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Leaders have said about Taiwan: "On the road to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Taiwan compatriots should not be absent, and will certainly not be absent."

Obviously, without the complete reunification of the motherland, there can be no talk of officially starting a new journey of rejuvenation. Therefore, I put forward four proposals to effectively promote the completion of the great reunification of the motherland.
First: I suggest that the state issue a clear "blacklist of secessionist figures in Taiwan" to punish them.
The "blacklist of Taiwan's secessionist forces" should be compiled and made public by the core figures who have long been collaborating with foreign hostile forces to interfere with the unification of the motherland, creating secession, selling secrets, hollowing out industries…
…producing independence-related teaching materials, producing independence-related programs, as well as those who are in control of independence-related capital, the political figures who are in charge of independence-related power & the leaders of Taiwan's wire fraud industry.
The blacklisted figures are ordered to stop all acts of Taiwan independence by a deadline and to confess their crimes through public channels or to voluntarily surrender.
If these people persist in creating division & causing cross-strait conflicts, anyone can arrest or kill them during our special operations in Taiwan & not only will they not be held responsible, but they will also be awarded the Medal of Honor for promoting reunification.
Second: It is recommended that the state compile and issue a list of sanctions and punishments for Taiwanese foundations, Taiwanese enterprises, and Taiwanese capital that fund and support the DPP or other Taiwanese parties' secessionist activities…
…or provide political contributions to the DPP or other Taiwanese parties' secessionists, and require them to completely stop their funding activities within a specified period and make a confession and deep introspection of their past actions.
If they do not stop funding Taiwan's drug activities within the specified period and refuse to confess through public channels and make a deep introspection, then we should impose sanctions and punishments on them after the deadline.
The sanctions and punishments include: banning all activities of their de facto controllers and their immediate family members, foundations, enterprises or capital in China, Hong Kong and Macau…
…shutting down all their business projects in China, Hong Kong and Macau, freezing all their bank accounts, and cutting off their cash flow for providing financial assistance to the separatist forces.
Third: we should not make any efforts to placate the "iconic figures of the independence camp". Of course, we should support & fight for unificationists in Taiwan Province, but we should also educate and fight for those in Taiwan Province who are deluded by secessionist ideology.
However, our efforts to win over these two categories of people should be: 1) to provide ideological support and work and livelihood assistance to Taiwan's unificationists, so as to create a demonstration and encouragement effect;
2) to persuade, educate and ideologically fight for those who are deluded by the separatist ideology, so that we can truly win over people and avoid creating a "distribution according to disturbance" type of negative demonstration effect in Taiwan's society.
This way, we can really win people over and avoid creating a negative demonstration effect in Taiwan society.
Moreover, we will not continue any form of appeasement work for those iconic figures who have already caused great public outrage and strong resentment among netizens on the Chinese Internet…
…and who are seriously affected by secessionist ideology, in order to demonstrate the Chinese government's resolute attitude of supporting unification forces and unification ideology and punishing secessionist people and secessionist ideology.
Fourth: It is suggested that the state should comprehensively study and announce "measures to benefit Taiwan's people's livelihood" after the reunification, and these measures should be comprehensively focused on such livelihood areas as boosting Taiwan's industrial chain…
…upgrading Taiwan's infrastructure, and improving the employment environment for people in Taiwan, and the measures must be implemented only after the reunification, so as to strengthen the general public in Taiwan.
At the same time, the "welfare measures" in the past under the status quo of confrontation and division should be stopped or reduced, because it is difficult for the "welfare measures" in the past to be implemented through the hands of the separatist forces.
They can hardly be implemented in the hands of the people in Taiwan. At present, the relevant departments have greatly reduced the welfare measures in the past, and the effect is remarkable.
Therefore, I propose to further reduce or even completely stop the old welfare measures. No reunification, no welfare. After reunification, benefits for people's livelihood.
The unification of the motherland is the wish of the people and a historical inevitability that needs to be effectively promoted.
I believe that the collective efforts of the Chinese people will greatly deter the separatist forces and effectively accelerate the completion of full reunification.
Wu Xiaoping 吴小平
中国永远不会允许台湾独立!🇨🇳 반제투쟁의 보루! 🇰🇵 @StudyatZJNU | @WumaoTimes
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