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~If It Was Me~ Chanyeol & Kyungsoo are bestfriends since highschool then dated in college, then graduated. Both struggle to find job. Then one day Kyungsoo is arranged in a marriage by his family to a guy who is a successful-rich businessman. Meanwhile Chanyeol just give up

for the sake of Kyungsoo's happiness after witnessing how mature, gentleman and reliable that man is, thinking that he can make Kyungsoo happy. That is, until 10 years later, Chanyeol received news that Kyungsoo is dead because of a suicide. Chanyeol starts getting nightmare
getting nightmare of Kyungsoo being angry at him for not saving him. Then, suddenly the news reveal that Kyungsoo's husband was arrested for criminal acts—abusive, sadist, drug dealers and so. Chanyeol blames himself, for not holding to Kyungsoo, letting him marry that guy.
Then Chanyeol fell asleep after grieving so much. He enters a strange dream that offers him a chance to travel back in time (if he wants to change anything) but there are two conditions; 1) he will be a stranger to everyone including Kyungsoo
2) he cannot love and be loved by Kyungsoo (the feelings cant be mutual). If number 2 happens, Chanyeol will die, disappear from the world. Of course Chanyeol accepts. He travels back in time when they're at college, where he's basically a stranger with no friends whatsoever.
He met Kyungsoo and trying to befriend him. Kyungsoo is annoyed at first because why the latter keeps appearing in front ot him, involved in anything. But Chanyeol tried really hard so that he can be friends with Kyungsoo until eventually trying to prevent Kyungsoo's marriage.
Then when that time comes…Kyungsoo fell for him instead. But that's a breach of condition number 2….Chanyeol then has to leave the world.
Time looped back to the beginning. This time Kyungsoo remembers everything from the first time, second time and now third time. Now he's the stranger, Chanyeol doesn't know him. Kyungsoo can't help his tears everytime he sees Chanyeol (bcs he remembers both time🥺)
But in this time, Chanyeol is dating to someone. Kyungsoo says nothing about it, he just keeps his feelings to himself, but he still tries to be nice and really really supportive of Chanyeol. He says “I just want to be your friend.”
Chanyeol is so confused and also intrigued like why did he feels drawn to this guy who keep smiling sadly at him, maybe it’s a sympathy because Kyungsoo looks so broken. Then the arrange marriage news came from Kyungsoo’s family. Kyungsoo feels sooo scared
cause he remembers all his trauma from the first life. He ends up seeking help from Chanyeol. Chanyeol is annoyed at first. He feels like Kyungsoo is obsessed with him out of nowhere. But he still help Kyungsoo at the end.
Then along their friendship blooms. Strange distorted memories keep appearing in Chanyeol's mind, making him confused. That until finally this time Chanyeol remembers EVERYTHING. Then they have a heartfelt, sad reunion after so long. But both are afraid to admit their feelings
cause in the second life, Chanyeol died when they admit feelings. So both of them are conflicted whether to be together or not. Then without admitting feelings, they "dated" like doing all these couply stuffs—treating each other, kissing and even making love, while being anxious
Then one day…both of them start getting symptoms of chonic illness like pain in the chest, short of breath and vomit blood. But the doctors could not diagnose what kind of illness it is. So they both talk, concluding that maybe it because the unadmitted feelings
that both are aware of. So they end up to break their friendship—or whatever relationship they had, spend time away from each other, to avoid death and to seek their own happiness.
🌸 Flash into a new (another) life. Kid Chanyeol and kid Kyungsoo, both are from rich family met in a dinner event for the riches. They look at each other, then Chanyeol claim that he will marry Kyungsoo when they become an adult.
Fast forward 30 years later, the two are happily married with 2 kids. “Isn't it strange?” Chanyeol asked. “What is?” “I feel like everything has been easy for us, ever since we met back when we were 5. As if everything has been planned nicely and perfectly.”
“Maybe we suffered a lot in our past lives that the universe is compensating us in this life?” “Tch. Never knew you believe in superstition?” “Well, not that I believe it, I'm just saying that it’s not strange at all for us to be this happy.” End.

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