brown paper, and secures the gift packaging with some twine.
Jungkook doesn't forget to write Taehyung a small note, pouring out a fraction of his feelings through the few lines he inks onto the paper. When he's all done, he locks his front door and leaves, excited and a little nervous.
Ten minutes later, he's approaching Taehyung's doorstep with his heart beating out of control. Taehyung should leave for work soon, so it's a good opportunity to give him the gift and leave soon so he doesn't have to watch him open it and drown in his nerves.
Surprisingly, Taehyung's door is already half open. Jungkook steps on the small stairs leading up to his door, his face and heart instantly fall. There's a pair of shoes by the door – a woman's. As if on instinct, he stops, hands automatically hiding the gift behind himself.
"Jungkook?" Taehyung notices him. "Hi!" Jungkook looks up and meet his eyes, stares at his smile from outside. "I just..." "Come in!" Taehyung gestures, taking long strides towards him. Jungkook nods, and steps inside, and that's when he sees her.
From the floral scent, Jungkook can tell that it's an omega, and that already ruins his mood. "Hello!" She smiles. "Jungkook, this is Jieun-ssi." He says. "She works at the hospital, but her car broke down, so I'm giving her a ride today." Jungkook just stares at him. "Oh."
"Sit down!" Taehyung tells him, as he moves towards his bedroom. At least today, his shirt isn't unbuttoned, Jungkook thinks. Jungkook looks at Jieun and smiles, but he is bad at faking emotions, and Jieun can probably see through it. He keeps his hands tucked behind himself.
"Did you need something?" Taehyung asks, as he walks back with a tie draped around his shoulders, eyes questioning Jungkook secretly. "Is it... Urgent?" "Umm." Jungkook's hands tighten over the gift. He does not want to give it to Taehyung in another omega's presence.
While Jungkook is still struggling with his thoughts, Jieun gets up from where she's sitting and moves towards Taehyung. "Here, let me help you with the tie!" She says. "No, I can manage!" Taehyung smiles. But Jieun still reaches out, grasping the two ends of the tie.
Jungkook follows it with his eyes but he can't bear to look for long. He tears his eyes away, feeling very awkward. "Come on, Dr. Kim." Jieun giggles. "It's okay to get a little help sometimes." Jungkook hears it. He feels kind of embarrassed. Like he's unwanted here.
Putting aside the dull ache he feels in his chest right now, Jungkook stands up. He feels uncomfortable right now, and just wants to leave – can't even bring himself to look at them. "Hyung, I'll just..." Jungkook stands up, already walking towards the door. "Come by later."
"Jungkook!" Taehyung calls out, a little worried because Jungkook doesn't seem fine, and he removes Jieun's hands off his tie in the process. But Jungkook is already out of the door, walking off, and Taehyung is left confused, with Jieun to deal with on top of that.
"Jieun-ssi." Taehyung steps back, and looks her in the eye. "I was just trying to be kind to you when I accepted your request for help. Please... don't misunderstand it." Jieun's smile fades. "Dr. Kim–" "I don't like you like that." Taehyung says. She goes quiet.
"I don't appreciate you trying to help me out with my tie even when I already said I don't need your help." Taehyung says. "I don't like it when my personal space is invaded. Please don't try to force affection out of me. Or anyone." "I'm sorry, Dr. Kim." Jieun steps back.
"Can you wait outside, please?" Taehyung asks. "I'll be out in a few minutes. Don't worry, I'll still give you a ride." "Uhm, I think I can– my friend. I can ask her." Jieun blabbers, picking up her purse. "It's okay, thank you. I'll just– I'll get going."
Taehyung watches her walk out without a word, and sighs when she's out of sight. He pinches the bridge of his nose, and the only thing that is a little soothing is Jungkook's scent still lingering in the air. Taehyung likes Jungkook's scent.
But he wonders how it's still so strong, even though Jungkook left already. And then, his eyes fall on the brown package left behind on the sofa Jungkook had sat on, pushed against the back of it. Taehyung gasps. Did Jungkook come here to... give him that?
Taehyung walks to the sofa and picks it up, and it indeed smells like Jungkook. The strawberry scent is gushing out of it and Taehyung just wonders if Jungkook... Not knowing exactly how he feels, he unwraps it, and the scent only gets stronger and stronger.
It's a beautiful brown scarf, clearly knitted by hand from the coarse thread patterns, and he runs his fingers across it, heart aching from just how precious the gesture is. A note falls out, and Taehyung quickly picks it up and reads it.
Taehyung feels his heart beat a little faster in his chest, as the possibility dawns upon him. He takes the scarf and buries his nose into it, inhales, and yes – Jungkook definitely scented it. The scent is so beautiful, and Taehyung just breathes, trying to process everything.
Jungkook, on the other hand, walks back to his cottage with a big pout on his lips, an ache in his throat and tears that he's trying to hold back. He's frowning and sulking. It's only when he's almost back at his doorstep that he realises that something's missing.
And when it dawns upon him, Jungkook shuts his eyes, and just goes still. "Oh my God." Jungkook whispers to himself, suddenly extremely interested in the idea of being swallowed whole by the earth. "What have I done."
Jungkook feels mortified. How is he ever going to explain the heavy scent on the scarf? What would Taehyung think? What if he's interested in Jieun? Does Jungkook even have a chance? He sighs, as he walks down the road, on his way to get some groceries.
It's all he's been thinking about the past two days. Luckily, he hasn't seen Taehyung since the incident, and he doesn't think he could take it. The thought of seeing Taehyung face to face terrifies him. Had he not forgotten the gift, it would have been a lot less embarrassing.
As he's drowned in his thought, carrying his grocery bag with no interest, the scent of chocolate suddenly makes him snap out of his thoughts. "Jungkook?!" Taehyung's voice comes next. "Can I talk to you?"
Jungkook looks up, and there he is – Taehyung. He seems to have been walking towards Jungkook's house. He looks so handsome in his all black outfit and his parted hair, that it would make Jungkook pass out if he stares for too long. He freezes in place, panicking.
Taehyung takes long strides towards him, hands shoved in his pockets. "Jungkook-ah..." Jungkook's heart starts to beat at a crazy pace, and he turns around immediately, planning to flee. But Taehyung grabs his wrist, and stops him. "Jungkook-ah. Hyung wants to talk."
The touch of Taehyung's fingers against Jungkook's wrist shocks him at first – it takes him a few seconds to register that Taehyung is, in fact, touching him. Jungkook turns, eyes landing on their hands first, before he shifts his gaze upwards towards Taehyung's face.
Seeing the question in his eyes, and the frown on his forehead, Taehyung relaxes his hold on Jungkook's wrist, but he also steps forward towards him. "Jungkook-ah." He asks, voice gentle, thumb caressing the inside of Jungkook's wrist. "Do you like me?"
The question that Jungkook had been dreading is right there, in front of him, and he feels like his heart is going to explode. He tears his gaze away, too shy and too nervous to keep looking into Taehyung's eyes. "Hyung..." He tries to wriggle his hands out of Taehyung's hold.
Taehyung notices, and lets go of his hand. "Yes, or no?" Jungkook clutches his grocery bag closer to his chest, refusing to meet Taehyung's eye. "I liked the gift. So much." Taehyung says. "Thank you." Jungkook's eyes shoot up at that, heart racing in his chest.
Some alpha walks by them, stopping when she sees them. "Ah, Jungkook-ssi." She smiles. She looks at Taehyung once, bows, and then looks back at Jungkook. "I was actually meaning to come see you." She says. "I'm Minji. My little sister, Yoonji, is your student."
Jungkook bows at her, but he feels confused. "I actually..." She blushes a little, looking at Taehyung again. "I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me sometime?" Jungkook's eyes widen. Taehyung's heart falls a little, and he doesn't even know why.
Jungkook can feel Taehyung's eyes on him, and it just makes him more nervous. However, without hesitation, Jungkook bows. "I'm sorry, Minji-ssi." Jungkook slowly lifts his gaze and makes sure he's locking eyes with Taehyung when he says it. "I like someone else."
He quickly looks back at Minji, sure that she hadn't caught that brief moment between them anyway, and bows once more, a sweet smile on his face. "I'm so sorry." "It's okay!" She puts up her hands, smiling. "It's understandable. Thank you for letting me know. I'll... get going."
Jungkook bows to her after wishing each other a good day ahead, and Taehyung does too, before she sets on her way. And then, Jungkook just stands there, fiddling with his bag. Taehyung has his answer. "I'm going to go." Jungkook says, holding up his bag. "Groceries."
Taehyung tries to calm down his heart, stepping to the side to give way to Jungkook. Jungkook didn't directly answer him, but it was obvious. "Have a good day, Jungkook-ah." "You too, hyung." Jungkook doesn't look into his eyes. And then, Taehyung watches him walk away.
Taehyung is working at the hospital three days later, jotting down a course of medicines on someone's prescription, when he overhears Jungkook's name. For a second, it disrupts his flow, but then he continues writing, letting the words sink in.
Outside the room, some people are sitting on a bench and chatting, discussing random stuff. "I didn't send my son to his music classes today." Some woman says. "The teacher, that beautiful omega – Jungkook, he's down with a bad fever. So he postponed classes."
Taehyung doesn't even hesitate. He doesn't even think twice before he's on his way to Jungkook's home after work, with everything he thinks Jungkook might need. Jungkook is sick, and he lives all alone. Jungkook likes Taehyung, and Taehyung... he shakes the thoughts off.
By the time he reaches Jungkook's house, it's quite dark already, and he worries that he might be troubling Jungkook by going to his place. But... he wants to help out. Jungkook must be feeling very unwell.
It only takes him one knock for Jungkook to open the door, and he's so fast that it surprises Taehyung a little. Perhaps, he got a whiff of Taehyung's scent. "Hyung..." He asks, and immediately sneezes, and then wipes his nose with a cloth. "Sorry. What are you... doing here?"
Jungkook looks like he hasn't been getting rest, and like the fever has taken a toll on him. Drowning in an oversized sweater, with his pretty long hair all messy, he looks like he needs to pulled into a cuddle. Taehyung clears his throat. "Jungkook-ah... can hyung come in?"
Jungkook steps aside, clinging to the door and sniffing, and Taehyung steps into his cottage. When he locks the door, Jungkook quickly walks back to his bed, and sits down in the middle of his nest. "How are you feeling?" Taehyung asks. Jungkook just shakes his head.
"Please lie down." Taehyung says. Jungkook dives back into his nest, and pulls his blanket up to his face. Only then it hits Taehyung – he didn't bring along his clothes this time, since it wasn't a heat. It escaped his mind. So, he takes off his overcoat. "Here, take this."
Jungkook stares at him with those big eyes that Taehyung thinks are like windows into the universe, into all the galaxies that exist. "Go on." Taehyung moves towards him, tucking it closer to his body. "Take it. You like my scent, don't you?"
Jungkook's fingers appear from under the blanket and grab the coat, disappearing under it again as he pulls it closer to himself. Jungkook shuts his eyes as he inhales the scent. Taehyung's heart does something when he looks at it.
He steps forward, and presses the back of his hand to Jungkook's forehead – his skin is burning. "Did you take medicines yet?" Taehyung asks, gently. Jungkook weakly nods. "Okay." Taehyung relaxes. "Hyung will stay longer this time. Like you asked."
Jungkook peeks up again at that, only his eyes visible from how the blanket covers half his face. Taehyung leans down, taps on the edge of the bed then, and looks into Jungkook's eyes as he asks. "Is it okay to sit here?"
Jungkook looks away, but he immediately shifts a little, creating space for Taehyung to sit on his bed. Right beside him. Taehyung sits down. He can't help but reach out, and run his fingers through Jungkook's hair. "I want you to feel better soon, Jungkook-ah."
Jungkook's eyes automatically close when Taehyung's hand brushes over his forehead and into his hair. It doesn't help that now along with his coat, the actual source of the scent is sitting so close to him, and touching him too. Jungkook feels so comforted, so safe.
Taehyung neatly tucks Jungkook's hair behind his ears, making the latter blush instantly. Then, Taehyung brings his hand lower, and pushes the blanket down to reveal Jungkook's cute nose and his pink lips. Jungkook shuts his eyes immediately. "Jungkook-ah." Taehyung smiles.
Jungkook opens his eyes, but doesn't look at Taehyung. He's feeling too shy to be able to. But Taehyung has no mercy, as he gently caresses Jungkook's cheek with his knuckles, and speaks in his deep, honey voice. "You really like hyung, hm?"
Jungkook's heartbeat accelerates at that, and he panics, immediately pulling up his blanket to cover his face again. But Taehyung is persistent, pushing it back down so he can see Jungkook's face. "Let hyung see your face, Jungkook-ah." He teases.
Jungkook frowns, as he pulls the blanket up until only his eyes are visible, and finally looks up at Taehyung. There's a soft smile on his face, and he runs his fingers through Jungkook's hair again, trying to comfort him. "Relax. Does this feel good?"
Jungkook nods, eyes shut again, so Taehyung keeps doing it. They sit like that in comfortable silence, until half and hour passes. "It's quite late." Taehyung says, pulling his hand back. "I should get going. You'll be okay, right? Take the medicines I got you."
But Jungkook's eyes flutter open immediately, and he reaches out and grabs Taehyung's sleeve, pulling it towards himself. He finally looks up at Taehyung, eyes big and round and impossible to say no to. "Hyung... can you please... stay here tonight?"
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Taehyung looks into his eyes, the words sinking in on him. "Your scent makes me feel better." Jungkook says, eyes still on Taehyung. "If you stay close by, it really helps."
But then, Jungkook realises that he can't just ask Taehyung to do that for him. He can't make Taehyung sit all night, and it certainly won't be appropriate for him to lie down next to Jungkook. Jungkook looks away as it dawns upon him, a little embarrassed.
"Sorry." He pulls his hand away, and his voice gets progressively softer as he speaks. "I was– that was too much to ask. I don't know why I said that." Taehyung watches, as Jungkook shies away from meeting his gaze and curls in on himself.
"I wasn't thinking." Jungkook explains, and looks up at Taehyung once. "Please don't mind. That was... very selfish of me to ask. Or– or even expect. Sorry, hyung." But Taehyung sighs, and runs his fingers through Jungkook's hair again. "Shh, relax."
Taehyung holds his palm out in front of Jungkook then, and keeps staring until Jungkook looks up and meets his eye. His big eyes are full of questions, so Taehyung points to his own hand with his eyes, and waits until Jungkook feels ready.
Jungkook stares back at Taehyung's hand, and just contemplates for a good few seconds. But then, with his cheeks turning pink, he does slip his hand out from under his blanket, and slides it into Taehyung's palm. Taehyung gently closes his fingers around Jungkook's hand, then.
"This better?" He softly asks, smiling as he looks down at Jungkook's face. He's so cute, Taehyung's heart hurts just looking at him. Jungkook nods in answer, and Taehyung feels him gently squeeze his fingers around Taehyung's hand. "Thank you."
"But your back is going to hurt if you sit like that for long." Jungkook finally says, voicing out his concern. "You're already so worried about me, hm?" Taehyung teases him. Jungkook looks up, frowning. "You're mean." "Ah, should I leave then?" "N-no." Taehyung chuckles.
"It's okay. I don't mind." Taehyung assures him then, keeping his voice as gentle as possible. Jungkook nods. Then, slowly, he starts to pull their joined hands towards himself. He doesn't look at Taehyung, doesn't explain it – just acts like he isn't doing anything at all.
Taehyung watches, amused, as their hands disappear under Jungkook's blanket. He then feels another hand slip under his, before his fingers hit the cushion of Jungkook's cheek. Taehyung thinks his heart might explode. It feels funny inside his stomach already, as it is.
He watches as Jungkook nuzzles his cheeks against it, before he seems to realise something and his eyes go wide open. He pulls his face away, and looks up at Taehyung in horror. "What if you get sick too?" Jungkook tries to pull his hand away. "Hyung... you should go home."
But Taehyung doesn't let go of his hand, and waits until Jungkook relaxes a little. "If I get sick..." Taehyung chuckles. "I'll just treat myself. Come back here." "But–" "Stop arguing, Jungkook-ah. I'm the hyung here. I'm the doctor, too." Taehyung smiles at him.
Jungkook slowly eases back into his previous position, heart fluttering in his chest. He can't even believe this is happening. But if it's a dream, he wants to make the most of it. Taehyung watches as he nuzzles against his hand again, and slowly falls asleep.
And the truth is, Taehyung doesn't want to leave, anyway. Somehow, sitting on the edge of a tiny bed, holding Jungkook's hands until he falls asleep makes him feel much warmer than his comfortable house and bed back home. For now, Taehyung feels happy and content with this.
Jungkook is about to start his heat again in a few days, but this time, he's pretty excited about it. It also means that he gets to go visit Taehyung again, and borrow clothes from him.
Instead of the morning, Jungkook decides to visit him in the evening this time. Maybe, when Taehyung isn't rushing to go to work, they could spend more time together. After the last time Taehyung visited, Jungkook feels a little more confident about pursuing him.
He thinks back to how in the morning, before leaving, Taehyung had provided him some information out of the blue. Jungkook hadn't even asked. "Jungkook-ah. I don't like Jieun-ssi like that. I don't know why she was being that way. Umm, I'm just saying." Taehyung had said.
Jungkook has replayed the words so many times in his head by now. He blushes a little as he thinks about them again, as he's on his way to Taehyung's place. He's dressed prettily today, obviously, and carries some baked cookies as a token of gratitude.
His heart is ready to lodge in his throat again as he knocks on Taehyung's door, and waits. The approaching footsteps only make him grow more anxious, and no matter how many times they meet, it seems like nothing can ever prepare him enough for the visuals.
Jungkook audibly gasps, and lets his eyes stay wide as he takes in Taehyung's appearance. Black dress pants and a white shirt, Taehyung looks dapper. Breathtaking. "Jungkook-ah." Taehyung smiles at him, stepping aside already. "Come inside."
Jungkook bows, and as soon as he steps inside, Taehyung's presence suddenly becomes too prominent and Jungkook feels shy again. Regardless, he holds out the box of cookies with the tiniest smile on his face. "For you."
Taehyung immediately takes it, smile big and wide and boxy. Beautiful. "Thank you. I love chocolate chip cookies." Taehyung says, as he walks back into his kitchen to store them. Jungkook can see a stack of his clothes ready on a table. "The c-clothes...?"
"Oh, yeah." Taehyung looks over his shoulder, and smiles. "I put them aside for you. I thought I'd drop by and give them to you." "It's okay." Jungkook moves towards them, feeling happy and content. "I came here myself to save you the trouble."
Taehyung moves back and forth between his bedroom and the bathroom, and only now does Jungkook realise that he's... getting dressed. "Hyung..." He clasps his hands together. "Are you going somewhere? Did I come at the wrong time?"
"Oh no, I have time on hand." Taehyung assures him. "I've been invited to one of my friends' wedding to his mate." "Oh..." Jungkook says, but the words wedding and mate with Taehyung around him make a million fireworks go off in his chest at once.
He turns around, and walks to a pillar in the drawing room, clutching it with his hands and leaning his head against it as he watches Taehyung. Taehyung comes out again, but this time, he has a loose necktie draped on his shoulders.
Jungkook stares at the tie and at the collar of Taehyung's shirt from where he leans against the pillar, eyes wide and curious, and heartbeat a little faster than usual. Taehyung follows his gaze, and looks down at his shirt and back up. "What? Is there something on my shirt?"
Jungkook gulps, shaking his head, but he doesn't look away from Taehyung. "Your tie." He says. Taehyung runs his fingers along the silky fabric of the necktie. "Yeah. Do you like it?" Jungkook smiles. "Hyung..." He begins, unsure how to say it.
"Yeah?" Taehyung asks, eyes scanning Jungkook's expression carefully. Jungkook points at his tie, hoping Taehyung doesn't turn him down. "Can I help you with that?"
"With my tie?" The corners of Taehyung's lips twitch. "You want to put it on me?" Jungkook nods, nervous about Taehyung's answer. But Taehyung's lips stretch into a small smile. "Come here then." Taehyung says, putting his hands behind himself. "Help hyung."
Jungkook tries to bite back his smile, still lingering by the pillar, so Taehyung walks to him instead and gently grabs his wrist, pulling him closer. "You said you want to help." Taehyung teases him. "But then you make hyung walk up to you. Hm? That's not fair, Jungkook-ah."
Jungkook feels dizzy with Taehyung so close suddenly, his scent hitting all of Jungkook's senses at once. The only thing anchoring him is Taehyung's hold on his wrist. As they stand at the same height, eyes at level with each other's, Jungkook chews on his bottom lip shyly.
With shaky hands, Jungkook grabs the loose ends of the tie and slides his fingers up until they're somewhere around Taehyung's collarbones. Jungkook looks up from the tie once, and Taehyung is already staring at his face. Panicking, he looks back down again.
"Is my face not pleasing to look at?" Taehyung teases him again. Jungkook doesn't answer. Instead, a sweet smile spreads across his lips as he works on Taehyung's tie, making a knot near his neck. "Jungkook-ah." Taehyung says again, smiling. Jungkook's smile only grows.
Their faces are so close that Jungkook can hear Taehyung breathing. If he moves any closer, he'd probably feel it on his face. The chocolate scent drowns him in itself, and Jungkook wishes he could stand this close to Taehyung forever as he slides the knot upwards.
"I was nervous to ask." Jungkook says, eyes on the tie as he fixes Taehyung's collar. "The other day... You said you didn't need help with your tie." "I don't know Jieun-ssi well." Taehyung says. "And... I certainly don't like her like that."
"But you let me do it." Jungkook says, his heart about to give out as it pounds constantly against his ribs. Taehyung just smiles at him, taking in every single feature of Jungkook's pretty face, up close like this. "Yeah. I did."
Jungkook is done with the tie, but his fingers remain perched somewhere above Taehyung's chest, and he finally looks up and meets his gaze again. Taehyung is already looking, eyes slightly lidded. His eyes drop to Jungkook's lips. Jungkook notices it, and his heart freezes.
Jungkook immediately steps back, withdrawing his hands to himself. His cheeks have turned red, and he isn't looking at Taehyung anymore – He can't. "It's done. You're ready. The necktie. It's done. Outfit complete." He blabbers, holding his thumb up. "You look good."
Taehyung only smiles, as he grabs his black overcoat and puts his arms through the sleeves. "Not yet." He disappears back into his bedroom, and comes back with the scarf Jungkook knitted for him. "Jungkook-ah. Can you help hyung with this too?"
Jungkook's eyes widen as he spots it, cradled in Taehyung's beautiful fingers. He feels very shy as Taehyung approaches. "You're– going to wear that to the wedding? It's not... That fancy." Taehyung hums. "It's very beautiful, and very special to me, though. It's just my style."
Jungkook takes it from him, and tries to calm his heart down as he steps towards Taehyung again. He has to put his hands around Taehyung in order to loop it, and their chests almost touch as he leans in. After looping twice, he tucks it behind the lapels of Taehyung's coat.
Before Jungkook can step backwards again, or say something, Taehyung gently curls his fingers around both of Jungkook's wrist. "Thank you. You're the sweetest." Jungkook, with his red cheeks, keeps staring at the scarf. "Aren't you getting l-late, hyung?"
"Yeah. I should probably leave." Taehyung lets go of Jungkook's wrists, but he doesn't stop smiling. "Grab the clothes, quick." Jungkook nods, and with a smile, makes a beeline for the couch where they are stacked. He picks up the pile, and takes a quick whiff of it.
As Taehyung gathers a small wrapped gift box, he gestures Jungkook to walk towards the door with him. Jungkook happily walks towards the door, his heart feeling content and full. "Go back home safely, okay?" Taehyung asks. "Should I drop you off?" Jungkook shakes his head.
"I will manage myself, don't worry." Jungkook says. "It's just ten minutes." Taehyung smiles, resting his hand on the small of Jungkook's back as he gently ushers him outside the door. Jungkook's brain short circuits for a moment. He watches, as Taehyung locks the door.
Then he turns around, and the smile is back on his face. He reaches out, and brushes back Jungkook's hair. "Take care. Okay?" Jungkook nods, melting under the touch. "You too. Umm, I hope you have a good time. And... drive safe."
Before Taehyung can turn around, Jungkook speaks up again. "Um, I don't mind if you visit." Jungkook says, looking at the clothes in his hand. "During my heat." Taehyung looks at him, brows quirked up. Jungkook's heartbeat picks up, so he bows, and turns around. "Good night!"
Taehyung watches him rush in the opposite direction, and stands there, feeling his chest fill up with warmth. And he is very close to the friend who's getting married, very fond of him. But right now, Taehyung really wishes he didn't have a wedding to attend.
Jungkook shuts the door of his house behind himself, heart still pounding in his chest. He still can't believe half the things that happened this evening. But anyway, right now, he's excited to look through Taehyung's clothes and inhale his scent properly again.
He sits down on his bed, and starts to sort through the clothes. All of Taehyung's clothes are so beautiful, so him. But Jungkook is surprised to see a shirt that's a little loose, and very similar in style to what he himself wears. He picks it up, and a note falls out.
Taehyung's scent is strong around him, as he clutches the shirt to his chest and picks up the sheet of paper. And as he reads it, Jungkook can feel his heart skip beat after beat as he tries to wrap his mind around the words.
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Jungkook pulls the letter to his chest with a gasp, and with his eyes widened. "Oh my God." Jungkook can feel his heart racing in his chest, and his voice is merely a whisper when he speaks to himself. "Does hyung really... like me back?"
He takes another look at the letter then, and re-reads it. Over and over again, especially the last line. "Can't stop thinking about you these days." Jungkook repeats in a whisper to himself, trying hard to contain the smile that makes his cheeks fluff up.
It improves his mood by so much, that a few minutes later, Jungkook is singing as he cooks himself dinner, and imagining what it would be like to be courted by Taehyung. He smiles like an idiot through the next two hours, no matter what he does.
When he's done with all his work for the evening, Jungkook doesn't waste even a single second before he's grabbing the shirt Taehyung gifted him. He yanks off what he's wearing, and puts on Taehyung's gift instead. Then, he happily checks himself out in the mirror.
It fits him perfectly – and Jungkook can't help but blush as he imagines Taehyung picking it out for him. Taehyung's scent seems like it's embedded in every thread of the shirt, and if Jungkook just closes his eyes and imagines his face, it would be like standing close to him.
It starts to rain outside, and the sound of thunder disrupts his lovely thoughts. Jungkook isn't too fond of the rain, so he whines as he runs back to bed and climbs in, pulling his blanket over himself. "Why is it raining in the winter?"
Jungkook thinks that the rain makes everything outside messy, so he's glad he's settled in bed. He scrunches his nose as he thinks of the wet mud outside. With Taehyung's scent engulfing him, nothing even feels that unpleasant, if he's being honest.
But it's nice – the pitter-patter of raindrops, when he's dry and clean in the comfort of his home, Jungkook thinks. He listens to the sound, burrowing into his blanket, and tries to fall asleep.
There's a knock on his door a few minutes later, but that's not what jolts Jungkook awake. The way the chocolate scent intensifies makes him snap his eyes open and sit up in bed, already climbing out to go get the door.
Jungkook's heart is racing in his chest as he runs to the door and unlocks it, pulling it open. Taehyung stands in front of him, chest heaving up and down, hair and clothes wet from the rain. Taehyung smiles when he sees him. "Jungkook-ah."
"Hyung?" Jungkook asks, immediately stepping back to give Taehyung space. "C-come inside." Taehyung enters the house enough to shield himself from the rain, but still stands by the door. "Hey."
"Is everything okay?" Jungkook asks. "The party? Is it over? Shouldn't you head... home?" Taehyung nods, and then his eyes roam over Jungkook's torso. "You're already wearing the shirt." Jungkook almost forgot that he was, and his cheeks go red. Shit.
"I...I..." He looks down at it. "Just wanted to see how it fits. Turns out it's... Um, perfect. I like it so much. Thank you." "And I like you, Jungkook-ah." Taehyung says, gently grabbing Jungkook's wrist, making Jungkook look up at him again.
Jungkook stares, and his heart might as well just jump out of his chest. "You... hyung. Me too." Taehyung smiles, looking relieved. "But why'd you run to me in the rain?" Jungkook asks. "Where's your car?" "I drove here, but stood outside for a few minutes, just thinking."
"Thinking about what?" Jungkook asks, heart pounding in his chest. Taehyung brings his hand up to gently caress Jungkook's cheek again. "I thought I'd bring this up later, but tonight, being at the wedding just..." "You're making me so anxious, hyung." "Shh, don't be."
Gathering all his courage, Jungkook curls his fingers around Taehyung's wrist, where he holds his face. "What is it, hyung?" "Jungkook-ah." Taehyung gently says, stepping closer. "Would you allow me to court you?"
Jungkook's eyes widen, hand falling back to his side. He wonders if he heard that right. He has no idea, the sound of his internal screaming is deafening anyway. "No pressure." Taehyung assures him. "It's okay. I just told you what's on my mind. You're not obligated to accept."
Taehyung's own heart is beating like crazy, and he's a little nervous himself. "I know you've never accepted a single proposal, so don't feel like you have to–" "Hyung..." Jungkook interrupts him, eyes staring blankly at Taehyung's chest. "Please lock the door."
Taehyung's brows shoot up slightly at the unexpected request, and without turning around, he grabs the doorknob and pushes the door shut behind himself. And after he does, Jungkook takes a very small step forward. Finally, he looks up at Taehyung.
He first grabs the lapel of Taehyung's coat with his fingers, before he moves closer until their chests are almost touching. Heart still beating at a crazy pace, Jungkook leans forward and hooks his chin on Taehyung's shoulder, slowly wrapping his arms around him.
Their chests do touch now, and Jungkook's cheeks are red where Taehyung can't see them, as he nervously waits for a reaction. But then, Taehyung is wrapping gentle arms around his waist, and Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut because of how fast his heart is beating.
So close to Taehyung's neck, the scent drives Jungkook crazy, and he struggles to keep his composure. Jungkook has never been so attracted to anyone or their scent before. Then, he softly speaks into Taehyung's neck. "Hyung... did you really think I'd ever say no? To... you?"
Taehyung nuzzles his nose into Jungkook's neck too, and fuck – he could get used to this scent. "Is this you saying yes?" Jungkook hums. "Yes. I've been... longing for you to ask me." Taehyung smiles. "Please forgive me for making you wait then, Jungkook-ah."
"I'm shaking... even now." Jungkook tightens his arms around Taehyung. "I can't believe it's happening." "Can you look at me once?" Taehyung asks him. Jungkook pulls back then, separating their bodies. "Yeah, hyung?" He looks at Taehyung nervously.
Taehyung brings his hand up and brushes his fingers through Jungkook's hair, making him close his eyes. "Because you like growing out your hair... and because you said yes." Taehyung digs into his pocket, and pulls something out. "I'd like you to accept this as a courting gift."
Jungkook watches, as Taehyung hands him over the beautiful wooden comb with intricate patterns carved into it and a tassel attached to its end. "I saw it at the market the other day and immediately thought of you." Taehyung says. "I hope you like it."
"Is this for me?" Jungkook asks, grabbing it with both hands, eyes big and glassy now. "Hyung..." Taehyung runs his fingers through Jungkook's hair again. "Long hair looks so good on you. I hope you can put my gift to good use."
Taehyung steps back then. "Look, I got your clothes all wet too. I should head back home, now that you've answered my question." But Jungkook immediately looks up at him. "No... wait. Don't... don't go yet."
"It's late, Jungkook-ah." Taehyung simply smiles. "But you stayed the other night, too." Jungkook looks down, the comb clutched in his hands. "And now, we're even... we're..." "We're...?" Taehyung teases. Jungkook's cheeks turn redder.
"I also need to change, or I'll get sick." Taehyung says. "So I'm going to just–" "You can get changed here." Jungkook says. "W-wear my clothes. Or yours – I have those too, remember?" "Jungkook-ah..." Taehyung smiles. "I want to spend some more time with you, hyung."
Taehyung's resolve breaks when Jungkook looks at him with his big, round eyes again. "Hyung wants to spend more time with you too, but–" "Can I go with you, then?" Jungkook asks, voice shaky. "To your... place?"
Taehyung caresses his cheek with the back of his hand again. "You want to come with hyung?" Jungkook nods vigorously. Taehyung takes his hands in his own, brings them up, and presses kisses to Jungkook's knuckles. "Okay. Pack essential stuff. You're coming with hyung, then."
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"Welcome." Taehyung smiles, looking over his shoulder at Jungkook as he pushes the door of his house open and steps aside to let Jungkook in. "It's not my first time here." Jungkook smiles, shying away from meeting Taehyung's gaze.
"Want me to take your bag?" Taehyung extends his hand, but Jungkook shakes his head. "I can do it." He smiles. "Hyung... Thank you for bringing me here." Taehyung locks the door from inside, and turns to him. "Don't mention it, Jungkook-ah. I'm going to get changed, okay?"
Jungkook nods, setting his bag down. "Should I... sit here?" Taehyung smiles, looking at him fondly. He extends his hand, and cups Jungkook's cheek gently, caressing it with his thumb. "Sit. Lie down. Walk around. Wherever you want. It's okay. You don't have to ask me."
Jungkook tries to hide the blush sitting high on his cheeks, nodding and turning away from Taehyung as he walks right into the bedroom. Taehyung comes up to stand behind him. "Say hello to your old friend, Jungkook-ah." "Who?" Jungkook frowns. "The window." Taehyung teases.
Jungkook whips his head around to look at him, frown sitting between his brows. "I will go back home this instant." Taehyung chuckles, eyes turning into crescents and the beautiful sound of his laughter filling the room, as he cups Jungkook's face. "I won't allow it."
Jungkook juts his lower lip out, trying to look angry but failing as he stares at Taehyung with his big eyes. "Shouldn't you go get changed? You're going to get changed." "Okay, sir." Taehyung says, stepping back. "Please make yourself at home."
Jungkook sits down on the bed as Taehyung walks off, his whole body buzzing with excitement and anticipation. To ease his nerves, he rubs his palms against the pretty bedsheet. Taehyung's bed is so big, they could both easily fit into it, he thinks, blushing.
As he's trying to poke into the mattress with his fingers to see how soft it is, he realises that Taehyung's scent suddenly gets stronger – way more intense. Jungkook looks up, and realises why, when he catches a glimpse of Taehyung's bare shoulder. Jungkook's face goes red.
But then, he looks up again, and Taehyung is moving around in the other room shirtless. He's lean, but his back is broad and smooth, and looking at it is making Jungkook's thoughts race. Heart throbbing in his chest, Jungkook looks away, perhaps to avoid passing out.
Jungkook lies down then, and slowly looks in Taehyung's direction again. He gulps as his eyes trail down Taehyung's back. But then, Taehyung starts to turn around, so Jungkook panics and looks away again. Jungkook sighs – he was so close to getting a view of his bare chest.
The scent appears to become less intense and a minute later, Taehyung is walking up to the bed, wearing a comfortable looking white shirt. "Are you sleepy?" Taehyung kneels down by the bed, and brushes back Jungkook's hair with his fingers. "It's pretty late."
Jungkook's hand instantly extends out to grab Taehyung's wrist. "Wait– I want to... talk. To you." "Yeah?" Taehyung asks. "Will you move over and make some space for me to sit, Jungkook-ah?" Jungkook instantly shifts, and pats the now empty space. "Sit down, hyung."
Taehyung takes a seat by the edge of the bed, and Jungkook tries to sit up. But Taehyung pushes him back down. "It's okay." He says, a small smile on his face. "Now, tell me. What do you want to talk about?" "Anything." Jungkook says. "I just want to talk... to you."
Taehyung brings his hand up to caress Jungkook's cheek again. "Should we start with discussing just how beautiful you are?" Jungkook blushes, and looks down because he can't bear to make eye contact without combusting. "Hyung..."
"How'd you get the scar?" Taehyung's knuckles brush against the apple of Jungkook's cheek. "My brother and I got into a fight when we were kids." Jungkook smiles at the fond memory. "And how do you make even a scar look pretty?" Taehyung asks. Jungkook's heart skips a beat.
Taehyung brings his other hand up to cup Jungkook's other cheek, and makes him face himself. "Wait wait, look at me. You said you wanted to talk." Jungkook curls his shaky fingers around one of Taehyung's wrists. "You– you're so handsome, hyung. More than anyone I've ever seen."
"Jungkook-ah." Taehyung immediately pulls back his hands, chuckling. "That's..." "I heard. From a lot of people." Jungkook picks at his fingers, looking down. "That a lot of omegas want to be courted by you." "Ah. That's an exaggeration." Taehyung tells him. "It's not."
Taehyung tips Jungkook's chin upwards gently. "And does that bother you?" Jungkook frowns at him. "I didn't say that." Taehyung smiles fondly, heart feeling full. "I think I already made it pretty clear whom I want to court." Taehyung says. "There's only one such omega."
Jungkook tries to bite back his smile, feeling butterflies in his stomach. "Okay, then." "Will you sleep now?" Taehyung asks, gently carding his fingers through Jungkook's hair. Jungkook realises that it really is late. "Oh. Right. You've also got work in the morning."
Taehyung sighs, as he gets up. "I'll be right there, on the sofa." He points towards the living room. "Don't hesitate to wake me up if you need anything, okay?" Jungkook feels a little disappointed that Taehyung is going to sleep somewhere else, but doesn't protest. "Okay."
Taehyung cups his face then. "Good night, Jungkook-ah. Sleep well." Jungkook smiles, so desperately wishing he could just pull Taehyung into bed with him. But he knows that Taehyung is probably trying to be respectful, and Jungkook feels a little shy to demand anything else.
He watches, as Taehyung turns the lights out on his way out, and walks away. Jungkook sighs as he sinks his face into the pillow, heart longing to feel Taehyung's touch again – maybe, the feeling of being wrapped up in his arms too.
The rain doesn't stop even over the next thirty minutes. It would make for a soothing sound to fall asleep to, but Jungkook can't. He keeps tossing and turning in bed, craving Taehyung's presence right next to him. The bed feels too big and too empty.
When an hour passes and Jungkook still can't sleep, he sits up in bed, sighing and running his fingers through his hair. The urge to have Taehyung close to himself keeps getting stronger, and starts to grow bigger than his shyness and hesitation.
Without wasting any more time, Jungkook climbs off the bed, and starts to tiptoe to the living room. He feels more and more comforted as he walks towards the sofa, because Taehyung's scent gets stronger the closer Jungkook gets to him.
Taehyung seems to be fast asleep, so Jungkook doesn't want to wake him up. Instead, he settles down by his legs on the little space that's left, and leans against the back of the sofa. Even this strange position feels better with Taehyung near him, than the bed without him.
He tries not to move or make any sound, tries his best so his body doesn't touch Taehyung's legs, but still, Taehyung stirs awake. "Jungkook-ah?" He asks in a groggy voice, sitting up. "What– are you okay?"
Jungkook's eyes go wide. "Hyung– sorry! I didn't want to wake you up." "Why are you sitting there like that?" Taehyung asks, concerned and curious. "It must be so uncomfortable." Jungkook looks away. "I couldn't sleep." Jungkook says. "Wanted to be next to you."
Taehyung stares at him wordlessly for a while, before he comes up with a solution. "Let's take you to bed. I'll sit with you, like I did that night." "But..." Jungkook begins, heart pounding in his chest. "Why can't you lie down next to me? I don't mind, hyung."
Taehyung's eyes widen a little, but his face is soft. "You want me to lie next to you?" Jungkook nods, picking at the threads of his clothes. "Want to hold you." "Jungkook-ah..." Taehyung begins, heart melting. "Only if you want to." Jungkook says, heart pounding.
Taehyung slides his blanket off, and gets on his feet. He reaches his hand out for Jungkook to take. "You sleepy?" Jungkook shakes his head as he takes Taehyung's hand, and stands up. Taehyung pulls him into a hug, rocking him in his arms. "Want to walk to bed like this?"
Jungkook buries his face into Taehyung's neck, eyes squeezed shut as he nods. Taehyung takes slow, careful steps as he walks towards the bedroom, pushing Jungkook's body with his own. "You smell so good, Jungkook-ah."
Jungkook doesn't say anything until he feels the bed hit the back of his legs. "It's okay right? We're... You're courting me now. That makes us... something." Taehyung might just burst into flames from how cute Jungkook is. "Hm, we're definitely something."
Taehyung lays Jungkook down on the bed, and waits until he shifts towards the other side before he's climbing in too, lying down right next to Jungkook. Jungkook holds up the blanket, signalling him to get under it. "Hyung... get in. It's cold."
Taehyung smiles, pulling the blanket over his body. "Jungkook-ah." He teases, grabbing Jungkook's hand under the blanket. "We're under the same blanket now." Jungkook's face turns red, but he doesn't back away. "Should we... get closer?" He asks.
Taehyung is surprised, but welcomes the words with a smile. "Do you want to?" Jungkook chews on his lips, as he looks into Taehyung's eyes. He doesn't answer. Instead, he just shifts closer, looking at Taehyung's chest and fiddling with his shirt instead.
"Look at me." Taehyung demands. Jungkook shakes his head. "Can't." "You wanted me here." "I'm... nervous." "Want hyung to hold you? Do you want to cuddle?" Jungkook finally looks up, and nods, eager.
So Taehyung immediately pulls him closer until their faces almost touch, and wraps his arms around Jungkook's waist. "Hi, baby." The nickname almost makes Jungkook scream – all of it is too much to process, but he loves it. "Hi, hyung."
Taehyung only pulls him closer, nuzzling his face into Jungkook's neck. "You smell so good, I could stay like this forever." Taehyung's deep voice turns into a low whisper. Jungkook shuts his eyes, shivering, but Taehyung's embrace is so warm. "Me too, hyung."
When Taehyung pulls back, he brushes Jungkook's hair away from his face, and stares into his eyes for a few seconds. Jungkook's heartbeat gets faster. Taehyung's gaze then falls to his lips. Jungkook's heartbeat skyrockets through the roof.
He can't help but let his gaze fall to Taehyung's lips as well, even with his heart threatening to break through his chest. Taehyung doesn't say anything, but his eyes are heavy and soul-piercing, as they move back and forth between Jungkook's eyes and lips.
Jungkook fists his hands into Taehyung's shirt, and licks his lips out of nervousness – big mistake. Taehyung lets out a sigh, eyes stuck on Jungkook's lips, and then a curse under his breath. "Fuck." Then, his voice gets more audible. "What are you doing, hm?"
"What?" Jungkook can't even manage more than a whisper. "What am– I doing?" But Taehyung just longingly sighs, staring at his lips, and brings his hand up to brush his thumb against Jungkook's lips. "Go to sleep, Jungkook-ah." He smiles. "Or you'll drive me crazy."
But Jungkook doesn't want to. So, he immediately protests. "No, wait..." "Oh, there it is." Taehyung says. "What is...?" "The missing chocolate chip from the cookies you gave me." He thumbs the skin under Jungkook's lower lip. "Found it."
Jungkook's lips stretch into a smile then, and he gently swats Taehyung's hand, whining. "Hyung... stop teasing me." "I'm not." Taehyung moves even closer. "I just think it's only fair if I rightfully get back what was missing."
Jungkook stares up at him, eyes wide as the realisation sets in. "What is your opinion on it?" Taehyung asks, and his eyelids drop lower over his eyes. Jungkook brings shaky fingers up to touch Taehyung's face, then. "Take it." Jungkook says. "What's supposed to be yours."
"Yeah?" Taehyung's eyes trail down Jungkook's face to settle on his lips once more. "Are you sure, Jungkook-ah?" Jungkook nods. "I want it." Taehyung's smile grows. "Yeah? Then you must get to have it." Taehyung says.
Taehyung leans in first, but Jungkook closes the distance between their lips. He presses a quick, tight-lipped peck against Taehyung's lips first before his heartbeat quickens and he pulls back to assess Taehyung's expression. But Taehyung looks amused. "Come back here, you."
So Jungkook finds the courage, and leans in again. Taehyung's lips are parted this time, so he parts his own and slots them against Taehyung's. His eyes shut, as he feels Taehyung's arms slide up behind his waist and pull him over himself as they kiss.
Jungkook's legs automatically drop on either side of Taehyung's body at that, and he's almost straddling him while their mouths stay connected. Jungkook pulls back when he needs to breathe, but he feels so shy that he just buries his face into Taehyung's neck first thing.
"Hey." Taehyung chuckles as he teases, fingers in Jungkook's hair. "Look at me." Jungkook shakes his head. "After a minute." "Are you going to do that every time we kiss?" Taehyung asks. "I'm going to kiss you a lot." "Hyung!" Jungkook whines.
Taehyung doesn't really mind, though. He gently pats Jungkook's back as he's lying on top of him, rubbing shapes into it. "We can sleep like this if you want, Jungkook-ah." But Jungkook immediately slides off. "I don't want you to wake up with your whole body numb."
Taehyung smiles as he watches Jungkook settle down right beside him. "Come here." He pulls Jungkook into an embrace again. Jungkook buries his face into Taehyung's neck again, holding on tightly. "This. This is how I want to sleep."
Taehyung wakes up to the intense scent of strawberries filling up the room. At first, he feels like he's dreaming of his favorite fruit, until he slips enough into consciousness to realise that he's holding Jungkook in his arms, and that it's his scent.
But what makes him snap his eyes open is the hard length that's poking into his hips. Only then does it hit Taehyung. Jungkook is going into heat.
Taehyung takes a look at his face, and he looks so content holding Taehyung, like he's achieved maximum comfort. How is Taehyung supposed to get off the bed and go to work, with Jungkook unwell and looking like that? All Taehyung wants to do is stay and take care of him.
But he can't skip work without notice, so he must figure something out first and get someone to convey his message. But as soon as he tries to get up, Jungkook's frown intensifies and his eyes open, looking straight at him. "Where are you going, hyung?"
Taehyung doesn't have it in him to move away. "I'm not going anywhere. I just need to–" "Hyung..." Jungkook whines, and throws his thigh over Taehyung's and holds him tighter. "Please stay here with me, like this. I feel strange."
"Baby." Taehyung says. "You're going into heat." Jungkook's eyes flutter open again, and he processes the information. His eyes widen, and he lets go of Taehyung and rolls away, trying to hide his erection. "S-sorry."
But Taehyung's features only soften, as he pulls Jungkook closer, and turns him around to face himself. "What for?" Taehyung asks. "You don't have to shy away from me, Jungkook-ah. From now on, hyung will take care of you during your heat. It's my responsibility. Okay?"
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Jungkook relaxes a little, before nodding and trying to get up, but Taehyung stops him, and asks. "Whoa, where are you going?" "Home...?" Jungkook says, brows furrowed. "I started my heat, so... shouldn't I just go home first?"
Taehyung stares at him, brows furrowed, before they relax and he breaks into a soft chuckle. "Jungkook-ah. You don't have to go home just because you went into heat. Besides." Taehyung says, looking around. "This could be home too, if you want."
Jungkook's eyes widen. "Hmm?" "I mean, you can make yourself comfortable here without worrying too much." Taehyung threads his fingers through Jungkook's hair. "I don't mind. Just be at ease, it's okay. Really." Jungkook blinks. "Okay, hyung."
Taehyung smiles then, and tries to move away, but Jungkook latches onto his arms, and refuses to let go. Taehyung looks at him with questions in his eyes, and then, Jungkook says. "Don't go. Stay here."
Taehyung's heart melts in his chest, and he bites his lips, contemplating. "Okay, but I still have to inform the hospital authorities that I'm taking a day off." Taehyung says. "I'll go and come back quickly. Will you be okay here for a bit?"
Jungkook sighs. "I'll be okay, but..." "But?" "Hyung..." Jungkook looks up at him, and it's those big starry eyes again. "Can I go with you too?" "Baby..." Taehyung says, unable to even refuse. "But... you're unwell."
"But I can just wait in your car." Jungkook says. "You said it won't take long." Taehyung sighs, caressing Jungkook's cheeks. "Your puppy eyes aren't going to work on me every time, Jungkook-ah."
And yet, twenty minutes later, they're both seated in Taehyung's car. Taehyung is in the driver's seat, while Jungkook is in the passenger seat, wrapped up in warm clothes, neck covered, and a pleased smile on his face despite him feeling sick.
"You look awfully happy for someone who just went into heat." Taehyung comments, as he drives towards the hospital. Jungkook picks on the threads of his sweater. "Yeah, but... you're here, and I don't feel as bad as I usually do on my heat, and your scent– I'm... I'm okay."
Taehyung extends his hand out to touch Jungkook's cheek and forehead, eyes still on the road. "You really are feeling okay, right?" "Yes, hyung." "Good." Taehyung says. That makes one of them, because Jungkook's scent is making it really hard for Taehyung to stay in control.
Sure, all the layers he put on Jungkook are to keep him warm. But also, Taehyung wants to contain his scent within the car while he's outside. The thought of other alphas getting a whiff of his intense, heat scent – Taehyung doesn't like it. His alpha doesn't like it.
When Taehyung stops the car, he opens the door and puts one foot out, before he gets second thoughts, and climbs back in. "Jungkook-ah." He says, gently. "Come closer, quick."
Jungkook looks at him, confused, but leans towards him regardless. Taehyung takes both of Jungkook's wrists in his hand, and looks up at him. "Jungkook-ah. Can hyung scent you? For the time being, for while I'm gone?"
Jungkook looks taken aback. "You want to scent me?" "Yeah." Taehyung's hold on Jungkook's wrists loosens. "Only if you're comfortable, obviously." But Jungkook himself quickly offers his wrists again. "Please do it, hyung."
Taehyung can't hide his smile at Jungkook's eagerness. He slowly lifts each of his wrists, gently rubbing them against his neck one by one. Jungkook's cheeks wear a light pink again, as he grabs Taehyung's wrist, and points to his own neck. "Hyung... here too. Can you?"
Taehyung smiles, moving closer and bringing up his wrist to rub against Jungkook's neck, as they look into each other's eyes. "There you go." Jungkook holds onto his shirt, eyes trailing down to Taehyung's lips. "Hyung..."
Outside the car, there are a lot of people watching, most of them shocked or stunned. The omega who never once accepted a proposal despite receiving them all the time, and the alpha every omega wants to be courted by – together, in the same space, looking cozy? How?! When?
Jungkook accidentally catches one of these people in the corner of his eye, and quickly lets go of Taehyung's shirt to pull back. "Oh. People are..." Jungkook begins, looking down shyly. "People are watching. S-sorry."
"I don't mind even if people see us together" Taehyung says as he steps out and shuts the car door. Then, he leans on the window, and looks at Jungkook from outside. "But if you don't like it, then that's how it shall be." Taehyung smiles. "I'll be right back."
While Taehyung is gone, Jungkook sits inside the car and feels a little bored without him around. The whole car smells like Taehyung, and now, Jungkook does too. The thought makes something funny twist in his belly, and he holds his wrists up to his nose.
Just then, through the corner of his eye, Jungkook spots a couple. He turns his full attention to them, and watches them hug each other and leave kisses over each other's face even in public. Jungkook can't help but imagine himself and Taehyung like that. It makes him blush.
It then reminds him of how Taehyung kissed him last night, and now Jungkook just wants to drown in his woollen clothes because of how shy he feels. He can still feel Taehyung's lips on his. It doesn't help that he's on his heat, and he starts to grow a little hard.
"Noooo." He whispers to himself, looking down. "Please, not now." Taehyung already saw it once, and that was embarrassing enough. He might come back anytime now, so Jungkook tries to think of anything but the kiss.
But the more he tries to avoid it, the more he feels Taehyung's hands on his waist again, and feels how warm their bodies are when pressed against each other. Jungkook's erection keeps growing in his pants, and he sighs. "Why is this happening to me?"
His heat is already making him pretty sexually charged with hormones, and he's good at controlling it. Has always been. But thinking about Taehyung is completely destroying his self-control.
And to add to his misery, he watches the couple from earlier walking towards Taehyung's car, and passing it by. In passing, the man speaks to his partner. "Can't wait to have you to myself when we get home." Instantly, Jungkook thinks of himself and Taehyung. "Fuck." He sighs.
He finally sees Taehyung in the distance, coming back, and the sight alone makes him feel so eager and excited. He's started to leak even more slick, and tries to adjust his pants to hide his boner. Everything is uncomfortable right now inside his trousers.
Taehyung's scent is more intense when he pulls the car door open and sits back inside. The moment he does, Jungkook wants to jump on him. But he looks away, and it physically pains him to hold back from touching Taehyung, while he tries to hide his erection too.
"I got a leave!" Taehyung says, locking the door of the car from inside. "For two days. That should be enough, right? I also–" Taehyung stops when he notices Jungkook looking outside the window like he's on a mission. "Jungkook-ah?"
Jungkook turns his knees away from Taehyung. "Yeah, hyung. That's g-good. Great. Thank you, I appreciate it so much." Taehyung just stares at his posture. "Why are your body parts all rearranged in the wrong direction, baby?"
At that, Jungkook whips his head around to glare at Taehyung, a pout on his lips. "You're so mean." Taehyung grabs his knees, and pulls them towards himself. Jungkook resists, and he's very strong, so it takes Taehyung some effort – but when he succeeds, he sees it.
Taehyung lets out a gasp, and then looks up at Jungkook, teasing. "Who made my baby hard while I was away?" Jungkook swats his hand away. "It's all your fault." "...what?" Taehyung chuckles. "I saw a couple and I..." Jungkook side eyes him. "I thought of us. And last night."
"Ah, I see." Taehyung says. "It's my fault." Jungkook brings his knees together again and crosses his arms. "Yes." Taehyung starts the car, and looks at him. "Let's go home quickly then." Taehyung teases. "If it's my fault, I should fix it, right? What do you think?"
Jungkook's eyes grow to their maximum size, as he turns to look at Taehyung. He's suddenly scrambling for words. "Wait– I was just kidding. Haha."
"Were you?" Taehyung holds out his palm for Jungkook to take, and Jungkook slides his own into it. Taehyung interlaces their fingers, as he drives with one hand, and brings it to his lips and presses a kiss on his knuckles. "We'll only do what you're comfortable with. Always."
Jungkook blushes, and feels the kiss all over his body even though Taehyung's lips touch only the back of his hand. Jungkook doesn't know how to tell him that he would actually very much like for him to fix it – he's trying to be braver around Taehyung, but this would be a lot.
They like each other, but with Jungkook's heat in full swing, and Taehyung's alpha going crazy because of his intense scent, they also want each other so much. Right now. But neither of them voices it. They just sit in comfortable silence, content with each other's presence.
Something shifts the moment they're off the main road, the car heading towards Taehyung's home. There's almost no people on the road and no chaos, and they become hyper aware of each other's presence, especially since they're sitting in a closed space.
Taehyung caresses Jungkook's hand with his thumb – it's the only way he's going to allow himself to show physical affection right now. And Jungkook relishes it, but also wishes Taehyung would touch him some more.
The heat in the pit of his stomach, the ache he's been feeling – if only Taehyung would touch him down there, it would feel so good. Jungkook snaps out of his thoughts immediately, when Taehyung's fingers close around his wrist. "Jungkook-ah. We're here."
"Oh, uhh–" Jungkook struggles, as he gets off the car. Taehyung walks around it to come and hold his hand, leading him towards his house. "You feeling okay?" Taehyung asks, but his voice is so raspy and much deeper than usual, and his gaze is heavy and dark.
"Yeah." Jungkook says, looking back into his eyes, but the intensity of Taehyung's gaze makes his body feel funny. "I'm okay." "Okay." Taehyung says, as he unlocks his door. "You should immediately lie down and get some rest."
But Jungkook doesn't want to rest. What he wants, is Taehyung. He stares at Taehyung's form, tall and broad, as he fiddles with all the woollen layers on his body. He wants to hold him, and supposes that much is okay.
So Jungkook takes a step forward, telling himself that they've done this before. It's just a hug. Just as he's about to wrap his arms around Taehyung's waist, Taehyung finishes unlocking the door and turns around, and their chests collide.
Taehyung is surprised and hence, stumbles backwards through the door. Jungkook, who was already trying to hold him goes with him, and they lose balance. Taehyung stations himself against the door, with Jungkook in his embrace now, faces just an inch away.
They look into each other's eyes, and it's over when Taehyung flits his gaze to Jungkook's plush, pink lips. "Hyung." Jungkook gulps, shying away from meeting Taehyung's gaze as his heart pounds in his chest. "The door. Can you lock– the door?"
Taehyung doesn't create any space between them as he shifts and uses one hand to shut the door behind him. "Kiss me." Jungkook says, as soon as the door is locked. Taehyung doesn't waste any time. Immediately, he cups Jungkook's face and plants a desperate kiss on his lips.
They move around the living room, bodies hitting furniture left and right, but somehow end up with Taehyung pinning Jungkook against the wall. Both of them kiss hungrily, letting out their pent-up desires regarding each other, as their hands roam all over each other's bodies.
Jungkook feels so good – he's so lost in it that he bites Taehyung's lower lip, before he realises it and his eyes go wide. "Sorry." He says, pulling back. But Taehyung pulls his face back into the kiss. "Do that again." Taehyung kisses him. "Fuck, you're so beautiful."
And that does it for Jungkook. He can't take it any more. Breathing heavily, he pulls back, and gathers all his courage as he looks into Taehyung's eyes. "Hyung... Will you... Will you take care of ... that. Like you said. Please?"
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Taehyung kisses Jungkook, gently, on their way to his bed. He keeps Jungkook close by the waist, caressing his back as they do, until they're near the bed, and he gently lays Jungkook down.
"Are you sure, baby?" Taehyung asks, climbing into bed and over Jungkook, as he looks into his eyes. "I'll only do as much as you want me to." Jungkook bites on his lips, nervous. "What if I want you to... go all the way?"
Taehyung bites back a smile. "You want hyung to go all the way?" Jungkook nods, hands moving down to touch himself. "I need you hyung, please." Taehyung presses a kiss to Jungkook's forehead. "Okay." Taehyung whispers. "Let's go all the way, then."
Taehyung sweetly smiles as he brushes all of Jungkook's hair backwards, and slides his hand down to undo the first button of his shirt. "Hyung is going to take off your clothes, okay?" Taehyung asks. "Whenever you want us to stop, just tell me."
Jungkook nods, blushing furiously as he looks down and watches Taehyung's pretty fingers unbutton his shirt all the way down. He looks up, and stares at Taehyung's face, full of concentration. Somehow, he looks even more handsome like this.
Taehyung leans down, peppering kisses along Jungkook's neck and shoulders. "Is this okay?" Jungkook's eyes shut, as the feeling spreads through his body. He nods, hands wrapping around Taehyung's shoulder. "More than okay."
Taehyung's fingers push Jungkook's pants off his waist, and can't help but smile against his neck. "Jungkook-ah. You've got such thick thighs." Jungkook immediately blushes. "Oh– yeah, umm. They're–" Taehyung looks up at him, smiling. "I love them so much."
Jungkook looks away, trying to hide his smile. "Oh... okay." "I like all of you – every part of you." Taehyung presses a kiss to Jungkook's jaw, and then one to the corner of his mouth. "I like you exactly as you are. Everything about you."
Jungkook looks at Taehyung, fingers sliding up his chest. "Hyung..." He says. "I like you so much too. Everything about you. So much, that it overwhelms me sometimes." Taehyung's heart melts at that. "Come here." He says, leaning in. "Let me kiss you some more."
"Your scent, it's so strong right now." Jungkook smiles into the kiss. "It's because of you." Taehyung teases. "My alpha is all excited because of you." Somehow, hearing that makes Jungkook very happy. "Tell your alpha that my omega says hi." Jungkook teases him back.
"Ah, Jungkook-ah." Taehyung chuckles, pulling him into a hug. "So mouthy when you're on your heat, hm?" "Hyung..." Jungkook whines. "Aren't you going to... Umm–" "Going to what?" Taehyung asks. Jungkook's face goes red, as he whispers. "Umm... fuck me?"
Taehyung lifts his head to look at Jungkook, his brows furrowing together. "Jungkook-ah?" He teases. "I didn't know you like to talk dirty?" Jungkook frowns. "Who else will I... talk dirty to? If not you..." His voice becomes small.
'I'm only joking, baby." Taehyung kisses the pout off his lips. "Yes, who else will you do it with? Hyung is here for you, do whatever you want." "Well, for now–" Jungkook's eyes trail down Taehyung's body. "Can hyung get undressed and do what we're here for?"
Jungkook can't even fall asleep anymore. It's like magic. The pain just almost vanished from every part of his body. No remedy has ever worked this well on his heat, and not to mention, the feeling of making love to the only alpha he wants – Jungkook blushes just at the thought.
He looks over his shoulder, where Taehyung is holding him from behind, fast asleep with his face nestled near Jungkook's shoulder. How can someone look handsome even when they're sleeping? Jungkook smiles to himself.
With Taehyung spooning him, hand firm over his waist, it's hard to turn around without waking him up, but Jungkook just wants to watch his serene face for a bit. As soon as he tries to shift a little in place, Taehyung stirs awake, frowning.
"Are you okay?" Taehyung asks even before he opens his eyes. "Jungkook-ah?" "I'm okay!" Jungkook assures him, taking the opportunity to turn around in Taehyung's hold, so that they're facing each other. "Hyung, sorry. Please go back to sleep."
Taehyung hums, pressing a kiss to Jungkook's lips. His hand slides down Jungkook's waist, until it reaches the swell of his ass. Taehyung gently pats it a few times. "Doesn't hurt, does it, baby?"
Jungkook frowns, a blush creeping up his cheeks instantly. He hides his face in Taehyung's neck, and gently slaps his chest. "Why are you always doing that to me?!" "What?!" Taehyung chuckles. "I'm only asking? I will take care of it, if it's hurting."
Jungkook pulls back then, looking up at Taehyung. "It's... a little sore." Taehyung feels endeared. "Yeah? Did you have a good time?" Jungkook instantly smiles, and Taehyung feels warmth fill up his chest. "I had the best time. Want to do it again with you."
Taehyung turns to lie on his back, and pulls Jungkook on top of him. "Yeah? Okay, we'll do it again. But first, want me to go get some of your clothes?" Jungkook perks up. "Can I come with you?" "Okay, then I'll drop you off at home." Taehyung teases. "Okay, go alone, hyung."
So Taehyung brings Jungkook more of his stuff so he cant comfortably extend his stay at Taehyung's place, and when he's back, Jungkook insists that he get back into bed with him immediately. They spend the rest of the day cuddling.
Jungkook gets more and more comfortable with him, starting to steak kisses every now and then. He clings to Taehyung whenever he gets up and moves around, wrapped around his torso like a koala bear.
And Jungkook has never felt so happy in years, at least not since he started to live alone. There are several things that make him happy, but this is by far the most intense happiness he's felt. He can't believe he's being courted by the best alpha he's ever met.
As Taehyung cooks for him, scolding Jungkook whenever he tries to help out, Jungkook just watches him with fond eyes, sighing dreamily. He never wants to spend a heat away from Taehyung again. So, he blurts it out. "Hyung... you're going to be with me during every heat, right?"
Taehyung smiles, looking at him. "You want me to be with you? Every heat?" "Yes." Jungkook nods, arms tightening around Taehyung. "Okay." Taehyung says. "I'll be right here, with you. Every single time. I want to, as well." Jungkook thinks, it's the moment he falls in love.
Taehyung and Jungkook go out on several dates in the following weeks, but Jungkook never seems to muster up the courage to tell him. He silently watches Taehyung laugh as he tells him stories, or concentrate as he tries to figure something out, but Jungkook just can't tell him.
He tries to say it when Taehyung takes him for a drive to a nearby island, but he can't. Jungkook tries when they're at his place, snuggled up together and whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, but he just doesn't feel brave enough to say it.
Sometimes, he's distracted by how handsome Taehyung is, and other times, by how loudly his heart starts to pound when he thinks of it. All he does is quickly look away, hoping that it doesn't show on his face. What if Taehyung isn't there yet? What would he think?
It's when he's hanging out with Jimin one day, taking a stroll after visiting the market, that he notices the mark on his neck. "Jimin hyung..." Jungkook gasps. "You– you're marked?! When?"
Jimin blushes, bringing his hand up to his neck. "Yeah, well– hyung told me he loves me, and I said I love him too, and... we mated, and agreed upon him marking me." Jungkook's eyes go wide. "I'm happy for you!" He says, but his own heart aches a little.
He looks down at his grocery bag, heart sinking a little in his chest. He can't stop thinking about Taehyung again, or about how he still hasn't told Taehyung how much he loves him. There's a strange knot in his stomach, and Jungkook is distracted suddenly.
"And I feel so great, showing it off." Jimin smiles shyly, looking down. "The mark has his scent too, so everyone who knows his scent, knows we belong together." With every word, Jungkook feels his heart dropping further and further down.
"Hey, you and Taehyung have been going out for some time now." Jimin teases, nudging Jungkook's shoulder with his own. "When are you going to drop the L-word on him?" Jungkook just sighs in response. "I have no idea, Jimin hyung."
Taehyung is over at Jungkook's place, just dropping by to see him that evening, and Jungkook feels determined to tell him. Taehyung has brought him some snacks he loves, and feeds them to Jungkook with his own hands, eyes gentle.
All these gestures, all of Taehyung's care, just how caring and gentle he is with Jungkook – isn't it all love too? Jungkook is really curious. Thinking this way gives him a little courage too, to voice out his thoughts.
Taehyung is wiping Jungkook's mouth with his thumb, when Jungkook grabs his wrist. Heart pounding in his chest, Jungkook looks at him, and manages to get out one word. "Hyung..."
"Yeah?" Taehyung seems surprised, not expecting that, as he looks down at their hands and back up. "Is something wrong, baby?" "Hyung..." Jungkook repeats. "I... Umm, hyung, we – we enjoy each other's presence, don't we?"
Taehyung narrows his eyes. "Do you want to say something to me, Jungkook-ah?" Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut, and just says it. "Hyung, we've been seeing each other for two and a half months now, do you ever think about m-marking me?"
Taehyung stares, stunned. The room goes silent, and Jungkook opens his eyes, looking up at Taehyung nervously. "Hyung." Jungkook says. "Say something. Please. Or, if I spoke too much or went too far, let me know."
"Jungkook-ah." Taehyung smiles, cupping his cheek. "People do that when both partners are in love. We'll do it when–" "Well, I don't know about you hyung." Jungkook says. "But I'm in love with you. Madly. And I just don't know what to do with it."
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"Jungkook..." Taehyung begins, his eyes widening slightly. "No, wait." Jungkook says suddenly, and then looks back up at him. "Wait. Don't say it. Don't say anything. Just... don't answer me. I told you how I feel and that's enough. Don't... don't answer me at all."
"But, Jungkook–" "Hyung, no. Please." Jungkook shakes his head, covering his ears. "First hear me out at least–" "Ahhhh no!" Jungkook covers Taehyung's mouth with both of his hands, freaking out. "Don't say it. I'm not ready. Sorry, this conversation isn't even happening."
Taehyung tries to speak but Jungkook presses his hands harder around Taehyung's mouth. "Hyung, please go back to two minutes ago and pretend I didn't say anything at all." Taehyung's voice comes out all muffled, but it sounds a lot like a sigh followed by an β€˜okay’.
"Let's talk about something else." Jungkook says. "Uhm, tell me about your day at the hospital today." Taehyung raises one of his brows, and shifts his gaze to Jungkook's hands that are still covering his mouth, and then back up at him.
"Oh, right!" Jungkook's eyes go wide, and he pulls his hands back towards himself in a flash. "Sorry, hyung." "Jungkook-ah." He taps his own thigh. "Come here, I'll tell you about my day from up close."
Taehyung doesn't seem to be reacting negatively even after Jungkook's confession, so it helps him relax a little. He scoots closer, and climbs onto Taehyung's lap, straddling him and putting his hands on Taehyung's shoulder. "I didn't share too much of how I feel, right?"
Taehyung cups Jungkook's face in his hands gently, using his fingers to tuck his long hair behind his ears, before he leans in, and presses a kiss to Jungkook's nose. "Look here." Taehyung tips his chin up. "Do I seem to be acting like you shared too much?"
"Still..." Jungkook's lower lip juts out. "I'm not ready to hear your answer." "Okay." Taehyung kisses the corner of his lips this time. "I'll wait until you are." "Okay." Jungkook's body feels tingly. "Did you have a good d-day?" Taehyung's lips move to his jaw. "I am now."
Jungkook's lips stretch into a smile, and his hands tighten on Taehyung's shoulder. "Did you think about me at work too?" "Oh, I thought about you the entire time." Taehyung presses a kiss to Jungkook's throat. "My work is nowhere near comfortable as holding you like this."
As Taehyung's lips trail further down to Jungkook's chest, Jungkook teases him. "Hyung, aren't you supposed to go back home around now? It's late." Taehyung looks up, eyes lidded. "Can't I stay over and continue what I'm doing, Jungkook-ah?"
"It would be the third time this week." Jungkook giggles, but his body is just a puddle of mush in Taehyung's hands right now. Taehyung cups his jaw, pulls his face closer, and presses a kiss to his lips. "I would never leave in the first place if it was possible."
But then, Taehyung looks up at him, looking almost guilty. "Jungkook-ah, I had to tell you something. I can't meet you for a few days, I've got something to take care of." Jungkook's smile instantly vanishes. "Is everything okay?"
"Oh, everything's okay." Taehyung presses a kiss to his cheek, wishing he could tell Jungkook. "It's nothing to worry about. I'll come see you again after that." Jungkook frowns, but he nods, choosing to listen to what Taehyung says. "Okay, hyung."
Jungkook caves eventually. It's been two days since he last met Taehyung, and while earlier this would have been totally normal, he can't bear it anymore now that they're in their courting phase. He strolled by Taehyung's house earlier, and he wasn't home. Jungkook sighs.
He stares at the necktie he's sewn with his hands, and wonders if Taehyung is going to like it. Would Taehyung mind if Jungkook broke in through the window just one more time, only to place the gift and a note on his bed, for when he's back?
Biting on his bottom lip, he writes Taehyung a note, and wraps the gift up in a box before he's on his way. As soon as Taehyung's house becomes visible in the distance, Jungkook's heart starts to hurt – how is it possible to miss Taehyung's presence so much only after two days?
He almost goes to stand in front of the door, before he remembers. Almost snorting to himself, he remembers Taehyung's stupid door and window jokes – but even that makes him sigh and miss Taehyung. Pouting, he walks around the house to the window.
Trying to work the window open, he mutters under his breath. "I'm sorry hyung. It's the last time, I promise." He manages to open it eventually, and makes a mental note to tell Taehyung to lock it better.
He tumbles inside, almost rolling over on the floor but he manages to stand up and dust his clothes, before he sets the box and his note on Taehyung's bed. Taehyung might not be here, but his faint scent still lingers, and Jungkook feels his heart drop a little inside his chest.
He sits down on the bed, leaning his head against the wooden post, pouting and reminiscing all the times they've spent with each other here. He looks around, and really wishes Taehyung were here. But suddenly, he spots a door that he's never noticed before.
It's hidden behind a curtain that Jungkook always assumed was just a window or something, but now that the curtain is half pushed to the side, Jungkook can see it. Curious and a little anxious, he walks towards it, wondering if it's even his place to snoop around like this.
The door easily opens when Jungkook pushes it, and he is shocked to see a whole wooden staircase leading to the attic. With brows furrowed, and his curiousity getting the best of him, he starts climbing up.
But Taehyung's scent hits him in full force as soon as he's halfway up, and after that Jungkook only speeds up. Rushing to the last step, Jungkook pushes open the second door, heart pounding in his chest. "Hyung?!"
It might be his scent, or maybe his loud voice, but Taehyung sits up in bed, eyes wide and... tired. He looks sick. "Jungkook?" Taehyung asks, shocked. "What– why... You can't be here, baby."
"Why not?" Jungkook asks, eyeing him up and down. "Are you hurting?" "Jungkook-ah... Please. Go back." Taehyung pleads. "I'm on my rut. You– I'll lose control and give in to my instincts around you. Please. Listen to hyung."
But tears start streaming down Jungkook's cheeks, as he starts walking towards Taehyung. "You're on your rut and you didn't even tell me." He says. "How dare you deny me the chance to help you through it?"
Taehyung sighs, shoulders slumping. "Jungkook..." Jungkook gets in bed with him, and wraps his arms tightly around Taehyung's torso. "What? Are you the only one who can take care of me? Can't I do the same for you?"
Taehyung wraps his arms around Jungkook too, burying his nose into his neck and inhaling his scent. "Look, one whiff and I'm already going crazy." Jungkook only holds him tighter. "I'll stay like this if it comforts you, I'll do whatever makes you feel better. Just let me stay."
"Jungkook..." Taehyung sighs. "I might be rough on you because I can't really control my instincts once I start. My hormones will cause me to be completely driven by my carnal needs. What if I'm too rough and you're... hurt?" Jungkook frowns. "I can take it. I'm strong."
"I know you are." Taehyung slides his hands down Jungkook's arms, squeezing his biceps. "You think I haven't noticed?" Jungkook shifts closer, and settles into Taehyung's lap. "Hyung, let me make you feel better."
Taehyung sighs, and even though his whole body had been aching all this time, Jungkook soothes all of it. He takes the pain away. Taehyung feels warmth bloom in his chest, and he tucks some of Jungkook's hair away behind his ear again, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
"I look awful, don't I?" Taehyung smiles weakly. "I feel so sick, Jungkook-ah." "It's okay, doctors can get sick too." Jungkook cups Taehyung's face in his hands. "Can't agree about the first part though. You umm– you look very handsome to me even now."
Taehyung sighs, takes in all of Jungkook with his eyes before he pulls him closer into a hug, pressing a kiss into his hair. "Jungkook-ah." Taehyung gently whispers to him. "How can you not tell that hyung is in love with you too, hm?"
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Jungkook gasps, his eyes growing bigger as he stares into Taehyung's eyes. His cheeks turn pink, and not a single word falls out of his lips – he only keeps looking at Taehyung, his heart racing in his chest.
"Baby?" Taehyung asks. "You– are you okay?" Jungkook brings his hands up, and cups Taehyung's cheeks. "Hyung... what did you say?" "I love you." Jungkook thinks he might cry.
"You love me... back?" Jungkook asks again, tears spilling out of the corner of his eyes. "Is it possible not to?" Taehyung cups his face too, pressing a kiss to Jungkook's cheek. "How can I not? You make me so happy, Jungkook-ah."
Jungkook buries his face into Taehyung's neck immediately, throwing his arms around Taehyung's shoulders. He starts to sob, his shoulders shaking when he cries. "Baby. Don't cry." Taehyung rocks him in his embrace. "It's a good thing, no? We love each other."
"Then hyung." Jungkook sniffs, and pulls back, face red and wet with tears smeared all over it. "Be my alpha. Make me your omega. Please. Mark me." Taehyung caresses his cheek. "I've been yours for a while now, haven't I?"
Jungkook's brows furrow further, and more tears spill out of his eyes. "Hyung, I love you." Jungkook cries, voice breaking. "So much." "I know." Taehyung smiles, looking beautiful even though he's sick and weak and at his worst. "Hyung loves you too, so much."
"I want you to mark me." Jungkook shifts closer again. "I want to be yours." "You want me to mark you?" Taehyung asks, sinking his nose into Jungkook's neck. "Are you sure? You want to make love to hyung on his rut, hm? I want you to be completely sure and willing, Jungkook-ah."
"I'm sure." Jungkook wipes his tears. "I'm completely sure. I do want to make love to you, right now. And I want you to mark me too. Please." "Yeah?" Taehyung asks. Jungkook nods. "Yeah." Taehyung presses a kiss to Jungkook's lips. "Okay. If you want it, I'll give it to you."
"Okay, you have my full consent to make love to me and mark me too, hyung." Jungkook says, eager and very happy. "We're– we're finally going to be tied together forever. "You're so cute." Taehyung smiles, squishing his cheeks. "I think I'm the luckiest alpha in town. Or, ever."
His neck in supposed to hurt. The mark of Taehyung's teeth is still fresh, the break in his skin is still raw – it's supposed to hurt a lot. But it's only a mild, dull ache, because Taehyung's nose is buried into Jungkook's neck.
Jungkook slowly opens his eyes, sunlight filtering in through the windows. He's surrounded in Taehyung's intense, alluring scent, and also held carefully in his embrace – his alpha's embrace. Jungkook blushes, now that he remembers. They're mates now.
Taehyung's bare upper body is pressed against Jungkook's, arms protectively wrapped around Jungkook's waist. Jungkook carefully turns around in his hold to face Taehyung, and thankfully, Taehyung doesn't wake up.
A blush colors his cheeks red, as he bites on his bottom lip and just stares at Taehyung's face. He doesn't care if every alpha wanted to be his mate – the only alpha Jungkook has ever been attracted to, ever wanted, ever loved – is his now. It makes his heart flutter.
Taehyung is so handsome too, so kind, so loving. Jungkook brings a hand up to gently caress Taehyung's cheeks. Other omegas would be so jealous of him. His brows furrow, and his pout intensifies at the thought. "Baby." Taehyung's groggy voice greets him. "Why are you sulking?"
Jungkook snaps out of his thoughts. "Oh, hyung! You're awake." Taehyung pulls him closer, burying his face in Jungkook's neck. "Why are you pouting first thing in the morning, hm?"
"I'm feeling jealous and possesive." Jungkook frowns, throwing his legs over Taehyung. "Of everyone who will ever lay their eyes on you." Taehyung looks down at Jungkook's thigh hiked over his hip, and back. "Why, baby?" No other omega stands a chance in front of you."
"So many people visit the hospital everyday. They must–" Jungkook's eyes go wide suddenly, and he gasps. "I've heard stories about a very handsome doctor at the hospital but never really cared. Wait, they must have been talking about you!" Taehyung starts to chuckle, endeared.
"Do all the patients or...or visitors try to flirt with you?" Jungkook asks, brows furrowed. "No!" Taehyung chuckles, kissing his cheek. Jungkook sighs in relief. "Not all of them." Taehyung adds.
Jungkook frowns. "And... what do you say?" "I've never reciprocated. Have always pretended not to notice." Taehyung smiles, pushing Jungkook's hair back. "But from now on, I'm going to tell them that I'm mated to my own beautiful omega already."
At that, a faint smile appears on Jungkook's lips, and he shyly averts his gaze. Tracing shapes with his fingers into Taehyung's chest, he asks. "Oh. What else will you say about me?" "I'll say that we first talked by my window." Taehyung replies.
Jungkook's soft gaze morphs into a glare and he instantly pushes Taehyung on the chest, making him almost topple over the edge of the bed. Breaking into a fit of laughter, Taehyung rolls over. "Wow." Taehyung says, trying his best not to laugh. "Fuck, you really are strong."
Jungkook has always seen how omegas wear their alpha's mark with pride. Secretly, deep down, he's always waited to be able to do it. And now, he finally can. Jungkook feels like it's even better than expensive clothes and jewelry – wearing Taehyung's mark on his skin.
At first, people gasp because the news is true – the most loved omega in town is really taken. When people find out it's Taehyung, they always let out dreamy sighs because they've never seen a match so beautiful.
Jungkook loves it. He loves being Taehyung's omega. Loves being able to call Taehyung his alpha. A month later, Taehyung asks Jungkook to move in with him. Even makes a pretty space in his lawn for Jungkook to teach music to his students.
They still take care of Jungkook's cottage and his garden, visiting twice every week. Sometimes, they spend the day there. Jungkook really thinks it can't get any better. His parents approve of his mate, and Taehyung's parents love him too.
A few months later, when Jimin invites Jungkook to his wedding with Yoongi. Jungkook is so happy for him. And while now it makes Jungkook wish for the same thing from Taehyung, he feels like it might be greedy of him. Taehyung already does so much, so Jungkook will wait.
Except, he doesn't have to wait for too long. Another month later, when he returns home from a trip to the grocery store, he opens the door to Taehyung kneeling down on one knee, holding out a ring, and asking if Jungkook would like to marry him.
Jungkook stares, heart frozen in his chest, brain barely able to form coherent sentences. "What does this mean?" "It means, I'm asking you–" Taehyung gently explains. "If you want to be my husband?"
"Of course I do." Jungkook says, eyes big and round and glossy as he walks towards the ring. "Is this really for me? Are you– you're really proposing?" "Jungkook-ah. You can still back out." Taehyung teases. "I know we're mates, but you still have time."
Jungkook rushes forward and holds Taehyung's hand, making him slip the ring to his finger, before he lands a slap on Taehyung's chest. "Why do you keep teasing me, hyung?!" Taehyung stands up, laughing, pulling Jungkook into a hug. "Would you rather have me tease someone else?"
"No!" Jungkook frowns, looking at him. "Don't you dare." "Oh no, I wouldn't dare, sir." Taehyung presses a kiss to Jungkook's cheek. "See, I already told you." Jungkook's frown relaxes, and he pouts. "Told me what? And you better not make a window joke."
"No, silly." Taehyung says, wrapping his arms tightly around Jungkook's waist. "I told you, you still had time, but you chose to say yes to marrying me anyway. Now, you're stuck with me forever, and you can't escape." Jungkook smirks. "As if I'd ever want to."
"I see." Taehyung presses another kiss to Jungkook's temple. Then, he lowers his voice and whispers. "You can't even escape through the window." And that night, Taehyung sleeps on the couch.
[ A/N : And, the end. I hope you enjoyed the journey! Thank you for reading this story. I was very fond of these two characters! 🀍🀍 You can support me on Ko-Fi if you enjoy reading my work. Thank you! ]


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