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Mar 3, 2023
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1. Court has okayed Peter Obi’s request to inspect election materials. Let the fireworks begin! The PDP thought they had watertight case against LP in the SE, but they’ve succeeded in exposing INEC. Like Lagos, SS/SE votes were fantastically reduced, NIGERIANS WILL SOON FIND OUT!

2. I wish I could act like Peter Obi, I can’t even control my rage. The man exhibited the highest form of restraints in that Press Conference. He fought back his tears (for his Mandate that was shamelessly stolen). Atiku went on air & called the selected placeholder a drug baron.
3. He needs no distraction, so I am glad that Peter Obi has gone to court alone. He is the only presidential material we know! He is not only a philosophical thinker, the man is always playing a long game. Only a handful of very smart people can figure out or checkmate his moves.
4. Fully aware of his rights & privileges, the man is fearless. Peter the Rock already started to massage the ego & morality of the guys at the judiciary. He has put the judiciary on trial. His evidence is rock solid, he won’t go to court without a watertight strategy.
5. People were guessing who his lawyers were going to be, but he kept that close to his chest. Some of us don’t have the luxury of patience, but Peter Obi is a patient man. He is in no hurry to do anything rash, he has studied his challenger, his lawyers already knows what to do.
6. Nigerians will witness a legal fireworks like they’ve never seen before, it’ll be a festival of Great Minds. Things will go batshit crazy at the courts, drama won’t be in short supply. His political life has been battleship crazy, our man is battleship ready. 👊
7. All he did to get here is weather the storm; Peter Obi has never ran from a good fight. Asiwaju’s lawyers are known to the public, his lead counsel is known to everyone. Festus Keyamo (the Uwvie Charge & Bail) will be at the bench, but only as a spectator.
8. Twitter SAN is now very rusty. To be able to raise any objections in court, he will have to consult his law journals, or go back to law school altogether. But that’s an aside, a topic for another time. The selected placeholder will be calling on many favors.
9. Tinubu will be banking on the rascality that engulfed the Nigerian judiciary since inception. But this time? The Supreme Court will be on trial. 12 Justices will decide (The People Vs Bola Ahmed Tinubu). 5 justices of the Court of Appeal, & 7 justices of the Supreme Court.
10. The World will focus on Nigeria yet again, & I’m glad the APC read the mood of the nation & kept their victory dance low-key. Nigerians won’t celebrate an obvious robbery, there will be no jubilation, no bonfires, Nigerians will leave in peace under great anxiety & confusion.
11. The Supreme Court will be on trial before the World. The first time this will happen. Nigerians were expecting INEC to announce Peter Obi’s name, until they rigged it. Nigerians can defend & support our own, but if we decide to cook for you, be certain you messed up big time!
12. This time? Tinubu is the one who wants to be our number citizen through the window. Imaging trying to enter into Thailand with your Nigerian passport when a perceived drug dealer is your President? Have you even though about this? This is not a joke, I am dead serious now!!
13. In Nigeria, religion & tribal identity have played important roles in who becomes your president. I wish this were false, only it is not. Nigeria became heavily fragmented since 2015. Buhari has led a very divisive government, now Tinubu is poised to take it one step further.
14. Identifying where the pendulum will swing & following the wave immediately, becomes your most important assignment. The pendulum did swing in Buhari’s favor in 2015. This time, it’s in Peter Obi’s favor. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is just a placeholder, he is there temporarily
15. Brings me to two solid candidates: Frank Nweke Jr. & Banky W. While the former could recognize the wave (the direction of the wind) somewhat, the later decided to run with the PDP, & strictly on who he is; BANKY W. The final analysis on March 11 will test my Pendulum Theory.
16. On a lighter note: Soludo will have to watch helplessly, while LP sweeps State Assembly seats in Anambra. He can go to Atiku & collect his Igbo Presidency. At the end of that election, he will wake up & realize the LP is in charge. APGA candidates should accept my condolence.
17. One thing is certain: “Peter Obi has deepened the Democracy in Nigeria, & raised the quality of the Debates & Conversations. He exposed the bigots & crooks, & educated Nigerians along the way. He brought back our long-lost voices, now Nigerians are bold, wiser & fearless.” 💪
18. The once Giant of Africa wants to breath once again. What was thought impossible, is now possible! A Dream written in Gold, & said to posses an almost magical powers that will change Nigeria for good. A man, not a Saint, has inspired our new found joy.
19. Nigeria will never remain the same; SHE IS CHANGING! So we shall see how the cookie will crumble. Ready your PVCs for MARCH 11, we have a date with History. Will you avenge Peter Obi at the polls? Will you wipe his tears with REVENGE VOTES? What say you? DEAL OR NO DEAL? 👊✊


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