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#Taekookau a/b/o : Adore It's a well-known fact that campus beauty omega T脿ehyung's mate is a gorgeous alpha who picks him up and drops him off every day in college. But why does the hot assistant professor Je么n look at the omega with such adoration these days?

Tags 馃 馃 Alpha Jungk么么k, omega T脿ehyung 馃 Assistant professor JK, student T脿e 馃 Arranged marriage, fluff, mild angst Wild's corner 馃枻: Happy valentines my loves. I will start updating soon. To all single pringles "I cherish you the way you want to be cherished. I love u 鉂"
馃 T脿e woke up slowly; he could feel the morning light seeping through the windows. The bedroom is designed with soft and soothing greys and dark and silver shades, which literally sparkle with the lighting. There is a modern crystal chandelier that dangles over the bed.
It is comfy and cosy and, of course, screams luxury. He snuggled closer to his mate鈥檚 warmth. He doesn鈥檛 want to wake up, but today is the last day of their vacation. He can't believe his classes start tomorrow. So he doesn't want to spend their entire day in bed today,
just like the past few days. We can say that his mate couldn't get enough of him. T脿e smiled at his lovely husband, who was sleeping next to him like a baby. He caressed his hair lovingly. He is truly blessed to have his alpha, who is loving and caring.
There was a time when he was afraid to get into an arranged marriage, but now that he thinks about it, that was his best decision ever. He forced himself to sit up, a blanket pooling down on his lap, revealing his naked honey skin. It was marked in purple and blue,
like a modern art canvas. He rubbed his eyes, chasing away the sleepiness. When he tried to stand up, he felt his whole body aching from yesterday's lovemaking. He stretched a bit to feel relaxed. He sighed at the feeling of his bare feet touching the grey carpet on the floor.
He took one of the white shirts from the cupboard. His love for his alpha's oversized shirts was something else. He wore it after freshening up, along with white shorts. He used a black bandana to hold back his fluffy hair. He took the ingredients for the pancakes
and started to make them. That is one of the few dishes he knows. Even though he is an omega, he is not used to cooking. As the only omega in his family, he was quite spoiled with affection and care. His mom always cooked for him. Now he kind of regrets not learning to cook
properly; his mate is a foodie and loves cooking. If only he could make more dishes. He pouted. When he was flipping the first pancake, he felt the familiar body weight against him and two strong hands snaking around his narrow waist.聽 "You should have stayed in bed, sweets."
The alpha mumbled against his neck in his pouty morning voice, nuzzling and scenting him with forest dew and sandalwood scent.聽 "I was making breakfast for you, K么么kie." T脿e chuckled when he heard a whine of "I've missed your warmth." He can't believe his husband is older
than him; sometimes he is a baby.聽 "Today is the last day of our vacation; I wanted to spend it with you more productively." "Who says we are not productive in bed? In fact, I have to try a few more ways of doing you." Jungk么么k hooked his chin on Tae's shoulder
with a smirk after kissing his cheek. T脿e almost dropped the pancake but shook his head with a shy murmur.聽 "Stop it.. " "Why are you shy now? You were really bold when you sat on top of me and rode my.." "Oh my goodness, SHUT UP.." T脿e whined, making Jungk么么k giggle.
T脿e turned around, kissing his husband as a greeting, then said, "Go and freshen up. We can go out for some shopping, sight-seeing, or a movie." Jungk么么k hummed, "If that's what my sweets want, then we are doing that.", but he didn't move an inch on the contrary;
he hugged T脿e tightly and nuzzled his mating mark.聽 "K么么kie hyungie, go and freshen up." T脿e whined again as he saw that his husband had no intention of letting him go. Jungk么么k made a noise of protest but reluctantly detached himself from T脿e but not before giving him a deep
kiss. When the alpha went to freshen up, T脿e made a batch of pancakes, and he put another batch in a neat container just to deliver it next door. He cleaned the kitchen and went back to his bedroom to change into a comfy outfit鈥攁 green sweater and brown pants,
an earring and necklace to match the outfit, and he neatly combed the hair. He can hear the water running in the bathroom, so he decided to deliver the pancakes to Jungk么么k's brother, who lives next door. When he reached the door, he rang the intercom,
even though he knew the password, which he wouldn't use very often. It's considered disrespectful to barge into the living space of a single alpha like that. Their pack is very traditional, which is why T脿e follows those rules in the city too, even though Jungk么么k's brother
doesn't have any problem with that. The door opened slowly, revealing a very gorgeous person with fluffy bed hair that formed the shape of a bird's nest. He was wearing a blue pyjama with a toon alpaca design.聽 "Good morning, J卯n hyung. I made some pancakes for you."
T脿e greeted him with a wide, boxy smile.聽 "Morning, you should have left it on the table, T脿e-ah. Why are you still not using the passcode?" J卯n mumbled as he learned on the door sleepily. It was clear that the alpha slept late and was still sleepy.
"I will use it next time, hyung. I'm sorry to wake you up. Here, pancakes. I wanted to also tell you we are going out and will come back late." T脿e pouted. J卯n just ruffled his hair, fondly messing up his hairstyle in reply.聽 "Hyung.. " T脿e almost screeched.
"That is for waking me up. I'm glad you guys are finally out of that rabbit hole.", J卯n rolled his eyes, referring to T脿e's and K么么k's bedroom, "Have fun. I will see you at night. I have a commission art piece to finish."
J卯n waved at T脿e with the container in hand before closing the door.聽 "Stupid hyung." T脿e mumbled before going back. He needs to fix his hair again.
The outing was fun. Jungkook drove around and showed him the best places to visit in the city. Jungk么么k was happy to see the omega watching everything with big eyes. It's all new to T脿ehyung. He lived in Daegu pack,which was surrounded by mountains and forest,
so tall buildings and different attractive views made him swoon in happiness. They strolled around the park and fed ducks. The pedal boating on the big lake was a new experience for T脿e. He was really happy and excited to pedal, and Jungk么么k laughed at his mate's
enthusiasm then cooed when T脿e whined about being tired. They do watch an animation movie in the nearby theatre. The last stop was a market, where they bought some necessities and groceries. When they reached home, they ate at J卯n's apartment, sharing his new experiences.
J卯n watched the omega with fondness. He is glad Jungk么么k agreed to marry T脿e because the omega is a ray of sunshine making everyone happy around him, and he got a little adorable brother in the form of him too.
They went to sleep right away after hitting the bed, unaware of the fact that tomorrow will be more eventful than they think.聽 馃
Low key wanna write some angst because Yoon cut his hair 馃槶馃槶 but I won't 馃暢馃毝let's continue...
馃 "Sweets" kiss "baby" kiss "pup...wake up, its time to get ready." "Hmm....Don't wanna... " T脿e tried to hide under the comforter, but Jungk么么k didn't let him. He scooped him up, making T脿e groan in frustration. He was never a morning person. In Daegu, the pack college was
nearby, so he could sleep a bit more. Here, the college is a bit far, and Jungk么么k had to go early.聽 "If you don't get ready by now, you will be late, sweets. Be a good pup and brush your teeth." Jungk么么k said after safely placing him on the counter of the bathroom.
He even helped him wash his face. Now he handed T脿e the brush and paste too, in between giving loving kisses as an encouragement.聽 "Okay" T脿e mumbled sleepily and started brushing. Jungk么么k gave him another kiss in the head before going to change his outfit.
He wore a crisp black suit with a blue shirt. He adjusted his cuffs. He smiled when he heard the shower running, which means the sleepy baby is getting ready. He went to the kitchen and plated the toast, scrambled eggs, and some fried bacon. .
He poured orange juice into two glasses. He arranged everything on the dining table. He put everything necessary into his work bag and checked T脿e's bag too to see if something was missing. He smiled when he saw T脿e coming towards him wearing an olive green bathrobe.
He looked ravishing, but if only he had time, he would have feasted on him. He pushed away those thoughts and greeted his husband with a slow and sweet kiss. "Common, let's eat." After the quick breakfast, Jungk么么k grabbed his bag and car keys.
"Sweets, I need to go. J卯n hyung will drop you at the college. I have a morning lecture today, so Y么么ngi hyung will help you with the campus tour and class schedule. I will see you at lunch." Jungk么么k told T脿e, who was changing into a comfortable chocolate-colored hoodie
and black jeans.聽 "You look beautiful." Jungkook embraced T脿e, nuzzling him. He knows T脿e will use scent blockers for college because he reeks of Jungk么么k's alpha pheromones. It may be uncomfortable for other unmated omegas.
But he couldn't help but rub his scent more into his mate, as if he were marking territory.聽 "You will be late, hyungie." T脿e giggled as he basked in ungk么么k's affection.聽 "Okay, I am going. Be safe and stay away from stupid alphas in your class."
Jungk么么k said seriously, which made T脿e shake his head in amusement.聽 "No one will hit on me. They will know I am mated because I am proudly showing off my mating mark." T脿e mused as he pointed at his scent gland.聽 "You don't know those knotheads in the city, sweets.
They don't respect such bonds, and you are too pretty. I just want you to be careful." Jungk么么k smiled when T脿e nodded in agreement.聽 "I won't. Now go, I will come with J卯n hyung." With a sweet kiss, Jungk么么k rushed out of the door. T脿e went back to his bedroom to get some
accessories, and then he went to J卯n's apartment. The alpha was fixing the lunch boxes. Even though K么么k and T脿e said they would eat at the collage cafeteria, J卯n didn't let them; he was so insistent on making them lunch boxes every day. He is such a caring brother. T脿e thought.
"This looks so delicious, hyung. Thank you." T脿e smiled happily when he saw the variety of dishes in the lunch box. There was rice, seasoned spinach, seasoned bean sprouts, kimchi, seasoned seaweed, a fried egg, and some fried meat parties.
"I only made rice, fried meat patties, and eggs. The side dishes are easy to make too." J卯n hummed before closing the lids of the lunch boxes.聽 "Teach me too, hyung. I want to make lunch boxes for Kookie Hyungie too." T脿e asked with puppy eyes.
He dodged when J卯n tried to ruffle his hair.聽 "I will, now keep it in your bag. Give Jungk么么k's lunch box to Y么么ngi. If you didn't meet at lunch, I don't want him to starve." J卯n fussed about it.聽 "Don't worry, I will." T脿e assured him. The drive took some time because of the
early rush hour, but they arrived on time. J卯n parked the car in front of the college entrance gate. Y么么ngi was waiting for them nearby, but he was not alone; another person was with them.聽 "T脿ehyungie, I missed you." Y么么ngi hugged T脿e when he saw him.
They were from the same pack. Y么么ngi was like a big brother to him. The omega always looked after him from childhood. T脿e was really shy, but Y么么ngi was a fiesty one.聽 " I missed you too, hyung. The last time I saw you was at my wedding." T脿e greeted him back with a smile.
"Oh! This is Namj么么n; he is in my department and he teaches English. Joon, this is T脿e, my childhood friend." "Hello, it's nice to meet you finally. I heard a lot about you from Y么么ngi and Jungk么么k." Namj么么n showed his dimpled smile.
You should introduce your best friend to him too, Y么么ngi-ah." J卯n said, and everyone looked at him. Especially T脿e and Y么么ngi eyed the alpha suspiciously, but J卯n was solely looking at Namj么么n, who was suddenly all shy under the alpha's intense gaze.聽 "Joon, this is J卯n..
and J卯n this is... " J卯n won't let Y么么ngi finish his sentence. "I know, Namj么么n. A beautiful name for a beautiful person. " J么么n blushed, and J卯n smirked. Y么么ngi and T脿e looked at each other with amusement, thinking the alpha had finally met his potential mate.
It was surprising that J卯n was finally showing interest in someone. The alpha always rejected every suitors. He loved to spend his time solely on his art. In fact, the marriage proposal from K卯ms was for J卯n; it was Y么么ngi who told Je么ns that about T脿e. At that time,
T脿e's family was looking for a good suitor for him. Y么么ngi was J卯n's best friend since college. J卯n told his family that T脿e would be more suitable for Jungk么么k because he felt the omega was too young for his age. Jungk么么k was reluctant at first, but when he saw T脿e,
he agreed instantly. J卯n still teases his brother for that. T脿e was not ready for marriage either; he wanted to study and get a job. But his mother's deteriorating health made him agree. She wanted to see him marry someone good while she was still walking.
Nowadays, she is bedridden, but she is recovering slowly, thanks to Je么n's arranging the best treatment for her. T脿e was in his first year of post-graduation in fine art when the alliance came. Jungk么么k waited till he finished his first year so he could
transfer to the college in the city without any ado. He was grateful to the alpha for giving him time to get to know each other and prepare for the next stage of his life.聽 "Looks like another wedding bell is ringing in the Je么n household. Thanks to me."
Y么么ngi said as he watched the gleeful look on his best friend's face and the blushing face of his colleague.聽 "I guess so. It will be good to have another omega in the family." T脿e laughed as the only omega in Je么n's household. Their entire family is made up of alphas,
including their mother. That's why they all dot on T脿e. Je么ns never cared about their financial differences, like how Jungk么么k's family was rich but T脿e was from a middle-class household. They only looked for a good omega for their son and were very happy with the outcome too.
"It's time; we have to get your class schedule from administration, then I will show you your class." Y么么ngi looked at the watch. T脿e said goodbye to J卯n.聽 "Hyung, I will go now. I will send my schedule after getting it."
T脿e told J卯n while giving him a slight shake because he was still looking at Namj么么n, who was speaking with Y么么ngi.聽 "Ah! Okay, little brat. I will come to pick you up if your class ends early; otherwise, be a good pup and wait for K么么k, okay."
J卯n pinched T脿e's cheek slightly for disturbing him while ogling Namj么么n.聽 "Aish, Hyung." T脿e scrunched his nose and caressed his cheek, pouting at J卯n.聽 "Cute, now go to class." J卯n petted T脿e's hair with a smile before going back to his car.聽 聽馃
馃 "Who's that with Professor M卯n?" Jimi帽 looked in a direction intently, not liking the idea of Y么么ngi smiling at someone else. He has had a crush, no fuck that, he was in love with the omega since he met him, but Y么么ngi rejected him, saying he won't date his students.
Is he an alpha? Jimi帽 felt a pang in his heart.聽 "Who? Where? "聽 H么se么k looked around, finally spotting professor M卯n with a beauty.聽 "Oh my god, he looks so beautiful. Such a sight to my eyes." H么se么k placed his hand on his heart with an awestruck expression, making
Jimi帽 look at him in distaste.聽 "Wait! They are coming here." H么se么k suddenly fixed the appearance to impress the newcomer but became sad when he saw the mating mark.聽 "One time I found someone interesting to pursue in this jungle, only to know that he is mated.
Wah! I have terrible luck." "What? He is mated." Jimi帽's face lit up like fireworks, but H么se么k scoffed. His best friend has no sympathy for his broken heart.聽 "Jung, come here for a second." Y么么ngi called out for H么se么k from a reasonable distance; it's clear as day
that he didn't want to come near Jimi帽. H么se么k walked towards them.聽 "Yes, professor." "This is K卯m T脿ehyung. He is a new student in your class. He has art history class first, just like you. Please show him the class room." "Of course."
H么se么k nodded, and Y么么ngi said, "I will see you in class, T脿e-ah" "Okay, professor." T脿e smiled, calling Y么么ngi that. Y么么ngi gave him a gummy smile before walking away in the direction of the staff room.
"Jung H么se么k, and that is my best fried P谩rk Jimi帽. We are in our second year too. You are the newly transferred student, right?" H么se么k asked with a friendly smile; apparently he forgot about his broken heart.
T脿e smiled before greeting Jimi帽, "Hello", but the reply from Jimi帽 was unexpected.聽 " How do you know Professor M卯n? " H么se么k spluttered by Jimi帽's reaction, then tried to laugh it off as a joke.聽 "Ha ha ha, forget about what he asked; he is acting weird because of his
upcoming rut. Common let's go to class; it's almost time. We don't want you to get late on your first day, okay?" H么se么k said all this while passing a glare at Jimi帽 who just sulked. T脿e watched the scene with amusement. Interesting. He thought.
The class was well equipped with projectors, lights, sound, and microphones. It was far more advanced than the simple classroom environment in his pack. The seats in the lecture halls are arranged like theatre seats so that every student can see and hear the lecturer from
all corners of the room. T脿e looked at everything in awe. They settled down somewhere in the middle row. The class has a mixed reaction to the new student, who came with the popular duo H么se么k and Jimi帽. Some were bewitched by the beauty, some were disappointed that he was
mated and some were jealous. Some alphas even tried to approach him but retreated fast because H么se么k and Jimi帽 were glaring at them, feeling protective over the new addition to their friend group. But T脿e was blissfully unaware of everything;
he was more interested in watching the equipment in the room.聽 "Good morning everyone, today we are going to learn about modern painting... " When Y么么ngi came in, class started without any delay. 馃
馃 First class was fine when he was in art history with Jimi帽 and H么se么k. Even though they just met, the alphas were so caring and understanding, but the next class was really troublesome. The alpha seated next to him was pestering him for a date when he was trying to draw
a realistic pencil drawing. The alpha was flirting non-stop even after he told him he was mated. So he had to complain to the professor and go to another aisle to draw. Jungk么么k was right鈥攖he majority of the city's alphas are knotheads.聽 When lunchtime came, T脿e reluctantly
looked for a free seat in the cafeteria. It was crowded, and T脿e was unfamiliar with the people there. To his relief, Y么么ngi waved his hands from a table on the corner. Namj么么n was also there, along with some other professors.聽 "Hey, T脿e, How was your art class?
Y么么ngi inquired when they settled into another free table because T脿e felt awkward to join the table with other professors.聽 " It was good, but some of the alphas were really persistent." T脿e sighed as he opened the lunch box as Y么么ngi told him Jungk么么k will be a
little bit late to join for the lunch as the alpha tend to teach a little over the time schedule of the class.聽 "Wow! Did you cook everything? Compared to our food, that's a real luxury you have there." Namj么么n joked as they compared the cafeteria food with T脿e's lunch box.
"J卯n hyung made it. He is good at cooking. I am a rookie at cooking. I can only make some breakfast items." T脿e explained how J卯n cooks every time for him.聽 "You are better compared to this guy. He doesn't know how to cut an onion." Y么么ngi, another five-star chef, teased
Namj么么n, who just whined that cooking is overrated. T脿e was giggling at the banter. Unknown to them, students from another table were watching them, especially the newcomer who was so cosy with the most intimidating professors in the fine arts department.
Mina pursued her lips as he saw the new omega. He is really beautiful and attracts the attention of the crowd too. Till yesterday, she was everyone's eye candy. She feels threatened by a mere omega, and she doesn't like that feeling.
"Professor Je么n is back after his short break. He looks somehow hotter after his marriage. He just glows." Aeram gushed with a dreamy sigh.聽 "Maybe he is getting it good after marriage, you know." Mark wiggled his eyebrows, which made Aeram throw a fry at him.
"But who is the lucky person he got married to though. There was no article related to it." Hyuk wondered out loud.聽 "Je么ns are protecting Jungk么么k's spouse's information because that person is still a student and would like to keep their privacy. That's why no one published
the wedding photos; it was a private ceremony for family and friends only. I heard only a very few professors were invited, and Professor M卯n was one of them." Aeram explained that Je么n's were practically one of the famous wolf clans. Mina was listening to all of this;
it was supposed to be her, but Je么ns rejected the proposal from her family. Choi's really tried their best, but they informed me that Jungk么么k's marriage was already fixed. Her father said It was with some nobody from the Daegu pack. He was so disappointed, and so was she.
Mina frowned when the cafeteria fell into silence suddenly; even her friends was shocked. That's when she saw Je么n Jungk么么k join the table where prof. M卯n was sitting, and of course he sat near the newbie with an adoring smile.聽 "WHAT THE F脷CK" She cursed out loud in shock. 馃
馃 Mina paced to and fro in her room. She skipped classes after seeing Jungk么么k鈥檚 reaction to the newcomer, like how tender the alpha looked when he was giving the omega his portion of meat patties. He even cut it into smaller pieces. No one suspected anything because
Y么么ngi was also doing the same, feeding the omega some fruits; he even bought him strawberry milk. There is something wrong with Jungk么么k鈥檚 reaction; the alpha was always intimidating, and impassive never showed any interest in male omegas or omegas in general.
She knows it all because she has known him since childhood. The alpha never spared a glance at her. That fond look on his face made Mina鈥檚 mind go havoc: who is that useless omega? She wants to know, so the best option to know is to call her beloved dad. 鈥淒ad, I need help.鈥
Her father answered the call on the first ring. She knows he will, even if he is in an important emergency meeting. After all, she is her father鈥檚 princess. She deserves everything good in the world, including Jungk么么k.
鈥淥h! My princess, please tell your dad what it is. You will get it immediately.鈥 Mr. Choi asked his precious daughter. 鈥 I need Jungk么么k鈥檚 spouse鈥檚 information, and why is no media reporting who it is?鈥 She asked immediately.
鈥淧rincess, I knew you would ask me, so I already collected it. It鈥檚 confidential information, and I will send my assistant with it. The media is not reporting because of Je么n Hana鈥檚 influence. You know Jungk么么k鈥檚 mother; she is a media mogul;
she literally controls the media. If anyone goes against her, they will be sued or fired. In some cases, the entire outlet goes bankrupt or is shut down. Remember what happened to the media who tried to sneak into Se么kjin鈥檚 life鈥攐ne unclear photo of him on their news,
and they were out of the industry the next day. Je么n鈥檚 never do dirty business, but they do keep track of everyone鈥檚 dirt so they can use it when the time comes. She is extremely protective of Jungk么么k鈥檚 spouse. I think it鈥檚 because of his poor background.
Be careful with the information. I don鈥檛 want to get dragged down by her. She is one vicious woman, and her husband supports her blindly too.鈥 Choi sighed as he explained everything briefly. 鈥淗ow can I forget that vile woman, dad? She is the one who rejected my proposal.
If only she had agreed, I would have been with my alpha, and don鈥檛 worry, dad, I won鈥檛 do anything directly, but if his spouse wants divorce from Jungk么么k then its not my fault, right?鈥 Mina swirled her hair with her hand and smiled in mirth.
鈥淢y princess is all grown up. I am proud of you. I love you, dear.鈥 鈥淚 love you too, dad.鈥 She hung up the phone and waited for the information. Within twenty minutes, her father鈥檚 secretary delivered a brown envelope. Mina gritted her teeth; she had been right all along.
K卯m T脿ehyung from the Daegu pack is Jungk么么k鈥檚 husband, and he is a student at their college. 鈥淵ou just wait. I will show you your place, you filthy rat.鈥 She mumbled as she crushed the wedding photo in the envelope.
All she has to do is wait for the right time to play the trump cards. Then corner the rat and squish it. Damn checkmate!聽 馃
馃 Tae opened the door and let J卯n in as the alpha was carrying groceries, art supplies, and other necessities for the omega. They went shopping because it鈥檚 the weekend. It鈥檚 been a week since T脿e joined the college. He is only getting used to city life now.
Jungk么么k was busy checking and grading the thesis assignments submitted by his students. The alpha was pretty strict with deadlines and performances, but he was caring and approachable too. He always tried to understand students and help them achieve their goals.
But T脿e won鈥檛 say he was friendly. T脿e wonders how these softballs like Jungk么么k, Y么么ngi, and Namj么么n are known as the most intimidating professors in their college, but students love them. T脿e wanted to go shopping with Jungk么么k but he was really busy.
It鈥檚 good that J卯n came with him. The Alpha knows all about good art supply stores in the city. T脿e got everything he needed for his next assignments and class project. Now he has to set up one of the rooms in their apartment as a studio.
Hana told him she was sending someone to do mild renovations for the room if he chose one. I should work on that tomorrow. T脿e thought. "I will start cooking after changing my outfit. You go store these in the fridge and cabinets."
J卯n instructed T脿e before going to his apartment to change into some comfy clothes. T脿e started to sort out items. He first put items in the kitchen cabinets. Then he started filling the fridge. He smiled with satisfaction when everything was organised neatly.
He stood up, then noticed the fresh strawberries鈥攅ating one before lunch won't hurt anyone, right?鈥攁nd he bit his lips.聽The there was a whisper near his ear. "Are those strawberries more interesting than your alpha?"
T脿e slowly turned around, cheeks burning from the comment itself, facing his alpha with shy glances. Even after marriage, he was still shy towards the flirty advances of the alpha. He grasped without voice when Jungk么么k held him close by the waist.聽 "I missed you, sweets."
Jungk么么k murmured near T脿e's lips. The omega whined when the alpha was not closing the distance and connecting their lips. Jungk么么k chuckled in amusement. He gave him a sweet peck and looked at T脿e again. Now the omega was pouting.聽 "Kiss me."
T脿e said with a whiny tone. Jungk么么k moved closer, and T脿e closed his eyes in expectation.聽 "I thought you were more interested in strawberries than me." He whispered in T脿e's ear, making the omega push him slightly in fake annoyance in order to move away from him.
But Jungk么么k didn't let him; he pulled him closer, and at the moment their faces were close, they could feel the breathing of each other. At first, it was slow and sweet, then it became wet and sloppy. Jungk么么k pushed T脿e against the fridge, pulling him closer to him.
He savoured the sweet taste with slow and sensual movements.聽 "OH! MY GOD. MY EYES." J卯n screeched from behind, making them jump away from each other.聽 "If you want to eat each other for lunch, go to that rabbit hole", J卯n pointed at the bedroom,
then pointed at the kitchen, and said, "This is a public area; keep it PG." J卯n was fuming.聽 "That's a wonderful suggestion; what do you say?" Jungk么么k asked T脿e if he was seriously considering it. It made J卯n throw a bundle of lettuce at him.
T脿e giggled in delight when he saw how the brothers were chasing around the living room, Jungk么么k laughing and J卯n cursing.聽 馃
馃 Mina was waiting near the college gate. She already texted her friends to meet her there. She had information that someone other than Jungk么么k was dropping T脿e off at college every day. She guessed it was J卯n because the alpha often uses glasses and a
baseball cap to avoid being recognised. She saw Aeram coming there, and then she spotted J卯n's car in the parking lot too. Perfect. She smirked.聽 "Hey Aeramie." Mina greeted her with a smile, but Aeram was looking at the car already.聽 "What are you looking at?"
Mina feigned confusion and looked in the same direction.聽 "Wow! I didn't know he was rich; look at the car." Aeram exclaimed, looking at J卯n's luxury car.聽 "Oh! Maybe that's his alpha. I saw them together in the arts supply shop on the weekend too. They look so
lovely together." Mina sighed and discreetly checked for Aeram's reaction. She knows Aeram is like the local gossip paper at school. If she wants to spread misinformation, she is the perfect target. She smirked when Aeram seemed to believe everything she just said. She was fully
believed when they saw J卯n pinching T脿e's cheek while smiling at the omega. T脿e was whining too. They were having a small wrestling session when J卯n tried to mess up T脿e's hair, but at the end, J卯n just petted T脿e's head and threw a flying kiss before going inside his car.
"Awwe, such sweet mates. I am so jealous. He has a gorgeous mate and a rich one too, then gets all the attention from hot professors in our university. He is living the best life." Aeram let out a sad sigh.
"Maybe professors are his mate's friends; that's why they treat him well." Mina stated it as a matter of fact.聽 "Were you worried your alpha is interested in someone else?" Aeram teased, knowing her friend's crush on Jungk么么k.
"He is married now, Aeramie. We should respect his partner." "I was kidding. You are such a nice person. I wish professor Je么n knew what he was missing out. If only you got married to him." Aeram said sympathetically.
"I am sad, but it's not his fault that his mother doesn't like me. He is a family-oriented person after all." Mina faked sadness, and Aeram patted her back to comfort her.
"Oh! We all know that woman is definitely a witch. Don't worry. Whoever Professor Je么n's spouse may be, they are not on your level. I hope they get divorced and you get a chance." Aeram tried to cheer her up.
"You are so sweet, Aeramie, but I don't want him to get hurt. I prefer suffering through my agony to seeing him sad." "See! I was right. You are too good for your own sake." They went back to class afterwards when their friends came.
Mina smirked victoriously when Aeram started to spread news about campus beauty and his gorgeous mate who dropped him off at college. Everyone seemed to be interested in it too.
To win a war, misinformation is the greatest weapon. Choi's never get dirt on their hands; they just use others in their plot. What a successful day! Mina rejoiced that her plan had finally worked. 馃
馃 While Mina was plotting with her so-called friend, T脿e was having banter with J卯n, unaware of the issues coming his way. "Hyung, what are you searching for?" T脿e asked, confused, as J卯n was looking around for something.
鈥淒脿mn, I thought I would be graced by the dimpled beauty today too, but my trip to here totally went wasteful today.鈥 J卯n let out an exaggerated sigh as he saw no sign of Namj么么n around there. T脿e huffed.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe you are dropping me off at college just to see Professor K卯m.鈥 J卯n pinched his cheeks slightly, and T脿e whined in protest.聽 鈥淚 should get some reward for dropping off a grumpy, sleepy baby every day, right?"
J卯n laughed, and T脿e hit him, but J卯n blocked him, and they ended up in a mini-wrestling match.聽 "I will tell mom that you are using dropping me off at college as an excuse to drool on a professor." T脿e threatened,
but J卯n threw him a flying kiss before saying, "Be my guest. I was really worried about how to present this to her. You are making it easy for me." T脿e shook his head before going to his class.
Now their first class got cancelled, and T脿e was sitting in the library checking books for his next assignment. He waved at H么se么k and Jimi帽, who sat down next to him. Jimi帽 had a sour look on his face then. 鈥淲hat happened to him?" T脿e tilted his head and asked H么se么k.
鈥淥h! He got scolded by his kitty professor鈥 鈥, H么se么k stopped when Jimi帽 glared at him, "oops, I mean Professor M卯n, for not doing his best on his assignment.鈥 H么se么k explained, but Jimi帽 scrawled,
鈥淚 did my best, but he just wanted to scold me without any reason. There were other students too. He made me look so stupid. I know he doesn鈥檛 like me and has rejected me, but can he not take it out on my assignment? He gave me a fu莽king C.鈥
Jimi帽 fumes, feeling irritated and sad. H么se么k sighed. "You are being unreasonable right now. He also scolded me." "Yet, he gave you a B, not a C." Jimi帽 chidded childishly. "Is that your problem that I did better? 鈥 H么se么k looked so serious and intimidating asking that
so T脿e intertwined. " Hey, relax. Jimi帽, I don't think Professor M卯n is that shallow. There may be something you missed. I know someone who picks through everything in students' assignments diligently, so they are just doing their job. Please calm down, okay."
"He could be a little bit nice, you know." Jimi帽 mumbled.聽 "You know what! Move on from it. You've been sulking about it for how long鈥攕ince the start of college? I think it's high time for you to let it go because your studies are affected by it too. You are getting reckless
and I don't blame Professor Min for scolding you." H么se么k said as he was irritated. Jimi帽's face fell, and he stood up to take his things.聽 "I am skipping today. We have only one more class. See you." He walked away without another word, nor did he wait for their reply.
"Don't you think it's a bit harsh? 鈥 T脿e asked softly.聽 " No, it's okay. He needs a reminder. He thinks it's easy for a professor to date a student. He is adamant about it. He is not making an effort to see the professor's side. If they start dating now,
people will call Professor M卯n ugly names, and he may lose his job. If Jimi帽 is serious, he should wait until he graduates and get a job. Then again, he gets rejected. Move on; it's not worth jeopardising your studies."
T脿e knows it's not easy; he himself is in a similar situation. He wonders what the students' reaction will be if they know Professor Je么n is his mate. It definitely won't be pretty. He felt uncomfortable thinking about it. He shook his head to clear his mind.
H么se么k excused himself and went to check books for his next class. He may need time to clear his head.聽 T脿e tried to concentrate on his assignment, but he could feel there were many eyes on him.
He takes a discreet look around; he can see people talking and laughing at something looking at him. He hoped it wouldn't be something bad. He sighed and continued reading the book.聽 馃
馃 "Why are you two sitting on the back seat?" J卯n placed his hands on his hips, looking at the two lovebirds intently sitting on the back seat of the car, clinging on to each other. They were going to their parents' place for dinner.
"Where else should we sit? ", Jungk么么k raised an eyebrow in question, then turned to T脿e with a goofy grin, " Though I don't mind you sitting on my lap, sweets." "Stop it." T脿e swatted his chest, feeling shy. J卯n looked at them with fake gag sounds.
"I am not your driver. Sit in the front." J卯n told Jungk么么k but the alpha ignored it and played with T脿e's pretty fingers.聽 "T脿e, you sit on the front seat then." J卯n asked T脿e this time, but Jungk么么k held the omega close and showed his tongue to his brother.
"This one belongs to me. If you want an Omega to sit on the front seat, you should get one for yourself." J卯n scoffed as he entered the car and started driving. "As if that is easy." J卯n murmured to himself.
But when he saw the two idiots making out in the back seat, he couldn't help but scream, "NO MAKING OUT IN THE CAR, YOU IDIOTS." This made Jungk么么k call him stingy, making T脿e laugh.
After facing a real struggle with driving a whipped and clingy couple, they finally reached their destination, the Je贸n mansion. Instead of the butler, they were greeted by the sight of their mother waiting there for them. She was wearing an elegant black ruffle dress
with a golden necklace and earrings.聽 鈥淥h! My baby. I was waiting for you, darling. Common, let鈥檚 go inside. I don鈥檛 want you to get cold.鈥 Hana fussed the moment she saw T脿e coming out of the car, and ignoring her own alpha sons, she took the omega inside.
T脿e was smiling and talking to Hana, but J卯n and Jungk么么k were standing outside with their jaws dropped. 鈥淗yung, did we come to the wrong house? 鈥 Jungk么么k exclaimed. 鈥淣ah, I think we became invisible to her.鈥 J卯n replied back with the same sentiment.
鈥淲hy are you guys standing outside?鈥 Jayhyun, the alpha father of Jungkook and J卯n, asked them. 鈥淣othing, dad; it鈥檚 just that Mom didn鈥檛 recognise us. We were wondering if we came to the wrong house.鈥 J卯n jocked, and Jayhyun smiled before hugging him.
鈥淪he is just mad that you guys don鈥檛 visit her often. She missed you guys. At least call her more often. Nowadays, only T脿e calls her, so that鈥檚 why she鈥檚 giving you the cold shoulder.鈥 Jayhyun said, knowing how much she was waiting for the dinner.
J卯n and Jungk么么k looked a bit guilty. 鈥淚 am sorry, dad. I thought mom was busy with her new project, so I didn鈥檛 want to disturb her.鈥. Jungk么么k said softly, and J卯n nodded along.
鈥淛ust call her, okay. Whatever her schedule is, she will always spare some time for her family. Since you guys moved out, it鈥檚 a bit lonely here. We know you want your own space, but it鈥檚 more fun when everyone鈥檚 around.鈥 Jayhyun patted both his sons, and they hugged him back.
鈥淲e will remember that, dad.鈥 Jin said he was feeling a bit emotional. He knows that even if their parents were busy with business, they always had time for them. They always preferred family over anything else. They are lucky to have such parents.
When they got inside the living room, Hana was sitting there with T脿e. She pretended she didn鈥檛 see them when they came closer. 鈥淢om.鈥 T脿e nudged her as if telling her to forgive them. J卯n and Jungk么么k sat in front of her on the floor. "Mom, we are sorry.鈥
They held her hands and apologised. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want your sorry.鈥 Hana turned her face away. 鈥淢om, we thought you were busy. I even called your assistant to ask about your schedule. It was packed. You were working so hard. I did sent you a lunch box last week,
but she said you didn鈥檛 get time to eat it.鈥 J卯n told her, and Hana looked at him shocked. 鈥淪he didn鈥檛 say it was from you. Oh! My. I didn鈥檛 know. She couldn鈥檛 believe she missed out on such a thing.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not her fault. You were busy with meetings that day. She was busy too." J卯n clarified, and Hana nodded and looked at Jungk么么k, 鈥淪o the saffron flowers were from you?鈥 鈥淗ow do you know? " Jungk么么k looked surprised because he didn鈥檛 put any notes in it.
He knows she likes the color, so he gets it delivered it. It鈥檚 his way of sending positive energy to his mom, which is the meaning of those flowers. 鈥淚t should be a nerd like you who sends the most rare and uncommon flowers to me.鈥 Hana said it as a matter of fact,
making everyone giggle. The dinner was pleasant and full of banter and heartwarming giggles. T脿e knows he is lucky, not because he married into wealth, but because because he is part of a lovely family full of love.
When Jungk么么k looked his way fondly, T脿e whispered, "I love you." The alpha returned it with an "I love you too" and a wide smile. 馃
馃 Jimi帽 was looking at the mirror and repeated the steps one more time but stopped frustrated when he couldn鈥檛 get it right. He knows he lacks concentration these days. His mind was full of Y么么ngi. Everyone says move on, but is that so easy?
He knows Y么么ngi is his potential mate, but fate had to make him his professor. Jimi帽 chuckled bitterly at himself. 鈥淗ere鈥檚 your favourite pineapple juice.鈥 H么se么k nudged Jimi帽 with the cold bottle. 鈥淭hanks.鈥 Jimi帽 mumbled awkwardly.
They didn鈥檛 talk much after their little squabble in the library. 鈥淚 am sorry for losing my temper and saying nonsense.鈥 H么se么k suddenly apologized, making Jimi帽鈥檚 eyes widen. 鈥淭here鈥檚 no need to apologise; whatever you said is true.
I should think carefully about my future.鈥 Jimi帽 sighed and opened the bottle to take a sip. He felt a little refreshed after drinking the cold juice. 鈥淵ou loving him is never wrong, but the path you chose may be. I just want you to think carefully.
He has a lot more to lose here than you.鈥 H么se么k tried to convey his thoughts on it. Jimi帽 nodded. 鈥淚 understand your concerns. I will be more careful and concentrate on my studies. I won鈥檛 pester him anymore.鈥 Jimi帽 looked so determined, and it made H么se么k exclaim,
鈥淵ou are going to give up just like that?, Wow! 鈥 Jimi帽 shook his head and said, 鈥淣o, my current determination only lasts till I graduate; then I will pester him more. I won鈥檛 be a student then, so he can鈥檛 reject me because 鈥測ou are my student鈥 card won鈥檛 work then.鈥
Let's continue people *cracks knuckles 馃槆
Then they heard two of their coursemates talking about a very familiar omega. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe that b铆tch bagged the most handsome mate still going after professor Je么n.鈥 One girl shook her head in disbelief. 鈥淲here did you see his mate?" Another one asked curiously.
鈥淚t鈥檚 posted in one of our students鈥 forums. Here, look, even though that guy is covering his face well, then again, we can see he is super good-looking.鈥 The first girl showed her phone. Jimi帽 and H么se么k also got a view as the phone was shown in their direction.
It was a picture of Tae with someone. They looked really close, as the guy seemed to be petting T脿e鈥檚 hair. Tae looked shy too. That does look like his mate. H么se么k and Jimi帽 looked at each other, but they didn鈥檛 understand where professor Je么n comes in this scenario.
"OH MY GOD... This is insane.. Woah! The forum is blowing up." One girl's almost-scream made everyone flinch. Jimi帽 felt a sudden spike of anxiety in his nerves. Something is very wrong, judging by the expression everyone had.聽 "B铆tch.. I can't believe this.. "
"Professor Je么n.. I thought he was a good guy." "Can't blame him, even I will tap that 脿ss." "What a che脿ter... " Everyone was fuming. H么se么k took out his phone and checked the forum immediately.聽 "FUCKING SH脥T.. " He cursed loudly, then turned to Jimi帽.
"Jimi帽, do you know Tae's schedule for today? 鈥 " Yes, he has art class now; why? " Jimi帽 sounded confused. He had a frown on his face. H么se么k showed him the picture. It was a candid shot of Professor Je么n kissing T脿e's forehead. From the angle of the picture, it was
taken secretly. The headline was even worse. " CHE脌TING IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: CAMPUS BEAUTY AND A HOT PROFESSOR." "SH脥T... Let's go find T脿e." They ran to art class, praying for the omega to be safe and that they would reach there on time. But do they?聽 聽 馃
馃 T脿e flinched when a girl screamed "CHE脕TER" and splashed water mixed with paint on him. It was the water they kept for cleaning paint brushes. T脿e wiped the water away from his face. His shirt is soaked too. It was a white shirt; now it has paint stains and wetness.
He looked at the girl, confused and terrified. He moved back when the girl tried to grab his hair. He moved behind his easel to protect himself. He can see his painting on the canvas being destroyed by the water too.聽 "What!? " T脿e stuttered when the girl started to cuss him
badly.聽 "You che谩ting sl煤t. You have a mate; then why are you going after good men? I know you seduced him. If he gets fired, I WILL K脥LL YOU." The girl started to scream, and her friends held her back, fearing that if she attacked T脿e, she would be dismissed from the school.
T脿e looked at the scene with horror. Some of his classmates were murmuring while looking at their phones. Some had disgusted expressions on their faces. A few were concerned for the omega, and one of them ran out of the room with the intention of calling one of the professors.
"HEY, STOP IT... " Jimi帽 rushed in first, making the door open with a "bamm" sound. He was breathing heavily with all the running, but still he moved close to T脿e, hiding him behind him and squaring his chest in protective mode. The girl flinched
when Jimi帽's eyes flashed an angry red.聽 "Don't hurt him. Stay where you are. You all are overreacting." Jimi帽 tried to convey it as calmly as possible, but the girls scoffed and some mocked him. Jimi帽 sighed in relief when H么se么k also joined him, hiding the omega from
judgmental stares.聽 "Look, how the well-known alphas on campus are lining up for him. He is such a wh么re." Jimi帽 glared at the guy who sprouted that nonsense, releasing his dominant alpha pheromones.
"What? He didn't lie. You see this; he is so chummy with the professor when he has a mate. He is mated for god's sake; he crossed all the lines of morality here." The girl sneered at them, showing them the phone with the apparently scandalous picture on the forum.
"This must be a misunderstanding. Let him explain. Ganging up on him doesn't make you look cool. This is ab煤se. I will definitely complain against each one of you to our dean." H么se么k warned them.聽 "You should be ashamed of siding with a che脿ter.
" Look at that shameless omega." "Such a shame for our university." "He uses his beauty to lure people." "Such a toxic beauty, then." T脿e felt those words burn on his skin like touching a hot iron. He doesn't understand what they are saying or why they are sneering.
He is no che谩ter. He loves his mate. He is afraid Jungk么么k is going to see him in such a shameful situation. He felt sudden panic surging through him. He feels dizzy. He clutches H么se么k's shirt, making the alpha look at him in concern. T脿e blacked out suddenly,
making H么se么k scream his name in sheer panic.聽 "T脌EHYUNG.. " H么se么k held the omega close, lightly tapping his face to make him gain consciousness, but it was in vain.
"T脿e.. Please.. Open your eyes.. " He scooped him up. He was about to carry the omega to the infirmary when a sudden growl interrupted them.聽 "WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE? "
Professor Hong, who is in charge of painting, came into the room. He could see T脿ehyung is unconscious and drenched in a paint and water mix. His canvas was also destroyed.聽 "Jung H么se么k, right?" The professor asked H么se么k, and he nodded.
"Please take him to the infirmary. I will be there soon." H么se么k nodded and took T脿e to the infirmary. Jimi帽 also bowed to the professor as an act of apology for barging into the class and accompanied H么se么k. The professor looked at the girl pointedly.
"Lena informed me what happened here. This is a place of creativity and compassion, but you people have made a mockery of such a significant place. You should be ashamed of your behavior. Now whoever is involved in this will have detention. I will report this to the dean;
he will choose an apt punishment for you." Hong left the room after saying that, ignoring the pleas from the students. The students know they are doomed after this. It will be difficult to earn forgiveness from the professor, who treats the art studio like a shrine.聽 馃
馃 H么se么k and Jimi帽 waited outside the infirmary along with professor Hong. They were worried. The infirmary nurse, Minji, came out after a checkup. "He is alright. Just a bit dizzy. He is awake now. Did you inform his guardian, Mr. Hong? I would like to see
his guardian first." She told Hong. "Yes, I informed the administration to call his guardian. They will be here soon." They were interrupted by a panicked Y么么ngi rushing there.聽 "Where is T脿e? What happened? Is he fine?" The omega looked at everyone with a worried face.
" He fainted, but now he is okay." Jimi帽 replied in a comforting yet neutral voice. Before Y么么ngi could reply, Jungk么么k came, still holding a book in his hand. He seemed so worried and panicked. H么se么k and Jimi帽 looked at professor Je么n with mouths agape.
"I got a call that T脿e is in the infirmary." "You are his guardian? " Minji asked and looked so surprised.聽 "Yes, I am his mate." Jungk么么k clarified, and Y么么ngi also nodded in acknowledgement.聽 "Okay, follow me." Minji let Jungk么么k inside the infirmary
where T脿e was resting.聽 "HOLY F脷CK." Jimi帽 cursed unintentionally but got a glare from Hong and Y么么ngi.聽 "Watch your language, Park." Both scolded him in the same monotonous voice.
Jungk么么k couldn't just believe what the nurse, Minji, just said.聽 "What? ! " The alpha asked dumbfoundedly, and T脿e giggled. Minji also smiled.聽 Tag: Mpreg 鉁 I forgot to tag it 馃槆 "I said I told him to test with a pregnancy kit after I checked him. It shows positive,
so I advise you to take him to see a gynaec么logist as soon as possible, as the pregnancy test can't always be accurate. I hope you will get the good news soon." Minji explained before excusing herself to give the mates some privacy.聽 "Sweets... Is it? "
Jungk么么k was emotional, and his voice was cracking. He looked at T脿e expectantly.聽 "I have a feeling it is true, but let's confirm it before celebrating, yeah?" T脿e smiled sweetly, tearing up because his instincts are telling him there is a pup, but he wanted to
confirm it first. "Let's go to the hospital now then." Jungk么么k sniffled but was ready to take T脿e to the hospital as soon as possible, but to his surprise, T脿e shook his head.聽 "We will go tomorrow after getting an appointment. Today we are emotional, and
I need some rest with my alpha. So let's go home." Jungk么么k nodded in agreement but was too overwhelmed to say anything. He placed his hand on T脿e's tummy over the hospital gown T脿e changed into because his shirt was wet.聽 "I still can't believe it." Jungk么么k mumbled.
T脿e kissed his head while holding Jungk么么k's hand on his tummy.聽 "Me too, but I am excited." They stayed there, basking in each other's scent and sharing sweet kisses in between. Then Jungk么么k called J卯n and took a half-day leave to take T脿e home.
He was so happy and excited that he didn't notice the hostility on the students' faces. That's not something he cares about now because it was his moment of joy with a sprinkle of surprise.聽 馃
C u tomorrow. I have breathing issues. Sorry for not continuing 馃枻
馃 鈥淲hy are you back so early鈥.?" J卯n came into the apartment looking confused. His hair was messy, and his clothes had paint splatters. It seemed like he was in his art studio for a long time.聽 鈥淭脿e, you look pale. Do you have a fever?"
J卯n started fussing as he saw T脿e lying on the couch and Jungk么么k looking at him with a concerned face. J卯n went outside of his apartment to get a parcel, and then he saw Jungkook's apartment door was open. He came to check and found out it was Tae and Jungkook.
鈥淗e fainted and now feels a bit dizzy after walking here. I told him I would carry him here, but he didn鈥檛 let me.鈥 Jungk么么k explained with a permanent pout on his face. 鈥淚 am okay. I will just lie down here a bit or may be sleep.鈥 T脿e mumbled, feeling weak all of a sudden.
鈥淲ait, don't go to sleep yet. I will prepare some soup for you. Drink it and sleep. You will feel better.鈥 J卯n said as he rushed towards the kitchen before anyone could say anything. It was nearing lunchtime anyway.聽 鈥淒o you want some water?"
Jungk么么k kneeled down on the floor and caressed T脿e鈥檚 hair. "No, but can you bring me some pillows?" T脿e asked as he adjusted himself to get into a comfortable position. 鈥淲e can go to our bedroom if you want to sleep. Couch won鈥檛 be that comfortable.鈥 Jungk么么k said softly.
鈥淗mm okay.鈥 T脿e nodded, and Jungk么么k kissed his forehead. 鈥淲e will go to the bedroom after we drink some soup, okay? I will check on hyung and be back. Rest well, sweets.鈥 Jungk么么k gave him a sweet peck before going to the kitchen.
It was already done, and J卯n was giving it a final touch with a sprinkle of salt and black pepper. 鈥淒o you want some too?" J卯n asked Jungk么么k as he saw him in the kitchen. 鈥淣ot now. I think we can order some takeout for lunch.鈥
Jungk么么k said as he opened the fridge for a bottle of orange juice and poured it into a glass. He took a sip when he heard J卯n.聽 鈥淲hat happened to T脿e? He was all right in the morning.鈥 鈥淚 got a call from administration saying he fainted. When I went to the infirmary,
the nurse Minji told me there is a chance T脿e is pregnant. He took a pregnancy test with a kit, and it was positive. She told me to consult a doctor to confirm, as the kits are not accurate every time.鈥 J卯n looked at him with a wide smile.
鈥淲ow! That鈥檚 great news. Mom will go haywire with happiness. This is really surreal; you were just a baby bunny, and now you are having a pup for yourself." Jungk么么k smiled equally excited. 鈥淚 think we should tell her after T脿e's check-up. She will be sad if it鈥檚 a false alarm.
T脿e said it鈥檚 good to confirm first.鈥 They talked as they walked towards the living room. 鈥淚t鈥檚 your choice. Well, congratulations in advance, brother. I can鈥檛 wait to spoil my nephew or niece.鈥
J卯n sounded so delighted that it made Jungk么么k giggle. He can't wait to see his pup, too. Jungkook thought.聽 T脿e only drank a few spoons as he felt dizzy and had a loss of appetite. So Jungk么么k helped him take a quick shower to get rid of the scent of paint. Once he changed into
comfy pyjamas, T脿e laid down on the bed where his nest is. Jungk么么k hugged him while laying next to him. T脿e didn't dwell on anything after that. He just slept in the embrace of his mate like he was sleeping on the ridiculous incident that happened the very same day. 馃
馃 J卯n took a bath and was drying his hair. He changed into comfortable clothes and did some skincare. He sat on the couch in the living room to watch something, but then he heard a sound near the door like someone was opening the door with a passcode. Only a few know it, like
Jungkook, Tae, his parents, and Y么么ngi. Speak of the devil, Y么么ngi entered first, but he was not alone. Namj么么n was with him, along with two new faces. Y么么ngi didn't even greet J卯n; he just threw his bag on the couch and moved to the kitchen, saying, "I need a chilled beer."
"Hello Seokjin-ssi, sorry to intrude on your house unannounced." Namj么么n greeted J卯n with a shy smile. J卯n thanked the gods for taking a bath and changing his clothes. He never wanted to look messy in front of the omega.聽 "No worries. Please feel yourself at home."
J卯n said to Namj么么n with a wide smile and turned to the new faces, "You two take a seat. I will bring something to drink." He excused himself to go to the kitchen. H么se么k sat on the couch, which screams luxury, then dragged Jimi帽 to sit on it.
Jimi帽 was screaming internally for asking Y么么ngi to take them to meet T脿e. The omega was reluctant at first, but agreed when they said what actually happened to Tae. Then again, they had T脿e's bag and books with them, which he left behind in the classroom.
Now he regrets asking it, seeing how Y么么ngi was familiar with such a high-class, good-looking alpha. Y么么ngi behaves like it's his second home or something. I have no chance, hah, Jimi帽 thought bitterly.
"Isn't he the person we saw in T脿e's picture? Are they related? Why has Professor M卯n brought us here? " H么se么k's voice made Jimi帽 revive from his pitiful thoughts. Jimi帽 tilted his head, looking at the alpha, who was serving them some fruit juice. Yes, it was the same person,
and there is some close resemblance.聽 "I don't like mango juice." Jimi帽 mumbled apologetically. J卯n looked at him with an "oh." "There are some juices in the fridge. I will get you another one." J卯n offered with a smile.聽 "If you don't mind, I will choose one myself.
I am sorry; I am on a diet for my next performance. I am watching out for my calorie consumption." "Sure, go this way. The fridge is in the kitchen. Y么么ngi is there too if you want any help." Jimi帽 thanked J卯n before going towards the kitchen. He froze when he saw Y么么ngi
using the kitchen with familiarity, like he was living here. The omega was using a hand blender to blend something. Then he poured it into the glass and decorated the glass with a slice of lemon. When Y么么ngi turned, he saw Jimi帽. The omega had a small smile on his lips before
placing the drink on the counter in front of Jimi帽.聽 "This is a mint honey lemon drink. Its nutritious. Have some. I know you are on a diet for the next showcase." Y么么ngi just shrugged and took his beer and sipped it nonchalantly. Jimi帽 took his drink with mixed emotions.
鈥淚f you do something like this, I will think I have a chance. Please don鈥檛 play with my emotions. I have a hard time deciding to not pester you anymore.鈥 Jimi帽 clutched the drink and looked away in uneasiness. He knows it鈥檚 not Y么么ngi鈥檚 fault for being kind, but he doesn't
want to dream about something that is a mirage and live himself in a palace of illusions. 鈥 I only told you I don鈥檛 date my students; I never said I wouldn鈥檛 date you after graduation.鈥 The omega stared at Jimi帽, unimpressed. Y么么ngi grumbled then murmured the last part
before rushing away from the kitchen; the tip of his ear was red. Jimi帽 stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes, then it suddenly clicked in his brain, and he fisted his hand in victory while silently screaming in happiness.
But when Jimi帽 came back to the living room after his mini celebration, the atmosphere was tense, especially because J卯n was sitting with a very intimidating face. It was like his whole persona was switched. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think Jungk么么k knows any of these,
and I am afraid his reaction will not be good if he comes to know what actually happened to his mate today. We even get to know the details because of Professor Hong. He did report it to the dean, but it won鈥檛 clear Tae's name. The malicious rumours are spread out
so hideously that I don鈥檛 know how to tackle it.鈥 Y么么ngi shared his helplessness in the matter. 鈥淲hat Professor M卯n said is true. The campus forums hyped this without investigating the truth. It鈥檚 like they blindly trust the source. This is ridiculous.
Please do something about it. I am worried.鈥 H么se么k explained what was happening online. 鈥淭he offline is much worse; the students are spreading absurd stories about Professor Je么n, you, and T脿e. They believe you are T脿e鈥檚 mate; I don鈥檛 know how they come to that conclusion.鈥
Jimi帽 shook his head in disbelief. 鈥 I think Jungk么么k doesn鈥檛 have any clue about these, but he will get to know them somehow. We can鈥檛 hide it from him. It鈥檚 already blown out of proportion at this point.鈥 Namj么么n sighed.
鈥淚 better go call Jungk么么k. I think it鈥檚 better we tell him than he gets to know it from random people.鈥 J卯n exclaimed after hearing everything.
He hoped his brother would handle it carefully. Jungk么么k was always protective of his family, especially of his mate. J卯n walked towards K么么k and T脿e鈥檚 apartment after excusing himself. He came back with K么么k after a while. Jungk么么k was sleepy, and
there was another refreshing scent present with his own. As per J卯n鈥檚 request, Jungk么么k went to wash his face and came back. He sat on the couch and looked at everyone confused. It was, in fact, an odd group of people present there. 聽鈥淲hat you want to tell me, hyung鈥
Jungk么么k came straight to the point. Everyone looked at each other like they didn't know what to say, then Y么么ngi cleared his throat, indicating he would go for it. 鈥淛ungk么么k-ah, T脿e fainted because something happened in his art class.鈥 Y么么ngi spoke so softly,
checking Jungk么么k鈥檚 reaction carefully. "What do you mean, hyung?鈥 Jungk么么k tilted his head in confusion. Y么么ngi gulped and started. 鈥淭he thing is鈥 . 鈥 Jungk么么k鈥檚 face hardened when Y么么ngi started explaining everything. At one point he was growling lowly, and his
eyes flashed red, especially when Y么么ngi talked about cheating. Jungk么么k lost it when Y么么ngi told about the paint water splashing on T脿e鈥檚 face incident. " I WILL RIP OUT THEIR SOULS FOR THIS. HOW DARE THEY TO TOUCH MY OMEGA?"
Jungk么么k let out a feral, dark growl. His rage was like a furnace; it was burning inside out, and he wanted to shower them with hot coals and burn them all into dust. He wanted to boil away all the malice, even if they were living people.
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But in an instant, the anger melted away like snowflakes in the first sunlight of the morning upon hearing one honey-laced voice calling his name. 鈥淜么么kie hyung.鈥 A cute bear-design pyjamas-clad T脿e came in rubbing his eyes in search of his alpha. K么么k's eye widened,
and he replied softly, 鈥淚 am here, sweets," while walking towards the omega. 鈥淵ou were not there in bed when I woke up.鈥 T脿e mumbled as he hugged Jungk么么k, placing his forehead on Jungk么么k鈥檚 shoulder. Jungk么么k caressed T脿e鈥檚 nape and hugged him back.
鈥淚 came here because J卯n hyung said Y么么ngi hyung, Namj么么n hyung came with your friends' sweets.鈥 Jungk么么k murmured, which made T脿e straighten his posture and look around. He smiled at everyone. 鈥淐ome on. Let鈥檚 sit there.鈥 Jungk么么k pointed at the empty space on the couch.
They sat there as J卯n offered the omega some orange juice. T脿e accepted it gratefully. 鈥淪o you really are Professor Je么n鈥檚 mate?" H么se么k exclaimed loudly, making everyone look at him. He blushed in embarrassment.
"Yes, he is my mate and husband.", T脿e showed them their wedding ring and continued, "I am sorry; I didn鈥檛 tell you. It鈥檚 not like I was hiding it. I just really don鈥檛 like a lot of attention.鈥 T脿e felt a bit guilty for hiding that from his friends.
He was not sure how they would take that information. He hoped they still considered him their friend. Jungk么么k caressed T脿e's back soothingly, as if saying it would be fine.聽 鈥淭hat鈥檚 really fine. It鈥檚 personal to you. We are not mad at anything. I kind of understand your
situation. It will be a nerve-wracking experience if I were in your shoes and we just met; you need time to trust us. That鈥檚 pretty normal, but I hope you understand now that you can rely on us a bit more.鈥 H么se么k offered wisely.
鈥淵eah, we don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 a bad thing. It鈥檚 okay. I know you would have told us your own, but it's not your fault that all these happened.鈥 Jimi帽 waved it off too. 鈥淭hank you, guys.鈥 T脿e was really thankful that they understood his situation.
"We will prepare some dinner.", Y么么ngi points at himself and J卯n and says, " Then also, I think you guys need a talk, K么么k. Whatever is happening, I want you to consider it carefully." Y么么ngi looked at them seriously before going back to the kitchen. Jimi帽 and
H么se么k looked as if they were agreeing with what Y么么ngi said. Namj么么n and J卯n also nodded at Jungk么么k, who understood he needed to tell T脿e whatever was happening in the college, but he was also worried about making T脿e sad. But they have to deal with this together.
Jungk么么k looked at T脿e with a smile, who was looking at him confused about what Y么么ngi said.聽 "We will be back, okay." Jungk么么k excused themselves from there, retreating towards their own apartment where he can talk to T脿e privately.
"K么么kie hyungie, what was Y么么ngi hyung talking about? " T脿e pouted, and Jungk么么k made him sit on the couch. He sat next to him, holding his hands.聽 "I know what happened in your painting class, sweets. Now, I know why you fainted suddenly. I am sorry I was not
there to protect you." Jungk么么k said in a mellow voice. T脿e teared up a bit.聽 "It's not your fault. They misunderstood everything and called me names." T脿e mumbled, feeling sad about the incident. Jungk么么k closed his eyes to calm himself down. He will surely hunt
down whoever hurt his omega, but now he has to assure his mate.聽 "Even if they misunderstood, they have no right to say those vile words to you, sweets. It's none of their business anyway." Jungk么么k said sternly. T脿e nodded and sniffled, then looked at his mate tenderly.
"Let's make our marriage public." Jungk么么k was not expecting what T脿e just said, so he only looked at him with wide eyes.聽 "Let me tell the world you are mine, and I am no che脿ter." T脿e stressed the last part as if he never wanted to hear those anymore.
"If that's what you want, sweets, we will do that, okay. I will support your every decision with my whole heart." Jungk么么k pressed their foreheads together. He was more than happy to show the world that he has such a kind-hearted and wonderful husband.
T脿e cupped Jungk么么k's face and kissed him slowly, as if showing his tender love for his mate and sharing his best feelings for him with such passionate, unsaid words. 馃
I will continue tomorrow as my ear and throat infection got worsen and it's painful to breath... I took medicine. Sorry for disappearing I had to go to clinic 馃枻
馃 The next day, jungk么么k woke up first. He cooed at how T脿e was clinging on to him like a koala.聽 "Sweets, wake up, baby. We have to go to the hospital today." Jungk么么k murmured softly while caressing T脿e's hair.聽 "Don't... "
Jungk么么k smiled endearingly as he heard T脿e's sleepy mumbling.聽 "If we don't go, how do we confirm if there is a little sweets in your tummy or not? " This made T脿e wake up and nod.聽 "Let's go freshen up, okay? " Jungk么么k stood up and carefully carried T脿e
towards the bathroom. When they got ready after freshening up, J卯n came with some delicious japchae that T脿e loves. After eating breakfast in the comfort of their home, they went to the doctor's appointment next. It was in the morning hours, so T脿e decided to skip his class,
and Jungk么么k extended his leave for one more day. The omega was nervous while they were sitting in the waiting room in the doctor's clinic. He looked around, but seeing the pregnant people was a bit overwhelming in a good way. He caressed his tummy with a small smile.
They enter the doctor's office after the nurse calls their name. The doctor was a very pleasant lady. 鈥淕ood morning, please take your seats. How are you feeling?鈥 She inquired about everything. She checked Tae's pulse and told him to lie down on the bed for a further checkup.
After that, the tests are done. T脿e and Jungk么么k waited till the results were out. They waited there, holding onto each other and hoping for good news. "Congratulations. You are pregnant." She told them and gave them the results. Jungk么么k was over the moon when he heard it.
His smile was blinding. 鈥淵ou are at four weeks now. Let鈥檚 wait two more weeks to do the first scan. You should eat the tablets鈥 鈥 The doctor prescribed medications and gave T脿e some instructions related to the pregnancy. She also gave them a date for the first scanning.
When they sat inside the car, Jungk么么k hugged T脿e tightly. "Sweets, thank you. I am so happy. I will take good care of you and our baby." Jungk么么k kissed T脿e's nape, scenting him heavily. T脿e knows he will because Kook has always been a caring and loving husband.
鈥淟et鈥檚 go and share the good news with our family, yeah.鈥 Jungk么么k told before starting the car. T脿e replied with an okay. They went to K么么k鈥檚 family home. J卯n was already there, sitting with his mom and dad, who were dressed in formal clothes as if ready to go to the office.
"Everything okay? " Hana asked, worried.聽 "Yes, mom. Why are you looking so anxious? " Jungk么么k looked at his mom and dad, seeing how tensed they were.聽 "Jinnie told me to wait for you guys before going to the office because you have something important to share.
We were just worried." Jayhyun explained.聽 "Relax; it's not anything bad. It's really something beautiful." Jungk么么k smiled brightly, looking at T脿e as if asking if it's okay that he share the news. T脿e smiled shyly, giving a small nod. Everyone looked at
Jungk么么k in anticipation especially J卯n who already had a gist of it.聽 "We will be having a little one in our family pretty soon." "Oh my god! " "I am so happy for you guys." "Congratulations." Three of them congratulated the couples with sweet smiles and warm hugs.
Hana kissed T脿e's head.聽 "I can't believe I am going to be a granny." She sniffled, and T脿e was tearing up too.聽 "You will be the best grandmother." T脿e assured.聽 J卯n shared the treats he brought for them on the way.聽 T脿e went to rest because he was feeling dizzy
all of a sudden. Hana assured Jungk么么k it's normal during the first trimester when she saw her son's worried face. When T脿e settled down in Jungk么么k's childhood room, Je么ns came to the living room as per Jungk么么k's request.
"Now this is something serious, right? I hope it's nothing related to the pregnancy." Hana said as she sat on the couch facing Jungk么么k with a frown.聽 "It's related to T脿e but nothing concerning his pregnancy. It's something related to his college."
Jungk么么k paused as he looked at his parents.聽 "He can switch to online classes later, right? I don't think being pregnant will cut down on his studies; if necessary, he can take a semester off and continue next year. We can talk to the college."
Jayhyun told them, and Hana nodded too. They don't want T脿e to discontinue his studies, as they know how much the omega loves his course.聽 "It's not about that dad. Don't worry, T脿e is taking online classes from next semester, but this is about the new rumours spread
about him and me in the college. That's the reason we found out T脿e may be pregnant. He fainted in class because a few of his classmates were really mean and rude to him." Jungk么么k spoke in a single breath before his parents assumed something else.
"HOW DARE THEY TOUCH MY TAE?". Hana was fuming in anger; she already pulled out her mobile to speak with her legal team, but Jungk么么k stopped her.
" This time, let me handle it, mom. It hurt my pride that this happened right under my nose and I couldn't be there for T脿e. I will make sure no one lays a finger on my mate." Jungk么么k stated strongly that made Hana and Jayhyun look at him with pride.
鈥淚f that鈥檚 what you want, son, you have our full support. First, tell us what happened." Hana assured Jungk么么k with a smile, encouraging him to tell them what exactly happened. Jungk么么k told J卯n everything he knows, and J卯n explained what Y么么ngi told him. 鈥淭脿e wants to announce
our relationship publicly. I think he got sad because they accused him of che脿ting." Jungk么么k said in a sad voice.聽 "He is a very loyal Omega; he will be obviously sad. All you have to do is assure him that whatever others say is irrelevant." Hana caressed K么么k's face,
and he smiled at her, agreeing to what she said.聽 "I think a party and announcement will be better." Everyone agreed to Jayhyun's suggestion and started giving ideas. Jungk么么k's phone pinged. The Alpha smiled at the message, satisfied, before going back to the discussion.聽 聽馃
馃 Mina was overjoyed when she heard the hot gossip about what happened yesterday in arts class. He was glad the useless Omega had been shown his place by his classmates. He deserves it. If only that pathetic omega was not in Jungk么么k's life, it would have been her flaunting the
status of a Je么n. This loser doesn't even know how to live up to the Je么n name or behave in high-class society. He should just go hide, like he has been doing all the while. She planned something for him today. It will be the final blow for the omega to leave Jungk么么k and go back
to his poor family. She applied some blush to the outer corner of her cheekbone, looking in the mirror to check the effects of it. Fabulous, now outfit. She thought before choosing a white mini skirt and pink frill top. She wore some elegant, simple pearl jewellery to match it.
She fixed her hair and wore white high heels to match the outfit. When she reached the college, her friends were waiting near the gates, sitting on the benches nearby. They were heatedly discussing something. It must be about that omega. She walked towards them eagerly.
"Hey guys." She greeted them and smiled dazzlingly.聽 "Our beautiful queen has arrived. Today you look extra beautiful. Do you have eyes on someone? " Hyuk teased her.聽 "Oh! You know her eyes have always been on one person."
Aeram wiggled her eyebrows, making Mina whine, "Stop it." "But professor Je么n is already married and mated. I think you should move on from that guy and find another alpha, especially after yesterday's incident. I have lost my respect for him. I don't like it when people che脿t
on their spouse. I feel bad for the person he mated with." Mark shook his head in disappointment. Mina's face fell. She didn't expect the rumours would damage Jungk么么k's reputation. She thought people would only attack T脿ehyung for seducing the professor, but she was wrong.
"Let's not jump to conclusions. We don't know what happened. There is a chance the Omega jumped on him or something." Mina speaks as if it's the truth, making others nod in understanding.聽 "Yes, it's all that beauty b卯tch's fault. Professor Je么n will never do something wrong."
Aeram said it with determination. Mina smiled discreetly when she saw Aeram stirring up another rumour in the forum, saying some students saw the arts class Omega jump up on professor Je么n, ignoring his protest. The comments started to flood under it,
and they spread throughout the collage like wildfire. Mina walked towards her class with a mirth of fire in her eyes, ready to burn the love life of Professor Je么n. She can't wait to see what happens when the Omega comes to college.
But to her utter disappointment, neither Professor Je么n nor the Omega came to the college. She looked around the professor's tables to check if T脿ehyung was really absent. She bit her lips in irritation. What happened? Why did they miss the college? She got startled when she
heard Aeram's screech.聽 "Oh, my fu莽king god. My forum account has been suspended. The posts were taken down. They sent me an email from administration asking me to report it for further inquiry for spreading malicious and hateful content. Shit, I only posted the truth.
Why are they after me? Aeram started to freak out. Mina snatched her phone and checked. It's all gone. She checked again from her mobile. Every post against professor Je么n and the art class Omega was taken down, and the students involved in it were told to be under
investigation. They will definitely receive the punishment later. Mina immediately bid goodbye to the group, saying she had to attend an important call. She excused herself before Aeram could ask for her help. She doesn't want to drag herself into this mess.
It seems like Je么n's were caught up in whatever was happening in the college. It is a certainty that Aeram will be dismissed soon. Mina walked away and hid herself in the library, pretending she was doing some assignments. It will help her create an alibi; she is not that
close to Aeram. It's good that she never posted Aeram's pictures on her social media or accepted their friendship publicly. Mina acted like she was sympathetic towards Aeram. So Mrs. Je么n will never find out who is the real master brain in this. Mina smirked in victory.聽 馃
馃 T脿e looked at his outfit, a white shirt and pants accompanied by a long white suit jacket. His hair is styled to match the outfit. He looked at the mirror when the stylist was done with the finishing touches. He looks good. He smiled widely when he saw Hana in the mirror.
"You look stunning. Everyone is going to be in awe when they see you." She smiled and placed a jewellery box on the table. Then she opened it, revealing the dainty diamond necklace and earrings. The necklace has a golden chain with a snowflake pendant at the end that is
decorated with diamonds, and a diamond drop dangling chain attached to it too. The earrings have crystal snow studs with an s-shaped golden design attached to a drop diamond on dangling chains.聽 "This is a beautiful set, mom. Really pretty." "You like it." "I love it."
"A very pretty set for my pretty boy." Hana helped T脿e wear the jewellery. She smiled at how gorgeous T脿e was looking with it.聽 "Perfect. Are you ready for the party? " Hana caressed T脿e's hand when she saw he was nervous.聽 "I have never been to such parties, and
I am afraid they will think I don't fit in with this world." T脿e opens up a bit about his worries. Hana's heart felt a pang. She knows T脿e is from a very different background, and the shiny, high-class world is pretty new for him. But she believes he will fit in any world
because of his dazzling self.聽 "Just be yourself, sweetheart. Elegance and class have nothing to do with your backgrounds. It's the way you carry yourself. Be bold and beautiful, but most importantly, be you. You will shine brighter than anyone.
Then again, it doesn't matter what those strangers think; for us, you fit well with our family. You are our precious omega. We are here for you, okay?" Hana kissed T脿e's hand lovingly.聽 "Thank you, mom."
T脿e squeezed her hand lightly, feeling happy to be in such an accommodating family.聽 "Now let's go before your husband gets impatient." Hana winked and T脿e giggled before nodding.
Hana laughed loudly when she saw Jungk么么k impatiently waiting outside the door, just as she predicted.聽 "I was right, but I honestly didn't expect you to be just outside the door." T脿e smiled when he saw Jungk么么k who was wearing a white suit with golden embellishments.
Jungk么么k looked at his mom in confusion, but his expression changed to a dazzling smile when he saw his omega.聽 "I am going ahead; I have to check a few things. You two just come fast; the party is about to start." Hana told them before walking away. Jungk么么k quickly pulled
T脿e inside the room, closing the door for some privacy. They are at the Le Grante hotel for the party. This suit is booked for them.聽 "What are you doing, my alpha? " T脿e questioned Jungk么么k in a mock-serious voice.
"I have a half mind to ditch the party and ravish you, sweets. You look absolutely breathtaking." Jungk么么k said in a low tone, making T脿e shiver, but he shook his head.聽 "We have to go now, alpha.", then he came close to Jungk么么k's ear, kissing it lightly, and said,
"I will definitely give you a wonderful time after the party." "As a matter of urgency, I take your deal, sweets, but not before you pay me some kisses in advance." Jungk么么k's gaze darkened, and he gazed at T脿e's lips.聽 "Only kisses." "No promises." "Oh my... you.. "
T脿e's protest got muffled by Jungk么么k's eager lips. If Tae had to fix his hair again before the party, then it's totally not the alpha's fault. But who can blame him when his omega is so enticing not to have a bite?
Mina and Mr. Choi entered the party hall after verifying their invitation. They were surprised why Je么n had organised such a grand party. He was indeed suspicious of this sudden event, but Mina, on the other hand, thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get
close to Jungk么么k. He hoped the rumours of the alpha's and his partner鈥檚 fallout were true. So she chose the exclusive black spaghetti-strap mesh evening mermaid dress with sheer trains in the back showing her beautiful long legs. She loves the way the dress hugs her body,
showing off her curves perfectly. This time, Jungk么么k will definitely see what he missed out on. Mina smirked as her eyes roamed around the party hall. The d茅cor was classic and luxurious, especially the rainfall crystal chandeliers, which were a combination
of large crystal balls and small crystal pearls. It was a simple, visually stunning design, sparkling and reflecting all colours. The table was decorated with royal blue velvet drapes and alluring crystal white glass lamp in shape of a flower.聽 Mina swirled her
hair with her finger with a shy smile on her lips but was internally musing how she is the centre of attention of the party now.聽 People were praising her beauty and charm. Her father was also pleased with it. But that didn鈥檛 last long because someone entered the hall,
making everyone stare in wonder.聽 Mrs. Je么n stood with her husband on the small stage with a gracious smile. She was wearing a white mermaid evening dress. It had ornamental beadwork on the pleated bodice and one long sleeve with a beautiful jewel neckline. The softly draped
mermaid-style skirt part streamed to the floor with a sweeping train. She was wearing diamond leaf design studio earrings with three hanging chains with leaf drops and the same diamond leaf bracelet on her arm too. Mr. Je么n was wearing a white suit with bead embroidery to match
his wife. The couple looked stunning. Even though Mina hated the fact that everyone was watching them instead of her, she tried not to show the bitterness on her face.
"Good evening, everyone, I know it was surprising for many of you when you got the invitation to the party. We organised this event for a special occasion.... " Mr. Je么n continued his speech. Mina looked around for Jungk么么k as she already finds it boring to hear.
But the alpha was nowhere to be seen. J卯n was standing near the bar in a stunning white suit with silver embellishments. He was drinking wine. She bit her lips in worry, but what Mr. Je么n said next made her look at the stage with mouth agape.
"We never had the luxury to introduce our beautiful son-in-law to the world in the past few months because they were busy settling into their new life. I am so happy that today I could do it. I welcome my dear son Je么n Jungk么么k and his lovely husband Je么n T脿ehyung to the stage."
Mina's heart broke into pieces when Jungk么么k entered the stage with T脿ehyung who held his head high and had a charming smile on his lips. The people at the party cheered for the beautiful couple. Mina clutched her hands tightly in frustration. This is not what she wanted.
She grew more irritated when she heard the people praising the couple.聽 "Oh my goodness, how lovely they look together." "They are picture perfect." "Look at those smiles." "They are in love."
"No wonder they hid it; that omega is extremely beautiful." "Je么n Jungk么么k is so lucky." Mina couldn't believe this; these people forget about the omega's lowly background and praise him instead as if he were from high society.
Mina excused herself and moved towards the bar. She needs something strong to come up with another plan. She orders a negroni. She doesn't want her father to see her consuming a strong alcoholic drink outside, especially at Je么n's party.
Negroni is perfect in a way. Its bright pink colour deceives people into thinking it's a fruity drink. Honestly, the only non-alcoholic part of the drink was the orange peel garnish. She sips the drink and relaxes when the high-quality gin hits her tongue with all its flavors.
"Nice choice of beverage, pretentious just like you." Hana sweetly says near Mina's ear, making her almost splutter out the drink in sudden startle.
"Mrs. Je么n.. ", Mina sputters out before standing up, but she schools her expression into an innocent panic: " I don't know what it is. I thought it looked fancy. Isn't it non-alcoholic?".聽 She looked at the bartender with confused eyes, as if she hadn't ordered
the drink with such details. The bartender was annoyed by her pretending, but he informed her professionally that it was a strong alcoholic drink.聽 "Oh my, what have I done? Take it away, please, and bring me some juice. Please be more careful next time."
Mina acted out as if she were disgusted by the drink. The bartender muttered a stiff apology and brought her some apple juice.聽 "I should be more careful." Mina smiled innocently at Mrs. Je么n, who was watching the scene with sheer amusement on her face.聽 "By the things you do
in your spontaneous folly, I would suggest you be very careful in the future; who knows it won't put you in deep trouble soon?" Hana tilted her head with a smirk, emphasising the word "soon" as if it were an upcoming doom or something that made Mina slightly feel chills.
But she still put up with her false bravado and asked, "I think there is some misunderstanding. Are you really talking to me?" Mrs. Je么n chuckled when Mina feigned innocence. Hana couldn't believe Mina was one of the suitors for Jungk么么k and had a good chance of being selected,
but something definitely seemed odd about her all-classy and so down to earth behavior, especially for an omega whose humility came from the Choi household, which was known for manipulators and backstabbing.聽 She didn't dwell on it further when T脿e's alliance came.
"You really love to play this dad's good girl act, ah? Does your dearest father know you are not the same innocent little bean anymore but a promiscuous woman? " Hana's question made Mina froze for a second but she laughed it off.
"I know you don't like me, Mrs. Je么n; that's why you denied my alliance with Jungk么么k but you don't have to say all this nonsense to prove that I was not a good match for him. Maybe you are regretting rejecting me and tying his relationship with that poor lad, ah? "
Mina asked cockily, but her expression faltered when Mrs. Je么n let out a mocking laugh.聽 "Aren't you so full of yourself? I'm never going to regret rejecting you because I always knew you were not who you seemed. I am glad my son got a good husband instead of a
pretentious woman who has a wild nightclub life but hides it from everyone. I think the one who will regret it will be you." Mina's face paled when she heard that. How did she find out? She was very careful with it.
"Don't think too much about it; I didn't find out about it myself, but someone else showed me some interesting videos. One was you doing a drunk pole dance in flimsy clothes. There were explicit ones, too. I didn't know you were hiding such a character under your
"I am so innocent" facade." Mrs. Je么n mused. Mina shook her head. Her face hardened with anger, and she hissed lowly. She didn't want to gain any attention by raising her voice.
"No, you are fabricating all these. I was never in a nightclub. I know you are the type of person who would make fake videos to slander my character. I will make sure my dad knows about all these. Just wait for his wrath."
Hana didn't even seem to be affected by Mina's lowly threats; she gracefully sat on the bar stool and simply ordered a drink from the bartender.聽 "One Sapphire Martini, please." Then she turned to Mina and said, " Take a seat. It will take some time to give a life lesson to
an imprudent brat like you." Mina couldn't believe what Mrs. Je么n just said, but she obeyed anyway because she wanted to know what this wicked woman has up her sleeves.聽 "Yeah, whatever, just know that it's useless to threaten me with those fake videos because my dad will never
believe you over me, and he will raise hell for you on behalf of me." Mina shrugged and sipped the juice, but the disgusting sour taste made her glare at the bartender, who just smiled at her politely. "Fu莽ker!" Mina cursed inaudibly.
"Will your father believe the videos if they're from attorney Lee? After all, he is like his most trusted ally." "What?! " Mina almost freaked out when she heard the name鈥攊t's Aeram's father; what does he have to do with all these?
Hana moved the tip of her finger on the glass as if she enjoyed seeing the lemon twist garnish inside the sapphire blue beverage.聽 "Do you really know what job attorney Lee did for your father? He cleans up the mess your father creates, but he has another important trait too,
something your father doesn't know yet, namely, digging up information about his enemies that is kept under the rug. Interesting, right? " Mina looked at Mrs. Je么n with wide eyes.聽 "It seems like you are not the only dad's princess here. Aeram is one too.
When I learned about the little trick Lee's daughter pulled in college against my T脿e, I gave him a courtesy call. He came running to save his daughter, but not empty-handed. He brought some interesting souvenirs too. I wonder why he included your deeds in it too;
who knows that's not the question here? The question is, What should I do to you for pulling that dirty stunt in college?" Hana's blazing gaze made Mina squirm on the seat, frightened.
Before Mina could say anything, a message notification pinged into Hana's phone. She opened the message and looked at Mina pitifully.聽 "I wanted to deal with you personally because I don't want your ominous presence anywhere near my son, but it seems like your so-not-old friend
thinks otherwise." She showed the message to Mina, more specifically that it's about a shameful video going viral. She almost stopped breathing when she saw Choi's daughter at the end of the message.
"Some friendships are like a two-edged sword; you will never know when it will strike you unexpectedly, even if you are careful in dealing with it. I hope you learn a valuable lesson from this experience." Hana mused as she sipped the sapphire martini. Mina was still in shock,
so she didn't see his father's glare from where he was standing. Choi was gritting his teeth, seeing his daughter get stupider. "MINA" Hana's voice made Mina flinch; her eyes teared up, feeling frightened and humiliated.聽 "I advise you to go home before this escalates and
spreads here. It seems like your father was getting impatient too." Mina scrambled up from the seat and walked towards her father, slightly shivering from the fear of the unknown. Choi didn't waste a minute; he pulled Mina out of the party hall, ignoring the curious eyes,
and went home without any delay.聽 "Seems like you were having fun with our nemesis, mom." J卯n sat on the seat where Mina was sitting a few minutes ago.聽 "What do you want, my lovely son? " Hana asked instead with a knowing smile, making J卯n shake his head in amusement.
"You always see through me, ah? " Hana giggled delightedly, "You won't approach me willingly at a party if it's not important. So what is it? " J卯n smiled shyly and said, "Please make an alliance request to Kims on behalf of our family. I like Namj么么n."
But the simple answer from his mom shocked J卯n.聽 "NO."
Hana said it in such a serious tone that J卯n understood that she was not even kidding. His face fell, and he took a deep breath before asking softly.聽 "Are you that against me marrying Namj么么n?"
"My answer is again no. It's not about Namj么么n, but it's about his mom. I don't think K卯m Minji will agree to have an alliance with us, especially my son." J卯n looked at his mom, confused, as he tried to understand the new information.
He remembered that both families do have some conflicts. They were never close, even though both families are in the same social circle.聽 "Has something happened between our families? " J卯n inquired, feeling restless at hearing there is no future hope for his desire.
"It's nothing about families.", Hana sighed and said, " It's about me and Minji; we hate each other." Hana sipped the martini as if she were getting rid of the bitterness in her tongue after saying Minji's name. J卯n was too shocked to say anything.
Hana turned towards J卯n, who was looking at his lap and feeling a little lost. She took his hands and caressed them. This made J卯n finally look at her. Her eyes were soft and caring.聽 "But for you, I will forget about those issues.
There's nothing more important than your happiness. " Hana gestured for J卯n to look in the direction of the main door. His eyes widen as he sees K卯ms enter the room, making everyone grasp as they watched the scene. It was so rare that K卯ms attended a party at Je么n's.
"So use your charm and get your omega, son. You won't be getting anymore help from me other than this." Hana winked before walking towards K卯ms to greet them personally. J卯n smiled, fist bumping the air with a small yes.
Then he fixed his attire and followed his mom so he could charm everyone in K卯m's family, especially an omega named Namj么么n.
But he landed in a very tense atmosphere where Hana and Minji were greeting each other with smiles that were too sweet for anyone to digest. Mr. Je么n and Mr. K卯m let out an audible sigh while watching their so-called childhood rivals turned enemies interact too nicely.
Namj么么n waved at J卯n with a dimple smile, making J卯n melt in it, ignoring the tensed atmosphere. Who cares about it when you see those sweet, dimpled smiles. But the tension wouldn't last long as Jungk么么k and T脿e joined them.聽 "Hello, I am Seokj卯n."
He introduced himself to Namj么么n's father. Mr. K卯m shook hands with him but looked at him as if he were trying to come to a conclusion. When he opened his mouth, the other two K卯ms looked at him, shocked.
"You are the famous artist, SRJ, right? I think I saw you at my office last week. You look and sounds very similar to him." It made Namj么么n and Minji look at Seokj卯n surprised.聽 "He is SRJ? " Namj么么n asked his father in disbelief.
"Yes, remember the shadow stream painting I ordered? He came to deliver it to my office himself. He told me he was the artist. Even though he used a cap and face mask to cover his face at that time, I think I am not mistaken."
Mr. K卯m was so confident. His eyes were practically good at judging arts, so he won't miss the resemblances SRJ and J卯n had.聽 "Is that why your house is full of unreleased paintings by SRJ? I thought you had brought it somehow. I never thought it was you. Wow."
Namj么么n beamed with happiness seeing his favourite artist in person. J卯n usually denies if someone asks him if he is SRJ, but this time he didn't. "Yes, I am, but please keep it to yourself. I don't want unnecessary attention from people.
As you know, I usually stay away from the main stream business of my family." "Don't worry about it, son. Your secret is safe with me." Mr. K卯m patted J卯n in assurance. Luckily for J卯n, they easily bonded over him on
the basis of art as resident art lovers and researchers in that field. He even got surprised when Minji started talking to him with an old painting of his. Art literally saved his ass. He thought to himself.
Jungk么么k was carefully plating the food for T脿e. The omega was sitting near Hana at their table. The staff seemed surprised that the alpha himself was picking food for his omega, even though they offered to serve them. T脿e was keeping his head on Hana's shoulder as he
felt tired all of a sudden. She was petting his head too. K么么k came back with the plate and started cutting the steak into small pieces and feeding the omega without caring that the K卯ms were also present at their table.聽 "One more, sweets. You need to eat more from now on."
Jungk么么k softly said as T脿e was reluctant to eat more.聽 "I am not hungry. I feel very tired, but I will eat some dessert." T脿e pouted without any delay. Jungk么么k provided him with fruit salad ice cream. He smiled contentedly at how the omega was eating it happily.
Minji was observing everything from the table. She knows her rivalry with Hana is years old, but seeing how Hana raised her sons so well-mannered and the way she treated her son-in-law like a gem made her think they have a lovely family, and Namj么么n will be
happy if they decide to allow his son to marry J卯n. She is not blind; she can clearly see the subtle flirting between J卯n and Namj么么n. She smiled at her husband when Mr. K卯m held her hand as if to say he was also thinking the same.
The party helped not one but two relationships flourish; all we have to do now is wait and see what tomorrow brings for them.聽 馃
馃 The next morning was obviously a field day for the media and news papers as Je么ns officially revealed who their beautiful son-in-law is. The news shocked some students at the college more than others. They felt dumb for accusing the innocent Omega on the
basis of some misinformation on the college forum. Some who were directly involved were frightened to face the wrath coming their way. Instead of coming with J卯n that day, T脿e woke up early and decided to go to college with Jungk么么k. The alpha was more than happy to see
the omega come with him, ignoring the audible protests from J卯n.聽 "You look extra cuddly today." Jungk么么k kissed T脿e's nose as he saw Omega wearing a lavender fluffy sweater and white pants.聽 "That's because I am sleepy." T脿e smiled as he put their lunch box into their bag.
"You should have slept a bit more, sweets." Jungk么么k said he felt worried if the omega didn't get enough sleep.聽 "I will be fine. I just want to be with you a little bit more." T脿e hugged the alpha, feeling its security and comfort.
These days he always has an urge to cling on to Jungk么么k more. Jungk么么k scented him thoroughly before T脿e used scent blockers, not to mention the sweet kisses.聽 T脿e felt really happy when he reached the college, as the hostile environment from the last time had changed to a
more welcoming one. He is glad that he chose to reveal their relationship; now no one claims that he is having some illicit affair. He held Jungk么么k's hand tightly as he proudly walked through the corridors leading towards his class.
T脿e came earlier than usual, so there was only a small group of students in the class. Some grasped when they saw Professor Je么n petting T脿e's hair sweetly as he was whispering something to the omega. T脿e nodded to Jungk么么k as the alpha's promise to meet at lunch time.
Then Jungk么么k's phone chimed with a message notification.聽 "What is it? ", T脿e asked as he noticed the change in Jungk么么k's expression.聽 " They requested that we meet in the administration office regarding the incident that happened in the art class.
They need to ask you about it. I think they sent you a message too. Let's go there first." When they both reached the administration, they saw H么se么k and Jimi帽 were already there, along with a few other students. T脿e stiffened when he saw the girl, Lia, who lashed out on
him in the art class. Jungk么么k caressed T脿e's hands as if saying it's okay that he is there. Lia was looking at T脿e in disgust, but he ignored it and entered the dean's room as per Professor Hong's instructions.聽 "Good morning; take your seats. We have already questioned other
students. It's only your testimony left; please be comfortable while answering what happened there?" The dean started asking questions about the incident. T脿e told him everything that happened there. He was a bit worried and nervous, but Jungk么么k's close proximity helped him
ease into it. When they were done with the session, the assistant informed the dean that Senator Leeshin was here to meet the dean, who was Lia's father.聽 Senator Leeshin greeted everyone with a friendly smile, as all politicians do to greet people. Jungk么么k just nodded,
as he was not a big fan of the guy. The dean informed everything in details to the Senator. He listened to it with a dark expression, but his tone changed when the dean talked about Lia's punishment.
"I don't think anyone deserves big punishments for this silly matter. It was a friendly banter between classmates; as you know, Lia is so righteous like me. She can't really stomach people doing misdeeds in an academic environment." Leeshin cast a sideways glance at Jungk么么k
as if he had done something inappropriate in the college: "I will strictly advise her to tone down this kind of behavior. She is just a kid. I will tell her, and she will apologize. We don't necessarily need to drag it to some unorthodox punishment that negatively affects the
solidarity of their class, you know what I mean." Senator Shin assured the dean with a friendly smile. Dean was speechless. The politician here really knows how to use his words and bend the facts according to his convenience. Dean sighed as he looked at Jungkook.
The alpha looked at the senator with a serious expression.聽 "Senator, I don't agree with your 'it was friendly banter' argument. If it had been so friendly, Taehyung wouldn't have fainted. The others present in that room testified that Lia was completely out of line and rude.
Then again, she has no right to interfere in these matters. She is not the one in charge of discipline here to perform such an act of righteousness." The senator's face paled as he realised he had low-key pissed off Jungk么么k with whatever he said earlier.
He was planning to convince them it was a petty issue and settle the problem, but d脿mn, Je么n, they won't make it easy, don't they? The senator cursed inaudibly.
"Punishments are an old-school method, Professor Je么n, and our packs are advancing to the future. It's okay if we deal with it with some care and love. For that level of thinking, you need my age's maturity." Leeshin corrected his glasses as he not very subtly taunted Jungk么么k.
"What I am saying is that some loving, friendly advice will do the trick. That's how the real world works. If we insist on punishment, I will tell you it's not an apt method here. " Jungk么么k had enough of this guy's b煤llshitting. He was not only bending the facts but
also making everyone other than his daughter look bad too.聽 "I don't know about you, but that's not how the rules work here. Your daughter not only misbehaved but also tried to hurt my mate. If you insist on no punishment from here,
I will report it to our pack committee and deal with your daughter according to our pack law. As you know, the Je么n clan's pack laws are very strict and old-school. Do you want it to be done that way, Senator Leeshin-ssi?" 聽 Jungk么么k spoke with a sweet smile.
"Are you threatening me? You're really a professor? No wonder students do not have much respect for you and spread such feeds in forums." Leeshin laughed, muttering the last part, but it didn't affect Jungkook. He smirked.
"You think this is threatening. I was merely stating my options; if I ever go down the road of threatening, I will say the elections are coming. I wonder what you do with a lack of election funds or if a change in candidate will be a breath of fresh air.
I didn't say anything of the sort, senator. If you don't know, I even asked permission from my mom to deal with this myself, even though she was very eager to take care of it herself." Leeshin visibly gulped as he heard about the election fund and the new candidate,
but what shook him was the mention of Je么n Hana, who holds the Pandora box of doom for everyone. Just one snap of her finger, and he will be in some scandal tomorrow. His party will leave him astray if Je么ns doesn't release enough funds for the next election too.
He thought he could trick the young professor, but he seems more cunning than his entire family. Leeshin took out his handkerchief and wiped his face, suddenly feeling all sweaty in the AC room.
Leeshin cleared his throat a bit loudly and said, " Even though I am not a fan of punishment, I realise that sometimes it's necessary to set a good example. Please carry on as you deem it to be better guidance for Lia. I am sorry, but I have to leave; I have an important
meeting to attend. Please email me the details. I hope you won't resort to her dismissal." Leeshin tried again, even though he knew that would be the final punishment. His assistant already told him professor Hong strongly recommended her dismissal.
He despises students who disrespect art, especially in the studio.聽 "I am afraid we have to proceed with the dismissal procedure, Senator Leeshin-ssi, because attacking someone innocent is against our college rules." The dean smiled in a not-so-apologetic way at the politician.
Leeshin let out an irritated grunt before excusing himself. He ignored his daughter along the way and got in his car to rush away from there immediately. He doesn't want this news to leak into the media, so he decided to deal with it quietly.
Sending Lia to his old traditional pack will be a better option; who cares if she will struggle to adjust there and won't be having any luxury or comfort like in city. At least she will not hinder his career. He will protect his image, that's all.
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When they came back from administration, there were more students this time, and some looked in awe, some in jealousy, and others praised how the two of them looked together. He was glad everything went well after the investigation, and the students who the committee found to
have broken the decorum got punished. Lia was crying and even tried to beg Jungk么么k saying sorry, but she was not ready to apologise to T脿e. When they reached the corridor, Jungk么么k said, 鈥淚 will see you at lunch, sweets.鈥 Jungk么么k squeezed T脿e's hand before
turning towards the direction of the staff room. T脿e looked at the alpha for a moment with a smile and walked with H么se么k and Jimi帽 to his classroom. In class, it seems like everyone was discussing the news then fell silent when T脿e came in. Jimi帽 glared at some people who tried
to approach T脿e, making them turn away. When professor Hong came in, the class started without any delay. T脿e concentrated on his studies, pushing other things away from his mind for the time being. 聽 馃
馃 Jungk么么k was searching for his husband after making dinner; he has no clue where T脿e is. He checked in on their bedroom, living room, and even the balcony. Then he saw the lighting coming from one of the rooms. He walked towards it with a curious smile.
T脿e was sitting on the floor, cross-legged, in that room looking so excited and giggly. He was wearing beige shorts and Jungk么么k's green oversized shirt. The omega was looking around the room in between too. It was a clean room without any furniture or decorations.
T脿e has a tab in his hand and is smiling at the pictures he is seeing in it. "Hey, sweets." Jungk么么k called him softly because he didn't want to startle the omega. T脿e smiled widely when he saw his alpha and gestured for him to sit next to him.
"K么么kie hyung, come sit next to me." The alpha obeyed it immediately; he sat down next to T脿e and made him sit in between his legs. The omega kissed his cheek before sitting comfortably and learning against him. "What are you doing, sweets? I searched for you everywhere
in the apartment. I thought you would be napping in the bedroom." Jungk么么k kissed T脿e's head while caressing the Omega's tummy under his shirt. It's a new found habit of his to feel his baby even though there was no visible bumb yet.
"I was watching the pictures mom sent me. I don't know why it made me look for a perfect room, and I ended up here unconsciously.", T脿e showed Jungk么么k the cute pictures of baby nursery designs Hana sent him, saying, "They are all so lovely."
The omega caressed one picture with a white crib and decorated it with stars and moons.聽 "It's instinct, sweets. Your omega wanted to find the best space for your pup. So this will be the room, ah? It's next to our master bedroom too, so it's perfect. Good job, my sweet omega.",
Jungk么么k praised T脿e, and the omega purred in delight, feeling so happy that his alpha approved the room. T脿e showed Jungk么么k a few pictures he really liked.聽 "These are really beautiful. Mom has good taste in interiors." Jungk么么k mused.
"Yes, I was planning to go with Mom to find the perfect decor for this room. I want her to be part of it too. Dad said she couldn't do these things during her own pregnancy because of her busy schedule. She was running a company while carrying you guys.
Every day she was too tired to take care of these things, even though it was her desire to decorate the nursery herself. So I don't want her to feel like she's missing anything this time. Dad was so emotional sharing all these with me." Jungk么么k was speechless and grateful
to his husband. Usually Omegas are very possessive about these things, but T脿e was sharing that joy with his mom, considering her suggestions and all. He doesn't know what goodness he did to have such an amazing mate.聽 "You know you are really a blessing to us.
I am really glad I fell for you the moment I saw you. Thank you for doing this with her. I am so proud of you, my sweets." Jungk么么k scented T脿e and kissed his nape to show his happiness.
"She is like my own mom, hyung. I am glad that I met you too. Everything feels wonderful with you, my alpha." T脿e kissed Jungk么么k sweetly, sharing the joy and care he feels.
They continued to check every picture and even searched for new ones online too. T脿e carefully noted down his favorites, and Jungk么么k helped him find matching decor too. They were having so much fun doing this. The room was filled with happy giggles and sequels,
but it did fill with actual furniture next weekend when they decided to go shopping. The funny part was that the two-person outing became a family outing when the excited three alphas in the Je么n family joined them too. The omega giggled at the total chaos they
are creating in the store by choosing simple things. T脿e feels like it was the best gift for his pup that he or she was going to be born into such a lovely family that will love them infinitely.聽He is really one lucky omega.
T脿e knows that the best feeling in the world is to know that your loved ones adore you and that you adore them with all of your heart too.聽 聽 馃 THE END 馃枻
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