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#taekook #taekookau Wherein, best friends Taekook are too oblivious but when they actually find out, their heart takes it in a new way. Although, their friends are so done with them already.

=Short =Best friends to lovers =A gift for my 2k family💜 =Fluff, A bit angst, hurt, comfort. =Ignore typos and Time stamps =Its a work of fiction =Please interact via qrts
7. #taekook #taekookau (They went to the club after the party)
10. #taekook #taekookau Next night
14. #taekook #taekookau Two months later
17. #TAEKOOK #taekookau Next morning.
20. #TAEKOOK #taekookau After someday
21. #TAEKOOK #taekookau The next day
******The End******
I'm sorry for being a bit ia as I'm very busy these days. Couldn't find time to write. I wanted to post something as a gift for 2k to you all. Lmk if you like it. Your interactions are my motivation.
I will love you more if You ignore this mistake. It has to be Jimin's pov in the second chat. But I made a mistake while writing it. 😭…
Anyways. Here I am 💜 lmk your thoughts.
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